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mn viouii nit
jjH n VN4 aad Gee* Wwkau
,Mf CM Produce as tiaetf laatra*
gge*t» ** Were Made fcy the Old
Master*—Mr. Oakea* Tkearles.
ye W. Oake# the Seattle vinlln oak»r,
j, author of a most Interesting article
la the December number of Music, a tnag
aene pubhsherf hi Cnicago and wtoe.y
read by isotn ama*e;r ai;4 professional mu
-^ar< |t la entitled "Anewnt and Mod
ern Violin Makw g" Mr. taikes attack?
with vigor, furtlflec? by strong arguments,
the theories aa to the construction of vio
fcp» ttost hara been cherished Sy perform
er*. maker* and t-.e general puolle for gen
*fgtlooa He noids trial there is no Most
®rt" about violin asking, and that if mod
am makers u*e care and perfect the meth
ods employed in earring oat and putting
together th'.ir violin* tr.<ry will do aa weii
the maa£«ra of Cremona.
Another theory for wnicn Mr. Oakes goes
•Boning 1» that be id by many, that it la
jjcpossiSl* for a violin made In this day to
|e ua good as tho-e turned out by the Cre
mona makera introductory. Mr.
(Mkts saya;
"I may not nci-eed In convincing any
ece that th# I have taken is a
tood oc« or even to create a doubt of the
Joicdnfss of t..e old th«or;es. Life-long
coiaiotij! ar>: not often changed by an ex
creS)a<.(l doubt. It rather required :he moat
Stubborn facta long and persistently held
forth to effect a change even in a small
Baiter. Then how little can I hope to work
a tevoiution in opinions that have been
hsovstiy held for generation*. I only hop®
ta set my readers thinking.
"No d>ujt many will rush Into print.
<enounoln»r me for having dtred to ques
tion the mppoaed s jpreme and unerring
gbUity of the oid makers. I shall mako
tot tittle diaslnction between the old and
n«w. but what I do make will not be
so roach to the cr-dit of the new. as of the
old for the opportunities of the new havo
beta infinitely greater than thooe of the
eld. and they not Improved those op
poriuaitM as they might, had they been
mora aelf-rellsnt Inst-ad of trying to fol-
Josr ths well-nigh oollteraled footprints of
th" oid makers, who themselves had not
fiiliT solved the seeming mysteries that
surrounded the making of violins. Ther«
t* no one who honors the oid makers more
Usaa I. When we consider what
eompllshc-d they are entitled to our ra'»t
profound re«r>eet. They first conceived the
violin fashioned » J form and perfected its
proportions. s > far as to make it possible
to be Justly calkd the king of all lnstru-
Resardlrg the "old wood craze," am he
terms It. Mr. Cakes says the td-a that an
cient wx«d was necessary for the making
of a good violin is of essentially modern
Wlgln. and that It is not Justified hy com
mas dsns* or scientific analysis. In u<!sg
the models of the old masters, and finding
tiwnseJves Incapable of equaling them.
vim* of tf-.e modern makers had come to
the conclusion that old wood was the sine
QUA (son of success.
"Tfeey cwarmtd over Italy like the lo
custs over Egypt of old. They haunted old
churches. Inspected old houses, bought and
tore them down: others went snuffing
through old monasteries, and bought all
tfee beams ths monke would let hate.
*nd when enough was secured to last a
crsaple of hundred year* they contentedly
set themseives down to work out their
k.nced-fcvr success, and Immortalize their
eames. Rut they did not Immortalise to
•nv great extent; tlu-ir cuccesa was no
greater than before. Th a v would now and
tnen produce a fine Instrument, as they
fca.l done before, but they adhered to the
eld w*od witn a tenacity that was worthy
•f a better cause. If in but recently that
• few observing minds have begun to lose
confidence In the old wood eras*, and yet I
daub* If thev can give any well defined rca
fcm for believing in new wood. If thoe*e
whe Brat advanced th« theory of old wiv>d
ha-1 stopped to reason In the matter, they
would have se*n at once that the Cremona
eisk»r» ceuld not have osrd wood of any
wuldtrable ape. fnr many years mu-*t
save passed before they finally settled on
what th*v considered the best. Now. if
enough bar) been rut af this period to have
hired to the dos* of the Cremona era. U
would nnt have h*en nearly 30 old as we
tfid recommended today."
Th# wri:?r then take* un the theory thai
t!i» old makers u.-ed chemicals, and dla
that as beinp unworthy of arifu
»*nt. And ends n d.sam.-itlon on tho meih
•4* "if tesiinif thf wood hv declarluir that
I* hi* achieved most gratifying success
•iti native woods, sa<-h a.-* had never
oaes before thought adapted t > violin nuk
fc* Mr. ,o.ik-a* parting recommendation
makers Is to strive.for perfection
tosiaeir work and depend lej»s on the qual
ity of the wood to correct mistakes.
n«r Are Held for Itaralarr tor
Vlrallng Ihr
CBI< AtJ l .). Iv 2>> The Rtand Jurv to
*Mrot»at to Indh t Prof. William Smith,
<f airkn,j!l»' Mn. f.-> r the rohbry of the
Droniat morgue oil October >4 list. With
«» !t * voted to hold Henry Hullrieh,
and John faidex, the teani-
rh.xrge upon which the indictments
*5I«! wi« burglary, and rot body
Lnder the liwa of Illinois. a hu-
J* 8 h;u* no \ iiue unleaa it ia in a
irave. The thr-ft of bodies outride of .i
l-iU is r;.>{ i, ; -u'l-y . 1 >vll the ghouls who
th * morjtu.' i>: >k»- open a d v*r and
»?*?>' *-'* 'he shroud* In which
Jt? Nidl-s Wt , r wrap; d This conatl
wt«s the crime Of burglary.
®'llloaaire oil Mnu t tidcr Arrml on
a rrralinr t ti.ir«c.
riTTSitrib;. 1 > N . ho i ap K. any.
, < ' r ' s ■ * S -.yd» r Oil «•■imp.'tiy
JJaWll onair,.. was ,r r , s,erf lh U ,v'
w B #n " d »•> hit W.
iv ch 1 ' n w ''h abduction.
»■■ 'x\ %^ ny *' r ,r - * v hi* infant
m .'* ' v , &. » i
, 'J. 11 "" 5 ' •' : .. • <r..U ith- r a- 1 la
h* J, h * . u '*t* '" at '
s'u » • w ' J Kh ' '
M.n. v.;:, . u ; •■" •
•' aw ax' W.' i
R - 'un i toatfht of
■ ti» n« of th • ahdu !or.. but the
*; -r and »?a are t-.t 1 t tt» h.ive b<- n at
* s { "' " past aw to
f 4 *r \, u i al^lnnlii.
Paul EtKMM
» 1 n - s "> ! St! ■ «■»•• ■' t r commerc tl
N w Cai v 1 n:a, a n.'-d
ZV*** ' .h • Ki- k n
t-, ' ;<sat ' <" - Wolf repo s
IN . p< , Pi _. lMr nnA tr ,, pl .
fy. . rsj ' ; *' * r 1 erdeivoring to create a
■ w, , . t ? wh! la
fiUrcay ~•• a t; U . i rench.
, Dr«»nn,Ml (n the I.nk«.
NVvnv\v ; f'^-V^iitswer
an XP'; , : T-"** murnsnK
tartar 1 N t nquet at 3a. m yea
h*«t> ; '. X . * 1 1 th« r.virvM.i
T*>, ; " : ' ' '1 «aa drow v.ed.
U V; .: v - ,Wf,r l^vca
it iii«n»„%TOM s.
";r 1 vtatvd Cuernavaca.
fiara *j er *,
at orW • t •.» Nattooal
' - N -'— d'and
•felfk ' r_ «' f>" - - rr-trcha
t Vv**' 1 ! R V^ tiv ' Havana.
C oal J ' "
»-,»« • T ... ....
* «mv. # „ •'•*- *
ta 1* rr .. .. rra'.ora
aJ2i? >v »! \y \ -
R t ■ ■ ' * *«
25« o* •ha t wn on a^»
% ?T # *«•«"«•• ; e.h' f: ' ;V(r^
55>"«r%T.^ N c *.. 1 l fv--JK>t ri't
*«*»«! 5*T ' y - - '•• • *"• '• h a
Notfcr, 1>? , . * ».hWi f.nJ.
liiuarw it r ' •'•• r ' *a ' a n w^jtea
V' c , *n tha
>—* ».A'- {xaKc4
»£ri? r anT t i-«? X ** X *^ k - Th« Amers,
JeCerson miils employ l I.VJb op-
War,i 31r *er City Of W|R)l!Mtaß.
YIV«« !R X< * ,r V<>rk **'& **' w
k L * n • the rrw* nv*n bro
' h ' voyage and Ki •*» stolen.
wiSham E. Eddy. of Bayorsne. V. J., the
«*** the ve
cai. be Accurately asta^-
u-«C by hi# kites.
toeJeved by the Chir-aro autborttSe*
thf ta ? y fa * v * Su J*'» «ia one of
h*:H ua a Northern Pa.iSc
W*m Bear Mooraead In October la* l.
_ f Moon rx«&xn.tt».o ey.ctde at War
« T*/ ' by carbolic arid. Moon
W year* a very wealthy m»-r
--■rCLU,i.»i x ki * mon,> y ia grii.n
**harjred with marljKilatfnf
U.id office record* testified before she sen
ate committee that It was Impossible to ma
n;goiate the record*, even if he had BO de
Ihe I ederal government olalms a piece
. f r^ n d on the eetst end of Galve«tor. iil
*l •. end intend# to erect a torpedo
staticjo there. The state disputes the
John Morris, cashier of the Vernon. Tnd..
Charie« G. Beatty. co snty com
miHejoner. are under arreat, 'he former for
onoery, tne latter for accepting a bribe, to
award a loan of
By an # xp!o«ion o? cr ;de oil vapors in one
of tne bohers of the Kansas- Gas
Company, at Kanaas City. Frank Con
ner* wa*. no badly that he will d;e,
and outer* were seriously injured.
In a collision between s*rikers snl non-
OHion Ben at Comnie., N". Y., several i«ho*«
*-* ere ure»i by union men into the house of
Joseph Rohier. Rohisrs wife was shot in
the ; neck and probabiy fatally injured.
- have been po" ? *d at Iv-mbroke
and cottot: mills, inakere of print
cloths, Runcook. X. 11.. announcing a. re
duction in wages of about 10 per -eat. Jan
uary 1. The cut will affect nearly 1,500 op
Bishop Anthony Kaslowskl, head of the
polish CathoHc se<eder.<. has returned
from Europe, where be went .to receiva
consecration, which rite was admlnbitered
by a bishop of the Catholic Christian
church of Bwitzerlaisd.
According to the World, there are <*2.<rTs
workers in New York out of employment.
Kast year at this time ir.,STS were Idle.
The increase in employment, for the mosst
part, haa < ,me in «ki!!e«i labor, and large
ly In the building tradea
The French chami»er of deputies has
passed the bill Increasing the customs du
*lea on piss, products and lard. The
oil! fixes the duty on hogs at 12 francs: on
suckling pigs at 3 fratcs: on hog products
at M francs, and on lard at francs
100 kiios.
Gov. of Kansas, will present a
scheme to the Nebraska Irrigation con
vention to impound the floods of the Mis
souri in tiie Rocky m«>untains, and carry
them in a canal from Montana to Texas, a
distance of 1.700 miles, in irrigating canals.
The cost Is estimated at &>S 000.u«>.
Nelson will elect a new mining: recorder
on January 1.
A six-Inch vein of native copper ha* hem
struck in the Jc*Ce mine t n Summit camp.
Quite a number of Clarke cjunty men
are getting ready to go to Alaska next
The Canadian veterinary inspector has
raised the quarantine on American horses
at Grand Forks.
Deputy Collector Bofamlnault. of Nelsoa,
aeiged two kegs uf whisky and one of al
cohol at a drug store In Eureka.
State Veterinary Inspector Nelson says
he has been unable to find any trace of
glanders among the horses at Marcus.
Robert E. Smith, charged with criminal
assault on J.aura I'dell. under the age of
consent. Jumped his bail of *>M at Spo
Gambling, which had been suppressed In
Whitman county for nearly a year, ni
been resumed, and a number of games are
running In Colfax.
la>uis~ Sharp, of Ellensbursr. wis acci
dentally shot In the thigh with a 22-caliber
target rlfie by one of his friends last week.
The wound is not a v»-ry bad one.
A number of counterfeit dollars, made
largely of antimony, have been In circula
tion in I,a Grande, and have Iwsen succeaa
fully passed In the salootis of that city.
The P. A. C. and the M. A. C. football
teams will meet again on Christmas day.
at Fortlnnd. If Multnomah wins, a third
gtnte will be played on New Year's day.
Snperini#nd*rrt George Simpson, of the
losing camp at Matlock, Mason county,
says hts road will hav* hauled this year,
ending January I, 16ft.$00,0u0 feet of logs.
It la announced that the wedding of Miss
Mfnnla Anderson, daughter of Col T. M.
Anderson, t: «l Ideut. All<;n, will fc»» sol
emnised on Wednesday. January 5, 1<&, at
Vancouver barracks.
Jack Donovan, a S-y ear-old Falrhaven
boy. fell on the sidewalk in front of his
father's house and broke both bon. s of Ins
rfght fi»rnrm. Th*s. is the second time ha
has broken the same arm.
Over half a mile of th* St. Paul and
Tacoma l.umber Company's logging rail
road south of Ortlng was undermined dur
ing the late flood, which compelled a tem
porary closing of the camp near Wilk -son.
Tho Yakima Republic s.iva th.it tha
population of North Tnkin a h t> Increased
fully 2»0 this year, that there hav>- hern
not more than twenty deaths. that the
city schools have gained about 175 pupils.
Moat of the go.*Js sto'eri from ll.»r:man
it Nathan'* anrf Maynatrf, Kverott A- Co.'a
*ior*a, at Centralis. were found In an un
used bm ti'-jir that pltft 'in Wedneeday.
S jik r«vo4v*r» and kniv-s art- still n>;s»-
AUiand«r a miner. receSv 1 an
tttf'v ctir on the neck in a drunken row
wth a sum er of otner n • at » »mn M*-
Kinnay. > f« w day* a*a. M ke 1• >: > i* un
der *rr«M on sua; Kiou %4 ha\ing -ecn tha
William Wic-'fT. tw'.oo t-or.vii-t. J ...» Col
fix of a*aatilting Mra. Snt tlt ntd her
da iSht. r. will serve a b-rm of on-* year
In tt.r- p«nltentlarv fr>r 'h vi ' . He ha<
withdrawn h'a notice "f a;-i il t<» th- su
pr« tr.e t-ftirt and the cotrunitment has been
made r»nt.
All *n lbriitt*n an emp>ve the Seat
tie s.- TT'tereatlofs i' r si'r. ;>! s* .! 'ff i
movijjif hii"d car on " - lev tr.-r:e it Ke
rf ro. »ii!»ir»tay. slippy* r 1 f-S to the
kround. * dlapjncc of iwnty f» --t. braak
1' g ht» arm and re -aiving - ■ rii . it* an I
bruises. He was unc. for five
Sir Half wh >r<- > : "> waa ths
.-.»ntra«;t for cor.-tru> anc the d.ke to the
i« river fi'.peatte t • >v. <•' Van*
t ouver. \Va?h.. began, weak ' w <k. At
; r wy of aab-t-jontro i-.J .>*■-■! Tta v-*
s'--adv n the field. . w «tk will he
cc.nvp'.r'.ed before the next Mtmm. r frrchst.
President S* I- 1- V-• ' on »-eha',f of
\\ aitnmn college w »* th- •-» >
c ieiks igvregat -ng 110 <«. * e J-r }.»
f-oni th* executor* of the e«' «te .->f Ml»a
\ s» .v* .»f - 1 Con:; for the p-a- .-e
- tatabitahlnx a Say achoiarahlp fund, the
Chef r fb' •'*>' from the .*• .* - of
C - *-I.* o' Mr- .'i ,-h 4 A W i' r of
Welle-iey. M u-s T -am : w ?p«y
--t d in 'he will of \»-< W-.M.-r.
T'*« 'ast ofT.'la' osetts, r ;h>'l«h«d at Qt»
taw j e.>"t.ai ,, a not', aof!» » m -re Yukon
r>' wa> applleatijnffc niakit.g n'.ne'.eea t-»
d its.
T-.y old U-tr'.alaMv# h- i'-i ear St rhe rear
c' tie new* partiim«nt t> ddings a: Yiet.v
r'\ Is tJ b- r :-.d find Jlttf-i up sa a bu
reau of mines.
<■ jh r e to be pJwM between Vin
routrtr and S'snaim.x, to correct with the
Canadian Pa ' 1 il I ItBS from Nanaimo
■ i V' - '-'l. e • ' i ■"* *hr»e ei't 'r-h-ai eon
itu-'tors »! i will - ? ever P* It N
T. r ,m.w a to :*.f- the gu'f cahl- and
r iit it N>'w en V -rori» and Port An
tes to «t\t- an iitra canaeciloa for V:c
IP yon ara sendir* Past for a; r friends,
call and »e* tha Northern Pa-'r?.- sren-s
ah-ait it. TT.>y w''.l srrsnits to sails*
f-ctlon ar ! on the sherti.-st ro ? i~e_
Hope for
X am prepared to treat consumption and
bronchial troufc'.aa tr matfcoda whi.-b ar«
tha beat and sureat known to the medical
werU k!y new invention and t.-ea tnrot
t-y medicated sir tills all frtna and acta
dir.vtlr upon the lunira and Mood. Cen
•umptlon can poalttveiy Ns cur«d ty thta
treatment. Tha public l» lnvite.l to in
apact mr labe-ratory and treatment rocma*
kUaoma Xsmj>ia, Baattts.
Craay romplalat of tke
of EadUh Nftt Here.
PHILADELPHIA. Dee. ».—The Maa-s
--fsetnrers' c; jb tonight h®!d a meeting st
which re#oUtk»ns were adopted favoring
the createa o? a new cabicet department
of ocnmerce and sgriculturs. A comma
rieatioa was aJso received from the Na
tional Organization of Traveling Men.
of the inefficiency of the in
terstate commerce laws. Papers were then
r«>ad by Charles H Cramp, of the sh!p
-bu.;-s:rg Srm. and Theodore Zaerch, presi
dent of the Malional Organization of Maa-
t;fa : ;rer-v en the way to encourage Amer
ican shipbuilding.
Mr. Cramp deplored the growth of Eng
lish influence In this country. He said:
"Eng'.sh id> as and doctrines penetrate
every waik of Ufe snd every branch of
activity in the United State* At no time
prior :o the declaration of independeenct,
aurtng the cokn a. period, was our
and intellectyai «ur-je?tion to Great Britain
eo cosrplete aa It 1# now. !r. my
thin reAtion between England and our
country forms the greatest underlying:
'+■ of preveilins: financial and industrial
»or.dltions here, and more particular.y in
the nhfpbuildirg Industry. American
»*i-e«men and Jwma!!i'i seem to await
expression of British views on any (wbjeet
c f >r.n"cted with our na:i>?nal existence or
attitude, before making up their miada."
Former Ssprear Sseretarr of tke A.
P. A. Gets Fifteen Months.
BTROI"I>SBI*RG, Pa.. Pec. 2P.-T. C.
Jieatty. formerly supreme secretary of the
A. P. A., and a prominent lawyer of tha
Mtddlo \V»st. and Henry Howard were
taken today to Philadelphia, to serve a
t*rm of fifteen months in the Eastern peni
tentiary. Before he left Beatty wrote an
account of his life, whi<-h he headed "Life
Experience of a Smart Fool."
THE latest novelties In music roils and
folios Just received. Sherman Clay & Co.,
*ls Second avenue.
IF you are going East at Christmas or
New Year, you will Pnd the Northern Pa
cific is ths line to use. Trains run on
time ar.d passengers' comfort at this sea
son of the year specially looked after. Its
dming car service, as usual, is unexcelled.
A frelrht train became unmanageable fa
coming: down the steep grade into Altooni,
Pa., owitsg to a silppery track, and came
down at cixty mil HI an hour, crashing into
aiuthtr freight train. Fifty cars were
wrecked, aad several trainmen seriously
A distinguished German physician d*»
elares this to be the age of Nervousness,
and thinks the civilised race la deteriorate
In* under it. Our lunatic asylums arc
filling up at a frightful rate; women who
should be plump and rosy are pale and
emaciated; school children. Instead of be
i:.g icyous. active, vigorous, are debill-
Uted, overworked and ur.happy; business
men are engines of perpe'ual worr* and
\lotittis of insomnia; social life Is a nerve*
destroying whirl ef excitement; cities arc
clamorous with distraction of railroads,
traffic, manufacture and all hustling af
fairs ths' d»*trey repose and murder
quiet. Everything 1s at high pressure.
Headlong, mad activity la the law of cir«
L>r Charcot's Kola Nervine Tablets arc
fa n.ous for curing Nervous Diseases where
other remedies had failed. They wiU
risk* you strong and well, try them
Fifty cents and 11 per box at druggist*
or sent dire r Write us for testimonials
of cures. Eureka Chemical 4c Mfg. Co.,
J* Crosse, \Vi*.
214 Pioneer Building.
Y>V rwi*^y»7
For ■:i|| Yon
Yes, there ia help for S OU. You ne.-l
not suffer unlfira you choose to do a >.
Y u can be cured and made happy.
Th" n>»t< «i specialist, I>r. M. Kat
«liffe, is at your cmman l. Ho offers
>.iu the b'.sr. in.Yst skillful, eclentiflc
'ill treatment the medial
I rof.-s.sion affords. No matter how
lor* yoo.r di«eas» has existed, or how
many d.-ct-rs have dldapDolr.ted you.
T>r. flatcliffe will cure you just as sure
us you ca to him f r Th >
worst cases he Ir.vit-s, and prfv>t
c res he lejrally trjara- iee*. Consulta
tion fr«-e; tertr.s of nt reason
Rlintnre Rhwima' *m. PPOS Ca-
I\ll}7lltt C« t irrh v, Corr.p: iin-s,
IP-I.M and >k n *'*- • ises and a'' dis
eas*-s cf :he Heart. I.;:n#rs. I^ver
• -h. K ir 'v< l ; .;idd»-.r and V-'-
r. try Orc.r,« treated scientifically and
Svnll ilitt '* ' "* hor-ih>
t.re. Varlcaael% Hyimia A f r>phy
or tha wasting away tna oegana
r* rmansnth cur«i in tha shortest
possible time.
I.ost Manhood,
S.\-:a! or S-m'~al Weakness, N;gb»
Km saiao... Eshafting Drains which
waken t: « Paly. !:r a.ra and
t -rssns and ahsc:u-e!\ unfit ere f'r
«■ ?d>- buatr pkasura or marrtijr
ir.-attd with un.a.i.ng suc c*aa. ii»-j
c rr J a .I ba a rraa among mar* a- ■
asoag woman a* w«il.
WfHlo r ' r book ar ' adrie# »f
" nws •
highly aatiafictory. Address:
713 Fir»t A*., Seattle, Hash.
Short Cut to Happiness!
iti $ $ I|l 13:1 I|l $ $ 01|< Isl i%i $ i|i i|i ift i|i ij> tt*
1-* *>s
f ;[ f
T* Clothbg, Gentlemen's Fwiltlitafts, lath "V"
TII-TII First Avenue, Union Block. New York OSce, 6tt Brot^WtJl
£ ) 3L
216 Cherry St., City: |
In reply to your inquire as to whether the lighting ot- I
O our clothing store with WEISBACH II6HTB has been satis- >
—————————— ( T
17 factory, we beg to say that the change from electric light, j
!• which latter we formerly used, has demonstrated the im- ;
"kf | provement, not only in the better lighting of our store from j w
> the fact of the light being more evenly distributed, but the w
change has also brought about a remarkable reduction in tp"
4% f the cost of lighting. I V
f | The figures given below show a comparison of the <s►
£ j cost of lighting when we used electricity and the cost of ❖
■f| 4 lighting since we have been using gas with WEISBACH \
<§* | LAMPS > j
* • J 1896. 1897. X
t+ \ Ml- Electric Ityht. WeJ&bach-6as. )
, , j Flat Rate. Meter. | X
| January $46.00 $27.40 j Y
0 \ February 46.00 22.00 J w
f4- 1 March 46.00 17.80 j A
! April 46.00 14.00 j
T" May 46.00 9.60 I Y
June.... 46.00 7.40 ( V
f 4 July 46.00 9.00 j
I August 46.00 8,40 >
j September 46.00 16.20 ! JjjL
. • October 46.00 20.60 j
Totals $460.00 $152.40 j
The cost for electric lighting above is for the corre- j w
sponding months of the previous year. j •©■
0 9 . / /fc
** j Yours truly, j
> ! a
1 * c fr $$ $ $ 'l'
Such a recommendation as the above is of the strongest char
acter. You cannot argue against results, and
C. R. Collins,
Before Starting
The Year 1898,
Seattle Gas
Electric Light Co.
General Manager.
216 Cherry St.
r ft
i HI

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