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tee4ekt EatablUlird In Al»fc««w
Ca*e A»p'lea to »eU«I »rb«»>Bf r »
Award by tbr < —mmtmrntrnm
Newly Hall * Million Dallas*.
WASHINGTON. 55.—The findlnjr
cf the hrtti*h Am-n an c»mm »; n.
chosen to a*s**» sh* ttamages for ssaturea
of British "hip* is Ber . B - a, have be» n
received i>y the state and th<;
Hrittab tmiu >. The »trl*v«st ret V.en' *>
im how vr, on th#
character of the iuwiuig*, though it ts
Admitted the total award against the
i nited Btatea U Üb i.<W' which Includes
prloipaJ and Interest. Tne find.ng a&a.-i*st
this govern men: U no surprise.
The eootr>vT»y baa oceupud the atten
tion of the aothorltl** iirfa sx.d in L*;n i n
fur the last el«v«n y«*»rs. At the ou;.«» t
ihe tona of the w>ntto*#rsjf wan t'liy be.
hfierent. sugg«-sting a poaaible r< .-Mjrt to
a.ma. This was following the selaurc by
the United cutter C. rwln
of the British sealer* Carolina am' Thorn
ton. on August I, UOA. The fa«;s of the
s-lzure were not ha >wn unui ni«« time
later, and in the mean ime the Corwin bad
taken the Onward and Favorite.
The same policy of wieure and
tloa oeaurred during the n* xt sea'.inir •x
--aon. despite the protests of <lr*at Brttaln,
the U. fl. 8. Richard Hueh taking the S-w
--«rd, Grace. Anna Pu'-k. A4fr«l
Adama Trtumph, Juanltx |'a!hfind»-r.
Black Di«mond. IAHy. Aretie. Kate «nd
Minnie, while the U. P. cutter I>e*r took
the Ada.
The cisfms th*** e> iaur«>s tonb a
wide range, with the value of
tha resnals and outfits and not
only the value of s<*»l*Wn* corftsfated.
but a!»o the value of skins whlrh miisrhr
have been - en
Tills last feature of prospective dama**
caused the main contention. In the case
nt each British ship the largest Item of
the claim was for e-«'imated future. catch.
For instance. In the ease of the Carolina
the claim for the sh'p w.is »n!y H.OOO.
while that for skins Which might have
been taken that year If she had not been
seised was Sit.tfT Each ship estimated
a ptoapeettre catch of from 3.500 to '..000
•kins, tha value heine from 13.50 per skin
in I**T to fi; 25 In lttfc The total of the
clailfcß without Interest amounted to S3B -
I*l. and with Interest, at * per cent, and
other charges tne total r»ach*d JTvanw
The only official statement that could
be hers of the Judgment reached
by the commissioners i« contained in the
following announcemer.t given out at the
•tate department this afternoon:
"The sward of the B-ring sea claims
nmmiasloti has been filed in the depart
ment of state. The claim*, s* presented
by the British government to the commis
**r»n on account of Canadian vessels seized
in the Bering aea, aggregated, with inter
est, fI.MfI.OOO. Th»"»t» included several
cases not embraced in the sett! Mont pro
rosed by Secretary Gre*ham. The award
now made amounts to 52M.1M.91 to which
{« to be added Interest, which will Increase
the total about so per cent. The award
1* final, and dispo*#* of all cases before
It. Payment under the treaty must be
made within six months."
Ths department officials, it is assumed,
win proceed at one. to prepare a bill, as
an amendment to one of the regular ap
propriation bilLa, for submission to c.>n
*r*s*. covering the necessary appropria
tion to pay the Judgments, for. being
bound by treaty n>>t only tc pay any Judg
ment rendered, but to pay them prompt
ly. the government is In honor hound to
take the remaining steps towarl .» settle
ment in short order.
Tlur# appears fo t>« little doubt that the
I'nited State* carried it* point on the main
q !« silon# Involved, viz . as to the riirht of
jMctive damage*, which evidently are
*•! «!»ii down to an insignificant amount or
; < ■'» ! entirely. While the departm- iit
o!'k"..ils will make no definite announce
ment to this eff'ct. Intimations ar» given
Dmi! the sm.illnrss pf the award precludes
t ; ('■ irtsltvility of any allowance having
' . en made on account of prospective dam
age-. Th» AiaUama claims conirni.--slon es
i' >llsh«d the precedent that reme:e dam
.lfc'i s .-ouid not be Included in a claim, and
i present award 1* evidently on the same
<;« n J W. Foster, who is now In genera!
' Iwr|»< of Herlng sea affair*. said tonight
<s to tli« Award that he was not surprise 1
t the m suit. President Cleveland, hav
ing officially declared that was u
just and equitable sum in settlement and
therefore having appointed as the Ameri
can commissioner to adjudicate the claims
a close personal and political friend, it
could hardly be expected that the Inter
would strenuously contend f> r at* award
of a less amount. Mr Foster was absent
from the country In Jspan when congress
took action on Pr« ddent Cleveland".* re -
ommeudation, bat h. regarded the corn
mission as the proper method of
reaching a wttlement, and tic only one
which woul-.l satisfy the country. >. ,t,
withstanding the sH*ur«». which gave ti-.»
to the award, were Initialed under a IVm
ocratle admlnlstrail n. IV sldent M. K'ts
ley, h« thought, would doubt hs« recom
mend congresa to provide for the niv
nient; and he h>-prd and felt sutc that
congresa w*>nld make th« noCitty .* i't*T .v
--priatlon to li' r':e tr> •! . t .
tIon? A d '.he t'ana liitis r■ >e ri> r
••st up to d »te on thee d< t< • ■<l < l.iiai*.
the r« salt should l>e <i< - on t.*'h
tides in good spirtt
t n:>n<llno« >ot satisfied.
VICTORIA. 1* r . i ,v 'J' 1 -.' ii*'t
are d:s-atisfb 5 w;tb tr... m . s • < >,* , r _
bitiatars of JIM »»-> Tl,» '--H- it, y ex
pected *vs J..» et, wii it !;<!■
l.ondoi* Times t* Plen»e<t.
l/"A*noN !>>C M The T'-vh -c. { n
•<1 Mortal this :nornf»---. ,
tbvi it the It ri sr « i settl. M n' w ; j
It antlelpatro e>»ngr«*« < « H • t - t \
and takes on to protrst
"bx»se Insinuations of bad fa h ;-*» "-<•
psr; of the t'nlted Sta!»* governmeiit,
which hive been thonghrb t . ».«
JuitUUhljr made In Kng'^nd" it ; ;a'-»
out that there could be r,-> ; ie-* n . r : *1
f vlth, Nf-' iiise r > agr»e n» h>l rto
been agreed Qpoo as *.» the un o .nt at
111 I// Inn is |(
S»io* -tsorm »?«•!«>• t rußtc to Vnrtoa*
l*nrt« of >f« t ark
RociiratTrn. Nt . iv.- r - v m ♦
» 1 rd t* m<: y tn Wyoming c,>ur.:y, » •,■
mi'e« !n>uth of this city* N> «rle fwir (wt
ft »now h.s fallen during ttie last tw n"
tv -four fc-Mir* an.t t H a »torn» . . ; ,
w 'th nfl s *rn ef abatement. R <N tr*
b - ked and th* farmer* a.« »; u : ,
tr». r houses.
JsYßAt't'Si:, V Y.. I-,-- :* > .
«new atortn wh'- h hid b >r. r.-i« :
l>AnXs ror'h cf ths< r *v a 1 Nv » K
f-- r»< use ar.d continued tare 'r • •
*s'*ht Nearly all tral s w *e ' »v. ♦
nrFFALO, N. T» IVvV tt -Knginaers
•n«l tlrewien n;nn « ca r\ -h
.■* />#>* baking pow
der is made in San FramaVo
as fast as grocers want it— n <
That 's cne reason for using
ii—the. smallest of the reason>
Monty • a \ •>" #»* fi -» r /, f
i? covers .til the reasons.
At. I ■«< *
feait I*: aar vt *i {*
and southweet of Buffalo report much
trottMc with bc-a**y drift*.
The Ijik" Shore due at ">:¥> a.
fr... w• - Mo karied h? four feet of snow
near Angela tr»d *u delayed tmo h-^ura.
MORE J IP«MK itmpmtios.
la ('artery Rerrattr
Halihrd at Takya.
FAS FR VNCTSCO, Dec. 25.-Charles W.
Bt**hard*. a RMritadkat expert of Cleve
land, 0., »rrtm*d today from Japan, where
he bi* been superintending the construc
tion of « w>r- nail plant, emrtng S2SQ.OM,
at Tokyo. The capacity of the works is
:"» v k«»gs of ntlia and !WS wooden kecs
A - r-killed labor in Japan !* paid but
T. a - •- a . a* ag-iinst li "*) tn coun
try, the output of the fn-~tory wil! cause
SB In the demand
for the American pr«>dart.
(•rneral Seatlmrst st Fsll River Is In
I'star of n Strike.
FAT.L RIVER. Mass.. Dec. 23.—'Th* con
ference of the operatives" committee with
n nsifa- turers tonight lasted two
'N'hile it is realized that the genera! senti
ment is for a strike, the method of mak
i' g the strike
The dei gates who took the most active
; m in the discussion tonight declined to
k. It Is tieiieved that tne lnfiuen< - e of
• more conservative of the operatives
hns bad effect on the committee and it is
not that a proposition to inaugurate
& strike will be made.
Coal Miner*' Hagec Advaneed.
BIRMINGHAM. Aia.. Dec. 23.-The Ce
ronna Cual Company and the Virginia and
Autbama Coat Company, employing about
I.3*j coal miners in Walker county, itxla.y
announced that on January 1 they will
advance wages from ftt to To cents per ton.
Attack on a Colony Held for More
Tbnn Fonr Hundred l'enra.
J.IS BON. Dec. 23.—A dispatch from St.
f'aul de L»M*;ida. Portuguese Lower Guia
na, says that the natives of the Humbo
plateau in the Portuguese colony of An
go a have ma-sacred a Portuguese officer,
a sergt ant and tweive men. Reinforce
ment* have been sent from St. Paul de
Ijoanda. Angola Is south of the Kongo
Free Srate. The colony has been held by
the Portuguese since 14*6. and they have
a number of forts and commercial estab
The Pope Drplorei the Conflict.
ROME, Dec. 2!. The reception at the
Vatican today was largely attended by
Catholic dignitaries. Replying to the
greetings, the pope d«p»ored the conflict
between the state and Holy See. which
Impartial mind* cU sired to end. The ma
jority of Italians were against it, and it
was wrong to fight the wtli of the people,
who und< rstood that political unity did
not suffice to give them prosperity.
Spanish Pre»» (iratrfat fop American
Comment on Hit Killing.
MADRID. Dee. 23.—The manner in which
the American press has condemned the ex
ecution of Lieut.-Col. Ruiz has awakened
in Spain sentiments of sympathy, tending
favorably to modify the relations b twe n
the two countries. The ministers and
statesmen consider the moment propitious
for arriving at an accord herween Spain
snd the United States which would speed
ily put an end to the war in Cuba. They
h"i»e the Washington government will loy
al!'. adhere to the promises of President
M' Kiniey's message making It understood
tha: censure snd rigorous application of
law nui«t be executed on th--i>e conspir
ing oil American territory against a friend
ly nation. They consider that the Cuban
r. ep:ton of the autonomy scheme and the
concessions made by Senor Pal ma Impose
an imperative duty to do everything pos
sible to prevent bloodshed and destruction
of properly in Cuba.
< itbnita < litini That an A»*MR»ia lias
lleen KnaaKrd by Bianco
NKW YORK. Hoc. 23. -At the Cuhan
Junt.i today official confirmation was given
to the story that <«en. Rlanco has sent to
thi» country a man whose mission is to
Join one of tfit* filibustering expedition* to
the cast coast of Cuba and secure the as
sassination of Oen. Gomez.
\ cs, »c know all about Rlanco's emis
sary," .. repreaentatlve of the Junta said
t. < >. *»e Kno.v the steamship he Is on
and ro kr.iw his name. 11c is not likely
to join any of our expeditions."
Another Fialit on In Cuba
H.W ANA, l>ec. 2?.—Hot til ing can v " >
lii ard lit this aftermvon from the vicinity
« f lino railway stall* n. tw uty five m.les
out In direction of the Cambutc It s
Mipi-wei that the fore« s jf tivn. i'arrado
are rnvtgial.
FOHT'IOW NSF.M) nil.l. fit OKI 1"
l'ros|ieet« Tlmf llmh> l,»la« to t|n»ku
Will Itnjr ttnttils There.
a! iMapatch to tt.J'ost-l iteMlv ncer
run ." townsKM«. t - Thar .M
• '!« ' iiies on I'ugtt sound ate to profit
l y the spring Klondike i« ln<b< «r-d
y th • fact in.v the m< t.-hmns of l\ r?
''' wtisend, who have made no apeetal ef
f rt get ,«ny of tiis>. tra.v-. .ire
itssii'ed Ihil th.»y will n« ,1 upon to
•"• t fre.m ■' «i tti- m •! iring (h j rtr.-t
! . : of »h>» spr tig travel. The <\.pp. r
River and Cook led-1 rrstisp-.riatioc 'and
>1 n • C.tmpany. with h''ndeiuarter« here.
h»> at *>it M> ff.-k 's 'ctuallj sold, and a
maiarlly of th>»s'- j .■ < . ■ ■ rs write that
? •> vriii come to P rt T .wn«-e-.d dhtet
for outfitting.
1 ere I also m ttclt H i dry ' -re for v .« -
ic t t).»us. and the Roard ' Tf«de is
«nr< 1 that per T »»ns-ont «»;i j~,-f
b it the »!' -t of 'V .\ » rfl nf. , m j;,
t-o n "be > iri 'p \ r.: e"> i: * •>,.> v, t! « .
men -f *hts c!tv h>a h. n e.al* d hv
r1 it .vr-r t>r the purpose sf ,j| '.s>t!'g
t» e I>r position of bidding on > f c.v tr. -T
tor f'initshing provisions at'd otrflt« to
t .e government relief . ■; edit; n that IH
to t»( <• t!t to th Klon »ke
MOVINti P» <»K %TTI.K.
I wo Prominent Port Tonnaend lien
\\ lit l .uiir llrrr to Roiric
f - *' V ■"> Rost-lnrel'lCfr.-r
•«ORT TtHVNSPNH hv 22.--At-
Af r- * I! Sachs, former ju.lg.- of ?>•.• «.'•
ccurt tf this distrU-;, and James n
"" the ais -tr.v m >n ltd Caradiin
: > a-.e- t * r»* v.. ir>ii . • i n k, . „,.
■ Ti lit Port Towuat>tul w' M t ;Ve t)j»
t> ?r re -i, tiiv In • ... ft rn r
■_T n e ' .-nga ge 'rt ' • thrre
Sachs W'SI envag*' in the practice of t««
■ I Mr M n w ill he Ut -d w-'th
•"> he Raroes • | f pt R.-hard
'■ *. * * ?ta■*!'*«•'* * r of - ) *•>*■
agvncv that «« TO he e*tabashed there,
v -king » ?i""h'ty of tnt-ir.' :"su-an. e
("fcarlrr for a I on# Klcctrle I.lne.
! ."K V !»e.» y —A Ct . • » f\r > 0
'<* *•* «• tv- l-awr. r"e Tw.|*-k F.le -tr.c
Hi -w »y .<> Power Oompa'-v was rt e,| -
v. t cat :?al being phwed at %" w
!- is rh» '•» ention to cor struct an electric
1" e r ' w.. n k-vr.ses C:t> and Uar. r, .>
a Too >a Kv' . tc do % freight a:.d
p ,a«enger bualr.ea*.
ttoek Taw's t'*»e |)Uaill<eil.
VT<~tori a. n r.. tw r-—tv« f > ,
ara'r.at H -k Tiw of "orglr.<r if??e-« u*. t
.: !he us; rr. v ;.-e Inquiry at S *tr|. wis
.•"•missed this a'-* moon by Justice I»rak-\
« ' o s* a he had \ do :ht a* t< whether
• e rpr f.-ra -d t e t. t»er# ar-d j.*-.#
h ?n the benefit o? the doubt.
*nii-i«|e «( i |>iirilM< itntliKi'h
•' ■K ' K, 11 f r* y r\>m f; *.
• >• < .T-i rr*»'*d »ut- !e *t ft ;* some in
:: » •< tv*> H* *»« I *err *••* ?»•*
■ ■ i rn-r K .«-t ar.t ;r - mtmbrt
cf I—e lowa UtM»or.
fJf (with little soap) used to be the thing to
V / J dean k ol,se with - Now-a-days it's
. Pearline is easier and
/ quicker and better than elbow-grease.
One reason why millions of women prefer*
wM EPTACFI Pcarline ' than anything else, in;
WlrT" I cleaning house, is that it saves the painti
and woodwork. But the principal
of course, is that it saves so much work, M •
*9®® grocer* win tea Ton, 1
KDTIfJI rP _JJ» » M* 0 ™ 1 " or "the ttine M Pearline." fTS,
W CLI w FALfeE—PearUne is newer peddled; if your oocer sends <
«oa an imitation, be booest— und it kstk. JAMES PYLKTNew Yocfc.*
■is iwi mil
It la Recognised That the United
Stales May Have a Valee In toe
Hatter. If A«tjcresal«»na on China
Are Pushed to a Urrater Extent.
LONDON, Dec. 23.-A dispatch to the
Daily Chronicle from Rome says it is re
ported there that, owing to her own obli
gations to Germany. Italy has declined the
English proposal for common action !n the
far East, including a Joint occupation of
Chucan. According to the same dispatch,
It is asserted that England has proposed
to liussia a conference on the Chinese ques
tion, with a view of avoiding dangerous
The correspondent of the Times at
Peking says:
"The Chinese are provisioning Port Ar
thur and will reconstruct the forts, Russia
furnishing the
Indication of permanent occupation, the
necessity of safeguarding our position in
the far East Is increasing. The Russo-
Chinese hank, which is the agent of the
Russian government, has offer-d to China
10,000 rifles, with payment five years hence.
China has accepted the proportion."
The Times. In an editorial on the situa
tion. sarcastically asks whether the Ger
man pr< ss, in claiming a Russo-Oerman
entente in China, and Kmperor William,
in his speech at Grauden*. anticipated
demand for the removal of the
German drill sergeants frcan the Chinese
army. It add*. with reference to the de
mand of the dismissal of the English en
"Our Peking correspondent says China is
hesitating, and po«»ihly we may he able
to appeal to motives at Peking which will
strengthen China's disinclination to com
ply with the Russia request for the dis
missal of English engineers."
The Shanghai correspondent of the Pally
Mail says:
"The Chinese government is helpless. It
is mobilizing its few available troops undf-r
th«i least capable generals who conducted
tha campaign aftainst Japan. The British
fleet is at present at sea."
It is understood, says the Daily Chron
icle, that Japan will protest in the strong
est manner against eGrmany's action, and
diplomatic circles ridicule the idea of a
RtissoGerman entente concerning China.
The press evidently is deeply inter
ested as to the attitude Great Britain and
the I'nited States are lik<ly to adopt in
the Chinese affair.
The official n» wspapers pretend that Ja
pan has acquiesced in Germany's and Rus
sia's moves, and will take no aggressive
action. Everything indicates the anxiety
thai hinges upon the ultimate grouping
of the powers. Japan's action in with
drawing her protest with reference to the
course of the I'nited States at Hawaii is
interpreted as showing . desire to be unin
cumbered abroad and to have her hands
free to deal with the Chinese question.
The Berliner Tageblatt ridicules the idea
of an Anglo-Japanese-American alliance,
yet seems to fear it.
The Kolnische Zeltung thinks America
will sido with Russia.
I .mi d-I • rah Iters Would Do Well to
< onnulf tli<- | oitfd Stairs.
\ IfcIXNA, Dec. 2J.—The Deutsch Zei
tung, com men ting ou the Kastern situa
tion. says:
"The I'nlUd Stale*. which, from its geo
graphical position, lias a greater interest
in the opening up of China than all the
l.urojwan powers tog ther. cannot possibly
consent to its partition into spheres of in
fluence without hJCing a voice in th* mat
ter. It would great mistake to un
>l': r< stimate the strength of the I'nlted
States, and k partition of China would he
Impossible without Amerh a s approval
and participation. Th- Europfan powers
wi'.l do well to give timely attentions to
the ispiratlons and inten su» of the Inked
S. ate..."
J %P.\\ ltllilM. »|i;ii TIME.
Sooner or I nter Will Protest Unlnal
Isbri-silon in < lilno.
SAN FRANCISCO, IVe. 23, The follow
li;g Oriental advices have o»vn received
pr st- <mer C i!na fi >m Yokohama, via
At c extraordinary meeting of the
Jaoa e thin--? Raron s- ; :l. foreign
niln'su-r. is id before the tr:nt«ter« ail the
i-! >i .- he had received front Japanese
n:t t:s in fore ■,-« r> latlve to
t - of Kai an bn\ bv Oerm iny.
I' w.is (t. I •.I tfter < prolonged dis'tis
s> n. not .to m- ddie w .'h {".••• tft'ajr at the
rr*' •• tit time, but to await further deve'op
rn nts.
''• 'l'tr• • • j up -n the itTii'- the
says the aeMon cf (lerttvcty in having
» ted Ki o hau i - th- pretext of the
murder of missionaries i» outrageous, and
I* ' •T 1• ' '- - tT W • ' r cf 'bp f fSI «r
•Ta.mr cannot regard the rsatter !:t]KTly!
s -»oer or lat-r the h of policv to he
pursued tawa'd this afr,je he de
e 1. i:ml in niM- ? t th',afore a
prote-t. ai'-gtv or with s»me other power
It appl ■ r fit •'>»: set , u the gov • r timert
hi- mi't 'l) d. • id-•! to take either of these
\x l \ t fh»*
Commenting ui«m t'-.e strained r»!ati.->ns
between Russia and Japtrj over the Ka
r* an -r s jon. <'*: ncse p.ij> vs report that
That Common Trouble, Acid Dys-
pcp>ia, or hour Stomach
>on Itn'OKDUi'il h« >t t nu«<* of 9erl
«»i»% llUriitr.
A i t >ly-; • ••unmanly ctUed
V..in or *our >:ort ;. h, j- & firm of indtg«a
--• • a r> >uit r.g from t> rnvntatton of the
f .wl Tli" ii-h beini; too to
P ,R ' f - : Y -* -• >' -f ; <* "i (••main* unci
U; rk ntation hiiir.a the stomach
wst-i *•>, .* l>s :er, » -ur. burning ta»t-
H5 ;-. often pr»-«. ..;. Till* ond;-
t; n »>■> : !* -4 e:m>nt< tnd Jvir.tf an
every d.-iy oc >trr*:<-e i« but !m.»
att* mint. dyspepsia in not sm
medi.*»i--:y ffetat, winy do oothtng
for tn-- ITO
Within a r «n! prist „ ha*
Kvt* diKiJvfr d prepared >■ • .<■*!> to cure
.!>*p. p-t.i ft .. « ,?
K J- S". ..rfs !»y«{v - t >• . T tl ;. ,-, j
u n«w becom ot rapidiy u**-d p yj> .
*•-: sh* d as a raUk-ei turt fur every form
of (ty^pepiia.
Stuart's Pyapepsia Ta!-> t have N-.,^ a
r i before the pui md are sold t y
druggist* everywhere at jD ce.au p, r park
**'»' It i» prepared by tft« Stuart Co.
M.;t-* ail. Mi-'h.. and whil». it promptly
a 1 eiT--tually a vi< r->us dig »-
• e, *• th* %aOM time is perf. fly ?v s -rr«-
■ « -?r.d *• J not injure t...» moat "delicate
*■'■ " h-d • n T *" * c-rr. tr.iry frv rtv»"<
p-rfevt d i««tiM «r«r.etb**s the st.ma. n.
tmprwv*a the appetite ar.d rr.afc.a yf«
* -rth Itvtng.
S"t«s f*>r :re* hook on S> rstn "
by addieaaiag Stuart Co.. IdarsJiaii, Jiuii.
the Japanese army Is full of Russian spies,
disguised an Japtnege, and that the Rus
sian army is being tampered with by Jap
anese emissaries, who ar«» doing all they
can to stir up dissatisfaction among them.
According to Chinese papers the vice
roy Chang Chitkurg has issued a procla
mation exhorting his people to be more
friendly to foreigners.
Wnrahlps lor the Orient.
TOULON. Dee. 23.—The second-class
cruiser Pascsl saiUd for China today.
LONDON. Dec. 23—A dispatch from
Rome say* at a meetine of th* Italian
cabinet today it was decided to dispatch
a squadron to Chinese waters.
Oorreapondenta af Shanghai News
papers Tell of the Approaching
Crlals In the Turmoil.
"Hie Russian bear Is pressing matters In
Korea. Not content with practically seis
ing both the finance and customs systems
f<t the country, the czar's envoy. M. De
Speyer. has caused the api>oiutment of
Russian Instructors In the army, and has
placed a Russian officer In charge of the
A crisis Is approaching In the Russian-
Japanese imbroglio in the "Land of Ever
lasting Turmoil." A special dispatch from
the Shanghai correal *>ndent of the Hong
kong Telegraph states that there is good
reason to apprehend a serious crisis in the
political relations betw en Japan and Rus
The Seoul correspondent of the North
China Daily News says:
"We are on the eve of Important changes
which will not only affect the Korean na
tion, but change the whole aspect of af
fairs In the far East, and, unless one or
more of the treaty powers Interfere. Korea
will speedily become Russian territory. M.
de Speyer Is a much abler diplomat than
was M. Waeber; in fact, the two can
scarcely be mentioned in on* sentence,
they are so utterly unlike, not only in man
ner. but in policy. M. Waeber spent most
of his time in the study and left the duties
of his office to others, while M. de Sptyer
has been most active since he landed, and
although he has been in Korea scarcely
more than a month, he now has the whole
country in his grasp. The army is entire
ly under Russian instructors (and I must
add that the troops axe wonderfully well
instructed), the arsenal is in charge of a
Russian officer, and now Mr. Alexieff has
come to Korea to take Mr. Mac Lea vy
Brown's place as adviser to the finance de
partment. A numiter of other foreigners
whose contracts have now expired are not
to have them renewed. Some of these were
never needed, for their advice was never
sought, nor taken if given, and they were
chiefly employed at the earnest solicita
tion of tlie country's representative at
Seoul. With Mr. Brow n, however, the case
is different. He has been enabled, in twen
ty months, to accumulate sufficient money
to pay off the $3,009,000 loan of Ja pan, and
now, just as he has accomplished it. the
finances are to be taken out of his haiuls.
This fact will be very much regretted, for,
as I said before, unless one or the treaty
ju>wers (beside* Japan, which need not be
reckoned) interferes. Mr. Alexieff will t ike
charge of the finances before this letter
reaches Shanghai.
"Japan in the meanwhile is not idle, and
has now begun to build barracks in Fusan.
Ttoe Japanese fleet has been surveying all
the southern coast of the peninsula, and
will soon pay a visit to Chemulpo. They
have and are still using money freely in
purchasing the good will of Korean offi
Commenting on the situation, an edi
torial writer on the Telegraph says:
"The special telegram from our Shang
hai correspondent today is of a nio-t
serioua nature !f correct. Ever since KUH
>i,i intervened in the Korean question. rot>-
bing Japan of the Li.iotung peninsula,
with the valuable fortresses of Cort
Arthur and Talienwan, and wounding
keenly the pride of the rising power, there
has been a suspicion of a bitter feud be
tween the two rivals for suzerainty in
Korea. Japan's conduct in the last two
years. If not evidence of a determination
to have revenge. w at any rate consistently
reconcilable with the beiie? that she
means to he 3? idy for a tight the next
time a dispute arises, and fight to the bit
ter end. She professes a wish for peace,
but she always has the honesty to qualify
the profession with an a*« trance ti-at ?■>:%•
will not again submit to be trampled on;
ar.d she has spent on new warships every
yen she could scrape up. She has now
the Fuji in Japan and the Yashima only
three or four days /-iff nod whatever her
s-rious statesmen may say or think, it is
in Jipan to Ignore the fire
brand politician* and the latter-day
demagogues. The mere. sight of such
splendid fighting machines must send a
tnrill of jingoism through th- 1 nation."
S. 11. 11. ( I.\KK TAKEN SICK.
Rccelaer of the 1 I 111011 I'ncltlc I untile
to l.f#u Hi* I'l l mlc ( nr.
K \NSAS CITY, T>e<\ 23—A special to
the Times fmm San Antonio today says:
S H 11 Clark, one >f th-- receivers of the
T'nion f'.;eifie ;«:n1 ,i'eo vn e yrr-tdent of
the International an i Creat N". Mhern and
the T'-x is A: I'.o'itii'. arrived heie today.
Before he could leave tin private ca.r and
go to the h«iei where apartments had
been er.l ig» ! he* w is taken 111 and has not
been aM«- to leave tin- car.
Mr. Clt.rk has i< a, a in piKtr health for
some time and came here in the hpe of
spending a few day* md then going to a
ranch sQi'th of her-', where he was to
• j n 1 the wir.Ti r. If his ."on iitft n does n>t
improve w irbln the n* *: f- w d.« v s be wUi
be tak«-n back to hi* home In Omaha.
Prc*iilrn» ll» rnr tin* » Hrl»lt«c.
NKW YORK. *. r. Ire dent I? C.
I\> 1 r.r. »f tie Hr— 'Kun H.t— -ball Club,
suffered .» reiapse this afs.rroon and s
came in; vnn > «i'" remained nncon
sclt'i JS for severs! h ■. rs sr. I tonight his
c ai.ditton wis -or. si Jerod very critical.
Julia Murliinr trrlomly 111.
PIN< "INN ATI, Dec 23~.!>!1a M.trlowe
,< ?ert< <isiy >. k ir. this *ity. having U-.»n
conßri'-1 to h»-r hot t since l-»#t Monday.
None of her <-• ».-«r»*ni i '*t- h:tve b> «*r> fl •<!
thi* week and 'he Grand Opera house has
remained close d.
\«» < liancrr in *lr«. tlnetti'< * onilillftn.
NEW YORK. IW-. £? At the »»r. st v
tertan h -'i it a i >. tor *trht » b-.' 'tin on
Mr* BalHngt-n B->»th'* conditio-. «*..*»• t
that there had been no improvement
1>» % I »«%
l rnk«*r
NEW Y»~>f?K\ jv • J? -O""r»-e f*rok«r,
of Hrd t'ruk'T. died at nt i
n:aht tonight at the re-;det>i«- of Dr. Will
iam T Jenkins, on Stiten island.
Owing to 'Tf lttenr«s of the hour at
which Mr. Cmk r died. nothing tl. fln t--
e*H»W v l<"trr"f-.i *« to thi- r#«i-e of d<-»th
and details d t■ i f* w th. It w»a
said, howevep, by an inmate >f Pr. Jen
ktnV bouse that Mr. Or k»r rod- t-» Srate*",
island tonight In J» coach front N w York
He was v«-rv U| and a p!-.v-i -tan *as sum
moned to amift h m Before 4h« phy«l«*Dn
reached the invaid's be«Htde, however
death wuri!. It u surf 10 -- 1 ca >««» >'
d»-ath h**rt ftiHire in-! It ».« «aid the
dt*«a#fd had b*m in id-health for *>m-
< lixrlr* fU <,rrea»
rniNfTTON. N J JV«. r» -n>»r!'» K
ere of the mo*t ppwmtrmt of tie
trtiateea of Princeton university died sud
denly h* re today of h'Sf 4 *#*»*■- He Bad
c-'-r.e from K -.rtra«a %'< nroe to at<erd a
■tteu&g of the board of tru*tee» and p*r-
7 Sterling Silver Hair Brushes
Sterling Silver Hair Brush attd Comb, iit silk lifted case $3.50
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Sterling Silver Match Boxes $ 1-50 jj
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]: Handsome Silk TTmbrellas. I
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J f largest Stock of Silverware, Spoons, Forks, Berry Dishes, Etc., 11l the City. J
.) Pendants in Sun Bursts. » In Daisy Patterns. ,) 4*
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f Endless variety of Gold and Sterling Silver Novelties, Cut Glass, Silverware, ctg* j 1
Tl* V
tlcipated in the regular business of the
meeting, making the closing sj»eech of the
day about noon. After that time he com
plained of illness and was taken to the
residence of Prof. William L.ibbey. At 5
o'clock in the evening heart failure devel
oped and he died instantly. Mr. Or*ene
has been very prominent in the affairs ot
the university.
Samuel .I<»lin*ton.
SAN JOSE. D- o. 23.—Samuel Johnston,
a refined and educated appearing old man
and a stranger, who went to Agnew's in
sane asylum a day or two ago, is dead,
lie has depository certificates for $7,500
«a. hin a bank at Victoria. L. C. Tt is
believed he has a sist> r in Ontario, Cana
da. He had papers to show that he had
Served in the United States army, lie
was about 65 years of age.
I,nil* Millnin.
LONDON. Dec. 23.—Lady Millais. widow
of Sir John Millais, late president of the
Royal academy, is dead. I*ady Millais
was the divorced wife of John Ruskin,
who voluntarily gave up when it waa
evident that she loved Millais. Ruskin
by in the church while, in ISSS, she
wis married to Millais.
W, W. tnilrmj.
CLEVELAND. Dec. 23.-W. W. Andrews,
an attorney and the head of one of the
most distinguished families In the West
ern reserve, was found dead in a chair
in his office this afternoon. He had b*v«n
with heart disease. Mr. Andrews
was 61 years old.
Wllltiiiil Hrxiry.
WAI'KFVIAN. 111.. Dec. 23.—William
Besley, the famous brewer, died here to
day as the result of a fracture of the hip
caused by a fall about a month ago. Mr.
Besley wa? » yeat« of age, a native of
Berkshire. England.
Ex-Cone rr«ninn I'miiin.
atessman John Pat ton, of Curwensville,
Pa„ died In this city tonight after a long
illness, lie was 73 years of age.
l.et«i« Hall
CAMBRIDOE. Mas". r>eo 23.-Lewi*
Hall, president and founder of the Loch
mere National bank, died at his home in
this city today, aged vu yo.irs.
Stnto s«*n«»or Mnhonrv.
SAN FRANCISCO. TV". 23. State Sen
ator J H Mahoney a well-known political
w rk- r. died here thN evening of cancer.
llnnvhl< r< of Un«. Ii i nit ton.
Dispatch to the F' «t-!nt» lHp» ncer
A K-jhn a f< w days ago organised a par
lor of Native Daughters of Washington
at Ooupevihe. It !* kiown as Col. Eb*y
Parlor. No 2 N. I> W., and has the fol
lowing offl'NTs, w! - h a ch»rtt<r m'-rnhfr
j-hlp of <!«v«n: gueen. Molly Cranney
<"l*pp. nrlrewse. Mitr-hell. countess
Dyer conductor. I.fJ'y n.irrineton
F sher: s.ntlnel. T.iz/lc Noyes K»>nn"th;
- T: 1 v Campbell, #c< ::retary. Nell
lie I„Wf j. y Watson.
Hope for
* «m prepared to treat consumption a"a
?>ronchi*l trochlea by methods wh! >j a ri|
the beat and surest known to the m.-dlcal
world. My rew Invention and treatment
t»r medicated air kills aU r-rnn and
lirectly upon the lune* and blood. Con
sumption can poaitiveiy be cured by laj l
•rNftncßi The public U Invited to ia
♦pect my laboratory and trea'm-nt room*.
Ma«wnic Irnaple, ttoattia.
f-.-.'v r*#t*ble rni.d UM) r I labia
w:v# stret gtn to the Stomach and -r ; « 1
• to
v:«or regained by tr.air uas ar.d ail gvU
toma of *>*i,«y*ia dUappaar. >«»»■
When the doctor
L<ioks at
A man of my figma,
He says to himself,
What will do him most good
Will I*
To eat less
Exercise more.
He knows, however,
That habits of life
When once fixed
Are seldom changed.
Consequently, the doctoi;
In my case at least,
tma bynmll by tonrtir* fort ,-rnf <• ih<> lur uaMM
u * **••«» *** Tort -urn a ataehi OHVi gr*« T.IUU.I W\u be m;t tor
M T A Window Mirror PUlra, t;la«e<l ftowfc**
(T| /\ •■«* l»«or«i, I*hI nli. Oil*. VMi-nUhrs, 3r»«M
V -* -■—/XA. k*_J *te. P. W. Devm- A Co.* olebrat** M"* 4
Puini*. < i i t i i I > 1
IHt -«' --»• aa-a4 < •immMm •«.
DON r miss neeinj our new goodn for thristman. A preseit wltll
each nale. M fl < RI jya Sr CO.,
303 Ye»ler Hay and 902 Second At.
t ; .u:.rfht-a with th* f., Wta * po. k J
It in daylight ami can be carri-d
In yo\ir i
Stork >f th**» an b* g«£. n at 211 Coluin
bta »trp*.t, opfKtslt* jK>«tr.ffi<v.
*a*hington Dental and
Photographic Supply Co. •
hudrt tour Sltht.
Miss F. Wilzinskl
Kye« Tc«i«i rrc*. lIS tfc „ j|
Contents himself
With writing a prescriptioa
That jjives me relief
Rather quickly,
While my habits remain as they
Of late I have noticed
That my physician,
Instead of the long prescription,
Writes hut two words,
And that the remedy I get .
Is rather more convenient
And decidedly
More eifective.
The two words are
CNADSEY & rouaa
214 Pioneer Btttl4l«i>

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