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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, January 07, 1898, Image 11

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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ytognrt ATO IEEMWES.
art* STOCK of cnoice rose btjwh«* tt
*££,,< * itore S:C S-c.r id avenue.
""" ggßtUA\r TAILAKS.
sffSs. m t K '. J A 1 tsjiC Mis
avenge ■ .®po: ed goods
Btsde tc or«jer
~gmrfX CHL'fO 3 *' s betweca
-sQS'Dfh 'V °'- KS I „ 21 < Coiuml
'P one. Uiack 1.c77.
"" Messctucn iervicr '
•0» TB«. "° K. BOX for messengara.
Union and Oreat Northern tei*-
Z£* backs gurneys, sad express
Smmm: auick serv-ice. Telephone, Mala
yOl second. Branch l aciflc i^. v
fiuuLiiiT" * y* u
MBS. oper. ail n»ght. good aieenlnc
jS* Columhla & *
*-»T*FAiUCEH A CO.. frssb
Aim. ererytnsnr used In photogrann/
s fair.i Burke building. *
rutisiTwii'c A.\U »*o*~work«.
"^KAl wlNvi ANI) PLsTLNIi
mißi.u.t itEriiaiVa
QgBBKLLAS Manufactured, recovered
sag repaired, general repairing. 213 Ce
liliais atreet. Robeson Bros.
«m R«TIC:E». ~~
AtefiUe Souih Improvement."
Jfctic* is hereby given that sealed nropo
cth will be re ei\e<i by the undoragued
itcrei ary of th<> beard of public works of
fts elty of Seattle up to 2 o cioek n m
Friday. Jsnusry 7th. iss*. for the -mprove
i mm of Fitat Avenae South from the
, swtberiy mors in of Tealer \V 4 yto life feet
■ aneth of Jscksor. by repUnklng ssid
tam between «a:d points, as provided i.y
artiaane No. 47«, creating local improve
■snt rt.atnct No. Ufi and in accordance
»ith th? plans snd specificst.ons now on
(Sfe ifl the ofßce of the board of public
Ea'th bid must be sc. ompanled by a cer
tifled check payable to the ord-r of the city
ce»piroiler. for a sum not !> sa ihsi five (5)
of the bid, and no bid will be ton
tfdertd unkss accorr.panbd by said check.
Thf successful bidder will b-» re'iti'red to
tsler Wto a contrai t and furnish satisfac
tory bond for the amount required by the
rity charter and the law- of t:>e .-tate of
Wiahingt o " within *er. days after being
6»ti&<! of the sward of the contract to
hi®; failing to do so. the said cheek and
tJ* amount fixed therein will In- forfeited
ta the eitv. No person is eligible as .» bid
far eho naa within two years prior to the
fetiisg of said contract made
payment of any Just claim for any work or
lahcr or any skill or material
fjrn:ehe.l purausn* to any such contract aa
herein advertised, or who. within said two
y?ar* failed to complete any such con
SjflNdiJ itte-.tion Is call d to article xxttl.
tit ac city ehirt-»r. a- now in force, re
ktiss to "hours of lalmr," sad to micle
rta w 3! »uhs. 1 and 2. relating tj
fcetd* and suretbs.
T- barii of pubil- works reserves ths
Rth* to r*> .: any and all b!di>.
Proposals must be indorsed on envelops
•"Bid for Kirst Avenu- South Improve
By ordfr nf the board of nublic works
FRANK OT.KfION. Se r. tarv
Diw of first publication December 2f'?h,
it Mr*hy ifiven that th<- s»w»xment roll
«! b" e In :«v ment District No. #> for
the iir.;«rovK*n nt . f Anna Street, in the
C:r :,r ittle from North l!n of I'owell
&:<*• to th: So ith line of Oaler Street,
wider the provisions of Ordinance No.
SCI irovidins for eald Im. rovment ty
ITkiiir.ir the vamt» and constructing
*» ' - on. at.-l for an a»i>»-sment to
84* '-''(fot ■ \ the :n<xle of "payment
m , ■ i». nis he re; .fore been duly cer
-ITi rr for collection, and the respec
tive ■--ti 'herein c ;rjred an 1 levl-.l
u <p" f! h •>: and parcel of land In
«m •Ibtri< trr ■**. »■ r iid la ten equal
i*" >! rivm with !nb r»st upon the
*" r s»itr «) cntrffS and levied, or such
l..*?.i.]n> ■ "t. ther -e' .*■* rem »in unpaid.
of ten percent tier annum, and
s..i !«.» r. «• -riugr * -..lid irmuai'y !o
--f j, j th' a-nual i-tsrallments fall
■~'j2 f v •i -h year Said sums tieg in
» hear inter o'l th# Si-f day of Jahu
-ISS! ai:d th* fifth Installment of t » 1
- - and th Interest for the flf-"»
*lll h .- me due on the Slst day of
Mjuary i«csc
i <v-rent he mad® of said Install
r?! 9t ' ! ::a! and said Interest on or
Nore «.i 1 ;'«• ~f January IW C e
snal' - -ut delinquent, and shtll
' »nd if not pa'l e
rtirr" *h ii! have »m>c- *ne d»l!n
--of . ,er r nt shl'l !e
afd »h« eirr;n delinquent shall be
* ' : " r \ !.n roil firth * current
L '' ' *nd p i"--e| of lan 1
~ .n * with me Interest col
•.« jth. ♦**.« j > >rito account t«e
K-i'* ' n *rent of City taa»s.
l," , " is 'tr-b r»*f< are e-d
--h / r r wth - h .»ddltlnr»al
"'We*'" 4 ■ a-; -j are authorised to
* \ ' ' lon o* her delln
(I ' i-'h :<it or nareel *> de-
C "- . ■ - . .
* '•- ;en ».«nt ■-f
j. , ' v iri co<»9. ,
K-d V t! <
i';' " v - '''s* arid iots are s> id
r . _ K MK\
v. • <' v of Se utl«.
J-"-"' 1- • : «on I'• e S'st 11»T
T '• Te : I.MCTOUS N> • e is
\ * vn ' h poll >v k- >f th
he City of
A.-'* 1 . 1 ' ' »enr 1- S are now In th« i
•'» • • C ** t'l'npTo!' r and x
' K - the City Hall of
>t 1 '? t th-' -ame are row
' : S Bf \ •• r - and
e c 11c*. * ,i ' y , p., ' rr ,,», v no»i
'i"a' > c. n r»-e •*r a' lid ff.-e
, v , V T .l. H »> VttRV
* • ■' F\-Cfe 0 Ci-y
' It-, ' «*"y of S a?«se
■ _J' # '*** ?1 t rot »rv z. t v * N i
iKlse, \ -NdTii'K- Tt-e fob 1
- . .it " I 'i• • \ !
*.f? ' " -,V'h, Ul"aij
" ; 1 h*« - |
Ll '''* ' d ->r of tie' * !
fe'i- s ""' '■ " T' '- 1 ir nuc and I
AT.' ;■
| T /' \ ' "■< White ttpe i'o* n :
W w " j
•/:: ••••;:.- i
ft Mv v %
\.\ ORn'\ V\ r i
~4 "< t.i (he owners r ;
v T'\, ' . . */'•«*». . v ;. •
re* C-elr own j
- -tr :c r:rf a s"?- !
L ~"' 1 " S * ' «<?-* of tr jt f.-er ;
*> v ■* ' " ' ne'ew.i;k and pre »- j
Ss».,^. 9nJ ' * «' "v of Seattle as j
, fS . j
f* I ' 3T \ >l*
* - ' • W- Tft f I
v . m -•
r,... * 1 * . • ~ ; HU-IU- ?
d V. • V. ;ae West '
.' J • - St Slid ;
rv \ wMttfi*
s,- ; - - - - J
t .. r - - m »rnt a « - - ijre *
SsS? ' -v ! "'• 1
eh. lr .,.,
S lX '- i
fsw*— i_ ' " . ■* n C, "
RlJVjar % «2 l%f "* tfU * !
, iis >" r i : . roJC
i . s ith i t sf" Jan . !
ft, . ' J III'MCS Mayer
n - • ■ «,> J <r> i^sv
wiu. t rutftv.
• i ;-:v- ;T.c:a C.tv c: "k.
\ i
th;->j ,i it;i!lmenl» and Inter- ]
e- t! .. .« » m:*- ;---V » v '. U : I
Bv.-i.Ji v f i,. ai Improvvment Di»-
Hi*,-,** 0 »; ttnder authority of
ot i'i**? •«> r -* Tv *»■
tLa wnd»r Ordinir."* S*>.
»igrzzss £■%£>■ sv s sr.
S orda "-ed by the c.-y of Seattle a»
uS£» 4 °? 1 If/'f* ther* V and is hereby
•£*s * WKI «*e«!*ment <.pos tan
parcel and jot of Sard and r ,V. .ww
Impr* v- rr.
No. establish#*} by Ord-'*. <.-=/•- n , v.
Fr7; ; * ©f H-.d- Str« •
•£, JLS* . I 2 r ?f w rede--v.« * third
f -"I Jnstal. and ir - r»-»t ts m»-
iure and b» • ma payab> uT»or ?.-■• v, •■':•>
' t ■ as id Lc-- -> Improv*m«n' ' " 3 " • V-
H. r.y'.-r authority «f . »»•«
*6. ».3>. *! -.t ame.jns of «■ * *<> i»S a*-
fmmvttt agai.-s- #ach pare; and lot of
part f* tiw>HiM«a{ erite»*d u& r, the
•wwamam roil of wkl as pro-
by CTdicaa. * No. ».*: a'd t-er- in
made a charg* agiinat said property, to
gether with Interest a the nt or n &»■ <v-
P*r centum per er.nurn upm
cr the am >'jr' of e-u.d aa*» «arn»r.t from
. * ®? maturity of t.V se.jnd an
nua. of ty->nds uhtii tli*
matarVy of sa id third axnui! install meets
thereof. Provld-A tha- rf any parcel r
~ » r><s or thereof contained i".
aald Local Improvement I>t%tri~t So. St
ai:a.! hare been red'- a*d tr > m i:ability
I the payment of the total amount of
the assessment charged ajtifi - s» the pam
hy said f/rdirnance No. JC,, men or
lot of land or part Ther.-of shail not h- ;u
--« t, &r apeciai aaaeaament t rt.n
The CJty ComptrolUr Is hereby
directed to enter, or **a aw to be en• 1
tjyon the original a**r- --ne-nt roll of I» a:
improvement No \m as ;■»■••;».»
hy the City and approved Ly < r
nJaanre No. 9it,,. .n tn.- coiumii ;ir... s > «i
for mat purpose or
enects to b»- added th.--rero. aevera
amoucta of the apecsal
oy tria ordlnac », the eame re
epacttvefy opposiw the d , of
each parrel or lot of iand or part
upor. *hi'!i said tup? 1 <1 .--.-irjerit la
ievied, and n«.» ahat: forthwiih d-iiver to
the City Trea* unr a c»rtified c>»r . of said
a*»*a«ment roll, a - !!h the amount of skald
sspe'-lai as*esaxr.ent levied a* afo;e
eaid. The Ctty r .shall give
notice and taka auch pro-iee»linjfjs for the
c*o.lei tlon of said reepe«-tive «mounis **j
tevted and specially aa are pre
acrlbed by th<- ch<irtrr and ordinaries <if
tne City of Seattle the tawa of th»
h:ate of Washington, and if the i»e
the time trurefor
ther<- eMail b«- added tnereto the penaltv.
Interest and charges fised by the char>r
and ordifeac-e* of sjufi city, and other pro
the ei:y charter. The City T ea*ur r
shall proceed, after the first publication of
said notice. with ail du»- dliigence Vkith
the oollactlon of aaid special aa.- *>tn- t
2. This Ortliiui ;., *fiali t - -t
and be in for- e frten axid after !t*
and approval. *f approved by the Mayor;
otherwise It shall take effect at the time
It shall b*oome a law under the proviMona
of the city charter.
Pa*se<l th* C.ty Council
o* January, and Rtirned by me in
•essioa in authentlcaiion of ita passagt:
thia r,th day of Januarv. i«->
President of the City Counctl.
Approve<l by rm this 6th day of Jan.,
T J. HUiIES. Mayor
filed by me this 6th day of Janujrt l.*W
Attest: WILL 11. I'AhHY.
City ' omptroller and ex-Officio <'; - v
Pubiished January 7, }Kt<s.
levying a special assessment to tt-lecm
the third annual Installments arid inter
est to mature and become pay aMe u; n
tne bond* of Loci! Improveir. Nt District
No. «». Umu-d unci- r authority of Ordi
nance No. 5717. for the improvement of
T«tnpefi»nc« direct, uruler ordinance No.
1536. in accordance with the »*,-■ .-.sm*; t
roll of aaid district as approved by Ordi
nance No. 3s>*l. and providing far the col-
Kctlon thereof.
lie It ordained by the City of Seattle as
follow st
Sf<"ton 1, That there t* an<l Is hereby
I vb-d a special assessment upon each par
cel and lot of land and part thereof con
tained inl.oi tl improve merit District No. *;>.
estabiash'd by Ordinance No. 3.VIS fur tho
improvement of Temp, ranee Str«» t therein
ordered, "aid «pecial being for
the purpose of redeeming the third annual
installments and interest to mature and
becoie payable upon tne bond# of s*»id
la>. al improvement Distri ' No. Ble issued
under author Ay of Ordlnani* No. 3TI?. Tha
amount of eu« h c ial --siii' iit against
each panel and lot of land a ithin /'•aid dis
trict shall be one-tenth part of the a--*- -s
--rmnt entered upon the atn< nt roll f
faid district as provided by ordinary No.
3MI and therein made a chirps- against said
property, together with inr-ne*: at the rate
uf nine (S) per centum per .inn it, ujn-.n
ei*ht-tentbs .if the amourr of sai.s ass -s
--m>*nt from the datt >.f the maturity of ?ho
set and annual installments of s id bonds
until the maturity of said third annual In
stallm-uts th-reof: Ihrovided. that if any
parcel or lot of land or part thereof con
tained in mi't Local Improv-ment D «tr: t
No !®, «*n »:1 have been redeem-'--! fr -T. Ha
btlitv by the paynu t of the total amount
of the a*se««m»nt charged against ' o
sacne by said ordinance No. ut>4t. such
parcel or lot of lan.l or part thereof shall
not be Hauls tor tha rpeclal assessment
herein levied
Se« S. The City Comptroller Is here y
directed to enter, or c«uj» '•) be eitter<>ij,
upon the ortfc'na) :>«r».» -nient roll of I. • >i
Improvement District No. fC" as oe i>ar- i
hy the Ci:v Lncinr r and approved by e)r
dTsance No. >iii. in •: » column provided
fir that pv.rp->e, or u.on «aipp)tm nt»l
sheets *,> b-- added thereto, the several
amounts of the ep*. in I ssmcnts levied
be this ordinance, settlor the nme m-sjh :-
t'vely oppoe: >- ihe r 4 ; ti<-r; of each i ir
cel or io: >f liri i or ; ! ft thereof
which said •petal *sse?»ment Li lev* i.
snd he shall forthwith deliver to the Cs y
Tr- isorer a -ertifted coj y of s;j ! a <«(■»»>
•nent roll alt the air-- .nt •>' 1 -n»*eial
n<se«WT>ent herein levied is aforesaid The
«ttv Treasurer s --all «sve mi.-it tioth- ar.-i
tako such proceeds—s 'or the o.e. <--.; on of
said respective am ;n o levied I
r- -'claHv asjM-.-sed se ire pr«wri't d i-y '■•
c;;a"*er an t cMir.ar, -es >f tie City of Sr
attle and the Urn if the State of \V.»«- -
ln«elon. and if ' e same '•* ncc paid wi'v
t !«. rime ft* d therefor there shall b- tded
thereto tiH> p< ,;ai'>. interest ~-id charg- s
ft*, d>> tht charter an.l ordinances -f -a.-l
-rv rt i"-a other procecdlnjrs had thereon *
1 r billed by law and th- c v , hart.r The
«*i!i Tr- is.ir**r sha!' proeeed. after 'he
■- . , ; -aii-an »f s i 1 '•' wir ;r< '!.!»•
,< iit-ne with the collection of said spe
, ; : » jisoesrr'fts
S-1* S. Th - * »rd-n«r<-.- -- >1: iik > - :Y- t
ar.i l«- in force frMB Stl | kfW Its ; IM|I
• < apurova if ap -rov • ' ' f Me- v.
o. raise "t shall tike • f**>et .»• th tut;- !t
M .beecroe a i.iw under me proviSt..:ns
of the cltv charter.
Fi«-ed f»« Cby C n-. il "he "th day «<f
January IV*® and stened by cm hi
se's«e»n In authentic it' .-. f ;ta th'S
&th dav of Jar.uary.
J il » lUIIM'N
r;e*id»nt eft e C * V i • '..TV ,'
Approved hy me " - 1 J " - v,s
T J HVXtKf? Mayor
F ted by me this 1' - '«v rf Ja;rji \ I>.*>.
Attest WILI, H iMHKV.
v' > t.". nvptro.'cr and ex*off: io C.iy Cltrk
*S« «1 »
rubitshed January :.
pKUINANCR N«» 4TX9 -An Ordinal
Is'wins a *; • - s'm.-t •« r* 'e-n
the bird aru-.n.al * s-aliment- ard it tr
t <( to tua'ure and pavsble ut c.q
the bemfs of liava lmnr«»VT n> nt l)i*-
•ri • N ' '•" 1 - r » *h •: Itv ''
O'dina'i. e N • ?'l ■ '■ r th* *n : '.">•* ~ 't
of Kando'.oh Street uwler Oriiaaaai N >.
«'--•» j n je- v>rd,i.n*e with ihe a—«- :t ut
roll of said d str: t ■"« a,• r »«-•> I > t>r i-
N ■ l * 1 -. ' . : •
lection thereof.
it ordained by t;.e C !.v of s«at- e .$
fii i.*w < ;
s C'ion 1 there be and - here v
l-ViCi a SfCtel nt 1 NJO U
'-. In i H-al lan; vv m» nt T» -• -1 -1
KO, rn established by Ordinance N »
•it fie tmnrov- r etit of Randolph s* re. t
therein •. ; -«{ -« d assess met. t
-V, .»>«; i-»r i '.e -• ■' •' : Il ''at
third annual IniuaUißents Mad interest ts
mature and b. -me e .jy-n '.»«
of **' ' I*' ei 1 1 n"' " ven »' i rc * r*
\ H tss a* l und r atttboetfe s€ Ovd!-*
raursi No T-e -of «un s;v
--ca-i assess""-*-.' asa;nst i ;-*r • , . -. i
lot of land within *»od district sbnll be
cre-tenth {-a-t of the assess me en.ere«i
ss proefded ' " ban •• Ha *ml
. . n a 'i' " -.'.rs' 1 asa; -»■ ? - -oi
. .*v tc«ether a- ' : -»-t a th rate of
rer v- ntuv pee an~ajr» upon ei<h*-
• -ths of the amc-:nt of s •••! .. s saient
.. -v.- f f e,. TJ.. -r-tv * '.'- -
end' 'annual instalment* of -a i t r>d« u~-
m vurity -if sa. I ' ru annua) In
*t il'T.fn s thrreof- Frcvi-b'd thst -.f v
l ■ .-e: c-r iot of land or : ,r; th► —>r c^•.•
tamed .» - id t-oca! Im'-rc.v, -n»;.t I> -tr.-et
Nt sbsl vi - e «'f. -" d- u- * : v
I \ by '. e :••»* ment f the * tal .-n.uv..--:
■ft) «. ch <j.a.: ». •
. x! v 't» i. "sr-ce N. - - . •■.
uro or let of .and «: i.wrt . -ere. t *:■
n. i be bib » f«r t-'-e as.- s-n.en:
fcerelr lev:»d.
Se rt-e c :>• Comptr Her >s ■ y
to e •r. -sr >-a '-.-e to 1-e »-n;-r<-'
»: -ors th- *r<<s -ate--; ro . of , .
lai.t . »t-. L/ u.i.vi No. .•«. aj u
by the City Engineer and by Of
dinance No. >M" in the coiutr?? h-. "
for that purpose, or upon rejpplems»tas
•*> be- a*ide«l thereto, tn? r vtix.
amounts erf the special susseasmtnts levlrd
by th:i>. ordinance setting' the saase re
spectively *>p;-/*;te the descr*p"on of e«; h
par-e; or !:.•* -f land or part thereof upo\
which said > eoal asseeswent is lev ed.
and he shall fortr.w-.-h deliver to the Ctty
Treasurer a - ertir d copy of «a ! d a-«-««-
mer.t roli, with fe of aaid s;-e :j1
h»-r»'tr i■v ed as af>r<?3'-l.
Th City TreatTOr»"r shall give su h notiee
aad take such proceedings for the coilec
x* n of »ald re*pecttre amounts so 1-vW
and * - j !v .. **r r 1 aa are pre»?ril-e<i
tv th» - -.r- r a i .- l.can »-s of the • "it-.-
U Sieattie ax:-' tr.-: Ufi of the s 4 * *te < f
WasMngton ard if the ?ante he not paid
within the time f*-d th t?tere s-.a:
I- added thereto th«* penalty, interest and
charges f .\td by the inter ana cra.-
r i- '• of ir.d .th-:r ;■to? edicts
had tntreon as provi-ted by law and the
<?y charter. The City Treasurer shail
j roceed. after 'he first ptiblicati n of sa:d
nctfe with a'! <lu» d - • *'.t . t~e 0.1-ie
ie -*ion ff st d speetal aa»ee*raent«.
J. Tr* 0.-d.r.an »hhii taae
an - t>e ;n f< roe fr*n and i:'er ta pa«!>ai{»
an>i -p;roval, if approved t.-.e 54*'---r:
otr.TWise tt shaU taa»- effect at tr.e time
It sr. i-'«ae a iaw un<ier th provisiona
of tne city charter.
Passed the City C»— ett t' <* M diy
of January, I*S*. ar.d r.frned by me in open
session in aothenticatlor. of its ; assa«;e
th.3 &th day of January, iv^.
Presid nt of the City Council.
Approved by a« taia tin day of Jan..
T. J. HUMES Mayor.
Filed by me thia 6th day of January. IS3S.
Attest: , WiUL H. PARitl"
City < end et-Offi-to City
PuM shed January T, I<S*.
uIIPiNANCE No. 47Si~ Ar. Oiv;na.nc-e
levying a special aesrsisment to rtd--.*tn
the third annual installments «tna tuitr
e»t to mature aad payat Ie up -n
the bonus of
tn«.t No. v, iaaued under authority of
Ordinai.ee No. STi I *. for tne improvement
of fci.Uk. arne Avenue and Gt«>rac sinet.
uiider Uniiriacoe No. in avcoruanc a
with the assessment roil of aa»d diauri<"t,
a.> ipprov irii by Ordina.n<e Nu. .■. a..d
providing for the eofcectlen tiitrcol.
lie it ordained by mc City of at Altle aa
»'.ction X. That there be and Ls hereby
levied a upecki upon each p;*r
cel and k;t of iand and part thereof con
tained in Ia» a! Improvement District No.
bf>. eetabliahed by Ordinance No. Sola, for
t.-.e impr n-« ment of Kiibou: ne Avenue and
George gtree-t, therein ordered, said ap--~
ciai asw«-.-.«.ment t-emg for the purpose of
tedeermng the. third annual instailtr.enta
and inter- et to mature arid become pay
able u[«-i the ijonds of Local
ment L»,.«t!-ic: No. vi, issued under author
ity of Ordinance No. STls. The amount of
such spe«*i«ii assessment agaixut each t«r
tel and lot of land with..'; sa;i district
shall be one-tenth part of the assessment
entered uj-on the roll of ea-d
district, ai provided by Ordinance »>;T.
and therein made a charg«> against said
property, together- with interest at the rate
of nine p»-r centum per annum Ui«on
eight-tenths of the amount of so.id assess
ment from the date of the maturity of the
second annual installments of bouda
untii the maturity of s<*id third annual in
staiiments tiiereot; Provided, that if ax.y
parcel or lot of land ur part thore&f coi;-
ta.ned in said la>csi Improvement District
No. ss, shall have tsen redeemed from lia
bility by th- payment of tiie total amount
of the assessment cbarfed against the
Mine by -..id Or<iloance No. such put
eel <>r lot of iand, or j>art thereof, sn.dl not
be iiahie for the spe*.'ial assessment herein
Sec. 5. The City Comptroller is hereby
directed to enter, or cauae to be enter**!
upon the original assessment roil of Local
Improvement District No. SS. as prepared
by thu City Engineer ir.d approv
ed !»y Ordinance No. ifeUT, m the
column provided for that purpose,
or upon supplemental sheets to
bn added thereto. rHe several amounts of
the special ivisessments levied bv this ordi
t; u • e. setting the same respectively op
pfsite the description of each parcel or
lot of land, or part thereof, upvn which
»<i.d special assessment is levied, and he
shall forthwith deliver to the City Treas
urer a et.rtiiied copy of Said us »••.«!•m-Uit
toll. *Uh the amount of said special as
s. ->mcnt herein lev ed as aforesaid. The
City Treasurer shall give such notice and
take such iu-uct**<iing* for the collection of
»aid res;-ittive amounts so levied and spe
cially assessed as are presvribsi by the
< fi.ii ter and ord. ai. es of the City of Se
attle and the lawn of the State cf Wash
ir.Kti -n. <"d if the me be not paid within
the time t;jied the:.for there shall be. added
thereto the penalty, Ir.tarMt and charges
i.AtU t»> t:<-* cn.u-ier and ordinances of said
#i:y. and other proceedings had thereon
as provided by Uw and the city caarter.
The City Treasurer shall pnx—ed, after
the tirst publication of said notice, with a!l
due dmg«-nce with thj coii«_tion cf taiJ
special assessment-'
S<* 3 This Ordinance thall tak«» effect
and in f>rce fsoia and after its
and approval, if approved by the mayor;
otherwise it shall ■ fttvt at the time it
shall beeeme a :. 4 w uudcr the provisions of
the city charter.
rtss»>l tho City Council tho sth day of
Janu ry, I>:'\ and signed by me in or« n m
si n In auth«»ntb ation «.f "its pjss.>i« this
ith day of January, Is.-.
President of t;: » City Cot ncil.
Approved by m** this 6th day of Jan.,
T J HFMES. Mayor
F.ied hy ms ;h s »>th dav of Janieuv.
A'testt VVIEL II FAHftY,
Ci:v comptroller and ea-c-ffieio C:ty Clerk.
Published Janasry 7.
OKI 'INANOE NO. <"j!-AR Ordinance
!»'vylr«r * spvoial |us?osSxn«*r.t to ;«*le*T!i
t: •* third ar.r.-i-.l ;••*? . nv-nt< and it terest
t > rratur • and »..• '••n;e payable i..r •-. ! *
i.-r;d« of Ixw-il laprrtv. ment I> *rvt N\
*1 tiad»*r authority of Ortftr.unc?
No 3725 f- r the !mnrovim»r,t of K-nn-y
i un-.N-r -» No .-">77. in * -
r>r i *TM f» with the a~rr>.nt rem of v 1
d..-tr:.-f s a; ,-r; . d l v Ordioan* e N-».
3*~7*>. and prov d. s tsr the collection
t hereof
>'"> f: ..-vd:«!nr*J )>r the City of Seattle nn
J 4 - " n 1 Thar th*r«» fx» and is box ' r
\ ci r.t upon a ;v---
c*-' ant! !o» ' Sand and part th»r*o? •
!.*.*>• 1 r- T.oral Innrnrnit - ( Disiri-t N .
95. cMaMMMd by tVdinanre No 1577. for
th-- !"■ TOV. t 'it of K-n "•••>• Stree-t. ■ -
ta ortiftd s tid apoH » i tMMawt Ixtoy
for th* pirj-o*.* of ndWßblg the thlr-i an
nual li sra' m»-nts arni rtor«-*t to ;n?"ur»
and become upon the bonds of sa'-l
bMU Improvement DMrtat So K. tea 1
vmit-r authority of Ordinance No 3713.
Th-' : unl of *••<;• h *p*ci»il a» -.T-tit
» f «',' hp ' : i tot • ' l:\r.d »Üb:i
s'd .<!■»*r;- ' p.irt of tha
*•" • \:pon the • s-~n • • t
r< IS of ::.ud (JtatTfa t. U ppwlllwl by OnU
nar •** No -.7* .i i Tf.n m-d>- t ' <r;:e
.!ki*n«-t s.iul property. toce?h«»r with inter
est *' tIM rati of nfne «*«• y-f-r centum per
annum upon - wh*-tenths or th< e mount ot
v: 1 "* fr m tl. data of the nia
tur-v i\f t?." '<■•*'' ir.r.tia! lnst;\llJV«»r.*-«
• ri »t .ri*' if * , 1
th'rd *nnt;«*f ißiiUllwnti thereof I'r
vidfd t:;a» if y ; reel or :,•» ...f ; • >■« r
p<r; th*T- of. rxir.t - • --d in said !.<•. ti im
;• ■ .* Ihsrr" \ ■ *" shall h K t'-■ *>
r. ,< . tr>. d from In' "■> ! > th* -n* rtf
to' i' an*. ' >*' » ;>«*,• .o
» : < at the aame .%• Orditunce No.
K79 pare*! M lot Of lasd, i»r p,irt
*' r * » .t' ft'.' ■
j4 h* r<":; lev.-ti.
?•••• : T: -• <' "■ .Vv:-«r.--ller i« h**r V>• '
r<- -t*>! ta *-!'t ". > r -ause to j» •■*<*•
n 'l ' or'K '.o' roil of
' t' "• 'f I' *-T:- : No "V. - p: I
by the ' *' -■ ' " v<> J ; \ I •
• n MS lv "i* cohnan wovWH
for tr ' I • r -:p<>n s'lfi-w met*.* I
» '• i 3 ■■ ] ■ \ '■, \( ■ J
, r>, •. • * '' >:> »S ,i •» • tif » i
by this ordinance, arttitif the anm< rr~-< -
t: > 1 d • - " r". c i 1
: ,• • ; !. . • ..•■■■ - r V' •r- o'
i.-h <• . i ?■• d tt i-o .
and !>* sbai'. t >r;hwUh deHv-->r to th»- t'tty
Tr-K'i'-'f it certified copy of said »«««—*».
• • -- ' » 'h- -n ■ ■.: -, <] i
««es<nt» ' ti*r< ;a l< \ "1 as .if re>.»d, Tha
t'sty Tr ««'ir."r *ha!: «i\>- «u--h r.o' * ■ t
t:«k" - ■ ' eed ig-; for th<- • -n
i' >.! r- «? mwants so Vvt J •»r- j |
snti '* -- 's %?** v*v**< 5 h.• t" »
cKarter u4 ofdlittocai th..- c.'v .>f s*-
*" • i.r.d •..'•* !.t*» of The Ft - ,>•.
r.s* *n : * f the :•-» n *•? p« arp ri
tho t'me therefor altall b^*
n! .*r-'to !!'-* jv-t ,■ • , : ,t>-r<<t at: 1 cfeirsr''*
ha.d bv th« ,-r.irt-r :r i .- : - of
Md i citj. and ether prooet dins« v id :
1 h> • *a •- m . t <-
"7 ■ .< "l*r* i*" r*»r sbatl * * r*> ■ ■ •** -
the fm poMkntMi of ta!« Mm artth
•* .- ■•■ v» ■ • wth iha c .-••■•"» . ;
!K- Hiw-; I JU I .* N-nji RIS.
Sh i TMa Ot " mum• t.ike
and 1-e "i for-.e frw< ar ? ifter it> t
and epprersl M tpuwwl by the mayor;
rw.ae st s v -a'i %a+ r.-r
.-; N-*-.*•*;»• * -A«r ur,;«-r thv- prov it-;.- !
tf.'» ctty charter
f *•- .- . " ' -■ - ' --- -v *- - * v #
J • : ir> !- ;4 cr. i 1 hv is - .
* '**• s
... • i-: J :vm.:rv >.•*
J K i r:: . n
I'TtJi ;ent <r' the C."v Co -• ;
Approved by na<e :his ii~ .-:ir o* ;
:*•' r J. HVMt-S V ~r"
F by ~e t'-i.s <;• ' «x- ■»* Jar. > *v*
tro! r h~t e*-offt-. ; .e CSty Olerk.
< > I
;.-vy -ff ... -- • a-f- --m-st ta rede»ra
the t r.tr-i a ua] lastailsv®!;-* and bM
' mabt---.-rae ;>ayabi- ap ti
the Lcsi- -:f L& ai Imprcvemeat District
No x 1 -J'-"r au-.aor.-.y of Onii-
Mac* N • - f>r t- e ;y*;• rtswr+t of
I*wis Strt t. Un *-r CT-?.riance No. Vfi'*
*• ; - - - with rh- a«:. ?=rr.ent rol! t f
ti-A district approved by Ordinan •#
N V'i. iad prov .ding for the coi'.ecdon
♦ - «» «
I - it ordain-d tjr the City cf Seattle as
f j'.. •- s:
i- ■''on 3. T". * - ther? V-a art-i is "t€-re v *y
levied a special a«wsmtnt upon each par
cel and lot of land and part thereof coa
tained in Lrtv x! Improvement Di«tr i '*t No.
%< f *:aVi : s--xi Hy ordinioce No. J5« for
the irr.pr of Lewis Street there.n
order*-; ! special being for
the j irpow of r»d>emlog the third annua!
tnr;*-s!?ner ; 's and interest to mature and
N.---orr.-- • ;ipcn tr.<» b •-..*> of m:d
Lc*'ai l2!j-.-i'vem?nt District N JW issued
ur.il- - a-'h r.ty of Ordinanoe No. UTS? The
am an: f *•.: -h sp-cial asews-ment against
e- - var ar.-i 'j>t of land w thin f-aii
•1 -*r. * s v ;; r* ore-tenth part of the as
■ r:ter»d upon the roll
of asid di» rlct as provided v y Ordinar.'je
N >. 367< a.t-! tr».-r» n made i charge a?ain-t
said property. :r.»r with interest at the
rate of ate* per Centura p*r annum
up<-n ♦•:?• •-•er.tr.t of the amount of said
as» w»f.it from the date of the enatur.-v
• _ .f t.-••« - i a.-n .a! installments of m.:d
bTds ur. 1 the maturity of said thiri an
r.-ial insta::m«n , « thereof-. Provided, th.it if
any r-ar>--i or ?.>t of land or part ther»<if
c ntain-d in se'd Local Improvement Dis
trict No. 90 f:.ail have been redeemed
from liability fcy *he paym»-r * of the t •il
sm r* of "he :.«-ssment chargei against
the sair ? K y f ? *. < N . V* $ .-h
'or •of lard or part thereof sh *ll
no* - i 3 > for the special nweawment
herein levied.
Sec. 2. The City Comptroller Is hereby
directed to enter or caused to be entered,
upon Ihe original assessment roll of Lcc il
Improvemeri r>istrift No. ». as 7-re pared
bv the Ci'v Enrlneer and an proved by Or
dinance No. 3*78 Sn the column wrovfd-d
for that purpose, or upon supplemental
e-eets to *- added th reto. the several
amounts of the srecial a*e«sments levt- i
bv 'his ordnance, s' *ting the same reapec
tsvely opposite tns of each par
cel or lot of lard or part thereof u'-'.n
which ta d special assessment is levied,
and he shall f rthwith deliver to the C ; *y
Trea«jr» r a certified copy of said
mer.t r »il with the amount of sa d special
a «e»>ment herein levte*3 as aforesaid. Tiie
Cf-y Tr-i>i;r*-r shall trlve such not.ee erd
tike jjch prcn>eedlrgs for the collection
of said reflective amounts m levied and
soevia'ly a.-'«esy.-i as are prescri v «-d bv tie
charter and onilnances of *he City of S—
attle and th» lrtws of »h» State of Wash
ington, and if th * sew be not pa*d within
the time fixed therefor there shall be added
thereto the penalty. Interest and charges
ffxed by tl-.e ■ barter and ord ! nances of said
city, nn.l other proceedings had thereon as
1 r <vided by law and the city charter. The
C»tv sha!i proceed, ifter the first
publication at said notice, with sll du* dili
g-rce w-.th the collection of said special o»-
Sf ««ments.
Sec 3. This Ordinance shall tak* effect
and be in force from and after Its passage
and approval if apuroved hy the mayor;
otherwise it shall take effect at the t'me it
shall become a law under the provisions of
the city charter.
Pause d tie City Council the sth day of
January. !-'** and signed by me in open
e sslon in a lthenti of its passage this
sth day of January, lv®.
President of the City Council.
Approved by me this 6th day of Jan.,
T J. HT MPS Mjyor.
Filed bv me this 6th day of Januarv ISW.
Attest; WILL 11. PARRT.
Ci'v C-.mptroller and ex-offlcio City Clerk.
< Sea!.>
Published January 7, 18S.
ievylrsr a epecia! a s-e«*;ment to redeem
the first annual installment® aii 1 inter
est to mature and become payable upon
♦he bonds of Local Improvement Distr: t
No. 12! under authority of Ordi
nance No. 4421. for tb« improvement of
Terry Avenue, under Ordinance No 42»*i
in accordance with the assessment roll
of •*'.! dtarlct as anproved by Ordlnan. e
No. 4?43. and providing for the collection
? h^rfof.
R» it ordained by the City of Seattle as
S otion 1. That there be and is hereby
levied v special assessment upc.n each }>-<r
c-i and lot of lard and part th-reof con
tained in Local lm r r.jvcrrfnt District No.
121. e*\nh!?e'-.«v! by Ordinance No. 42"*2. ' r
tb" Improvement of Terry Avenge therein
ordered said special being
the purpose of redeeming the fir** ann ial
Installments and Interest to mature and
ttflOßS ptflble upc.n the bonds of «a ; d
I>v-ai Improvement D ,r tri>t Ni. 111 iss-if d
under snthori'v of Ordinance No. 4421 The
amount of such as®*i*ment aga!r<
each and lot of land within said
shall be one-tenth part of the as
ftr«?srrent entered upon *''-e roll
of sa'd district as pr«v' 1«1 bv Ordinance
N■» 4312 an-1 'herein trade a "dartre against
sVd prop**rtv. with Interest at
the rate of nine per centum per annum
upon the total amount of said assessment
from the da*e of the issuance of said
N~r Is urn! 1 the maturity of said Ir-t an
il bwtaJlmentfi thereof: Provided, that
if irv psreel or lot cf !i~d or pirt thereof
c-otalneij '•* sa'i Leva I Itr proa-em'nt Dis
trict No. t " shall hav» redeemed
fr '-m llah'lity by th* - p: vm'-rt of the total
of 'he aw'wr.t aga'n*t
j- rr-.e by nM Ordinance N> such
pirc ior ' of land or pirt therer.f shall
rt ' V l"-»i ie for the ?p<: "V;l asseanmont
b—ein levied.
j ?"i-\ ? Th<* Cry Ctomdroller Is hereb* !
; to enter. or est:?* to he •;
I noon the oriel** *<l -?««.•«-tr« - f roll o* T * i
} Improvement District N--> 121. ?.« prepared S
I I\* *he C : ?v F**sr!neer '>rd -T*?>r«ved bv r *"- '
■ umiwa Kft 414? !n the Mtuu pfonM ;
f>r that purpose. Ar ur»on rttppifmental
I ?£• ?••".« tO bp .sdded t v eri f p Several
j p *r> ••nnt.a of th-» er-o'V ' e-*^e«r , '>r>ts l«r'. d
} v.. * v.® *r .»
j f;vo! v "*r ♦-or> of par*
f C: *■ ]<>t of IT 1 or ?V>T* th*r**of ';r-on
v - « ■ l l wt***'~\l *» - • - r rv~rt !< !*\ : ~'*. '
f - c;• ,3j n f-. *-•fg?\ * h t --. «. C\'X
fy« <-««*» 1 TT* * h 'hA r»t ft*
r» •■"■*♦ v ■■■'"•• '"■■ ? >.« T v - A
5 t* "v Tr T*r 5h civ* «**rh nMW 3"<l
j-•V r* >V» -w r -*■'! '. " tV<» |A*-* ♦ «f>
r;* sn.M Iv«* .1H" r •;. ~t * « < > .I** 1
r • - *s."<y j» «„-,«* *» T rffs*rf^ v f 5 'J bv th*
< 4 --7-*r- "* fwl »* i x r« >-nr ,- * * •'-> f|*Y r»f Sa
a** 1 * ,v P Tiw« p 0 * v#
**••-* p.'- v -.-, rfSa
| Mm- f*Trd t w *r* thai! be <*•-*•!-1
*v#»~ ♦/-» • }---. wf i/'y 3T!«1
fx -l Vv * v «-. rh"srt •" *" '-i r 1 ' 'nir of b/» : *
r : *v. TT" 1 nr-Vf ' *!* r £^ , * t^^r° r, ri
" ! V 1 v 'tw H!" city chsrt^r.
T- <« «"*•'*»• "*""■ ■-«'!-•' ■'' 3** T
f• »T -,« Af -- 1 ! »• >t{.■*(» with
«?' * ,'•»,« ■a : f v> t v f r-f
' C .! snn «
«.-,•> ? T'- * O"» «•---}•' f»k» r-ffft '
'■ *. -* * *• . ff i"i - * if*- r : *« !
t ~ - 1 ' X * H* * " ! V > V *Ko TP I VA T ;
, »v* T-*i . '* .V, - V **, » • •*■»#» rI
—i r>. h*- urv 1 - t l -.*' provision# j
o' * v A oft**
'' ■«!. .* •'• C;*v f * v '"' "-rt IIJV a? i
J-,- n—.- :<•'« •' ' • r-- 1 *• v rrA 'n j
V '« >v . * J.i-v * •"<
J T- -T>- -trrov
" T 1 .- '• • '»1 F» R*! JV ON :!">" N. '
*r" v •! ?> r c*■'- •'h <*.iy of J.imnry. j
t j MJTA'
t fVtS J - ' * »** *-\" '

- ' ™?'r" r nr-'. -x- f T C.ry C! a rlc. j
» j
\ - ii!>tiirv ~ i-i'vc
i ,
irr.ti. fotwei.
<.. . • >r c.v.;rt -* :fee ■= •• of \\ j
: r r t . ;.*> r K .:;>: N- i,.> v *
ft »=. :. rp- - l! <r- . i ;
ST J A • s ;r.<i B !ioii» v
» I -t■-.-k v\ m. Ov»r y at : "v-rtl 1
A" -» K li '**ll. ' j i -.r\y-.te* »<
j Triwr Compuny. a cor;v>rat«oa, and J*co* j
i :r:r. w* tss'isftt'-'- •■'■ •%>' T'* >iiu.itn'.*'f
I LMI A Trust Company, aifecdant*. No. j
|. r .- • by \t' ••' ' t• er■'.•■? of -•'<*
i- '. tr ■ -:,* i tX -.irl OUt of 'h«
8 i---:<• v.?rt. !rt 3 t
-r-* •,-» d r- f «1 an-1
i \- dab iwM <9<mi *M W)
I - •-'>■ - irtted «■ ■ K .£ y, \v i*V
t- c: 3. I
A: of lot 7 in Nock 7, ■' Walla W*. i
.•.on to t.'ie c-tv f S* tt. . t~>g*l~eT
. % a«d * ■• t*n -rrsfr.'*
Bn ..- |iO( or in •■ m .i: : • rt»i«lW<
?*.. r>i 4*--, £d .-•' J»" «r> » •'
tb* hour ct K- o'ctock ~. m. of mU day. at ;
: ji- ,-•.-» jr» >a •. r . <>. r*.- . 1 » I
* ; ■■ •• »N)v# d»-> rlvV * pro;«rtv -i : r. .t>
i ,»u- .HI, to th« r,;PRU->; and bidd«--. ;
lui d ;is-» w>. d.r. •' .
V\M H. M'*>V K .i. Sheriff.
C.'ir r.ce ? Fr*«tor, Ar —. y.
NOT!«. E OF siHERiF .< SALE— In «♦
.; «n> r C- .r*. >' th». >-. •■- of W ,«r.
( in. for th« «'ountjr of Kin*. Owau* K- i
} v- ': > Dim a- j
i E t-r. P. Dunn. » 7 f WiJllam W-.<ht
*-, d Jar* Dot Wr»h* fwhose true
' f\n r. rr<» s« urK* •* - -.j pi A {r,ti«f» »
-a John H TV Mr« icnd Ji-.# Ek - «o
J VffiiilM iwhtf' thj* nanw ui j
f v. know n T-"> r'* *■' "V ' * wif* i
i i»r»* NO- -•<>' '
oy o; w'. «tr 4.d .
uai estecut: ?r., i? out of the
.iKT».aatt»d court -. ?h- .-.> o%r-entitied
action, .i nd to use directed and a rive red. £
? 1 " -ev'.-Hl b; r. tfce f "•. * n* r* *J
prof- ty *»*'-atf • d in K •* c ccun'v, Wx»a•
ingtor. tSKW.t:
rum tr * >urt- n ;t b!ork rum*
•er 0r... ,♦» :-. r> T. P- ry< *:>.«: P.irk
aadit - to the C:ty ©" J. - » Washt:
ton, according •> the off; •aI yUt ,f tr<*
•■•* '■< j?d In tie office of the auditor
o. Kir.ar county .tf 5 .
Noti-■-■» is "her-foe* hereby aiven t' it on
»■ tarda/. the VXh day of January. MM. «t
the hour of ' o'flock a. rn og «a- * day a:
*~e fr.-rst d «-r of court house. in t->?
ci r y f Sr-art!e. in said K:~:g county I w..-i
ee*J th" p —y .tt
"1 auction to the highest and best btddef
for ea«>
Dated this l"*h !*av of TV»*err.bet W.
\v\t E VOTER, r C
far- A- At:oro*.\«.
f'.'pertor Court of it" Stat* of WaaY.rg
ton for the County of Klr.»r —The Cana
dian and A raer-.can M f*«se aad Tr ,«t
Company. Llai-f-i, p!aint;fT, va. M. M ?-
An«rr.«y, Res-: Me>*r -r.d **e:er O'Rei.iy.
d" ndaata No u.7~L
i.nder and by virtue of «r» crder of sale
and flpadai execution, laaued out of the
• • •>v~nart!vj court, n tae above-enti *1
a ■ on. ar,4 to me d;rectsd and de'.iv.r-?i
I have duly levied upon the flowing real
pr .-perty. « uated in Kitig county, WaM
Listen, to-wit;
la>t four cf section thirty (W*. !n t?*>
sh!p twenty- -n? C-i« north, of range f-■ it
fHt - of the Wiiiarcette meridian. a:«o "ne
fc.low.r.g described bio-.*? and lot* in Me-
Antriwy's East g Is addition to Tacorra:
Ai. of block tweive tl2». lots nine. >n
r'.evt-n. twelve, fourteen, nineteen, twenty
tweaty-one. twrnty-two iwenty-thr *
twecty-f:• ir, of bi-x-k fourteen. lota n.-.e,
ten. ei- ; ven. twelve, thirteen, fourteen,
twenty-one. twen r y-:w». :wenty-th'?-e
twnty-fo.ur of biork fifteen <»"•>; -
n>ne, ten. eieren, twelve, thirteen, four
teen. twenty-one. iwen:y-twj, twenty
three sr.j twenty-four "f bivk siat-.ea
(I 6»: lots n ne, ten. eieven, tweive. th'r
teen, fourteen ani twnty-four. of
Mock seventeen (I7>:
Bix. »evtn. tight, seventeen. el*Meen. nine
teen and twenty, of block
ai! of tlo- k nineteen save ar.d e*c»?t
Jots one, wo. three and four: ail of block
twen'v-two (S), and ail of hM "A." ac
c- rdins to the plat of MoAr.erney's East
SM© addition to Tacoma. as the same ap
pears on «'e and of record in the ofiV'e
of the auditor of King county, Washing
Notice is therefore herehv riven that on
Saturday, the r.! day >f January. 188®, at
tn«j hour of lo o'clock a. en. of said d.»y. it
the front door of the court house, in.tne
city of Seattle, in said Klre county, I will
f 'l the above dtsc rioed property a: pub
he auction, to the highest and b«s: bid.'«r.
for cash.
Dated this 22d djy of December. ISST,
WM. H. MOYER, Sheriff.
George H. Funk, Attorney.
Sup-rior Court of the State of Wash
ir.gion. for ih* County of King—Wiiham
E. Hack-r Plaintiff, vs. Andrew Let.
The So; citors' Lorn and Trust Com
piny. Thorna? De Witt Cuyler and Ef
fingham B. Morris, assignee of The
Sal:ti:ors' Loan and Trust Company for
the benefit of its creditor?, and John
Schram Company, a corporation, De
fendants. No. 23.730.
Under and by virtue of an order of sa'e
and special execution, issued out of the
al-ove earned court, in the above entitled
*ction. and to me dire, t<- I and delivered.
I have du'y levied ut»oa the following
real property, situated in King County,
Washington, to-wlt:
Ail that certain tract or pi<- e of Land
with ihe me-suages o- tenements therein
erected. situate* and being Lot nine <t<).
in Mock thirty-eight <&>. fn D. T. Denny's
Third Addition to Seattle.
Notice Is therefore hereby given. that -->n
Saturday, the Sth day of January, l*J»v at
the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. of said .!; v
*• the front door of the court hoi.-e In
the City of Seattle, in said King Count-.
1 will ?eil the above d-scribed prop« rt y
at public auction, «o the highest and be t v .
bidder, for cash.
Dated th.s i»!h day of Dtwmber, l^iT.
WM H. MOTER Sh, riT.
State of Washington, for King County,
Probate Department. In th>- m iTer '
the estate of Abbie A. BaflUnton, de
nand. No. 1,70. Notice to Creditors.
Notice is her- y <-ven by tho under
signed, administrator "f th" estate of Ab
be* A. Baill:.-geon. de.->is 1 t > the ,-rnl.
Itors of. and all persons having claims
aeainst the said deeea.- d. to ex >bit them
with th« necossarj- vouchers, within one
year af:» r tlie first pu.'nica ion of this n -
tb-e. to-wit: January :>:h. L*te>. to the > id
a.knlnlstritor at Patterson & E>-'y's law
office, rooms *l3 and "-'ll New York block,
in the City of Seattle. Co'jn'y and State
aforesaid, the same i> in«r the plact for the
transaction of the business of the said
Administrator of the of Abhie A.
Baillargeon, deceased.
Firs: publication January "th. !»'•«
the I'nitcd States Circuit Court for ?he
District rf Washington Northern Divis.
'on. Front Street Cable Railway Co.
a corporation, complainant, vs.
C. Drake, marshal of the United States
for the District of Washington. Wasi>
i-urn A Moen M inufacturinjr Co., a ror
poration. defer.dants: I>- xter H rton &
Co., bankers a corporation, crurs-com-
7-'o;i-e ;<s hereby jrvn that in pi:r*uanc«
and L> virtue cf a decree in th<» st ove en
titled c*i : <v of the above entitled court,
Hon. c. H. Hanfoid, judjje. dated October
1° 1*57. ST'd cf ar order of «ale Jated No
vember 2f ,< . '">7, therein fro<:n and
ur.'l» r the ?e:il of «e'.,i co-ir? *"> in* 1 di
rected. I, the underslgrnecl. as special mis
ter duly appointed by said court to make,
direct i-.J onduct saS.l etc., *• it
at pj'o'ic auction, to the highest bidder,
upon the terns an! conditio as b'.-reloaft-. r
*tar«ij. at the front door of the
court house of Kinsr county. Wasbtr.gt-n.
ir. the city of Seattle, in said county, and
s'ate. on Saturday January Sth, 15-l 5 -^ 4 .
g-nni' at P u'CICK kin the f >rer. or. cf that
day, h!! of t? rtt certxin pror-»rty
mention -.1 and ref. rred to in '•ud re«,
■r. l theri In and in an i by said ord»r of
W:e •!ire<-»»-d to be sold, as follows, vis:
1. All th t' rert'ain ruble *r.tck. enert
and iron < able street railroad <M »rk*t
street pattern), constructed and built itt
tho years lv> and in *tie city of S«at
t'o. Kin* cotinty. Washingtor. over and
ejon* the route prwcrlN-d by ordinance
No 1.17? of the city cf S* Uti» ar i rdi
rnnce N». >?4 j= amer.|««d bv jrdimr.-e
No. LW and No. LttM tt .• s ..'! r *:*y of Bi at*
tie. and particularly c■>scribed ..•» follow::
Comm-ncinsr at the turn table of >.«' d
r id. HT :»;• Intel MM. tkM of Fir«t Avenue
S ''h and K:* ?S - in th- 1 city f Se
attle ttn • out and along First A ventre
ti> >t r ee * r> f !.d city. tht- r e O'it Frd
slorg; i'ik>" Street to Second Avenue.
ther.ee out nr i aior.f PfH-orsd A'.>~n ;e to
t l t» ;i~w»-r standtrr t»oon !'?ts ~< n 11
ar>l m h!-- k O. cf Wll'itm '5-il'e
Str»H-t; the: • « aior.a ihne Street to First
Avenue theme along First A%enue to the
t—n t Me <,* abov» described, tcrether
with all yokes, rails, sict irons. com«,
croaelnc®. CP*h pulley a, depre«!on pul
i-'T- turn t;ib!e<, «heaves. fair iea ;»rs.
b< i s and all ' th- r apollar.cea be
longing er.ftfnwrutntng to said road.
?. Ail the w re cable, p.i' cars, dumsrf-*
and gtr- atid ail ihe rolling >-• ;ck and
t A f "'>*• I* 5 ( f en). *1 feii»ven> and 12
A* hi ;-k G Wl" m N F*»- s
I- ,r*h addition to the city cf Seattle,
.»!«•»! n the r-"rtr.*►■«' -)r»r of Sec
o-d Av: ;e and Denny W v. tn s..»!d ci*r
' <- •* • ?• -#r with tte tenerr,<"r*s,
hr- • can • nt< an: 1 anpurtfnancea and the
power h n;«e s'andtnc thereon.
4 All c men? and brick founda'.or.a ar.!
s-r ■ .' ' nr 1 ■■■'■•■ r<. engine* and
». c r.r.f ; • tl'■ whe*'.. a : ':!>>"» shafts,
t.ik»-ur> carrtaae and all cthfr machinery
and c ptrivan -e« cf every name, nature
a-.' des»-rlpt:on whatsoever, si'.uat'-d in
m ! ;»c*'f h • and used tr operator *
» ,i • r j 1 ar. 1 al"-"* ail that cen.t.'tj
. . - c • j.jar.t " " "'"-'l r, »■ i p.Wr-r
h«:se ar. 1 u»< ■! tn lignt there
;. t'-K'ther w:th al' li*ht« w!r--« and
o*h»r a r>: i belonging or appertaln-
Irj thereto
AH office chAfrt peear
j .-•.» j;-ib>", *-.< l ail other furr.'v.sr*
f i-«i \i th- #.uwrinte*ident •*. <*-cr*-
r\:\- r- ar.-i »*::inc room® la
rn:d towtr hOU»«.
s A ! tool" ot!. *!«;?. rul, wood, fu-'l
s■ ; a ' 3er 00*'.®!".*! an«i a.pi.&nce* <~f
fvry kind and nature new heid by »s 1
ogrcr D. r o.'vSn M tmeehmr of th« rroi*-
frv a- ! a--*ts of the Frost Street Oafci*
F. ;;i*ajr <*oirr»~T
- . ■>» - >.-.•« pr!v'"«(f , »* and frurt*
f » riyfH ar>l c? -t*d w v th» ri»y
<•' «. •»•♦,. •-» :be From £:-*?? CaM* Ra.?«
V . • i->. under and hv virtu# of
t .id cr.: • <s « No. Li'i of th* r.'v of ?»-
a-* - • "A- cr.J:-.ar.ee rmntiivr *
«. • * -.■» Fr->r r S'Tr-ti •Vttle Ra:>
way CDrr.parr t*s ruccewor* a~i iMSnn,
f'-r & -j> •• «t r»:;*ty over »' 1 ak>n*
V mrr.-ri.il S-reet !r, the city cf 3«-a;:}e *
ab-o an n*?:« frsnc-vw*
< vs>.*«i er&uTed by the city of 9e*j.
t » to J M T"'Wp»o' ard "r *
v Ur m~>i b" * •* ot c'.-.'nr* No. >4.
oi um ui> w- oe&iue. ' A- oral-
? lAtTED «nTT« mJtTCRU ?UF.
rsricf gy.tr tfr.g « frrnch!'- t» 3. M.
scn and his »-sxlatfs fer 3 cable street
rsifway in the city of Seattle."" as
b* «rdir*n-r« No. t. entitled
An or-viae-* so amend >r..: ra-.ce No.
**4. "An ordinary gr.--.-.•{•-g a
franchise to J. ML Thorn.-son and ! - as
*>.viat»-s f-r a cable street railway in th a
CPy of S- passed on the 30?h dav of
July. '" is aaaer.ded farther by ordi
nal*- X I j - . en Titled *An >ri:narce t3
ans*rJ ««cti- n 1. of ■. r.iinane-e No. . v t ap
prv*4 July S/th. 1385. and entitled "An
ordrnance granting a franchise to J. M.
Thomp^-n and h:s asso .ate* for a. «M«
»::•*! railway in the rity cf Seattle' and
a* Xo. 1, .4, sp
prov d November 17. ISBS."
*. A'! the rtchta privileges to use In
U-e :;»a.r' • ?•»r : »• and opera ii.»n of said
e-tble raj'way hereinabove mem or-yJ over.
a'-:<rj an J upon the route hereinbefore s?t
forth. an those certain device*. invention*
and ipp!'w-"« sever- ir.g and contrcl-irsg
the construction. maintenance and opera
tion 0? <-ab'e street niiwarj and which
a-* par" - jlar'v descr »>ed a* Lett-rs Pat
*■ * r.unst *rs P3.v>i, 1?- is, I*2-
fIRL 7XS». WW. MBSWS. 27«» SJITJ I«WR. lfi*l7.
in* :rr;-r. i«fr7S. i«k* ::<r> >'-&«. :-3.
isew» isvi. i7€iw. row*.
WIB I«4**4 tWCSff *"14~ --
o> 247>i jc?*rr y~zu s■&&, &&&
vests. vma. P.99C? wfia. Mm asfii
>vn s#*T, •»»*. SSLST
Siis>. Srj33, 371**. -37*13. _T>l4. 73P7N 241-
2» M5?*S J4*w S»! 3C6-P *"N7< 33W5,
SS«S6I. 34,737*. '',*■lo*. ?MSH
& i <. ys«n. 2eru*. NT« < * isssa. 37774. 2®i27.
i«:< 44 - •■?»-
•'-44 39CC. 295515, i9O»U. WK&> lI'TSSI.
"■"-W3 ?"•*>•* rv«! • i™ •>* vi
KIT JTSJM Sssd. 2J2* T ?i>7?7
S«E2. 364413 >'B«4. ->"'74. .and
Jt ••«»>?. heretofore purchased fr m the Seat
t!e Cable Railway Patent c.impanv. the
owr-r thereof for the city of SeittJe. and
ail renewals and reissue? thereof.
9. All chases In acti: i and r gh»? cf ac
tion. all bock accounts, as i dooj
n-"-ts owned hy the Front Street Cat s
Railway rompanr and aov In oosNsaton
or under the control of Oliver D. C-.i \ln as
receiver of the property and aaaeta of said
10. Also all other property of eve-ry
name, nature and f eecripi:>n whatsoever,
real, personal or mixed, belonging to t'.o
Front Street Cable Railway -\a my nr..l
r.-'-w in pof~es"!on or under the control of
Oliver D. Colvin as receiver of said com
pany. in ana-wise belonging or pertaining
to. or u«ed in. carrying on or conducting
said "trcet railway or any of Its appurte
The terms and conditions of said ?al«
are as follows, that Is to say. sai 1 «a!e w;il
be for cash, excepting as hereinafter
stated, all of the said property rights, in
terests and will be pold In'ona
entire parcel for a gross sum with >ut val
uation. anprais*me:;t. redemption aft- r
confirmation <f sale or extension: master
to execute and deliver to the purcha.--.-r ~r
purcbaseis thereat, upon the entrv of an
order confirming said sate and upon pav
n>-nt or mer.t of th» purchase pr. ; -»
bid a* *n said decree provided, an absolute
dr <-d of conveyance cf said propertv. Any
holder cr holders of any of .-aid
certiftcatts he'»tofore .-sued under au
thority of *he . jurt herrin. or any party to
this *ui» n.ay bid and purchase said prop
erty at said sale.
The master will receive no bid from any
one offering to bid for said oroperty. w.,»
shall not deposit with him as a 'pledgt
that he will make good his oil in case of
its acceptance, the sum of fSXWUAt. in
money or by certir'ed cbe< k upon the
Washington National bank, in Seattle.
Washington, and upon acceptac of any
lii the master ail! retain such money or
certified checks deposited as a payment
on account of the purchase price of sa d
property, and upon the confirmation of
- tie, 'f confirmed hy the court, or within
such time thereafter as shall be pre
scribed by the order of confirmation, the
pur- haser snail pay the entire vn! tinder
of his said Md for said property to the
master in money or In certified cfc.-ck on
said Washington National fca: k cr ela*
In r>ar \ iluv and accrued fnt« re t of the
receiver's certificates heretofore issued by
the >; d receiver h-rein, or partly In money
or st:< h certified check, and partly in -:;ch
r---fiver's certiorates as such purchaser
may choose. Tbc master wilt re • ,ve no
bid fr. m any one offering to bid for said
property rights, interests ar.d fr .n-»h;ses
w: o sh.rll not bid therefor .it > ast the
Mm of IRS 000.
Th« d< posit received from any unsuc
cessful bidder will I-,, ret imed to htm by
the master when the pro; r'y siiail t.»e
struck down.
In case tire successful bidder shall fail
to make good his bid upon confirm ;*ion of
tne sale- of th>» property sold to him. or
within such t : me then-after a« -half
1 re.- ribed in t. 1 -- order of confirmation,
then th»- sums in money or certified check
> r certificates, •-•r any one cr more thereof,
deposited by s.;ch purchaser - r purcha*» rs
as hereinbefore stat<-d. shall Le forfeited
t,s n penalty for sut h failure, and be ap
plied towards crp'r-ef of a resale and
toward making good any deficiency or
:r. < >->- the property shall be s Id at a
price les* than that bid at the prior sale.
If the court shall not confirm the sale
for which a depo-;t shall h tve made,
such depot-it shall tw returned to the bid
Upon payment In cry way as before
stated of the entire purchase price bid by
the purchaser or purchasers, of any of
sai-i prop«-rr, in said decree directed to N>
s%»ld. ar.d the snle of which shall be con
firmed by the court, the master. i;p-n or
d< r of the court, will execute and deliver
t.» the prtrch:.''er or purchasers or his or
the r suct-essors nr a proper d»»-d
absolute of said property «o!d as afore-said.
In fcrm to provided by this court or a
J'.idue thereof.
Upon ex«cution *nd delivery of the
mister's deed of conveyance to the pur
chaser or purchasers, the grantee or
rrantces therein named, r- -pe-'tivciy, w.!I
be ie» into of the property
therein descr be i.
Said file to be made under nn.l a "cord
ing to the rub < ard practice of and sub
3<-ct to confirmation by this court and to
satisfy the amounts in s sid decree r-ler. d
to bo paid. prin.-:;-.4i aad in toast, aataoty:
Receiver's certificates iss iel a.a fallow,
v'x r One ~>t Decer n, r 1-. ' f,.r 5" *"i»
f.ess J1 - • V; t id thereon) and Interest at
S per cen" per annum
One of I'tbr' try 7 ' for SS.-'>X>. Jnter
f-t at S per c-'nt. per anrvrm.
One of Ncvmb r I.'. 1 for sß. £•'*£>. in
t-T-«t at per cer.t. per annum (whi"h is
decreed t 1-e of s.jp. ricr rank and pr: r
l.en t.» certificate for $7.".73. hereafter men
t.' arje^t)
S * 'v of December i, i«r«t, p.ggregatlr?
J?'>9 73. interest at X per <-ent. per annum.
On* of March 1. IMC for on. interest
*♦ S per < • nt. P'-r annum, and five a?
V '.reii 2. L->" AGAR- jratirg (" .v v. WIIH tn
t -rest at I per cent ner annum. One of
J.:! .- IS. ]* ". to W:.sh»-urn A- lfr*n Manu
f-eruring Compsnv, f r J'i.E*/,, bearing ir.-
te-.»st at I per cent, ar.d costs AN l accrued
ce»*f«. arrd ccs's and expenses of Faie, }n
elodirg ma-ter's compen«at;nn
se:i»-v d!» l i rrsenjents. and fee* and commis
si r.» of c>rk of said court, snd each ard
a!; ->* the j»ems mentioned to be paid as in
»aid decree.
As Special Ma-*er In t> - CT. -e. <ju!y an
polnte-d to make, dire- t and conduct
i thl« «*le.
«HANK i SMITH. Solicitors for Peti
December 5 t«*?.
Seattle *rd Town«end-Neah Ba y Routa
Fteam»r Garland leaves Yeaier doe* Sun
dsva T'ie«d<v» and Thursdays at 1! SI
p m. for Pert Towneend. Port Williams.
Dungenes*. Port An>rele«. p 0 rt Cr»sc«mt.
Gettysburg. Pyaht, Clallam Bay and Neah
returning arrives at Seattle S p. m.
on opposite days Steamer Evansrei leaves
Yes'*r dc«-k for Port Town-end p-rt An
*«.:•** and Victoria Monday* Wednesday*
ar.d Fridays at «.» 0 m : arrives Seattle
a.te'nat* days *t i-J3O p. m. Tel. Main 4K
Ts!*e *tearner BAY CITY for
Fslrhsven or Whatcom. Dirts Commer
ce: d Taooma. 2 p a> : Ci y d^-k
tfoot cf Mill street). Seattle, I p. m.. Tuea
.Tr its and Sat R-' .-r-ne !;avti W-at
come » p. m.: Fairaaver 8.15 o- m . ar. i
A:.acerrti»s lr> P- m gja Wednea ar.d
Frt. Fares -Seattie t* or fI.SO round trirr
Taccnu IL-i. or li rouad trip,
cnxfv »
Tel Vain r CITY Agent.
CAPT. la. WTLLET. Ha:.ager.
Will «a". trom Co:mar, dock every Mil
day and Thursday at S p. m. for Biara*
and Var-ouver lare ;s> B,aia«. L jv.
Vancouver, t" or-
M .in S4.
- A. P. MAXWELL Agsnt.
Coim* a
The Company's e>st:»nt attaasers UMA
WALLA ?~ATT!.S f~r San Fran
cisco. via Pert ar. *
C. at s ,v m. NOT S. !> 15 r- t" 3» IVc.
i. is. ». s. Y. J»n. 4 ♦ IT :? -4 a» D «
at San Fran sco a. m N\»v. !t. IS, 3. >.
Dec 3. * HTll .3. a». Jan 1 7. L 17. ?Z.
F<eh. 1 PAN J"*". XV ':>" v far $9-
att.e via Victoria. B, C.. and Port Towa*-
pf.d. s!>i r N,'v. 1 7. li. 17 tl ?7 Dec.
- *. 12. !- 2. 17. Jan. !. «. V '7! 9S. V.
Due at P TB Nov. 5 ;•> V 5. ?», 25 .«>.
I*e<*. » 'A li. -V. X,. I*. Jan. 4. >. It li. 14. 3.
F#h S.
7"~.<t 'V'tnt irys*rera COK n N V. '""TTY
TLF for A.U«kj ?a. m Nov. "*. ;i.
* Dec 1. fi H. ;« ft n, .7an. > '5.
W. 25. S». n«* bark at 3eatt> S.w, '■ *«
3. r«e. ♦. « v ;« is. 7*. J*- - ". "I
2?. 7" Feb. 1 6. 11. ' The company reserve
ri«.t: to chanco without pr>.*%'lo;:a re:? f.
aallixur datea and hc..rs of
J. F. F. S. «•:?».. Ocean
D -k ?»»:•;» T- K»t xten; *»»> F'rst Av*.
Ag'« . 5 m Franc;sco.
at-aroer rity of K.r.jatcn hetwee« T«c
Wa«h . and Victoria. B. C.
t.v M *Ta.'.,-na lie Ar 1 4.«» a
» »pm I.v > BEATTI.S SJ Ar' I 4fpaa
lactam Lv Pt. Tcwr-Mad A- !) U 1
J 4fam Ar 110> Vlc:or t i M Lv,
•Da :>• 't <rt Sat irJay.
Thia r furntabea frst-claja* accom
modations. carrying both freich: and
passen*t~«, a 1 '.ea%v« fxom Tf»:«r wharf,
x attle, 'jr Victor .». l-' p. u>. ir»i faf
Tacorr.a at -• 15 p. m
Passenger# fj»r Victoria can occupy
»rta:<?rvx«i~« unc i 7 a. vr.
For rates, tickets, etc . inquire >'
Ar»nt. Te».er Wharf. Stattia
AGENT. N. P. Rv.,
T ; ma Card—L' ave< Seattle 7 *. m.. 13
m and lp.m I.eavrs Everett Slsa. m .
2 "0 p. tn. a.-sd 7:IS p. ni.
Three rounß trips ially, except Sunday.
Cr.isneitlor* At S*.*♦.'*.« w'tii the steam r
Flyer for T.'.coma. At Ey-r«:t with •:;*
>t- amer Mikado * ■" "r,oh m.-h. irtd w 1
tlin Evrtvu at M- lite Or «t« r.u.u-o
Morrt» t r<o *;ii w.iv statlcßs.
Oo man T -ok. Seattle. Mer< an;»' Do'k
Kvet*:t Telenor,. Seattle, !. ' . Kv
crett, «3. E. 15. SCOTT.
Four round trips dally, exco,. Sunday.
In or.e hcii" and nitrutea.
Regular d. .y tripa. Sea:Ue Tacoma
rou:c. f jliowa:
Leave Seattle— 7;tj. 11:15 a. m.; 2:45, 6.15
p. tn.
Leave Tacoma-?."0 a. m ; 1. 4.M. Sr. m.
Leave Seattle—7:3o a. ai : t2 m.t 5 a m.
Leave Ta o.T.a-S "S a. tn.: 2 » 7:3 dp. trt.
Lardi'ic a: Northern I'-iciJlc wharf, Ta
eoma. and Oorrs"nercial duck, fuot of Ma
rie n street. Seattle.
Sun.lays. e;e*mera Flyer ar.d State af
70 hours
Thsa magnificent steel *crew eteamsh!#
wsU si» I from Seattle. Ye*i*r dot k. for Ju
r.pau. Skusuay Hay. Dyea and way porta.
J.?: uary 12th. 9 p. m.
Her Acccmmodat'one are unrivaled She
Is the finest, fastest, and most comf rta' !«
vessel on this route, in ccnnertlm wi'h
PANY w'li onertvJe their elegant and fast
calling stt-ansship
From Seattle. > r >' k, January 17th.
at 7 O'clck k. for JuntiU. Sk:iguay Uay.
Dyea an<i way p >rts.
For freight and passape apply to
Gen. ticket act., under N. P. *1 k>t off., or
Will sail for
February 1. and every 15 days thereafter.
I'a'senc-r a n - M* >r • are AT. Ax
pi* ro"T, for fr» 'c-t • d sto. k
For freight and passage apply to
J. G. CARROLL. Agent.
Schwahacher's Wharf. Fo->» r>f Union S^
Telephone Pike S6.
Sieam-r Idaho 'eavee daily, except Sun
day at 7 a. m.: Sundav «♦ 9 *. m ■
returning, direct, leaves Port TownsenJ at
7 p. m.
Steamer C»oree K. S-*rr
at 2 p. m. Mondays. Wednesdays and Fr
days for Seattle. Anacortes. Pa'rhavei
ard New Whatcom, leaving Seattle at »
p m Returning, leave* New Whatcom
Tueada) ' Thursdays and Saturday* at 1
p. m- Steamer goes t® Blaite Wedaea
dar a
Seattle. Everett it Whatcom Rome.
State r f WsshtneS n leaver -> (tie dally
exce- • Sa* ' ,v at 1° t». m.
Seattle. Everett snd Ia Conner Root#.
Starrer ' '* a a»-.- S»f- # d»lly
escept Saturday, at Mr m . rail - g at Ev
erett gclrg north M nday. .d*y and
Friday: ruirg eouth Tuesday. Ttjurada/
and Saturday.
TeK-pnone. Hla wl Ye»>r do<-k.
Ship and Steamship Agents. Freight enl
Chartering Brok-rs.
Offices. Mutual Life Building.
Telenhcne. Black *fL
SKX'HT P.rvKR ROVT T. -Sr.-. V
r>f Chsrrr hui-" "*k v t'me r '3i r \.
fiU*»tt!e J-- 4at7 a. m Jar
a' 7 a. m.. J »n. s at 7 a. m.r t *v»- M
Wrn >n Jan. 5 at %a. m.. Jan 7 at S a t.
J,>n. 3 at s c-t'_ rg a* T :. s .
w »-»d. )' r. Skagit <7l ty Mr. .• J
Avoir F. rpa •=— ■'.?• r a-;d fr-u- t rrc«
ply at dry I>ock. Te'epb<~rn« Main *7. ti
H. M'-I'onall, Master. W. P. Gu*<*
AT 7sn A M
DAILY, EX. pit SU7,'DAY.
«—a? «v* !' 11 R i t". r*F TtLEY
Leave* OsftOiU) dock, fowt cf Waahlag
ton street, for Sy'.vari Grove. Port White.
Brerrertor.- U. S Dr I - < cr. .ir!«r n,
Sidney Tracyton, r Arrdtie d.«:.v, «■*'.
cet :ng S-'>ird*»« and Sat . >y- a- j .. P
a.. Sa:u' a - M i - T ,■" -•- ! •>« >t -1
p. m. Ret-rr.Sng- leave? i..a' " .<
a. en.. J'tv I •' k \ rn Sj - i.~;«y r.Ua <
leaves Siiaerdaie ».;•• p. ».. Dry i>jt* .
p jr. Te>t noa* R«-1 lil.
Carrying Uo;t«-d States itia.s, !«*•** City
dock, foot of Main strvet. Sunday.
Tue»la* and Thursday at 12 o'clock m d
r.igr.t ior Port Townwad. Han Juan 'siaaia
and Nf» Whatcom- Return;:'.*.
N«w Wh*'«n Tuesday, T;«ur-day an<i
Sastriay. at 4a. m J R T: mp»on. man
aaer-owner. Ully-Bt-raMm A Co.. aawta
City dock. Te.eohone Main ?7.
Leaves Galteraitb d»ck. in** si Waahln®-
twn atreeu Tue* la' «, T: .irai ays and Sat
urdays a: ? a. B5 i r Ki.-.g»to.i»
Pwt Gamble. Seat**-'* Prinnon. iioiJy.
i>«watu>. Liiiiwaao t Hc>-f,,ort aad
Uftiwa C.ty. s , lji>a
D TUOUXMA-S. ilajw.
Rt4 i-i.

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