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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, January 15, 1898, Image 3

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UJCDf"" TRtlTf TRML Min(«l
' Hi, #WW* >» * *f th» >«.
pf-* of liwaalai Wllh lh«
That Ih» \rr<wat«at Was
y, W f In IN €'•»«• Oat •( XL
•n-rtal EH •<par t ■ *h» Pw-IntetlHgetiser.
FORT ANGELF* Jan. 14—The trial of
- Troy, ex-auditor of Clallam county,
r btf ji T.i in the superior court,
.J** <» K <"7in»or presiding. The
Lwaint :rat Mr Tr °y « •««-
«»r is Dec' ix.' er. i<H, revived bar a a
wftrran* of th? road bond fund
» to H C. Hj rong and issued tfiree
-Up* warrants on Vr.r- **lary fund In li*u
ISfTP"? an'! that he did not destroy tne
arttinai warrar:". but presented the war
? tact to th* treasurer and we< ured a credit
• „ t He amount of th* far* ralue of tne
var rant The principal witness is l>>ug-
Us Toon*, the a unrant who exper.-d
I {ft*, book* of th'- auditor's office. Me
f th* genera? coarse adopted in
which be di? rver-d the a.;«*ed crlm of
Jtr Troy. In to discredit tats re
«*r. as an expert, the defense took up
pa*"* "f his report, rontaininc t*»n
ty.tvo ln*tars f ' wl-r* ft was declared
f&a! Mr. Troy had failed to record the
f?t* paid for flUr.*r the different tMtru
prnt». " * M * h «*n on a
? tb* record ok and the fe* book tnat
yse tvj>>»rt wa.-f wronir In Hshl»»n of the
- tf>. Mr. V ::ii* explained that the ap
fttm' mlntakfs of the r«port could only
I In explatri'rf on th* hypothesis that there
ir*r* it* b>oks. Instrument*, dates
»n<l sans**.
M- J- Clumr 1 , *x-<*ounty tr*ai«-.»rer. was
a witn**>i and t<-3flfi«l a* to the en
tri«» In lh« treasurer** ofilee relative to
jjw warrant in question.
It ha* d*v* i"p"i on th* trial that ths
ariitical warrant. No. 371. was entered on
tt« tmsur»r> book* .?•* havlr.R la-en paid
: fffi b*e*tnb*r 3, i»l «•• d hat It was pre
wstod to M? Tro" to be canceled and
return#' no*, until two ditys iater. or L>e
mmb*r i
The tasttmony !• not all tn aa yet, and
S will hardly be finished this week.
R Will Increase the Capacity of the
Everett Smelter (o«*lHershltr.
flpseia! Dispstch to the Post-Inte!l:g*nc*r.
EVERETT Jan. 14 -The F.verett *me|t
«rwfl! soon have in operation the largest
m waster in the world The building
30x2*' t-' There wilt he an tipper
KM! S lowa* hearth. each being 12X1-** feet.
Th» ore Is fed into the upper hearth, and
fcy lbs action of the plows is slowly con
veyed to the other end, when it drop*
upon th" low-'T h arth, where, after betnar
ataved the length of this hearth, it is
r»«l!ly for th* furnace. Mare than 2(1)
iewt of iron t* required in Its construc
tor., The capacity of this roaster Is 7%
tpns dally. It is being bull* by the Kd
wtrt P Alii* Company, of Milwaukee,
xsd is kr.onn an the liolthoff Wethey lm
preved ealcSner.
Hesrv Piper. of Anaconda. Mont , !«
superintending Its construction. When
fM* monster is complete the four In use
bt the smelter will have a capacity of
g» tons a day.
Phjrslrlaaa Set a High Valnatloa on
• Delicate Operation.
Spcctal Dispatch to the Pos'-Intelligencer.
TVRATmXI. Jan 14.-The superior
ttttm cot-vcned Monday for a Jury term
with J'jdee Hadlev on the bench Th»
princtr>«l <ase set for this week Is that
of Blf«* e? a! ae'lnsf Ne-.selroad ft is
* suit frr feev for surgical work and has
©any Interesting features, especially to
tlw medical fratfrnlty. who throng the
Kwrt room and are in constant demand
** sitnesses.
La*? May Jasper Ncsselroad. a logger
«f tbu cwinty, was shot by a man
Svwirt. Dr. T> E. Biggs of this city,
r»?"<~f»d twenty-four Inches of the email
ii n?
' 8.1
If I Knee Pant A, ROc
fflf 0 SO.OO, $3.50
J f I to $6.00.
y* /»
In e
V|f 1 i U
ill IJ
(Fc n r
\ h
J. Redelsheimer & Co.
First AY. and Columbia St.
Inteerm* whV-h had by &
bullet in sloe differtot pi.tr*-- &ad fcilaed
the t'wether with g, murphy button.
He was with the pattest a t & e hospital
night *n<s day for Hdi weeks arid male
a. c&arg* of C# lor th* operation liseif
and K£> per day for his ttUSMfaut<** white
»*> rut'* to clay all the ttm* Th* pauer.t
recovered and left the hospital ;n r.x
wl>r*. Van Zand'.. H»-5««-r»u' < omp
tou an<l Axtel. and the jr.; p*>r:n *■«•',&»?!< of
the hospital hay« hi;-* the total aggre
gating: i: ,t».
Mr. N«-*»elroad cUims that th* b:J's aiw
exorbitant and set> the figures a! abotai
one-third of the charges. Dr. XeKoce.
M *rine hospital at Ts- owi, te*?«-
n«t that the operation aion».- was worth
I* i P T * **• *-*gl«»OR. of th<» Marino
hospital at Seattle, testified that the op
eratic n alone was worth fi Jt*j Vr » omp
ton. of Fairhaver*. testirsed to '■ - »me
Win*. The case protsivf to take several
o*ya yet, there being a mimb* r of phv« -
clana *urotnf,r>K) wh-.. have not yet testi
fted, beside# other witnesses.
Klr *' - •« *• *•» a«*d Han main Mew.
" ilAif'OM, Jan. 14.—Tw - *re re
porteo in thia county thia we'-it On
Thursday evening tne office but ding.
»twe. b<«ardir.g h'-mae and w.«ret / i.-e of
th< E.mpi r* Mill Company at Sax jh **ere
turned. Th* fir»- broh* out >n the offi e
after « o'ciocij. w,-t*n a!! hands were away
at supper. The loss is I:.>»*>. cov*r*-d by
l-ast Monday th" fongr«»a:- onal • hurch
at Mountain Vi*w w.-t» burned Jt was th*
work of an ir Th* 10-u« w.ts
about S3 '*f>, insured for fVtf.
A4*Mlfte4 to the Har.
OLTMPIA. Jan 14—The following
named appii<ar,t« who have be*?; !in<i*r
going i% legal examination before the su
preme court, have been admltt*«) to the
*ar: Cieorsje F. Aust. Kwiiig L. IJeputy,
<ieorg» W. Cherry. Heat tie: Thorn.-* L.
Hiand Tacona. James it Cull, t?pokan.>;
John M Potid;'r Cheti.jiis: W":n-y 1). L»o*-
nle, Ka la ma; Robert Shaw, Kelso Tore*
oth*-r applicants are still undergoing ex
It« nk. f)|reet»r« He-e'ecte«l
Pp«»«*ln! Dispatch to th< Post-Inte'lii^nrer.
CHEHALIB, Jan. 14 —A! the annual
meeting of stockholders of the Fir ? Na
tional bank, the old board. . . rsjiS'.c.g of
Francis Honahoe, John Dobson, W. it.
I.'rquhart D. C. MiUett and N. P.. CofT
mm. were re-elected. At the m»et;n? of
d! rhetors N. B Coflfman was re- looted
president; John I> mson. vUe president,
and Daniel A. Miliett, cashier.
Fern Compnnr l)«-rlsrr« a Dividend.
VANCOUVER. B C. Jan 14,-The
Fem Mining Company, whose property »s
located in Nelson district, this province,
declared a dividend t day of 5 per •-erst,
payable January V. This is a ?ree-ro Fine
gold proposition, equipped with ail nece-.-
s«ary machinery.
War Vf*iel« Arrive at Kaqnlmalt.
VICTORIA, TV r. Jan. 11-H M S.
Phaeton and torpedo destroyer Sparrow
liawk arrived it Hsqu'malt tht.« morning.
There are now s«ven wars hips in the har
COri'gH Kl\<«H AT WAR.
Another Chapter in the I.ltlKatlon
Between Bis Mlninir ('omiisnlri.
NFIW YORK. Jan. !4. Tl:e tipht be
tween the Anaconda Copper Minim? Com
pany, the Boston and Montana i 'ompany
sr.d the Montana Orr* Com
pany was renewed today before Justice
I>aiy, in the supreme court, when I>wi
poiin Brother* applied for an injunction
to restrain the Anaconda Copper Mining
Company, the Central Trust Company,
James B. and th« directors of the
Anaconda Company from seltinr the Sul
livan and ow Bird copp« r m:n»s at
Butte to Augustua Heinz ,-;n.! •he Mon
tana Ore Purchasing Company. There
•ire at present thirty-one lawsuit** await
ing trial !n the -date of Montana h' tw»*n
Reins sad the Boston and Montana Com
pany. Decision was reserved.
American* Arrested for Rohhery.
CITY OF MEXICO J .n 14 -Four Amer
icans have been arrested her* «nd . >-e rip
orouslv Iwommuniciiii.i ' , , . ~.t f fp g
complicity in robberies of great magnitude.
The gang numbers twelve men.
ntow«m«i TO 4BOM«H CIVIL
HKKvirc *rLM sim kin.
He PraaVl; taaoaaeea Hi* Oppwl.
Mow to the «y»t*n»—Think* That
the Proposition <• ,tb«li«h \%lll
Meet With I aaalneaa Approval.
SrH*t>at~h to »h* P «'-Tr**!'fe*r er.
TA f 'OMA Jan 34.—Or* of t v ;» best p!e*.s
*d of the city offirJais hy the roun J*s
* -lor. is pr*partn« to cl«ii s-r
--v : to a vote o' tr*- ; »-oi :r» is Mayor Faw
r*tt» and he i« fjv.te po-ative the proposed
amendment to a'*-- ! a h. the rnfrlt sys
tem wi'i N* adopted fev prac*i**aHy a unaut
itnout rote. £n di»'Uawing th* on
both atenhers of the council and cf th* lo
<«i Ci\ 11 B«rvlee League pa.d the mayor
a-'-verai left-rar.ded ompimaentJi on the
« ore of hia appoint mar. ts on the civil ser
v?c«» ooßsm but Sir. Fawcelt not
seem to m sd thW pha?-e of the question »o
. long as the p*«?.le art; to get a chance to
once more express their vlewa for or
a*a;n*t former operation or dVfl a^rvjc*.
When qu«»t;uned today as to hi? indcrse
rr-n* of tne council's step, the mayor re- t
"Indeed I sm pleased—highly satisfied—
wir.'i th.s mo\«; for I am quit* certain It
for tie at and wii! me«t with i t-ra;
approb>*Ttn. So jar a« t am concerned. :n
tri* , <st two >ears o? the merit system
♦•very one knows I have ne\er from the
3;rs; favored it. I opposed tae piaa from
•he « art, but when f found the p-opie
wanted st -had s- declared by th« tr votes—
I dUi ail I knew how to co-operate in the
on rsaon of the system and to give it full
"There sr* several g«'od resins why
civ:: oervsce is not the pr per thing in a I
city adm!n'.ster«d as i& ours but we need |
nt dis *rn. In my opinion al! -he \
examination* held by tn<- old comm sslon
favorable to app'mants of tiie same
;o!:t!ca! complexion as the board of ex- i
amtners I make no secret of this but I I
want to atid tb»t I believe t e <>am* *• ndl* I
twn.« w.oi.d «xi*t were any other poll .cal
party or faction In charge of th* admin- t
iatration of cA'll service. The whole sys- ;
tern i- wrong as apphed here, and-I am •
jciad we shall have an opportunity to kill
"It's «l! a mistake this tying the hards
of the - hVf executive is the matt-r of his
appointment*. A good mayor, an honor
able and capable roan, can certain y *e ect
just a? stood subordinates in the several
department* as he .an men to Serve as
civil service commissioners. A good may r
needs no civil serv ice. and a poor mayor
would create a body by hi* appointments
there n whk-h -would not give *at sfa ton-
Thin is n»\ vi*w of the matter, and a> I
h.T.p a'readv said I am pleased w-th the
council for taking the initiatory toward the
abolition of this so-called merit system." {
In defense of bis appointments on the )
bard of civil scrv; e omir.lssieners, May- j
or Fa» ett said he selected representative
men. in ao with the charter
svmendmexit; that when he found he had
made bad selections he remedied his errjr
by removing such appointees. On the
point of the inactivity of the present board. ,
he holds that an attempt by the present ■
board to check up and right the mistakes
and wrongs of the old b>ard must result ;n
scandal and law suits without end. For
this reason the mayor indorses the idle at- •
titilde of the board, and Deiievess it Is for
the best that only the most perfun lory |
obligations prescribed by amendment 13 j
should be performed hy the commission.
Placed Behind the liars and the
f.oud* Recovered Within ft Hoars.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Inteliigencer. ;
TACOMA, Jan. 14—The police depart- j
ment added a gaudy feather to its cap
today »htn it was made public that one
of the cleverest bits of detective work of
the season had been brought to a success
ful end. Wednesday the residence of
Harry Ball in Oakland addition, w*s
robbed. Ball's rrport to the police shew
ing that not less than P«* worth of valua
ble had been carried away. T;.e stolen
I articles Included some solid silverware,
pilk dr« «scs, fine linens, etc., and such a
batch of it had been made away with that
the owner could not enumerate all the
articles found missing.
The report was filed at 10 o'clo k yester
day. and before dark the alleged burglar
wa? jailed, and the bulk of the stolen
goods recovered. It was yesterday be
| lieved two men were concerned in the
: burglary, and is but one had been appre
hended his nrrest wis kept -ecret. Fur
i ther Investigation today shows that hut
j one p«-rson Is Implicated, and the police
; say they have him safely behind the bars,
j when arrested the mar, stave his name as
Harry Wells but his re.il name is Adams,
j The c i«v* was placed In the hands of IV
! te tives Concannon srd Thompson, and
j after a brief «* trch a lot of the more val
i tiihle of the stolen go.?d wis found cached
fn the south end of town in a large pr»ck
j ine case. Since the first Snd numerous
' articles, surh as linens and clothing, have
: been picked up at the several second-hand
stores, where Adams Is said to have sold
Pall had Just hegun moving Into the re<»i
i»rnrc which was burglarized, and ha 1
, red hut nn" rtriy lonil of hi c effce'a
at th« nfw home it w« robbed.
Adam* != known to the polios, nnd the
li»:»r claim tVv will have no trouble to
i convict him of th* burglary.
The Victim "«y« He C hloro
formril, tnd I.n«t JP»S.
SpeHal PNpatch ?•> the Post-Intelligencer.
T V'" l M \ Jnn 54 M. D Henry. a mtn-
Irei-r.kfr report* having h<-en rohM
r,f «•*" «•'- '■■> in !;» 1 at hl« room in an A
street lodging houw. He mts h« pl.ved
the money tinder h!« pillow and that «">me
ore stole |t durlr.? the right wi'ho-it twili
fng him Mirk* on the door show how
th»' jlie* d ro>'>• -Js «asd to have gained
-e to the room H«mrv V-Heve*
he *.!« ■,chloroformed hv the thief.
1 nnii Trlnl <tlll l»r*s«.
i* D'«~a* -h to th» Po*t-I nt'-Illgen *er.
TACCMA, J m M —John O Praetor.
arch-t- * of t v » Ft ere# county building.
WJ* the <H?ne«s in the T. >ncr *•:'■' todiv
V|vlrjr been <~7the d»f»na»' Hl*
t«-«fme-r wa« stronrtv mb-t the c'rm
of Long The ca** **;',! b* closed n Tt
aiill and 1" wwt of Lmt {odf>
•vent *t ha" I s of the 1 :rv ' »h">«- !i!t<
*gatn*» htm. amoun'lng to aho>.t S." »v*>
w ■;'? •;.'*? have to b» Settled The«e claims
>•,* r»'f< r* if -«< j? #-m> " • Ju«'go Car
tr( oref '• rcc to the ; :r\ ir.' - 'd
T.org get tt:ftsrm»T* the Mert will Hktiy
order t v e *m.-unt of the«e 'aim* d> <su *te 1
»- «-! !h,i *•'■)rrr^'^r r .»• t arrange f tneir
payment hv the county.
||t Ho'il at VnntMsnn.
- >' D?T '*rh to t v <« F r ••'
*r.\<*o\?\ .Tt" 14 -It h « tw*eri arnrcH
thit *c« W^T M • m«*r * '• . r«m-: : 1 ■'
c ~ rt - T K r »•;.
-V ► \t . '• rt *'■•»
f.;;r?v portl'*'T" o* Februarv. T 1 «-*rv1oe«
'■•'ct'.i uted hv J: ' llin'sr- n cf
rc for s >1 i'--e »' »-* • ">t
n w's *.I «-!t ;n a o." r* a n * v cnw The
« «» rv : "V'-'' T; ?h"» *" ■'* ' ■um
• s .» t T -ifftrOm owner* -f •»« —
n-'-.i hot* ♦>•/■:• «»i~rtr »« - * ..? to
•he ta* attempted to he col> *
Vnf to <hf Rrlti»h t lee « nn«r'
c. *• ywj».-v ti e-s ri> t ' r "r"-
•e* "OVA J.rs :t —T"' e of Fr *-
i.- O'er "to-.-, c to h# ' * v r *h»
rl-e .-•>-« * t - i..» Hmford of
bc#otv whoai t v '> nit
* « rr p-« "vs. v."-- 7-• vr>""! a trover "-a
f» *t hi. '",-t *h» mo» o
» V-,« » v ->» »>•* K» t-V-->n
K»»e -r* the Ttri*'-"h X ■** co"«-»t f.-<f
cation !lh»d
N»»n hrotjgh.t hv tremV-* of the >r»>Tr
Faginff <ort«n'» tear. Vmi»«tatc<t.
2 ♦ **• *■* f v -* - •
TACOMA. Jar t« -T.ve D«t -'gh* •-•>
t»sr. nf Trav*'!"? y-»'-•*>»- \V p V-r*.-n
ar-»r« --m.T"'** t -*d «♦ the Fancy Fa
*■ 'ta' ! .'r its; »at y\ ''■»
a■* * th" ri-'' " Vt 4 u«; * "f * s «
ksft Nortca *J3 Isj-xtti »Ve«iaes-I^y
ty filling *trd-r x tender at Le«?»r srx
tiom Hi rtood t>se operation well and is
today reported or. a fair way toward re
covery. Norton is a wel! known employ*
-f the Northern Pacific, and has x !&r»*
circle of frlettis in the city.
Jo«|Tn"« Trlnl Raided.
Spe ~is! Dlspxt-h to the Post-Int»niger;cer.
TACOKA Jin. 14.—The trial of ex-City
KI **V* ATZ Howard Joslya before the lo
cal civil service- commission was
this afternoon with a teng argument by
coanse! on both sides. The commission
hi* t.sk-n the under an!
will probably r?rort its proceedings next
Mor. Jay.
An Oreaon PolltiHan Tried ta Get
Bia I)amsae* for Rlaht-of-'Vt ay.
POP.TT.AND, Jan. 14.—A Jury 'r the Uni
ted court tbis erer> ir -K re
turned a verd t of guilty in t.ie c*ise of
Eiward K feather, a well-known IVmo
« rn-jc poLtS- .in. and I H Taffe, **ho have
b'-»n on trial far jury bribing. J. W Walk
er Indicted on the nam* charge, yesterday
|s>aded guilty. and C. S. Britton several
rr »nth« ago confessed to accepting a bribe
from Taffc.
TIM taw grew out of a con
demnation - 'it brought by the United
S* «?.•■» C'vemmert to secure right-of-way
through Tsffe's l.md for the proposed rail
way around th ß Columbia river sit Ce'uio.
K rat ton In hi- confeaeion stated that
Taffe wanted for a right-of-way
through hi# land, and that he ißratton)
and K.ifeath.vr. who were Juror« :n the
case, agreed to secure such wli t for
$2.5W each. He stated that each accepted
a promissory note from Taff.* for this sum.
The verdict returned for Taffe wajt oniy
for and he refused to pay the prom
issory note#. Kilfe&ther and Bratton at-
to negotiate the notes, and the
matter leaked out. Walker is the man
who brought Taffe and the juror* to
Reamed After Forty Hour* Itnprlaoa
menl Sear Anaconda.
ANACONDA. Mont.. Jan. 14.—At noon
today, after forty hours of imprisonment
and anxiety, four of the live men who
were in the tunnel near this city which
caved in near the entrance, were recov
ered today. The rescue tunnel was ntteen
feet long Wfeen they crept through it
Into liberty the miners who had been im
prisoned were found to be In good phys
ical condition, and they hastily left the
Jack McLeod was the one of the im
prisoned men who died. His comrade,
say that from the moment of the explo
sion he suffered from the fumes of the
powder, which troubled ail of thera for
about twelve hours. He died in a few
hours His body was removed from the
tunnel this afternoon.
Killed 1»> Dj nnniite Explosion.
PORTLAND. Or., Jan. 14.—N'enrs has
reached hero that Richard Thomas and
Richard Murray were killed and Louis
Rush badly injured by an explosion of 1*)
pound* of dynamite in the Eureka and Ex
celsior mine, near Bourne. Baker county.
The men were ia an upper level in the
mine, close to the place where, the dyna
mite is stored, when the explosion oc
Coyotes arc petting thick along tha
Toucher In Columbia county.
Five evaporators ars in operation In
Whatcom county, drying vegetables for the
Klondike trade.
A gang of boys 12 to 17 years of age have
been arrested in Walla Walla for stealing
coal from the O. R. & X. yards.
George Cooper. a boy of 2" years. Is In
Jail at Jvwiston. charged with stealing 11
head of horses in Idaho county.
Traffic on the O. R. A N. through the
Palouse country is so heavy that freight
trains rarely get through on tkne.
Harry Stevens, arrested for the robbery
o? H. H. Taliand's store at Winlock. was
sentenced to one ar In the penitentiary.
The lowest temperature in Loomls, Oka
nogan county, last m ath was 3 degrees
above zero. On the 15th there was eight
isiches of tmow on the ground.
The Coke lale Coal Company is sinking
a shaft to the <W-foot level to double the
capacity of its plant. Contracts have
b «n cloaed for 350 tons of cake a week for
this year.
K >ur hobo*, arrested at Oregon City, sev
eral days H4O and sentenced to work on the
street* refused to work and were put in
cold cell* on a diet of bread and water.
Three aiort- hobos wre arrested for being
»i r•; n k an 1 disorderly ar.d sentenced to
work ten days on the streets.
The annual report of Fish Commissioner
Little will show that the saknon pack
of Paget sound for t«S>7 was &4.9 X cases,
as compared with 312 3rl cws In I*?*>. The
in. r<-as» in one year's production was 175.«5»8
( »-•- • or over 5S p»r cent. The increased
revenue will amount to over $500,006.
The office of court commissioner of San
J i.in county, which was aboli»hed by the
Populist judge soon after his election, has
1-en re-established, ar.d P. A. Jensen,
secretary of the Populist committee, ap
!■< intf d to fill the ofnc*. Tits first official
act w ts to send an insane woman to Stell
"Doc" Davenport, who wa« widely
kpown as a counterfeiter and who served
:*•.) t'-rm* in the st »te penitentiary for
eounterf* lt.ng. at hi* home. eight
m!!«•" -as* of L** '.non. Or,. after a short
Hf Ktff tm c;>unt®rfelrfng »everal
ran if i Msec which one he lived an
honest life If. «<* the meiical adviser
for hi* neighborhood.
(tf THK 81. UK LOO IK.
British Bark on aa Island of
the I'aumiilu Group.
SAX FRANCISCO. J.tn. 14.—The detail*
of the ww k of the Pritt«h bark Biair
!» g <*apt M ick.iv .>n an Island of the
Pa'im tu group whl> on the voyage from
1H I :a*,oa. bay to Astoria Or., were brought
her* f«?er.!ay H y the < • airnhip Aia
m-Ja from AtukUn*!. After sighting Ta
hiti or. Nov- mbT ."J *h Blairlogie en
•vxinter-d strong northwest gale* with
h ir.l squalls nd rail -h rain. On Decem
ber when by de »•! reckoning she w »s
f- rty mi'cs north by went from Matauira.
lii.. 1 'hivf r n •: • d through a. mist a
ior.g. low li: e d- id ahead. An attempt
w is made to -wr«: t? ■■ bark round, but
«ha struck th- r»-«-f r. 1 was swept broad
side en to the br ik-r«.
It b.-ing im, to launch the life
» ats, •wg to :;e heavy seas which
br- k-- ov. r h»r * Mack i.y resolved to
on b< *rd uetll daylight, when ft
was round that she *a« about yard*
fr -m tlie be.toh A iinding WAS
r 1 \t d*y t >• •• r« and m-'-n got
through the s-;rf <nd stood for Tahiti,
where th- jr reported the wreck to the Brtt
tdl fCBWiI The rest of'the were
ree ted by tki at earner Croix du Sud two
• in- a*, r Ni'*h.t"f wis saved from the
r-. k. ev> ■ t! - «h 's papers being lost
it the port Ufeboa*. which was swept
away from th" bark,
Much lilflli-ult; in M»l>ing a f*»e
tK*ln«t llir *ia»i r« n 1 I her.
Of N" <• A N-v. J.,n 14.—Progress !« slow
ir> ?-,» I"h. r tyr- bins -ase ar.d efforts to
-• -*ire -tat- s evider have proved futile.
Tw •» persons a -ousel r.f participating In
•• • Mt- • Gr .msras and ole
}• --cerer. were on tbe stand, b-t
f • m'v protested "heir innocence.
M r>>r evident* w»« given against a
r .*r.b#r an>l a batch of subpoenas was sent
• '.iv to Dayton a: 1 to En&mcmi Valley
Will Itillae Winf lotion and K«r.
itith AH Patrer York *eed«.
XKW YORK Jan. !4—Thomas Ed! ten.
;<■ -« >ma -.!ne for utHaintr the
*.ifr f w»r of the «»a. in fin re
? - rr. a«-h win N • wenty «»:!-« oat at
- * an-; will -onaist of a »r!M of rga'tle
- t'nstsps The air erajirated by th~«
ut '.li '* • «e»* to run dvramoe.
frr (S.W W he can ?onstn»ct a plant.
- *.tvi that arl.l f-.mlah 1 '■«<'• v »> WM
J. W-—<?R--U«H TO ripply the entire fate
-r Nf* Yorit. He mv* *h*t a powerful
ati» haa the jr.aver ef t v .e immediate
cor of the pfant under c*a»*dera-
H s plana ar* eaid to practically
V w iC t ft*
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Cigars and Tobacco, Smokers' Articles, Etc.

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