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f\rs. Ml Cms at ffaie; to
LONDON. Jan. 11.—The many friend®
who were attracted to Mr*. Hail Ca<ue
by the sweet and dainty womanliness of
tbe famous author's wife, will be glad to
know that she treasures as the happiest
experience of bygone days the that
she made through the United Slates.
Much as the people of the United States
were attracted by her sympathetic face
and the brightness and geniality of her
manner*, however, to see Mrs. liall Calne
«t her best she must be Men at the pretty
Areolae of h<rr own beautiful home. It
us i long j'juriK y that I h.id to make
ever the mountains of North Wales, to
Oreeba canlc, in the most picturesque
part of the beautiful Isle of Man, where
I found Mr*. Hall »";iine surrounded by
the paces of interest made famous by
the pro of her illustrious husband.
eastle i.- simoat as interesting
a* its owner, so before speaking of the
*«rrath of the »;r etlltg which 1 fwoaived
lr m Mr. tia.il Caine and Ilia wife 1 should
iik to describe In a f« w w jrds Gr»-eba
ra»ti« and it* approaches. CMis is struck
wberi pa«sma along this jn r* of the Isle
of Man with the ahser.es of hedges and
the presence of the stone wails whs h
tase their places an markinK the bound
arei of load ai.d turid Th« t istle stands
in its wt. grounds, and as 1 iieand it the
.intended tnd the fine structure
burst upon my »i«.w in all Its grandeur.
I pasard thr ugh the * iti «. cl!mb.-d up
the w ling drv<w.iy. and reaching the
front tioor rao.g the bell. The door w .*a
opr* ed tjr Mr Hall Cains h ms 'if and tiie
ceriiUU.ty of hi* come w«j> gr.icefuiiy
(d by h> wife, who came forward
tome »i'h « riu 1. on hr attractive fa
I found tit ba < .i«tlo to be full of rel
*» stid qt aii.t Id furniture, which is one
of Mr. lla.l Caine's hobbies, .iiid it aUo
w.eUi* many i"t tre;.- .ri .>. am u-.g
width *.so oil i « rr by V\ ,1 Vain 9co:t.
of Oldham. - and out i n.-»dcu>usly.
Here is Uo etU's pen. wiih will- h lie
wrote his poems, ml :i.s celebrated bust
of Shake*;.r r<\ wbu'h wt** !r.*. h.s h • id
kci : iv. ■ - r , • :»'.ne*. - fa. clo k.
bee- cast, ar.d. last but not least, his
c' i r in wh rh Mr. Halt '"tin- in* irisbly
lit? when i nr. .g .1 »i:• r.»ry wo k. H ro
U »lso t}.<> <»| t iir*«- ! portrait of Roset.i.
by 8 i|elil« w.is taken J.ist on*
hour after death I not! Ed also several
photographs of Ko-tti's pictures, on
wh h w re >cr,iw!ed « ttogrnpii orree
tlo-« -n.i conusfn - for the urh>*r of
' ih« Hit d lumor-.w \* iievi-r sat'*-
fled with iny ;> .«;i »».h of ht> works,
and o«:tght<M n> maki c unoompli'iient-
LIKt: A Tltorit M. FOlt!'>T.
Meeent Addition* to the restlsn
Itfiiri" ( oiirl.
** m S" «t'
Palms pan.l, .us and ot! > r trop'cal trres
•ml plar ? * of imme. - -*c utul beautif -A
•Pr-sra- . V .3ve v •—.»!>* t en r mo\ 1
*frm the White Hou ■« e\ n.«ervatory ar!
tail.'-' • *>;.■ . . e w er i v\\
Sstl *h- Iter for th« * nt r. T' e pension
buiMin.. pourt now presents the appear-
- sir, «; )> ;: i' >rd n. ii",
«Wher crner is an East Ind in torett
Ths PV_'. t *f re-.-':>\ »»< -•> n< tr.v t 'v<
f' the W re 11 ; c e otj;- t torv :« o
| Marine * t *t>: '>.
dur'r.g r" ■ to V held dur'nsr th •
*' "iter w ' ' ■> ir> t'v*? ;-nr' of
OMi : f which adjetns tlx sxeru
tire rr...•• About twenty *iv« of the
Rtiest >. us Veen s i-i to t' e
orh • «* •-h w:'l le«v ar*n 1"
ftom t • ' band. The
•raee f • •• ■ • <1 by the mus ■'». ■=
* 'b* lit:'. l « s hit room dul?-* r •
eeptlor; - • . <•, » :. • c -> om v- » f • -
tner'y u* ••'. ' r t' . « r Th * It is
?Vuj;V n ' hv> vd nu *>:
•**r t?e farmer srr - •■•••• r« Not on y
w-ii. »t j>. . v rr ,->re r v -it • e
r«V ■ t t :, e rrt- *i* • d
b*?ttr irNlula:#d -err r . t-e .x-r •
serva* t nt 1 \ .~d *"
the forrtT locs' 'on v .'re *' c' e» < s
®a4e V - r-vert^er.*•: •« • • • < q .re
••ar«h *• .? u-jp "«»r.t to - e «r,
fcsme o' t l -' p » -n« are t- • 1 >«
tr* th- White H" s« cms » • % a-d
Tlana t-av -r*'.« to > d-'#
them, c «s w:'l be s-V -1 -•"< the
«•:-« . - appropr 'e nda -
* kr#.-r . . , e. a:- - is- .•
'n«r»rv *'*■<" •« t e e*ec ' ,T, an<t n.
plars Sr.: the c, .st: . n :! *
tn "he enter of t w e «ervstory.
?e»! ► cf avsl *"i* *fet l>-'<
Tfc:» •« of c-ite mcderate u ■
Vit't i *n view of ths fset that s.re* o"
the p*:-r» % #preavt of thirty
fee t #r< , uro*'.tig fa«"e- njw *\«r
te'. re t . . ice.
Th>--• '.'-v , f ivurse le ro *s k of ro m
'"r .* to spread t ; the -<■ m
• -a-k <>f ke*pi-.g th- rr v.ir- *
ary and critical jottings on their mar- !
fclr.s. '
Anoth r i•li." in which I w. -' Intensely '
lntfrest»il w »* tho il replace »hl- h once
to » Jeorge Eliot. It w»s taken ;
from her house In St. Join's w <l, and
I Tew uted to Mr. Hall Cain* by Wilson
Barrett. who. it *lll t>e rem *ni ••rrO. * »va
1 such a magnificent Interprets! n of l'eto, ;
;In "Tho ManJia tn." I<» . iri -cim tlm
j author of "The Mail on Kl< ' drt:un
!rsr over th* fir* a* she thought C.:t a 1
; plot, or itavc j mo «;f h> r marvelous «! ur-
I »otw aketohes. Thin lir« p.aoe must have
; been a «!< -nt w'tmss of many of thoa*
Sunday afternoon K »th> '.K* .it i>; J..»hn •*
wno.l, wfc<n the great ~nr* of the liter*.y
j aid artist! »,-rM mi t>»ii t» • r :•> ic.tr
j Oeor««- Eliot talk. whl> l.ev ••s. who al
ways liked to S'-f her the c»nter of <*tr;t •-
tK»n. har.d.d the tea .»• 1 »• .i-t. and ' -k-d
<n *. 11 j.!. .f,*d. That - *.ju.d tell
u..uiy tale*! *
M " !! ill <"ilne aw hi aroma nof the
ol j-f.i -h n« d .1# Wt*H ;it t .- | * i ash-
I toned kind. That is to >a> *he l;k-*s> to
! ?<«*« a *piti "i the ! .k* . u • si>;• < t**>>
j thread for her kWbnffe bWf-Biil suits,
; for tl. a purjoN two mrigv..n<>nt
• old Mail* aplt.nlng v that she values
a* highly she d h. r hi< vole. Tho
wool l« «r >wn m the (*!..-• ! o an i
attft tii>* thru ad is spun by Mrs. Hall
Calne. it i* woven In a prlauti.t * iy ca
| the hand loom.
"My hustard Is not a bw-yoJist," paid
M-s. Ha*! <" »ire. In ai.su. r to my que»- •
' tion. "he pt for:- a horse. ti u w- tike long
rides t><tr»*h« r «>n our «»>i -r.ite at 1
thoroughly <!••»> them There sno tin r
acpinry In th«« w >rld. I tblrk than of the
' Is> u>. ' ({!'..>> wiih a ; s> tnt litt'o .
amilo that luuf atwloultid for si»«-.»kt!.g
cared for during 'r > -> tl-*. - x w lil ba
attended to by f\: erts in the * ' r ■>' >f
Col. iringhani. Mr. V?--er. th> h id . >r-
of t r *■ We H"j w • w 11
versed in the ditti. tilt s- ien .» of ird» r
culture of palm*, h is prom - d to o • »-
t sionally look af-"r ht« ew colony of trees
i i p.'re >n vidlt Is ' v« 1 t it " y will
safely p-Jl thr. nch tin.ll next sr « wh* n
they will bo r«mv\<J to their Id quar
Among the tr«« * sent ov« rtotl •' pen -. n
•fthee i« one of preat historic :r -? It
; :* a •»*♦: > j r.m. b*>t. 4 .aieal!> ktt-iwn Cy
; eas revolut.t. and h.»s the «:'•<* n uof
having on- e be»>n la the t • >■"*. n • f
ii ,»r«<e W>- .!>gt :i. a. ;h the t*- - * 5
0- ; 'y a'out tt-n fe ? In .. it. It is ov- r
'we hu~dred yea-s old. d its (.rea: a«
i* plainly si wn by ;'s appear.»« Mr.
I'f-'i-r hi» p * t: i.
| of this ven« tat •» re. c, but ha> t.ly e
! r»ed. 4 ha determi: .g that it was p-e
--s *1 d t.» \\ i- • i.r.)u hy a w a"' v £•: r
hant of 1 illlßMn It canM 'm the
, of Out a a 1 was already a very
j oil tree when t-Ts>-;.-ht ••>ve r I>. the m*r
chanr. who r wr-*d a % « • -y .-c tvtweea
Havana ard V■' : :o > r t »n wv.
j wh n it. was br •=. -t c\ ■r. •• r is t e
i tame of the nwrvhar; t V h vr T e
j tree »to<:>>l si Mount Verrc"! r-. >«»•*.
1 ard agstc fourd t*s w>v ba.k to Ital-:-
J \% a> fc :n«t -r*. havng pre*e*vM ft to
a la.'t living tn that j There it re-
I trained tin* i ahc.it rtfty year# s«o. whett
t v e ia** ?*• r ."f t Ved At " s c »*"e f
t-e owner's cst.ite the Was saa->
|«si N. jht hy the ead »a. . s- rof t::a
\\ e 1 j —v a d it ha-e t=ln « «to>{ t- t *
r-eenhO'-so - • r ever * •: • It - . f
i the mc«t rrw-.r r<» s of th* g- -at
w ishlngtan and bids t >tr ta aarrtv* <ev«
i ••■-ill g»n«fjk:to VMM. AltbWlfk h* -
d d w th extreme care dur ng »v removal.
- •if .1 of he t utifui. f<-.s. ery )-a\ *
«m Beddaßtally broke:; eff (Na its a -
i ready 'aia er- »a. Thla. however. * 1
1. :o.i 1> y r.ot I:;. e the trx eto r > t*r ;-a
**«'t. tNire w ba taker, however, that
v.t \ri are «ure *o c me to t «
'r»'e wt.en kr.ow wh~a It .« » I'. t
"•e »1.-w»d ta h.-.ndle or ever ' u h t-e
Ng re 5c wh. e It ts th* ".»'« cf tM
1- ' -n ct* <> and all the *«■ hrr.-n t-era
• x.vc.\id i.tici I- 'ru.L.-.s to that
boastfully of OR«'» own, while valiantly
ulnar to l.e loyal to the- country uhe
» .! i "h; ns«"), "w« nd» fell around tha
K 1 ! never tire of tfceae excursions.
1 i'o;: lUvr ejeiu-g one of t!» greatest
WeaMr ..y that have come to women in
these hi-ppy days."
Mrs. Hall Caine went on to tell mo that
her hi;-band. iihe» Thomas Hardy, w.ta
OMI an architect—n»n< e his lovo fur an
t. jua furniture, which 1 e coiiecta ar.thufii
nstl,-ally. S- vt-ral aluratlons In Q(>_>«■ ha
cm;-".le havM 1 en d - gn«d ar.d conduct-d
by him. lie a rka in a l-ir** oj- n r >.* m.
■•■ i. h.t.g the g:.n.,i:s hhis ai.d un.lu
latir.g t tsturt *. of which he has a spici.Jid
v.. w fi m the hli> on whtch the castle Is
bail; liiM tall, coißinti <Ung hgute, flow
i a h .!>. and s.lou. h -d hat
i\. :i known In the lslar:d. where he
tak< s i.>! a riir. ;• » haud in-band with his
h't!* f \->-*r-oJd aon, Derwent. ?o called
'■ -j-i ;h • l» i.utlfvj! Inke In Wordsworth's
hr-1 hind Everywhere you go in the Mk
. j . h*ar oti ail admiration and
geauln* lout of the family fr<«m the na
t - I *.'U« Derwer.t is great fr nds with
MIL body—work PEOPTA, IAWBCII, driv
*. a.:d alt sor s aud comliuone of men.
»'.n Is a sturdy, lovable child, a
happy, healthy, out-dcw»r 1 fe c-n the Isl.tnd,
« r.cre h»> a:r- ,t 'y kr. w- the r itr.vs of all
the tr< •«. birds tnd Rower*. He Is ready
• rr iK with s • and h is a
q u:;t v y of t«. i g I nqr St< rks,
t • "Wed. utMi *:«.>. aioir.fra, iwpi
I " eto., etc.
I vita loth ' • r-d cr v.sit but all thlntrs
m l ome ii> a , * d, so. wfth much re-
Rre;. I .-nld gool-bje n-y hi«t. ard
1 ?-s \«':h }»'• as ». t rr. n ru of O reel A
a.- I * and its k!rd l"m?. , '"«.
llo««e of Kepri>«entMtl« ea on the Im
miuraiioti (ln<-»ilun.
Boston Journal.
I'-.e v His* of repr -««»nf.tt!v*ji his ?*-
\ educational tent for tatmlgrants
v r. ver H has cone hef 're ss.
"• s lr.«t 1;j previa > e.T -rts ta pass
' • - " .on bw Y>. :h r»-'> 1 T k«* Its
friends - i a tttlludi of tho lowtr
brar h of congresw.
< H - < r.tat-ves cf the Flfif*
HS v t.d :n ' .v rr of the edu
•! ... t'.s. „> the handsome vwte of l:d
to yi.
.. s i ..%» c » rf»fvre< -rratlves of
f • .■.■?'• y .-. cor-ar• >.< vot 1 It
f >r •' *■ > ?l . i-. n.t! ten v v a v<>;#
of *:T to
W.th t \ ;n the unpopular C rllss amend
ment attached to the J. 'ge-McOall bill.
"■ > ho--so i, It by a \ te • i IT
to itT.
With, f'-e R-;n;Mlcan plot form p'- ! c>d
to this rr.- . ,r>'. isrd with. Pr-stdent M--
K . a rr-.: ~
•s ,r. n-.: d, :' e R*»pul hcan house can
s -• -t-d v;-cn ta s~ar.d fcv tna
••--•idtd bl.. as it has stood iy" J; :;i
the past.
liiirrii"in <ioi>d» in Itrmaml.
New York Tribune.
T-- N.\a T .>! W-ttli at Himllton.
? c-r.e of the 'irg- st m •. con
* - - tl:!s c ;ntry. The ; nt Oo".
Avx ,r. i'r Qcrdon. who ha* be<°n at ros 1
r> r covers! m -'he. a n-r^rr*r? "We
a** rurr.irc MT mrl's night and day. dou
e turn, and cannot ks-ep up w.th order*.
-- kattinyr rders horn Bohemia.
I ' N.-rway, Kuwia g-a.n. Prance and
..f \st every ether E_ro. ean country. I
hfttrt been ia wa*llf every country of
1 ..-cpa with as th# U«t few months and
I hav« h»er. stu-.Rrd by the wsy Amert
oan goods t five ;ak*- praceder?e ov-r
ethera. it a" the street car
r-.e- s. ftitir.gs and ger.era; ma
chinery now be; is: pur. hasc i in Europe
a-«* af Vntericaa m«ir.ufactur* H .r ,-e is
laa ; -e o•- wh-at %♦ a gaod pr* -e. ? irely
w•• art? r. ar. er;\:atl* pasttion this year,
ar.d I thl-k that this ©ountry OMght ta
* xpvrienca »a cr* of usbounc-.l prosper-
Mrs. Nartk* Little Davidson, JT»w of
Lebanon, lIL, Brouebt From Scot
land la Her Ycntk to Teaek
Thread Vlndlm-Oo»4 Old Ave.
Martha Little Dit!4»o2, the first perron
that w.:iue4 a throad about a spool in this
country. is spend in* her days in Lebanon,
lit. She has Sr-en ths marvelous growth
of the 'hread tndustry in ths United 3:ates
and often, when she feels In the humor,
s » ean recall the early days -when that
grand industry consisted cf one small
spooling mili in Dracut. a little tcwu © *
Long ago the swiftly ffowir ; g Menrtmac
river furnished the power necessary to
drive ths machinery that wound about the
9pool the fine thread tisat was imported
from abroad—for America had not yet cie
v:.c;tl the thread manufacturing indus
try. This little flant, in which Martha
Little and fcer sister worked, has sine*
grown to be the great industry whose own
ers hava made their name a household
ward in the land.
Lswson was the name ef th# man who
then owned the little m il which has since
grown with such wonderful strides. It was
he who brought Miss Little and her sister
over from Scotland to loo* after ths spool
ing cf the thread.
One of the recommendations that com
mended h»r to the Messrs. Lawson wis
that she held a perfect record. This meant
that in the exacting task of counting accu
rately the lengths as he rapidiy reeled
them upon the spool, in keeping ths ac
count correctly and winding exactly ths
required lenx-hs upon tns spool, she had
never been found in error or remiss in the
other requirements of ths work by :he
careful and repeated tests mud* by the
overseers, who took cognizance not only of
the style of the work, but of the accuracy
of the court, froin which it seems that the
then established guarantee and still famil
iar representation on ths labels, "warrant
ed 20v yards," was conscientiously main
The young woman undertook the trans
atlantic journey, then no trifling undertak
ing, in company with her sister Elizabeth,
IfKivlns behind her parents and her home.
They embarked in th« Neptune, a sailing
vessel. in March, 1*44 and were ten wee its
upon the sea, encountering a severe storm,
losing both main and mizzen masts, which
being found by otner vessels, the Neptune
was reported io<»t. Put they were finally
driven into Halifax, and three month* af
ter the young women sailed from .Liver
pool they reached their destination, Dia-
CUt, Jdai»9.
Mrs. Davidson, formerly Miss Little, was
the tlrst to operate a spindle in the n« w
factory, and in June of the year IH4,
through her hands, the infant industry of
America produced its first spool.
The machine was a comparatively sim
ple affair in apptaran e and in manner of
construction, not wholly unlike the famil
iar spinning wheels of old-fashioned Nt w
England households. Such was the em
ployment then, in humble comparison with
the perfected spindle which performs mul
tifold duty In t. at capacity new, and tm
latest improvement in which, recently
n-ade. th* old lady noted with Interest.
Mrs. Davidson continued her employ
ment at the Draeut mill, together with her
sister, for about a year, when homesick
ness impelled them to return to their Scot
tish home. But they returned to America
a year later, and on board ship met John
Semples, i-on of Samuel Semples, w ho was
foreman of a mill erected in the meantime
by "Sammy" Shrevea, a quaker, at
Shrevesville, N". J , now Smithviiie. The
sisters were pre\*ailed upon by young Sem
ples to change their destination for
Shrevesvllle and accept employment in the
Shreves mill. This plant was equipped for
the < ntire pr->cesit. turning out the tinish< d
product from the r..w cotton, and Was
probably the fecond mill in the history of
American thread manufacture. Here tht
two sisters, who had been pioneers in this
i.ne of work In the new world, did duty in
\ariois capacities, until Shreves, ruined
l>y s-'-. urlty oblicati n.s, failed in business.
Samuel Samples, the foreman of the de
funct mill, at established a mill of his
own at Mount Holly, N. J., where the-e
two young »umca followed to pursue their
favorite employment. Samuel S mp!es -a is
destined to became a thread magnate in
this coufttry, *nd thirty years age* his
brard of this domestic article was one of
rise most familiar and popular known to
the An: rkan trado. Tin re is a stror. f
touch of romance In tie fact that one of
the sisters. Elizabeth, whose connection
with the thread manufacture in America
was so historic and who had met the
y unger S mples on L ard ship on her r -
turn to this country was, after a number
of j • ars in his father's > mp! y, to become
t! bride of this John S< m-. l-»s, who, aft* r
hi* fither's <?• ath wis a-sodated in the
"■ mtprr nt of one of the greatest thread
>nc«.rns in the country. But such wn»
!he cu«e. and now. retired active bus
years ago. th« Se-mples thr ad
-.-•rn li.-T.jf sire 1 int"crat"d. John
3» rrpi 'S lives with »:• w'fe, both ad
var.'-cd in years, at Mount Holly. N. J.
Martha l.Jtt!•». v 1 fingers zuided the
work of the first A*:>er|-an thread spindle;
wa« married ta Alexander Davidson, a
S--->t > roan, native of Wigtonshlre. eight
r« i:er Junior. and th y now live Ju.-t
i t of the c"v of I. lanon. 11!.. coziiy
flx»d In a humble cottage or. a smu'.l tract
■>f hr.il, v.Mr. luvldson. still quite
n tnhle. carri- * <»n tr : k farming. Mrs.
Davidson *»• born In I>lS. ir. Ayr, o? Ayr
«i--re in S-otland, the Mrthp'ace cf the
p -••t Bum *, whore couplet—.
A■. i Ayr wham r, er a town surp»?s s
F r hen si : ea ar.d bonny la-si~s.
She qv■ -.es wi h a j: asant twinkle, and
•»"t without a touch of pr'de. She belongs
■ i
• f thirteen children, ri'i? is well preserved
' r ore who v =s ?< .* the w :,-ht of almost
vv: ' rs, sr. pcrf -ms h-r owa house
duti •». Si# r<; Ji readily without
- tari; « and in ccr.v- rsat'en is .lively and
: nV-r« sting. S e evln "t pride in the rec
■ i abjve r< •.•anted, but di«p!a>s r t the
- i.'htest tendency Kan of it, as ev!-
d< : r.cd by the fact that it Is kr.own on!y
to a few imm''iist» fronds, and has never
h*fore found its way into print. She d»-
. ■ he-wevr, to • rh« «• -.ry f
• ■ - ••".rl'er diy« describe* the vario s
t NM in thread manufacture as tr i
nas though it were but yesterday si *
left the «i>ir i>e ard the bobbin.—Chiciga
Trwy I ttnika.
T. Prych.
Rheswra cryf ara'.l dr ? jma I
gychwyn >w. f 1 c.tw .-> t L> d-g o'r
erlonpau sydd vn mc- -• i Alaska, > n
•hwyn o Seattle, ac cdd.wrth y par- • »>»
a iau sydd yn n-.yned yn m!aen yn bre«,»-
n j u ami g f>ant Iddi i.*arhau
Kheswm arai' drrs gj hwyn o'r dr»f
ban yw f->d e ! i maacharyr vre-li cael
M) n> MmU o brofiad mewn dlwallu prr
- nau a t;W><l.l»a ar -yf- r y wlad ogled
■ i h n a gwyddant i't da'th. a pha fodJ
i w pacio, yr hyn yn Lwy»tg lawa ar
gyfer taith tr.or be.L
iU.ii'L llnnh \ In H* IVadosed.
WASHINGTON* J*- 14 -The a««;*-snt
of the inteiror
decision that th# members of Cart P 1
company F~ "th V «<•■> ;r<
\ ' :r*eers Blark i'aak war. were p<*n
siocafcie under the law.
Suffocated Smoke.
NEW YORK Jar. It—At fire wh h
•>-> «it T l vn ** It • -"rt's I Wf«t
street and wh'eh d d »15 dam <«*«. ' e—
.■» Stanley *ca Als » ,fe were iuS« a:ed by
wilrer lor t-'.nrnpv.
NTT YORK. Ja- !*.—T** »*eara«fcJp
i'rehria K:ror* tvrom-w, * U
:ak* cm 9J8.0Q9 stMM of "liver.
Ts? die-*?# of P»n*i t?> W»«r«rr. Auv
trait*. !« <ST>« of th* in the worlj,
meaaiirtcf a* n *•»
Frsr?*, Spain. Strvia
•_i v*re&t Sritaia pa; ugeUiac.
Special Features
nr * * * * * *
Among the Prime Things for Sunday Will Be
a Description of the
Richest and Finest
Hotel in the World.
It Is the Largest, the Costliest*
the Most Expensively Furnished.
New York Has Surpassed the Wildest
Dreams of Magnificence; No Emperor
Ever Had Such a Palace.
** -7* -■* •**. **
Sunday's Post - Intelligencer.
Two agencies have been established In
the United States for the promotion of im
migration and colonization in Venezuela.
Several hundred deaf mut<*s had a picnis
the other day near Newark. It w.is one
of the quietest picnics ever Stvn in this
The first American pottery shipments to
Great Britain were made a few days since
from Kokonto, lud., to Liverpool and Edin
Old building materials are cheap in New
York. A six-story tire-proof build ng wis
recently sold for $3. and a ten-story brick
business building went for $lO.
A wonderf j1 discovery In flre-prooflng
Is reported to have been made by a Chi
cago woman. It Is an enamel, and when
applied very thinly to the surface of com
bustibles renders them decidedly nor,-com
It is a remarkable fact that Burmah dif
fers from almost all other Oriental coun
tries In the freedom accorded to Its
women. They stand In every way almost f-n
an equality with men. Girls share equally
with boys In all Inheritance,
A farmer in the Sher.an.ioah valley has
contracted to stll his 4,000 barrels of ap-.
pies to a London firm 'or 15.5Q a barrel.
The variety is the Albemarle, or < M New
ton pippin, which is considered the chola
est of all apples in England.
It may not b* generally known that th<s
oiiftir. \\ id-a of a Ch nanism's pigtail was
that it formed a convenient handle, by
which, cne day, he would be lifted up to
rarad:«e. This curious b-llef is still to
be found among the natives.
In a new form of gondola rar, the
supporting the side plankir.e ar« p'acel
within. Instead of outside. th» ear, thus
Increasing the carryi-g space about or>«-
eighth. without Increasing the length,
height, weight or cost of the car.
William Turner, the champion chl-kea
picker of the world, lives in the villas*
o? Lynbrook. L. I-, ar.d as a test of his
ski',l plucked the feathers from a la-es
hen !n 11 --3 seconds. A challenge will
be lssuej by his admiring for a
pick chickens is Invited to meet the
UNCLE SAM Fry»-Bruhn Corn
pany English r*v;red Bacon because of Its
superior quality.
Vfc.it & wonderful Influx. » v.rr «•
erts over a man! It nu.k « h.m a grojd
success In ev rythic* h- undertakes. Hi
h- s « •• • « '.T "■ la fc:m*elf an! commands
the r *p- ft of Ols feilow men.
IT. Sar.'l*a oPTTs a V. k fr » that te!l»
v w the great*#; 3ev«lcpnj"tst of man'*
w r ao b-i attained Vy the :s« cf the
famous D-". fcasden Kiectrlc Ee"*. S-raJ
f>r the too*. •"Tfcr«e • < i M*a. M
free, sealed, fcy di:L Address,
t or. Third «»«! Wamfclnjjton ?t».,
i'ortlaatl, Or.
Iryr our ey a Jot:on act* aa a
CIC *rursiC. Curta weak, *ore as:a
inii.iititil eyes, -M.iK.ts theai
j [AAA Prevents SNOW
■ Wlr Indlapenaabla
to KL'tNWKEPA A preacr.p
--| T'.on KR-meay. A SCIKM IKU' CKKTALN
| TL. Am your druggist lor It. Pr.ce, -6
cents. By mail. 35 cents*. Walter Kee l.
Oculist Optici.n, Ortgonian buiiiiing,
! Q» *£<'»••
I Third Avenue Theater.
1 w. 3d. RUSSELL, Manager.
Telephone like 5.
Chanfte of BUI.
: Mil Mil Mil
i Friday and *»tura«y Erenlngi, the
I'hlnric l'lu y >
Mat LATA Saturday.
All the Comfort* of a Home.
| Unchanging popul-r price?. Telephone,
1 Tike 5.
Auditorium. a*. 7each
evening.— This WEEK CAPT. HOI.TUM3
Commencing Siiadny, .lon. 16.
By the Broadwsy Company,
Everything new IN tfca
A Great List of Novelties.
Seattle Theater-
One Week. Commencing. Monday, Janu
ary 16.
Grau's Opera Co.
At People's Pricea,
25c, 50c and 75c.
! SUNDAY—"Boccaccio."
MOJTDA Y—"Chimes of Normandy.**
F THURSDAY— "Ship A y or."
FRIDAY—' Bohemian «»;:! '*
SATi p.S-AY (Matinee H-Girmfe-rrrrefla."
SEATTLE'S RE"M sed Vaudeville R»»ort.
M"'ir Broa. A Co Proprietors
jinee Goldsmith ...Manager
Another Klondike o? amusement! A
complete chans- -1 !
Special »■ of CoL Fred Wilson,
I the wanderlr.R mtni«>?ret. A unlqj«\
novel and en' r*ly ORIGINAL feature. Flr=t
lime in Seattle.
The great D* Maria and Orlando, the
RR.OIT FLR..shed athletic performance ever
SEEN here.
Annstrorg AND O'Neill, Ed D->'an and
f.f»y other*,
i The performances at the People's are
i the be-?. Admission, i'V; reserved fr r,t
j IMM. ?v*; cafe #»*t". bot seats, W;
>■' X •*. r. - and T ' I»*cordtr.G to |oc.%-
! tior.. TELEPHONE Main 435.
Cor. Pike St. AND FIFTH A*.
Telejs - tsn» P.k» 14.
T.evtro * T WWIKI.. ...Proprtetora
I>oiph Levis® MANAGER
Harry S«J>y's Roaricg Comedy Drama,
! W.'H a f.; '-nd ; i cast ard b ! g IC*r.L? ef-
L ECR« . Laugr. laugh, laugh. POPULAR
prist*, LIE* 3&C
j The... S
I Klondike 1

8 Victoria, B. C., to
Dawson City, 4
1 3
* By way of the Stic keen river
*3 and Teslin lake. First txpedi- ??
9 Hon to start from Victoria, R.
■ C.. about February 15. St-.elter, W
■ A§
m food and frea transportation of |g
■ 400 pounds bapsaf.e fiom Vic- ■
3 toria to Dawson City. Tickets, J
J F-0 each, covering board and ■
8 shelter until destination in *
reached. K«p*dlUo> in • • 1
2 of lion. Edgar Dewdney, ex- m
S Lieutenant Governor of British 4
5 Columbia. >
® Send your address for descrlp- *
I tlve circular. -«
■ M

3 The Klondike
| Mining, Trading \
\ And Transport J
I Corporation, £
S a
9 30 Broad Street. '*
Bswara of Imitations
Lu Oif %
rxn ar*rA* t »/;«•§, Aton, . J
,111 MI
•> ♦>
I Tide |
§ Lands.
❖ *>
% 214 Pioneer Bttlldieg. ->
| %

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