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Tfcis Week's Attractions.
Cmmpt my. *andar,
i—rtyt "( bl«f« of Koruand)
fatrft). "OlhaMn" Hrdnr>dn;,
Hferthat" Tharadey. "*Utp Ahort"
fkUar, 'UolifwUw ttlflf teturdar,
Y — KT" itatar.
lay alcki. "ladlMHk"
, Mr Tkwitrr Company. Taalghl,
S; Seeder, lamday end Hrdar«da>.
"Tfce Loat Peradlaet" Tkarada),
S Wtor, Mlerday ned JHiardar Ne
tfaw. "Thr Meeker'* Oeachtrr."
CMfeer fe -Th* Hidun O'Briea."
*♦ * *
Tke Frawiey at. the Seattle
dealer, ;TJ FC Hroadway Theater COHB|*TO"
at the ThiTd Avenue tn*ater and Uii
Hock companj AT th» PIJU STREET TNEAIER,
VIIITFCTNI* vaudeville entre* at the I'eo
pit'n was the dramatic HUI-UWARC JFC &E
--, aide tor the puat WEEK, U JUG
httt the rule uii over town, and while the
acjiu out} APPEAR to have HTEN mutioto-
MM from tb« \ery fact THAI TN<S» E WAS
ACTUM* particularly yeasty, mat IM
FTAMK'N 1* NO. borne out OY facta.
' *> frequent CHANGE* OF bill except a; the
Street AND tIH 1-Vopie'S WERE THE
tsk. Mr Frawiey'a tine ofganizalioti ap-
Hared IN live diltereru PIECES during an
EAGAFTBIF-RT of A* many nights, and a
eheti«E in tin WEEK'S repertoire ut the
THIRD Avenue theater WAS made three
TT»e» during the seven da>*. It WAS
ratl»*r a coincidence the booking in OF
i iW F raw icy RIBTI the Broadway COMPANY
dutlr.ii the AANI 1 week, the hist being by
fir the strongest repertoire company M
flit Wrtt, PIIOIIIFT high-priced and
THE I*l Ur probabiy the be# t ll'p«rtuin
. tccajar.} playing in popular-price thea-
UTG UI the ,»an.» territory. People who
hav«- USEII IN TIP Brwadway company aie
&U* tc<ni!l,rs UT t».E Frawiey company,
And there ar-- actors in the tl:»i-nanicd
6f{*ruzaUoii aho ai «j capable enough to
to advama»;» tn the latter. Mr.
fraaiejr's players produced two piece*
B«w to the local stage, "A Social >liga
siioian.' Mary T. Stone'* dramatisation
•f K<tx<t!*ti< I'htjips Train's strong novel,
*ed "Sue." by lirei Harte and T. Edgar
;tm, the incidents much of
tt* language being drawn from ibaie's
apv«i In both c«*a< a Mr. Krawley h.*va
«4ei pia»s »i strength to the al
ready long list thai he nas given in toe
eitie* of the West. ,- A Social Highway-
K«n'' .» undoubtedly the best thing his
company is doing this reason, aud in no
do his people appear to better ad
r*n.4v Mi Worthing, Mr. Perry, Air,
Fraarley tnd Miss 'iatos being particu
larly at!! cast, in "Sue" there is a
BarkitS ontiasi ir. the radical tbpar'ure
lr r -ai ■irawii.B-r •m characters in whieh
Pte company is »<-si known. There is »I!
#? the atmospht st- uf ihe far West, elev
• *rly miJUHI with thai other air that
fc*T# ten; likmn across th. dusty »rai
ikj from tin Mississippi river country,
fifTytnK 'wlm It the iMiwnmlir* ( .hrasen of
t!k bott .m land and setting theni down
|8 a ttew at.tJ even more parched oavlron-
HSf'at ia hat.g o". the Up» or the strange,
fccWy of Itoler .» plain around
vfcctn tfc story is woven. The scenes
' "S ie" .in*. In -omc cases. almost
*iift* in their reflection »if I'x (irt .ry,
< T rary lif«> that s.uni of its ;>eople live.
Th*a te damn it ill is the last act. with
V* ffuOt cout: I- iin scene and Impossible
1 Jdjaacts tn thi way of ma;. The pro
teftkir. of ' S,;« is as consistent &s tue
«. 2r "" *li' -tdinii. hut he play itself might
W itffie oaer to hetter advantage,
h + >
For ero< i ■!- v .• thet Mr Fraw'ev s
t?eK}j«tiy !;,i» i . vcr vet received lie en
ttur&g*m<,!• in Se.utb (hat its merits
I i- a theiuughly pood ram-
BBBJ it» uli •« S|.» •». and e-.e which should
•pise « to;, alii ;<> a tVi ■ h cast tostitu
jj- , arnb::li)Uj- a.id iu
«tt Ifc'ns* .»» far ..» tia ! '£< kn »w »,
«te>sicrt Th 1 , demonsttatctl In 'tis
■ fcixwutnitlu. hiiiis if wheie it l.- to tk«
a#vs,.:;j; v . a rro ! :etion and the ect>
>hif .■ i ht • >• op|e 10 charav
ftflft* wHeh .are t» fitted Th re
;• » .ti st»' a' d t it. reputations the ment
ter* af th- Fiawby • >mpany enjoy s
ft" nitly thins hi fe .tare them M s
iHtne apj■•■.;!: a*, the foot of !h.
Usually bn: .t Is no! pte.vd* d by .
*r*»ilful "ANP " ir ,-itplt 1 '•••<•- ,!!••••
j»sfca« ihi' .I-,, p. ,t thlt.ss are >av d
•3* the ! ast. dk. les«ert Mr Frawiey's
i»lt:> • sv stem i't reft.-shh < and misht
! * «opiej tn .idv o'lite ' v other tnati
■?«*rs «, th le-- • c minatton as to the
*sr{# of
I + I-
Th* Rpo;\:lw.t> Theater Company *u -
*K>d iV v.; 4 j \f.udet * a Cldneso
!•. . . . I'trich •' S.n Kr •a
**r®- ln«t. . > beit-jt pre eded by a cur-
ii 4 . e;ini» o. "Th. First
h»tn** Fr s- ■•- Pcw«"-rs "A Celestial
sl*Meii" tu;.s o . n cvenlns. P depicts
a, . , 'hltti - ejua":. "
tUn Fr tn«! 4- >f the dra
"Wie novelta. ..f the year.
4. -}-
Tlt<- *ar or of Madeb :ne l.u> "c Pvley
t 'itfc-. - if • ,-* opher. Jr. " teoda< 1
!"'• -V th< Ft w»e\ company, is .an e■-
♦ v "' ! men who would write
\ «* ths ~;e
: ! '.rn ■ woman is well :• mem
1. w»4 bv -Tof the theater as a
i"a<sfg] 3 . j ... tj.ftii eomfo per a prima
• ,J '' : -r.». wh.«. . r -ome year* of staa«>
' ' limitation rf pr«»fes
{|f. rrtany «etcrs. and
Xarrv.} t 1 v .y «•»? •, j.v-al habitat
•aj the > • .. i .mrsm-ity. v» tifch
Z 1 * dtnsed 1 r ' y the easing duties
fc-»r pr f H;»y"ti: a dectdt-d
teste fo, . , v work Mts. RyUy
atJTieiJ i t ,.» R: . -'ion to p: • ywriting fM»e
P-ts«.- ;n . ,-v.eil , -S. Ir.ama".--
ar 1 #. >tn », er • ..rnr«.*lA»al
t&tvr* >- r ».. Ige f th. '• hrvtat of
v ' Crania v, . c thorotith s" e th.
*0 he e irk a< * ; vwiicht a
•"•Pletene- f t utprr- nt wf -ch wi» urt
an- 1 >s e who ventw-» for -
* R • - f r the *:aee. Mrs. Ryley
rote f vr . . . v n years »-re she
* he •: • g whl- hind .at- w 1
*.'cs-p > r p-arpose. and t" Is said
,, perirsJ s ! -*e twen-
Pie,- f .'ramMh' wak sr'-.t- 't
'J? '***' * <• opera 'Jhrett «. ne--act
*.■ ,s nd .Mtneti-S,
■ rt »h» ' ' the sll« k ?'~' i-nMi'rss ■-
fr - r vMiaseri •> j ■ .|;..-ers She
* v. the*. *-!. -V »V*n s
i women were
jo i-* rjenc'.ertt sti the sent* of hti
r*- 0 „ji * hi* how-ver M*-
fT'cr n esral trl-ttpph »• I
* •aec j tj ih* more cr.d:t«h « be
WITH mem
cause It has b-en gained in spite of mul
titudinous obstacles.
The care* r ot Madeleine Lucette Fiyley
is an object lesson for women who would
venture for success in the field of dra
matic literature, and her obstinate per
sistency in striving for recognition is ev
idence that whatever sh»- may be. the
new woman is not lacking in the quality
of courage.
♦ ♦ ♦
What is said to be the exact truth
ahiut laiwrencc lUrrett's parentage and
boyhood is at last told by "Larry" Hut
ton in Harper's Magazine, n printed in
the P' sl-lntell'gencer last week, wherein
be gi".' s an intimate view ot Itooth. Har
rett, 1.-Kie' Wallack, Montague, Florence
and AI Cuilougb.
Mr. llutton flies to the defense of a
d-ad actor, about whom much has been
said aid written and particularly about
ht> name when disassociated with his art,
and the »(t< rise his pleoelan origin Ka\e
to hirn whenever It was called to his at
trition Mr. Barrett was rot a compan
ionable man. and his t-lations with bis
companies were never of a friendly na
tu:>. TM< fact contributed much to hts
urpopu'*iity. Aral nil re bad things were
said of him * - hl!e.he was alive than stood
v.i .•! i; w;»i de-ad. IR the old Michigan
Exchange, jr. Detroit. years and ji>ars
:tV i. he war credited, wre'i he "hopped
be! l s ." With k»l • » .r»K tilt differe..f ~ne.
C* eP' fi of ; J*> of the ! 1
«>•«!«:n of anrvsr.cl.itor*, and he wi« then
kiMwn a* Larry Rfjv.nigan. I nave heard
oid Garry He. »rh. tne dean of Petrolt
rrofeaMoPa! .1: tors. now tell cf it.
and M r. t ««r Rt!««-?lh f the Thi r d A vr
not' l.j»afet xv'll '••■ir tne out Jr. the
statement thnt wh.r. Lawrence Parrett
was a lei!-boy *n the Kschanse he
was l »tv Rriv.inig.in His father,
who lived .p P ;t--'v u rg, w is Patrick Pr.tn
n van. ' ■ ' >' 1 the paper* of that
city which t< i-.-Vv roaxtcd the actor one
time *jj his unftilal cc duct.
+ + +
Frederick Pond, who played the p.-rk
packer In "Mi Frlcti-t P ' *h
Seattlr theater • arly in the se.:ar»n. w <*
leaving e" Lout not lons «s U • w
York IU- 'i»d Just -v-tb-d hlrr.s 'f f ni
for ihlv In the buffet ear fat > q set
W-ke and had opened his n*avspap»-t to
read when a commercial traveler of .he
tr;uul«lth*e kind ntrred Ttie
took a e-' >* near -he ouiet traaeier and
made srvi ral attempt* hv hH» movements
to attr.ae- hi;* att.-ntUm !•' . > lv, unable
to «;and the n e. he Inquired
"Travellr r >astT'
Slightly *<!ev*tf-* his eye v s i< ho
looked a' his questioner. Mi. Put.d re
plied thoughtfully:
"N 'w York""'
"Plertsuro *"
"Ye: f-.nd no.
"tiresi p e N> w Y t k Ever been
t hore teferc ,M '
"f in -• -it s home -fits trip X- w York,
yon know."
OP r* Ir the ear had hv th'-- time he.
ct.me inter sted in the Miuat! n «>v '• r
to 'he humorous periston ••. of the dritm
uier and the am a «h! a a >yan« e of Mr.
lb nd The eon v. e«nt» n was n- ■»»nw the
rod although the '■>:■ -v.-r .tl i no* k"fw
!t a» he continued «'rt"..c his qu« -»i as
ItnaHy he asked
"Fxrus r»a '•:* tnic K ' t -«k whit v« 1
tin : "dr. i to New Yc-» V t ar'*"
Lavtn* hh tv v. .pm-»! t•> < ne - ?»• -»n.l
look ins h:s t r «♦, idtly In th-
Mr I! : I ■■' 'w ; nr • h ■! *l' <•» .r
"1 JUT c a. .• N -w Ve.rk first n«c>
the 'rain « .akin-: n>e ;herc. s«»eu)d h---
cat sc t havo i • \ rt f n \ a*- t cm
aff -i it. ind its: 1 • ... if I like
pt >ee 1 Intend to huv It"
That fftdftl th« ■« 1 "V'e
4. -{- «S*
Thomas W K- ••-. and M* rv>mnsry
l-laved "Julittr- «" ■ >.tr" re-a -lv in a
Western town A' t%e ! .«t nv-m ••
fe and that th< pr 1- fv r» -n had f- i a
-end up the t. ' ar '.! .-w ch ;r v:s»>d »n
ifce senate > t ne. . tid an oul t. .- <*• » r
wa- hast v pr vv tf.ni ;he i •? ->t tne
theater, and sfrer t>ein« e ...,•• y wt*i
draping was pr.- -.ed . ;) f «. - v tn the
nv lst of *be s • -ne 1 !*r. et» - < r> -a s
duMmvered attached to t'-.e c ,: 1. -,nd it*
irthahPants rn •c •• • . . t - t- .. <ij..
turban « they had « ;fT' , ro«t '-gan
swarns about the stage r ..-e reve'-e«
upon the R.-ma-.. '■> '■ w r.< ■ k d -i-1 sh t
sleeved dr> Tt ev sreme.l to be par
tteularly effe-.d« ! ax- h t r art •
Is deo&tfu! whether r.i- s.»r"> •*••.<*h «. -•»
was ever d w ;'h marc *• f r . t
the moment " it he was beu c 'erred hr
the eonspttat rs' «t.«gs*"-s the w\s;s were
mort truustrloas tn thetr w in t «
tent scene where t'*«sr anp. .rs to Br-:-
t.;s one might aim -t dot; its tv : r< r.t.»
, e Ca«sar. It was the *a»te in T --m.
,tr. <s, etc.. but the fao# »*s no . -nger f a
• roe. In the last *• t Pru:as ha.t one e»e
!■ iKd Antony a swcllen 1 p «* -«<pts «n
entarsed ohin. t.-uctus ar. inequality in t
st** of his hands, and < • tavtus Cae«.»r »
eose that *naid have d-.-ee at t •
n.»»e of Bardolf In Henry IV T v «
i r-,»a< d> .-«me *«ry becomtr s m r .
ing eent»»-n when Mr. as i., - s
ail, "Antony, the posture of your b. *
Is yet unknown, but for your words they
rob the hybla bees and leave them honey
less," and Mr. Hanford AS Antony re
plied; "Not stingless, too."
♦ + +
Here is a atory about Clay Clement, who
used to be leading man in Cordray's stock
company in this city: His lather is a
rich stock raiser of Wisconsin. His IVr
cherons and Clydesdales are known wher
ever a horse market holds forth and hi®
acres absorb a Onerous p irtion of the
Badger state. His name is Geiger, and he
is a quiet, plain farmer of kindly manner
and absolute Innocence of the world, the
flesh, and theatrical rates. Clay went
upon the stage a: a safe distance from his
progenitor's estates and wrote a glowing
tribute to himself addressed to his iather
explaining to that unsuspicious judge of
fqulnts that his son had gone where glory
accompanied by the lordly stipend of JA %
week awaited him. The oid man wis in
furiated. Ho disinherited Clay and for
bade his homecoming and wrote a brief
but vitriolic page of wrath, winding up
with the cheerful reflection: "Acting is
no profession; it is vagabondage. These
never was but one man in this county who
ri d such a thing u» you have done. Jim
N'lckerson joined a circus and came home
dead with his blamed neck broke."
Recently a reconciliation was accom
{•iifh«Hl, and in Joliet a fortnight ago there
was the Percherati raiser sl.tmg in the
front row of the opera house upon
his soi: ftxe.i out ir. soldier clothe.- and
s .owing considerable li.ttlllgent applause
upon the aetir.i? «>f the company i" "i
Southern Gentleman."
* + t
A condensed biography of Richard Man
field .-a.es re went on the staso because he
n is iwr, as he himself has often said,
bat his tirst venture was not theatri ul.
He began in a provincial city as a pict
ure painter. F>rawhil« he sold every pro
duction of his brush, but for some r»a.-. n
Ms ket suddenly contra'ted. aad *• en
h had .f number of canvas s on hand f>r
which ther. v«> te no purchasers. Then he
w«nt t London. There he l.iiled a-a n:S
in art, • and-secured some sort of place
in 1 business l ouse. He couldn't make
t i st so in«i returned to hi- - asel. with no
4r< t> r s. ccess than before. He rot *lO
■ that he actually took to sin sine sonss
in the st-«-ts for easujl pennies. :u:d
rarely w is :?ble to get h square meal s.tve
when 1 to fcc.l it the famous Sav-
Club of. which he w;;s one o£ the
original member*. "Ifliwitlpm." he hag
- ild "! .lit •••! on smells • At ;s» he w-r.t
! i yti S Olibcrt. the eomv/Oser, ind
«• it ! r htm. That w;t« Jus" N f-->rt "Pin
afore" wis brought otit. G!lh< • * u f » d hi 4
'• wijh D'Oyty Carte then man
as r t r the ' i*n -:s p-.-tnt"of Gilbert
* B iUtvan and Manaflek) toured the Prit
un -.?•>»<. irt.-e-s (« '-".r. a fore" for three
year* sir :!r.s the jv.rt of Pir Joseph Por
ted K C P . rnd rcrefvir.s th. • ma r
r-.'V-fn* vmr-rs n of sls a ~h< n
b» are.* in Le-don .n.«l has n<-ver lw n
hard tip «!r -e Put hi: ec 'v .xt -ri--te -t
-<■ -ti to have pennar.ently soured h:s
t f rrner
+ + +
r. o .If* •«■>»! >• •*-. ''-r fhc.-ri
ssid it !#. dOfbttu; If will
ever be reorered as a the»tej
again Fha p)nr» ftaji prown «wr>y
from the ■ "iy cc'r-.T element and ? a* e|.
«men* has »>. •• t aaht to «• K d!vcr«!»n
,'. „vv !■' V ,1 !>- r •r ; -r • - »
1 V :"! • v. : :r»" ■ : th t that
sum wt< - <"*'• <1 n; >r the «*j r -
ment ?! '*■' mja - :nd vtt »^e
stbi'es ■ f ♦ <•»;.. time :•!.» » ••• -<» w .<■
• •- opera < ifpniy I • Seattle from
?s*!' Fr.'ireise* - ! !" -r .1 " t ,y \ r> «• •»<.
locked aeross the f >o?!i?hte *ht> rows of
v "t eh;r}'- n'-> ■cv -n»: a vhy
r* r, iv { '• -I r ' t'• see t' "*r*.
The f■ e * « - t «: th .t t l eh .>e w m not -jn
prot< r!> '• I >" company w s r« ;e'a
a oee '» aid ' i'" ' ? «jr.«- * If
Manager Fr r d i.' l he «• ur»-? ■»
V i.»f and -tin • rr * »rv-r% * <
'.... t •>n : r." n* *:»• e • •*' i t-o: < y 'v
h:\-c e xOtrte busine»- hnt w'th ortty
| r !f, '« * om'-~ 'wri !«> p" 'ir r-e
--— .vl 'r
«• I- r • te- * 1 -ir t s ->t tV 1 *
T . r*> ■' "» i\■ e JT h J ' **' o r ? , i * e e - t
1 v - ■>.r that " K e Jeffe*-* -r ,v >*. r « to 'v»
:v rte ? sr.'o a 'o<lsrt»"c >in-'*e to rr et
** 1 , ai^eo^mod - ?tlonir bv
If -v*. p. a
j 1V ■ Kv T v e T - 'T. ?T "
dj.- -«• v it '-'i-s >-i\y v en
•>vpr * V' 'S* l rr v :i 1 ■' ** 0' v
•fi «' * Will pfM them J"'"me of *he
■ >t*4 rct-imM tt ?~ -i ".
3 e Sjivo •M-jree eherus hi»?
0 ,1 -»r ehorus nine*" r-—-*'•*. !»* » v e !'y
TW«I C M.T.FF.T Ci"»D '
JnteK (ip*n'» Opera ronip*nr,
«tf>ed 4" * e m'e •• r» i* V'«
»he a* * * a*-'; "•n f-->»a bv M -r
--sj' ' >ft' car his th- x at« rf r the -om'-?
r , - v "Wit 5 '--t -tan* •> • : r* of
lisrht irrard eoml -1 ri•-sr *
e ijcfW Ju?e« C-cau has a ft*. •;«
renntattm a* an Irrr , r* ««a' -4 •» sr. i the
•>rese-' fetr.'msr is in keeping with *-e
statdanf bv him so mam
year?. Th# name of Grau is kno«-n ail
ever the world. It haa introduced to this
country tfce greatert singers and alters
the wc-r':i has ever seen, and has cn!y
been associated with the best productions
of grand and ccaajc opera both in EU
r »*sd America,
Mr, Grs-j"; : gaaizatJon this year 's
c m R osed f J?R excellent combination of
artist*. Mis* Eioi±-e Maimer, prima
d rr-! r-rnno. is an artist of ex
i»nence and thcro«irhiy conversant with
the »ir<e of work she wti; have
do. Sh" has a pure soprano
voi-e of gr at sweetness. a fine
ap :>*aranee. and I* an excellent actress.
Mt*» Mary ■ •trrirgTon, sister of the fam
ous Abbte la the wconit prima
donna. She is young, pr 'tv. and has a
voice that is said to ho wonderful. Miss
Fanrsie Myers, the prima donna contral
to, has best* K with such *<brgan
lxa'i ns a" Helnrlck s .»j- r t Company, C.
I». i <• /<*•, *. '*• Mr. <»rau take* gr'at
pl-asuf.' ;n pr->**nt:r.« this year his new
tenor. Martin Pache, ww?e refutation in
b th Eur pe and America will guaranty
that he will be well received, and a fa«
vor:t« wt'.h the audier ■•»s everj-wnere. He
Is a t i '1 - rr.e man arn! has a pure ri
bust© tenor vo.ee of great range and
1 hvt Mr Li :,-! is, the harttone. is
w. 1J rememt>ered fr .m '.« st se*on. tiii-
K* rt Ciaytor.. Robert Lett and Staniey
F b th< thr«*H mm, diana, are weil
kn-'wn h-re and great favoritea with Mr.
Orau's patrons.
The rhoriis has been specially organ
ic d for this season's repertoire. They
are young, preay and have excellent
voices. Mr. Grau wili also intr>>duce for
the hrst time here iittle Willie Kirst, the
great-st boy tenor singer in THE world,
wiio is but 9 years of age. Following is
the repertoire for 'he week: Tonight,
"Boccaccio." up to date, Introducing the
FAMOUS widow's dance, and the latest
hit, "Hilly L'aly's Girl;" Monday. "Chimes
of Normandy;" Tuesday. "Olivette;"
Wednesday, tirs: time at popular prices,
"Martha," Thursday, first time here of
the great comic opera, "Ship Ahoy," and
the grand flnsle from "El Capitan;" Fri
day, "Bohemian Girl;" Saturday matinee,
"Glroflc-Girotiu," Saturday, AI*O lixst time
of "Indiana."
+ ♦ ♦
Third tveaar Theater.
The strong attractions of the Broadway
company at the Third Avenue theater
Will not be any less this ween than they
wi-re last week. They will be the drama
"l>ojst Paradise." by Belasco & De Miile,
which wiil be given on Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, and Bronson
Howard's famous play, "The Banker's
Daughter," which wili be rendered on
Thursday. Friday and Saturday matinee.
Both these plays wiil be produced under
the personal s.ujx rvision of Mr. T. Daniel
Frawiey, who. has rehearsing them
during the past week.
"I.ost Paradise" depicts all the fierce
passions aroused by the labor question,
without leaning to either side in that un
ending controversy, ana has an absorb
ing love story mingled with the plot. The
scenery has been prepared with great at
tention to dt*;ail, one scene representing
a factory in full operation.
"The Banker's Daughter" is admitted
to be one of the great plays ot the latter
end of the century, and Is the chief
source of its author's large fortune. The
characters are drawn from the highest
society of New York and Paris, where the
scene is laid, and the costumes and sct-n
--ery, which are specially designed, are ac
cording to the highest type. The leading
character. John Streblow. will be in the
able hands of Mr. HallocK. Mi«s Truax
will, of course, play Lillian, the heroine,
a part which gives her a wide scope for
the display of her artistic talents. Spe
cial scetury is being prepared for the pro
('apt. Holtum's vaudeville company
continues to give an interesting pro
gramme of specialties in the auditorium,
beginning at 7;;w p. m. each evening. He
furnishes the chief attraction by the
playful way in which he toys with cannon
balls, and the Birds give some clever im
personations of Chinese characters, while
Voorhees and Davis show their mastery
of stringed instruments.
+ + +
l'ikt* Sirn-t Theater.
For the week commencing Monday,
January 17, the very funny farce comedy
"The Widow O'Brien" will be produced,
and has for its salient features, fun, fast
and furious. A number of high class
vaudeville acts will be introduced on
board of the steamboat Bristol, including
such popular favorites as the Levinos.
lK>!ph and Susie. In their novelty act the
"Rival Arts." introducing harp music
with sonvs and rapid crayon cartoons of
prominent people; Harry Sedley. the
• com: ictor. n funnyiams, and William
Tu l;< r. • f the Tlv.il! opera company. San
Fr.:;cis o. The Pikf theater stO'-k con
| uany is «. si.j'• r• r on- and a big week's
is < c-rtain. • spec Sally In auch a
r ay i-'ace as this r rth side family re
port. ' vi- •-> . • ! Towr.«end have a small
Klondike in the "Pike "
+ * +
11>#]»lf'» Ihcwtcr.
The M' lar Bros, are evidently bent
j up .i giv.ng their i-ttrona what they de«
j mnnd. viz.. a high r: vaudeville per
| f ntan- e This th-y have !>e*n doing
! f' '■!>* day th*-y red their now pip
' ui 'r r - '?. The • xce'.ience of the shows
• ha* -<• •'! in 1-d x< rttlon from all sources
! :■ velfy if:, r nov«dty has been pre-
I d without ' r v ' ■ -■rs expense.. The
! oh, t f the preeent ma basement of the
j !'■ ■ ■> * is ' > te *he fact that
I 9 .'tie c-n f • support a really
ie-.: \ \'IU » Next week an
' • Mr* changt- f •—mr .- will he given.
JA' -s 'he ..rt'.s'.s s irh w«l! known
: s|M-e«a:r\ stj- r >- a- t' -.*n and Ryder who
: w t) ear tn their perform
ance. des- - ♦ " J•• ftumf' , act on
r: rrh." -m 5 I>enl«*a alao m ike
' ti ir t'.rrt' :ipi» ar vH'i a;.-) Biille Jerome.
• t! •at i :r.«dian •> ~mor>g those who
' will taJt«" part in the hip hill. These art
i-■ r- f* m th>- i ;!r«r «••»»• aMishtr»*nta
i ' v. w rod. It i* > e atly undertaking,
h* ' »r,e lut th*= iw 'tractions are pre
th« I> v'» s. A w comedy
s- VI ' S at tie A'' • r TVtrk" will be a
f, ;•> <-* -he pe-rf '.* l irsce Ir would b<*
' a'" ->t -npoeeibh- ' '.escribe In detail the
v '•■ou« Kood things. Tiif" is no que*-
» • s-.ow-.-ver :»• it t v . M ar Pres. are
K\\ '• .: *he '»es? performances ev-r seen in
a \.i sdev'Jle theat< r \r. this city.
4- -t- +
'■ % Xiilwlatrr \khi'« I)rr»m."
" •»* Tj >- «out - i"? "A
V; w iter Night ' Tr-V* have arriv •?
■; f- day Tit <r.iH -he fa-rv cu <n. will
?thy ,-d ■ t "erial* to i
• ar.'i >xpo-e hcf'-e'.f far n «hort tinu
j. • juis-'iive raze of mortals.
Ev»rv prestation will he taken, as T!-
* .'.« i- •» creat ire her*-'!?- Thia
! rn- mt i->re«j-" ;* il'y for s " *
shv nn\ t: 'eg. «ave the arts o? trod*' J
: i- 'rv. w hlrti short-omlne Is mrriv ad
sir-.' she does not enjoy the id
v inuf'-* that her mortal cousin a do. 9h»
rr -.naa--« costt- tica v>ry we{' and can g'c
e*e wh»'*-. •viirphment'd. without *e»mir«if
too affected
ller r>xt a-11- d ac-.- -rr.pMfh~-.ert win be
|to a proposal graceful'y. and <■ r
s'derlre ** *■ r.atur** • ' the s 4 ?tjar:o-" It wtll
re-- rve-d for *he last dress reh- ir*al
V tt-m and his eruaty senators w : ! l'ne
«r> and v -« caueht >y the camera in the
a * ■. ? demonstrating gag law Then tVe
•Tf.t »n ' ♦he affah'e Lyaande
w • n aa h» heroical'v comes to h-r
r« - ie in a motrt nt .->f doubt and p»»r-
I sua i.-s h« r that married folks must lire
| or love and not mashed potat^ea.
The haliet U dais* some good work, ir. 1
their cSever tem «:!1 be a **ry q
f , are of tf!e performance. Th? prci.e
wid ia*jt e ht-r appeaitun* next we« it.
+ * +
Today'* Rand t nnrert.
L Hert *J' Revet! d-s
<f, < 3r' t tod3? F-oro th» ObTnp:«
3- Flat* solo— '!* ciraevai de" V^es*" he *
- - Stecknsest
« ®'f- D. Dura mi.
J3? r * "So.T!rr«nia^htatrium"
'i.rsc time)
». a> xachr" ££
<o» «-haracterlstic p!ece~"F?!rtaUon"
« Soprano "bright" '.'.'! II ]LucksS
- rir- « « Mfes CJ»r« Tefter.
*' 2EL 00 from " 1 ParttAPa
... * irs>T time}
r f r cJl "< by Mr. A C SI
L*od: r " • Mr S R Prtce.
» r» »*"--;«*• S:jf A. I'anrio.
Paraji;ira " I'jt \ Hymn"
New Yf»rk'« perm*r»«t "frrua ha* faiVd
Morris was born on St Patrick'*
£j aJn f d r ir9e !s «®rloyed in a Phila
delphia theater.
.. PB " us l«ft her husband and
A Raiiroad Ticket."
William Winter has been a dramatic
crUSc for foriy years.
Next season Mirk Smith will produce an
opera calTed Frippe."
Ml#.* Ada Rehan l* m appear In a new
roie. Gilbert*. In "Frou Frou."
Mrs. Ale*ande r Saivini (Maud Dixon)
waj shortiy return to the stage
Buffalo Bill's Wild West will be a feat
ure of the Par;? exposition in 1900.
Beerhoim Tree is to play Sherlock
Holmes in a play by Conan Doyle.
I .aura Burt w. i sail for London January
22. to play June in "Blue Jeatwf in London.
Wiiliam Danforth and Norma K pp. both
o- frank Daniels* company, will shortly be
It is said that Corinne lea: $30,000 in L l
aan Russell's old opera. "An Amtrkv.n
Frank James, brother of Jes«e James s
the door tepder of the Standard theater.
St. Louis.
It seems to be a fad for society girls to
go on the stage. Every week brings its an
Weber's "Freiachuta" has just been
performed for the 600 th time at the Berlin
royal opera.
Fanny Rice, whose name in private life
is Mrs, G. W. Purdy, has plaved "Nadjy"
nearly 160 times.
May Irwin presented every member of
her company with an ex:ra week's salary
as a Christmas gift.
G. H. Broadbur.ft and his brother are to
product* "What Happened to Jones" in
England next season.
With the exception of E. S W llard by
the way, there are no English stars tour
ing America this year.
Oi»ia Ne'.hersole has decided not to re
turn to America ihis spring, deferring her
visit until next autumn.
McKee Rankin and Nance O'Noill will
undertake a starring tour on the conclu
sion of their brief engagement.
Anna Held has begun a tour at the head
of a company. She opened in Boston and
will play west to San Francisco.
* T. Henry French has been rounding up
play pirates and in Chicago recovered
copies of numerous pirated plays.
Estelle Clayton is to pi ay in A Visit
from Venus." a one-act comedy, t mnded
on F. Anstey s "The Tinted Venus."
Verdi was denied admittance to the
Milan conservatory on the ground that he
showed no special aptitude for music.
"Lost, Strayed or Stolen" has given up
the ghost. Anna O'Keefe was the backer,
and played one of the principal parts.
J. K. Murray and Clara Lane will star
next season in plays somewhat upon the
order of those made famous by William J.
"Cumberland *6l" is to be produced in
Loncton in- the spring. it possible with the
original cast, with Edgar L. Davenport at
the head.
Mrs. Leslie Carter is being coached in
"A Winter's Tale." "Beatrice" and "Ca
miile," Mr. Belasro making her ready to
assume the new roles.
The Adelphi theater in I»ndon, which
was closed with the announcement of Wil
liam Terriss' death, was opened Monday
with "Secret Service."
Bronson Howard's new play in which
Herbert Keicey and Effie Shannon are
soon to appear, will be his first dramatic
work since "Aristocracy."
The theatrical managers of New York
will commemorate the late Dr. Houghton
with a stained glass window in the Little
Church Around the Corner.
<*harles Kent, who was with the Giffen-
Neill stock company last summer, has the
record of playing lflo parts in two and one
half years on the Pacific coast.
Robert Hilliard is ta return to the legitl
rnatt Held January IT. with a production of
A NeW Yorker, which is a revised ver
sion of his old play. "Lost—2* Hours."
Vienna is going to turn moral, too. The
ballet corps at the imperial opera
has received orders to wear "roomy white
silk stockings" over its tights henceforth.
Pinero is now 4- years old. He was a
lawyer and an actor before he b*>, ime a
tframatist. It is said that he was ten
months writing "The Princess and the
Butte i lly."
An Inscription I read in a dressing room
in San Francisco, say* Jeff de Angells. is
very true in many fairs in the theatrical
prof- ssion. It read: "Aping the rich k.eps
actors poor."
"O Susannah." the English comedy, will
be produced next s-ason by Sinyth and
Rice, with May Vokes in th* lea ling role.
Miss Vokes will bring out "The old Coat,"
In Washington.
Miss Marie has de- ided m.t
to join Rober* Hilliard's "A New Y rker"
company at lioyt's. She rnay possibly r- -
turn to tne stage in some other play, how
ever. before long.
Henry I?. Clifford a Chicago manager. Is
the originator of the id a of presenting an
onera in a tent. He will send HI: a c-jm
-1 any of H& in the spring to pre.- rit operas
in a huge canvas tent.
The a tors of the country, according to
the New York World, are organizing an
association for the protection of the Amer
ican stage so as to tight the theatrical
managers* t ombtnation.
Mrs. Annie Yeamans. Johnnie Wild ar 1
I an i'ollver ure to a, pear a: i N< w York
vaudeville theater n» xt week in a.n» w
«-k- -n bas»-<) on "C'himn :e Fadden." and
arranged by Edward W. T wnsend.
Nathaniei Hartwig. who played I--.,ding
parts with Olga Nttm-rsole ani", 1! ir!"
Wainwrignt, iias :ti<» and join, d
the New Vork Stiy-k Exchang- His name
in life is H\rt»!R Nathaniel Baruch.
S,xt»en plays ;a\e a productd this
«.-a«on that tl'-"rr, m«*»-t the initial
c--st. t'haries Frohnum star- a that 'A
Marriage of Convenience," with one s est,
i st itW*: ' The Litt'e Minister" $ . ♦>•.
and "Change Aliej"
S'anfrUd Wagner is n Rn;ne at work on
a comic «>?•«•?.». *' » Itook being on a srory
of the Thirty Year.-' wa. His m»;sj. s
said t > b- not of :!•,■ a-ho 1 of his fa'h» r.
but ef that of Ham erdinck. t:»< om
p iser of "Hansel and Gretel."
Juii.i M -r:->w» ?e«- >v : • d from ' ii!r.e. ia
s > that was aS ie to <», n her tge
m» nt ... N» w -?"k M fida> B> a stiijc i! ir
coincidence -th she and Ada ltehan
i>,a ved "As \ < I.ske It." and ea -'n
Jird wa« accord-d its me»-d of }«• iisc.
slar> Hampton h ta u offer to go to Au*-
tralii nex- >t-ar. ant thinks • will remain
tn New York jndrr Fruhman'?• —
before you leap! But, if you
must 10 Klondyke, you
should have rrlidljle tootl.
I he ciie«ij)est baking powder
(because it tartiiest and
never <: its b ck on >ou) ii
V Be si.
I he cheapest tea is Schil
ling s Bi 7. lecai;se it taste
good an i ih ail t*-a.
Sikii>inr's i>€st coffee goe
farther than any other—no
because it is s r former, but be
cause it starts tile uay right
A nj k »-s»sr
!>U fNdC 4
"*• W. M. RUSSELL, le**c nnd Ma««fer.
Commencing Tonight, Monday. Jan. 16th, 1898.
$ Sm*y. fc«fry. , Last Week
) aw! \
h,i... o* D.Miii r -. . Of the Present
tZZ'..y x ~* $ Season of the
Lost Paradise, \
On<* of th? T- ami Mrat I"ro- s
rour ed" Sue See the \ Klll/lllltnv
X Mil! So«if Machinery ;rt a !!»1 V RB| VUUnU ;
) VVorktn* 6rder! Be® the StstiM A S#
< Scene!! V -Tr~rgr -a -r -
TTurwSar. Friday, ThAafaf
sassr - i nearer
s \
Rroanoe Howard's
) Grrai«-«t of
a " "; Lomoany.
1 EANKffi'S DAUGHTER. > V""' |, gL l J'
i See the I>nel Scene. So# 1 the \ /
v' American Consulate Scene in y [• f rs — v\\\
A Paris The Story «>f thU a;;ti- s if( f ( \\\ \
V ful pUy is familiar to most the- y 1 \ V\\ /) 11
A aer-jro«rs. and the n!ay ranks \ \ \ /
V* anionie the beyt productions ct \ \ - //
A the century. A —y
PRICES—SOc, 40c, 30c, 20c, 10c. Box Seats, sl. Boxes, SB.
Telephone Pike ft.
J XopHwmJ Theatrleal Aicorlatlra,
| PAIL A HYXER, R«tldeat Muaitr.
I ■ 1 ., H ..k.. 1 ,i., H -lI.H. Hi! 11l 11'H4 I
itt t ± ©
* v*.«ur t One Week.—X ;: 5
! s»anaa r» I T Tkarcdar, * •>
& •}• -j- CeaaeaclniTonUht. • • i§
I i Boccac ch. £Wy ItoUatt ? Shlfc Ahoy.;; |
|> 111 IH* ■iMlllll 1-1-H- |
I fSrairc 4"""""i I
| j HI fill 5 I |
1 £ Chimes of $ _ Bohealan $ ®
lopera I u ZJ 1
j|— i Gomp y i~"~ | j
* £ Olivette. £ Aaifrira'* Greatest Repertoire T f ®
m -j- T Oprra Company, Prrceatlaf
I GlrofU. | $
| Hinh-Claa. Opera at IMII IM I I 1*? <|
I 11: People's Prices. I
T Wednrsda), T T Satarday, I ( S
! i I YOUR* and Pretty Chorus! I I I
X Hartha. v tirau's Own Orchestra! X l«Maaa. t $
* V?
•) nMArn I ( ' unrr floor .........90 T# V
* IJI§Ill IHn I (Mm >, flrat 7 . . ... IHI S
* //IF \\ Ha loony, last 4 .......... 25 •)
* 1 1)1 (1 f Gallery U ®
* IllWfcW . tlotlnee itXc and.............. • .......... SO l# \
Seattle's recognized Vaudeville Resort.
Miliar Bros. & Co.. props.; Mora Goldsmith, mgr.
A Clean Sweep! Complete Chan Re! Always the Best. Special engagement of
the J'Vfci t viwk Novelty Artists, COX UN <fc RYDER, In the Funniest Act on Earth,
In conjunction with J) other Star Specialty Features, and first production of the
Fa fee-Comedy,
No she w in the Northwest to compare with It. Its superiority Is apparent to eIL
Regular prl<*s—Admission 10c; res»rved seats 30c; cafe seats 55c; box fleets, 60;
boxes *2.5» and 15.00, according to location. Telephone, Main 4®,
ment. She ha* an offer to go to England
in May, on which she has not derided. The
part for which she express'-a preference
n .Mrs Ralston in "J.rn the Penman."
She a 'umHl it for the first tim" l.tst sum
mer, playing with the Giffen-Niell stock
Delia Fox has already mapped out h6r
plans for next season. She intends to head
hr own company and tkne is now booked
a: a leading N w York theater for early
in August She ha« several opera* under
eonsid'Tatl >n. :it will undoubtedly accept
the latest work of W. T. France. "The
\ lvanJiere."
The year 1)IW cursed at the New York
theater* with 'he iio'.r* of two play houses
er.ly the newest oms. closed to patron 0 .
At "two housr-s an unusual th'nr cv>-n in
the varied record >f New Tofk amuse
ments, Shakespeare's "As You Like It,"
was ;ir- -<nte«i Humptv Dumpty" and
"II Trovatore" were also amona the Offer
Sarah Bernhardt and Mile. Bartet, of the
C Mir,'.!.' Hi'-• IV •"» been «-le- .ed vie
j #.«-.Serrs of the committee .harge of
r:as- XVI! I < Mate: ials of Th-atri ai A n
< the V*" exposition, of which M. «'iall
hatd d.: -nor of -he <"•: and Opera is pre"-
i«»»n*. Thev are the first women chosen as
of* ; tr T*- on a fomm.tte* not con-
Be 'ted with woman's w rk.
J f !• Utt ' i --1 - secured the English
melodrnma. "Sf.ortirs? Life." by C* -il Ral
c ;-n. I* was r- • r.Uy produced ;n I nditn.
HI id will :»• n ;ven a larjf- scenic ;»r •ductton
in this country next season. He has thre«-
oti„-r plays to launch n the aut imn, and
In bis hriineh;r>jr out will underta.ice .-tars
a * Has rdayerx Matthews .t:.d Puller
ar» to «tar next winter in a n> w comedy,
ur.dw the managment of Mr. Litt.
•r '■ rse il. Broad hurst's farce. "What
Happened to Jon"*." is to be produced in
V. trind s'-'ith Africa the rijcfct hav
ir« pur- t.y <*haries Arnold who
> xpi'uted <' ariey's Avrit" in the ame ter
mor' Mr. Arnold made a tu .r of th»
I'n.'ed Stat", p. few vi ars aso ir. "Hans,
f.» Bo»<tm«n ' He cont'-a/'Tta to play the
part of jo- r» .r.i to make the Australian
production within six months.
Fred C. Whitney ha* paid s•>*> for the
privilege of a nine-months' option on an
:>*ra which he has de ded not t> use
I: :« .» d "The Beggar Prince: or. Royal
Tr.: Joseph Co';ty of Hungary, s*
the cort t v.-r of the nt :s'.r. He j S omr- <1
aut nor to *h~ ry>i.»! op*ra ho :-' * ,t Buda
-t and Vienna. The opera had lorg r ns
: both fh»«- •*!♦>*. At Budapest it was
prssert*-! 21" f.T.fS. wntle 500 performances
were given at Vienna.
"Ko-ko-rt-ko " a dramatic review of th<>
y* '.r at a Paris variety bail, hat le<i to a
dual The a-ith r fun of she Catulie
Mendes-Luyne Vo*- encounter repre-»-ntine
th* ; rtn ?-KH as Le Prince de Manar-ni
ar:d Direoteur de d»s Petit*
S- with Duse and Tamajrno a* sec
o Is for tl# first and Sarah Bernhardt ss
or.t- »«co> t f r tne other. M. Lugne Poe.
feelSnsr insulted, chaileneed tb-- author,
and, a» in tbi* dusl he d:dn't keet» out of
btf opponent's he received two
siiarht «-ratrhe« and re-estabdshed his
reputation for physical courage.
Jhird Avenue AmHtorinm.
Week Commencing
! Sunday, Jan. Mttb, 1898.
Commencing at 7:30 P. M.
Admission, 10c.
NOTE—Performance In the theater does
rot commence until after the Auditorium
performance is finished, every evening.
The following attractions will be seen
during the we»k: First Appearance in
the West of the Broc<*e Sisters, direct from
Keith's theater. New York city, in all the
latest Sor.«s and Dance*. Initial Appear
ance of the Refined Instrumentalist, Mr.
Harry Austin, justly termed the Paderlw
ski of the Bells; repertoire Includes all of
Sou■■■a's Productions. Miss Myrtle Brace,
in Danes. Positive Appearance at Each
Performance of Armstrong and O'Neill,
tie Athletl' Duo, In the Mont Artistic and
Finished Arhktic Performance Ever Wit
n--.seed In this City.
Performance in Auditorium Commenr«s
at 7:3 ft. Admission, 10 Cents.
C'orrsw Pike and Fifrh Avenue. T«>oht>n«
Pikfe 1«.
I,«jvino & Towns# Bd, Proprietors..
Dolph I.»y!no M.tntf;»r
Th»- Xorth BHi» Family Resort.
W«k Ccmm*'r,rinir Monday. January 17,
Baiurd»y, tbe V«ry Funny f are«-
A T'.ier Cast of Char.K'<rs JV.t* of Fun
»*.<! Lau*i»t» r. tmroduHnif Pfsr Vaud»vil!«
Act* im iuding I>olph *n<l -»»■ 1> vino
Harry William Harry
lumber?, *•{••.. «t'-.
fopui»r 3ftr. 30r and 3f*\
To? ;*ht <Subday). la*t r.lgm of "Solomon

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