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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, January 16, 1898, Image 14

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Portland. Or , Jan. 15. '**
Seattle and Western V/ a*r. i agt <m—ftai a.
Seattle. W»sh.J*n. 15. V&. ,
r r- K Wind. % <
| 5 Si. £ £
? i ~ ~ ■ *
% » 2 ? o » 5
PLACE. | * iIS Sjft 1 S :
sesttl® "~*<K'44 H5 BE «- <V.-udy
Ang.>'.-h «- 4+ 3W Lt «Mptt idy
r\UK*h ■ ? -rf L 44 S i*- y
y- < it/by .. 44-44 S U ftatn
t'lfft-'X'K '--A n 4»i 4*i E Lt> •> « 'lOGdy
l:« rj Bluff . V ae. 44 « N IJL .24 p!< "dy
. ■«£ « Ktyw! tm cloudy
Fii'ek.» . .. % C Ut 54 NW Lf Cloudy
Portland . SB. 14 1* V. •<•>'"'oudy
Wa!U W .. r* 8 Lt S ■'«>•
Spokan* . ..30.13: 3*. 34- E % .•«;Cloud jr
lag»!t rain ha- fallen todsy hi Callfor
ni t. tm vGr; and along the coast of \V.i«r,-
liurton. The temperature remalna nasj
H>-atti*> local report—Maximum t' cp*'Tv
ture %»,; minimtim t«rm-p»-ratur>f. X* mean
t< tnp« rature, t2, partly ciouay;
tain in pa*t 24 hours, >&.
Section I>lre< tor Weather Bureau.
Special Dispatch to tne Po#t-Intelligencer.
TATOOBH. Jan. IS.—4 p. m.-Barometer,
iigh; rain wind south, IK mil?-* Out
*• trd-»et»r \>k», '.:!"» p. m.; iiiip Colum
bia, in low of Wanderer. 3:30 p. m.; a bark
in tew of Ticmm, 1:30 p m.
NEAH BAY. Jan. I.V-Ugat rain: calm.
>RT ANGKL.F.S. 15.—liarom«t*r.
S f "K: partly cloudy; wind * >uil;«3*»W two
ml i»
PORT BI.AKELKY, Jan. L».-S.illed
Jan 14—Sonr K. VV. Bar tie. for Han
Pedro: hk <'olumMa, for am Frtuclwo.
Arrived Schr C. S. Hoirnf". from Port
COItT ANGKL.ES. Jan I*.—Arrived
Jan. <3 Str Mln.oi*. fr«.rr> Comox.
ABTOHJA. Jan. li—Arrlved
4 «h PoUalloek. fr m Table Bay; Br s-n
Syrtfieburß. frem Car** Town.
NEWPORT. Jin I*—Arrived J«*n. 14—
Challenger, from >*' - a Mie
OKA VS HARBiiK. Jan 15.—Arrived
Jan 14—Schr Repeat, from Ban Frarv
' WII,I*A PA H Alt BOH. Jan. 15 - Arrived
Jan 14-Sehr Orient, from Han Krtm-N-o.
BPKNGB AVHKS. Jwi 13.—Arrived iiw.
%- Mr l ik Cn***nada. from Port I imbl.
SAN FRANCISOO. Jtuv 15.—Arrived—
Httr.r Columbia. an! Portland.
Hailed—Bohr Ivy. Everett: schr \V#??ern
Home, Coo* bay. *.hr VikinK. Gray* har
lvor *!mr Pregnant, Yauuini bay; (tmr
Waebteuaw. Tacotna; atmr Empire, C»o«
bay; *hr Novelty. W Ilia pa harbor.
InforiuatlMU for Mnrlner".
The branch hydrographrfc office, custom
house. Port Townaend. Wash., will furnish
on application. free of charge, full Inform
ation regarding the following notice# to
Hr itlsij Columbia. Vancouver Island.
Oitoukinsh inl.-t, position of Clarke r<>-k,
r-'«f southwest of Skirmish islets in Bat
tle bay. Oajra passage. Bunsby islands.
Connecticut Mil ford harbor, light on
eastern breakwater.
Prance, north coast. Dieppe, permanent
light re-established on east jetty.
France, south river Rhone en
trance. extension of ifioaia southeastward.
Gulf of St Lawrence, north show?. n>-w
beacon* on Whale Island, Flat Island, and
at Coacoacho bay.
lilnduat.in. a si coast, Karachi harbor,
buoy marking southern limit of port.
laiwer California, San Lorenzo channel
and l.a P,n channel, buoyage.
bower California. west coast, breakers
off >" ipc San I„iaaro.
M c-«*.iehu»etts. B<a»ton harbor approach,
l-'iioy marking wre. k In Broad sound.
Massachusetts. Boston harbor. South
Ho- m dorks buo>a at entrance to
dr« dged channel.
X ' <r:i«!i.!. cast coaot. Greytown, lisht
h( .»• dues,
N ■ S- otls. Bay of Fundy. Port Malt
-1 u. i ..r Or-> n cove llßht altered.
N.% H.-oii i C.t: • Breton inland. I.lttie
I'.' t- i'Or !ak' . buoy off Glllis point.
Ui;- Gulf of Finland, north shore, ex
:<Mi of liKht* between Uto and Axno
Uand. w.-ht coaat. rocks in Rcourle
\ Brazos river entrance, lisrht and
' •»: "iMfia! at Inshore end of the south
», rn jetty
T> *.i« *; ilvc«ton entrance, ilteratlon In
shown from ond Turn nuoy.
\ .-if *uf in. l.a Gualra harfxir, temporary
<! *<•« ntlnunuo of Vlgia llcht.
Venezuela. Puerta Cat»ello. buoy mark-
In»f telt-Kraph cable.
Virginia. bay Potomac river
fntrnn' c. InN nibd alteration in character
of Smith point l!«ht and fo>r s'gn.il.
Kntlee in Marlnrra.
British Columbia; Vancouver Island:
W' ! cm.-!; <>». ukin«h Inlet; p.«sltl<>n ~f
J lark.' nek- i<-».r sauthwesi of Skirmish
l«b t - rock 1. Battl. im »!•>.. i
Bunsby ,1»< f ,p. j >;• Walbran'
tnnstee of th. I> G s quadra, r. ■*n <
having >S ailUil frrirn ('..p; S.-:ward i»f
the st ilin- -<hoor.r r>-;.r;t S.!*.Mrd azi
muth comjM-s, >... iiiegj. of Clarke rock,
the cntrnncc to Ououklnsh Inlet, on she
co*-.t cf Vanc..;iv>T 1 r..i The
linings K»v» n Vv < ;h'! B<-iw ird pH< ••
•h.- mck abiiit half i ml!. N «!. .1 , : r. , ,
I. true ( N i tv >i: i from the
» r< sn.il m >» I»y Capt Clarke. He r.-
port* that from t»•; risk, iwish at low
w»;.r •».. aammtt ♦ Ctara inb-t bt«r«
> K !ru. INK » H i: mig i th
rummlt of to. -null. rem.>s» . in.l of t'
Cut tie group X. ?; K »ru» iN"
m u > Mid the Went Hayatack X ;i de
\\ true tX \\ m.iK >
''apt Bet ward r ports i reef hi which
the »< hdotier Favorite Kronnde.l about
v.inS In e\t. ut. marked «llKhtl\ ,t
low wat-r by a llt!l< k !p and v th i
tl. ioh of nine f.. to?? it. with the <outh
ef-m.i t t • ,«f Rk-rmlsh Isb -v .
«•». N : - i: •>';!■ tx E y
«*> r k out--de t» - j Mnt In the
m 1.1!. t P-itf'e !> »y X J1 \\
tr . »X\Y ma ; > . ) ti. , ,«t tangent
of the larger Is'and n t'». nor: • ,<• «. n< |
of the C.t- !• croup b. aring S ;'t degn-es
\N true tfouth, mie >
N r >.•< w :>\ \ ,f «. t ;, p on P
m■.k. .1 by k t:. S ' 1 ' r..~ 1" • rn.
' 1 E tr.ag) 100 yards from :h.
north poP t th. pl*-t on the ww .-h.>re
cf llattl* Th» psrt of Battle
no'thw- st »f thi- is!, i. that is the
n.*t l-!«s »t Of th.- bay, J« atl an.-h..r,*g,
fi-i >»:»51n« eh<H n« r<. t'rr»< are ob
tained from the Indian villag« or Ak«M
» '• ■- i •• a the «WH»?h ,>f the penin
r.. i ; »cn* th- Cuttle group
: • BM| (Uttrb PMWH throuKh th*
P i- dott«a! on II <> s.^rt
X > I. ! k v•- »« (Uv•: > ■ i • i
*• I «an>tned bt I'arit VValbran la.^r
*'t P i- »juttv» stra.cht. and fr
tbe >k. .i apt«ears to b-. t - i'.
■ T*>. In «c*i er M -.aib'-' 1-
i - d !?. a -'y.-T il £,••.«> .na. when tak«n«
{<» !• S'- !.■'* -Ml Kvj» ,• .J
A k s>;-• iN M : MM.) (Notice to M
. ' \ > < Hta« < : »
l' ■ <»r ■ Chart* x . • r,j
at<d i CR. If O. Pvbttcatiott. No. s»>. Coaat
of !>*''-'* i'oluaib.a, , tc.. PW, fv.jjt • £*
u. 4 i">
bv order of bureau of r.sviiialkm;
ivaicwiJ ': C. 8 x. °tltrmroylirr
v. vint I'Hovr \«»Tt:v
•t . vwfr c 8 H *X'S wis t»w - d to
Bi'koiry ve»tertiay fcv the tug T> .-n> >
1 :'i<r - -st
t ■ Francisco to load b- «. k Hum. i
•<•<>;>.■»»» - *T>rr<«ber. Caj»» t .wr>«e; i
rom San to i- «d < f-. r
r-v oner Colby !« at the C-r.trxl wh''f
!f. tsht and taking pi• ra r..r
* o '-p?-r river
T-Sg s. .* Cspt c. \V Sr-rague.
* ■ e\.-.;*nji for I've* tr-.; Sk.ifl
i *ir»v»r«c h t.»W t•>.<* brt'Ce-* *r.d
1 \ I ide,l *-th .v tins , f lurt H-r. t.ay
' prwuion* a; d a number of rx i.
J r, y»-*erai s^asm-nßera.
T k > -artre '"amderj tn being out.
j iti-ry to ■»>:;.* in * .lav ,r tw.>
tr l» . ' Skssuay. wifl be tea
• 1 tst>f" by th- tti* Golden '.Sate, and
n .'I trae«»«'-t 5«• • »ns of miaceltaneou*
f :ht a eighty h »r»e» and cat tie.
St'-amer Noyo. fr n Sar Fran.isco,
v un»k*rgt> fiiwiv* • sttt A
f if.-e >t :*'!«) "Vr s: will •: e i rripS -y#.i
t--.e work, which atl! »*♦ n %
pas- '•••** -i w ; i --t ln
X<*> .v.a«k*u yrn la.
CLERIC? —Irs Seattle. Fri<i*y January
14. l«* to Mr. and Mm. Max ft. Clencus.
a da agister,
JIfARTXKT—In S»a*!e. Friday January
14 1»> to Mr. and Mr*. D. M. McCartney.
a daughter.
EGBERT—In Seattle, Saturday, January
r. <**. to Mr. and Mrs Curtis Egbert.
CAMERON-Is Seat->. Friday. January
14 :<t* A Cameron, a native of On
tario, aged 57 years.
iVceased leaves a Mrs. A. F.
Full* r. He was a member tr good stand
ing of tfte A. O. t*. W„ the Masonic or
der and the Order of Chosen Friends
The funeral service* will be held today
at 2 o'clock from Butterworth's chapel.
KLEVE—In Ballard, Saturday January
15. 1»'««. of inanition, at the family home.
Kittle Kl've. -he one-month oid child
of Peter and Mrs. Kleve.
WASHINGTON -In Seattle. Saturday.
January 15, l*w presumably of apo
% * - residence, foot of _ Reptib
liean street, George William Washing
ton. age-i 51 years.
HERBERT—In Fremont, Saturday. Jan
uary 1.-, I*s*, from the effects of an
o;>» ration. ;it the home of hi* parents,
T'iomas and Eva Herbert. Fred H. Hef
t*-rt, age 17 years and 2 months.
I > ceased was a member Of the Seattle
high s< hoo! and of the Christian En
d' .vor Society.
Funeral services will take piace today
at p. m from Edgewater Congregation
al church. Interment In Mount Pleasant
SToNE—In Sfeilacoom. Saturday. Janu
ary 15, IB£#s, of heart failure, H. D.
Stone, age 45 years. Deceased was a
brother of Mrs. A rounds, of Seattle.
BRESLIN In King county. W**h.. at the
countj hospital, Saturday, January 15,
iv.fi. Mrs. Katie Bresiin, of cancer.
GfENTHER—In Seattle, at the family
residence, corner of Howell street and
Eighth avenue, Saturday. January la,
IK*< Herman Guenthtr. jr., of spasms,
aged six months.
ROME The furo-rai of Mrs. Martha Rose
will be held at Grace M E church,
corner of Thirtieth avenue south and
King street, at 11 o'clock this morning.
Interment in View cemetery.
HOLMES—The funeral services cf the
late t'apt. Edwin W. Holmes will be
h»!d at Bonney A Stewart's chapel at
. o'clock this afternoon. Rev. I. P. D.
Liwyd officii!ting. interment In Lake
View cemetery.
(JALI.AHKK-The funeral of Joseph E.
Gailaher will be held at the Church of
Our of Goo<) Help at I:S> o'clock
tttis afternoon. Interment In Calvary
cemetery. Special train at 2 o'clock.
thorixed traveling ,»gents of the Post-In
teilig«-ncer are J. A McClelfan snd J. I.
Hawley. City collectors are J. A. Cath
< art. R. T. Hawley W. H. Hanna and Ar
not Johnston. PostnjasterK everywhere
sre out i<4jents. Pay money only to these
and to our resident agents In the various
cities amd towns of the Northwest.
REWARD—Ten dollars will b*- paid for
inf .rmatlon l ading to the conviction of
any person stealing copies of this paper
delivertd to .subserUters in Seattle.
ADVERTISING—Office hours of the
Post-Intelligencer business office: Daily
nntil ii p. m.; Sunday hours. St a. m. to
1- W p. m., and 7 fo 9 p. m. Classified
advert!:-' inents will be received up to that
time. Advertisements under the nead of
Lost, Found, For Sale For Rent and
Situations Wanted will be inserted at the
rate of 1 cent a word each insertion. Pay
incut aiwj»>> in advance. No advertise
m. >it rci ei\f(l for less than 25 cents.
ADVERTISERS Changes for adver
li.-»inents ir. tile Sunday Post -Intelligencer
must be furnished by 1 o'clock Saturday.
Advertisements Will be received at
branch offices of the Post-Intelligencer:
E\ ERETT—P. K. Lewis.
Parktr Elits, Manager.
OLY.MPIA- 41".ti Ma n street, G. C. Win
stanley. Agent.
VICTORIA. B. C.-George Marsden.
The following letiert. await advertisers
at this oftice.
A. K. J. C. 45. IR. Z.
A. W. L. B. Seller.
g. D. L. B. D. jR. Y.
C. V. M K. T. U.
E. W. Miner. T. A.
E. Q. N. F. T Z.
F. Y. :N. B. R. W.
G. R. JO. A. U. X.
G. N. P. T. V. E
G. Z 1 <i. S W. M.
G. B. O. W. X. Z.
H. :G c. LY. G.
H H. Xj X. Y F.
I. w. w - z "
ST JOHN'S Lodge, No. i*. l\ nd A M.
nv<ts M<>nday <v> ning January IT. at
T 30 o'clo-k, at Masonic temple; s< cond
degree; all Free Masons cordially
N. 8. PETERBOH, Secretary.
i'.. i'. O. E - AH members of the Benevo
lent anil Protective « >rder of i!lks are
♦ vpotfd to meet at the undertaking
parlors of Honnev A Stewart on Sun
day January ItS. !*!<&, at 1:30 p. in., to at
t- 'id the funeral ot Bro. Joseph E. CJal
A O. 1" V.". Notice; all members in the
> y »re requested to m a et at Columbia
l.od«- il •; l o'cloi k Sunday. January
!<■'. to attend the funeral of Brother A.
CV.rremn. of lonia. Mich.
'• N 81!KI IK>N. Master Workman.
Alt*'ANA Loilgr, No. KT, F and A. M .
meet s second end fourth Monday each
WANTED Position as fireman or sec
id -nginetr by you.-if man having two
y.ars" experience In e'ectrle light sta
t wou!d a •. ;it A' tskn proposition
oi i > thing. Address H. C\. cara Post-
I ntelllgencer.
XV A STEP -Position in grocer/ store by
y -■■' x > andliHivmn: good references;
\ il v rK f.»r •■mil! wages. Address U.
I . care Post-lntelllgen.\T
W \NTKP Poslfton In g*ilerv b\ sober,
indu-tr m- man is retoucher and finish
«■? Address a. W., cart? post - 1 nt elllgeu
\\ ANTKI* P «ition by Japanese fir« - -
e« >k it; fariiiy; w lk . » $ I5 > Ad
dress P .1 irr Past-lntellltfetver.
\\ \NTKP Position by a mechanic?.] and
marine engineer from 'he J B
Hughes. Seattle. general dell v. ry.
V< \NI KM By a \ oUhg lawy r a i ! -.""-.tion
n ■ >fV. ■ . e\jivr:« nce-1 Addre > R K
U %\TF.n— U K\T«.
W.W'TKP St.i'p and 1 e>- .* 1 'gents »rs ill
par,-« of 1 J* S • > !(k- rerrit .»y f.,p
• -.-• .»-<» register on the'mar
k*»« 'A • ar. n.>» » r. 1 ".it terrttoria con-
UMta for MM N.-> Mali, bu- a t»>n.l re
» : fed f>* xrur.tt of it v,i.ls A b'r. <
M«r of \i.' sits, tvS# I:\i-i.ins4 building.
v;,w n Mt«i
A'ii'.NTS making $1" to sa> a »e-k e?>
«-r feller ever invented: both
ranva*stng and C'-nerai at-uts nM«i
Full p..-:; ulars i> mr. Mr-.
i'o \ r> I.a t'ro>>e. W.s
V. VNTKP T.!re "r> n to hand'e onr (fno.Vi
ir. "i ms 'a mer a'-*-, jiso
to a.Hr« m IMNr W«M » nkiy „r
commitwi n. New York rmnkun »•».. M
Pat W Pia-.'e. N> w Y rk.
ACI'NTS IT ! •> !v» s. . a.,; v , ~
and s>v<- dout»> the.r
tn hands-»m* pt - » - r*c-hi»-v,. . r ;
rj - «n;pie ourht fr.e. Itodoc lita
t x o . CiseinMli, <>
HI'STI.KRS f r .'ST'h :* -ir.
- c • > k-re: Kvh !«.»:<! -,nd trav.----.~e*
KnrlM* Ad<rertla«r»* Bureau 31J
W T art> -nrvj atre. t .s. a n . »
. n.- K-ht irr-. r» ro fh.m-yv w : <
or *m- k . !»ampW free. S .;»tLkiv«
NPij. Co., 2?* Hroidwuy. Near York
KNEROKTIO A'!KXTS to •»•!! frftifcli
r tredses t at e\» r> »man arant.«. j.,.
pales, large protH. Brent Itemedv \ : a
s*. n Francisco.
"ONJ.Y IV'fect Vapor Bath:' ar«-a'.«t
- on earth. Hysienlc Bath Cab ne;
<• ! Na~*ivii'.e Tfnß
\\ v\ I I «»_>».« OMI-II iM) » IMWIIB,
Ji--.iilK.tT 'ASH PRjrK paid f v r Ud »
■ i «• r.'len < •»'- . as* of? • iotbios. The
iitii. Sai SlKXtad JLV VJiU« tviilU.
WAN'TED —Machine drill miners, free
p.*-*; knot Mwynt; knee bolters; dou
ble blocker and filer; wood and bolt
-hoppers; mill factory dun; cooks;
■waiter?: dishwashers. wire worker;
baker, marine en(tom; carpenter;
Iczg'.ng crew. |2 up; coal miners; busi
r«« chances; farm* to rent: Eastern in
quirers inclose C. Crane's Employment
Bureau, Ht Washington street.
WANTED—Men and women to work a:
horn*. I pay IS to tl€ p«r week for nuk
ing crayon portrait*, new paten: method,
anyone wiio can read or write can do the
work, at home. in spar* time, day or
evening. Send for particular* and work
at once. Address H. A. Gripp, German
Artist, Tyrone, Pa.
WANTED—*"or U. 5. army. abl*-bodied.
unmarri-d men. between ages of 21 and
30; citixens of the United States, of good
character and temperate habits, who
can spea it read and write English. For
informa:Son apply to recruiting officer.
B.~«ton block. Seattle, Wash.
SALESMAN, on pommisiion, for Seattle
and vicinity, to take orders from banks,
manufacture™, etc.. for the simplest and
tetter and copy system extant; copy
trade while trritinr letter; permanent*
business. Address E. p. G-rouid A Co..
Station G, Boston.
|Ls»jfl A YEAR to the right party, selling
$& Quaker Bath Cabinets permanent,
easy Job: no capital; everybody buys;
Turkish and Vapor baths at home, pro
ducing health, strength and beauty.
Write quick. A- World Mfg. Co. (5). Cin
cinnati Ohio.
WANTED—Two good men to sell to th»
trade, o-.e for Portland and vicinity and
one for Tacoma and vicinity, to repre
sent large manufacturing firm. Apply
by fetter or in person to room 48 Sulli
van building.
WANTED—An English couple without
children: man to work in a market gar
den near the city: must be strong and
used to outdoor work: woman to take
care of house. Address A. B. C., P. O.
Box 172. Seattle.
WANTED lmmediately, gentleman of
good character and address to study
or assist in established and reliable law
firm; will pay reasonable salary. Ad
dress S. 1.. Post-Intelligencer.
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 -i - -4
WANTED—A man or woman to act as
treasurer of theatrical company now or
ganising: must invent a small amount;
all expenses paid; Stfn month. Address
B. X.. care Post-Intelligencer.
ACTIVE MAN to travel in this and ad-
Joining counties; $75 a month and all
expense*; no experience or capital re
quired. Address Globe Co.. 723 Chestnut
street. Philadelphia. Pa.
■ _4
WANTED—Stenographer and assistant
bookkeeper; state experience and salary
wanted. Address, in own handwriting.
A. C.. office.
WANTED—Skilled mechanics and busi
ness men for Alaska; must have money;
good chance; investigate. Alaska Min
ing Co.. fi2S Burke building.
TINSMITHS, cornice makers, etc., want
ed: first-class men only need apply.
"Howes." First avenue and Cedar
street. North Seattle.
l« Be, new Collins building, will exchange
tuition for janitor service with the right
young man.
WANTED—A good typewriter salesman
that can operate machine. Salary. State
qualifications. Address F. F., care Post-
MAN to travel and appoint agents; old
established house; permanent: J4<> per
month and expenses. P. W., care Post-
WANTED— A first class stage trainer, ca
pable of training single or tetm; private
terms. Address W. 1., care Post-In:elll
\N ANTED Two first-class patternmak
ers:*wages. 13.75 per day. Apply to Puget
Sound Engine Works, Port Townsend,
S9O A WEEK and expenses paid men to
sell cigars on time; experience unneces
sary. The W. L. Kline Co., St. Louis,
CIVIL SERVICE government positions—
j>n questions and answers free. Address
Hughes Preparation. Washington, D. C.
WANTED— Latin tutor for half hour each
day: university student preferred. Ad
dress Latin. Post-Intelligencer office.
WANTED— Gentlemen desiring comforta
bly furnished rooms at lowest rates.
Tlie Florence. 415 Madison street.
WANTED —Circular distributors every
where. particulars 20c. Excelsior Adv.
Co.. 21S W. 125 th St.. New York.
WANTED —Hustling agent to work in city;
good pay; must be reliable. Address R.
7... care Post-Intelligencer.
HI'JIiEST PRICES paid for men's cast
off clothing. Call or address Witten
berg. 114 West Main. -
WANTED—A first-class shoe salesman.
Chicago Shoe Store. 113$ Pacific avenue.
WANTED A good, willing boy. Wash
ington Woolen Mill. *2O Second avenue.
WANTED Jap to do light housework
it JPS Columbia street.
WANTED Moulders. Griffin Wheel Co..
South Tacoma. Wash.
W*ANTEl>—T*arty readers to toll us what
is the longest verse in the Bible. If
ynii <-.tn tell us in what chapter tt is we
will give you a prize of SIOO. Tf more
than one person answers correctly, we
will divide cash equally. With your
answer send 10 cents for our n--w library
of 12 complete books, a grand prize In
themselves. Address Keystone Book
<'o . 1111 Arch st., Philadelphia. Pa.
I,A I'IKS, boys and g;rl« to distribute sam
ples f baking powd> r and g.-i a camera,
goW-filled watch or bicycle fre«- For
tarticulars address National Consoli
dated Co.. Chicago. 111.
RINO THK "O. K." BOX for messenger
and give him your classified advertise
ment; the Post-lrtelllgencer will pay
f; r messenger. Kates lc a word, or
II a line per month.
WaN'TKP LatM-'s for Alaska colonv;
nnaa* h«\» money; excellent chance;
t. > limat< on th«- coast. Alaska
M!n:rt <*o.. Burke building.
WANTED A jrounc woman to Invest SIOO
in company, pianist >-r talented amateur
a< trass preterred; • xpenses paid: «oiid
salary Address C. Y., care Pist-ln
LA PIES to «ddr«-ss envelopes, cpcilar*.
ar>-l write fnr us at hotn-'. Renly with
>♦ If-addrt-ssed envelope. Peer
1' s- t'o.. S<amh Bend. Indiana.
LA 1»\ with ta-'t ind en«"rgy to travel for
o:.l . stablishcd firm: permanent: l»o j.<<r
moir! ir.d expenses. tare Post-In
tel, Igencer.
WANTED- Lady ;o travel that an play
piano or other mu-ical instrument. Ad
dress i'apt. Hoi turn. Third Avenue the
W \NTEP Two -'ales stir!--- for Monda%s;
must b.- -,'Xt>erirnre(i. Provin »v- M--
• >rner Fifth and Pik^.
\\ \ NTKD- Woman ' r liebt housework.
>l~s Ia o. !b V. arr-n avenue, noa* First
Aver- le power hous-
WANTED- V strong, n«at woman to do
k hen work. Apply at on-e 61 i Psii«
\i I4NERY SCHOOIi MMlinerv taught
!n siv we« 14*2 Second avenue.
\\ % NTKD - A cashier. Apply by letter to
VM . g
WAXTED-PoaittM a» nurse to inxraßd,
<>r would care for children. w:«h
studies, etc. Address M. C., Post-Ir.tel
bcencer offa-e. Tat-oma.
WANTED-A good dressmaker
work by the day In families, new work
or trak ng over. Addresa 2612 Fifth
« OTKD-riuhi).
BOARD wanted in North Seattle man
and wife want first-class board and
r.wm, modem conveniences; within five
m;nulea' w ilk from First av.nue atid
«' -dar street, state terms, etc. P. O.
Box oX>.
\\ ANTED Room bo&rd in privaie *>m
lly Addr»ss o J «.are Fost-l;iieiU
secccr, iiUUug tejaia.
WANTED— A partner with s2s£, lady or
gentleman, to attend office And manu
facture celery compound and place on
the market for local and Klondike trade;
b!* money made. Address L. >5., care
Post- intelligencer.
WANT PARTY with from to «.«* in a
ousiness that will pay several
dollars per year, protected by pattn: and
rignt here in city. Call room C Dexter
Horton bul2ding.
WANTED— Partner with s2.o»*>; business
a monopoly in Seattle and Alaska, thou
sands can be made selling people going
to Alaska. Dr. J. W. Hartley, New
Western hotel.
WANTED—A partner in an oyster stand,
with SSO; can make $®P <: m>nth. Address
E Q., care Post-Inte!Hgencer.
PARTY WITH $10,400 to rake half inter
est in very promising manufacturing en
terprise. Box "A3. Seattle.
WANTED to manufacture a
Klondike necessity: a sure winner. See
i^WPioneeri _^^^__^^_____
wants to deliver your package-; prompt
service guaranteed, ring O. K. box or
'phone Main lid.
WANTED—To rent, horse and light wag
on. suitable for peddling. F. M F««k.
Clancy saloon, Washington and Second
avenue south.
WANTED— Four thousand yards dirt de
livered on South Second, between Main
and Jackson streets. M. Dow A Co.
GOOD HOME can be secured for child:
nearby location; Ren'on hi!l. Address
\ . H.. care Post-Intelligencer.
WANTED— Green eordwood in 500 to 1,008
cord lots. Apply to R. R. Drummond,
Flyer wharf.
WANTED—Anything. everything sec
ond hand. Sixth and like. Chapln.
WANTED—Good bicycle. Addreas Bi-
c >* < - 'e. care Post-Intelligencer.
WANTED—Bids for painting house. 114
__Taylor avenue.
WE HAVE cash customer for desirable
tract of vacant property upon which to
build houses for sale. Would like to meet
owners. Louis A. Rexford & Co., 515
Bally block. Phone. Main 426.
WANTED—For cash, a neat home on or
ELEGANT newly furnished rooms; gen
tlemen or light housekeeping; day or
week: modern improvements: elevator
and fireproof building: three blocks from
depot. postoffiee and city docks. Bron
son house, 905 First avenue, next to Rai
FOR RENT—Elegantly furnished rooms;
$6 and upward; baths; steam heat. Ho
tel Ferguson. Front and Seneca. Mrs.
Ferguson, proprietress; furnished rooms
for light housekeeping.
RING THE "O. K." BOX for messenger
and give him your classified advertise
ment: the Po»t-Intelllgencer will pay
for messenger. Rates lc a word, or
11.50 a line a month.
FOR RENT—A suite of large nicely fur
nished rooms, with alcove; use of bath;
hot and cold water; three blocks from
postoffiee: see rooms. 417 Marion street.
furnished rooms: electric lights and
steam heat: location central; transient
or permanent. 1115 First avenue.
avenue and James street; steam heat;
electric light; room and board. $5 per
week; rooms $2 per week.
ELEGANT furnisht<f front room, with al
cove. hay window and bath; suitable for
two gentleman. Call Kennebec, room 2,
tO3 Yesier way.
FOR RENT—Furnished room, private
family: hath, heat, modern conveniences;
one block above postoffiee. 33) Colum
bia street.
ELEGANTLY furnished rooms; electric
lights and steam heat; transient or per
manent. First Avenue hotel, 1115 First
FOR RENT—Four fitrnisned rooms, In
cluding kitchen; hot and cold water;
close in. Address R. D.. Post-Intelli
FOR RENT—One nicelv furnished front
room, with stove and use of librarv; good
view of bay; on car lines. 322 Battery
.. • |
FOR RENT—FIat of four rooms; fur
nished; close In. William P. Harper,
Dexter Horton Bank building.
FOR RENT—TWO or four rooms, fur
nished or partly furnished, for house
keeping. 804 Third street.
FOR RENT—One furnished room; fifteen
minutes' walk from postoffiee. Address
J. E.. Post-Intelligencer.
FOR RENT- A nicely furnished front
room with bath. 1524 Fourth avenue,
between Pike and Pine,
FOR RENT Two furnished front rooms'
near car line. 2513 Sixth avenue, be
tween Vine and (IS'all.
FURNISH ED rooms close in; pleasant
front rooms. 411 Pine, between Fourth
and Fifth streets.
FOR RENT—Pleasant, furnished rooms
transient or permanent; close in. 1423
Fourth avenue.
HOTTIL BdUNSWICK—First avenue and
Columbia: finest furnished rooms m city,
by day or week.
F< >R RENT—Three desirable houses clo«e
in; furniture for sale. Radcllffe, 20S Pio
neer building,
FOR RENT -Four unfurnished rooms:
central. 715 Columbia. References: no
FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms with
or without board. 325 Columbia, comer
F<»R RENT- Furnished room In private
dwelling. 2<W Eighth street, near court
FOR RENT—Nice new beds, firs; floor'
50 cents a night. Nestor, 1155 K'r.-t ave."
FOR RENT—A nicely furnished r.v*n with
alcove: u#se of bath. 7<d I'lke street.
FOR RUNT -Two nlceH furnished rooms.
•>*2 K'phth avenue, corner James.
FOR RENT—Two nice newly furnished
room*. !62» Second avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms; private
house, 606 Columbia street.
FOR RENT— Elegant furnished rooms
over Guy's drug store.
i _____
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms <«js
Bcrand avenue.
FOR RFNT Nicely furnished rooms. 614
FOR RENT—Furnished ro<»m 1520 Fif-h
Ft" RN! SHED ROOMS. ~y\ Fourth
FOR RENT ♦■"'-r'Mm hn-is' w; i) K1 V p
l"»se to responsible parties; 175, tenant
w il have to pur hase about s*'»■ worth
of furnit'ire. tw<> blocks from business
Address W J -~are « Post-Int- !Hg< ncer!
FOR RENT—A 14-room lodgln* h«u«»
Address Wa Chong Company 217 South
ROOM* *\r> H0 4KII.
TWO GENTLEMEN nr gentleman and
wife car, s*< urc room and ftrst-ciasw
board in private family. >4" a month,
fall 714 Spring.
PLEASANT fr >r ♦ room, with board;'
suitable for gen- man and wife or two
gentlemen. 707 Mad:son street.
FOR RENT-Room« with board, immedi
ately. 1116 Eighth avenue,
FOR RENT—Desirable rooms w'.tn board
at M irson street.
F< >R RENT—Rooms and board. l><3o
FURNISHED ROOMS, with beard. 120®
iiOOMS AND BOARD. *£ FittX '
WAVTEfv-To" rent". «n furnished
house of wvfn or eight rooms. *• _
modern conveniences. close in;
to offer location more than i D.O.K>
from postoffiee best of reference*
Adilms R. A.
WANTED-T» rent, five or six fi
nished rooms in flTst-cUs* huiKhnf »or
housekeeping purpose*; pWTBRnt'Bt
ant: must be first class- Address »•
F.. P5«-Intfi!!senwr.
WANTED—A seven or eight-room furnish
ed house, not further out than Minor av
enue: rem no oh*#ct. Address S. E.. care
Pos:-Inte!!;gencer. ______
WANTED—Three furnished rooms by a
family of two for ;ight housekeeping:.
Address S. G,. care Post-Intelligencer.
WANTED - Two furnished rooms for
ligh: housekeeping two adults. Ad
dress room 15, New Weetem hotel.
WANTED—Furnished house; ten rooms or
more; centrally Joeated: on car line. Ad
dress G. 8.. PosMntelligencer.
WANTED—Furnished house of four or six
rooms. Call or address E. B. L.. care
steamer Greyhound cffioe.
WANTED TO RENT—Close in: a fur
n shed room for two. Address X J.,
care Post-Intelligencer.
WANTED— Modern house, well located;
will buy furniture, if good. See Rad-
Hiffe P ; oneer
FOR RENT— Eight-room furnished house
on Queen Anne, with modern conveni
ences: present occupants desire to board
with party taking house: no children.
Address Box IS.
FOR RENT—Two rooms for light house
keeping for lady and gentleman; also
a furiiished flat of three rooms. Inquire
at 303 H Twenty-eighth avenue south.
FOR RENT—By the year; 10-room fur
nished house, near two car lines; very
reasonable terms. Call 127 Nob Hill ave
nue. North Seattle.
IF YOU have houses furnished or unfur
nished to rent, list them with me and
get tenants quickly. E. J. Merimee,
Burke building.
FOR RENT Part of house, unfurnished,
to couple without children; good loca
tion. Apply today at 1213 Sixth avenue.
FOR RENT—Houses and cottages; all lo
cations. Wm. P. Harper, Dexter Horton
hark building.
FOR RENT—A good house. S rooms, just
papered and painted; good location. F.
M. Jordan.
HOUSES. STORES and flats. Pioneer
Rent and Collection Company, 9 Rox
weli block.
FOR RENT—House in Brooklyn. Inquire
Clise, Boston block.
FOR RENT Houses. Wm. N. Redtield
New York block.
FOR SALE—S3SO—A tine, level lot. «<)xl20;
cleared, fenc«*l and if! grass; two blocks
from cable ilne.
ssso Lot on Seventeenth avenue, north of
Madison: east front; 40x120.
s6(«o 120x120. on Twenty-first avenue, one
block from Madison.
s*s<> Full lot in Renton addition on
Eighteenth avenue.
$250-Lot on Highland drive. Queen Anne
town; superb vi» w.
sl.2oo—Lot on Washington street, between
Eleventh and Twelfth streets; 56x112.
$1.600—120x120 on corner in Ronton addi
on Fifteenth avenue, north
of Madison.
s6so Four-room cottage, with nice lot 4«>x
100, on Twenty-third avenue, two blocks
from Madison; bearing fruit trees;
•Wen lid view of litke and mountains.
sl,2w Six-room cottage, with lot 32x120,
on Yesier way.
sl.6oo—Corner lot 60x120 on Broadway car
line; six-rot»n house; not far out.
$1,600 —ijix-room house, with corner lot 60
xl2o. on Harrison street and Westlake
$2,000 Lot 100x100 on Eighteenth avenue,
three blocks north of Madison; six
room house.
s2,iK)o Six-rooom house on Broadway;
corner lot, 100x120.
$2,500- Modern eight-room house on Six
teenth avenue, two blocks from Yesier
way; corner lot.
$2.650—Tw0 very fine lots in North Seat
tle, 60x120 each; corner and on car line;
streets graded; close to school; nice lot
of flowers, shrubbery and fruit; modern
six-room cottage.
s3,Ouo—A modern eight-room house on
East Columbia street, between Madison
street car line and La.ke Washington
branch of James street car line; brick
foundation and good basement; corner
lot 60x120.
$3,500—A new house of eight rooms; strict
ly modern; good view, lot 65x150; short
distance from Madison street and Fif
teenth avenue.
I have for sale desirable residences and
residence lots in any portion of the
city; business lots, improved and un
improved; some very good purchases in
tide fiat properties: timber lands at al
most government price; improved farm
ing lands in large or small tracts.
25 L'nion Block.
Furniture and lease of 6-room flat on
Third avenue. Present owner clears own
living renting rooms?.
Modern residence dt thirteen rooms in
Boylston avenue, at reasonable price.
IS-foot gasoline vapor taunch. complete fix
tures. $350.
6-room cottage and two lots at Green lake,
$550; terms eaay.
50-foot lots in new Wilfred addition, S3OO to
S4OO each.
314 acres improved land adjoining county
farm. $3,000.
8-roomed house and two lots: Oilman addi
tion. SL7OO.
Olympic clock.
FOR SALE—2Ofi a. res. one mile end Grant
Street car lin--. r be - .id: iin#»-? im
proved land Wesiern Washington: river
bottom made land, so cheap do not dare
to mention prte». fine buildings.
120-acre improved ranch, half mil- md
Grant street car line; S6O per acre, fine
Five fine sightly lots; best vi- w ir. the ity;
near end car line Queen Anne hill; s»;\'fl;
owner going to Klondike.
|!-;?in» <s block: 3 s.ori. s 5 stores, etc.;
$5 000 per year rent; price $40,600: a snap.
ijuslne«t« lot. Kir--? tveno- below Y« ler
way; i lo*e in. tine wholesale anil n tail
proposition: a snap; $25.00".
Two Of hr>e«t lots in city, with residen es;
magnificent view of Sound, lake and
m Hinta'ns. on Broadway: $1 2> >.
A few verv line residences and lots on Nob
Hill: close lr v» rv heap.
MADIOAN 507 New York Block.
F« >R SALE 40 .« re-, quarter mile of the
best water front, finest soil at Port
Orchard, 13 acres cleared, creek J-'O pr
a* re; 4", acres rich soH. 15 acr«-> culti
vated. creek (house and barn cost ii,"» i.
t" r Willism Bremer. 4-d Bailey
FOR SALE—S2 .V*) tik«s W-room brick
lo,lg(n»r hOiis- , furniture and lease till
A -iC'jst, lv'«>.
$•."»"•' * fc*s *> ncre? 'ine land, one mile end
Grant street car line.
MADTOAN. 507 New YorK block.
FOR SALE—Five-room house, complete
ly furn.sh d: well located; modern con
ven.en es; lawn, fruits and flowers; n- -r
two car ii- es; tine view; easy term® t t;. ;
per et ; p ; j *. including furnitur-. i: ■ <>.
Address S. F.. care Post-Intelligencer.
IF YOU have houses ar,d lots for s.de 1?
you have houses for rent, if you have im
proved ranches for sale, rent or x
c-har.ge, If you have timber land, if yoa
haw good mining property call tr.d -e«
Jacob Miller. 422 New York block
1 HAVE fine buys in houses and lots on
Queen Ann«- hill Renten hill. I:*-tcon
MIL F.rst hill; lr most every odd ir ;
Seattle; if y..»u are looking for fine prop
erty at -nap prices <oni»ult Jacoa Mil
ler 422 New York block
E. J. MKRiMKE. Burk* building
R- *1 and rearing i!< your jr.. 1
crty w ;h fr.e; have inquiries tram tan
era parties.
I FOR !SUF-RK\l- KjlTATß—Cont'd.
Real Estaif md Insurance.
and 6 Colonial Block.
js,-, Sne 5-story brick block >»n First
avenue, wfll rentfil. t.n»
js,» «*v-A good 3-« tory brick block on r .*si
«■!*.. ,v'n! buy .1 piece of
that is paying i 2 per cent. net. only »nrec
b' -k< frtim business center.
sS(*v»—The fines* corner t*xV2o> on Boren
t'o'.d Eleventh -treeO.
son. and i pood modern l<>-roorn house.
14 tin* 1 vroom house and
feet: on the corner, an elegant view:
Renton hill. < n
s2,lo<v—A fine homo of seven rooms la
tjueen Anne: lot ,">oxl2o.
U i«vw-Good 7-room hou»?: lot ,- ,v x!2>. ftnes k
v!-w in the city: on easy terms
11 wv-8-roo«n house, n wly painted an.t
papered; bath room: lot f»xl2o feet; only
| 10 minutes' walk from postoffice; two car
ii v"v!a tine «-room house; strictly mod
ern: on car line and graded street: two
open tire nlact* and mantels: only eight
minutes" from postoffice.
is 3 .>»>— A good 6-room house: close to car
line; lot W*t2o. and a fine corner.
|] V«—Good S-roetn house: hot iM cola
I water; bath: lot *4xloo feet, on the corner
of Twentieth ave and E Spruce; a groat
bargain. , .
j n •*»—oood 6-room cottage. newly paired
and painted. on Twentieth ave. between
j Yesler wav and K James*: corner.
! sl.tlOO-A neat little cottage of six room*
on Twentieth avenu*. between Tester
way and James street.
s6?>o- Four- room cottage; lot 40x105, wit a
fruit; fine view; close to Madison street;
the greatest bargain in the city for any
on t wanting a comfortable little home.
; s2.noo—Fine water front fami of 146 acres;
55 acres under high state of cultivation:
500 bearing fruit trees; bo.it landing on
place; good buildings.
J2.soo—Fine fruit farm of 160 acw. 40
acres cleared, with buildings; TOO bearing
fruit trees; near Seattle.
52.000 —1t»-acre farm near Renton. with
buildings and other improvements.
$1.600 —40-acre farm; 15 acres under high
state of cultivation: good 7-room house
and outbuildings: horses, harness, farm
ing implements, etc.
sl.3oo—One and one-half acres of good land,
all cleared and in fruits good 5-ro.im
housp. with cellar, outbuildings; on Green
lake car line.
S4,OCO—A fine corner. 120x120 feet, on West
ern avenge and Rlanchard street, with 6-
rnnm house.
s*.><oo-20 ! u ts 50x120 and 00x130. overlook
ing Lake Washington; on car line; street
graded; fine location.
$1,300—20 lots right in the town of Brook
lyn close to the car lines, together with
a SOxSO foot <a corner) just across the
street from the county court house.
s*oo—A corner. 100x160 feet, on Yesler way,
overlooking the lake.
SBOO--One of the tineft lots on Rainier ave
nue, 50x100 feet. commanding the best
view of Washington of any lot in
the city.
s6oo—Two good lots. 120x120. on Twenty
first avenue, close to Madison street.
s6oo A good, sightly residence; lot 67x80
feet; on Hyde street; four blocks north
of Madison.
s3so Fine building lots, 40x105, near Madi
son; fine view.
sSoo—s-a ere tract, all cleared and close to
the city.
sls per acre—Fino water front property,
south of the city; carriage road to land.
$8 per acre—Good land south of the city,
on countv road.
Real Estate in.l Insurance,
5 and 6 Colonial Block.
59 and 60 Mailer Block.
We have good investments in
« e have the exclusive sale of 120 lots In
the Renton hill addition, which we have
instructions to pell. Tnis property is on
tho Madison street car line; fin*- view of
the lake and mountains. We will sell vpu
lots in this addition. 60x120 feet, from «00
to SSOO. on easy terms.
JI.SO0 —6-room cottage on Sixth avenue
close to Union street: this Is close to the
business center; a good home for a busl
n- ss man; can walk home to his lunches
thin lot runs from Sixth to Fifth avenue
giving ample room to build another cot
tage on the lot; this is i gooii Investment;
fn'nutea' walk from poetofflce.
ets; two lots on a corner. 120xlJit; fl ne
_vlew of the Sound.
h Ol1 **. three stories, with
bath: suitable for two tenants; close to
the pout office.
We seven cottages on our list all
titi' ' r r""' om HV) fo eilßy torms :
48 lots at Green lake, dose to car line*
can h ro h < . r i !> Tt Wa, K m ' lk " flne Kar,len land;
can De run! 3? h.irfjaln.
24 lots at Brooklyn: fine'view of the lake
on easy payment,*.
Lorrs A. REXFORD & CO., '
? Investments
515 Hal Icy Building,
Tel. Main 42fi.
In rnllin*r attention to our list we ai
""^funv : r, rvr e r ry ***<*
• artfully selected and is pood value for
er e vou n w.'-h'U' L nv,te you to caU - wheth
er you wish to buy or scli. and will en
deavor to treat you in a way tha' will
secure your future patronage.
$2,700 Residence.
nL*~ r t" 0 " 1 house on first hill; lot
W,x128. tine lawn; ea*y walkhig distance.
*-.Mt Residence.
This property is as neat a seven-room
house as there is in Ronton addition S
foot lot; good lawn; fine vi.-w '
$3,300 Residence.
Here is a bargain on Fifth avenue- fit)-
SlArA™"" ™*l»* «-
$2,71*1 Resilience.
Queen Anne hill; 70-foot, corner lot
eight-room house, with fine view!
... *U« Vacant Corner,
n 1 e*,. r way; we can show you how
Hut. T " Hr ' * l »P«>ved to net I2per
fSo© Vacant Lot.
On Rent on hill; full lot. south of Madi
son street; cheap at 11.000.
.. $1,200 Ranch.
Here is something, either for a nice
country horn- or for r-nchlnK; 22 acres
Mil under cu.tivatlon; th ret- miles ftorri
Renton. on Cedar riv r. l.<*»o h. frlJ "
trees; six-room house, barn and ou?bu"d-
,I North^\rU- Ut J! a^,^ S ' ,2 » f " Pt «<4uare>.
f'i..' u- »i fi * rr «*t and CAT 1 \no
t-.M UrL improve.! Nt buljd'ni:'
II 01 ' r, n; * ,*»" nj.,nth. *•
f . '- K °« *in*t avenue n-ar piv^
* r>> f.?RH iVipl hl 1 !'!.n K .'» rooms.
HAHf-.[{. 404 f{.»jl.-yi building.
T tf B * K w '* if!:;:!: r->; win buy -i
north lot, <m- blo< k
s,<.»> r : I<h ", ' <\ n nth av* r,u- ;
i P f . r ,.V 1 ,n /''* T*r month, without
far; i~» p " ,r,njr 1 h"m* for I?-**
it "«. r J 1 - now pavintr.
str'-f'H in th i s f f w fc on on* of xh* t
str-etH i n »h« city; cjri h< south? rtaht
HARRIS <\\'\\
FOR SALE Aoout one thOutand acr#» o'
fln« - .jody
Boat house in fin* location, four'onii and
t#»n row boats.
Two lot* u R f -\x and on?- eight roomed
house. or: *!rH>t car lin<-
Hou.hu and lot* in iii parts of
Prtce* fr..sn ir« to lift,'*.*.. Call at' 27
Hinckl-y block.
F»>R SALE—<-arre tt r>r»<n lake
eood *di an 1 convenient :o ctr '•>
2» Own :akn ; he? w«H; - liMbk
f r an addition of lot" or acre tr,u *-
it <u« —<? room-, in Renton addi on d»-
airahlf? in evf-ry way; price.
IS Halkr block.
j 1- OK SA J.E—4O acres, quarter mil* of
bent wat-r front at Fart Orchard. 13
, ci- ir-d. creek. *» c.
icr- l» a< r » cultivate) vvf k or hird
v'i'va? «!"»■ har V«°" T *'• "" 1 "' I" Tom
I *„ "'•• M jjy r-n J- 1 " I* r .irrc, Wjlllurn
' Bremer, ** iiiuley buiidi&tf.
for RAl r^^r
! net. h!J : PM» s^s^
the itv jff£f|
LOT o- • ,i T~T-"~7 —^ni'- : •
. street
> -vth S, ut. K-;, * *? UWt
Ne!s..->n V. . . r °t
H:n, xSoy & o*. tltt* £
R S A i- v ■
ranches S&
te gar., vr N>w
fortaM, hJi!. in
rivms. i: •. iv ,• . J»
' uildings. r/T5 '"s , k , Jl
• ° a
j P r °vW grounds, easy
i <>Wner - harvard
LfhiUßp OFF 1 in
hurst or .-ountics; exeeli«n «»3S
farms, favorable terms
' omp;<i> . ra.-oma. Wash. Hi
t>!,s Ho'voke hir^w~^7>i
b,.<ek and other foreclosed
a!'.d farms, the in ~n ts ,ii i L. Fre *rt
James Bothwell T,osrv
Boston block. Telephone lßrjr *^t
!, "> s beautiful
teenth avenue. ,-!ose to
i bargain in S-attle; mus ,
, money to loan on this. FeSUW.
nix. «1 Hinckley blo<k. reairt »**b.
i , fl, r sa'.e a
list of residence pronertv for
! T Vr r, ,m r'i
A- Rex ford A Co.. 515 Uaiw
Fhone Main 426.
! FOH SAI.K -120 acres tiKxl land
feet lumber: Snohomish countv
sonable offer refused: oSsh
dress E. H. S„ 7 Kim st? AU^%^
FOR SAI.K Kight-room hn»«». -TT"
improv. ments. 15 minutes' wslt i 2?
post office. Owner must rslse
mediately. i.-:,ll mi Ninth aven^T
Ff>R SALE—A fine income
pro f verfv at about the cost of thTsl!?
for quick sale: bound for the KlaiwjS?
Room 42 Dexter Honon bulldin^^
LARRIS <' AIN. llinckiev bloi>Ji
real . state business; .ares f nr 'rJoS!
for non-residents: tax P - !)a M. \aTl
the time to Ist vour prupertjr. * "
FOR SALE—One of the most
j brick blocks in the city; three ®
oithrr for ho. I or w holes* V E?
Merlmee, Burke building. "
FOR SAI.K—•-room house with
lot fronting on two graded str*«» «
Lake I nion car line. on!v $1.3)6 n 7
Schroeder. 29 Boston block.
FOR SALE— $300; excellent resldesct)»
graded street; near school; e»r
neighborhood settled; splendid .S
H. Post-Intelligencer.
FOR SALE—Seattle. Mate unlvenJty u<
acreage property. In amounts to suit a
price; send for descriptive price list d»
mode. Lancaster. Kan.
FOR BARGAINS in first-class bUHlne*®
residence propt rty in Seattle, appiv s
the owners. H. H. Dearborn 4 Co •**_
12 Occld<'ntal hloek. "
FOR SALE—S3,OOO home f>r $2.3W If «j«
soon; also mechanical business rhe»s
See owner and cut of place at rooai
Boston block.
for SALE- $1,200—7-room house in ftm.
class condition; corner on car lh»t
near school. Address, U. }|„ care P«.
Intelligence r.
WANTED—A lady or gentleman p«rtM
with $l5O to s2i*i. for a nice little payiM
business. Address R. T. t care Pmt-la.
lots in Br. »»klyn; s.*iit each: near nt
line. Morrison & Eslielman, Mutual Lii»
I HAVE a long ind w» 1! selected list a(
hotws furnished and mi furnished; !ss:<ii
and others. K. J. Merimce, 3So Burks
~ " •'» i
FOR SALE—Exchange or monthlv in«t»&
m» nts. cottage on corner lot fiOxlflO; !««•
Mon excellent. Room 16 Downs block Tt
F»»R RENT OR S,M.E-3»-acre f»r«;
Qulllayute prairie. Clallam county,
wood Morgan. Room B. ffslier buildli*
FOR SALE $1.50 m; choice lot on Proad
way. one block from James street row*
house. Inquire 404 Bailey building.
FOR SALE—Choice hop land on Skagit
river; large or small tracts. C. W.
<'ook. 72S Pacific avenue, Tacoma.
FOR SALE—One-story brick and l**-
ment; very cheap ind desirable, E. I
Merimee. XW Burke building. t
FoR SALE—First-class hotel or roem!n<
btlildlng: desirably located (10l fiOi'A
Inquire 404 Bailey building.
FOR SALE S4OO buys an excetet re*
ilene.» cormr lot on V. sler way? l Own®;
502 Washington building.
FOR SALE S4O liuya a beautiful lot!*
taken this week; must have raonfj.
Rooms 20. 21 P.-I. block.
FOR SALE A rare bargain; fif»*l2ofootW
with fi-room cottage. Apply ownfr, pr*®>
i*w<». 111,". Third avenue.
FOR BARGAIN lot on First avenue apply
to H. M. Dearborn & Co., owners, roaa
12 Occidental building.
LLKWFI.r.YN WARD. T2O Marion, fun
eral real estate* and rental agent*; IK
property with us. ;
Ftiß BALR—Good modern house: ewrr
convenience; a bargain. Call 3H3 Thif*
avenue. *
REAL EST AT R and timber linds. Doff
Hi Co., room A. Bailey hillldin*.
FOR SALE Cli' ip. house on Rente!
h-il. j
FOR SALE 12,000.00; best-situated lodtfnl
hous" in city: sixty room*: thirty
furnished; !• to August 1; hri< K btii'o*
it!K: stearr/ beat. <>!• < 'rie liirhts. & BiotfT
maker. Address T. F., care Post-few*
lißeneer. ' 2
FOR SAf.E Lodging house of Mr
rooms; < entraily located, well furnish*":
ria onab';. rent, wi h to s-lj on acMWt
of sickness; for i ash only: pri'-e. «.**
Plras" address V. K„ care Pout-Intel*
llpencer. j
For SALE-'f>-room lodging hons-.
ftrxYM f<>or lot; close in; you must IW
soon, for E. Mryan. room *
Hinckley block. __
FOR KAI.K ntr house and
hou«e with restaurant, pood locations.
W N Ridti' ld, New York btok- |
FOR SAf.E—Three rooming houses: t. 1*
an• t <2 toon
FOR SALE In !an r rvatlcn 'ands-Un
a, r *h«- u ts of < on*r> -» approved Mirci
■» ikm? and J i!y 7 lv«V, trvre will be
Vt |.n')l tuct on in *h- rl, y
Pyv.Dm Indian re-*rv.ttlon.
ao>nuntinK to 1- «.<r-s of
warden frirminn 1 land. 'J 1
I, n,i -»•••< i -i : tracts to nuit pur
Join!* the PJty of T
on piieet sound A out
have b..n s> l,ttert ; n»olot«asanad2mn
to T-a.-oma mo • t,>li *t U>«)
at from st, ;o f- e.ich; acre tow «(».'
to Sl,<**) eaC, TV> -■ lo'» will b«
for sale a: me - '•">* a »
Terms ' •=•'. for ' -■'!« md «"* /til
lr ™ :v !■ t. . third cash. *«d bal
re.: r." r WM« «t« r .-f;n' int«««
cure.; bf Vf dor ; i . n; lr t*r.ar.
ore. J bv th. - r'-:.>ry of th'WWg
Sale e in .-ne-e.s at Taroiw.
tot! on \Vedt»ev ! tj- :- 4. - 01
o'elo-'k a *n. »n f ! wI he i, n ds Sl*l
lo»s are sold or w ?hdrawn ! fr " n, gf , o ,jer.
full information addr*« C. A. »
HtMT 111 II.UK.BS.
P. G. COPP. boat bulldtr. IE» TOR 9 *" A

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