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TAXr cnuTne RIM.
SB • fait Which He Has OMUMIM
fa Ik# l»n'ri#* C ourt tkt Cmm~
tractor That Yatwahla
fr«l»erlr Haa B#ra Traatlmrd.
faMai. 6 Potvin, the contractor who
tae Mg iaftama.K kuvwu as ire
pens? hot«i cut on Second Avenue, be
-iyoA put* sirevis in ving a very bard
T?lt - T gatiijig hia mo&aj out of tnc Denny
Company. the corporation which
the *c.V*t»e, Ob March I, UK,
be sataif.* a Judgment agaUuri the com-
Pigy tor flttMM.~fc, but *<r far be haa b«*o
eeabk to ei'taji any *«:;»;.»«:• ion. Tne
I* still owing, wltn Interest at
j per cent. March $, J«p6. lesterd*/
poi.ii, eommencad m turw suu * gainst the
tamp* rn~ and A A. Denny and jLoutsa
l/ta&y to tha restoration of car
ute property aoid by the hot»-i company
jjs arder tit a*. tie may get satisfaction Ivr
m* Judgment.
the eemplaint goe* into som« unwritten
tfg&rt of the hote! matter and makes ta
iertstlag reading. The atory It tells starts
atari) two ycar» ago. wnen Potvln was
awarded the Judgment against the Denny
Jio<*l Company for which
t M«ant was adjudged to a valid ilea
tfiiaat the property.
The next chapter tells of th» sale of
ftruarv S of tn* property levied on to
i. A. •trttton for 117.32', which sale was
confirmed ©» January 17. This leaves a
deflctency row dm the plaintiff a mount -
teg to more than $191,000, and the whole
gMfgnt ow<*d by the company exceeds
1"* company is ai.tged to bo
wholly insolvent.
Then the part of Pot
vis's complaint. In which tie charges the
eoapany and others with attempting to
4«fraod the creditors by deeding away
tks property. The complaint alleges that
jiHt before the aaie of »h<a property on
tae jadgmvr.t due, the Denny Hotel Com
pay, without any coruiideration there
fore. and Inff-nding thereby to hinder, d»-
kqr aod defraud the plaintiff ami other
ctt&tor*. executed and to A.
A. Derir.y et ux. a deed to ail its real
Htate, to-wit. blocks and &u In A. A.
Peony's addition to Seattle. The com*
p!aint farther alleges that as a part of
the same transaction all of th© persona!
property of tha hotel company was dis
posed of.
Daring the foregoing transactions A. A.
Dtfisy waa a stockholder in and presi
4en: of the company, and know. It Is al
kfed, for what purpose the d»-ai and bill
it sale was given and accepted.
The plaintiff ask* that the deed and
kill of sale b* adjudged a fraudulent
transaction; that they decreed by the
court to b* null and void, and that a de
er#* canceling them be> entered. Potvtn
aim au*s for the costs of his suit and
general relief.
Article* of larorp«ratlra.
Artie!*-* of incorporation were flled with
the county auditor yesterday for the Eure
ka Oold Mining Company, by E. D. Phelps.
William imlth, R. J. Tompkins and D. M.
SoiiWty; capital Block, $1,000,900 in )t
New Hall* Filed.
The following new suits were fi!»d In the
•Bperlor court yesterday:
Sarah J. McClure vs. The Preferred Ac
cident Insurance Company, of New York-
Co«plalnt not yet filed: application and
tend for removal to Federal court filed by
ftblen 8 Potvin va Dennv Hotel Com
pear snd A. A Denny—That th» deed
which transferred the Denny hotel prop
erty to A. A. Denny be d-elared fraudu
lest god that general relief be given.
Carl F. flhobfad va C. V. Teldberg -Tran
of judgment from Justice Cooper's
XC. Harris vs. N. K. Lytle et si.—To en
forcepayment of a Judaraent for 5157.21-
C. H. Mann va. Adolph Behrens-Prom
toory note for C 247.53.
Claus Rkoodal* et si. vs. William H.
Mover. sherifT—For an illegal execution.
J. Fisher vs E Langell et ux.—Prem
taory sou for t&.'Jfi,
tuart Notes.
Appraiser* of the «*tat« of T«aura Maria
Barnes. deceased report finding JO) worth
•f real property In the county.
Solon T. Williams was yesterday np
(etat*4 by Judge Jacobs to defend Alfred
Marshall. charged with burglary.
Judge Benson ye*terdav signed an order
•fiprovteg the report of W. ft. Hughes, re
•eivtr of the Seattle Savings hank.
Ju<!*e E. D. Benson yesterday entered an
®r3er of default In fie case of C E. Mar-
Ca. sr.. vs. the Ballard Athletic Club.
In Uie case of W. N. Qrovewell et al. vs.
«it E. Donald <t al.. Judge Penson yes
terday ordered a decree for the plaintiff.
In the caeoi of Thomas M Coffey v* T J.
vTarrell et al. Judge Mv>re yesterday
•arses! a decree for plaintiff for the sum
ef H.uTllt.
Mark Parrish. a s'ibjeei of th« emperor
e. Austria yesterday declared nls inten
ton of becoming a oitlien of th* T"nit' 1
states. He came to tha Tnlted Stat4s in
Herry O. Stone, who w a sent tit'»
we»t»m Washington ho«nital for 'he !*i
«•»» it Steila.-oom an
there on January 13. OUT clal notice was
and yesterday.
Tie mw I,umber Company y-sterday
euit against Sheriff Moyer. f r
•f-'lng a bioat of logs belonging to the
«mparv to a Judg rtent agaln-t
T. J->se. The amount sued for is
in the case of th« Washington Dredging
JJJ Improvement Company vs. McN'a mh
jw'-tw Improvement Company. * part i!
Wofmert w sigj-.-t yesterday by Judge
*>*» awa.rU.rg George Kin near certain
tide !>n,<«
. .. Wright, of San Dleg >. Cal., ma le
fgllaatlon ysteniav letters of admin
"jration In the matter ef the estate of
JWr* A Weight, tle»-ei<»ea who s' t* «
'of hr i wii'd, with her
oor.s l .,!«raMe improved j :-oper*v in
tea dy
fie Co»t» Hlean Coaatrrfelier*.
for months the Costa Rican counter
ftters have b.-en 's.-uing bogus t*ot»a of
Koremment of the island v:ntl! V e
•■•But, It ts said, has reached #l.o<»* "..
Inspect rs of the serrlce bureau
*er» chief v P strtrmental in br'ngtng t* e
•alefactors *o Justice The efttclen r '
the secret service is undoubted * ;t it t«
no rr.e.ir.* a s, ret. b':t a pa'ent fa t
the t, r \ .* Uos'et'e' s ft m'. h
«tters does the weak, nervous an ? jy«.
JJWIc is of genuine value. There have
J*ec from t.n-e ro t--re cv-'nter'e,ts f*.
Jit the n -latsjre note of hand on th*
■be! a-d v.gnetie of St. t- > erre nr. 1
Prae ■*. are no: successfully >
Tils ten - ahsoluteiy prevents and rem -
4es malar'» rheumatism, liv er c rn; lalnt
*£v! (Jr- «■ i.
THE >•-* »«sortm«nt of Klondike t\ r
•otftu f.->r Uii!«- - an«J »: \\ :J
--®Jl>r furrier. Swotid av«•••.;••.
jj Good Things for \
Prospectors I
C n be seen at the oldeat a :i
e?. J< a.train Mii.erW i 5.;; ; . v s. v
815-Sl7 First A%
Our Klondike Stoves
Will Be in Operation Again Today.
Call and See Them at
Zr* Mf IT CTC. pn 116-122 West Yewler Way. Seattle.
• i v IIL#C*43 A. L. P!PER. Receiver.
If. A. Chadwlck. editor of the Arg-is,
returned Monday from a trip Bast, dur
ing which time he vi»Sted aii of large
clues of the Atlantic coast. Yesterday
he said:
"Inuring Bsy trip I visl'ed H e»on. New
'W, WashtngtoG and Chicago, a* * • .
a* a number cf smaller < in New
Kagiand. I found that 9#atti» has
very adverti.-";vs. not a!«ne
regard* her coaaecOaa witi. u.e
trsflft bat tho«« with whom 1 d'.- ussed
this city pves*«»ed a knowledge of her
ciimate. business and location that was
positively aiartimg. It saow« conciuslvt?-
<y that soma good work ha.-t done.
In two Instanc* - I om« across peop:--.
one of them a woman, who wr* Intend
ing to go to Alaska, and were In corre
spondancs wUh Mr. Hrainerd. of tha busi
ness men's advertising commute-', ani
both were highly pleased with the careful
attention that their tr.<juinea had received
at his hands. 1 also «*»me across two
wpj« of the Klondike ed.tion cf th P
Intedlgencer away down in a hula
" Seattle, however, is not the only plac«
where Klondike out.'its are ottered for
sale. On Washington street, in fioston.
is a show window in which Is esrubited
what purports to be a typical
mining sceo*. and each tim- that I passed
It was by ar. admiring crowd.
All of tha large departm*-n: stores in Chi
cago have Klondike outfits for sale. I
examined one of these They did not pre
tend to sell food, hut furoishwd a tent, a
stove that was made of sheet Iron and
held tofffther with steel rods which eould
be pulled out and the stove packed flat;
three suits of clothes, heavy enough to
draw perspiration from a log of wood;
a sleeping bag. a rifle, a pick, a a novel
and a few cooking utensils. Thes»e wera
packed in two trunks and soid for $:
I think that I can safely say that, with
the singla exception of on* suit of the
clothes, thsre was not a amgls article in
the entlr® outfit thst a Seattle merchant
would dare to sxhibit for sale.
"The excitement is settling down some
what, aa thos<. who are going, and there
are thousands of thom are hard at work
getting thing* in readiness, and others
are dolog very little talking. I conftde-'-
ly believe that if the amount of gold that
is brought out next aeaaon is anywhere
near what is predicted, the rush that will
follow will be too stupendous to even
think about."
Ex-County Commissioner W. H. Taylor,
of North Bend, who was at the Diller ho
tel last night, aald that there was a good
Ural of dissatisfaction among the people of
North Bend and Snoqualmie and that vi
cinity on account of the failure of the
Seattle A International Hallway Company
to run trains on road thrdugh to Norih
Band the past three weeks. There has
been a heavy Undslide on the tracks about
live miles below North Bend. As far as
he la concerned, he a<*ya he can get goods
and produce in and out as he used to years
ago before there was any railroad there,
but it is rather hard on the newcomers,
who were never accustomed to such hard*
ehips. Th<» worst feature of it Is that the
shingle mills at both North Bend and Sno
qualmie have had to shut dowy in conse
quence of the suspension of trafllo on the
road. The Snoqualmie river has washed
out the wagon road opposite the town of
SnoQualmle, and the county commission
ers, so Mr. Taylor says, have advertised
for bids **to fill in the channel of the
river" at this point. Now, if it wore sim
ply to ilil up the hole washed out. Mr. Tay
lor would be pleased to see the Improve
ment made, but In view of tha fact that
the railroad has suspended traffic and the
river is the only means of getting in or
out of the country, he contemplates get
ting up ,1 remonstrance against having
the "channel filled In."
Marine Joyce, traveling passenger agent
of the Missouri Paciiic, with headquar
ters at San Francisco, is In ikattle on one
of hia regular visits to the Sound. "When
I was here list October," he Mid yester
day, ' Seattle waa lively enough for any
body. but even In that shurt time theio
seems to have bevii a great incr«ase In
travel and In business. Never before
have 1 ieen so many people traveling s
now. in San Francisco we have all heard
of the wonderful business that is being
done by the outfitting houses in Seattle
and of the crow da of people that hitva
flocked here front every point of the
country; yet I w&a hardly prepared for
such crowds In the hot-is, !n the stores
and on the streets that 1 have seen since
I came here last night.
"You can say that in the Klondike lit
er*: ure distributed by the passenger de
partment of tho Missouri Pacific Seat
tle's steamer lines a:,d advantages as an
outfitting i int Were giver, asieq .ate
mention. The *tat« of Missouri will send
hundred*—yes, thousands—of rr.« n to the
Klondike, and I have no doubt but that
a large percentage of them will come
to s v. tils to tuake the start for the gold
F. 11. Folsom. the contractor of this
city, recently returned from S.ia Fr. n-
On the train which brought him north
w?r» fifty Cailforniana bour.d for the
Kiondike. When tr.e train approached
Portland agents of mercantile firms board
ed It and solicited the ou'lit ting of the
party. Not ore of the Californ ans r -
: ro.au-.ed in Portland, but ail c-imo directly
i thrvugu to Seattle. Or.a of the agents ap
| preached Mr Folsom. wb» allowed Mai-
I e- If to he Interviewed a* a prospective
i miner. The agent expatiated tjpen the
s-j:w riorttv of Portland as an outfitting
joint. Mr. Foisom asked what he should
do; he wna ticketed al! the way throuKh
to S< > attle. The nsr-'nt assured h:rn ti.\t
: the firm he represent ! would pay h s
?;cre to S'-attl.- if he n, vjUl only p-jroha s->
• his supplies from them This s-jroe off r
' wa» made by the d:fTerent agents to all
lof the CaMforn'a tour'sta. but nore of
| t! tm took to the proposition and they ar*
now ,n Seattle tn.iK.ng up th r outfit.*.
T. T. Waf*or>. w v ~ 1 is charge of a pros
pecting crew cf five m°n ' r the A* *ka
Co-operatla*e Minl-f Sy-dloate, t»etfer
known a« Re-neftry of s**»e TV'!' D Jen
kincompany 1» t the city, preparing t>
g » north or tomcrroW* steamer to ren« w
his pro«pectire oper-t >n* Wgt*on has
spent over *e\ -n years pr« -«••••»--t'-g in
Alaska, *1- g tv* ec Mt end In th» tn*. r'cr
ss w-11. and he eiws it »s h s deliberate
* tdgment that the Stewart river district
will be foi*nd to Ju«t as r'rh as t u e
i Klondike when it Ms been j-operly
pfot> * With Mr. Watson 1s co:rqj a crew
i c? seven men, tr- lee th# 'barge of T. J.
j r.as« b-gtn. a-t ! v- oper-itisrs deve! *p
il* ? ,v » ci«:n « already locate.t .for the
•ompanv J-:«• w v >'re t''e"-» -Is m« have
1 bee*' scoated , r w->uld r t sav,
Vut s e adml'ted *hat thev are Ndween the
Sri keen and Prewar* r'vera K* s c
!ng In over a rew tr* 1 v -« savs. r- 4 af - -"-
-n-e f—e In the *'.«*-*-t itl^esdy
rart'v pre*pecte.t h« w ; :i e," to the
Stewart river d's'rtet in September.
S <s*^r v ird proprietor cf a la*-c-e
"»t» City a* t v e Stevens v *-
* • •,<» •-<!;*♦ Mr Start rd tha* V e
J r vemert t ward Alaska is f.
I*'- - w x co*--« T derable c~ ,v e ef
4 *"rn pr.- *• . > here e* ■ r *v w .av l*- 1
i oa• s 'n* * > *-ovement in bay h * be en
c * -v».f a*-jj he t b'nks ,Sa ■ *
*e h - "* * ■ « s the S' r : nd e v ! ntry r~ • *
v - r--* l .'! man fe- the bay s-tpptv a~d t v e
: supnly 1« «hort T?e i< h«! 11~* v 's hay
j and intends to i*o «o f~r •■>r*e yet.
i With ca's !t is somewhat different, as
than f« a. large available supply a!! al stg
t. v .a Coast tcatt can te shipped in wa«n
t: * pr:~« ber« it. Mr. Starbird
a'atea thai wlille there La a great deal of
tr.ttmt anvr.g *>.e farmers with referencs
to th* * >i S-r.-is, nit nsacy fcf them wl.l
ge ncrth. although a f«w of the younger
•lament wilL Hut <ju!te a nwmbar ar* g>-
ing from tit* towns, e?pe«ally Vatst Ver
non. Mr. gtsrblrd may go in when the
b< iU bvgtn running on the river, so he
w!JI sot hare to tramp in erer the traJL
A P.. Co>*rac. cr»e of fV.e attor
neys of Port Townsand ar i a Demo rat bv
instinct, was a g-#st at the Stevens hot-I
la -♦ nisht. In reply to a questioa as to
whether t?*ere waa anything of in*erat io
th* way of politics in Port Townsend now,
Mr. Coleman replied that the people there,
like those of Seattle, are too much Inter
ested in the Alaska go'd S*'<ls to let poli
tics occupy their minds. Mr. Colemsn is
of tns opinion that much cf the excite
ment la due to exiggerated reports ter.t
cut for advertising purposes, a"d this he
wo«ld discourse*, as far as possible, in
the Interest of fairness to the prospectors,
if rot in the interest of the cities iiable to
be injured by the reaction.
K. J. d'striet passenger agent of
the Canadian Pacific; M. J, Roche, of Port
land Northwest pa«aertjt»r agent of the
Rlo Grande Western; George W. Hf-intz.
of Salt City, assistant general pas
s»ns»-r aron; of the Rio Grande \Vo«tern:
W. II Paul, of Portland, general agent of
the froijrht department. Rio Grande West
ern: J. Brinkor, of Salt City general
aa-ont of tho Atchison. Topeka A- Santa Fe
railway; J J Dovereaux. of Portland. g*n
eral of the Santa Fe, and Malme
Joyce ?ra%*ollng pass«nrer agent of the
M'ssour! Pacific, with headquarters at San
formed a r«*pra«ontation of out
of-town railroad oftic.ais ui Ihoneer place
G. W. Garsfde. who Is heavily interested
in quartz mm*s at Stimdum, Alaska. Is
at the Stevens hotel on his way north.
Mr. Garfc.de is a brother of tiie Garside
who haa been helping to construct the
Skaguay road. He ia not going to the in
terior of Alaska, being perfectly satisfied
with his rich Quarts mines on the coast.
Mart Watrous, a well-known capitalist
and sporttr.g man of Denver. Is expected to
arrive here in a few dava with a company
of Colorado capitalists bound for the gold
fields of the far north.
Fred Wilcox, of Samlah, Is at the Tre
James McLaln, of South Bend. Is at the
Hon. Frank Ailyn. of Taeoma, was in the
city yesterday.
George H. Funk, of Olympfa, Is a guest
at the Stevens.
H. Marion, of Woodinville, Is registered
at the Stevens.
A. L. Rutherford, of Fall City, Is stop
ping at the Diller.
Mrs. M. A. Storrs. of Mount Vernon. Is a
guest at the Diller.
M. D. Gleason. of Port Angeles, is regis
tered at the Tremont.
Thomas Grant, of Port Townsend, is a
guest at the Stevens.
W. W. Black, of Everett, was at tha
Rainier-Grand yesterday.
J. P. Baker, of Bi.«*narrk, N. D., is a
gutst at the Rainier-Grand.
Will R. Newland and wife, of Ellensburg,
are among the Diller guest a
D. B. Charleston and wife, of Vancouver,
B. C.. are at the Rainier-Grand.
J A. Matheenn. 11. F. Kueker and wife
and P. S. Cook and wife, all of An ac or tea,
arc at the Stevens.
Thomas Corn. W. A. Kelly and T. D.
Stewart. all of WaLl* Walla, m era at the
Northern last night.
\V. K Rurr..-id«>. M J Hiir.p and B»n
Chambers, al! of Port An*" lea, were guests
a; the Northern last nlgnt.
FIX>RAN'CE MARVIN predicted Klon
dike strike. <l4 First.
i She Believed That God Won Id Do Hrt
Household Work.
Mrs. Ida C. Joktson, of Enumclaw, was
j brought to the county jal! yesterday
morning by her husband, E Johnson,
to be tried before a superior court Judg®
on a charge of insanity. The" warrant
was sworn out by the husband, and the
wife was taken In charge by Sheriff
Moyer. She is n neat locking Swedish
woman, who until a short time ago
looked a coiry heme and hrr six
I children. Then she got Interested In
Christian science. She began to show
symptoms of Insanity. She would not
do any work about the house, s.iylng that
I if 1. r faith In Christian scienco was
stror.;-: enough God would do the work.
I Tier husband thought It was but a pass
ins fan ■>'. but It proved otherwise, and
he considered that the treatment at the
asylum m'sht cure her. Accordingly she
wis brought to the city. SI e will be
tried today.
Will lie Crem«ted.
The remains of Charles White, who died
here a week or ten days ago. will he
• snipped to San FY:«rclsco on the steamer
j today to be en mated in the Odd Fallows*
i cemetery there.
I ___
Revival services at the Pre* Method'«t
chur-h ? 1 2 Pine street, are still In progress
s~d ' e i.-u-rest is increas'ng. Rev. J, R
Free'snd. rf the Sith Dakota conference
j pr 'aeh * every n'.zht.
Th» regular meeting of the G. P. P. C\
wo? h"ld je<:»rday and the following offl
' <• t* *er« elected fttr the er.*uir-i- •
Porns'ein president; E. I^oN l . vice rr«<«'.
de"t: P. J. Bomstein. secretary and treas
Mn« Lih 1 'e Reac> Brown. state superin
tendent of the Washington Children's
H >tno S •- '")• d* "ires Christian hones for
the following children: Poys. aged S 2 \
9. I' 1 s">i 12 y»«r«: girl. * years T l ®* a-®
all d-->si r aV>» children. Addr««s Mr* Brown,
at 399 lUftr-y *-reet. Seattle. Wash.
Police Xotei.
Pit N "'in. ar old pe'it la* -ery offender,
tt».« senteroed hv J-jd*e Austin vfgterd'.r
ef;»rnooa to «.*ty-flv# days in the county
!' it N" l.m w.t.« aairc his Vest end#av.'-s
to dispose cf a pair of miner's sho»s w .<n
arrested • y Officer Tenner.t yesterday, He
s'fids charged w'th petit larct ny on t ■■«-
» ! m the owner of the aroes net hav;- f
bt n found yet.
WiUlssß Thmtos w.»a arrested by OiTl-
Prown yesterday mc~rine while tr>;r.g
r > dlapoa* of a bar of qut-.-kailver, said to
h a * vrf Th ,:r#trn is *o
h«ve s r olen th? property although " the
»R-. r n>t yet heen located.
C v ''«--> Grshacr 1? year* cf «?'. w.># ar
r»<ted late night by De'ec'.lve Cui;hee.
T •• boy's mother came to police head
: irtern early in the evening and Mated
tr Ht e had wen her son Ir. ccmpany wi-lj
tw> "vid h.-vj en Washington street.
H - ; ■•>• was drank and »*e wan-ed him ar
rt-'-d Detective V\*;iliar-*s started out
1 w v v -r to r.r.l the bey. but Detective
• <*■: ! !m ri v<»l h:m up in the ar»ar.r!me.
lits m 'ther "»n da nothing with him anl
, b« * a probably be sent to th# reform
| echoeL
The Fir.t in (he Field.
The d'reetory cf Southeastern Alaska,
now be r g ocrcptled by the Alaska A -
v*rt:sirg Corrpary, is sr. assured succe-s.
\ The representatives cf the company are
r'f'rj w!th most gratifying svir-esa ;•«
Taooma. Portland ard San Fran-lsco a d
s-verai of Seattle's leading entfltters.
' asks and s'e msh.p 'ir.as have
for spare. But a few days remain ;rj
which to cons. l er the cf an
advertisement In this work.
"SOROSIS." the new ahoe for womesv
» Sim:*vo £rea.. «V'T Secesd avenue, sol*
Major «. Marshall, Csaaaadfr at the
Jfortk I'artfia Dlvlaloa. Deilreri
aa ißtereatiac Address Don't
Give Beggan Mower, He fays.
"H-.e rew food and shelter home ia con
nection with the Salvation Ar JET'S social
work wis formally opened yeateriay aft
ernoon by Maj. S. Marshall, oommandfr
cf the Korth Pacific chief division, asxist
e-1 by the 10-al c!f. -era la charge of the
vartetis braneh«s cf the army fn Seat
tl». Gen. Booth, acccmpanJed by Com
fr.'ssftner Pooth-T"u?k»r and
er Niccl. edltcr cf all the army pu'wlica
tiocs. wO visit Seattle March T and speak
He Has Charge of the Hone and Shelter Depot.
at the armory. It has been the desire of
the local officers to have the depot open
snd In running order sometime before the
arrival of the distinguished visitors.
Yesterday's services In connection with
the formal opening led off with a hymn,
sung by a quartette. Prayer was of
fered by the Ktv. Mr. Ross, of Calvary
Presbyterian church. Th*n Maj. Mar
shall In a very atirrtng address spoke on
the object of the homo and its utility
in this community.
"Seattle." said he, "has at last a place
where the poor ar.d the helpless may
obtain food and shelter without humiliat
ing themselves by begging. Our relig
ion, to conform to the teachings of Christ,
must be practical; that is, in caring for
the aeul we must not neglect the body.
In a word, we must help a man to help
himself. To do that we must preserve
his manhood and his eelf-respect, and
that can be done only by refusing to bdp
him unless he is willing to help himself.
"Begging degrades a man, and people
who give money to beggars through sym
pathy for their state injure them Instead
of doing them good. The majority of
those who frequent the back doors of the
house# throughout the city, soliciting
alms and imposing upon the goodness
of the public, with a story as threadbare
as their clothes, are unworthy of help.
This institution ar.d those of a similar
character established in this city d > away
pith the necessity of begging. When a
poor man comes to us for assistance wa
give him a -little work, in return for
which we feed and shelter him. Often
we meet a man reduced by acme streak
of bad luck to necessity: we receive him,
fce works for us and ears? his own main
tenance until we fir.d m re suitable em
ployment for him. In another case, folly
end dissipation may have been the chief
causes f<>r his »*«»s; here again we help
to raise him by showing and convincing
him of the error cf his ways, ar.d almost
in every case the?e men leave our home
willing to start again la* the right path.
' This work Is not new to us. We have
similar Institutions throughout this coun
try. In Portland we op- j r.»»d a rescue hcma
for fallen women, and so far we rejoice
in the faat of our being able to as: .*t
five unfortunate" two cf whom returned
to their parents."
Rev. Mr. Ross Epoke upon the same
lines, an d faid he felt sure that the cit
izens cf Seattle would do all they COT'I
to encourage the work and do away with
the pest of begging.
A S Alien, secretary of tfca Associated
Charliie* of this city, aho male a f«w
remarks, prorel.-1-ff to werk hand in hard
w *h the arrr.y ard endeaTor to h<lp It on
every occasion.
Ma J. Marshall then said the tf€di?ntien
P?*rr-T Cr*« Tst»-***T for torttrtej. dfcSf*
arts* !tf fcrif, feom'- f. *sl *tut »^»ip
d»*»>-» v. .a 1 ja> a: **..*. -W»r» b* a* w;:b <"»•
Tirrt* »mt:e »p»Ur« n» of Cttticcba
(ois»m»rt. »a 4 ft;:! of Cv-tjcc**
▼*sr k :e4;e»i oib.wi Jwi iai Udiiijrcareo
t£*rw»S«*t ft« rwit rorrse
miT" B»» t Cat* I«efci*eOfci« Sunn *■««.
We kMj Kodaks and ®th«r Camera* N'->
charfe tor you how :a qm them.
Washington Dental and
Photographic Supr l *' Co.
T.l Ce'untb:* St.. Post Offte*.
6uard lour Sliht.
Miss F. WiUinski
' Ere* Tested Free. 11l Cherry St.
6-Room House in
Prt~® C s«>; * b!?« heme for * eaia'.l
303 and SOS Sow Tark Black.
prayer and declared the bene formal'?
open. Air. -T.gr these present wre Adjt.
JeTrell, Ca;t. Tayisr. Lieut. Ha m.
Jjres and Jtisa K. McCl«- Und, formerly
of the Seattle General hospital
The officers ir. eherre of the w >rk ar«:
Al}t. Robert C!arfr superintended; Lieut.
in charge ,-jf wooi yard; Lieut.
Clark has the direction of the culinary
department, ar.d Lieut. Her.rry that #? the
basket factory. Adjt. Jewell thanks the
people of Seattle for their generosity in
helping the army to establish this work
by their generous contributions.
. i» £RiAMiRY" inc. •
* Oyster a . d *
Grill Room, *
v Q
The ealy oae ID the city A
§ where prompt service and §
1 ■sexcellrd cuialne are rou
g blued with moderate charges. a
(. nqaestiotinbly the best. •
I J. J. COLE, Manager. g
No. 510 Secoad Ar, ('}
See our elegant line of Pine Decorated
We certainly can save you money.
£O3 Second Avenue. Pike Street.
Telephone, Bed &L
719 Seronti AT. AND 117, lift
auil lUI Colambla St.
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EienlhloK fieai yaar
»os to yoar boat.
The Mast Comptftr Store •(
tbe kind on the Pa
clflc Coast.
* ! • • •• •• • • • • •.
5S »
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; Washington >'avels,
•) Sweet, Julcv and Tender, :
7c Per Dozen.

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j* «
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Cor. Madison St.
ft £
•j TaSepfcoo* Mala <ft
ft <?
The MaeDougaH
& Southwick Co.
717-719.721-723 First Avenue.
Ladies' Shoes jj
A large invoice of new IS9B style Ladles* Show in
button or lace, on sale this week at $1.48 per pair. These
Shoes would be good values at $2.50 per pair.
No customer will be allowed to purchase more than two
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people's Theater.
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Telephone, Main 4J3.
Ceattle Theater. Te», M.t a a
Kor-hwest T>!eatricsl A'sociatfsn.
PAUL B. IIYNER. Re*. Manager.
TWO NIGHTS, CoramTcla* Monday, Jan
uary 24.
Black Paul's Troubadours.
Fifty E<*ta*se» tn E l ?ry. pr««<RCtlnr a
kaleidoeoopa of Caon Sang*. Cake Waiks,
( •era-ic 3Sai>terp;eces and BLACK PAT
TL Universally proclaimed the most jk>>.
'ar ar.d pleaalng atagd novelty of the aet-s.
It la for the enjoyir»nt of Jt-ieas and cnU
;ren a* w»ll as otners. i&a excitement
c.the Cake Wa'.k will pleaae the little
Pricea—3T > 500, ,-o and $L Seats on aa'e
Friday morning.
Qeattle Theater, th a
Northwest Asan.
PAUL B HYNJLR. Res. Marager
One Week, Cosur-encirg, Monday, Janu
ary »,
At People' a Prtcaa,
25c, 50c and 75c.
Tonight, " Martha."
THTJRSDA T—~? v Ip A v oy."
FRIDAY—* Bobeaaiaa Girl."
SATURDAY OI *tir.e«v-Gi rd 2, c 9a .-
SATURDAr—' "lndiana."
W. M. RUSSELL, Uanajtr.
Telephone Pike 3.
r i
i Last Week of the Fres-nt Season of
The Broadway
Theater Comu'y
Monday, TaepJsy ar.l Wednesday, TV
la*co & r»- Mltlf's greatest New Y«i
success, -LOST PARADISE." or- rf i!
latest end mo»t prorotmced • > s
the MUI H-»ne, Machinery in a tu.,
Working Order! See the Strike £e*rt
Thursday, Friday, Saturday Matine •
and Saturday night, Bronaon liowsrd'e
(trfatttt ot American drearies, "Til
Prices—£o<\ 4N;, 36c, 'Sjc, 10c; be* seata,
$1; boxes, Ji. Telephone, Pike 5.
Armstrong and O'Neil's
Comic Operatic Novelties.
"Ev ryth'rg new and up-to-&3t«."
I Performance atarts at ~r\ Af>Ml?-
i SION. !oc,
! _______________________
; ui.wiitiiiMii
' C<?rn*r Pike ar.l Fifth Aver. i<% Te.'ephor •
ptke it
Levtno At Townse-.d, Propria*ors.
; Dclph Levino ..Maaag*--
Th» North Side Family R —ort.
We*'* Cnrria: nelcg Monday. January r
iMat;r»e Saturday, too Very Funny f re -
" THE WIDOW 0 BR!E<f."
A Big '*ast of Charar'ers. lr-■> of Fun
ar,d Lauahter, in'.roduci .r Big V*udevil>
Arj, iaciadir.g Doisth atid fau>ie Lev<iK>.
Harry Sediey. William To*k«r, liari v
LasnOert. etc., ate.
Fopuiar Prte<»#—los sv» and 3*r».
Toriabt (Sunday*, last night of "Solomon
•cattle's Largest and Or.?y Flrat-
Ciass European Plan Hot .l.
Cafe and Grill Boons la Ceaotctlaa.
Komi Wita or WiUuut Batfca.

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