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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 01, 1898, Image 5

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Kir in
imi rookc<i "
iiCofflty Affairs.
\M ? - _ _—-
L;* ■ _ grßtoW C** ao< M««e
I* I wJer Fire—
W m mmm <T»er K«pte|Mst
V - (caS Ki-Oslr *e»ea-
Mtti»«-1s»« C«"•-
r B *2* |J|# by tvbrwary &i.
I mi*"**-
n hile. *e»ltle.
.t BTgi i*mrraia
..••E •M-.HI'
U «. Bmfd. >M>»t»le.
Black Iliamond.
■KT|| r -'— Star lake.
I' A*••dale.
]- K^lcskil
awl*ll. *ca»tie.
ga«aar. Kasmelaw.
t Wafcaai.
W Hl»er.
«t*' Tr aac». « kaaiaauaa.
'-'1 Jut au»moned last week by
of f'U'Tior court to
all'ge«i rooked work in the ad
teß— (BiiX'i cf • ounty affair.", was S
>y morning in the court
over by Judge Benaon. The
failed to Rr 1 three of the twenty ji
iury - * n,< '* n " w at
cor.sJ*s of seven' ■en ttcinVf?
BetUK'n delUor. d a g. neral churice
i especially to t;je charucs
ksve l>een made aaainst Proaecuting
MrEJray's offi< ■; in connection
ijjlggfei; settlement of the chargea a>ra!n»t
falih accused of rob ing the * oun
gg\rrtl thousand dollars. The court
jury to fine investigate the charges
M''Kiru>'s office, lie furiher
m m , S ,m to complete tiie.r work by Fe;>-
|pirtant Attorra y General Thomas M.
jfct# of CHynuiu. and 8. 1». King, of the
fa «f U«k1«>". King & Turner, were ap
gßtfti aptaal prosecutor* bv the court.
ff-ur art'.rary c. ircunistance* the ;>ros< -
IPtfUt SttOtney would have charge of the
f%t& J»r>. Judge lien»on named out
ftp «w»»l b <;is« Mr. McKiroy'a office
I sad«*r Of- B Is said that there may !*•
Icasßi't av*r this matter. Mr. McKlroy
Iggnd in court, and whit* i , <>:isenting to
St (Mf|»ointme»it < f Mr. Vance and Mr.
to akl tiie grand jury In investigat
|g hi» office, proteste,! against the outside
•Kiarl going any further Ist the matter,
lb MeEfrv)' has, U is »,tld. stated privat -
tf tfot a» b« 1» 'be prosecuting attorney,
lilMttf b#i tie legal adviser and comi*- 1-
mft grand Jury while investigating
«£«aU«n other l:ian tho»>e relating to his
gQfft, Tft*re is re,>s n to believe that
«Ma the jury »rid* Its investigation of his
gkfer* Mr. M Kirov nil! not only ask. but
|n*ed. that ihe apecbtl Us turned
CSU4 his office put in charge.
J(4|« Henaun'a i Imrnr,
JalU tenaon. In his opening remarks to
WlßaJJury, raid:
Hatirm-n of the Orand Jury: You
tntHtoMn iKaiy of men ar*d are abotlt
tli« prformano' of duties
solemn and lmpi>rtant nature.
UStg is tho rapacity of a grand jury.
|« jcr«»:itutt? a {'art of this court, and
o»«6der its control in certain re*pet ts,
l»;titfcln the 11:»< a of your duty you it'-
ll let fearle«!«ly and Impartially. You
MR #l*e careful attention to the*..' in
f»r > »u have sworn that you
"dnigently itujtiire into, and true
IPMBtmeut make, of all such matters
ttA things .is >hali ■ m-- t > your know !-
tfr *rt>rdln« to your chutge.' "
Tfcf wurt charged the Jury to Inquire
tefe th« east s of parties pj custody or
ssdef b»i'. ehnrged with comtn -sion of
against the laws of the Ma*--.
Tb» jurymi-n wre told that it was th. ir
jkgy if they kn-w or bad reas- n to I >■-
!h*t & public <>fT> ns • tr>ab!«j within
had b.. n . itnmi't'il to di«-
•os» 'he MBf to the r fellow Jurors and
b latMt'jtati if a majority <o voted,
J-.jile'' licruton guve • < ial in
®RKn',i,*>s saying;
ei»urt iharße* yotl e*peclail>* to
the «f ji.-rsoii* lit t us
or UMter ball. ujHin eritnlnul charge,
"its *at h th> r.. ;>e ti, > into the < •ndi
■ll *n4 aun»««-ment of the public huKt
*** in 'he rotir.ty ~nd into t» w llful
y*D' 'j'-iet of |Mih!|e t>tTi •r« an.l in tt; ■
<*s*ctlor it l»e. .n»«-s the duty of the
te «|HH-lally charge yoa to
< "' V ' V ' an '' invest kate the
■nrr (-rt.iin a lb-ted wrongful ob-
W'f'v, or warrant* or both.
f* ,h * ' «"'> "f h , Whl-h in al! v.l
•s*>" been . ..munitt. .1 n "to cfl->n
It..' b-u<it! ( >f .N.unt* warrants by
»|Nnty auditor The . ,r'
™ T* l '"'Kiti - .!• • ibor* by Inv >:i
-fIFJ ef the c»n. of pros.- utlnsr «t
--•I2J * li ' that yau leave other matters
"' ey . .»!»•-, s of . mers. ticv vritll
r* ?au r • d . n th- ott .• .f
* |T(M> . •
*en.«til«e \„ <»th \,hl.erti.
T'.. « , n ; .. <r y nj^.l
S*: ,nt m
* r ' l nvs S l> K- i: t .
*'* «P» J.r , . .
•y. - - ■■■
■*« *» :t !s \ .», .. , . , , .
! '»«• 'w f .tr.,MIS
P*r> • • , n ■■■ tuS
Ben*.4-1 ~v; if. i
«Wy !t1 . r > that
**» •« *!>•' \ , n I Ko' - ' *•" ■ ' U .
wr ' • / •". ,
Best Outfits
Are the Cheapest.
«t t r, f f- M \
ua*,- „ P .. , r r
f \
; \
•U.krr., ' ,
of cxis-rienc- t I>
lolch. :
Ac CO., .'
; «
t tr*t X\,
We manufacture the best and keep the assortment of Tnkon Store# there
ever «» on the market, it will pay you an intending Yukoner. to pay us a
get oar prteea and compare these goo-1* before buyir* elaewbef*.
" e a,3, ° MUWIe * compiete line of miners' tools and hardware.
fore the jury for the purpo«e o? g'.ving in
formation relative to any matter* receiv
ing attention but that neither they nor
any other per* in, outside of the Jury
ni'wt be pm«ot when a ballot Is taken.
After instructing the Jury as to what
they should look into Judge Benson cau
tioned them, staying:
"Wide publicity ha* J«»*n made of the«e
matter* through the pres* and the com
mon poseip of the but you must
c >t allow any of the**- things to guide or
color your actions la making the
gatkm thereof. If yoe have in your minds
any opinion ax to whether or not a crime
or offej!-»■ of any kind has been commit
ted, you will ia> aaid* all suc-h opinion a*
fully aa posaibb unlesa the Mmc is found
e<l upon your owr, personal knowledge.
Guard youmelve* agairst prejudice and
av i;i •: m-re hearsay and beware of mai
j•. You have no right to allow your
s»-He«» to Ik? influenced by either fear or
favor. It is a matter of no ronst-quence
to von whether the offender iixalmt the
law i* of high or of low station in life,
whether he is rb h or j>->or, prominent or
unknown, his crime in either -vent i.« the
•same and when «!m>kii to you by compe
tent ♦ Vldei<ce, it in your duty to indict.
You will not allow private pr*>se« utorn to
Intrude tbeni'i-'tvni into your presence
and present accusation* urile*s th. special
jiroiM-cutors, or one of them, have recom
mended the same to your attention, if
any i*-r*on posae-t.-.-s information to jus
tify an accusation. }»•■ must impart it to
th-- acting prwe ;tor, who will n all
proper can * present ;-urh accusation for
your consideration.
I'u \ut Art I |HIS Hamur.
"In investigating a charge you » il! first
ascertain whether a public offense has
l>een < ommitted and if committed, then
who is the guilty party or parties, and to
authorize the finding of an indictment,
and the evld* n< .• before you must Ik- suffi
cient to establish the guilt of the arcn* d
or 2*o much a* would support the verdict
of u petit Jury- lie careful that you do
not act upon riutmr or re (tort but only
upon knowledge acquired from the evi
dence before you, or from your own ob
Judge Benson also explained that the
law enjoined secrecy to the extent that
all matters coming to their knowledge as
a grand Jury should remain s*-ui<*d within
their breasts. He warned them not'todis
i iirts the fact that an indictment had been
found against any person for felony who
was not in custody or under recognizance,
until such a person be arrested. lb
iurtte r told the Jury that notn* of their
numb- r would be allowed to state how he
or another voted on any matter and that
It to«)k the Vote of at bast twelve of their
num;*T to find an indictment.
Judge Benson instructed the Jurors th.it
if a witmss Mwort falsely before them
that they should Indict him forthwith for
perjury, tirst takit g the advice of the
prowcutor as to its being an actual case
of perjury. The Jury was further charged
to bring an indictment against any one
who attempted to corruptly or Improperly
influence their action. The Jurors was
further instructed that they must he pres
ent at all of the sessions of the jury; that
the special prose utors would draw up
the proper papers for th.< foreman to sign
In case u conclusion is reached; that
when a bill of indictment is Ignored they
arc to find whether the prosecution is
malicious or frivolous and whether the
complainant or the county shall pay the
<s>?ts; and that the court »?< ready to In
struct them at any time on legal point?.
After Judge Benson had < -anrged th<- Jury
Frank \\*. Bp*.»r of 8. Utle. w as ap; dnt-'l
foreman, and later the Jury made J. .s
It i km. of Auburn. . lerk.
Ait hour of the aft- rn.mn w is tit look
ing o\»r the court • and receiving sug
g< stioise as t.> the needed imi»r-> -Venients,
The fact that the valuable records of r ••
treasurer's offl. worth thbw*mds or dol
lar;! to the county, are not placed in a
\,iull. for lack of room, w «* discussed, and
It is pro lble that the Ir nur. r will be
aaked for a stat as nt regarding the mat
Umimmk**'* Innrili'd.
The jury In the canal ront]fnn,)!ii n
fa«' mule good progress yesterday :ri a -
s* -Mn« the .tm .mil to !»■ j jj.j fur t'i,.
property t • be used . r damaged In the
building of th» goverrm. Nt canal. V.-r
--di< t.s »>r« returned a-. f.-ilows. a .\L
Brook s and Christian S hwifrmnii. JU?
Maiv Vernon. J4-'. A. A I?: t ;y. $-V«0; J
Nt t : at.. sl. IV <» <iW>.tsf>n jr.,
M C. F >sne«. SZ T W Whitney, et al ,
William \shw.trth $i t", II Hrog
d-n. Sl«'». Mnrti.iT: Broad, n. *v I» i.t? I ► ib-
Min, #~; J >hn '' !y. f7' Fr.nl. ri k Hen
son. I> (Jeorge J Smith il., |]; H.
It P .1. :-on, « t al., sl, Frank Gormait,
It 111 1.1 IIIB I'erililts.
n I". t.t:ndb.-rg h s t.'lki u : ! i!ld
j log i»erm!t for a one tird a half
frame <!« . illtig on KK v. nth av. n ?•-.
tW. ."51 P!k ' ill I Vine, to cost I' "
Wiis- n. It . - «<- «" >. fa- i -1 *j
woo<l building near the northwest ' '
of l*nlver«t:y -*r. .t and Ratlro.t ! ive
] nue.
><•« l»«e.»r»».»ri»ll«ill«.
Ar: '. S , f ' • -n f v the f--." *
lng .toraivu' »s w re r ; i y.-Kt.-rday.
The W : S»r Trc -»;-orJati-in t'lHßpar.'
Hi K I" K*" tiev. K. It Spent >-r ind ■'
! I Hetl'l" »;t .r t; '1 «t. k s>» »**
!'e R.'d A- it n ' s. •• •
Itv J S K:.»l |,r . H !.. Wi ".«• m, <;
«*r tt- r lr . ..pitai st -k *>».<••- f- r • ,r
t-H... Of Imi I tig and ,>{<erittnir hoap • -
T - S- .'tie s- M h a !>,«.. • .-
Tr-n«t. -t A* 1 • r. . \
W, IT- T ;i D tin •• a A B •:- ! --e
T F Town-i- V uid Flav;us S. Cole; cap
Uat s'Ov k. $!•»' »>>
N.-n *nlt» I'lleil.
j Tie f ix g new « .ts wfr. *>d t t*r
I Km. »I uling. r \ Wi'i TI H <; »r
|!ng* r F.-r livorc and r» -tr.rt •- . r-i -r
Mit - \ »nt vs J. V. ; . :
For m«-r .n.ltse, I' -
» T varatn.F no' \nn» M - .-'nrg
w • tv. wa - y *t» rda v j :
F« - -% :
\ " -of a;> W - • ed vw -;iy 1
Jo 1* Fa> in the u ■». r* ij r* *< ncy i »j»
of F»i vs. feastorday.
i Juds» J.«oo'-s y.-*terday a.gne.l i !-»dc
I me- and d.-.-r- »- ir- t t.- < ,ts»- «f John I'
F:n \ • t' M K>-:. n y.
A jUdgWCBt Of default in f»vor of 1h
j el»v w .•« -ig" •t« !t> v J-.-tg. p- •
' s-'ti it- the oas- i ti- •. "ity of s s "- attic \»
t Kc -.n#. et al
Juvlge W •« 1 M- re , t; .
Tv uve t J. *' NX '-.» i - :< -tver in the
f the t)re* M r *K Kf Com,, -i. l-'fl '•
X - J<**f-{>t» 11.
Judgw Hen« " y. *:erd.»y *:«• t»d a de -<
.if nidemefst • - . is- f Anna \\ ... i
v.*h i' xx t > n t>. wm t' 1 > -
with int- rvt An !
\ -r tlon f.* • - «■ t rr .i» - - ».
! v !•• ' ' • tne null of J>»hr K
■ »<•: - \» J- *rgia «.o -a- .jißnl hi
J tjte JiitVih" i ;.'rv ii'ti'M*..,-'
J : -hea Ja«.>t-« rd»v » t an .r.b
; g •; c 1* X H.ii the . -i»'.>iy f
Mt- . k w
VV :;f H - w- rr- . . r : e.l ;««t J. \ C
w -■ a<« *r& • —d use oust of the - Ml*
i \:» ivs-iftW) it l&< is' Kept .3 tile ; ir^»
diction of the court Th!« ft 5* claimed. has
not been don*. >fr, mil ha* married
*- s l>t. C. K. Parker since her divorce.
Judge Benson ysaterday jtlktjM the final
dec re*, appropriating the land for the Mag
nolia army pwt. Nothing now
auuide in t"»e way or the governm-nt t «k
--io* poa&ea '.on. County i'l<-rk Hollow ay
h «* money in t.is pomtmion to pay
the land.
John I>»o«»rd. charged with * irglarjr.
and John Anthony, charged with for*', ng v
Check were before Judge Jaeobe. of the
criminal department of tne superior court,
yesterday to plead. Ixtnard pleaded guli
tv and will be i»-nteneed &-*ior:iy. Anthony
pleaded not guilty.
The cas»* of J. H. Alien vs. A. M iller *-j
on iriai yesterday in Judge j tcoas' court
!-for« a Jury. Th> is a suit to re- over
t-'T3..V> t .r freight shipped on the steamer
I»**i;.a to tr>»- VluDk-Livlnftion LejgKtng
i'omtany. Th- claim w.«s a«gn*-l t-» J.
IT. Alien, w■ o br!i.»cs the euii. T.io cae
Wen; to the jury at Z o'clock.
Mimn untl I'ruud %re Wanted There
(«r Aliened I roukrd tt ork.
A. It. Mason and A. 11. Proud, the tailor*,
w jo were in irouble u.-t Saturday, were
t iken to Spokane yesterday afternoon by
Sueriff IH-mp.-ey to .»n-w«r the- charge of
larceny by embewtiement. It i.«
that they did Tii krt 'Broker Xel*«, of
BjH>k ne. up fur $175 bv regit- tins to return
a mileage book, which was given into
their |K>H.->->--iun on the condit ->n that it
would i>e ret ut ned when they reached Se
l»arinir the day T'rotid attached tho
money that *.is foumi on Mason's person.
The matter h is pat<hed up just in time
to alloy, the sheriff to < at -h the train w:tli
Ms prt.<oners. It will i>e reca!!e<i that Ma
son ai.<l l'roud had a t illor -hop in Si»o
--k ine. They out for and Proud
claimed that in t'u* division be allowed Ma
-on to retain a portion that w ,s re illy due
Sheriff Dimpsy has a ni v; scheme of
preventing prisoners from escaping. it
consist* of two part*. The tir-t is a steel
frame that sits on ov< r the shoe, am! is
held fast by screws in the heel of the shoe.
The second is a heavy steel ring that en
circles the leg. The objt ; of the steel
frame Is to prevent the ring from falling
down on the prison* r'.- unkie.
U brrr In Th oat a* O'Huriif
Thomas O'Hara, a i reman on the
steamer <*l.ira. Nevada. ha.-» bet n nii-sit g
since late Stir-day nigh*, and his ft; rids
are anxious to barn his whereabouts.
H" was last s, en between 10 and 11 o'clot k
Sunday night at Whitney's cafe. At that
time he u ■« som«-w!:a: und.-r the influ
ence of liquor, bui yet able to tak- care
of himself, lit? did not have much money
011 his person. lb- is .V> years old. "> feet
4 inches tall, will weigh Ho pounds, and
is rather slender. He has a ruddy com
plexion. sandy hair, bin. eyes and red
whiskers, lie wort a gray overcoat and
overalls. . jg^
looked I.ike it Dead liitant.
C. Brown, of 715 J.at. - street, reported
to Coroner Yandell yesterday morning
that his ron. Fr. nk Brown, and a com
panion named Klier Smith, found the
body of v* iiat looked liK<"- ; t n Infant oil
the garbage pile near the Duwamish
dairy Saturday afternoon. He sai l there
■was a man there who drove the hoys
away. .1 (\ Ward a city employe,
who has charge of the garbage pile, J tid
t! it what the boys discovered looked
rr. iro like a piece of liver that a child.
Iltirultar Kornpril.
A burglar. who r. vr.th- arrive 1 from the
, K ist u it hail f:(U.*d to study the direct ny,
not i to Poll nan T« nna tit's house ni.-ht
I>. '-ire last through a window. i 'ftii or T- n
; n int had retired eirly, ns his family was
-.way. When he heard some one mov.ng
,iround in the i» trior tie grabl»d li s pistol
and started on a tour of exploration. The
burglar tumble,l out of the window ind
j es aped before T# .ttant got tog it of him.
N ' ii'iu w.»s stolen.
lilt KIITT.
I "iTie board of {uibllo work -y- ;«t» rday ap
proved the is-- '-nit nt rolls for Kits: and
Sot .ind avenues
In t: >• m ini .pal court y.sterday aft -r
--j noon Jutic Austin fined I. 11 Hnnvn $175.
J P. Harthigt-.n J.'"* ;u>.l John S.-ott tIGO
t'<r conduct ng .; imhllnr uam<-«
tetta Cltr i.odg.-. No. ML Knights of
Pvttn.i- wit! civ.- t .i 1 I*at thi lr * a«tle
h I. KT \ e »■!... k mi M <r». I-. \ cvt'irt-j Feb
ruary 7 11 "« oVloek. All sister Joug ■■ l> t ve
f- • n • viv.l. ■ < Well v the lt.iri,l>. >ne
St«'« r- and th- I inform llank. Y:-itlng
Knight- ure < rdialiy Invited A ni:.«ieal
programme .-nl .1 »>.-.ng w II !>•■ the m m
features of the entertainment.
I.uther J Hirds.-tll. <-tjo of the olibat
n,- rulers of the poli. .- for.-. r*-i»lgned
t«-rda> to re Mini '■> h;« f.-rmcr o uj»at;on
of st amboat rvgP'.e.-rPig illrdaall his
I b. en . m- ml«.*r of the j. .'lce for •<* sin-e
I Harry White was mayor, lb- has be- n on
j duty m> • of tie t!m» in the busine*s dts
[ »r; -t He has proved to bo one --f the
1 sti-atii.-t men that ev. r w >re the b!u at
and iT t «s buttons ir this . itv.
But Thin Article Is >c»t o Patent
.Medicine AJ.
A certain grocer f r. r.. in.. M a
curious experient t- la ,iy and one that he
will not read !y f>i k M' P. 11. Ki. of
*?l4 lvmi*t-T - :re, r. w m,>•'!!.-d to < «li
In L>r. I>akln. a .wr> physician of
Evar.ston. in ioli rto n- I f possible, wty
he w is i>. coming, day ! > day more dansj
.u«lv IP i-'d t •r> -• 1 • j»,. •t) wav
to -tip the pre-i-r. - >• s. r.utile. He
reaches! a point where it w«s a critical
<1 • ulon w aether he • i r- -«ver or not,
: w"-en l>r. I»akin a<lvs ->yl him thar t!i"
Vf:' rn* ::•<!. . . *i !• . \v t>. ■ ;
S wiy pobom-d by *, of . .ffre. if a
lHmt»hell had bf» -. x ..,-.,5 !jj Mr. Ki-s"
front room it would n-a !V « reat»d any
m><ro surprise and t •"-• »tion
W tiling to do attjrthlng tb* ,lvt r advl#-
* ! in to r« k.i • < ■ h* 4 <i£;»*.•<] to
. 1» ..iv# off common . off r . M! »i .?
j >ff«- I: —-ms that Mr K ; -l ti his
I . nd four brands of lmtta: . f Postum.
!At the tlortor's -siirc-st .n a t .f .a h
was given to him. wh>. h * re tag. home
for inalys -
After careful tnai . f tltji <- -i - .rough
■ ( u -;s, the dt t->r ti- ntm. ad. i j» *• ,m
*.« the one o» r» al . . free -ha' -nta -d the
i "rmerits «.f n<:trttion need, i a- 1 'jr. up-
M K - • * ■ ft -f? • -v • r
!»'>n v affee and tovk on I '-st Ti His re
turn to h w rapid, a d ; , ,p. .<
to aay 'he customer* r-f th <t gr -. e-v
store frefjuen'ty t-ear a g.sxl w rd ••orr. 'he
grocrr or hi« clerk* in regard tthe f»-
m>c « Post-m F-shl Coffee
Th. r" are hundred* of n- *■-m.-what
similar to t « one. <n *t. , -opl- hive
1.-een mna;trg .f >wn in h- a?th for v ry.nsr
lengths of t :ne «r«i have be -i .at»"— to
- . -. . ' .j K
}. cr treatm.ntt f k : t The
.- -. - »
tike 1" • '. ■" r * . th
| y t • work to r iI Id la hen
i *r. in ■. -- - 'in - ■ ;. ,:sut
I fc , dy.
Judge Hanford Decides the Fight
Orer the S. A. 0. Site.
Deelslaa ReiierH by the Cnrt Caa
flralas Their Claim to a First
Lira M the S. A. C. Property ss«
A4|«talat l ot *—Hopkls* Gets
■ Lies m Other Property Involved
—Salt Peailag foe Some Time.
Jodsre Han ford. of the Federal wwtrt ren
dered a decision yesterday moir.ng in the
famous rase of Robert Ralfour, Rober:
lirodle Forman and Alexander Guthrie,
importers, aga:r«t John Parkinson, for
merly a well-known architect, and Charles
Hopkins, on* of Seattle s plon-ers, to fore
i a mortgage on the Seattle Athletic
Club building and all the property extend
ing west to deep water.
The de:>;>n cor.rinns the claim of the
complain;nts to a first lien on the Seattle
Athl»uc Club property and t:ie adjoining
i>t. No. fe. but grants Hopkint* a :ir»: iien
on all the other property included.
It was a suit in «-ituity before Judge Han
ford. brought by lialfour. Guthrie & Co..
Jini-oners, against John Parkinson
and wife and Charles Hopkins,
<<? Ie of Seattle's pioneer residents,
to foreclose a mortgage on lots 7, *,
ana lu, in iv!i!,v s addition, being the
lot on Which «he Seattle Athletic Ciub
building is located, and lots extending west
to de» ;• water. This property is practical
ly in the heart of th • city and is worth sev
eral hundred thousand dollars, as tilings
are going at present.
Five or six yeai ago Hopkins owned the
property on which th> S. A. building is
located and the other iots enumerated. At
tha: tiru* John Parkinson was a prominent
architect In Seattle. Parkinson desired to
put base and improve this property. He
made a contract with Hopkins f u r the
property, by which he (Parkinson) was to
pu: a bri.-k building, to cost not less than
PJu.xnt on lot T. fronting on First it venue,
and to give Hopkins back a mortgage for
W1.a02.ir.. This mortgage was to be a first
mortgage on ail the property, except lots 7
ar.d s. Parkinson was to have the privilege
of mortgaging lots 7 and S In order to raise
monej to buiid a brick block on lot 7. This
bio k is now known as the S. A. C. build
Hopkins' mortgage was not only to be a
first mortgage on all lots except 7 and S,
but was to be a second mortgage on kits 7
and v Hopkins ac ordlngly made a deed
of the property to Parkinson and Parkin
son gav. a mortgage back to Hopkins.
1 totH instruments with a bond that Park
inson would put lip the brick building as
agreed, were put iu escrow in the National
Hank of Commerce.
A month later Parkinson, having made
arrang. ments to borrow PmJ.OOO from Hai
four, Guthrie & Co., had a mortgage pre
pared covering wll the property and ig
noring Hopkins' mortgage. Hopkins'
deed was taken out of escrow without
his knowledge and recorded. The mort
gage to Halfour, Ciuthrie &. Co. waa r<-
corded at the «ame time.
The first notice Hopkins had of this
was several days later, when he saw an
Item in a newspaper concerning the deed
and mortgage. As soon as Hopkins
found out what had be*n done he pro
j tested, and notified Halfour, Guthrie &
j t'o. that his mortgage was entitled to be
j a first lien on all the property, except lots
■ 7 and >. At the time of this notice front
Hopkins, Halfour. Guthrie & Co. had put
up only of the and It was
in the National Hank of Commerce with
iln th» r reach. Hut they paid no atten
tion to Hopkins' claim, and insisted that
they should claim a first lien on the prop
. erty, and continued to advance money t<j
Parkitis n until the entire KM, <WO had been
j raid In.
Th" came into court through the
effort of Halfour, Guthrie & Co. to fore
close th« :r mortgage. Parkinson ami
Hopkins were named as defendants. At
torney Harold Preston appear.nl for the
complainants and Judge Thomas ISurke
for I>•f< - last Hopkins. The < ase has
1- • n ... :.« - td |K)int by point and is al
r> ady will known, especially among the
ln-al fraternity and business men. The
f • ?' it involved such large property
lnt»r->. a!.-o tended to make it a fa
mous cause.
Y< st< rday morning Judge Hanford
h • I. 1 down his opinion, in which lie
h. ld t. (• the mortgage of Balfour. Guth
rie «v «.'•■ was a tirst lien on lots 7 and S,
and a - nd mortgage on the remainder
of t! property. lie held further that
H-'pkii:-' mortgage was entitl d to the
pia > of a Urst lien Oil all the property
i \ , • ' 7 and s, and a second lien on
lots 7 and 8.
T decision seems to carry out the
spttf the original agrement and to be
•»! u:..s• !*» t>» lK>!h parties. It gives Kal
foiir. ("• thrie & Co. a Jirst lien on lot
7. a \\ l< h the Seattle Athletic Club
1> i! ling stands, and a!-o ou lot S, and
m k - Hopkins' mortgage a Jim lien on
til :i.t ; mainder of the property.
A\ T| >\I.OO\ LK A(d E.
Organisation \a«l«s«t l.lijueir Trnllle
I rg,-«l l»y MrlbudUt Preachers.
A' ■' ■. i;u!.ir session of the Seattle
M- • ; preachers' meeting, held at the
M F church ysterday forenoon, a
I i rvi i r■td by Rev. 11. D, Itrown on
j the li.j , r question Whi h had a bearing
, en th. J • >1 political situation He dls
•: • q.» «tion "How the Fromies of
S - May Rest Fnite " ~ d in doing
irtse o .his opinion th. • the money
r w r ■ ' the country Was closely allied
* t • truffle in intoxlcati-g drinks. As
j a method of combating the liquor inter
i •% • ~<i the organisation «,f an anti
que In Seattb th- ! igue to be
a ' • : rr. ; society for the "oippression
j• f '' .*• I\ in, and to it ! a e the letter
e . , .at, r:s to take fort •• munici
■«i :T rs by registering. -!'iing prl
j »• • l on vent! on- • • -upport
! ■ ' ■ •: n;en for office snd >i>iing in the
«•!:'- - t of existing iaw -
i Ati Smith, the evangelist,
jr, « »ing meetings at 1 tattery
Stre i-, h made an in'ere.;\ n g talk
-r K'X experience w if n liquor. The
■ en-- • * was made that Kvang-dist
P* •' ■ v. ;H servt' < - ir the Fir«t
; M 1- • h about the JT'h f
i T' - • ■ T,\, j ,»s a T*«:o- Methodist
v t has been planned ; ,ji
j e, ; JO , .••?»: ; with servtee* ,n the other
| Mi-'t «li-f The* of An tn
' • ' -end the ir.ee*; t f the Ti
; «tna : - * < . r.'» rence .t T-. .ma to*
■lav • • - rr ,rr -w was a.- e}»te»l. THe
i To T \ vr» ! 'cr» will be<r ,e; the Seit
: ' e •-. *. - a at 'he Tv '"•ma hotel nt 4
k * r Almost a.'l C;e S.
jr. V<w: l in attending#.
V- -re .« no such 'hl-.g as telling
' • -j : 1 *.y of whtakjr by the taste the**
days, is th»-re7
'■ -'if -*• No. The only ;»•«; . -e fe L
"The f(*P"
"Ves A 1 you ha-, e t:» wait Till next
I rr.;n ng T r tn «t Indianapol;s Journal.
We be*; to notify our friends and clients
that Mr. Herbert William* has been ap
pointed manager of our insurance depart
Mr. Williams la * Foot* man of ex
cellent character and straight forward
methods, and we bespeak for him a kind
ly reception.
an MS *«W Tork Block.
North Half of Colville Reserva
tion Is in Stevens Co.
Derision Rendered In the Cn*e of an
Indian Acensed of Attempted Mur
der, \\ bird A% ill Settle Uttt-»1ion
a* to \\ ho Ha* Jnrlsdletion on
Part of the tireat Indlau Ke*erva
tion— Attorney lioberUon Talks.
The doubt hitherto existing ns to wheth
er criminal cases arising in what Is Known
an the north half of the Colville Intlian
res. rvation. in this state, came under Fed
etal or state jurisdiction, wan settled yes
terday afternoon by Judge Hanford in the
Federal court. He :uld that the land in
volved had been restored to the public do
in.tin, thereby becoming part of Stevens
county, and that the Federal authorities
had no more authority within its confines
than they did in any other part of the
The decision Is of gnat importance to
Stevens county, as ::o later than last No
vember the department of the interior no
tified the county officials that the north
half of the reservation was still a reserva
tion, notwithstanding the fuct that it wa>
open to mineral entry, and that they had
no right to assume control over it.
Under Judge Hanford's deck-ion it would
naturally follow that Stevens county can
now proceed to extend county roads and
do other work In the nature of public im
provem< nts. The north half of the Col
ville reservation now being acknowledged
t J be under the control of Stevens county
adds a territory to the county almost as
as that portion of land hitht rto rec
ognized as Stevens county.
Up to the present time the Federal au
thorities. through an Indian agent and In
dian police, have assumed to exercise au
thority in the disputed territory. So it was
that when A. Mlshel, a full-blooded Indian.
w.i> accused of assaulting another Indian
named Whil Ochen. in th<> north half of
the Colville reservation last December, a
warrant was sworn out for hl.s urrest be
fore United States Commissioner Marshall
in Spokane. The technical charge was as
sault with intent to commit murder. Mishel
w is arrested and taken before Commis
sioner Marshall, who held that he had jur
isdiction. Mishel was remanded to jail to
await the action of the Federal Jury, which
will meet next spring.
A short time ago Mishel'* friends placed
the case in the hands of F. C. Robertson,
formerly assistant United States district
attorney. Mr. Robertson is now resid
ing in Spokane. He looked up the law
and became convinced that the Federal
authorities had no more right ti» exercisa
authority in criminal cases in the not!
haif of what is known as the Colvlll
Indian reservation than they did in othei
parts of the state. If his position wis
correct, it then followed that the au
thorities of Stevens county were the
proper persons to proceed in criminal
Yesterday afternoon Mr. Robertson went
before Judge Hanford in the Federal
court in this city and applied for a writ
of habeas corpus for the release of
Mishel. He argued the case at length,
tracing the course of events since con
gr<--- in July. IW, opened the north half
of the reservation to mineral entry, but
withheld the right to make homestead
entry. He spoke of the cas-> of Collier
vs. Halib. wherein the Federal court held
that a settler could not be removed from
the land in question. He argued that
the land had been restored to the public
domain, and that being the case, it did
not remain as a reservation, and the Fed
eral authorities had no more jurisdiction
than in any other part of the state.
Jud»re Hanford decided that the Fnited
States commissioner who had held Mishel
to await tho action of the grand jury
exceeded his authority. He ordered that
Mishel be turned over to the shi riff of
Stevens count}' on demsnd. but if the de
mand wis not made within live days,
then Mishel should be given bis liberty
under the writ of habeas corpus.
.Attorney Robertson was «e. n by a Post-
Inteillgencer reporter last evening a short
time in-fore he left for Part Townsend.
lb* -aid that the case of Mishel was very
Important to the people of Stevens coun
ty. "It settles." continue! Mr. Robert
son. "the doubt wh'ch ha- existed as to
the power of Stevens county to control
the land. I'nrier Judge Han
ford s decision the county ofrte.rs, and
not the Indian police or reservation agent,
control tSung-. The county c,»n n >w
proceed with roads. 1-sue licensee, etc.
The settlers on the lai d will 1 e gr» Uly
Interested in the decision l*e,ius< up ti>
this t there has been a doubt as to
whet her" the F» dent I authorises could re
m at pleasure."
TIIF.KK W %* >(» MI «l( .
Ysrlety Thester M«na*rr« and Mu
xlelnns %re Pluhtlnu
The u«ual band C'.nc«rt« It front of ?
Telia I lon. People's and Olympic \ari> -
ty theaters did not take p(,i, e las' ev-n
--irs: 1. w.is !so observed that the ~r
chestras had exit d >wn to two pier. s.
Thi< m- in- t», ■' »h»te ?- x,,.i
tween the proprie' ;rs of the ■, .irbty the
aters (lei the Musiclar-s' .M'-t..)! Pre.--
tion I'n» <ii At U i«: tw n'-.-four men ~re
out of employment. There was no *i
satisfaction, as far as can be Jarred,
from members of the d\n. band«
They were instructed b> tic* Pader- of the
I Fnameline I
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union to quit work un!o«s they r. e< l\ d
union wages. It appears some of the mem
bers of the band :«t the I'eopU's HIV)
Olvmpi? were receiving le-s than the
Union price. At the Bella Union Mana-
K er Leavltt was paying full wa«e,-. When
Hi,. Hstw was raised Mr. l.eavitt nut.
with John I'onsidlne. of the People's, an-!
Arthur Williams". of the Olympic. anil
said he would stand b\ them Th« y <ii!-
< lded to abolish the bands and out ihe or
chestra down to two pieces. N« xt week
the orchestra will b:» cut to one pUo«, a
piano player. The n araKer.< say th-y
will sunk" contracts with th< !r musir-ians
ins:.;..l »f allowing the union to dicta";
what they shall pay and who they \v.:l
% M t M KMX
•* \ Mailt Iw «»»•«*•"
This popular ittraetion I* to be present
• ,1 .it th» Seattle theater Friday ami Satur
day. February \ and 'I no ■ • hits
turn entirely rewritten sincei last ne«-n
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old piece as were especially popular. A
talented company of professionals presents
the comely, ami standing room only hn
almost a nightly occurrence through
out the season.
(■rnrKr')* W«»(rel».
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The fofv little Ilella T'nion was packed
to the door* last night i y in •*nthti«:a«t!e.
crowd to se Frank Readh k s dramatic
company in "The l>antte* " Th.- jilav la
produced with special scency and stage
«fT> tji. Thcra is also a good vaudeville
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I Xrnrl)' Half * Million ».oe« to the IHf
(rrrnt I «»nntle«i of the ♦•lute.
OLVMPIA. Jan. Sl.—The following ap
portionment of school fund# ha* l>' « r» made
for th. quarter ending January 21, lv«v
I Jays' Amount
<* > inty— Attend,mc.\ Apportioned.
Adam* *1 V*~l > ■*.'*- t'
A- in i ~
<";•.> uaHs -*■ t■ t ' '. h ' I
; i*. iHam *--• '''• ! ~ H
j «. 'lark- K. t; 7..1
j CoklßJ 'i* a»l i,ll« '•»
j i' -will* -i k "
• .ajrlan J2t>T2 -
Franklin ...., M
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King - .:is S'» '*'* *
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K ;• tUs* -<"*.! »*'• '• d
K iii ktr.it I£.7>; ■' "•
i w 4>T Jrt.tii i «
! 1. oln 2».>l *> «-';■* '•»
M.i-ori ■ **»77 2-3* ~
i * ikanogan • • I
l'a :!i. ?*• :: *•-. ■>
|»>« r< •• ],!nn.7<a
Han Juan 'J.tll i •<> 'I
■ • ~*<
Ska ITi M *. 4 ••
Sr; :hon».*h .-•.• •.. ■. 11> ' t• ♦
M >kia»- ■'*'
$u v. - 57«.2» *
Thuraton a«-» * • »♦
u .i.ikl.tkum •* i t ". Tl
W.,l«a VV.UIa "" '■> ■' d !'•
\\ . «t. m tv: .< ' 1 ••!'.« •
W ts;mao '•! ■ IVS 1. '*l3l
V ikknii '"i I.'*""
I Totals s2#* «>S
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i'arlor* rnrarr «f Tblri
I CdMbta (trrtla, Wukllfa
iMk Tcirpkaa* ML

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