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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 05, 1898, Image 8

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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m in pan in.
Conductors and Gripmen Demand
22 1-2 Cents an Hour.
froal Klrrrt < ablr Kunnay f'am-*
frmny'm KmhUnathllH Willi
Th rir W u - r »—< iasim Ihi- < oil of
I/ivine linn Urreaardl—K«-erl* rf
• oltln to t.rnnt Thrir I'f
tiiion— \rr l<rfll»K •*) • •-»»*.
The condU'-? -r nnd rr.ptr,' e of ' ■= V'r .. t
*tr« t i hi.- railway j !:• - r
O. D. ' ■in Th .; •ay f r
wj> - ,ft no 3> < < ! t ( i.. . • '
Yt.- ctd.jy Mr. eivi.irt sr.d t:— n
thai it. r p n v i r- . - te-J.
Ther«- Wa« t. 'k . > ' l - ft
of tite carir.cn of a Ktt.a* at tt.. _:.t.
The demand f-.t a- • .*• cl ; v..■*.
Ii rt » arri- d th- far s-.-r* r. : !
metier tr.. i.. l— ai|./«>d t-. r• j f utr ti
expire? ~.r, .i ' i•. < , . , - t-rm t r *
as r» ••»!'.« r whi- w.Il o- if in «. ft *
day:-:, a;. 1 h-..- • ■a. as. f. r;.-ra! m
ajpr. If th> carmen porfU* in th. r
But ltd for ~~ e t-r.it an hour a t-'ic:*- -
Inevitable a* the company h •« stated that
uader no dfcumiiai 'i- wiii an ult.in
be allow-d.
There are twenty-two men eiap«o>»d on
th« Front » iir." n>. « t..i it ra
tiR.I fcTipmer. a .'ii! Ufa r- < ... but I-> or
IS cents, whil* the n. r« experienced s<:
di cents, f..r a da> of t« n workit.K i our- .
In re«j>Ofiiw p- th< j- titivn t •' t»itt« d by
the > mploje- it has t | t ; • . by t'
maratcem.-nt t j p y a w --f - • • ts
an hour to aii, vv.'hi it di riminulion.
What (ilitrr lluaiU Pay.
The i y «:• -ir. d w iid I- h ..: rt* •»»
is now gi\.-n on ether road ir the
city. g .jf street • ar men h b> ; n
re. . n?iy ia!s»d pi j* r < <nt. oj a:; th lm< -
save the Front street. The short cable
line on J an. »tr - ' pa-.- ii.* i - •- t -:
hour, jal. -d son • tr.< t, »t of the m-ad :
f»«m 3ft eents. Tic M nP- •• s' ••
line pays 2o tents ap h air. a rai.s. from
1$ cents. Th' >-- cr nis.i pi> _V cefii*.
Th S- attl.- <"oi -oiidated };: -r! ii ;- has
raiw-d from P < nu p. 2 *. 'ij ■
Roinler Height.*. f.sk- AVa«hin;'' n.
Broadway and Rev ..a hill eh tri • t ad;
pay but lv <. -a?.
Thr». jr.r- at: a wiics w.'-' -w? dewn
op all linen be<ati*." k of hard tine- Winu
th.- r< d . tio' w . < ni i. th" pr o: c
cotnpatdtd it thd so .-. in a - pa-- ■r
traff'," Should J'.i-tify tr. tit.- p v .10
rl-e. Tilo Ir. r t-e ita P. ■ \ \
made on a majority of the line:- within th"
last two months. Pi as st it. it, th» re
is but one road, the Jame- str.-et c tbh,
peytnK »b a . 2» <•< .:
llh rileal it nail in tile t 11 > .
Th" il.-iti irid of th« r-mof th> Fmr •
sir 1 Itrio i« Ju-tlli. <!, Ihry c'l.Htm. 1 y t}
«vrption.i;»y hard w rk n-quin»d on th»»
ro ad f *i» i!!y of t! Kri|>tn>'ii. "It -n
---tj.'s ,il»ly tl> -t r i t.» 'a; k on
In th»» City." ».«id a uri; man la«t t Isht, .is
ho 1 -r;.. d hi- h k ir hr t
j>tJ ?•••'! it P»Porioii«ly from t'o '. • ••• . ■ ' •
fit th, • t ( " niinan ? .ok to • in k.
"You Kt, thCf« r»• Hn: i. \ pIICH ffcm
th<> <al '• n::»s? ' .-If .' i;:-;. I
w»n kn *<th? ton Ilk*- a i w.k Is 1 '■>
to rl:t th' T .1 !, . 1 • ,
t*ho!.. da> Tt t U t ••. .. ' ,m
tp. ■ l ■ >elU ' i !! •
a Kroat «]• «l of dutinge. W < f» ■ i th t mr
claim of r'j r»:• u 1->tJr«•:> j.j t. < -w
frinK what «-h i\ to ilf l I i!a u ;i >, ;t
l»y»olf i» rt pa tin -•» o.ir Su t'r ...
city for this I! "
Sf»' »l o:h< r • rr. n rrj of- - |! r> . u- r»
*pck< it to. t: it:. ;- t-' !'r •:
atroot rout was t*»• m si diff ult fur < rn
pluyoj of yin tf . tty.
Rrwlvrr < ntiln'n *tntoniont.
O I> f >!' th.- t -, r f;! f • t
R!ro*-t Cst'!.i ('tii; <r v. tv> '1 h
char;:<» of tho r«»; \ a« n • •iv« r, mil* tho
folpm i ■ ■ ?<> i|' • ! " . cii. r
rp|»«>r'i r ' <«: • „
"1 h i\<" 1 ' 'S' V n•; ty t '
WBilut ! T - »nd ;:i.n • tn> ro->5 * \
mail« n i!< m:i; .i u • m- ' - ■
In » it urf I fortHcv v • ;
in Mytn« thu I »•; ; , : t • op. i »»>
the read at tho ;t< { 1 t< ■ •
do it m> KC?f. ! !■»-:; . th.<; 5 am •? " j
onljr ju' i t" 'in ■''.« i • . « ! >t T
i. !»r ' ! • : i . , ,
<leptv. <, »!''n. *'»! a »>th« r <oa-!« ' «h«» rity,
inctiiittiifc: t' " J,«m« « • , M
»!nt f»> »t!'- t '■ 1 « ! \\ i I■,
their n- :s IT :-,1 *.* •« . ' ■■ • ;
n! ! u.-t '« > ! ;i r n
f*n( * » h \ ■ th
It. i
m«-n i < 1 > •• '«■ a r t
« \ v. • ' • - -
nuvr.th* ai 1 ♦]. r*«f:, r - < • •«. ! <; \
tr ■> on ' • -'v t!i.-»t 'in . >i
mot* va '*<• t i :hf* r«-. >
'jfciLm r 90% e«l
J h.i ! \ »• :,
Thur*«tiiv ,i ; (';! •- « :>■ t
<rs->! i v w*> :■ »■ •;
#-Wt * r x.
That i* . n;v «!nm ■
A i !• 1 ?
j«o»rt i r. • «> t- r»
•• •. w •
gmntrvt -»• •' ;.i • *. r ? v t ts- - *
iXXRJMU'. \ w ' v ; • a ■ , ■■
(Uy». hot »»•. ' ii, • T 1-. . ' j
All BUT ■ v: A- *it : s-
R-.ri- •> 1 T• « '« J
tf t rwt'- •
a ti) t' • • .a
! ir A • • t « o
Oft ftaS-.r IV.
"A t •> ' «
and - * if • • •
t'mat ' 1 y .5 • x
r. A: . •
i . • ' ~ «,
«j -r. I vi
ni » t:.i t« 41 - v. I t > -
1 »J'
1 word th«? !n • %r* with what I had
said tod .y I would \m glad to ta;k with
the ra~r and would discuss ai?Ty Twain**®
muttra with then tr morrow ft hs true
\ r* t nmom that the m« a wtuM so o;t
j *•••:}•• irht ' •<* r'->'-h*-d bat »l»rtt|i b**
! tori » a telephone mtOSOKe fr .ra
my sup- nn'. r.d'St was to th'- eff.ct that
f the r--rs woald run in the rnornir.p.
"It ;a ». rt . insy my d(-ire to »e« iiiit
| }u?tU* :• >: ■ '<j •m- n Tr-y ..r** faith
; f... implflv?*, and I uid regret v*ry
f m:ieh to have (g out. On the Other
I 1. r". r: s- -i ;n n->' b»: . f th it tr.-ir
dens*n .t* are vo: l of j and for that
r« «.tt a-" I ii iV" air- .dy .«.»id. th* peti
ti i whl-'-ii tt. y h t. •>! with tr,'. w:U
under no c)reum»-; >r.' en be granted."
<iii.L A% II tiiOkKH.
V Rrp«l>li<-nn I'uiitiriaa on 1 heir Re
• *!»iiili<-* a« ! radrn.
»w York Trihure.
-t 1-r •f th- it^pui
n: s :» ■ iijti! n. i: man sh .• >..ta
» • • - It—
i ~'tf in j»oiit;« ji «»f th.s state for a"< *ire
•' V' - aj,4i now h id- s cauamv..'. iing
j J>ld« as a machine leader, wid y- r
d referrtng to trve situation wl:hir the
t I>-mocrati< ranks:
"T .ke David H HS!I and Richard 'k-r
! s - art f.em even. .»n<! tn t.n >ea-s
I «*r--k. r u uid U- unknown and liii! w uld
*•. Intii- Cr
%nt kwMi HtO in.ti. - t!»-xt state •
*!• n of hi* party. «."roker is too powerful
r. w, h:i;< t'»o wid. a vwinit. hoida too
tr. .1 i »trc - .a- and has wea;u»na t-w
i ■ ■ tr i r .n -i far. si fiftht st this
I tin. i#r If:!.- to pf w i:h ;.im
fuliv. <~t k<t ttranger than Hill Bow
and v- ~i ii- f. it r.im in the c-omin« contest:
bat tii». ievti. r-w.il put thrm on an
. <vi ■; f . w . n .>oth v»... have a hard
hat tt. t.» an! then Hill will hcit
ft! »;• » Hid <: d- under th- e. • : of a
• :tt.r defe.it. t'rok<r i.<> flushed with a
tr. t- vi T» r:- e.< un-ven Started
•v. • Tuk r * > . d be -eaten and
X . k» ■ .si r : • • who know* the
! wotkii.K I" rn. rath* ; rty a.' well
* ae * rki;.<s of th. Kepju'ii< an
• rp nixai ! 1; is ,i well-known tav : that
j Tarr.manv Rafl and tae Republican ma
j <ntne ur|lllllttluu uaoerstand ea< h other
• a 'fii i; at.il ■ . <,!j- quoted one of
t: i s »r. n tiv in this combin iti n.
T Ti. a'i -ani.d t:.a: Mr.
ft " vv..uld K to A! any in the cour.ws
cf th«- - of t;• jri.-iatar./, and. armed
wit:* t. propar «MUi,.mt nt, pick aft thf»«
li>* < .d r are foliv»wers of Mr.
H Mr. Crak> r denied that ?i t-oa
<• n, . ,*(? v & ■ k Ai .my. If he do-.s not.
k ta win • th. re *.. work f-vr h.m. l\ il
t r.- w . ri: n i v\ far li;. .il.i
ni«. «itv i ■ Mr. Hill and Mr t'rok> r
w. uo ' s "1 • a silt In the
Tii . • v. .k ■ a •• ■\ > r -: . thjt
Mr li in no (• ;ti tc «rr k-- an c ;-> n
fieht. and po » ill k .r> «t 1 n»-1. Ttie last
t! • c.tn h< !'■ A»d f t fr<-ir him. *o
it Is *.ud. v, iui'l be to Aklu h!« wn part v.
T; a v-.a i. ' d»> Hill hope to
t . ii X v> V "Tk <'r..k r has
f •:r In A!' nv the f ti-*n opj.. - d to
Mr i Hi: ! •• i u r John K. (»ayt?or <~.»n-
I rri.i-. in Syfaeus. and w< .lid sw to
■ *' ii l i Ret; 1..0r S<. : itor
I Murphy d'.mli <: ■*. Tht -ww iin« viot-.ry
• ' M> I• . nl, i'i.it-d .tdv i-< ato <f fr-e
1 silver. !n th * w> *tern »-nd of the <tato . f
f !•; illy l> its 11iSi fr>nj - ttii ir a foo'h dl
in K <> : -i.' '•{ . > di'S tiie fr .-il
v< •• <;•: mn: > Jar?' and it i- opf • 1 to
■ IIll!
If It •d '• *r«ik r • ennts to .x Taap
tr. ir-.v ' .t.' t.ic c>nv. Mtion t---ro li»
i ' very rc to lx»k for a Wit tight. The
| up-- at> I>omi > rats have aimo*t .d\* ty- re-
I i> d Tatr.nian' s dictation In *'.»;• c;tn
■ \ 1 titi is*. In the ev. Nt of juch a contest
the ; . itn>a would naturally iter
I !»•!!-.' 'II!!
j Sena r Murp y l« raid t.v h urjtinic a
i <-.!ieil»a« rv polity, fores. • injf w ha.; would
h ";»m it Mr v'rok. r foth-.v d out hi." ;»re-.
lit ;.r imme. iJ it thU advice !«• lik> lv
to t.i • .*• d
i i h i in-:*.
'lifit of t « fir»-«s to I'Ion»«• (Mln r I'cr
r.nliH '.xii linri'l; Snci'fi'll.
C< ri ii 11 Mi.- tine,
i 1 v. i)i i\« BM th*- atoryr of th* tdd
f. '! i* «•>.-» i* :m- >lr* -- •! h.io!;. • i»«»
< ,i ry or< k; > w him, ami b,v.l!y wh' R h»-
tr ;Vil» J h< ni'ic -o ono kri«-»' him. H>*
Vkl 'f f- IV m»u who h'lVO hid
:t. dr- - T > j h it- • h»-Trt«« w«.
ii >t i ilr- *< t> I no o! n
i'.J i'r i. it >nr«t ho idil«d rnri'y
- ' Th \ \',e l'r»' K.i'vc. rt oh.h tM
i- • i»r t> ' to ir ik him«»!f
l»i «Iri r .r dlnrfr. but ho ii l i
v > ir 'M' jm - \ .-f »l:v rmlrsr oriti i -n
: • j>r- r tl. H- ho«t- .•■«. He had tip
' l r-\ 1 '.voti'.j | . . VI iXi Cii> Mt
•r. ... *u-' ft v hi> h h»» h i'i i h
pri ■. ;ind i f It v >it'i| 1« • »«>• *att-f:».'l n
to Dm ton mj Mr wtmyy would i rtai
!• down .fid tl ;>! y It. I?-.!t ■no h. < to i»«*
i'i f Faw ■ " to r.ifry off « i 'i an i <l• o
r «>• 'hi- \t m iiy .i!n «-r r it
tl'iO *tN . v« lv ■ ?.i 15 ich o. «>
n>!.int ■' thviv ft ih. p rk th« ;• wit tho
man wP! t v rramt In th»
p.tmMf » >'• «r**r.fty Iwd r.o fomj-cnuuirg
dl-UiV-Uon - f Inf. - t
A » '»* r " ry toils V..- w r«<*m j- an
l<y nm arrjv..! •• t • »T»T*.» with ore I J.- of
hi,* . o'.'ir t' ip;>P"{ ir th.- >1- I' irirc tho
•' 1 •«- - k ' ' 1' u r.
who of >n>tttto'iJ and it ho •» uld
!'kr .:•-■% — Jn r* ;t. »h.
«•'.** v t r-l -l. i..it|> -ii Prok wil l-
I r « - - td • t 11. yoa?"
Th< f' ;nu no: o e-tvit «.
lilt! \ I ! IK*.
M- l " 1 A it
\V r n OT< 1« mom?'- r - f> f
th. t* ii.' ( • .-f burets f ♦ in
f vrnnt'Cf
"• 'f *'*•- o*«- u: \ <
* wv .: « . iit "tiflfr <vv $
v • ii" t - f-P o.vm*: tt **; Piston w.;-
««! K - d «.■ ttivit- tdiv P
th- w rk of otto r -.re ii> 7, undor
•'■ w ■ ">• • i". th.
\ <-i n>- W.t« v r.i' d I* »v
:'.V. :*V > k'o .-v. lini: TP"
ofcntu ihwr » t .:i' r mp >r< k- *r.d
!ot i* ' 'I To r -or JK !ir* Ith -
. i' i- it, • it- • f- >! K r 1
r»: tin n! tt-. t-i 'hrsot«!.«d »-> 'o,
d »n«. -i »r si* •< «. rst .»• Tt'o
\ i. • • » v •»: aPv ov.-T h >w«nor
u (iff, ;•- v •• trrv. d. Vfi •, : ~m
... « '
» ■ vi ' at »> 5 r> a»r>'* s a
r *rk- f r v ti -■* » • « ; -jch trn>rr. iv».
m : ltnjxirttw-*, u i |.-Bine up
t <• t ».!».«< , !» • . t - > 1 »-<i
tiMHBM u iaattr;« n-* h->w Urvr «r | - r
»{>>•-!» « 'h#r «o<k>)rtt I :OM)
» i*l t<» ro*. h 1» >« a t
l< ■ r t«"»! t»5.. X'rK
ii- \. 4 > >rh. <■■' tin*n-i!rtV Ind ,
«• »" a t»4 caw -<{ ?
>. • 's" I •«<»••... :j
t u .fi'i,' i»>,i ttni ;>
» • *%* I : r-»t^ni
:" ■ ! •.. i • : rt; S toy
t" > -.* . avii f >. »► S.
> fc.- : ikl.wn . iud i n r»
I ■* ' : *V.n «!•«■ v**» tm
Tom Foster and William Pierce
Identified by a Victim.
J. J. Mnrjtkj, WMlf on Hi* War
linmr. I* llfnrkrd l»> lliahniiy
rar-n. \\ ho Kob Him. nnd Then
IJrntrtiJv Rent Him I ntil He Is
ln>po<lbl)> —1,. ( ari«nn Hr»* a Sim
ilar K\|»erif»rr— Drngerii Into
an Alley and I* Kadi) B-afrn.
Two wr. wo _a \ " thr- j r na tr •--« a «
T v ma- F is>r and Wlllum Pkrcv an
prisoners ,»» ;»»- city jail, and thwe U
' ry r> j.-or. ve that th.y a-e (tuilty
"f or.< T. i way r .!■.*•> and ;:r P
al ■;> two, b..th of »hl- a took pia :n th:rf
u.. Thursday n.„*ht.
Roth vi-Mas wtT- badly l>eat«--n by "he
hlti iwaymea. Liter ot.e of the vie tin;*
appeart-d at po!i.~e tialllillftlll and p
tively identified the two rnt-n who h.>d
be«-n jaded as suspe.ts as his nssillants.
J. J. M irpby is an employe at Moran's
shipbuilding yard. Monday night he
started for his home. which is c! ?e to
Mount n.t Cemetery. Vnea within
i W| short <fi»Uui e of home he was . vn
fronted i>y four highwaymen, who demand
ed his oion< y and other valuables. Two
of th. highwaymen w.-re armed, cr.e with
a knife and the other with a pistol. Mur
ph> freely «;«ve up 11 h« had. and thought
that th» trouble would end there. Put he
w n stun. :i. Th. men who had robbed
htm evidently s>w an ex eih-nt chance to
get in a !, :> practice useful in th. Jr pro
f.--,.»;i, a'id pro eed-d to take advant i-r
of it They knocked their victim down
r.d Pta* him and ki ked him into insensi
Tm- affair took pla e between % and 9
o iu« k nnd th- ir. urcd man remained
wh< re h!s asfcaiiants had left him until
a. iy midtii/ht. wiien he wk discovered
by a member of hi.-: family who had been
—nt oot to sear I. for him.
M r,-iiv was unable :o *;ive the police a
clear <!r.pjion of any of the m. n. The
.•mount cif < arh which he cave up was iUK
He had i.i.>thJ;-.£ else of vaiue on his per
A r h 'td-up oceurr«-d just a short
ti».»- ..r •• perations on Mr. Murphy had
bttn d. L. Carfc »n. a sailor.
vhii«- »diking along Pike str t-t, was
i by the* men ..art draK • into an
fillf'j *i ay. Third and Fourth
uv-nu'-s Ills prekets were r * v o the
ext. i t of his pile, which was 121. and
lit- was also subject-d to a number of bru
tal and kick-, which r< i >r-1 him
heipbs-s fit t tirn- On recovering he
went ;•> j«»li •• headquarters ar.d told his
ry .. fairly u <td d« si ripti.jii >t
;!)«• tough trio.
Shortly af;< r o"cl-« kin the morn:r.y
r.i:r "Inian Stuart saw th«> prisoner
P.- rot* ir>» •• iering a!. Tl«c Washingt >n
He concluded that th»- <b« rip
ti-T. of or- of th< highwaymen tailed him
pretty wt :i. s he made the .irr*-t. About
'• u mi! • liter Patrolman Uarek put
■'•■r through th" s.:me prooesj.
A -• i! h of the prisoners a: the poli •«
st.--- n tli-- losed nothing of any value
as • - ii!t n< trains: them, but one of
Pi*r> t's hands w.;s bruised on tb« knuck-
Ind; a ting that he had been using
his fists n >t lor;,;; before.
!*on * 'i« i fit th* iv.fi 'f Stltb n yo«.
ifday morning and pbketl th* two pr!«-
CD< rs oat < f al :j; « <1 z< ?« d> iaring
tl • y w< . two of the trio » > had
r !. •<1 u ibii-nl birr.
Pi« eee.'» «!• . r.pticn. ar ultfn on th
p 1 •• f • .1 1- k - w- him to be «
y IT ..f :isr. five fe.-t nine IN 'H- s hi-rh
• >1 weiKl.ing IS) j.ounds; blu.- i v.« anJ
-town hair.
Frst« • i> known to »be fto!iee. having
arr' >'• d soveral tirr- ; en p» tty
t * arv* *•. Ho H» the same as- as »•.:*«
companion. He is five f» • t four Ir.elies
high and welchs !a» pounds. He i< an
Kntr 1 ' ron f ' •» | H («• ; j n t», P
ear.city of • K n diff- -«• n: vessels.
The r lice 1 < t' ey have the right
m- n and h >pe t>. f >»«• they ~. t through
with 0.-nit < IT ;ii> ime c two t 'htr
I Fnameiine I
Eg The Modem STOVE POLISH. 1
|?«S Producesa TTT BLACK enamel gfloss. Dustless, Odorless, Labor iff
■p Saving. sanJ 1 o cent boxes. Try it on your Cycle Chain. Hi
• -»f ti ioof»t*rnr*j*Fr?nc*it' v - .tr.wiUo'ricklycaiT"f iu! n-nv
t\ .\1 ' i *"" a> OT d ol *' ratf® Off&r.a. *ueh tv /-' St Manhood,
v. ''JJ \i {*.< ' !•—— iik. I"»: sintfc lt . S.(*c.ir.,! £tn«Si. .n«. .*>> 7f,r>3 L*-(i>ltv
\ j ifljk- ! - i - unjc Vtrimcl* a 'fj
\* -/ t ll?' iJI 1 *<>«•« fcv ii»»r #»r cte.!-'t (j'.iclt-
X —/ >—vj/ i- ; i cNwwi lwili to gfwmwitaurt
p rr ,,j 7 il-rra "■ 1 ' r '•■*'• «• I'IBKSEi eauKSUtt.-livt; irj»
»•(!> df Itn k, -r« t* " » r «t>»r" rr?s » f ai: impur:ue&
Pi r»S"\ V.
•| k> r. n ■ ' are t • t c »!>•! »>r !*••* ■«■< i« t • • ->l-r ty por r>»»rt *w t-ooMed wf|j
|Tf.«!»iifv - N" K'«t. -v f •- r nnvv-.K ry ■ n,<>tu u.-i «> T»t»nv. *■»- '.«.:arh .«
k - , . * ' - <>9 DOt •ODCt ft MSBiaMHK CBHk
i .s, ».jf IV'Xibyr.'ik •** ''lie; !; *;<'iiouiala» •. 7
iiiire*. Da vol Co.. P. O. lio x 2CH. Sab frudKa Cai.
** * s • dim. Ift mii ud 1 ■MimM> MfMtc Swttki WasX
O-. i-.it; h is. Sr. iitt'e. Wa-';.
Cupii -.! tioono
• »KKK*FJ:S AN[» Tltl SI KK>
T t t Kurtn rrf-.dent
A ' r \. Is : v Yi i'rf-1 !?nt
.1 ■ J, ur* Sr-ov ' Vi -i I'r-sMj.nt
■-■ K lis 1 M< 1... r • -IT >»'■• V
Kr i• k I . - 4 i A- - f
r- w .1
tC. nV. h : far J r «....a M,
T *•• U & iv; b. -k V jsi: . ; ex
- l mm >1 t. SIM*
1 t v-t r**r ■; t;r*;ir S.\ jvr
>i. 11l !»-; .-;ts 4 |vt unt. c>n or
.! <ry
1»;v • ;s u''f. irw' !<>.«{ d.ty* ' M.iv a j
N .• -r ■ r i .«>.>■.« ir.» '« on r* j. «tate or
apprt \!-,l . i'jkra'.j «r.ly.
X" r; era;- i IvT.
' -', • , ■ l'.»' on*
Vl 5 r ,: - A Al■ •ny
% ! , : U >f LsmU
M c«r N. H I. «-r
< ostiwf F. R Vaj H
\ ?* \ k . «. •
i * i ' :li \ <U- ia
« i rit - • Oc4u*H.i
> ■ ' - >? » x CO kVSlft*
• _ r » .rv .n ; «fjpe.
*t-> t«-raw.
' " ' vs tfr
«•'•••-u vat. r s»i?c fcp-rptaj.
t a*s which have some mystery attached
to them.
Carlson. the nan who Mentlfh ! t"•••"
prison*- r* ~Fora.fr and P.frr?. had aa fa
cag«Tne»t at polite headquart* r<t for ys
terday after-.oon. which h* failed TO Ll**p.
A< hf is about !he only sr .'rw. ir t
th«r»forw a valuable one. n the ease. his
carelessn- <•* s -m* *.-« annoyed the pv.
iW and an OISCT was detailed to hunt
h.m up. The sailor wis f-jund in a •••--n
--diticm whi'h mad.- him very unmindftri
of hi* past misfortunes. and for perpcii«j
of good f ;?h he * i<» tait-n to the station,
where be will Uk»ly be detained until his
alleged assailant*. *re brought to trial.
M jrphy*s ir.juri •» are not so serious a*
was at firs-. thoueht.
'•V M«h( In Hohrmia. 1 *
A. T. A r - «. ,i man with » small farm—
- •'!- snt relative to Shor.- .r.l Bob
A ... Mr Bdear K- Her
J k A his ton—:.n artist who
is making his mark
Mr. Karl P. Adams
Tommy Jiee*. an up-to-date ■:)>"
Mr Te-nmj K-ating
Off: t ' fall:ban, "one of the *'r.-st"
•• little wore --n tramps. »ut no* a
bad fellow after ill Mr Fred William*
I. c e H itsttsff. an arlsto<-ratir csin—■'"the
warmest baby in tne bunt r»"
Mr. «}eoree Best
Dti;iy Rhodes, the tramp manager
Mr. Gets
l*ol!y Nobler, the sunnhlne of Acre
M< ws Miss Marior Win> roster
A ;r-' S irr.anto ». a iltti# ancient, but
gocsJ-hearted Miss Stella PlWill
Miss (Jilson, an artists' m< •'-•!
Miss Rennie Huron
Swet • Mar. who on is the -Id man
"'Baby M s- unian Divis
I : * Noe Miss Kena T-rrv
Pretty eiris. whose bright eye*,
i. lehir.g races, pretty sineing and
graceful dancing at Id much to the
pleasure of "A Nieht in Bohemia "
Strandeii a< tors. Salvation Army, firm
hands, by the company. 4
Mr. Tommy Get*" much-improved v rsion
of "A Night in Bohemia" returned to the
St it Me thi iter last night, and Urt v a
large and appreciative audience. In Its
new professional dress Mr Gt tz has found
an ' pportunity to extend th. -,-ope of pos
sibilities in his piece beyond the restric
tions hitherto impost d by the aniatf :rs to
whom his lint s. prior to this s» a son, hav<}
l>een intrusted. The lirst and second a -ts
have bet-n almost entirely rewritten intl
much improved, and there is now incor
porated in the makeup of the musical
farce much that ranks well with more pre
tentious farce-comedy efforts. Mr. Gt'.x is
constantly improving "A Night in I!ane
mia." an-i gradually t.'ie 1..r.d mark- of
the first production are rem ved to m.tke
room for i-ett. r acts and spt. altie?. The
Ci tn; «ny en»i igtd for the baian « cf the
seasi ii includes some very capable jnop! -.
•r. K-iltr is more harpily cast than he
was at first, and in his new charact; r of
A. T. Acres finds some good opportunities
for his ex< llent work. Mr. Karl P. Ai-
. m- created a favorable
J. is Acres, and his banjo playing ml
singing in the second act earned him a
double encore. The buu work Of Mr.
K' .itir.g and Miss Winchester was g n>d.
and th.- form-r's buck and wing dacc.ng
> .ri; ludie.s that have bt < n gather* d to
fiil in thu appropriate niches and act us
dt -jratiiiiis g-» a long way toward tilling
th»- re>)uir> ments. "A Night in Bohe
mia"' is now a great improvement upon
its old self, it will bt repeated tonight.
••in OM MwM4"
Gf-org. "> cpemt:.' min.-tr.l- will dear
th* Ir . d- :.t .it tin.' Third Avenue thea
i tr r t.'.w evt-nirar. Tin-re will »«e a matlnet
this afternoon .it o'clock.
"In Mid Mairii!.'' by the Francis Jon-s
company. which has hal a rt-m.trk tblv sat -
'■ —Tul car • r si:...- ;t- f\r>t production at
! lloy! s Madison iQuan tlAattf, N\-w
York. (untUiU'-s it< w ral.-rf il record. It
come- Th r ! Avenue th- .t«-r Sar.d.iy
I nigi.t for in tnta.' m* nt of on- we* k.
iit-llu I ulou Thcnlcr.
l'r, k lit t: k - comj'.-ny. ilaytnir "Th"
Danltes," ud Harry vnudfviiJ**
< t nr..any hav< attracted law audit n .s
.iil the week to th* co#y Belbi I'nlon the
;.tt-r. The entertainment has Ik en one
of conaiderahlf ni.-rit and th.- patr nage
cf th»- Rt w report is <t€ idily un th. in
■ it- a v harm* of biii thr ugh at Is
offer. I f >r i> st week.
!■"\i»ini nnl Inii Mcfort' Mitrrlntrc.
«'< 1.1 'MUI'S. o. Ft !.. 4 —r:. ; r
* ..tr.' s \V. Itark'.r iiaa introduced in the
, legiaiatur- a >il! r> qiiiriny all persons ap
plying for !. '-rise* to marry to j a
i m ii «x. ni: its-m. An ♦ \ mtining i.oard
j of thrc,» phv.M. : ma in each count) will If
: rrea>'(l :>y the iil if it on > a law.
I? V > K S.
Cap • i! ft.-n-k pai l in {T~ v*>
Surplus i,O»
- .h F :*"h Prr
y (■ N* :fi !er Vice Pr -i«J»rl
IC. \ Ai.heuy ...Cistiirr
c r-*« •'• -r» in -,•* • » rr'-Hpal
i .n lh* i'r. tr ! s and Kar ->pe.
P •' up C*J tta! .. |!V t#
s -n .a* !i- »•)
**• *■ i r'. 1 rt ... ... . p7<
,1 H M«1 r Y:e* i*r i^nt
-- I<~ r C**hi« r
•• : I aafclmc « mm— I
s v .1 ar. i :».< « v j*va» #
. t.-.r pnr. .;■«»: cites at i&e LaiUd
St ■■'<« -:vd Euro; •.
of crr< Jit ' :--<«*».! on ALa«ka.
«* ■ -t ».s trad.: k po*ts of ••.€.■ N A T
* T C.
Pa;d-up capital >»
T*,.r,» . ts a gT. rai bar k.r a.;<.:r.--sa.
M I* 1 \, f t* » . .. .
H C :i nr) V..« I'rws,.i :t
K K ap»T,. « l'*eU«r
£ :!<!> £*; s : : Bci:i r.r Rent.
!n Instrument of Torture.
I s i truss made on the plan of th" 'hove,
with a heavy rttd -*trap or Ira ;vand. aa
joti w -11 k" w if you have be* n In the
hiMt ot wear! re ore. it away!
Why will you continue wearing such an in
strument of 1 -rrur- wh-n *.■ can t :rr. «!»
you a most •.T ier? *r without a:->*
iron hoop* or st .. - t <n- about .t. *r.d
o- • wh' ■* rr .■ - v -A • h .- ;
mfort NIGHT nd DAV? I* - . the
"fit* - for the Kior: t.ne: IT *>N
Am tor CntfiS "DR PIERCE'S PAT-
K.VT :r; ■ ;;.\S ,• S
accomplished THt 'I'SANbS! it Ml
ELECT Kit* -n:-« .--nlv rcnume -. ;
.-n;c<-essful or.- •\» r invent...-} „r. i ■- >-, n
-(.!•! for the ; -M TWENTV-TWt»
if ruptured, it will pay you to *nv -- ;rate
at r;i•:« :r. ■ Tr s- « r :*• I
without exir.v h.trge. <' .li or set i _ ia
imp- for our New U 'is •: li.t: tin .
Tilts book 'l-H» c: - r: •:r N -v Apt -
an.c-- for Piles, Varh Wins, • A-.l-
'•A &i-. r.:tr.f nt -■ strv t • >n:-.-r Ko my,
This: distinguished specialist continues
to trt.it with w ■: derful succ •«* <■! nerv
ou>. chronic and private disea-os of both
The rst a-- sola-it. d. and
prompt and perfect eur«> gw^ranti-tA
exhausting drams, pimp! - b.ouifuln—
aversion to s ciety. stupidity. <ies;jond
ency. It.-'? ©£ en. rgy, umbtti -n an.l st-lf
confldcnt e, v. hi< h deprive vou of your
manbood md absolu'.-ly untit yoi fur
.-tudy. bu.-in--.-. pit sur-» or m irriage ■
i! you art it, < iffli- ted, you kn \v the
cati?e. -<let etired it <1 be a man ;.raong
nit n. and among women well.
Th» re re * ••.-»;j>a:-.d.i of yo i t•••>•,.* ! •! w th.
weak, a* hi-.* -aeks and k;dn» s>. f-- .ju. nt.'
painful urination and stdim«>nt -n urine,
impotent y and « < K:.- - of >■ a 1
and other tmmtstak.tble sis*- : erv :s
dt-bi'hv ind premature d» n M .nv di
of this (liffleultv ?r < : t of th
v.hifh i« Th-- >r.i' -t..:je of yemiual »v k
ncrs. The most o* -t»»u ••- .-ases cf :h:s
character treated with unf.«:li!._. so ■ -s.
we.-ik-'t-ss of oruatis. syph'.lK va.'i'c -'e,
hydri eele and kindred tr uM--. ,|y
cui>-d without ra.u rde • : *.a:i fr r.t b
fictJlt. too frequ<i;t. milky - r :»..dy urine,
unnatural dischare.-. >p.etil!y ■ ired; i!so
.ill diMMM of the h art, httgi, Ihn r. «:om
at h, blood and skin MM WM - an 1 pik g t - i
me: Strn • lenc rrhc a i r whl*. - .1-
•■r• r ' >ii-" :»••• t • >■' : v. .nth.
or :'"iy other distressing as!m< nt p- nullar
to y-'U" •• \. you s:ictiM consult T»r. Rat
eiiffi without tltl y. 11-- cires v.-hen c;h-
tir •! it home bv eorre^ttonden--.. a; i
mediet-e® sent secure from r>' v'ation.
Utt'- <• h turs. i m to « p. m. Su uv-,
10 to j ni on y. A'idr. v
713 First Ave.. Seattle. \Vi~!
!Nev, Tourist tor Service
to the Ka->t.
Comriiencinß February 24, ar.d ev ->
Thursday thereafter, through tourist c*r.
Seattle to Portland, M iine.
Without Change.
Ai o daily tourist to St. Pairl;
Su-'!;iy to Toronto ar.J e\er> WeU:.- .-Jay
to Ito-ton.
*1 .> m> cars are models of cornf.rt ar_l
Tr .ir. for all Eastern point* uj; >• at 9
a. m.
to Ja;>an nr, I (';.;nj,
110:,ii1..!u. Fiji and Australia »:\?r>- f ~r
w < • k-».
Fur rates and other inform.it. •>. ipply
?0 n. \V. M'JlN'Nis.
Fr- e s " arJ Pas=-;r.g<r Ag*i:t, » ;• F.r-;
Or to IS. J. COYLE.
District P.i-'s- nger Agt nt, Vancouver
B. C.
fjfiEAT u City
XotHW*. Ticket Office
First Ave.
? ***" \rr: \ f»
4:OC D. T!- -O/e-'iiF" Eij r OiS -■ - :T.
mi--(We ceio! m-- §..> ;•
Japan-America Line
For Jirart China a- 1 AS A« itle PWata
About February
Tiii \ \ nRi:IT
T' •< -" ■ ' it<> tc the r>or -/.tr %r.' t* v«
n dktrkti of * ;••;<: >: •. . O tan
C • k Martin 'r* • K S %»:to Detr
Cr«'k. <!< it l-ak* arxi M n: '"r.-to.
T -• •: o r.jjte for tourists, Biiiißg «*: J
ram; .rig ts.
F r rat" -.id c'her 'r. , 'lrt.
E-_:^-t iuc—i ■•-•fit. or
ft N i, \inr\
Ctn. Frt &. i'.-.r. A*t.. iiwrcti. Wi.i.
A lady of I>arnar(lston. Mass., in writing for
a box of Ripans Tabules, declares that they have
been of much benefit to her, and she praises them
very highly. She concludes her letter in these
words : 44 lam happy to say they afford the relief
1 have so long sought in vain.''
Another lady, who resides in East \Yatertow%
Jefferson County, X. Y., writes: '*l have suffered
for years with my stomach, and Ripans Tabules
are doing me good.
-WW «jr> purif. rr* sir*-** TißnjSi irs a pep---art.vi rr;:2» -%t-\—t • » I'tHlBM
drac i - r >Trt *IT- **;.;• <• r >xi »<p» u .at :•■»! f r'V jxv>r >l. rh r 'led*
i ;h <<- ■■ ?t •-« —.» • :»>tv«ur* <** by i>* »'« ■ " * t-fry c*wa» ■ ifet in <
t+iiu Mix*. \ w-i. .: *«;a<,»c4.w- J!v *XIk «&;(.;
P4l NTS oi, an!i
J 9 F. W , Or* op & Cn.'i OlrbratHl
I'aintm. M Istlonr (ilai*, Mirror I'latn, (ilitard *a»hca
,I,u "" us ~ai,tr* e,c ; Skill fc eifitLBKEOIT.
AND [O xau^ivstA:l!)j
V:a the following Popular Route*:
fib acta
ullaOva (on
(Jo*,! till -Ji-rv-.,-'- s . . n . ..to. sal:
, Lake , \ D.u^r.
Slllkjif —'i r . . » i, - \i_r-: i:j
j i'a-u JN, w uri ar.s.
Same r.ites as via Northern lines.
?li«—fo sati Fruncliro-fIU
•- tour.s:. kZ ;i s —'lass; both
i> n ipiuding t» rth. tor iram U-avir.g
I c,> ~ r -, at :.jy a. rn.
V "V '•* • » a:l • :s in Caina
and Havfai'm IsUn.^.
' TIIOS. A ORAtIAM. D!?t. and
I -:t A.:-:. •. j.'ir«t Av. S
« >h.. Pacific Av- . 1 -m.<
CHAKLKS H MARK HAM. • Jt-n. l;«t.
>*.. d 1 a.--. .Act . J'>r;tar ■:, t>; ,
* irv , !■; .r . p n> g. S \ i
t- Hut. r.t. Thursday. F- i ru. r> IT.
' I» x . at J |>. m T. A. 15r.it> art*. ■tj'i
Klim .nr. u-. F-atthv J. D. Si.z-:-:k> is »v
it) ,_iV Sat; Fr * J.
I —TO—
I K.-:>:.a k* «■.) :/: • ■]] J: psj; i
EiiliiD COSfe!
Thr Shnf »t ami it^rc-t
lltiiiir to th>-
j ei» « *1 •
1 uk rais
j ti-ftt :•i» *1 M • t liiniti- to
I tit* *"1 I*l* •'> f ||;i?4or liditt f'it*tit*
Lj s .; -7 . ~ . I . ; r . A. - -
| '■ ' • '' I I >u| -
j . SSJy. A * lttk "
1 0.. Tr M y . £ ££*&.
' R W. Fit! *t:. A-' ,t I n < • ,
Kill I.
kvt it.
! "'• ;
j c-t i Asrt
-A Fir t Av,. K
I W.II. Hfl:! ti'.'RT, C- V \ i'
riLLx is stKErna CARS,
klizuaa r dhisg ca*%
St. Paul, Minneapolis
Dili nth,
Grand Forks, Crookstoa, j
Winnipeg, Helena, 1
Butte, 1 hica^o,
Philadelphia, Washington
2s ew York, lk)ston,
And All Points East i
and South.
7n •;T : Jan ,ry 23. !;<9i
I l>r S,- , Rge.,iand, St. Paul
\ 4*u
1 1 rt-.tr.d ?'*) *. m. and 4i»ai
*»• " » Till
i **• ~ Abt > «. en t»ki
1 i..T >y and ?..» a. m.
4 ' ■> ■ ■ :*p.i
l iul ml I . ~-t iZ&t-t
Vi n I r ;a ! SJD and
•f i «'mi- i
*'• m A!» ,n .
J'n i T» 'na. » 5-> ». m 12^6
• -*■• -••» niwpi
-iy - \ Su.alay. AH olhef* isß
'! h car ; t jo cfeang* vilM
• • ' > J ip, -J and China fl
>. : l n.t £:» m.*hip Cotnfaßj
i r i.i row -. otner s.-iWrauOM
j v* i o. or a>'--.5r- ••»
t. *. * IUKAC, j
G« t<r-r.t? Agent.
• t tor: • r Tc*iw «|
1 * --'H *! it k-1 • rfu c. >mtr VntmM
nt.i .snd Cotarobla Krr<et.
A - ;• -. t.« AjPW
I «»' • . .1 •» r • n j'.'tt:, cornet Tn
j l'- *•!. nJ. or.
fr'j Fnf'Hii rKaaiallnilJ
—I . • »•h> <- <• Tatow
" 'jW "v. -*j
I / * ilr
• -•» . . /* ' T Mrt*r«<%*•» w!we*H
\t> IS "|.>i «r r -
—\ /» M-st!. I ",OOt»
~I t'fc !«■•*•»»• ieail'aJAe^i^jjigjQl
T ■■ • rIT
!oli'lihl Nil Win
(; 1 s rt • J ■ ■-■•ri ti
Write < • •« >;C KEMi-.UT CO.. »l »g
T*n.t;- » ti . 1.. proof#
Ctplta'. I ' V\ •:
St «I.i> • :• -' t k fr—-
13? Ik J" TO o( IM >'«*>
if " S CALTHOS fr.r.
»»•>*■ > .-.■( i. <nrtw»l*BJ^2
• * tf
JJE ' i . -J| « i ilt »yr m> i
». r ; ,» K- f-—» T*|V
j[ 'Ony.oMCn. '.,29 Hvi iwWH* l **!
i ZO-ZO. sSI
i PRICE ; . --t/PRESW{jJ
; m:\A£Vm

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