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vol- XXXI If— NO. fc -i.
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Fruit Decree Is a Cheap Po
litical Dodge.
Emperor Needs to Catch Votes for
His Favorite Measure.
Xrvrspaper* Declare That the Order
•t EiHailoa Will Prove a Boon
eraa®—The Saa Jose Scale Made
the Baala of the Attach—Aa Expert
Say* the Scare Is I'ajastlftahle—
Retaliation la Xevr the Watch
word at the Berlin Foreign Ofllce
-Enulucd Hrgardi the Actloa mm
Kldlcaloas— Meatagc From White.
Copyr!?ht#d, by the Associated Pre*?.
BERLIN, Feb. s.—The freedom which
th*> r.khatag ar.d the Prussian diet con
ceded this week to the agrarians, »tio
formulated numerous wishts com
pialuts, Is lnsignifica.nt. The minister of
agriculture. Baron von Hammerstein Lox
ten, promised the government that he
would grant as many ot their demamls
as possible. At the moment be was mak
ing this declaration measures were pre
paring to stop the importation of Amer
ican fruit, and the decree in that direc
ticn had already been Issued. The entire
Liberal press openly disapproves of the
policy, and asserts it was a govergment
trick to obtain the vote of the agrarians
for Emperor William's naval bill.
The leading commercial Journals point
to the ill-will and lndi»natiou such meas
ures are bound to produce In America
and to the futility of prohibiting the im
portation of an article Germany does not
produce with sufficiency. The newspa
pers claim the only result will be that the
fruit will be imported from the south of
Europe at a h:»her cost than is now being
paid for American fruits.
The ReischSanger this evening published
the test of an imperial ordinance dated to
day and worded as follows:
"In order to prevent the Introduction of
the 3an Jose shield louse, the importation
of living plants and fresh plant refuse from
America, ulso barrels and boxes and otlv r
objects used In the pa kirg or keeping
thereof is prohibited until further notice.
"The same prohibition apples to the dis
patch of frc«h fruit and fresh fruit refuse
whenever the examination made at a place
of entry may establish the presence of the
San Jose louse.
"This prohibition does not apply in any
way to g>x)ds which enter by ships and re
main cn ships. The imperial chancellor is
empowered to grant exceptions, and to
take the necessary precautionary meas
ures." .
l»r. Friedrich von Kuejrer. of the Agricul
tural High School, upon whose report the
authorities here are understood to have
acted, h is t>een making an extensive seri- s
of experiments and examinations of the
Amerl< an plants and fruits supposed to l»e
infected by the San Jose scale. After
many failurrs he finally discovered the
bug in three spet imens of peaches and
I»r. Heinrich Porhru, president of the
Entomological Society of Stettin. writes
t! it the S.in Jo«e buff has Jong l-»en
known Sn Germany as the bJut-'aus, and
has devastated orchards in various parts
>-f the country, esj* vially in the neighbor
hood or Frankfort and Stettin. ll>> ai!d*
"The present s are is .is unjustified as the
Lite Colorado hug scare."
TV-* t***'.'e<i St tea embassy is continuing
its renv-r.strar.ces. as .1 prot> -* against the
unfounded rumor, alioging that it was
Several of the newspapers express the
opinion that the dt ree will not he perma
n< ■ hi; 1 t". ,t it w » nly Intend -.! 3= t
tfnr . r.iry .« * of ?•••* iliat n for Am"!: i
tre.i n.» nt of <«< rman sugar.
Inquiry rr. i t- at th< foreign ofTi e and <t
the Prus* in nsr: iltural dennrrm-n:
however sh- v * ifc.» •; « :«k* n to be v
for* runners of :he-s of more imp'rtar,
the government having concluded : v '
something must It- done to critify t><
agrarian Icm 1 for retaliation or. the
United tates. There wa» an «>*empl:fi a
tron In the re; :«t;vg v n Tu< *day. when !»r
Haiin. a friend of Prn « B.smar; k. d
manded the prohibition of American
horses claiming tt-.e mpcrts had rea-fd
in l«' to 4r?.C«« marks and That s.-.-ne
thing must be der.e "to shos? the «e over
bearing Americans that an energetic Ger
man goveransent exists."
Tfeo total exclusion of a*l lirlny cattle
and iios? Is also under consideration.
The sugar producers have petitioned the
imperial chancellor, demanding that no
tariff agreemtn: shall IN? accepted unless
the United S*a*es tar.ft on German sugar
it reduced » per cent, fr m the present
seal#- and an assurance given that no other
country ireuid be more favorably treated.
Xo Complaint Justifiable.
Copyrighted : C ?S by the Associated Prcsw.
LONDON, Feb. S.—Germany's action in
excluding American "affected" fresh
fruits and live plants and shrubs and pack
ages containing the same, is laughed at
by the authorities hwe who have to deal
with the American fruit shipped to Eng
land. . A representative of the Associated
Press is informed by the board of agri
culture that ti:- re has never been any coai
piairt in this country* against Amcr an
fruit shipped to England. There was
some agitat.en years ago cn the subject
of spraying tr •;« with arsenic, but investi
gation proved that the practice did not
harm the consumers, and that the same
method was followed in England, ia Cana
da aud on the continent. All the fruit
importers of Covent Garden made sim.lar
statements. Representatives of th<3 big
gest firms said that in their exr>erien •
only one package of American fruit had
reached Covent Garden in unfit condition.
Inquiries among the retail dealers show
that they have never heard of the slight
est complaint against American fruit.
Fruit Withheld at UaaibarK.
WASHINGTON. Fob. 5.-The follow ng
cablegram from our ambassador at Heriin,
which was received late this afternoon,
contains all the news of the day concern
ing the fruit prohibition:
"Sherman. Washington, D. C.—Hamburg |
consul reports exam.nation commenced. •
and all fresh fruit admitted except eighty
one cases, where claim is made s. ale in- \
People of Dyea and Skagway Make an Appeal to the Secretary of War
On tho steamer City of Seattle, reaching this city yester
day from Skagvay, comes the important n*ws that the
citizens of Skagway have asked the secretary of war for
troops to prebvive law and order on the const of Alaska at
the entrance to the passes leading into the Yukon. Thin
document, which w as circulated in and about Skagway anil
Dyea and was numerously signed, betrays u serious con
dition of affairs existing there. The toua of the petition
leaves no doubt
but that to iro- €
tect the weak and y
unwary from the ;
strong and crim- v
inally inclined. )
and to enforce tho \
law. the govern- Q
ment authorities
must be rein- V
forced speedily '>
by sufficient men V
to command re- /'
spect and obedi- 'v
ence. (
Tha present con
dition of affairs
at Skagway and /
Dyea has been \
predicted by well
posted men who
have watched the ;
mad rush of for
tune hunters to
the north On this
tide of humanity
have floated ,
many of that
class of people *
who live off the /
weakness of oth
ers. The gambler, V
confidence mm '«£ < C> "Cv "C> "Q>
and the harlot— ,
all have been represented. That this was only natural Is
plain, for the disorderly element may always be found in
the w.ike of any large movement of people. During the
height of the migration northward last fall, the confidence
m"n. crooks and daogerous characters were in abundance.
"Soapy" Smith, whose career Is well known in Seattle,
worked at his calling in broad d y on the Skatrway trail
from morning tJ night, and when he returned in the win-
- • vs.i.3 found; no trouble a'out d?l h! i
fruit. " WHITE."
rhc IMk ' ompnnlr* %r«- Nou \\ jirrlni;
finil ( tiltlnc I'rirrv
SAX FRANCISCO. Feb :..-The cracker j
•rr.; i : hi - n broken ar ! the com- 4
in'--s on thi* r:..st r.r£ at war. About '
i v, r -ca the American U-<- uit Company
and Standard lit>. lit Oompa of Sun
Kian -i-o, ar. ! the Port'ar. ! Cra k-r <"cm- j
;.i!iy, of Portland. Or., agreed to mai atain |
i i:r f ">rm prl e upon aJ! g '.s sold by i
■ i-h. lit- . r.ily it wu claim- s by the lo- ;
il m.ir..>K< r of the Portia: t Crocker
• •.I y ' it t v ,» St r "ard ) - Cim
, any f.iii- 1 to k tp all uf the condlt!mj
>' the compact. The Portland Cm ker
v-npany Its ;;urat< d a war !n prices.
»h h r * am ir,*< to a cut of 4' per
■nt T' e i. ■«« arc «stlmu , » Jat *>m<oo
a month. • |
Government Will Pay Off
First Mortgages.
No Transfer Will Be Mide Until
the Claims Can Be Paid.
The Authorities at Wublnctoa Hare
Decided That ta Protect the See
aad Mortgage aa the Kaaui Pa
ellc, the Optloa Should Be Kxer
cised of Parlag OS the First Lieas.
aad a Receiver Shoald Be Appoint
ed. Who Will Operate the Road
latll a Sale Can Be Made for the
Fall Amoaat of All the Liens.
WASHINGTON. Feb. S.-Gov. Hoadley
was in consultation with the attorney gen
eral today upon the subject of fore
closure* against the Kansas Pacific rail
road. It has been decided by the detain
ment of justice that the* government will
exercise the power conferred upon the
president by the act of 1887, and redeem
the claims of the first mortgage bondhoid-
"Berlin. Feb. 5.
lor Better Government in Alaska.
•'"The Honorable the Secretary of War. Washington. F>. P.—We. the under
-1 signed, citizen* and business men of Alaska, respectfully petition and ft forth: .
. "That there is an extraordinary condition of * flairs akn.n* at and near
Dye a and Skagway, Alaska, which rails fer prompt attention from th» proper
s "A* a result of the recent discoveries of gold In and near Daw.-on, N". W.
T.. Canada, during the past two years, there i* an enormous rush •' people to
) that country from all parts of the world, and it Is estimated tha: th<:e will e
250.000 people start for the gold field- of Alaska and Northwest territory, Can
ada. duri'.g the pre*-nt year, an 1 not less than 75 per cent, will att ni to x*-l
in bv way of the Chilkoot and White pa.-**-*. Even at this early day the full
\ capacity of every steam and sailing ehtp on the Pacific coast ts ta* ed o its
utroott capacity to carry the pnsaemrers and freight that is being off< red. and
} th'v are being dumped off at the* two points to the number of SCv a day.
which will soon be largely increased.
\ "In view of the fact that there is no local civi! government in the territory
of Alaska, and no one with suffWnt authority to enforce the laws of the land,
m-j' h lew to prevent crime and disorder, and in view of the large numi» r of
the und'isir able and criminal class who ai*> now flocking to our community to •
' pr< v upon the unwary and innocent pilgrim and in order to have s. me one
with sufficient authority, and in sufficent numbers, to prevent dliwrder and
1 blockades on" the trails leading to L.»k,»-s l.inueman and Bennett, and tu pro
tect the property of citizens of the United States
} "We. the undersigned, petition that immediate action be taken by th«
prorer authority; (
" "And. t>eii»\mg this to extraordinary emfrjeeney, we believe that
maT...»l law should be declared In all this part of Alaska, comprising the com
muritiCM of 1 >vf i and Skairwajr. and th»» trails lea lint! therefrom to the inter
national boundary. And that sufficient troops. not. less th»n be irr.rmdl
ately dispatched to these points to enforce the laws and preserve order."
era on the Ki«tern and middle divisions
respectively, and become ua
d- r the law to their rights. This will
rr.; ko the government the owner of both
the first and see->r.d liens, upon these di
visions of the road.
An apjdk-aJion will be made to Jti-'T"
Sanborn at St L-ui* r,.-xt S»ta«Jay i»r
to re-' -m. for a fvstpon of
the « iles of the road, which ar-' r. w ad
verted to take pj.we on February IS, IT
and 1\ and for the appointment <t a re
ceiver in the gov r: ni : t sail to ojM*rat-»
the railrcu? for the 1 -neiit of i r > iter:*.
The present receiver* are op'Ta'.rg th*
road under the suit of the third r.-. rtgaa
bondholders. commonly called the con
f-:>" datej morti.' -e. Ry this me i* « ;♦ j«
ex p. ted that the imme ;:e -al of t- •»
prjj • rty wsll be «Tef»rr d and that th
p . -rr.ment will have more opportunity
to negotiate for a better price th in h s
t <»n ofl&ered by the r* -ganifa-tioa •••-
tor It win with a wallet bu'ping with bill*. Tho trouble
with Alaska, as >ointeu out la iho rep rt of t»ov. Brady,
has besn a dearth of lam and a famine of authority with
which to enforce ? ueh laws a* apply U> that territory. The
goverrimont representatives have h».i trouble ..instantly
with whisky smuggler.- «;«< the K1 ; like rush began.
At Fort Yukon nw rtial law has t>e«n declared by <*a; t. rhil
1U)- under cirCuna stances that call tor pr>mpt action on
the pr? of those
W In authority, yet
') tit" situation at
\ Fort Yukon can
. r..,t be said to he
a worse than that
t a? Skagway and
) Dyo a, where
( thousands of peo
/ pie have congre
gated on their
way to the Yu
k n. and to which
x thousands more
are directing their
\ steps.
Miners who re
) turned on th*
City of Seattle
yesterday my
a that th»*
, cf the Dyea and
>i Skagway cltliens
that mirtiil law
v ; be dt dared Is a
Jus? or.». and are
satisfied that un
\ l«*ss th-» govern
ment grant* It
) Skagway and
Dyea will witness
serious trouide
A for IW Is ended.
\ Already, as has been fhown, there Is much crirpe, hut the
Q past If rot to be c ompar- 1 with that which will prevail in
a the future if mart ial law Is not declared. "There Is one
V thing clear." said ore returning m'.r.er last night, "and 'hat
/ is that there is as much r< - n for declaring martial law
\ at Dyea as th» r» was for <"ip*. Phil Hay bringing ft into
play in the Yukon country. T.v -- - are my sentiments and
• tho?-o of ev. ry mi::«r in A' i.-ka."
m;:tee, *h hr. w controls the f.r«: mort
g® g" >. and .n 'he meanwhile the ber.*ti;s
of the prof.tab'e operation of the revd.
J it cont;r.u s to be profitably managed,
will under the receiv r appointed in the
foverrcit t suit be to tr.e advantage of
the gov-rr.ment by of reduction of
its claims.
Notices of the apph-itlon to he made
cm Saturday have been served ly te'e-
gr.tph on the reorgamaa.ca c
a-.,: upon the counsel of the re#p.et.ve un
derlyirg mortgages. Ample authority for
this a, t..>n on the p-.rt of the g ve rnrrent
is r.ferred by the a t of March J. 1«7.
whi.-h provides that whenever. n the > p!n-
tea of the prvs.der.t. it stall be deemed
necessary to the prot vtion of the govern
ment's interest in any of tha bond-.'.ided
rc~ids. the secretary of th* treasury is rc-
quired to redo m or ot ;ersv!se ele.»r off
the paramount 1! n or by pay
ing the sums lawfully due cut £ the treas-
The rtntount which W ill be nee. *sary to
pay the tirst lien-holders in this iv.se is
something ov»r S.V*3.wK>. the same amount
which the government would have been
compelled to pay them had it acq r>d tit'e
under the pending sale. The situation of
the government is regarded by Attorney
General Grists. who advised the present
course, and other leading officials, as
greatly Improved thereby, and it Is now
expected that Judge Sanborn, under the
circumstance*, -will willingly consent to a
postponement of the- sale for an indefinite
peilod. or at least to a date sufficiently
remote to allow the government ample
time in which to dispose of its Interests
to the bt si advantage.
Jury Fln<l» Htm Guilty of Maa«
■laughter (or the- Killing of
Frauk William*.
PORTLAND. Or., Feb. 5.—A Jury In th«
state circuit court tonight returned a ver
dict of manslaughter in the case of George
' Harrett. who has be«>n or, tr. tl for tho
murder of Williams In
last. Barrett kept a *a!oon and Williams
vas a fnvjucnt visitor to his plaee. Early
j in the tn <nir* the tw.» quarreied, and
after an exchange of se\erai sho's Bar
rett killed
j llosh nun ar. «(■!) known among gamb
lers from Han IV.eso to B<-»ttle.
%it«any, Ir.d., Hum luff.
' INDIANAPOLIS. F- 6- A s;<' r! <1
. fr :n Mun !•*, Inrt.. U • Senile 1 .«.»> •
: At midnight the town of Albany Is on fire
and !s threatened with total detra t".- n.
| The !oss will l>e heavy.
Ctnmlnnllon for Promotion.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 6.- C*pt. T T-.
True, aiuutant quartermastrr, h.l Wn
r.»I to examination for prornoti"n be
fore a hoard a' Van >uvff barr*ckn,
Wnsh., ft which Col Thom.i* N Ander
• Fourteenth Infantry, is the b«..id.
Bulletin of One Day's Crime
in Skagway.
Shock 01 Rowan's Mnrtler Kills
Eis Wife ana New Born Babe.
Purifier fnrflcrlnr* of the Killing of
Depot? Unrihnl Itcnnn nod Andy
MrGrath l-aat Moadar la a !<kaf«
vray Variety Ihealer-laothev
M»a Woauded in the I'rcra*—i itU
MBI ' Commlltee Srrurit a llope <•
Haajg the Marderer, Kd Eay-lton.
aa Formerly City Marshal of
Mt. Iruua-JuuriiH Heconla iatrd.
Two dead men, a lifeless mother and
babe, a wounded man and a murderer !n
the shadow of immediate doom. This was
the criminal bulletin In Mkagway for last
Monday, January SI. Fuller details *>f
the tragedy, which was reported brieily m
tho Post-Intelligencer yesterday by tele
gram from Victoria, reached this city >e»-
terJay morning on the •tcamer City ot
Brattle. When the In. it lert Skagway tha
wife of the murderod Marshal Kowan had
Just succumbed at the newt i>r his death.
&nd her babe. born but a few hourst. had
perished for want of sustenance. The c»t
i*« nc* committee, hearing of this, hail se
cured a rope from the ntfamer Oregon,
and at this time the corpse of tho aaaat*
sin. Fay, is probably dangling from tu*
tailest tree in the suburbs of the i««u.
Th* d ut'e murder by wni 'h l>ap*.!ty
Vnltcd States Marsh il J. M. Rowan, for-
merly city marshal of Mount Vernon, and
Andrew MrCratli, formerly of Concord*
Ontario, niet their fate, occurred fast
Monday morning ut>eut 2 orlocl in *
variety theater run by Jacob RVe. 'i'h*
man who did th<j vh \n "lid" F«y,
known otbrrwUc a* "ii.ury" or "John."*
Metirath and a young woman entered
the theater and had some drink*. Shortly
after, McGrith clainn i th.it ids l!«ju.»r
had been doped a id that he h»d n-'n
robbed of sH<>. Mtlrathn charge pro
v ked a general light. In which McUram
was badly beaten by "Kd" l~ay. who was
the up stairs bartender in the ih«.iter,
assisted by several other ntta< tie* of tft«
theater. McUrath wanted revenge and
w. Nt out into the *trt«* for th« j>urpo.«»
of getting a gun and returning to hn'.ftt
tho fight. The first man whom he met
was Mar* hat Rowan. Rowan was on his
way down town to get a doctor for hi*
wife, who had Just given birth to a child.
Rowan declined to give M <irath a mm,
but h*- as*reed to go to the theater and act
an pacifier.
When ICowan and McOrath entered tb«
theater, Mo(»r:ir»i pointed to Fay. aayhig:
"There's the man."
}lo then took off hi* coat and struck at
Fay with his flit. Fay drew I;* revolver
and fired, the bullet striking M -Qrath in
the jrroln. He dropped to a chair with »
trroan. Rowan turned to pall his revolver
fr rn hi hip poeket, when Fay filed ayiln,
the t .tr'-hin;r R wan In th» stomach.
Row tn r. I'd. 1 t d»d not fall, an ! reach
ed the *tr« •t. whero a frh r.d found hi*t»
«n«i took Li.-n to a doctor's office, a block
Kay in < hnrgp of C Itlarna.
Af r ' so sh ot:r;<f 1" iy •-« ,1 through
th* ! rk door of f » * •ai.-r Un M ~..-lajr
af!-Tr- :i T. 11. U" ir<l, a b,i*!ne*H m«n of
Sk ..;w iv. went to Hire proprietor of th#
!• ''nil <1 n; tnded The • rr't Je-r of l",«r.
H-> ? i f .*« f.ted i • It: . rhat In the r> ndl
• •: of the •, or. • * mini it w:* atxoltittty
ne< ft.rv in t r ier ' » prevent a riot. Rir®
1 m l K.i* was turned over
to War-J. v. ho i-Ih rn in Fife kf i in*.
In r • time i;> . " n»- • a,{ of it*-
z* r.* i.« n r I in th» church and i rom
:r!*te. of • • ■ .1 , <\n«i<Jer
the CBM, Ktv* Fay a trial and mete Ht
.*!: < j\ i ,r r -vm :•' ■e "f rep, j.j r«K.>r.®
w.* -j; ■ : "d 1" «y i • : the
a r mr.»». T < jmtiftti#
ii-' - • k the ev nine and v>.,ia ia
f aw-, "he H- •• • • •!!< d. it * he
ll'-% d to e TTI'JTM than ;.r-.< jable t;.a t Fay
is lynch'l.
and I'nhc l»lr.
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ni«ht tho d< r; of Mrs. Rowan
Snld Ho Ua< Robbed.

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