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rsf, pre r-rsTtxLioEscEß.
DtJlver«S by City Carrier.
Daily an/! Sun .*y, per momti JC S
Daily and Sunday, *,x if paid
so <i. soe<- 4 89
Jjaily a ,4 Sunday, one year, if pa.d m
ac.ar.' • * Sfi
B .aiimy ad i Lion. per root, in 2*
Sunday edition, one year 2 «9
Per uflv d*»inng the Post-lßteHigeo er
scrveu at their hvir.es or cfiange «.f d»-:v
«ry, cjR secure it by poKai card rt qirst
or liu'sugh teitpr, Jt.r Mair. W.t«»
d<-.very Wt irregular. p<> as* make iinsie
d#-.ts cosspiaiat w tiir« olt.ee.
Daily and Sunday, pr t&cr.tb 9> T5
Dally and h-jnday. »!* months ........ 4.«
Duly and Sunday, on* year " 8
Sunday edition, one month
Sunday edition, *ix memos 1 25
Sunday edition, one gear - ®
Sunday and Weekly, or e year 2 m
Weekly edition, one year I <*»
Weeaiy ed.t»or., «.x months its
Seattle. Second avenue and Cherry "treet.
New York i jocw. U. i 4. i- Triouns t-idg.
Chicago, 117 Chamber of Commerce.
Tacoma, Pacitic avenue.
Give poatoffW Address it. full, including
couuty and state.
Hemit ty tjpre»«. money order, draft or
In rsal*iered l»-;ter at our nsk.
Tokpbone*— ?.• -« Office, Main 7.
Editor .til itvJOi--. Maui 3X2.
Address alt communications and remit
lances to th» PoS'f-I.V» i-.I.LKJENCKR
Pi. CO.. fi+attu Wash.
The PMI-lntelilgeseer hereby
•■a ranters fta advertisers a liuaa
Me |Mtid rirrwla ii«»u. Daily, Weekly
and kanda), doablr that of aay
•ther Besiyiper Hahllsbrd la the
atate of Waihlngtos. Ad*erti»laa
euatraet* will he wade sabjeet to
this sua ranter.
thi trwem. pajpmb.
Uttmr. TtBIDAT, I*EB. H.
That will be a very interesting law-
Butt in which the Detroit attorney pro
poses to prove that under the power "to
coin money, regulate the value thereof
and of foreign and tlx the stand
aril of weights and measures," the con
gress of the United States has no more
authority nor power, as far as
pre-existing contracts for the payment
of money are concerned, to diminish or
increase the number of grains of pure
gold or pure silvep in the dollar tn
which a contract hap been lawfully ex
p:t>sed, than it has tn pre-existing con
tacts to change the number ftf grama
i'.i an ounce or the number of inches in
a foot, or to change any other standard
for weights and measures.
The government never now under
takes to regulate the value of money
unit-Ms it lived* regulation. Thin has
not always been the eas>-; and history
afi'oidc very many instances of tyrants
and autocratic Sovereigns changing the
value of a coin for the purpose of mak
lng a profit for themselves. Modern
statesmanship has recognised that the
lust money is that which is most
stable. It probably would b« beyond
th* p«>wer of a government where civil
ised customs prevailed to arbitrarily
change a measure of value or quantity
ti> any appreciable extent; but it cer
tainly would b<- within the province of
government to step in where confusion
r- Ik net! and declare what a measure
should meutr.
It in Oregon, for instance, a bushel
vw generally understood to bo equal
to thirty quarts and in Washington It
was generally understood to be thirt>-
t • o quarts, a misunderstanding would
inevitably result, business would be
uncettatn, and much litigation might
l>e psovoked. The government would
thereupon proclaim elth r that a bushel
should everywhere be miant to consist
of thirty quarts or thirty-two quarts,
as the case might be; and if it were a
w .so government it would 1< < t that
measure which wmost nearly in ac
cord with th<* m* isui' « in oth» r stU« s
and other nations. If a bushel w »?>
undei In most of the .-tat. < and
In E>B"ojw-an «>>uatrles to ton; «t •I
ll.ivt) ;Ro quart* it v. >uld b an ,t. t of
folly't. pa*s a Jaw saving th*t iu th,s
countrj it should consist of only thirly
In other word* if th» ratio all over
the « n!v a - th::*\ two .j ;ii'" t.i n.«
bushel It w >iiM be th i rtiiktst Ki"«J
tiii|4ily *»» pa.-* a '•« " de 'arinx,- that
l-<»ie thirty quarts should mak a
la'shel. We i ght pas— that law, and
*< Irtish* «n* 1 mattei of t >rtu ha-e
oil t «-r i' "intri vail - . \ Am«*rl« in
t>Ufl -I," but 11;;* 1 would t: an that it
* a:> an Inferior '• t- 1, !. ut. 1 if a uni
\<*r*al lof w nt «» <.l in (!;. mar
ket# of th«» V »•' i I :»• J: s th- V ■: l in
bu?htl v i aid .a,'v t . x;*,h $'
Wi" wuir :>»« i• . r • an> th nc
S« a'o '«t a t ' ! ,-,' i l»| ii K
%botit »u fh difft :••• In t! r. i. tla
ti*»n "t f. asur. h th f r .r.. x or
ot »ii'tin* V ( \ , • •
I> equal; • ••:- " • rx' - «»' riv . \ ■=;-
In*. State*.;?; a 'f the Hi ' atd Vdatid
orJfr world r *- qu »n th accurae>
of this State! ;- \t * \ • , 1 as ! >l. x
They (i ' ' it > I t r. 'tU
ha.- *.•> 1 • "• -jix t i f
Pionox !- w i o-r:; -it av- it
lii. .1 t • w ' \ . 1 *» .x •» i nt
fhfjr . t V, • - *xx ~(• -
%4W**d to a'. th« Itl for llw
»hase >'f *llver but ■•>n. Mr. of
fared as ft i' » 4 a v • » ! i
t>o xrt»:
upx<n p? ' •- d t> tnafc It IT t > t*-. r
h* rah«* I it f » *» t > ! j t . i .\
f" to ' M* •' •;* tr- ; s v..>s ; o?:. a
by' " i •* t t ife !. rati
* e tr<- - ' » . ...
r*t\.of »to 1 i • i'
Thv k .■\vrrp;--r.t do. « n r
\ti » '■ .i r - •' • \\ ■
d» tur • ,«r A l \it th : (
should b* it did n»>t select an arbitrary
fiz<- or weight of value. It weighed with
the »tmo«t nicety. It even wrnt into
the fractions of grains in ord*r to be al»-
•otutciy accurate—to make th" law de
clare that which actually v. as. Once
or twice a mistake was made. Hamil
ton believed that he had ascertained
that the average Si anish silver dollar,
which was the only coin in circulation
th»;n. contained IT! grains of pore sil
ver and the commercial equivalent in
gold being 24.7 i grains of pure 'netal.
th ratio was IT, to 1. Thin "rror, which
n.ade our dollar;! 2 1-2 grams lighter
than these Spanish dollars, cost us a
pretty penny; and in IM>5 Jefferson or
dered their coinage stopped. In I*3?
another attempt was made aud the
ratio became 16 to 1 simply because that
v a*. almost exactly the ratio o f the
vaiue of silver to the value of goid.
The law of 1*34. which prepared
way f>r the change, ought probably to
have provided that preexisting con
tracts should be settled on the pre
existing basis; but it did not. Anybody
having S2OO in g .id could buy $lO4 sil
vei to pay hi-t debts with, while under
the new law anybody having 1100 in s'l
ver could buy $102.*5 gold to pay his
d-bts with. At that time, however, al
though the law said the ratio was 13 to
1 it had become, as a matter of fact,
13.625 to L The government had n-»t
promised to mainta.n the »-arit\, and
therefore all ttading was doot witu Lhe
reserve that settlements shout<! be :.aue
on the market value of the ir.etal>. ;u. t
as today a s:< gold piece is not ex
changed for an English soveieiga. but
the exchange takes rlace at ti.e mar*, t
It will be interesting to reni.ml r, in
the midst of the "prevailing heavy vain
stciuis and f,ales of wind, t.»at at
hour of noon on February 'Z, the g r r»uiK«
hog aaw his shadow. Nobody pa >3
very much attention to him out nere,
and. to confess the truth, he is regard
ed with as little respect as the perennial
Indian proph. t who every autumn pre
dicts a fall of snow "five siwaah deep."
Richard (Iran* White, in his descrip
tion of a visit ite paid to England, &avs
that while that country does not sutfer
from the violent convulsions to which
wc are subject, it is a much more
changeable climate. His experience ot
weather had been limited to the eastern
side of the Krcky mountains, or h,?
would have nated the great similarity
between the changeableness of the
weather In England and in the reguu
of Puget sound. He observes that the
torrents of ram which accompany rur
storms and the blizzards and tornado* a
are unknown in the little island, but
that the rain 1- of that gentle qna.ity
which has suggested to Shakespe.l a
more than one apt simile.
The changeability is quite unlike that
which is familiar in Texas, w here w ami
sunshine is within three or four hours
Changed to an .'cy frigidity. It is of
that character with which we are so
Li miliar on this part of the Coast and
which in "Henry VHI." is likened to
"the Instant cloud" which obscures the
"My life I* spanned already. I am the
shadow of poor Buckingham.
Whose flsure even this instant ciou.l j uts
on by darkening my clear sun."
Our winters are far superior to those
of England for the reason that we have
a less extreme cold, as we have less
extreme heat in summer; but in addi
tion to this our spells v>f biid weathtr
are short and alternated with Intervals
of as beaulful weather can be cn
)<\ ed in any part >f the world. Dtir
-Ins January ami February, whil" wild
storms have swept a< ross the continent
..r.vl 1 tkf -1 on tic ftho»es of Europe. • ir
v\< .st e\p<-i i-n. >- has been half an :• h
o.' tut w and a faU lv«r several *1 >.:; a
at a tin •» of a s ft. warm rain wnich
! :1* not interfered w:th business n r
ti«as'oned discomfort worth consider
ing. Ttut the air his be»-n sweet and
biMrny. the moisture and the warmth
s. r\ ing to 1 >ring out the sv t pung ncv
of th>> balsam tir an 1 th>- pine.
'IT ground hog may take to his hole
sn,| st.iy th. t>- for the legendary
but w.> may defy him to do his
v ••it. we do not fear the vior*t.
A young man from Miss nri. who has
*"tn up to l>aws >n. has rtttirnexl and
wjjtcs a rather discouraging letter. li ! s
trip iost htm I.Wt, but h<- fa.».«< In n.-
other part of his letter the experience
h has had is worth so that he is
1 t'o r > ?T than m»rne wh>» went to Pkas
\x a a; ,1 1 st all th- r n: •n« y writ ho t
i. -Ming much exp rbnee. I.> t us c\-
anane the young maa; s storv- before ui
te.ndnlng whether he or the Klondil»
is a failure. He says he got intx> l>avr
--n xxith enough pi v jsi t.s to hav.
lasted him until next May cr June, bu*
h frtti out hi* provisions and w nt
bat k.
A--t ordir.g to very reha'-lo auth ri
• vall th< who ha i |'r -xls|-.ns , d
I get a x ry fair j rl. •. and fl •• ir was s \\.
| ing at s'"■»> a hund; •d. a rl rg to
! M -Rttel l«.;nhatv a -tat!*tl il < x *rx >1
th t reau of lab»r If th* younc Mis
r: >.n ha ! b> n the kind xif rr.an 11
1 in - "i an 'pport .nlty h
x\ sM hftxe (told mx'St of hi# pTOv l»k>' s
at st!x h a j>ri e a* w mid have r< rt 1
Wn a g 1 j rotlt A'.i i »t til 1- ft lun
ch to walk fr a t , «ka«-
-t> a- 1 ! t 11 : - T: 1 - K". •-
v>x- a • *"r <t • g I as ?hty IT- a* It
on the outside." He regards It as a
railroad and st»--anwrhip boom, and "that
is all I ' aii s** in it at prtsaent." He
evidently did not see anythin* of the
several mflltons of dollars* worth of goM
that has been brought oirt: he did not
*ee coal oil • ans fu'l of nuggets. r.<~>r
stacks of goid in sacks pii-d up in the
company's stores, he saw nothing of
the hundreds of thousand* of dollars'
worth of gold brought down by m«n
who walked the same track he di«L If
he did. he says nothing about it in his
This young man says frost did not
drive him out and that two men from
the same town who went with him de
cided to stay. He intimates that they
were afraid to tackle the trip which he
so bravely undertook, and that he is en
titled to much commendation for his
sagacity in coming away. It would Le
interesting to know how the other two
viewed his course and regard their own.
A church divided asrainst itse'f cannot
retain its prestige and usefulness. Whai-
ever the cause of the trouble in the great
New York F*if:h Avenue Presbyterian
church, and whatever the merits of the
claims of Dr. John Hail's friends that he
should retain the j>a3torate. it is certain
that the church will suffer heavily from
the row. no matter how it is patched up.
The session as a body is against Dr. Hall
and the congregation as a body is fur
him. The motives for the light are ob
scure. but the pastor appears first to have
offended the trustees by his earnest es
pousal of the cause of the converted Jew,
W'jrasawiak, who had been accused of
wrong-doing. Warszawiak was convicted.
Besides, Dr. 11.ill has not been quite pro
gressive enough in his methods and doc
trine to suit the session, and it was de
termined that he must go on the retired
list. The congregation has made it ckar
that the good, old-fashioned Christianity
Is good enough for it, ar.d there the mat
ter hangs. The row is very interesting to
all churchmen, and especially to Presby
terians, among whom Dr. Hail has long
been a conspicuous figure.
A number of Eastern newspapers are
commenting on a "straw" furnished by
the late election in the Iroquois Club, onco
the representative Democratic organiza
tion of Chicago. The ticket headed by a
candidate who was avowedly for the gold
standard was elected over the "non-com
mittal" ticket by a vote of 114 to 100. Tho
Louisville Courier-Journal remarks that,
"considering the claims as to the silveri
zation of the Chicago Democracy, which
we have been accustomed to hear lately,
this election is full of significance." It is
significant only as indicating that the
gold Demo, racy i« still the gold Democ
racy; but it doe« not give promise that
correct financial principles have made tho
slightest headway with the great Demo
cratic organization. The Democracy is
without question controlled by silver; and
H is more than ever intolerant of the
Democracy thai dors not stand on the
Chicago platform. The temper of Demo
crats today Is to deny a place in their
ranks for all so-t ailed Democrats who do
not accept stiver doctrine; and that, we
are satisfied, will be their attitude In the
coming congressional elections.
It la that Sx-aftle is infested
with a giUig of experienced piekpockets
who are able to operate with impunity in
crowded public places. The police have
*o far been unable to j-pot. them, apd it
will t>e well for all eitlzi ns to take
raro of th« ir valuables, both while on the
etr ets and at home. It would be J;uli
elou?>, too, for the city to secure the ser
vices of one or two more d<-teetives who
have wide acquaintance amonp the
rrn virion- s<. Many of th«*e gentry
are flockii'K to Seattle Just now, and,
vxh- re they arc known they are quickly
j made to move on. ltut others are not
I Identified, atul are able for the present <o
! op« rate without detection. Tli< so should
be sought out and made to leave town.
The Butte, Mont., ptory that mounted
police have linn ordered to Ah.-ka he
< ise of the serious trouble betw-.n Can
adians and Amen ans "relative n> the at
tempt by the Ann rieans t.i Ket nrvix ;siuns
into the Yukon fre. of duty, ostensibly for
i the relief of distress, bsjt in r< -.hty for
sale to th>- 1 gle*t bidder." Is -hr rion
j >ena«. There is no misunderstanding
about the admS>.«ton of the relief «xpo-
J dition and its supplies. All the t< :m.- liave
been fully arrar.get!. The Canadian gov
ernment has co-operated m -t heartily hi
j the enterprise, and no doubt. >ympa
! thilts entirety with it- purpoex-s. It is
» fot to b>« expected that ciy obsta< ies
whatever xx 1! be placed in the way.
Another observant Knglhhman has
' coir,. : > America, looked iroun i, returned
home an 1 wrttteii a b ok. Among oth r
llluntinative pj>ssag«-s Is the following:
"In my opinion ther>* la not in the
i Stages i tn-uer. brighter a:; 1 more
hv n«-»- t'.-iv ..f ttM -i ;i, a * no:.- than the
regular politicians They are the l««t
• lass of cl*!*en» that the country has p-o
--dueed up to this. nn*i many of are
lex. el > -it and wouM adorn anj republic."*
It has remained fr»r a keen-vlaloned
, Briton to do tardy jusv. v to a clasa of
! gentlemen who are not in the very high
•s: repute a: home- whll- ac.- pt ng
this f rprtoing .*;tn.i!e of their worth,
ill ii * lv »ra line«l «.jsi ■intinu the
; "!I ha HI O( k»X*-i>inK a w st hful eye on
| th« m.
It may be a sour,-, f »in>e >atl?faction
!-> »:: * k", w : »tab- i has >een
• - .tro«lu- the I*rit,-1 senate
! t.» s> .«*•'' i the minir.e . ,« * that
> SI.»N s all Stave the sanv* ght it: at k
i I-.,* reißh.g claims in A:.i-ka a- • :?l*eas
I of this country.
Pr N .r-T. it —e->,-. •? - t - >th-r of the
j gr-wu.c n;.mber of tx r =iga «'.-ieferltie*
j trh<> ha- 'r-4 rtrd trom exprtsa nj? an un
-1 fa\ arable o; io! n of America ur.Ul hif
' ' • .r », - < t •-• * I<-
j u.scrvtiwt. ii.-at havt grc!«a out »t -
sfderatlon for the sensibilities of his late
American auditor?. It could have had no
reference to his porketboolt, b»vai»e It is
not anywhere recorded of tia that we have
faSed to rtt~h to see and hear a European
h*>ro who was known to h-.rbor an un
kind opinion of us.
The Seattle free labor bureau
employment for more persons during Jan
uary. l®f«, thjn in all the Januari--; of the
three preceding years combined. This
fact illustrates both that there is more
work to be found in Seattle than for sev
eral years part, and that the bureau is
perforinirg excellent servi-e. At the same
tim*. n is well to say that there is no
scarcity of labor here.
If you don't register, you can't vote.
■n. -n.
Anyway, there need be no confession
sequel to Dr. Hall's churctfi trouble.
It would appear as if Greece had gotten
Just about sassy enough for another good
Perhaps it all might have been avoided
if Dr. Hail had thrown in an up-to-date
comet so to with every sermon.
Mr. Gladstone will outlive some of the
newspapers which have written up hand
some advance obituaries of him.
For once Zola is producing some litera
ture that does not have <o be disinfected
before it is introduced in the family house
One of the new Alaska steamers is to
be called the Governor Pingree. Th-tt
ought to be a popular evaporated potato
-f* ->*.
The reindeer are to be dehorned before
being sent into Alaska, but we observe
that the old-fashioned demijohn passes
In without question.
Anothr Chicago couple has been mar
ried and started over the Klondike honey
moon route. It isn't every couple that is
romantic enough to fancy it can engage
a bridal chamber on the quarterdeck of
a broncho.
An Acknowledgment That the Cali
fornia City U Losing.
San Francisco Aigonaut.
Amid all her Klondike clatter and clang.
San Francisco does not seem to be keep
ing up with the procession We remarked
last week that the steamer Excelsior had
fifty-seven berths engaged In San Fran
cisco to 164 berths engaged in Seattle.
This did not look much as if San Fran
cisco were bearing away the paim from
the Sound cities. Now we observe by last
week's bank clearings that there was an
increase over the same week In 1897 as
follows: San Francisco, 37.3 per cent.;
Tacoma. 1«1 per cent.; Seattle. 333 5 ner
cent. From this ii is evident that Seattle
has an increase of over ten times the
business she had last year. We do not
think the most ardent San Franciscans
will claim that for this city.
Fashions la Collecting.
Harper's Round Table.
Thirty-five years ago. when the collec
tion of postage (-tamps was thought to be
mere child's play, the stamps worth hun
dreds of dollar* today could be bought
for a few shillings each. A few years
later s."> was the highest price asked for
thts rarest stamps, with a few exceptions,
such as Postofflce Mauritius, Reunion, etc.
At that period the collecting of coins was
esteemed a proper pursuit for serious men,
and the price obtained by dealers in
America for ordinary coins was from two
to ten times what is asked today for the
same coins. The fashion of stamp-collect
ing wax*'s greater each year, as that of
coin-collecting waned. Of course the well
known great rareties have generally held
their prices, and in some instances even
increased. It is an interesting specula
tion whether coins and stamps will not
beerin to change their relations to each
other. There, seems to be more interest In
coins of late, stnd certainly prices are very
favorable to int< nding collectors.
In Thin tlir Correct Explanation f
Boston lit raid.
It Is sai.i that In his canvass of the
members of the senate, before the Teller
resolution was brought before the body,
Senatos Aidrich succeeded in obtaining
within one of enough votes to defeat its
consideration. As a considerable number
of senators had permitted their names to
b. put down on Senator Aldrleh's list only
on condition that he secured the neces
sary number <>t votes to defeat consider
ation. the failure to get one more senator
absolved the members of the minority
from their agreement, and th" weak
kneed one- Immediately fiocke.l over to
the other side. Such is the fascination of
Iwing with the majority.
Compliment to the Republican Party.
Indianapolis News.
The republican party is emphatically a
Civil service reform party. Over and
over again it has emphasfited its !>e!it f
In the merit system. It has asked men
to vote fur Its candidates because it
•stood f< r civil service reform. The
member* of the party are as solemnly
pledged to the merit system as they are
to a protective tariff. There no m >re
room In the party for a spoilsman than
♦here is f>r • free trader.
\\h) Thf) Cnmr to "trnulr.
Portland Tribune.
PortUnd undoubtedly th< best outr
un* point or the Pielflc but c rn
p.tratlv*»!y f* w people ftn>l it out by lo k
at Port! mil MW«(«p«rs Three tr>t :*
(to to S-.itrlv while one r tirs to Port
land. l-« x«i— Seattle men have the sense
to advertise.
stays ram
Ah • ■si Hi.nettir K n the . o-.r t< r-
U tf« kr.» w. ••pro-perity" was her> T~ »y
r. v• r w »i!d have t *»n p .iiltv of ri »ki <
tl<»> bills un l»-r the former ;jdmi»ii«tr3tion.
\V!.r River Journal- If :«• nl'l thit
Jane*. 1:.. mil ton actuary fortr.>t hi? ' <r i
m:rrvr one lay la?t w» . K and refn*< 1 t>
pro>-e«d 'villi hi? scathing exio'l.ti .» of
w- .?r» <• ■' ; *utOT *.tß m? ! a pi-- r iid
br!rsr it to him.
Pu> i;» < : The Pr»rvu!l-t pre-f
of t! ■ \ >r: swest hts < d n /'iu tb lit
th- m;t • - f Wall street, the Sh ! eks
an-1 the infimous
prir ,-lpally d.-vot •! to r<*« sting su 'i P >pu
,lst* ;«* h.ivc pot office, or to anathema <t.
Jr.* the Populisms that d»*ir« ;•> t th«
•flft -hi Populists oat.
N' » \\V>* Tr i'-ie- The »,.,*»r- -- tr.en '
?-»oi> * e and th» surrorin ling sh~<:iJ
u»e e\.rv endeavor to haw our reprm n
(4tlv»>a in <vir,gr> pjish t"e b 1! f r re
ojw naiir of the Colv.ilft reservation. T 5 :•»
.trip of territory -s kiK>wa to contain
mi r,y valuable b- -Bm of minerals. jnl
w,:h pr «-e ?c-r» Riven a < Kir. • to 20 it: t
the ountrv and wrric. it wit b bit a
«: art tnw until a new mir.in* r>* n * U
ire- r.tii !.p th it * >1 prove of v.<-
•lit to tne ecu re t jrr< ur.-nsg cou&tr>.
Since Tkf■ MHlral Lake Ha* Kw-
Joyed Mid-Time Pro*perlt>.
Medical Lake. Wash. Feb. i IS*.
Medical Lake fs. perhaps. one of tf-.e
best localities 1n the state for asrwrntTs
ing the general financial condition of af
fair*. The wonderful medicinal w .iters
of the lake attract those who are ill, and,
when money is easy, they come by thous
ands while hundreds would have counted
them all when -he financial panic was on.
The average p!easure-seekfr. too, fee's
the of financial depression, and
dees without the luxury of an outtnir
That times were generally much Im
proved Sn 1W was attested by the fact of
the greatly increased number of health
seekers—those afflicted with ail sorts of
chronic maladies who sought relief at this
resort in 1597. Pleasure-seekers were
much in evidence all during the summer
outing reason. These people came from
ai! r»rts cf the state, the Pacific coast,
the East. and occasionally one from Eu
rope, Among them were many who were
looking for investments here, and they
vsually found what they wanted and o
cated. A number of the best farms in
this section have been bought by East
ern men. new business houses have sprung
up 'n the town, and all are prospering.
The Lake, as a community, has enjoyed
a greater degree of prosperity during the
past year than has been known since the
eariy part of IKT. Immediately after »he
last election business conditions began
improving and a general revival of trade
was shown the first few months of !Sy7.
With the harvest came the old-time farm
ers' trade, and the tide is still on. with no
appearance of cessation. Local merchants
did a better business in the closing months
of 1597 than ever before experienced at
this place. All sorts of farm products
have brought double the price paid since
the panic of 1893.
To keep pace with the prosperity every
where apparent, the leading newspapers
of the state are branching out. furnishing
better service an.i more of It. Particular
ly is this true of the Post-Intelligencer,
which enjoys the distinction of having
been the only staunch Republican dally
in the j*tate during the last national cam
paign, and for this reason it holds an en
viable position. Not only does' this fact
givo it precedence, but from a standpoint
of general new* the Post-1 ntelHgencer
leads them all. RI'FUS K. WOOD.
Editor Medical Lake Ledger.
Papa—That Mr. Higgins has a hard
! face.
Daughter—lt never felt that way to me.
—Yonkers Statesman.
"Does he know anything?"
"Know anything!"
The tone was an answer in itself.
"Know anything! Why. he's the kind
of man who would hunt for a leak in a
gas pipe with a candle."—Chicago Post.
Three different waiters at a hotel asked
a prim, precise little professor at dinner
if he would have soup. A little annoyed,
he said to the last waiter, who asked
the <iuestion, "Is It compulsory?"
"Xo. sir," said the waiter: "I think it's
mock turtle."—London Tit-liita.
"You blawsted Americans take a hu
morous view of everything "
"Yes. That's why we call our servants
help."—lndianapolis Journal.
"And so Dr. Cutting, the eminent appen
dicitis expert, is dead? Dear, dear! That's
a severe loss to the community. What was
the matter with him?''
"He swallowed a peach stone, and it got
! stuck somewhere." Cleveland Plain
In hi* far inland Frospero's wand lies
Perished thf x>cwt of his sovran spell.
The last brave incantation has been
Master, magician, friend—Hail and Faro
In thy sea kingdom which the peaceful
Circles with pleasant song of plashing
; Severed by half a world from our commo
; Thou who didst find a throne hast found
;t grave.
King than whose kingship none was e'er
more royal.
Whore realm was world-wide and whose
rule secure.
To thee no rudest subject was disloyal,
So firm love's sway, *o absolute, so sure.
Enchanter, to thy call came pleasant min
They knew thy power and unresisting
Or fluttered round thy wand on beating
Ariel was thine, Miranda, Calliban.
With forms of grace came shapes of fear
some splendor.
And ail lx>w<d down obedient at thy
Rrave Alan Preek. Catriona true and t< ti
de r.
Then uloomful Ballantrac and ghastly
And by thy palace was there not a Oar
d. n
Of Verse in which the children loved to
! And I'mi rwoodf whose gentle kindly
Welcomed the wanderer weary of the
, Y*-«, they wre tb< re. and those who
would rriKiit wandrr
With the. on far Cevennes or western
On noble men and books with thee might
New thou has left us, th» sc delights re
Not hft false wor l-f >r thou wilt
us never;
We will not v x thy mountain sle«p with
Thy gracious comradeship is ours for
j Not "Farewell.* B:even«on. but only
How a person can gain a
pound a day by taking
ounce ot Scott's Emulsion
is hard to explain, but it,
certainly happens.
It seems to start the diges
i •
tive machinery working
! properly. You obtain a
greater benefit from your
The oil being predigested,
1 and combined with the hy
pophosphites, makes a food,
tonic of wonderful Hcsh
forming power.
All physicians know this
to be a fact.
a;: ir ligjia ; <ux. »r.d $ i oa.
iCoTT & N«w Vyfh.
3 Containing many of the season's most promi.«inc novelties. designs
§ and color combinations that differ from any ever shown.
| Special—"l™ .*r h ~Bk Yuf
A A fine (trad**, in new colors, stripes, checks, etc., yard.
«5 T^!r> "Anderson" Scotch, none better for general service none .
«j* smooth effects. 3tc yard. vmvm fc
•* A Bouda effect on deep-toned plaids, beauties, ST**: yard. »•
+* A special lot in exquisite figurines. the 30c kind. 30e yard.
j» French goods in the extreme effects, beauty at ita uuermoet point, g|
% The celebrated "Punjab" make, the best made, the prettiest thorn, m.
5 yard. "Mi
£ Nothing better for Boys' Suits, a Satlne finish but very stronc anii
and plain 10 match, 20c yard.
£ This popular fabric, bearing faint Was plaids and bayadere striata _
g on sale at Me yard.
6 IT SEEMS EARLY to bo displaying these. Yes. with so much rate k
5* se-v<nis even strange, but you have to remain in the house, so why not
♦J sewing now? „
\ C»C»OCy>C««bC«|
! HMmllammm'&
> <^y
.... >— - rnnifi
Largest Stock in Town:
722 First Avenue. Cor. Columbia St.
S. R. WAGONER. D. D. S., Post Grub*
Teeth Mounted on Rubber, Rubber Aluminum Lined. Celluloid. AluatMßk fl
ITIES OF THE MOUTH AND TEETH. Porcelain Crownu and Inlaw.
Y For the purpoir of lßtrod«rli| oar new rratllM •• fiUtt
Y rk poulblr nr will inntll farther notU-et give to all wk< >|fiT
| We Are Specialists in All
| Chronic Diseases.
£ kmihki.v m\\ treatment for CATARRH. VC CIM
y I'KI'iUM anil nil l.hrr nnd *tomn«>h trouble*.
*£ Hr prrmnamtljr rurr HI I*TI HE without muy operation. ■• •••
no pfc».
Y Ur aaamntrr a enre, or ao pay, la RI.OOI) DISEASED afc*®*
,K aperlflr or otherwise. __ _
In DISEASE* OF WUMKI oar reputation I* well mMMMR
X f\e •ueren-fully treat all DISEASES OF THE SKRTC9, «*l<j
Y EPILEPSY. ST. \ ITI * II4V E, etf.
% We rratorc vitality to YOt Xtt AXIJ MIDDLE-AGED RE*. O«Mj
]' HE\DS.
~ \%e are e*p«-r»« In thr treatment of all DIIK4SBI OF Til ™
j» xeys inmnv <»r<. %ss. :
£ ( oine nail »ee u*. It eo»m yon nothing to eonaalt
*> <pe«*li»llM«. Thr only npen»e will be the toit of the aeilih* i
■IN ill 111
801-502-50.? Seattle National Rank Building, ¥••!•*
Way, between Occidental and 2d Avenues.
Y {♦ (o 1. a. ui . :to« nnO 7 to f» p. tn.; Snmlii) 10 to IX

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