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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 17, 1898, Image 13

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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•.(*)»• Koh WALK
CiNADIA.' DITIES <"u.«t m hous* pa*
j*: - .< !H|ii,r d by ifi« r (uiatiori* of
rutj'.i JlS i »»i for miners go ug o
tl. K, '.dike re„i .n m tia® p-,*«». We
eaU-uiit'.i- the ilutH-it aj.U put the proper
s•..»<* > t:>»• bands of the miner, ready
to pa.-« the custoai house a: or.ct- on ar
rivai. We art aut:*m*ed by the oi
it r of < a*tome to do th* work *na
can guarantee that our papers wti. i*e
*> ' d b> the < u«tom* ofri e at I.ak"
A. F. Efigiehardt. 44 Colman
r ..-Mi' HKINTIXG—Wt .<iv« out
fitted a dozen attamsiilp c<.'mpanie- with
a f ii. in< of stationery and piinting;
Wiii giV«- yOU {he 6"n*rtt of the tXp< !i
--ci.ce e'a ntd, ',u: 'Orm> are tto- be »t. our
I-r; - s right Metropolitan PrmitKn and
Bind. '.a Co.. Twx\*r Horion Bank ouild-
Ing. i ir-' avenue wutfl Wamng
ten * .eet*.
CITY pasfnK»-r Rents for Snow and I«»:
Transportation (.'« <ies;re good* on part
nership tenas, to In- <J.>p>e-> <i of In Da* -
-on for .-.hare of profit*; will guarantee
to have wiiv tr;:n.-porf«d within tw»j).
ty-tj\ • days For further in'urm.i ijn
rail r. rw. m Ift a. m. and 4 p. m. at
Xw. C-! Hin< kley bio. k.
Kl/>NDIKE I leave fur Telegraph creek.
lak' i' siin s*nd Daw -on City about
March 1... letters sent me with *1 will l>e
.<i to parties to tx-r*on. parties
wanting reliable informjMnn can recr.ve
mmr by addressing me and sending Sue.
A Burke, Fort Wrunge!. Al..«ka. Fur
tl.r Information, 112 t(*lpr way, rfeattl •
• lave constant fail for tick s; hav- «-v
--♦■ry convenience far handling the -ale of
tickets for some good, reliable company;
C|> n for Eiu n ni' nn . < ould be
i fTi: IC'i. Address I". it. li x 9-S.', ("lty.
iJ.\II< far L»av--»on City and Circle <*ity will
he !n by Charles MelJner. Icjiv.iig
S. attie Ft- ruary 2A. sl,Oi) p« r iett« r
LrttTi tun lef: with 0. Rhf nlander.
»iH StronJ avenue. Kefarencr. Ln-itt-r
Horton b* ik.
i4:g« Kl.'Vfntn |.agf.
kl,OM)lkl>-V iCMSKLft. .
rut. CUAETfiR B M hael a; uik
entiae tons capacity.
FOR HALL iilAp tons capacity
• all or w:re A B C Code. Tiacy II Rob
ertson. M Sullivan budding.
i February 2M for Dyea ai d Sk.tgway.
..rryin>i pt.->n,gtt#. borset- iumber.
i .i>. For t «.« •- «i t'ly to \\ W tllace
i'atcliflfe. agent !'• * I'ioneor building.
VK."-!>KU, laige : -it.ail for or
charter Do >ui t treign* j -a t »
Kiotid '<>■* Sr.- 5 >Kjr.
112 Columbia »tt»et.
\ I-.SSLI.S far Ala ka trade. Stl ■ or ciiar
er Tracy It it jltert-en. bui.naa
Lag*. Kiev nth page.
« iM'/l. :TK Klondike outfit Mr «.>ta> v* ;
ft. a : d ln~.ir i.).v;
fI- iM I and it !:•> :n j> New
Ywk block.
I'iu SALE Sm til •• «M t.-. at
ha ( \*Hie, jo-s thtjjg for A'atka.
'••'."i Bail y building.
B - AD ADVERTISEMF.NT of Crj -talll* J
L<i-a. Eleventh t»ag'.
J-oit SALE rttiuu h ceawarthy
t . , >i long, * wide. 4 ue.-p, utv ,* re -
1 < .1. • j.tablt for SkatL-tit. or D" « t u- -
i • •. (.o'dd easily be tak. tt ver tr x I t j
in. Ai'i ;> Chloi k Ur ■ \, -ier
--iet : . of cheap suan l nips- lot air. nut
• b •• : i run h.;*ee;i Seatti» and Aln-ka.
Sv an ~-1 etrcular S.t.t:u«-I Hetmi n
; r. .d ■*irt "t. N« w \crk.
P'»«i s M.J-' Schooner K«H\ ird I'ark .
' s i:th. 107 f et bi'egdtlt, t* 1 ft < : .T' •
T ' :!i> v #-out 275 inns. Ap; y
' B«r'.. *on it Chlicott.
1 >l{ FM h H'Tpw <can»er B
.* it K ' i" ' »•">* In g'*H» r itif m .r -
i»r ! ••. Riddt:!! Itay Center
FOR SALE A stejiTn schooner, tons
• -it. Box if. l<a!'ard.
RK\t> VJ.V! nSKMKNT ' Crv** iIHt- J
lew's, K>v nt'i J>a*'
rr\ r iis t i? j..t t, < i* t n. f r»*i!»
s/« « . H« ' tr, K .'Uinu. ue
wortfi «s* .1 W>> h.tVP Hi' t- ;;:r:',s of t
j>rvs:*, t u» bedi >ol :* ' . >*' wh it h:"
i-iim wo .irn v rr• . nu juj om-haif of.
; »n\. l <»ui ju«' before the owner came
> ; i w'.nil ! Vou Jiiv- your chah e
of i r h.ilf or ill of It, ». h .111 « x< <p
!' i t \ •tn ill lit of . . 't dawn 1
i \ou can i- t; fromj b«»dro< k.
■ I > S C**<l>, -U* YV* films', on > . J
imr S.t*ll!*».
I \ .>f t >ur rxj>-. rt« i>< . d mm. r* will
I \ Smtll. (or K . Titllki F«"l>tu*r\ —i.
will iu> or tunc options n cla>m» for
otto r l»\ > cl.tlma of ihfir own. will
iim '• u- 01 I'll or n-»>i* ,• A|*r:l 1 be«t
rr!f!. glvt n cni Kxid for mon< y
i i > : •* Vimljc- . L> I. , tiro of
K>*i-lnt< lUfmer
1 V-U* M.\\ (•; ,1. nU 011 hand for Klon
dike t-u-ones* itnd hav«n't the cash to
••- > « to n«. v. ,• in probably
' '!» v u Ad.lrr»s K M , (nr«r of Pvk»t-
KIIiMIIKM-U \sK t X U'«.
v : VM\ \ MAP, llliwllll route*.
[npM i colore. rloth covtr. We;
i «: »!>■> cur ti ir to > ukcn
<>oul Fields." illustrated. lh« most »U
--' ..»• * I) *!v\r trap, ,*v 1.. a
n--a A tidi fnr<l to. i'ubhslot* A
liiviMtar* Seattle.
•r. B*tti .■ N.»!'.• ••.,«: it»!>k bu Idtng
t\ I 'MIIM -Hi t!• w in 11 11,
WAN KD oNi'K T*fntv.tlvf *0.4
"• ' • «r, *nt«i S3 # per d.»y
•*' ' '■ «j«»rt*t on to I**wson Oltv. t\»>;
' <- f» 1. . > «4it bu:idttt|k 1)5*11 t * rn«
w •' • ■ ■ i-r.»»r«*<-;or * >! m t»-
> « ; 1 ~ .lK- to 1 .;•« ! t i i-
\ 4*k i A wir> §'■ je
:r l*o3>:-lnt«Uir>*H~tr.
*1 i->h» «.l IDIC.
' ' ! a! v :s J:u .»r cu?d# «nd eipiawr,
* K'i '* ' fuv!.:*h su i'.m r ;v 4 r u »
1 . •• >-r iv-an:ri :h# V «A> ;>»#•
t '* .'-n or ;t* tr't u:»n » :» >0 nr«t
jI fs ! :« r*aa*» fur
< * !<* s of
*" »* C v ; |>. O. It. \ 42 .
" or tvfnuf.
ftSAP a: \ CRTttSMKNT of Crv*t«tUsvd
><** nt.l r+*t
»v I UMIIKI:—t II Kl'f*.
"VI ' ** flrs!-»l,*i t kt « , i'r
v « " ;»r i ruar> ."i A -4r«r* 1< 1).
Hoirl l»ocarI!>. Tacoom.
NOT HIV; 1 rrrrEP- fo. A-!?ka
Arir.y cavalry tro'w -e.s. al w<»o! - J» ®
Aijnjr ■ite -prjvf and wool-lined
(oats „ f> f *
Army hig.i-t<;p reguiat.on boo.s - ■'*
Army wo-fi r.a:?> 4
r:: 1 > w-11 w
Aimj urvai >veralia *'
Army AI t. over 1
Army cartridge »«-b b It* "0
Army Spring;,. W. ..J I', arb.nes € *•'
Army jia<r., heavy canvat .. . . >
N*v> k:.;v -
Huflraio ov. : -o,;« #! W
yS*ier-pro>.f over.*oata 3
Rubber bUnketa 1 W
H 00l 1/oo.s. 1". S. A fSi
\V i-er-pr f:■ ea. v anva» .rul> i.aga '.i
water-p cxj i 1 ch u iotb grub
Canteeua 'ikjulda ®
Pro»p< |,a :k«
>lcy<j iito t .irs for heud *
I/ithi r Ik! •! ir r. bu kle i' 1
m and wool be t* . 1"
Blown, al! wo A -
Ch!r.-- h: j prn-.. or» f-r neck atd
* r !Culder* 5
Other gcoda cn route.
1217 First Avenue.
Outfitter"' pood* ftee
<!>♦ ftrvs .*• < <n ; t<- K'.o dk* o'.rt'
grocer»»'3. hardware, clotnlag if'anket*,
< 'en;. •«> ■!, »>t of good Qua!'!} ar I
everything nf <d-d. j Coffin Broe.. Slu Oc
' .dental i nuv and 11T J».w j street.
F Sill TL & i 0.. WW Second avenua.
op»«w<ite Rtalto. Com pie e mir.:ng out
fit. furt.i*bed; low.pr.ces. high-grade
y ir. estimate* given, special rjte» to
p.iof *en or over
MINK!;S t ik mercury to Alaska should
buy tii■ • combination mercury and
re-tort; sat'.pb on rectip" of II.U\ W.
Adam.*. Seliwood. uregon. Agin«
Fl »; COAT sirid r<">l)ea f r Alaska very
cheap. Ward's, 1W Columbia
RKAD AD\ ERTISEMENT uf Crystallized
Lk,s. i>age.
K Mi 51 I>lK G-CU ASiCES.
M'JNKY CAN UK MADE arid big money
Ij- ( «-i*n made bj l:iv>.prj who a\ t a -
cuntr in rr.y hand* twenty >eai« • f «uc
o- «*ful deaiit-g: write for parti Hilars
ah: n will prove in:ere*tinr to all per
*'->n!< havin; mon-»v tnv« sted a; regular
i: 't-rf - ri'i Cbarle* Invest
ment Broker, C Wall ftre»; Vo'k
t > KO w;t: .*| erienced guide t"> < e« ks
ci Arm r iin ?i<b> < !n«e to Yuk< n «'ret-ks
known value and no: >e; k>cat<d;
I t.ilk ua itl guide and «e: his r* fer
- !. ui< A. Rez'ord A Co. Phone
Main 428. 51i ISailej Block.
K!.• 'Ni• ik' ma:i<i;i: roil r»: ro
pr »mot»-rs and capltallHt#— L>> aira !f» par
t.i - a nt"d to i i imote a company to
v rk 1*» nilleji (! r more «.f river b d. <M"'-
1 ort ;nlty oi" a lifetim.- \S"rit« or wire f.»r
;• • v.i.'srs. i'o«:olT : .ce bo* .Ml, Toronto.
C sn.'ida.
Kl.< iNiMKn PUDtfPKf ;<>R B :o
meet party willing to pa st tk-'-.s arid
MilfMwlit feea foi nail '■ Umt -f
I -D r? !r i.»d. Address D. J. ;*c»t In
t teliigencer.
j WILL sott" iph p't.-on iulp lady from
N« w York to go to A 1 i.-k si-'-k at, r.g
| t- iangers; hon ■.t ' Addre««? Rre-'.y
--| t*:iin, cj'.r •1' - t-Inl» ilisrenccr.
GOLDEN • . • • ».* •• to nt;«k> < d.y
bi s'k u". ■ or I>;.ch J.l.'it) required,
v s^.ttle,
L'«: <. Elfv nth paff.
l\ i \di u i —.l U HBiERf.
I h;i\e t : sale one of the mo.-'t com-
P > a>' i .If' (!kh< .-Vt-r 1 Jilt. • on.-irui ' -1
. spt.i Sally tor saving line Ttili pl ict
ha.s iti in operation for two months and
proved to I-.* a < implett niechanl. al .-t c
■ . original <*o#t. W'.imi; !•'>•« than one
<i -it«t ~f it; \ a>i» bu>s tfte plant. A
d -ns ran of tw ■ nty-sn v< t) years'
j j h avail:'.' 1 . Address .ca
> 1' • . <•. C». i i itid WeM if.
| VAKTKD-AU H—r> going *o Alaska to
the "Id. d Gold \\ ; *her." pro
! ri ■in• <1 !'V iad pla -> r miner? to 1k the
moet practk *; machine yet ifftffd; can
be i : k d down and carrt» d ovr t:■.«
trap .b-r* laken and d< livoretl prompt
ly. Main etreit. «ppo»it« Siawibach
er a grocery.
WMrnN i'S pru pec tins n-» . ine; w !g *
IB cxHindv: i.~ pronounced the wait eMn>
« titl v in «tfl:tl:.g for evcrj ; ros
. >r 5,:.-r Z t. Mi! Com
-1 petty 111 and :;* way.
KLONDIKE Frost Extractor; invaluable
for Klondike nit nn • vpetlment: a <'< m
oi »t •';« • ?u. ••». Call and 't. See
.- \\ r i V ' ' w -mher. i- • ->>t t'olun -
b;a ! . ii v :• if.
O A> EN'iiNl S for Ivlnip: k" or i :.y rther
t ■ - it -an or r.iui'tie. 000. i-trUl.
We>t« rt. av n»;c.
ki IIMHK r -1 u \r \ riON
II (hltod Light vtU ! in K#br*.j
*r> Ttl for In ••« \ . ?>!* w y. < rryt i.;
fm*hi of a!! K.n.N, ln«-'.i«tlre
h<y ar.s) m rchand " Irwst
<i --lir.i ». -1 pf r ront. I'or * ;>nc«
j and terms a; !> 11" Colvsmbta <treet.
j r i«»l and I"MW-on ft:- 1;;. :. 1 .- 1
ho.it«. ImMot-j. nr.. Mt r> i.- i.iabli r >:
j I'ci il f;*' ill!> - » :!1 if tw h jwr
tii» to taK« fr« «!it »n.l ;-.i » to
I Sr >l.i! .i»- :-r>t !• .it w S- •
> about Aj>r»l 1-t, to £' •■ ! ■' .i * its****
to build rlv r boats b ' ro > ». ;■«>: s
up. For tr. ifch: a;. 1 i>n .ik-- *ps \ S' -
i at;]* St Michsi 1 <!' * T- •.!»-•
p.o-ta'lon t'-.' 51? »' si •v'<- a str - ' •
Til H SNOW AN t*
t I*o. «uarnntfa 10 tr - '~-'i» , rt »
ft t-* and fr- ljfu to P ,w- «. 1
twrnt>-nv»' daj Tt 1 K . in,
< ! v #gi nt« i { r '.-
formatS-m <•;« v 1 • ; ♦
| j*. m at r*>om No Mi! .* . t
I'AUKN i S < ' N<» 1 1 ' K <' N ! .\ 1: <*l n
uy notb.nK tMfli«r tor their >ar,i and
Ca..v ur> than to leave t irir. ,♦ .astun
Cttiion -Aiiiii? their horn- 1- t>r-. k n i.p.
i Sifi ..ti cart- (t:ven to t—» %tr • - v. vs.
Num'oer I: mi tad to i 4 • t 1
mf''rma?u n by *dJr« viiij IMoat-
Oe;-.t \ C Jim**. Ph L> 1i..-
M\ N , «k •! f < '<• r-.'Xg . \ r ■ . ,1 --
s»r« « 1 ' \ .ra «t* «•' ikv A»lJr'-« X v.. .
oare iv»»i*.-l«t«?i:.(t» n««-».
W'ANTi:i»~ r»r:ti,- t >r Aittkt i y an n>
; r; . m : r f: ■ m Atltl'vs*
ij L. M.-jre, S.-attle,
li: v:» v :skvikn f - > ? i
Ixl OMMKK-nU li.llT.
ALASKA I KKI IHT-A Ura* pr >p«ct
l: f os.t t fcav aj their own tufis v«aa«l
a it V .kor. riv. r «if4iti«-* w I: e.ivf
tor ST V. .'a*! u:.a i>am on
Vtiy I. 3 V »>. an>i ftavc *b _t h»
ftr cHt #i>a..e f«>r saie. delivery < t 'r- ght
r- S . M . »: oi i"i» -v.n t ..t-,x
l-'ur r*'.r* apply to F C. Beli rocai «T
»• * • bi vk S*»ttle HcJc:race*.
y.~ *t N«' or.ii tank bailie
S\ \ E M 1 M Y <-•■ * \•• ■■ .V-- »
[*•« Api 'f •.. •-!> to (3» TB
\S O- rv. k ar t - » Tra rg C«n
j<an> «> K;:st i-,» rue *o , «*h
KL OMtIKK—HO \ t*.
| K N . k K e -.a' A **"<» f - i•v , *
otf»» aii> a4o; by N r». Ernest
• n. »ir.tiNl for use ov, th»> \ ,ko*i
1 r.\ r i ,<* lit Taft U lv.tr s» :.J
I avenue.
IvLb\UIKE-OOi;» OU H»>K"K*.
KLONDIKE DOGS-Have }u*t .irriv. !
tr..i£ .N w,:h a fuii
choice train»d. tare" t«»r.c-h*'r •'
<i. it - %.> havtr h.iJ foar months'
* vei> tralßsitir and pu . a..-;
aheau; not ieo pr <«ing busi
r.e«a in LaM v. 1 -U very iow to cloy
tut row ;ars > n at work a*, il-.i
*iCy far k >ar i k. nnel? Jak Jaaies
B*rver f»r and transfer Beacon htll.
H'»KSK> f r
r.i ver «lip" hor>* . ... K •ry rt a > ;
an B".r'. r w: h " "N-.- r S. p."
P Jd ?r.iy by h» Bacfi' - " \* uson »"om
'ji i c 'Ter T" i r d ard «ireots,
hKAI» ALiVKT'T of Cry?taiiiaed
k.gs(S Kiev rth p:t^.
LATEST X end.*• guide .tv c mb.
Cm corr.pt .e rou.e ar. 1 n~.
cn.y ur.t con:«unuig char;» of %\'h re
iiorse ad -tner oatiiertjua laptds. it«c.
Hunrt. L_. at sil>et. pai»iisne:»,
B' a'.tk. Wa?h.
iiAKINK LN&i. iiANCt—Hulis and car
i, jts Vk r i< r.. c-irt-n p .ei >sueo. aver
a«,'S aujj<tid; a>« bra. accident, ca.-u
a -y a/'.d :a :ii y in-uranc!.- in the lead
ing companies* Haniurd <c Stewart, 2UT
r. net r tutldirg
HICKSON'S Mosquito and «?old-Proof
T»-r.t. as dl"tinci irum cheap dog-kennel
frtyk is -allor-inadf from - >p ciothtng.
Tent < , 0., opposite I'oat-
LETTERS f-tr Daw sen and way p<.»ir.t««
party le.ivtnfr February A!
.Ire-* C C S'a .ft. HI.". First avenue. «"it>
No SdRE or frozen feet if ycu use H.tn
nt s antiseptic fool powder. 236 Burke
HAVE ALL KINDS of wat:hes for Italian
and ex; rt trade. 52 Z New York bio- k.
READ Ai)VERTISFMENT of Crystallized
Kggs. Elevrnth i_:ige.
B'»B SLEDS manufactured by Pacific
Wagon Company. Thl-d avenue sjiuh
and I-ane <ir*et. opposite Northern I'a
(lfle freight d«'t>ot.
KUMHKI »>«»«• l'oou.
Dried m is the x*.*: fa I for dog* in
Al.i.'kt. hik Bros., Wholesale Fish
Dt ik-rw. Yisitr whutf.
< l)|>»'KK HIV flit TH WSPORT \TIOV
FOR SALE- ('!»bp Ir nrportation to Cor>-
t r river dlstr.ot. and oatiit with pariy
<f three: own- r mv.-t rfurn home. ■ . !
irnn '. all 1 > to :n -I Noriawest hotel.
opj».-sit<; depot.
j* FEW rtiu:- . a.-is left lor Coppt r
liver. M-hooiii t j-.t;:- Satur.iaj. tin- lvh.
TjOUt* Rexfo: 1 & 00.. ."Bad y ,•
irif Pil"I: . Aiair 4lb'.
1\ S; H*\( K.
A i LAS AsSl'i.A.v i COMPANY of
I,onf' "»n—< >ij*antied 1 <>* A {. v>!,-
609. Fire loaee* prompdy adjusted. Ed
ir.uii.l Bn.u r.. agent. llvrton Bav.k build
CHARLES '.VATS >N r<-. r.; • N. v.
York »r.:.!•>!«%. Tel'i'hor.e. M tin *.ts.
n'RNS .t ATK'NSoN general insurance.
II Boston biock.
G-">I>W!N BASER v FISKEN, insur
ance. Haller 1 lock.
A Colnnsn building.
CAT. HOI N 4 CO.. Cfmr.il Insurance.
Olympic ! lock.
York li'o k.
- -- - -I
FltKl) H. PKTiiRSOX, attorney and
counselor. Rooms 1-3 Ol> mpie block.
I>R ATT & RIDDLE attorneys it law.
Room* 3LM-310-311 Bailey buiiUnc
M t ken. BalJe - -' bjllding.
ANDREW F RFRLETQH, attorney at
lr.v\ 22S Burk' buiMing.
ur.MrHRi:-:s m'MVURET & ED3E.\\
Occidental block.
V. M.i'M SIMON. 113 P.- t!<* Natio;t.il l ank
\\ D i.VML'.UTH 9ett?> Ntrion.il Bank
W F HAYS—Office. New Vnrk > ;<
MTI.O A BO' T 70 H lt--'xw :i > :!' )>;.
M M MADT<TAV g N g Tork Mock.
vatf.nts v\i> dk t\vi\r..
■ a! • AMs i'< man b! rk Scatr!.\ «o!!c:tnr
pf Fi. '"> l State* .sr. ! i.' .n
1 K\r»*rt-r t.» n t trerhtr.! •! draw
if -■ -i f • • ' 1 ■■
m.t b mix 1 no.
A!»AMS t.'oi":" »n block. :: j: !r,t, Hue
; : ■ drawing
«> |' WDilltS ».V. S .i't!e National n.mk
: 1 - 1. i'i i;
rutiTttt.H \riiir v i rri.n:s.
iC. V. PAHKER * CO.. trtsh rarer ar»4
JU »t« t..e Vt:> •.« :• •' ,T. ..,y;
!<.••• ■ :' ■ • \ ■.
I»l»: »• >1 ». ;uM,
; MADAMS r KItOI*SON baa romovrd :-,or
dr>-im 1..: ■; ; .irt. r,- fn>:n • i * < >oc •'* r.t .1
! !• i- AH U tne »!•.' » ftO"- of Hortf .«
*■: •• Secotw imu* and ColumbU
. _ .
M\ltl\« U.KSTs.
, hav N«R A •«. K«• *) A .ta
r- > ;%■ or < ... cr. ilaiiey , - ljft
M t \M» t Ol.I) «Tt)rt tt.f ;.
L> 1X M >M) 1 'V X Nl> t '■)!.;) STORAGE
Com: jnv U : ' 1 ••»••• rtr. ,'ac
r.. ■■ - ■ f ' • ' ■■■■- r
11 HKfxtl || \TII*.
RKUIM . . i - rwi a
ro -? s; «'• n R-»t. R.-ol -mi
r 1
«.|«.N> 110 HOI M: M vjiU UV
»nJ ' x res ; r sisr.s ar.j no use nam oari.
t i y *.« »■ r wt >
VIM I I I \\« Ol S.
A P RANI \ "...I* t C s. car»ent>- rs. jo>.
t-rs » w.n.l «rs and
i f, - <;.* ... i. .... s.-tVtlg
Ti ri:\x RCTCBL
TYPKU HITF.RS—Try th»- new a
xr.g Iwnfflww, rfw tt ... I Cm'. «T*; n
rf» No i N •- r*r , ,r »x*r.g 1;>
writ- r Sat*!* Iy;»r , x t -t/
tl> Fr- • » * vt - ~ 4
mi t RKPAIRIXfi.
H . T • ■ - , , ■ A "
XKt Hi I 1 i 1 »
' ■ 4
BO XT Hi II Hi RS. "
3 COPI kW -» r. Y«».«r *oaxv
RF? ! LCfJON* NO." : eTt r«^olv»d"by
: • v jttcil of tr.- City • * Seattle a<
<: T K :?t if I s the 1: .fn'lcf: of ;he City
of Svu: b *o iir;-rov< TMrd Aeor.ue bo
tw —n Y•: <>r Way and Pike S r r * n
Str ♦ • - w• ee t -if east m.r.-;n of ssec
or>: " venue and the fast margin of Fourth
A. r.ue a l Faurth Avrnue be'ween
I t Street and Pre Street by repiank
:r.£ n rc:»- way and alley s.-lewalk orotf
»r.g« thereof
r;. That the cost thereof be pa;d by
a-•e?-rjcnts to 5 levied ui»cr. the proper
ty abutting upon said portion* of
* • i Ti rd Avenue. I'r.on Street
anil Ft, • rt/i Avenue ur.de- the ;»lar of
rtyTr.en; k y b ;nds." in tne manner pr -
Tided by t. 1 ",- "'barter and Ord nancea of
t' ' ty of S-att!e. cr as «ald Chart r and
i.i-ii'.anc-s n»a> Ih i amended, and that the
tern: •{ .-aid bonds be for the period of
the !"» >ears.
1 ;> That the City Engine r be dire, t' d to
fi'm.sh to t. e c : . ur. -j! an eauaoata
tl •.* >»t of said Improvement.
M> That the matter ~f m k ns said im
i r_v.ii: nt v. ;; t • i<v ■■ -u I :!t« City
Council by a session the:- of to be ht Ui on
ti. day of F <r
o'v. p. a... at which t'me all p tvon
d' .- nr.? to he heard bef -re ! >e ci'v Co ...-
cii ui'«n the matter of making Mid im
provement are notified to l»e present.
Pa-s. i the City Council the li '< dav f
February, P***. signtd by me in o: >»n
sfs-ioti it? authentication of its parage
this lith day of February.
President f the C:ty C -uncil.
Filed by xne tfiis Hth dav of February
Cltv Comptroller .v Ex-officio C.ty Clk.
l>a:> of :ii£i puliuca.iou, February 16,
lIKSOI.I'TION N«>. 'Jtl—Be it r »l\ed by
the City Council of the City ol Seattle as
' 1 ! If Is the intention of the City of
Seattle to improve Twelfth Avenue fr m
Ka-t Jefferson Street to YVskr Way by
grading the sanu and by constructing
si-i walks and parking strips on both
sides thereof in a manner similar to those
used in the Improvement of Twelfth Av
vnue, north of East Jefferson Street.
That the ccst thereof be paid by ay
s' --ments to be levied uj»on the pioperty
abutting upon said i-ornun of said Twelfth
Avenue and said Twelfth Avenue South
u:id« r the plan of "immediate payment,"'
in the manner provided bv the Charter
and ordinances of the City of Settle.
(3) That the City Engineer be directed
to furnish to the City Council an estimate
of tne st of said improvement.
O) That the matter of making .-aid im
provement will be considered by th" City
l oum il at a aesslon thereof to be held on
the 2>th day of February, ljj»v. at
o'clock p. in., at w inch time ail persons de
>!■''.:.g to be heard l»«f re the City Council
ti;. n the matter of making said improve
m nt ar • notified to be present.
Fussed the City Council th 14th day of
February. I<«\ and signed by me in open
ses on in authf r.ti< ation of iis passage
this 14th day uf February, l>Sv
President of the Citv Council.
Filed by me thW llth day of February.
Ct;y Coaii'trolier & Ex-olticio City Clerk.
I'uto of first publication February 16
Amendment NJ. l.—A resolution and
; rope.-it ion to amend Subdivision 32 of
Fee. IS of Article i V. of the City Charter
of the Citv of Seattle, and for the sub
mission of such proposed amendmi nt to
ti.e <| alitied vot. rs of the Citv of Seattle
at the next g<. neral elteUOß.
Be it resolved b> the City Count.l of
tin Cltj of Seattle.
Tn it Subdivision 32 of Sfe. IS of Article
IV. of the City Charter of The City of Se
utt;< t,< i- trded .-o as to read xs follow-:
"Yhlrt y-stcotid—To license, tux, contlne
within the linn's of time and pi a -e to be
by the city council pr-scribed, i.nd to nth
< rv s.- r filiate tlr r lling or giving away
< it »o\. »;in« sj irituou.-. malt, vinous,
" t«l >r ft rne.;' 1 liquors, nrd the colter-
n of the license men' y therefrom :or
vise of the city, provided that no li
c.-n>e snail be grinted to any person or
P rsons who shs.il not first comply with
the g-neral lawn of the state it. f. roe at
the time tie «aane is granted, nor shall
ai.y licens.' he grant, d authorising the
.-e;;ing or giving away of j». v su.-'i liquors
within one mil< of any military po> t or
les'-rvatton ota". tished ! » the United
States. The sum required for such b
«tn.-e sha I in no case he less than s:x
bundled dollars, except that licenses for
selling or giving away such i in rs in
quantiti < of not !e s than one Ration shall
it: no ec-e l>< le->< »han throe imnd.ed t i l
ta:s. and c hali in no c.t><- tie les* than Ihe
amount required by the general laws of
the state for house- or business of lik<»
character ar.d ?•<» remission of such 1 • •re?e
'•ha'l he made dm r the period for which
it is granted, and bonds required to be
t-'.v. a i j k< or- or propriety rs cf saloons
or drinking 1.0 ->-s shall not it: :\ey Cas-- bi>
ft '.el at less than two thousand dollar.-.'
And be ft further re»«dv*d that the fore
going proposed amendment be and the
same is hereby submitted to tre qunlitled
voter of Th« City <»f S.-i.t'e for th- ir ra:t
floation or rejection at the ties- K . t ral
elenon to held it; satd « tt«* of Seattle
en March s tt).
t;'.!i In favor of 'n] proposed amendment
sh-ill vote a bri'.lo* C'.mT ; itir t»j» words:
t'ttlt Piopo«t<l Amendment No. 1 to tho
''. y i at :■ r c-f TV, City o! Seattle as ui o
posed h\ Re-solution No. 152 of the City
C ut. M • f -aid City of S< ittl-. wi,. -h aai.l
;.rep ! nfflfrJm'-nt fixes the annual 11-
c> t f- -> for the «rCe and giving tw ly
of Intoxicating, spirit p. us. jnilt. v.t.t
mixed or f rm*t:ttd litiuors in -uid City
<■' Sc-ati'e nt the mi-nmcm «t:an of six
lustidred do.lars 1:1 quar 1111 •. •- less than one
lion and at thr-e hundred dollars in
q'iiit<!.tie< t" otu i '"ii i-r more."
Kverv v. •r el • to \ teat aid elec
' n njain- si;.! n >n atr. ridment
.« t ; r-rp : x » , r .r ■ • - - w .la:
'i A 1 SS'i .1' \ n,. r. : m.-1 t N • 1
t - the city i'barter ef Tie op.v . f R f : ; *'le
proposed sy resolution No. Ml of 'he
'•! t '.tt •ii cfVu Ctt vof S* a'tle. w eh
said pt mem* : amsndau nt fixes the annual
'"* rtse f« : • e --.tie .n . glvip.it away ..f
intoxtej!, ; t splritu malt. \ ,i«. «.
mixed ot ■ rment- d li'ir, >r- in aid ; 'ity
|"f S . tft. it the IT. • ti.um sum of - s
h'f ire 1 dfhars in quantities !?*-. ti ;n ona
sin at'i it thre*» hundred dollars i:i
Oi one pallon or more."
i ' •- -» 1 ;ii.* City Coaniil Lie 2<Uh day
cf ■ en:'> r, and icu-d by me iti
0 ' ; an i' ;« »-n*.tration ■■ i'.s pass
age this 20m day of *» *.- mUT l-ST
J i- chichti v.
President of th« Cl*t COIM cH.
Kia-d hy me :hi.- . ~f u-,. m er.
WTT LIT !■ \ KltT.
Cfy Comptroller nt i i-:x- 'fricio City
' ierk
Date of flrsr r'"'-Mcatl n. Jm-.tary r\ i««w.
111.) at 11 N N 11 15.. rft'.ii'ijSED
Aire. t. .n-ei - N * \ it* ,iut at;d
propo-itlot. to am'-! 1 S- a of A*tk.*>
V 11i cf tt,L Ctt\ Cha-tT ft.'c uv of
jwtl at aI T thv -a. ■-. ..
t iopo-'vl fllKt ralttl iii tu tile QUi..tt«*u
t ■- of the c.tj «- t.i-- ntx; general
lie tt it-olved !y the City uncll of
The Ci y of S. attl»t
That S- -* of Art; Ie VIII of the City
»: ter of tie v.ity A it. :<t anier.at.o
iO * - to reaii a* fo.ltw*-.
"fc* e. ii There -i.ad l-e "a > modes o£
n.k pameni !••: - . . i :;.iptove
m* to-w t. ;mm- •. .- j -v; r .. ard
•: a>ns nt by bci. i.' The tr.ou- to o«
s ilea > t*<l si ail I* lb.' m . p. rt in. j .jr.
or spocihrd in the ordu.a:;- •• . • :n»
. n..irov. nit tt in a»e» w r the .mp; e
m»tii t« ordered without pc.iaon. ihe
mode of 'immediate paym :,* . n as
to. o»- After t e < it> • , has by 0.--
dii ati..e or r.-.-Oiui.en ri. r*-u or 4 I'hor
ned the rr,aK: r *; ol «ir.> lo .1) improve
ment, and net mo * ti an twenty days
af'er :ne contract : i» refi r has i>. < n i». t.
es hereinafter provided, the ooard of pul^
1 * :*h< -. s . re,, .*: o the ciunc.i an
a- niet.t rod pr*par- i y the cliv en-
Kimer. t. st.ae • -.ta:n th. u -vrip
t.ort -f . a-it 4 - pare of land cr part
thereof to be as-- Mtd » th the number of
stt: i rr-n i.-*,e »r a. ifed t each, the total
tror.-.ajtt- tn tre i.*if t . s4i e to tn- d*-
* n d i*- pr ted . - 11 of :hts
ar*.:« . .he totd. .\.?t if -*.e nr.;.rov=*.
n;« inc. wain# ad n. es- try tr.ciden
a. lieftjfs, t. at» p . i. t;.«}
amount of eacn as, -fluent a.id tfce name
c-i vtner ; »-a a iot. parcel ot .and v/r
»-**n .uer(,of ti no t.^-< mi^. 1
A Hi.? ilt> iti :.e t til * ot tne own- r ~.i
tatai a .e:e a de*cuptivm I t:,t ,
a- j,.vfn.
"Th- counct! a rtceip: of «u*h jpoß
'""•" 'tt *ha.i »Uf«* < notice there ft.»
be pu. ii-h-d > tt.« official l.em-pa;..- „f
1 • ■ '• 1 i-r * >. r.-et auv- s. roti'j
1. Ii a.. I' * . S li. teXV -. tU j t -ie. 0 -i (
has t>eer> filed a-: reqa.r.l.4 t.;em to a;—
; f ar at a time tiaed. n i - than t.fs- n
da) * fr m *fc* aat* of su.-n notice. a..d
r -*'* •- u '' *i n- t. Tf :o The couiivii
» al. at the :.rre : *ed cce- ter any ar, 1
au ooiev.tiu;- - Bidtt, at,; »..a.. mak (i'.a
corTvc:i.<r;< of sue ran as :t deems last,
i-r.u -rait : en v.v »„ r i4Bef *p,.rov* sucn
rvll and -rail .> vy ana -«. in* .t:»oan;>
>1 aga.r.rt v«c a pan-el and lot and
i! «r sariif a fust *-n -iier- on aud
snail ause :ne ro.l to to d Isv* re<l to tae
■ :'y omptroller w.so *haU iwrtsw.th de
iiver to the city treasurer a ceruned
••. > r«wi. a,-o it ..... if \* ti-.e
insurer shall pr ceecl to coiirct the same
as tne dutjr v u .. ;i.wi ».-
dno.>tJ by .aw 0:5 some otner Oilicer.
pro\:ied. ;nat saci 1 . :re*» >aa i k.vc
ten >uv< .nsu.'c in ihe vitu-:al iir wsiwpcr
fa..u mal'. a copy of *ucb notice to
: r.t fcHitt: >* in. prw, r:> w Jien
the pestt-ffioe address •? -uoh ow:., r is
Kr.on n. t»»Jt 1 tie fa..u:e to mail the same
1 .ut t>e rata * •« n at.uat<an tht ro
of madel that sue: roll has tit-r. cer;i
htd ;o : m for collection. and mat ur.
pa>r. e:t - tr.dd< w .n ihir-y ~ » t\ om
the of such aotirt *a;d a sstne.it
aha.i become dr r.qu n: and «!;all tar in
tei*..-t at ihe rate of ten per cent ,>• r «n
--nuni -ir.t.i •• .i.d. ar-d :t r>ot paid before
>u : -nt sh.i' h1 v* ; :: » deiin
<l ent u . 'a.'.v f :\Vi ,?r cent -naii be
added, and the sun:* Atttnvueat thai) be
r. don *h» ar.r. a. tax rt-». f« tne cur
r *.r .i. _. > .» a. a x.j
4( Inquest, and wi:n the interest «r.d r.-
aity. co.ected as <r tax- ;>arate ao
10'utu lis .ng iit pi tturecf and .1 not paid
» thin the .Sir.. xn! r, pa>nui.i of
city tu*<s. -r-a;l l> co.ieoted as >uch -.axes
art collected. together witn met. addi
tional charge* or t era rv. - s< «r. author
ized to be charged and collected or other
delinquent taxes ,»nd each lot or ii.ir»- t . so
driii.nucnt .-nail be so ii for the amount of
such a--« s-ni-'-u uitn nter» >t. p :.a!ty
ard coits. at "h*- t!m<- ar. i in the manner
ar.d by the - m authority a? iands and
lotj are .«o!d for city taxes The ci.y
treasurer -ha'l aJd no penalty to any de
lini;uent .is«-s<mt-nt in .u.y cas;: where
t)>■ <ta»e aws require a neria.ty to be
added to such advertisement "
Ar.d be it further raaolved that the fore
goitiK }-r (K'sf-d amendment b* and the
same Is ht-rtby submitted to the qualitied
voters <f The i*ity of Seattle for their
rat ication or rejection at the next sen
eral ebcticn. to tv held in iaid City of
Seattle on Marc!- Vh.
l'4s»ed the Citv Oonnoil 'he 4th day of
January, IS9S. and signed by me in or>en
s< -?ion in authentication of us
this :th day cf January. ISSW.
President pro *«"n >t *he Cltv Council.
Filed by nie this Uh dav of Jan'i.irv.
J*<*. WIUL 11. PAHRY.
City Comptroller ani Kx Officio City
I'.'tte f f\r. 4 f pubUcatlon January 29. iS?S,
Amendment No. 5. —A resolution anil
proposition to amend >• eti n Twenty of
Art!. Ie Fotir of The City Charter of 'he
City of Seattle. an 1 for the submission
of such proposed atm ndrrv nt to the oual
ified voters of the City of Seattle at the
next general election.
Be it resolved t>y the City Council of the
Citv of S<atte:
That Section Twenty (20) of Article Four
(4) of the City Charter of the City of Seat
tle be amended so as to read as follows:
"Sec. 29. Every grant of a franchise,
right or privilege shall he subject to the
right of the city council at any time there
: fur to repeal, cfctnin or modify thl --aid
grant, if the franchise granted thereby is
not operated in accordance with the provi
sions thereof or at all. and ev< ry ordinance
making such grant shall contain a reser
vation of the right of the city council to so
repeal, amend or modify said ordinance.
Every sucli franchise, grant or prlvil'ge
shall contain a pi Vision requiring every
person or corporation to whem -ueh fran
chise. or privilege is given to pay
a certain per cent, "f \ f * or their gro-- ; rev
enue to tin." City of S itt'e such r.«tc per
cent. to be fixed" iy 1 V 'iiy Council at the
t.r.. the fried. is grant d is t r<. vided
In Section Twenty-three ». ) of tais arti
cle. And every franchise gran* 1 to a
. ire, t railway shall require said railway to
gi\e to and receivi trans! r tick t.s from
crc-s !!»•< provided, however, that tills
"■> f'n «: .11 r t m>| U'to. 15'. v franchise to
be grafted f. - the construction or ext n-
Hion of any rai.way other thaa a street
And be it f. rther r.solvr-d -hat the fot >-
rolng ptopi std amendment be r.nd
the . anie i.« hereby submitted t> the juaii
ti. 1 voti r r." ti.• ■ City of Sea'tio for their
ratii.cation or <-j -de n at the n- \t g€net al
election t be h id in the said City of Se
at • . on M ir.-h v th, !*•"<-
Every v<>;«• Ho mu. t v. at said elec
tion .r. fav " cf -ad iiM|iwd amendment
.«ha!l a ballot eooli Ittitll tiw wtnifc.
"For i p.-oj ■ d Am?ri)mi»nt No. 5
to tJ. city charter of the City of Seattle
- |TOi>oti<*<; by re*»ohiti -n No. i'•! ~f the
c ' • Cojncil >f ihr City of which
said pr ;•».»« «.! i> thnt every
«r..; tof .'i franchisi »-i„sht or privilege
shall be .it m Ujf i-t to trio fivm-rt of *
certain j **r.« h'.nse of the *ro<s receipts to
the City of Si iittJe. - u i peree* to h"
: \-i! by tin* City C( ncll of the City of
S. tttle. and rvqtilrln»r -tr«et railways to
pive ir.i receive tran-fcrs from crosa
Kwry voter eleet'ns to vol* at aid rlee
tion against said in *><.<• d amendment
sbiH vote a l • Hot eotitainlnjr the words:
"Apam.-t a t ropos. d Amendment No 5
to the city eiv.rter .if the City of S. attlo
as prop. .-«•<! by r- solution No. 1W of t'..e
i !ty Coune:! of the City of Se.nie. which
s.iiJ |>r ; -<i| ; 4 m< Jment i-- that every
Krunt of a franchise, i itht or privilege
si :<3l be made subject to the payment of a
certain pen entage of the cr ss rece'pts to
the City of Seattle, «.iwl p«-reei taje to b«*
iixed bj the oitv fount i of th* City of
Seattle, and requiri: * met railways to
pive ar.d receive transfers frotn crtss
i : e=i t'.C.ty C ur.cll t!it* r d 'lav of
J.u.'i.try, l"'.'". and sinned by n. ■ in open
amnion in authentic.* I ion of its pa3»*gO
this Zv>i day cf January. I<S«.
l'r< - •'»: pro ten l of the City Copnc.l.
I" . d v h thlr ird day of January. I>9S.
WIL.I. H Pa Kit V
ct v Cunij-T .iitr ttnil Kx-Officlo City
t 'i'-rk.
Date of first ;>ub'ic»ti:*n, Jatrary 23. IS*.
lU-.-iUiA"; <• N N< • i iU>r< >iti.u
Amendment No. -.-A resolution a; J
pioi.i ;n t> in. i:! Suie.swi ion - of
. a • * Ar* • VIII. of 'he I 'ity Char
ttr, ar.d tor the «übi .-.ion of such pro
pc-• d 'l-a< * 'imc.t to the qti.i <i '■ . ts>
of li.t city at tin. v: ue: tl e'.< a on.
5 • i ; ■ *... ive i ui> he City Council Cf "1 lib
City of S-attle:
Tnat Sut» !;\ -- - of Sec 11 cf Article
Viii. of the * •• v <'na-t« r be imen.ud ao
;l s to ;»ud a- ICuiOW«:
' Sul«i.v»i:or - 't he city council shall,
by u.<■ i.eiiti ordir. <n.- ; . provide tne manner
,ii w; k:t tbc nor. sailmiii .vtrcnt:, may
ie mailt-, ar.i pr* • • iiU :c. cl ?Ji r KU-
Ui'une t«i U><- tu by the city of .•
power ptllWd and contained ill the fore
„ ..r.t j ji.x . n cf ti .s ? - fion; pnw
\ idt-d. t < j t ttl ati a* !*t w: T he ■ o-»
f - !i trj r *v- rn> ; tr v> • .»
• • < • nun f a t«i»ecia: asfe.ssrrent upos
ihe prop-tty btnelittd, tie foil p.-o
im .ir.g■* ~ha ibe !H.s.*n. vu ; Thete nust
s.i >i • tr. lust! of r<ut»it • w rk»
•a r n . e ' -• in i- forth ;ne -tie I
L - street . <xii* > or aile>s, squares or
piacca, or parts thereof, to t<e irapr»\'*d,
;ji» ntu r t* vj! t lie iOit't I"- - m at. the lliaUe
t payment an J the fact that the Miners
if '.Vh I of p'--p- •■> '> Ue UelHtittd to
:,e i»»i * am . . >1 a tui ■>i.r> of tn»
a.- -.i« ; " t ev : for -a *n m;>rove
m« nt. act ird;-s '• the tra; >fer books .n
(■ - j ft. ' ti. «: y aausit>r It any
,-iich propeily y;«nus iu *iie name of a d*.*
>rr. •*• any p . .-on f-i wn->m *
».t.at'.i...:. .»• i e: a; • ed. the
ti.re i t ■ en* ut r on *a~ ■.i :.r <>r
X .a. .an. a« the case r.- , i-. shalt I#
evju.-. • i.' to th« Me -ft e cwntr
3. su.-h t rop-rty v-n eut.- j «ii jr..
"11 th<- ba.iri jf i jt . f:*.i« ;h»
- -e" I.jCUi in i ; , • .1 . ;c be tr w,
t - all ■<«!..*'• an estimat" of tfca cost of
» t . ii ;m,.rovt n.er t to t>i- tn.nie *..tl i. ar;
m.t pe:> an. toss.ttit? with ali papers
,ti.*i inf rir.a on in its i»-on Icut-hir.c
sut n tatti oveaient. ». tn the 'stimatej
tu,- thereof, and it- rtcommt-.uiii ian
theiecf, to tn <it) cauns.l.. provide, mat
r.o ; aiie f' •* '•«* ■ i;=ici-'i w;>»-a aout tins
cvk:;*r or o*ner» ave i. ; t or made tm
prw\< m- r.t.- ot •U»«-t. h.» t».»y or al
>, uti ess -iv a petiti *f • by
tiie . asert f a ma'or > ot .. frontage
t.n e *tr-'et, h.«...» . jr u • -> w.;:an n.e
■j a.nci to U attc-cted. Tb< .:> « un
-:ai ;-i\e iu ; a«;hority to • Ue ail
mattt rs In : ; o »-i .■; j>«*o
p;#i<n.«it. «- s ma-. .u..,jr,i* : r.-ijse
t . a« 1 , . it
: ».e city counc;. .. ; . -.. a • «. -
• .-.a . not ha\t. MtlMrU} tt forth r pr >-
- v*aj in ih< ma*, it- >j -a* a improve . tit
i*.. ;.v*i r th< «";:m.i! d or t »S cost '{
any work, or ÜBJHWtWtnf roßiemp.a*. d.
. r
< i -:K" *• ■ ii *• n -er * p.
. • - ot *.j • ir . ie. j:.., i. ti . r
it u, , a eel or <• of i. « ii - - .
5" - nf Ot a i-» »*■ .J V* .a i. jo
t:.e .j • or ,-art .» »! iar.d *.n< d in
>a« • ..i- ricr. the »an>' a •-
i eais upon the .a-t *as .a. a*.»e--m nt r-...i
n- .e t->i tfte ! g of tave- for mar. i
p... i-. ro - • t •a . - h work or im
provement i» or r» i ta pureuaa e of a
cm ,\utut:».
petition tbtrei.»r as above proviJfd. or
v» ,i\ vr .iie *s::n.ateu vr at .ua, v.-si of
such work or improvement shall exceed
oi> v|«u!icr ; >•„ . to »• as*. — >1 vaca
tion f saeh lots or parcolj of "..md in c,i?e
such work r :rr rovetnent s ordered wr.h
y«* ; resent a: ii>n -i a f-tit ..-n as *s
' erernafter j ro\:■ ?. <l. Sr wh.ch such
impi. ven er.ts «hil! rot be srarteo or
ordered unless the same be so modirted .hat
si' r t,s. i.;*:ecf w..i :s.■: eicfii >u. h ue
haif or one-uuarter of such assessed valu
ation. as the cast mu t>e.
The acr.m d -ion of :he city
council .is : ail msi trs passed upon by
t :n relation to tr> rejection or the grant*
tr.g -f such pe.r.ton sn.ti. oe tmai and cun
"The city council may order the whole
or try part of he streets, lanes, a,leys,
squares or pui lie pUt - of the city to be
graded, regraded. sil-w.Uk<d. reside
*a k.d. >tlank-d. rep lank d. raved >r re
iaved. or -nay oroer any bulkhead, re
taining -ea.l. water main ar s. w. r w■;h
n' '.: 1 o es, ca* ' basin* »nd other proper
cur.net t -n» :o in consTvcted or r- paired
11" ere in. ar.d may provide for defraying
the cost 01 any such •n; ro\ men: ty the
cc.lection .'f a oil a -e*sm< ni upon
th* property benefited n the manner pro-
V'Vd ,i u.is section. »..nout the presen
tation of any pet:ti >n. either to the :>o*rd
of i .b.ic «i rk>. or to the city council;
provubd. ti",-»: unless * p '.ltlon as hcrem
b- fore prescribed So pr. at nteU. tuch im
provement shal. rot ae orle-ed except t y
ordinance as-e<i by th« afllrmaiivt vote
of two-third* of ail the memVt rs of the
city < ouncil. at a regii<r meeting, or at a
meeting 'vhich is an adjournment of a
reuultr meet ng. provide*!, no street shall
be oidtred t;r.t>leJ or resrraded without pe
tition. except by a unanimous vote of all
nn nU>. rs present, and provided that main
or imercepting >t ters. antl wawr mains
of large size, whose principal service is to
convey a supply of water to a point where
substantial distribution shall t«egln. or to
supply or serve lateral water mains, may
be order*d built along such streets, lanes,
alleys, places or highways, or across such
lands as may be in harmony with the gen
eral plan of sewerage or of the water sys
tem adopted by the city, either upon pre
sentation of a like petition therefor by
property owners to be bereftted thereby,
as above provided for other casts, or
when the Improvement may be ordered by
the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all
the members of the city council at a regu
lar meeting or adjournment thereof; pro
vided. that in such case there shall be
levied against the property, within the as
sessment district to ne created therefor,
in like manner ..s above provided for other
improvements, such portion of the cost of
said main or Intercepting stwer. or water
main herein last above described, as
would be the reasonable cost of a -ewer
with Its proper manholes, ventilators,
catch-basins, flushing tanks, openings
and wyes, or of a water main, suitable to
the necessities ot the area or district to be.
assessed for the same, and the remaining
portion of the cost of such main or Inter
cepting s-wer shab be paid from the gen
eral fund, and th>> remaining portion of
the co«i of such water main shall be paid
from the water fund. The amount to be
borne by the district and the amount to
be paid from the general fund, or the wa
ter fund, as the case may be, shail he de
termined by ordinance in each case when
the improvement is ordered aru! such de
terminarlon shall be final and conclusive."
And be it fuith» r r« , d tha. th f •e
--goir.g proposed amendment t>e and the
same is hereby submitted to th« quail
voters of The City ot Seattle for their ra
iificatlon yr rejtctlcn a" the mxt g-m ral
cleciion, to be held in said City of Seattle
on M irch Mh, l v 3*.
Passed the City Council the 4th div of
January. and signed by me in open
session in authentb ation >? its passage
this 4th day of Januaiy . tM»S,
Pre-Metit pro t< tn of th. City Council.
Filet: by me this 4ih day of January,
City Comptroller a- d K\ -OfTt.Mo City clerk.
Date of first publication J*rttai v is**.
Amendment No 2 A resolution and
proposition to imend Subdivision 32. of
Sec. 18, of Article IV. of the
city Charter of The City i f Seattle. and
for tIH Bubmtntoti of hih h prop wd
am»: im- n: to tha qiia'if.td \o»ers fTh >
City cf Seattle at the next general elec
He It re?ohed by the CUy Coun,.!l of
The City of S. at tie:
Th .t Subdivision 32 of Sec. IS of Art! le
IV. of th*» City Charter of The City of Se
at t • '• amended so as to r■•ad a? fa!;- w«:
"Thirt.v-f.comi—To licence, ta<, cor line
within the limits of tini" and place to he
by the cltv council prescribed ami to ofh*
e-w : e regulate the nulling or RivinK 'iway
of Intoxicating. «j>lrlt u< us. malt, vinous,
mixed cr fermentd liquors, and ihe col
lection of the license money th<.efri m for
the use of the city: provided that no li
cense shall he pr inted to any pi rson or
person- who sh ill no? tir-t comply with
the general law* of the state in fore- at
the time the same 1.- granted. nor yhttll
any licence be granted authorizing the
pellinp • r giving .■« iv of anv >ueh liquors
wi'iln one mile of any mil;'try tost or
reservation established by the Ini'ed
S at > The sum requir-d for sip h li
cense shall ,r no case 1m lis llvn r■ e
thousand debar-, except that Ike: -a-s for
helling or vitig away such liquors in
quantities ' rot less than one raih.n •.•ball
in no case oe less than thrv« hundred dol
lars, and sh»ll in no case |e le-w than the
amoatu required by the r v< r il laws of
th<» state for houses cr busine s of like
character, and no rnni -ion of spch li
cer.se «hall be mad# during the • t-riod
for Which it Is granted: and bonds r ,uire I
to tie given hy keepers <>r proprk tors of
saloon* or drinking hoti«es shall not in
.hi} ca«-e he !ix» d at less than two \,.m and
And b - t? further resolved that the fore
going proposed amendment te and th"
HUM •-» hereby «uhm>tted to the qtnltAcd
VOttra of The City of 8< »11!»• for t:<e:r
ratification or rejection at the next g ral
election, to be h> <i !n said City of 8» attlo
on March Sih, l>'J*s.
lively voter e'-eetir.g to vote ut said elec
tion .a favor of ild pr..f. ■ ,m« • ;m -nt
■hall vote a ballot contriving the «\ ■ d- : :
"FOR f'rop' s d Ameniime ;t No 2
t » the City Ciiar: *r -f The «-ty of S->;t-
Ma H- i ro; -d by Resolution N\ 1«a of
the City council or said City of S »ttle.
which said proposed am<*n ::•. at t ■»ti e
inusl i'eer - • f« f for v e U a: I «iv>ng
away of intoxicating, spirit anus. a:al?, v:a
ous. mixed or 'erm r.'id inju :.- in a i
City of Seattle at the minim tm s in of
ore thousand doiic.t* in quantities ies*
than one r •.!:' an \ \* t'.i •• bund-a-: dol
lar* io qti !'.title- of • i • gallon «: more."
Kvery vo:< r electing to v< • at nail
ei t.an against said propo i amen-iment
shall vot" -1 ballot ' .>a! itin- word'-:
"AGAINST ed Amendment No. 2
to the City Chart • ( 'i'ne ( ity of ijea!-
tie a 5 propo ed by Re*- lut.' n >. of
the City Council of aa<d > "ity of Seattle.
* i' h s tid proj -■ | ami s - TIT IJX« s tho
annual license fee for tn. -ale a- l v.v
away of Intoxicating «;>•! to as, malt, vin
ous. mil d r ferm nt 1 -r» in wd
i «;y of at the minin m -sin of
or." thoui ind dollar. j in quar, ith * i -j
than one R.iiion and at thr- e hundred dol
lar* in qua tltu of off i lion (.: i •
tne City Co r. ! t • . ■ »iay
of l-w-cerr'-e. '-'Si. and - . '.>■ I • nst to
open eess on In aut »i -ac' i paiM*
iivn tht» -*»; , d«iy of i> • v..
F ed v fr-> tfiia I h o t y r I< t;jer,
WTU. 11 I'AfU'.Y,
City Compt ••' .ler ar.d f'x-< T io < i'y
L*at« of fl pablicatlon. .'»■ C- K4.
R:\SOl ' TF'iN SO 174 'O^Ch
Amendment No. I-A r< >-olut> n an 1
l>ro; *nton tn irr-n ! Bei I •( Aru
r> V!|! of r» y i''<r ■ -<»r < ■ »
*>nvof *u<h to.' ' • } »::i • <!ir. Nt
to lhe c|-i's> »;e:l v«»t-r« of th> city at ih.a
n> xt grrs* r,i! ♦ ! tjon.
i> u r«(1 by the <V :u Ucf Tha
I Citjr of S?s't!*:
That S<' *. 1 1 <>t Ar* If* >1! r ? »h»
City Charter of Tiie City of H*-,»tia ba
am- nd'ri »o ti ' *<■•< ' > •
• Section 1 Tt c r«- shall •«• und •r< •
t v cr»tttnl w '■ <«*> l f }ju ; k k w<s-< i
ahall CMMICt Of 1 r BMrfniM ra, • | |
V->- • y *■•!.• «•" -wo *• * •'i
f the boa; «. and «.: ■ ■ r
i' . -if tnree : rn.
v.. ich cha.i ccr. *itu?* I ;w <• in* «-
■>« a n*»n.!"'r of «.(• ■ -i < ■ - C'tjr
Knt r*»r, >2} !?■■« <• jo* rlr'ende ' nf
-< «r>-r» and r fk- and (3- th« - i->- r.n;« nd
eiu of Ugli.-ng a :i W * W.' Tti»
Of *•: • « f«. »<-<* r. <n<|
park • and t'ru- « *»r «t of ■
i w.*-er iv or a* -hVt r<" !» -r» com
{. ♦, r. ' r t- ■' r - * n- - b'rs
- ,rj I a.r . is ?ft* ' \»'JR ii sitifril by
Ord n.'tr.' » j»rov; "
And be It fuRkM nalTcd that m* forj
i ' g ( ■ J «*-!!< *• ir. ! tha
-.. me .< h?r* y -..r.tt-J • , . <l
vrs of T-- ?y -f f<;r : ra*i
r iiion or '»>< at the r;**? . tncral
'ton to >■ ■ 1 Jl.r'h " J"'
I J a "»d th# City Coj"i )l the Stii day of
■ Jaf.uar/. i at.d by oi«s i>t <»u< a
session In authentication of its r"*"11
thi-s ith day of January, 189 ft.
President of the City Co unci L
Filed by me this ith day of January. ISM.
City comptroller and Ex-Officio CltV
IV.t, c>f first publication. January 9, ISMk
Amendment No. 4.—A resolution and
pi<.pi>«Uton to atner.d Subdivision 1 of
S»c. i! of Article VIII. of the city char*
tor. and for the submission of such pro
posed amendment to the qualified voter*
i'f the city at the next general election.
Be it rv solved by ths City Council of th*
City of Seattle:
That subdiv -ton 1 of Sec. 11 of Artie la
VIII. of the Cit\ Charter be amended so
us to read as follows:
"Subdivision i Whenever the nubile in
terest or convenience may require, th*
citv council is hereby authorised and eoK
P wered to order the wnole or any pan of
the stretis. lanes, alleys, squares or piece*
ot s >ie City uraued or regraded to the offl
c.al grade. planked or rvplatiked. pa Tod
r iepsved. tnacat.amiied or remacadam*
ited. graveled or re k raveled, n.led or r*-
pilf-t. capped or recapped: and to ord*r
sidt walks. sewers. manholes. culverts,
bulkheads, retaining walls, water main*,
curbing and crosswalks to be constructed
or repaired therein and to order any or
all work to be done wmch shall ne neces
sary to complete the whole or any port!**
of the streets, sidewalks, lanes,
.tikis or places and the City Council may
lew and collect an assessment upon au
lots or parcels of land benefited by suok
improvements to defray the coat and ea
p»n-e thereof, which assessment shall Is*
tome a first lien upon all property liabl*
tlurefi r prTor and superior to all other
lier— and encumbrances'*
And be it further resolved that ths for**
going amendment be and the sam* Is hsr*>
by submitted to the qualified voters of tn*
City of Seattle for their ratification or r*»
lection at the nest general election to
lit Id March Mh. ISM.
Pissed the City Council the 4th day *C
January. IM*S. and signed by me In opeft
session in authentication of its passag*
this 4th day of January. 1S&.
President pro tem of the City Council.
Filed by me this 4th day of January. ISM»
WILL h. parry.
City Comptroller and Es-Officlo CltV
Date of tirst publication. January 8. UHL
tlce of assessment roll of Local Improve
merit In-rrlct No. 14T. for the improve
ment of Second Avenue South In the C*ty
of Seattle, under Ordinance No, 4715, and
hearing thereon.
Notice Is hereby itlven that the «uwes*»
nient roll of Local Improvement District
No. 147 for the improvement of Second
Avenue South in the City of Seattle, under
Ordinance No. 471.'>. has been reported by
the Boa it! of Public Works to the City
Council of tile City of Seattle, and Is n©*f
on tile In :h oft.ee of the City Comptrol
ler and t x-officio City Clerk and the *aJD*
is now open for public inspection at »aid
office and will remain open for Inspection
until Monday, the 7th day of Marcn. IMB.
at Ave o'clock t> m . and all persons Inter
ested .ire hert by required to appear before
the Citv Council a: 4 semion thereof to be
held in the Council Chamber In the City
iliill. on the.7tli day of March. 189 i, at
o'clock p m . and mak • objections thereto.
At salJ time so tlxed th-- < i ty Council will
consider any and all objections mads and
will make such corrections In satd roll as
1; deem* iust, and will tl en bv Ordlnanc*
approve such toll and levy and asseas th*
amount* i'-ereof each parcel and
lot of bu - own In said roll and declar*
tin- same . 'lrst lien thereon. Said matt*r
may In- adjourned to a la ter date If •* or
dered bv - the City Council.
City Comptroller and ex-oftlclo CUy Clerk
of th" city of Seattle.
Ti>ato of fir.-: publication. February!, IM.
tlct- >f i -t -<mcnt roll of Local Improve
ment IM.« 1 lot No. IK. for the improve
ment of Kir.«t Avenue South In the City
< f S. i: tli unJer Ordinance No. «701. and
hearing therein.
Notice U hereby Riven that the a*»e*i»
ni' it roll of Local Improvement District
No. H«>. for the Improvement of Flrat Av
enue Soir.i in th*> City of Seattle, under
Ordlr uu e No •»;«* hni* t-een reported by
the Hoard of Public Work* to th# City
Coin, i! or the City of Seattle and I* now
on file In tne offlc" of the City Comptrot
ler and t x-offU lo City Clerk, end the Mine
Is now op»n for public Inspection at aald of
fi . and will rem.iln open for Inspection un
til Monday, the 7th day of March, !»•. at
five o'clock p. in., ann all p'*r*on» lntat
• • ! ht herehy required to appear befof*
the City Council t «e»«ion thereof to fea
hold in the Council Chamber In the Otty
Hall -n tlie 7th lay of March. 1K». at 7:10
o'clock p. tn.. and make objection* thereto.
At ■• it Id tltnc so tixed the City Council will
consider any and all objection* made and
will ri tk< ,-tich correction* In said roll a*
it de< ms ju/.t. and will then by Ordinance
approve euch roll and levy ana aaaea* til*
am. un'n thereof aeainet each parcel and
lot ? land rtiown In mid roll and declare
the same \
1 ■ . later date If ao or
dered by the City Council.
Cltv Comptroller nnd ex-offlclo City CltVk
of th-- Clrv of Seattle.
Date of ftr*t publication. February >, 1W
Amend na< at No. 9.—A resolutl .n and
j rop sstion to amend Section 2 ot Artlcio
XVII. o' the City Charter, «nd for t|)«
submission of such proposed aßMndnMHftt
to tin qui:lUlctl voter* of the dty at tIM
n«-\t v■ m r.:l eli*etion,
IM resolved by the City Council of Tho
Cm v of S'-i't!e:
That Sect) t 2 or Article XVII. af tha
City Charter of Tile City of Seuttla too
amends 1 • «•> to read ;is follows:
"Sec. 2 No officer or employe of tha
city shall receive any compensation for
h s. '-vices n« auch o)Yic«-r or employe eg
.< pt i y ilary. pa\;itde monthly, which,
w en i ot prescribed by this charter, shall
fixed I" it • City t ouncll by ordinanea.
No >.; ;i h.iiarv or compensntlon shall toa
Increased more than once In two yeara,
aoii a iner-as« of «-aeh -alary or compea
* ii irt s'all h»- me to within a period Of
iia - rf : !Ih next j-ree,,||;,g a regaiar city
t laction."
And he It further revived that the for**
t • * propo*-' ! amendment he end tha
s «rii" is ■■ i uhmitted to the qualified
vuters f The ''ay of S JII|» f»jr their ratt
/ » i - or r« Je tjon ■? the next general
:.»n to be " • !'l VI ,e, i, Sth. im
{ -"'.l the City Council this 'lll day 01
.1 I'lonry, I *, and signed by me In opan
jti n authentication of it* pusnafO
t! '. .in day of January, is;*
P.. J. DODD9,
I ■ pro t' •! of the city Council.
* !1 ■ i bj m- this Ttti day of January, ISM.
Wil l. II PARRY,
C'y Co-nfitrolkr and Kx-Officio Cltf
L»ate of f'rs-t publication. January 3. UM.
Hi.B' »n iION NU. i;i - PROPOSJCD
At No A r solution tod
proi .-nion to inui d He- i;i of Artiolo
\ iji f City Charter, and for th»
aubti. - .0: of s:< ii proposed atnendm«si
to m • ■-.» ted voter* of the city at tha
n"x * ral <|e -ion.
tie i t . et,y toe City Council of tha
C. it of h' {:|e I
• S r of Ac i" VIII. of the City
c. -trier Cf t; t Cl' v of Seuttie be atneiMM
»*< » to rii-i as fo'ioa«:
"Sec l : H .Ul, .I*.: 1. Th» mode of
['unici t >.y ..iii .a sr.jll !• ax foi.owa: Af
ter th- I i by ordinance Uf
dertd a ot zed tfte improvemeut. and
no; m '<* t :-n twenty days after the con
tract ertfor 'ias oecii let, an estlmoiO
an-l r sit.iii r*. "if and returmd and
corr» t•• :r».. > therein and notloo
R re '.!,e : i n e<c ion 1! of this ag
tl<-i«j governing lo» .1 improvements foado
u: ler ti.e rr.-r.e i;ate nay man t pf«». 804
the roe-* md ►«,•»!■»» of r-.efi improvement
a' i i • axainst the iota and par
'• • a ti'.e ti .mpruvtntnt dla
tr: ! • - r.-ed t hi l e ordinnnee go*
t FIR II- ■ R .►iri»r.t in th* fn»».rtad
p:' ' n ■ y « Moris li ar.d 12 of this ar
■ let*-. Contract* snail '•» made anJ H#»M*
it i . :td in the sama
ft r ' ~t . :>rov -I'd in tnia srticle for
t; * \ • ■ z • 4 «ii> '>n of a -essmeato
••I rr«i|e by
■ ' vr:ept aa
-hslt tov
or ; n. . le :aat tha entire coot gad
ex, . e (,* ui -rovt nunt ehali toa paid
h - » * e . < '.mi r >vo nent district
■•I :--re M i iaj»»rov-meat to be iouod
O tas? < -r: f act if, <n ftg the oroce-dg ©f
* . ~. <!► to i" K-d and *oul as hoft
ri ro .:■ ;e«i y i •, '<>n<ls shall by their
ter : ?t..> pay* -e on <it before a dOtO
t.» he ax - d • e r jtv ->c-ine|i in air)| OT
-5 . <r.vi > tear s.jrh interest aa
n i :.«• : r..v -ted tr *i—> ordinance, not eg
«e . R niitr .sr centum per annum, which
ir. ere*: ehali t>e payahl* annually, and
e4'is bond shall have attached thereto la
ter- *t co . : oti- for the several annual In
ter »t j a;vn nt« Puch shall ha ta
auch denominations at thai, be IT llti

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