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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 17, 1898, Image 3

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flr» h«d carted forward. T>*» raii for all
band* on deok *w promptly obeyed and
the oft:c«r* w<rw perfectly cool A)J po»*l-
Mt efforts were made to check the r.r*
bu; without avail."
OWrfr» and Mm M bo Arr S«f«.
WASHINGTON. F*b. T«.—Capt. Sig*be
ha' reported In *n*w#r to a cab!*-
•' Inquiry that the following officers w*ra
saved fmm the Main*
lA*u'.. Wainright.
l.ieai. Whitman.
Ueut. Hood.
Ueut. Jungen.
Lieut. Blow.
Paymaster Ray.
"hie# Engineer Howell.
Dieut. Blanrten.
Chaplain ChwlwiHc.
P*s»ed Awuv'arH Entfnee- Rowers,
l.ieu'enant of Marine* Catlin.
Assistant Engineer Morris.
N ivai Cadet Hoidw
<'a,d*t« H.iv»-r;uf BroMKKi, Wa*h;nj:on,
f'r*Mhaw and Boyd
Boatswain l^arkin.
'•unne»- Hill
I'arjrenter Hfim.
Paymaiur'* <'W-rk M<-«'»rtny.
Of the Maine'* men the following w(-r»
w* ve*l:
Redon Milfx-nr Bullock M*i
ville. Willis, GaJpln. Ku?*h!da, Nopp4n.
Turpln. Harris. D'Jtx, Johnston, Holland
Herbert. McDevitt. Folev I! ttrMno.
Bchwart*. Richard*. T«a'-kle Flynne.
Itroriir, f>avid Michelaon. Sonhmun Fo*
WHbur. Water*. Aril'mon. '"tiri-*ti inmn.
Koehler Erlcmon. >!ark WilUamf, J.
White. Paul* Coffee J W. Alien. D. Cr i
idn. Roe. F ''atiiU. J Kan". Jerene. C. A.
Smith. J Shea. Heme.-s, J Heflfron.
Bloomer, Johnson. B»rgman, M i!!isor. A.
Johnson. Pltch»r. Hon*«r. I>tfljs Mrtli'i*
ni»» W. M'Uiasort. Furntoe, Good. I>arktn<
Rnu. McNair, (iabrkl. A Haiiock. S»*n
<*h. A. Benjamin. M' Kay.
Mrs Flood tbr bM Cotton Magsiiar,
and Kow Are >onil»errd With
the Dead.
HAVANA. Feb l<"».~Lieut. C.jmnundrt
Wairiwrlght, of the Maine. wai half un
dressed at p. m and *»» smoking li»
his railn, next to that of Capt. Big*bee,
when the explosion occurred and put out
the electric lights Walnwright then lit a
match nnd went to ('apt. Blß*t>ee'« cabin.
The captain, it appears. had been thrown
from his bed. but was uninjured. Th">
both went on and gave orders t<i
Mood 2,500 poundl <Jf Run notion wftich was
ori board. The drcaaaid was carried out.
hut the men who fulfilled I» never re
turned. Havana, however. wa.- saved
from a still more terrible explosion.
The Maine, at the time of th»- explosion.
wjs at anchor about 50ft yards from the
arsenal and some 20» yard.* from thf fl<»at
inK dock. The explosion put out the street
light* near the wharf, and blew down tele
graph and telephone wires In the city.
Admiral Manterola and CJen. Kakma put
off to the Maine »oon after the explosion,
.md offered their service* to Capt. SIR*-
Vumel Burkhardt. William McGulnes*.
J H. Bronner. Alfred Johnson, Georß*
Bolsema and Charles Begnan were su -
cored at the San Ambro*fc> military hospi
tal. arid J ime* Rotirke. Francis Kehet.
Daniel Cronin and George Kot>ert received
attention at the sanitary- h« ijqu.u ters.
The flrat explosion is said to have l>een
caused by over pounds of gun cotton,
and the subsequent explosion is alleged
to have been cau.sed by bhclls and
Among the saved on board the City of
Washington Is a Mr Dressier. of the
Maine, who has lost both his eyes.
The passenger* of the City of Washing
ton gave up their staterooms to the in
jured men.
An iron trus-s from the Maine fell on tha
pantry of the City of Washington, break
ing the tableware of the steamer.
Four boats were lowered, all manned
!>y officer*, and one Of them was lost.
Capt. went in his own launch
on l«mrd the Spantsh cruiser Alf on-o
XIII to thank her captain and officers.
He afterwards went on board the City of
Washington, where Li**<it. Gen. Lowe, I>r.
Brunner. uctlng sanitary in«pe tor of Hi
vani. and the correspondent* <»f Ameri
can papers had already gathered.
Torprdo Roal Quickly <;<>tteu I nder
Way for the <rrar «»: (he
kill \\ EST. Feb 16 Fast night »as
tha most eventful ever witnessed at Key
W«st. The excitement commemtd short
ly t»efore 10 o'clock, when the report wan
made that "the tug Dauntless had arrive!!
at a point on th* east roast and was tak
ing on arms and ammunition for Cuba.
The filibuster wai reported to have ar
rived at Palm Peach with
a train h>ad e.f men who would sail before
iny attempt could be made to stop h> r.
The information was Immediately cot -
veyed to commanders of naval vessels In
the harbor, who commenced to make
preparations t.» Intercept the filibusters ;
Then came the r- p>rt that the battleship
Ma ne had been blown up in the harb r
of Havana This Hews was first re.-eiv.d
by the . >n;man lant of the ntstion. who in
turn . ■ mmunicnted the information to the
jevi ml officers In command. A telephone
(<ir ■k-• -• •v >- -v •
lit U
iwtl It
! fin VHING IN THE v l." i-
J. HI»R 11
k •• s ? F ; r»: Aie . cor. c>:.a!. a.
took ova THiS STOCK
119 Washington St
A. Diokelspiel.
me*«age w h s- nt to the commanding of
ficer at the barracks.
M'-h nwhile :n«- spread rapidly over
the «-ntife city, and the cable office t<ecame
tne center of attrat tlon. The fact that
the tw»> tjrpcdo )'ja;.s wtn* get'ing up
Hteam ari«i mak.r.g rtady to wall added to
the excitement.
A hurried conferen ■«.,« held between
the several navai oftl »*rs prevent, and .i
line of action w >« promptly decided upon.
The torpnio boat Kri< s>s .n »a~ the hrs:
to get under *u> She steamed out w.th
oi»en throttle* and headed tor the w*-M
--ward. While not generally known wher«
*he r»a« K r >n»- the imprenalon :hai li.'ie ha-*
(fen dlapttched to Dry TortiiKa«< to notify
Admiral Sr ard of tht disa->'.-.- to tha
Uank'iNKtiin Oeeply *<tirr«-«l.
WASIHNT.Tt »X. Feb. 16.-T.ie n.-ws of
tlie disaster at Havana spread rapidly over
the city, and the hotel iobhies and all pub
ic plao* were crowded with people e.iser
to hear ami discus* t-v<-r> particle of ia
formaJion as fast as it was received. tT»m
wildest rep<jrta were ip circulation. ta»t;i
as to the numl-er of fataliti«s and .ho
t.iuse of the explosion. Nearly ev«ry on«
ffirifil to suspect treachery on the part of
Spain, or its over-enthuf.astic friend* in
Havana Few would believe t>.ai the ex
plosion was an accident.
President McKlnley WHS greatly a«!"ate t j
v, nen he beard the news, and expressed
src.tt sorrow for the Milors >vho lost their
At the Artny and Navy Club there were
groups of greatly Interested officers, sonin
of them showing their sorrow in every
word and look for tneir acquaintances o:i
the Main*.
Amrrlran Securities Drop
LONDON. Feb 16.—American securities
<>l>ened strong today, but later fell rapidly,
~-winK to the n ws of the disaster to tho
\avy Department Fnrnlahe* a Full
List of the sailor* on
the ••hip.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 1« -The navy de
partment this afternoon com; lied and gave
cut A full list of the men • n the Maine. It
Is a.s follow*
John Adams. James P. Aitkin. W.
Allen, Johr. Anderson, Oscatf Anderson,
Halvor A Anderson, Charles And* rson,
Gustavo A. Anderson. John Anderson.
Axel C. Anderson, Frank Andrews. Abra
ham Anflndsen. Bernard Auguland, Harry
Aitchenbach, Firsanion Aw».
Lewis L. Barry. John P. Barry. Henry
S. Baum. Jakob Backer. John P. Bell.
<*harles B'-rgn,an. l-'re,! Bloaberg. John H.
Bloomer, John Hoik hinder, l>itz Bill.
Daniel Ho> if. I.eon Bonner Henr\
llrtnkma-i. Arthur Rrofeldt. Adolph C
Iturna. *'har't«- H. Rulock. Edward Hurn*
Kol>ert Kurkhardt, Frederick F. 15u:!• r.
Franc!!! D. Cahill, Thomas Cain. Walt* r
Camosin, Suke Chin*. <\*»rl Christensen.
Thomas Clerk Michael Cochrane. Thomas
M Cole, William Coh«nan. William P.
Coleman. Anthony Conroy. William Car
grave, Daniel I'r.iiin. Charles Carran.
Merger Dnhlman, r«> David. Charl i
Denning William Donougaey, John Dolau,
James I>rury.
Gustave J Dressier. George Elder.
Thomas J. Ertcken. Charles F Eirmann.
Andrew W. Erlckson, John I'. Eli*. Carl
Charles F Fadde, Randolph Falk.
fi.orre 1» Faube' Wiliiam J Fewer. Tru
blc Finch. Frank Flaher, Alfred J FMw,
Ml- l-.ael Flaherty, lx wis M F1 m in,
. hael i'lNcr., Patrlek F >nn. I'atr; k
Foley Oeorge Fo* John Fougere Har'-
lev F'intain, Fharlos Franke, James F.
Furlong ,
Patrick t; «ff:u»y William M Oartaeil,
Frank <i tJar.lner Thomas J tiartlner,
William 11 tb-rman J"~- ;•?, F. <; 'r l--,
James \ Graham Edward P. Graham.
Pitrb-k tJradj W :'i .m V Gr. .r. Vi. h
ael Grittln. li» ' r> «'.r<.-s H inhardt «!rup;>.
A ! fr>d Ha! r, J, A'f • d IF.. F- nr.
William llum! r «"! ir' •« A. H >mr
ton. John Ittm tee Amt >-• H »m. Will
iam Hanra-hin, W.-tinore Harris. Ed
ward Harr> «s. Fre M,:'
Harris IVmiel O't'Xuinell Harby. Thomas
J. Harty Oiarb-- H.- t r! «}i luek.
How ant H H <wk J IFltr. >: K ■!»-
ert H. llennk.-s. J eh- H- i F-rt. H« ::jam •»
H Hefriman Alfr I F- Herre-s. Fred
erl.-k C. Holser. tlti«- iv H Jm A fr--d .1.
Holland. WiKUm J 1 r \\F n i„
Hoa«h. Patrick Hwl. «. i:. 1 rt Hutch*
ir,K«- t
Otfgira I«: 'i.
("h.irl« J>h *n, J *A* J .:-•*>
p 'er Jojc "i-in, Alfre»l J»'' - i ; *ri
Johßsoe Peter C. Johan*-n, T orr.»a J
J«•. S. H t rr\ J " n »'S • 1 r- - - ...
Carlton Jenlu?. Fred Jerno i'Sar>s F.
K .
J * H K . Ml f'. K -. J A,
Kay MM Kcilv H it' K ■ (le»B-
A,t Kev»k s'l Harrj J K. %s s" tj Ki*d
strom Fred rtc i K'nse% t .
K -*• 'i YiV -hi K k \ Fr. \ H
Knet*e George W K * \ - s
Kfi r \ . H: c Kra • - KI ' ' t -'a : '.l
K .tsh: ia.
f*Har'e<* Latr.l W"»m L cni»r- M>e
la- ir 1 r lan r i;. - la
p,*rre 1 -r l*-.r.**-r N" rt
f.twarl Ia» er J.--r-.« W 1• > ..<• V
lam Dantei 1-eon S»m iei 1 e* «»i
--tave J >hn H I ir.iel 1-« a
s*_ Gsorge I •• «er Jo n » !>.» i C »rI s
\ ! vsmas G- -c* l-^tet-a - .; -r.-c v.
leader, v' »r.n■>» E t-«r; \\ «-n
la.nJ. John T. l.»lon, Matthew Lyi t.
Pema-d l.n'.;
Th -y* Ma a. Mike Ma' •. J E
M«r«h*a Be.itamln 1 Mars-ien J.Vsanr
Mar.**-- Jarr>*s H M K a \1 «t.
. • .-n MaittoM Carl Mdttafw,
Matnt Et»er M MetUrrm-!. Thotnaa
Meii J n M -J- F H. Me - ■ |- -
tee MtkeHm Qm«c KSfcr. w s M;'!er.
•1 » Ni 't-k'S r" ifd H Yt x "e
M F - M - re •; - r»1 «*
M rs- J "in H Mwe G >T. M ' C«,--
Murphy Harry M inn • \
4» Call HM .-Ooniglt. 3- • J M M<ri<j«.
f Wj,:.t752 M Ni.r Fraa _•> J M N.-r«e Tj-
T > nsfcki«til Nagamine.
JL v
A f Sophies Niels- *>. John C. N:e'«en. Charles
4- M. Nola.i, Wt.iam Not>.
Ma*. Ohye. Ml*tar C. Ordteg. Jsrres
O'Connor. Th'fr.a.* J O Hagaa. Patrick
<j*N*iii, fianr? ii. O'Regan.
j Frederick Paige J>hn Palmgren, John
H. Pa* -k. Rob»rt Perry. Francis C. Phil
! p». Char]*>* F. Pttrher. J im'-s Pinkrvey,
John Port- r, John Pow#r«. Dar.lv! Price.
| Thomas Quigiey. Char>s P. Quir
Arthur Raven. M <jrtin R»"-l n, Jowr-h
Re.ily, John VV. Riley. W.ilt.,r K. Rich
ards. William W R.»»u»-r. NVwHI R.s.ng.
. William r.o!rin*m. Pe;.-r Ro.«<. James
!{>»'►, Frank itu<eh. Wi..;am
<"!ar»nif K. S.ifford. M E. Halrr'.n.
Gcret; h . a artz. August S hroeder,
* "harh s A. ricoit. Josefh S ;. y. John 3.
S. •ry Walter 4 s . S<-ic rs. J» rrm;ah Shea.
Patrick J. t»h» ». Thomas S-c ,<S J hn J.
Shea. «»a •:. Sheridan. J. hn .SaiiliisKton,
Alfred Simeons, I'arl A. S.ni'h. Ni h.»Us
i J. Smith. Nicholas Sn-v< m> ,n. Isa Sug:-
: sakl, Frank s>ulton, Kashotora Suzuki.
Frank C. Tr»'t»>t. Harry Teackle, Dan
iel J Tehan William H. Thompson. Geo.
Thompson. Frank Tlgsrtn<». William H.
T nscman. Constantine Daniel
<» Tuj pin, Th mis Troy, il irtin Tuhoey,
John H. Turpin.
Jo«f>ph F. Walsh John Waliace John
Warren John J Waters, Martin V. Wch
ler I'haries White. J hn K. White,
(.eorge M Whiten, Robert Wnite. Jonn
K. Wickstromi James Williams. Henry
Williams, Albert Wilson. Ko!»n Wilson.
Frederick Wagner. Alonzo Willis. Ben
jamin R. Wilbur, George W. Wilbur, John
11. SciKler.
Tbr Marine* «>n Board.
The detachment of I'nited States ma
rines assigned to the i>att.e>hip Maine,
according to the muster roll ot January,
First Ueut A W. Cattlin. First Serut.
Henry Wagner, Sergt. Michael Mohan and
J W. Brown, Corps. J. R Burns. Joseph
Schroon. a. H. Richter, H". tl, Thompson.
Drummer J. H. Dlrkin, Fifer C. 11. New
Privates—William Anthony. John Ben
nett, V. H. B* ttling. Geot&e Brosman,
John Coffey. M. C. Downing, H. tiaipin
C. V. G< rrnan. C. £. Johnson. W. J. Jor
dan. E. T. Read. Prank Kelly, G. M.
La Miette, Paul Loftus. I*. A. Lesko.
Ji seph Lutz, John M Dermott, Willi im
McDf-vitt. William McGuinness. Ed. Jl'-
Kay. J. P. Lonshan. T. J Newman. J. 11.
Roberts. H. K. Stock. Japie- Strangman,
E. It. Suniand. K O. Fimpanv. S. H.
Van Horn, It. A. Warren, It. K. Will.s.
Wounded at Krj Went
KEY WEBT, Feb. 1»>. Following is a
list of officers and men who arrived on the
Olivette, furnished the Associated Press
I by Joseph M. Mann, of Providence. P. I.
| Mr. Mann was assisted in preparing the
! list by the lieutenants on board, princlpal
| ly by Jungen. and the list may l>; dep nd
|e<! on as official:
Idcut. John Hook, Lieut. C. W. jungen.
: Lieut. J. lllanden. Naval «"adeb A. P.
I Rotten. Boyd, Washington .. nd Crenshaw,
! Passed Assistant Engineer F C. Bowers.
Assistant Engineer Morris. Pay Clerk Mc-
Carthy. Cari>ent«r Helms, Gunner J. H.
Hltt, Boatswain Larkin, Lieut. of Marines
I Cattllng Sergt. Mehan. Mess Attendant
j John Turpin. Harris. Kushlda Awo. Ward
room Cook Topping Gunm r's Mate Will
i lams. Apprentice Willis. Marines M> Kay.
Peter Lar<- n. Moiserie, A Hallberg. G.
David. William Gartrcll, Peguy, th«- cap
tain's puc dog: Lieut. G. P. Low. Lieut. C.
W. Melville, Reden, Dan Durkin. Jlc
i Cann.
The wounded are: A. J. Dressier. Chas.
Be reman. William 11, Thompson. Georae
Si'hw inz, H. T. A( kle. Marine !•". Thomp
son. K. Hutchlns. M trin.' McDermott, J.
Herbert. slightly; A. Ila-n, P J. Foley,
George Fox. M. F. L.yivn William Slf-
Nair, Charier Galpin, J >s« ph I.iitz. M.
I .anahan, Joseph Kane, Carl Chrlstensen,
A. Johnson. John D. l/ond. J. Pnnck. O.
A. Anderson C. I, hmaii. «*Hlvin Cinik.
Henry Willi im«. W. K. Richards —. Mich
elson. The authentic figures as Riven of
the casualties art- KM saved and £>l dead.
It vra.« a sa 1 scone at tho dock tonight us
the wounded sailors were carried to the
waiting ambulances by artillerymen and
offl er< in 1 tenderly placed on s ats for
conveyance to th* marine hospital.
President McKluiey Makes the Or
der Daiina From \u«v I mil
Fnnlier >otlre.
WASHINGTON. F' It Ti • pre«id "it
h;u order..! thi*t tomorrow r. nd until l>ir
ther r.oF-e the flag- ;«• navy y trds a- :
<n naval vessel* at ports, army head
quarters . cd on all public bu;!.imgs stiai:
be half-masted.
Ilnrliirn *a 11 for ilniann.
KKV WEST. Mt ft Th«|lighthouse
tender Mansrove saile-d for Havana at n
I-', lock this morning, havlnsr an board
several doctors. Tl steamer Fern h -
ilso s i.'ed for II vir.a. and the tor : .-do
boat Ericsson left a: midnight with dF
patchea for the flee-
The \ru loi l. \riir Kev W e*.f.
KEY WEST. Feb. K -Tie l n|t. d S'Kb <
« rutser X»w Y.-rk. w >h - N lmlr.il s ird n
b it'' re i hed Sand K> f e'.:h* m . »-s <ait,
t* even ' ! an F>r»>; Sin a'is cr
der.d here to supply the survivors of the
Ma ••• •wit a i :othl wr and r - ■ • -- i r -
>esu%ins SntU (or Kit \\ ,-*i.
J Vt'KSOWU.T F F- h V. The drra-
Ke v\\ « <t, t t'ti ' ll a -.v i f:;rt ?" •r iX -1. '•-
tncideni llionubt lo ((•• l*nd»>|.
M . b I;! < 'ar- • ri> i ..
fiej.il criran • ... • ;i - ,he F :,,,t
St at- s nr. *"'<r. >* *■ \\
n «MI ' ' •' a*
l/Ome letter >nd :t i.Ms t.;*t 'r.e ir- ient
Is regard. ! ,i» terminated.
The Brlti-t* ba-tleshlp Victoro .-s. wh ,'h
went ••rifrin.- t -• h r of !' rt
Sc. i, »i) * t« be diamanUed ;. \ +
•he van be dm d.
** 'i
Jjjkm n
W - ■'. - v '.; ; '' v
V—M J &' 1 ih.- r
[ /*y£ - I^r
hair, - s!v-i * - •< ?,.. -
tu>. n;:*K-* £2n* l nr • * '.*, : j
ar„! if - 'of " ; v» wh;*i 4*. .- i»*
- oa J J. •'• iUmi
u4 «>k.Kfc
iGmsnsssß] i
r A\':C c Prrp»ili<»for As- 1 SIGNATURE
! iSS
! tiryrt theStdS&dnanilßoVgiSCf |« —OF— —
I promote 3 tK&estton,CheeTful- It!
! ncssandßesl.Cootainsßeia>sT '»
! Oprum.Morphine nor Mmcrol. fx XS ON 'I'MW
j KOT NabcOTIC. •"
fury*ix W" . IS
i ggggr j X BOTTLE OF
Alfe?>lr / lia
1 n § ©Til n 9 A
Worms.Cfnvtitltons.FcvtrisK- «■ KM 9 |a K |||
QgssandLOSS OFSiElf. fSBB"ELy B UIB Iff
lac juiuk Signature of aft
KEW YORK. Il Criteria la put up is ojmj« botilw eely. It
iff"—afrf rait not acid ia balk. Doa't allow aayono to Mil
flT 01 as riling e!s» oa tko pita or proaiaa that ift
ffi It "jut as good" sad "will ani^ywgjnuw
Anrllnn Snlr in Tacnma \ot Sncee**-
fnl—Only « Few Small Tract* Sold
< oinniiH«i»u<T Sunmlrn Will
Continue *«lc Kiery \\ i'ilni'»tla.v.
Spr'al hisp .i. h to the Post-Intelligencer.
TA( 'uMA. Ft b. lu.—The auction salt* of
Puyallup Indian lands held here today by
Indian Commissioner C\ A. Snowuen w.hj
not the pronounced success that had
anticipated. Four aires of n.->-
ervation land. which had been Appraised
ai Ji'. ;> r acre for upland and $.» per aer •
f<ir lowland, were off"red, au; bidding \\ i."
in no wise brink and tew of the fifty people
assembled tiled to cure to Invest.
Thomas HMMcjr, nuitwy of tlv lUti
I > m .1 i tic i-'irr mitt*» was cue of the t'evv
'h i-ers and bought two twenty-acre
tracts; one at in were and the other at
si"> per acre. Two other -mall tracts w> re
sold for about th< «imt' relative pi i. e. The
fa that numerous inquire s had been re
ceived as to th« sale of 11;• -a lands led to
t!"- belief they would go witn a rush. They
are to be -old for one-third cash, with bal
at! •< payable In from ore to "ve install
ments with interest it 6 per < ent. To
day's stile was the first held since Novem
ber, lfc'tj, and the first held under the a -t
of I V .*7, providing for one commissioner
only. '" >n',* s-ioie r S.. iwden constitutes
th" fourth r'uyallup > ommissioner named
Wiihin the past ten yea;:.
Saks Will continue to 1 e held at the office
of th«- commissioner Wednesday of each
fl. ' k until otherwise ordered.
M'MUtox u w
Tncomn \\ !n» Hint lit ml,
MIIK'M, Muiirj Mill L)v»ll!'|nia.
rt : . rj.l l . Dlsrutih to tii' v
TACDMA. 1 ■B. IS. -The R'-M.IIIH of R.
F. McMahon, who committed sulcld' here
yesterday. will h» k« | • by th" coroner
1* ndlr.* advice from i:s relative*. An
uncle IJUI brother of ti.e dead man llv
in Chii-iBo and . « - in In the i'aiouse
n untry. They hav been notlib d by wire.
C H- r i; .- ka h i- tak a fU irt.- ot Ai-
Xihon'n eff'.'ts, tnoiudir-ar the keys to
li.s n.if.' -.t'l it 1 in which McMahon
k< ;>t his ready He ieft a will,
which has not yet been opened.
Mi-M.ihon wa* pr.»baMy 1> 1 t:> end his
life by con' r.ued il!i ■ *. He h.td suffered
v- " " p-; a f'-r •v> 1y- ars and h.-.-l
fr-Nj..t tiy threatened to take his own
1:' Ji: fr! :.-ls «.i>* h«- often underwent
periods <■;' titter His estate
w:li amoii.it to a tl.iy sum. and con*i«:*
<f r**.ilty n Ta--«!»a m : Ins property in
t !i • I •; t". *, p.lt- d* d i. n-,ni--r
--1 j ptr and • H mother is b«-
hiVtd to live In I re. a d.
HI HUK*> OK \i \\ lt\H.ttO%l>.
«»lil "e-iftl** stud T.ipama •'hnro 1 Inr
" > i«id to !".«• Hr% lird.
S;v. ,d I'Msji i - hto the 1" ist-Jntc n!senc»»r.
TA< 1 IMA. !♦" ' ' :■> --< • >nd-c!;»s-i t;d"
1 <:« lytr K beween TH< ra » md S<* «ttl»*
r» - . !to have !-■ r : • hif-d by It. It.
«<re s- r>p!v ~[> .1 for. They
• i»-#n Hv-r <— ■! .t V". a chain of »K
'■ *. and it is armour.- e-1 ? hat at*>ut two*
thirds at in-ti a*a v ' «p n (o pxithaae.
Thi ■ unpurchased lands Mr. Lehman i*
arrar.ulr.c to vqiiin
Lehman * :'.l not say w.. m he repre
sents In th.* <i«;«l. lt'ii It *urmi«ed that
t! • mUi st d p.- - are preparing to
In M a railway lir.• ■ nne. ting the :wo
« • i i. f'rark < it -- hold- a fr n
<• .«** for i road jit t\> eKress from Ta
«- r.-t. » r - 1 s; !:►•* 1 „c a iifcA franc nis*
p . . t! in< .. AS< a:' !e.
r >r was in eir. i tlon today that
; .. t :nls !>'!: « be" ween
< -Ivsnj - <ed T. 'm i rive >:so bra a;>-
|. .• r ' l f tr i it practically
i, d. T- •• n.iin'- of t!i»* purchaser could
r. t •• ii-.;nud.
*\ii«i tnmv .r lvt 4>M \.
nut *ii|in ■ 4 «.Rrt < n M».rt-
I -<n I'liT*.-* l!:i*!n»»« Men.
F Th to th» I' ■st-lnte!!iirenc»r.
TACOMA F«b I' it. re is a K n-r*!
■- \;-r< >n of sat -a th: >ut th«
i tv v :.n the » 'ffs; « art d-clsio* de
rl - *!:<• roor?*-n- i* - , ..i id. It is
• an -.£ th" more .<! of ift. 1* u
• •< ?»»<t oh-' 'ion "ir ! to th#> ru>
r , r« * - !• r in [arti u.ar .'•re
i r. -,d with the potptcl cf ihashed con-
Tb- f « • \ y h V -r-Irtvn--» r v -
tin ordy paper Ml Taronsa today
.' -4 t> - ful. tixt i f - e A- • .»;-n Kl ie
ti In unij«ual demand. t' arllr:j:jri s r
as. •• » ... :.x- r» . it/ I.*- rs.
Xtim 111 lil ML
lie Once Lived at South llend—>o
Clue to the Perpetrator*—-They
Leave a Trail of Blood—"Sev
eral Sni»|»ected of the Crime.
I MEDFOKD, Or , Feb. 16.—The man who
I died here yesterday from injuries received
! near Central point was Peter Nelson, fo r
j merly of South Bend, Wash. K. A.
Proudfoot. of this city, knew him there.
lin 1891. it is certain new that he was
j murdered. Kvery circumstance points - o
it. The murderers vv re tra< ked toward
the house where the injured man was
found, he having been led across two
cattle guards. as wis shown by the tra'l
of blood. There are some suspicions, but
no clue that offers evidence sufficient to
warrant arrests. Efforts are being ma le
to apprehend the guilty parties.
W niter ti. Saulnhar) . From Taconta.
Arrives ill San i'ranrliru.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 16.- The I'ma
t.'Ta arrived today from Puget sound with
one of h> r caiiin ngers in confine- j
ment. ch.ugtd with insanity. Waiter U. i
Saulsbury got on board at Taeoma and
seemed rational enough when he was
paying hi-, passage money. He said that
he had 1> n drugged and robbed in one of
the Sound ports, and had been fee ling
queer i ver since. When the vessel was a
d.:y out he H>fame violent, and it wa j
found necessary to place him ur.d» r re
straint, He will be turned over to the
I lunacy commissioners, but if they refuse
' to receive him he wil! have to 1m? taken
■ back to Tacoma.
j Old 'I inter Horned to Heath.
1 Special 1»:.-patch to th. Post-Intellffencer
VANCOUVER IJ. C„ Feb. 1«.-An old
timer nicknamed "Tap," wW real najfio
was C;uir!( - ' »'-ns.>n. was t nrn»d to d alh
last nigh:. wsts ear' taker of the sleep
ing place t 1 ,»,iray A- Kyle's mill on F t!se
. lei k. Hi appear- to ! :ive set tire to th«
pta •• 1 :■ a tidentally knoddag over a ;
i lamix
Mill Hand* Strike in Taeonia.
TAC' MA. !"■ • 16. Fry men emp! yej
In th- Ta oora Mill Company's yard struck
today for ar dvan *ed of i»; 2-3 per cent,
ji < T .my IrJm ti.ey can
k»: a I :»>.• it nt ev n< d and t.:at the
, strik-Tii will not l>e reemployed.
Itclinrlng I* Kefu«ed.
01.V.M Pf A. F- . The • ipr. :ne court !
■ s dev.: •' • reh- ir -iff in the r..>- of
.1 n ji. k- i: re-;, nd nt, vs. v*hris- |
tian S' hi .i»rman and Catherine S-
; r app\ ilants. api-aF 1 from King
i p;•r IP • fr<> who ! - k»* <*H at Sorir.a- j
! t;. 1 i:;.. January, fourteen davs Ik- j
. ~ ,t ;l te or. whle,-, he w\« to have ,
1..- Vanged v s reerntiy ca;»* rtred in
I, . r.r i aunty. Ark. and n rned to ,
rj, ,|
" " ' 1
t — l —" '
■ £
f\ You may never bo healthy. happy i#
r • r •:• -* y > ' K IK< '
- .rdoM P-ip They in th« f
4 V. rg tr-r "s ar.«l M! 'h» b»:j t- •?'
t- a '!y. A«k > ur erx-'-r. I>o not ?
b« <!•-with Jmiutians T5»« *
*: r.ii-'ri-" art;.-'< l.i manufactured ■,
J y f *"£»•
correal u *iu ce.,
. .»«•.*. TTi T| T| *>
as- ne.-y ;.jr 3V ci? t-0..-* t ti
cur*"*! > i£i# t»> » U4. • •/. S • l-AKi 4
• DYSftJ'siA iABLiijS. tl
:*«t- f . -•■• i* £< :s > 50 ■ »: dr „<*!»:•
j lic-ok e • lfT - : "i • '» : J«- *' J h d» ' <1»
«r tei.in- •«*« '"•* ! •■ *
I ST I AiiT CO., Marshall. Mick.
Calif ■■ till* itm m temporary itwrt darat mm wtet ft eaya.
It's only the loeattoa ttat to temporary. Tkt More ef Stoae, Saa
ford A Laae Is vol as to grew u4 halld with the city of Seattle la
the maajr tatare yeare ta Mae, a*4 we hepe ta do oat tkara off the
balUlag of the city, ae well aa halldlap oar haalaeaa. Oar lira
tloa will chuge te the aew hleck, of oeareet M( #WPIt fpp
that. Copaeace UMIX with aa at oaeo. > -• -
| ...500 Pair.J
| Children's
1 Hose
f: Absolutely
| Past Black,
| High Spliced Heel and Toe,
I - Double Knee,
I Price 15C p air
| Until every pair is sold*
| This price is for a quick sale. Not over six
i pair to one customer.
% Promptly and parrfallf Piled, and exactlr the aaaie price aa If yea
I come to the eonntera yoaraelt.
4HWKOKI). STOXfc * FISMKK, KvrrrK.) *+
I'V-V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V. %%V.\\V.%V.V. , .V.V.V.VASaS
1 Where Will You Outfit? 1
«L •**
A »iuewtlna no altarp •■ to plrri-f Into jour Innpr ronxelrarr. Of M*
ronrtr It I" nnnr of oar bnalncaa where >on »re roldb to ba>, bat It «£»
|« your hnslnt'M to Irnnw wherf to boy. X
T u r 'rr talking nlt out an ap-to-date K|p»t-C lava Oatttllag Katab- T
lUhinent. ( T
| Mackinaw Clothing* |
i Blankets and Knitted Ware $
l.eatber I lolhlug. ▲ Hnbber lloota, Know i'aeLa, 4® *
4* ▼ |*roapcetora* lloot a, Moreailai, *** '
: Oil C'lothlnit. \* , / . ... 1
>| ( In furt, everything nereMarr m« «C
t Hack < lothlnif. *» front head to foot for comfort- J. "jf
t Itulilier illfinkrt*. v*> utile mill rotncnlrnt outfitting. t
Tnrpnnllii>. ImlltV Mackinaw Kutti Made T ff 0
*"?* Moaqulto-Proof Tent". to order.
C ompare oar \% holeaale PrJeea with thoae of the reaalar retail J,
outflttera. torn pa re the quality and make >nur meiuoraiida. 2C *V
I New York Stores f
Nos. 706 and 708 Second Av., Seattle, Wash. y
-Js Martbeaat C orner C herry Mreef. «L
I'arkngea broken lo ault the trnilr.
Outfit* packnl for Immediate delivery. *l*
-W . IV*
-I -I -f *? *7 *] -i -M *? *j 7 ~'t ~t J i i v f ** -H -l *r *i f"i
E A *T. «t H««H»U:BANU:H «:BU ovr«. *EEO WHEAT, MAR LEV,
I'EA*. I T* .
»KVI) FOR OL H !•«!< E L.L«T
LILLY, BOGARDUS & CO., Inc., Seattle, wash.
| || B> . i.rnln. Flour. I crd. I <Tr#U, llrqn*. llrlrd Frwlt, Etc.
| V ...COAL |
r _____ „ A
0 V
| Makes Heat
1 -**•»-
Saves Aloney |
mm l saivmo s una
Cert Ptln Itrnt ul Flftk • i——. 1
m Bunoma
* mWBBEdWi. WJM, ■
H»L. NARBAI'IiO, Trap.
Hi W? Strktly FiniCUa H»di • Mi
1—1«< M «M mmmetm

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