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T Wa trill iasue letters of credit on our company at its posts— Circle City, /
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v John J. Healy Mlchaet Cudahy Chicago. 111.
0 Dawson. Klondike Gold FleMs J»hn Cudahy Chicago, 111.
A Ell K. Weare . . Ft.Cudahy, N W. T. Ernest A H i mil Chicago. III! m
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a E. E. CAING Manager. X
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X Space for live stock and all cl««ses of freight. T
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♦j. eettle It th< MJrara* V:: tf»s pr e.c«ac»d F -B. Ce ■ Braak
t t Hi >r. th< tot for Alaska.
Democrats and Silver Republi-
cans Are Forced to Yield.
After a Bitter but Unavailing Struggle of Twenty Hours
the Joint Committee Was Unable to Reach an Agree
ment —Report Produced Wild Excitement—Members
of Both Other Parties Had Been Affronted by the Dom
ineering "Pops" Who Insisted on Having the Head of
the Ticket—Silver Republicans First to Give Up the
Fight and Concede the Coveted Position—Demo
crats Make Wry Faces at the Nauseous Dose.
Fusion of a certain kind was effected yesterday by the three city conventions—the
Populistie, Democratic and Silver Republican—that met on Thursday morning, and a
complete municipal ticket was placed in nomination, the Populists heading: tho ticket
with the name of S. C. Cald- rhead.
Not in all the history of Washington politics was there ever a more bitter struggle,
closed by apparent harmony. The conference committee, consisting of nine members
from each of the three parties, remained in session almost continuously from 3 o'clock
on Thursday afternoon until S:3G o'clock yesterday morning. At that hour, to the mem
bers of the committee themselves, no agreement seemed possible. The Democrats and
the Silver Republicans, who together constituted two-thirds of the committee, offered
an olive branch in the shape of a proposition th4t both would support a nominee for
mayor from either party, leaving to the Populists to say which of the tvo should have
the nomination. This, however, did not suit the Pe;>plf's party men. whc, a* events
nhowed. went into the conference with Instructions to Mnnd out for a Populist for the
head of the ticket. So bitter at one time grew the contending factions that the Demo
crats and Silver Republß ins held a separate conference among themselves. Judging
by their own statements, they were highly incensed at the treatment they received at the
lands of their Populist brethren, and unless words are
absolutely meaningless it will take many a day to
p.x>the the pangs of bickering and jealousy aroused
luring tha twenty hours' session.
The latter part of this long >es»ion was spent in the
jffice of Prosecuting Attorney MeElroy, where the vari-
>us members of the committee made themselves com
ortable for the night in an impromptu fashion, some
what after h" manner of a hung jury. Through tho
lull gray of the morning they still haggled and argued
»nd pleaded, but without avail. At 8:30 o'clock they
adjourned to meet again at 10. Again they could reach
r.o asr .'jn nt. and at thcjr reftorted to their re
-pe.-tlve c<j .v<atlons that no I t.-as of fusion had been
A Scene of Wild Excitement.
Th-> su' > <iuent r- -'.jits of the day are shown In the
proceeding", of the thrte cum• ntlons. The report of
disagreement on the part of the conference committee
pr.*U«|.»|v I the real climax of the two days' sessions
of the conv. m:ons. In the hall of the Democrats there
tta-ascet.e ,f wild ex< :t.-mcnt. The whole temper of
! the convention, as displayed up to that moment, had
l« en i>;..in.-t the head cf the ti< k«t to the
Populist*. Th<- ;>eechfs which Immediately followed
I the re rt were Sn the Fame tone. But the appeal to
! national p titles, together with the flr:»- work that had
iilr> ady been done among the Silver Republicans, stem
med the ti!" and carried the day if favor of Ci-«U<n,
! even at the e-*t of a party name and a party head;
i a-1 the I> m->erati; m»m'» rs of th»- conference com
mittee. who themselve* made tho stren*:»>st speech--.!
agal-n fir' r i;:.-.: w«=. r.t hack to conf- r
.Ktin. w.t'-j ! «1 m j -»;«- i t understanding that they yieid
j to the I\ puliKt <i'-man«:<
The Pilv'-r Kepub*. tn«. upon r>~< civing the report
cf their committee, ha 1 already agre d to concede the
head cf the t k-:t to the Populists. What magic spell
charmed ti.era in* > -u-h docile *ubml«*l •« can only he
aurmlard The rn<> n • of t r.t committee
WAS trlef. b ;t to the potn-, an ! ,t 5 o'clock a compact
had been hc>l en the basis of the following r. wr.ivi
t:.">r.» frcrn :h* r. »f-.*rti\ * p*r* >•« • M.«j or
and c in - rr -. from the Hr<t ar ! Nirth' w.trds. i>em
ocrsit*— <" »rp.>rat. h rour.. il, • reasurer. one ■. *m-
1 - < • r*v :• fr~m 'h • K.fth Sivh
ar.i S.ver:h war!- Stiver Republicans-City comptroller. one eouncUman-at-:arg. nnd
councilman fr m the S cond. Third, Fourth and Eighth wards.
And th* r.,m.> ut ier which both Demon#!* and Stiver Republicans must march to
the p-">!ls * W <s' s<ied to be "The People's Party."
After th# « \>>ral . or; vent tons had flnlsb-d making their nominations in accordance
wth the committee'* apror-r-.-ncrt. a ratiSeation meeting was held last night in the
J'-fTerson theater, it » hi* h m. rr.t-ers o t ali thr e parties w-re present.
Fact* U>na( the 1 p|>ortlnntaent.
There are *me f».-\« a it t • :r r.men: of the various places on the t;- kit
wh hW. bird'.- Api- * r t > the casual res S-r. The Populists reserved for themselves
rot only the h-ad of the ticket, which was the bene of greatest contention, and the
l-arty name. » v though it may be a mere shlbb leth. fc» sr.il highly prized by the
Democrats, who ch»-rs.«h the tradir. f former campaign* and cling to th.tr political
heroes with idolatrous devotion. They did more than this. la eelectin* the ether
places on t: •■> t hi t th«-y took as -her JO: « the ccur.cilmen from the two wards
* v *>' *'■*■*» of b* ng carried by the fustoeista. So patent was this
m \e that it wn» brought cut ir the sev- -r.s of the *> r ferene* conunittee. and the
■*»*>■'« I ' mr Way, vera upbraided for having taker. th:.s«
p!a .s Th-y v *row: ..1f»- ti ha ! dve ** for the very reason ai*e* *ta»«d. via.,
because they felt <r.-re *h •« wirds could be em -d aga.swt the RepubTleans,
The result* of the day • * i * complt tr.umph for the Way-Hart combine, whose.
r :, e* *'* r Vl ~' '• * r siid with great pour -al shrewd
re**. thct.*h f*- half . .n * »+r a?;. moon things looked very much as If fu
->n had re* e.v- ia kn »ut ,w jSpeak- r after sp, iker in the I> mocratic eonven
Ceaticued or. Pae> t
TUe People'* Part> (anil
dntc f«»r M«> or.
Spokane Court Grants Mo-
tion to Dismiss.
Newbery, Hyde and Bwyer Are
Discharged From Custody.
Similar Action Will Be Taken on the
laformation Against Olmsted and
Wftirl—The Judise Think* the
Statute May Be Ineonstltuiionnl—
Strict Construction of the Law
Results in the Defendants Helnit
Absolved From All Culpability.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
SPOKANE,, Feb. IS.—Judge Richardson
this morning dismissed the case against
the directors of the Oitiaens" National bank
and discharged the defendants. A. A. New
bery, K. B. Hyde and W. J. Dwyer, from
custody. The same action will be taken
cn the charge pending against the defend
ants', E. D. Olmstead and D. F. W euel,
the other two directors against in
formation has been tiled. Ttie court, in
granting the defendants motion to dis
miss, said in part:
•'I do not think that the proof in this
case shows that the Citizens' National
bank, on the 20th day of November, IS'JJ,
was ir.solvmt within the meaning of that
term as detlned by the supreme court of
this state. Since the UKiuriing of this
trial 1 have carefully considered the stat
ute upon which this prosecution is based,
and I must say that I have a very serious
doubt as to whether *ie statute itself, un
der the decisions and the constitution of
this state, is a valid statute. There are
two conditions, or supposed conditions, of
a banking institution that are referred to
in the statute. One is where th-a bank is
insolvent, and the other is where it is in
a condition of failing circumstances. It
is one of the elementary principles of con
struction of a criminal statute that it is
not allowable to give It a liberal con
struction In order to convict a person of
an offense, but the defendant la entitled
to a strict construction of the terms used
in the statute. Adopting that eonstruc
tuui. a, dcteiulatn. charged wiUa. aa ol
ienso under 'his' statute, would have a
right to have the court construe the term
in the most liberal sense In which, under
tho law of the state, it could be used as
applied tij him. Giving it that construc
tion, manifestly under the proof in this
case, the Citizens' National bank was nof
insolvent on the iWth day of November,
The court also pointed out tho fact that
the proof submitted by the state was in
sewral instances at fatal variance with
tho charge in the information.
Taken From flu* Drpol'nt H«»"»slniid
on Two So«*ce*»l ve >»ttlit«.
ROSS LAN D, 13. C.. Feb. 18.-A robbery
of mail bans occurred here on the 11th
Inst., but is only now nn-.de public. The
mail from Nelson and Columbia river
points arri\t-s in Rossland <3 »!iy about
mHlnlght and is left at the Columbia &
Western depot until tho following morn
ing. Of the pouches that arrived on the
night of the 10th two were missing, and
one of these was discovered In the ditch
about 10u yards from the depot. It wsi
cut open and the contents rifled, ev-ry
letter, whether registered or otherwise,
being opened. It is supposed that A sec
ond robbery o curred on the following
night. Ten bags in th!s batch are- miss
ing and ail traeo is lost. The missing
bags « amr- from Xt ison.
Th« postal authorities declare that five
r .r -*'r-d Utters have been stolen, and it
is no: yet known how many unregistered
lettfr< with money In them may have
1 e»»n tak»n. One of the missing r.-g--«.
ter 1 missives contain'd at least nr., ad
dresscd to D. D. B rks, a local mining
broker. The balance contained valuable
documents or snrull sums of money
Traveling P >stoffl. e Inspector Macleod
arrived her>- in response to a wire
fWIMIHW VIM, of this City, but has
• • ',*r nothing to work *>p n to locate
robbers or find any trace of them. In
-B,— rtor Fletcher's whercab-uts is not
known, but h* Is ex, <■■-*> 5 here tonight < r
i r me.rrc w. The poll ■ arc working on "le
IVrnU«lon for the It. 11»- r F.iprdftlnn
WASHINGTON. F--b. W.-3'.r Julian
Faun- f »t. ha.*» d th secret .ry •*
f Great Hrit -.ln's consent t v >* ;r
:• •' r> f. \: •!. ■n to ,K * :
shall pass over British territory pr-ivibd
t » <irms ir.! a;r;nvir..*-->r. r - i
Cnr.a-.an territory as KIJCP >g». An <-*■ >rt
of t>>m!r.'!->n pall « wiii U- furnished. The
proposition will be accepted.
< «>ntlriantlona.
WASHINGTON. F«-b. 1«.-The senate to
day confirm** J the*- n xnlnat:
c w. r. ■.« *o •• 1 V.v.n at the
Uma "ila n gen i jr. C»retron
IA. IJ. »":■» :<h. t v -e "- : »r of
moneys a: Vancouver Wa*h.
J F. Mr to »- r r of the iar 1
at WatervUV. Wash
J M . rjrvvy.-r general of Ca -
P as*nuLrtetw: W.tiMfljfton-F. A. I>avis,
<~Mkestate. C.K. f N. Ji x»g, H- 1-
lands. , . _
Senate Suddenly Is Plunged In-
to a Tumult of Debate.
Demand That Investigation Be Pushed Immediately-
Spanish Treachery Denounced in Burning Words—
Hale Deplores Criticism of the Navy Department—
Wolcott Thunders a Crushing Reply to an Implied Slur
—The Truth Is What the Country Wants—Awful
Calamity Not a Time for Words—Speeches Full of
Gloomy Forebodings of Grim-Visaged War —Statue
to Be Erected to the Victims of the Slaughter.
WAS HI KG TON. Fob. 19.—The day !n the senate was full of sensational incident#,
growing out of the destruction of the battleship Maine. Soon after the senate met
Hals, of Maine, introduced the following joint resolution:
"That the secretary of the navy he and he Is hereby authorized to engage the service®
of «\ wrecking company or companies having proper facilities for the prompt and
efficient performance of submarine work, for the purpose of recovering the remains of
the officers and men lost on the United States steamer Maine, and of swing the vessel
or such parts thereof, and so much of her stores, guns, material, equipment, fittings
and appurtenances as may be practicable; and for this purpose the sum of 1300.000, or
60 much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated and made immediately
A I.etler From Vrrrlarjr I,onic.
The resolution was prepared at the navy department and introduced at the request
of Secretary leing. who in forwarding i: to Mr. Hale also sent a letter explaining its
purpose. He says in this letter:
"It is deemed proper and important that steps should be taken Immediately to
recover the remainder of the officers and men lost on tho occasion of this most deplorabls
catastrophe; to raise the vessel or to save such parts of her armament and equipment
as may be practicable."
To this the secretary adds:
"The meager Information received respecting the nature and extent of the Injury
sustained by the hull of the Maine renders it difficult to determine at this time whether
there is reason to hope that the vessel hersrlf may t>e raised, but it seems probable,
as she lies within the protection of a harbor and it. not wholly submerged, that much
valuable property may be recovered, if the necessary action is taken without delay.
"Tho vessel, with her stores, guns, material, equipment, fittings and appurtenances,
cost approximately fc.CuO.OOi}. As an illustration of the value of single Items which may
have escaped serious injury. It may be said that the 10-inch guns, of which the Maine
carried four, were worth, with their mounts, S43.SCO each.
"Aside from the melancholy duty resting ujx>n the government to recover and to
bring to this country for burial, if this may be done, the bodies of the officers and men
who lost their lives in this disaster, it is believed that much valuable property may yet
be saved from the vessel.
"In any event, it is of the utmost importance that whatever is to be done in this
matter should be entered upon without delay.
"The sinking of the Maine will be made the subject of immediate and exhaustlvo
Inquiry, and congress will be fully advised of the result of such Investigation."
Mr. Ix>ng states that in fixing the sum asked for, the department Is £t this time
unable to estimate the necessary expense with any degree of accuracy, but he saye
he has conferred with the bureau of construction and repair, and if the appropriation
required be made, only so much as may be found necessary will be expended in the
The secretary- Incloses a table showing the cost of a number of Items of ordnance
outfit of tho vessel, aggregating $.'Ai2.152.
Resolution for tlnrlnl In Amrrlcs. ,
Allen thought it very desirable that a provision be inserted in the resolution for
tTio transjiortation and burial of tho n mains of those 'k> their lives in the
Hale called attention to the fact that reference was made to the transportation of
the bodies In the letter of the secretary of the navy. In many eases, he said, It would
bo Impossible to bring to this country the remains of tl, men killed, as the bodies
w>-re so badly mutilated and the facilities for embalming so inferior in Havana that
already the remains of many of the dead were decomposing, and it would be necessary
probably to bury them at once.
Mason hoped that provision would be made for the transportation of the bodies
to the United States and for their burial in this country. To that end he proposed an
amendment to tho resolution, as follows:
After the word "thereof" and before the word "and." Insert the following: "And
•for the transportation and burial of the remains of the offi ers and men, so far as
The amendment was agreed to, and the resolution as amended was passed.
Debate Forebode* tiatlirrins Hur < londa.
The resolution offered yesterday by Alien, directing the committee on naval affairs
to make ar. Investigation of the disaster to the Maine, wjs then laid before the senate.
It precipitated a most furious debate.
Chandltr of New Hampshlr • thought that if the word "immediate" be stricken out
and the matter be left within the discretion of the commit''®, there would be no objec
tion to the resolution.
Ma?' r. propoxd an amendn:«".t striking out all after the w jrd "resolved." and In
serting the following:
"P,y the senate, the house of representatives concurring, that a Joint committee
of five consisting of time members of the house of representatives and two member*
of the senate, be appointed to investigate the disaster to the battleship Maine,"
Hale expressed the b-.pe that Mason would not press his substitute Th< disaster,
he said, was even now being thoroughly investigated by the exe<utlv« department of
tho government, and that as soon as tang.ble r«sul's wen- hed the facts would be
communicated to congress. "
Hale urged that Mason withdraw his rubstltute, a* it would tend only to embarrass
the executive in the matter.
"I had hoped." said Mr. Hale, "that this entire matter might be disposed ,»f today.
It seems to me that. under the qjrcumst .n es and in the light of th< utrw t fa- nitUs,
i: is Idle to indulge In debate.'*
Hale said he was willing to withdraw his objection to th* re« olution of Allen, bat
the substitute suggested by Mason was even more- objectionable In Its formula.
Mnnon Deuinnds an Im nedlatr Inyr»tlwatlon.
Mason folio*-d Hale in a > i,pi r tew ith sen«a-|nnal utterances. He said la
beginning that he had no dlspcsit; >n to in flam a situation ilready «.> ex iting. but us
f.-It that his substitute was fully Justified by the f" lings and d**ires of the p. ople.
•'I understand," said he, "that the navy de;>Mr*m«*nt is making an investigation
crl the disaster, but I also understand «hat corgi• *s ha« the authority ?«> m tk- an
Ir.vestigation It is a ongre*si r.al irv»«!!g*tl n that p*- r >pU r ar- d.Handing. They
are fast coming ' » the .. n du«t n that matters < mr-ern rig this Cuban affair, including
t v„ i,om« letter in'.dent and the 1. -of the Maine, of *M-h they 0 u» tit know.
are b»-;nc concealed from them. Th>- rcop'e w «nt to know the fa and 'hey srl'U
know them."
Mason said h c did not b re to r ie-'t upon the motives or honor of anvbody, but
he U-;.£K -ted tha? the off! ' »is ef the t ivy department In rt; k'r-g the tnves v
would be trying their own case, and woutd naturally endeavor to cover up any blara%
that m ght attach to them.
"The tr-M.Me w. •» us Is," d» an d Mason, with gr« v • ?ren e. "that we have
R , j Spanish poi. y ' putting everything off t:!! torr, orrow. this db-aster
»o ! .r r.avy and to our country l« thoroughly Investig .t« d by -«v Tress, and then we
shall k".~w that it will be lor.'- right.
*he people h>tve the f- "* They want nothing less tf.an a investigation In
r -• • trie ■ : and t. - b -e. Or!y 'n *-y <.-•* ?'• fact * r-ich ars
k i up In the departments be gotten out. The count-;. ;* t.r.-1 of t!.-. se - ret ova*
s derati- • of **' h qur ::or;» lam not wtlbr.jr to strike out of tv.s resolution the wor<|
•immediate.* Fvery one is Interested in knowing who bb-w up tho Maine, and all want
that information now. Why delay? Why adopt the Spanish c atom of putting off

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