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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 19, 1898, Image 7

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gsuncefl in a ht-slry tore that the cam
*,ft;ee ha i fee--: .nafe.e to a«r»-« with the
f m r c©r.verr>'.-n*
gfj o-fh tr.'- conferer.- - had continued,
f.ls or: in'*;-r..-*.or. at tMut two hour*.
n, j t' ■ a • # fi« >- previous ur.. <
f*..c j. ■ n. a;. tr.» <nitr • •
were U.ec in until 10 ,#>. Under
Am« elf jma-fir. • - i»e w ;-jid rejye»t \hat
ft* iti.rs te* jt ven further time ,n
lafttcli effect a t .s.on, i! one were poa?.-
T'rank Pierre of the First. wa* on his
f»et at o-ice to »e- on i the gallant colonel's
fVi'j**'. by moving an adjournment until 1
gfci<s-k and T * M Pherson. of th* riev
fß'ii. • '» '* on hip feet for <>r agains* ev
gTjr prjpcfi'jon without fail, aeonded the
Ketlor. T.'.r "hair pu• tbe question. Then?
"wa* a (5.. Islsn. a at rone minority of th«s
rv'-ient'.y faaling !n a n»t>vd to
call the c mt? -tee <t f and let fusion slid*.
jpr ; the ti: ' it. Aljti »as declared ear
■ r.\ <t P>puli»t rapacity had by
jio mean* abn•. !. ar.d aft»»r the adj> urn
ir>*n: the d»>ga*e« remained in the hall
Hid on the »tr«-e* I!-ar a> dlar the
object with animation. Some strolimi into
tfte Popu-.l convention a< rvss the »trt-*»t.
IRur,f th-m C v <' <rk Hoi.owav
iFhlle th- re th> :»'M happen'd t »
gem.- rem-irk d«-r .(? »t<>ry to th»- manner :n
tprbich the f'o;•' > > mmlttee wa* a:ting.
«r«d remarkei ' i wat omm r ti k
tuat th' i.on:m!tt»»- had gore nto ronfer
»r ,f w ii «*>•{•••• n<*r ( ti ms d«m ■>d
»•»« I.on'* ahar- of the spoii« In an Instant
b »a» aorr...«r.d»-d by a quintette of Pupa,
an! w »<••«: g ' d.« and »bak-::g tir.g. ra
yarned 1m tT .t he wa.a in the territory of
ir»e tnemy. 1£- *ouid not yield his ground,
howfvar, .ilthough 'i'ar*< i «' of lik. char
acter «*airi»t the Stiver ftepubiUan nm-
Oil tee »ere hurled a - him iralore One big
Populist ae< med to voice th>- «»r,tim'-nt r.f
the party in th* hall by shouting: * Just
>»t >m go ahead and nominate th» lr d — d
ticket and *hcn they'll tin! out whrit
Vtfangth they've got "
The conferer.. c committee wa* ready
♦l»h its report ehortly eftrr i o'clock,
when the convention was sain call* <1 to
Crrf< T ' - ' .
<n«t the Populist r mmi" e had an
»juried a* ita ultimittirr that t!»s parry
w jld !n«t»- upon tS mayor and two
efjun' linen. Ther- were m irmu'f of di*-
a*ttsf*'t! -n thr> igh the hall. Pt»r- ■ who
is said to seplro to represent th- bio !y
F ! .r*' ward In the c-vir.<-!l » u quickly >n
his feet at- iin, and r<*.id n r. - >lut >n that
ft he the ser,«e >f t*.> : cot -, nr'on that ,he
eor.fercnce ommifie c,»r.ced< to the Pop
rfjits tin* may and pre -ed tn the further
pfffom .• of Its duty WlilUm Phil
lip* ' Kitflith, «;• jk■ In favor of the
1 w a*. •j , >•< ■! by M Phermon
elth «onn li"«! He that iha
<ainn)ltt'«> kr.ew the sen»<> of tha conv- n
ts*n in th" matter of cone<a«k>nt. srid th.it
<( Was an Inault to the mamb«>ra of the
rommtitre to Instruct thrm, even If
had tacitly de®jr*il hut upon
fue qncstlon brliitr pu; to a vote It w!\s
f*rr! d without di-» nt "It's aii off with
A#atln now " remarked on* delegate as
" took n ttrl'sk i»u ? i f a water pltch'T.
I ««-U> Mr. Pieree.
If th« nitnor In regard to Pler-e'a int-
Rtlona Is true, he had wored a h!t. and
fu»|An no far a* th* Silver Republicans
ware concerned, wa* practically an ;>«■-
aempllahM faut It only remained tn
whether the Democrat* wora i*.«ri
•wflllnif to concede the head of th« : -k-.t
t V th* P»pullat*. and the chairman •*.* . -e
*PT>olnted a c/->nrnltte» <-on.«l-tlnir r* <"» \f.
Moors. Oeorj* M. Holloway and K, It
Butterworth to '-arry the ne\ya t,-» te a
♦ Jsm'-crsta. and William Phillips a r
Bflerly and Mr Clarke t > >he pop •.
' *ev;.«?». An adjo irntf! tit vrt» tr»k-n un
*'] VI 2:30 o'clock.
fhjrlnir this adjournment j* great many
af the dH.g.ue* r nel In the hall to
l > tgik It all over. It was the srenera'
m«.t am.mg them that a fus! >n should
ba effec.tr*! at any cuet. and prayerful
hop* l * wi re expreHsrtt that the DctDOcratig
invention would FC nvitters in their ITM
-In the e\<-» of the fllv<?rl:»fi lijrht. arid
ibid tn »he pormtlats cveri'thlnsr 1n sight
t f d< miinded Th<» men wt. > bid In the
fijerriini: lM , fnr-» the r»»r.ventlon niet .ind
Sik.-n their s'and airalnst *u,-h an Inver
tehrate oourse. had by this time seen that
*1 'Srv were ;>owerl.«w to tum the convention
; fbeu Ita decision and quite generally left
the hall In disgust
<A* the :!m>» appointed f>r re»-.->nvenir.er
nothing had yet l>e n bcar>l .front the
.t'ern- rats and I* wis nearly ♦ o'clock ve
_f»re strjKglers from that tn
* JfkKitio l fh<ti the eon-rewnn had b-en
practically to !v the pemn.
Crn: , » T t> n the eame to or
, <Wr but wi« imrn- (lately e«!|b»irned u■ !
'■ *' to ellow the iHjriferencs comtnitiee
Urut' to prepare i rep,»rt.
* 411 Thrt-E I'M •<!#* \Mrtublr In In
dorse Hir IV*inn I t >uilll«
I«a «• « r« .
« »T'i » .•; 4 hei.l a la »v'v «tt#nte<l
rati" -4«; on n-. g in ih« iv»p-.il'st eon
v«ntSun hi", ntrf it b*-tw«.n 10 in,l It
% 'ojobwk ft»r an \ vir th# !#ad!i-<r
in the thr«««-> j artt«* tt.«#T«il rain
w-hit*! . aJci m light!* of orv.<vy u;-
mi *p|>r»ej:vtiv# .*t >* ■! ti "11 • e *-a«#. en
* Wlk'h W*»> gt-VijKsJ f.»r lia;»vtl.»n th#
r*n.l!ila' <■* »«, ri<M)iti*t#>l 1>) th# tl»r#o
own #ntlor,-»
, 1* Kn j li-d, •ali' l to tha
ctur by J-.'hn T Condon. "War Hors*"
Will nn H Wh.'# trad# t s:*« ■ -n hi*
*c- -is' .m«<l -irlli k • f 'an w n t* #
•?W#th t*t th# ptutAmtg v-»;''ng d wn
*• ii'S(Mi«*# "f tnff k' r ' o>na 1 .-n • ->
,'ipoil t # it ■■ ■ : m#r !*;d pr.aptt- t
* * r : . U <* f-4. «r#«t
si ' 1 m<• M •<1 11.r ti fii.<on s "uld
J# *ic •-»** '> i v.j» ' <si t'lark
* V t •> ! !*'
'•«< • ! the r ' I #StitictV'il > ' "ie Hrp ib
a u ty. tiik.: g a Hftome '*i \ f. ir# f
I' • r -rt V l' i! •« •• , .
* 1 .*i !•: i* ». .1
jin nm»- ;a >'. v 1» y ).«•>». , .« j, \i\
th»4 • iin.' • ' !H '.,1 Mr I; V * is -
* *
a - i —• t' ' v . ; 1 d#
Ci • ' ■ • • ■ [ht Stan
er Rob#rt t!a it
-11 I '< k!' ■ '• \ • x" . 1 v ...
• aat t t'. I'-ts: - It.trill*. - -er fi'.- ,'s «»;>-
* > Ml .* « I' •
o' i! i«-t :"ts ttuat its prvdi ■ •' o? in*
•ie.t', r -i to the »'ale from \ Popu' t ad
-v %
** • ■
bee 1 a ,S • . A i.rt j 4 ■* 1
j f>l» w. •ire!' -y ;ll»!s * ««f H t a
» • A
t -.7
j J '*rYV »r*n f r v i
a :•
n]«:: & 'w * «L-» . fr. r . ; . \
'• " h •» T *< - • '■*» v ,
'■ .«• \v < ■* *» ; • - r iv • ■ t
• •
*i• < • . te a>v l- a ' t»y
a: ■ , -4- "l Ha J»T "oi,«l .•■vr» u.« thii t' 1 .-
- % : .. r ■ - - .
CO «1* «■ .4 t t U> ' • eae " r mi .« .
r f U* A -4 . .
j;- • or»!■ i.< , .. r#
T- TV '• v r : ' v ■
4*' • n *
Cv •:ore :o nil's" than ar.v
"t w; p- v :.-r; but
| v*'» tio.i't havt to -av :r
Wa.-*i m.nj whv—your
t 1 »«nry : i" you don t
j'Kfc* it. ' u
: S. I. MORI!*
• OBMB MW nv —
• -5 I lr 77
0 ' r " —» *k ' ' /
Z PATBTT iUfcfcß 6U«E 2
• A>k ycur CHtkHT for it, and If he •
• I i r * hm " I w : f K J
? Cans U HII: by express. #
I th ,-'j; • ttt ' g t ■ BHa M •
• tt3• i« :ge •
• •
• VAMTHV OM factory t ppiy *
• the market on a royalty. Wtß also 0
0 • .. foreign territory'. states. or the 0
• •
• Writ* for prices. •
• •
a full day's pay for an honest day's w-jrk.
'>n motion of Mr. Condon a meeting of
the t r .ree city r» ::*r.ti fxtrrwTk:tte» to ar
ranjf • detaiit of tlie cam;- gn wa.« called
to b» held in the municipal court room
ti- f evening, and the r.itifl ation meeting
la.ii of the notninieg was called upvsn
for a V*or* «;iee < 'h in the course of :he
nieettng but aii confined ti • msrivea to
pre<}; -tir.g au.-cess for the party and ex-
P - --- r.z <ippr- ,t i<,n of the honor con
ferred upon th« m.
ffWIS l« ISWE.
Continued F'r »m Page c
orally. Paul I ind of the Ninth ward, ■
nominated ( alderhead.
T imer of th. He ,nd; Mclaughlin, from
the same ward. Harbin, for the Fourth, r
and y Ard;.- f .r t e I-'irst Ahard.
the nomination.
John lie I JILRC-II J named Judge Wlnsor. I
Ro'erf Bridges, a few minutes later, sec- {
onded the nomination cf Mr Wlnsor in a
Npe.. h. w -:mly euloglxing him. Mr i
Bridges -a:»1 'ha* his attention was called
away at the lime or he v. mid have t ikea |
the ph-asun» of n<>nriinatlng Mr. Wins or. I
H- r.-ferred to him as a veteran worker
in the ra use of the People's party.
fe-ty ot.e L.UI t was necessary. It re-
<'«ild«jrhead 19?
Wlnsor «s
The r'«u!t w u» received w.th gre-it cheer
ing. Before Bridges or any of the W'inaor
tnen couid move that the nomination he
nrad'i unanlm .n.s ths chair declared the
result. Bridge* followtrd w'jth a motii-n
to make It unanimous, and this carried.
Overlooking Judgn Wlnsor entirely.
Chairman Fay appolnteil John B. H xrt,
Ku«ene Way anil J N Turner as a com
mittee to ewort the TKirrUnee to the plat- I
form. Mr Cslderhead steepped on the
stage amid the cheers of his partLsans. j
He spoke as follows:
"I do not understand t iat I have b:- n
nominated for mayor of B>-attl« on a'count
of my ability -us a punile s;e-aker. or my
Wi alth or station In life, or as the repre- !
s Mtivn <rf at y fa I " or cli je. I !
etand upon the j latform uii -i-ted by this j
convention. ng; I am for that
platf *rrn and the declaration of principles, j
1 un iers nd th.xt you will demand a
straight, cl <an-out. business administration
of the aft ilrs -f the itv If I am ekeb 1
I ',l-111 • rid. iv.-r. to the ? •»! of my ability.
to .«.-•» administer the office that when I
r all step down it the end of two
will b* nierltln*f the applause which you
now t*j fr-ely kwe,"
Cal<lerh«*d pav«sl down 'he aislo amid <
the entmist.i*t;.i ehe ring ot the delegate*, j
11.» w is v\ irmii i te.l, an I theft
the convent! >n broke up for «cs.xl.
n ht-m, i <>r ii und tint*.
Chicago Post.
Ov»r ,i billion dollars' worth ef profta"ts
i wist. ki-n cut of the > »rth In tht c >uu-
t r y }.»»* ><sar iii wheat. • ■ a and o.tts. If
hay had been included tin re would
have beer, a'.ni st a billion und a half.
A curding to th# statistics f th# agts-'ul
tural department, corn led the great grain
product* if our aoll and lndu«*r\, with
1.901.'"JT 533 h.sis#ia. worth s.'> d.i>?2 :< 2.
wheat v • ».* •• 'id. « ;?h t- ' 1 4t'.l»> l ishe!«.
, w r-.h s4is 547,tri. ml oats brought up the
jr. tr with «2. , \T'. ; r,y r .« huah.ls. worth J147.-
In t, • prodi; i ; n f <• >rn Nebraska,
wr.h le*s* •than Kansas, led all
th# itltM w th MMRIN bushe!«, a: J U I*
po * Wit •ill }u»s :» Wl* I CtoAft
ik.<! I w-.th 2h' ootstrlt'ping both
Kht.- >s ar.d I w;t. with her gt •. si»-r acre
In the pr !n 'in of wh it Illinois !«
fir -* - -w -1 i • • < oni v «-e\ en'* enih,
with <nH 11 '> 3 ; ;-'<>!<■ In thi* c#-
r-n' M • * , •• r v t.» th# fr ■*
with ">. v.!. 1 1 biisht>. and t'.en comes
Kansas with C •••«- •* f ;, 'ir t-> r#-
l«t#. Ohio < ■ Uptvs the third !1 • ■ whc\:
Jrm etan 's at th# top of t 1 # o.it-pro
duclrg states w -th '■ *tM 1»» bi.~ and
I'ljn ■* w:t h Int v h \ ■>< i. r- 1. is a
e!o*<- wcond w 'h W.7i-# «'•" e',«
Alaska and the I* strUt f 1-«
the or.lv divisions *f t !*r. »n that pro
due* nothing In the re f — 'n#
nta'toer. ;iri, * * f Tr. i* kt" * * * r, 2r> ;-
siun.t' H< "'d U the or It '.Mm; thit ha*
any r- <(BiM.mr- to s< rial form in th«s»*
w separated -tr '«
With about t'c 1 w#, the pr>-
duc'ion of hay was wc-fh aln «t is rat h
«.« r l ■ * of wheat. $1 ;»>t"*\ H.tjr
prodU's better vaha« j r it? than < ither
or e«ts.
\ lm«rriiiua'nt*t li.t» Hank.
n.<'tirr.cre Sxsr.
T'.e Frr «b republ- hjs e-Mt s ,d a
c --rt of < %•>•* !.• r* j. s;ivir*s Mnk . . -1
!»■.' t*«i«-.' Nat d' i'\ :»-K' ' » 'n
- r*'V- .'ts .•••-•. -.j'- r!s to Hn I*
(flee S»\i!?*s k, ta'k Of W'lli ti SS
■ rev i\ij t ! i# t"m '■. ■ ' S'
I<t f Jrfnuarv 1 r.<»w <w came 1
fir « h p~ ni -pi: <•* « }»« m.'.eij •
am tint try. dtabif or ea h I ok to J.* «.•
•nn t':v Th« * ' this « i_< *o -
ftn* the •!«.» f th;« *av ,n«s Vuank to '—
c:a«-'-s ' ' w m r »4s oiit nal v !-•=»:•
tut \ 1" « T< t rin de T*l» • <
th# >rr . •••jv-." ! !» !»■< hr <T >.*<
*. V? « • . rh.
t v #r'.- \ \ r | th<- »th rawats h> *-
frait 1*• ii l tho "''t!* rof *■ *
vsrt* dy*' g •*!'' </ • IRI -snte-t t-> ' •>" -
.0 • -nt at t c:v ••: 5 N' *
i v - • f' * " - e 41 e r ' sr " » ■ h
-» •• 1.-'-w ?• f-k» * w*'! «t th# ' k«
* t , » #n c- Is fr:ir # pepr#-
nt r ee".t *f th» *' ••!#
1 r»««t«n f.»r *»lf.
h V* hC \ ' 1 i/l * f:- *' *
■ - n v 5 : r • «■ n o*—r
' -• * *"« 1 T ' '■• if fir t -
m n k<' ' •«• <- . * a t 1'
a \ \ k i > W *
" an; -a*"* ' tn a r' • n?
*' #* * * I"•* ," "A ...» s .
f* f v » V H' \ i ,4 •*'*»
- T «.-< -< ajke' f r the
' - -v : T. «*• -r ' »
f « »r cf « I. - „ , , h .
, . . v;
I * "• ' ef»# l iv h.s is 5*3 «l
--«r * - » ' n '
r*" " ■' th# r . ..{ ,r - .
j- • vh.# r • ' > -k .! ~;-j-
I •i- * - Ml* •. ,'B H. .
Islvador. (he Mnlnatay of (he Ffdfr
nttuu, lilidrant- Vctiuo iUaKß
«*«i by (lUlit-rrri. Who Fat ore 5» I
r*ra«Dt «nd Condroina Uoadarat.
CHICAGO, Feb. IS. —A special to the
Tiia» --He: aid fr..m X<* Or x e*n# says:
Private nforrrati ..n has reached this
port from a-, vidor. Central Ame'ica.
that the Urn rr K-pub.;e of Central
Amer:- i has eased to exist, the principal
siate. tSj.vador. bavin* withdrawn fruia
the union.
This action «ti preciptta «*d by the
step of Gulterrex prescient of da vadur.
who Is a: prrsen• as.-:s.ing indirectly the
re\ro;i>i!oo in N .1 ig..a. and who has de
clared fflcUiiy that the Liberai party of
Huii.aras is unworthy longer to boil
Wliat the Matter la With Abdul
iin in id. Ari'iirtlioK tu an Old Turk.
An int»-re¥nr.< Interview with an "old
Turk" comes by mail from Aditanople.
saya an article in the New York Sun The
"Int- viewer" is described aa a di-jtm
gLibiuti officer who at Fievna. and
who was until recently in high favor j>t
Yii.ilx. where hr was for some years one
of the imp- rial chamberlains, and enjoy -d
the contijence of the sultsn. his
nanu w .did. of course, t.e equivalent to
eigii.n*' his drath warrant. AskeJ the
sotn« wh.at leading question, "la tne sultan
really a scoundrelT' he replied: "No. His
worst fauit is cowardice, sad he is cruel
beca<;«e tie ia a coward." I suppose it yi
<i matter of opinion After ail as to whether
a ". rue: cov. ;rd'' .nay k e rightly termed
.i si un re! or no. Ills ex-chamberi.ua
describe i Abdul as "the lontliest mail in
Europe." M jfeovtr. be U tne most sus
piciou.-'. Me ra. ei;. retire to bis family
cir. le, and puts implicit trust ;r. no one.
As to the responsibility for the t/lood
sh»-d of the pa-.t two years and far the
lo;ii of hundreds of thou-Ir.ds of lives, X
pai.na considers his system of espionage
gulity. addii.g "1 believe he is alarm»-d
at his ow*n handiwork and its enormous
power fur t vil." As for remedy, or change
of reforms, the pasha says: "Absolutely
none. The empire is In the grip of a
proup i»f needy eunuchs and astrologers,
ignorant domestic servants, police spies
ai J .gents provocateurs, who prey u»»on
the fe-ars of the suitan and simply keep
him alive in tli.-lr own interest. Nothing
can save the empire but the death of
Abdul Harnid He will never abdicate,
oecau*! he raimot. Virtually he is a
prisoner in his own pala.e. This may
s-em strange to you, but it is the bare
With regard to Russia he declares: "I
know that the security of the Ottoman
throne haa been guaranteed to Abdul
Ha mid for hss lifetime by an agreement
botw<-« n Russia and Austria. M. tie Nell-
h < ■ • rtainJy pledged the word cf the
czar fh.;t sultan shall not be deposed
by the powers, in short. for all the pur
of diplomacy the eultan is under
the O7 IR JUST aa much ;is th- khe<live is
unib>r the orders of Queen Victoria."
Th'--;. admitting that Turkey is ruined
bej :id all h pes of redemption, he sums
up the British and German connection by
saying: "The German emperor caret enly
for exploiting Turkey fur h!« own sub
je< ts. whom he must pacify somehow in
order to attract attention from the hate
ful rule of his iron rod. He may as well
suck the orargo a* any one else. What
amaxes the Turks who can sc« beyond
their nos.** is the apathy of the British
ration. Instead of being great and in
fluential, aa you once were, you permit
y ir im! i .■*=,"< dor to b<- insulted, not onc»».
t. r twi o, but over and over again, as if
he w re of no more account than the
purtugue®- 1 . or Belgian, or Swedish min
ister. He makes demands. They are
Jeered at. He asks for an audience; the
sv.Van I* bu«-> or ill. We wonder whnt
has happened, ar 1 why you ■are nothing
for the 1 owntrxMen Turk. T tell my
friends that there are ertl influences .it
w>'k which have paralyzed England's
I- wer but T nr.!st own to you that (irmly
.s 1 am onvltv i of the «üban> coward
ice, I also < 'r.demn th<» British govern
ment as i ■»wards."
I'attl's l'lrsl l esson.
S* I.ou's G!ol>e-Dcmocr;tt.
j A blind Air.erii an stir! give I'itti her
f'rst lvon in \ x»al musi.. This is a bit
of hi'herto unwritten hiatory nbcm on# of
tho moat gifted and fsmoua wom-n of the
W 'rill.
In '*32 Mnirir# <- !Trr) ,m
i miit. cjmo to Sr. Louis. With Stmkoach
wa- i w 'man-child of 9 jears. t>- *ut.fuf,
bright impjluv# and self-willed a creat
ure . f • m<- ••.< impatient of restraint,
but itc*nahle to kindness Sh« was his
w.f<.'s s'»vr Ad* lira Pattt. o**stir#d t be
■ tr. a -i' .i-r ear" :.g 13,-10 for a. single
? h arr.mg#tl for a series of con
certs He sr>d tbe child hid :\partmenta
sf fh** old Pl-ntcr* hsus He had busl
i-. .■« *.i -,•;*•• »to In e day. and having
-■ ' k '. r Ale'.: ,i ht. 1 -iced her
in h'« r- m j- « r*- ert* J it. When Strak
os-'h -ame in to T>r* p*r» for th** concert he
f :* ' the fur* it :r» a wrc* k Adelina had
str sh**d the p'.c>.;roa *orn the bed cloth
.* il. f i ed the f'.jrn are thrown ink <»n
•he « :|ls -In sh »rt. d <r.» all the d*mige
th»"a h i.-' -t#mp»r#il little vixen could do.
Uerr Strafe 1 laid her across I s knee
and sparked h*r.
N't v " ds V ! e : <-lip price.* w .j ff .
► '• !. an ! so were the work of de?tru> -
• ;tnd :►.» < i 1•! ir. Jttrnk vs- • 1 1 t; ;
wish t i b# har«h b'.lt h» knew of r, > other
way to t • trol h< . That way was ln
eff* ■ tive.
"You may ?■ it tr.e to '.* ath " * ,1 tie
I chlbl. "but I will not be locked up. I
; V. ' fc lUt I van* t. l«e free"
Strak *• ' ft'-'d with I">r I' k T'.e
• > .d f -jrid, i th# Ni ." vi -, ol
j fn» t> . Mir 1, at d ti* k great pf:d# in it.
■<.!' ! her to the school f r the blind."
-,d he "It * I jmt;-*# her and » - wi'l be
j f ■-«.». .sr. e in teaching the b;iaj ehil
• dren "
N -xt day, Instead c-f being lacked up.
\ >, wvs taken to *he s. 1 >1 for the
I i. Th# first p ;ptl in tho «v 1 was
1. ft • Tay. >r ' I'.igt t. r f t'apt Th m*s
H, Taa r v* r Bt| '.i n k- t* . '• a St
Ptu t N-w OrkaM Bh# was a natural
mu*!c:an ar.l p*:>-es- i cf an exqu site
\ f. \5- ! n and M -* T .»>r .k■ 1 a-h
r The Mind s r l ta ;gh' the ;; -'.e for
eigner to read notes by th# touch, and
ti < < were «'-t<;,rg together ttk« a patr
i t'eushe* A«|e r.a'a v•# for th# first
■;r > Rave .t" 'tr-iS# of tie rare ■ \ ■■ -noe
* it -anr*' ;p jt * th mit:*'"i. Sir*'". -•-h
•*T* is a f 't-.-i# tn her throat."
He had discovered ko'J
Ktlqarue ttir
R Ta't : K/'i ir "h# Cer* ->
S a', ft' -r'te «tky g t v Arab# !• a
'*c" - in fe : > tv- >x::! l»r»l »e* • v
« v * _<h ;}ve in. r.« then ■» ;
t ■"■■■> It« ct -gat. r* ar«- r • ' *
rr iete'v a'ji'.tr'd in a few n.
> m t nses when 1 hav# he 1 . "npaai,:.s
v. h asr presumably thoriij?: ,y m *i;t
* a thing* M * rtrr j«: ■ *
. f * a«i f- fc v* V »
*—-ii rr- • 1 1 v » r-.e t>;
gt *' * ••# their ■ .» r * • i
Itf -*m could .rr -<■ at] j.
* v tr! .if cona:d#ratl r. TI -s r.,
vr r Irst: <*-' t »*-» *
\r th:.»» a *»>>■■- ..-J «a -.a *h«
* re -if h w'e • ,IJ , -,t.ci « >
tlx. l.t to him * C M* aa-rr- nanaa mv
terlr reseated. Cc rr.9 oci is.on I nearly
n.-« -e a * an. -r b.-t -cr. I wa- -.-.v.ud I y
a ■ she:k to go or ;o «.-e
h:tn, sii.d was on the point of riding up
to ."its tert do." and antnouaußg taere.
F rtur.atelv. h wev».r. I recollected .n
time that etiquette •. ma: ded that i 5..0u1!
ta.: t.i'j j.it s -ft. a.;d in a ioad
vol -e: "Have I your ptrOi.asion to ap
proach'.'" This gives time to bundle off
any cf their w . m« - :k.*..u who may be
about preparatory t the a.'.ni,s.-..-n of a
stranger, it L? curious, a.so. ;c notice
that in spite >f the rrai xxiMing
be.ween father and son. the str-.se of re
spect dominates ail other feelings, and
the sons will never sit at with their
father in tne presence of a * iest. but wid
wait upon both until the fatn.'.r, rising,
allows them the opportunity of break
ing oread w.th their visitor.
Provided, however, that you recognise
their social customs, my experience has
proved the Bedouin to he genuine, warm
hearted friends, and they rea.-ly become
greatly attached to tn -e whom they
know and who know them.
of Uarninu tu t>uld-liuuters.
Baltimore Sun.
In a few weeks the tide of adventurous
travel, which has been held partially in
check for several months by the ijarriers
of i « and snow will b-.gin to flow again
toward the golien regions of the Kloin
dik.. and we shall probably witness such
a rush toward Dawson City and the ad
jacent territory from this and other coun
tries as will sur; JSS even the srtat m ora
tions to California in IMS. Many thou
sands of men, and not a few women, have
been busily making their preparations
ever since last fall to move on the Klon
dike at the earliest opportunity, and it is
likely that there Is scarcely a village or
rural community in the country which
will not cuntilbute its quota of fortune
hunters to the grand army which will
soon L« heading in the direction cf the
llasksn mines.
On the great majority of those who
have made uj their minds to go, worus
of advice and warning will be wast'-d.
The hunger for gold sometimes b*g« ts a
sort of madness that cares nothing for
r<-ason or facts. Nevertheless, in view cf
th*> near approach of the season when it
will b»- feasible to reach the Klondike, it
mav be well to pclnt out once more thi
necessity for thorough preparation for
the enterprise. Even those who have been
systematically arranging for the Jour
nt y and for life in th-' arctic have a hard
road to travel to reach the land of gold,
and a trying ord< nl to pass through after
they have reached It. These who set out
imperfectly i-quipped and trusting largely
to luck will have cau>* to regret bitterly
their temerity. On this point there are
no dissenting opinions. All the witnesses
testify to the same effect. Comparatively
few of those who go will make their for
tunes. The great majority will return
sadder anil poortr men. We hear of all
the cases in which great "finds" have
been made, but the far more numerous
cases of failure and disappointment are
not recorded. Luck may count for some
thing tn the early days of new gold dig
gings, but with such a crowd of eager
and seasoned prospoctors . and miners as
have been on the ground for many
months, will play but little part in the
future. Newcomers will have to enter
the> lists against experienced rivals, and
If they are to succeed. mii3t go prepared
to make a systematic and Intelligent
study of the situation and to remain long
enough to develop Its possibilities. There
is unquestionably m >ney. and big money,
in the Klondike for somebody, but not
for everybody. As a rule, the sume quali
ties which bring success elsewhere will
be necessary to sue - s there.
«old mining is no child's play under the
most favorable conditions, and In the
Klondike nature has jealously surround
ed htr treasure with saf guards of every
character. Joaqln Milb r - s letter gra
phically describes some of the hard
ships Incident to life In that region,
and while the brief summer brings
relief from the intense cold, it possesses
other discomforts which are said to be
almost ns bid. Persons who go to the
K'or. like half provided with necessary
clothing and equipment, or without money
to procure such things as they may have
overlooked, w ill find the experience almost
unendura! It* rmi will hnve carse to bewail
their rn kless imprudence.
Th« T v. ! >n World gives this a* an il
luatrat n of t' ok- < n humor of the recent
!v 'rr-'in-- d J slice Darling: On one or
car >n. h •r> Mr <ll i <s* r.e w b»-glnr.ing
to give as t!v lead irt the house of com
in ns to rtlr Will im Harcourt It was no
ticed by -he nv mNt-. that he left 'he
1. -Si at the • Iii"!« ■ r hour, and J?lr William
Harcourt i«1 for the reft of ttM witting.
Mr l>ar!!ng onf evtnlnt drove Si- William
to furv, on fa!Jlng :<■> elicit a definite an
swer to in in-jury. hv ca-'uai'v observing
In the -o irw of his speech: "I have no
ticed that lat*!y the ;»nrty oPP'Site ad<>pt-
Inx an i'i ■ :<t pr< • • ten", haw ft tip a
greater light t<» rut— the day, and a lesser
light to rule 'he night."
Oe. rge T. I>>wn!ng, the well known col
ored man of N* wuort tt 1 nml « paper
!s«t we k entitled "Th- Negro I*r<>Hl m
Fully DtoeaMcd," before the Hkrtoric-
Oen«Ml«g;e;i| .-\r >tv >f Has 1 in. Sjsak
lr»K of Die paper, the I'aston Tr r,?-ript
says: "No m--re fir '!>!«» vi« w has been
brought for* ir<i. nor ar.-r light thrown
upon ' • ■ !em n !*« present «tar- t K in
that . ff» r-d v v th!s f »mf-lend of Sam
per. whfKp 1 fi-lrvnjr a!-n soft h<v«
been to 'r-M and to beget increased re
for -H outraged class in \»n•• r in
letv. We ur, l»T3«'and that this accom
plished gentleman, who*«' chair
manship <* the Ka<t< :U h.-.H meeting at
; I t'me .>f th. iw *■».: ; ■ <:■ d|. .itlon w ill
; b< r-*r«»mb. r> • * !ealr >us f i-• r,"ing
I h's v (htwhwt, to be of service ;n
e! vVmg law-- "
F w people nr.- aware of th* 'act that at
t'i>- *me whi' t• >» ia' ■ Edw r 1 Eangtrv
; n> »rr:--d :h.- "J< r>. : !v" in >~4. at the
ace of 2»' h» wa- a w lower ;»? the father
'cf a d-»a*ht.t 1 >• ia. t.r. : ? ght tip v
: t. •• relaMw- of 1 « Mrst w fe. .nd wh
I ex st*t:c.» •.:»« R w beer ignored hy
h'« frb-nds !« w» 1! as Uv t'no*i» of his <■> c
.: ft ;f". 1 -■! >v .tf- .ft trd » i dm to
'* ich. hs ?■ * 1 famsfoi •*,
i *" >T •"" * ' ! ' r ' ertv 1: .a- vi Mr.g in
1" t -• •' •SI ' f : >r.i !:
! had been uad«rHkeo« until BOW th*t thu
• • a i v ■ ; t.' Mr- I. •r . • . h • ♦
Kir iPP'-arance of :. n n.fhcrto rg
j n rtii r- aaaghter of hers may w»,iMy
: 1-<!:..••• h« r ;a n a.» <r< h»*r
r ' "■ ' e •• li'h.i :g -• i IS
rot given a« > : ier inrention of w thdri v
i- g 9 • d i »
cf .re ar.d a v- rv beautlfn! sr!r! having
jrera v- . r* «-■ r-k ; flr«t step*
to • ; fe • '••• •* of th'. U - rted and
unfortunate husl-ars w 11.
What is Scott's Emul
6ion ?
I: is the best cod-liver oil,
pdrily digested, and com
bined with the hvpoph >s
pliites and glycerine. \\ hat
vid it d) ? It make
t.ie r\> ir Mood i»r the an.i mic
rich and red.
i- will give nervous energy
t the ervvii-Kcci brain and
nerves. It will avid Hcsh to
the thin t Tin 01 a child,
V 1 lr<> n fat-starvatiun.
It i eve-vwherea inowl
edgv-.i a- The S andard uf
the W" »rld.
•i. . i •
I «' * » •> V • t., .■> t * w<4
itr *zz*-*xw
*ZZ* * • • ♦ ♦" ——♦ • • ♦ <
!|T |ti?
,{♦{, Put Cow and Dairy in
M Your Pocket for Klondike. 4 J?T
F — j{| t.
■- v a M,
J TtT I WW Yield With Three Minutes 9 Beating, One jfj
Day's Supply of Butter and Leave for Drink*
*«*j itig a Half Pint of Sweet, Not Condensed, Milk. Tj '
♦Hr The Highest Award at Mechanics' Pure Feed fair, "iB"
| i*i San Francisco, £
! j1 I J Office and Library. 31 Post St. J .
+T+ j ' an Francisco, Oct. 12, IWT. <►>< ►
► j The Russell Milk and Cream Co.. San Francisco, Cal.: €
;TX ■ Gentlemen: I have the honor to Inform you that samples of your "natural < ►/O
cream" have been taken from your *took, and same have been analysed by our *
{% chemist and found to be absolutely 1 ure and of an excellent ch.»racter. It complies C +
X with all the pure fo.'d regulations In connection with this exposition. The abova C i ►
article wus selected for use in the Mod»l Kitchen on account of Us superiority and <M> <M>
1 jj excellent quality, and where articles found to be absolutely pure and not deleter!- C <►s < ►
ill ous to health are used. T
{% Thanking you on behalf of the Mechanics' Institute for your exhibit and con- \ A
O, \ tributioa, i remain, Youra respectfully, C
f ARTHUR SEYMOUR. f ♦<>><><►
1 Manager Pure Food Department. 30th Industrial Exposition. *
Don't Believe This. Hxi"
4* Come and See It Done by Demonstration at ~L
<|H z. C. MILES CO., T
No. 122 Yesler Way.
!(jT CONNER BROS., Second Avenue.
{gt, GOIN6-NORTHRUP CO., First Aveuue.
(♦T C. FRED LAMOST, G Colmaa Block, Ascnt (or WaiblaKtea, British Colombia, Northwest *T
IL j Territory and Alaska. T
Is the working capital of humanity. He
who loses that Is wrecked Indeed. Is your
health falling; you, your strength, your am
bition, vigor, vitality wasting away?
Doctor Ratcliffe
F r the speedy, safe ar.d permanent cure
of ail
I.iEf-ases even In their most argravattd j
form.- Ther •ia no man In the world who
; ir t'f t--d s inaiiy permanent .ur»s lu
both Men and Women of troubl.s wh: h
tb'-r physicians of acknowledged bi'ity ,
!ii f aup a# hopelt as this eminent
n. - r Vur.NO MIDI'LK-A'iED
i Ol,L« MEN The uwful eff»-» ts bt neg
i. ud >r Improperly treated casej, caus
s .ir .ins. weakws of body and brain.
■'z- r• • • fa ting metr ry. la-'k of energv
:,.{ oi. . i-r jaiiiii in back, lo'r.a and
k. ; v.- *i;d many other distres.vng syntp
tj.r uiiflttlrig or e for study busings* or
t yment o? life t>r Hatcliffe can cure
in r *!■"> or wha* haa faded.
w.**k men. Organs of h* bo.l> wh eh
havi* 1 - n throu*n d
rw rk «x eisea r Indlf retiotiß are re
• torf-d to full power. -"Vrer.gth ar.d v gor
• r. ,«h his wn auoctssfui fjs'.trn of
treated with unfailing «u<.
■ . ,ete.. wh;r;. naglccted of ,m
--. . r • c »d fc't k ' vvthe «>-teni
tv. i\ Sney and R'.od'! r d lease* etc
.. «tt«.l.an giv.r to ad the: ni.t.y
l»r Jlati t'-iay If > a . r.r.o' .-all,
9- m. H s valoil > -. fk fre# to ; ;
.- • - NS I.TATION .'iit... , t:M I j
E. M. Ratcliffe,
713 Fir*>t K\e., Wash.
• r.. »t \»: h i ten Prop.
Ik vi/ -j.jlj a: n ■ SmAi
i#M »»' »n f«rti ir«„ i
*a«»«a •»4 Mmrum
The largest and Finest Stock of
Ia to Se Found at
Albert Hansen's Jewelry Store,
Skilled workman for fine watch repair lng. The moat complete Jewelry manu
facturing department in the Northwest.
S. R. WAGONER. D. D. S., Post Graduate. .
Teeth Mounted on Rubber, Rubber Aluminum Lined, Celluloid, Aluminum, Gold
ITIES OF THE MOUTH AND TEETH. Porcelain Crown and Inlays.
I Guitar
Will be pleataed to hear that we
have Just received another large
shipment of American guitar*.
Th<*»e instruments are standard
size and arf> made of solid oak, fine
ly polished, having ebony flnger
* board and bridge. The paient
5 heals are of the b»st American
£ n:ike aril evry detail In tho con
| *t ruction of th**e guitars receive*
e the m-«t careful attention. For
S tntiA .-I' d a< urai y no guitar sold
tt a' th< s.ime price »h>-m. Call
I .it our stf-re aid esamine these
fi it !s f t'ether tv;;h „r *tr> kof
g Curt!*!.-, W istiburn and ther gui
lt tars.
£* 8 ond Av-r. -ear.d Mjr n Street,
f #
/.a-i t•* j forru ©i t> t>a.Actx wviUfi' •
t-.r-j .£# it* a.: /•'«./. biLAit'r4
\ » A Hi*B. S i ' - *-•*n' tt
•ah* f *i» : »i» 5w «■««•-» *: 4r
i: 6k 0"' * w»«.'h !'oj l«< * -J h ,a» - ..!•
tes n * - '*»* •d4r#*»ir.g
liUMI CO., Marshall. Mie*.
Offers for tale two centrally locat
ed wharves; other water front
property; n large amount of tide
lands; but ding lots between Rail
road avenue and Western avenue;
buain> m* property upon First ave
nue. Kir*; avenue south. Second
sr.il T lrd avenue* and Yesier Way;
four business blocks; a number of
beautiful t residences on Denny hill;
a fico heme In yueen Ann»; resi
de r.< in otht*r parts of the city;
a.-id <i li'ge and choice ilst of resi
de:.ct- property We handle on!y
perfect title*. Examine our ilat
before buying elsewhere,
Rocm 23
Dexter Norton & Co/s
Bank Building.
• +++ilH++i++l- H-Jri++++++ +•;
' fliSil !
IU |
r +
. + { " + | | K++i+Hi+i+4+ !

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