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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 25, 1898, Image 14

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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f » »*OIK
St.W A:.»«.vA TENTS,'
per; l re';.re; r.y- tre r< xuia'i jfis
prepared f ,r miner- x ■ ;n .°
the Kionr: k<* r»*J'» via the pis-'c
ra.- iia:e !, »■ duti*.» aid , . the ;<r--'er
pap* rs in tb*- hands of tb# miner, ready
to peas the tuttobi houw a*, once on ar
rival Wf ar« autr*cr »»-d by the col
r of mil /m« to do th •> wt-'k and
ear. guarantee that cur paper* wjU t>e
a < pt»-d by t « < u"<imi oft. e at I.a k e
Ta»:*h. A. F. Englebarri: 44 Coim.in
H T KAM^II: I* PKJ.N"! IN'i vs> l,a.ve out
fitted a doaen sr-am- .ip com{»arites with
a fid; line of -*■.*»■ 'y J pr.ntmg.
»Ui giv*- you ti.e b> r.eftt of the experi
ence ga'ned; our ' • oj» <tr« the ic*t, our
wt- rijfiit. \I-trop-.ii»a«< Printm* ar.d
Binding Co.. I/etie: Horton Hank
lr.«. J- ir»t avenue aoutii and Wasnirm*
fflti ov. r!.»nd r <•••-•♦ I ••• -rt ov«»r!.«ii I
t'» T'-sl!fi b«ke iiout M-»r 2" with T: *i rj
of nark mai-. ,tri-l . ij»*rli'<ice<l
ar.o f < . ! <k- ' i?ri!» for party of G jr «>
rn«.-n. c: irx • m .'J»-r.«te. e*< elient r»f.M
•ttf-i* i- r iiar- wrste U. H Bot<s
- 44 M iiii kvi j. S:> aan<% Was.
ItKAD AI»VEItTIf* ESIKNT of Crystallised
F.g<* Ninth
IKJII CHART Elt—St. Michael. A 1 L*ik
entlne 1.2u0 tuna capacity.
I OP. SALE Ship r."sC'> ton* capacity.
< all or w.re A Ft (' Code. Tracy H. Kob
e-f..>ri, (4 H .ll.van i.uildbijc
VWSKI.S. large and small for sale or
charter Do you want freight *h.s,ped to
Klondike 4 S. • Dempsey, vessel Liokcr.
112 Columbia ittreet.
Fi >H HAI.E V w able *• busier V*> ton?.
It,.i .**. Ballard.
READ AI'VKIITISI Mi:.NT of Crystallised
K*k» Ninth page.
ALASKA 1 "it KliillT \1 sail* t>r
S' M> • 'jael Miy Ist. will arrive there oy
t e • -s;e the )< <■ 1» v\• •* th '«»iy. deliver}"
of fi»*ljr f it «n ii' brain at St. Ml'-h.i -1
{uarant» . d Por tat«* aiiplv to P C.
tell, r.»m C Ol> in|M' hiock Seattle.
Refer* n. e, Pimt National kink, Seattle.
Oily a li.iuiul • » l,ik« Hennert Apply
Inanei', »*• ;>■ • . Will: im M ' >rn»:. k, at Se
attle Trading t >. 1 lt> Pir*: ivenue * u*h.
Ai'vnn ISP.MENT of ~-| innii
I'.Zgv, Ninth page.
I'I.AIXS for sale; on each of the thr.-a
proposition* vie only want small each
payment it; wm't* will tike you Sn, put
you on claim* and take balance of pay
ment nff bedr«H-k
1 2 Ml) »>'-f»*if fractional claim on Ameri
i iii »[«!• adjoining • laima ;«»:ining |2l> per
day to man.
| <». A* Infer--** In full claim on American
wide out of » .ich lI'MAW was taken last
> ear
j- JNI v lute-, <t in one of the i» *t claims
on Quirt* cr -ek
Iternrmb r only want small ci*b pay
fltejitii imii'M a'l ""'en at our of
he. I. il* \ !{•*? ril *Co f.li Jtalley
bulltPmr Telephone. M tin i>
IP TOP HAI > A «;<»<>!» CI.AIM what
time. expanse and w i•?e of provisions you
<-mid save
u P IIA\ I-: •;< »«»O «'I VIMS
Onlv respond bte i-artl . »i!
M H CU \SP. A CO ,
IIS Coi anbla St
SI I.!. T"l>\\ oVI H A !>K NiTltl.sr
IN t"I,A!.\l HAT IS l*ROl»F»'lN««
THIS WI.VTKH «>N ii ' NT! it i'HKKK
ft rAKi:H IT ToI'AY oNI.I C.VI/,,
FARM i 'AS i»! >\ 4i> U ASiIINUToN
CA it!.! :s fr.-'n our n !«a-.k w !.«h all
the rr« ri* >ri •is claim* ** e can get In
both Klondlk- »nd Alaska to {>.- h in
die t withir *> d iv from r arriv li In
N* w X ■* i'ti»d>. 4IS \\ i*atngton
I'OR S.\! i h:' e v>; >• <•? F.mr
ulacer mir... I'.'*'. Addt.-a I. /. care
Post-lnteltlger.e- r
R K M • Ap\ KKTT!»I V! NT of OfllHllt
Kkk * Nlr' 't J- tge
ttlll Mil -Mi 4MI HV
I'UH SAI.F SUuti ' *• m •:'■ h> ga*oiire
boat, ;iw long » « >i> < deep l> :« of fre*-
l,i„ >l. auitable f'« Shi.- »v or lu«
could liivli l>e Ukrti ver til t
taV ■ « A, , > C l«i ' k lsr i . \r«.e:
fTKAMSMir* ron A im»-
le« '. or. ot ch»ap ior air. auit
a :' I t» w S-a ■* J d A -W.k
S i ,)*| \« «■ tf- it > !5Ui I Ili'lffltN
« ) r i ? »tr ! New \ ark
KOU SAI-K Qm KkMMf W ton* net
one laik x so' •• »!«> ha\e !■ »rk f. r
t ihe 1 * siTe A St» 1 x -4i-i a:..1
V. >U sv; r i • • . . ;»
cla«« (Mtltlwii »Uit*N» to rur> from
t>ni' ! i'\t . \ \\ \r. hony.
"vi Savser »^rr.l\ r'a' s'Sr
f\>K S\!.! S . » «Mr .-r •
J* *•<«• 4 ■« n « tn i ' ir.nosg or
dt-r Ri4t|i 1! lta» Center. Waatt
KKU> kD\ I R II9KMBNT of «;allt»*4
I <ii N *f
N: \\ * is-.A v: v r » « routao.
I*'' ■'•••' I < ..«* fitilh ri!v<r. ikv.
|»',s .. « .j. > uii' liv- J* \ kon
liti.il K "-.j- »tr «fr 5 th# meat 1U
th :i at)»>\e •. i, .«,«* lv«
r . Jk ii vt •"o i'ut .A a>k4.i
l-.rr, • Saa.
a: tSK> v v \ I • !UkFt
\Vri v f ' 1 i"* t* A" \R Pabiiah
t S > • N . %
« I »*U t «.t IIHC
1 .5' . ' » » ir* •»;.
• x •'* r turnl* » f - I I ,-*■ i»»
I I . *.»*r t •-» \ a-a* »•<•«
i .a*. j*a «. tr e."..< vrr *>*e«t
foe W n Of) » "lil-'iake :a» ' • of
" ' r, >« - » - '' O ■ V V> e.
W it>> , or -W H >. a», r. .r
KIOMIIKI *ll lis
ti «t - >«4 * ,« » , ..a.
\\a» ■ *•. - > - - »• -•*
a - . | . ■ N f■ t! 1-
Kl oMUKI Ovi. t
A! \- s v > ; ,v .;
1 -< • • s ■ n
.* ' *" * '• W
1 #a. i tt * a."£.
nothing better to- Alaska . ,_
Army cavalry trousers, ail wooi—» -•»
Afroj *ater-proof and wooi-lined
f Oft IS
Army hieh-top regulation boots -
AT my wool bat* *!
Army «rooi mitts f"
Arsny canvas over-iiai J
Army Arctic * ™
Araiy rtrtndirf w*b b*-itf ■■ , *
Army SpringS* id rai. 4'. 'arbir.es . <*»
Army park*, neavy canvas *J
Navy kniv « *»
f overcoat* ®
Water-proof wool over oats 3 '
Kui-.;«er oiarikeia *
w ; tx.o » t' rt. A.... i?
hes* > ar.vas grub t>ag» -»
V. ater proo' black oil ;oth grub bags -•
for llanldt - ri
I'".-r ng i.a- k-
Army i alfskin glows *
'ferita * "
C. »th v*t» 1 *»
Night caps *®
learner bej-.« !r n r>u kle *"
Canvas and *f»| belts 1 '
MMmhb. ail wool * ™
CMnch !!a prote tors for neck and
shoulder* ,a
Other goods en route.
m: First Avenue-
Outfitters' Roods stored free _____
$1» HUYB a fomii'fte Klondike ou'Ht;
j;r(X'er!eji hardware, rSot.vnK.
•hoes, tent, »l»d. etc., of good qual.ty and
everything need*d «; Coffin Uro-. 30 Oc
< id» n' il avenue, and 11" James street,
F SHUTE & ' 0.. 1010 Second aveno*.
opposite B alto Complete mining out
fit furnished, low.-? prices.
goods; estimates special rates to
parties of ten or over
COMPLETE Klonike ou'fl' tr«nsr»oria
tior;. fr-ight iind Insurant* for lIC7 ' .
''.ill and -ee |t Own until S p. m.
R -ira '.y. New York bufldinK
l'«»K SALE I<>» prospt'etorw" at
>i»?.;le prl- e Al.isk i Gold Mining
«' mp my t A merit a. rwm 724 New York
Exx* Ninth paxe.
I'NEXPLOHED crtek* on American wide;
Firfa e 5:io»»« 2 to lo cents, party uow
ot# nixing, tfuide mx years' experietn e
In MnrK! lo< tllty will go with party; very
b' «t of referenced from seven of the most
prominent now in Startle.
I>»ul- A Rex ford & Co., Dlj liailey blo<:k.
Telephone. Main 4-T
GOLDEN opportunity to make sv> a day
at Sk.«xw.iy or Dyea. )3.yw required.
Box iS3. Seattle.
Exxs. Ninth page.
Uo notuing better lor tbeir sons and
daughters than to leave tnem at Vashon
Collex* while tluir home Is broken up.
Sn« il are given to toys under !•> years.
Number limited to 14 C atalogue and
other information by addr« s.ing Presi
dent A C. Jones. Ph. D Burton. Wash.
BACKS—Vou need them; we make them.
S-. us ami you will buy them Seattle
M ittress anil Uphol*;ery Co., 1512 Sixth
avenue. between Pike anil Pine. Tele
phone. Pike 103.
\\ ANTED Parties going to the Klondike
can secure a "lay" on a fine mining
claim, providing they are responsible In
every way. Address p. O. Box »T2 for
further information.
WANTED- Going to the Klondike, see M
It Crane & Co. 112 Columbia stre t r; have
fine mining claim we want worked, sure
thine, reference* given and required
\N ANTED -Party of three or four respon
sible men. with references, to take a
"lay" on my mining claim Call on S I-.
liryant. 112 Columbia street.
EK«!' Ninth page
FRFlf.ifv ANl> PASSAiIK T<» ST Ml
rm'i and l>aw*on «"ity. knocks! <l, .vi
Ixi.i v boiler*. etc. at reaeonabl<* rat> •;
► l '■< k»i facllitPia will contract with ;iat'
ti>s to takw freight and passenger* to
St Mi •t< 1. first :<>it will leave Seattle
iiln :t April Ist, t > g:ve jwrtie-a a chan<
t » bulid rl\ • r t.<\at« before Yukon «[» us
tip For fr-.ght .Til passage apply Se
attle S: Mti hiel a I>uu*on titv Tr-ins
portatlon Co. It 2 Columbia gtreet
wat«r — An oruan'.aation now
p rfi t.d limited to 3c metn'ter.; only
contracts now completed rood om>or
tunity for th* right people. <"311 at
room tS Colman butldtn* Oi»cn even
WHITINQ B pro jm m-c mmMm: vflfhi
j • .!« ija iror uir-• 1 the most essen
tial artld. i-i out fit t it' for every pros
1-- or Sal--r • rr,« /. <" Milfs s'otr.
I'Anjr lis and 124 Ye»ler way.
M.«»NI»IKK Kro«t i:*«rtctor. invahia; >
for Kl.>n»!ike not an exjveriment, a dem-
O" traie.f <"»U and «ee I! S« e
<ur Wonde" Gold Waoher Foot Colum
l a «tree! on w f»arf
KNOINKS for Kio-d ke or an-, .the*
ulace ctatlonary or marine, (jeoi Sluts,
"je; Western avsnue
I Ol'l'l H lll\l R 1 H I« 1 I<l\
A FKW mora t kef* ieft fur Oopper
ilver «. •.• -r.-r ;aili Saturday the .*t!i
its A Reafocfl * 00., US ltaii*> butid
I Ing I'hone. Vt liri ti*
FOR COPPER RIVKR ftchoanertt !.■<«
ret e » anil atvwut l'» ?>r :arv 2?
i paaaaca applj to A nswi rtb & l'mn. fo«|
| of I'ike street
| v * 'l'J'l'lt !t!\ Fit S ■. <
a. out Vit ' t-r I'ort \ aides. Apply
t.»m JT S iiiivan t'ubdtr.g
r.r\!> a:<V! itTISK MFNT jf Cry*talltsed
ftggs Ninth page
hi OMUKI' —MI *>t >i,l H *I"H\ 11 It.
TIIK -\ okl M .* !!.• Pa; >•
t *i if ,-«i< t e only fi t'tlee f r dis
pa! :n< no unw.'snry
d> .» t."e \ is- Th- (UOhHla on *
>U •*« . of ■ ■"• ** n ' s. alt - 1
IS ' r t ■- purpoaw of sff.ird ng . v.fe a : --d
a - • of 13. .*><g - • t \ -a i
1 . n i Northwest \b m a«e i - „ -<
llfiii will be dtapafebed a* nearly a« poo
•s * M " • *h and £th f . h men:i
mmum r< t•', r ' 1 ad tntertwd ate
; . ihei Of. v aw : . .... V , '-
atiiH -♦ «;? b » ste-»« to an* jv*r; »f
N. r at K. : • • > H • ■ -
% .f.k K O Oravea. iirslli in flk«ttb
*' *•* ■ s' nmer ioft . « c 4.4
R'jrk' ■* a >'att * C K Hjta« !i
* i t W J ii - Mar*
HI OMIIK t \MI M 4»K \ *t | |»v
Mv Mi 1 s k Si KK Tin\
4>f - *'. a eari\ o-<."4 e « .la \Y* a* -
I" r. *en 1 g ■'• eee v ar;. • • , of "ea-dji to
I *'m f. r he i»t five yc.i;» and
k a "a i. * a
w Mes ro « • Mot -her
* * I •»- He 1 ...» ~, kages
* ,'i fii, , ,• a; i • ... s
1 - ; - - «5
K I OMIIK I -1 » > pa
I'auvy f iMrtj % ■ ler'gwdanif*
'V - < i«a .
m • • • . >f te ;a aati*' d
: V -i- c "
I » ! - • 4 * '* S*v®»d 4wcj ( likiattt,
t»a. r
KI.O*DIKK~SIIM Ft.l. 4M:ol V
MARINE INSURANCE --Hulls and car
gota written. open policies i.-suetf; aver
aj»» a^Ju«'e<j ; »><, ure. accident. ct<u
aity aid liability insurance in th- Iraii-
Insr companies. Hanford A atewart, Jul
Pioneer butluin*.
LATEST Klondike guide (December. IS9T);
flr«: compete route and mining guide,
one containing charts of Whlta
Horse ard ether dangerous rapids; 36c.
Humes, Lrsons 4k fial.ee, publishers,
Seattle. Wilth.
NANSEN'S Arctic stove to ks two ,wal»
a lay. conscminir <3niy on- gtilon ker
s»-ne irfr montn. marv ! of economy. M >.«-
quito Proof T»-nt Company, :•« Second
ONLY ABOCT h.nf dczen specia'st • <». *►>-
leered oy experienced rr. *n as indi.-**- n
s-ibit; In A'. !«k « in sto< k by M.**-
qu!to Proof Tent Company, 7<e> sJe onJ
f'"R SALE—Small wharf property at gr* it
bargain: this J« the i»est buy in the city
by aii odds. <iuG Bailey huildinx-
NO SORF? or froxen feet If you use Han
na'.« inriseptlc foot powder. 236 Burke
KIoMMKi —4 UnUM.
C. T. WERNECKE. manufacturer ot
Ala.-ka furs, special pries to the *rade.
Yukon cap.- 1 Ar;"!lic cape, gauntlets, fur
mittens, ladies' corduroy fur-lined suits,
parkas made to order. Columbia do k,
Seattle, Wash.
E«rs Ninth page.
KLONDIKI |m i AcM foiding ir vas
l>oat. off. ally adopted by Northwest
mounted poll.e for u«e on the Yukon
rlv r. Piper & Taft, agents. Second
HOUSES for A: i.«ka should be «hnd with
"never slip" horse *hoe.<. Every man
his own shoer with the "Never Slip "
Sold only by the pacific Wagon Co.-n
--panv. i-orr.er T> ir.j ,n»l I,irie streets.
81.l K PHISTPUi! *
ADAMS, Colman block; tracia* m~>
printing, drawing.
O. I". ANDERSON. Seattle Nation il B.irsk
—Tickets to and from all parts of tna
world »t reduced rates; special ra-es to
ail Eastern and European points. C E.
1' ItKISH and Kussi m bath* two hot
room.*; own all night; K ood sleeping
rooms. 112 Columbia
A O BENJAMIN—Sand pumps for sold
mining kept in stock 312 R..!lroad Ave.
BOAT lit II I)I;Its ~
jg' illdsr v aler w barf
Avenue South Improvement "'
Notice Is hereby given thu seilt-d pro
posals will be received bv the under«!jfn< 1
secretary of the board of publU works ..f
the city of Seattle up to 2 o < lock p m
B&turduy March s'h, N»r the improve
ment of Pourth Avenue South from Main
Street to the south margin of Jackson
street by replanklns said -tret between
sa d point*, as provided by ordinance No.
! ■ fre.ttlng local Improvement district
No. l.d. and in a ordan e v\rh the plans
and spe. Ifi -at:<-ns now in ni e in the offl
of the b<j.ird of public w i irks
Kach bid must be accompanied by a cer
tified che. k payable to the order of th*
city comptroller, for a sum tit le«- than
five <s> p»r cent of the bid. and no bid will
1 cons unles> a 'i ompanied by >a;d
The successful bidder will b<* required *o
'"'*t into i ontra : a:..1 furnish satisf.u--
tory liond fur the p.m.omit required bv t>>®
< !t> charter and the !.iv\- of t'.e -tite of
Washington. within n davs after b-ing
notified of the award of tii#» oniric 10
him: falling to do SO, th« Mid check and
the amount fix.d therein wlii I.- forfeited
to the < it > No person is el «:M» :l j,„j.
'!» r » *lO has w ;tiiln t»i) ye ir* pr r* to t'e
letting ot said eontrio-t' nude default in
payment of any just «-!aim for any w..rk or
labor performed or anv skli! or mit«>riil
furn-shed pursuant to any mi h -tintr.u-- in
herein advertised or who. within said two
year*, failed to complete any sti h con
RpeciaJ attention la called to aru-le **J!|
of the city charter, a.* now in force re
hating to "hours of labor." and to arti« !a
vtii ?ec. 31. aubs 1 and 2, relating to tonaa
and sureties.
The board of pub'.lc works reserves the
r:cht to reject any an i all b;d.«.
i*rf.'posale mu«»t be Indorsed on enve!,)t>e
Bid for Fourth Avenue S -u M Improve
ment "
K> order >f the t* > r i of public work*
THANK S- re' irv
!>ate of tir?: publi atmn. F» bruarv 24th
NoTIf'K Tt> tiiNTUAtToIIS. "J k< n
Str»'-et impc IWMtBt?
Not lee i<> be re by gives that letWd pro
p <a --- v\.!l !-e re*. bv ?! .. *■ -d
s«-creiar> of t - loatd f pub work® ..f
Uie city of S»a :ie up u io' ■ k i m
Sat irda;. March Tdh for • )P nior \e
■MM of .i-i a-oii Street, from Second Av» -
SI e S. Uth to Fourth Vvr.ie S i- bv
eon<trui'tJ!-k; a J i'o bndee 1 a a d
point* .1* pr.Aided l \ I !.tv .!•. e No 47*.
« reatlng i.> il improvement tlistri. t N l.v
and In ac.xirdanoe with the ulan* and
•pecllicttttOfM n<rw on Ml,, in the oSm of
'.!,<» t« ard of | j » -k-
Bocb Md mu*t tv a n • U by a •r
--t et! s»e k oa\ iKe to T'ie ord-'-r of : .
• t> roller, for a <un n »t Je-< t>.an
five (To jx r rent, of the bid. arid r..t bid art 1
considered unless a umpar>tJ by ?a 1
v h"- k
Tne <!i> e««f bidder w ,i! be r ■ jnir- d "r>
enter into a c ir.r.s t a: d furr'.sh i •-
torv t>o'id for the amount r* -ju r» d ! t*»
« barter and e i»< of tV of
Wa- unii'i''. »it ii ten d;iv« aft< r '<» *
T. tied of ■-e a * »rd - f the o K r, • t,
hlro: filling to d« so. the n|d be k and
the amount f.*ed therein w •. j
to tbo . Sty No person is ell*ib»e as a bid
d> rv» oh. » *h:n t» > >e.)r« , r ,r > •
' - : - ... - i ;l
Payment f any juf ■ latm for any * rk or
aKor perform**} ..r an\ «k;i or matertil
furniabed pursuant :o *ry such contract as
Ji'T' ti or wltbin «aid two
•- a'T* tU any ■ • :i
Bj»erul attention i« catU-d to art: :e gxSL
; * <• " ' »- -v f.«r • r« -
latin* to 'hours, of labor." tad to artlcie
X i. se. s: subs :■ - id :. reUtlr.g t ■ boeds
at .) curette*.
•" ej. ird f put works reserves Um
r.*ht to re»ect any and ali bd*
IV iv*«a « rr -• t— !• ir . #
"Bid tor Jacfcmtt Street Imorovement'
order of the !- ird -a rk
rftAKK OLRSC>N >■ ret*ry
!'ate of • r#t put-: >\on, F» br .»ry ,*4tn.
NOT:< K T<» coni ra T " 'US j.- Jef
fee»on Street Twefv t r*t \ venae ard
Twen' • h Av -n je i tn, r v»mer. *
Nv -ce < giv#:. t' at «,e_i :
'ai « » .1 r.- e .e • • • ... •
aecntary trf the N-^nl' e.» , .- i
up to o clv k m Monday February
2a ■t; tf- v; t rr ' -r'am
p • n* ' Ka»t **.• . stre* • T»-
r--- e d T we- \
™r*sru t.-.g a p ;e s»wer a.- -X j iV ».
M a - a f. ~l MreMkrj pei ngs
W><- ma- -« .ampn •>>■* ven: .• -*
" g tank* and sat • a# pro
ndod •:•• us n ♦ . rsa !nc lo U
-n.| ro%etr.er.t d.« r* -t Nc I-. a-™d a •
> * t e a ■ t ... • ,
a * - r •-.> tn t-te ortt of tfce t ard of
.■ b' * •k -
Ka h t .! rr: «t he a- - -tr ar ■.* t • t *r
* e a . a., a' e c . ' • *
•o e rvr *r.' ; t k e • t . } - " «
• considered i-n -se a, ir.nn.ed by
a. l d herk
i■■ • »»•. ~ ->afu t:o.^■ r *> . le » . d to
SOTK B TO CO\TR *CT«>R«—Coot d.
er ■ '• - into a contra-*? and furnish sati?-
fa tory bond for the smear.: required by
the ry 'barter and th» laws of the s*ve
• f Washington. *;thin ten days after be
"? ~ • ■.t:e-i -f ♦** award of the contract
to him: failing to do so. the said heck
-r.-i the amount Ixed tbereSn *ll be for
faited tn "he c'ty. No person i c ellcibie
a A bidder who has wttatn t"*o years
&ri r to the letting of siid "on'ract mad'"
default in payment of any Jtj«t claim
fi - any work cr labor performed or any
ski!; or materia! furnished pursuant to
my such centric? as here.n advertised, cr
■w-ho withtn said two years failed to com
plete iiv s'.S' h contracts
Special attention is easjed to ar*?:!e xx!tt.
of the city har'T a* now in force, relat
ing to hours of labor." and to article
viz.. section 51, subs. 1 and 2, relating to
bonds and sureties.
The board > f public works reserves the
risrht to reject HHV and all bids.
Proposals n u;" be Ind r*! on envelope;
"Rids f:r East Jeff-rsdi Street. Twenty
first Avenue and Twenty-second Avenue
By order cf the hoard of public works.
of first publication. February ISsth,
Dealers In Mlscc ILmt-ous Supplies —No
tif-e is hereby given that sea 1 propos
als will be received bv the uti'lersigned
W • rotary of the board of public work
up to 10 o'clock a. m Monday February
2Mh. I*"-"'*, for the f irmshing to the C'rv
of p. attl* en requisitions to be isru«d
during the months of Mirth and Apr.!.
>'< v for material and -uppltes, also <--oa 1
and wood for the ordinary needs of the
various departments during the said two
months. A (ietailed list of such materi
als and supplies to be bid on can be had
by calling it the office of the bo >rd of
public work-, in the city hall. Separate
bids for furnishing coal to the Lake
V,' ;i >hliiffton and Queen Anne pump sta
tions. ars.l wood for the Broadw iy pump
s'j'i n for one year from Mar< h i.-t, i<«.
will be receive*!. Such bids muni be ac
companied with a certified check for
twenty-five dollars, payable to the city
compt-oUer. as an earnest that the bid
der. If awarded the contract will
promptly enter Into an agreement aui
give bends as required for the faithful
performance f contract.
Should conditions arise requiring the
purchase of articles in very large quanti
ties above The ordinary requirements, the
board r -t rves the right to make special
call for tenders to meet such cases.
The board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
Proposals to !>e indorsed on the envelope:
"Hid for Supplies."
By order of the board of public works.
Date of first publication. February 19th
v.iil be received until March 10th for fur
nishing and delivering cedar poles along
transmission line of this company be
twern Snoqualmie Falls and Tacoma and
Piles niiift be of straight, sound cedar
timl.er. peeled, and of the follow lag sizes:
•W fe-t long, not less than S Inches diam
eter at the top.
4") feet long, not less than S inches diam
eter at the top.
•'») feet long not less than 9 inches diam
eter at the top.
' ) feet long not less than 10 inches diam
eter at the top.
Poles will lw mostly of the 3* and 40 feet
lengths, concerning which and other points
specific information can be obtained at
office of this company.
PANY, -15 Washington building, Se
Sealed proposals for connecting the M r
eer school building with the sys
tem of the city, as required by law. will
b- received at the office of the hi trd of
education, corner cf Seventh avenue and
Marion street. Seattle, up to 5 o'clock p.
m. of Monday, March .. lsi<S
A A GUERNSEY. Secretary.
Amendment No. I.—A resolution and
proposition to amend Subdivision 32 of
Bec. pj of Article IV of the City Charter
of the City of Seattle, and for the sub
mission of such proposed Amendment to
the qualified voters of the City of Seattle
at the next general election
Be It resolved by the City Council of
the City of Seattle:
That Subdivision 32 of Sec. IS of Article
IV. of the City Charter of The City of Se
attle be amended so as to read as follows:
"Thirty-second—To license, tax, confine
within the limits of time and place to be
bv the c.ty council prescribed, and to oth
erwise regulate the selling or giving away
of Intoxicating, spirituous, milt. v.nous,
mixed or fermented liquors, and th*- collec
tion of the license money therefrom for
the use of th- city provided that no li
cet -e shsll be £■ mted to any person or
persons who shall not first comply wih
the general laws cf the state In force at
the time the same is granted, nor shall
any licence be granted authorlztrv; the
selling or gl\ tng away of any such liquors
within one mile of any military post or
reservation established the United
State*. The sum required for such li
cense shall In no case be less than six
hundred dollars, ex. ?pt that licenses for
selling or giving away su«.h liquors In
quantities of not less than one gallon shall
in no case be less than three hundred dol
lars. and shall in no case be lefts than the
amount required by the general laws of
the state for houses or business of like
character, and no remission of such license
«hall be made during the period for which
it Is granted; and bord* required to be
k:\-m i v k-. ;>ers or proprietor* of saloons
• r lrinking houses shall not in any case be
fixed at less than two thousand dollar-."
And be it further resolved that the fore
going proposed amendment be and th*
same ;s hereby submitted to the qualified
voters of The i it> of Seattle for their rati
fy ation or re je :;on at the next general
ee • , n to l.e held in City of Seattle
on March Sth. Pie-
t:on in favor of *.4 id proposed amendment
sl nll vote a hndot containing the words:
"FVH Projiosed Amendment No. 1 to the
< ;'y t'h, »rt- r. f The City ol Seattle as pro
posed by Resolution No 162 of the Oitv
Council of said City of Seattle, which said
prop ped amendment f.xes the annual li
ceaae fet» for the and Kix'.ug away
< f totoaicattac, aptrttnoua, mlt, vinous,
mixei or f-rmerted 1 .ui'ir;* in "aid City
of Seattle ,n the rr.;t imom sum of six
hendred dollars in quantities lest* than one
sailoii and at thre.. hun<lr»»<i dollars in
quantities of one gallon or more."
Every . -r electing to vote at *3- 1 elc
ton against ;rl prop »*d amendment
#na> \>>'e a "jilo: <ntair:*>g *:« *or..ls.
A' A INST Pr t -ed Amendmef.t No 1
t > the Cty <' v arter of The *"ity if Seattle
, « proposed by resolution No. 1Q of the
1 * '■ i. ' said C: > of Sea'" i-» w irfi
s-iiii prop wed amendment '.ves the annual
Icei fee for the sale atif away of
ti.tov .ting. spititu< ma it \ ioos,
mixed or fermented iiq-.iors in aid City
Seattle at the mtnimum sum of six
'r> .J d ar>. in cj ,ati*it!» « '>-«< •' an otie
*• 1 r: "•<! at tnr-e h'. dre<t ,j irs m
quantities of one Ration or mor<
he City Court"! tie 20th day
. I'-. « mber is,-. a! d Kgr.ed bv m- .n
ope r: «• «*.ori au: '.er-tl a:, nof Its
age this IVtti day of Den-mtier »
President of tfce City i'ouncil
W»4 by me this Xih day of DtemtV,
Coir.;': >r an 1 Ex-Ofticio City
« lerk.
Date of fir«' ra: . - j. in ary
Atr-'.!"- rt No " A n and
prop i-:- art: , -1 . - n of
See. IS. af Artie > IV of the
c it> * barter of The City of Seattle and
for tbe robmlaetoe <t h pro. s*d
am- in :.t o tr.e q uhtVd voter* f The
1 y f >»-a";e at the rext cr.erai elec
Re t retired by the City Council of
Te I 'lt y c f Sea 11 U»
* ■ rf Se»* ;i nf K'' " 1 •
IV of 'he 'r Cnarter f < s-y of Se
at' - te xr: . • d»d x« : j read as {:. w«
T .rty-*e -ord—Tc ! • r.«e tax. confine
*"■ In the h-nits of time ar .J p.a to e
• ."it Vea ur ...I PMN r I a'd to oth
erwise reg- ".I'e the s»ilir.t: or givtng atrey
of it.to*i :• - c . ;« rr-.ti* v nous.
tt \rti or r.rt»»f.(! hq or«. and "h-. col
'• r. cf • e --c m -ey t "f'rur. for
• •>*■- of the provided that no 11-
• r.r+ . • be cr 1 ted "> a:r. oT
pr'M>rt< w-o **-a.i not fir«f com lv with
tr.e s* era. iws af the .'ate ,n f r « at
t: e tme the same r"a-rej -
a:-> ...er«e i-« granted ait x r.r t.~.e
* or g.. ( away of any -u'b ,q .o:s
• • t; ore ire cf a*. rr..l:tary c%l or
reservation estebt.sned b> t-.e I'ni'ed
S ate.v T. sunt r-q . "ed •»r «: h li
ce r. • »-*. ■ - no Ms* ;>e i»s< tna-. one
..- irifi c .t- ej ,at t «t , • tor
i Milag or eivirg away such uqjors ia
quantities of not less than cne gallon shall
in no ease be less than three hundred dol
lars. and shall :n no case be le«s than the
amount required by the s-neral J»> of
the state for houses cr . usme-s of like
cr. aracter. And no remission cf such li
cense shall be rr3tie during the period
fcr wv: h ;t 1* c- ••.ted. an! Nmd.» required
to be s»v*n y keepers, or prop-.etors of
saloons cr drinking houses snail not :n
an;. be ttxod at less than two thousand
And be it farther resolved that the fore
going proposed amendment be and the
same is hereby submitted to the qualified
voters of Th-» City of Seattle for their
ratification or rejection at the neat general
ejection, to be he'd la said City of Seattle
on March sth. is*.
Every voter electing to vote at said elec
tion :n favor of said proposed amen im-nt
aha 11 vote a ballet containing the words.
"FCR Proposed Amendment No. 2
to the City Charter of The City of Seat
tle a# proposed bv Resolution No. 253 of
the City Council of said City of -Seattle,
which said proposed amendment fixes the
annual license fee for the and sivmg
away of intoxicating, spirituous, malt, vin
oua mixed or fen&ent< quors in said
City of Seattle at trie- minim im sum of
one thousand dollars in quantities less
than one (tallon ami at three hundred dol
lars in quantities of ne gallon or more."
Every voter electing to vote at said
election against -a.d proposed amendment
shall volt n 1 illot cunt.word--
"AGAINST Proposed Amendment No. 2
to the City Charter of The City of Set
tle as proposed by Resolution No. 163 of
the City Couftcil of said City of Seattle,
which said proj .sed amendment fix. the
annual license fee for the rale an i t,:v.ng
a »ay ot intoxicating. spiritu- us. malt, viu
ous. mixed or ferm-nted liquors in tsaid
City of Seattle at the minimum -um of
one thousand dollars in quantities 1 as
than one gallon and at thr- e hundred dol
lars In quantities of one gallon or m :e
Passed the City Council the 20;h day
of December, M, and -igned to me in
open ses>.an In authentication of »:s pass
age th.s -Jth day of December. lv« 7.
I'resider.t f the City Council.
Filed by me thus 20th day of December,
City Comptroller and Ex-OfTicio City
Date of first publication. January 29. ISA
Amend Kent No. 5. —A resolution and
proposition to amend Section Twenty of
Article Four of the City Chart r of the
City of Seattle, and for the submission
of such proposed amendment to the qual
ified voters of the City of Seattle at the
r.ext general election.
Re it resolved by the City Council of the
City of Seattle:
That Section Twenty (20) of Article Four
(4) of the City Charter of the City of Seat
tle be amended so as to read as 'ollows:
"Sec. 20. Every grant of a franchise,
right or privilege shall l>e subject to the
r.ght of the city council at any time there
utter to repeal. Change or modify the .-aid
grar:t. if the franchise granted thereby !s
not operated in accordance with the provi
sions thereof or at ail. and every ordinance
making such grant shall contain a reser
vation of the right of the city council ;© so
repeai. amend or modify ordinance.
Every such franchise, grant or privib g«
shall contain a provision requiring every
person or corporation to whom such fran
chise. grant or privilege is given to pay
a certain per tent. of Its or their gross rev
enue to the City of Seattle, such rate per
cent, to be fixed by the City Council .it the
t;me the franchise is granted is provided
by Section Twenty-three t.3) of tnls arti
cle. And tvery franchise grant d to a
street railway shall require said railway to
give to and receive transfer tickets from
cross lines, provided, however, th it this
section shall not apply to any franchise to
be granted for the construction or exten
sion of any railway other than a str-et
And be it further resolved that the fore
going proposed amendment be and
the same is hereby submits 1 to the quali
fied voters of the City of Seattle f.>r their
ratlf-caflon or rejection at the n. Xt general
election to be held In the said City of Se
attle. on March Sth. lias.
Every voter electing to vote at '•aid ejec
tion in favor of said proposed amendment
shall vote a ballot containing tne words:
"For a proposed Amendment No. 5
to the city charter of the City of Seattle
a- proposed by resolution No. PV> of the
City Council of the City of Seattle, which
said proposed amendment is that every
grant of a franchise, or privilege
shall be mad 1 subject to the payment of a
certain percentage of the gross receipts to
the City of Seattle said percentage to be
fixed by the City Council of the City of
Seattle, and requiring street rallwa>s to
j;lve and receive transfers from cross
Every voter electing to vote at said elec
tion against said proposed amendment
shall vote a ballot containing tfie words:
"Against a propo» d Amendment No. 5
to the city charter cf the Pity of Seattle
as proposed by resolution No. lfiS of the
City Council of the City of Seattle, which
said proposed amendment is that every
grant of a franchise, rii,-ht or
shall be made subject to the payment f a
certain percentage of the gross receipt* to
the City of Seattle, said percentage to l>e
iixed by the City Council of the Ctty of
Seattle, and requiring -ireet railways to
give and receive transfers trom cross
Passed t\« City < uncll the 3rd day of
January. iv<s. and signed by me In open
session in authentication of us passage
this 3rd day of January l&«.
President pro tem cf the City Council.
Filed by m« this 3rd day of January. 1886.
City Comptroller and Ex-Officio City
Date of first publication. January 2D. I'M.
Amendment No 6. —A resolution and
proportion an:--. '. S< • . lj or AT -.-
\ 111 of the City Charier of the City of
Seattle, ar.it lot :he >t.bm.»- OO <1 >u n
propos,ii amcr.Jnitnt ij the qualiiied
voter* of the city at the next «enerai
Re it resolved ' v the City Council of
The City of Seattle:
That &f . .- of Article \" 111 of the City-
Charter of the City of Seattle be amended
eo as to read a> foil.>* 9;
"S«*c. 1— There t>hall be two modes of
making payment for su i locai improve
ment!'. to-wit: Immediate payment' ard
•payment bv bond- ' The modf to be
adopted shall be the mode petitioned f t ,r,
or specified in the ordinance ordering th«
improvement in cases where the improve
ment I* ordered without petition. The
1 mode of 'immediate payment --lal; t, as
j foli. w- After the .!>- i .jr.. :i ha> by or
i dmame or KWIiiUOD ortkftj ur aa"!.or
j ixed the making of any iut ai Improve
ment. and not ir.o « tnr. twenty days
! afttr the contra t therefor has been let.
;-s hereinafter provided, the board of put
he works «iiall report to the council an
a«*e«»roent rod pr« pared by the city en
gineer win -h sna. i rr.ain :.■,•■ d< -cr.p
--> tion of each lot. parcel of lar.d or part
thereof to t.e w; .i ■ !.»- i.urn;.'- r of
i feet frontage charged to each, the total
I frontage in ttie district (frontage to be de
] lermir.td .«» provided in tioa 11 of this
j article;, -.he total cost of th« improve
ment, iiiciud. ig a . ne -»«*ary tnciden
j tai expen—the 'ate per front foot, the
• amount of ea- n as-'-asrntnt and .»• name
j of the VMS' <>f e«i h lot. parcel of land or
part thereof if knowr but in no u-r shall
a m.stake in the name of the owner be
lu'ai wnere a de>_.-iptivn of the property
Is given.
' The coun I '.-l recefpt of such roil and
a»*e v -n.ent rha.i ,tux i not! 'Hereof to
be pebilrtwd la the ijldil Mvipaper of
! the city tut t* n c." nsecutive notify
j lug ad pemat irtierf«ted tba! su h roll
[ has b n f: ed and requtr.ng them to ap
pear a: a time nxed. not **s : an fift- n
<lj)m fr m * tie a*> of sjen not; e, a;. 1
1 make objection*- theret > The council
i shall at tba time hxed consider any and
j.l o- je,-'.:on- n.• -in ' -hi i m ,a» 5... a
I corre. :i.-ns - f su r-■ a- it !• e tns j-..".
ard sra.i bv o-J.nance approve sucn
T; .1 ana » -*.» -v> ar.c &?<-»• • amt/U': «
* • r»- f .ga.r»t ea h ;iT e. i 1 .jt ar.d
<j»- ,ar« '.tie sair » a ..en :r.er on and
a.i i a :»se ft- ro i to be d- ver» 1 to t:.«
| city comptroller who «ha!i forthwi'h de
. \er to tr.e city treasurer a certified
I- py ' r - . if w- .a
I Measurer » al. Pr >ce*'d to i " .ct th« fame
except at tfea nt| f colle • r. .f i*
d'.o .< i - m* tser oCl• er.
i-rov .4- -1 .. a : > . - ,rcr a i g. ve
ten >.a» - no:. ..t ' wf. :>w-. v«r
• and *i;a.. malt a copy of iucti nor;-e to
• I»n: of ti. , : j,.tr y as —s-- ; w: n
the pcstofßc* address ji - . n owr.i r .%
| known, tut the falhm to mail the same
! shiu not be fetal when mbQcatton tbere~
1 of is madei -hat men roll fc*s been certl
f.ed to I .tu for u. r :*s.
pare e t • n - » :s ditrtv . fr rn
I the <»li of s . h ' .:ice »%ia im
"•'.a • -ec an*- .• a d at ail bear kn
t» 'c«: a. .- ra'.e of - r jee [ :
Ikstfl paid, ar : .. ••• . before
•- •' t ' • ave e me de. n
i q .et: a SK&AH* it five ter cent ana., be
#dd-d. ard surrs delinquent snail be
entered on the annual tax roil for the cur
rert v«-ar against »ach lot and parcel so
de -'.juent. and w th the interest and pen
alty, collected as other taxe*. separate ac
count Cemg Kept tnervot and u BM paid
w thin the urne fixed •■or the payment of
f. v • x- « !b« collected is such taxes
are collected, together with such addi
.."Si cna ges or >cnaiti > j.s are autaor
■ red ;o fte charged and collected on other
delinquent t*xe« and - u:• iot or p.«rce *>
delinquent shall be soid for the amount ©f
jiii-a Assessment wun .uvrisi, penalty
and costs, at the time arm in the manner
and by the am- authority as lands and
lots are s id tor city taxes. The city
treasurer shall add no penalty to any de
iinqu-r.t as- -ssmvnt in r.y c.is» where
the state laws require A pena.ty to be
jdded to such advertisement-"
At:d be it rurther tcsui ve<i that the fore
go: g ; roposed amendment .t nd the
same is hereby submitted to the qualified
voters of The City f Seattle for tneir
ratification or rejection at the r.ext gen
eral election, to £•• he id in - aid city of
Seattle on March v. h, I*'V
Passed the City Council the 4th day of
January, Im*s. and sigr.ed by me in open
s.-sioa in authentiO.if.on of us pa.-i-age
this ith day of January. ISSS.
President pro tem the Cit? Council.
Filed by me this 4ih day of January,
City Comptroller and Fx Oflicio City
Date of first publication January ??. 189#.
Amendment No. j. —A resolution and
proposition to amend Su. div iston - ot
Se. 11 of Article VIII. o? the City Char
ter, and far the submission of such pro
po.-» d amendment to the qualified voters
of the city at th« next general election,
lie it resolved by the City Council of The
City f Seattle:
That Subdivision C of Sec. 11 of Article
Vlll. of the cu> Charter be amenucd so
as to read as follows:
"Subdivision The city council shall,
by general irdinanc, provide - manner
in which the aforesaid imp. ovem -nts may
be made, and prescribe .ill needful regu
lations tor the exercise by the city of the
power granted lad contained in the fore
go ;t.g subdivision of this section, pro
vided. that in ail oases in watch the cost
of such mi ronwnti is to be di fr»] < d oy
the collection of a special assessment upob
tne property benefited. the following pro
ceedings shall l>e taken. vit. Then tuu»:
be presented - o the board of public works
a wrltt-n petition setting form the -tre«.t
or streets, alley or alleys, squares, or
I laces, or parts thireof. ;o !>e improved,
the nature of the improvement, the mode
of payment and the fact that the s.giieis
are owners of property to be bci.ehted to
the iggregate amount >£ a majority of the
asse-smeut to be levied for such improve
ment. accord. ng to the transfer books in
the ofSi e or the » ur.ty auditor. If any
such property stands in the name of a de
• > as- d per-..',:, or any per -on foi whom a
guardian ha- been apooiiued. the signa
ture of the eii utor or a dministrator or
guardian, as the oase may le. »!iail bo
equivalent to th>- sigm. uie ..j the owner
of such property on sik h petition.
"if the board of pontic works finds the
facts et forth in said petition to be true,
it shall -ause an estimate of the cost of
tuoh improvement to be made and trans
mit the petition, together with ail papers
anil information in its posse--.on touching
such improvement, with the estimated
coat thereof, and Its recommendation
thereof, to the i ity council; provided, that
no grade shall fe changed when abutting
o\v:i»*r or owners have built or made im
provrtnents on any street, hignwiy or al
!> y, unless such petition shall be s.gned by
the owners of a majority of tlie frontage
on the street, highway or alley within the
district to be affected. The city council
shall have full authority to consider all
matters In relation to such proposed im
provement. and mav authorize or refuse
the same in its discretion, provided, that
the city council or board of public works
shall not have authority to further pro
ceed In the matter of such improvement
whenever the estimated or actual coat of
any work or improvement contemplated,
or ordered to be done by the city council
and chargeable a lien, under the pro
visions of this article, against tiny lot or
lota, parcel or parce-s of land, shall exceed
one-half of tho total a-s ssed valuation of
the lots or parcels of land contained in
such as>e>snient district, as the same ap
i ears upon the last annual as-. -«ment roll
made for the levying of taxes for munici
pal purposes, in case such work or tm
provenient i« ord>. red in pursuance of a
petition therefor as above provided, or
whenever the estimated or actual eo«t of
such work or improvement shall exceed
one-quarter of such totai assessed valua
tion of such lots or parcel- of 1 ind in c:i*o
such w -rk or improvement is ordered with
out the presentation oi a p-'tHi-i as is
hereinafter provided, i wh h ea«e« such
Improvements shall not lie granted or
ordered unless t e same be -o modifi- d that
the co«t thereof will not exceed SOCfc cne
lialf or ( tie-quarter of such assessed valu
ation. as the oaft niav i>e.
"The action and d cision of the city
council as to all matters passed upon by
it In relation to the rejection or the grant
ing of such petition shall be final and cou
"The city council may order the whole
or .tt'v part of the etrec-i. !an> s, alleys,
squares or public plac-• of the city to be
graded. rf-krraded. «ldewalkcd, restde
w a iked, planked, replanked, paved or re
paved, or may order any bulkhead, re
taining wall, water main, or M-w»r with
manholes, catchbasins and other proper
i-onntH'iion." to b»* constructed or repaired
therein, and may provjda for defraying
the cost of any such improvement by th*
collection of a special assessment upon
the property benefited in the manner pro
vided in this section, without the presen
tation of any petition, either to the board
of public work*, or to the city council;
provided, that unless a petition a* herein
!:• fore pre.-cribed i■! presented, ruch Im
provement shall rot Oe orde'ed except by
ordinance passed by th« affirmative vote
of two-thirds of all the members of the
i ity council, at a regular mc.-ting, or at a
meeting which i! an adjournm-nt of a
rerut ir m.-etinK provide*!, no street shail
t e ord-r- d graded or regraded without pe
tition except by a urai,imou« vote of alt
members pr> sent, and provided that main
or Intercepting vers, at <T w ,ter niims
of size, whose principal nervfc# is to
eorvey a supply < f water to -i point w-iert*
substantial distribution shall begin, or to
supply or - rve lateral water mains, may
b-> ordered built aion>: such street*
alleys, places or highways, or across such
iH'ds as may be in harmony with the gen
« rai t> in oX :<• weragt or of the w iter «ys
'em adopted ty the dty, eitner ttpofl pre
sentation of a iike petition therefor by
property cwrr.er» to be l>erieti:ed thereby,
as abi.ve provided for other cas*s. or
»'fn *he impn.vemer.t ma be ordered by
the affirmative \'»"e of two-tt rds of all
■t:e members of the city rout, it a regu
lar tnfe'.ng or adjournment pro
vided. that in such ca*e there shall be
:*v:»»d against t v ie property, w.'hir. the s.<-
se«-m»-nt dU'rs. t to b« created therefor.
In like ma: n- r above jr >v • I f>r other
t pt \etnents. su- ti por'i-an of the cost of
said main or Interceptlrig -«.w• r. <>r water
main her-:n ian above described, as
w<>ijid be the r>-aaot:,tble ' <«?-t of a sewer
with Its proper rnanhobs. verttlatora.
<a' h-b««ins. tl • :r.g tanks. o;>entngs
•«nd *)''> >r of a »i t mail: ''iitable to
the r;ect !--lri*s of t e area <<r district to i»»
a»s> s«ed for the :«tn». an ! t e r-.-ma.Rli.g
portion of ih»- cos? of such main or Inter
eptlng newer .-hall be pas i from the gen
eral fund, and tne remain.ng p rtlon of
tr,e ' of such wa'er mi'-. ii t>e paid
from the Water fund. The aWMBt to be
borne t>y the c. strict and the amount to
i>ald fr m the generai frrnd, r the wa
ter fund, as the . as- m«y be. sha-. be d--
termmed by ordir anee -rj each case when
'ne Improvement ;s order* I an 1 au h de
rffi t.a . n • ».. e »■ ai and r lua.ve."
Arid be tt further r-- .ved that ti»- for»-
S g pr«i -*d im-ndment be and the
(■ame ;s hereby auhaaltted to the araall&od
voters cf The City ot Seattle for their ra
ufi -ati >n or rep < -n ;«• t r.<x' g. n« ral
election, to bo held in aaid City of sit-attle
en M ifch "th 2"OS
Pa-sed the ( r-y t'o f -he 4?h day of
January. l?ss. and atgeed by ma in open
■s. Ir. ' it.- passage
'•bis »tn >Ja/ of Jatijaij, i'sjs.
PresiJent fro t*m of the City C jncl!.
fMei vy me th;- 4th day of Jtnaary
s"' U U.l >| I'ARiiy,
c . v r .. <>. r > J X-O!?. <• -V • Jerk
l'a'e of rrst t-üblicatlon January Ifoi.
Hi s .' TI N NO, Mi - PROPOSED
Am- r.df.-nt N" > 4—A in and
P 1 ' ' rr.er ; ... r . j of
He<-. 21 of Article \ 111, rf the <-Uy char
ter. and f>r the aubm - km i rack pro
!■ " • •»" • -nt • » • - , ' - i \ t. rs
of the ofy at tha next general i m tlta
it- :t r-- -I by tne C.ty Cour.cii of the
City of Sea tie:
lon 1 of See 11 cf Article
-11 ' tr.e ' 1 " rter v-t an..r>i*d *o
a- •'j read a* follow *
s> .bdsvis *. i Whenever the pahlie Sn
t»re«; -r > • v»r .< ■ rr.ay r> j. re the
<".t t. 1 i ; - - : > ,• -lonz- i and •m
--p wr- i to 'd-r the wbo.e or a;»y part of
ttt streets. alieys. s 4 :are>, or p.a-.es
of the City gr t:»'1 or regraded to the offV
c:al grade, planked or replanked. paved
or r*pavfd, m*cadamized or rcmarjd.im*
ized. graveled or regraveled. plied or re
plied, capped or recapped; and w rder
sidewalks, sewer*, manholes, ••uJ*rrt*,
bulkheads, retaining wills, water
curbing ard crosswalks to be constructed
or repaired therein and to cm t « y of
ail work to Se done which 'hail » o s
.-■*ry to complete the whole or any portion
of the streets. sidewalks. Lan«- «tju.ires.
alleys or places and the Cit* Council
levy and collect an tssessment upon *l}
lots or parcels of land benefited fry such
improvement* to defray the cost sr.d «x«
l>ense thereof, which assessment «hail I*,
come a first Uen upon all property l.abi#
therefor prior and *upertcr to all other
liens and encumbrances"
And be it further resolved that the fore
going amendment be and fee s:imt Is here
by -übmitUHi to the qualified voters of the
City of S -attie for thc.r rat it* cat ion or re
lection at the nest general election to h#
h> id March l v :o
Pss<«d the City Council the »th cay of
January. IM«\ and - gi--. d by me in open
session in authentication of ;:s
this Itn day of Jai.uarv. lv«.
President pro tem of the City Council.
Filed by me thl- ith \ , ' Ja.. i irv. ;oig.
WILL 11. I* A Kit Y.
City Comptroller and Ex-Officio City
I>ate of rr.-t public ition, January 3. l\9g.
Aaendnx :i: No -A r colution and
proposition to amti.d Sec 1! of Articio
Vlll. of the City Charter and ' r ho
submission of such . roposed amendmeet
to the qualified voters of tho city at tii#
next gentral .lection.
lie it resolved by tne City Council of tho
City of Seattle:
TV at Se.-. l,» of Article VIII of the C\j
Charter of the vh:v f Seattle .• amended
as to rial as follows:
"See. 11. Subdivision 1 The rrtiVle i\f
payment v l>• i U - -all be as follows Af
ter the ci v council has by ordinance or
dered or authorize*! tne improv • ment, and
not more than twent) da> - after tie con
tract therefor has een let, an esfmato
roll saall .v made .lilt! rttUIIMd and
v >rrectior,s i.e made there.n and notlca
given as prescrlln-d in section 1J of this ar
ticle governing local improvements mails
uniler the mme«liate payment plan, and
tne coft and ex; en<? or su. h improvement
shall be charged against the lots and par
ol- f land :n the local i'iiprovi*nent dis
trict to he created by the ordinance :iu
tnorizing the improvement. In tne method
prescribed by sections 11 and 12 of this ar
ticle. Contracts shall ie made anl assess
ments levied and collected in the '-amo
manner an la prov.ded :i th.- article for
the levying and collection of assessments
wuere i.ivmett: 1-. provided o i>e made by
the mode of imm.dsate payment, except as
oth-rwi- provided herein.
'S- ..llv.sion . The ity council shall by
ordinance provide that the entire cost and
exp n.-e of -ucli Improvement -"hall t>e paij
by bonds if the local Improvement district
i rta.ed for f,. 1 improvem? at to l>e l-»ued
to the contractor, or bv the rtoceeds of
such bond- to be issued and soli as here
inafter provided. Such loud* -h .ill By the If
terms be maile payable ■ n or t>efor? a data
to be ttxtd y tne city council in --ach or
dinance. .ind -hall bear such Interest us
m.o i»t- provided in suo.u ordinance, nut ex.
feeding nine per centum per annum, which
interest fhall I>* payabp- annually, and
each bond shall have attached thereto in
terest coupons for the several annual In
terest payments. Such i»onds shall e In
such denominations a« shall be provided
In the ordinance ordering their is ue and
shall be numbered from one upwards, con
secutively, and each bond and c upon shall
b< -i: n. d !>y t.he mayor and attested bv
th-» city comptroller, and each bond shall
have the seal of the city affixed thereto
and shall refer to the improvement to pay
for which the same shall he Issued and
the ordinance ordtring the same, and «aall
provide that the principal sum named
therein, and the interest thereon, shall bo
payable out of the local improvement fund
created f or the payment of the cost and
expense of such improvement, and not oth
erwise. Suc.n bonds shall not be issued lf»
any amount !n « xoe«s of the contract prico
of sue h improv- ment.
"Subiiiv t-ion 3. The issued under
the provisions hereof may be issued to tho
contractor constructing the improvement
in payment thereof, or the ordinance di
recting the issue of such ooride may pro
vide that the same may be sold by the city
comptroller at not less than their par val
ue. net. and that the proceeds thereof
shall be applied In pay m- nt of the cost and
expense of the Improvement, but in cafe
of a sals of the bonds as herein provided,
the contractor for such improvement nfiail
not perform any work thereon until such
sal- has .« n made ind the proceeds there
of paid into the city treasury.
"Subdivision 4. In .*ll ci*** where tho
city shall Issue bon Is v« provided herein
to pay the cost and expense of any .local
Improvement tho *aid cot: and expenaa
shall bo ISSMMI against the lotn and par
cels of land wMch under the provisions of
law and tu- charter of the city shall bo
liable therefor; but 'tie levying
such assessment shall declare that the sum
charged thereby against • ach of such lots
and parcels of land shall !>e paid In eq;jal
annu.il Installments, the number of whlefi
Installments shall bo equal to the number
of years which the bond* Issued lo pay
for the Improvement may run. with Inter
est upon the whole sum so charged at a
rate to be fixed by sai l ordinance, which
shall be ore per ontum higher than ths
f Interest which the bonds
to be Issued In payment of the cost aid
expens of the Improvement are to bear;
and each year thereafter there shall be loa»
,ed lit on such lots and parcels of land one
df «uch mstallmenta of the whole sua
charged against the aame. and such In
stallments. together with the Interest
du»» thereon and on ail Install
ments thereafter to become due. shall
be levied and collected In the fume manner
as shall be- provided by law and me char
ter and ordinance* of the city for the levy
and collect ton of Hwwmcntu for such im
provement* in cases where t»o bonds are
"Suhdvlslon *• The o«n»r of any lot of
parrel of land rhartr'd with any -uea an
sessment* may re.P i m the s rt>e from ai!
liability for the cost and expense of such
improvement by paying the entlrs «?■»«•■
m-nt charged isr<.n«- •••.!< h lot or parcel of
land, without Interest, within thirty days
aft r notice to him of ->»cj| aawsament and
th«> amount UIWWf. and the city
troller ahaH. as soon after the amount
c tTK'd i'K-itn.-t eat h !•.■? or parcel of land
if determined a- is practicable, mail t.> tha
owner of • »ch lot or parcel of land, aa
s• >wn by ■ t ;w«i s.tneti: roll made for lev
ying the cost and expense <«f such in>-
pi • meat a written or printed DOttM of
such assessment and th« amount charged
therein against snu-h lot or [ trcel >f land.
Su h notice s'tall b- addressed to -uch
own- r a: the cit\ of Seattl-* T e bonda
herein provided ' r shall not be Ijsufd
prior to the tvpira'ion of * e thirty daya
a'• >ve nt; • >-d. -i* it.a v} •> -•■ - dat »t;V
timo thereafter. The owner of any such
lot < r par.-ej ~f land may redeem the "ame
f' tn al; !11' i !:• y for the C''*t and eip<nse
< f f lriujt c. c -w ir at any 'ime after iha
noaset of the bonds by paying the entlra
»»w*»mfnt charged against euch lot Of
p-i: i-l r»ma'.nirir unpaid at the time of
; , i | %•??■■ ■:! WT'i ti '. ••nt ' efeon at tha
ri'e {•'• .■ |ei| Ir. tie orri nan - i* vying tne
NMMBt t,> the jay -,f psyawat, and
hf shall aL*o pay. In addition thereto. fuf«
titer Interest all iaetallmenta tlwriiftif
to rt .' ire at the rate f on« ;>»r ient *n
l»er annum for the re», '.se periods un
e*i ■ ,1 on * i installment. In ad canes
u .re it sta nt* of a*se«o»ments not yet
lev • d are ; " 1 as a > v. ,v:d»d. w »■' er
Iwfore or after the Iwnii of the bonda.
tne *a" shall •• I -i.-i to t:e \'y tr« a#-
ur»r who shall r» elpt ther»for. and all
lumt so (Mid ahall be applied nolely to tM
paynv ' of * .«> h |:r;ir jvements or ' <• re
•Ci f ' '-ondj* IS.- .» 1 therefor.
\\ ~i» re any [ • <• property nas re
• . it >m ;>v "v * e tb« of any
••3ipruven • •» .*:• '• i provided sura
u . • • v v.. ill n •* reafter be liar !e tor
further special nawant for tt:e coal of
y *i im; rov• :f:< rit. •x« e: • i« o',i»r*i>e :n
tnu» charter provided. No »njn to set isiiia
• .. ». i : iiseasmrnt >r t « enjoli t.ia
mak.ng of th# aame shall be brouaht nor
any defenM to the v didity thereof be w*
;.i*e.t r e*fcrarlon * t.-urty ay«
fr j : c " -• * ?.e av.o'.jnt d;» ft ' a ,ot
•<r pleoa of gr« r Hihls for •.< n m-e*
BWBt a -certain?d and confirmed by tha
cour. T.v- 'md - r« t >d ny - i
ment shall be applied solely toward* the ro>
deitiplun of "aid bond*
t The tasuanc# r,f
b nd< T o the contractor or the »a. t ere
of 'o tra.-;«f«-r to t :e pur
chaser or contractor or nolder thereof ail
tfi« dfbt and it.'erest of the i;ty ia re»p*cl
to »uch aaaaaaaMßt in I the lien t
■i u i - ,e ■ Um rig -1 of r*d» aiptloa
.'.Ten provided. a> J s.«,i aatbarlao 'h®
h«id«r or ?>u;d* r :••>!«>? ' re -|ve. »u»
•;■ - - : ' ■ >■■ 'if • I such b nd
rt. * ■ r ■.rumh «ny t-.e m-'hols
sc vlded by <aw for collectton of *»•
M. :••!,! S '{«•' i->< •; iI - - .'l.* C S fc :. if
the city shail fail, neglect or refuse to pay
»a.-l .: '•> ;e-ni, r iy «• .. . j • > of
•; - w :.en -i.e. pit w -r <r
e f a.sr ie>; 1« may proc-ed 3
* or t-.e.r wr. r.at: * t » <..ect n j«*
»» .- -,t at. ' fae , «« t!.e it-n t'ier. >f .a
ar.v- court "t competent Jurlsdi<-tu>n. and
*: a.I re > - ;n add •: »n 'o the amour of
hia ur their oond/. and interest thereon, fivo
per verr ..-n thereof. Ugetbcr w.m the cwaia

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