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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 25, 1898, Image 16

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lit REMAINS IN num.
Extradition Papers for E. I. Eosen
feldt Not Yet Issued.
R«ieafel4i'i I.at»yer < #ll» «n the
I'ruar'-ntlDg Attorney mid «*n > •
That tb* Sauw a aid Irr i uue+rm Is
a legitimate One, bat MrKlr»> In
•lata that (he MIDI grr • «»me to
Seattle and I*r'»»e That I » r '-
K. I. Roserfeidt, rr. rag'T of ti Hf »w
•ad Ke Tr»n»ix>rt.t*.!>n «'vr; >. v -- ;
be brought la- k tuna I- rt af.-;, u:»
fcto attorneys are ;to defeat the ef
fort* oi Fro-- u tin it Attorney M- Kiroy
and his a^isisfar-*:, John H. Hart. At
torney Stout, ij' I'.rt.. . d, who Us ot- of
Manager 1- • -..'-Mt .. . . u j' pr. - a
th«, arrived .» the city y< ; y after
noon and fated Mr, M Klroy In
company w* nA. b. Warner Mr. St out
aa.d that tSnow *r.d I<* Tranaporta
tiou Oomp»».ny w >a a iegjtim.it- concern,
atai that It would work u STMI tiaxdsnip
on Mr. Rosenf' idt If he were com; ■ i"1
to leave his bualtu-aa to come to Seattle
and anawc r the charge of obi>uti;ng n. y
under false a charge that Mr.
St'fat cor.sldered ur, war ran te«i.
Mr. M'.Klroy i-uid that if the c r err.
was a legitimate ofie he <!•;-.r> d Mr. lt->-
Nenfeidt to «ume to Seattle aaei show to
tin; court that there Was no fiaui.
l>puty Rrosecuticg Attorney K.i.l>ki
will go to Ulynipia. thia njondr.K wi't:.-
extradition t<» bring
back. It u probable that the pap.t>. will
be forwarded to I>eputy Sheriil A «•
heard tomorrow. It w .uld app ar from
this tlva-i Uiert- la a gr-at proUibtlliy of
th« prellmuuiry examinalion of 10. ai
agent J. R. Smiley and tiia a: istani,
J'hiiip iiunr.a, being continued.
A new complaint again»t Smiiey, Hat.
rat aiid Manager Rus«-nteldt w.ij< file-;
Justice Auatlna court J)WUI<I>|
noon. The charge ta ihi. same as in tne
or.ginal. but witers intj details. The
«x>mplalnt is worded in such a way that
it would appear that Mrs. Oroiiln. woo
oatiseu iii« arr«-st of Snnh y and iianna.
»*» made to bea- Ve titat the M. »W atal
Ice trains had been fa •-i and w re
l/eing operated, and that Joseph i.adue.
tn« founder of Dawson, wa.- the p:. ,i
--dant of the company Mrs. ct nm s af
fldavit itC4->mpank -• «i.« new «. mpiaint.
In her affidavit Mrs Cronln rwi.>a she
la i 3» years old, an.l that on i'enruarj
ahe visited the plu<x) of b'lalties-s of the
Snow atal Ico Traj:sp»,rtaUoii Company,
whero she met j. It Sml.i y and Fhilip
Hanns, w!i • a. ted ft:>r the company, and
«t the instigation c-f K. l. ■ Idt.
They represented to her tr.at lio>eiifeldt
was the ntanag r of the coini-any a: .I
that Joseph was ir-viiient. They
further represented th.it lio- tif. idt had
been antl war, conducting a i >isimoti»e
and train of car-» over the t-u-sw and i>..
pasnliia fr<>m i'yrumtd bar bo.* m Ala.-K •.
to D*wa'ti. that they had power to s. ;.
tickets and transportati.<n rrun; be.it,!_>
by bcM? to I'yramid harbor, and ft n.
tlsst plat rt to Da» sin I ) steam kn-otn -
live poaer and car that one »-,••• ,1:J
picture then and tb* .. pi.,- nt-d to Mli
tiat Cronin was a *.rw. ard ««»r. -ct pt '.ire
of a moving ltv ..motive, with train <>f
cars attached. pa.-»stng ovtr the now and
Ke from Pyramid har'«>.- to IVi» «,n; that
these representations w . > ' i-- ..n.i *v>. le
for the puriH»se v »t cheating and defraud
ing Minnie «"renin.
Mr-. Cronin as ■« ahe relied on thn
rein esentatlona .nd the tat. n--n; th.w
Joaeph Ladus was the pniiiMii oi the
company, und Interested with K. 1 R
The affidavit furth.-r asserts that "ti
February u l tt K feldt wis • S
att!« and Instru tisl Smiley and llmni
a* to the cheru« t. .f t«e icpt - f; ; i;
they fii >u!-I tr .k l:, nfei.lt h. i : ill
knowledge . t! statement ' n 1 y
Smiley and Ha i ,i. ~r . | j, ,j ~r l!
d Itf the . • ; ■ . J
th»- roosts. literature a-d i- tut--
aiUf..| tram to be di - ? 11-u* d. that -
< lOHd the nam- of Joaeph ! lue to b
printe«| as p- hlriit of the S -a .1 1
TransjH>rtati.m Company, and that ud „t
UMn things wei ne wttl -,. .
fraud M - i ■ ■
-M» IMI 111 sl 111 IN*. VIKKV
•a Inr Itf- 1>»hllcn>■« m I no»hin \ r«-
N«M H<-«l*lrrln«: In N.i,
fI" t r - tl •
•» look* bad foi 1.
""I** •a d» l m %•# • j • ,j . .. .
whrt " 1 • >- ' H
placed on 1 !;»• poll book* c •
will go lotft A|
with it *: ; t . v
iho feooki lay
and I -' f f
the j- is' <
to th.» «;ta -« *
>f tominu to tha olerk ■ ot
fl'+ to r>'i.« "T !.n 1 im» f
"S<>ns«thm* t* wr.-n* wltn t! »« w rk . '
l-ivH'i i'-iii in msiltM "i 1. Qn«
*>f thf«»>- oßlrlol* t v :'' 4 h The titv com
mlttrp rwi t n ■ ■ • r i , \
Itrotta purp' ..f r , > v » 5 . .. <- . . , s^,
T«»ft»trat!.'n at wf' • . JH, J
»il»ori that * >* • 1 > p rftv« !\
But •> .«. ■ • », .
r> a".#?ra!i ill ! » . . ' r 1
of t* -' IV• - : • , I f ,
«!••<» a*ma c i«5- w'*h •: f ?b.i t.-~ «
Thr latter fully o- i;«i- ! s - ,»-
th*'tr work ir. i with v - - \
of vet - • . •
vi.n# \ r • ■ at k . r
C«~ • t .
Thua far V a fw- « r . '
l»l» • . -
The w .: ' ' k - . >•'< - •' r .
'»cor<ta as- V' wn* '• >?■ - .1
•O lifa# i it* \>r S«Mrt* ! - r. . \
Ii « a.'" ■■ rt t. tt--: ' * > "v. ■ i \ v : k
Th» 4• w . .. ,
»W« r» : -r.; t n '
ah * . >x s
a--.lt »;t » a ' i .
tha rank*. Tlmi h-A attl ha .-. -• t
Marvh i: ar.d a--..vrdi-s ta iha prvaant
f.H ' t« '.'x -> .« J . A «" •- tn#
l.«-.uv»w . V» •
t A Wt'iiti *a. f
« ii »it i» it »»n MiHMn nil r*ii i m
l*rt■«*< |»wI • l» I hi| kUnlntung thr
I **H *ifr i (cr »i«lfm
h.- *: :h- Hrtott (• I|a Pm I
f.uX'M.t y- * 4 rsw , .
Of t y ' *1 • * i\< . *- ,
t - •*•»•»•. «
Iff t*v# ' tl" n. s
r. h# Vii" J .; v » : ; v , , ; •
Thf »*t »r*« l«*,jwrta it< »
•v < . tol AB ••-■« • .
"■ V not hat a' -' - • • .
w 4> t I |T| rk a ."d v »f
b* '' <*l»lti -*f. a» tUkrf )t| *■,
It i,
ur. t % .« !,iv r atatt'-r t : f*» f < rff u
jHMtit tLit ;sa «ctrv. r %.... „ • . ~:
Jf *
* 4
* 3* !!>%. Black Fff 4)1 '4
t $
r <&1 *
t4H Bam Laundry Soap. 1 0
f jl
!* ~ *
j* Leslie-Henry Co., %
<■ r. Western Av< and Marion B*.
| fcj.Tl.tliH. HjHlH TliTfcli.-aTfctMliTfcng
a-~t a ex-ofl!c!o clerk, as the department*
separate, a*, i or e should be a ehe» k
upon the other to insure p*rf«-< t honesty
and good service. The point at issue aa
to the cb-rk o{ the council Is conceded to
i»- tilr. the council desiring to have the
privilege of appointing 1 '.e «>fficer who >s
to make up !h' reoords of tint body.
There is tak to b>* heard of other
amendments to" the charter, to be sub
mitted at ::n sprtr.tr election, but the coun
cil as a w ,'iole rather levins to the opinion
that the leas propositions the better, that
by t.v kirg «-:i too mat-' issues the. more
ImjMjri o - ni.iV am*'-* fere 1 or
overlooked. It is predated that the civil
p.-r. in.--' tment, providing for its abol-
Beol will - arriad by a vote of not
i>-« than f-.ur to oue
A IKMJ '"hopper « a unlit in aI at and
Killed by the tars.
£; • . lMsp.' 1 - hto the p,ist-lnte!!lgencer.
TACOMA, Feb. 24.—Shortly before noon
t -iay John F Fall, better known about
the city as ' Riley," was struck 1 y
the Si at tie bound passenger train and
k ie-i Fall had been employed at
Gr< - * wood ca-np. and was on his way
t>> that place, whrti he met his death.
He was walking in the cut about half a
mi •* beyond the r%-iervat:on. when he was
-ru-k ! y the locomotive The cut i- In
the form of i curve, and many fatalities
1 avere j iltetl from accidents at this point
during the past f. w years. Fall was ae
acnpur.i'd by a fellow workman, who
h rpped to ons side wii'-n he heard the
whi?' e of the approa' iiing train, think-
Fliha 1 f '.i>-w> «1 m lie turned
t . - -e Fall struek by the engine. The body
ir in the custody of the coroner.
Fall w »s 34 years oi<l and unmarried,
lie w as an old so; Her and drew a pension.
Relatives i,t the dead man are supposed
to reside In Lawrencvllle, 111., and will
be communicated w.th if there.
I.ot of •illtrrwarr and <"lnthln*
Konnd I nder a Vacaat House.
Sperlr I r>lspa« h to the Post-lntelllgencer.
TAfiiMA Feb 21 Tr. locating and re
co\ ering .* lot of burglar t*>*N und» r a
vacant heese In the New additlt n this
Week. !he pdIPS pPUfpCftd in -« way that
at 'irst they knew not of. The initial
find w v a lot tf>o!s in a sack; a!*o a
lw*>k containing aocne warranty de.de
and tax receipts belonging to F T.
Spottswoud, whose home w
riz,-d a f- tv rvmlngs j>ricr lo finding the
The night following the find Ta
tr 'lman Charles Kennedy made a secon i
p- ireh an-l re. tveretl a c.um- of silver
w .re and a suit of clothing, brand new
ii! il evidently fr tn s»>me tailoring estab
lishment. The s Iverwure is made up of
knives, forks and spoons, and is the prop
erty of Mr Spottswoud. Tiio tools found
..r»> believe*l *o l<elotig to a hardware
merchant In K» nt, whoe-- place was bur
gittri?.»•»! las! week.
MM VIM: I*. I.CM'.KII, >IV\\<;KR.
11l- Will TiiUr < of <li•- Hrrfnlljr
I'ltrrhmril . A « . Itailrond.
8[« ' >al I>!-<!rh !.-> tb- l'<]-t Int»*li:K> nr.-^r.
TAi'OM V I-'f'i CI It Is announced h»-ri»
today ils.it .1 •i>h M''Cab* formerly
*ui>er;n!indrnt of the Pacific division of
the N *rth -rn P u Hie r . Jn>a«l. has :\c
r» j>t< ; ,v i»* |h<n of general mtnastT
rf !> -• Hunt brc h I ->ttt r km># n »■» tho
Vn-r *ißt n K folumbia Hlv«r raiiw y.
U« I ivfs for W t".,i Walt.% at once, wh-ro
h<. w >Il u«-< d \V T. Tyler.
T!-» f tn ii t • n»J*-r f the j :•'i n and
the •-.•i*. mt« wen* niad-* with but «hort.
If any ? • and th.- ni.if r closed this
taorrinir Mr M» < :U- will tii »k.» b-«
h ml<2', irtcrt in Wall* Wa!i». H - had
• '• t ' r •> ..ny ycim with tho
N r; • m Pacific. <in i during h « refi
ll.- v In Ta- >wt Ss.is surrounded himM-'f
with i l-ost of friend* ]{«. i«? admit;* Ilv
■ •' «>f " uk ; • :.ar of railroad rm n
in th.> • 1. a rat i t tvt •• }.< re with the
"' > K*»-i wt • w:hj know him.
HI \ «»K 111 \ llt \>t IIISC.
Thru ">lnrtnl M«m>« «,< t.tte | t f „
•Mhrr ( orpunilon.
i v hto \ h«> I' • Inl] *?»»ruv*r.
TA»*' M V Kel ?i A was predicted
upon t-.' lntn«.iu • . f an ordinance
r.-j" Ih,. fi.... tan! d to th*
: 1 . » S .! M • T com iSt
V ■ -♦♦•n* - 1» >f rhto
r.cht v,\ a'v K raj:tJtig ..f
' l r ' v *K'« to aRt w -fH>r|W*thni.
1 ' r r 5 i 2 ■■*%: w.s** |M4
' ' ' ' Kht now fr
ordlnanca wa?< I prertdtn* f or
' • * *' • »**• ' •* ».y 4-.v.-r {h»
"' " *' >r t T s »ni.\ \ Column *I; >r
T vArt : ' r a: . h „ rV.i.'i
b> !!':•> and r fi rr» 1 to & (XMUmtitre.
i «»%( «»| I.||<*H«|(||B v
*■" | * •' 1 "* ■•! * ■ ■ . f
■1 AMM » y T , , s . . r .
v k - ■ ■ -. :: ' *' js >
I: •-•• .t a J - «t.R-..?!? I f 'hr iV9t Of th«»
: s$ 5 •-. •
k * * ii* V. 1, ff. H •
i" ; * K - • r-r a . 4 t i: -»j
'' r ■: • v .; : - :r
--" 5 ' ' . •-• «I «
( • *l'! pfov#
t , 3-: til !.. r . * . *' ' l "
I'<ll tln r« IMI » Mm him
"r*coSs '<s
»r* r>i*r » * r-.% J- i a .
m ■ ■■ r. «■ ' 1* f ;" **\ v,.
..% * • k v r#.,
1 • * * t ;•»
1 «« ?^
22. ■ N, °* of
Mill »irlkr it on
y V» '*t - , t;» r . ■ . .
«■ -•• >•«'» t! i i ■ % -- •
* ■;
c \ti i th* ot« fc* - T snd Mar !U r "
iUT* 1. ! » ' v , .
-*» • % vi v r
\ : • it ,
ii v v " I? - ** *• t * < + ., ,
v « '.
\ ,
> *: v- «* v
' S J
Kvery bos: and train arrivtng from Cal
if cmia bring? c-ne or m-;re parties ot pros
pective K ori<J:kfr? the strange part
of :t is that they nearly a!! < me without
outfit*. TMs show* how thoroughly dan
Francisco has dropped behind as a Klon
:ke outfitting ;» .r.v After Seattle start
ed aoiif iting Klondike trade throughout
the East'-rn states, San Francisco news
papers began a similar campaign, and for
a time made s< me showing. The first few
weeks of north-bound travel showed the
true state of affairs When occasional par-
T.®» of from ten * twenty-five began to ar
r ve from fan Fran and outfitted in
This city it created some little comment.
Now - lIW, the matter is of dally o
currenee. * .ML
i ... parti-s from Sin Francisco md
v:< Inlty arrived in the city yesterday to
purchase complete outfits for the Klon
dike, as well ,i~ a number of individuals
who are traveling alone, A; the Diller
hotel u- a party headed by J. W. Rlchin
ba-.-k. of Sin Francisco. The other mem
!«?rs of the party are Mrs. J. \\ Richm
back W F Hamaha.n. of Sacramento;
W. Kner and M D. Dally, oi Folsom, W.
W. Lane, John L Aim and C. A Ander
sen, ot Towies. ; , n .l F Laemmdl. of Na
pa. At the National hotel ts .* party from
Los Ahk-1. s which passed through San
Francisco, but came on to Seattle for
their outfits. The members of this party
are M. T. Durreli, R. Nadeau. C. M. Thap
ti r. K. J Young. M.ss S. W. Jones and
Miss Holllr.gsworth. Four men of the
sum- name are registered at tii» Butler
hotel from the Golden Gate city. Ihey are
H. A Gibbs, M. Gibbs, K. Gibbs and D.
• Jills. Kvery hotel In tne city registered
one or more Californians yesterday and
nearly every one came to this city to get
They all tell the same story. They claim
that San Francisco stocks are incomplete,
and that It i» impossible to get just what
they w ant for the North In that city. The
merchant-. th«y say, did not MHO much
sto< k In the Klondike rush, and as a re
sult ate so unprepared that they cannot
handle the people going from their own
A story concerning wonderful gold finds
at Munook creek, in which ex-Mayor W.
I>. Wood w is interested, has gained a
circtilatJer. The story purported to have
come from l>awson recently, and related
to one day's washout by Judge Wood, in
which the product was reported as being
thirteen ounces. When the story was fol
lowed up yesterday it was found to be
w:t,h very small foundation. At the office
of Judge Wood's company, the Seattle-
Yukon Transportation Company, it was
stated that a man named Dularge. better
known as "Burley," who left Dawson
December 7. had stated that three men
who arrived at Dawson two days before,
hud brought a letter from Mayor Wood
to his brother, Walter Wood, in which it
was stated that all at Munook creek were
well and that the diggings were panning
out rich. Manager A. L,. Hawley, of the
Seattle-Yukon Company, that no
word of any kind had been received from
Judge Wood. Mr. Hawley doubted the
Ftory as It was told. Dawson mall has
been received since the alleged receipt of
the Munook letter from Judge Wood, but
nothing definite in the way of Information
has reached Seattle from the Munook
creek colony at Ramp.u t City.
A. N Qrey. who succeeds James Gr.f
11th as lo al manager of the Nippon Vusen
Kalsha line, arrived in Seattle Tuesday
from St. Paul. While th<? official circu
lar appointing Mr. Grey has not yet been
received, he has already taken ctiarge of
the lu. il business of the company Mr.
Grey has been assistant to B. F Olitrke,
general traffic agent of the dr. it North
ern road, and comes to Seattle highly rec
ommended. He has been with the ilr< at
Northern in various capacities since the
organization of the rord. art i is known
a» an cfll lent traffic man of considerable
experience. The fact that he has been
given charge of the Japan line's tnost mi
i-ortant American offi •• shows his stand
ing with th»» Oratt Rorthcia ptopk Mr.
Grey is now a! the Butler hotel. He ex
pects to move hi 3 family from St. Paul in
ix. few weeks.
A beardless youth from some East- rn
I cijr.t drifted int > one of the big down
town hotels yesterda\ afternoon and se
cured a room, lie was dressed in a heavy
yellow leather coat, and wore i pair of
new red Ihmhs. Every mov indicated a
tenderfoot just out of some clerkship.
When it came to registering, the young
man wrote his name with a flourish and
foil Owed it with "DIVMn <*ity. N. W. T."
This was a in w one on the clerk, but he
let It stand until the crowd that always
inquires after men Just • it from Dawson
ix g IB to set-.'! Bp their • .ir.is to the young
Easterner. The only Klondike trait th«
young man deviloped » is a refusal to s*e
anyone. In self-defense the clerk finally
Inscribed on the register before the young
man "Dawson fit.v. N. W T " the
w rds "Would like t<> ne>t to." This stnp
p< 1 the numerous inquiries for the sup
p >sed D.iwacmite.
Capt. Brown, I" S. A . arrived In the
city yesterday and is registered at the
H *' l Northern «'apt. Brown's \isit ?>
Seattle at this tim»» has to do with the
building of a Yukn steamer after a pe
culiar design of hi- own. He proposes to
build a t at. If prop» r ir-at:g-m«-t.ts can
1 " ■- )• * it w make t. e trip fr :n t:-re
to St Michael in saf»'y .«rt i then with a
'« w 1 Iterations be suitable f*>r use on the
Yukon rive- He has been in the North
» num.'-er of times before- and is wt .1 ac
quainted with the diflfb ulti-s of summer
r ivigatton on the great river.
A Winnipeg party. iwnp «ed of Hon R.
P Bobbin, leader of the opposition party
the Ma- • '! a le«t» iture. F A. Kiir
<■ hi id ..'Hi w w McMlltm, accompanied
t . th< - wive*, wore in the d?> yesterday,
.it the Butler b<>t« I They ar- on
thai - r.-f-rn hont* a? -r en eK-ndfii trip
j'i S .th» -n hv 1 Western states.
Mr 1* 1 v !' «a'. 1 h<» had take r, i gr. it in
to* ; >n :i »• f*r.*- rprisr «» w n b> th"
n r-h ■ • • ' San Fran. •» • Por and md
i" • ■ ■ s • " t Peatt> was t > him stm
: :>• . T"\ r enterpr sa s » far as the
K ' iK • t-i lew - i-ot:c«-rr >d.
A par " « t s'alwart D-n verites ar
r.-. .! in ! >• tv e\. nir.g and are reg
istered at the Glohe.
All are pr: ntlt.-r>t c'.ttw ns of Denver.
I. k»* *- - - ■? hrr> » ,r .1 not
' -is the spr', of ma*..* *crd, "Klon
T' . ». 5 c • to tv t- Stewart r.v« r The
•rt s »< f J N Wvj.e J H.
t! " K J 1 ' *' » J s». •<8 >e,
•f-. r«; • F 1.. ka- ' Thotr - Agn* w.
• g i *rov* and f II s i ku Ii
v-"•- . . • *
* +"•• e • " " - '• • ' "i - .. v MM
Mpn. and bat begun the work or eon*
' i •' e K ■*' f t-'.w.-t
* M . •: *t - " ' I ' i :,m-T . sv
f '■ * fc v . »ii ho«un • rr.e t» • >• ■
ate H* h*- » • t a i •' • g {*rr.. t.
t -t-BJited «t ef th« work f Snt«- r
T-i -r. cf I,'-** b. ■* e 5 a'ting m
:* » 5.1v»-, f, . I ei: (t i* ».«h
J. J IVv ? «r> * . ; K
the At • T . -ka x Santa Fe
r ar.i P-t - r llarvev of Sar Fr . -
i a, «;•*"< .. ■ ~,t f •• •• Halumore ■*
OH* rat.w.av. were *rr»- t-c the *-i«.-:-g
.' it ~Ti' . .Ti i : -h»T J..t2 >e9*eTday.
y ' ■ A I [*r -f l -
th-- ty vt*.tt r.« Mr- s a-.i r» a; . -
M' P .-r ' ;> fcwspr. !♦' th- ra. way ma"
at? u. fcrr :■ a:., wlDci uae
Ismar the Gypsy.
Her s*p:rvatvral Powers Attracttsi
tieaeral Attention.
Her Manelens Revelatl»s Mystify
AH Who Call Upon Ner.
Since Isirar the Gypsy, the fa moo* elafr
vuvant and palmist. has been «'-.pping n
Seattle, it !•» safe to say there has not
be* n any single individual of note visiting
thi-i city who h is aro 1 such wid< -preal
intere«. Ismar's parlors in the Shorev
block are crowded daily anu the fact thai
tb who consul" the ittle Gypsy lady in
variably send tr.eir friends to :.er. is suf
ficient guarantee th.»* tnis wonderful gift
is ai! that has :>een claimed for her. Wh n
.» pers..;i doit.e gooti and helps he no.ld
a Koai of prosperity, it is -ut right that
she should enjoy :h«> contidenn- and grati
tude of the peuple witn w iota com.'* in
contact—this lj what Ismar the Gypsy
Bom in I\j'><*t!nr. Egypt, she comes from
a family wh(.-e ir.<»-stry for generations
have been noted clarvoyants.
lair .ir can be consvi 1 ted daily, and none
should fail to grasp the. opportunity offer*.'
of consulting her at hr parlor* 1 and 2
Fhorey bici k. c.-rner Third ivf-nue an t Co
lumbia, half Mock from pout oft ice. liours,
9 a. m. to S p. on.
FROM t» I 1» 5.
he has been in a number of serious acci
dents and hold-ups. In the recent train
robbery south of Roseburg, Or.. :n which
th« express car was totally destroyed by
fire, the mail car in charge of Mr. I'yper
was saved from robbery and destruction
by hLs personal efforts, lie will muro
hvimi Thursday.
"There is no occasion to anticipate any
great change in the market for logs," says
Thomas Bordeaux, the Sheltun logger, who
is at the Diller. The demand for rough
lumber has been increased to a consider
able extent by the building of new towns
in Alaska, but I found on my visit to San
Francisco, about two wet ks ago. that the
lumber market was very quiet indeed.
They attributed the condition there to a
failure of the usual fall rains up to that
time, and a consequent hesitation on the
part of the farmers and fruit-raisers to
mal<o any extensive improvement before
being assured of the success of their
Crops. The Klondike excitement has
taken away many of our best timber men,
but there is still no lack of labor."
H. S. Waldo, a wealthy mining man of
Denver, is one of the latest arrival* from
Colorado. Mr. Waldo is a brother of 1.. »».
Waldo, a well-known Tacoma lumberman.
At the Butler y- sterday he said tnat min
ing men of Colorado were turning t:ulr
eyes towards Seattle and the N'ort'iw. st,
and were anxious to "secure legitimate min
ing investment* in this section. "I know*
that the Klondike is just now all t..- rage."
he vaid. "but it is my belief and th- opin
ion is shared by many men with whom I
have been associated that Washington and
British Columbia offer an inviting .t field
to the legitimate mining man as any sec
tion of tiie Northwest I am a believer !n
t.ie future of Seattle and of the state, and
it Is iny intention to sj end a part, of my
time In this section hereafttr."
S J. DJlabough. J. C. Robertson and
Fred Efinun, three citizens of Conon
nully, are at the Stevens on their way
to the Lake Teslin nwnag c.i'.ntry. Mr.
Dlllabough and Mr. Robert.-m are old
Caspar miners and are thoroughly fa
miliar with the region to which they are
goirg Mr Dillabough was in the Lake
Teslin country a early as 1569. For the
last four years h> has been mining in
Okanogan county. He says that except at
Eureka camp, on the reservation, little
work is being done there. I>. *, ression in
the price, of ,-ilver and excitement over
Klondike gold are the causes o' the dtill
n> ss, says Mr. Dillabough. Mr. Dllla
bough was one of the old-timers In Vlr
g.n'a City, N"e . and knew there many men
who are now prominent citizens of Seattle.
The Tibbetts-Goode party, consisting of
WilS'in Tibbetts. son of flen. G.-orge W.
Tlhb. tts of Issaquah: J M. Goo.l", Ft L.
Rosel.ind R. ft. Wilson. \V J. McCoombs,
J hn Reigh and John K« :f. are in the city
outfitting for the Kh ; dike, and w ill sail
north on the bark Theobald on Saturday
next. They are making their headquar
ters at the Butler.
Evangelist D. W. Potter, of Chicago,
who is to conduct the revival services at
the Firs' M-'thodist Episcopal chut h. c-.r
--nj,r of Third and Marlon streets, will ar
rive in the city this evening and have
charge of the service tonight. Ir is im
portant that all the Christ! ;n workers of
the church he present at this service.
Charles T. BattelJe will leave on a busi-
T!-*s trip to Ka«tern cit e# this afternoon.
Mr Bat?- :!.* will !»<» n- >mpar :d bv h!«
wife, hiidren and nurse. Mrs. Battelle
will Philadelphia f-ir a » <-k. when
hr husband goes <->e, to New York. They
go ver the Great Northern.
G- -gen Gallant, of Kittaumy, Pa.
arr;\ed in S. .:*tie vc-'er-lay and e*j»-rt«
!•» locate her»-. He Is an old file Ml of W,
C Rutter, of the county clerk's office.
T l"«rgt: ■an, of Snohomish. Is at the
TJ v J w D rr.u bft yesterday fr>r
N' w V >rk I'ity.
Th t- B.'rd< i-ix, of Shelton, is regi«.
tered at the Dlli-r
H I" M'K.v f Port Mid s r: is among
the Ddler m rivals
Mrs A 11 Thcrr;«f»n, rf Winnipeg is a
gue >t f Diller.
W E J nes a well-kr. wn cltii.n of
B: nr.' Is in the cltv.
B-< k V I.TTT, • v of St' T: is a
C j.st at the New England hotel.
Prof A T. Fox of W utworth college,
Sumr-cr Is tn the city on business.
John B. Agen the commission man, is
it S.»n Fr "'-ssci nt h trip
State Senator Stanton Warfcarton. t f Ta
ema is in the city -n legal bus
M W H' "t a S rr ■ ' ' *r.-
• •■rman ;« ruc-i-r. d at the !>...• r ).<>•• i.
L • W - the ; nsff S- - *:■ ~t . out
•% dr s ,u the t.ity on w*ir;e~... He
is at th- Diller.
n Mh on Pmnaa. re tern* ! fr--«m th"
Ka ikf- a few Wffk* se--. mi' a fortune,
is A ■: i-st ~t the Rainier Grand.
Arth - !• B -•*■■ of P rtlar • Me is a
i ..t tt.» Rait. • r Grand wh.'e in the
• !' -t; 1 _-.r«os. Mrs Bates aci .anopaniej
F R S kes -> i As'-v . »r-tery -ran *
s . - at ' «S• : v- a M St
- t .-r ed from gfrxgwav. whexe be .'.as
gI- -t t- - H '• i B •• - Mr B »n
th** < ■ v-king aft'-r som«- A askan luas -»r
H -rt f s- '' ** is* > \ g-aeot
eI S ■• - - V H•■■:-..** - ims
' *v< S- a' .- ;i:rr. «>: Lesl.e-
Her.ry company.
Tin fu a
u.j /Tr' !i st
Cat ♦ ▼ ▼ ♦ ♦ "T" ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ "f" J w m "T" "f" «t» «T» v <|L K I
4* *
t Bring on j
I Your Next! f
t Our Nails Are Always Ready, as \
| Our Goods Are Unquestionable. »
*JT Did you hear him squeal ? t1
•Jffr We beg pardon for treading on his corns. *'
Dressed in Highland Garb, his hands went up
«if in holy horror. He confined himself not to the i *
truth when confronted by
! IV #
I * QREAM j!
Take another dose, friend.
V He said it contained a preservative and was 1
not pure cream. Read this: '
I J ©. E. j|
| \ hfskyti Okilisfo Qk&nift S M
S 40 Golumbin St., Seattle, W*sb. / j
4* i 4]
? SEATTLE, FEB. 21, 1898. |
S DEAR Slß —The results uf my analysis of the can of \ Wj
C Russell's Empress Natural Cream left with us are as follows: C <
✓ TOTAI. SOLIDS r rent. J .
P 111 TTKII FAT '22.1Z per rent. / <ll
*!!» ✓ CA9EIX, MILK SI liAH, ETC per rent. J ¥[| |
t V ASH 0.51 per pent. lI
jL S It is PUKE CKEAM and HIGH GRADE, being HIGH- S jj;
T \ ER IN FAT THAN* MOST FRESH CREAM you buy. There S *!| '
f Respectfully, [Signed] C. E. BOGAKDUS.
| Another Lie Nailed. 11
«af R HIGHLAND FRIEND said it would freeze and burst. All ;
genuine pure cream will freeze —but it won't be impaired by J} '
jL freezing, and we can safely guarantee it NOT TO BURST, as we have jli '
several witnesses to the fact that it has been submitted to a tempera- m
jT ture 22 degiees below freezing—frozen solid—and did not burst, nor if)
*5 was its quality impaired.
j£ Jy
| Pussell's Fmoress Cream |
The Only Pure Cream. J$
]J The Only One You Can Churn Butter from. *h
|[ Used Exclusively by Palace Hotel, San Francisco. %
T Purchase a Dime Can for Trial. 4
• Z. C. MILES CO - 122 Yesler Way ••• <
CONNER BROS 720 Second Avenue ILj i
X GOING-NORTHRUP CO 804 First Avenue 'jj !
7 LOLCH. AUGUSTINE &CO 817 First Avenue " '

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