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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 25, 1898, Image 2

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1 ill BIS.
rot 'inued from pij» I
u J i i lr.p- t*.:.- ha r 'yn T. 1 e »»«*.»**
m-K* that t-e ns*n-3 a!: b-,at« er.teraig
ti.i i kartng be form srled, together wft?.
t < karrs- ■' the ->nr.j rtz-.U - -.> a: - ; h - -id
be ion*-
l.lalit Hstten K l« Held
HAN ANTONIO. Tex Feb. 24.-The sen
a-i'iftß today at. I" r t 5-<rn Houston, th
larw military i".-t at ' pl- e, was the
order f: :n ..• . - - •- , ' r.P th«
pre»er<' order -. iifht b4*tery K
First tr.:o t: e mountains on ts
aunual tf.ir-y d tysf' tt pra '• e.
Ba< kln ml « wile,l lo Wi»»hin«l<iH.
Nh'.V HA nN (' nr I t 24 In re
aj»«»ntN- to i.r 1 'ron. t • • ;>• ir> <-f tha
r«avy. 11 «; ii k.ar.d. a n<- .inmaiitls the
naval J.atta . . of t'onii' tlcat, left f r
Waailngton tor.iftht.
Iteeruillua llir Vermont.
NKW YORK 1 ! -« Ii- =-rui.'l- g *il
continued t»d.»> ■ the r. »;vi;.K sh.p Ver
». >r.« I'p to t -lonly forty-five men had
been a ej •Al'oUt I.VfO w uld-l>e vol
unteer h v« v;- te ! tho Vermont <!» e the
r. ruiting in last Monday.
\\.ir«lil|«» < rrnn Heinforcrd.
BAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2i—The steam
er Marlp )«•, Railing tomorrow for Hono
lulu. a 11 carry a number of American blao
J.u to reinforce the crews of the crulfc-r
lialtimore ut.d t!.-- K -iiboat itenr.ington
t w«' Honolulu. It h*j* be-n annonnced
tiiat the cruiser would ordered to San
J-'raii< Uc o, at the d' j irture of the blj*
jackets lJi.il ates that JM» programme, has
betu altered.
Volunteers OfTerlna f«»r ««er»ler.
CINCINNATI Feb 2i -Under Jr.iftruC
tions from Wa ii* gton C ' f'ochran.
lomitiiindant at Fort Thomas. Ky today
tabued orders brlnKir.g the m< n on the rifle
range at Culbertson, K\ . back to the
forts. New bayonet that car. also be used
for trenching t •>!?. were t*au>d to all the
troiips. The rn» ri are daily undergotnjf
f<i!it)!!' drill and expect to KO to Key West,
instead of Otuirleaton, i* C., as reported.
The First regiment of the Ohio National
Guards, heaied here, i« filling up with re
cruits Several unauthorised recruiting
•tat I'ins for volunteers ha\e been opened
In this city, and their enrollment will more
U>an fill a regiment.
The Vlir«)a to •>*!! ■« 4>nee.
NF.W YORK. Feb. 24 Unit"* some un
«'Xp#e;ed order H received from Madrid,
th« Spanish m-.n ot war VlXeaya will
weigh itnchor tomorrow afterrwxn and
atekm thfougli th« Narrow * to >p. n sea
on her way dlr«-ct to Havana. Arturo
BaJdaaano, the Spanish consul general In
New York. «ailed on ("apt Eulate thl.s
iifterti<a>t» and to him Important dia
patche* otie of whl<-h ordered him to
leave thin r«>c without d>:.i>. Th order
was ri»t ui'exp.. ;.d, and nil day the v> -
•el a cr» * prepared f >r a voyage
>|i*nlalt Boitiln I nllina.
I«GNI>ON. Ket: 24 Spanlso : fell In the
Fails bout■. <■ today ft'»m » 11-P to o i-i't
The Kvetting Ne V .« allt gef that the Span
ish bondholders l av. t>. rue alarmed o\er
report* from Madrid of a re»er\ .itl«*n
taken ti> tie ft«iik of Sj iir. t'gatdlng t!ie
paymtrt ot tho April ■ -upoii<
Thr luipnrHnl \timr« >l«*K>nle>. nnj
Warn* «|.nlt» tunln.i \m.ri<-ir.
l*r<-|i?«rntl<>n<t for
MAI>HII> !•%•»> ;i Th ■ In} ir i* t day
ti*R« the SIT -• R. RRRTFT - fit to TASK f r
"It* apathy. coat »s:.d * th th* patriotic
fe*llnft of the ttmntr* and « rn* t''<* r\-
tion litlut ti..- kyperrtt it Yankto p. 1-
bf which ftflltf itOMI it the !ni!««jif nder: e
of Cuba." »''nt'nrjtnr t'.< Impartial say*:
Pf*-«iil*n: M K cVv !!■ » make and r -
Iterate th* uratnuiiimt t( friendship and
paetfV »>!■« but hi* n >n* i rntri
d; t til* » id* Wf .• ;rr • ' •'.»
VT.IM St »* •* T • '"IR »♦ »r r .
• hn d (<» r ' »b • ' <
* JIK s-*• > •••; « S Uv« -n
luiuHii.J war prtpura ns .it t>.« <l. k*.
and .an »d* fit fi■ t t t£"« t ■ rea*
I ' • W ■ • • V " V- ' *
-*t! •'<«'« '• » • I f-'lll r>' , Vc •!> ..*•
X*t\VK r\i !« !•» •. • • 11r-c w r
ahif* under t 1 - tt Uxl of frl Mlihlp in|
prea hind p • «* -»• pr<»par<» ' ?
* r i t-.< «T1 »,-! r» '<•»> wjnMjX,
t ' - ■ ■ ' I < W'l •w #
J- i » • n V'i: 'l
*1 if «"■!*' * \ ■ ! ! * * %v * \ Mar*
t f '» » »'■»» I I."'-" \ ■■■■-> 's.T ) \ ».
M»•i i" ban w • • a»u« th» r *t f tbn
fl»r' »- fit.',' 1 i, '» \"y !-• ~f
I > th . n »' •' •« t* i p.ar
t> <• *m- "• w »t <• > . >•, • <,»
owr n»». tt ■»- ' .• • • e ■ '• ■ .(*• r
* f <' '4 v * • .i i II *
1 . ' i « ■ '■•!*/, v» r
X'.tfi X <■<<■- "i i--' It . e * ■ ■ ,
n : ■ » ■ r ' • ' !»i v .xf
f • !-,t*
Th> i» •««" -*• > »-m a' irmn
1« ftitt H <x -ji.m ■ • ■ vt ■
I ' S i* M !i" Wo '.ifc ! ht» «
t- 4 s - r ' i»- j# i- «h
m at ft*i g - r «*. |0 y T^t
r hf T * rie«'<r «••• ' 1 " V:« in
H x • ••• »n f fc.
l»> f v :t> 'i s'- t Br'* *h " t ' s «
] V * \ i »t ■ « '
C-*i ' » ' > *»• t'-«> . . * •x,
I «r , t » » > j ,
F r, THF R- - SIT -" • 1 * %
r v »' ••*?"* •%«>.. « f * %•, ■» '
t » T*l»!t -t I « V
• » «
tl-. •t*«"p» »r.t tH» St. !. ' » •» -Xc
IP S * I I • R '.'••• AT
1< f.** H -ft ;
W * * 4' * * a r m a -ii * * > *
-' mt«* ,-f If 1» I»: ■» «*.i' • t
. * » > « . « t
ft t x . r • i*
it ae«i f.> *
Qt J fli'
•«i j-sJ Vv«.
Whv do so many buy <'
A *
/ their Outfits of the Seat- }
tie-Alaska Supply
Co. in the Dexter Horton .
0 - C
Bank Building on I* irst '
\ v
J Avenue South? ()
have b» «-r, optimi*ti ally utilised by the
ministerial pres-
Tt.e Pal* frankly dc Tare* that Cn'an
lndep*tiden-e is Imminent.
The queen regent today prertded at a
cabinet council wftn-h dls»-uswvl the rela
tion® between Spain and the United Stae*
Torpedo llostii Ordrrril to ( al»a.
NKW TORK. Feb. 24.-A dNpatrh to the
World from Madrid says. The q ieen in-
[email protected] POL® Y IERMIE.
Successor ef Pe Lonje Wjter
Senor P-.10 \ Berrabe, ;he r.< w Spanish minister to Washington, is the son
of Admin! PO'.J, nf the Spanish r ivy. wh > w i.- m uister to the United States
during President Grant's .ulm'nistrati n rul who was chiefly instrumental In
staving off bellig-rer.ey recognition in tin- las - Cuban r« I • llion. Senor Polo, as
he Is called, is by no m» ans the brtis pae democrat hi* fathtr was He Is a
< o!orle«s young man of almost no force •( charactter* and has been carried
along in the diplomatic ofli-es of Spain by adram.st: *tton af:<-r admlniatrati >n
for the sake of his father rr d his fam > 1!> I>f d • littl- •f • >te during his
off. !al life although he is a nun of m i h 1 irrdng He speak* Kncli-h fluently,
and has a wide acquaintance wi'h romnrei :.»! history, on wh! h subject he has
written \ tiumbe.- of valuable fr< ttia * His wife. Senora Mendez de Vißn. the
daughter of the present Spanish amb tssad- r t.» Germany i* an accomplished
woman not unknown in Washington a>» let;.. Th i --w minister is not the Polo
who wi# at'.' he «nd third f« retary of the S .i legation ft im '>?" to I**l.
That rW •!.»! was alr 'her of IV |,om -s . sor :u ! S is. ■ v% d« ad The d- nd
brothers career w ex optionally brilliant. II- r< -*• to in importance almost
equal to his father's.
vit'l t> lunrh *;th the royal family <"i"
\ U'timl. th»« '•jptatn i>f the ?; n'sh
r n ahiiit »o tor «He ' i.l rail. !
: > takrt 1 n« of thf (jaeen. After lun •'>-
f.in the ii-i- en talk- ? l> -rg t'tr.e with ' ■
in<]Ulrlr.K Into a!! t»i« det ut*
•>' ror.ttnriate.t .>■ .«e \ imi
w trda iv > n t to th* ministry of mar in.* to
t «ke leavp of Oen. H- rm iJ'. with Whom
The *'ll !• eompoaed f thr< ••
1 t« 'ls> the !'! itori, th- T'r
r r and the p.:«or tnd the frp io \ .
li st Al>'Or av.d o*ar The-.' craft Wit: \ e
n "'-moantfd l-r t ,, »* ftv cf ft!?
o.>n>t ling coal and pr -x'.- or*. Ttie a« *•
• U nil! utop it the f 'ar.ar* JxJar.d' v d
a!«« at I" r Xf* R'en ! ("ft-ire **■ it '• - «f < i
W ii r \\ tinl.l x it *e l >ini««lii.
ST ! «>! 'lf» Feb •« Mir*!' x
k Cuhii r -'.lire In ?? and * n-is
r f>or!' •!*•?" >e! • - t » 'th tl- • '•
er« lit the c*>i«e f r lr.'let»e*ider.rf *r t'.t 1
j «ter lay that t: " (**i! * ' a-e rv»t In
. ' a wtr betW' x' e 1 " •! S* ••• < n* 1
S; a'n
■We do r.ot »" ' t-* «• •? »' »• l*p t I
S it « d<* '*r» r kg . ■ ■ - w
|n « r .>* nii 1 * r * ■• ! »> 5
r • Interve- -s 9 • * * ' *
uVUfy ♦ k*ep th* s*'v 1? !' it ' f»
■ »st » jvart\ i.l i r » v** < •' h ' »
e %%•» be ■ n ' !>• ,»n " %
«• W-'AI! 'F *'* :»* > N -»d *"» it v •,
r-vol-.it -n T d- r - t n " «-d» ■
; ' w »>d ' l > ■ ' W *■'. •• e : *
tt v* tiow r'.- " ?' N » 1f t l a*
j -*r '-.vn ' - *»»ir w! • • ! . '>-!
S *f» Wi 1 ! t-e 1 w ! 'i' *•"- •' * v.* b
» T i» • v >"• '"•
- - -•. * ■ r \ ■ r:
T» « t» * or.ly -.f x- •cvu v !
t . f.»; I' •* ■> « 11 f ' It 'h« •'
m ' i • i «r »>-e d mis-!
t - * the rv
Up I, i.hrn t" r» 11 *nlb»rtl» to
•>( \\ rrrWnc—lloilif« ( »n««t
Hi- llroiuM
v. • if v* -■ v y « • » '
\t m*r-» tr* y •'
I ■< ' T
• tmmmirm «* • *'
( - * 5 * }+•*■ •*% - * ♦ Hv i* f > t *
t #» # if\ « * I'M > -r ' '• '* !
Cj»:-t £t# v ' **
'r • t -: *r> t * . *■ 5 . -a • >
.» :•; t: '• r
»•- J- of t!i«- h< «***:< .-f
. UM> M Ml tifrwa •* m * trip »<
w * ** 5. | 1 r**;> f * m *\?~y*> • »* «*
■ * •'■■ r «- % *** T'-f
me *'.m ■' !« a nv- u, jjnt.-.y j «
' '4f «>' !*• :•»«*■ » J J; >. 4 5 » »
1 ' * ' •*> •< ' with h•» hoy <■-
" * »r *i> «?*# c-»tu:«w4 *.it»
'' —■»!» *. J ;. iV>
•Iwwrj' BMI fc»
rather to f»-i Ca.pt. Crowrlr.-
Bhi<- 14 tisoborrow.
T"-• : i : ;s!» -n of tJ» Jr.ves.lga
♦ x: of t; - • • urt of inquiry at HiTiaa.
:.>>■ pr.n :p<*i buwt:*«* ...f the navy depart
ed-; tn < t'on wttli t!i« Maine wit!
r~i«.-e to trie conduct >.< tie wrecking
'"ap- LemJey, the Jndge advoate gen
era!, wao ».*« th:* branch of th« work
Jmnriia'-fy Ja charge. H lay reived tele
grams from the Merritt & Chapman
Wrtrklßs ' OTipar.y. at Xew York, stat-
Ir.g that the aUimer Merritt arid wreck-
» R -G hgnter Sharp* hal salted t r Havax. A,
ar.it tn* tug Underwriter, ■with- the Chief.
*OulJ leave New York Satarday for the
same (ttet. The assistant wretking mu
t-r was going to Havana on the Ward
l.ne steamer S<«" arday. and It was sunt
g-sted to the department that Its tn
* peel or r ould take the »ame steamer. In
i?su-h z.i Lieut. Commander Kimball,
a ho la r.gw at Havana, had been aliened
to the duty of hispecting the wrecking
operations, it will not be necessary to ob
serve this suggestion.
The only ex*i t information received by
the n,;v v department from Havana dur
ing t? • d.. v was conveyed In Capt. Bir«-
bee's telegram as follows:
"VVre- k. rig tag Right Arm. which nr
r:ved yesterday. will tiegin work today.
Much * ;:r.!"-nng metal mast be blasted
away in detail. Navy diver-; were down
aft day*, forward fowr day*. The
bod.- s of Jenkins and M-rritt have nut
lieen found. Two unidentified bodies of
ti;** rew wer- found yesterday. The aft
department Is filled uith detached, broken
a: ' i. ! v i- t f .rr.iture, and fltttnjrs. mud
and confusion.
- Si'
Mki.ir.iv ■ I ■ ir« for wounded and dead.
"Kv ?\ "it t! u ■ " fr ni thi? wr k
t » th* Dull -I S itH should dl#inf--'i
1. Wr- kir * ir.'e . «ho\i! l pro\: b>
I r * ■ RI • < t t» M line, aftar
eoun!>el:irg with others. ?■ niniei'd that
■'l I'l-i'l; < . ml i iothh.v should be aban
•r-'.d Ii n-..v ' c > ' • tti- acetimat- I
Ir T"p ?* f ' ng-* and eqiiipmen'ff
ri K! t hf i »■<"<! to s< a ;ir»d thrown owr
i •an!. Will * k- als Immediate respan
' : !r- • ite d» partment's wish-*.
! r ti < f p-jj. restrtj ■ ur» a-. 1
V.- !, -av !•
• I'rf • '* ' fh# d id should ujider*-.) 1
<* W' !•-•» ;;i thf triple? fhtpLri
< 1 Iwi K (• h .rs- d with jwuteni r. i
*tlt« ' • thA dead, FIN conduct I* beyond
r fti«*. .
'l*• ■ ' I • w wh •' ♦.->• ♦« i>« }„■ .
' ! ' i- J- rr--, v ;• tiv» repr. j.'nt l-
I'f "* h'-e hav'. l Iw-.-n verv
' "*'• f tue v d my ; Mi! *it ••
8 •• Ixm# fn n dlatf IT n-^-W
* • x ••• :i ' - m-n
--' ' M '- d - ir,' ..., T.-. ir
1 " A ' V " ' ' ' v a '
* , r: : f. •• v . • w • k-s r
• verv'hlrir sen? • i *h->
r r ■ t • f
<• < • i
■ ' ' " ■ W * 1 . \ A •>,.
T! e *■ ; -T>F an;-. .;• v. !«
r ' " • - • "♦» at I • r '
*" ' b» : »• .» .-i ,-<i .. irAw n
* ' it belnt Ml to S'?«hee'»
« far f*« .*(».
s- -u lon «h' aid lw» earr; -d
x :ii r> - * - i •>;*» >;t ~j.
parti f th« «.■' »r
--"" ' "' >" e - rw as £•". nf if „'y •>,
r '• : " ,VJ ' ' «• :re» )of
' w "* *> * » -trt S i'twse -o
* n .
• w *» enctJJßherttui marer al hM!fc-at«a
ie •>„ pp.
" - r '/ |f... 4t
a :» rr. v «»» * ~V h .
- " 9 **>■ ■ « , Vi . ,v , : .
v *' *" if' "■ • ■ ■ ..mi a;l for.
s ' '' ' - • fan •- ■ navy Itpartatat
•* '' ' Tie -hi- '"1(1
• '
• • ' a« he t< - ir, i ;;

d. .r'-: rt •«> .•
. tie;* . f re',' ... f , ..
I «-.« t.» I bpo. f- •
T * -• s ? »■
% I • * h i- , r»> i
• ! h- K' • • j( (l,
•' ■ n- K v. - - .I
-t b -y! r-t the r>* i<i » M -- . ,
'• a c-'-jr-' . f- . H ..
v ■ ■ . .
• I «■ 1 !Mt -h .
* 4 ■ *•' * r v Hrr"; rr*; - * *■*- ■
- - ' ' *-« ,K" ■ ♦
' "? ► '.rt .» aa4 r- v-.a** fro-n
' »- * w* i aw,i by .* full
• **- •■* d tr-e e»
* • h:»re r>v -- tn |-art th«
' " ' ■ •« ; .i* ;t .
*"■' ' t«-"i "',:ty re.s'.r- ! v
' - ' r * »'** Th n. n w-r#
- k « "i meiji Pimf-jt
• * bj t tost
I 'Twill
\ Pay You
y ' l o get the prices on
New hairs
Alaska Clothing.
\ Mackinaw Suits. Underwear, So*, \
V G.u\'-s. Cjps, Rubber G-aods, Sleep-
A ir.g Bags. A
\ M, 12 and lj pcur.d Fine Wool
Q Blankets. + Q
A Prices marked in plain fistures. >
\ E. W. NEWHALL 6 CO. |
') Corner Second Av. ar.d Mad
ison St. A
terrific explosion, were ground together in
a c fused mass. Knowing this, there Is
little hop« that many of the bodies still
mt-.-ing will be found, or. if found, that
they will be in a condition to be brought
to the United State".
The officers of the British battleship
Hood today cabled from the island of
Crete, expressing deep sympathy over the
d.master to the Maine.
At the Spanish legation much Interest is
manifested in ths developments attending
the Maine inquiry ar-d the earnest hope Is
expressed that conservative Judgment will
not be influenced by r. ports which, by the
Spanish 1 g ition, are regarded as untrust
worthy. Mr. Du Rose, ar.d his staff, are
maintaining a calm attitude and are seek
ing to allay everything which might in
n.jne public sentiment.
Late tonight the navy department re
ceived two brief telegrams frotn Capt.
Sig.-bee at Havana. One related to some
routine matter of expenditures in connec
tion with the work on the Maine, and the
other Is as follows:
"I>ivers report more bodies in wreck.
Some in hammocks Involved in debris.
Probably not recognizable."
This dispatch indicates that the divers
have finally secured at lea?t partial en
trance to the quarters in the forward part
of the ve-s. l, where the crew were asleep
when the explosion occurred, and under
which were the magazines. One fact, that
the divers Wert* unable t > extricate the
bodies, shows the fearful obstacles against
which they are operating, and bars out
the belief that the work of submarine in
vestigation will necessarily proceed slowly.
4Ot H I <>F IVQt l«V l\ SKS«ilO\'.
V\ ill Soon Soil for Key West to Com
plete Examination.
HAVANA. Feb. 24—The court of inquiry
held its usual .•*.■* ions today Capt. Samp
; son reports that Chaplain Chadwlck w is
examined as to his personal experiences at
the tane of the disaster to the Maine, and
that the testimony was taken of the cap
tain of a British bark in the harbor and
the superintendent of the West Indian O .
Works acro.-s the bay at H-gla. both of
whom witnessed tho explosion. Mr. Rolf,
the British engineer of the floating dock
in th* harbor, wrote a letter to the court,
but. it I.h said, did not add anything mate
rial to what was known.
V the afternoon session, the divers were
examined more fully than before Their
tex'imony is taken from to day. "he court
ex pee;- now to tini>h here today and to
sad on the Mangrove for Key \\ est. where
the oth.r officers and m-:n will be e.xim-
Nelther the officers of the court of in
quiry nor the witnesses will give the
slightest indication of the testimony <>r
tlv* conductions from it. iinn
eiy that the men employed on the wreek
j h tve beer, warned to observe an equally
strict reticence.
This course is regarded as eminently
wise by the Americana and all intelligent
F anlsh officials, as there is no telling
what passions m ! gbt be aroused or what
evil results might be brought about by
tilklnir of the matter in the present
s' IT- of public feeling lr» Havana Thus
fir Americans are mated with tho ut
mr<t courtesy and kindness; and it wnw
the spe. lal < are of the residents of Ha
vana to slv W friendliness.
Consul G< * ej.il 1a ■ -'ays there is no
t- ith In tlv report that h.- had n.skrd
( • <}• • BVi?;.m to dismiss from Cuba,
certain newrviper men for sending s n
> •• 'st riet* to the I'nitrd States. On
t •* oTitrary. Cer. l/e has never |nt< r
f.rfd xvl'h the Atn ri an newspaper men
hi any ft ay.
» linnncri l><'|ten l'a»« 111* Tribute nf
a <*al«- of Tlrki l» for Hie Ben
efit of 'I heir Fnmiltea.
.N?-:v. V<'UK. !"■ ' 24.—A thou-and rep
tive ■ " ■ .:a• ;erc 1 at the Metro
r "*•' » ! u«.» 'his aftert -n to bid
f r the V- X's ar. I seats f r the perform
u i 8 in T |hl next for the benefit
"f " * irt! ; f ' •' sa!i and mar'.n>s
who !"st their ves on the battleship
M it In**.
, i ..„ v \j j w made asj e-h pre
v ••■'s • the 'e in whnh he said:
r y- I- th< •, f'r.v sto 1
: Ir. Nt V. Stand in the r-vT'ud*
' «ty'n* *a t 1 e president: '\V w**»t you
f ' *sir ir.d wlfhotit fav >r to fry-"! or
> . > m-.tne Into and tell what
! ' d a h of t» • . s am« - ur
( - s-eft* 1,, trent to Havana to pro
' t An.. • • > '!■ and -<pert\. if ,n« d
! ' • ne on board w.-s Teaiy to
T s er- ! f?.HC
Ml>tS I \|>l R |«\%\\\ || % K HOK.
« |is« ni n r rl« tilmlt I *l«lflirc of n
« ••lililcrrtnfsn l'n«.*uu»".
• aV \ rb. :«- ir. cttnatUwi with
an Ota* gal : gadtr tn* harbor of
J- ». fr -n s rrr.m j w«-
- r—. i ' It' iv- p*i-'i»= if >r yt'nr*.
t «S, ,r V- »\ tin t*at f r ovfr a ron
t «-v a rr r.» ,tn i about two
- ■« I I%M !• at i** turro*-
" ■' i Hiving
•' o[ j ha* r\.~ ,1 from
< > <•-! Pr:rto«pf..
1 ' •i- • :r' v - r the «•
ti * - * : t k own to
i' ' «i ■ or to th rv'no
T'.-.-" !»r : it m *44*4 h*r«
r « - ! * • :;> .in: lh*ir *x<i t
a? i fc&BM t - it i« i4M|t(d tfcM
- v.. r T . -• «ut !> Tar
J - - f !.i found ir, i r|<> -.<Ttr>r.' *
! T' : Hav.tna.
rma j I p iM? 'hit this pa*-
- e- I'* s Mt go th# MWfcfli at ar.y
I \riD«|U> « »* I Rod 111 TMDK.
lolimnni nl n IH»«-r f mplntrH on
the H Rntttf«hip.
\rv=TIIMTr»V Feh T* The Kr*'!re
!» *r r.a» r*« iv«j tf./1- wr» ea■M'crw.'ti
* •!"• • ' ..r •> }'» v, • r : » »:ifr
ert in CuM:
» A' rht« *r;? -ir ara <J»v#J<»p -s
■ "*jh r-- • ■.« From an + x.»tnin.»-
i Uwi. u' r »:• *-<•: tft-y ti+v* «.
cured evidence which seen*3 eoncTuslvt
that the expioarton came from undernaath
the ship. Som" of the smaller rnagaxints
may have expired. The main ten-inch
magazlue did not explode. The condition
of the interior of the shtp shows further
probability oi the wreck having be?n d> •*
to outside force The further the luvrs
tiga'lon progresses the more ur.tenab.e b- •
comes th- theory which the Spa:, sh gu>.-
ernmcDt his adduce! to <how accKient .1
cause it is evident that the Spanish
case will be based on the claim that tire
preceded the explosion.
A diver who had been en gaped in the
work of getting: bodies out said:
"00-I be merciful to the men who blew
those poor fellows to eternity. The I nit
ed States should not."
This was before Secretary Long's order
prohibiting officers from talking This
diver evidently thought the explosion was
not an accident. lie had an expert s
capacity and opportunity for judging.
r unKri'K Probably Will tole th«*
■equivalent of a \ ear's Pay.
WASHINGTON*. F<-b. 24.—Repivsenta
tlve Boutelle. chairman of the houf=e com
mittee on nuvai .Affairs. conferred with
Secretary I»ng ag-ain today. Mr. Bou-
Mle said that his visit was confined
wholly to the question of relief for tho
sufferers of the Maine. The bill which
he had prepared will carry about $167,000
!f passed in Its present form. It has t«*cn
suggested, however, that a general law
wan parsed in ISK» under which relief may
be given for the actual loss suffered by
thoso in the naval service in ease of dis
aster. How far this general taw will
Effect the special relief extended to the
Maine sufferers has not yet been deter
mined. but in any event it will cover only
tiie actual loss of clothing. etc., while the
relief measure is designed to give 1 bulk
allowance equivalent to twelve months'
Mr. Bouteile stated that his call had
n.v.ilng to do with the Question of itcw
ships and naval 'Vjuipnurit to be provided
1> the ua\ -vl appropriation bill in course
of preparation under his chairmanship.
I'OMlbilitr of War Willi Spain Milken
Buyera Cautious.
HOI STON. Tex.. Feb. 24. —it is reported
from Brenham that the agents of Mi-Pad
don Bfos*., of Philadelphia, one of the
world's great cotton firms. had been in
structed to .stop buying cotton. The same
notification 1.- .•'aid to have been sent to all
their hundred or more agents in Texas.
Inquiries ;I f e said to have brought the an
swer that It Was because of the Cuban
c< mplicatlon. This has caused consider
able flurry among the local cotton men.
Mr> nu Won't Talk About the Maine.
TOPEKA, Feb. IM.—ln an interview, Mr.
Bryan declined to discuss the present cri
sis with Spain. He said there is time
enough to discuss that affair when the of
ficial investigation is through.
Cuban* Celebrate tlie Anniversary.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.—The Cubans of
thk city held a mass meeting at Chick
ering hall tonight to celebrate the third
anniversary of the outbreak of the revo
Thrilling; Narrative of nn Kxploalon
anil Ita Fearful Iteanlta.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Bieut. John J. Blandin, of Baltimore,
one of the Maine's survivors, who is at
the Key West hotel, gave, a correspondent
this evening a succinct account of the dis
aster. saying that not until nw has h»
been able to recollect the sequence of
events in the terrible ten minutes follow
ing tlie explosion Tuesday night. Lieu*.
Blandtn was on the Trenton at the time
cf the disaster off Samoa. In March. IW,
when American and German vessels lost
241 ?n<>n ail told. Lieut. Blandln says:
"I was on watch, and when the men had
been piped down below. I locked d wn the
main hateht.s and over the side of the
ship. Everything was absolutely normal.
I Wa'ked aft to th" quarter deck h hind
the rear turret, as is allowed after R
o'clock in the evening, a-id - i* down on
the port side, where I remained for a few
minutes. Then, for some reason I cannot
explain to mys.Tf nw. I m >ved to th->
starboard side anl sat down there. I was
f-eling a bit plum, and, in ftct, was so
quiet th .t L'eut. J Ho d came up and
ask- d laughingly if 1 was asle«p. I ?aid:
'No f am on watch.'
"S sreejy bad I spoken, when there
Cim- i dull, sullen tear. Would to God
that 1 could blot out the sounds and the
'- e S that followed. Tll'll came t sh.itp
exfd -don. - me -a v numerous detonations.
1 r> member only one !• ».>»nto| to me
tf >' t!" sir i rj!ti» fr m the port slr'e
f tw ud. Then came a |v-rf» .-t ram of mis
!"s f nil kin !-, from huge pie-. s of ee
f'Tl to blorjta of w•• •!. steel railing*
* jm-nN of irr *and all th d*br!s
?L it wo id {>■ d- • i '': a! ein an <-xple«lon.
I w is «?r i k or. the 1 » id by a p •- » of
•;m a 1 kt. •> k 1 i w :i. I• ut I was not
hurt, and a t • > my fe»t in a mfm«n*.
I r H d had rut.a the j v.p and. I
supj s. d. as I folk-wed. he was dazed by
k 1 1 -hiiut t 'tin p ov.-rh . -d.
I hailed h'rn ind he an-'WT'M that he had
ran "■» th" P p to h 'p 1 wer the t^aats.
v I ■ '■ r aw ; » w *. d
c "aid > • ■ ' j hid to w ide In water
t ■ my kn«-es, and almost Instantly th*
• '<■' I k" - iw i■' <>» p p T
f it I <' ' ■ "i' t Sr• I e . , - 4 , If a
* »lt at I - •) ill the offie. ra exo pt jen
kas and Merri?' ?ned u«. The paap was
ave w *er a'' r the Mane settled to
t>,e } ' ■»T. 1 ,•. efl'-f* | *h*
' »t V •nd ' ■K> W "T. 1 I' d the 'JI r s
1 men. wh i bv *?iis time had i.**embled
c • the b i'o ut and r «.M»<d a number fn
f e wi*r- Captain P >-!.ee ' 'der- d T.le-.j
--t» nant-Comnartder Wal"wri*ht forward
* «ee the .*•. t:t of the damage and if any.
t ipg c t«M if d • * tr> r-« ;■ th. se fnr
warJ or to e*tlnm«<h the flame® whhh
f 'lowed close tipon the e*p|o»inn and
> fr. t '' v « loj'ff as w. »e anv
e *nt -tit !.- above water to fe d t K em
I tenant - Commands Walrwright.
; per re*- -n reported 'he to*a! and
terrtl 0 . haracUt of »h* fiHiiftty anij
' • lin *!iifslKe gave »} e ?a.«t *td arde
'lha*.dan Ip * *o m-n overwhelmed with
c •' IT 't * 1 but film an! apparer,*!v un
M •'me. f - 1 a's t: m th<- a- a - .
cruder ATfonwi Xffl .arr-vetf. t.a > fol
wed «en bv tx from t 1 » Ward i.>«
riPPARI" lon g tor throat wa*
Krrllnr filial with nor#*,
Ukl UIIL • imp-* farmed on my
k, and ft h rribio
n! er brtili#> out on my jiw>—*ajn
Mr.<» H. K1 f#»r t. wh • at cor.
•J2 1 St. anil Arenti* \ . f»alve*?on t
Tesa*. Ho vra* thre<» times pro
nounced cured by pr< mmftit |>hy
!>ot tb" drpadfu! c!!««*a-" a!-
wst- returned: ho wast ben told that
our, and h<> , vra<« in a §ad plijfht.
Alter taking on#» bottb* of > >. S.
he Nsran to improT** at.d two dozen
bottles cured
birn completely,
•o that for mors
than sixjearshe
ha* had no
of tbe <2i«ea«e.
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Cor. Second AT. and Madiaon St.
Iteamrr City of Washington. The two
boats low > red from the City of Washing
ton were found to be riddled with flying
debrts from the Maine, and unlit for i s- .
Captain Sigjd>ee was the last man t-> lea.va
his vessel, and left in his own Rift.
"I have no theories as to the cause of
the explosion. 1 cannot form any. An ex
amination by divers may tell something
to a court of inquiry. 1. with others, had
heard that the Havana harbor was full of
torpedoes, but the officers whose duty it
was to examine into that reported that
they found no signs of *ny. Personally
I do not believe the Spaniards had any
thing to do with the disaster. Time may
tell, I hope so.
"We were its i deli.-ate position on the
Maine, so far as taking any precautions
was concerned. We were friends in a
friendly, or alleged friendly, port, and
could not tiro upon or challenge the ap
proaeh of any boat boarding us, unless
■ nvir •<! that her intention was hostile.
"I wish to heaven I could forget It. I
hive been in two wrecks now. and have
had my share, but the reverberations of
that sullen, yet resonant, roar, as If the
bottom of the sea were groaning in tor
ture. will haunt me for many a day, and
the reflection of that pillar of flam** corner
to me even when I close mv eves."
Sundry Cl* II Approprintlnn Mill In
der Olftcaanlon \ll DRJ,
WASHINGTON Feb. 21. The house de
v ed itself strictly to business todav r.d
disposed of thirty additional pages of the
sundry civil appropriation bill.
The Item In the bill placing at the dis
posal of the quarantine service the gov
ernment unexpended epidemic funds, now
amounting to $.140 000. created con«lde-rable
debate. A n amendment by Sayres of
T«v.t to Increase the fund a' the disposal
of the quarantine service JW.OOO. was lost.
The following proviso was ruled out on
a point of order, r * 1 by Chairman La. y.
of the pttbl'e lands committee, that It wis
new leglslft r-n:
"That here ift• rno public moneys shall
expend, d for the survey of any portion
of the public domiln embraced within any
forest reservationsi of the> I'nlted S'fii,
event f.r s-rch surveys as may be nnres
-• i*y ;n designate the exterior h-mind i-'--s
of such ;• -< rv. s ai.d .f such land* within
si l reserves n- n av be embraced w'.t dn
u- c-" ■ red by legal claim" Initiated pri >r
fa the date of the proclamation of the re
On m -t- »n of DeVrles of Cal'f >r;-.!a in
amend m- vas adopted apt r- printing
fC.W f r t:.> Y nv.'e Nat' »-.! f ark
The senate h!!l to pr :Mt • • --ce of
lo"al or Opeclal iet.<« !>v '-"it «»'..i * letrls'i
tures and to limit territf-t ,al inde'ifed
n; ss was pa «-. i.
At the hou • adjourned.
*pnoner I'nvor* «i-»tine «»f » orhclt—
llnllrnniU In \ln«kn.
WASH!N' ITf>N. Feb 21 \t t. <-o:. lu
s *1 ( ' the wort '■ if . S the. \ : e pres
ident laid before the senate Allen's r<"s'du
r which « c- .'all over from yesterday.
Allen eald that tielng sa* sfled from the
\>? e ri l;t H -j Vf Ifp. y, ,r 1 ; V t t'-o
fate of the resolution was quite well s«tf
• 1. he w I wt hdr iw 1*
Sp t ' Wis ! r male 1"• cr»! arcra
n nt i- fav rof t itltig f Henry W.
rbett. uf Or. * n. He said it as a
lnwver •• felt he- had no hit -, ror bet? r
right r » i at in the eiiate t'■ • n < >rhe-tt.
Sp - >o r said that th primary rower to
*'.! l-• its li. t!. -• • it- fr «n tinv -'at. « •«
In th* t'-i: -■ iiure f the sta'e, :n - in the
r- adit a of the i otLctl'uti -n I' ought to be
r> memtn-rfd tr -it this very matter w.n one
of dtsrate t the -on.«" t r' ail invention,
lie pninted out ta.it the ''onstituMor. pro
vided that each state ,«nntiM i- t e j > «-r of
every o*h*r stste, n * In p-•pu'atl'.n. not :n
wealth, nor lr arei. but in th«- numii'r of
vo'es lr: the Semite, Waile th»- constitu
tion ' ul-1 b«- amend d by the n tlon of
two-thirds f the Mi'es. it was »»xpr ssly
provided t at ro «'a A coald iv» deprived
• rej-r- s. ? *a*,-ir In h* w': K o-»t jfs
It *'s t .•» ; *ir;vo* tjndo-it.tedly.
of the fram<*r» of the constitution in plae-
Irg !-i gover:. r the p- *• r to rnak'- ;t
temporary at.poln'ment to safegtsard th»
r-' v ."s a * I in>r "t **e #«r. tl.i*
rv«rv e •.-»te it i.. fm- - might hav» full
r<d complete r<-preset.ration in tne «*
An T •: - . .5- t w ■.* n • > s ... .. r
w ten he rft» d the e-red- ntl,:.« of J hn
W.i.k'- of Virginia who was .itip--'' ted to
thn wenate on Jfsreh Tl, 17*'. by the Sr,v
ernof . ( \ trgtn a, fl s < Ma ■ Urn gu
ler • nmitutl a Bpo w » -»l I,
«,< pr- Is f »ln>lfar »»• |( B w -i '• r
c nstderatlon. as W.sik r's lentlals
• we I that t"« legtsla' jr. ' V;rg"*i!.-» 'ltd
■i id r v te» 'ill t! • v t; v t tr-n
ex.-urg. and r-.ad foded t,> do The.
•■nate n .p. l W Iker's er» J -rri ti-. and
»eat«l him
"fan it r- immblf be held ' exclaimed
sitting it the -. rare kt»ew lesa of consti
• f-j ■ »» fo n
J .<■ ■ for* the e«-.r i»t n <* S; n r's
r mark- i a of (ieorgia ;nq .;»» l wneth
er under a.I t sr.starsees in ««»•# of in
-1 v ' at;->*. t; - * r fr m Wis
e rentS *~r r> " 1 • • •• • ->>. rr r
hsd a r.gat to m-jke an irre
of f -.e .r-.actlon or inability for my
r iv/: f ttje fegt"4®turis elect. Bacon
—1 the hypothetical »-ts» uf * le* slature
g intl J-r: »d i-y tae < rr : »p: use of
money r.jt to ♦ r t in or*l«*r that the t,
tmor atrial m/** *a mpyoMlawui, and
asked Spooner If he would wa: the ap
pointee of the governor.
"Certainly," replied Spooner, "unless (t
could !>e clearly shown to the -enate that
tit-- appointee w is himself implicated in the
conspiracy mil in the corrupt uso of
M ansbrougli then endeavored to get be
fore the senate the Alaska homestead and
railway right-of-way bill.
Wilson of Washington said vehemently:
"There is no more important bill on the
calendar than this. It is of the greatest
possible Interest an.l Importance to thou
sands of people In our northwestern
The senate was about to proceed with
the bill when Rawlins made the point of no
quorum. A roll call developed the lack of a
quorum, and Rawlins moved to adjourn.
A division was demanded and the senate
adjourned at i..T> p. nt. by a vote of 17 to 11.
\iljutniit (irnrrnl llriek K«-tlr«-*.
WASHINGTON. Feb. M. -Gen. Samuel
Brick, adjutant general of the army, wl'l
be retired tomorrow on account of age,
and it is altogether probable that his sue
<os.--or will b Col. Henry T. Corbln, who 1#
in direct line of promotion.
>«» Tiding* Krceivrd of the Overdue
Atlnntlc Liner.
NEW YORK. Feb. 25.-lt is five day*
sin •> the* French liner La Champagne
should have steamed into this port, yet no
tidings of her have been heard since she
it ft Havre on February 12. She has 479
souls on board, including V> saloon pasn> n
gT». r.3 In the second cabin, sen j n the «t«er
age, her officer? and crew, numbering 175.
The agent of the French line cabled to
Havre yesterday for a list of the p&ssen
srers, and this, he says, will be here today.
H:* conjecture is that some mishap has oc
curred to the ship's machinery and that
she may be in tow of scene other craft. The
North Germ in Lloyd sterrmer FMedrleh <ier
ilr. >-«se. fi on Bremen was sighted south of
l-'ire Island at IL'-IO this i Friday) morning.
Sho may bring «om- news of the belated
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