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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 25, 1898, Image 3

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[DM HI sunn;
, OMintl OI * PARTS IX ni« D A*.
Prominent la Ilariy California
!>•)«. .Ifirrnardi Made Srterai
fartvaei on Wall llreet «nd Once
fcate jay ituald M \\ hipping.
I XEW V 'HK Feb. 24 -M.ij. Abla A
p.ovf." d : -sterday in ii,.s city of
Hit >»»•. ■« * "d *4 years.
Xt the »..ihr« :k of t:?e M»x. an wa
yyjeH K " e:. 1.- 1» 1 It: in* Fede; ;i
r aro>' from < lev; jr i. He ned tk-ii.
sC>tt's '■ rmy at \ era ''r ii: a:d wa- a -
• <tt ,-yd to tee ,laff ttf Ma j. r. W.-ct
''eeoß'tided '• t e expedit.on wr.-!--h left
<"ul tn < it . » way t irouk i to U..j City
-af M** -O
After tie- *y of M« 101 >d li-t-n t »k-n
t, too* all «' V« part 111 t r ," eXieshti'ili
P crfgT'.l-'-i 1- i*r tiie ha . - i.p .f
m una for t;.c »r,o t ;.* ,ar: , «i.
I gar.ta Aria. Aft-r - M< % m war was
I over, he gave ~ mill - try l •• «nd ■ .me to
I cit a ei, •i: d a m-r« M.-
I auaae ! '» >»•<: 4IS • h
■ aa.l« f-r h'-m Fi «»<• - o and was »mo: g
,ia« *■ rsy ; ' '■ ' -'n • !'-• w..
1' fkekrd ;t ii' mte-r <<f tfirst common
reuitcil of 'ity ant! wa- at»o aptxtlnt-
I ; cli.i I •• 'ca ; j * ;
0 »-id poii »• ;.<!-red p-rea? servi ■ at
ft. tiie time of th- j,..-n»ai ihle cholera s- I-.,1
Z ll» w • «•••
f Broder. k and a 1 a* a:< I * t ■ .t. .
1 w.v-n Judge Terry offered Senator Uroti-
I trick th- :i.s-!. whi' r. - ill* din the
i draih of the latter In .1 duel.
i in lw he joined itn expedition htvng f -r
I Its object "lie r o?it|a- *' of te- Hawaiian : ■-
I aeda King Kamebame a h > ng e tc, 1
(cf the undertakiiiK- Tr" •>;-•«:. >n was
• awad-'Ued v .cr At the ,1. . -n.-r; - -
f mt-nt of Fresitlent Pi r> '•'* admi'. -traf; n
fcf wai offered tne position of p«*st:naster
a»i 3a - ! Fran i-s but il<-t 1 *-d til pj.:'-
I kal honors, ami entered the real e.cate
I under tic- sirni name of H* v« r
-"g Sln'o. li l w 'e li f* • • 't' ■' ■ 1
Isith Fremont in t. i*- Marlposu estate. • a
f.«tir,g of an area pf seve ,ty eouale tn..
which «iit sold in IV'' t » .1 cotnp 1 *1: 1 '
I Wall atr-et for ten 1 ste k and
«h» and a half millions in honds.
At the outbreak wf the civil war, Maj.
I Selover went to Furope for tl.e 1 arp •
1 (,f buying arms for t.'is I edt-ral gov»-rn-
f v im-iit. and r.-fir..:r:g s:t..r i.y af-i w.id.
| entered the h -y life of Wall stne. whcr»
" h" made atal 10-t - veral fottur -
•" One of hi- in - HT,;»I t ant
1 e> curred In l*!*. when ho fvrined a p <1
ai'.h Ja>* Could :tnd James ;e to
put down the pri« ,• t>f Western I : o.
' Ke<n« and St lover jsC.i the sto. k idus
tr»>usly, but "im« ii'ik- -v* h ti llucnee
i kept l aying it in and holding the pt. c
lup Maj. SeloV • r .I;.«I Kveliti •I, ted
Jay O'ciltl. and tl • tcrnc - i-.i , : a l -
came «r> hrn.y rioted that, meeting Mr.
I, Gould In Kxi hange plat • oiitt day near
lirt-Md street, he picked him up and thr- w
him Into the urea way of a barht r a hop.
f (fOUttl picked himself up .(111 walked
Inway without saving a word, iuit Maj.
H' over •» impulsive action coat him many
• t' jUsands of d'.l irst thi-rpsift.r. 1» n
-1 tired frvim active boslnesa about s.x years
I ago.
| UFA I'll*.
I Mrtctin '|*. 11. Iltilter.
ant Surgeon T H Halley. United Statej
| navy, was round dead in his nxn uatfi r
conditions that led to th- l»hef tl ,t >■■■
had lomiuittetl suicide by taking 1 ... i : . .
lit* left letter providing for tho tl: tr -
button of his effects, > xprt - « a '• tr ; <
*.it about to die of heart disease. The of
ficer hud Just returned from a tour of
' dut> In China a- I wis a- ac.l , t ;,o
If Washington navy yar.l.
Urt. Kntlly 11. >1 ont ;t<»i»t»-r> .
has been received of the death en Satur
day a? Beirut. Syria, of Mt Km 1\ K.
Ms t| meirv. a nii-i«!o! .• \ t. 1 a v.
• 8h« we-.- t> Turkej «,!'•. her <• 1
thirty >» s:s ago and h.n.l b<» ■ ,• e ' »'.«
k. most dev Med jti.l title.< nt tn la
Itrt:*t country.
I n|it. Iv it r I llnltleli.
I Niiw v« iit.iv F. !• :i 'a, • -ti Hal -
Ilch. fornurly t mmntlore f t'e » H mi
burg American line, fltel ittddetty at Stet
tin Germany, r>n February 21 ac-'l 1
I'ats Cap' H.ibl h entet.-d t >
~ '&% Peculiar
An ,i
I/fißfed edd
y 1 Shaped
I |f| I|| | People
I Are
- V- - Fitted
Mc arc uh% a> > at home for
Extra Size, Short and Steut
Or Lens und Slim IndhiduaSs.
I hesc abttorit'al cuts arc M>tU at
sio, $12.50 to $lB
In Sack or Frock Suits.
J. Redelsheiiner Co.
Bitnest and Ise-t Cl. iliier- in the .State.
Mi!IMlI S!I M! !■!»! I I l->!;
| OUR WAY. |
*'f One price to aIL T
J. No trouble to show good*. * T
- ! -
i. If you wart us to figure on your
* <" m «•» outfit, w* do it at a -j*
4* living profit. 4*
r i"
t J.
| A. Dinkelspiel. |
x i
4. 119 Washington St. J.
? i
of the Hamburg-Atner: an line In ISM an
first oltl'.-r on ti»«? L* itan.a. on which
ne nerved ** v»-rni year*. ant:l appointed
chief ofli. .-r of me sail* «c vew»el Ltor.au.
He ».jmmanded nu --ively the steamers
J .varu K x Cin :>:a, S.iesi.t W!e-
Ind, Ctinskls and KtraiSßila He was
fepinrfntr >j < mini...icre in U"S, retired ui
«apt i n in ls"j:i and wa.s tnen placed in
' o' * ie < impart y » interests as su
lierintendent at Stettin.
Iki>>ilu« I'olrln.
OI.YMPIA !•'■ •• :( Intelligence re.i -hM
r - >• tod iv of t sth in a San Fran
r[y i) hospital of Ig::atius I'-ilvin. the re
sult of a cancer in the face. l>eeeas*d cam*
to this county tu Uie early fifties. l!«
leaves a valuable estate.
JiiilKr F.I I lot tnlluiD).
«'I LLC AGO. Feb. 21 Ex Judge EiUot
Anthony, of the sui»erior court. Hnd one
of the most prominent lawyers of Illinois,
died today after an ilin-.-s of several
.tin M. Mo»»e.
IHDf>l JKTOWX, CMHb. M 24-Asa 11.
Stowe, one uf th»* pioneer circus proprie
• oi iri. • • 11i' r > du-d in this city ibia
morn:nt, ,t-e«i Tit yi irs.
r%*s| ;i» HUM ) -I- OI It \ I.HSKI.H.
1 nit I'loiirt'r Report* I'.tcr) Iblng
i«t D>«*n mid SkanHM).
PORT TUW'NSEN I>, Feb. 21 —Tug Plon
«r. Capt. N. .."in, with balk Colorado,
returned at midnight iiom Skanwjy, to
wi . h place the bark wan towed laden
v. th 11 ve, tO' k and general merchandise.
'I :.e Pioneers officers rt port both l)>e.i
and Skagway its lively but law-abldlne.
They say Gov. Brady's arrangement witn
the United States gunboat Wheeling has
I • i Kf at txt'lit i•-j * .1 nuieils on law
breaker* at th s- points.
i'apt. Nieison h.t\- tlut whtl»» thou«nd>
of p'-aple are landing at L)jf'a the popu
lation does not appear to materially in
i riii- ■ the majjnty ait tor
intt rlor Alaska, and ,;i? pushing forward
wr i littii- deiay. i:oth t !'" '"hiikoot a r 1
White passes are reported In i,ood condi
<»i th* way tlown th« I'oilier
twenty-four different vessels en route t.»
AU-iki, all <*rowdetl passengers and
fr ;;; ht . On tiie downward trip ti;
Pi.mi*r expt-rienced continuation of
t!m w. atinr that ;;*< prevailed if*
N'.irtti F.i ili • w.iters for many year.- 1 , con
tinuous h.*:li winJ .inti blinding snow
storms. T is-- Kesol;ite, Monarch and
He-. i,. w«'••>» Ht .'k-:: aiiil were all xnakt..g
fair progress with their tows.
kI.OMUKi: M lltMKll IIIMtUKI).
The I ili ttf l uluinltln I* in \ul|>»-
raiaa, >eediiiK Ilepnlre.
NKW YOHK, I'-I<. Z\ A cable dispatch
re< today from l-orulon states that
tin steamer t'ity of ("olunihta. whi< h
here I>e<fmh«r 17. w -h a mining expi-dl
tion f•: Alaska, j;:d which was reported
i rriv* t.l on Feb: lar y 4 at Valparaiso,
where >!ie had gone into dry ilo< k for »*x
iml: atimi :t- to th- extent of the injury
f -civet! Iroin strikii.p a ro< k in Smith's
channel. ha« been found to be bidly darn
tged. Hi r keel |< broken In two, Mini f;er
I'otlom planking is cut through, besides
t her damuc's It i" estimated the io.it of
i-pairs will >« mount to
Thi« vaalt t>f the Shipman (UL> hank vv:i«
1 At ij'e:-, iv rr> ! ' ■rs uh-i sec ire.) s!•> in
i, ■ ,u.tl w • r>- ire.l away iKforo t--
i: c a *- to ..r»-ak int«» the Inner steel safe.
Krisiloa la Muarnlng for the Ule
LaaJer of tk« W. C. T. l -l«-
Throng* Attend Pnbllc «er
vlen at First Mrlkvdiit Chareh.
rVANSTON*. 111., F- h. 54 -Th- last
rites over ;h- body of Frances K. Will «rd,
prtesdetit of the Women s Christian T«m
peranct. Union. w*r* |e»rf rm-d here today.
The c;ty -was in mourning, s hools V 1 ®
business houses being closed and flag* put
at half-mast out of respect f-Jr the dead
leat!»r. Private sen-Ices were hrst held
u - H *t rottsge. Miss Willard's hctue. at
which were present only the relatives arid
it!.>st intimate friends and otlli —rs wf the
W omen's Christian Temperance Union.
A prayer was offerad by Mrs. 1.. M V.
Ptevenson, a ting president of the Wo
men's Christian T«mperan< e Union, and
after the hvmn Lovt-r of My Sou."
had Iteen euiig by those present, the cas
ket was conveyed to the First Methodist
1 pis* >pal church, which wa< packed to
the doors, and where the final services
wer* held, led by Rev. I»r. Frank M.
Hii- ,M: - - \\. lard's former pastor. A.l
--ilri-»r.-i v, - re mil- by Henry Wade Rog
ers. president of ' e Nor: hwestern umver
-it> . Kev. r. Charles lattle. Mis. Ja u
i a Hounds, Mrs. Johns l>otter. Mr-?.
Js iterir a 1.. Stevenson and Mrs. Clara
Hoffman. The casket was literally cov
ered with flowers a.m< every county 'n
the sta't: being repf»-»ented by some lioral
After the church ceremonies the im
niense crowd in and around the ediri e
w is permitted to take a last look at Mi-s
Willard's face. Then, borne on the should
t-rs of six students of the Northwestern
university, the casket w<«s conveyed to
the hears-- ar.d thei. to Ko - Hill ceme
tery The i asket wjs depoaltetl In tao
receiving \ault and w..l remain there un
til spring when M.ss Willard's remains
Witt ho liurit.l it the of her mother.
■ulierinun I an* linilien to lie Made
Into *al>«ldinr> < tiliinite.
WASHINGTON. Feb C4-The hou«
commlfee on t-oinage weights and meas
ures anittd today to re otninend the pa-s
--.»i?e of two « ininistration liills, one dimln
< th,- legal allow ar - « for wastage in
the coinage proces- » In the mints, the
other relating to subsidiary coins.
The latier biil provides for t:ie coinage of
so mu<-h of the Sherman law bullicn »s
ina> be necessary to meet the demand for
- "!>s!dl irv oil . and for the retirement of
s:i h an amount of Sherman as ni w
represents the bullion winch might be so
used. The vote on the was!jr. bill was
unanimous, hut on the subsidiary colnagg
K was on strict party lines.
l'nrpnsr of the tlrder la to Fnlixt Stu
dent* tor Foreign >fl«alom.
CLEVELAND. *> , Feb. 2-i ITit* sci»iiJ
day of tho students volunteer conventijn
i" gan with a forenoon s»e-sioa at the Gravs
iirnio:y. Again crowds were t 'rued away
far lack nt room. Tie report of the exec
utive committee says, in part:
Tiie pi.rpose of the student volunteer
ti jvemeat for foreign mission" is 'o e:d..»t
eilet.t: for fat c'ga mission service. The
t eld of the movement U In the thousands
<f ir.stitutliMiS of high<r learning of the
United S,a'--s and '"anada. it ha.* on i:a
rolle the n.arc-s of ibmt 4 <«i« volunteers.
Alt- id\ .rvt-r 1,000 have sailed to mission
t elds under the regular mi slon boards.
Th. -:ud- nis have given Ji" "o a year to
J All. l>r.l.l\l HI STOPPED.
ttincl«*adrr "li«l n»d Killed
it Deputy "hrriff.
SAI.T LAKE, Feb 24 —A special to the
Tribune from Evanston. Wyo., say?:
Albert Puttra, tOu Jack Frost, who ho*
hem in jail ! <re in connection with tho
Snyder and Paint* r hold-up ins: January. \
»j« shot and Instantly killed this morning
1 v Pepuly Sheriff Calverty. When the 1 j
,ioor was opened nt breakfast *his
]' r.-rs sprang upon <'alv. rty and nttempt
, |to ompO««r him. After a short scuffl*
r.iivert-. •••.* he.l his t.-volvu-and flred twa
fatal shots into Peters.
A wholesale jail delivery had been
>e«"»|»apcr« \ttempt to t»et Hold of
l!i<» I <Mter».
I.oXDON. Feb. - The lully Mi 1 this
morning alleg.* t! it atiempts have he.n
m ulf I'v new | - in l.onlon i >J New
York to cbtaln sum* letters whb-h the
British ambassador to the Unit* d Btitw,
Sir Julian I'iunn foii" Is supposed to have
written, containing <trong expressions re- t
g,t j !'g the American HUle'i rojoctlon
,if the arbitral ion treaty. The W»», a< -
< rdh.S • > »»-e M ill, was to compel Sir Ju
lian til follow IV linme. The pa;>» r adds:
• ;•> . , :u- XUN 'l. 1 ''t 1: i- evident
?h tt Sir ' ; Pauncefot*- will have to
tr»aJ warily
< lilkh * Ni w !.«»nn.
T»NI »' V. -< '1 * Time® in
to in • s tiii" nior* inar that 'he «'nine--e an
v\ ; ii i- «ue at a If" »• about The ur
|ty w: I In luda tha unpledged balai •• f
r. .IT if tnd i port.L it ' .e
Ll Ktn.
H >l* the C ir.es- 1 -an amounting to
(»«t <-vi iji ■ ■ <«>©» was 1 '.v- us.derw • "-
r .. 4 a f-.rr on T•> i--ue p* ••• is - 1
latKMt {r.::n the loan is 4'j per
Illlitol* I eml»la(M re tdjiinra*
SPRINOFIK!.! 1 I.' F.-S< -t The spr
,i ?,>**|on of the legislature ad: turned
. . ,* ; *I; i •*'.? oor P p • -•» d m«*«t
' • > me res Jr.-" " ued Irs t! e y r.-
.■ 1 prtmary • " i» «. I't f »l i >
v. hit W*s ■ "tli .' I» 5 «i-»> the ( v ;iit'aCii
t,-f> t. e under the c<-vrol of a com
m:v!.'o %> b- :::• d by tho rnor
l n»< KiirW Orllllnic.
SAX rtUMCItCO, Fl :i \ • ; I
rn ,t . M n fa - today a r-w
!.•? *,,< mj if byJ .il K tto John P -le
i.< - I'.it <»' - r« f >:n Siv
»;• m.i I >n-.mer« « n '• v !>• <e
f >"n> : » : ■!'•» ■ • . ' 4'i •• » *
IMnshter* lit <Bti-rii an Kn olntt«<B
W! N'".Tt »N V- t« T- ■ e •
IV m *as • Sr..-'ed t<Wigh?
I r f t m nt > * •'• d Mr« P- -
j. m ' -lg «as e - fM pre d»-nt (t-n
--.r . r- • •• •* t •- v Mr- 1 •
M ' j". re ve,« ; % -'t »r.J Mr> Bnv k
!n«nr-e«-Hwn lhi» »|irlm
I wnufopouf Bstnrta, IM». •* -
' A «» - • J « <■ n • .*t I?- «d . v ;■ ..
M v ; r. . rev.y»-.r -r 'tfe c»i'«
n • :•> .*» ,iU ; •r- ''an
• !* j. r. ■ <
*trll.rr« Were Not |V»o-gl>!c.
w:r KRSBARRV; ret 2t-Th» «le'-r.*a
, t .. B a
number cf witnesses today to prove riot
ous conduct of strikers In the region
prior to the shooting. They were heard
rapidly. Their evidence was concise and
to the po!n'. Several witnesses sa'd they
hai been fired at. struck with club* and
threatened with bodily harm.
Kid Me Coy aad Barley Matched.
HOT JSPP.INGS. Ark.. Feb 24 -K'd Mc-
Coy, champion mtddiewrlght, and Nick
Bur ley. at California, have been matched
to fight fifteen rounds before the Hot
Springs Athletic Association on March 3
fur SL purse of
Tommy Went He«l* Danny Msryhy.
BRIDGEPORT, Com.. Feb. 24—In the
Danny Murphy-Tommy West bout tonight
the decision was awarded to West in the
seventeenth round. M trphy was groggy
una had the fight continued for another
round be would have been knocked out.
Estimate for laiislns Ray.
WASHINGTON. Feb 24—Secretary
Gag* sent to the house today an estimate
tif an appropr.ation of JIjO.OOO to improve
Yaxjulna bay, or.
A «eri 1# rising against Japan»s«e rule In
Formosa is reported.
Mayor barter H. Harrl«on, o? Chicago,
announten tnat he will write a book on
fr*e silver.
Richard Allen, colored, acc-.uie.l of»bur
rlarj was lynched by a niaU at Mayfleld,
K> .. Thursday.
The woolen commission hotiae of Sawyer,
Manniru? A Co.. of New York. Is in finan
cial difficulties.
Two government c ittern were capslted
In a gait- off tiie .Norfolk coast of Kng'.and
ani eleven persons drowned.
The elevated railroads of Brooklyn are
taking steps to substitute electricity as
motive power on their line*.
A telegraph sytftem is to be extended
along the west coast of Newfoundland, un
der subsidy by the government.
The British ship Andrett from Portland.
Or struck the dock entrance at Havre
Monday and wa. i » badly damaged.
Bobby Dobbs defeated Bob Kane, of
Francisco. In six rounds before the Amer
ican Spor:ing Club, of Scranton. Fa.
T. It Hooper won the amateur tiapshoof
tng championship yesterday at tJarden
City, L. I , scoring out of 100 birds.
At the Splan-New glass es!e of
at 1 hi ago D orothy Wiikes sold for 11. ii«u.
Regret for $1,273, and Nellie M. for SV7S.
G. W. Martin, accused of complicity 1n
tho robbery«of the liunk at Sheridan. Mo.,
on February 15, was arrested at umaha.
T.'.a German warship I.ieuta.-■ :ila:»d arriv
ed at Singapore, and Prince Henry of
Prus«»ia was given a reception by the gov
W S. Jehn«on. alias "Omaha Bob," was
shot by Officer Bailey, of Bak* r City. Or.,
while reals, ing arrest, and mortally
Five students of university, at
Galesburar 111.. »>i# aerioualy Injured in
a fight between classes. Thirteen wera
Herman H.inz, a Texas cowboy, who shot
his brotii.-r-Tn-law in New York, was ac
quitted by the Jury. He resented cruelty
to hln s!i>r.
.Jacncs Wilson, secretary of agriculture,
has accepted the Invitation of the Califor
nia State Board of Trade to coma to the
Faclflo coast.
Senator Shoun ha.s Introduced a -bill to
relive silver miners ar.d prospectors from
annual worfc where Jl.twO worth
of work h<M been done.
William Cheney, cashier of the Portland,
Me die.l Fildaj. Kan short
In hts jiti ounts He had h«ld'the of
fks'fcr aeetitMorty year*
Father lHa*loi«. of the Catbollcimlaalon
ut Anadark'J. Indian territory, accldt-atally
killed Vathei Placides whli* the two prlesis
w ere 0u t, hun 11 r. g Wednes da y.
Tiie rflnt6n. Js'ew River & Western Rail
read C»rnp .ny will btilld a road from Pe
tersburg, Vg.r* to Hinton. V«. thenoe to
H AJjba'ns and Oharleatoii. W. \"a and a
tr-.LSt *ae*il to secure a. loan of has
been filed.
It Is proposed in the colonial legislature
of Newfoundland to transfer the colony's
rai:wa> Aystfm. tel**T»»hs cOal yards,
do< njl and a section of land to a
contractor who pi«dgea to develop the re
sources of tlie Inland.
<'..'lsthene Foiicharil. late Haytlen min
ister of finance, h*a returned to Haytl and
li conspiring' ugMnst the government. He
Is popular and h good financier. He was a
tndidat* f r president at the 4*:ith of
Hippolyti- bn* l»fr:»me finance minister in
ftead, and was for peculation,
i'rf ><! dent Sam is* a mer.> pupprt, and under
lis administration tta# condition of the W*
and ija« be om* deplorable. The premium
■ u gold ir.v 'icatly prohibits trade.
lJr«-«vlue on ( rom |!i<> to WHi a Venr,
It is the aim of all wom>-*n to make
the mom y which they are ablo to sp**nd
th'ir wardrobe KO as far as possible.
To a!Hl point out true
«• >•: rni> s of ilref», Kmma M Hooper de
tail.*, in the K binary I<a.lien' Home Jour
nal. how to dre-» on fifty, one nundred
.<ni fifty and two hundred dollars per
year. She pttm that it is possible for
n woman to pen neatly f>r the first
n.imed yum. and shows how muc.: letter
,<hc < :i!i dre«.< for t!.•* larger amounts by
t ."•••nvi- .• t"m :' • and Intelligent e\-
-..lit;: f nu>iie> than by the 'lt .al hap
hazard way >if buying.
Tlmkln.- Th it's fin* mi pie. Isn't 1t"
Sim'tv .■»— Why. 'hat's a hand orgsn.
You certainly den't consider such music
tin«*. do you '
Timkins--What could be finer" It's
srroun ov»r a:;d over again. Isn't it? Chi
cago News
man w better ' #
A brave man's prin- J
frai \ ."K \
because it comp"ls . \ 1\ \ J
him to leave k-.« life- . . VI \ \
WOT*. unfinished "| \
for «snie reason 1 4
• « pKSVmdVb
wasted away by di»-
To have ?h- braia dulled ar.u the ■ ©dver.
f"--b>»! bv iTnrni'r fc:le-9<-".- . iood *.' no
}>*"" th»" a ljv:s| dr ith * n , •,!" hotri*
b> a" of dy«;-p'la, nrrvri;:*
ne«s anJ melancholy.
Th- best thing m the to WltOW
. let! hfl led MUfttk vitality and ■•'orkir.jf
r :« 1)* Pie*.e'« <Vi!den Medical Dt»
Ita t* direct!* 'ipon thf iivrr and
•: e»«:<vr orfan*. g?v:n|r |wr to man
u'ic* , .st'* rirh h<"althv l«l<»>*' !re* from bill
ot:» pA;~ n u-.d morbid ira* jriti-«
! * ••".!« the Vr»i-d the red !tfe g'' •nc
enseals w'aseh nottnah rv.-rj cTgan
t-'fie It r»s'.J -« wa*ted tissue with
healthv fj«.»h and «o'.:d mv»-i:'ar Mre-.fth
B* feeding the brain and nerve* with vita'
en»r;r it bani«be* nenra.gia an! nervous
w»iknr« and -Bleep'e*.»oess
It i« b»!ter thaa malt extrart* or o '.t
em-.''-.en* It :- r. jt a m-*e te-spo*4-v
•t-.maUnt b-:t a g-nu n« and la>* nf nntri
en* -a* ' a -:X ia'-tdby*'' • W4»f>t>tuß
K» V U - «" *eer. r«q of UV/ ensbr •* Ca'.'.awav
C > Mo w: i<- v." I <u:nt»—.;crj veur
trritmri: I "tyjjd set t«*.e • dfink ol watrr »::!j
, .>{ »"» I. < 1 "
*W' »'S { ' * • !?' *»< <»
• v .- i 'it. ~ rae i; »*4 rae wit ;;
o»ft 4 v.ujt at *ar At ?*at I i»#k fc*t * tw
•f* «•: s» .r CV»'». r 1 !'••> »«er-5 iM
t«4u a* ... v-tt«r iieai.'. than I hirf tv-*- it:
fe - ** Vi r-cnr ••: IM* •»;
:tv I ieU tkem U your me**;. ■*
a 4 ajv>« iVieni to wrl'e tft jv»u *
Pr r:?rc« » IV.lt: J c ir?
i • We Are Me •
• Alerts Ttr tfee I
I Celebrated *
i # #
: Mississippi :
: Hotel :
• Ranges. •
j Spelger & Hurlbut, j
• 235-1217 Second Avenue*. •
VIEWS of ran.
Old Bookbinder In Uprlugllrlil
Krralli Sour of the FMIUIIUI
Mrn Hbo liavr Markril History
Hotel \\ hrre l.fl fa> otic llnai'rd.
Enoch Paine, of Springfield, probably
knows inure li.lnois history ui first hand
than does any other living peraon. Ho
has been personally acquainted w.:h cv
ery governor since Illinois became a state
In 1S20; and with hiin In one w.»y or an
other havA been associated nearly all of
tho--e whom Illinois hat added to the line
of the world's great men. Mr. Paint* is a
bookbinder, and ten years ago he repaired
some Looks which he hud bound tor the
a;a>- forty-six years b- lo'.e.
11.s beginning Is so tlnsed With romance
as to be of Interest. Tie was born In Kas
kaskia. the quaint old town that was a
thriving settlement more than a century
before Chicago was dreamed of. Here it
was thai LaSalle and Tonty and the
other heroes of the early west came and i
went, and here the child who afterward
became Enoch Paine's mother danced as
a flower girl at the great banquet given
to Lafayette in the old tavern. Since that
day old Kaskaskia has been almost entire
ly carried away by the river, but the
memories of the first capital of Illinois
are still fresh in the mind of Mr. Paine,
who relates many anecdote* of ths> old
da J S.
Pltrrrc Menard'!! Salt Dug*.
One of these relates to Pierre Menard,
the "bluff old fighter, who was the tlr»t
lieutenant governor of the state. It senilis
that at one time in Kaskaskia salt became
very scarce. Menard wa* wealthy, and
was kpown to have among his other pos
sesions a.great quantity of salt. Scores
of citizens came to him and offered to buy
it at any* price. At length, growing Im
patient, Menard called a number of his
fellow townsmen together.
"You that need salt and have no money
pawa to my right." he ga-id, "and you (hut
have money to my left." Then, address
ing the mqrp wealthy group, he added:
"You have money. Von go to St. I ..on is
nnd buy sajt. I give to these who can g> t
it no other'way."
When*he was 13 years old Mr. Paine's
family moved to Springfield, where he h is
lived ever At the time of his arriv
al the young Abe Tdncoln was beginning
to come to the front as a shrewd, honest
lawyer. Enoch's older brother promptly
struck tip an acquaintance with Einooln.
This acquaintance strengthened In - o
friendship- in fact, the two w-'re. room
mates for five years.
In those days the future president was
an awkward young man, noted mainly for
the indomitable force of chat i> t»*r whii-a
later skived him so w-»11. At one time h»
was scheduled to »penk In the old state
house nn one of his favorite political top
|.'s. It happened that hi-< arguments v. e
not popular at that time, and only i
handful of listeners appeared at th* un
pointed hour. T-lneoln took in the si! na
tion, says Mr. Paine, and, securing a
drum, went out on the street and beat h s
drum until a curious crowd is«embled,
whereupon he delivered 1114 speech in the
open air.
"If they won't ccm» to me," he said.
"I'll go to them."
I.lneoln'n I.cup Tbrnuuh n W Imlnir.
ane. lote which Mr. I'.ilne !s
find of relating shows with equal cl»-ar«
neaa this sid* of Ltnoolii'a character. DQr*
ing a see-ion of the legislature when 1..n
--coin was one of th«* "long nine" represen
tatives from Sarisrainon county, a ques
tion arose on which he was not prepared
to vote The question was put. and ar. -
.■all dem.inrled Seeing tb if n vo'e on**
way or the other wis ln»'"if.'b>, he r.in
•o the window, opened if. and lumped
through, ju-' In time to be an absentee
wh«»n the "l's" were reached In the roll
Mr Paine i v. ry 1. but he res every
dav to his work with nearly, if not quP».
the firm tread that once was his. He
stands erect an 1 speaks In a clear voice.
Ane io'< s ,1-ifl bits < f l,l«t'»ry fall from
! litis re'ating ••-> n- a-ly every import
ant < risl* w!il. h this has met «ire
l's nr*in!W'>n. II" speaks ir a f.i« : -
itlrg. off-hand ma*.r-r of th • HI < k Hawk
war of th« •■•infe-t f.ir lh» leglelv ■>»
seat when Vandalla. I'-or'a and Illlopoli*
c ntested for the honor and of abolition
dav-. with the resulti-g • ris « II" has
known every governor of the «'.t ■. f r ;m
Gov D nd on a* firs' j« a child. hut la' r
as a friend and a«soHate During t' e
civil war he aceptrd contra''* for ti.e
manufacture o' ammunition and a quired
s considerable fortune, which he ultimate
ly lost.
Old K*«Un«kln I) I«n ppe i« r1 u g
Pit afr«r V the ni «♦ lnt<-:««* nir por
tion* 1 f hts r»-m!r '-■■■■-r r- h«*e • . |*
k 1 Ta <r him tel! Of the quas- t old
'o» w'• h i' c l>* ' sti fnl riv «- ■ i - ' r
hill. Is to a<-qiHre 1 new reverence f r
th» are and dignity f I;:>®f» Kor the
k«v to the gr»at. w 1 m! id •• w»«t, for
m "» than a century, w*? this »ame Kas
Hut Ki4; 1 »kla !s go; « now The
m*' r :r.*' '» t.-f t e r »r y •'.'•» ' •< 1
«t»a iv and su-e. ar.d p-r 1 a; * s
the as* material .tr,K tlu:t binds th pr» «-
ent to '*< past will erumh'e a* d slip Into
!I ft:- thf m«-mor'.e- »-err
Mr Pal ' o. will «/ir, le «■>-> ft .'
f r the [r> 'cii! h»' ,s c, n'.»n' ej. r, da^
fr m tic g-!m old s*ateho«*e And. with
men: rv's eye. he < an l.»ok thr . igh 'he
window *r.d sacr t I. oln m<' >-
Ir.g with hts drt.m and voicing the motto
Of his life "If thev won't eome to me
I'll go ' ■ them.'—Oh* ago Record
Kansas lltnn Debl-Psjiog.
Harper's Weekly.
Th»re may y>e ino':lry a* to how Kan«a«
.i } V off r> ■ a • at I r re
idehtedne«* s . 'i**' One re.i >n is tb t
in % * i thj*
* - n# p* f P S • '*
-tgage . v 'tal'm*- or -
m iJtip s of tr * * - ,rr. a" i t of
farm-rs ;va:;«d thenie»e:ve* ©f * at i-t -
e g .. ae.,| this v ir will see t »!r farms
,r !e* .■ e The ' »r ' fme- H ■ h'»a
*. Jf»' • » ■ > e -■ t *;' *m* ■> S ?
The aas*. r is 1» ■■ ' " aoiaung pr->-
4..'-.'. «' Kan'-AS «.DC9 i»W, uat-
For Dressing at Half Price.
Read, Heed and
Come to the Harvest.
withstanding thj crtp failure. The .-'*■*
agricultural'department's figures show
that slnco 18!*> th« farmers of the state
have raised In crops and liv»* sto« K n«*a: 1 v
12.000.000,1)00 worth of produ e Th, value
of those seven years of prodie. is mov •
11: an the national debt of the Unit.vl
States. The grand total for IR»7 !. put at
V >iv^.vlr» lV»o It w«is «W>> ;vi,
|2*C,i" iif'ii, s*'.C. $272.0«1).«K'"; I*M, ». -
u»; i>:<4. 51<C«».10<v fyd ,*K».<K#; ISW.
tlil'.'OO. 1 ""'. total, omitting all but general
figure. Thrt product of Kari
sj>i farms for IS.M 7 wi-. Jll.ooo,0»i n;<■■>• ih.'in
!n IBW. and of thi- it; r-nse SIS'KHJ.OoO V. I->
In corn, wheat at >1 oat?.
In the state of Nebraska anil tn the oth
er st itfi of flu- Mldd'.e West ths loan b s
lnec«_ os It was formerly conducted. is
ovi-r. Hundreds of thousands of dollar
• f Eastern mone> htve be. n »< tit bark
since last f 11 be ruse th.re no m it
k«*t for it. Only recently .1 l ank ofllr ~l
In Central New York received letters of
Inquiry from Kar; i asking a- to th» \ li
ne of certain Investments. S'ine persons
in Kansas hnd money to lend in the *
It U a fact beyond dispute that W'-st.rn
mortgages ar>- b.lng paid •fT far in i
vance of matu'tv One ag"nt of a loin
company told me that from the W« »t
..lone returns n i 1 ' *t« w
nine in nt ).;« ..ffli a* the ra' • of !' i -
(»jo a w .*ek fas;e than he '•mid put otr ft •
money .gain. lie fib! that he was g 1 ni
pt v sending ba< k all the Ea stern mo" v
that was coming to hltrt He cou'd not
find a market even for his Western money.
Vuile 111 nt I udrrslßiul Jolin ».
A tall I- careworn old nt.tn. with v >n
fa< a and nnk«-mpt i-rav ralr turn Vd ; •
way on hi* head, V en eves nnd mobile
lips iir< in an 111-fitting .*» edy suit of
I iai k a twisted neck cloth with tlo* e ,|«
hanging anyhow over a crumpled stiirt.
(tiled ..n me cirU It! *>:•' daV It th*
entlon and plunged In m«-dla* r* •* bv n-kinir
me whet: • r I had ' r » = .•• f .
of the H r at > a torv achieved In M" l.'n
r t:'s election that '■> sir ' ♦ h*» J.r* !>-■ t
know* how to use it. There La the \i> ••
tor> ' W'mt ar.» 'he fruits <' If to !>»•' 1
'■andldly confessed that I w i« lik*- a man
Krcpintr lim way through a wt««l in tti.
.it'k , 'Th»re is no darlcn»s« «»r* I 1- all
lijf • 'i * v» !nr» o(»»'ri fhctr ► s a fid
w!*h to fw-e " Tan and tiier* h-* bound r>«-
•„ , me over and brtakf# wltta h»nn v <t
tiiorf'ig -I will w yoa
light ind know th- truth! 1 shall bav* pa
pw- ready lor you—jroa «*« give tn- •
co-iple of houiT I rippwer' 1 k» » *>'
tryst, found my w> v * * h f ro>m bj the i!<l
of his "help." * fpen'np his door, I tj'-h* 1
pib*s of n> »spa per*, hook* and pamp *
lets ejt t}je ch lira on 'ae• oi t"- on ' e !.!!•»»
u » w f, i m- wi'h proof* laid oat. eome
i• ir 'k> a - ~a r-< k"d ma -: i'-i- on »f- '
,!r- -.4 ' ' ■ :i ' "* it * f
< r at- • • ' 1 ' w • '
fort In lock of tn.- t 1 t<f aol of the
n,m w-r« forgotten, Ar<-r,i f.-w
vi rd< of court*, si* w- orr«-. Hot «. e <".r«- -
p.. ; rocetded to exp -md hi* do. Tin-* CD:>-
■emlrg "< ht'" »'.t\ery ' w.,a-h w «
e. 'al * t r«rri' I me had flr«t t«ee>j intro
duced by Kn»tlshmeti Into Am- r, a He
Mjk-• wth ea ■n« • '!*•*« *hl 1 • >mrnand. d
,»«<*».* <>fi now u!i*l ?'.*•**} r* » fj«o* 't p«m v ls^'
Klondyke economy
is taking goods that do not weigh much—there is
plenty oi water and dirt up there.
'I here L nothing- watery or trashy in Schilling's Bsss
tra soda
coflee cx tracts
v baking powd<*r spices
f; 5 Your outfitter should have them.
4- i i
from a book or a pamphlet, occasionally
• •»•••>: to heave rhetorical bricks
Mr. Hu.-hanan and Sotithernere
W ■ enl m> a I was not familiar with An
■• 'if p.ae.-d and still he went on. I watt
li-niKty. »n.l heard no clink of cup# md
Aftrr another hour I looked at
. "Bmr with me >t httle longer!
1 Wi-h \a.ii to understand dearly the vll
'< ' !- • -hit allot,„ j.v which the«e sraun
•••'' -'-" I 'b* I ople, blinded them.
' r moral Kerise. degraded th«
1 1 rrupt.U the edmlnlMra
i;on of the law ' etc. l-'or nno;h«ir hour
and 'ln! 1) I, t. .s I t. and still the fltnd
! <ir e>y had forgotten all
aho !' hi. tkfiHt. 1 had not Hex Hie*. I had
** r ■'a''-" ! - to l( • ej. A-i u#. km rieiuit to
<• • of I. aHr. 1 ■ irgument. with
tn riy apolomn for tin- Interruption. I aald
' ni : " ' "Hat you will com** hack.
'K i n " 1 have .«otrte more mat
!»>rs t-> 1 xjil.iln to you, and I wjis only
lis. breaking ground." 1 nevr saw Ho
r•' "' • : 1 1 w< nt »1» Washington
, ti.-xt <lj,i. . I was movevl by hie sincerity
' l. i ,«rn ll« made me understand
J »hn Brown l-'tntu ■ Iti'ioll»illwi of the
1 •' i War '' i s Sir William Howard R'is-
I I I' -I'*" .1 < orr--*pondent of tha
I ne- (l.otidotH, In North American Jl»-
; view fur February.
lit f >lun Who Wim.
''bveland leader.
"Mrs TrelaW'ne\ said Francis Malllng
f »i.|, • t: ..omethlng that I have for
j <1 long ' mf w !s(,< d to .k.,y to you."
j Th* 1r» id' ■ of ttisociety for the
1 aq lei h ng <■' huabmida looked over hep
i 1 fr -wnetl She evidently knew
wh t w i - coming, but after u moment's
■1 >• •'<" il«l, ir* her nvo-<t persuasive
: platf'-rn: tones:
"Well, go on; what i* It?"
"1 I lo.e vottr daughter. Mi»s fJlsdys.
1 Ija \• * I' 1 o,j t 1 la-lb'Ve that >tl« teturtlN
n pa a II w int to ait you to give
. !:• into my keeping "
M • Tf' iw • - f»at urea hardened, end
•• ■ w no ' ,lli( tirm tn her vole*
! as sfie answered:
j vS oat r» • ominetidat,on liav* j'O-i <0 of-
U t r irji !f How >an you convince
ti.' ' lit »i will always love her that
.01 w I! .«iw.i • think her beautiful?"
S» ■■ .1 k> t.er mother," sild Ktan
s W i■ 4 *'•-:•! "Tha' Is enough to con
\ 1. no that »or Pe.io'v will not diminish
■ • -•• '> f 1 iiur.«e. I know
an udlv to- ftr ii'Je«i «s a final
r foil have not fi'ii' he«i the age at
wt ~ h won,, n t>egin to los.* their
I I fieri bit he got
- the girl.
f ■.- > v. (.••t.-r Th* Spokane tn.
p. • n to ><v about the ut -
ti. it?-, gt- *rh of K.-atrie's bank clear
• w.i until .1 thousand or
• j nil ! 1. * th. p.-riU of the
■d f ' • d tnam-. pal>«rs Will
!».• teilir.jf another story,
g a ' • !»t .j r ;*•••■*» for I>m
■ s . of 1 rtr k> promintory anose
i f. 1• • 01 Hn..k* river. whlcrt
I - * g «i • • baa '»en einaus*-
.«•» .1 in • work have
.<■■■, removed to Jyewiston. where they
: *» '.'ail t ir* i'-r approprlatsoiai
f ir** m

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