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Jurj Says His Work Was Author
ized by Commissioners.
Dransnrft Mrlßnda hy K hlrli County
Rrrnrdi. So lm|»orinnt to Every
Taipnyer. Ilur n«-e>■ Kept—Noth
ing to Shan That Work Was Or
drrr-fl—Jury Gl«ri Robertaon Ver
dtrt for 95»1.*4i. bat So Damage*.
* Th* jury in the case of Robertson vs.
King county, brought la a verdict yester
. day afternoon awarding Robertson SVi SO
" og the total amount of hi t '.aims again. <t
the ctiuntj for * -rk on the road dls.ri i.
- over ahi b he *4* formerly aupervl«>r.
Ju<lg« Jacobs* rr.arge to the jury con
tained a severe r-buk< to the county com
mi**loneui on the manner In whl :h *he
k records of the ofTV • havo been kept and
' salti tlui: It gave every chance for fraud.
It rvmains to be seen what the grind
Jury ,do w.'i. ti.au« i, w...-h. .
said, H'iir be taken up b> that i«idy to
day An attempt will pi l;j..iy be m a i<
today '<> d» motirt'ate to the gr* .d ju: >
that the f 'iuntj f. i-j b-■ .. deft- wded jr«
thai a isreat part of the work ru ■ r
done. Pr-.se- uting Attorney M I.r y
I*ll] appen: the case to tv * .pr-m-- i
thtri he • xje ct ta u>ak a *: w g >
the legal point* that wili cause a i ver
The sensation in the case yesterday
i" Judg> Jacob.-,' .barge to tae jury. J:.
Jacobs eaid:
"The last ; iit.t In ta!.- ia c Is *a- I! '•
artson authorised Jo do this work'' f am
- t; . j .r\ *
njy countrymen that th« r rd if t
transactions of tlx J* ant of •o . a \ v
tnissioner* is in the Shape It n*i !y i*
fliown to be by she lestln ny. There is
.* hot t':<- ci ratch 'if " i sh t !•»
authorisation of i v.- :'< x «
en'ty -,f r <■ iu': t,> ' w n, . >i t!i»
various comnii- • tt wr< <■: -n!e«! »o
spend on r>.«d« in thei*' « dlstri rs,
although th<- am a fit la
bet* -* n I» • !•
"That re*o',,rsn e>ided the r> >r<l
Nothirte' n ,r. ,i:« 1 • t{.»• i .i i w jk
. until the t',: f. - .'jmpl»ted » ,»rk art pi
st-nted for a iditing.
"A« a citiz* f the county and judge of
the superior court I am ashamed that such
thing* ex'.-- The liw affords the county
remm!*»!oners a c.njp« tei-.t cioik but th«>'
d • net w-r m to have taken advantage of
if If tile court heid the U»w to he, as
tha prom oting att rne> aay* it Is. that
the tran<M 'ions r th* hoard o? commis
sioners. whl'h should hav. t.eer. of record,
Could n< t be d!«r- >v- d bv parole t> stln»o ;v
in the ab*.-nc* f that r» :1. 1 ehou! I
felt it my '.t:;y to |n«truc? the \
cuting attorney to bate brought action
egainst the»e commissioner* for ttie ent>e
amount expended from the road fvr<! Put
tha court could not c-nvince lt»«if :
It was hi* duty to make that ruling anl
not allow what the board has done to be
proven by parole testimony."
Tf:a Jury wa: *hi ii Ins rtn 'e i tha: if t ey
f n;nd that the !•> i-d had tuth rlz. '
work, even though in a very <r
mat ; er. the a! --n«>- of a re rd d'd v t
s:.ind in th' « y *f • ii« 1 r finding f r t :•
I « witofise* were tnml'iH !e the a.«e
>*«' rday and the plea lit g c.imm- !
early John I'. T> >r<- ma ie the arg'm: -f
fir Robertson and Prosecuting Att <m v
M -K'-.-y »pf»i-.i>ed f T the c-iim'v Th.
ca«-» went the jury a f s .-' -t V
The Jury's verdict awarding RotKr ,v qn
I'l w i i >mp d ' • a' ■v. t
» • i'.terrogatl'ii;# prepar, d b> I'ros* ;ti r
Atforsuy \! Kit > There were • v \
ri'ju< of Mlon »od i:i etrh O: th 1 :•
four-J that the comm.'oloner* hid o
. t!ie work, tiiat it had bee- do" ',
and that Robertson 'aaiM ho p »!<V \
no vt ; . wiog wan rnai'i; to s 'PP' ft th-> a m
* < f •' ■ !! • - • v \ »
th» nrr. ant dn fcr ordered v.ork.
% S» (1 I I) t OMMt Ml \ I lO\
(.rnixl .Inrv v en<l* to •'nf.erlor
Jsilse lleitann.
T-» nex- report f th.» ttrv .1 ' "y i
an-i; - | \v ?; Cr Vt ?er. -t bv The 'i*K«
H for Ti'ed In tt S'a *I!P»!iM ■ w• r.
► h»>' «re t'-a -v \ i rln for ev <m
* tv»n. Sloth of th« (nweuttm
At' *-M ' • ; d *! r>* •> M \ c
A"-n *\ < D K • e •* • tit the <' *\ w ■'
' the Jttfj and It Is stlppoeed tha' n ak
hai comme; >-.• M ' U r.; A
Oeab«d I' 'mi ' <•*-> ■' •,» 't».
' Re • st x.«* r lav afterr-o-n
Sf'er he had b f lM court I ~»m The
••port la jv.n (xjh ted ut-ii; tomorrow
Tt v* a! ere i > pt -a in off .tl ir
'ai if i—tt > -'f r< tt r- »mtr t N
Sc' •• : f!t» i ( • • v» "t> the »n- ';.>> i
eT ktft !• f ' r. ft! a con; -V . .vn
mU-o j • '• ,» »rse gr ...j «
|laC4) d V .
1' • - .■ ' t ' s»-t n 'he
rva,i «>rt * <•■ : * .X S \ r
**'*• n sg.afa •.; K tig , e ;n tx
1 n 1 !-• v! • ,f the mr 1
Sey w I ■: K ""Java
' v '• * y • y HoS rt \\ :.*on .i; 1 ot• -
tha th. a -rk for a♦. h RoU ns n fimel
in i "a W I!» nev. r dy»to-. Tile jur\ whi
•entted the rase jreeterdajr atated t v ar
w l( j | been dono but th* i
b»-f. - • ' . tga ,l.t vb> l ' ' l '
i 111 \ || %\ i; s|; || | j-p
I'l-Mplf « onir (n nn
mih (lltaa«i» Owirri
./ * ! '* '" '•* bc?w.-cn
, "» u ' v >' •; <Vm;-aaj a- l
V" ' I Km tl«w« m taint
I t > - • Jk . ;
*« ' • '• tx" ' . i .it. < The
' , v. 1 ' . -if
*si' * '«!» r: f », , ;Ri j f.-.j. •> ..
J Think
\ Before
• Outfitting
W ft *l2l w TOO UTR VHKN .
IWf THE TRAIL to • • <h* , r . •
\ f ,° r >'*> '« i- t t » poorwt v
i f '* >f. ?b* Ruik ;
, • t !. > ■ v» ; tf >•••'» >
V s • ' > .
A *•> V
b v i", > 4 j
Louch. Augustine & Co.. ;
Ptowrr Outfitter*.
S fcls SI? » Ir.l \^ r ,\ar.
»Jnst Received Today in
A Carload of Acern Stoves and
Ranees. Speciat prices offered.
119-122 West Yesler Way, Seattle.
A. L. PIPER, Receiver.
river roar *ry, br^ug v * ael!r.*t the
F*a- *f!-r .®* arr W..iltng Cotnrany for tha
r» jrr. ' I «.• on a trarsporta
ti- n • The ground cf the atatt was
t!.ai the company a atedmer Aidance.
w ich, a -rl.i-g to contra t, was to sail
cm F*-iir-u r '. :<■ ' to* g« out on that day.
Th- w».a:-: mp-'tty then brought suit
for the • a a - - ■* .- on the transportation
| contrs: t !«•-- t es-hnitrd cost of feeding
the forty miner - on the way north. The
A., urn-.- .- • i '-a February 15 wit a
the berth - «. r. u-d t-y tj. Worcester
Crowd empty. T; otni any attached the
outfl* purchased *• v.* asso'.ation and
they !i 14 to .»:nj• r. mise the ca*- or delay
until the i-.u« legal ta:.g;e »« unraveled.
The reason the prospective miners d.d not
tak the Ailiar e on the 15tii was that
they had changed th r m:nds and decided
ort g nt f.. Takurat instead of Valdes
p;:- 1 ey e.\; • i to go north oa the
Biaktley la-t night.
>r« ">uil« Piled.
The fi»l* w r r new suits wa re filed yes
terday t
Mr- Ju: . A I" •' r x>• W.I iam 11. Watts
et aJ.—To recover o\. ,t i>i' u. , i
Ji. :» t- : |"« with i i and rs at
torney it
Stela t i y \Charles Casey—For di-
X'.r , !>>: : «a; ort. ar.d for custody of
three children.
Emma M. Van,' an vs. Charles C.
Vaugbar. - For div- r c.
I ourt Xotel.
J adge Hanf >rd w til hold court in this city
on Monday next.
Chris dolbrsjodsen of Norway. to«>k out
'■ • /> r.« :• papers y.-s-erday.
M -\c an M I>< i.-all yesterday fl'ed his
$2 a.! g tata'oan of John A Feik
A mar--: »gee:, v. is.v ied yesterday
to i'.- W..td cTJ) and Ito*u. Bell llar
j n.r t: >, b th of rruitklin.
T e tr.a; of a ana! cond-tnnatloA
sun- was r« • imed 1 • fore Judge M- ore yes
. T.o - ai' now being trad involves
the ! • : «-rty of tat New
Company. «.
An .iint nded complaint was filed y ster
day a tii ale of Maaiicc K Smith x - s.
N A ".i to Tram.; or at ion <v Ti..«iing
Company, it. action far damage f.tr fai.ure
to r. j Dawr.on <;r. the company's stum-
|>r o|i<iat'il I'roiri'utlnn of Rccel\er
(«»li in >l«) lie Abaadonrd.
F irmai notice of the a< t!on of the city
council in Its step* to declare the fran
cfUK- of the Fir.'', avenue cable railway
forfeited was Served upon the receiver and
officer-) of the company yesterday. Dep
uty Prosecuting Attorney Fulton said >»■«-
terday that although the strikers and
their » mp - this' n had pl»• --d t» fore the
prosecuting attorney *ome additional evi
dence of the alleged incompetency of ttie
new employe?, no complaint against Re
ceiver Colvln had bi-en prepared, and that
he beli. Vf-d the matter would be allowed
to drop without further action.
lilt I \ I I il v
Myers* hardware store On First avenue,
r.. if J;i. k--.i was *•!'."•% r-d nuht if f >re
!hs: and 11 in ca.*h tak n from the till.
The public employment ofliee has ap
p!!c.,t;oiiri for sixty girls for general
housework which it js unable to fill. The
appileati »ns for si. h employment are
f«-w . ompur>:il wi'h the demand.
Harglars entered Herd's feed it ore on
Third' avenue, near I'nlon street, yester
day mot!. :«; <v.d t- i.t th« combination ■■£
the jJitfo. They were evidently s< 'red
away, as they gave i:p the job. They left
nn tools.
T J Tori-ser. who lives at Twenty
third av-nu. aid Jackson fetrtet. iuid a
: •,< >■ bred Enjcli-n *•'!<• yuppj by
iom« nik--- ream day before yesterday.
Mr Thor-sen i» at a kv> to account for
th« deed.
f. t« r Hay. of 112 John street. is search
ing: for two •>!.■• k ponies that were >'• a
aft■ s:ioon. He Im < trao-d
t l ■ m ' • the \ nltv of Itili.v• 1 Tii v
are d»s rlbed as black, with docked tails
and will weigh about j>« Hinds «-ach.
A r i «rt * is re . U »-1 at po:: • h*adqua;*-
i tei- j'i s. : • *:»> m r:ang u» t.h>* ; flf»-= t '.hat
the -?: d !. .rd .-tore of K. !>« \tcr had
r k-u to ' it til 11 : -thing t :d
Ih • ' ■■ '.lt r i* «h< day Mr 1>• x< r
bronft ■ to - ltd t e idquarter* a Ittrt of
p.K'u,. -• « hhe- i 1 had I-** n stolen.
He i in >1 ha less at 195.
J.ilm i!(ii • \ , f OgtUr:. ha." been miss
ing sr. rail') Tuesday morning from
t: •• h- .. • I . t.-iX'i; outtlttir.;: Com
pany, » Fir>: avenu«\ n< ir i>tnr< i
-tr. . He -i; i h> «.-is goiag for some
Utn.-A ,.■ • tit : i,dl«d lot', bilt f.UI« d
to ie'-.Jr: II ■ is ir-. Tlbed —» N;:.g 73
v. - <■:•! a hoot v.\< feet ten !noh>« In
h» '.gt.t ' f.d a . 11! e etoop-thouldered.
W O. Fowler. aged 2T year.-, who was
art- Ve.! for a • clothe-s from K.
C .*• 'at s:' sir s i\ • m t the Oiinwood
h'»ti I, pleaded ga;lt\ m e Austin's
court y.-sterday irt».rn«*>n tu j>etit lar
crny a* 1 w •.< - a • to the county tail (>jt
tl * • 1 a'• t .s a Sir. Ft i!i
ft -.*•» \ An. -is !;:s ciTs . s a leather
drew It »-ar» i k marks
from th«» New York Tt ■ »"ompany,
L>o»ld's K*press and other • •• < rn<«
VThik exact date • ' th< sprtoc ex
amlhAtlon far to till vacancies
». hi. h m.i ir in »! ■ • . . f l»:k,
day jtjfpeet. *•. m« sseng<-! a' ! n sht in
«i - 'O! •» . a> - m- ■r\ » . |»ug^t
' woand -t:. t . not \•r s. ■ tix ! all
t de«>ir.ng to mk- th i examination
• «houid ol • app! Ati : i n.nkfc without
d^la\, bs • i»mpb t»d apj-'.ii aitons on th*:-
pr per 1>5.•.: ks must '- ft • d : J appr
not ln'i-r than at t'.e >O,l-1 ,f :.u.-:n<. .>a of
Jtii'in t Ad !:■ -« Cl • tr- Bi 11 1 of «'{*!!
Jtervt ' !■* \ atr * • 1 *: W ash.
M.n l>eri i'» l.rotlo.
Vr >' V " i«<t the
Interest:- of ■ i o" • r ; rtl- n • rni^rty
i-or.fii' (• 1 a .tu him in iJt >fo - 1 »on at
je J .met- s' :e«'t, at i Will '• < t. tfter con
; • «• ! .1 • Th- • •!)# Of
tn«r sa!->on h.t* : ti ' n « hangeii an I will be
a: wn a-s M (V( -rry *Or *to and Cafe."
Mr ,V > •!•". is one of the known
-. -• men e. th -Oi.st t d !>■ t •
H > \c rs i".t with the atv.t cafe
t : s ness.
FARI'IJ-S t- ;"d for Alaska should
! takf at least twenty dafcar# tn i.lvr
vj atters, hai\ and doi r ar« ttonf with
' t- em, as .. it very - ar;e In t*iat coun
try \r,.\ the Inability t - make ex.irt
to Its Tt ex* -rt. -n n
■ • ; t•? t« k « 1 vi'i'", at* i pth»-r».
g ' nip*": 's* j art • s to
mj from fifty cents to tw.> or thtee dol
hi ■ .\ •\.a - - * t ilar rat *
' s •- s th r-t-w p*. f r wam'n
- c >" : " S d averu-. sle
When V«.n Hate n < >bt
v. :j *, .» »t tn "it ne that •an
-■ i, anvl that is chamberlain's Congh
Ke!: , e*l*'.
\ a want » r»»me le that will n-*>t on'r
I .■«' ■ ir- - : .■ 1 *'. •{ j, • .•>.•••• ctt'r
\ u * ant ■» r tv t it * ; ! relieTe the
! tnrs w ! kcv|> etin t rat a ea-v.
M t .is !r that w .1 ctratfnt
*et it o* traaH pnenm-muu
N 1 > :a r. au-»iy is j ... sanat arJ
| jsiY to take.
t a- -.;n'» C< ngh Kerr.. Wis the en!*
"e ::i ix* t 1: r> ■ts all f the«.e tv-
V a : f r the specie a i jentn
| tient cure cl b»%i cv-I.K s.acia wiiboat a j*er.
A Washington Dispatch Say* Tha*
Objections In Army Post flatter
Have Overcome.
There is no reooon why work should not
oorr.mf-nce or. the army post at Magnolia.
Bluff witiiln a very few day*. The cood
n«ws wag received in thus city fe«*terday
that the wax dep*mm*nt had formally
accepted the plans agreed upon. J. W.
Cltse. who went to Washington for the
purpose of explaining a*ay the few tech
nical objections, sent a telegram yester
day afternoon to Herman Chopin, stat
ing that a!! objections had been over
come and that nothing further could in
terfere. While it was recently expected
that Mr. Ci:-e would accomplish this
work, the news that he had really done
was received by thoss who have had
the army poet matter in charge in this
City with satisfaction.
Important Move Made Xeeeaaary by
t outußlou* Diseases.
i Health Ofllc.tr Smith, acting under to
rtruct: -ns of the board of health, has is
sued t' e followiiig letter relative ta d.ph
theria and s arlet fever:
While the house is placarded, nobody
will be p- rmitted to leave the pr. ml<es aril
leturr: t: the hojse. Nobody except the
ph;, r! ian w ill be permitted to euter t:i«
house unless he remains there The
healthy children mnst not leave the prem
-- until the quarantine is raised. Ketp
them in ro' Xris as far removed as poss.bie
fr.-m t: s; k room. When the weather is
-ultai !' t them be out of doors as much
as possible.
IT- pair the room by removing from the
w&ilj. u ji pictiiii <: ~i .
Take up the carpt t. Remove all furniture
except bed. couch for nurse, stand for
mod:< ine, arid twa» chairs. Tack a sheet
Against the di>or casing, on the opposite
sMe from which the door swings. Nobo<ly
but the nurse must enter the room, and
i she must not go to any other room in th#
j house > xcept the bath room. All bed lir.en
; and clothes of path nt must be placed in
boiling water Immediately on removing
j from sick room Rags and papers ;n whl h
I the patient expectorates must be burned
! Immediately. Vessels for receiving dis
: charges trom mouth, nos". bowels, kidneys,
arid vomited matter, should contain a solu
tion of corrosive sublimate 1 to 1,006. and
these discharges should remain In contact
with it for four hours. Burn ail fo ,d bft
by patient, and boil dishes from the sick
room at once.
"The patient must not leave the si k
room until the time for fumigation. He
mti j t take a thorough bath, locluding the
! head, put on an entirely rresn change of
clothing, leave outer (lothins formerly
worn In tha roont, and boil underclothes.
Remove nothing from the room until it has
been fumigated with formaldehyde. All
cracks ab >ut windows and doors must be
stopped with rag* or papers. Spread bed
clothing and clothes over chairs and ar
rarase everything in room as openly a* pos
s.ble, opening closet doors and bureau
drawers so that the formaldehyde gas an
..•me. In contact with everything iji the
r ' m. If possible keep the r- am Inred fot
tr-n hours, then open ail window-.
"In ca.-e of diphtheria, no child ■s-Jio has
be n in the house during quarantine w ill be
permitted t>. return to s hool for four
w • eks ,'ier the membrane his all d!sap«
p.'ir.'i trom trie threat of the affected
child In ase of s-arlet fever, none of the
ch'.ldr- n in return to school until two
weeks nfter desquamation has entirely
0. A. II Mi n W II! Oo to Hnr If Tlicy
Arc Wanted.
The able-bodit-d mernVfr' of Stevens
I*>•••». G. A. It., hwr tendered their serv-
U'< > to the Stars r.r.d Stripes in ease or
»ir with Spain They are ready to sacrt
their live? and their fortune? to uphold
t:i■ • • r.. -of th-:r country. A* x mating
• • ;! po-t held v< sterduy afternoon the
fi>i' wing resolutions wcr« adopted and
<'sn> I Vy Thomas J King adjutant, atil
A. I! <"irr r -mm ttid> r, for transmission
: to the secretary of war:
it >< 1\ <?, 1 Ste\.n« Pott. No. 1. G. A.
» It., of Seattle. Washingtun. That in the
ev. r.t f i declaration ft w.ir between the
g-:v. rr.metits of the Untted Stat>< and
Sp .in, the members i f Stevens i\- for
<V.'v • t-rehy tender the president of the
I'nlted States their services in defense of
i>u; government, pledging their lives, their
f rnm-s and th» :r sacred honor to uphold
»» . fl .i» and mat eh to the tn nt, as we did
ft m l v 'l to l*<-, ir. maintaining and d< -
• ; g• : he«t government on earth: !■••
tt farther
••Resolved That the coma' .nder of the
,* re -',.•1 to Sign at d the ilij'..' tnt
, to eounteratfn a COPT of. these resolution*
«; 1 forward the same to the Hon. Ku--> n
A \'K.»r &e. retar.% of war, Washington.
1 D, C."
V* It Hcoiilt I here \%n« Excitement
lit n Ho* f.ir.
A n- n w>:"se name t•» s«aid to he Wi!!-
1. '-i M KMriard. and wh*», with another,
\\.< in charge of a ear of horses from
l , enpi>!v.. nia. !>•"•< »me inline at >ki no
v. sterday <»n the Northern IM---.no we*t
tound tr-*ht, and k.-pt th-* train crew
in t h;ch State of nervous , xrit.-ment
until he w:ta finally put Into the han>!s
»>f i ph>«: dan •"•■t A -.:rn. 1>- ring a
gre ,* part of the J- urney fr-tm Sjv»k •ne
! he w ,s securely tied down, but before
t'--s w is done he had frightened h:~ corn
par: ->n in the car a'mowt out of hi* wp«
! v demonstrations with a hatchet and
s»-v >Titl butcher knivr* which ho had
«•« -ti in his be*Min*. Mci'-irland's Ir •
tfcir.it y l.t said to be tempvwary «n«l to
ho .i t» ':i cause* by ©verinduiir* no* i n
1 i >USKS Fi.'R SAf.i:
J -1 from Montana hardy ir. iunt,uu
ti vt e>. broken and inured to .* xtrern >- -
!V i ■ i weather. Transfrr C mpanv s
Stable. South Second and Wetter, between
North m Pacific and Orc.it North a
i frt-sht depcf*.
a snap.
A ••** !:>' n 1 of "7 • - fj . _
ts < in.i**rs .S for .\ -k t tra !«. . tT ,
, b ..;cht <-h. ap f-T Ciih by appsyir.c to H
i P McOotr*. SUr-Boyd m c ,efc, n F»r#t
a\»r •' *• • ..'.a»k:-a of car^o
at t!il> flu-f.
Tl- M N. r? K *rn P • ar» r. w
( to K»«t>:-> Pointi at rr<- 1 • • rt>
V •! rates. Cjft at rjn~#s f- j ir .
WA«'ltn<;tos r- « w.k j,
! r-1'.«» ef r-jr# 3tr*ry m:!k. trith can
*• *• ' • * Try it \ •
* ."J . v iv- n,> other Ask y r frr :r • r to
i cat a c-srs ojh b.
rr. J T» LOUGH ART, Bai -y b'urdi-.*
I'-.f-n- -". K- en s -f in n
arfl r.trvc :*■ *s'sv®
GET the bc?t. Or<lfr \ ;r fur
cf V." irr.. >r the f ;rr r J> d
atirt *- A 3«k» v v ,
.r e>- ■* Mil* WtSt.n'k:. c»-
t i.
HB BE mm
C. r. Llewellyn, of Department of
Publicity and Promotion. Comes
to Seattle—Will Inter* lex* Gov.
Rogers and Tallt Wltk Cltlsena.
C. E. Llewellyn, o' the department of
publicity and promot: n of the Trans-Miss
issippi e*r«?iticn. Is at th<» Butler hotel.
He » cn h!s way to Olynrpia. where he
w!U endeavor to impress cn Gov. Rogers
the necessity of a state exhibit a: the big
exposition which or«ts Its gates at Omaha
in June. While in Seattle he will meet
with a committee fr?m the Chamber of
Commerce for a conference In regard to a
state exhthtt. Then he will go to Oc>v.
Rogers with the request that he appoint a
commiSM a oj representative men who
will work 'or the best ir.tare.-is of the sta.e
and see that the industries, products and
advantages of the s*ate are practically set
forth at the exposition.
Mr Llewllvr. has just succeeded !n con
vincing Gov. I.cr l of Oregon that an ex
hibit at the exposition Is n and
on Monday last Gov. Ix>rd appointed a
commission of fonrteen member®. This
leaves Washington the only trani-Missts
sippi state that has not ya-t made some
move towards an exhibit at the fllr.
"We feel that there never was a better
opportunity for the W< stern st ites fo show
their advantages to the commercial inter
ests of the East than that presented by the
Truns-MSsis-iripi exposition." said Mr.
Llewellyn to a Post ■ Intelllc. nce-r reporter
last evening. "We brl:eve that there never
ha c been an exposition held ;n Amor a
that will ex. el the Trans-Mlsslsslppl expo
sition. unless It was 'he Worlds fur at
Chicago. As far as the showing made by
the states across the gr at river is vn
cerned the Omaha exposition vrfll ex el
even the World s fair where sr me of the
foreign countries w-re allowed to m ik' a
better showing than many cf the Western
=ta*e? Washington is the only state ii
the West that has. as yet taken no step
to be properly repr< s< nte 1 at the fa r. M>
visit here at this time is to change th.-.
and 1 have every r .von to believe tha* the
r,. pie of this state are interested In th*
exposition -m- Gov - Rftpor? 1 ap "
point a commission to look after an ex
hibit. . „ ,
"Many of the states did not take up
the matter until it was t>> late to securo
an appropriation fr;T.i tho state legls-ia
tures This has not prevented them,
however, fr.-m making a satisfactory
Showing. On- .-tare h«-s rais.d by
subscription, <nd will erect a state nlld
ing The same thing can be done in
Washington, even though there is no
stut,« money available.
"The object of the exposition to largely
commercial. The display of the products.
Industries and advantages of the 'West
err. tates will attract tha commercial
Interests cf the East and bring the two
sections Into closer relations. The expo
sition will open June 1. and is to close
on November I. The buildings and at
tractions will cv<ver 2iX) acres, and will ba
erected at an expense of $1,500,000. We
expect between 3,' X**, and s.<>" Xv peo
ple to visit th" fair during the time It
is open. Fifteen eastern s*ati s hive
already arranged for space, and their ex
hibits are wa I! under way. Of the. West
ern state* Montana has rais. 1 f::0,000 and
Colorado will expend a similar sum in
state buildings.
"California will have a good exhibit.
Oregon has just started, but will Un
doubtedly make a creditable sh ndng.
t am miss inns have teen appointed In all
of the other stites except Washington.
The commissions appminteel ti ially have
as mem>>erH men prominent In the vari
ous industries and Interests of the state.
It will tak" a very short time for a -'ate
exhibit to be pre pa red .after a -tart ; s
or.- e made. a: i there seems to be no rea
eon why Washington should not be repre
Carprntt-r* of the < Jty Mop# .
Money for Their \\ orU.
.The B*attle CarpenWnr Union No ri
has for some time been considering t.-t«
nil v;-.i ; jt y of a r in w Through
a committee romped of Ilertry Win slow
: y ! •' * ■> -n ' following tii •: e )9
»< ■ !: ?■ nt to the contractors and .tilde'*
of the city:
"W-. « ; ? >] to m respee'f inform
vo:i U.? the rarpenterv sal Joiners' r- -
lon. No. t:i of the city of Set have tf
trr die d-'.iherati -n. adopted f M-v. in ■*
Jch-dule ..f wage*, which w f: now submit
to yosi for your approval. pl< igi-.c .. n -
is .1 ut;:on to st md hv y. i on !!
prop. »«tt lor. • not ' cnflicthiK ->%:tfi th>- rate
u<> d.-.- ro to establish, viz:
"That en .itill nft- »• March 1.".' the
rate of w.iKvs prd to jnion < trpenters in
the city <>f s attlO shall )..> $t for n-'te
h*w< i ■■■ ••• or *- :•» for ehrh• ;tr«
a: i <.ne-half time to ».#• allow---! for o\. r
tirt • and dotj v ,le time for Sun-lav n irk
"We will glad to meet any .«*, i alt of
y.v; i' ,11.y time and dis t:ss tl- * mv. r
and iime to a muti.tl understt! !i:.g We
btlkv« that the relation* between .n-.: o -
er ai d emp: ve <*tou2d i!wiy< t..- » h that
In m ittrrs rf this* kind a rn ::;:ai agr—nt. tit
can !« mule without prejudice or dl-fee!-
Inc n ei:;ifr part. In the part few years
we have b'en contented with the smi" pit -
tar. <• .-.f *■ h::-. • ' ■ • ii r» eivtng ;t
n"» oar Hvine ex pet «» ha\e iner* tto
s- h m « xtcnt. we f.. ; just «». d tn asking
your o- operation in eat «'->H»fc:njr the nag- *
of carpent. rs in thin city at the .ie.tr I
rate j»-r day.
"We p'.. Ice :r i -• as a tir.if fo •:a•;d
bv all contractors who agr-e to 'he union
t- le—and who a!s~. agre« to r;ve union
rr.en the pref. r- r-.< • .-i ret am fir which v,
are t-> do a" in our pow* r a-» a union to
r< ■ •• * and do »way w h a! ;-t-v < r
tra • iff and t" i* no union rr in will at
ar.y time ail w hiniwlf to > ,mrM 'r in any
man!;- r on an; Joo » -rk *rrat or
small, against ir.v 1» ultimate < .ntractor
"In oti. lasio'i, we respect fiil'y invite
\OU to rv ■ ' «;;! •.,* 0:r hall on r.e*t
Tttesdaj rn nine, Man h 1 it tSO p. m..
wra-r/w. r ds- thi? -r.ft-r n ->ot!»
<! i". W r.:iV'- no d.utf h:• that St.. .1 i
me't:r.c .'lid <■> f rr. ai\ triage to
both f«y and oa."
entsßD \ BI i*«.* \K.
R.irteniJer lto«» 11a* nn Interentius
Knrlr Mornlnsr t"<|»«*rl«-nre.
r. -r-er.der Rm at Hin - b'« - ' KM9U on
t"i«si* HVe- !•• twi ■' • *r ->•! \f -
rinTl the 1 "-tlli A* * eft
iatrg'ar * vne, -'I ty tnorrivtr. R< w
ckv.in»r tlte «;«: and chaj- 1 to op<>n
a ',n 'he r< ar r- n: s. w man
crou. hi- c d-'wn )rt co*">r !i a ran
to the tsar, v 'nred i chtb 1 «*>« i t.-k
a■» th« i .nr. .r t;*v -K- •! t. e !-a k <1 »r
. ™ fRUMERY'' i*c. •
Oyster Tld
f Grill Room,
The only one In the el» j
§ r*here pro:n|i( m-r> lee inil f
onrirrlleil eol»fne »rc rum-
blued wllh moflernte rbnrgei.
t oqnriltonnl>!y the b» ,t.
I J. J. COl K, Manager. |
*«». Hit# »efO«(l AT. /
If You Hare a
You will get your money. and prcmr".v,
if you hav* a policy in the A etna of Hart
ford the leading American company. ->r
the Sun of London, the oMest company m
2«>2 and 20.*t Stn York Block.
and ran down the alley. chased
him .1 b!i»ck before giving up rr. ,Xti < i
capture. The case was not reported to
the police.
(irorm- t. liiirdiin llt-nil.
George A. Gordon died yesterday at
Flint, Mich., of consumption. Mr. Gor
don -* i- for e:scht years t resident of th:s
dry. but to the East a year ago.
E. M. Oordon and Will Gordon, of this
?i*y, are his brothers.
Firearm* Are Not To)'*.
Two motrt deaths have la My resulted
from "didn't know it was loaded"' iccl
dents- a mother killing her babe and i
boy almost having his head blowr off.
Firearms are not toys It Is also unsafe to
trtfle with what, are termed miner ail
ments. Insignificant though they seem at
first, they are likely to develop into mala
dies of dangerous md complex magnitude.
The best way is to arrest them at the start
with Hostetter's Stomach H:t:>rs. which
checks constipation, liver complaint and
rheumatism, malaria, kidney tr üble and
nervousness. A decline in health Is some
thing we cannot afford to disregard. In
dependently of it? ererMrg efficacy as i
specific for chronic maladies, the Fitters
•- i superb tonic and promoter of appetite
and sleep.
HAVE you bt • n holding off in your
business trip East, waiting rates TOU think
you can afford* Now fp youf chance.
<'all a" Northern Pacific offices for tick
ets etc. St. Paul, S2O; Chicago, S2tLSQ;
New York, S3O. and all other points cor
respondingly low.
KLONPIKERS—Ask for the Ralston
Self-Raising Pan ake Flour and Health
Foods. Johnstone it Speer.
Four Uvea were lost in an avalanche at
South Quebec on Monday night.
Pimples, blotches, blackheads, red, roush,
oily, raot'.iy «kin, itching, scaly scalp, dry,
thin, and falling hair, and baby blemishes
prevented by CrTirrKV SOAP, the most
effective skin purifying and beautifying
soap in tho world, a* well as purest and
sweetest for toilet, bath, and nursery.
Po*i» i# told throughout the wori<f. Dtro
AH'Cmil t'nfcr , s<»l# J'ropn , Hntton. I' ** A
tf'Uof to Prevent b acf Humor*," inaii«<l fre«.
CIICDV UIIUfID From P:mp!«tlo BcrofaUcnr«4
We can save y ju mon«'.v on vour Tea*.
Cofft fs. Spices, Baking: Powder an 1 'ook
lt e l."t> ti. a ils. Packed in air-tight cans in
quantities to Ftiit.
Orest American Importing Tea Co.,
8" 1 "! Second Ave.—so9 Pike St.
Tel.. R« d 31.
Purely veg. table, n-.Jld and rei:-ih!«,
■ g\u 'o th» Stoma h and •
1' to perform its functions; health arxj
vlg »r retrained by taelr UK and all «ynf
toms of dyspapsia disappear.
Don't Neglect
That Cold
Nq raV'T (k>w •' i tit m»y »»«m t.> yrn, f->r Ornish*,
C "ill*. InSaenz* and apparently io
ciult h«-«t I'nin* ottrn |c».i v< > I'lruriav. i'nru
mania. < on»umptioil anj 'ither fatal I,una •>'»-
ta«ri if Wiienn:
Av» rt AII Danger t>y Promptly Applying a
Porous Plaster
t->f; «rfcn#t(fr >o: sndliMl IJWI Out *.r*t a ;ir>«a'»!><••
ot i . >i wirn.p.t |i m)orii« prompt i
prr v r ill ion *{» a»l th»v <lane«r> .tig <."repiit.Mi.rtia,
anil aurr cure. A.*»« t» .»i ». H t only iti«
Pnca _, ceuta. li«faa«- > jbmi ate*.
'P4T r> >*• v*> 'j-tf» ifik" ViiSyt
5 " *
1 1
I Guitar jj
1 Players
•:* 9
«S 'j
B V. i h» »•>» M f> that we £
3 ist neKrM another lance 9
»5 of American goiter*. 3
2 -« ar» ♦:«: 3:! 9
jg -5 ar* r ile f '.!:! ak. fir.':-- *5
I: ; , hivlnt ebony floitr* 2
ard fc" :?«•. T- • 3
.1 '• f I v :'• !•• t A•' • : .< n k
m.ik** and <-very detail in tho ro* - 3
' p.• s- ' r ■ * p* B
♦ - - n r '. a ray no r - «oM
, • *: 1 .*: ' ■■■ m <
.r ' • ar ' exa rr. 'J
- t y *i'n o.r k ' 2
Waihi • 1 r fttd* S
I ? ' rS " I
? I
1 < M * - Ptr-et. |
The MaeDougali
1 & Southwlck Co.
717, 71 { ~> f 721, 723 First Avenue.
; 1898
' Dress Goods
Yesterday we received a stock of high class French
Novelty Dress Goods and Silks imported direct by us from
Paris. These goods come in suit and waist lengths only,
and are exclusive in every resptvt. We guarantee that
duplicates cannot be procured in this section. Kvery length
I a wealth of loveliness in itself—Crepe effects, Vine effects,
Plaid effects. Bayadere effects, and the colors —words can
not describe them. Only by actual inspection can anyone
| appreciate their loveliness.
Special .Sale of Hemmed
: Sheets and Pillow Cases.
Hemmed Sheets, 8-4, 42c each.
Hemmed Sheets, <>-4, 47c each.
Hemmed Sheets, 10-4, 52c each.
Hemmed Pillow Cases, 42x3<>. 9c each.
Hemmed Pillow Cases, 45x36, 11c each.
Hemmed Pillow Cases, 54x36, 14c each.
Persons needing any of these goods will save them
selves money by supplying their wants at this sale as the
above prices defy all competition.
The MacDougall
& Southwkk Co.
717, 719, 721, 72.1 First Avenue.
Luxuriously made and rich in appearance are the
handsome imported Black and blue Kersey Overcoats we
offer today.
At $25.
Half the usual price for an Overcoat lined throughout
with Skinner's satin and the satin interlined, the same
style of a coat the swell merchant tailors make.
At S2O
You will see one of the handsomest Imported Black and
Blue Kersey Overcoats you ever saw; body lining of black
all-wool clay, with satin shoulders. The clay lining ex
tends to the collar, giving warmth and strength. Tailor
ing perfect throughout.
Black and Blue All-Wool Kersey Overcoats, expressly
cut and made for STOUT MHN.
Army Blue Chinchilla All-Wool Reefers, with storm and
velvet collars, sizes '> to 16 years. Ihe colors are fast and
the linings make them warm. Price—cheap $4.50.
Double Breasted Jacket Suits, sizes 4 to 8 years, in
many sorts of splendid fancy Cheviots, Cassimeres and
Serges. Price $2.2=5, reduced from $4 and $5.
With deep Sailor Collars, trimmed with soutache
braid, natty for the little fellows, from 3 to 8 years. Price
$2.50, reduced from $3.50, $4 and ?5.
The Largest and Finest of
I* to He I ountl »t
Albert Hansen's Jewelry Store,
Tixl » l»l* r A\ i:\t K.
s ] workman for >• r<; air Inf. The most romp!*to J'wc'ry mana
fa. 'urirtr ■. :n N ' *
82 4 2<l \ * .ror W:irion • dlArr. r.il.
Mikw 6c co. " K ; ,,, :^ r ?;;r ir,u
I T rrry -limny llnll.line
® 1 importer* and Jobbrri of Telephone Mala S7.
Cigars and Tobacco, Smokers' Articles, Etc.

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