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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 25, 1898, Image 6

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C The Republican (
( Ticket.
A For Mmy*r,
For < otpnrailoa f ▼
For C»»r («Mp(rallrr,
. For City Tr»«i«rrr, /
* A. H.
For ( outirllmm. ,
V . , . »M. I». Hadr. V
, At Ior«r. ..... „ „ . .
( (f. M. Maldnoa
/ First ward T. M. ( lairr /
• *«-<» nd I*. L. .illra *
v Third Hlraw I. Oil I .
f Foarth 11. J. Itodti*
, Fifth W. T. Hlllla ' A
v Dlalh Tefrr KIRK V
/) l*rtrnlh » n|>f Julio In»lur
Llglilh Itr. J. y.. « rir-hloo
V Maib I. i;. Knnibrrf C
W ' • ' -* -* ''
Th«- work don'" y«ttrday by the Krpub
li. an rity f uventior v,a_» a< rompliahed
I <TH if ally within the. fi*i' e of thrw; boura
Tha' it. w . rl /no w*M the ti km n-.mln.it
ed and tb« pU:form adopted will attest.
It *as a < <nv«*ntlon which was In many
remarkable, and Indeed un.que.
arid the r- full- a< hleved by It are *u<-h a?
Jo :;d th< ni-«lv'» to ev< ry Itepub
li> ar. Iri tb»i rry an«l to every voter, Irrr
ap-w tiv* <»f p rty affiliation, who ia In fa
vor of hone#!, «• jnorn: al and con»erva
tiv<- mumnpal government.
The • rsv< ruion wax rail' ! to order about
10 o'cloc k a in. It promptly completed
Its temporary organisation by calling Kllla
Muu *on to tbe chair, naming < oi. Street
• |{r|>nlilli nit t iiinliilufr for <My
» itiii|tt roller. •
• It sunt bo « fvjri-f of irttlflca-
• ■ Will H. F '•• •
• VII #
f •
0 effort on bli : <r( i > *

•■■ ■ •
J U'« MM IH effort The M 1 wlwliiw •
• *
• J
• - ' e
J Mi iNi i.» wotl Inova 0
_ •
0 nil • rv.. •
• *
• i-i|' ' - ■' 1 • i«»rt*r 0
* •
If ■ «! \ y I .l' » .» m< • ■ ' •
• *
• I • 11; •

• Ha 1 m
® •* • Mi-. i<i4 .1 w • •

| •
• ' 4 ' W, J
• 1» w••, -1 m U.J . i #
• #
* In •
• •
• *
• tn rlty 5
• m
• 1 1 "'iiii'i. r S" l .1 •
• *
• * *
• •
• ' > •
5 •
9 •
• *
«» e«-« retav H 15 < n !.»n «« ~ .
*r> ted H \\ To ior i* readme
4e- rule , n> l lvri j 4 . r (>f . , am ,
t' " * it ' .i j i* ~
**•' W . -r.t\ to • ,•«. ar ,
,u *">' •■■■" ' nu:?ee, ■,, - r work
The ..'••• cmr • W };o|v ,;.j|lly Until 1
o'clock, tut in reality It w»i Mttrtr *
whm ClMlrman U -• « %i Qw
f order. i « the cm.re ba*.
*»*•"* » f tS; ' ' - '• ' ' >d lM t» MM r
» < ' . . , ,
el a! ommittee -ppo;nttd
! » " v. - ■ .» ri; i ditl
The pMillM en thr t;cket around which
•wet Intereat naturoßy centered was the
' '* n, - ,v >r " •''»« Interest »
*-< it *4, K -nef»l»y .jr
i . i ,fc, e U«| iniuwii i 4 ..
" » 1 . w-'nur.! that th«
•MW mmm to v k| hnm« | pt mmt
> -. e a f, * W *-» il\
•• > *!•> » i • • > !..r '-<»•»» i
cf t K '" i *
nor.- atiww f • m.iycr wi re dex-Ur
e-i In order whr!*.-r «... s; .. 4 m . ,
* " ••" * : * ' '' J" ore ru-r-. 0 r tf
♦ ex •» -utd on w-.'-i f ,-'t ,- . t » : J
■ » 1 * c truth * i* t*t * •. s e <-: • < H ,ar«
r■ *{i ■ bv* * 1' *
lr ta ' 11 '*•■ «•" • ■ * 1 t» »he
last r y « s Harry
« « t. all. w? - - 'j ... » •. . |
ran so. Mr Cttn vi». . .... >
«*i H.« PMH aHi »•;* r r f a » M
» 1-. ■ .«.* ' i - ,
»• h• « detect later t - t »i- roerjrl
•* .. .
• i w*;, » ■ . ; » i 4 a. i f. r
Harmony, Unity and Enthusiasm Mark the Deliber
ations of the Republican City Convention-
Clean Platform and Strong Ticket.
representative? of the Republican party of the city of Seattle
la convention assembled do resolve:
That we congratulate the people of the city upon the conditions
of financial prosperity that surround them. It is a matter of gratifica
tion that promises made by our party in the last presidential campaign
that prosperity would reappear with Republican success ha\e been
fulfilled. After a period of almost unprecedented financial and indus
trial depression, we find our country, under the benign influence of
Republicanism, regaining the prosperous conditions that have ever
obtained under the policies of our party. In our city, it is a matter of
pride than, notwithstanding the hard times that prevailed during the
first elghteeu months of the present administration of city affairs,
there has been paid n large amount of city indebtedness, and honesty,
economy and business-like management of our financial affairs has
be*n a source of gratification to the taxpayers.
We reaffirm our to the Republican party and to its
principles as exemplified in its history. Ne>ertheless we recognize the
present campaign as a municipal one only, and we invite the co-opera
tion of all citizens who desire to maintain an honest, economical and
efficient administration of the city's affairs
The Republican party of this city has not, and will not, form any
alliance with crime, vice and immorality, and will not favor or indorse
any violation of law. federal, state or municipal.
In view of the charge made by the fusionists that gambling has
been carried on in tljis city, we desire to call the attention of the
people of this city to Sec. 14.") of the Penal Code, which expressly
makes it the duty of the prosecuting attorney, sheriff and constables
to inform against and diligently prosecute any and all persons whom
they shall have reasonable cause to believe guilty of a violation of the
provisions of the statutes against gambling.
In the light of this statute and the charge (if true) made by the
fusionists as to gambling, their prosecuting attorney, sheriff and con
stables stand convicted
The sheriff of the county is the chief executive officer of the county;
and under the above and other statutes it becomes expressly and emphat
ically the duty of himself and his deputies (of whom their candidate
for mayor Is chinf). to "Inform against and diligently prosecute" all
offenders agaiust the anti-gambling laws.
which, after all. he made * close r»< e with
Will K Humphrey, the successful nomi
nee. The result of all this, and other
cause*, was the nomination of Mayor
llumc* by acclamation on the first ballot.
The only other three men that were named
on the floor of the convention promptly
withdrew th* r names before a ballot was
The tw.» wirm<*.<t contests during the
convention occurred over th e nominations
fur corporation counsel anil city treasurer,
a'though it did not take * great while t.»
*. ttle e|th» r of them. The struggle for the
former narrowed >1 wn to the three men
na.med In tho Post-Intell;gencer yesier
viz . the present incumbent of the of
f. • J hri K lirow n 11 li Ciise and Will
V. Humphrey. After the hulKSt en
comiums for Mr. Brown and a g> nerous
rp 'gtUtlon of the able service he has ren
de:. .t t' •• i\!y. and a strati* \ote for him
■>n the first ballot, he dropped out of the
race and Will K. Humphrey won out after
& !•: k-and neck race with II R. CI *e. In
who -o def-.it th* Third w ird and other
complication* already mentioned had
t- m- w hat to do.
The contest for the nomination < ty
tr» .15-jrer was equally exciting, re- il' .rig
( tl•«"* I #)«»• fht* I tim rnHon
i: » * rj ' - J \ H Fivst# by *
*•*? IT Wtt* f>a» cf a total of »
* Tr>' I; * c«>r.Tde<!
' * i- '» i " m::-.*'; *s * ;! rra
ti-ru * *•• -v-- s ?-«. t kf. and h««
•*?«♦« # ' .fi iru r*-.
* ': %:'y a;-; iuv
Aj ItVttcMi la \:.t I\vUstH;u«r.<*»
Republican fDlatfoitt).
MeipanfeGnsaini ©aimdindlsiile
ffdDir May©fo
Tlmui J Bums rn« Vorn 1n TtppMUM countv. Ind.. on the bank Of the
\V.iK«*h run. i,n Kelri.-y )«. and was. educated In lowa and Illinois. He
moved to K.n-as in K 4n <i studied law, except for ,n interval in !>■*, dur:n«
which he scrv. < <ji tf •!.»'•> m! • i a',} a ..!ej in « impressing ".p. Ti !in revo!'
He r t lur: ■ d to I wa for adMiti-- r "o the tar. and then opened a law office in
st*n o.sntj K He served '» > t>rm- in 'he frotn IvT To
ir.-\ «.«< a<« "C fn.'H at-.wrey in littMl He moved • . Hett»le in
the sprln* of ISS2 and r-.stimcd the P«l <tlM of law. He w» ele.-ted to the house
of representative* In the last terrior! le Z i?uture In lsx». In the spring of IK*>.
when the letf-dature provided A third superior jud«e for Kinfr county, he was
ap; . sr.ted to the fli , j.v (*ov Jerry and xxa* on the RepubL an t. ket
for two in the f.ii! of and as; tin n for •: ,e four-year term w h
expired in January, W He w«» <udc* f the orlmir .1 and divorce dej irt
wents !r. tie f.*.. of 1*» h» *a< d»fe<t»d. though he came nearer elect! n than
m "°\ ''' R'- v: hls \r. He :.sumed the pr,i.*;i<.? of law. and was htiilcHnsr tip a
good !'eT '..\<e when the deadlc-* kln this :t> t . un;'l wa> broken by his ele.'tlcn as
n jj r on N . • m; . r ; . is®;.
CVmptr.>;>r I\*rry hai ly ro op
pwrfUM Car HiiimTiiiiiia n ; tna an
• •" Wi *a.« MM MHNI OB the
of t l convert! n, anil Mr Parry
i mtnate<l on th? flr#: ba'tot ty accUmi
1'»• n th* : TOiiii',. r» f r m«-n-at-
Ur«e *»r» settled in r*.r hal. *«, H. f
Ru<te twi-.jc ch( «-n OR th* flmt haJ'.ot and
F H Hur4 b- ng defeated in a c!omi rae«
♦ V F M MuJdoon.
•n- - • f? m : • • .«• •• r..t * i'-'s
»»•*>" r Ist Jby * trds w ~; \ry con
t»*t or thf **r::»ir.if
%••• rr»v:,i U »:y fought out in tso iWlllW
<m . rx *7; «n th# of the S:x.:h
* *r! wv. i » >* 1 .? r u'jr to
4 n>VR:r.A*
'' * %
A* " r a mjor.'.y cf *h» «c tt— had -ft
tv«» ..ait brfor» H flnaliy aosour Vie
r *'• T*rr> Kir.i. tfce Us: & .-mi nation
i: a: * aa ar-Ade.
We submit that with this "beam" in their eyes, the fusionists are
not in a position to remove any "motes" from any one's eye.
Considering the absolute failure of their candidate while deputy
sheriff to do anything against the lawlessness they allege, and con
sidering the clement that dictated their nomination, we denounce their
protestations of virtue and promises of law and order) as hypocrisy
and deception. The respectable element in their party having been
ignored and the most vicious element in our city having controlled and
brought about the nomination of their candidate for mayor, we charge
that they have no intention, if successful, of giving the city an adminis
tration of law and order. The influence which dictated the nomination
would dictate the policy of the city administration.
W'e favor the speedy completion, by the city, of the Cedar river
water system, and we pledge the Republican administration, and all its
departments, if elected, to devote to this end untiring zeal and energy.
And in the construction of this great work we believe in the employ
ment of home labor only.
That we are in favor of an honest, economical, prudential and
business-like administration of all public affairs, and we hereby prom
ise the people of this city that the Republican party will administer
all of the public business wisely, judiciously, and for the best inter
ests, protection and benefit of all the citizens. The people will be pro
tected in all of their lawful rights of life, liberty and property, and
taxes will be reduced to the lowest limit and expenses made as light
as possible, consistent with an efficient management of the city gov
That we are in favor of the enforcement of the ordinances of the
city regulating prostitution, the sale of ardent spirits and gambling,
as well as other ordinances;, and most emphatically deny the right
of any branch of the city government to make any stipulation or
arrangement whatever for their enforcement or non-enforcement other
than the mode presented by law, and if any such arrangement has been
made we hereby repudiate the same and denounce the unauthorized
acts of any person or person.-i connected therewith.
A',: r. the sv-hs n wa.< a remarkiKy
ham • enr in i wof the jwvu tar
roM|>ll< ■llqix irith wfetch the political
"• *1 Ji<:.vtV h-i- b • n Mre«H| for a
mon'i ; it was feared by swtre that
t*:<* It •' -ar party n. <ht lit «-; h 1 .r
--mony impossible. But wi«e counsel pr*--
■*-1. ti. The grand j *in pies of the R.-
pubh an party were to th» front.
»' ! rr. t n. who have f ufht so many
b.iti>« Sn li-'f-n." 1 " of thise p r ;n rai~
••<"d arr-ur.d th«*m ajratn with eonfldT.'-e,
ur;*y ir.d entr. j«;.--m. The report ~>t the
c mn ttee rn resolut ona and platform
ev ked rs a* it *i< read, and *h?n
the conrer*ion "ftt'cd d cs to the wirk
of r. .-mi nation :: w th the rrar.ife-t
:ien of rr.»n who kr w the «'.: re
(trcurrd on *h; -h they *<r<- stepping
Armtsr.v na'l. Sn irhi h th- f->nv«-ntk»a
rr.*;, . v :4.« •eldom presented a trcre inter
esting 1 or animated appejn.ve than i: did
».a : -1 • riay. l't* kcf t:.e r rua the
JOHN' E. 1U MPHRIES, Chairman.
MILO A. HOOT, Secretary
national colors were tastefully draped.
Around and beneath the chairman's d< -k
evergreens were arranged with irtlstic < f
fect. On the opposite side of the h. !! a
huge flag was stretched full length. As the
various delegations began to arrive ai.d
assemble at tap forenoon session, the typ
ical scenes so familiar to every one who
his attended political conventions w< re
repeated in all their varied and kaleido
scopic forms. 11. ro stood a candidate, hav
ing a last word with some friend about the
members of the "steenth ward, and anx
iously inquiring what his chances ■u re in
that direction. Delegates from one ward
were hobnobbing with thns,. from another,
with a view to pooling their interests or
planning out a common platform utterance
on which both could agree. Curious spec
tators. members of various other political
parties, could be seen strolling around on
th- outskirts of the crowd, now ir.d then
shaking hands with a personal friend ev» n
among the enemy. The spacious galleries
became well filled, and especially during
the afternoon 8»-s.-ion the long rows of fa »s
that leaned down from above afforded
ample scope for an artist's pencil.
From the outset to the close the con
verti'-n produced on tho mind of the im-
Juilfcr- *!«•«, tit r* k pf»W«
Partial observer a d< , ledly favorabie lm
pr'-s«iOr. It «*» *.-»Tnethinjc more than a
fine |hUb| body of men. who look' I • i -
*ry ;n n th» r*pr- -<-•? it:v<-« of the S* (»!«
of today It was a Mjr of patriotic nv-n,
. rashly loyal t:> th« pr-.r s of the
parry to * :h they btr.ri to
eorr*-.:t and confer w.th ore another as to
*is? m»lsurest ar.-J »h it rr.fn w<-r*> b*-*t
;.at*<J to l'vi'J that purty to vs* lory.
There *m no eut-and-dri«d programme
further than that providfi in the report
of the comacutte« oa rules acJ order of
Mayor Humes'
"TICOM*. Ffb. 24-P.llU Mor- \
rtsnn. rhnlrman Hfp«Ullf»«
* tilj" Convention: lam cngaffd
\ la the trial of an Important \
la nun It In the Federal eoart •,
- at Ticoni* and eaanot *et
\ ana), Extend to the eoaven-
tlon my sincere and hearty
thank* for the distinguished
\ honor conferred. If elected I
V promUe them to allschariic the \
duties of the office in such a
nav as nill redoaand to the \
< beat Interests of all cltlnens:
and will to the atmost of nay
S power aaad ability try to make
Seattle what she is destined to
become, the best and nrratest v
city on the Pacific const. *ay
to them that I will try to be
there before the convention (,
) adjouraas.
••T. J. ni MHS."
business, which was promptly adopted,
and which provided among its other salu
tary features that no proxies should be
allowed, that all nominating: speeches
should limited :o five minute* ar.d that
other speeches should not extend beyond
fifteen minutes. This body of men wsj
kindly niled over by the :nan of its own
choosing', who governed it with a conser
vative tact such as h s experience in par
liamentary bodies made probable l>rfore
And the members of the convention
themselves enjoyed the convention. There
was a degree of lnforraa.it>* on every Ride,
which did not violate decorum, and yet
ltt everybody ha\e a good time. Old
Willi \>l K. HI MPIIWKV.
K<-piil>lie>iii (uudidntr for Cor
poration 4'ttunsrl.
Willi am E. Humphrey was born
on .1 farm in Montgomery county,
ln<].. in March. Ite. He lived with
his father's family upon the farm
until ho enteral Wabash college at
< Vawfordsville, Intl., from which
institution h«< graduated. W bile In
college ho was awarded th« llald
'w In prlz given bv that college f< r
oratory. Ht> studied law with
John K. Humphries, then of Craw
fordsville, but now of this city.
Mr. Humphrey practiced his pro
f. -'.on for a number of years in
thut city, and was holding the of
llco of . ity attorney, which he re
signed wh- ri h<* located in this city
in IV3. He canvassed tho s* it*- of
India! a twice under the dlr»-< tlon
of tho Republican state central
committee, and »:is counted among
th • 1»-rtt sjwukern of Lis age. He
has taken an active part in behalf
of tho Republican party In this
county and state, an«l Is well
known throughout the county. He
us row a ini'tni»er of the tirm of
Hitmphn s. Humphrey <t Kdsen
H>- i- a m.-mber of th • Knights of
Pythias ; ,nd attends the l*resby
terian church.
friends could be seen shaking hands, and
as tho eyes of the veterans looked around
the hail and caught here and there fa
millar fan-j, they lighted up w.'h tho
slumbering lire of reminiscence and fla-h
--• 1 with the determination that the glori
ous old Republican batmer, which th y had
followed tt) so many victories, should r.ot
be tralb<l In the dust.
As anr:auri • ! yesterday mornliig. M ,yor
Hume-: w .« ahum from the ity, and the
w!<h of the convi ntion to hear him In a
spec h could not he gratified. He v. as In
Ta< -aroa, trying an Important case In the
Federil court. He did the r.e*t l.t-st t l : ng,
howevT. to making a spee< h by sending
to the convention a t< l>gram of accept
a- which was r>• .v •! with enthusi-
applause when it was r- - ad from the
rostrum It wall be found printed els*—
wh'-re A* ;r-nil.-.d In it. Maj •» Hum«
returned io
And the convention stiiS in se«sion, 1 at it
hid already adjourned. He *ll be in Ta
coma ag iin today.
The general impr» > Inn crea?- d in the
Ity by the ti.-ket nam-d yesterday augurs
f.t-. rably for the Rcpub!! ans. Commen
dations could be b'ard on al! «!d'.4. »j;h
nu'-h express! ns a*. "If the Republicans
can't win on that ticket they can't wm
at all."
rill: MON \ l ><• M:H«»IOV
Trmtmrnrr Or«a ni *M t ion in.-
mul f:lll« Morrlom M/«<!#- • h.-iirimtit
Th" morninjr ft-'-**' n w is d»*vot«d to or
ganization, and thfs cou!d not have be* n
efT- ted with »r- >t.-r d.«j>at'h had thrre
b---n a record to br<\ik. It took just a half
h ur to v!• t Temporary Chirman EJ
i: M rr. cm, two «*»•»,•• »r;e<«, a renting
clerk wd rommitifM on credentials, or-
Kanixition and p?af ferns.
The "3r.\.*a'i'',n was called '<)f'her at
I • » t.y S» rfjtry C. E. {tivnun, of t .«
c:ty central eomnutt**. Tti«-r*» were cries
t-J "F.'tb ward!" "Six',l ward!' us ttv.
From Dyspepsia and Stomach
A Xew DlaMTcn. Hnt Vol a Patent
Dr. Red well relate? an interesting ac
count of what he GSWMtTI .t rtaMUkttil
cure of acute ItOHICII |M Mi ud chrooig
dyspepsia by the use of trie r.cw discovery
Stuart's Ttfmnn Ttblctt.
lit; says: The patient was a man «ha
had suffered to my knowledge for year*
with dyspepsia. Kvervthttig .he ate se-ni i
to sour and create acid and gases in tti#
stomach; he hail pains like rheumatism in
fe back, shoulder blades and lanbs,
n< ss and distress after eating. poor appe
t: •• and lt>ss vt flesh; the heart became
• ,n ■' , - a using palpitation and si-eepieag.
:ie>s at night.
1 gave ban powerful nerve tonics and
b-ood remedies, but to no purpose. ,\s m
'\i er.tru:st 1 finally bought a fifty ceut
package of Stuart's Dyspepsia T»t>:s
a drug and gave tinm to htm. \u
most imm» dlate relief was given,
after he had used four boxes ho was ta
a.! appearances fully cured.
There was no tm-.e acidity or sour,
wat-ry risings, no Moating after meals'
the appetite w.is vigorous and he hai
gaiti'd between 10 and 1. pounds in weight
or solid, healthy fie>h.
Alt!K'4jfli 81 uart s 1 'y>jH i psia Tabiet® arw
advertised and soid in drug stores, >et I
consider their, a most valuable addition
to any physician's line of remedies, it
tiny are perfectly harmless and can t>e
given to children or invalids <>r in anv
condition of the stomach with perfe.-t
safety, being harmless aid containing
nothing but vegetable and fruit essences,
pure pepsin and Golden St al.
Without any qpcMtoa they are the suf.
est, most effe ttve cure for indigestion,
biliousness, constipation and all derangel
merits of the stomach, however slight or
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are sold by
(iruKKista everywhere at nfty cents :cr
full-si*ed package.
■*• Always Otters Something Ueoe.
And every evening thi? w . k. Ma In es
Tuesday and Saturday at 2.30,
The Glorious Naval Drama,
* Special Encasement of
In Conjunction With the ENSIGN COM-
I'ANY, an Organixatlon of
Regular Prices 10c. 20c. 30c. 40c and 50e;
boxe«. box scats. sl. Seat a on "ale at
box ofri< «> daily. 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.
"Phon»». Pike 5.
Qeattle Theater. ™. M. id «.
Northwest Theatrical As*oc!atlm.
PAUI, l! IITNKH, He* Manager.
AmcrUa'i Greatest Indoor Show,
Price* 2Se. "A-, 7". -. fl 00 ,-ind II.GO. Se >t»
at Theater Friday at 10 a. m
Third Avenue Theater.
I W. M. RCSSELL,. Manager.
Telephone Pike S.
Week ccrnrnen< ing Sunday, February 27.
Big Burlesque and SpecialtyCo
20 PEOPLE 20
Pretty Bloncb*. '
Fascinating Brunette*.
Funny Comedian".
A R 11. Up-to-Date show.
Pr * 10= L 1" •. ."J*-, ¥* and 'flc Bo*
II 00; box» s, s"'<". Seats now on sale.
Telephone Fike 5.
people's Theater.
* Bole lloprfa • ir .<-t i If t'-*ger
TONIGHT, tol Mch n:ght during th*
w-ek. tie grandest. greatest and >ie»t
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S-j'f'* .n » Vaudeville ho a,-"*. The Cup*
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--»ran •• of Prln< •• Fee Lung, the only
i '.ilnanun doing an act today before an
American audten • Pagtlvi ippunnri of
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25 artist*. Admission, 10i - . 3be and Zm\
U nd At
Mrts'-r AT CO. proprle*ors. if !». I.eavitt,
1 *. i r'j*h*'and te «t »h w In Se
attle. All 19c f«-a's elevatetl.
WMdl of Hat arday. PMMMMT % IBWB®"
ratbin of th- '.oTTiedy fsson. H?»e ai »n
-- of Muse (Joidsmith's Comedy
Com;»any in the
With an entire n« w company. Tr»« Great
Bo iy. nel, dtr»-ct from Hopkir = th- a"f,
'la-.ntj-fivo : iris. I'ri.es. Vi't
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