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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 25, 1898, Image 8

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And Rogers Sayg to Pops: "Work
Out Your Own Salvation/'
••m of Ibr Halle? It«lldlng la Sol
Bird rard With I. mooo ri»g em«n •
AmUii' and ladllrrrart u N Ihr
furl of Tkaw M i«» Halit I p tlir
>*arlf-<i«vrraar J R. R»|rr« l«
Uhllvlom to I.ocm I ( <ind>li'>n>
The fu*ion • impa gn forre#, u► ;»r the
An*- t*, ~ a .*«d « rr ' .' J W < ■
H"«ttl»* 1>: x «'rok'-r. a- fa t or
• *"U' 'l. A. .Ipp" .. . C.J 'j, £•
waiting. tiOtu.eabb sr. t< arnp of tw fu-
Monl«*ts. ha« I Iden t;.- secret p'^t-ara
tion* that j ta* n or i»*r»?d hy the dic
tator of the fusion parts Boss Way is
p' tM'int. iiy *up#-rvbt • f v rj f h ;g 'ha', i
b»'ing done The aorktrs in th«? cam
paign, Populists an<! Silver
It«'p ;bl ,ir.\ r to ffj. etc re »-;ve ln
st rue tlon#. The camjj.-. .gn eornmitte*
organi*«.J, but ; -tv,. r|f r , ,j
d«" it is fir.- submitted to the ■ »g*. of
IJ.e Bailey 1. Hiding for his sppr .v.i:
AH of Boss Way's time is up with
the work of ihe ea.'nj.aign 'lter,
precinct li«-fs to sr.-,u for ,j,. or "im
prsssionable" voters; pr^-in- t and w rrl
work to be parcelled ou . .niidatta. I
see. and l«t but by no in. an- Past, th*
"sack" has to b«* provided and distributed
where iu contents will yield th< nu*»t
WhtlA Mr Way's ife i- r >t all r
sunshine aini luxurious sase there are
•ORin things connected w:;ii i;i< raw y as
■■m d f
•re not to bo deepteed. It is aalmiMd
ths' Ihe -
he lot ks over the r«a intrat a. i; ti.. lower
prs< u.ef ..f the First wai
large num».#r of "ic * l iters" |
thereon. Then there l< t* .» ~»• . .
luts w.'ia h few In- Il W( ..; t | put
away if the chauce to »•.< in» it w.re of
There appears to h- i . disputing Boss
Way'- supremacy. Thero ate t. • , t few
m«n who liav --notn-d ti;. cau-f of I>e
m«> ra y and in eamj <o ■ of
the past who ar- p. rf. >•»!>• w i-lng «<• let
Mr Wa «|o If ill. Atr . •!..-■• < I•• J
Kiigeno Jordan w ;■»*■« time and imv -
have be«n expended in tia rai.«. »t the
Papulls- party ii every state md n.at.-.-;-
P«I t «mp«ign for >«-hi> p. 4 >-. Dr Jordan's
Indifference to Mr \\ »y'f * j .-c 1 a: . t,i»f
of his candidate. Caldsrhead. is *tiar.-d
by a larg" j.ortiO" of the .b ■ sit - binerit
of the I'op-iiis' part\ Fartu uiarlv is t' -
true of the men who lic.e rv» d many
years in the >aus»- ..f PopiiiKrt:. Fusion
!«'.* admit that f'W I' ;.U. «ri be 1.. uI. ■ l
who ever saw Mr ("aiderhead in ti;' r.ink-.
of the pirty in campaigns of years gone
by. As far as known, they « v, j l( . has
participated ii none of the hi<t;«ric ( HI.
cils of the party, and certainly was not
known among the workr-tv To n, st of
them he is a sir a. *er. and w h-n it w .«<
tlrst giv.-s out that 1. Way had pick
ed on Caldi rht-ad a > gii )d man ( r him to
run for mayor of S. ittle. the o'.S-timers
It is claimeil, liK.ked at <i< t; oi r n.d
asked If anyone knew to w at , • itta a!
par' s h» be I -ng d
•iini rniir Hotter*' \ l*it to Senile.
Omernor Roger*' visit !n H- itt!e m c-on
ne.-tion with th- t bi tati n of Washing
ton* birthday o isjoned considerable
gtnislp In fusion circle*. Much inter- '
exists a to tl;.. a? ': !e the », .\er>;.,| Wlii
assume relative to the campaign in h". u
tle, ajitl ther- has Iws-n much sp. -a! it. n
as to what his sientltr< nt ar. lr f. t,
effor*" w• *e m . t ' - "at the l \ . r;. .r
on point, but a far mi< k « i
ventured tt> mtke no statement wiia'a ver
as to hi* ptfMM i 1 is- \
w In rii da'' ' > - -'< . t t' 't, ...v
ernor hod h- en > - ort»a; : r- .ft , ..r
Fngei-.c \\ i for s 1 ; .
the two together and effecting art under
standing Natl- nal Committeeman \\ 11
White was -ui- the
but Pot: '• 1 'Vt : • I, \.
denied t >.'• i,-. t of t! re
ph.»* t' . m i.■ \ • •• It v,
al«nit thn mni' • m-r t •• t. s .
terdas 11 -w ■
"I didn't Mr Wiv at it win., t.
Pest tie I am takfsg Ho ii.-i r {ft
W iiafevt r • St'
pa'gn That i.. a rnat'-r w : '} • >• -rt.-n
ltl ch tree 'f iff air rr fr-,1 ! I
rig visi Mr W.i > T »
t » gi\ an • '
pose. Th •>' must w rk • > t, ,r wn
salvation In f. -r *rd ".-m * r -
best t' ok i vi ! f i.
off er.tlrely "
The gOVi tiff's • ltl ll lit -ade
eians «n 'i of it ■■ ' w -•> \ t T , • k
Ills ntnond conferei wttl B \\
rsvtv»» talk • ? ft e «;f?t • • fit* w •. . »«
him to f »
P. as Chair-ran of the Populist
Vf"i: '! v ::
to the gov claimed «
h's frier 1» V.'l n , • • ,
there is f; » iv it v : •• . \ v
supporter of the Hi :'a« In Pe ?t »••<*
Ognlaed the ha I of Mr Wa\ in *. arn
r t
\ For Your <
s Chickens. \
$ Pralfs Poultr> Food. J
$ Ground Sou Shells. J
t i*■ ■ ■
# Ground Bone, J
5 v f
2 Nest £sss, J
5 fcv :-r •n. J
: . \
5' U 'o'-." =r-, 5
* ;
Fnrwttiire, firprti, More», Ktr.
Rlif.TO 111 Of K. nd %v. and MmJioo* SI.
«r it It was an op«n defiance to the
K • r.-■ r it. ;e*si. t - mmlnr of Fay as
• Urtf: of the > r veriti n car be regard
» St ,• ~tamed. In no other light than as
a open and direct Insult to the fW'rnor,
a -.> ..» remembered that Kay was sum
n i-;|y --moved from t)"■ of r> Kbit's
t k g> r- for What a|>f" ir- Ito the exe J
tsv<- mind to In- good riffieifnt r*»-
ii; v.' * vT tt.». attack made
by Fi > upon Roger*.
Way Is apparently making no effort
what-ver t-> < ii .lie th>- fri« nds 'if Gov
ernor Roger* in B.a:t)e. Illi whole course
ig rather In the opposite direction.
tlrrad) t rllluic for Spoils.
"f'neasy lie* the head that wears a
<to» j-ang ttit* po* : . Tl," fares of s»tate
r< v ,» sviiv upon Bos* \\ <>'• Hi* veraa
11'■ mind ts «>r.< umber* J with the duty
of ** tUing a multiplicity of detail*. To
f- gin with the distribution of j«itronage
ta ,t matter that by spontaneous coimm-oI
»• «ma to hav been siioved on hi* shoul
ders, aiid this without regard t.> the
w n--s or pteferera *s of tbo
< andidati ■««. The faithful are already fig
uring out where they will land in the
event of the triumph of the Way ticket.
Thf. <*>t<*i<! of workers th.Lt have been
attached to the p* •:- «;ai fortune® of t/i«
li-»jvs ->f thf ISai'ey building re for th«
most part practical nu is. "They adhere
to that kind of politics," «mid oru» poll
tiaan yesterday, "the. underlying priu
clpie of which is 11» do nothing without
♦ceiling something for It. They eetorm
the proiK*rtiona of the sa< k over which
it is understood Mr. Way will preside,
hut they have ;ri . >•• to the ortice-s that
It may be within hi- power to divide.
They are ready to get In and work, un
der the biddn g of the mighty Way. for
the of the fusion ticket, but llrst
they would like a gentlo promise from
him that w: •i. siif time comes they will
bo taken care of.
The prj' tl< al n)anag«ment of the <-am
paign will aisji. It i* generaily under
pttKMi and h< lev-d, vi.rrcu<l from the
sum turn f x i.. !.•>>> on the -iltth fhn.r
of <i; • H.illey builiiing A campaign com*
niltti*'. to it- sure, ha.H been organized
and is ostensibly in charge of the < atn
l«aign, but t. >t a move is made, not a
ii..- ;,4 »-mp. »>e<i, i r is any imjwH.iat
d'-t.ul of action or policy decided upon
without tlrst i> -aiti'-g the d t.itor. A
KT'-at deal of "practical" work is to l>»»
dime beforo tins of the ticket Is
at Ail A fording to the opinion
of tlw! mi'~t <xjw.rtcni.-ii political manipu
lators in tli*' fii-ion camp, Way will
Ixi abl' to do much in this line owing to
hithorough f.tmlliariiy w.th the means
necessary to obtain votes out of tteriain
precincts in the First ward The diree
tl n iif tl . campaign in this (piartT, by
common htis l>ceu left to tho
boss as in - p.-. tiliar fitness for working
tl»- lowt r districts of the city is w> H
recognised. Already, it Is misled by those
who k> >w IP .hs Way is engag< <t in pick
ing out men who are to go through the
Tenderloin district «r >1 jvoll the voters of
that »e< tlon of the city. A c >mmitte<'.
of which F. I' Randolph and C. E.
Re path are m nitn-rs. has bein named
and will nominally ti »ve charge of the
work uf polling the city, but the same
rul" .'.( i't in tli;.>« division of the w<rk
tliat apparently nrevails in ull of the
>! pai' m< nt- tamely that while eom
ndtte—s may !*>• org'!rtixed and put to
w rk. they are " c us* <iuene*< ;ift»-r
nil. for th.- r - ison that the p« rsor il s.mc
fon of th • !--- n: .si !. t ol.t -.si aj.,|
si" mu«! b» con; .It d <>n all matters of
Sa th'>r< ighly I- i- uf: b rs: il that Mr
Way is to hare poraoi i] • of the
Ciin;| »'yrn th.it a r« ti i-kal ..- la.«4tudf*
' 8 IimUBN bag 5• • m« on
] art of t '.o iti «j w >.o ••rd'.r - rllv. In
r • *au?«^'i-'o
n* ;.■.is * -tl by a w» II kiown
IN>l ' 5 t w rk r w .» \% iri »:- u . v ,j.
\ : * .. ! w 5 .» j* j * >»niij t 4 ! tvi r v
|• n* ot tin party H# mM: "Mr
)■■■'» h!m ' Mar.\ hv ; - u . o, ; . v ♦> . v
e«n And no ,x• as ' . .... _, n ,
hiti. 1 me d» thn«ugh \»hb h IWr-s
\\ iv i w--rk • , n .< g,. n<r .|
re«SgniU»jn of the f (tut Bom «iy
w ! ■ > the h id ! *• • • t\f f> ~ , n
- i£r;t -1 f Wit'.lr.w il .-if man v
I* " : W »rk > . 5 ~.v ,H in ,„ •' „
to {. tf r. sp.«t.t?«»rs. T"'ie> iro
\\ a > • •* 1, h i ' **
'«o »|,- Itnhbfd.
F J M- -ri " • , .
h' W •>•»« '1 i-r r> < v t Mo! !,y r. r-t % 'v
■•'•f •*e N p j»i; ... " V " 4
*iiprrmr> ( mirl I»• ton *
• vMI" \ p. > ri .T 3„ t t • V
* ii •« •:•r,u o;v?)'<•• tn » v «
T ' ' * ; t . »f lt*M •>#«•'
S " ' -V- In »'■<!• . "on Jf. *-V », J'; Ice
R- ••» • !* 1 :-Isf tt -.4>- Tf ■
ar-. cv n r \rrr.> \ :sn tn his f. -nn r
'' ♦r;.r. If !' <rn. r« -<!■•:! \« j»>. •»
\ i ■ T » : (>., valhl-f.
' » " -'Mft* ''•«* ' - :r • k jtirt*# to
■ ,
<vrv s .*\?!v * * n! - ,b J , 4 j - ,v " p
O• - 5-r .< *• ; !• v - A T
v / v.: - r. res- '■ v.t, K • R:V.
.M.«n i - 1 Ant'- n *.<
' 1 I • VI t r, Kl'i-rj
K -»• . : - >♦.-.» ... •» .». , .*♦ »
2-'- »i ■'-:*■ r : . - v
W -*r. r- T - v<
* v - Tit C-t \ f* v i - .ft tVf 4£ # %** \
'IP-fit S : TO f;. *
d= -:•> ingt a " % ■ - M..eitvr j t?.*.
J * * • i - •
y■ •' N •• k • »v- • re*
' • ' S .sr. -h i> mty.
A" ' *!:
-K* > •
H }« T .. . . v %v j.
j it:. It*:-. • f: «.• ' v.& , • t* t , ;
* - ■ ' <"* SXaf-t
«• J ■ • :• A.
"Whitney Sets
the Styles."
f ™" $3.50
Chief Kellogg Files Charges
Against Frank Bird.
Bird. Arrordiog to tlir < hief, Is In
rompelenl, l.asy, Shlftleas, Dlsre
spei-flul, lluarrelsoair, Fault-
Klßdlng sad a Ulslurber of Fire
Deparlmenl Fence— Bird Denies
Alt and Will Fight to the End.
Tht re was a dramatic Utile episode on
b".*rti of the fire boat Snoquaimie last Fri
day, jii.-t as the St. Paul city council ard
other xu>fa of the city were embarking
tot a short trip around the harbor. Act
ing Assistant Engineer Frank Bird and
Fire Chief Keli were the actors in it,
and very few bystander! noticed it at the
tJUi , out it has resulted in Bird's suspen
sion from duty and the tiling of sweep
ing charges of insubordination and in
competency against him by the chief.
The civil service commission will investi
gate the matter on Monday evening. This
latest squabble in the department is tho
only subject talked of among the tire
lighter# Just now.
The story goe> that on the day in (jue.s
tlon Chief R. ilogg was standing on the
wharf beaming on the visitors when Bird
rush, d up from the engine room and, toss
ing his hands wildly, eiclaimed: "Mr.
K. liogg, Mr. Kellogg, what does this
nv ai.'.' What are you treating me in this
way for" \\ hat hav>' 1 /er done tj you
to deserve such treatment?"
Then, i: 13 ?•.* 1 J. ("a:, f R.lirgg. with an
apprehensive glance at the visitors, be
- »ched Bird to calm himself and state
Ms grievance. To this request, it
stated. that Bird responded by warmly
denouncing the chief for placing him in
a subordinate p isiti n cn the boat, and
"putting him to shame generally."
The Interview ended, it is stated, by a
a member of rhe department, who claims
to have heard all that occurs 1. Bird ran
tack on b' :ir<l the bor and attempted
it is stated, to get Chief Engineer Hill
to jjln with him in a strike for higher
w g« s. claim:ng that the tini* 4 WHS most
opp* ar.d their demands would surely
be complied with llill refused to strike
and thus :t is claimed, an embarrassing
s • r- was avoided, Bird going about nl3
duties again.
«'hlrf Kellogg was seen by a Post-In-
Uiilgen.'. r report? r yesterday after the
charge* had b*w BMw ith thr t ivii sr
\ Ice • >mmt«sion. nr.d although he refur -d
'•> make any full st itement before the
f ri 1!. .-aid that th • for*going version «.f
his experience With Bird was subs'ar.-
t'ally correct. Bird, he said, had been
f hr»«> d-i>* before temporarily transferred
fre m F-.tim >' mpatiy N . '» to t> tire
boat an 1 had become Imbued with the
idea that he w is thereby huml.iated. The
f ici w is. the %'hlef -iaid. that an arrange
ment hid been made by which Bird w :«
to g »t th# sii»c w tfd as before, and was
to be given h!< encine Again «s soon as a
romjM»trnt issNtant engineer for the b-.at
could be found, there being none on the
CCKlbie lirt
'»n th ' V following the Incident ♦he
chb f said Bird w suspended from dtifv
and main caused trouble by Informing
the man who relieved him that there wis
: -tr;k on 'he b it u 1 tha* any person
• tk ; ir 1 ; si 1 n Wt-i.d b. a »!•'' TV
t hief claims that he has a!wi\s been
fr • •! I'v to B rd. hut that Bird has repaid
'.'Using c :i>';nual trouble In 'tha
I ' •*" •-e six . ,"barges fl- d
■i;T ■ •<; Bird. They ire, that he Is cn
" » bujr, shiftless, disre
spectful '• h; < Kpfrkm. qwuTelaotne.
t t• » 1; i a «l:s* :rh» of the Are
d pjrtment p« tee.
' 1 •' B M ' i.f Eird*l liwver will
' -day R rxu , t „ c ,j, nU , of ,» a . h nt , h „
*'* Mtm Bays that B'rd will C :n-
T f'i p r *">f cf ea-h of them
1 ' I was on the fly* *at fh» ~r
t. Agvv !* % r* fh* !' * *rtrrt
• *"*h cl ' He ha»b<en
in departmer,• about , - >e ., r
Ki>l<r rf lamgatnir m »!„„,r » Dfrrri |
B :ru ... r,f R,,v r t V
• ei r • -jj and w-'ired ♦ me
k s -v. v 1 f n n ,-| *» t *
ir <•- if' * i* > y In ' m iking off
• - ,r * ' ~ J iff was r
*•' * noma rather early in (kt • •
■ TTi-•' ra> r • usual !« Vi'
. ms i. •' V, app* a :.'-d
" v ' r w >.j; e a>» »: •g on
w • - e> Pcft w-m • it He op. - d
; "■ . ' : • ' • < • Went in IJt the
1 jrglars ; id four
Iniilrmtdf lt«irr«.
KI:AN.-!StV> F. :t _ w . a ,
:c *! ra nv ?n.-k ;- 3 .v K ~
B» I m» Tw K' «w IIL won Fob
r 1 -« •' »!■»' i ji,: t; • .
T ■**<■ ; i » * 1
* • - - •
3: * : i M ,nr x rd. Ttsu.
' V s ; ; ? - B in !» <. od
v - ,r ; x ■ 1 T;sr-. 1 i ,
' ► % w • Tr - ''^v
K . l •! . • . y
r - - « •- ♦
• ■*" * " I X er **•.;•« ti. rd Tim*. 2 JJ\.
I \por(« from Vnarnrtri
•" I'«• * -
AN A V>H": .S r ;• H T- - wr;
- 1 " >» •- « j < -♦ • > Cahfor
*' -if. • - gatt
" lUrhor *>hlp|»laK V«»lr«
: • •• .4 - H V
• ' •--»%. . r
3 i' U •• f? in
k ■ - . " t ■ . * I■ r' tt - t; •
v - . .•
W'. i»* ■* r* >. isr Krxn.
Young Man With Hands as Soft
as Velvet Ends His Life.
Leave* m Sote to Effect That Hl*
Name (s K. D. Frrgnion, and That
"K. C".** Wii Hi* Honr-toroier
Has Evidence Tending to Show
That He la H. D. Fry. of Denton,
Tea. —So Kennon for the Deed.
A fine-looking yours man, whose hinds
were soft as velvet. commttrd St if-murder
at the Commercial hotel, corner cf First
avenue ar.d Main street, yesterday rr. rn
ir.g a: 10 o'clock by fir:ng two 32-calibro
bullets into his head. At the first shot he
fell to the floor stunned, but, aroused by
the appearance of an affrighted woman,
he placed the pistol to his head a second
t.me and blew out his bra ns. When Dep
uty Coroner C. B. Yandell ..rrived the man
lay in an immense pool of blcod and was
still bleeding.
Or. a small piece of paper :n his trousers
pocket he had hastily scribbled a ft w
words, informing the coroner that his name
was R. D. Ferguson, of "K. C." In his
pocket was a key-ring tag bearing the
name "It. D. Fry, Denton, Tex." What is
las real name cannot be definitely de ded.
because it will ba ol*erved that the initials
in both names are the same.
Late Wednesday night a young man en
tered the Commeiv al hotel and asked the
night clerk U he might ha\e a room, say
ing that he was without money. The cierk
denied him. The young man was walk ng
out when Proprietor Ferguson said: "Cad
the poor fellow back and give him shelter."
The clerk did as requested. The yeung
man registered as follows; "It. 1). Fer
guson, K C." He was assigned to room
'<!» arid immediately retired, taking w.th
him a small tel- scope vanse.
Yesterday morning at 10 o'clock the
chambermaid was startled by a sharp re
port from room _u Sue rushed in, the door
1 unlocked, and saw Ferguson lying . a
the iioor in front of the mirr >r. His pistol
was at his side. Greatly alarmed at the
horrible sight, the woman rushed out and
commenced catling for the pro; ri-tor, who
immediately went after a policeman. In
the meantime I'erguson recovered con
sciousness and, picking up his pistil,
pla ed it to the right side of his head near
the ear and blew out his brains.
The second report paused ex jltement in
the hotel, but those who rushed to the door
fv,uad it locked, which proved that Fer»
gi ton had turned the key a£ter arousing
from the effects of the tirst bullet. The
door was opened, and Fergu- rn's body d.s
covered on the floor near trie bed. Wood
W.H gushing out of th« wound near his
e..r and spread i.g rapidiy over the tloor.
Life was extinct.
The corontr was notified, and Deputy C.
1., Yandell responded, latter Coroner Yau
de I tirHed himself. When the deputy
entered the room blood was still flowing.
The remains were removed to Butter
worth's undertaking rooms and exam ned.
The first bullet struck the forehead about
an inch above the line of tht eyebrows
and a trifle to the It ft of the medial line,
gh.n ng upwards. Contact with the skull
had flattened the bullet, ami it fell to the
floor. 81-iod had spurttd on the mirror. It
w the se >nd billet that terminated li/s
1' was evident that suicide was premedi
tated. as the only scrap of paper found on
the dead man's person contained the fol
lowing words, written hurriedly;
"My name is It. D. Ferguson. My
home is in K. C." His under
clothes bore the initials "It. D. F."
lK>ubt was raised in the mind of
Coroner Yandell as to Ferguson being
the sui idt s correct name by the discovery
of a key-rlt g tag with the following words
on It "It D Fry. Denton. Texas." It
wiil be observed that the Initials in b-ith
instan • s are the same. There is r< ison to
believe that the man lived In Kansas City,
be. au: e nN necktie *a? purchased fr m
S Kaufman, Sev-nth and Main stre-ts.
Kansas City. Hi* hat, a light brown
f»d >ra. came from Peter Johnson's sto:e
in ttg-len. I'r.ih. In the telescope grip wis
a l unch of blank bank che.ks on the 00.0-rado
rado City Bank of Texas.
The il id man was an intelligent apprar-
Irrg fellow about 2~ ■ years old He his long
black hair, a smo- th face, medium com
pl.xi n. Ma k eyes, arid will weigh about
I;>s pounds.
*>nnit«y UlrrniHMi » iinrrrl.
1 Cai>ri,•»» "l.ut*;>w'a Wild Hunt". .
2 Overture- *SwjrnßMt" . .. Rom nl
3. InvJtStri *1 a la Val* .. Von Webvr
4 Grind S- >< "i n from "I! T: •» dor* '
(by request) V«rdl
»a> Mi-rceuse .... Moby
(b> Romance "Day Dreams".
d Tr . "H«>ar l'« »' Fa'her" ... * »»fiw
Mr- I. I> M *k- n, - >pran • :
Ml— Uamson. CMUnlto (Ittt Of
Oakland Cal.); Mr. Georg.- Ed
munds tt nor.
Hum r> *k. "K :mmt E.n X .r ' (! •
noma" S-hers
This piece i« to Ulu.f rati* how the
rami* air would - und " wrtrt< .-y
r? -• f'>!:• t-om;<>sc r- <>< M >d
i-i T: w On \nd.inte ron
m< :<> 1. »'-» 1 • •-V M-»-
«<-• <dt Mllita:- Mar>-h Supj- -
sv.fnui' M''nri"h»*ohn. B»*--
thoven. Chopin B^^tboven —(ft
T'«rn jf > dS Wait* S'wu-t <ei
T« mpn dl Bravoure V<-rdl—<h> (}*•
V.V-, Bizet—<i» Adtif!-' Wirer—
iit X" .'•■ ratn \\ >srner—<k» Andan
•• \\ snc-r—(!) Ai.-frro c<>n fucco,
W tgrter
5 S- • -:< m from "The Serenade" (by
: j. «;i . V. Herbert
l. M,! t "toff i > New . . I.amp
i .f • * Morgan Alley H • s <by
s M.*; h -v -n(. Vedi Vu'i" R B Hall
4 s»>m, hi-: y Dalbey
Itrlln I nlitn 1 luTtfi-r.
T>* -a: : * i«-' rtsht >' Jho Readiok
i; i ■, ■ t;-e r.'-rr. •"*. Iram.i "M
> Th - hum "n packed for
• ; ff- w -k to w.'hi.* production,
an ;• h■ i* n pron itic J the r-*t envr- ,
ROYAL is the only Baking
Powder that will keep
fresh and of full strength
in the climate of the Yukon.
«;>■*» BA>: SG PCA'SE* CO., NEW Yt*K.
tainirent «»r presented in a vaudeville
.-.■.•us* sn Seattle After thi* we<fk the c vn
pany goes on the road for two
when it returns to Jill four more weeks at
t.i.~ theat-r.
At 11 p. m. tonight the we!! known
Paddy Smith and Dick Case, champion
lightweights of the Pacific coast, will
six rounds f«>r a p irse of s'oo. Great
interest » being taken in this contest on
iiwunt of the cleverness of the two men.
The swle of ®«its is large, and judging
from the advance «ua the theater will
bo packed.
Catchy music, clever comedians and
shapely women combiffe to make
which is to be presented at the Seattle
f v four night*, commencing Sunday, one
of the most attractive of entertainment*.
The piece is a musical extravaganza and
is fui! of fun. song and dance. The mir.-
age men t promise a dazzling display of
handsome scenery and costumes. There
Is a largf and well-drilled chorus. The
■ mpany of seventy comedians and vocal
ists includes Stuart, the "male Patti;"
Rawlston, a handsome burlesque
actress; Master Thomas Meade, a phe
ncmer.al boy tenor; the Herald Square
Quartette. Frank Gardiner. Marie Con
chlta. Connie Thompson, Arthur Seaton.
Thomas H. I nee. Qeorge D. Cunningham.
H. J. Turner. George Ovey and others.
The <ale of seats begins this morning at
10 o'clock.
'The Enaign."
"The Ensign" closes its highly success
ful engagement at the Third Avenue thea
ter Saturday night. Commencing Sunday
night the great burlesque, "The Merry
Widows." will be given. This company
comes direct from East, and embraces
some of the best talent ever seen here.
Th« company is a strong one. and the scen
ery and stage settings are very tine.
tireru-.trmitrung Boat.
All Is now in readiness for the Green-
Armstrong six-round contest which oc
curs tonight at the People s theater.
Pomlhle (ri'ii* of I ultlvntiun by Poo
•title Inhabitants.
Literary Digest.
"In the work of M. Flammarion on 'The
Planet Mars,' " says Ciel el Terre, "is
tound a calculation of the astronomer
Phillips, of Oxford, regarding the possi
bility ot the reflection by the Martian
seas of the sun's image as a luminous
point that could be seen from the earth.
According to this calculation the image
thus reflected would measure one-twen
tieth of a second, and in an insturment
magnifying three hundred times, it would
be fifteen seconds. Phillips thought that
if the gray patches were reaJiy seas, we
ought to perceive, from time to time, an
image of this kind. In the same work is
found a discussion of the same question
by Schlaparelli. who concludes that the
solar image reflected by the Martian wa
ter would have a diameter of one-twenty
fourth of a second, which does not differ
greatly from the preceding result. Thus
it would shine like i brilliant star of the
third magnitude. It would be less brill
iant. but no less luminous, in case the sea
w»re agitate 1. A Yorkshire astronomer,
Mr. Taylor, has recently treated the sut*-
iect anew before the Royal Astronomical
Society of London, and has made fresh
computations. According to Mr. Picker
ing, the reflecting power of the planet
Mars is only a quarter of that of Saturn.
If we 1 all that of Saturn the same as that
of newly fallen snow, that is O.TS, that of
Mars would be 0.17. Mr. Taylor calls it
').«} A formula gives him one-fortieth
for the ratio of the intensity of the solar
reflection In a water surface on Mars
and the total brilliancy of the whole Mar
tian disk. This solar image * • •
ought to be easily visibly from here, even
in tho canals. If they were composed en
tirely of water. Mr. Taylor a<ids that
from the Cimmerian Sea to the Gulf of
Aurora there i < a st Ties of seas j>erfectly
•dtuat.d for reflecting thw noonday sun
toward us. But nothing of the kind has
ever been noticed. The author therefore
concludes that this proves the non-exist
ence of Martian seas. He adds that the
weight of proof is in favor of plains of
\egetatlon W'hose tint varies according to
the quantity of moisture that reaches
them after th« summer melting of the po
lar snows. He ends by adopting the opin
ion of M. Ledger, that the canals are not
full of water (this Irfea was given up long
agoV and that their lines mark regions
eultivafed by the inhabitants of Mars
principally In the districts that adjoin'
great centers of population (the 'oases")
To sum up. we cannot see anywhere on
tli.* globe of M irs the wafer that fertilizes
\ Fnlrjr Ciodfather.
Harper's Weekly.
Tmiary 17 wis fairy godfather's day .t
tl'" baker 'h' • o'at >• worKs in Milton.
Ma - «>n that evening was distributed
the 143.'* X» left by the wili of the late
Henry 1. Pierce to the employes of the
t' dries* of which he wi- manager. Tw i
hundred ar;d forty-five men and IS3
men met 'he oft! er* of the corporation
In a larifA fxnn in one of the mi:!« >nd,
if;- r a supper and «ome discourse from
Mr. l'j. r .'g , xf-ti-or, Mch received a
<' ■ h f- r IP" 1 The oldest »>nij ' .yr re
ceived i si • -i.il legacy of !2.fi00 it is n <»t
t* ■ i led th it thf>r»» was ovir a
wfi. testanu ri' iry provisions eave more
■ ire caM-if t, tion !o more of his personal
'Muairit tn than th< -e of Mr Pierc
T r- has Seen no audible rrumbllri?
a 1 Ml- his will He did everything «h »f
w <» expected of him. and a great deal
that was not expected, surprising very
mmy people, and disappointing none
u* less, pissibly, s< me members r f one
? the learned for as vet
th' re has h. < n no hint ef i lawsuit _>ver
!.:• will. The will ran over with mUeel
"m- ' - kindness and benevoleni Mr.
I'l r ought to have kep» a « ho..] f,,r t«<-
whose ptsrpofs were philanthropic.
If Stephen Girard, A T Btewart. Shto
»)•' Ti'den. and Dar.l»l B F*aT»rweath«>r
could have sat under hi* Instructions
i wh e, the memory of all of them would
«weeter, and the irenera! public would
be- i t*!iner hv a tood many milllc s r f
m■ ••• v. is there not some .n« :>v
lr.tr w\.» hax had experience of wilLs and
is .mpr'ent, by disposition and knowl-
to open such a cla?« fe>r 'he irs'rur
n *ti «tat r--" rot M
ur.dert ike !t, or Mr. Pierpon? Morgan?
WHEN oth->r« fall, consult Dr. F! <~i.
J .->! v s *n. chr inlc disease specialist,
Srheuerman Mock Cherry street.
tr i« c ijp < wa* arrested In Chicago
*• r *h- r »»■-■. rf »h. Texas & Southern
r;' * d i-'fl'-e a? Pb -nix. Ariz about
rr • iifo Me ci>nfe«*e.> im• : cat'r.jr
J \V Waterman, who is also und»r ur-
* 9 Points to
When Buying Your
"Price imk
Our prices for the best grade* fw\
of Klondike Clothing are doing j, 'My\
all the talking. 2il 'fyA \\\
See the sterling values we are
Macklnaws, \v\ j
Sleeping Bads, JEev f '1
Underwear, ~ rff r.l- IgM
German Sox,
lents, Etc. ■-«? 1
Kline 4 Rosenbersr
Nos. 625-27 First Avenue.
The Largest Clothing
Outfitters in the State.
Klondike Power Boats.
Per Hour. •
I-ifrht draft. high *pe'-'l <.*<< mj»l»-to with Uerrub's Kn-oline or oil engine* or englnei
separately-from 2to 2<X> n. P. State your requirements.
HERCULES 6AS ENGINE WORMS. 215-231 Buy Street. San Francisco. Cal
818 First Ave.
Serves the
Best Meals.
From 4 to 8 P. M.
For 50 Cents.
Our Coffee Is the Talk
of the To*n. Try It.
oocooooooc<<fo&>c&z<rocrc*'>oo ; o
| U ...COAL I
f Makes Heat I
0 —AND— %
| Saves Money \
ron o\ f.i: iit t) \ e tiii
An fcfiil Weii-1 rt»d Mr*
Svolb r.g ■ * '-T<. :„«<-« |.,r (• "y y ..« r ,
t»r M.!>)«•< oJ M'Hr.»ri ! »f liie-.r mu.:»
f «*:(.)t>n « >«f». 4 •>.«-> U •••'■•
* 1 * t«ulh*liiAvt t'u.f, ' urn \\ i
1 > ul nlt» •>1 r. .»«■ J« for L ax ■
lrv»« »t» . . «*«ry £»'*. •:>! :» w .fiO. »s* « .-•«■ .
•»k for Mr*. ,uv • KotU. ii -jrf \ij\ to | ',»*•
bw tltkf »• a 1
TW«Ot/-fiv« < cut* » liottl*.
Offers for »alo t*o centrally locat
ed wharvi . other water front
property; a larg« amount of tIJ«
laI.ITS; bul ilr.G LOT* l»'tw«n RAll<|
fad avenue ari l U r . '• rn avnm«;
busine■«« prop' rty upon First »ve
nu'.', Flr*t avenue •outh, Hecond,
ar.d Third avenues and YY»ler way; 1
four busln#?* l» .- ks; a numtx-r of
beautilu! r< suit ri » n on I»*nny h ;i;
a fine home in yueen Ann*. resl
drr'p" In oth'-r part* of tb* elty;
and i 1.. rg>' m l choir* [|st of r»«l
--denoe property. We handle on'yj
perfect title*. Kxamlna cur )l»ti
b-fore buying el»< where.
Room 23
Dexter Norton 6 Co.'»
Bank Building.
» <iHKAT ?
♦ ♦
: :
♦ ♦
' T
Z It »• f fr >m - ■ • ■i» X
X •!. I '■> X
♦ +
: <£•
* ♦
♦ - X
♦ yott I
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
* J
• I
Z CURE. Asl +
# liter for It- 1 ♦
♦ Jj
If 3
Examination** * fco.
Graduate Optician, 112 therr> St.,

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