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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 25, 1898, Image 9

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"Danrtng ou the t»oarfi» and Inlilm. Illlle Guilr lot More, blue of f)f, blonde of hair, airy, fair> —a iu inrr't dream of lovelinru. Swill
nnlrr Hill loved lier and laid lila iiUKKrl* at li«*r feet. It mum for her lie honKht up all the eitK* iu oamp to keep a rival from cecurinß
lirr favor b» »preudlii|t before lier that havarin ee»ta»y of Dnntoo'i t-ulniue—un euK tlluaer."—Sau Fraiiclnco Eiamiuer.
Beware of Imitations. They Will Not Keep, and it Cost One New York Firm $60,000 to Find it Out Before They
Again Returned to
Dishonest articles, like
dishonest men, seek to
trade on and under the
name and reputation of
honest men and honest
n ~ " /)
h articles, therefore many
\ _ A
v attempts have been made
. . .
v to rob us of our trade
EGG." Deal only with
0 0
honest outfitters.
• IUM OK* CI SI'F.R. In 1 r: CMBMW look. "Roiits and Saddles," *
"Mj>t valuable part of army ItflW; save great satisfaction." *
: Used It Twenty Years Ago. :
• Seattle, Wash., J»r>. 56, •
• Mr. C. frtd LaXont •
J Oe.ir Sir. I have called several times and ta?ted your omelettes, J
m etc and ur mn than pleaded with theca. la f*.-t. at>out thirty J
• jmn *f • Id i v '". In <:ro«»»nc th# Atl.tn: •• 11» "Akko." q
• if tk* MM eu Lia*. oil Its Parts Bxpoettloa run 1 need UXont'i #
• bread of Ciy*talltw4 KICKS. serving to the passengers and crtw ome- •
• r-<f, ntftanSl MtUikM tgpi cakes, etc.. made with vour e**s. and •
? all In praoo<Motn| tuem equal to the best fr«h atirll eggs !n *
• ® •
e We »<*'3 • t!j aattafed with then that we lid n • f r m
• »r-> o'.!**r I Was steward of tl;<- r-h:p I wts v rv £• i<i • > :; n ,t e
• them her- ||Hn M 1 am K -ir-it with a party ta D]NM to op. n a •
• HotHlni house ' »\«> h-Might a k ■■.!••■» t ike wv, k- ,w- •
• that they will prove the most valuable part of *
■ cur •tor's *
• 1 shall us# ecu* la aa o'her form WhC# th«re, and |W will rw«lT( m
• orders fn m time to tin* as *e require thera. *
• You are at libel to :rf r any one to ms a? any tfme s - ••>.-. r e
• ; uis. JOHN s» COI M B •
t !. \S • « ■.l A ■:. ~; ■. I.:; a s-: •a .. •
• The Klondike Nugget. •
• Ih.l >1 a' I>. w* 1 <' • y N \V T •
• l«sue<J Week y •
• K 1' k-- • V. • »,;er Brai h OAe% Seattle. Wash. *
• "J Cfcw . Bole AlftftMH and Circulation Agent. a
• January. S«S *
• > • • \< •
• «• C rr.an B"!g *
e kfter tOfntinttM and how* trial. I ran glv# •
• lommfnt of > 4 >ur Crystallised kiss* than to (rive yoa an Z
• * » I wll lal* with m-. m:ran I part] <t ■■ e
2 •
J •
• U HI KM VN 0
r i . i\.. a.e N ujrge t.' •
Sales to South African Mines, IMJO, 2.800 Pounds; I*o7. 50,000 Pounds.
Advuuce Sules for lliis cur Over 100.000 Pounds, or 400.000 Dozen Eggs.
€. Fred LaMont, 6 Colman Blk,
•l.iaui.Htnrrr. imdk
ji JCm fjo IJ AP X rn AriD CRACMER AKCRS ', M *
t fa. J3w 'f • ?^gQß.•.atuvro «»(«<.» 1
±& g&s: 53 I
t % - ■■■ - ■!;■'■■ Sb f
J- ■■■ C; c r ., , .-rPO CP%rNPl rt " ?f OF Q to. <orv>um*r> ./> j.
± AND , S THCRC-.UVTor Y££ LU *OV Dot ' -w / ±
1 U 0 ■&' J
*+++++ +++!+•
> oar «B«lilrr lor it l.ook for 1 « rr.im Hattermtlk. Huttrr Omrlriif,, » n,t*r.l. and I «kr. .fr, r J o *ll at
Dangerous to Take
an Untried Article.
Fed to Greely at the North Pole.
: That World Renowned Scout I
• and Indian Warrior. Kit •
• Carson's Son. Bears Wii- :
• ness 10 the Value of La- •
t Mont's Crystallized Egg. :
J ; . ' \ > •
e •**' c A ' • l r ■ ! - •
• #
• - w F ~ :• -v #
• i * M ■ e
• N )■ •
• > \\ •
e * i T
• J
• I and the •
• re
• *
• *
e * " N, e
• _
e ?
~ t \ th If over a -a:::;, ".re •
• A
• 1 •
•+ m + f+ f++n +ll i 4 ++++++
l• : n s ■ - J
\A r i "!•
a T
* ~
J» vx fc . • . / - T
•k T

KNGLISH OOVERNMINT, after most thorough tests, report* a
th« m all t:.ut •«? claim- J in every respect, and pla .es them on their sup-
P'y list. •
Guided a Distinguished Party in the»Yellowstone :
Park They Used LaMont's lm- •
proved Crystallized Eggs. :
Seattle, \Vash Feb. 2. Q
Mr C. Fr»d LaMont, No. I CoUnaa Block Seattle, Wa.-h •
Ijear Sir: I first used your eggs at>out IS>2 In Yellowstone Park. •
Whore I was serving as guld* for a party of gentlemen, Including •
Oca. Fraud* P. Blair, Senator Saws* ConkUag, *-f New Y.-rk. Hon. •
l Broadwater; p, ii. K * .! bbtß| Grocer • f St. Paul: 430 L
a 11 Wilder ind Senator Martin M-ciuuiness, of Waahlnfton, and I 9
was very miKh tHeued with the egjr 1 found It all that you claim •
for It in every respect, and I wan only too glad to again u*e the ee« •
When 1 a Circle City, Alaska, ta IV»4. and up to the present time have •
Med your eggs when- v< r It waa at *ll possible to obtain them, and have •
always found them perfectly satisfactory. When I return there, ns I 9
prop • d lag b*f r Mai day*, they will form a considerable and •
very important part of my outfit. a
I have not Mil Used t! em on land, but on sea, having had them •
served to me on the steamsnfp Bristol. *
Knowing your goods to be all that you claltß for them Jn every 5
respect, 1 shall he only too glad to advance your interest In every way
poaafl la and shaH not laoa an opportunity to promote the sale of your o
g ids believing that in so doing I shall he best serving my fellow •
■liners. Too Will bo at liberty ;o refer to me in any way that you •
cb m se. Vi ry tru'o years, •
Circle City, Alaska. »
Mrs. McKay's Indorsement. :
Seattle, Wash., Jan. 29, 1.535. a
Ifr. c. Fred LaMont •
Dear Sir: 1 "as the first white woman to eono out over the ire 1
from Dawaoa City 1 nrj C rtunatelj I t ■ jrs* t part of my out- *
ft When in Alaska (I m:gnt say ;ne most important) consisted of I-a- •
y -,'s Improved Crystallised Kggs. I found th*m to be all that you •
c..i;m for them !r. every respect. ard 1 would rot think of returning •
tier* vki* , '.ou' a supply of your eggs *
Yov are a: liberty to refer to me. Yours sincerely, Q
Z. C. MILES CO., 122 Yesler Hay.
GOIMG-NORTHRUP CO., 804 First Avenue.
CONKER BROS.. 720 Second Avenue.
101ICH, AUGUSTINE 6 CO., 815-«17 First Ave.
And .More to Follow.
In describing the wrerk of (h<> Co
rona and thr camp of the stranded
Passengers. an firhancr nay»! "At
one time announcement wan given
ont that two esgs to the person were
being distributed. A rush to the
point ensned and the eggs Qnlckly
scattered. '•
Mrs. McKay writes under date of
February 4: ''l advise all my friends
going to the Klondike that they can
not net atonic without LaMonl'i
Crystallised KKKS."
A woman writes to the Philadel
phia Times from Kauipart City on the
lukoa river: "Newcomers, like our
selves. are well provided, but those
who have been here ail summer
have but little, with poor prospects
for more. We have all the necessi
ties of life—egics crystallised and
milk condensed Included."
There Is no more rank humbug
than a so-called cheap outfitter.
Von can have an outfit of trowel, a
suck of flour, a gallon of water and
a coffee sack—or you can have one
that will meet your requirements;
in other word*— nothing or some
thing, according to the price paid.
Allow no ouc to dictate.
Elitis A LI XI RY.
\ When once you have
\ left this city you will be
(/ .
practically without rem
\ edy and should guard .
v' l ' \
. against imposition. Our ,
J ; - <?
. reputation is of thirty 0
$' ' .
J years' standing. #
0 c>

0 Set Me Down as a
Business Liar and look
lip the References
Of My Goods.
Avrrngf Asnay of (he I'nll Flier of
the dm Riiil) i« M !.*» in t.oltl. it ml
Thcrr Arr fti,iKX),(NNt Worth In
SlKht, Kraii) to (<o Into lite Mill.
RKPI'BEIC CAMP, Col vi lie Reserva
tion. Wash., Feb. -4.—The ore body in
tunnel No. - of the Republic mine widened
today to twelve feet cf t xoeedingly
grade ore. An assay from a -ample :.tk*n
the full width of the ore l*.Hiy save irt
gold. In seventy-r.ve feet of drifting the
I lowest assay was fhC, and the average ss
. close to s2w.
Since work was started ■ n this mtne last
■ June tho owners have blocked out JJ.aOO.ww
j worth of ore, and from :tie ore now in.
sight they say they w:ll pay Jl.coe.iMJ n
! dividends, beginning with the completion
of the mill in October.
Other sensational strikes are reporte I
from Torodo creek, ten miles from Re
l)o >ol 11 elle\ e t iildrrlicad Will lie
Elrcteil—lllekerliiK lor Fumlwu.
Special Dispatch to the Fost-lnteiLgencer.
| SPoKANE, Feb. 24. "The fUMon t:« ket
■ in Seattle is doomed to sure defeat, just
j as we were in Spokane at the last inu
j nicipal election," is the way G. D. Sutton,
committeeman for Spokane county on t:i-*
Populist state committee, puts it. "Wo
fused on identically tho same platform as
has be n adopted by the fusiomsts in Se
attle, and went down under overwhelm
ing deft at. Seattle will do the same
tiling. Now, you mark :ny VOfdl IBd see
if It don't. I would have thought that tho
j reform forces of Seattle would profit by
j our mistake, but it app< ars they have not."
Tho sentiments as e.\pr« .-setl by Mr.
! Sutton are vo; • 1 by n> • rly <ver> promi
nent Populist of Sp ikane. Nearly every
I one concedes defeat for Caiderhead in ud
A canvass of tho leaders, of the lo il
Democracy cannot help but convey tho
decided impression that a state fusion this
full with the Populists will not be as easy
| a matter as it was two years ago. at It ast,
as far as Spokane county Is concerned.
> Much dissatisfaction was expressed by the
Democrats after the Ellensburg conven
tion of two years ago, but at that elec
tion national issues were Involved whi' ti
served to rally the fusion forces against
a common enemy. The coming state elec
tion will bo different, as it will then be
a question of offices. Judging from ex
pressions made by leading Democrats
here they will not submit this year to be
i ing swallowed up by the Populist party,
name und all. "There must be an etiual di
vision of the offices before we will consent
to a fusion," is the way some of the Dem
ocrats express It. They will also Insist
on retaining the party name. J. U. Rob
ertson, late assistant 1 nited States dis
trict attorney for tlds slate, has an
nounced to his friends that he will short
ly issue an open letter, defining his posi
tion in the coming campaign in which he
will, among other things, declare for tho
! substitution of the name Democratic party
lu the state platform wherever the name
; People's party heretofore appeared.
Much defection has taken place in the
ranks of the Silver Republicans In Spo
kane county and it is now very doubtful
whether the party organization will be re
tained or not. Several of its most promi
nent leaders have lost interest In the sil
ver cause and no doubt will be found back
in the Republican party again. As a re
sult of this thinning out <>f the ranks.
Democrats and Populists alike are now
agreed that the Silver Republicans are no
longer entitled to representation on the
congressional ticket, and Congressman
Jon- - must step down and out at the ex
piration of his term. Aspirants us his suc
cessor are legion in Spokane.
A rock upon which Spokane will split,
utiles--- a compromise is reached, is OV>T
th>- question of supreme Judge. The fu
sion forces will insist on Spokane county
having representation on the supreme
bench, but the trouble is b ith the Popu
lists and Democrats want it. The form, r
have already selected their candidate in
the person of Superior Judge Richardson,
while the Democrats will again pt>-ss the
candidacy of Judge George Bell, who two
years ago w i- turned down at the Elkns
bur? convention.
The People's party county central com
mittee have bet n called to meet Saturday
of this week. As mated In the call, tho
object of the meeting is to nim<» the time
and place for holding the county conven
tion. to tix th* basis of representation an l
t » transact su h other business as may
« ,me up. Indications are that an early
date w :i be set for the convention, prob
ably In June.
Tliri-nt<»n to I»l»t»and lleci»«i»«e Thrjr
( nll "f ( hoour Their Own Offlreri.
Sj"' dal r>i"pai h to tha tv • r
WMAT'VtM Feb. 24 The lit- depart
ment in this city t» in a b ilir.wr condition
The Are chief and >»s-i«ta:d ar» elet-fed I>v
the department. t iDtmh ther bo.ird "f d.-l
epatc*. each year. The election i«- th»-n
ruti'u 'i by tho city ««n :1 to rr It 1> n •!.
H. mnt'-rr this ratification h** U-en >imc'v
i formal matter a* It has i* < u c*>r. •• led
tt. i* the department wrc the Judy ■
to who would ma*" th" hf st "<Tt r
This year Fireman «>*born w »«
FNtant chief by the departme : and hi*
name eertlfted to IM eawmSL Ttal body
ia in favor Ot aaOtiMT man. sind W«*» «•
,j. . y and Mr. o- rn -nn-t
, ~,1 to the position and salary till they
,lo The department says It 1" an Invasion
o' the'r rights. and the chief has endrret
hi? r -ier.atlnn and the rest of t ie fore*
threaten to dist.and unl -- they are al
lowed to choose th. if own off ers.
(HI »H» i» Itt * »it:>< »»l'.
Fatal treldrnt to «h«" « «rp«nter «»f
(he Hrlt»«h HnrU H«.<»»hir.-.
ASTORIA Or. F<b 2«. A fat <1 a I
d<-r.t o>" urr« ' on l»otrd the B r : h four
m-ie''d »»ark Btu—illlWw fr»>m PUjrt
wound, while <TO##inK in thia fiftern««o»t
V • remind • *wH! w.-ta rutin -if whi .h
. ai»«ed the vee**el to roll heavily, and a
heavy hencoop fastened f .rw--«rd of the
main hat r» t>r<<xe J" -e. T.- ah.p's or*
{.enter, J-idi»n Kmma*. trud to wnr*" if.
am! w t« uamrht It aid the r.-.i!.
His skull wna iXUßh«'*l into a. pulp and u®
died instantly. *
%nilit<>r I r<>> Honnit o»er \u«!«i
HPIKIII D)t(Mteh to th* Post -Tn , '!iljt^n'~' , r.
PORT ANtJKI-KS. K«*b. 24 Th* po»t
p< r.fd h- trn* of '%-A wli'Of
f» y rn m hurt vm — rtiy by Itltki
n-jnan, who t <-* i jJ' Troy to th*
- lip'-ri'" r court for 'rial &; th-.* n«xt st--*ion
of court.
Ihr Troll«-» \\lr»» llrokr.
£. < ■ Df«pat<'h "> f> !'
BVERnT. t>b. M.—WMi th- Ijowtil
street fir v «»• < t. :■ «r •; v I. w» I lull
this morning th« trolley v. *r<> broke and
c -rcj'i*:.-*-ra; ;>e4 Ui« car, breakup
| PAGES 9TO 16. f
.he • i , .jic - ng things gen
'ra ' '*rtuii.it ly the passengers,
' i. gre..t y .» tmed. escaped unin
Making; lia*)' tlt«* lnuror> to the
Mount linker 4.01 d itUtriet.
Sp'-i :.M : v*p«*i . h • •• V>: -it. gencer.
WHATCOM. FVb. D. u Hopkins,
j tore man -r. :.'!■» w >on the road to
I the Mou:.t ;s.ik*.t » i n, s.,vs thit
! they are making i • -v. The first
I bridge authorised by ' . > if. v- itiimi-t
--sioners •.> :\>w i : vs t::• - north fork
of tie \>vk> k, v.; . 1 ..iv,- ~ • titer span
of lus I", ,t. Two o;' tho sii:o rttaks of this
bridge are «tm»-i s of the gr«- it t mbers
close at hand. They are is, a 1 » feet long
ar.d are two feet by a foot and a quarter
at the smallest end. The Rlrdswell toll
ridge, farther up tho stream, .a reported
to . e in shape for cross.ng On tho road
ft 'tn Sum is :o trte r;\er there has been a
large force of men it work, so that there
is i surety that ace ss to the Mount Ra
ker mines wdl ■< ;u» easy as any one would
' wish.
9CHOM4MI 9 SKKIOtS \t 4 lI»K\T.
Fell Otcr the llnluotrnde, MrlUInK ott
Ills Head.
Special Dispatch to the l*osf-Intelligencer.
KVBRETT, Feb. .4 EMiidge t'ote. a
10-jaar-i ! - boy. in sliding down the
bal-.vtra • t . upper stairway at She
Jeff, rsi n -chuol buikling. today fell fron*
the ir-'t la: , ng to the t" or below, a dis
tance of tifi< n feet, striking head tirst on
the mosaic tiiiUK. receiving very serious
Injuries. At the pit.-ent writing he Is un
• onscioi. . Th .tteti,physician thinks
he may ret v- -, a- there seems to be no
fracture of the .-kul!.
CAt 4.11 1' His l'4»or l> V KHOfl.
far \\ heel Piinsm iltor It. uml llrnUr
milit 4ti in |»l»e 11 l» 4rl|i |i I •-«!.
Spe ;.11 i> i - i ;:u" I' '-t-lnteliigeni er.
EVERETT. Feb :'4. Early this morning
li. 11 i' i mpbel 1, while v\. i k ng on a gr.iv< 1
;• 11tt near Sultan, on he iJreat Northern
la.iway. had his b ft foot biully mangled
while, running bead of the train, when
! his f.wtt « night in tht Meg and a< >r passed
j over it. Dr. W. I'OX is attending the
j ptllCBI at the Everett hospital. The MCtOf
has hi - tvit-g the foot. Campbell is
married. His family is liv i::g In Spokane.
\n Old tlreiiun Miner Killed In n l(l«-
init titer Money.
ROSEitERG. Or . Feb. i J. N Caste I,
an old and well-known miner in this sec
tion, was shot and killed today by hi#
partner, named i dberman. The shooting
occurred at Ca«teel"s mine, eight mile*
from Myrtle I're'k, and Olberman claims
he shot in self-defense. The trouble grew
out of a dispute over money. Olberman i»
under arrest.
IMHDOSUD %l -li%.
Srliooni'r Minnie, of *•«» it llll'iio,
rtl, Miiiidlun 4»n End.
•IRA VS H ARIHiR. Feu. r» a'apt. Knud
st n, of tho echoont r Ru •>• V. Cousins at
ilr.oi harbor, reports at l p. m . Februa/y
2. 3t« t'.i N. 130 W., he p is--, d the aiiandoneil
s' houii, r Minnie, of San Diego. She WHS
full of water, standing on end with her
stern about foar feet above water.
The Appointment 1«« Tr ml r r«*d ft*
llrnry \V. I riinlinrt.
Speeial Dispatch to the IVjst-lnti llig»»neer.
WASHINGTON, F.b, H.-nry W.
Erquhart wis today appointed po»t«
msiater at Napnvlne. county, vice
Jos<-ph !•'. Einhart, removed.
Ilitek Front it Frit ti<-l«eo.
Spe i d Dispa'.-h to the post Intelllgenet r.
TACOMA, Felt 21 Attorney Guvnor
Tats has returned home from a business
trip to San Francis, o, where he appeared
for •he pi dntlff in the suit for dam
ages of Oswald Sotnmei ag.ifnst t>ie Carbon
Hill Goal Company. The rase had been
• irrled to the circuit i-ourt <>f appeals, ami
was submitted by with both
liriefs md argument. Sommer was in
i'tred 'n in a- id-nt it the ■ >al mines in
lv'■ ti. h;s . ie sight as a result of ths
4 ronln Will I'lend 'f'otlitt.
Sp- ill DSp.feti the Pi, * In'elllgenci r.
<>l.\'Ml'lA Ee|i ;'t -The <"ronin murder
• -.lie wis iMed '.us iy for I'.e arraignment
of the ic'i used, but the defense was riot
ready to pb ad. t'ronin's attorney w:>s
given unto v - o'< 1 k tornor; >w morning to
complete his preparation to pit ad,
f.ttin Ilii'U* Will \iiH\ter Titilitt.
fiI.VMPIA l*i b '.'l In '!ie «jsj . warrants
pt ■"■'■< d:ru i. i.-t Gwtn H i, brought
by H E. Rowmer irid 4Je,» Hopp, the de
fers'i w i- .. . en u'.' ! tomerreivv morn ii|
to answer.
Mill 111 W i:s I t:n > M.WS NOTE!*.
Fre.l N Halb ? t. f rrrcrly conne ted w!*h
■: e Jui o'' a iI d I ob ink was a > -lllit t"d
of th" arffe of «*n '■> -zzl-ment at iatwls*
I ton. Monday.
<*. W. sp! . ca;-t •in of toe tag
s. I Eii f. hi" r- - Mo i i;d vvtl! t.iki com
rn "id of of.c >r ill-- ii"w e-e intejs now
building to ply on th< Yukon.
T i ji" «• r,*f Gartb'ld show* d their db
-..i ti-'a ■ . t t -•« p«-rf• t given by
m Tweti'a ' fi iit iry Aim -rrtii'tit 4*oin
! tn-. v tr< itiag tho , erformer* to a
shower of eggs.
The \\ poll • disi ov«-r«d eon
•tled n p'.i- of r !;i< I ' if tin- II ft I*
N dep.. of the ..verw.ire and uth'T
; rt . r« •* fi rn ' - Urowti re-ideneo
by burglars last December. Of th»> rob
lerir-s « , ontim!tfed :n thit epy during the
j i -t v • ir. i •• oni . trMele n .r returned to
its owi,. - t.v e lice departaient 1* tae
money tak«-n from th" Statil safe.
For Infants and Children
Chart** <; irmo. pr«Mld*-nf of SwifV
. . , '*•• • -
••<1 pro?-r of ■!• ' •••• and »r: <t «'wnrtl,
Ihd Prof R \V. II bard of t>« I'nlvor.
;■ : v ' M ■»tLI , jt» r f of :.llll' *l
tnitt!. • ring.
I *!•«?) »i. t.» 4 -j KT.jrt- t.-,at i am ti;ai»«
ti(< r ..f .. ir.. . . v. i'.t \. c «.uc uf i/»#
'alllO • l • .t • j i Will
y i.' j.* : ''f !'-n a' *<••**-
* • ».-> * . jt t •• a l of 1 ; ■ v*. ai,<l
as pr- ,f A n-> I * ■ x' » !<>' k.vc or
a..y ijiiy «(;• •"t -i lft», <1
. . I." *Of i'.: • i -lod*. L' ucor
r.-.oe*, I j;.-, ii or lrr<;« -url:i(a tut
%t. a; ■ * .1 < T; - !• no qu.<ck a ac
tor » wr il ■■■' ■ i'T hin »•.«. -u». Natur«'«
ow:. r f'f * * •••**. * t ' «r<<l ru*
: > r, 'if'- r al '.l* •. 1 I fa.l-1.
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