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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, March 10, 1898, Image 3

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#TARTI>O l*«»|VI I OR Al.t«Kt.
f ranri»'« l'n«l < oarrdr* This
fact Ed iloria ll> —' alilornia I itj
(•■lr<»>'<i t>» I.»•«««>« iu I nnwrr>
( jgl i,eotiraph j —<«rvwl Obstacle*.
|tac..ai Dtopatci to fh* Po -In' -1: gen'* r.
MI y Frt.V.NCIf 1 ' U Jdnr h 1'. —in the
sitr**' of a ' >*' tor.ai or. "The South
atß Ps .*-• K K-' Travel. *• tie
Kv«:- )« P<wt. of tni» city, t mg:;t - a,-
ttd-a that beat;a, by r- - - ;ti of ..e
otpUi a' . U th* i.a -al arart.ng
apltrt for the travel tu A i."*a It --Ji*
IS part:
-Waen »-«•*■ raphy i • lt t a tr.ifßu
H becomes, li*. ■' r - y othei j ruolt m. <4 very
»tubiaorii or.- T»-- ds.-tar!< < from Cru« a* .
Bar. FraOCis* o a .d Ironi < a
ffagttie is appto* ; n. itely tb J fcim-, but
traveler f. 1> itt g to &tn
i' l i* g«l!ig ***> OUi»-a out of his
•*>'■ °* *'*"• Bea J t»e Is about WU mii •
ant'tr to I>ye<> than Han Frari'-o !'•••■
41 ffer»nc»- in Urxt-flass fare L- sl2, and
ibe dtffereri ' Sr. sailing tiro' 1 is thr»-'* day .
"Ilius in «* -mi -x rian Fran- i • > from
Chi'*«i) tl.*- paaser-K T Is inflicting up.»n
lHltjMif w" f'.ie - add it i aiai distance, ?.»
Memorial cost and t. r- a>. niditlona;
II» On s» > and rla«s the situation JH
fcuch *•••
Hat <■> per rent. of what is known a»
IQondik' is j**ccind cla*s."
The Pout then go> - on to fay ,hat the
Remand upon the ri&uthern l'.r iiic to
matters by
juit, as In order to n.aJie the cowt the
Mm* the railroad would have to put its
Hl.i vo low that It would receive but
ffyi for hauling a passenger from Ogden
to. far. Francisco, hrnt-ola**. and II sec-
C'ofitinuifig the i'ost say^:
"If there Is a m-rf-hant in San Fran
ett<o who ha."* h<>r» tofor- b' -< xtillty of
fa? fill| y of not makinir atquaint
ad with the eoromern*! f«ictor uiiiieriy
lef this Klondike business, In- ha? reason
- tvr eurtertalnlng a fi ling of humiliation.
Am to the press nothinK iwt'i-r can be
i wpected than misrepresentation.
-ftin Francisco is confronted with a
Itsson in commercial geography. It is be
ing taught, by an illustrative oi>}• • '
KHI that gsographlt al fa< »s become com
gwrcUl factors, and in this asithey
very stubljotn thlngr« (Je <raphy is
i the commercial f*ctor
trttlch usually attends It insui mountable."
flTr Xrir lurkrr* OrHunitr an i:i<
l>e«liif<ui in TNrum«.
(fecial Dinpiiti'h to the Poat-lutelllgenoer.
TACOMA. March 9. Five mo:; from
Nr» York jr. preparing for an expedition
for the Ko> ukuk riv« r. saiJ to flow into
tli* ocean not far south of the Arc cir
cle John Ftiwards. Jos. ph an<! : 'rii.k
Klein. C. 4'. Uawkina and Fre-<1 Kahlmler
■take up the party. 'lTr* are TmUdlnt;
• small «:eatn«r to be shipped. knocked
down. to S:. Michu<H. where it will I* put
together It is miles from the mouth
•f the Yukon to the Koyukuk, and the.
U:«« stream is repoitel to be nav.gable
!«• craft for 700 rnibs. The. party
•utflU for eighteen months.
Taeema's Mmutrr Hurtle.
Special Dispatch to the root-Intelligencer.
TACOM A, March 9 Tin* barge t-k >o
knm. th» largest ever built on t; J' ~i:
MM, l» to Ui launched ht re i,m •• ,«
* * 5,-v, * .<1 to oarry a cargo of at
isast tons. S:x iiav«- (» . n
required for building the craft, an aver
ts* of X 39 men working dailv, »he «-o~t
mm and is ZSu feet long, titty f«-et of
beam and draws ten feet of water light.
The craft is to enter the Alaska, trade.
Caw (>orri m 'lneomu Wuniim.
ipft'i*! Dispatch to tho I'o^t-IntelH«en or.
TACOMA. March 'J. -Karly this even-
In* Mrs. L, u'Br;*n, residing on South
TWenty-»ixtn street. was s< rlou-ly gured
Iff an unmanageable cow A Jage-ed
•oigjJ on tiie hip and bruises about the
Uct made up her Injuries,
(•rays Harbor I.uiulier *t»l|iiuenta.
lAM, Mnich s. I .umber #-hip
««t» by water from Or.n-, harbor du:-
ia< Febru try were as follows:
Hsqutam, » c i rgoejt
Aberdeen. I car* i«» 2,"ti i*ooo
i-ownopohs, 4 caxgoe* t .u* '*>j
t'-Hsl. 9) cargoes
&ei 4rt> r * hipped ' o:ir *W-.'or
Hull* \\ alln l>n»r< I Oliwniiiiii.
IB™*""' ■' '«> «' •» P< -'-Intel.• ~ r
WAl.l A \\ M.I. v. Mar h ? T '•* ' A
ynmltteys havir g ,harge v f Ulf> r>. , XUf . .
fc/l V 1 Ln Vi 1 4 1 alul IS »••• m
a urg* att l»romin«nt «p.> ,k
--*r»Ui all over co aa t w;U attend.
Haaau Una Not llrowned.
4>M 4 vr» i- i'l-* ' ' * ''"><• I:i foH!c<;ncer.
I' r, M.,r- h 3 V |
» . ' a m,n ' ,r t • .ti«-n •?
**'urnrt ' d " hL *- -
*bout the*re" TJ? W
„| 4n% 11 f
n s
*•»«• ■ ■ •
* s-' ' c : ' , r rt " !
5* ?. 1 •• 5
*4' ~ V Open Their
ft' ■ 4 \ ft Eyes
W v Jv.r-.-*. ten
V 4 v/tv.w ~ .' / In this establishment.
M " '' > - ,j
\ •
\ /
V A Startling Value
>:;ov\n on evrry counter and fixtur \
We're showing some
Light-Weight Top ar,d Box Overcoats
Ih -> 'a- of Co> rt ,1".■! th *viot mitcri.il. at
SIO.OO. $12.30 dr.d ${3,00,
15 !I<• iN t \M»lt> «r < 1 'l'tll |\ rii - T T k..
1 irst Axetiue a id Columbia.
(*hi*f of Police Colors arfstfd th<? tramps
art! rwxiVf r**A the shots. Ju4tre Sheldon
ser.T • /"vf-s to tV county Ja.ll tor
thirty cays each.
M%lt K* A riONEEH'S OR E.
Monument Krrcl'd to iht Koondfr
of Town of llrlnnon.
Spaeia! T - r. to the Post-I-.te;lir n^T.
BRi.VN<>N v ' - i 5. —Th' B'. r.'im**: *o
mark tbf lass. r-stl- g place of Kwell P.
Urir.non has arrived and be«n pk fd in
position . the •-enter of the cemetery
here. It :■ : ht'.'J--trr;'- and suitibly li
s-' r >d jt- of dark marble. The mon
■■m* rt. is 1 f"-: 4 In> ><> a high. Mr. Br.n
nor. wa« on.- of the first settlers on what
v. : know: us the I>js> wall.ps. and ail
th. oi-J-'imers or. the Sound knew "Old
f " lie ws« identified * th
the grow h of the valiey, wn h. w ,-a
•. * *;er» ei h, \*-- , red a
powtotfi. ? named for th- old man. lir.
Bri'mn! 1-ft a valuable estate. His wife.
Kit* Brir.nou. survive* h.ai and l.ves
Jary in lb*- U llkenliirre Trial
tirinic* in u \er«ll<'t of Acquittal
—Oul> One llnllol Taken.
WILKKSBAKKE. Pa., March ».-The
Jury iu tl- case of Sheriff Martin and
las deputies. < harged with the killing of
Ftnkers ai r on S«;pteraber 10 last,
ret. rrjeU a verdict of not guilty. Long be
lor»- th time for court to convene there
was a big crowd Waiting to gain adml:-
tan< • to t.if < ajrt room. Only a limited
number were admitted.
Tr •• jiir w*.s i oiled and each Juror
answertd "Not guilty" as his nam. l was
■ ! An jfempt at applause was
uui'kiy suppt'-xj-ed.
The j ,ry took only one ballot. It was
unanimous f-.-r it is said the
jury wa - pr - i ted for a verdict b fore
leaving the box.
lhrri'f • • Roy lirbrlit Shot IIi«< < oin
pi<nioii. >.il I'liffi lliniHi-ir.
I.ANCASTKR, Pa.. March 9 Kay Geh
rig of Milton, Pa . siiot and p* raps fa
tally wound«-<] Will B. of St. Clair,
Pa., it Miilersville today, and then kllbd
I imr<eif. \ note written by Gehrig was
found. exp.tJning the tragedy a> fol.ows:
"V.'ii a r dead In love v\itn Aii'-e C.irn
mlngs an<l A ni-- Hoimef, and not being
a >t.- to »(<• tiiem. and they keeping away
itutn we le.-oive to take our lives. My
n.m i-i It.c» <J-l»rlg rf Milton, i'a.. and
the little i llow b William Davis, of St.
• "air. We would hko to l»- cremated, to
notify our parents at once."
I avis says h»< knows nothing of the note
and denies X. .<■ there vi.k any compact
to commit suicide.
U IIKI IvKl) II \ \ 111 Klt 14 * MIC.
Tmo Mi I |is Ur»lro;i-i] «f njilnry unil
Many I.lies l.o*f.
HAN FRANCISCO. March 9. -When the
steamer Mouna, which arrived today, left
Sydney a hum. .tiie wa.s blow ng. spread
ing devastation on sea and shore. The
brig At my w. « wrecked and all hands on
board w re «-wept into the >ea in sight of
shore. Hundreds »f people saw the dis
aster but were una'ole to lend any as
niiitsn '. The ■ ap:ain nr.d cr -w of eight
perished. An-'ther vess«-l, the aame <>t
w' Ich could not be a* ertaininl. foundered
and her crew* <>f >;x were drowned.
Sl'4 4>Y SA\Ji Hi: I* <II%UI»1«\.
Dram Down lorf«*lt l'llr.»lnnn«»i>»
and 4 orlielt bulled to ( inrr.
INDIAN A POI. IS. March 3 -Kid M <'oy
today withdrew the »'. >wo forfeit money he
deposited with Richard K F x when he
challenged Fitz'immons und Corbet: sev
eral months a* >. McCoy now announ.
himself the champion h avyw eig'.-t j.ugilUt
of the worlJ.
\rir for Alaska.
BOSTON. March S Tiie schooner M!-
died K I.ee 1.-ft today with a party of
N'-w Ktmland.-: s for Ala-ka Capt. NU k
erson took out clearance papers for San
Francis, o. where the vessel will be Joined
by several more of the party who will
oome overland The exi».*dition Is und* *■
tho management of fieri* rt A. Tole. > f
DeUl.am, wiso has w :h him ttv.« others
e.s i>(K<seng4 rs From San Francisco the
v, «-el vr.ll proceed to Spittle, and thence
to t_>r. a. Ahuki, near the mouth of Cop
per river.
Hawaiian %*ar%ation Treaty I p.
WASHINGTON, March ?.—Senator Di
vls today moved an executive session .if
the s, r.nt" to take up the Hawaiian a -
n**\ ition treaty, and a-kisl that th« amend
in» nt by Senator Itacon f< r the submission
of the treity to a vote of the eh tors of
Hawaii also consider, d. S : a r Ba
con obj: ct«sd to immediate consideration
of nis a mend m- at having had no notice.
II- aat tfd au< neral debate or, the qufs
tion. A' tion on t! • treaty was postponed,
S- t»<-r 1> \ls will attempt to brir.g it
up again tomorrow,
« |c«elni>il to Vtl.lri'»« lroi|Uoia 4 lull.
CHICAOO, Mar h ?. Ex-I'reiident
Clevel ind his ac. • ptcd an Invitation of
the Iro'juols 4"lub to dc ver an address at
i» ~ \<-.t»* .rium , on the afternoon
of April He will i'so re»t»>nd to a
te.tsf in the e\, r.!r« it »iub's banquet,
wh!'-h to be n "sound Demacracy and
sound money demonstration "
\ erdlet for gT.0,4M10.
SAN FRAN''IS«V>, Mt h t A Jury in
the superior court t >lay rendered a ver
dict f r *'- A •" datn is< - in favor of t!v
Fa. ric Steam \Vh:il(' iC 'hvmp .nv ns.d
aralnst the Alaska. Packers* Association.
SKI. noi.i. \>n.
XRW flavins her Trial—lf She Work*
Spain Might a* WKll Oat «'
Rinlnfia—Many Fake Rnniora
Exploded—Preparation* for XSmr.
Thr submarine torp* '.o boat whioh was
Ml by John P. Holland left Nixon's
shipyard at K'.za "'thport and pro eeded
to Prince's bay. She Is being put through
a ser e«* of iritis to test her ability to
run under wafer and. white Bubmerg-*d.
to attack a vcfscl with her dynamite
For a few day* «he w 11 be ran upon
the surface untii her machinery has been
«: aken down; then she will be tried b* -
neath the surface.
The Holland w !« accomoacied down to
n point near Sandy H >ok by a to
carry supplies for h-r • rew and afford
their a "de.-ping-p'.af* Sh" wan followed
by a launch tilled with detectives.
A for* e of detective has hovered day
and r.igl't l* at the shipyards, watching
every jnovemt nt on the strange lit J I
craft wh eh is deigned to move beneath
the turf.. « of the »• a and vessels
a hundred times its size. It has not r
fj: itieW :he-.' ft-.tls yet. but It is expected
that it vuil prove it* ability to.
The boat was completed within the pa«t
week. Then the Y!x< av.-« came Into tre
harb-ir. The govemm- r.t had f illy d°"id
e-1 that If anything happened to ti;e big
S;taii <h cru.-er it trust be able to show
ti.it every f.r» - airion ha 1 been taken '9
present a having its origin outside
the vessel Itself.
It w.'s de< led hat f th< Spaniard blew
up, it would Ire unple .-ant to have had a
b'.'ut i . tic- ?-..irl • r t' it possessed power
to r.a\ .Ka> nns-en rir.'l unheard fifty feet
under water, aarryii s thre. dynamiul
g » and enough explosive to blow up a
T e p iver-rrent an interest In the
Holland, inasmuch as it intends to buy
h- rlf she prov- s a success. Th< was an
eU-ment of the ridiculous In watching her.
but the ; .imini-tratlon decided to leave
no room for reflection.
The suUmar'iic tarp do l>oaf which w.is
d»-*igta.d by John P. Holland and built
at I>wis Nixon's shipyard, wa* launched
on May 17 of last year, and at that time
attracted world-wide attention. It was
then expect, d tha* she would bp tried by
the md of June, bur a series of several
slight aecld.rsts occurred which delayed
her completion. and then, when she had
marie st verul runs en the surface, it was
found advisable to make several changes
In her construction.
The work h s occtipied the past st*
months. 4)w'::g to th. daiigerous charac
ter of the work for which she was de
sltrr.i d. every d<'t. il had to be thoroughly
gone over that she might be perfect.
;■ r ->iii«;.-r-- r will be gradual. The
Holland 1> .1- »'i.'iiul to naviuate to a deprli
of fifty f< et. but I;« r first submarine trial
will onslst of a s- r;e< of short, shallow,
One of the-'* wi'l tell rhe tale. If. when
the man in he;- conn!: k tower pushes tiie
button that throws her fin-like horizontal
ru ld< rs dewr». she nokes ii#r nose
Into the wat>r. a i.tk» l.e!,ea!'i the waves.
4>:id then at the command of her rudder
rises again to the surface, a new and
p-iwerfu! factor will have entered into
th" p blent of marine warfare, and the
I'lificd States govt rnment will rn five a
powerful .- Idltion to it j sea force.
the coiwitfuctlon of the Holland
was purely a private enterpr'se. It his
been underwood from tiie Drst that If siie
proved . mi i e«,j th.e governntent w juld
buy her at once.
The : iv) department s- verul
awarded a contract to the J<>hn I'. 110 -
I uid Submarine Torpedo Boat company
for a Mibmarliip boat, and th- t vessel was
recently launched at the yards of the Co
-1 nnb an Iron \V u rV n at lJiltiniure, and
I* now nearly ready for her trials. Con-
Kr• « passed a bill providing 'or the con
sini tlon of twc >r more boats like her.
pro\id»'d she prov-d a eiu-o-ss. and the
>mpny anticipated this contingency by
1 uildlng th»> Holland at the Creet-ent .-hip
' yards. Krom the day the Holland wis
planned 11 •• navy department has Wn
watching: her.
Keci-nt ov r-?s have ncreased the Inter
est In b<*r. and her trials ,r- looked for
ward tc v. :th unrs.ual Interest.
C?rea: prc.-.-.utfons hive b«tn taken to
k'"'P c Tit the details .if h. r media'
and to protect her from Inquiring' «>'♦*.
T Is a!h-» probable that her trials will be
mala as secretly ai possible.
T!u» Holland i- about lifts- ;x f. .-t long
1 and «om» wha' r.--« mWea a ol<ar In shape.
She :s prop* lied bv a Mr nie rew. and
when on the surfa< » derives her nv tlve
power from a i a* engine w hl< h will drive
her at eight kn •« an » iur. I'nd. r w it-r
she w■' 1 jret her motive power from an
»!• nrio s'oraK* battery and an ele trie
m-> or, -nd she s di-sii?r.ed to make from
tw> Ive to fourteen knots and to continue
thus running for five hours. To dive,
h -iz.>- • : rudder*, a.-ring like the flr« of
a fish. :=re provld- d.
Ti.-e boat nil a'.s I submerg. >1 by the
admission of water n'o ballast tanks.
The bo-it's armar.ent consists of .in
eighteen <•:. h Torpedo expulsion tube for
ward ai I lying on the axis of the boat.
' '■ - - » three automobile
i torrv-d' S.
Above tl 1 ' • jbe. !r -lining slightly up
* : -fd *■ "1 •* . ■••. r j in eight ?T?eh
ar?nl b> r »• vV. h will throw an
elghty-nound dynan'te over a mile
and a ha f. Just above the axi« and par
s''.! to v point tngr iff. u a submarine
gun capable of hurl'ng an eighty-pound
n;i!» «|j« I! %<•> \ r-is nr der wa'- r wl'h
a high v. 10-!tv Th«*se K nt>s are aiT pneo
matl. .n <1 J ore 1. ig iO.-, jn the bo-»t
were c*ref.; Iv ar.d sureasfullv tested un
der the ' >tts m'--r which they will
lw> used The ts>«t w.l }-.ive room for
tw-ntv dyr.im *<» shells.
The rr> at - i!-e f -h« Holland bo.it. if
shf proves Mjrcessfi'' w n b* bee ability
to <arrv ©n her work of destruction b*»-
re.ith the nrfan of Tie *.a. A rrew- of
fli'e men wi ? needed to oj»era*e her.
'- * °f Him win be tlie comtß&nder, who
sta- llrg to f • rentr.il and miln ,m
--partment. !;:s t -d In t » I r*ie «x>nning
•w- v s
A «e- ->r.d w 11 1- th-- rrwn who w-'M sit
he c n«Mi ler*« feet ready to «ra«i*
anv of rtif of levers about h m bv
v £ v.'y mov»m. ' r of
t ! - I -at A ■- w **..■ ....
«rowd«-<| tn the Bttle <-omiwnmettt aft.
The- other ta » men w;:| wo! k th«» r-
When it Is 'rt. ided I • Hrt, t» ; . • ... , «
the t :r-T-t will >«• ei-.i-.-d and Jhn hort*«jn
•ii rudders thrown down. Immediately
?>» \r<*! a i! plunice teieach the -ur
faee As soon aa ah* has IM>aebed !'ne>
de--h .t H U red t.. -e ,v>. .♦ a- n ;-o
mavc Vv e#. wi'.! U> ... . n ot> . r . an
w> - h a H k • ej» l-r movrg on a • fd
pi a ae.
T- - -r -.' ' r w' ,-o-irw >...
* '• • *.-r ; -
*:;*«"r. * b#- vi !! keep n-h?s c■' rs tv
" ■ sof a rmjiis' snd an |n|>. »
*"■ '"V- ». Th'* d* V !<-»
<■' a tr r.+-:;tr drag wh n u hug a >ve
r V. ■ ]•* rr>. *
* - : I re - « !rag w-il! e vrr
' ssel <t*vi>t« The
'* m i s , n( j .v„
drag wtll Jfce ilifo*] ' ..r.- wtl • •
»• - •' r "" a .-ondl:ton * . Wi K
nt an instrunsent w rhtr.
If The Holland futffQs the etparta:
of fcaf ia»-k. «;a el »*Ag aA*
cer? of the navy she will be able to ap
proa h battleships unseen and. Tying be
neath them, to fire torpedoes at them;
to approach them unseen, and then Tii»n
w thla a few hundred yards to lift her
r._>— out of 'be water and hurl dynamite
shells on their decks from her bow gun.
?'-e will be pra -.1-'allv Invulnerable." f r
-nv'-i by fifty feet of water no
sh?l» coirid harm her —New York Jour
The Mamh Rill Reported.
WASHINGTON. March ».-The Marsh
bill, to promote the efficiency of the na
tional militia, was reported to the house
today with «<>ver3l minor amendments.
The bill is the result of a thorough study
of the r.itior.al guard and its use in tims
of r.-ed ;v <lt her state or Federal au
Order* In Aceept Reeralla.
con MBFS, 0.. March 9.-—T!>e recruit-
Ire office at folumbus barracks has re
ceived orders to recruit acceptable men for
the navy and light artillery.
The Maehlaa Reaehes Norfolk.
WASHINGTON, March S.—The gunboat
Machias. from the Asiatic squadron, haj
arriveu at Norfolk.
\\ «n. R. Smith Tells m Magistrate His
Ksperlenrr at Several Seance*.
Philadelphia Ledger.
Hugh R. Moore professes to be a spirit
ual milium. William K. Smith, of <1219
Lancaster avenue, who says he attended
three seances held by Moore. had doubts
a - to the spirit* that appeared bring other
tnan flesh ami bone like ordinary mortal?.
These doubt- Uvame so strong as to leud
S,Tilth to a practical demonstration of the
real fait< by catching hold of one of the
"spirits" at a seance held February 11,
on Seventh street, below <>re*n, and hold
ing on. despite the cries and entreaties of
the "spirit." until lights were turned on
AIK! an Investigation made.
Prior to the seance on February 11 Smith
and several friends had attended two oth
er s»»nces given by Moore. One was on
January 31 and the second February 7.
It was on these visits. Smith says, that he
b.-< ame suspicious of the claims made by
Moore that he could produce the spirits
of the dead, so that Smith could converse
with his departed friend*. He accordingly
went before Magistrate (Jeorge W. Kvans
and procured a warrant for the arrest of
Moore. Accompanied bv a constable and
• deputy, they attended the third seance
of the series. The result was thai Mr.
Mooie was arraigned before Magistrate
Evans yesterday morning, but the hearing
was not completed, and was udjuuriied un
til this morning.
The only witness examined yesterday
was complainant Smith. He testified in
substance that he hail heard of the seances
eivtn by Moore and had attended three of
them. On the occasion of his last visit,
he said. Moore explained the formation of
spirit* stating that they were made up of
atoms of matter, the same as human be
ings. and that this accounted for the spir
it* having the same temperature as the
persons in the room, it was also explained
that some .spirits did not have sufficient
strength to form so that they could be
re> ognized. Moure, he said did not guar
antee to any one in the audience that his
or her friends wuuld appear, but when one
or more spiriis presented themselves,
Moore would tell som? certain ones that
"so and so was present in spirit" and
wished to speak to the party called by
Moore Among the "spirits" thus appear
ing were those of Jenny Lind. the famous
singer, and I .Hit. the composer.
According to Smith's testimony, the end
of the room was partitioned off by a bla< k
curtain, forming a separat* room, the
eides. floor and ceilings of which were
covered with black material. This room
wa« railed the ~ab!net Ua> kof it was a
door which, Moore said at the opening of
the seance. Mould be boarded if there Were
any objections. The door was saiii to ><*
I • kej with IT extra padlock, the keys
of which were placed on a piano in full
view of those pr» sent.
The ■ urtaln was tlropp«Hl at:J .ill lights
extinguished except a lamp us '1 to sheil
colored light on the "spirits." Ait-r pray
er had been offered. forms appeared In
the c • t>!n<• t. there wis singing. and music
was hoard from the piano ai d a music
bux. S>ime of the forms came outside the
cabinet and sat In the room. One of them
kis«ed the man at the piano. As to the
lamp used, it was stated that some spirits
could stand more light than others. At
times the room was very dark
Those In the audience were cautioned not
to touch the spirits, but to permit the
latter to touch whomsoever they pleased.
N*ut all the spirits wt re supposed to be fe
males. 1 :t all of them were representa
! tive "spirits of the dead." One was a
j biuk-fa. td spirit with bright eyes. An
other one wore .1 veil. Smith said tn his
I te.-timony that he tame in close contact
with two of the spirits and recognized
them as beii K earthly. «P;e of these
spirits is claimed to be "Dr. J. L." None
, of them could stay long, as ttiey rom
; plained of being wnK when engaged In
any lengthy conversation. They said this
when many questions were put to them.
At tiie seance on February 11. Smith
testified, Moore came to him and took him
Into the cabinet. "I went Inside," said
Smith, ' and took hold of bath hinds of
the spirit lrstead of permitting the spirit
| to hold mine, as I had be~n instructed.
| 1 -aid to the spirt: 'Dematerlali7*. if you
' are a true spiri'.' She struggled to Ket
away. I railed for some one to turn on
ti • lights 1 pulled h> r out of the cabinet
i •<> the room She said she wa« getting
\«.e u and to he let iro When the
| lights were turn-1 on 1 found I had hold of
i a femalt form dressed in a sort of a loose
j !■ use rnethltg i.ke blooilier#. The
"spirit" **« a woman -a human being
i I: k-* any other woman. She talked to me.
T ■ o'" er> we»e with me. Sjm<* one
iTtt -d us w th having smuggled tier into
the room We a>k"i her. and «he said she
did not know u«. and had n*v *r seen us
i»* re Si e went out through the
th.«t wa« claimed to havi» been padlocked,
i it wtiMi w«s star lit.g open, ut d Went
i up stairs."
l»-o> lu» l« Purely Innocent.
The Paris correspondent of the London
Daily News says "M. Lalxrie's speech
»a< r« masterple e Its. matter wit equal
to i*« manner. Its style w«s ample and its
• ia>e cup . is. M. I-aborie is a • >v~r.
-•r< g reauwmr with a lively fancy and
• •• ury and a hast.le a idien.. e were visi
bly impressed.
Ktter at'endan ea* all the s: ••ntr< *
' r I have arrived at the lrre*-*' ble
• rr- "on that Dreyfus is lnno>'*nt. Kvery
d» o«:tb n. whether positive or negative.
»h:« in-lusiir. ard the acum ila
t Mof e : r 'imstantlal evidence Is so crush
.".ji * at 'he anti-I.»revfus par>ers have not
«*• !t o } "e-t • • - in '-iH *tj their read- r«.
<.e «• . t?t <* l»revfu» organ* hive pul>
vri-atiin r- . rt« A : other*
ktvt b*en c*refullv edi'ed. In fa t, more
' - * ave l»»en to'.d in Pari* during thi«
• al than <n th» whole of ICtirop** during
The r» st of the er.turv
l'at • e very furore of TVs lying is be
gUati t:is I* defeat it* own abject. The ad
vocate general'* speech KP.ve the lmpre«-
1 that v e fea'e.l M 7.o'a. He s >r ely
1 "*m w -h the ?1 >« of h!s f,n»:ers
i n 10, v } e i.as r»- e.ved O'der* from
" < r. r - ♦ n--.."racemer.t
' T*h*r cntroversy over the Dreyfus
s. • .)« be. comaker. *d tn the Ill.r.o:*
r. . Re harter ' Trie ,\n-
J- " v I • 4 s .- err, of New Jersey, to «Jo
b..-. J;, the S'.ata for failure to cota-
F.IYATICAL M«n aroi «rn TO
MOM Sfrloa* Oatbrrak in MJIBT
Yraro—Mnhaninirilitno Sbot Down
l»v Police, and Two British Sol
diers Killed—'Troops Called Ont.
IX>N"DOX, March 9—A special dispatch
from Bombay say* that a riot broke out
at noon among the low custe Hindoos and
Mohammedans against Europeans. "*
The trouble aiose through a plazue
party in.julrirg into the cause of the .<»< 'K
ness of a Mohammedan woman. An enor
mous crowd of castetnen gathered .".,1
stoned an-.l mobbed the jKirty, wh:i h re
tired for an escort of police, and then re
turned and re-demanded the surrender of
the patient, which was refused. A pcirsee
mag.strate who exhorted the populate no;
to resist the police was himself struck,
whereupon he ordered the police to
charge. They did so. and four Moham
medans were killed and several wounded.
The disturbance spread with alarming
rapidity, until the whole quarter around
the Bhendi bazaar presented a spectacle
similar to that of the riots of The
Mohammedans, who were joined by the
Hindoos, assaulted every European and
Eurasian they met. and a hysterical mob
attacked the European dwellings in the
suburbs of Byoellau. The residents bar
ricaded themselves in their houses and
fired blank cartridges from their windows,
which drove ;he rioters off.
In the meantime troops were hurried to
the scene, and a body of artillery is now
patrolling the Bhendi bazaar.
Thti outbreak was specially directed
against Christians. It is rumored that
two European soldiers were nearly killed,
but it is difficult to obtain correct de
The excitement has partially subsided
this evening, but the situation is «till re
garded as serious. Cavalry has been or
dered from Poonah to assist in patrolling
the streets, and the volunteers have been
called out. The city is in the hands of
tho military.
The two members of the Shropshire reg
iments who wore killed were walking un
armed. The mob battered in their skulls.
Many European officers and many po
licemen were roughly handled and severe
ly injured. In several Instances Europe
ans who were traversing the native sec
tion of the town alone were beaten or
stabbed. Some were dangerously Injured.
In various parts of the city plague am
bulances were seized and burned. At
tempts were made to burn the hospitals
and the European nurses had narrow es
capes. Finally they were escorted to a
place of safety by the troojv*. The mob
attacked the Jam*»tjee hospital, and badly
wounded Mr. Gillespie, the house surgeon,
but was repulsed by rifle volleys. Sev
eral of the riotors were killed.
The total losses of the rioters are yet
unknown, but the outbreak is regarded at
the most alarming that haa occurred ill
India in many yearn.
MurdcruiiPi Hands Enßagr in a Week
of Slauslit«T—\o»v Strong
ly llnrrlcatleil.
VANCOUVER. B. C.. March 9,—Advices
from the Orb tit .say that a state of an
archy prevails on the island of Hainan.
Outlaws to the number of C.auO have raided
eleven military camps and twenty-eight
villages, mutderlng and looting In their
course. It Is impossible to describe the
triumphant match of murder and lust
through peaceful pastoral towns .-urround
ing the city of Kiachow.
After a w"ek of slaughter the anarchists
grew weary and thought of safely. They
ereettd barricades In the mountains be
hind Kiachow and storpd up enough pro
visions to last them a year.
A greatly superior fo: e of military is
being nubiMzfd for the purpose of deal
ing them out.
>lOl It MMi 'l'llK HI 1 11 lIiHTK.II.
All >ladrid (irlrte* nt the Heatli of
MADRID, March 9.—The celebrate J to
reador, Frascuelo, died yesterday. The
interest taken In his iiltiess vsas so jrreat
that bulletin* Were displayed at the house
where he expired, and the tpieen regent
and offi ial.s made repeated irquiries re
garding his condition.
Kutiinn Wurnhlp* at IIDUHUOIIR.
HONGKON< 5. Mir h i' -Tiie Russian
warships S3-I. Vellky atul Navarln be
longlng t' the i:ia k -e.n tb *t, have arrived
here The political situation In the far
Fast i- causing uneasiness it this port.
'I lie lleleitnteM Surprised.
ST. Funs. March 9. More than li» of
the tiieinb-rs of th»> West rn ln«uranee
I'nion were present when that body met
hero In semi annual session. To the
suprise of the deUsates. a number of the
more pr.-mlnent members received sub-
shortly after their arrival, summon
ing them to t? ve testimony in the suits of
ou«t'-r before the at'orie-y g.nt -.il of Mis
sour! a<nins* ".-venty-three Insurance com
panles charged with tiep-g memteer- of i
trust known a* the Western
I'nion. Superintendent of Insurance
O'Rcar said that 'he taking of depositio '.*
at this time was solely with a view of sav
ing the tirn-- ;;nd expense 'ha* would be In
volved by a different cour«»» of procedure.
\\ MiiHinnkrr »»«it for limernor.
I'll 1 LADEI.I'HIA. Mir h .1 ri Wan
amaker w !l be the emu date c' the busi
ness Men's Republi an I*eag le f<»r gov
ernor. II" Rave out his letter of a pt
antr tonight.
Miploaon Bar.kman, brokers on th«
New York k exchange. have f.».,ed
K~, r*- coneernmjr W tarra's
111 h-i;th jro -aid t > be exagreruted.
Henry 1* v. r-on of O >■ \g >. ha« brok-n
t •• re<orl y lifting t* » ten-pound d>*nb
fe!!* to arm'.* length above hi* VW
nm»» !n Z h.. ir* *\ J 4-> minute*. T t yi«-
VIOIM record was 3 hours.
\V!li< tm J C.tlboun. of JHlnol*. ha? been
n m.nated .'or interstate orn
rnt'ffuner by Pre*-dent M 'KIn!"V I'ut
As- -rant p*ym.»aier Thompson oi the
! .ivy ha* l«een nominated for pavm.i-ter,
it ;<! Surr. i'l it. >an of t! e I;.*'rb** of Ovl
u:ri ;a, t«> tie a*«l*tant ma«ter.
« umltiK Our M B».
Philadelphia Fl- or<l
Two Knk?H«»"i con em.* whi h recently
Completed p'jns f r lighttng the ■ st> of
M.tlM<ta Spain, w • el<K-tt;. ,«y hav* >e-n
TOtri*J!nl to to the United 8* atet
f - 'hf r jjislt pla:.'-- Af'-r havlnff
valr.Jy tr-ed to ob'aln wnat they n<"-ded
In t Bt t.ii ' they tuv» finally •
their order* to P" -t-urg Th .« th» Am»r
li'dii prodt: • h,-. or >fl»er %:• ' -ry.
which haw b»-n properly r»*co»n!te<| and
<x»mm-nt'd upon by our caniut at Ma.aga.
Proud of *rrr-tnrr lam f.
B< «'on I' 't.
Mj-V r to I e ; r> •. d of
hr roie in the M <ir.e :• uler.t as repre
sented by Se r» • try J 1» I/m? A
*m<i!>r rran. a r-.i-r w-mi <b 1 »ar,. a
r«~kl*** Tt.an. m.*ht • av* taker «u«-h an
«??!♦ id* *« to have a • i«i»
He ha* been '.im, < •*- • ad»-d j iou*
through sit. Hi* «e;f.p,;, ;?e has b**n ab«»-
iutf 4ti&fttfe.e.
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W illium llamley Wn* Hl* \«me—
l)e|»ulleit of \\ lillinnii I ouiily
Mi eri If trlril Williont Warrantor
Authority linliuun t iou Aroused.
GARFIELD, Munii 0 I: is now defi
nitely ktiivvn t iit the hermit who kiiic.l
himself near Starrier. Idaho, while pur
sue.,! i y Whitman county dep lty mieriffs,
was William Hamby, a demented nun of
re-jpectabli" family, w!i"S'' fa'■ lor, mother
iin.i two brother.- live at K»ndrl K. Ida a>.
For year* llumhw 1 -* rc.<m'd through
tha woods an«l mount; iu» He had ad cp
te.jr cf the ln-.ua i-.lum, but wan i u
>:dere.l entirely harmless.
Snerifl Sim- of W litn in < unty, he id
of a strange man in tiie mo nta:. ~s across
the state lyie. .1 iid suspf ting that he
might prove to he the mui lerer jf !»;•:
Ottiland. of Tekoa. we:it in -a hof b u. ,
lfani!e> eluded the -her iff. an-l was fol- |
lowed to his hut Sheriff Sims th»n re- ,
turned to Wh.'man '■•>'iniy. ;• ; a•' p- .
uty on k ' itii. Th-a deputy p*\' • uled i I
man In the neighborhood to j :n Mm In j
capturing thv iiermlt. When th-y up- |
pr<>>'he-l '■ --r hut he ran, and they fol- !
lowed, i ailing up' n him to ht.'t. He re. ;
fused at.d thev tired, breaking his |» •. llw
then shot himself with a pistol.
The men «•' »lm that rh»- I-ermlt :•••'• '
them, but thb assertion is nt borne nut j
by the evi<Jen< e. llamley had a do 1 e-
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Hh* riff SUns is severely censured for croaa* -
ing the state line without a warrant.
Would Write With the Pes, Bat H« ,
Wnii ted Ovrmlli to Take the I ale.
"Vou havp scarcely spoken to me at *ll
•his fvrnlnif," she said In tone# of r»»
proach, relates the Washington Star.
"I 1 I»<k your pardon," her hiu«band ra
ta! .d. apwlogeiiially. "I wua trying ta<
think of something' to say."
is there anything on your mind?" j "I
"Yes. to !etl >on the truth, there !■.'* . **
'< iiiiV l h-lu you In worn* way?"
"You might if I could ttUggeat it without
your becoming angry."
"Tell me about it. It is my duty to
sympathize with you. you know."
"< in ;n\ birtiiduy anniversary you gave
ITU i fountain pen."
' \v Arul now yon are jrolng to nay
that It make a horrid mu"s and that you
don't want to write with It."
"I'm n • to -ay anything of tha
1 '<l " * plied, stoutly. "I'm going ta
WI w. h t ui pen every day of my life.
H i i i< * via* little favor that I would
like to ask."
"What ia It?"
"I'!- itu'it' me a suit of overalls to go
with it."
A llluhl> l(e*|<ei'lßlile I'artf.
N w «irli-ans l'i jyune,
T K, :•'••»»»t- i party in "he Northern
i of t't e I itiori is in every sen»«» a
l. - !• « ta! ji>• v. While the Pica*
. ; artlt.v t p|x..e,| to its doctrine* ut
> -in a.,,1 ; e|a' «»•*. arid
-i !>!- i ' - H'd praitle. s rf the Re
' r - ze ?ii it, so*la!iy, mopi
ally and In other way*, ita membera are. ta
a te » x!eiif, arr ,r the last people li»

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