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MI IN iwi
V a ■
Have Not Jailed Illegal
Liquor Dealers.
, sfc "
McElroy Failed to Collect $17,000
From the Ex-Treasurer.
f.raad Jmrr imlurmm Hla That Ike
Law Dor. %»t Dlserlaslaat* ®e
aaaaa of Polltloal ASimlWii
aad Racoataaeada That it* 6et
to Work, at C«|l«
Moyar's aad MaClray'a AfteMM
to Ike Fart That the Peayl* af
Mian (aaalr Will Hold The as Ite
apoaslble—Hart Munata the alary.
TH» «rand jury made it? ficsi report to
fu.ty Benson in the superior court yester
day, and was discharged after a session
of six week*. spent in investigating th«*
county road fund a an<lals and business of
lessor importance. The result of iUs labors
was twenty-three Indictments, s«veral of
which have not yet been made public,
It is definite!) known that none of these
indictments is against gamblers, and
ttust after ratich discussion the jury con
cluded there was no c<»*o against the
gamblers and dropped the subject with
out action. It is said on g >.kl authority
that one of th* comic opera situations in
the grand Jury room u bile this subject
was up was «u attempt on the part of
the nine Populists on the Jury to indict
Mayor Hums* and Chief of Police K- d
for dome fancied off- n*« in allowing gam
bling to run in S« attic, to which th-
K»publkan jurymen would not consult un
less Hheriff Moyr should also be indicted.
The Populists. It is »aid, ref.ised to in
dict the sheriff, and #<> the entire , Karn
bimg investigation fell to the ground.
T'p to yaster day the grand-Jury report-d
eight true bills, and although the
eet precautions weto taken yesterday to
prevent the names of the other pursuits
Indicted from becoming known, it was
asoertained that James Mt Uuire, of I'ur
ban*. has bsen twl * indicted for «. li:ue
liquor without a licensr, that James
Dratkftt and two mm named Mmt.-j Hh.tw
and Edison hava> been indicted for al
leged road fund frauds in th«» third county
comm'wionif*' district in connection with
ex-county Commissioner llraton, and tliat
at l«*s? one other Indictment for obtain
ing money under fal?»- pr« t«ns«s i*a* found
sgaList l.«vt «; Hmtih.
against Smith and Heaton, f«mery; Smith
nnd llcatcn. fai*<» pr- tt ')« * H- aton and
Cfwmty Hi s e. fals»- pc -
l»n#cf Kobe'rt <. urley. fa].> pnt.n---.j
r>an M Millsn, murd r. Heat«>n a:;< 1 I' S
Xlntn-1 fikise preifrsen J. CbrisniAn,
J K, I>«\'t-,»n nnd CT:ar.es N. rr.igtjr. spr
ing liquor without license.
Til" grind Jtsry » rtnst repjrt U a r»
nmrtt J > 4«x*ufnent In - me t« I•«
•t OSt oOaspi< ll.n-JS frntyl* !j< .» \ « ■,».,« d# -
gnstid u;«»n t!>" sheriff and proset itiirg f
torr«j> to rnfarrn tt" law !t
i«*gal liquor sslilnir an squally t ,nfed )• -
bilks Jf tbf sroes uting attorney fci lis
fsltura to pfom! tly e * t'- f"
age of sx-Tr*a«urer r W Mt) «
•i®a*%»'» space is a!«'"> -t--\ >t.-d m .■ .
Hif* tc£ the let g-l) of • •'«» -
liT«-SMton# h*\-» ■■^ifcgtn- k d One t»" ni
igsrrWtleu 1* th* r,' vur> . " » W
ab<Ai#i*.l. ft ft stared that t» "x
«#(f wets !rtrjvilre»l Int.? a i th.« ; w!t
r.tsae- ser» exsritn*d
< on at y f»lt1«-ea,
Th* report tlr»t deals a!t h the v*t mi*
sountv off! It is rt- >• » td t t «>
oouoty ' OH: rw. »Sto!)*rs' off! «« fhor
ougfelly tnvsst.gatrd Tho t , v ... u w
racesgs In g.»...1 farm an t k •" In a . ;. s j
gnd a> st- nat. n ..o< . • \ f
cboclu* h' * I ' ' I'r!*
eg ts pr»a «.* .« t ,
fraud the nt> *tc m - % •
h<*ssever the • .e* r*j rt, have ♦.. : d m
ijltls |
s Not Necessary j
a To I'M n-> Muvta J
111 ieej
w * K i J
r> • W
'« ' igU f *r" sh« ■t "
0 i
t 3sk Per Pound. *
J 3 Pound* for sl. J
4 c:f DiNtAt Avri\
The Po; u" •<*» of Kin? -oun*y are ar l*n heaving sighs of relief. The tnper-.or
wurt grard Jury has adjourned i*ne die. It was called together for the ostensible
porpM* of looking into the action of th# Populist prosecuting attorney, James
F. McKlroy. ia diimis* ng criming! charges against severs! persons connected
with county scands!*. As a matter of fact, the grind jury dived thoroughly into
the working of the oflßofs of Kiiig county, and particularly into the prosecuting
attorney ®nd sheriff's offices. Its verdict is against Prosecuting Attorney Mc-
Elroy and Sheriff Moyer. Both are condemned.
Kx-Sheriff A T. Var de Van tar. Republican. I? co.fr>liEr»n** , d for his ab>
tsgr-agement of the affa rs of his off.ee while sheriff. The compliment looms up
alt the more when pia ;ed alongside of the grand jury s language In connection
with Sheriff Moyer and the duties he is failing to perform.
Tr.e Jury first of all nays that illegal liquor '-...ng is xoing on in King
rennty, and that it is the duly of tn* proaec.utirg attorney and sheriff to s<*e that
« . :i criminal work cease*. and tells Sir. Meyer and Mr. McElroy further that
Iftey win be held ae<- jntable to the eltlsena of the cour.-y for being derelict in
th*ir duty.
A matter which impea -hes the prosecuting attorney is that dealt With by the
grand Jut in referen eto ex-County Treasurer Maple's shortage. Mr. Maple
owes King county in the neighborhood of 51V" There is nothing criminal in
roortee.ioc wMh the shortage Bank failures, etc., brougn* It about, but Mr. Maple
owes It to the county Just the same. Mr. McElroy ha? not, it is said. hastened
te ooUect. this money. The grand jury tells the court in its final report that
Mr. McElroy should proceed to get that money, and Mr. M Elroy's attention is
called to the fact by the rraml jury that the law does not discriminate in such
matters on account of p- iltical alf.liatSona i.Mr. M Kiroy and Mr. Maple are
ball Populists).
When the grand jury came into court yesterday and made its final report,
the portions of the report calling the prosecuting attorney to task for not pro
ceeding aga.nst ex-Treasurer Maple, and threatening that the people would not
•llow l:i«gai liquor sellers lo go uaprose. uted, called forth the wrath of Assist
ant Prosecuting Attorney Hart, who was present a:;d who immediately moved
th* court to strike them from the report. In an impromptu argument on the
motion he proceeded to call down the grand jury in a characteristic way. If
ti»« grand jury knew that the law prohibiting liquor seLing without license was
being violated, said Mr Hart, it was the jury's duty to ferret out and indict the
•tfgndfr*. Its members were violating their oaths if they did not.
If the grand jury didn't know that those laws were being violated, then it
was meddlmg with something about which it knew nothing, and had no call to
talk about. He would be charitable enough to think that in this instance the
grand jury wis talking about something it didn't know anything about.
He a.-»o objected to the resolution thanking him for his attendance upon the
Jury, and wanted that wiped out. He hadn't gone before the jury voluntarily,
but had been ordered there by hi* superior, and if any thanks to be ex
tended. Mr. McKlroy should r* •> ive them. He didn't want to be mixed up
any such grand jury.
Members of the grand jury added to the confusion by insisting on the objec
tionable portions being left in. and Judge Benson refused to strike th«-m out, to
whi i Mr. Hart solemnly objected.
The grand Jury, to the date of its adjournment, has cost the county about
P.iWV This is the result of computations made yesterday by disinterested county
offi. ials at the request of a Poat-Inteitigencer reporter. The exact figures can
not be learned fur s.«ie time yet. a> the various, fees and vouchers have not all
been checked up.
formula** any rules for the government of
the county jail, required of them by
law. The J lit, the jury s<lys. is conducted
in U • ■ line munn< r «•- It was befoli the
new law went into effect.
The auditor'' l office the jury tlnds to be
condu. ted in a careful and systematic
Evidently the compli> ated a - uints of
the county treasurer wet- .t litile t >on.l
the Jury'i comprehension. I,l:tie is uld
regarding tills uffit,-e beyond th*- ft that
the frequent chanxn In the laws have
made th»- «vstern of bookkeeping very in
tti. lie, Jind n«ce»siut«d the employment
■■( .1 latge tot '- of «:!»-[ ka.
A to the county clerk, the ,r— 1 jury
ft . 1«. iftfr a M)me*ti.it extended In\. Mi
gatlon, a great deal to comment!. The >■ r
vl<.■»' is prompt and efficient. The clerk,
the jury says, should, however, hive mor»
\« ill room for keeping records and paper*.
'1 he jury reports that th* ®h« riff seems
to ha\«» the buitliist of his off. e w»U In
hand. The Jatl appear* to b clean and
well 1 ghted and heated The ventilation
of thf j-411 Is poor, however. The jury
thinks proper screens over the window#
on th- w«si side of the jail so that they
1 1 left rained, would remedy the
la. k of ventilation to a considerable de
gree The county prisoners appear well
cared for. The jury finds that the open
condition of the window* In the Jail makes
tt impossible for the jailer to k«ep "whis
ky ktiivi - *.«w«, or in ra.'t any weapon
tho prisoners may desire," out Of the Jail.
A court house loung-r. upon r- ading this
portion cf the report, expressed ti.e opin
io; tt «t the Jury miiC ha\e be«n larg ly
composed of prohibitions#?*, sim e> it classed
w'tisky with deadly weapons. A numb "
of recommendations c ncerning the
strengthening of the Jail by new screens
iml ' ■ on doors in p.a • of w >eden or- *
at« mule. It Is a!*<> recommended that
a cell for Insane primers be constructed
In •« room n«! now In
The avr's offk-e the Jury rtnd* to be
lii con-ret- it hand* and the asso-or us
The • -ountv superintendent Of schools has
dt»p< '.-ed w »h a regular clerk an \ tak«s
a laudable pride In the faithful ar,d eco
neml al dlschars* of the duties of h h
rft >■ .i d in ras-* 1 ir the st ir.dard Of ti-o
piddle * hi in This i* wbat the grand
Jury ra\s.
Count> S'irvf>or 1* IV Hamlin la highly
com pi d for b.« a-tmi- strn'lon cf
tfc- affilr* of lis ifl.-f and thank- d for
suggest v- furnts'ied the Jury rt*;ard
lr.g the ' *y r id t ■ tn
Tlte l timnrr'n oiticf.
Tt t* when t< cr»*.d Jury's report
t* . ; * up* i ■ :«• i rc- er's otT! •» Va* it
furnish. « SMM ,♦;! - lag reading. Tt- I
Is the way the « ffi e Is >. n 1 f
"The «' -rTfr's .*»ff!ee -;«drr IV. V*t; 'ell
•* apt *r- -ulv well although
t * Kr»> -.1 Jury is cf *' * o;- : "--o., «h,»t t
( kroner « rff-e .» d'.«--••>>•« **r e' , - ;me
I' l r 'ti .'!y « M> th' r. •- w ,!d
rwcommsnd to our ne*t 1» .r» th*
atx>!'t!on of " s < n T '-t t* a t •
here-after coa*tr.g » ier t'-e jut *•! • <-.-»n
of the o>"**rter be I \ s* 'i;w\n ">m,
plant duly 1 -IK- .1 »•» f->re t: e projwr t>f
Tn a recapitulati-"? ,rv -* t' it it
urgently afd . m v .atl c;'v ?. - ■»« ?>.•
r»> ■rrmendi? - * ' T, r - »rf •>-*
unticc t'« «r- iv s-tri 'i«>c ,->f n e*.
»on ta t'i. -♦ •' port: ' the - jrt
hou*e *•» the . art J up • • <ht
cf «h<« r t t ui s wh a r*r>-proof
MM( TMs W s". t Ml ft t)M !mt»t»t:vo
of ti;.- 're*« IT- <>ffl r for n- -r»
vault t<K-m l-i- .••'•*- it'at off e r-v»m
• ? ths aanw t me an.t iffwd tf>«- same
re ef •. « • * w. .>i
b»' to- iV the up, -r s'. of |» > r .
p<»-d a 1,
.. ,/ , . „ ,
a :ew i.i ! co.!:-- !«• -f j,-, „ r _ ..
the '' w b ■•«*«,f't>' 3 r
pr»eettt '.cl »-.xitd be ! <*
UMt h** 1 1 \\rf *Rvr
T? x f' V' 4>V < tl\ of s i
X?*' t'Mf V< •, t *<-»r .vt* - 4 f ~ e<K ■
ti>r w h m rs, >trss . » , ,• r . «
ovi* te 4 f - < (fv- sa^-s
Th* retort :. f a "c deai w;th the
«t»'* Ui - f J), -n. « ; *. . .
»u«:• - > « a
r**.» • -e. w«.- •if that the oeijj»:y
«* t era * .. > rv » of i
f»!th'-j' w. t ;na-. g trj •v
--at night, a '■ «» c «h- i >rs T'-e
fa.s'e -jr cf ec ? ',h*
*t r ■ i» a'.«o r*v n»- >♦ - led.
In 1 hMr «»»» u HrtinH.
The CMMMMcT M . I ;a ts
* « fB - i ■> W <
* * -* : f a>a> k»e«
Juat * at t*-- gea: 4 ire
oi. ai V ■ ri- i 1 t * f„o , ;- t
, liranwry of the work done by this jury:
I "Thi-s jury ha.s been in mission six weeks
j and li.is Fpcnt thirty-four days, exclusive
of holidays. In good, bard work.
l>ur;!i»r the above period we have acted
upon ti'Jrty-two different cases. We have
fxainined in t-iat pt-ri-vl i.*,t witnesses. We
have fo .ml twenty-three true hills.
"In t.'iis connection It Is only f:*:r to our
«.'lvf-.-i iirid the people to say that had It
not been for unexpected delays occasioned
b> t.'.f illn* sa of our sp» elal counsel we
should h.ive completed our libors within
the month of February, as suggested by
the court.
"The members of this grand Jury fully
appreciate the fact that this body has cost
. the people ,i *.\ug sum of m uiey, but we
, are al.-o aware th.it our labors have he»>n
i for the interests of th»> people, find if tho
! criminals against whom Indictments have
1 .n fo md .i/e puni.- -»*il considerable good
wiil haie teen a • oniplisbi J. and d -ided
respect for tlie laws will result in the fu-
It ire. If the «aid criminals cannot l e con
victed under the present laws of the state,
then the - i nor th»> people find it out the
better, so that they can, see to It that
they <!«, t representatives to the legisla
ture who will be pledged to pir-a such
j laws ns will be effective.
"We d-sire also to state that while w
have Indicted several persons for sfiiinj;
li'juor without a license there are many
oth'-rs who ire stil! ev.id:; i«' t'se law in th:s
rcsp» t. atid this jury Insists and most
Ctnphafi iliv idtri.: stn -• ihs sho r:ft» lld
J prtu; ■if attorney to bring such vio
lators of the law to Justice at on e. there
by increasing the revenue of the county
nnd thus in a large measure reimbursing
the eon- ty f«r the e*| nses Incurred bv
thU Jury Tiie above-named officials are
hereby w irr.-d that the
them to strict account for non-enforce
ment of this law.
Maple'* *ihnrtage.
"Whereas, ex'outity Treasurer J W.
M irde w::a short In h;« accounts at the
time cf hi# retirement from off,, e by rea
s i of P.-iT-.k failures some tIT •*»*"♦. and
wher>as sad shortage was through no
criminal acts ■ such shortage does rx
ir In fa> t, therefore, be it
"Resolved by this Jury, tha* the prose
cuting ttorney proceed to compel said
J. W M ip'e t.» make g<v ,j such shortage
In as br •-f a time is ♦<> the end
that 'h" p*-»ple may be fully reimhur.K-d;
and be It ftirth< r
"Resolved. Tliat as law does not
a , >w or r«»rmit of any discrimination as
between persons n such eases, we ir«:st
: that all such matters bo attended to with
' out any < -on aid oration heir* paid to po
-1 t 11 atfi'la: "• sof such persons against
wh tn si! h -horragfs *xisf
"W'l -c c the exj-rf« rep-'-t upon the
cm e of vherifT under the condtn t of A
T N in Vinr.-r show -hat Mr Van de
\ in:er kep< th.-» affairs of his offW in the
; pr.sf!b!« miT-n'r, therefore, lit H
'•*" I' 'he ,' irV omm-Td M
\ in de Vir -r for the effi. .. N t manner
wb -h h- con-j i red the affairs of h -
Off e
. •\\ • • r»-1«. this jury has been treated
i w::h grrs! rtl|Hil J>v th* employes of
*' * - r? 1 theref >re be It
"1>- That we ten.lor our thanks
• > Ju 'c* Person, our spe. ial counsel
J fcn H Hart, d-pu v prosecuting attor
rev. CNMMOMi NkiKfMi and p.x»r.
a "' l ■ * !v off rs wt?h *iim
j ** ' <v ' K l : N ft] nca and to Bailiff A.
Ti. f.->r rr.anv k'- 'n-s showh
ritAVK M fPEKR F reman
j "J S RANKIN* I' >rk
Mi- llrni'« "tnomrnt.
- v M !•?:>} trade th"
fallowing stater... r- gsrd to ths grand
Jury s rets rt t - a V s:-l- tellig neer re
po- er j,• t* r -
"In V tr.i• •• - of the M j.s,, shortage
: " " ; ' ' •- '■ 'U rr •- - s i C -» the
t > mti! '« • er« ga\» m.« Instrue
ts t » s» .' w , •*,.»*•
t . :e. ! «* -er. as th- time in which th*
j s-:,t sh • J by rnißs • ed 8- me Of th"
bsndwnen sra m*z> who are engaged lit
| bus-nes. here. Ml u tt- Mortage at thai
t m . was over ».;>*. a . .. , h u . }w
w-ou -t f 0.. mesr.; rum to »hem T tbere
*re ImM off th e JpHNM j r.»s *■ - , t j m< ,
j and 1 am glad now t*>a: 1 did « or
■: wtthia a n.*rt 1t« after t-.at we w »re
en»obd : a fortunate .-ercbirat- - r . . *
rww-fcum -O tie «9 money Jn Uke », M ]
■ A *~-* '• * bank *h. h w
, «Inte th. -'a;tr. of -» .ntv as* .* V-
M,:>frm , . - ths Dlins Savtan
k '*. i re. 1 1 regarded aa the rr js;
vi ' fv. i i?»t ' f m .«•- -o*
V\ 0- #fe n 7ti- \ * zxins* the re
<•- *' - M' Nat "i > ,rk to
n .r ca *! .rt'iti it,a". tan* b .« • -a
to protect certain of Maple's bond*men en
i account of mtrney deposited. and from
these securities we will probably re-ilis*?
about s£.<>"•> within a short time. Within a
very limited time I betteve the Ma/e
. shortage will be r*»dured to not more :hma
•S.W. and this amount I am satisfied the
bondsmen will then pay on demand with
out difficulty. That is ail there is an that
I score.
"As to illegal liquor selling, I have for
several months been receiving anonymous
letters. principally frcm North Bend and
that district, complaining that hquor wis
being sold without license by different par
ties. I wrote to these parties, stating that
1 complaints had been made, and they ail
wrote me denying the charges.
Jacobs, when 1 asked him what course I
i had best pursue, toll me that I would be
Justified in paying no attention to such
unsigned communications: that he always
burned them when he received them The
, only signed communication I ever received
complaining about illegal liquor selling was
; from the Great Northern Rr'.wav Com
pany, a: Wellington, and this I turned over
to the sheriff for investigation. The in
vestigation was started before the ttrand
jury convened, but resulted in action by
the grand jury. It is my opinion that
county justices of the pea e and con
stables are the proper officers to investi
gate and initiate prosecutions against such
offenders. I can t constitute myself and
my deputies detectives for the purpose. I
only want information from parties who
will prosecute, and I shall aiwajs be w.Sl
ing to perform my duty.
"The Jury's action in recomm' nding the
abolition of the coroner's office is some
thing beyond me. I have always found
that the office was a aid to me in
the prosecution of criminals, and it is one
that has existed from the earliest times,
and now exists, in all English-speaking
countries. That grand jarv, however,
might reasonably be expected to recom
mend almost anything. 1 only wonder that
It didn't recommend that the prosecuting
attorney's office be abolished and a grand
Jury substituted. It is my opinion that
the coroner's office is as useful as any other
branch of the county government."
The prosecution attorney's office is in
clined to be amused ever the jury's ap
parent assumption that the money re
ceived from the prosecution of illegal
liquor sellers igould. ir obtained, no to
pay in part t*>e expenses of the jurj's ses
sion. llr MeElroy says th.it. in fact, the
money goes to the school fund.
The case of Saloonkeeper Pete Burns,
accused (;f grand larceny, was considered
! by the grand Jury while in session, and the
| Indictment returned not a true bill. An
s amusing circumstance is that Burns had
j already had a preliminary and
| been bound over to the superior court for
j trial. The action of the grand jury frees
hitii from the charge.
Warrants have been issued upon the In
dict nun s found by the grand jury not
yet made public, and the sheriff's office is
now endeavoring to place the alleged of
fenders under arrest. It is supposed that
mos* of the indictments are for frauds in
connection with the county r ad fund.
After the report had been read and or
dered tiled by the the minutes of
the grand jury were tenderly consigned to
the flames in the grate in the judge's pri
vate chamturs, and the grand jury was
dismissed with a few words of commenda
tion from the judge and was a thing of the
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With or without wine, 50 cents.
Sunday, March 13, IS3B.
Oysters on the Half ShelL
Chicken Giblets with Rice.
Scotch Broth. Consomme.
Filet of Sole, Tartar Sauce.
Boiled Rock Cod, Parsley Sauce.
Steamed Clama.
Smoked Tongue with Spinach.
Chicken Liver Saute au Madeira.
Small Tenderloin or Beef with Mushrooms
Olympia. Oyster Patties.
Macaroni au Grutin.
Banana Fritters. Brandy Sauce.
Lettuce. Radishes. Olives.
Beef au Jus. Lamb with Jelly.
Turkey, Cranberry Sauce.
Sugar Corn. Spinach au Jus.
Mashed and Boiled Potatoes.
Chocolate Custard Pudding.
Vanilla lee Cream. Sliced Bananas.
Pies—Apple. Squash. Custard. Mince.
Lemon t'ream.
Fruits. Swiss and American Cheese.
Salted Wafers. Mixed Nuts.
Coffee Royal. Tea. Iced Tea. Milk.
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j||f To FSease &o4 Prices to Salt Every- j|
?||J lbody. Me C&ift Tbese f&ctj
||y Greater <e>r Less by TklKfag Ilbout j|
Nos. 625 and 627 First Avenue. jyifc

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