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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, March 13, 1898, Image 19

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lllfom* 'O&tX, for a tarn not >* tfcan
FflTsr '•♦ fit of the tfd and »«M
| gj Sptidtfed Mm« 9* by
Ibftßece**' ; I Wider *!' ibf r*<yilf3 to
■*R LOT*** A ' -F * ,L, TRART FNI III! J ISTS •ILL*-
PVr bWi»i *' r til'- aaoust misled by
■*.*(* inir ~* *n<) ts« i**fc of the «i»u*
■#j«fc!T!*"'n. wit.'mi t'n d«»ys aft#r b*-
PS>*lft«< »' Ot tit*- contra, t
kva ttlsin fc '•> do #> ti»« «a J the-k
*i*ed u<Tfta wi, b* f ( p
■M to th" city. No pewoa if e:i*t.->le
H! Mdilirr Wti# ha# within two y*»»'i
*l* i» IIM- SNtlai of nkl contract wade
♦ \>» sj| uysifiti of any Just claim
Haay wr* or U w*r performed or »ny
1«r rt-i : f'«rn;»ned pursuant to
4 »ui II Jfcf' r f '**■ here!® advertiw-d or
'ViUilft * » year." failed TO com
t*oy (u< «9#'riet».
flai attention -* cad»d to ar i< <• **d»
ehartcr n- now i 'w f ' r«-t<ii-
TJ »4|o«'<i of labor." »nd to article
L PteSfafl M if-itf* 1 and relating to
and jureties
<£•! Ni'iiit ' *f puUlc work- reserve* tas
jj* »»i- t any and aS> Md«.
>T'9d«J« rra«t f*» Indorsed on envelope:
lL" lSr«'* ier a y Ileplanking."
m- 3if t >f tru* t/otird of pubU< work*.
FRANK OLE SON. Secretary.
■;fct+ §f IP • ;= is* i ! io: March 4th. 1"?*.
«*ti j la rs> ■ v. < t ontO Mar-h 25th f>>r fur
su'.iac aid d*-uv«-r4ng redar poles aiong
'■• e ' * 'hi* i Jfltpany b«-
quaifi:)* ; a'is and Ta-tima and
Iri-e au.' b*- of sralght. sound cdtr
irVr ®e««d, aa,J " r til " following wises-
IK* Out <e«3 than * inches diam
•n >t tin top. «
% % f ec t t*o« "o '»»* than S tr.-aee d.am
w at tte top.
W~t**t uxr'K W- ' rM than 9 is-hes dtam
ter at th* top.
tr t**t too* not 1* *« than 10 inche* dian
tap'jit th*
frll! M- rrvos'lv of rh? and ♦) fw'
■•gthi, eon-**rii.inf whirb and pomta
teformatljn ca» U- oi>tainad at
! I."' 'K.'\ f. IX POWKR COM-
Wa* Inston tiuililtng, S«-
-feaitd propo!»a!» will br r« r. h <?d by th«
wcr>'tary of thf» board of
pukltc work* "P t" M o't-lork a. m.. Mon
diy. Mart h *l*'. iw for fupplvln* to ih*
| V*- ofH«*tll>? 1 JM*> fret .'W-tjiCß
»B»j coupttnK* of ho»* must b<"
i«hm!tted with hid.
' «>fcjpoaa|l to t"- on envelope.
for iuppiyifuj Fin Hoar."
B» ordar of the Ttoird of I'ubllo Work*
i FHANK OLfcao.V tWcretary.
|UV« *f drat publication. Marcil 12. I<»S.
kmc® TO CONTRACTORS-Bid* will
kg for th«» cori*truction of tha
•oir taMter on Cherry «{r« rt until 9 a. m.
March IS. at the office of E.
f. N»-w York block, where
■> phICT at" now on Hli-.
luß&nriON NO. 21-. HI; IT KKHOI.V*
lb* City Council of the City of lie
knlMl foUows
' ff» Twt It la the intention of the City of
to improve Bo mi Avenue, from
, aaldway between CnlvarMiy and
rr3o& •tlWLi'. to I'nlon Btr«et, and JJnion
itratt fraw a point *.xt/-tiirf? feet e4j*t
riy from th« easterly marginal of
mr& Alftnue, to Boren Avenue, and Minor
raut from University Street to
>Jv |u«, an>l M«lros»e Avenue from Minor
Y«itw to Kaat Olive Htr>r« t. by the cun
fraftlan, through «uld portions of hntd
Maun and atreeti, of an Ironstone pipe
l«ft wtth all neces.ciry wyes,
la t»l«, lamt»hoi«ventilator*, catch b.i
iM fluabint: tanks; the portions of
|i.J te»«r on Horen A\ t , ■ ~: ! i'nlon
to b»* connected to the portion of
Awiu« by constructing, acroan nri
ata prepitty, from the Intersection of Bo
ft: A Hull and Union Street to the inter-
Minor Avenue und l'ike Street.
* Rcawie* with tha aKreutsent entere<i
ft# by Qn ownt-ra of m»!d private proper
ftjMl tfttCi'.y of Seattle dated March Sth.
BM»ad tied with th» Board ot Public
J© Tlut the coat thereof be paid by a»-
UjMMBtJi to be levied ui>on the property
P .!f. u P° n *a!d portlona of Boren Ave
|Uk t'itoa Street, Minor Avenue and Mel-
W Avantir under the plan of •■lmmedl-
£»ywnt" In th> manner provided by
■»* barter and Ordinances of the City of
Pit the City Engineer be directed
the <T.y Counct! an emltmte
L*»W! of said improvement.
"TO Titt the autter of making Mid im-
will \f considered by the City
it a peyKiun thereof to he held on
IffUth day of M m-h. at 7:30 o'clock
lly-' M Which time all persiais desiring
If mm before the cify Council upon
at. rig iala Improvement
OWlnad to be present.
( ' o!j nc»l the 7th day of
IwP- stt'l signed hy me In open «■»-
it , Wih'ntlcatlivn 0 f Hj, passagi? this
V <l«jr« Mar, h.
■t\ .. Prea! I'*nt of tbo C»tv COUTIHI.
■V"9 Q|f ale this It'i d-iv «>f it arch I<W.
il - WILI. H PA RRY.
■ tt" '.oinptroller A- E*-oflflc!o City CUrk.
■y,»» <>f Br»t j ibiicatlor. M -h 10. IX9S.
Eit-AMATU »\ I. T. J lluoiea, jm
Jor of • y of Bt>a?l
' ▼.!!> tin! ~ . 1.. t, ;• •£, ~M ,1
Jgtjoa m the City of utl<» held , n the
Mir , h A. I> IV<*. th»> f. r ,\v
»* to the City i'har r f
-/ '» l" r 'i -• -in the «"i:\
0? i; t. -X !<»-**:! I'r I>.-.•«<
N to
res. - r - s ' 1" f
L+S'lf } °{ T) " n 7 «">•",-r r tJi<*
a*n- V - I Am* 11*1-
• ST !n * •« '!• t > «•! • M.J
r%KI& Cn 55 ° r S - ' !v " f v '" *V
»it, ' h . ar . t,,r " f ,h '" «'•<* <»* H.ftti":
f - d Ann Jns. t N f>, l;K
f % atnenii - of
M ** 1' °< Art- V|Tl . r «- ;n
L£/;® f *5" "Tv -f S • tl. ah, !>rn
■J»'« Attend . N ■ -t.
k f" 1 ' ' S
Art*fr \Hi - , Iv rVt
Bl?*' *2l y A- ,:r '' 1 " l '' '
h ? niTa
ft" O?.". . 1
bi-iST 5 .*"" ' T '' N '
k • V.
V,' ■ '
K, a ' \ -
mt AfttriT'^ViY " '* ''' 1 s n r

R «„ N
L 52® * '' •'• v'vu , ?
it < *»r •< ■ Sf ,
rtt • . •r«
FCJT'SV"' "A' -
putst , :r,'s~ ,s v •: ■ ■"• j
L ••
• '«**&►
- -hiety.. J H . X J ; s : •
y a«h*.i ~ >tS
p Acuo NA\, ;a r \ , o
. 1 " \ ;■<;■<■'
KirT:" -«• v
&>; aai V ri ' '*? 4
® \i *' 1 v ;
W 9 *' Sf(»A> ' »>
LISSS;- M V <'J» « R DV<
Rl\ y •; ».
Pl<« W -V
y •■
C" hu v * -
*"f *t\
Jfc't jn4 '
r " ' v
0r < l ■ • v
I \r v » V A ' m n '° !
4 fc-P- :,L VT.
Poor round trips daliy. except Runday.
la on* bur and twenty-five rr'.n jtea.
Regular da:!y trirm Seattle-Tacoma
route, as follows:
Lsave Seattle— 7:C. U:U a. m. 2:C. t;IS
p. m
Leave Tacoma—9 *) a m l. 4 30, t p. as.
Leave Seattle— 7J» ». m.. 12 at., i a a.
Leave Tacoma—» 30 a. m.. 2 30 "iSop. m.
Landing st Northern Pacific wharf. Ta
coma and Commercial dock, foot of Ma
rlon street. Seattle.
Sundays, steamers Flyer and Stats of
Wett Coast Steam Navigation Company
steamers Scotia and Farallor. will sail for
Juneau, Skagway. Dyea and way ports
M 'rch 1* and 24.
Passenger accommodations &rs AL
Ample room for freight and stock.
For freight and passage apply to
J. G. CAP.ROLU Agent,
Schwabacher's Wharf, foot of Union
street, or C. F. M<-y*r A Co., 3Q& First ave.
Telephone, Plk« a.
The Company's elegant Steamers UMA
WAII.A leave SEATTLE, via Port Towns
end and Victoria. B C.. 8 a. m.. Jan. 29.
Feb 3 8. 12. IS. E. ». March 5. 10. 15 3D.
g? » April 1 9. 14 19. 24, a. Leave SAN
FRANCISCO for Seattle via Victoria. B.
C . and Port Tow riaend. 10 a. m.. Jan. 31,
Feb. 5 10. li. 2". r, March 2. 7, 12. 17, 22.
n. April 1. 6. 11. 16 21 »
9am. Feb. 4 7 9 14 16 17. £4. 27 a,
March 1. 9 11 12. 1«. 19 24 36. 2S, 31. April
6 «. 1«. 15. 17. 18. V). 25, 2s. 29. » The com
pany reserves rlpht to change without pre
vious notice stea*n»>rs, sailing dates and
hours of sailing For further particulars
procure company's folders.
J. F. TROWBRIDGE P. S Supt . Ocean
Dock. S-attie. City Ticket Agt.,'6o6 First
Ave.. Seattle, (loodall. Perkins & Co..
Gen. Arts. S. F.
The elegant Stdewheel Steamer
Clancey. Master
WIU tanre Teller wharf, Seattle, every
Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30
p. m . for Anacortcs, Fairhaven, What
com and Vancouver. Passengers may go
ors board and occupy rooms at 8 30 p. m.
Returning will leave Vancouver every
Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 11
p m.
This steamer has superior passenger ac
commodations. ''"able service unsurpassed.
For freight **r passage apply on board or
at i'e»l«r wharf.
Steamer City of Kingston between Ta
coma. Wash., and Victoria. B. C.
8 00pm Lv! M[ •Tacoma jll'f Arl 4:oopm
10:00pm Lvl 28 BFATTLE j *L'Ari I :4ipm
100 am Lv T3 Pt. Townsend i 3* Ar 10 45am
:45am Ar 110 Victoria I MiLvi 8:00 am
•Dally except Saturday.
Tills steamer furnishes first-class ac
commodations. carrying both freight and
Kssengers. and Paves frotn Yesier wharf.
attJe. for Victoria, at 10 p. m.. and tor
Tacoma at 2:15 p. m.
Passengers tor Victoria can occupy state
rooms until 7 s a.
For rates, tickets, etc.. Inauir® 0 f
Agent. Yesier Wharf. Seattla.
General Agent. N P. Ry . Seattla
Time Card—Leaves Seattle 7 a. m l*»
m and spm leaves Everett 9:15 a. m
2:30 p. m and 7:15 p. m.
Thrt* round trlr< daily. fxc»pt Sunday
Connpctlon?* -At Seattle with tne s«t.Mmer
Flyer fur Tacom*. At Kv. rett with th«
«t«air>er Mik->.lo for Snohomisfv and wlih
Kv> -»-• 11 A Mf>nt» Crlsro railway for
Monre <.:n«tr> urn! w.ty atattom.
Cotman D >ok P. attip. Merchants' Dock
er*tt O. E. B. P 'OTT.
S<*att!o nnil T> nh Tt iv JJoute
gteamor Gui .md Y«-bt<>r dock Sun
days. Tuewlj)< and 'I. *t 11 - JU
r>. m for Port T»nffn,l Por* WJi: inis
>un|«ne»«, Port Aintrle«. Poit t r. •.rent
P\ st t'k'laii V*\ .. \ NVah
Pay, returning, arrives if Seattle 3 p m
o:i oppo tt» da> * Stt amer Evangel leaves
Wilier «l"«-k for Port T wr •• nd. i' rt An-
Kei«M it..l Victor w M:tr.day«. \V . , v *
and Krid.»v< at •" SO ;* ni arrlvi - Stattle
alternate days at p iv, Trl. Main <ai.
Carry!n* r P Mai!
On Port Orchard and Part VVashinr'.oß
route. lt*ave# t.lty <!tck. f •>: *
utreot * » a tr. . cs!!l:v :t S ~'h Beach
llurchell. Brick Yar.i I'reojerioit U i
Nivv Yard S H-.ey C' srieer • r« iryton
Chieo. Stlverda - lain port Or<»hird
Navy Station a: J :•. r . arr-. es S—a -1 i«► *»
« v m E N K inns n -raswr lu..y
i ; mrilui A Ca. agerv* Teleph.ioe!
Main fi
Leaves Gaibralth d<x-k too: of VVishln*-
lon «tri»» t for S>!\.»n. G r r ir: Wn te
Bremerton. U S Drv Dock Crari«tgn
t> ,-t -v'o- S 'vr'ai« daiiv ea
cept Sa' urdajra ar>d SunJavw at i.uo p
tr, Saturdays a: - r rr ».;n :a>a at >)
V m Keliirtslr.# iea\ s S;lv«-rdafe at : V
a rr.. Dry pock k-V a m Saturday'
'■« tv»j s \ «r>tal- ' • ; . Dry T.u#
p ta Tticpfione. Red lil.
r» Galbraith dock fot of Waahlnx
»t:=-et. T..se*lay» raurtday.s and Sa*-
at " o\ v-k » m 'or n
. P rt S- a • '«i. {>.- r. - Ho \-
!'i* • I v. > t- M >•< rt 1
I'tilCD v y. lit irr> i itei -a e <!av*
t> T K'LTMAN Master
! Te>pho.ie. R>d 1.1
irARE r-K . \ . N Sr AiILE AND TA.
I>ave» City Dock eTery day (except Sun
day) it > t m. for Tacoma. Fare 25c
Take Steamer BAY CITT for Anacortes.
Falrhaven or Whatcom. Leaves Commer
cial dock Tacoma. 2 p. m.; City dock
(foot of Mats ?tT«et» Sea;tle. f p. m . Tuta..
Tbur*. and Sat. ReruminL leaves What
com »» ». QI ; Fafrhaven. T:lt p. m., anj
Anacortes W p. m., Sun.. Wednes. and
Frt Fares -Seattle 11. or tl-j* round trip;
Tacoma tl -S. or S2 round trip.
Carrying United States mail, ieaves City
dock, foot of Main street. Sunday.
Tuesday and Thursday at 12 o'clock mid
night for Port Townatad. San Juan islands
and New Whatcom Returning, leaves
New Whatcom Tuesday. Thursday and
Saturday at 4 a. m. J. R Thompson, man
agtr-owDer. Lilly-Bogardus ft Co.. ageata.
Ctiy Cck 1 fie;)norn-. Mair.
Charles Davis. City.
S. H. Cawston. Portland.
William Connor. Portlam*
J M Cruthers, Portland
W. H. Peckham. San Jose.
C. Marsden. l.os Angeles.
John H. Yakey, Port Orchard.
W. S. Oalhoun, Oouderiport. Pa.
F. If. I|opkins. Portland.
1-kl Kaufman. St. la>uis
B. A. Rice, New York
I. F. Powers, Jr.. Portland.
Ira M. Lloyd. Chicago
1 I. Gfreon. Philadelphia.
John L Jepson. New York.
L. 1. Epstein. Chicago.
Thomas W. Jenkins, Portland.
John Wortroan. Portland.
K W. Alien. Chicago.
M P. Hurd. Ia Conner.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marquardt. P.
H C. Converse. Cosmopolls.
Nell Cooney, Cosmopolls.
W. Ahrens. San Francisco.
A P. Halfhlll, Los Angeles.
K<*v. and Mrs. D. F. Pierce and child,
Itome, N. Y.
Mrs. H. Foster. San Frunclsco.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baker, New York
Miss New York.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Parker. Chi ago.
Miss Blanche Davis, San Francisco.
Mr and Mrß. L. W. Storer, San Fran.
C. W. Thebo. Butte.
V.. A Oppenheimer. New York.
A. W. Olesev, Portland.
A. Whlteman, Glesey.
Frank J. Victor. Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Y. Marshall and fasi
ily. Taooma.
I>r. S. Si-hwars. Dayton, O.
Andrew Olser Seattle.
J. E. B> Isaitt, Duluth.
C. S Slefer. Duluth.•
_i'ap;. John Stephens, ship Whltebnrn.
Henry Rothschild, Port Town.-end.
John W. Davis, San Francisco.
Henry Laddey, Philadelphia.
G. \S . Hughes, Slocan. B. C.
J. 11. Parker. Bia Lake.
K E. Wilkeson.
John S. McMillin, Roche Harbor.
11. R. Bates. San Francisco.
11. H Sehocken, San Francisco.
O«otg(; C. Strorr, Portland.
D B. Hanson. San Francisco.
Sttl Norman. Spokane.
F MeLellan, Spokane.
Peter Soudegerath, Marshall Junction.
Charles Abrate, San Francisco.
J. I>. t'uthbert, San Francisco.
L. R. Flint, San Francisco.
Mr#. L. F. Cooke. Pendlewn.
E. P. Bowditch. Everett.
J. A. Fleming. New York.
E. G. Bert. San Francisco.
Alex I?. Galloway. Portland.
R. A. Waljes, Portland.
S Siiyerfleld, Portland.
J. C. Gillespie. McMurray.
f'apt. J M. Allison. IT. S. A„ Vancouver.
C JJ Scott, Portland.
Jag. p. Adair. Chicago.
Oeorge B. Stoddard, Chicago.
J D Frey, S.in Francisco.
W. R Gratz. No* York
Phil Sehlisinger. Milwaukee.
I'. J Connells and wife. Minneapolja.
Fr,tnk Slosson. Kenosha. Wis.
George R. Finch. St. Paul.
Paul H. Gotsian. St. Paul.
J Joseph. San Frandwo.
K. N. Christstnan Indianapolis.
H. White. Milwaukee
L. Hale, Milwaukee.
W. P. Oliver. New York
P. A. Heney, City. ,
A D. Austin. Everett.
L. S Wood. «"hicago.
Iv 11.nes. Chicago
G'orge A Bra.fcett. Minneapolis.
R. P. Reed. Fernmete
11 Litlie Vancouver. B. C.
James Pye Minneapolis.
William O'Brien Minneapolis
George Hayes. Mnneapolis.
Allan Cameron. Vancouver
F. F. Fuller. Graham. Mo.
K Smith San Francisco.
WilUnm l*aubaek San Francisco.
S. JJe:.r- tt, San Francisco.
L. 1* Torrence San Francisco,
t'harlet Bats. Wrangel.
K W. Coffin. |*rovirjeni e. R. I.
Juds Keilv Providence. R I.
Redd McDonald Providence. R
J. P. Liwson. California.
«"h.ir-i s Butler. Neihart. Mont.
Jjv Walker N'eihart, Mont.
• .•■orge B. Kitt!♦». Cherry Valley
H. Feer - Cherry Valley
R R CHtnpbell. Virginia
B W Pavidsnn. Virginia.
<\ F. J«hn*m, Virginia.
K K It ig North <*aroliua.
It. Or ffin. New York
P B'">rni'r. New York,
t. P Hic>w»r* Denver.
If Pore Paw son.
M F. Stvwe Chicago
II .t Weasel. Lamer CJfy.
J w Kail city
\ <"• P.inghurn. Snoqmknle
H <" I'aldwell. Fnlon, Mo.
F L. Uirihle Washington, P. v
M-' 1 im'-c Washington. I». C.
<> A Thompson, Spokane.
F \ Vare» Sp kane
M •*» Lucie Mo."ire, Bo;itb Ber< r W *h.
Mr- K II M->>re. j5. u:h iJend Wash.
TV If Am-t-uv. Gr-ind jiin. tlon C !
W. H J.vnson Grand Junction, Co!.
!.•' Ru- Simmon*' New York.
Tav> »r Hr i -ten New York
A L- M-'Clinton Port Townsead
W i!ia?n slltchell. Sind r B C.
J \nd< r*on. Port Blakeley.
M rt Spencer Port Blak> ley.
*rr- * Vlmaden Port Bfakelev.
.T If \:?.n Port Blakfey
J ir I* «"ri mnler Haver ill. Ma.*
IT G A'laer* Phlla lelphfa.
W Rami Hunting*•■•u M
Ge vr«e Fellen.-er P'-?lvlelph!a.
H Dunn East Cial'nnv
F-avk Hvers Cttv
II T» Ttv»or nty.
M J Mad.len. IV Kll
I. .X Kenn y. Baneor
T S rere. 1 ».
C i: Ma r<len. N w York.
E Mar Vn. N« w Y -rk.
<" .tr>s I«oI New
A Y gs-r W:-« ns!n
M P P n ? Bnr?ing:-tn
R R RoJHju' Burlington
V'fre.} I.ees, City.
H. Henry. Chicago.
<> <"» Ronton.
.T S B j k» \ Eag> Pa-s T-r
? • P-evH .»• I w:f» K*a > Pas? T«-t
i" U J a k- 'i S-tn F' »n. :«"o.
"T i .< Jo*».n«"i. H »rtfi>rd
F F Daly. City
!l J CftlTt"« and wife. City.
11 rr\ \n , -rson San Franc:r*><v.
v >■ Sa" Fr»ncb»co
W K-v .>?,! Fr^nc.sc^
T >v > 1! 3'• * C v . *aga.
Mis r O.k'U.l.
J * r, : u-r ■ - City.
S A Booth. <"tty.
G W M r- .til Ham;!!ots
.t {. -e tor Sin Fran i«;f
J R «* Krum :, w
t H apolts.
!» A •*»> Victoria,
J • -r> f. R»*i t K -kland
.1 <» S«n VYar.ci*-A
C !l J*ckfc.>n. Sj'i Francisco
R;.A > Ttt '« C»i. t s 6 -~*rg..,,, jj
mil n sim 11.
EsMbeond Travel Almost as Larue
as Went bound For HO a Man
(as Jooraev to 9t. I'anl, and f)5
More Will Land Him ia \ew York.
The railroad rate war has almost reach
ed that stage when it's cheaper to travel
than to stay at horae. F>r Jh) a man can
tak'- a flyer to St. Paul, and for ITS more
ho can »et foot on Manhattan island, in
the midst of Gotham. t
Chicago is easy at $21.50, and for 120 one
can stand in Omaha and look across the
muddy and turbulent waters of the Mis
East-bound travel just now is almost as
large as that West-bound. Th«» railroads
have one consolation in the war o£ rates,
and this lies in the fact that the heavy
equipment needed for Klondike travel.
West-t>ound. can be utilized going East
to some advantage, if not at a profit.
Railroad men are recalling the prolonged
and bitter rate war between the Northern
Pacific and the Canadian Pacific in the
late winter and early spring o£ At
that time the Great Northern was not
built, and the Or»-g<»n Railroad i Navi
gation had not entered the Sound terri
tory. A fight was waH against the Brit
ish line both from Portland ar.d San
Francisco. Rates were not as low as they
are at present, although agents were au
thorized to sell tickets to Mississippi river
points for 110 over the Canadian Pacific.
As a matter of fact, this i>o:nt was never
r» ached.
In the memory of the oldest passenger
agents on th« Pacific coast north of San
Francisco, rates are today lower than ever
before. How lon£ they will continue, of
course, is a matter of conjecture. In New-
York on Tuesday the Transcontinental
Association will get together in another
endeavor to bring the war to an end. The
Canadian Pacific railroad, it Is stated by
well posted railroad men, has agreed to
participate in the meeting. This is re
garded as an evidence on the part of the
Canadian line of a desire to make. i>*nee
with Its American competitors.
It is whispered in railroad circles that
Sir William Van Home, president of the
Canadian Pacific, lia* served emphatic
and positive notice on the pass, nger de
triment of the road that he Is tired of
the profitless rate cutting. All of the
lines have, as a matter of fact, keenly
felt the lo«s of revenue. From the begin
ning the American lines have had the best
of the argument, however, and have pre
sented a solid front against a common
in the meantime, while the railroads are
indulging in a profit-killing controversy,
the general public smiles ;uid proceeds to
buy tickets for the East. At all of til"
railroad offices In the city business is
brisk. Eastbound passengers are of all
types and conditions in life. An hour
spent in one of the principal offices In the
City yesterday was Interesting In the op
portunity It afforded for observing the
number and kind of p-.opie who during the
day Inquire for tickets to the East.
One old man. bent und- r th** accumula
tion of years, dickered for twenty minutes
for a ticket to Chicago, and when he
finally left with the little strip of printed
card board in his hand, he appeared to be
mora than satisfied with his bargain.
"That man has been coming in here every
month for the last three years, asking for
rates to Chicago." said the clerk behind
the counter. "1 have often guessed
whether it was lack of money or because
he did not want to pay the price that
Caused him to go away each time with
out buying a ticket. At last ho found
that rates were low enough to suit him.
I sold him a second-class ticket to Chi
cago for $21.50. and he will go back to see
his folks at home, if he has ?any left, at
less cost than he will in years
to come."
The man who goes to Alaska, leaving
beiiin<l him a wife and children, has found
the rite war a thing to be prized. The
Klondike widow is v common patron of
the low rates. Women whose parents and
other relatives reside in some of the East
ern states are great buyers of the eut
rate tickets. Whether it. i.-» because the
average woman Is constitutionally in quest
fcf the bargain counter, or that she simply
sees an opportunity to save money by do
ing her traveling now, it is hard to say.
'i ne fact remains that a large p rcentage
of the eastbound travelers Just now are
women. A reason f r this may be found
in the disposition of some of the gold
hunters to sen-1 their better halv. s back
to "the old folks at home," where they
will be well car. d for.
Brt lal couples, impelled by a desire to
spend the honeymoon in the East, are not
Infrequent purch sers of cut rate tirkets.
The other extre me is reached, too. when
a man c nvs in and buys a fir-t-eass
ticket for s"nn> rel .the or fri- nd who has
died, and whose last wish w is to have
h's corpse sent hack to rest In the old
family burying ground at home.
Th»> man who has not seen his folks for
v. ars appears in great nura!»ers in th'Se
days at the railroad offices. Many of
them am" to th« Hound in the halcyon
days of and haw l.t-ver \« "n back
to Kansas or Nebraska since.
The other day an elderly lady, attlr.-d
In widow'* W'-eiis. whose freshness was
worn away y :irs ago. w.-nt into one of
the k-: oftf.vs and ask- I for a ti ket to
a small t- wn in New Jersey. "I came to
ttie •"'oast twenty years ago." s-he said.
"and I think I'll co ba< k home to
v.sit the only brother 1 have in the world.
He s old* r than I. ~nd p»yhaps if I do
not s. <> him «oon I in-vr will igain. My
old. -t boy has gon» t<-» Alaska, and
was ten y, ,rs -co. It's lon> some
at home for an .>M w man like m»-."
P rj'ar.d, March 12, 1&»
Probably fair; warmer.
S"att!f>. March 1». l k 3S.
113if{ w '°* I f
33 ?
' S H V S •*
e * 2 2 £■ * ?
-• •• ■* O *"* a
:■' =»' -* - i C :
PLACE ; ?, • & i" . ;
.;5 3 ; :
■ »I ? • •_ i• t •
• ».*. u .v s >- t-.v'.-iv
Pf A; - - •- «' 4* W I .14 |-(C] < v
T;»te--»*n -V > H N'W .i
Ft ♦•an' , .3» ». U *; VV «i.«> u «lV
Portland ,5 v» ♦ M W ji .K P <*uiv
;,i w . »> it sw « . itc-hiy
AplfcV - ah > 41 i»K * ■; • k -
R - T' > > *. w M 1» Rain
L.r k • *4 '■ N'W 4 -P*v > I-1 v
i» •-T. ►** .m .«4 u &> f» f
S . :*n-. *4 v piu
gftg Fran _» 98 »• -"«£ W ?* ■ • r
section Dir*ftor W«at*.-r Bureau.
READ Treen Co 'i oe bargain adv. on
urn awn sin.
Hereafter notices in the church direc
tory will be confined to announcements of
church services only «nd subject of
mons. Extended musical programmes for
Sunday service? and announcements of
church entertainments will en'y be pub
lished at advertising rat**- Notice* for
this department should be received at
this office not later than 1 p. n> Saturday.
In order to Insure publication on Sunday
Episcopal Charehe*.
St. Luke's—Renton; Rev. Llove! A. Wye.
minister in charge. Service and sermon
»t 4 p. ni.
St. Paul's Chapel—Warren avenue and
Republican street. Rev. Hone! A Wye in
charge Sunday school at IMS a m . jnorn-
Ircr pray-r and sermon at II a. m.; evening
prayer and an address at 7:30 p. m.
St. Mary's—Woodland Park. Rev. 11. IT.
Gowen in charge. Service and sermon at
S P m. Mr. Wilbur S. Lewis. lay reader.
Take Green lake car: pet off at Winslow
St. Clement's—Twenty-fourth avenue
south ard Washington street. Rev. George
Buzselle. rector: residence a 33 Twenty
fifth avenue south. Sunday school. 10 m.
Morning prayer and sermon at 11 o'clock
Evening service and sermon, 7:30 o'clock.
Celebration of the Holy Communion on
the first Sunday of every month at 11 a.
m. and on the third Sunday of every month
at 5 a. m. Service every Prtdnv at 7:30
p. m. I.enten service dally at 4:30, except
Friday, which will be 7:30 p. m.
St. Mark's church. Harvard avenue and
Spring .street. Rev. J. P. D. Llwyd. rec
tor. Residence, 2726 Denny way. Tele
phone. Lake 661. Services at 730 and 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Bible elas? for
adult?, 9:r*> a. m. Class toolc. "Isaiah,
verses to 34." Mornlntr subject, the sec
ond of the court* on "Beacon Lights of
the Episcopal Church." on "Sister Dora,
the Heroine of the Black Country." Ev
ing, "Vicarious Religion." All welcome.
Trinity Parish church—Corner Rlghtn
avenue and James street. Rev. H. H-
Gowen. rector. Holv Communion. 7:30 a.
m. Morning prayer, litany and sermon
at 11 a. m. Evening prayer and sermon
at 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 9:4."> a. m.
Strangers cordially invited. Special Lent
en services. Morning. "The Message to
the Church at Pergamuwe." Evening,
third of a course of leisures on "Modern
Heroes of the Mission Field." "Thomas
Valpy French, the Hero of the Punjab."
St. Stephen's—Ballard. Rev. P. E. Ily
land, rector. Divine service every Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The Holy Com
munion is celebrated on the first and
third of the month, on the first
Sunday at 11 a. m.. on the third Sunday at
8:30 p. m.
Presbyterian Churches,
Renton church—Rev. George F. Whlt
worth, D. D. uastor. Services at 3 and
7:30 p. m. T'nion Sunday school at 11 a. m.
Welsh—Seventh avenue and Olive ntreet.
R#v. VVi'Mam Davis, pastor. Servic.-s at
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 n. m. Sunday school
at 2 r>. in. Cla.-'s meeting Wednesday at
7:30 n. V-.
First "resbyterlan—Corner Fourth ave
nue and spring street. Rev. A. 1... Hutchi
-son D D residence 619 Spring
street Grand Temperance rally Wednes
day evening, January 12, IS9B, at 7:30 p. m.
All Invited.
Second. North Seattle—Third avenue
north and HarrUo* l «rre.-t. Rev. \V. V
Major, pastor. Telephone Lake 821.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:3# o. m. T P.
S. C. E, 6:45 n. m. Mid-we*k mef-ttne.
Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Morning subject.
"Rebuilding of the Wall." There will be
no services this evening. The congrega
tion will unite with the First church.
LntUeraa Cburcbci.
German Lutheran Duwamish Mission,
Sander's hall, below Sweeney's brewery.
Services at 2:30 every other Sunday.
Norwegian-Danish—Fourth avenue and
Pine street. S. R. Tollef.-»op. pastor. Study
In basement. Services at 11 a. m. and
S p. m.
German Lutheran—Services in hall, cor
ner Main street and Minor avenue. Ser
vices every second and fourth Sunday of
the month at 7:4T> P. m. by the Rev. W.
H. Behrens. pastor.
llolv Trinity, English—Corner Seventh
avenue and Union street. Rev. James F.
Beatea, pastor; residence. 612 Pike street.
Services tod.iv at 11 a m. ant 7:30 n m.
Sunday school at 12:30 p. rv. Luther
League at 7 p. m. Wednesday, followed by
Lenten services at 8 p. m.
German South Seattle Mission—ln hall
near postofflce. Sunday services every
second and third Sunday of the month at
3 p. m. Sunday school services next Sun
day at 7 o'clock p. m. Pastors E. Knappe,
K'l6 Howell street, and W. H. Kurtz, 10S0
Howell street.
German Evangelical Lutheran Zion's—
Corner Tenth avenue and Stewart street.
Sunday school. 9:30 a. m. Sunday services
at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m Blblestunde,
7 30. an* Jugendvereln. 8:30 Thursday even
in* Choir practice. Tuesday. 7:30 p. m.
Swedish Evangelical Third avenue,
near Pike. Rev. Martin L. Larson, pas
tor; residence. 1421 Fifth avenue. On Sun
day. services at 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Sunday school. 1? m.. and Bible class or
prayer meeting at 7 p. m. On Thursday,
services at 8 p. m. The Cent Society
meets at 8 p. m.. the first and third Tues
days of the month.
German Evangelical. Lutheran. St.
John's Congregation Sunday 'services,
corner Market and Main, in Rainier
Heights Baptist church, every first and
third Sunday of the month at S p. m.
Sunday school, every Sunday at 2 p. m.
Children's singing practice every Friday
at 7:30 p. m.
CnnKronntloa.il (harchea.
First—Columbia City Preaching at 13 30
a. m and 7:30 p. m.
Kirkiand—Sunday services at 11 a. m
and *p. m Y P S. C. E.. Ip. m. Sunday
school at i: noon.
Oerman Congregational Seventh ave
nue between Pine and Olive. Services
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. John G. Bie
eett. pastor.
Brooklyn—Preaching at 11 a. ni. and $
o. m. Sunday school at 12 o'clock. Y. V.
S. C. E.. 7:15 p. m. Prayer meeting Thurs
day evening at 8 o clock.
Edgearater—Rev. J. T. Nichols, pastor.
Services at 11 a. m. and 8 p m. Sunday
school. 12:15 c m. Y. P. S. C. E, 7p. rn.
Junior Y. P S. C. E.. Friday afternoon at
3 30. Praver services Thursday evening of
each week.
Plymouth Corner Third avenue and
Univ rslty street. R»v W. H G. Temple,
pastor 1307 Seneca street: telephone. Ureen
£9l. Study at house. Home usually each
day until ip. m. Sunday services: preach
ing at 11 a m. and 7:10 p. m Sunday
school at 12:30 p. m. Young People's So
ciety Christ an at <S:3O n. m
Mldwiek nraver ir«'!ne Th- rs>iav at 7 W
p. m. Morning. "Winning Soul?." Even
ing. "The Great Salvation." Fifteen min
utes organ recital prior to each service,
by Mrs. K. A. Balhnger.
Catholic Cborehes.
Sacred Heart—Sixth avenue and Bell
«-:reet Conducted bv the Rt-dernptorists.
Rev Joseph A Kautz. C. SS. R pastor.
I.ow an«s with sermon S a m.: high mass
with sermon 10 39 a. m. S mday school.
2 >" p. m : vespers. sermon and benedic
tion. 7:30 p. m
Our Lady of Good Help—Third avenue
south and Washington street. Rev. F X.
Prefontaine. pastor. Low mass. S a. m.;
high mass. a. m : benediction. 7.30 p
Church of the Immaculate—Brjalway
intl M idlson street. H»*v. A. PUwnedl.
v.;\<or; Rev. A TnvelH and Rev. J Nlchol
. ,«.-!< «n*< Conducted t>v the Jesuit*.
Low masses at 6 a m and I*ls a. rn. High
mass at 1®:*) a. m Sunday school at 230
p. m and evening service at 7 30 p m.
HapfiM Churches.
Mark't s*reet—Corn«r Twen'r-fourth av
«nu- ?outh in'l Main «'ree: Kev. Thorns
B rln ;• D. pastor Services an Sun
a-v a' 11 i n> a - ' " Vl n m V inr Peo
ple's S .-iHy Carlst! m Er. lea« rat 6 30 p.
m Pray r n:«-e;fng ev-ry Th;:rs.lay even
■'* ~ >• " V < »» 1? 18 p. m
y r- r.i.- s-.ib.-eet, "Jehovah. OurS'n ngth."
Norwegian Danish Service* Sun
i y at 11 a m and m. R»-v. J. A H.
Johr-on. ef T a coma preaches every otiifr
S.• y Pt.-r«i»y school. 1> a. tn praver
me-".Mr. Thursday evening at » o'clock
All who understand the language are voe
d.i' v invited.
Firs; Baptls f -.n F->»»r'h avenue
»een Jsmes and Cherry Louie S.
Kosrtfnwn pastor. reMflfai-» 1W! Tw<-a
t»etn avenu« T r i Brown 476. Services at
;i a m and 7 > p m Bible 3chx>t. Yi.l'i
j.. pi , Mr. C. S Shank, supenntendemt.
Youiur Peopled Sodetv r ns Mora
irg subject. "The Divinity of Chris:." All
coruialiy teyittd. Tirerf* wfH no even
ir.g service*. The congregation will unite
w-;tij ?be F:rst Prespytertan church.
Swedish—Fifth avenue and Olive. Rev.
Swart* pastor; residence. sflK
Olive str«?et._ Sunday services at 19:3#
a. :n. ami 7X> p. at. Sunday school
st _rS m. Your.g i>- rJ. » prayer tneeunjc
a k i p. m. Prayer meeting Thursday eveu
'?* at . J o'clock. Weekly meeting of
i oun>r_ People 3 Society Saturday tvealn*
® l so clock All who understand the
Swedish are cordially invited.
Methodist Protestant Churches.
Tester Junction Church—Preaching on
Sunday at 11 a. :n.
Duwamisb Cr.urch—Daniel Ragley. pas
tor Sunday schoc! at 10 a. m. Preaching
fit ♦ p. rn.
P'rst- Pir.e street and Third avenue.
1 reach!;,g at 11 a. m and 730 p. tn. Class
niretir.>t I'J t m. Sund.iv school. 12.2W p.
tr V p, so . <5:15 p. m. Prayer m«t
ins Thursday at 7:30 p. ra. Monthly tneet-
i r ix I * rsl Thursday of snon.h at
8:» p. m. Preaching by Rev. F K. Whit
ham. C!as< me-ninc this morning at 10.
Strangers welcome to all services.
Evangelical Association.
German—Harrison street and Taylor
avenue. Rev. August Krn?:. pastor.
Harrison street. German preaching every
Sunday at 11 a. m. ar.d everv tirst and
third Sunday in the month at n p. m.
English preaching every second and fourth
Sunday. Sunday school at 9:AJ a. m.
Young People's meeting at 7 p. m. Sunday
and > p. m. Wednesday. German prayer
meeting every Thursday at S p. m.
Central Christian Church.
The Central Christian church will, for
the present season, occupy the front room
of the Acme Business College, in the Seat
tle National Hank buildlne. corner of Ye«i
ler way md Occidental avenue. Alan
O. Clark, pastor. Residence Union
street. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:10 p tn.
Christian Endeavor at (i.;*). Sunday
school at 12:30 p. m. Ail cordially in
vited to attend these services. Reals
First Christian Chnteb.
Christian church at Lstona holds Sun
day school at 2 p. m.. followed bv preach
ing by Rev. J. N. Smith at 3 p. m.
Firs; Church of Christ. Seneca street, be
tween Third and Fourth avenues. Pastor.
J. N. Smith; residence. 2122 Fourth Avenue.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:W p. m. Sun
day «choo! 9:15: Y P S C. E fi:is
meeting Thursday night. Morning stib
jeet. "A Great Type and Its Antitype."
No evening service* on 'account of union
meeting at First Presbyterian church.
Cumberland Presbyterian.
Cumberland Presbyterian—East Cberre
street and Twenty-second avenue. Clark
Davis, pastor; residence. 701 Twenty-sec
ond avenue. Preaching at 11 a. rn. and
7;lo p. m. Sunday school at 12:15 p. m. Ju
nior Endeavor at 3:JO p. m. Y. P. S. C. E.
at 0:30 p. m. Church prayer meeting Thurs
day at 7;:<0 p. m.
lultarlau Church.
Fitst Unitarian church—Seventh avenue,
between Union and Pike streets. There
will be no service this morning.
Free Metbudist Church.
First Free Methodist—9l2 Pine street,
between Ninth and Terry avenues. Rev.
Alexander Beers, pastor. Preaching at
11 a. rn. anil ?:30 p. m. Sunday school at
9:45 a. m. Young people's meeting. 7 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday at «:30 p. m.
Scats free to all.
Society of Harmony meets Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock. Masonic temple, en
trance »n Second avenue. Seats fre»-
The Seattle Spiritual Society holds its
meetings Sunday at 1 and 7:30 p.m.. in For
esters' hall. Sis First avenue, near Marlon
street. Prominent speakers and medium*
will take part. At the conference meeting
at 1 p. m. all mediums are expected to give
tests and spirit messages. The public is
cordially invited
Spiritualism—A meeting will be held this
evening at s o'clock at M.i*onic temple, in
the library room, by Dr. and Mrs. W. O.
Love joy for the development of the higher
spiritual powers. Dr. De Clifford will
speak on this subject. Seats free. Medi
ums and friends invited.
Church of the Soul—Pettis' haii, lOWP,#
First avenue. Children's progressive ly
cetim meets everv Sunday morning at 11
o'clock, medium meetings following. Es
ther Thomas. Inspirational spiritual min
ister at 7:30 p. m.: test questions
Spiritual lecture and manifestations at
Red Men's hall tonight.
Spiritual meeting at Olympic hall this
evening. Mrs. Lenont.
Salvation Artny.
No. 2 hall, corner Pike street and Third
avenue— «'apt Gilt and Gardner !n
charge; * a. m . knee drill: 11 a m. holi
ness meeting; 3 t>. m.. family gathering. 8
p m., "Free and TCasv."
No. 1 hall, corner Second avenue south
and Yesler way— Ensign Bernhardt and
Lieut. Watson in charge; it a. m., kn«e
drill; II a. m.. hollnes* meeting; 3 p. m..
family gathering; 8 p. m.. "Frco and
Easy." _____
Theosophlcal society, Ananda
meets Sunday at 7:3<> p. m. at HIS Third
avenue, near Spring street. %
Seattle Theoaonhlcal Society, room 40
Hlni kley block Lotus ernun. for rhildrFrr,
at 2:30 P m Evening meeting at « o'Hock.
at S p. m. on "Unity In Diver
sity," by Mrs. A. L. Blodgett.
Liberal laloa.
Meets at Masonic Temple every Sunday
evening at 730 o'clock. Dr. York will lert
ure on "Theosophy, or Df-mocracv,
Cbristlan Adventlata.
Christian Advent mf-etings are held at
the corner of Third avenge and Madiaoo
«r»et Dr W. Chapman, pastor. ,'raver
meeting 1015 a m. Prea.-hing, 11 a. m.
Sunday school. 1- pi ;>. m.
Mental Science.
Tho Mental Scientists meet Sun
day at U a. m. Theosophi«ts' rooms ins
Third avenue AH are welcome, especially
tho sick and the sorrowing.
First Church of Christ—Srlrnflat.
Room C S attle N'ationai Bank building—
Services Sunday at 11 a m. an.l Friday
at S o'clock, sbinday m hool im
mediately after the Sunday rtervice. Read
ing room open during the w -ek.
i'hrlstlMn Alliance.
The Cnristian Alliance me" 4 ; ■» p.
m every Sunday and on Thursday at 1 p.
•n." in their hall. 3>»7 I'nton street, between
Third and Fourth avenues, near Artnory
I'ro«re»slte Lrnrnm.
The Children's Progressive Ly.-eum
m eet« every Sundiv morning i a Fet.'ia'
hall. First avenue, at 11 o'clock.
Christian Mlnslon. Dtimrn'i llrlbrl.
M'>rt:nK.s h<"ld !n 1-isemmt nf 109 Wash
ington street, entrance on alloy
First avenue south and 'Vrtdfntal avenue,
,-vFrv evening at < ii o'clock. Fublic cor
dialljr invited. Chaplain. Thomas Rees.
Volsnterr* of Amrrlcn.
Gospel meetings ar«- held every evening
at 6 o'clock and Sunday at 3 p. m. All ar«
Mount ( sroiel Miasinn.
Mount Carmci Mission, So. HOC Third
avenue, between I'nlon and I1k»? atreets.
Masa t rlrbratlon*.
the h of Our Lady of Go «i Help
• hi- aacranient will he celebrated
tht>- morning at o'«;it> k. At I't. »< o'cio< k
solemn high mai< will :■? • i?) ratfd. The
rations are very pretty as well as
unique The- following is t."« programme,
which will be sriven by the cho:r.
"Aaperge* Me" ... Wi-«and
Mass No. 2 in E flat. Carl Mar a von We>>»r
Veni Creatur Rossini
Oflf'-rtorv Ave Vermis M-r. * ndantw
3oU> Ma »•! C. Mi Alpine, wtta vioiln oMI«
gat >, Prof. <«. i»#l!tis.
The foiiowing are t*ie members of the
Sopran. - M:i- I. D M <"utrheon. CJjra F.
Syray. Mat*! C M Alpine. Agne« (i. Hayes
<rii hi * J. H Wailii'p; ut'es, Mrs. E
F-rry. Miss Mali* Pickering and
M.ss WiTfa Aliunde-: ten"r». Mr Frank
Contain C. J M< Lain and J T F!**enor;
aaaao* Mr. M M. <iras* George F. Michel,
M IJvvth ai.d l'Tjuk Clayton.
As %et WaihlngtnnS Kiernthe Has
\ot Compiled A%lth Kriiurst of the
(•mrrnnr of < allfornta for the
Surrender of the Prisoner.
In Justice Austin's court y< sterday aft
ernoon Iteput.v Prosecuting Attorn* y Ful
ton said that Gov Rogers had been guilty
o£ un unheard-of proceeding" tn delu> mg
a decision on the request, of the governor
of California for the surrender of Joseph
Schwartz, the "diamond king," who j
charged with grand larcenx in San Fran
cisco Mr, Fulton said that the laws of
the United States made it the duty of thg
governor to deliver the prisoner when
requisition papers, drawn in due font),
were presented tu hin».
This tvmment on the action of the gov
ernor in granting a continuance from sev
eral days back to tomorrow vvas vine of
the intere sting feature s of the preliminary
examination of the "diamond king" yes
terday afternoon. The .state' did not at
tempt to go into the merits of the case .4®
to whether Schwarta was actually guilty
of stealing $1,200 worth of diamonds front
William Wolfsoiui. the jeweler, hut estab
lished by the evidence of Detective lid
ward \\ ren, of Sjtn Francisco, and copies
Of the San Francisco police court records*
that "J. Schwartz" was wanted there for
the crime v>f grand larceny.
Mr. Fulton then said that In view e>f the
fact t;>at the case would come up before
Gov. Rogers Monday he would ask that
the case be continued until next Thurs
Attorney Wir.stock said that the slat#
had not made any showing that, in his <»•
timatlon. would Justify the court in hold
ing Schwarts at all. It had not even been
established that the Schwartz in court
was the Schwartz wanted in San Fran
cisco. He also contended that it was th®
duty of the state to show probable guilt
In addition to the fact that the prisoner
was charged in San Francisco with a
Justice Austin Informed Attorney Wtn
stock that his court was not a court of
technicalities. Mr. Wfnstoek said that he
did not think he stood on technical
ground. Justice Austin replied that in hla
Judgment Mr. Winstork had raised noth
ing but technicalities in the case.
After the justice had decide to hold the
prisoner there was a long argument as to
whether it should bo "pending £ decision
by the governor" or uutil a certain date.
It was finally agreed that the case would
go over until next Tuesday, and if the
governor refuses to honor the requisition
of the governor of California then
Schwartz may go where he pleases. At
present Schwartz is in the care of a dep
uty sheriff.
Attorney Wlnatock returned night be
fore last from San Francisco, where ha
has been In an effort to secure affidavits
that will give Schwarta bis liberty. Mr.
Winstock says he has "something up his
sleeve," but he does not care to let It
drop until the right time.
Special Dispatches to Post-Intelligencer.
TATQOSII. March 13. 1 p. m.—Barom
eter, 2S.Kh part cloudy; wind northwest, S9
CLAT.LAM. March 12. -4 p. m Cloudy:
wind west, 1"| miles.
PORT ANUELES. March 12.-4 p. m
Barometer, 29.71; cloudy; wind west, II
SAN FRANCISCO. March 12.-Arrlved-
Schr San Buena Ventura. Grays harbof;
schr Maggie C. RUSK, Port Gamble; HFC
Germanla, Seattle; str Humtwldt, Seattle;
sir Wellington. Departure bay. Salied-Str
City of Fucbla, victoria; str Mackinaw,
TTMPQUA. March 10 - Sailed-Schr Sadie,
for San Pedro.
PORT BDAKELEY. March 11.-Salled-
Schr Sailor Boy, for Huenemt.
PORT I>->8 ANGKI.ES, March 11.-Ar
rived- Bchr F. 8. Redfleld. from Tm ema.
RBDONDO. March 11.- Arrived—iehr
John F. Miller, from Grays harbor.
SAN PEDRO. March 11- Arrived-Bktn
Skagit, from Port Gamble; schr Meteor,
from Port Ludlow.
ASTORIA, March 11. Sailed -Hr sh Clan
Robertson, for tTnited Kingdom; schr J. O.
Wail, for San Francisco. Arrived—llr sh
TWeedsdale. from Brisbane; Br str Argyll,
from Hongkong.
NKWPORT. March 11.-Arrived Schr
Annie M. Campion, from Porl Blukeley.
Victorian Sail* fur (hf >orth.
Steamship Victorian walled at S> o'clock
yesterday morning on her second trip to
Alaskan ports. She carried 10< passengerg,
of which forty-ixioo llrsl-cla*s. JU>*
also carried a large freight shipment, moat
Of which Is goinjt to Juneau ami Rkagway.
The majority of the passengers were
booked for Juneau, Ska* way and Dy«.
Fallowing 1» a lift of th* R. A.
YoUngblood, K. Richardson, Mike SuW
van. J. H. Snuth. Dr. J. 5. L« Ford. James
MeOrath, Anna McGrath, T«rr.»nc« Jfc
(Jrath, A. L. Goodman. J. H. Allmun, D.
M. Pheason. William Kuha<-h. Mrs. R. E.
McAndrew. Henry L. Van Wy<>k. Thom.ia
Shaughnesev, Mit T. C. Hopkins, John
D< laney. John P. Gallagher, Charleg F.
foully, Jrime* Olaen, If. H Barton, J. S.
Barton, J First. A. E. Fosaman, 8. F.
• lerrlsh ahd wife, S, A. Kuminan. L M.
Davidson, Murray Smith, Irvine Lngua,
Ezra fy>gue, J. A. Bernhard. L. P. Jon»f
and wife, H. K. Anderson 11. J. Word en.
If. S. Kranv Henry Kern. F. A. Luk»r,
Or. F. S IfaTrse;*, Mr*. A. L. Cheney. Dr.
H. Lee, li. Amundson, J. 11. Barry, H. p.
Curtl* Hugh O. Jotv*. Charles. H. Oak
man, Charie* Showman and C. P. Mlk**laon.
R< -ond class- R A. Sehmtdt, Lend
for». Alford Allen, A. Iteltand, John Ek
stroro. R E. Tyenwafl, • Duekatrad, John
Anderson, Henry Leonard, Frank P Cur
tis, Willlajn Rustln, James O. Foster. Wil
liam Spofford. Arthur Brown, John Mali
ka«. Charles H. Damon E A. Pepin, Mar
tin If. Smith, Jam*a F Sweeney, S. A.
Dunn. J. F. Paston. CJiaflea A. Dunn.
Alfred Somerson. George C Warden C. F-
Warden. Ftrn Fesley, William Honey
well and wife O. W. Bond. M D McCum
ber Otis De Lawyer, O, A. Nelson. A. E.
McKay, N'nrman McKay, John Kilman,
P. (Jorzztfca. H- Vogal. A a-jylrotft. John
1., Abl-ey Nellie Gooke, Loots Burc.hlota,
Pitri* k M fwmald. O. Htrat«>lager. L.
Banes E. B. Grevatt. John Murphy, D.
K Hnnsoo. S. Fostram. J. R. Cell, Oeorg*
Moe, Fred L Paul and Charley W. Link.
I'eoplc's NUilos.
avenue. W W. Mallory, pastor. IVeaoh
true on Sundays at 2;5» p. m . and every
mal'.t at S o'clock.
popular et.amer Noyo teavea 'Lu'sdajr
everting, March 15. stopping at Juneau,
Dya and Skagway. Apply A. (Thllberg,
S- and navlan-American Bank building.
THE 8 8 "Cleveland" will carry gen
eral mrrehacdis* to Alaska, aaillng
!(. Apply at the Washington At Alaska
S. S Co a offV e, corner First and Yester,
for rate? and space.
HEAD Treen Co.'* shoe bargain adv. on
page li.
DBA ma A\D F1 \KN«f.».
CLARK The funeral <A Lavinla Clark
•rii beheld it Ike family reffldettca.' 90
Je(fersi)B *tr-«»f. this afternoon at 1
o'clo<k. Jiiterment in Lake View ceme

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