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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, April 07, 1898, Image 11

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Km. Mtaf writ*. w«N •«
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A MMB writ— «•
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MM, Mill* 0«MTO Ulton, MM •«
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Miner'* drMM «f tovtllMM. Swift*
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•ataha mmmtmmr mi Damwa'i raids*
-aa egg <laa*>. w —a Fraarl—
«wr micro on AITIOLM nut
PRoor or nooixa u U BATOO.
m>m cstirALUtto 800.
Your Life
May Depend
On Your Outfit.
MRS Gen. Ct'STRR, In her famous
"Bct>ti ard Saddle*," says: "Moat
par; of army at ores; fare great
: Used It Twenty Years Ago. ;
• ~ _ Heat tie. Wash.. Jan. 16. IWS. «
• Mr C F*ed L*Mc»nt. o
• l> i- g;r I ha\«« called aeveral times and taeted vour cmelettes, o
•at a:.vi „m more than pleased with them. !n fact. about tMrty o
, V' i,T> it in cr#**lm the Atlantic on «h* steamship "AsrV •
» if she American Line, on Its Parts Imposition rur I u«< 1 UM r'.'s •
a tvar.d of CnrstaUtao* Eggs, aarvtlf to toe Intl -tigers and rrew ome- •
• <ts<s, custard*. *. rambled eggs, cakes, etc.. m i.ie with your "gits, ani
• * t at.rer-a in prunouuclag them eqiial to tha best fresh shell tigs In o
• tvitv re>. 0
• \\« »rre «o perfectly satisfied with them that we had r.o use for •
an) MMr egg* 1 was steward of the ship I waa very gi*d to find •
O (fetal here agasn. as 1 am going wlih a party to i>ye.a to open a •
O ardir.g i;ouse, ar.d have bought a good lot to take wtth is. know- J
o . from experience tIMI th»y Wilt prove the most valuable part ' 5
• cur store*
• - M eggs to ro other form •»»•!* ther% and you will ttetiM •
• cr»srr» fr -n time to time a* we require 'hem. a
q Y f a:e at ilbrrty to refer arv ere to m» at av. time Ikeer*!* •
• Fx-Stesrard American t.;ne Steamships, *
• The Klondike Nugget, j
o Published at JVIW«m» City, N. W. T. •
• . Issued Weekly, •
or H Msrager. Branch Oft * Seattle, Wash. *
J * : ' < . j- « Advert ,■ „• . a,-. •
• *■' Fred I^M Jr .t. Ci;v J»r.uary, m J
• Manufacturer, «Co man Bldg. •
• I '~** ®" AfUp* -i! T.i nvestigation and heme trial t •
• r ;\ V : »' r Tlt « f *»«r Orystailiaed Kggs thaa to give
• -f. I wsi: ske wt;h rari f an< | '. \ •
• of the N. W T. Ei ' • » ; a
• t-'rsK t r the amount of order. Ke*p*ctfut?v yours m> " •
• Manager 'The Klor.d.ke N
C. Fred LaMont, 6 coinun sik,
**"• '• raak hambai than a ■o-mllrd cheap outfitter. tun cmm have aa aatflt •( Irantl, a sack at Soar, a salloa of water Ml
«a lar« aat that will meet your reqain-nratat la other words—aothla* or aaaetklag, aeewdlag to tko prtoo yiACi
* h, l r will lot Keep, aad It Cast Owe New York rim fUO.OOO to FU4 It Oat Before They Agala Betaraei to
IM s- j
+ S ** J"L |
Ijj G/ty, ' Zoffutt OF ''£****£*"s£ S W J
J 4N» tS Tni ■" |
#»■♦+++ " l 4-Mf-HI
«/4"« «
*.u t M , ovliltrr for It. Lo.k for Ulwft. S~ec« fr«», B.««crmilU H Blfcr o.rUttc. ..d c-U
Fed to Creeiy at the North Pole.
• fSint W orlit-Henawned Scoot end O
9 Indian Warrior. Kit (srtos't •
• tli-ars hltnet* to the Valne O
v «>f I nMoat'a t'rv»t»llt*ed KHRI. *
• 8 a. Grant, Propr ctora. •
J RtttanrUK ftaoet on. •
a '.iie, Wa.rfe„ Ftb. iaa| •
I C. Loai •
• No. u ' : . ict, •
• geVV »*h.— •
• T- ' - r '•*> icf cry ra-de«- •
• t' • o? t „ i'oci-i* •
J coast, both In 'l** I n:t-d S'a:e« and tho •
A Writ la »• le f ' ! » n ' I never ;on-'d*r •
Z v. at cWj Witt at a.b aJ SS * •
• Of UMwt't C y-tai aed i "•* •
• On *7 : ' r * ' v snuarv lum 2
• La*»' T ' -Vrangel ard •
! - - •J • :• mS •
? ov. ese'te gverj Bttfet *.n« r, pri jarai *
la my" 'f «' ver 4 camp are *" o
Z '-Signed) IT r AIOOif i
• ° f W rar rel. Aiaskg. •
«slr» to *ooth African miaee, JSOti,
2.M00 panadu IWT. 50.0<m pooods.
\dTsnee »slr« for this r,. lr otrr
itanada or 4(M».IHHI daatn
MR EC TI ON S-On* tat-Vs poor fu;
rf egg *«•! '•» J of *it*r <<ol 1.
rover ;■•«{«, ant tgg. Two tmvlt
*i >u? -fu» of *K ar,J four of uravr.
;*o *.n<i <a i.kt proport.oa
-"•y tumtxT at - kKa r^uittd.
X. C. Mll.Rf co .
•.OIIU-MMTHRI P CO Hul i-.nl'J H * r
CO»»:M hhos * * lrm * ***■■•
•E4TTIE T*ADI»» CO F£« - "
coop Eß . L rw
Aad More to Fniinw.
j Guided a Distinguished Party in the Yellowstone •
; Park They Used LaMont's Im- •
j proved Crystallized Eggs. :
!,, _ Seattle. Wain., Feb. 2, IMS. •
J 3lr • F «<» LaMont. No. 6 Co'man Block. Seattle. Wash. •
• . ta; " S!r I first used your eggs about 1182 tn Yellowstone Park. ?
• "L Wua serving as guide for a party of gentlemen including Z
0 l*t?n. r rancn p. Blair, Senator Koscoe Conklmg. at New York: Hon. »
• i Broadwater; P. H. Kelly, Jobbing Grocer, of Bt. Paul; £&i- #
• A. H. wilder and Senator Martin McGuinness. of Washington, and I •
• was very much pleased with the egg. I found It all that you claim •
for It in every mptct, and i wai only too glad to again use the egg •
when in C!rcl» City. Alaska. f n ism, and up to the present time have *
• used your »gga whenever It was at all possible to obtain them, and have t
• always four.d them perfectly satisfactory. When 1 return there a* I Z
• propoe doing tefore many days, tbey Will form a considerable and Z
• very important part of rr.y Jutflt. 9
• i have not only ustd tl.em on land, but on sea, having had them •
*2 tcrv-'.i to nsc on the ste*m«ntp Bristol. •
•'■ Knowing your goous to be ail that you claim for them tn „, enr •
• r' 1 t>"iy too gad to advance your interest in every wav *
• possible ar.<- snail not !o«" an opportunely to promote the Mis 0 f vo-ir 5
• p-.'** l *. b«i>* v r, S ln 50 1 shall be best serving nsv f«i| n -» m
• rr;r>ers. ** ' 1 be at liberty to refe/ to me in any way that vou •
• choose. Very truly yours. ** *°u ?
• (Signed) H c HERNE, •
• Circle City. Alaafc,. •
; Mrs. McKay's Indorsement. j
• Seattle, Wash . Jan. » ;M 5
• Mr C. Fred LaMont. ' aS "- •
• D-ar Sir: Ij»n the firs* wMte woman to -oni« out over ts« •
• from Oty, fird very fortunately for mjrwif r«rt o* rrv m.wT •
• f: when in A.a«ka <1 might *ay ;ne most important) con'Uvd ;> , •
• MM:'. Improved Crystallized E«*s. I found th-tr to be Ji n-f, •
• c.asm for tt-«m ,n every t. and I would rot u»ick of
• ;he;e without a rupply of your «***. WBr6la « •
J You *re at liberty to refer to lac. Tours elneereSy, Q
• MR3 ' J- M KAY. •
thorough tests reports them all that li
claimed in every respect, and places them
on their supply Mat.
Mill IS SIM.
Local Street Railways Will Soon
Be Managed by One Company.
Claim That a Magle Maastea*at
Will Be the Salvatloa oi ibr Honda
aad the Transfer Sj at em \% ill Me
the Salvatlea of the People—
Ma ay Empleyea Weald Likely Be
Let Oat—What Railway Mea Say.
A consolidation of ail the street railway
lines of Seattle is a gigantic enterprise.
Vet this very thing will prjbab.y in>
brought about within the neat year, if
the surmises of the mm who are inter
ested .n street railways iu Seattle prov*
to be well founded. Several influences are
now at work to bring about a consolida
tion under one ownership of all the rail
way properties in the city. The effort
U being encouraged by men who have
money invested Ui the i.m* and it U
believed will ultimately be successful.
Consolidation of the Seattle street rail
way lines has been talked of for three
years past, it has been the dream of
some men who have seen a possible op
portunity to float a great big enterprise
and make some money out of it. Several
spasmodic efforts have already been mads
to bring it about. The street railway men
of the city have agreed time and again
that consolidation offers the one solution
of the difficulties that have to be met
by the various lines of the city.
Just now the situation in street rail
way matters i 9 moat Interesting. More
than one pountlai factor is being worked
by those who hope to be able to handle
the proposition, it is in some respects a
struggle for existence, as, of course, every
general manager In ths city wants to
have hi friends ic power with the new
company which is to absorb all the old
The railway men say that consolidation
will not only be the salvation of the
roads, but that by the Introduction of
the transfer system the people of Seat
tle will be able to ride all over town for
one fare, and the infliction of having to
pay three or four fare# in going from one
of the cable lines to tne territory tra
versed by one of the electric roada wiil
be done away with.
The plans for consolidation are talked
of. The first is to bring the roads togeth
er and organize a committee, wh.ch shall
form a new company. It is proposed that
each road shall turn over i'.s property
and franchise to the n«*w company and
rece:ve In payment therefor a certain
amount of stock and bonds, the price
paid for the road to U? fixed by the com
The second plan, and one which appar
ently rinds more favor with owners of
railway securitl.s than any oth»r, l* far
the companies to sell out for spot cash
to the new company which would be
organized for the purpose of absorbing
all of the lines.
They Coat |I,(NNI.UW».
Yesterday a Post-Intelligencer reporter
was Informed by a man who jt believed
to be thoroughly posted on street railway
matters in Seattle, that the railroads of
the city cost the men who built them
W. 000,000. Of course, these figures must
be considered in connection with condi
tions wtat n the r..ads were built. The con
struction of street railway lines was be
gun !n Seattle when the Yesler avenue
line was built in ISW. The following two
years line* were built In every direction.
The building Impetus that followed the
great fire of June, lWiy, wan responsible
for the construction of miles of track,
part of which hss not paid operating ex
pons*a during the last few y ars I'rice
for labor and material during the years
when the roads of Seattle built were
the highlit known in the history of the
eiate. The road? could probably be built
today for lirt.e ovtr one-haif of the cost
of the linea.
"I believe that for spot cash the local
owner* of street railway securities would
bo wiling to sell out for much it % than
their interests coat them," said a well
j known etr-et railway operator yesterday.
"They would afntost be satisfied with
j half of the money they originally put into
! the properties, and would be willing. In
I my opinion, to waive the nt»-re*t on their
investment* for the past few years."
Consolidation will work in two days ac
cording to the street railway men. First,
it *vril cause a heavy reduction In the nurrv
her of employes In the general offices an<l
: power houses, and the abolishment of the
of departments, superintendents,
etc. Secondly, a system of tran*fers. with
> some new construction and the redrganiza
j tion of schedules will be part of any con
| soikiation system.
There was a time In Seattle when seven
power hou*ea were at work with as many
general superintendents. manages »r.>l
with full complement of enxirtes and
j dynamos, supplying the railroads of the
I city wtth power. It t* con'en<V | on the
; part of the railway m*n that one i>->w»r
house can do this work as well as five or
i si*. It Is asserted by m«-r> who are prac
tical tnat the operating ex (tense* of the
lines -ou'd be reduced very largely in this
i manner.
With a central plant ar,J a central of
fice from which to handle the enormous
eyst'm cf «*r»-t railw ays contemplated i n
the plans ■->? cfynsoli-lation will come the
dismissal of several gem]em*R who are
now dr-iw!n«r good sauries «e general
manager. H- ids of departments would
go n»*r. and th.'n would <*> me a red>jf-*ion
in the number of engineers, clerks and me.
chants. It is pr«»ble that a new pow»r
house would hsve ?o be built, supplied
with ma nln-ry of sufficient power to
handle all of »he iin*s Cnder
tion. too, It would he n*<-*«sarv to retain
but one firm of attorneys. while at pre*-
tent every separate road In the eity has |?s
own firm of egal advisers.
* RadsiM Proposition.
"The reduction In the a umber of men
employed wo»;!d. of rour»e. tx» unpleaaaat
for the employ*, from the c *rrerat mm
arers d jwn." wM another street railway
ihufiutf, J'ut thji I* h buslfif't?
allien. I am ready t » so to the Klondike
whenever this consolidation i* brought
about. I know that the comp*rs;e» wiil
profit by - onsohdation and that t«e peo
ple of Seattle wii; get * better and a
cheaper service than they are now r«s
I Another factor la the proposed coaaett-
da!(on is the probability that within a
year or so. som« a( the power system*
which haw been planned to utilise the
streams in the vicinity of Seattle to traas
mu eiertrH-Uy to the city, will have been
and cheap power will be avail
able for operation the lines if street mil
way. The entrance of th;s factor into the
rttintlan will, it is bellexcd. tend to aoosl
er.«te the consolidation movement.
Parallel lines will be either abandoned
under consolidation, or operated on the
loop system. In some caiwa. It is stated
by wti who are posted on the situation.
n«>w lines will have to be built far Abort
distances. Schedules will be so arranged
that the number of the cars operated will
be lessened and yet the sendee supplied
will !>e better than before.
Several large Interests ire Involved la
Ihe present plans for consolidation. One
of the largest is the General Kleetrtc Com
twtny. which furnished the equipment for
the Th!rd -venw. the Grant street and The
Western avenue lines. The General Elec
tric Company sold out to the Electrical
Securities Syndicate Its holdings in the
tirant street line, but it Is believed that
the two companies are allied.
Knt-ri* A Co. Mmy Flaare.
The Front strict line, wliich was built
!n ISO® by Maurice McMickm. Judge H. <l.
Strove. A. B. Stewrat and l>r. A. P. Mit
ten, was bonded for J&KVXW .ind sold under
foreclosure proceedings to a commutes oC
bondholders for W&.OUO :n cash. Ths pres
ent owners are George Tourney, secretary
of the German Savings IXHMI Society, ot
San Francisco; Pert It. Jiecht. of the cam*
city, .tnd Frank H. Jones, of Portsmouth.
What interest the San Francisco bank haa
in the r<*»d has never been published. Thla
Institution, it Is said, is interested in the
Madison strict find James street lines*
It is said that the tank hss always fa
vored a conao.klation of the Seattle street
railway lines. It Is possible that the First
avenue and the Madison street lines will
form a nucleus about which a new oott*
pony will be formed.
* _ • H arr 'a A Co., of Chicago, owns
the Shuttle Traction Comjpany, which «Ul>
have to t*p considered In any plan for a
consolidation. It In understood that Har
ris & Co were interested In the recent
sa> of the Pirst stfnue line. A propo
sition wan made. It i* understood. by tho
Chicago firm or Its representatives to tha
bondholders' committee of the First ave
nue line to take the road and oparata H,
paying them a fixed rate of Inter
est on their holdings. This pita wag
never adopted.
Marina Crawford's Leetam.
P. Marlon Crawford's lecture season la
San Franclaro has been moat successful.
Mr. Crawford's favorite subject It Italia4
life and he has been singularly unsuccaaa*
ful In the few attempts he> haa made at
writing an American novel. The sertsa of
stories dealing with the fortunes of tha
Saraclneaca family present a wonderfully
accurate and vivid panorama of Italian
society, from the unification of Italy down
to the present day. and Ma latest novel,
"Corleone," presents a very striking pic*
turo of life In Sicily at the present tlntt»
The son of the American sculptor, IlionM
Crawford. Marlon Crawford was horn at
!ia«ni dl Lucca. In Italy, on August i UH»
and li» therefore In his forty-fourth yaar.
His education was begun at St. Paul*#
school, at Concord, and later he stilHtod
at Cambridge. England, and at tha contin
ental universities of Carlsrhue. lleldelharf
and Rome. He also rook a course in Sana
krl* and Zend at Harvard, and, to ooa*
tlnue his studies In Oriental lore, want
to India. There he was for a year tha
editor of the Allahabad Indian Herald. la
Kvj he returned to America for two yeam
and then went to Ituly. where ha ha* Jtnoa
m;ide his home, in ifwji Mr. Crawford mar*
rled Mine Kllsabeth llerdan. tha daughtar
of (Jen. Berdan. of Berdan rlfla fame. TtMQT
have four children. the youngtat tttlnp
twins, a l*>y and a tflrl. and thalr hosna
at Sorrento Is one of the most delightful
10 Italy, t'ntll h« r d«-/tth, a few months
ago. the novelist's mother. Mra Terry— for
."he married a second time—dispensed a
famous hospitality at tha old Palaiago Odat*
scalchl, in Home. She waa a slstar at
Julia Ward Howe and of the "Bam" Ward
who left such an enviable record In tha
social annals of New York. It waa at
his genial uncle's suggestion that Mglto*
Crawford wrote hla first ftoatl. "llr.
Isaacs." Its auccras was instantaneous,
and since l>a appearance In 1882. he kaa
written at Unat one novel a year.— Tba Ar»
"The Ssaey Haaks** Tsalght.
Marie Jar-< n, the celebrated comedienne
and stage beautv, will maka her debut
tonight before the Seattle publlo at tha
Seattle theater In the musical corned/ hit,
"The Nancy Hanks." Miss Jensen to on*
of the most magnetic and versatile act
resses on the American stag*, and a prima
favorite in the East. She la admirably
adapted to the portrayal of comedy, be
ing full of dash and spirit, and poaKsbtn*
a keen, energetic intelligence, which It «a
sential in rollicking, racy comedy. Her
experience In comic opera la Invaluable tat
her now, and her songs are pleasant feat
ures of the entertainment.
"The Nancy Hanks" is a bright, spark
ling com«*dy, bubbling over with whale-
some fun and abounding in clever muslQ
and other sp»-Hal features. The company
will Include Mr. Clarence Montalne, lata
lending man with Nat Goodwin; Mr,
Harry Beresford, late leading man with
Emily Kanrker, and Messrs. Mack
Charles, Frank Caldwell. George FelL
Mrs. F. A. Tannehlll, Miss Sylvia Lyn
don. Miss Jessie Bradbury and Miss EiJca
Htrtram. "The Nancy Hanks" will be tha
Mil tonight and Sunday night. Friday and
Saturday n ghta "Delmordco's at a
clever farce by Glen Macdonough, will be
Frederick Marde.
An event of Interest m theatricals to an
nounced in the appearance of the distin
guished actor, Frederick Warde, at tha
Seattle theater next Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Mr Warde has too many friends
und admirers among Seattle theater-goera
to need any further introduction. Tha
bills selected for «in- s>w<tie engagement
are: Tuesday. Sheridan Know lee* "Vlr
ginlus." and Wednesday, ingonoar."
Rarle*t|se aai Vaadevllle.
Another big house witnessed the third
performance of "The Vic»roy'« Favorite."
by the Cyrene burlesque company, last
night, at the People's theater. After tha
burlesque the olio followed, in which thir
ty specialty artists appeared In rapid ■«*
entirely r»£w ■penalties.
D. M. Donne'ly. of Woolley, is stODfriaa
it the Dilltr,
Dr |>. M -KMI h«ran, of Stanwood. la a
guest oi th» Dtil«*r.
W. 3 Haptle. of Dawson. was at til*
I»!iler yesterday. Mr. llaptte win return
to the Yukon in about tea day*.
baking Schilling $
Best baling aowder. It
keeps ranfi <J»ts its work

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