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Telling Evidence Gathered bj the
Police in the Alder Cue.
Ilfssg KrMsise Tkat Tfcey Know
loartkiag sf tke l!ssse ef A -
. tor's Vtoksl Oeatk Utsssre
Aalepsr BsvelsHd tke fart Tkat
' Msftersd Ma a Was Mealtkjr and
Itrssg-'MStat ta Be Meld Taday
f JBvidance accumulated yesterday by tha
polio 4epartmer.t and the coroner's office
tend" to con Arm tha belief in the oatoda of
the poiice that Henry Adkr. the young
Whatcom rancbar was foully murdered last
Thursday. An autopsy performed yester*
day by Coroner YaodeU, aaatated by Dr.
Wtiheia Shannon, devehoped the fact that
Adier died from unnatural causae The
vital organs were found to toe in perfect
aaoditloc and the man was pronounced eo
be phyalcally mid mea tally sound. Ills
gtsmach was taken from bis toody and
sealed up. It has been deiivered to a
chemist and an analysis is bung made o*
Aa oar« :enu.
Tiit facta now to tha pcaaeasion of the
authorities Uaid to ahow that Adler
from a narcotic poison. It may have been
aiHnlaievrml to httn is the back room of
the Dawsun saloon; indeed, the autkeriUes
hold that the statement alleged to have
been made by Adler to Kmil Johnson a
short time before he died is prima facie
evidence that some one administered pois
on to him while drinking in the saloon.
Two men are in Jail under suspicion of
being implicated in the violent taking off
of Adler. They are Dick Lewis and Jack
Shcehan. Lewi* is a comparative airanger
to the Seattle detectives and police depart
tneut. Sheehan is known as a bad man.
He has been in Jail on more than one oc
casion. Several weeks ago lie was arrest
ed and brought to the city jail with a
patrol wagon load of men whom the pmiica
classed aa ail round toughs. lie was
charged with being a disorderly person.
Sheehan'a ugiy temper waa aroused in the
Jail and he assailed Jailor John Corbett.
The latter used his club to good advan
tage on the man. Sheehan is said to have
a bad record in British Columbia. lis la
regarded as a dangerous character.
Two Saspsets Arretted.
Sheehan and L<rwis were arrested at an
eariy hour yesterday morning by Felice
Captain Wlllard and Detective Barbee
They were locked up in separate ceils at
th» city Jail. No charge has as yet been
placed against them. They will be held
pending tho result of the Inquest which
will bu held pnbably today on the remains
of Adler.
TIMS arrests were made on inrorniatioii
furnished tho police by Emu Johnson and
N. Blasbvrg, proprietor of the Dawson
City saloon. Bia»o«.ig toll the officers that
the dead man had been drinking in a
rear *oom with three men on the afu-riioon
of Thursday. They haul ordered sever
al ifrliw •». After ib<> jir»t round had
beer, served. ct:e of the men would come
to tiie iar for the drinks and carry them
back to tha The men were described
in dttail b> D.asbeig and within a short
time the police ran two of the trio lo
According to 'the story told by Jliajsberg,
there is yet a third man to bo accounted
for by the police. Ho is called "Mac" by
the two suspects who are now in jail. A
description of "Mac" has beta turnished
the police department and the detectives
are starching the ci'.y for him. Sheehan
and l>ewla aver that they Jo not knvtw
their mysterious companion in tho saioou
by any oth<-r name than "Mac."
Significant AUutlnalona Made.
A strong part of t*e chain of evidewce
now by 'in* i>olice department
In the Alder case is the sijwjitJrant if not
damaging admissions made by Ijewla and
Sheehan to Deputy Coroner Yundell and
("apt. Willaixt yesterday moroiig. They
were arrested at about 3 30 I'rlJay n>orn-
Sng a# thuy came out of the Wah Chung
building. «n Fourth avsnue south between
WKfhlngt'Ki aiwl Main i»fr»»-«;< Th>-y had
been emokfctg opium and admitted the
fact. After lie-rii- taken to the city jal',
they wete rftiesttoned l>> Cap:. Wtliard
IK»th adrntftad havog h»«n drinking In
« rear room of the Pawaon ittv sa'«<>n
on afternoon in rompany with
Jfenry Adler Thev admitted that after th««
first round of drink* the bartender did not
M\« thorn, hut that one of the party
would a • from tbe room to thenar and
bring the drtnk<t ori st tray.
l.<!asbets*» story is -hat ae ♦ »ar i a row
going on tn the r*xan «i*t Itefore Alder
law!# and Kheehan 1<: v that
there *'.t* any lighting, wr that they at-
For Today |
\'ash-on. eack * bbl I ♦
S<*.ft llof>4' k Jt, »-! j
sa k. I! •»'■ bbl. j; ->v J
Rainier, sark Q > | $4 •
Prrf- " m ■ k ? |fa ♦
WTsmev t \ . 1 so • t i;.-and W
it's the beat Tr» Pwftct Hmm i
ar>«! tMon th*v (»-e s mply sen- Z

Frederick, Nelson Munro,
ranltar*. Carpata. lUin, Kb. Klalto llMk, Iw«a4 Avt.
tempted to rob Adler, aa he ta
J ill ■ana.
Have Mem MntlleC
Jjtwit and Sheehan have btta poatttvaiy
identified by two men as having been seen
in the beck ream drinkinc with Alder
on that fatal Thursday afternoon. This Is
regarded toy the police as evidence of the
strongest character against the suspects if
ii should be proven in the inquest that
Adler died of poison. "Hie names of th*-se
two men are withheld by the police for
obvious reasons.
The autopsy on the remains of Adler
was conducted yesterday afternoon by
t'onxmr Y andeil assisted by Dr. William
Shannon. The heart, kidneys, liver, lungs,
brain and stomach were removed. AR of
these organs save the stomach were rigid
ly eaammed. They were found to be in
excellent condition. They afforded no evl-
| f he #.-|. I
e •
* 5
9 Among Msay Articles of Specisl Interest to Appear la i
I Tomorrow'® Issue May Be Found tke Followiag: *
i ' I
£ AMU.IU THIS At MAMAS) All Akowt the <|aeer laUaas Wko Live mm *
9. tke Mlgk Platean la Interior Bolivia. f
J elded ana Are systeaaa to Be Tried.
J rEAHL OK roLYRESIAi Facta Akoat tke Hawallaa Islands, tka 4
Little Pacine uroop, Saw a Fart of tke lalted States.
• *
f: THE STAB OF EMPIRE) Is Territorial Exteaaloa to Be the Poller $
a- of tke lalted States tioverameatf f
e t*
9 WAR'S EFKKtT OJI SEASIDE RETREATS) at Urmt It promises to ka $
H rtlsastroua, but later eveata have Improved tke outlook for tke ir
bonllarea. J
9. 4
BAB GOSSIPS OF SI MMER RESORTS) tke dimenlty of pleasla* tke $
T average woman and undesirable pkaaes of roaatry house life. |
? 0!f THE SIUE OF dISTU E| atory by HowarS Marcos Strong. 4
I HAVANA'S UEFEASESi deacrlked by the aaaa wko atadled tkeas for '€
I tke government, tke daa*er and dlMc.ltr of nettla* plaae of
| tke fortiaeatloaa.
f: MOW TME POLE IS TO BE DISCOVEREDi Lleat. Peary's accoaat f
$ of kls sew expedition; nkat the aortk pole really Is. 4
9. TALES OF THE SAhTA FE TRAIL) some remarkable rides over 4
m tkat celebrated klgkway. •'<*
?■ *
I VAST STOHES OF UOLU; amount aow keld la New York equal to
oae-itventy-uitb of all la exlateace.
f R'OtM OF THE WOODS, (ke mea wko patrol oar forest tracts aad $
* .................... j
t t
denee whatever that the man was afTllct
ed with disease. On the other hand, he
was pronounced by Dr. Yandell and Dr.
Shannon a* a man in perfect physical and
mental health.
The stomach was sealed up and delivered
to a chemist for the analysis of lis contents.
Tiie evidences of death by narootla poison
noted by the physicians were dilstfcd pupils,
blanched color and blue lines around the
mouth, and pinging from the stomach.
A wound and two abrasions of the skin
were found on the body indicating that a
short while before he died AJler had been
mixed up in a light. Or. his hip 'there wis
a wound a* if made with sueno kind of a
weapon. There is an abrasion or bruise
on the head and another on the fare. This
is regarded as evidence bearing' on the
statement alieg-d 'o have been mad* by
Adler to Johnson that the men in .the R*x
tried to rob him and that when he resisted,
tliey beat him
Onneri Take Out n gl*.OiM> I'ermit to
t-tßlah tlie Interior—H liat The?
i'ropuar to llu.
The Denny hotel, of which so much has
been sale! and written, is to be completed
and, if possible, it will he made one of
t :e very llnest hotels on t'te Pacific coast.
Th« Denny-Blaine i-u-J Company yester
day obtained a permit to tin;sh up
the work in the Interior of the hotel, and
a large force of men are already at work.
K. F. Blaine Informed a Post-Int»lligen-
I car reporter yesterday that the work !t.i«
1 been i'o:iimenced In earra £ t, a::d w.iu!J be
p .■died fotward as rapidly as possible,
j The pUr.s of the l»erny-R'air.» latnd Oum
j psny fti connection with the P< nny hotel
j are eltborate Mr TValne ea:d to a Po«i
--! Intelligencer reporter
"We now- ha va thirty m*»r a* work, and
they are engaged tn repalrln* the roof.
skvlight. et. It I# a!«o our Intention to
paint both the inside and outsi ! e of the
| "We will shortlv flltv- rooms eom
j iieted. and trey w;ll '. e ready tor the re
ception <»f families v«»ry soon. A.-«.*orui::g
to our present p!ar>s it ;s the Intention to
make the D»t.h\ .< family hotel, but if the
people of Seattle will consent to orcinilt
« hotel company *»•• will alt» r our plan.-;
j a id make it one of the w-ry b*st t*««t of
| the Mi*~ aiapi ri\>r. The hotel has ♦ >.*
r> rr.« and in short time they wdi be
1 furnished %■ r-11: t t > the plans of !'•••
. t?o- tl . i \ t r t
'■ p'e of SeitU" w 1 tro.it tf .s proposition
With : :\ \\ .» -Jie-.d «•>}"- :ho 1 aid
ing with triv bell*. ! f -ph. - I '.jrg'ar
a'- * I 1 fart. crything < ise th it
j i» esjuantlai "
Oi l U K THUt Rid'.
I'ruplr I omr to | nderxiuillnK,
Th" srov»-rrt,• ! u»r 1 v o* e s to Cfvupy
t ! > Pt ' t £ or N. . 4 .-r. •<» m
; #r':;e of the g..«>mv oa!l»k A<Mv<*r In
, v F A V\:ng 1 \f* w ..» i Thursday
; *■-»;; •e ;ru">fs M <• r Pr<
, t > :e;t«n cft-.trch .iiwur f>d th-sr Intention
1 * IWttoa of tie M)A| x* a
'• -t n: tvom :rir<a r, <
»' " * "'■! if< et T: *• >e«ter»
.••• r>■<» to Jin ai: ierstaaditig wi;h Thvm
-4 a* i'ro*.-, i£« oauer 0: ta« i>u
Carding the unexpired l*aee of the church,
and vacated the premises.
Mr. Wtef ays all la now as merry as s
manias* bell, and that the office will be
ready in a very short time to melt geld
dost for the returning miners.
The church has nearly -completed ar
ranjretnents for quarter* in Morris' kail, at
the corner of Ninth avenue and Yesler way.
Tea Tea-lack Wrapoai Wliek
C'eaM Make mm laapreaalaa e>
Tkat Hpaalak Prtratw.
A shipment of government Runs arrived
In Seattle at a late hour last nigrht over
the Northern Pacific railroad. They are
what is known as 10-lnch guns, and are to
be used at either Marrow-stone point or
Admiralty head. The only two men in
Seattle who know the exact destination
and positive nature of guns are
Capt. Hobinson and Capt. Barry Taylor.
Capt. Taylor said last night: •
"The guns have arrived, but I am not
at liberty to tell you the exact nature of
either of them or their destination."
There is not much doubt that they are
for Marrow stone, and the local govern
ment officers are ready to nend them to
their destination at once.
Commnndt-r of tlie llrltUh Iroopa
Thanks Maywr Hmu en.
Ueiit. Col. Ivi .vin O. Prior, who was In
chnrg»» of the Pritlsh trooi.ie during their
visit to battle on the Fourth, has written
a very pleasant letter to Mayor Humes,
express ng his thanks for the kindness
shown him and his men while here. His
I deep appreciation is clearly shown in the
letter, which follows:
"Victoria. It. C.. July 5. ls.«,
! "lo his Worship, the ALayor, Seattle,
W ash.
"Dear Mr. Mayo?: As no opportunity was
given me yesterday of publicly expressing
to the•cittern* of Seattle the gratitude that
toe offW-rs and men of my regiment feel
for the magnificent reception accorded
them, I now write to tender you, as the
! c.ty's representative, our most sincere and
i cordial thanks for all the kindness that was
j showered so lavishly upon myself peraon
! ally and upon the regiment during our
\ isf». \ our own soldier*, returning tri
| umphant from the present war, could not
ha\e been re»'"iveii tnore e*uhusiastioaily
than we were. I tn.«t this may be the coni
mencemetit of reciprocal visttx between u«.
and mat neat year we may see vou or
your reitimer.ts come to us to assist in cele
brating our t<eloved queen's birthdav I
w.«h to thank Mr. K. <*. N-u
--felder. «'oi. l.daeu and Mr. Na«. a i. who,
a# n»»mbe-s of the committte. did so much
j t > m.ike our visit one that we shai;
temember with feelings of the greatest
j pleasure
H<- i«\tt'.P, dear Mr Mavor, yours verv
i faithfully.
"I>t. «Vl. «'ommand!ng Fifth H-a.. t'an.
J Jaircs obtained a permit to
're. t a, dwelling bo ;.-e at No. lli Ward
-.« k> r-"- ..m made an application
> rd.r,' tn have t Tie >eVVfV I»r; J,*fff*[ son
&ue»*i extendi , to the <-ast side of Spruce
• street
• . A sreetinc Of the b ,jrd >f managers of
i t te Twitg woowi Christian AmwUmlm
; will be held at r-».ms M-.u: iay. July
{l' A full atte; Unce is ie>;red.
V S !■•>}»>• s h«Kd rally. -si-»r the aus-
I i tt* Ualm Wftam'a r'heis-
J tISII i ' fnj t'l ilit " { ' . :;,• 4lV»"|l at
the Have- M. v ru.r 1 ton: >rr« w after
| r at I-' v - > M Maude «r.. -
lint lor. a I ■ ha'k t-lker for the Women's
j Christian T-mi>erar e I'r.i.-n. win enter
tain tbe vuire; is.l ?h. Nt :«! Will be tn
1 caarge of Prof. R. K. Ltmlrrs:;,ith.
ST'WVSHIP Al-Ki sads for
' points on Sur*>l»v. 5 ». rn , July jo
Patronize the new ice company.
I Te.. M».n aJfl.
Bsa-i tks
MS (RUM iff.
Ho Indication That the Bate War
la Drawing to an End.
fcam tor TrarUt Travel «• tk«
West Here, Bat Roaii Cftattam
«• Sell Tickets tor Very Little
■Mer-toae Übm Cnttiag l ater
the Preaeat Law Kate la Or«er ta
Ball* t» m Gaad Baalaeaa.
Midsummer and the season for tourist
travel to the West has arrived, *nd stUl
there Is no end to the passenger rate war.
If there has been any recent change in
the situation among the transcontinental
lines. It has been rather to intensify tho
struggle. Western general agents of the
various lines involved in the controversy
are shy nowadays of expressing a belief
that the low rates are to be succeeded by
the regular tariffs. There are no predic
tions that the warring lines will adjust
their differences.
Railroad men all say that the reads are
losing money when it Is possible to go to
New York from Seattle for $35 first class
or 125 second class. They aasert that there
is no margin for a dividend with tickets
to Chicago at $21.">0 second class, and to
Omaha for S2O. Travelers observe, how
ever, that there Is almost as mujh rivalry
for business among the tickei offices of
the competing lines in Seattle as for
Some people say that It is cheaper to
travel now under present conditions than
to stay at home. The railroad men take
this view of it. This is perhaps due to
the fact that hundreds of people are tak
ing advantage of the low rates to go East
and see the folks "down ou the farm."
East-bound travel is just now much
heavier than . that west bound, which
shows, In the opinion of railroad men,
that people on their vacations are Improv
ing the opportunity presented to travel
Cat Into the Cat.
Time and again there Is in circulation
among the railroad offices the statement
that certain lines are cutting under the
low rates in order to make a strong show
ing and to buikl up a business through
certain territory which will prove profit
able later on. Recently the statement <was
published in an Eastern railroad magazine
that the railroad agents of San Francisco
were selling tickets to competitive points
in the East on a flat rate, that Is. with
out* th<ft rebate. The railroads. >t will be
remembered, agreed early in the rate war
to protect the business to intermediate or
Western points by demanding almost fuil
fire to competitive Eastern points, with a
stub attached to the ticket entitling the
holder to a rebate of the difference be
tween the amount charged and Ihe fare.
A general agent of one of the transcon
tinental lines was asked yesterday if this
practice had been followed In Seattle. "It
most assuredly ha»," was his reply.
"Every now and again some one comes in
here and tells me that one. of the other
agents has offered them a ticket to some
Eastern point at a flat fare. Scalpers are
sometimes responsible for the-e stories, as
of course they sell straight tickets without
any rebate. You can say that the rail
road agents In Seattle are adhering strict
ly to the agreement. There is no cutting
or shaving under the already low rates.
"The Eastern lines connecting with the
transcontinental roads are bearing their
share of the burden of this fight," he con
tinued. "I see It stated frequently that
they ar® rot. You can depend upon it, no
Eastern connection of ours wojld demand
full fares to points reached by them. Of
course I have no idea how the loss is pro
portioned. Thlfl could only be found out
In the offices of the auditors of the vari
ous reads. Why, in some cases, should the
Eastern lines exact full fare, it would nat
urally absorb all we get out of a ticket,
leaving us to carry the passenger from
the Sound to the Missouri river or Chi
cago for nothing. The Eastern ilues have
shown no desire to hamper the trans»eon
tinental roads In this fashion. They know
that we are bearing the brunt of the con
test with the Canadian Pacific railway,
and they ate doing their share to sustain
the war."
*onie Fnnnjr Uddrnti.
Amusing incidents are of daily occur
rence in the general offices of the city,
due to the present conditions. Two women
lately purchased from one of tha general
agents two tickets to Kansas City. The
next day they came in and indignantly
demanded that the agent return them J1
"Why." Mid one. with some show of in
dignation. "that man over there (pointing
across Pioneer place) offered to sell us
those tickets for $-T, and you have charged
us S2S!"
The agent immediately went to the
'phonn and railed up his competitor Indi
cated by the woman. Back came a denial
of the story that he had offered to shade
the tickets 11. The women were directed
to go to th« office of the other iine. They
did to find that they were mistaken,
and that in fact they had purchased their
tickets in an adjacent scalper's «ihcp.
The af'-n: who hid lw>*n accused of
shading the rate a.«ked the women to go
to his rival and fell him where they
bought their tickets and thus exonerate
"We wouldn't po hack there for the
price of *h-s tit kets," said th»v, and the
agent had to do hi. j "Jquaring" himself.
The ir.cid»;it was declared ended .n a con
venient dispensary of liquid encourage
run MUKK 1.4H <)noriV Kl,
Ihfv Will (it» Nnrlh Coon for %lsw
kn'a Knilroml.
The two remaining narrow gauge loco
motives of the Columbia At Puget Sound
ral'rc.id, which are to rned on the rail
road now t>u® ilng at Sk tgw ty. are being
load- i on the b Ajix and Binx of
th«r Pacific O.pper l!n-. Tie tug Wall v a
wili i»av - during the wevk for Skagway
with the birges in tow.
A numt *t if narrow gauge freight eirs
will be kj.iiexi on the t-arge Skookum.
which I" tc i_a:ry "he next cargo of rails
I • Skagw i.v. H»-r tn-r:h .«r »h" north - i*
of Yrsl-r <i. k i« now occupied 'uy the
»te.im dri !g»*r. whe h is at work increas
ing the d-pth of water b-tw»-en y. ami
Colman docks The Skookum is ,-:M moor
ed at ore of the buoys in the harjer.
>ov» a I'nrl of (hr \«rlhrrs I'arlftc.
The Centr il Washington, vc' leh wis
ce \ part ■ f svstem of the l.or'vn
Pacific Railroad Company, has .*come
again m»rgrd int.- that iln*. Circulars are
out inncun :.g that Central Washing
ton has become part of the Northern Pa
c:fi ■ j>ri perty and that it is now <nclu2ed
In the Idaho division of the road
Receiver <\ V Chamberlln turned the
property over t.v N irt:.- so P«« iftc
July !. and is now engaged in w«.ui;itg up
sis accounts in the Federal <-ourt. The
OMA ».* tog tfco Xotizcsa Pa- ,
■«« KM II ■ 1 18. |
We start our Midsummer Clean-Up Sal%.
today with prices so low that if you do not
buy, your own interest is not consulted, j
<T Q Men's I T 3a-1 <N Ola'i®
4)0 is. | :t. 4>lZ is. jit
What is there more useful for an outing than a Negligee or Golf
Shirt ? See what we have cut down to this price—they would be a good value fartt
Vsu'aflAn It aire are hard on the boys' clothes—we have jnstl
Ydvullvll l/QJu the thing for them. See <mr cut prices la this Ha.
Remember, we promise to save you money on every dollar's
worth you buy from us during this sale.
cific at the receiver's sale several months
Ifcnilrond Note's.
W. I* Benham, general Western freight
manager for tho Great Northern, is »n
Portland on business.
F. H. Britton. assistant general superin
tendent of the Great Northern, vith head
quarters at Spokane, is in Seattle.
S. B. Calderhead. formerly general
freight and passenger agent of the Mon
tana Union, and who has been appointed
by President Mellen to a similar position
With the Washington & Columbia River
riiiroad, is a brother of O. O. Calderhead,
chief clerk in the office of I. A. Nadeau,
of the Northern Pacific, and of 3. C. Cal
derhead, tha under sheriff.
President MeKloley's Proclamation
to He Observed to This City.
In accordance with President McKinley's
proclamation setting apart next Sunday a3
a day of tranksgiving and praise to Al
mighty God. the First M. E. church will
fittingly observe it with song and prayer.
Mrs. T. S. Idppy has agreed to decorate
the church with flowers and bunting, and
flags and palms, and everything will tend
to show the patriotism of the members of
that church In a manner appropriate to the
Mrs. Marvin, who has achieved so notice
able success by her rendition of patriotic
songs, has prepared a fine musical pro
gramme for the services which will be held
in the morning, and Rev. K. M. Randall,
jr., will deliver a sermon commemorating
the great victories won by American arms
on land and sea.
Inasmuch as Dr. Randall's congregation
has, during nearly every service since the
beginning of the war with Spain, sung the
national anthem, and Dr. Randall's ser
mons have always been replete wkh pa
triotism and the righteousness of our cause,
this service promises to be of unusual in
terest to churchgoers.
Hood Canal Route,
Steamer Delta leaves Galbraith's dock
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 7
a. m.
DR. ANNIE RT'SSEM-s diseases of
women. Hinckley.
DR. PETERSON, Osteopathy; consul
tation free. Sullivan building
STEAMSHIP Al-Ki sails for
points on Sunday. 9 a. m.. July 10.
PINEHVRST Cottage. Cohasset
open July Ist.
lbs loral is tW kiqfcest bakisq powder
Um. Actusl tnti shiw it
third farther ttea osy other krisi
tMem **>*?** c®. % u
!i $ irry T""\
! M I 818 W
ilf i AV - #
iso! |
♦ ve
' in ° «•
| J 1 Best £
IW lunch
S ...AND
;i ij Short
m Orders J
(ft -g Day $
w m And &
m %-4 Night.
! *ft: XXXXXC**
if BROS.GO. —> |
|| |
! f Fresh !
I Ranch Butter, j
! | 15c Pound. J
: Native !
: New Potatoes, 1
♦ I l-4e Pound. X
I Fruits :
♦ At Wholesale Prices. *
t I
! 920-922 Western Ave., f
♦ Cor. Madison. |
♦ Telephone Main 208. £
DtL. UARBllitiM, Prop.
I ise OfiU sirtcav mm ma in w&
. Uc.1.4 •• Flr.l At..... m»U
1 ■ M< H««fc
| -FOB- •
; Men and WoneLii
| BROWN 8R05.,!
* llcce#*of a t« ,
rra»r!K<) C*
722 First A>e.. cor. CoJipbta It
i Kodaks, |
• $
I Pretties, •
: Adlakes, Etc. ;
• No *■ h "<rt' '>-> : yJ
• to t.'»< it:. m %
• «ui >»nd f«<» ftr n f,w » toc » "* g
• Ix-auti' U Photo AAhM t
• Washington Dental mi J
J Photographic Supply Cfc •
• r:i Columbia St.. opi-.K»l«« Po*W3tta
; MM „
WARD !rrv **>»» Jg^Bl
oti. til# ~y «sHDI
iummrr w^Ul
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