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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 08, 1898, Image 6

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will lot »tr* roii iMttK rao»
K Salon < onnij < o*inJt«*e Keep* M«
leacf na to Mark Dlamaad
ktf«Ml tn B«- jUaagtteW t
*mrfli for Inathrr Vletlsn BcfU.
The furor's a •>'''• ng trouble with
nefcs . Wai
ters. of i :.<<>* b jsnar-l Popultet Candi
da?'' tor state >Mt*r ;» tfee Twenty
fm»rr. : », 1.4 notifte J the fusion coun
ty u.*< ew♦! bw maae the rac*.
Of Whieft W. c. Rutter 1*
fnalm; i. r f ■ v« ! net eof Mr. WalferW
determinates r< to rut* several day* <tgo.
Mr. Rut;er an! h. associates on toe com
sjiif;••< ha, iit- u ( *&' ing about iver «iuce
for .t ran i have. t*> fir faiU-d to
fifid a tnari if; ti:«* d:«;riet who will make
the race.
Waiter* in 1 Popuifcrt He is in the env
of liun k Diamond f.'usi Company,
and ii-, « »!■»:! »•••!: th-Mig.it of by thOto* WHO
kr.«m him, it is »aid. Th* r* j«>n of hM
«afTe. t|.>n ia wript; ! .n son." oiarurity.
The county comm tt*»- Is k'ep:ritr aH infor
mation fr'.tr> the public In relation to the
matter. Neither the fart that there is to
be a c.'ianxe in the ticket or that Mr. Wai
ters refii**«! to m*»k** the fight for the
office fj.n.- tx-en given our by the commit
tee ar.d ii* are •twdiiiuwiir biding
the tnotlves which have actuated Mr, Wal
Il :* quietly whispered about among f'op-
Uli*' polith lane that Walters' hesitancy
about making t!»r r*-e for the off; * to
whiuh he w;ts nominated im* due to the.
fact that tie ;* pretty woli satisfied with
pre«ent ti«n* and hi vir.g *n *yt to
the windward, foresaw the r«*rsh, whirh Is
likely to i# ur when the vote* in the South
dlstri--r ar counted.
Another view of the mutter, however,
and thi* Is \ aken by the metnoent of tive
committee I* that for business renwon*
Waller* decided ttiat he did not wish to
make the race.
Chairman Uutr. r of the general commu
te*. >• «rer-lav declined to make anv state
ment whatever relative to the matter,- e*-
cept to piv that no changes had been nude
in the county ticket. Another member of
th« committee admitted that Waiters had
«*> fir failed to announce hi* acceptance
of the nomination. and that the commit
tee w is patiently waiting development# be
fore t iking act on Ttii# authority stated
thai the nia:(w had not in-er brought offi
cially to the attention of the committee
at all.
ft was rumored fusion headquar
ter* yesterday that the county committee
had approached several men living In the
district with a proportion to take the va
cant place on the ticket, but so far with
out material reaults. The name of V. R.
l*ler*ori tias been mentioned In connection
with the nominati on, but It wtu* stated yes
terday by a friend of the Columbia gta'tes
man that unJ. r no circumstances woild
ha accept the nomination; that in fact he
had repeatedly declined ft In the Populist
IfJs reason for this declination l« because
«>? hi* belief that h. c«»uld not defeat John
Wooding, the Republican nominee for sen
There was a strontr Intimation, however.
hy a dose frb nd of Mr Piermm that one
of the legislative candidate in that dis
trict was likely to withdraw and that
Pler*on was slated to take hia place on
the ticket.
Renews His Attack I pan the Admla
; tatratlon—Phlllppluea, Me Maid,
Will lift Uiven Up to Spain,
Congressman J. H. I*»wi*. acccftniwnied
by Becra'ary Thos. Maloney and John Con
don. of the fusion state commute.-, went
to liallard last ntght to toll th»» pev)ple of the
mill town that he ha-i returned to them
**to givo an account of hla stewardship."
Mr. lawLs addrt s.* d a mf*tlng in Odd lA l
lows' hall, in which were gathered nearly
20» persons, of which over half were lad.eg
and children.
Mr. was frrarodftd by R. F. ileuji
ton. of T:tcom,i, candidate for the supreme
<<ourt. When the little congressman arose
to apeak there were grouped In front of
turn trj see re or more of children, while
theseattt In the house were largely i iken up
with ladle*. "You are to be congratulated
that 1 am In a g«*jd humor," na .1 Mr.
I-ewis by wsy of "for I came out
fcer»i In a cumin' mood some He
rubtican tramp orators have been out here
In my Rome and among my neighbor# of
liallard telling storm about me."
Mr. l>-wi* continued on this strain, leiv
| lug on« not accustomed to his method c,f
| addre.shing an audience to believe that he
}t had resided all hi* Hf* in the shiugl>> town
8 and that ha had his eaily ooyhood
k catching the sawdust as it flew from the
[| saws in the lumber mills
Mr. l*ewis told the peonie of Ballard that
[i at Washington S-n it*-r- It-.? i :ki«
I bad conspired to rob th«. i«»ople, "the poor
[| honest, working people of their earnings.'*
IThis, iie declared ha i been aitemt ted by
the introduction of btila, one prtividit.g for
f4 the issue of bonds, ahfch in the whole a*-
h (tiYttaf.! »..«*»,«»«»»»vi Which would hold
l| the peoj-le of Italian) "and their children's
|! chlldret," in t». ,d »ge f.»r ««es % ,-t to come.
According to Mr. l- wiis he a.ts thi> only
j man am.»n»r nl! the l>e.fno<-rat« Populists
ft and Stiver Republicans a*ho had the nun
:i hood to etand up this <iesreg*'!»>is
In the !,vt days of congress and opxH>se
their s<*heine^
Mr. r«-a.I frequently fr->m n«wapap.
if »*r aitU'tes wiik'h he sail! uere printed in
tlw tVvr.ijrvMSioi t i He-ord. He ,-itargei)
the war deivirtmcnt ha-i awarded c aitracts
aggregating to tlv*- 'avoritc r *it
roads and that when the neai-e !-t>!«iTn!ssi.>-j
I a*s i| , tnted It « ua u nen tood
Vnlted Stat. s « n-i '«:i-<i it- • ,»:i cam on
the I'hlMprln. •«. «k. i>< to the h.triwr of
Manila and •« coaling Tt:-,
proven, he mid. b> the fact that U>y|»r
the hut. he, had been nj.t»o ! ntr J a menilvj
i of the Spanish r imn!;s»tii>n.
lOCM BCTCiLIt ws mf.i v.
Itft-rtdnl Orgaulimlon u( ibr 4 IMb,
tt Ith * llumlrrtl Members.
Pursuant to <>*ll. tW >ouni
Cf MtV T»»t •:>%! t <ht In tt*i» auditor u.ti
«♦ :»t? hr.v*>ii»«rt*f« an,|
t!'-» V- . M--" •« lt»|MihUr.m t s#-
*t\\« T y n.f tr a* A'hl «r«(*n!ia! n «r!-#
a! 1 nS'VtMKful from tvery
of vio\v.
Ab' Ui »'"•»!!!'. fl\« >. n i Republican*
■w. r« In I'.tr!! !ur - *v * r - 0 n B ghontsj
>< X'ft M'r ( t h.">s#>n i#R ii."»rr
»r i v'i TttT-! ft !
OiUc l •» • ; • ir.'n' iM - f ;h»-
to v'k ..r t »»• » si* :f*~s've w :X
IN- Mnvrm'gn.
l>r? > in*;': * w»s t-v
th# *!•»<•! it"! >r Jibn If *•:
John V. K> > ' •« * t Mr
to** Atk: • •' n Vre««.**nt
PoWt I. »'-n tak • • « , v.*:r. .!•!!v*>r*-1 a
chAra--?»ns ■ ftr»<S h'» \ is
Knjri-' Ii *'i i !i'V»! >t»■ *r> »#• :n«>» «
•trmnic!' th« ei.ib H»
to «p • » r.! nir»«- vi<"* v r*m ♦««'# »n>
rich w»r\! tn tV city w\<* to fiih+r w ,
t <* .-t:>cr < r f <h* c'uK ,
•tlttt'o -«n • \t • • vr • rrr> >-* i
Ifor. J. It. S hiv* \, cAtirßitn ~r { t^n
Much in Little
' tra« of Hwll into, lor «h» »mv:
*ia*ev*r «v - to >rv*t ptiratiT- p, * fr
\ ** *' '~ x] ' They arv » nrdicj}*
n;ii A
t*fcu-t»r> » <». v) 111
W fevrr t ! t ivr "Hs. ■ ■ ■
v f -Wl * ■' :f» Jvmii.C* »!.♦ SV.
|L r : -' y IV, * , - S w l -* ke * 'ii R»mp»ru^.
Hon. XV. C. Jones—Dear F.'r: A large Eum'*r of copies of yt">r s;'4#-ch
tn <~oiurr**s or. February 22. 091, have beer. printed and distributed
over th« elate In the in?erest of the Populist ticket. I b»*l'-v» there ar*- very
mar. y statements in that speech, co nn to the very foundation of your argu
nsiflt, which are vltiSjr ffrowoui and enxustainrd by fact. lam Informed
that you are repeatinsr upon th- ntcmp some of these. -tat- ments
The high estimate that I place upon you »!> a man arvi a? a «mp a gner
prevents rn« from that you would knowingly misstate any fact even,
for the sake of going to I therefore *ak- tr-.i ipmi> of calling your
attention *o one or two of the?* j»ta:**ments. and respect fvlSy r«q»wt you to
publicly support them fey th*
letter, or else cease making them.
On pace XM 0i the CMfmikitil Record of P.'brimy 22. 1f9%. yon H forth
that Ic i*S4, and on to the ei"** of the war, the itns-rt sf money tn circulation
In thin country was 12.113-Wi.ni'J »•, a per capita tJrcnJetiwe. no? including the
people of the South, of 55 4.52. r?at as *o<vn ** a.*- a - ov r more
people were addad to tftcae wh j u*. d »';• ' • vi.** for th» ir circulattts
medintn, than reducing the per capita to J57.U' .m »i»snrdlat« ;«nd
reduction of 42 per cent."; that bei at;ae ».f rHfction the of product*
tn W® feli 22 par cert, a.* compared with
to the farmera of the country <■! ri3o.v-j.072 on ha' at. rye. oats nnd corn alone.
In the tota! of i'lllZ.m.W 1, your f»nmatp f<w »*♦. *•"'« Jnclode
of 7-» notes. You refer douhtlei?a. to tlw Ss&Mu.W' of T-3<* authorixad by the
aots of June 30. ISW. and M*r«ti 3, ISC, *Sn«e th#» only other T-lOs iasued. thoaa
of ifM. to the amount of -«»>, were Utr the mo si pari r»-detfm«4 in the
summer of 1164. <»ee Payiev. ir.fra. page IV".)
Surety Hugh McCaflfcfe, secretary of tin- tr -asury. wito sold the greater
part of the 140),000,Oft) of 7->»s. will, in his ofR.'UU re;»>rt.«. hr accepted a* tbe
best authority on earth as to when these notes *». re Issued. In ids report of
T** ember 4, 3>C. he states in the moat cb-.ir aivJ unmis!akar.»e langu.igv that
KSD.M.M of thefe 7-3 fes were not issi *d and outstanding unti'. after the close
bi the war. SSpt-aiiiag of toe heavy requisition* from the war department after
the fall of Richmond, and of the <-30 notes, he aaya in this titpor;:
"The secretary perceived the ne< erslty of reuliaing a- as po-'slbla
the amount—S&2e,OOO.WO~atlll authorized to be borrowed under tids act. * • •
Before the flrat of August the ertire amount of |Mtt.*W,W» had been taken."
(S.-e Cor.greeslonai Olobe. XSOk6, part 5, appendix, page 43, in Seattle Public
Library; aJao, Bayley. infia, pug" W.)
If McCulioch knew what he was talking about, you are mistaken over half
a biillon dollaxa in your estimate of the amount of i-3os Issued prior to the
close of the war.
Mr. Jkiyley, in "National Loans of the United States," a work gotten out
under the direction of Francis A. Walker, and constituting a part of the
Census Report of 18S0, arid issued by the government, seta forth on page 165
that of these 7-3f% only H10,*12,250 were iesued and outstanding in l*'-*. which
proves that jou ore mistaken io the amount of s7l9, V>~.~iW in your estimate of
the amount of 7-30s outstanding in 1564. Mr. Bay ley also sets forth that only
S:«t»,GGO.MM of the 7-3W were Usued prior to April 1, |l6i, eight days before the
close of the war. proving you In error over half a billion dollars m your
estimate of the amount of 7-nos Issued up to the close of the war.
In your estimate for 1564 ycu include $217,024,16»> of compound Interest notes.
According to Kayley. above quoted. page Itil, on January 1, 1563, only
$125.179,27t) of these notes were outstanding, and on April 1, 1565, only $127.9.12,5W0.
Vou are. therefore, mistaken over $Sf-.000,000 in your estimate of the amount of
compound Interest notes outstanding in ltf-4. and sirf),toW, , *iO in your estimate of
tae amount of these notes outstanding at the close of the war.
If from the total $2,113,506,*02.57 which you claim as the circulation for the
North lri 1w.4, you deduct |719,000,00u of 7-30s. and the sum of $95,000,000 com
pound Interest notes above shown to be wrongfully included In that total, and
divide the remainder by 25,#X>,000. you will lind that the per capita circulation,
in lt«i4 tor the North is reduced from SS4.G2 to only $52, and the Whole founda
tion for your "catastrophic reduction" crumbles.
There are. In your grand total, other items amounting to se-.eral hundred
million dollars which can easily be shown in similar manner to be wrongfully
included, but these two instances are sufficient to prove that your estimate of
the circulation in ix>4, and on to the okwe of the war, is absolutely wild, even
granting that all the securities named in your total were used generally as
which was nut the fact.
Again, you atate that the farmers sold their 1814 crop of wheat, rye, oats
and corn for $993,389,!»62, but that, on account of the "catastrophic reduction"
they received only s«<<>.t>s7,4i© for their 1565 crop of thesa four cereals, aad
thereby suffered a loss of $336,}#)2,072.
Let us see. The UM crop was cold mainly during the last si* months of
1884. The U>66 crop was sold mainly during the last six months of 18%. The
prices Just named are greenback prices. Rut. during the last six months of
iMrl greenbacks were worth in gold only 42 cents on the doliar; while during the
last six months of 1»65 they were wurth 6k cents on the doliar. bureau of
statistics quarterly reports, 187&-9, page 116.)
Reducing the greenback price of the f >ur cereals to coin, we find that the
farmers received $4t>7,223,615 In gold for their I*o4 crop, and for their
livu. crop—an increase of $39,000,000.
Anil further, the senate finance committer report on "Wholesale Prices,
Wages and Transportation." Fifty-second congress. Second Session Report No.
1.354, shows that in a dollar in gold would buy much more of the things
required by farmers than It woull. buy In lM»t. It Is universally claimed by
Populists that at that time the people were practically out of debt; and yoi|
yourself in this speech acquiesce in that view. Under the circumstances, just
how you can figure out a great loss on the four cereals is more than I can see.
In view of ail the foregoing. I respectfully request that in your Armory
speech this evening, or at some early date through the columns of the Seattle
Times, you bring forth and present to the public:
First—Proof that in 1884, or at any time prior to the close of the war, the
amount ef T-SOs outstanding #as SS3O.Oty,OO© or Within many hundred millions
of that sum. #
Second-Proof that In IHM. or at any time prior to the close of the war. the
amount of compound interest notes outstanding was $217,0W),Q00, or within
000,000 of that amount
Third—Proof that the farmers of the United States received less in gold,
or in the nect*sarles and comforts of life, for their 1805 crop of the four cereals
than for their l-*t»4 crop of the same.
Fourth—On ptMft 2.285 of the Congressional Record for February 22, IS:*, and
on page 16 of your speech printed in document* form, you print an alleged quota
tion, c <naisting of twenty-six hues, from tha finance report of IstS, page I'M.
A copy of the finance report of !>«:%» tr. be ftunj at the Washington National
bank In this city, and, 1 think, at the Seattle public library. I challenge you
to product that rrport at the Armory this evening and read from that teport,
on page -♦«. or on any other that matter which is set forth in speech
as a quotation from that report. Further, 1 challenge you to produce at any
time or place any regular goverrment document, message or report la which
the alleged quotation can be found. Very truly.
Stat* central committee, author.zed tha
announcctp; r.i :o be niidf that She .Ming
Men's Republican Club would hav« eniiro
charge v( the Armory meeting an the night
before elect Mn. at wh!er? H n Webster
Lmvts. the celebrated Washington City
orator", will b<- the principal speaker. Mr
powe.i. president of the club, will preside
at the tner:;>\g and w:Il a! deliv rin a.l
«lre*« This m<- fr m Chairman
S.-htvelv wss received with great *;>piau.=»\
Meetings of the club will tc held every
Friday evening
(ampiljin < lob OrmanlseU, With
ibaadNßt i:nthn«la»m.
lha Fif.f» Ward 1: . ih' tan Club era.tr
tsed ;as: night in M Temple 1 ill.
vt.th se\<n:> ftw nwrniH-rw
F. it MM . r.V k »t* i -'fcte.l pr» sid- n».
Otto Hur:an< % e pres jent, and J S M -
l-aUae m r».<rv. A me mi**'whip innu?;.*,
of thser (t m each prvc.iv t wa« jppoiu:-
ac. a> «:
Ktr-<t pr» :*■ '. .t H <■' J" 1 sVrr\
C F 1' t . ' if» in 1 M> cr,
J'j.tg ■ .! :* Sfel eTfcui; rhtrd j re
cine* !»%»•!<• Hiker. ii F, ilriff l."!. Frank
t»;niL m i - .rth i t *•» ; !«»-r inn
itobert N.i-4;. tt. S iJ-u n»>r; Fifth prv
c.net. I! C «*r.«wf r.l J \on T<■:
It. i } merv S pre- s ncl. tv. T. Wa
ll*. J A \\ Ik -' • f i Fir». .. •
'he i \ nu-« t.ng will I e hei J M
*\ *vt<. • r "* \ c< mm.:tee v* js
' i e-eu r « tr.-:*: and speakers »<r
the meeting
Ikr Vt »« \t rdmiailrr ets<i«illnn i«
the fier IteM In HrlttaU I o•
ItmiblM. t» traitlr il»>. I.rt
tin brtiirj the !*<••<-1 n (ell i a i-nrer e%-
caralon train; for ll»e round
Whf r» W. * June* Will
<err< • irv >t i • v
•n- \e«»e«4a> a- -.-.t- J i « tj\.
>« : , ,■ "■ •(•'* ! z W C lotifj
Tht»r«day. ■ V aUaf-l. •-> .!.iv
«• ••h s > r- >Vr
i: Ne«- Wltatoam. Moadair, ucielw 17,
.V. Nt V- r*»
*v«. Wi O -i\ i'K ♦ r I? i rt \n
ge!e« 'Jt*. - ".av.
*e»-.i Saturday. vr Fiseo.-i-:rg \l
- i . t-n.
Will * l>v •« k nl |)nnii«il«h.
JIT. a*sit <* S (Veaw* ** I
ai'.r- « * v • ,-r% r> * -rn»S pre-.".c»
tiKf'tjSli! of ;hc ,!jv ><r
Is or.e of the |MM «p<aak*r« in tha sta-a
>! r O! ( *•• 1 »tate 'ur *epre«* R;a
f n l . i v , • r- \ : ■-<* i!»i ve dtS
trs.t, aai he an tVi« iktr.
Se-atCa. Wiih., Oet- S. WW-
faille Observer, CJ. R, SalUimrq,
W 111 Attend Convention.
<i N. Salisbury, ot»server of trie Seattl.-
we»"her bureau. 1 .m-j this aft«rt.o«»n for
Omaha, where be *iil »:ren i the propow »
t-.i.-onai conte'.fun of wfather burtau of
tii tal*. The convention will be the hel.'
o the on.< at Indian.«pnl!« (rr >:♦."< an '
wiii i>« an important gathering. Seeretarv
of Agriculture J:iinoii Wilsion »;11 attend
on« day and deliver an a !dr»*ss. Prof U ii
!" '• rhief of (he nitiona! weather
bureau e, will also t>e present an 1
as! tress th« convention.
lr Is e*pec»e,i that fully JW weather
will bn present dutin* the
which will last two day#. They will
i'evo.e theie time to the discussion Of top:
< . '•t'-re— m ot!i< .ally. Amorur
other thirga they will to i. vise
» iv« a::d mmne of makinr the eer\ ie? of
nioi,- g- neral value t -iie puhli.*. Mr Sailel
•ur> s wi;i be The EfTct of Fore at
uwn s " a !>««•"'
Vrtw tne convention Mr Salisbury wjj
m* V •r-xaj.o; « and return hom» i'.v th<
wiv of Salt T-ake where > e w;i< f>rmer!v
*n. I. In .us •.!»• e hie former S.nttle
.v», *:ant. K- C H iv{» nou atatlcned at
, f ''*>• W c."large of tije 4?ea:tl«
v V l " >: wi * or.e and a
,f *"' Ts fi *r'a dw».i ng at l&fi Po :r
--leantn jv. nue. to
Fa\'ls, <},• eewwuraut prof-r-.-'r-r
Vv "U V K ! "' 1 K r y-str.--
"**> v ,\ * T as trv!r « to t.gur* or
.h !.. »■ ■ . , o-tl s hive he r«. <iv<-' !
a ;s'.e v • n f'om p..- eh.-a
•o m-ng that It Str tr* r
< «It!i V e j»,»Mee H« « n >.\ »V
;• tr. fob. «1"r hrn, .-.J »
not oar*- ;o he ar-es *--i f.sr ?ar- >*ny.
Itallroad I'rneaalt. a
J A Fuller*'-tv »h>- s w u*'« * u«ba- irf the
CA-aiar firs- - a! Var uver. » V'
re'ntr. : ta his home . *fl:e v<-terifaiy
IVstr ,-t Freight A»:«-nt A i m Cameron,
e! the I ana#t r Pa-'sfte. hit he. n n
'">" en bvi!-;nc*». returned to V:
Charles S Fee. genera!
of the Northern Pnetlle, St Pau;
•* • > A V< Char" >n and I A. Nai».iu . f
f»>t \ A yesterday aod expect to
tarn today.
Bswrt tie I Ytj k>nr%
M HIS Mill.
Relle Raatrri Ffailaf trtakefi aai
Silver Coia*-.t A. Draar San •
Pew Frieailr Flatheads Bai
Reea Bartri Xear the Whites.
The unearthing of two Indian graves on
the Denny hotel grounds, near the corner
of Stewart street and Second avenue,
cauiKMi a rush of relic hunters of both
aeaes, jtiJ of all ages, who busied tbem
«fives all day yesterday digging up the
suft sandy soil with sticks, and whose la
bor *..s rewarded by the finding of various
Indian relict, glass beads, silver rings,
bracelets, brans butions &U United State®
t Ktr coin*.
The first find was made late Thursdajr
evening, when tne workmen, engaged in
clearing the grounds on the west aide of
the bote!, uncovered tfie two Indian grave*.
Thssse ;;ai been completely covered and
grown uvtr by the roots of a large tree,
and the uprooting of the stump of thia
tree laid bare the remain* that bad been
buried nearly naif a century ago. There
were but few bones lef:. the skuiisbelngthe
best preserved, and these nearly decayed,
one of toem so mutti so as to make it
doubtful whether it was that of a child or
an adult. Trinkets innumerable were
found buried with Iheai. ieaving no doubt
that thfse were the renia.ns of Indians.
This warn emphasized by the finding of
part of a wr;st and arm bune. on which
sill hung a silver bracelet. Fifteen silver
rirga were found in a bundb. the rings be
ing evidently of Indian make and not
ciosed or welded. A big brass kettle was
also uncovered in this mound, besides
beads innumerable, of all that's and col
ors. and a large sficd belt buckle.
The mou»: important find to thewe making
the discovery was the uncovering of a lot
of stiver coins, quarters and half dollars.
This gave a rest to the hunt and soon in
creased the nuinbrr of prospectors. Sever
al exaggerated stories were given out
about tiuwe rich finds, but when sifted
down, the total amount recovered will not
exceed 119. One man. E. L. Holt, found
$2.30 in quarters and halved. The dates of
thrse pieces were 1&9. IS&4. 1555. Isfi6 and
IK<7. No money of any later date was
found. Tlje presence of th.s money in thede
graves is accounted for by the fact that it
is an Invariable custom among Indians of
all tribes to bury with their dead every
thing he or she was po&scserd of at the
tkne of death. Including money.
Yesterday the searchers among the soil
at the corner of Stewart street and Second
avenue were rewarded by finding numerous
glass beads. One person found several lit
tle copper balls, while another found some
br.isd hooks and eyes, and ail seemed well
repaid for their labors.
Mr. A. A. Denny, perhaps the best post
ed man on the early history of Beattle,
when queat:ohed about t!u>se Indian gTaves,
said he had no recollection of that ever
having been an Indian burying- ground.
"Seattle"® first burying ground for the
whites," continued Mr. Denny, "was lo
cated 011 the Denny hotel ground?, about
where Stew.irt street crosses Second ave
nue. We buried then* for several years,
and also during the Indian war. Burials
there were commenced as early as ]Sc.3
and continued as late as 1-W. I remember
one thing in particular In that connection.
I was temporarily located in Olympla in
the land office, when some friends wrote
to me asking ma to set aside that piece of
ground near the Denny hotel for a burial
ground. I replied to them by letter that I
could not do it, that It would be wrong !n
every sense of the word to continue that
pl ice as a burial ground. and time would
satisfy th»n> that I was right. That was
in ISfil. The burial ground was then re
moved down to what is now known as
Denny park, and that was considered per
manent for year*, until they finally located
the present cemetery at I>ake V'ew.
"In the meanwhile, during the Indian
war. there were a few Indians burled in
:he old grounds near the Denny hotel, but
they were all friendly Indians, and the
number so buried there could not have ex
ceeded three or four. Of course, I am not
in a position to state positively that no In
dian* were buried there before the advent
of th>- whites, but I am Inclined to th nk
not. I have a recollection of one friendly
Indian whose remains were buried there,
who had accidentally shot himself."
Mr. Denny said that the dead were all
removed from the old burying grounds to
the new ones, though he Inclines to the be
lief that owing to tbe necessar'ly nesr
lected condition nf many of the old graves,
a number of bodies were never found when
transfers were made to new grounds, ond
this may account for the presence of these
two Indian craves.
The few friendly Indians burlrd near the
white*. Mr. Denny said, belonged to th©
Flathead, or Duwamlsh, tribe.
Denied Admlulon to Thl* Country,
Ah I'dk Sffk* Rrllrf In Court.
Ah X r ng. who was horn In thi« city sev
enteen years ngo. established hl» right to
t»* !n this country, yesterday afternoon,
wtien he was taken hef*>re Judge Hanford
on a writ of habeas corpus
Me was born In a little house that once
stood about I<*> feet north of the New Eng
if'nd hotel. Hi.a father Ah Sing. one of
'he-old-timer* in the Chinese colony. After
the great fire of June 5, rng w>-nt to
China with hi* rr ifher. When tie return
ed he was detained Port Townsend be
cause he could not establish to the sat!e>-
The Fire of Youth. \
fHave you never experienced the strength #
of nerve, the courage, self-confidence and
energy that are the characteristic? of the p
well-developed man? Hare you lost the •
& firs of youth by dissipations and excesses? f
•/V Do you look with envy upon the man who
jft fca* pr<wrved his health Intact? Why go ®
on from day to day realizing that you are %
losing your nerve force when you can see
a cure within your £ra«p? w
■2B Is curing thousands of men in your conli- W
if* tfor,. By Its u?e you can send your life- 0
blood bounding through your veins.
Why go on tinr»in?* your weakness when a cure is at hand? Oet Pr. San
den"* Em-trie Beit. It mak<w strong men and women. Call and test the ,
1 :t or write f-r bockVi. "Thre CKisses of men." It is nv»:l*d free to any 0
address. It tells how manly strength taay be regained. Call or address
fBEU Sil [Mic co„ •
V store* nor by traveling VJ _ , •
v agents; cn.y at our nice. v Corner Third and Washington Sts., £
Portland, Oregon.
•••• • • • I
M &rariEH£?ra£s
Vf~> V -/ Cfcc.-rttaaSoß. I' stop* *jj i.m*r* h» a*. or eight. Prwemu
N —' D<«n of dtortunr*, w&h h If »otct»«rk«s Wdt to «p*rtn»tt*r
•rronc . aa *Vrr« k«n?*%®nnir< '■— •*• —inrllmui___
■ trunK UD *niw ud dnvy omi«g| tU iOMrulik
CTPIMSK «t«*ngtfc*»» «n4 r««tor«a mrxk. '
Th» r««*pn mf mr» i»ol «r«d b» I«nrtor« i* bt-ca.ua*- ninety Mr rtnt ar» trnatjMf arfdi
flii>»llll». cr PiDEXE i« Uif <*iy mown r»m*<!y U> curtwHlkhu m> operaliua. saObtwntmot*
AddreM V*roi M*d!c:ao CO. P. a BOX »*«. San rra.o«;lee«k CkL
For aU« At Luri Drj* S:ore. rroot oad c«)«IM itmu BottX, Win
faction of the collector of the port that be
wm a native bora. . , .
rot sought, relief through a wr.t of aa
beascorpus, wfeieh was heatd
Hanford yesterday afternoon. Ah Sin?
and four ofher witnesses tertlfied ' n hi* *£-
ha!f. At the conelualaa of :h# hearing tas
jndfl* ordered Ung's release.
Destroyed CMS Oaea't Pletere ul
Xow He Waat* Aaother.
A Chinaman without a certlflcats, In
the left-hand comer of which If hi* pk
ture, does not r*st easy nowadays: «>'»«':
quently Chin Onen »w &,**■*'¥
when he discovered that his *•£
been defecated. Fragments of the I>hoto
grapbtc paper still adhered to the certifi
cate, but whwi touched they fell apart and
crumbled up like c:gar ashes. in wiu
alarm Chin nua to Chin** IX
Schuvler and told hia story.
investigated the case and discovered that
Chin had a bottle of aerd in t>Js P<*kft. Ac
cidentally he broke the bottle and the. acid
saturated the certificate. »«•*>»«"
at the same time destroying the Picture.
Mr. Schuyler. knowing that Ch-a
ly la the country, witiU'•end thee-frt^fica.^ is
with new pictures t p Waahlngion.
request *»at m duplicate cartificais bs is
Formerly Was la the Ea»lojr of
Baroa Beaaes, Liverpool.
E. Emanuel, who la accused °t^ rr ?! v . w
money and goods from Nathan Phtilips. the
Occidental avenue jeweler, has
made good his escape. It jE
that he had S3OO worth of goods ami »«
collected money when he disaßPs D>JI
making collections he persuaded Mr Fij
lips' customers to make the checks payable
to him. BrnanueL
Mr. Phillips say* that he feela worse over
the way Kmanuei betrayed his confidence
than he does over his '•
was In Liverpool that Mr. Phillipa beoariw
acQua'nted with Kmanuel, who WM *n the
employ of Baron Beanes, owner of the
Castle street When Mr. T hll.ips met
Emanuel in Seattle he asked him how he
was getting along and Emanuel acted as if
he did not care to tell. He appeared ana
tous. however, to work ana Mr. 1 nbii&s
gave him a position.
The esearnloa to S*w We»tmlß*tf»
Moaday will leave promptly at 7;: tO
a. m., retnrnlna Tueaday alabt at
11*30 Round trip, frt.RO. Tlehets on
sale at the Post-Intelligencer office.
lnterbay Boy Rons Away.
James Sheridan, aged fourteen years, liv
ing at lnterbay, has run away from home.
He la large for his age. He wore a gray
coat and brown trousers. Hhs disappear
ance was reported to the police last even
ing by A. Sheridan.
Season of Xavigatiun H 111 Sooa
Close— Itopla Arrives.
The steamer Utopia arrived from bkag
way and Dyea yesterday morning with
eighty passengers, fifteen of whom came
from Dawson. They report the weather
along the Upper Yukon to be steadily get
ting colder, and slush filling the river. It
will be but a few days more until steam
boat navigation ceases. The tug Lady of
the Lake was seen at Skagway last Satur
day in £<K»d condition. Slit? WAS not dani
aged in the least by the storms, us was
reported. >
First Officer William McKer.aie lassoed
two beautiful deer oft Cape of the Straits
while on the upward trip. The animals
•were swimming off shore. A rowboat was
nulled near them and the seamen threw a
line over the'.r heads. Tney were brought
down alive and presented to Charles H.
Black, of the Seattle Hardware Company,
who is one of tbe owners of the Utopia.
Twenty-three horses that have been
used packine on' the Skagway trail were
brought back. The Utopia's passenger list
D. Keed. J. Reese, A. J. Paul, O. H. Lam
berson. E. J. Field. E. B. Everett, M. Mil
ler, J E. Taylor, E. Hawkins. H. Tucker,
J Becker, D. M. Salisbury, C. B. Joseph,
A. H. Hodge, C. 1... Wolfe. H. E.
E. Young J. H. Young, C. Miller. W. 11.
Madden. 11. Kyle. E. 1.. Van Epper. C. W.
Wood 11. S. Cashell, D. Bird, J. Pickman.
H. Wvman, B. Carpenter. D. Wlsgins, J.
Rvan 'B A. Bissell and wife, F. Anderson,
ll' Far, D. B. Tucker. C. G. Anderson, W.
1,. Wheeler. W. G. Jameson, W. H. Dodd,
A. D. Durham. E. Crossan, E. R. Hinck
ley, F. O'Shea. J. B. Anderson, I. B. Tay
lor, W. R. Tare, E. Simpson. J- J- Vane,
J. H. Marshall, J. Anderson, O. Void, J.
T. Smith. O. M. Martin and wife, 11. W.
Smith S. B. Ostrander. W. 11. Harold,
Emma Jackson, Susie Ole. M. Wilson, J.
W. Crawford, C. L. Harder, W. D. Rose.
W. It Dawson. D. Cowen. W. E. Clark,
J. II Dawson, P. C. Brown, A. Sullivan,
B D. Wilcox and 11. Berger,
Wfitern I'nlon Uea<>lie« Vancouver.
The new Western Union office at Van
couver B. C., was thrown open for business
Thursday night, w.th Thomas \V. Ooulding,
formerly of the Gn at Northwest, m at Win
nipeg. as local manager. Western tTnlon of
fices at Blaine and New Westminster will
In* opened in a few days.
Mount Vernon. Wash., Oct. 7. lSt<S.
To the Editor: I notke in your
this morning the statement is rr.jde l»y
your Mount Y<-rn. *n correspondent that
H I>. Bowmer is to be removed a* f.ltror
of the Arer». There Is no foundation what
ever in this report, and it wan no doubt
sent to the pnst-lntellirenctT with mali
cious intent. Mr. Bowrner is sole propri
etor and editor of <thc Argus, and will so
continue to be. H. I_. BOWMER.
Boston Clothin6 House,
Second Avenue and Pike St.
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