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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, December 18, 1898, Image 29

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t I i
I No I'art of the Earlier
Sebeasea—T»* He
jictlirr of the K««rtee»lli Asies<- |
me9 t by All Bat Oae State. J
' I
Lt:s »bcut tw •,-thirds of a «MUV|
Ha a ' l( ]>- T«> 1 ieville "aid that the
H « irt-j' f -m-dabi* of all the ill*
jrbkh *hreaten the futur* of tne
M *'rd-:.'- - rue* from the preface of
a bla * i puiation upon its terri-
L. " TV : ' - conflicts between the
so if*** in North and South Carolina
tar "h»* ' P*^ l wbl< i'» the great
fcntfh' P* • P'-- *op.*.«r foresaw r*is
It ou'te .!,» ,'t" ared. even In the closing
»fii% id tf - ' iitury, altho gh ther«- are
C|'-" rr:-t- 'r.»- txginnmg of the end
|fbe do. ,«■ .T,-is probably near at
third r.-f a -er-jry after D' To.que
the raf.e irou:<i# ? f > « a aiiape
|i.« be dr . not f >re»ee. At the time
l<« h'is "Letnf» "H'.y in Ameri a" ap
sred. negro suffrage w:»_8 unknown ex
a in a very smah number of the states.
I cniy s:a • * m winch the n»gr.> had the
Bet c»- *ame terms as the white
0, at the t ,rnfc ' f tine opening of the
fo< ** ,ri » v rc il.iine, N-w Hamt>-
\ »rr: M -x r»ii.se'.t* and Rnoda
|a<i The of»ly one of Uit-se states in
the <j. u. y was absolute was
gfse, T"' oiii.r f iur states, as f'hsn
|ar K-»t said, and < "hief Justice Taney
K*i.: in this in the Dr'-d tktott
0. fa-.e ? • privilege in I >rm only. In
of thn r oil r state* of the North
rfotgro *'■ ballot at one time, but
Lll of them it had been wr.hdrawn or
Juse restr, 'ed before the beginning of
| civil war At ti;< time, esirly in the
whit I" T'.<'<jueviU«* wtote, Un en*
irment of th»- negro with the suffrage
Rugiiout tne country on an absolute
paiity wtm the white man wa» un
lught of as-y considerablo number of
pun* Kv-n ti»e jld Northwest, the ter-
Hry fror.-i w ii'ii, by tiie ordinance of I
K. ilevery hid be*n excluded, Withheld
kb»; lot from t;.' t- »'o. (>l»io. the old- I
AO? tiie * ,:h of the Nortliwest terrl- I
fy, voted. a.». ia' •* a.* 1«*IT, against negro
jtrag' nod st> did K.u.:ias. the r»gtm
[ which, t..:e»n yeuis earlier, tne slav
-1 fusst. t-.r ;,gi» Douglas' of
* M..tonri ' nipt ui>e, to<jk the phase
jich brouith; - •:> th* war,
0 aeral i ■ :■> suffrage, of course, was
■ of th' 1 r«-* Jits of the war of serersion.
n un»i t;> ««r was over it d.d not •n
--1 iftUi tr.p thoughts of rnauy ie r>«o!iS. 1
it s batiire f the reconstruction
|>.a. 1: had no place in th.j earlier
Inures I th< r> sturation of the >.; <-dtd
![•'. lliitiji cf tin- Itepuld. an J«*adt-rs
it#- oi»i ''> it at hi Ht. Litajln did
| want it a.'i; ugh th« r<- L- an "ouinion
irate «• -Informed nuart rs that he was
■ euthor uf ;t. Writing t.» Michael
lilt, of l.«>uis..»ii%, on March lit, lsl|.
Hroin c- ngratuiared Hahn on havif*
■ his tii'jif in h*'-ry :«-s t--. "jlrit
* v 001 i
pd: "N.iW >i>u afi about to have n con
ation, w h-• among other ttnruwill
tiahh deiin. th«' elective franchise. I
j»iy KUK*.'-!. f.»r your private corsider
*t. *h -r s-'fne <»f the colored pe<»j>U-
Q rot be J.-1 in. as. f••r instan •*. the very
and :■ who fought gallant
to our tank * .hey wnild probably
tif. In soil:- trying tim«- to c.#me, to kci-p
of hierty in th* family of free
fA But »:• • 's only a s ;K«-s:ian, not to
» pul'li ■ liUt to you aior.e."
fo fac s are bi iught out bv this 1»-;? »-r. I
A "in wat <>•■, «cd I i nits mninate tie
amfTrtj. «s:, a ,n . in.- in :!;«• ~!•.!
Bv by the reconstruction .n't of is«T. u *
l\ei.'e\ 1 the regulation of the
i s'.i!' j-rer- ■/ tlvf, with vihh h con-
Mi ha.! no right under the c nstitution
St. rf N r iiid n.any of tli-- H«-: ulf
■itnembere of cqpmM at this nisa I
C#r t'-e f th. » .11. t th,» r.e-
Htx <. • in a i tnhed rtegTf
htn««.T who the Lincoln plan
lnccr-.H ru thm tn a getter,ii way, fir j
Itfie rhar cd cnditlotw after l.tr: nln's
■h would t -rrn • favored IJr. oln s
«of a rni'.-d r.gro suffrage under I
m'.i: . ! tiftns. and t y state <> :i.-n. ,u»
•en in this extract frum a |e:vr wilt- I
* by him «;<iv. Sharkey, <-t M <sl -;•
,en A'k • t". .'■■•ur months after 1
tc r s 'if >.i u i -uld «■*;>• d |
*eh . f; :'!■ t > all pe?<* <ns .f I
Vi" an -.-ad the constitution of the I
Red States tn Kngllgh, and write their I
Bis. an.! to '.! jiersons of col ir wh . I
m r. d . 't -itv, valued at tint 1- ss tban
- tl -reon, y a w -aid
■r!-"-tv rih jrm the adver-ary. and set
l eia:r.: l, t -.at h. r wctjld fob
»•* I
But iVi-.'i : i •■>!!•. »rin t\«» -,f
6!w m. m; it th< "i' was .*n •■li-nu'ni
th* N 'th «' > win' ! rlv.» ;!«»> ncfr..
I hai'rr •: •• .• « tm* t«m« n« th«» whft«*
»r T » f'< m<»n?, I i* v>t. was sir »l!
9 g :t> " .. f.n I> ,l' W : h J >'!!i*On
llt *,« «r. T.-.n?;n# r.;; ! !'v Sfvm!
li<% 4 C ' • ?i mak» 1! £• ir
* WW < • k ..>!• j" a!.)ptf j by
**'y ' :•« t th-* r. 'is
:»f n ■ %'nim* st flrsr to rv!-
** ' •** ff Inim:, th •tv '
!"■ • V • in« In - r-1
•! th* fcd'r.jr » M)>
1 :!l ' 15ub'hvina ntu-r th.- c<»
P N '* «• ' ' ' *"■(! c«n(f«M I .
•M 1 ". » ' • w.°« ti> '-nrv ti th tu-<ro
' th.- (!.>«!>;•«*. ot first
Mla'-.i • . s mi r in ! Bt .. • *
'*'/> ' } - -an chieftains to
P"" > " i' •*. ■< ,» rsv-m* of
y r ■ I, • • > y ill th;*
ff " * «!• »• > ;• it • if thf
r* r ' l ■!" <i
Ffu ' * ' '■■■'.
fj" ' ' " • ' " • / a"V
P"* * '' "T:* I,T .1 *: '1 "'*l of 'S tf

t® ■ ■■' ■ i
F ' >'h •! .» - • > •h*
P*' *« *>• i • ?.< ,»r » ■
J7 1
y W|nt#f
Pr -■ w ,
B ' '*n i H
Et ' ■ 9-
r** * \
t**" riff,* t«Or« dru : .
' * * » 1 tr - w y f, ■
♦ * '•« " k • 1- «
' ' »,« I*o T-ffCrr *: '■
P* \\ ' »
. h, { v-.-r. r *'s
E • ' Vl in \»: <•» *i ;r> In-
E ! ' -■ >»• • '
E* " *"* ' *: ' ■ « t\ -
C« ' x " " " ■
» "
t n .......
P . , » * ' t i* i
'*■ » l< t .!' -
\ 1 • .
- r ■ 1 . W - »
V '■* ■ ' !- • <=-\ \ s
1». ' w \ n
•> ■
him. though St offered an inducement to
the states so givt It to ts'.m by r rovldlng a
penalty for his exclusion, In each of
these three particulars the fiouth's rturn
was natural, bat It was indiscreet it that
particular juncture. It intensified :hs pas
sion caused by the fight between the pr<*!-
den and strengthened the Sum
ner an<i Stevens argument that the ballot
was needed by the negroe* for their pro
'•*"' or - and Put negro suffrage Into the
general reconstruction act of March A
When the fourteenth amendment, which
was mad* an essentia! part of the general
reconstruction scheme was rejected by a*l
the seceded states except Tennessee Sn •*•-
of their legislatures betwcco Novem-
Ur >, 1«S, and February 6, isr. a ll hesKa
tion on the of anj of the Republicans
to granting the bailor to the black man dis
appeared. The congressional election in
November, hai returned an immense
Republican majority to congress. In the
innate of the eor!gr<*a of 2<*f7-$& the divi
aion Was 42 Republicans to 11 Democrats,
and in the house It was 143 to 4 to. Acctrpt
lnK the election a* a popular verdict in fa
vor of the radical policy advocated by the
extremists, and angered by t.e rejection
of the fourteenth amendment by the
B<iuth, the He-publicans determined to push
" impartial suffrage." It was to be put
■mo operation in trie District of Columbia,
which was subject to the direct jurisdic
tion of congress, firs:, and in the Confed
erate state* aft or ward. A biii to grant the
ballot in the d.»? riot of Columbia to i>er
•"S' " without distinction on acoount of
race or coior" »a a v-toed by President
Johnson on January 7. 1H67, ar.u was j>assei
over the v»-to. Senat or Sherman. discus
sing trie veto, remarked: "The Dres.dent
th.s is not tne place for this experi
ment. I tay it is the piace of ail others,
because, if the negroes here abuse the po
litical power we give them, we can with
draw the privilege at any moment '* Th»
privilege was abused, and the ballot was
withdrawn in I*7€, and ne'iher whites nor
blacks have voted in the District of Colum
bia since.
Negro suffrage, whicb was put Sn opera
tion in the District of Columbia by living
passed over the veto on January 8. i«£7.
and whhh was aj>piied to the territories a
few w«*eks later, then extended to the
seceded states. In the general reconstruc
tion bill, which was passed over the press
dent's veto on March 2, 1567. distinot-oms
on account of race and color were abol
ished in ten of the late Confederate
states <Tenn.-<!i*e had been ha< k in the
L'n.un since July 24, lf<66, and,
Iy, was not covered by the reconstruction
act). T1 is. and tho ratification of the
fourteenth amendment, were among the
(ondiUotw on Wiii h the ivadmisjioo of
these stales was i.as»d. The negro had
now brtn invested with the ballot by con-
KTess in Use District of Columbia, the ter
rhi.ries and in t«Ji statee. The extremes
; .v determined to extend ;hc same Drivi
bg« ovsr t:.«. remainder of the country.
Writing on April iiO, I»JT, seven weeks af
ter the »nsctment of the rcconstrucaion
law. Senator Sumner said the should
be ic- orjiii ucted" also. "Our colored fel
-I°w cltiz na at the South are airi*ady elec
tors." he remarked. "They will vote at
the presidential election. Dut why should
they vote at the South and not at the
N rth? The rule of Justice L> the same for
b"th. Their voles ai. needed at the North
the same as at the South. There are
Northern state* where their voU* can
make the good cause safo beyond ques-
Hy fifteenth amendment the North
*•«* "reconstructej," and the billot was
gt»en to 11i ♦ ■ negro ail ov> r the country.
Ihp part of the fourth- nth amendment
winch touch-« the uu-t: aof the fran
chUtj was int« nded to induce the South to
Kiant the suffrage l v stipulating, in «ffeot,
that state* which denied the negro the
to \, ; t . should. haw th* lr repre&enta
t; n lit th<» h''Uj" of rt-;ir .-f-ntativt s re
<!u « d in ! toportion t, the numl<of p»-r
--> u luded i .;>• tif>••■nth amendm. Nt
which w«* pi ipoifd congress February
JL '" :i1 J In f •• March 30.
3a.0, t»,ok away fr »m the ,«u:- - t). r:*ht
' j det.j thin privilege. That am< ndm> nt
"s not spe -fl« «lly confer th.- suffrage on
,n >' - 1' prohibits ail <ib- nminatioa
In the . xer.-jr, of the fnnchl?. "on .<•-
•our.t of race, color or previous condition
of servitude." Hut v.rtuudy and Indi
rei tly, ! \ thin stipulation, it giv s the ne
gro the I allot.
'l'll. <\ jv I intent . f n- *r , suffrage t ,„ in
diK»p{»i!\ted the hopes, of its ~dv .-ate S . In
: • e>ng run It ha> teen harmful •r, t• id of
helpful to ■he nepr*,., the r.ac* in
t nt . In thre.- state.- Louisiana. Mi«.
s *>!} pi and South <'. t r .tii :h i:«-g.v>, s
outnumber the white" In nearly all the
>"'• led Mat'« the t-sro voters outnum
ber, d the whites m the . arl> rec .nstrti.-
! n day.j. ,<n account of the temporary
dt-franrh.-ement of man> of those who
served in the Conf. lera. y in a military or
civil capacity Isnotim and shlftles? as
th.» negroes lust 111 crated from degrading
l-oßdag* necessarily w. r-\ they k!\ Mi
under th»» control of adventurers many .>r
ha ! no regard f r the welfare of the
community lr. which tl. y setti.,! |.; x . rjv .
agarue corruption and ImmAliat.'- and
Immense Increase in taxation w.«
th« n suit Th* inMlig-n.e ;h e
property and (he political aal 4 r ,
was ail in th* hard-, of the whites
I'Ut pow r w.-.s wielded by the nel
K " ' u A • ef a ,•« n'ury of the un
? I.T' • : a!., whhh pr. v tiled f.-.r „
f. * years after the w ir would have r*.
sulvd !n the virtual or actual conization
of all the I rlvate ptoperty in th, South
the dl«ot (t \r station f « .; v and the ad
viit of barbarism at: i at ... ).y
Then came re-, -io" a- t \ ..r the re
*r\ *■'* •'• «!■>! y i!it:m!dati ian !
v.vden> e_ th-ti by f i'«t .-oiinN an t latter
ly, as in M:*Mssippi. South <.!w;a ar'd
Loalltna. »>• tanWatlMi •.«. h >nfltcta
w::h th" «;-;r;t hut ..21y ".frms
to the let *er ' the f oir'e- tt?h ; ,v • r
.itr -ndmet t.« j.. lisiana r k ;
la»- winter, when it frati - l it# t;- w
tut: r.. I* fa.'f, t •• t* c :
f..,-..-. VI ,« a., rn. s tr !•#- ■■;. n;
\*i * £ ■ h : t "C ■ ,p ( ■ -.-p
had *> do o{ht-r states nr-* ! krj f>
i w •! . esam; le .ft! <. , r ,". A "1* '
th-' m'n whl 'h ;-e nwo *« i;. - gl , , j.-m. t>'t
in the p. ;-.u«at:.->n -na* -a r d". -hM
t: m na intnti « ■; unft ibtedl) f .-. l r,d
The « reni'» r*ee«t?y •> ustaiiv j ;> u >
M : I :i . : rm\ fj;:a3.lca": n ; v
which «he negroes ate ruled our. Th* pur*
i f constitution fram
r'* to •xe'.i:.««» the ?! ,-ro was t , r .„
c!s me.! a: the time, hut in 'he
Ti% ' '• "« nwk. -s no !l« ":rn:r,a• •.« a»;ain-it
th" negro a* a negrtu hut h!> him is an
■■;t. «* "~»e«jueiit'v it i}t>« not e -»•«
*"« •? with the K.derai rgnni law
a r" t:..< •. s l> hs« rr.* ;»
- r:x: <n ;> *' -n Ma", ft
v - « • i.idrrn hav • r.i* j ,»•
' :M » '• t» f .-\ e.; . • Some
6t the® hsacquired prot>ert)r so! have
M n \ m.-HB pursuits A fe*
f • n: >■ a-, giitwil an honor* W po*ition
it i ' t< The 14 e j
" "■ V,»\,t. ren-H-.tyi to Imp* 1« the Re.
* 1 ' s ust >.iMI to o,H!!o,tr th.« } V
*• " It wwd4 b* to tutaq i to rw-
P«sl K#j r*« laws hy act of The
■ >•• a 1 it. ;•> rimtnat* thr of
' • ■»" "* ' a-»-:iV»! 4* e\-r",
•. " * s .i vr. ■ a,n'.|taK(
* v e . . eJT ' 'st A* - ;-A; - idi\ A,m>.• h-
If * '• with*-and ng the r*c«u: spoi*4,«
oathre.tks tr, th-" Car '.f it, and ;h«*y mue
»• tl i.rao- !:*a -a- It • j r irt^j
the liepu* liran ; 4rt> by preren'tng ths
' •'* - -k itf'''t t' . a ' i »•: h w iii e
the I''am t ul».' tan. v ,n many
'*>• S. . rn )• ; ;<4 c ri ent >
d< ne , < « .!-. 11.10 VV V.r
g'r.ia if. 1 Ki 1 '; ky It .s u m stake, ho*.
**'T for Whl In th* RtpsNkM party had
sort e tn v * p-';\.»va; >n. it ts "*#y
m a a tt. -d >! a .<ntar> arter ti»e event.
(•St* w f •
5 ' f. . 1 » t tis. .- -ak.-.a .nto .
''*• *'• * • r 1 * »..«*« )Q whi»;h
Foundry, % ■ Marine
If f 0 14/ y|
Machine « T * Railway
and' Boiler for Docking
***—Shops. | | Vessels w
~ST- %
«X\\ ///.
♦\\\ \ \ i *
m ' ! e
I I II !Il
j gsss
| §bip and Jlailders j
sssasa'ssssssssss^sssssssss > ssss > sa i sa i ssss , Bsss > saessaesssrss*ss^ss3
i i li
i i I
General { AU Classes*
9^ pairing \ Vessels Built
' Ii! |j h
Covers j |
All' Branches. ~ Wood. , V@)
|JI j' || J I |j|i j jjjj
at ' N »rth. at trie t ;r.«, and which h*j j
accumulating- from tft<* .l.iys half a !
«.« vtury Mrllfr *h»n the Missouri a In: «*
.«!: :**?e ' k i t • To . \ • : in cr- j
t;re iv ian. -of >-r in e : h . r;di>:ons
w ;ld he t«i k-'k for a wisdom and a <:>?• !
1a rh, :r« any «imi *r ris «t,
•* ;Ui>r'.'":s party has n» \er yet 0.-J
• hi#* ty 1 • tar
CHARI,).* M HAU\ :V.
I»1*T1 NHKI> \\ \HlllOlt (.HUE9,
liullsn Owrlf r> I nrNrlkrd on Ihe i
llnnk* of ihr <<nakr.
Colfax Garotte.
< 'ten In the »* .nations * r r a-1.- a ! ■
v >.*< at v.irt « ; >irf» thr- ti? the I
In' ' I •••m; "<* t v - r> -rviin* :■ rg- tr.-
* 1 i- ■« k .i" S- r ■■ ! V.• ' »
* • •• » »i'\ whi> ex • avntsr.tr f r th«- t.rt'k i
' ■ •' • t f State S» >rt Oar* ■ r n
a r;.*.5 «-tr.« ■* in ?.\* t »n • * Farn -z- -
t - •■•rarer* *»-«•>:s*M t-» l.cht th« re- !
r- ' a Junky reamer • f the p'sin*. j
T N #s« in .i -r.»-a j :4 S t«,,;t !
J . : >;• *P.e I tig V ~*k hair » * Jr. H i
( of ; .-••*»«rratli»r. a* !•;& k -
a;.-J » -r. 1 h# when , i->:.«ij£r.-d t<» t.V prai- |
r •• *t»»> r. t -e day a f Indian :,h'. i, j
T\» < ■ rmtM to ?ust when «XpOM ! :
to the air. in <; »rmjr tat it aay y-.tr- h t.j {
, t..r.:e to the rude j
N » ' :n< - «: ry from S'ar * •'
i - ir> e - v f a great Indian
■in.fJcv nvar t' ;«t . Th- n--*n tu-.? ,
Lvvii txvitcd :.r severa* over tIM &#. '
f < '>• !v. I? !j a!uut !n» yards Mow oi<l I
<ir.sng<- <*ity, at the mouth of the Tuka- j
r. n. Ten graves hava air- .i-iy been ex- |
i I : Th>- men who n'e grading for the
r-'.i t •! r*n h'.uKe river mn 1' this find, an I
a numl« r of p»-..ple f: >rp S'.arbutk hav»>
r-.r- < i-.*n to s. • it. The Indian* are « jp
i t > ha 1 N «"n b ;ri.-there during i
t 1 "-- Indian w ,<r, H* everything found with
th< m »• to j rnv. 80 far about ten
have ht-.-n exhumed, an! a number i
jof th-r pl!<-s "f rocks ?u?h a« mark the
jjr a-e in stent It Is a «jpemitlon
, *:t\ In.: !-.» to kiij th«-ir horaea at the
> lr 1 »■, - ■.-•ath an 1 bury it with th<« owner,
j a?. ! with < i'-h of ti< *«* bodies is faun 4 bin
| hc.rae killed and htir:»-«J with him
I . ex irnirg the bodbs or.o first com?* j
! t-> a Jot of !-ark, which is der-ayed and f
ea.- y t 'n away, then comes the In ilan 1
wi-h ; « t. mahawii. and arr'-w. nu
me: s kmv. • i h • he» nni with or.*
Ir.; in was ' ~nd a'» it t we!v- fee' of j
i beads It cannot be determined how ail !
the In ;!ar.s w- re kii.i 4 , but one had his j
j «k ... partly t- ~n awav by a bullet. Some j
|lt itan re r.'-v a«i «;• f :.n1 Som* of :
f t • I' liars were lying d->; -1 up in- ♦
st- i <' f light. an- one grave was
, f :: I t..i . » and burn* 1 bona,
j a.< if the r* y hid be. a cr.-matel An- {
other Udy #♦-'cr.* Jt» b* that of * child. }
u the akuli *u w small In another of !
t'se grave* *he boy# **ho were exhuming I
the-e bodies came to ft »"*ap. and, !
' twina '■' f« "■ ! U to ;k- str#;>i>*.:l
a" ■ .'1 t • I- • . • -i« ' it „i i i>»r»
. »r run 1 tfc* ;> A . the bodies are < ;\- i
' ereo tjr **»ul lour feet of earth iUii lasjtr 1
1 feet of r -.-ks, (>r.e grave In particular
; oeern* to have an unu»uai amount of roi k «
| and earth on it and from the nmount of
' precaution taken in this burial It Ih
: thought to contain one of th»;r lsnl«Tfl. Ti>e j
horse of this Indian wis burled fUst < iniv !
a few of the Indians' bor>- « have 'w-.-n j
found under the horse, hut they think
from appearances the ©ody is farther
down. It i« thought when they were
■ buried only a fmaSl amount of *arth had
covered them a« the rar'h lii 1e« n h vrn
around the ro**k«. The t-.ivr- an !■!»'!•
af-1 right under a big bluff, and th* n«-w
railroad b<-lr.g bulit try the f* R A- N".
down the Rnake river goes thr-.ugh the
| center of It.
Mf rely « I'rci <» B
' 'lahe !• b\j#:Tyr»# or 5* he a prof. nal ;
' man"'
Profess >r.ai mar H- rrak> *a )■ .1 »•
rsg a brcger, tot he ■ a« ; • btisi-
I oeaa."—l*uck
Wllltr'* ( rltlrUm,
! Willi*- Say pa, Are you a Je mar?
T»a- Y-» mv m n. and S*r> proud of It
» Willi- Bat pa, why 51 in j >»u ue a
«k.r>g *;»»?-.v>w York World
| "How t« Kcuber. do+r.g at <"Olb*ge, fr. ->
| ft* rtaked a neighbor.
"Spiendid." repihfd I'n-"le ft "He> b«en J
*' :.iv»n' acot-h, an i they do s»y he 4 » a
! "Scotch-"
Yes Th*- '•a.: 1 f by the ram<- of Oof
<Vwi» n o-i'ge He litres'.'-" a ft' 1 : tne
■ . r la;, a: *Jo!f, an" aa far as I an «e« .
i r a* thi> -JU&c«ra m tu"—iiarj«..ra i
1 UU.
Have Jn*t Received a Full Line of
Japanese Rice, Sandwich Inlands Rice and China Rice.
The Best Qualities. VMiolet»ale and Retail. »,
' 215*217 Fourth Ave. S. P. Q. iUI -
29 -

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