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VOL. XXXV. NO. 35.
Christmas Dinner Helps.
UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE, t-lb. packages.... 38c and42c
COCOA—per can tOc to 50c
POASI MOCHA AND JAVA COFFEE—per pound. 25c and 30c
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CEYLON TEA —the regular SI.OO grade—per pound 65c
CHERRIES IN —best quality—per bottle ... 90c
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A well selected and sensible present—the appreciation of a
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Stewart 0 Holmes Drug Co.
r North American
— ■
Transportation and
Trading Co.
Cor. tester Way and Occidental Avenue.
fHH pioneer line between Seattle and
Yukon River points, operating a fleet
of ocean and river steamers and
t owning fourteen well stocked stores located
: at all principal points in Alaska and North-
I; west Territory. Passenger and freight rates
i on application.
; Today's Special.
11*4 AA
| A OK 0> gl\ J
lit - > SKW VKTUR
j «. I\ I N \\\ \ \
i i \ N STI 3 EK E\ SINGS ' • I . I i
!| 1 ' K >
II • I
jj /. C. MILES & CO.,
11*1 It, II <-<•<• i « .t, 11*. (•> Vrilrr Wny. [ !
(I ll>«- llluiir«( lli>n«* lf» tlir \tirtlini-i<l I i
! »«-• v-.'« lv,;»- BI'PPI.IFS Tfta b'«t qv»*l!"«** 9j>*-
• r > K.wr fl««t. s jti o ill* packed Stores I'iwiob,
Ka i No z, Nj. I. Elfil, St. M; lei
Hi 4.1 Off >■». t Ian;!-'* Str»<-t.
> 11i } >1 >uil< lt>rs.
. FRIM H BWN . first 4»enm\
k\ H .\(iUM:R. D. L>. !>. t Painless Dentist.
grzrr *
- . (a l ■* . p
* - >»A • w .. t r4:it ■ * » > • * r*.
H . r i "tt.tyr.ci-.rn Main ••
jk-L. Choice Holiday Gifts.
©W.t- r -A" »"
.Je''-"-* 11. t I t * k.l. ■»<,,' 1.1-, U|iti' t«a, ::o I u*t Ave.,
11 MI Mrs
Uncle Sam's Superior Con
struction Appreciated.
Commander Mori Predicts Close
Future Relations With Orient.
The Stval Offirrr Esprruei Intense
Admiration lor Everything Amer-
Iran-Says Japanese Favor I'. S.
Control of Philippine*— Legiti
mate Fruits of War Present
>a»y of the Mikado and Enlarge
ment Contemplated— Future Con
tracts for Vessels to Be Let to
American Firms—Seattle Shipping
The standard of excellence of American
ship building, which was established years
ago and his i>e+n maintained ever since. Is
likely to have the effect of giving this coun
try many contracts to construct warship®
for the Japanese government. There have
be* n but two naval vessels built her*' for
that nation, but the governnv nt looks
upon thtse aa among the most valuable in
its squadron.
This subject and other naval mattes con
cerning the interests of J tpan an 1 the
United States were discussed at consider
able length yesterday afternoon by Com
mand' r l.'hilnn Mori, who arrived r.n the
Kmshiu Maru last wrtk on his way to
Fan Fraiu-iM m, wi re he will t ike charite
of the cruiser t'bltose. The commander
has an intense admiration for ail thir.gs
American. He has been a close student of
affairs this side of the I'aciJlf ever since
Japan won in the war with China and !• -
g.in to develop h-r fighting resources. and
I .-ays that the same sentiment prevails
j among all his peojde. The result will he
the cc.Ti* ntirsg of closer relations. and the
increa.-ing of commerce between the two
Japan I'fluir* l'i|inn»i>in.
According to this naval man, the policy
of exnanslon. which* has been adopted by
the I'nited Stairs, receives the most tor
: dial moral support of the Japanese. They
had long loek-d With sympathetic eyes
at the oppression? h«-ap. I upon the natives
. f the Philippines to' Spain, and were gl id
when the strong arm of Commodore- Dew
ey put an en i to them. Another cause of
their favor is that the islands will now
probably be opened to commerce, furnish
ing a new and Important fteld for traf
fic of all nations, ne of the most impor
tant of which, on account of the aceessl
i ility of the Malayan markets, will be
j Japan
Cap?. Miro dt--s n«-t know Admiral Dr w-.
<y i'» r?onally. but he has s . n the devel
opment of his work®, having arrived at
M mila in command of the cruiser N.tniwa,
foon after the Kiv.it victory of last May,
t > look out for the J i;un.«««»interests there.
The work of rehabilitation ant! r* construo
tion of ttw Amcrl' ia admiral received his
wondering admiration, and In the words
he expressed it yesterday, he places him
in the same category with the great Ad
miral I * ■. of C'hir.o-Japanew war fame, and
A imSral N>i-"»n the famous Englishman.
"Hh is not only a gnat naval officer,"
says thf commander, "tiut a general anJ
a statesman."
Keep the l»lnn<la.
Th* officer l—h«\'-« that the United
£\i • * }? entitled to the islan.ls, not onlv
' r * ii: * • of humanity, hut as the 1.-cits
ni it fry'.!s 'a vi torioiis \s Tt would
? ■ }>r«. ;x.s!#-rous. he to s» rjously think
f >r sr nt «if returning th» m to Pnaln
The Amer.'ean nj.-fh- ds of warfare w« •*
cr: al'y ftuoed during the r«-< • fit ccn-
t 1 t. and Japan will .1 • {-1 many of the
lm; r vments wh> -h w»*re a monstrat-d to
■ '■ ilri t' v it.• n'ime. th* bniid
i: g -ft' «• new navy wid g<» on as plant-» d
at f - ■ ft 1 of the w ir with China, and a
•- • •- i< ■ .! !•- p- rtion of f;.t r.- rontrart* for
w w :ll !«'t to American Hm»s.
" ■ ' !'-. ;-r nclpal r< i- ' . .' th 8.
f- -m t x .e sinnerio- w rkmanshin, will be
I ium the United ?ta*.-s i? nearer to the
1 *-f\** "ofitry s • It t> v «<els ean b<»
• ak' • !. t'fse I*' • wi'hont the !.»- e
>:< th-..t,ah th> ,« .•■7. . ana] or around
t.h<~ .ff .>f CJ< -«1 H ■:
Old Nit* y nml the >«-*».
J in Into ' • r tr<> .}*rh (' i- i
j »,i ?u»*.">■ ».*;-• yii * f'. ir Klftl> sh!*«s.
■ J-** i « -■ •'. --t , * -♦• - rj
• • . * •*irt i *n t: ,»n<t twnrv
• > T' i'- V. * wfv.tn ' <• '*\t
'>< >i ■ • 1: *!]' havo f'ty 'our rr. r.< w.ir
j.v Jr< i »»,» vwtaei" un-'fr con
?•: . t" n F> 'IT Kittv <!*:;* V l l ng {•>;'!; ir
i -■ x tn Euror#>,
f. K't Atrt ••• ntlv l.tum-V-1 i
1 ' »'• t • r;.| f V-"".ST *'* » v l- i
!!» San T'rv ar.-i «w !< ,T».
• r »w- ivo * -r;v un.l*r ■" ">n»true~
• lon in Fi" *;' tw ntv i". Jar-nn an! ■ n
• -;»-!■ V- i* W :.h a:# V-*:r.e
ir.it'l* * ■ F 1 '«•—«
| A r »•:: *■ ' r.ava! <Vv- optnMi? !n
t' " rnik ' -'«• n • * t * . r.' w
r .1' «t a" i-' -r * fur- ■"■< s ? • «* ft. ! !".o
a* M . sr-' »>--! -•- T"'- .- • ■
| w| l fx» fitted with drydo k» cap>M« <■?
1 • Utt butait warship*, an l a!'. the
tart ■* ' in f->r wuil Thi bbvsl (tt>
« r- » <: » .! tiv J l:s ar* tn
n r ""-r : ; -r.< • ia? YoV ««yka, Kure
-1 S «« •» 'F * n< » ">5 wiil b- ft".-
; '!?TUi • "*" fc •»
»H« I Ir «l VUlt llrrr.
•» s r \ni«r V «rl s ftr<t i' * t to
* F:v* i St wJ h* u» ; Lst
•.* R r,:s * ! with AUIT! m customs
I ! - --- ">•• * .4* S. .<•'«»
« vr'.j (■ •*"-
"> ' - ri - t; . ;ui *■•*« ,t m*r
• • »• , • • • • » »• . w ' <
i to tuK'.jß fci» tatecai. ile tia;
Seat tie is deetined to become one o? the
most Important shipping port? in the world,
and will in a f*w years exceed Saa Fran
cisco. TTie location of Puget sound in the
natural commercial belt connecting with
the Orient, Its being *0» miles nearer to
Japan than the California metropolis. an<l
barked with a wealth of the products
that transpacific} people need, will in the
officer's opinion, make the future of this
place one of the most prosperous on ear*h.
Seattle, being the chief point on the sound,
in the best location and having the best
shipping facilities, will naturally get the
bulk of the northwestern traffic.
Cnpt. Mori's Career.
This naval man was born at Kagoshlma
forty years ago. His father was captain
of Japanese merchantmen for several
years, a soldier in the imperial army, and
later a prominent civil officer. Mori, the
only son. was sent to til© naval academy
at Tokyo, and graduated with honors eigh
teen years ago, when he was twenty-two.
lie was named a lieutenant as soon as he
finished his naval course, and spent the
succeeding several years in cruising.
When the war with China broke out,
Lieut. Mori was assigned to duty on trie
cruiser ltsukushuna. He part ici pa Led in
all the engagements on the Yellow sea.
and for especial bravery and naval skill
shown at the battle of Weihalwel, was a
year ago promoted to commander. He is
married and has three children, two
daughters and a son of twelve years, the
latter of whom will enter the naval aca
demy as soon as he is old enough, and
follow the life of his father.
Capt. Mori speaks Eiigiish but little, but
he shows a keen observance of customs
and life new to him and Is always glad to
meet J-nd converse, througn an interpreter,
with American*. He will leave with his
command for rfan Francisco on the steam
er Centennial next Friday, whore he will
take charge of the Chitose, and, as soon
as it is launched, late in January, take it
to Japan to receive its armament.
The Shilt>se will be the largest and most
modern warship Commander Xiori has ever
been In charge of and it is safe to say he
will V>e extremely proud of his new
\CIT i»rk World Snj* That
fnrtorjr Arrnnitenieiitii Ila\e llrrn
Madr l(«'unr«liiiK Halwer-l'litytou
Treaty—Powerful Force >eede«l.
Special Dispatch to the Po«t-In;eliigen er.
NEW YORK, Dec, IS.—A special to the
WorlJ from Washington says:
A we-k ago the World announced the
administration's plan for building the Nic
aragua canaL To that outline these ad
ditional facts can now be added:
With a full understar. ling that satisfac
tory arrangements w >u!d b- made with
Gr> at P.ritain. in conformity with the Clay
ton-Bulw-r treaty, the administration his
reached the determination that the canal
shall t.e fortified Military work* of the
strongest charaeter will be built, lloth en
trmci would Lm guard- 1 by a powerful
farce. All precautions will be taken to
;«r. . rvc tho en-ire length <.f the waterway
fr m danger in oa«e of war with a for«
p w-r.
For this a l,<ri;.- number of troops wiil
be n> --ary. T. would prevent th- land-
Sr g of .1 hostile for: c at a distance fr>-m
the mmsth of ti'ie waterway and mxrch-
Irs them ever.and to attack ar unguarb 1
point. K ch •' the !<•< ks be defended
ty an adequate f roe of soldiers.
» *
, one week more Christmas will be a memory, and that it may be a pleasant 4
vJy memory to every child in Seattle depends upon the generosity oi the contribute 4
' JL ors to thePoet-Intelligencer Christmas fund, which will be* xpended in supply- 4
ing every child wh .m Santa Clans may overlook with a suitable present. The 4
~ method to be used in the distribution baa not yet been resolved upon, but will be j
announced within a few days.
The cash contributions to the fund now amount to $213.81, and in addition to
- cash a large amount of toys, etc., have been donated. It is a feet which speaks well 0
, * : r the little folk of Seattle that they are showing a far more gt norous spirit in their s
I? contributions than their elders. Possibly this is explained by the feet that Christ- J
I ? mas to the mind of a child is the event of all events of the year, and fbr this reason j
f the "grown ups" should see to it that the children are not overlooked next Sunday. 4
( J Even those who cannot spare the money to aid the good Saint in finding the *
I 9 homes of the poor can assist. The Post-Intelligencer will receive donations of all *
1 9 kinds < f tc.ys, books, clothing, in fact, everything that will gladden the hearts of the 8
! ft ""
9 little people. *
—— - ;
■HI Hi
ii an i
Strikes a Rock While Going
at Full Speed.
Absence of Buoy the Cause of
the Accident.
At Last Accounts She Was Still Fast
—Collier Southerjr and the May-
flower Try to Pull Her Off llut
Without Snecess—Fears Express-
Ed That a Hole Will He Torn in
Her Hnll in the Endeavor to Get
Off—l rgent Need off Pilots, as the
Harhor Is a Difficult One, and
Land Marks Are la Wrung; Places.
SANTIAGO DK Ct'BA, Dec. 18.—While
the United States cruiser Cincinnati was
leaving port about sunset yesterday she
ran full speed upon a rock clearly deiinej
in the charts, but not buoyetU
Last September Gen. Leonard Wood,
considering that the absence of a buoy
there might lead to some accident, an
chored a small one, the first ever placed
there, b>jt the IJe-ssie, on entering the har
bor one night carried it .1 way and since
then there has i»<-n 110 buoy to mark the
location of the. rock.
Tho Cincinnati probably is not seriously
damaged, ;<• she is n-t making water.
For the last twenty-four hours tho gov
ernment collier Southery an I the May
flower havs been engaged in an effort to
pull her "if. Thus far their efforts have
been unsuccessful but it is hoped they will
have better luck tonight at high tide. The
principal ri.«k now is of tearing a bole in
the cruiser's bottom while sho is pulling
Capt. C. M. Chester, the cruiser'* com
mander. insets that the landmarks are in
the wrong places and have not been alter
ed in any way since the American occupa
tion. Pilots are not compulsory upon the
entrance of warahips, but the Santiago
harbor i.< difTV-ult and a warship should
invariably tuko one. Hereafter a large
bw>y will mark the rock upon which the
Cincinnati struck.
Urn, t n%t«• 11 H it<>» W til Xot Allow A
t'outrnit Calling lor
HAVANA. Pec. IN. -U« n. Clou? .ailed on
(?en. Qtftcßnoi this afterilOOtt h> WpOist*
ni-nt to l rft.«r to the latter* notice *ha
action of the Havana municipality It* »•-
t< mpting to hastily regotiate. durt g the
i-t lavs of Bj«anh«h control, a ,«v wer cor.-
Trirt involving the city in an indebtedness
of millions of dollars.
The project underlying the contract w*s
approved by the municipality last Friday,
without sufficient examination anil the eon
tract w.is to bo executed a; the next merl
ins yf the council tcmorrow morn inc.
Gen. CasteiMnos expressed his surprise,
assertmg that he had received no previous*
intimation of the contemplated action and
thanked tren. Clous for informing him re
garding a proposal which was en:.r*i>
without his sanction and opposed to h.s -ii
reetions and r>-s.
He promptly announced that his secretary
would inform the civil governor and the
municipal authorities that no contracts of
this nature must he entered upon and t .it
whatever had been done in this line mu>;
L>e annulled.
Baldwin Works Itnsy Day and Xlghl
on Large Orders.
PHILADELPHIA, Doc. 18.—The Bal i
win Locomotive Works has. within the
last few days, received orders for Sftv
six locomotives, of which sixteen are for
the Imperial railway of China, making th«
second order received from that country
within ten months.
A contract with the Reading Titii#. >
Company calls fjr twenty-five freight en
gines and five switching engines of the
heaviest type ever operated on the system.
They are to be specially adapted for use
in the subway. The Chicago & \V»s»ern
has also order* \1 tfen large freight engines,
while numerous small orders have noin
received from railroads ail over the coun
In addition to working day and night, it
has recently been found necessary to in
crease the force of men at the works.
RaMiaii l.tnr Ttirouith to Koik.
LONDON, L>ee. I?.—The St. Petersburg
correspondent of the Times says that the
tir=rt train from Mery, Russian Turklstan,
s«i miles southeast of Laniva. arilved »n
Friday last at K®k in the Jantshi il prov
ince of A!'ghan'>tan, the line thus being
completed to within ninety-five miles of
1 lerat.
\ He St% %n He Im it l)eni<M*rn t bot <««•
not Work With liiti I'urty If It
(>piio*f» K* i>» iiMittn I'ollct—U(i
lionetl to tlie C Inuae.
CHICAGO, T >ec. IS.—"The IVmocrati'i
party ma-t tie a proKr-s«lve party, and nat
• a j»arty of mere obstruction, if It would re
i tain the confidence of the people, of thta
• country." said <'.a,«r<^-man James llamil
j ton Lewis, of W.itihlrgton, at the Audltor
! ium ann«*x tinlay. Tonethtr with Mrs.
! 1.-ewls. the congressman is on his way to
j the capital.
; "I am a I>cmo r -t." tie continued, "but
j 1 do ri at I can act with my party if
1 It places itaelf in opposition to the policy
I of expansion upon w -h thU country has
emtiark. i. But I do tiot t»-li>-ve a majority
of the Democrats of tho house c<in be
wlrlpje 1 into line to oppose thl* tvolicv,
"Tiie I-'" r- iym* tit clause In the
p. ace treaty Ido > fa vor, but Ido not
consider »t Is auft" ant r< if-on f.»r ore
p-.slnK the wh.-le lti-r rumerit, which I be
lieve will be ratitb I."
(nl. Hrian Start for Ufltliinatiin,
I NFTVV TORK, rf'ol William .1.
■ I'Sryan b-fi for \\ - . nv'.nti c-i the mi !-
. nij{- r train, aft. r aji**ndln|f t:.«* day wi:h
' fri» ?vl-i
5 11
One Continuous Outburst of
Church in the Morning —Ad-
dresses in the Afternoon.
Mr*. KrKlnlrr t'Hblr to Attend
111* Inr Srn lrc« llrrmi«r of Ml|(ht
)n<llap<»«tttou —l.n Honte to liror*
■ln AKrloitliural «ntl Mrdiml Col*
lent*, the Chief Eircnlhf In
*|trrl« the fnnt|> o( the Srvrntk
Army Corp*. Words ot
(hrrr to the Soldiers—Shorter
and Aliter Also A iiit the ramp.
SAVANNAH. Ga, Dec, IS.—Notwith
standing tiua was supposed to be a 'lay
of rest with the presidential i>arty. tt was,
aft a matter of fact. filled with interest and
activity. The day was nri idea.! one.
Though they had sat hue to th« Utnquet
last night—lt was nearly 2 o'clock when
tlen. Wheeler delivered h : s delightful
-ruraticn to "Woman" —the prwident and
accompanying moiuNnt of his cabinet
arose to itreukfast at about the usual hour,
and liter they separated to attend dlvins
serx ie«s
Prevalent MeKinley attended church at
the \\ • sley Monumental MethiHliat church.
\lis. McKinley did nut accompany him.
She i> suffering fiutn a slight cold and re
mained in the hotel. Her Indisposition,
however. does not amount to real illness,
ami this af:erno»in she was able to take
a carriage rule about the elty.
The presi lent w.is met at the door of
th« church by members of the congrega
tion. who escort d him to ihe pew re
served f.»r him. As he entered th« < on
gregation ar.m> :>nd remained standing
until he !vad taken his at. The sermon
was by K< v. .lohn A. Thompson, D. I).
There was no reference t,> the distlngidsii*
ed presence during the aerviee hryond an
invo<at ; ->n by the prcaeher for divine gu!d
nice for the presi lent durirj; the crisis
which now confronted the country. Sec
tetaty Alg.-r an i Gen. Hhafter attended
the First Presbyterian church, and after
the servlee held an informal levee In the
aisles, many people crowding around th«m
to shake hands and Md them welcome.
t*en. Jo* ep • Wheeler and Secretary Wil
son worship I at the First liaptlst church.
After the service they shook hands with
several hundred persons,
Secretary T»ng attended St. John's
Hi l»eo;.;,i chureh and Smith the
Tn.le;-.. A], tit IT< shyterian. They H|s.J
v• r t gr vted by ma ly members of the con
Aildreaa to Colored Ktadrnta.
After dinner the president visits! the
(••■orgia a*rr ultural : ,nd medical colle*e
t-ii, winto lie delivered tbe follow
ifitf adtlrc<* ;
J'tilow I have beer. profound,
ly impr.-w.Hii with this acenc. and I have
1-een Jifply touch til with the eloquent
words and »xaltt*l smtUmefit* which have
u'tf»rfil bj the tf»nthm»n uh«>m yot»
delegated to *;» « k la your Tit-half, it
Kiv* me peculiar pl>Mu«% to m«ct. you
and to Kreet v««i ; T i thin Institution of
!»-;i rnlng. presided over by one whom I have
known f.,.r mote than twenty yeara, an'l
whom i cornt- to admin- apd respect
a# orw> ..r the « »letidld Ir.• 1»• r»« o* your race.
I coiorratulata him arid all ass'icUted wltti
him In tho 'h» ! work don's h>rc for tht
«xalta!t»n of your race. 1 congratulate
all of you upon the npl.-ndld advance made
by y-t In thv ... t thirl of :i century. You
are i;| *-ntit)• • } to pr.i ,o and to high com
mendation. w • l> h I .im you r»-c<dve
from your white fellow cltlsena In this
and i very p.trt of the country. t con
gratulate ymi upon vonr of
property. Many orf y..ur race have ,'arice
4»r>p.-rtl.r» the !.|* l:«t:. m :he xcveral
fti*''" and !r. f it way contribute propor
tionately to trie fup'.-irt of the govern,
nun* I congratulate you upon what you
h c.< •! ne In learning and t; « ne|iiirem»rit
t US-flit knowb on th» ft •» that th»r«*
if n*>t i foot ijf itfmnd hen»-ath the
' St a- and ."'-'pes when- .v. ry hoy ,t ; 1
frit wfilte nr bbt>-k, . annot have an edu
■ ■» "M ♦ > tit t)>. m f.»r th« hattl* of life.
K «p the word f would leave with
l today K"< ' 'i In the ■ ffort* unwed
tut rent. in "T that ii ae«pjirtr ; knowled**
there I* one tilt gas Imin.rtant a? that,
an I that In ch ir icter. Nothing In t'm
■a oi- wl J»t w.rld if w»rrft i*o much, wII
hi I. >• Mid erve it* purpose no wtt
■ - "1 cb.irsie'er. ft |j« »ime!liln|f tti.t
"<> o •«* ... tak-i fr.'tn m i. 'h it ro one
car glv* to you. Yo« must acquire it f,r
yocr— If
*'T'.er« l» ir" !V" th:r v I>o not for*t't
h v Tk< hOWII ta th.- fmnd.atlon of
i n ■ <1 lndivi loal life and orffaniaeit irovrrn
w-n\ Cultivate e od h.mikp th»-tn
I" 1 -"" "fl » ; v» -• 1' vau- them, an-l oth< r
«'• I th !:i'• w I follow. I ft'tiifratuSate
i* • ,-i <« ••• f only l<y»kl? x
! aft* r tfif he • [ hot after the hand. 1 md
-1 i nly ma kin.; k" *1
W'!V.\ tit *r I m<-cl..»nl'*. It It! hett»»
'• ' •< it" - * d rn ha; >• than a r" -, or or
■ 'or '• an off. rent preacher. Clr ,tt ap
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In what- - \ 'i ti;';i!ertake. S" >th.: sf
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d* \ r>-1 t' ' r.f o-:r aontry to b!a
Mack . r ■ -j- . .fd «.! d to h.m:
t» f 'gf .- •, I ; 1 . r, i iiir hards *h:« la*
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| emy.* Tfcai Mart iiiMlar. with love of
j c-. ir.tr-y ar 1 rr. i ir his h«-<rt, anawer" !,
'! will t.nr. *he fhijf back, colonel, jn
J > •*. r. i'• p- - .'t to <; d *he r»a*orj why.*
| In OH fcritil, In carrying that fta* of free
; rn. h< » • he:, down, He fell with
• kt f lf i wrappe : ah ut him.
tih» i n h 'o d. He d;d not
i Ld-.a. but u.d kucA liiu way. H*

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