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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, February 14, 1900, Image 11

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■ Tuberculosis, Grip, Lung Weakness and All »■
H Pulmonary Diseases No Longer Dangerous. Hj
Consumption. which haa defied scientists of every age, haw at
last been conquered, and the honor belongs to I)r. T. A. Slocum,
of New York, whow life work has been devoted to humanity'®
csuse. flU|
■H Hl* system of treatment has been fully demonstrated to hun- iMffl
dreds of medical men at the new Slocum laboratories and the 9H9
Hfl reports of teat cases have been widely published both In thft
Hn country and Kurope. W9
■B By tracing the march of the deitdly bacilli from the head and
■K throat to the Inner cavities of the lungs, Dr. Slocum WHS finally MMw
■HJT* Able to formulate a scientific treatment which has been proven HHB
K| such a grand success wherever tried. Failure la not possible BMH
HHI one time In a thousand. 9WBjl
n Thl9 timely news la of vaat Importance to every sufferer in HPS
the land, coming aa it does at a time when the Increase In con
aumptlve patients la moat alarming
Every sufferer from diseases of the head, throat and lungs
need dsspsir no longer help is at hand. (EIS
By »peclal arrangements with medical societies and hospitals, Mva
■HE Dr. Slocum has prepared In hla great laboratories full treat-
merits for Immediate free distribution to the afflicted. bOkS
Four separate preparations are used In killing the bacilli heat- BBjMB
Ing the dlseaaed mucous surfaces, toning the general system
and building healthy flesh. Each specific works In harmony
with the other, and failure Is practically Impossible.
■■ If you or your friends suffer from any form of pulmonary HH
Hi trouble -wrlp. or Its deadly after effects, chronic coughs or
colds, bronchitis, catarrh or wasting away, the new Slocum
t-eatment may be had free by merely sen4ing your postofflce HK
av.d express address to Dr. T. A. MIOCBIS, AH Fine Street,
Nets York, and ntating that you read this announcement In
H the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
I>on't delay, when It may mean a loas of life.- Act at once.
For aay cane he fails to cur# eom ng utwlei his treatment fc> fi>.lowing his dtreo
PAR Deefnooa from ■, stsrtlfc. stmtn gor rearing nolset- t. lu&ened drums. iu
iiAli flammatton of purulent discharge from esr. etr
IIL 1 AKi N< rslgbt *1 k nervou* 01 congestive haodache. dull feeling. lose ef
alliAl/ memory. Ilaalneea softening 'f brain, tumors. w*emt ef s alp
THPfUI Catarrhal w>r# theoMt. *cute and chronlo pbar% ugit.a e.JUug*d t|>n
I*l UU A 1 . ite and palate. houri-v >-**, lone of volce paralysis of ths
*erd» and ail forms of throat trouble
T fTWfIQ Oocimmptiaa is the fir ~t sod second stages, fcrmorrliages. ohronic
lili IHjO btonoMn* drv or la-»<■ f gh pains In > hast dtfftn.it breathing, acute
• fc'Oi.U asthir. Hi pesltfve'y nired b> eur corn bin ad electee
•adteal treatment
RPADT fr'alp tatton*. Irregular P *otk>n. veitular diseases weak and fatty
ULAlvi bean iropsy end rheumatts ti ef the heart, laagold ciroulatton. ate
WrtM APU ' aiarrb and u*«era n atonic and a d a. ludlgeSUun.
vlvluAv'n t»aln and fuUneaa alter eating heartburn, waterbraab -sd dim
'■Mjlty «r awallewlrg
T TTTpD ODT ITXI All dlae* - of th* »r. apUan. bevels (coas'lpatWa
Ul V r.H, OriilirilM ehrvmi 4-.nrh.'ea kldtie* and bladder aU aar* .Mia ar»d
r afla\ <llsar«ters. rt>eui«>«tUn) and ai! *kl". ♦ ttma. aail rbeum. hlf« )<>!»»♦
u iS stores fev«r aores »tlff >oiMts. hair Hp spiral lrrli«u«o, pr<%s
InMkti ruptut<v ptla» fistula, rectal ulcers, which produce pain !n arrjail ot back
Catarrh, Rupture PRIVATE
_ . «t . , c»ir*<l withsut ixHn »r <,untlw> Ifdm but
■ sr»at. Vnritocelc
Langs Cured Vuricoccle St.AIP AND DW-' M,
LAST liVUAAh >it«r quickly UKJMOHO fj Mh wrrn -, 4>>, '
l **l WtlHVtfU rimt* . " V«ru< '<t "'lnw ■>' <>" »«»' ••'of'..*.
<*K «tak ar.i undeveloped paris fully baa 4. m-rlnktee scat* tetter of the sca'p
*«stsrad superfluous bstr. ecierwa
lADIkrS ter from .eh la Ml ITt RK. ril ICS. riSTtl.% i«4
A jJ - '" ve f deb'i lt> r %TRI< TIRK rsreJ althAsl rsttlsi
'<■ me ft <»n* ,lt . .
»> lteav«« wfth per' ••* , nll-1e wr >* , " t •• ««*d»oaco from work.
Varicocele, Stricture, Blood Poisoning. Syphilis.
the r «jf r K.u- oit k •» Seattls I ilieet Stricture
™ that ts » 1 h» ir.t* *bor» gbij and furever Hired
tae old dv * - v- H 1" 1 • red tb - . f • h e.\ This old de 'or fur
•dtbas a.: mod'. r ft. I e an;l gaarastf > a < i.re for t'.fe
fir, Powell Reeves. K rJls Yesler Way. Seattle
t~+-++ + ++ + + +-4>-+- +-+ + + + +• + t t *<•--">*• I t 1 't 1 t
7 Compo>ition for the Trade Done at Lowest Rates,
a* 1 y + . r +-+ 4 — + -+—i- + + * —l—4. —-< —♦ 4
fi* smi ot ins.
St. Valentine's Anniversary Is
Celebrated Today.
Snppoaed Origin of the Custom of
Giving: Presente Febrosrr 14—
Oltferont Stylee of Valentino
Cards Appeal to Different Classes
of Humanity—A Few Things Seen
and Heard In Seattle Stores.
THIS Is Bt. Valentine's day-the day
when all lovers protest anew their
vows of fidelity. It is merely A
custom, and It Is a noticeable fact
that the observation of this day,
like Halloween, Is dropping out of vogue
more and more every year. There was a
time In the colonial days, in deyd even
earlier than that, when this oay was
celebrated with all due reverence to St.
Valentine; but In these modern days It Is
rapidly dropping out of style.
In other days, between New Year's and
February 14, it was the duty of a'l young
men and women to make favors for their
sweethearts. If ue good St. Valentine
could compare his work then with the
majority of the presents given nowadays
he would presumably be much disappoint
ed. The holiday Is still observed in a gen
eral way. Young women entreat the mir
ror and the mystic bowl to reveal the
likeness of their best beloved, as they
do on Halloween. The holly and mistle
toe reign supreme at all valentine enter
tainments. But now, when the art of
printing, lithographing and manufactur
ing ingenious devices has resolved itself
down to a question of a little paper, a
little senseless, vapid rhyme on paper,
and almost no expense on the pafFof the
giver, 8t Valentine's day Is scarcely con
sidered. In this city vendors of valentine
favors are reducing their stocks year by
-•*. ->*.
GT. VALENTINE, as nearly as may be
learned bv the world's historians, was
a bishop supposed to have been beheaded
at Home In the rejen of the Emperor
Claudius. It is said he was a man full of
love .»nd charity toward hla fellows, and
that the custom of choosing valentines
took its rise from his admirable virtues.
Other historians derive the feast of St.
Valentine from the fact that a number of
birds select their mates this day. hence
the human race attempts to emulate the
example set by the feathered kingdom.
Another authority says that it arose from
the feast of Lupercttlla, In ancient Rome.
In February, at which time the names of
young women were placed In a box and
selected by young men by chance Later
the form was cuanged and an equal num
ber of young women and young men's
names were placed In the l»ox and chosen,
and the couples were called one another's
valentines. Kach drawer also made his
partner a small present of some kind.
In lAter days, however, it became a
question of iove. A young man made his
sweetheart a present of lanes. Jewelry or
garters, and If he was fortunate enough
to stand highest in the young woman's
affection, she also presented him with a
present of a similar nature. Still later thn
custom developed Into presents of one
another's handiwork In ths colonial days
of this country favors wero made ot paper
and ribbon, cunningly contrived Into var
ious patterns by the giver, those of hearts
and curpida being most common. At the
present time the situation is a little hard
to figure out. Valentine presents signify
ing hate and malice as well as love and
reverence are common enough. Take a
few Instances:
THKRK Is the schoolboy or schoolgirl.
* aged say from 7 to 14. This piece of
humanity naturally hates the teacher and
takes the greatest pleasure in sending
horrible colored woodcuts with a slander
ous verse inscribed beneath. School
teachers may consider themselves
lucky if they are afflicted with less than
a dosen of theso misdirected epistles And
still it is only In keeping with the natural
hatred the youthful heart has tor its super
iors in authority. They send the atrocious
missive and imagine they are doing some
thing clever thereby. They little know
that the teacher expects the cart aturea
and spends less time looking them over
than the senders do iu preparing them
No class of humanity Is so deluged with
such things at valentine time as the
school teacher.
To the youthful mind no time In the
year offers such an opportunity of grst
i ify;ng malicious hatred. It may be a oru
' panion. a alster, a brother, a relative. I:
[ matters not. the hideous <.trds, valued at
I l cent each are sent. There Is no way to
tell the sender except by the handwriting
: and this is always carefully disguised
1 Many a remembrance of February 14 was
I deposited in the poslofUce at Seattle yes
terday and avlll be today.
Th«- 14th of February, however, still
means mors thsn this The ordinary man
goes into a stationery store, look* over
the valentine cards, and expresses a great
contempt for them; but will. In a great
many « aaes wander hack later and buy a
little card of some kind which he. anon>
mousiy, sends to some young woman The
pretty cards are Just a* much In evidence
as the sianderous caricatures A well
known Seattle dealer In such goods said
yesterday: "1 find thai young people ar«
growing out of the habit, which was so
prevalent a year or two ago. of sending
! ths cheap cards. They wili figure around
I for awhile, but wJU finally select some
I ;hing really attractive. You hsve only to
lorvk over our stock to see the attractive
I cards Paper, celluloid and ribbons are
I used moat extensively. One of the prot-
I tlest I think we have Is the American
I shield with crossed spears made of rib
bons and «dlk another *>ne is s Japanese
pattern delicately worked In s great many
•hades of MJk Hero ts another, a little
etipid standing 00 a miniature auctioneer's
blcvk, with a hammer !n ne hand snd a
heart !n the or her The words tnseribed
on the *s\\ are For sale, one good heart.
J terms of sale. *A smile on the sweetest
| face In the world ' We have sold a great
i many of this design
A N is>cr,t ln ** ****■*"• ON
iv • s xreat many p< u.lar
phaots of human nature A young man
I walks up to the counter, and in a sub-
I dued. bashful voice s*k« to look st rom«
I vatetatfo**. The clerk shows ;hem to
I lie louki them sll v er. careful) reals the
J tittle verse a Ith each. sml ponders :o«i£
(before making a selection. He finally take*
one. the clerk asks him whether V will
i have it seat and he blushes painfully and
I replies HHW thank*. I'll send mysetfL**
He takes the precious picaage and
until he is %»:re no one «ees him. a rier *ie
drops t In a post box He seldom let* hta
i Identity be to tSe recipient nk*
i the n.»o lltth? *--> man see? tie evidence n
t -J face next time hs calls on her Hs
trie, to affect InrilflVrence until he sees
his present occupying a prominent pln-e In
her parlor: then his Joy cannot be htld.
Not alone to the male sex 1s the custom
of sending valentines confined. The youth
ful maiden walks into the store and with
a careful perusal of the burning verses
murmurs her desire to the clerk, and Gush
ingly forwards the token to her best b -
loved. Of course this maiden Is at the
tender age of. say. from 1»» to If* Sue
also watches her lover's face anxiously next
time she sees him. anxious to have bun
know that she sent It, disappointed or even
piqti«aJ wnen he does not suspect It, and
hesitating nil the time for fear she may
tell him she sent It.
The small boy cornea In. He hesitates i.ot
but procures the most dastardly piece of
slander, accompanied with a malicious cari
cature. he can And. and forthwith wia
patchss It, without further question. 10 ms
hated teacher, or In some (wses to his best
friend. Valentine's day is a huge joke to
The little miss of 10 comes In. fthe uavially
selects some small token upon tke face «»f
which stands out burning words of love or
rearets because the aforesaid Is not re
ciprocated. and mails it to the young nun
of her choice. In «ome Instances her .1 ear;
Is evidently in several pieces, for she »SK«
several valentines, each one brimming over
with affection. Kach Is directed to it dif
ferent boy. Kach or all of the boys may or
may not appreciate the gift. One of them
Is almost sure to fall before the charm of
8t Valentine. Hhe cannot mlsa every time,
so she reasons.
THE cards or favors are in manv dlflfer
* ent colors and design* F:xqulsite
shapes opening out into little hearts an I
cuplds are made of paper twisted and
bound together with ribbons and trimmed
with artificial violets or roses A little per
fume Is essi over them to add to th« »ft*ct
Others are entirely of cloth and llewcra
In each and every one from the high
priced to those valued at Ift i.r 1i cents,
the Inevitable love song is i»re«ent. ione
of the««e verses sre gems fr >m the great
poets, apprclated by the world at large a:i«l
lovers ln particular Others are Inspired
emanations from the brains of love-sick
youths, and few whole-hearted people itad
them without being able to name the pries
of the valentine A cynic or w««mon-hater
looking over the stock of valentines in a
downtown store was heard to soliloquist aa
follows "Well, of all absurd verses t:ieae
take the cake Mow If I oas a vonun
snd a man snould send ire this, and I gnen
who he was. I should be tempted to have
him examined for Insanity or els#- end
his m.sery by shooting him." The cynic
'*l loved you long with all my heart
Neath sun and stsr* sod «had«- and shin-*
Karth can no greater ) >y Impart
If you will be my valentine"
Ho looks it over and mar mars 'Trice,
la rents Now. did you ever hear u
ab>ect rot as thai? If 1 tried to write
poetry I'"<* write poetry, not alush. Here it
another one:
'Without love's *»*• T stand.
Alas, that It should be
Of that enchanted land
8a ret heart thou hs«* key.
O bbt the golden doors unfald
And bless me with a bliss unt d.*
"Now X knew ft. Ther. jo,j it
prtce. »• cents I was sure u could not
be more On' this valentine busin- as is
enough to ruin a man s tat*ile< Do I
want to buy one? Young: mar do T look
like an escaped lunatic? Most rertatjily
! do not- I just came In y£>ur store to
see what fools the human race could be
1 am going home " The .-ynlc went out.
He mar have been rig s .v Anyway the
remnant of * e andent duties of a courtier
brings y ' > the - ■? m.» a ma.4
and swain, although * -• •Jeger.'- rare i*f
tic tit century auses others a p*ng of re
«nl that UN? have tx-en Insulted by re
ceiving one of the <-ard* which are not
In keeping w.th the prir !ples of the g ■!
ostnt and the an lent obsenran » of
SMOKE Zarlna ctacarettes-you will ett
j ir>r them Russian blend la mild and mei
-1 kiw
J. E. Doherty TelU of New Pro
cess Aiopted-hy McDonald.
Klondike Hlnln* Klng'a Private Sec
retary Minutely Describee Slilc
ins .scheme by lilch the Heanlts
of Knch Day's labor Mny Be %c
--rnrntely C'nlcnlsted Katenolv#
Operations on Dnssaon t reeks.
J. K Doherty. private secretary to Ale*-
' ander McDonald the Klondike mtninit kinr,
; arrived ln Ihe city yesterday from Victor*
la. Mr. Doherty left Dawson January
Mirivins at Vlcdorta. where Oe has .-hue
been one month later Mr Doherty mlt»-
1 uteiy described the plan of winter sluicing
which his employer hi* adopted on his
! properties «t Dawson. He suid:
• Kver since gold was discovered In the
! Yukon the only method of mining to
thaw the fro sen arounl by means of hurn
-1 Ing wood until the introduction of thawing
machines laat winter, whleh was a dec.de.d
. Improvement over the «dd method W1 »l»l?«
j system the
steam, hoisted by donkey » nglnes and pis
oil In large .heaps 1o remain until the fol
lowing spring, when the sun me'to the aiow
i»> give aufßcient waur In the creeks f• »t
sluicing In nearly all c*ses the «an»e
<lumt»a excavated had to be rethswed. for
want of sufficient sun to f k >-*w ttv m f -r"
the snow had melted, and the water b*-cuine
i k*} low In the f«»r slul< In*
"This system of mining reminds vno a
great deal of farming In countries wh« re
■ rhe harvest comes only once a year aud
probably not then In e,ae of draught
It Is with placer mining ln the Yukon,
» under the old method, where tb»» mm 1
w. »ks hard all erlater diggin.g the f*
ground end Imagining that every but a be
hoists will average when thawed In * »e
summer areorilsng to r*annins he has m-de
( during the winter. Thl* .•' «♦ • ' s > «t»
j removed by the winter stub Ing ».«•<. s
Now the miner nee<; n »t wa : ntj »r
mer to know what the harvest is going to
He can '-verx ntaht wh#>
I has made ext>ewaes or get • 'the
! same as in s*n% well-regulated business
"Heretofore, with he now existing min
ing rtffuUM -U the pet nt
' royalty, this >~;ao driven capital t» Invest
|ln mining properti#« that Mild t>e 1
the veer around Instead • f four or rtve
n. tnlhs Capital may row
! money Invested In the Klondike every
j month in the vesr. »- though It was In
-1 \.-,-,-d In the most
] carding t* the old mining method Travel
♦hat would not average IHfc« s < »bie yard
*4* U> aUwh..w' X'U r toe i-r.
• vs» m gravet that wirt ivetngk tt &> s eu'M
) yard can be worked with a bsndsoma
\ to the fnv «' »r
Winter *>lsirls« Methoda.
I able of running three d new .a- nv f r* * . »
plants, e*juine« and *v. d
pumr>«. T dlri Is busied sixty feet 'rum
' a shaft In « cagr rr do .be
elevate. f ne men below running caxa i
I the .->; her c<>mss so all th- w>tgnt
I the -is really raised is the load d^r # .
Ttw pUnt l« locaf.) ot> h' 1'«»r n.l
! of a V*b-f ot claim and a twenty fun
{ net Is driven to the extreme upper ertd.
! where It i* then crosscut by another ?unr.el
; ISO feet wide with pay gravel live to *lx
j foot deep. ....
"Ad)otn!ng the engine and holler roofu is
I wide" Toe aster fr,r slub in* i* t?ie
! /caused by the thawing which is colb" ;«-d
| frtmt the different ttmnel* by ditcher had
ing to o r*»aervolr underground and is
ptimped lo the surface by a duple* ptur>.
wht'h fflschafgi i t fr " 1 r *■•ervoir at Ihe
tower e:.d ' ' the •" • r<*-«m A
cer.'rifua«' 1 rnr »i^" k r ' watrr # 'c* -»
v. . n 1 ««d third tank, both conne-1»d
• | first es n el sr siigt-tiy high
| er elevati a. tnus t>elng free sediment
forces it to ths haad cf tie slates boxes
There are seven of thepe with 100 Nt of
iron-abod rtfflea. The bosea are li*l*
tnche* and twelve feet lon*. end are aet ca
a ten-Inch grade, no that the water ruanej
through currying moot of the bed roc* and
gravel below onto a eeven-foot grlxziy wade
of onP-nuarter-inch by two-Inch »t« ei w»r«,
m i <fhe and one-etmhth of an Im h apart and
moving «t the rate of peventjf-flva t«»
atrokea a minute.
"The bedrock and grivrt are thua eleau» J
of aedlment and abut out Into the tJlltng
car. Thla car Is run up an Incline to n
height of alxty feet, and dump® on either
aide by n cleverly arranged lev'* and trig
ger. Thus the ever perplexing tailing propo
sition I* M itlnl hixl at .« aavin* of »v
fUI men'* labor. Two rare are alms the
line of boxco and the heavier tailing* fork
ed out Into and run out. the «ar re
turning by the gravity ay at em Tin- water
t* kept warm by aevi-nty-two feet of *i '«Jn
pi pa running through the uppar boxca»
utilixiiur the < xhauat from tv l*dlera
"The men a comfort l?. provided for by
meana of u hot-«lr ho*. 1 !»•* warm air la*
ing collected from ov*r the bollera at.d
fanned to the nlult-« room. Thla I* at no
time leaa than algty degree* gN-\e aero. In
. ihla r »»m four m« n an employed two m»i
atantly ahovellnar Into the •lube bo*e*. • na
running the car from the ahaft to the plat*
i form and the other attending t?ie brake* on
■ the (ail ahoot
"It waa feared ftot the rudiment Sn
tin i w ■ ink would prova troubkNMMna
For that reaaon two tank# were put in.
j and aa rupidh an the aedUnent collect a
! In one the water la taken from the other,
■ while the firat may b* shoveled out- An
average of l.*« to 2 *<• tona «»f giavel l»
holated every twenty-four hour*, fifty
men working day and night The whole
Plan' i* lighted by ele< triclty, I- ' hiding
i th* tunnela.
Indented by ( olnrmlo finer,
"The Inventor of the achem*, Mr flttllea.
!•» un old-time Colorado miner. wito went
, into the Yukon In and attic* the
; Klondike dlacovary ban been aa*o<iei<d
alth Mr McDonald In man* large mln
' Ing deala. At prt.-ent he o<« upic* the r*'
altlon of general mining superintendent
over all Mr McDonald'* property, aa *ell
aa Joint owner In aome Mr M«Donald n
aw ceaa 1* I«rg* iy due to having morn «
man aa Mr Hille*. u ho*w long experience
with froaan grouia4. tflgt-ther with hi*
me* lumbal geuita*. haa made him a m<u*t
valuable adjunct The property on whh h
\ the plant ii'W ataoda w<« one • » *r ago
let mil ot ; a) and abandoned altar* tar
ing worked » abort time, ao *ere a num
' ber of adjoining • lalma on Hulphut
'lkirainlon 'reek waa in »br l**ad la*t
winter, but thla winter Hulphur aerrna to
have the preference Th<*>» are about
forty ateam thawerw on thla > reek and
th* bene he# from upper di#<ovcrv to N«*
1.13 lower dlarovery Kitelliat pay
bea been found on No* II and ?1 above
upper dlacovery The t»en* h* * t»eloW lower
dlarovery are quite #ttenalv.'l> Worked
K<«i>eolallv (»n the left limit* thaa
rra nla> be «een puffing »moke all the wa)
. from lower dla*ovef> to ITS below, R|»
i <ellent pay ia being taken out of ike htll
' «ide 'lalma on *ne left limit between
Noa 13# and IK> below lower diacoverv
aa hkh aa |C2 to the r«blr >ard being
< reek J» atmllar to }~ldor««So ~
a areait many or th* elaima are In the
hard* of K'i*'lah jwople who will prob
ably commence work <«» aoon a* they can
get in the naxewaery machinery
r 'Fb>nan«.i neiH'ha*. «n the left
limit from 'be moujb of Kidorado to N'i
*) Mow di«H?wvery ***" turning out won
lerfuilr Ti h l» l« *•(* to mny that IS.
■ of laet year « output wa# from
th*«e betxhea la i jdlnff • e Kidorado
he*. Pren4 h bill and bill
Hunk'-r creek, ot»e of the ihrt* nrtrwi
m) rreeka atnee the diatovrry of g»>td
In the Klondike and whkh waa thought
j t<« t»e quite ap*»tted In l>lace*. I*» tarTf «
quit' actively "Plated tnta winter, Th
payatreak i* Pleated dowr\ »*» the aev
er;tlee and even fanner, where M
•upooaed the g-.dd aaiated on the he»--he«
•fl«>m* e*tenalv#r pT'i* peetl.ng f* l*~t' K
4 »ne on the Anderaon e* • ;..n -nl a •
by *he I»"tn« M?nlng fomp* r TK- h.':-.
aidea and ben«bea >n the ie'ft l»ml? are
aleo belr.g thoroughly prospected «l?h
grxal raauifn The gold taken from thla
' creek a»*aya higher than any other creek
in the district.
"The hlatory of the life of all pta'-er
i mining ftelda f* abort but. In t •
the r>awaon dlatrict t- e*-eptPm to
j the rule I cite Gold hl!l. Ftench hill and
rhe< hako hill, where the gravel 1* found
to a depth of l&A to 2S» Ho It 1* with
nearly all the bene he* a lora dorado
i and ftonansa creek* To work thi* kind
of propertv will neeeeadtate a large »»?•
lay of capltaS for the hut »in
der the pr* *ent ja •-r rent royalty egact •
ad, capita! will ba ttmld about Inveatlng '
IWE aall Eaaten: TraoapUn'ed
In * ;ik The Morgan Oya'er Co.
bwcccd avenue
l»\ KR 4,(N)0.000 I'OIMH OF KROIK*
>one of ThU \\«« *e»t From th©
I nlted Stntr* Ovilnjr to !»c»rctlf
of «thlpi With told Slorßf»-Co«-
■n! (>r nrrnl MnWfi * Rf |»«rt.
Special Dispatch to the poat-lnterigencer.
eral J. G. Stow©, at Oope Town. senda an
Interest In* wpuM to the Mate depart*
mt Tit on t-w mew supply of South Africa
In ahkh he says:
"The re«-,<nt a> tton of the prime minis
ter? of t'ape Oolonv and Natal In HIH»-
pondlns; the it tit N on fro** n and dwirhtw
ni<> H ?, the *<Hme being A cent* pet pound
has thus far conferred n<*» benefit on con
sumer* uisrh th«* «th distance
from th« * it parte, und < »n not unless
the »luti* s on Vanned meat* are su« tend
ed a* w«-11. Oinn«-1 meat is. perhaps, the
m.ft Important article of e*i «rt frotn the
United States to this* countr The sus
pension of the duty on froorn u*a* should
nelp tno » vv rter-i of tbe I nlted states;
but I r»«" t to «ray. the lack of sb with
cold storage sjwee prevent* us f oiti cap
turing nnv of this great frade.
"Ov-r of fr* n meat
Wfiy vont to tlds countr> In not *
pound of which I'am* front i\ \ t'nlt«d
fftate*. The « i|H«rtatfon of » augtiter
stock should be given prompt attention.
Tin* consumers not in rearn of the re
frigerator «t» rage plants (which are at
ths seaports> obtain no advantage from
the cheapening of froiefi or chilled meat.
There ahowld now lv« on the water a Inrtr*
supply «»f -daughter stock. Austral tan
sto« k I* arriving as well us shipments
from the Argentine roptihllr Sot one
head of slaughter si«* k. or stock on the
hoof, out of the several thousand received
In UttMt. came from the I'ntted Stalea
Promen meat from Yuetnula l« eold
r than the meat of the colony,
which Is rup'dly dsappeerlng even >v th
tc. «dd dniN of I cents in>* pound In force
The suspeO«VhH <>f the Wntv might to put
the prt<-«» down to a prfnt that will *-n
able the poorest to supply themselves
Th<' trade, however, prefers the slaughter
stock at thi* time The act that provided
for the suspension of the duty also pro
vided for the Issue of loans for cold stor
an pUu to be built by amy oi • The
siiHpcnson of duty has H limitation, but
the « m«I storage provlson will c ntituie
The trad«» in « hilled meat is In the handa
of a tnonop«dv •
1 wWh to call the attention of our ca»-
11<» nn.l r.Ui*T* lo tltt* f((1 thit.
while th.> l'nttr.l flixtm hu» no rrfrlgn-t ■
♦or ship*. |)l*'rit\ of *htp* c*n bo t hariT
(Hl to brine K'lo,l Ulauithti-r *to«l< h.w,
llorf ' an.l mvili« which romc In lnrnv
~'imtx rs rt'itrh till* port In on
rill lon, nlthout lon- of w.MKht, un t l« U
t . b.. proMim»«l thut tin Hum# woolrt b«
into of »lnnirht»r rattl" It t« »ti>t»<l thiit
Importwl l.mahter •(«> k klllod hor« (IT«
tut tor mnni t nan th« Hvti wttiok P*
the colony."
I'ntpniK h«v»> b<en l*«nwl of
tVanhliigtnn. it* foil. » - <T>»r!«w O IJ*.
H.tilth Tncfinm, mmWnH tllMliier nna
,nokrr. Charb>» J. B'lmrt fuyattais ii-'rlK
rrutor tun. Fred i" Ttiomrmon,
transmitter fur wttlilmiiti, and John \S
Van HrocKUn. <»f on«-ai*te«ntn
to R l< Dunn H«n KrnnclikO, Cat* water,
Pteam and air valve.
Tb«* followlnwr ehanae* have beat* mada
In fmatofflie* nnd po»*tal rmitea in tna
Plat*- of Washington
I'imt master* appointed--<Uenwivod. Klt'«-
ttat rounty. V lUew, to aueeeed O V\.
Ito well reaigned LUiliard.
t\ S W Mlnthorn to ptnwia*d II ft.
(ttenrnn. rem vel Skagit countv.
1> K ()a(e, to aucceed John liage, ra*
Hgncd. # „
• ommlaatona atgned John ft < romwep,
Tacoma. to from February 31 |!W».
Methtae Munaon, Ned mood; 1 t-ank F
it'iufh I'ark. It am hart C, Pier
e w, I >txf- liav
A poatnmce haa twan e»teb'lahed at
IJttww, t'owllta county, half-way be-
Iween Wllaon and Ht. Helen Pha dis
tance between each «»f thane oflVea la
about *l* mile* Thomaa H Mao lea haa
been apt<olntr<l poatmaatar at Idlthow, and
a apecitU mull aervlra haa been « wtabllah
ed at Tower.
Cot. John J Whollev. formerly "»m
--mandcr of the Flrat Wnalilngton voiun
tii»r* now ma tor In the eerv-
I . in the Philippine#, ha- been promoted
lo a captaincy In the regular arm of the
aervlce. and Hastened to Company H, ■ f
the Heronl Cnltcd
alii nevertheieaa retain hla r nnmiealon aa
major In the volunteer aarvlee ao long aa
hla gervtcea ara needed ttiare
Itatt Herat Mai WIIHgm ft Ptaff.
Twenty-fourth infantry. ha» b en dtarharg.
rd from the aervlce. In »v h i to a • ept a
commiaalon aa a captain in the Fafti'ninth
Infantry volunteer* The , .unmandin* of
fleer VaiKouver barrack* haa lumn In
**ructed to forward the di*< barge {\apera
t«» ihe aitjutant gawraJ'a offlea ''apt.
Htaff a * "inmtaelon <la tea fr*«m H«p4eaa» ber
U. I#.
ytolen M WeedlS. of »"att)e ! an emptove
Of the p- n-i -n b *rcau. t>t«a«martend' i by the
WaahlngiOß delegation, haa been pfMulad
to a J' ut«" < h rk*hit»
Original wenalana hava been granted to
the <r4loarfng reaidenta of Waahlngton
I.u>! Wrtghl. t'oniMf. « p«f
n>:itn>r W'tllvr. T«i oma. •*. mnlMMn K
..if* l»«t»h Si pm».
Hl»< k Ittv.r JutHtlnn I* fr*»u t»
Mount Vnrnon. I.. Al'rftw,
ft.H'»m. • *rttfic 9K. ilium V
In. . jt. i.«»)••, I*; «ii 3 H««nfor<).
CarroUiufi. ¥•
likr'*M« \V lnrii.T, KlJvt
to j*. Jam.-, I'»rfan I* lot*.
I'atlil 1» S< » Whatrutn, M i»
Th. {wnnl'in of M Fwhf, ha,
U*n at *s
< harlot ti- I'tviw. >pf W »jr>t V.rnoa aH
K I'arlwr. of H-aMI». hava
h i m * **> l widow poftftiun* at t'
HIiHtN I % <1 Ot
Hrr IVrwilar im ».»<! H»f
I'araalt a>4 tr.nl.
11-*!I 1 -*! lMMl««wwr
I'AIJHBI (• H M l>.a'»"<*«"
city mar«ba/ of r«*fc*-a'ia*e waa in paiottaa
on the way ho«e ftorn Moa >w where ha
taa been on a |«--;jJiar xfter what
h«< n •'**'» J tr * '**• ' -mg thief who
ia * hare* ? w th ** tfum a wo
rn If. H g;,n. ' who ; r*iVa I l>* a
worn* , m m«n''a tlotbint The
! woman * «n»ke<« Uab on T).t»rM|«y
! ... *. .»t,} the o»ght at a Ikolct
Jrj .v i.<♦•«»an~e and dre*"» *he r*awwb*ad
> • >■ jr man -r voyth, and her anapi
q. t,« attracted attentP>t» Th# a »•»
r*an tra * ling '>n h-.-K. rtdit'g
H3*»rii nd dn< »»»-1 in trouaera. sweater
and a - oat ob* la ft < early Prl
rp>ng and *"«rfe.'j aaoith Marahal
I -itl;' !•.<» le«- fted of the w• < . ft#
of *he euptvveed ehing man ani atari ed in
purauft. " •» ed her to Nknaa, and
thrf> -e toward Mo* -,w OHa waa ovre
taken four nallee thin *tie -if the latter
town and placed u«Kl*r arreat on a .narge
of robbery, but ao»>n 'Ogvinced J>eath» t -
ag<> of her #e* and waa IV ao
man, who waa about yeafa *»ld, ma«ia
n<» **,'■ *natl'»ri of bar atranga maja.|-.ierade,
ar>d when r«"leaa«-l r-eia on toward
\otr inat* i'r«na t»»e Tree,
M MI'KRAT C. U l. who
U > n nt f'»r th« Ati«a l.utir»f ' ornpeny
at thi* plac• em a tree Uat w**fc at hit
tramp from whndi tkert w«» taken alght
22- > >g« and one 21-foot J<»g. Mf.
Houghton aaya It feat any atate of Maine
tr«e-e be *v«r mw
FRA'iRA.Vt Carina lgare te» aweeter
ar J miidar t;u& ail othara, 19c for tea

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