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VOL. XXXVII., NO. 177.
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ii. CL.W K\ k£lvb OL.U. vjyticiaiu stai.J Ave, be a. I I.e.
111 H
Hutton's Mounted Brigade
Across the Zand.
Boers Turn at Bay and Drive
Hutton Back Some Miles.
He Receive* Relnfnrrementi of a
Portion of Frtneh'i Cavalry and
the Boern He.nmr Their Retreat-
It la Xot Believed They Will He
aame Their Aland at Kroomlad.
or Aarnhire Short of Tran»vaal
Territory—Free Stater* Come In
and Surrender, With Reports of
Qaarrela With the Tramvaalen,
LONDON, Muy 19. 4:16 a. m.-Gen. Hut
ton'* mounted Infantry brigade. Including
the Canadians, with a part of Gen.
French's cavalry, crossed the Zand river
Tuesday and l>egan to work Its way cauti
ously along the railway northward In the
track of th" retiring Boers. About 8,000
horsemen were probably engaged In this
Hntton Haa a Sharp Pluht.
Gen. Hutton, beforo he was Joined by a
part of Gen. French's force, had a sharp
fight. This was on Monday, when he
reached the river and saw the Boer con
voys on the other side and pressed for
ward, Intending to cross and capture
them. The Boers, however, opened tiro
with from eight to ten guns, forded the
river abova and below, seemingly in
thousands, and sought to envelop the
British. Gen. Hutton fell back several
miles, the Boers following until other
British cavalry reinforced Hutton. Dur
ing the night the Boers retreated, not
further contesting the crossing,
Roberts, according to one corre
spondent, left Bmaldeel Tuesday to con
sult one of the Hamilton*, fifteen miles
Advance Holla Steadily Os,
The Boer attack on Gen. Hutton does
not Indicate any such panicky conditions
as have been alleged to exist among them.
Nevertheless, the British advance rolls on
steadily. Gen. Broadwood and Gen.
Bruc* Hamilton have penetrated fifteen
miles beyond Winburg. According to
Boer advices, sharp skirmishes are daily
occurrences and there was a brisk rifle
engagement outside Winburg on Satur
From Boer sources comes also the re
port that In a skirmish outside Mafeking
May 5 Col. Baden-Powell was slightly
Complaint of the British.
Th* Transvaal volksraad adopted reso
lutions on Tuesday expressing Indigna
tion at th* British for not conducting the
war In a clvlllged manner, for killing
wounded Boers with lance*, for lining
armed Kaffirs under British officers and
for ill treating prisoner*.
President Kruger. after his formal
speech on Monday, said the British were
prepared for war In l 4 ®®. as document*
which the burgher* had captured showed,
but that the Transvaal, to avoid blood
shed, provided a seven year*' franchise,
and then a five years' franchise
•'Great Britain still demanded." he de
clared. "snd the republic at length ac
cepted the challenge. Even should the
British enter the Transvaal and take Pre
toria. the Boers will still remain a free
people. Our trust is in God. snd we may
be confident that He will defeat the most
powerful generals."
Adelbert Hay. I'nlted States consul at
Pretoria. <» present when hi* speech
was delivered.
The rasd continues In *ecret session.
\\ arslns to kr»«rr.
A dispatch credited to a semi-official
source In Pretoria says:
"The Kuropean powers ha\ e lallvered
* collective note to President Kruger, in
forming him that they will hold him per
sonally responsible for the safety of the
mines snd will support Kngland in en
forcing compensation In th* event of their
Uoers Still In Hetreat.
Although the British expected consider
able opposition at the difficult drift of the
/.and river, the latest sdvlces from Smal
deel. orange Free Btat«. Indicate thst the
federals are not yet ready to make a
determined attempt to stem Lsird Roberts"
advance The latter'* front. Indeed, I* so
wide and overwhelming in number* thai
It is difficult to See how the Boers can
h. ;p being ousted out of Virginia Siding,
ss they were out of Smaldeel. even If they
e:**-t to give bat Me. The name consiier-
M would probably altect the sltua lom
at Kro, :.»;ad. hence the belief that lit t la
real c, , *ltk>n will tie encountered south
of the YaaL
Bridge* llair to Br Repaired.
The repair* to the bridges o\er Vet
river and the Vaal ar» expat ted to retard
the general march from and
Fourteen Streams for thres or four days,
when Gen Bullar w;.l also rie re«d> Tna
general Ilea is thst General Robert* will
direct hi* effort on Harrlsmlth in order to
get lo tou i with the Nstal army omir.g
through Van Kenans pass.
Horrs ire Psslekr.
A il*patch from Maseru, dated May S.
**\» th' Boers have deserted both Lady
brand and Flcksburg tn a panicky condi
tion. owing to reports that the British
ha.l Occupied Senekel, thus threatening
their retreat to the Transvaal.
free sinter* *re inrrrnilfrlßg.
3MAUDEEL, May S—lt Is reported that
federals are quitting Zand river, an.l It Is
\arlous:y stated that they are retreating
towards the Vaal and are taking up their
Cuininucd on Eight.
Senator Foster Introdlff* Amend
ment to Sundry Viy II 11111 %p
--prfntln* ftftIMMMIO.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, May 9.-Senator Fos
ter today Introduced as an amendment
to the sundry civil bill his measure, which
has already passed the senate, appropri
ating |3oo t n(io for lighthouses and fog sig
nals along the Alaskan c;>a.'-*t. He <li!
this beceause he had received notice that
Speaker Henderson would not recognize
Washington members for the purpose of
calling up this measure, on account of the
large appropriation it carries, it being the
purpose of the house to keep down ap
propriations as much as possible for the
remainder of the session.
It is expected the bill will have a much
better chance as an amendment in the
sundry civil bill than as a separate meas
ure, although it will be open to objection
when brought before the house as "new
legislation,'* the rules being that no work
not already provided for by law shall be
included in general appropriation bills.
Exceptions to this rule, however, have
frequently been known and Alaska's
friends hope this will be another.
Proposed Congressional Investiga
tion of the W orkinxd of the
Paper Trust.
WASHINGTON, May 9.-The petition of
newspaper publishers relative to the price
of printing paper was presented to the
ways and means committee today, and
Mr. Newlands. of Nevada, proposed an
inquiry as follows:
"Whereas, Complaint is made that the
price of paper in the United States within
a recent period has been nearly doubled;
"Whereas, The association of Ameri
can newspapers applied to the congress
of the United States for relief, claiming
that the increase in price ha* been occa
sioned by a commission of various paper
mills and pulp factories of the country;
"Resolved, That the committee on ways
and means flx the last Wednesday In
May, 1900. for the hearing of such com
plaint, and, moreover, the secretary of
the committee is directed to give notlco
to such association of newspapers and to
the various paper companies and pulp
companies of such hearing, and the secre
tary of the committee be declared to call
on such paper and pulp companies for
information as to the total amount paid
during the calendar year ending Decem
ber SI, 1899, by such companies for Inter
est on bonds, dividends in stock, taxes
and wages to employes, the rates paid
for wages to be classified according to
the amount paid, and also a statement
showing the total receipts for paper sold
and the expenses of operating during
the year."
After some discussion the matter was
referred to the committee on customs,
consisting of Messrs. Payne, Dalsell,
Hopkins, Grosvenor, Richardson and
Hla Attempt to Seise a Boer Convoy
Involves Him In a Sharp
SMALDERU May S.—Yesterday Gen.
llirtton attempted to seize a Boer convoy
that wa« crossing the Zand river. He ad
vanced toward the river with mounted in
fantry, including* Canadians. A long; line
of wagon* was plainly visible. On becom
ing aware of Oen. Mutton's object, the
Boers stopped their retreat and opened
Are with tea gun*. They seemed In force
and threatened Mutton's flank.
Presently mounted Hoers were ween
crocking the dry bed of the river. They
circled to the right and begun to enfilade
the Went Australians, while many of the
British were hit by the Boer shells.
The position became serloua. The Doer*
sent up reinforcements, placing the Aus
tralian* in danger of being cut off. There
upon Oen. Hut ton ordered a retirement to
Welgeiegcn, where he had left his own
convoy A portion of the fortes advanced
and • rig aged the Boers to cover this retire
nx nt, which was successfully accomplish
; «J.
The Boer* continued to shell the retir
ing troos*, but. showed no desire to press
the Attack further.
Meanwhile the Boer train* (teamed
away northward, blowlnc up the culvert*
as they went.
tirrnt \itrthi-rn Takes Mep. to It*,
deem lis I'mmUr to I'ernilt the
Melt to Take ahnrea
MINNKAPUI.IS, Minn.. M«> ». The
Great Northern raJlro4<l, In accordance
with It* promise, ha* placed 1 JUO shares
of Its stock on wile at par fur its en
j plnyes. The *h»re« are to be handled by
a new company, the Great Northern Em
ployes' Investment Association, 1 Jmited,
managed by offlil*ls of the road. Em
ployes purcha?ing stock will become mem
No employe re. ehlr.« C.'XX) a year or
over ma) buy ft*. >ck. and none may hold
more than worth. Service of three
year or more is prerequisite for purchas
ing employe*. A# the stock 1* worth Slai
a share, this action means u Rift of over
half A million dollars to Its employes.
There *i:l t distributed In dividends on
the stock |<O,MM a year.
tourist* \enlnre Too ( line nn4 %re
>emerely Bruised by LAI A
and *ldse».
NAPLES, May Sk—The «able car servic#
up Mount Vesuvius hat been suspended
owing to the eruptions.
Four Englishmen attempted to ascend
the mountain < n foot, and eluding the
vigilance of ths carbineers, who formed
a cordon at a height beyond which the
ascent is considered unsafe, they ap
proached the summit. Suddenly the vol
cano beiched forth a stream of lava and
stones, which d« ** ended upon the fool *
hardy tourists, wh • were rescued in a
terribly bruised condition.
I.oeomotite Engineers In Session,
MILWAUKEE, Wis.. May -The
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
met today in their fourth biennial ronvrn
tion at the West Biue Turner hail, wiih
i fruw dei yie*vUU
1900.—FOURTE E N PA C, ES.
fill I«
SB 111
Wins in Illinois After a Hot
Hanecy Led for Two Ballots and
a Break Started for Reives.
The Tanner and Hanecy Men stopped
It by Turning Their Votes to
Yates, in Whose Favor Hanecy
Withdrew. Amid a Scene of Wild
Excitement, Noise and Confusion,
the Yates Men Parading; With
llanners and Yelling Themselves
Hoarse—The Remainder Selected
—t nlloiu Indorsed for He-election
PBORTA, 111., May 9 For governor-
Richard Yates, of Jacksonville.
For lieutenant governor—William A
Northcott, of Bond county.
For secretary of state—James A. Rose,
of Pope county.
For auditor of state—James 8. McCulloch,
of Champaign.
For state treasurer—M. O. Williamson,
of Galesburg.
For attorney general—Howard J. Hamlin,
eS Shelbyville.
The Republican state convention tod.iy
nominated the above ticket. The nomina
tion for governor was made on the fourth
ballot, after a prolonged struggle. Gov.
Tanner and his friends worked strenuous
ly for the nomination of Judge Klhridge
Hanecy, of Chicago. It was Hanecy
against a field of three—Judge Orrin N.
Carter, of Chicago; Congressman Walter
Reaves, of 8t res tor, and Judge Richard
Yates of Jacksonville, son of Illinois' fa
mous war governor. Hanecy ied c« the
first two ballots. On the third bailot a
break came, and the nomination seemed to
bo going to Reeves The Hanecy lieu
tenants then t>egan to transfer their vot*s
to Yates and the Jacksonville man was
nominated on the fourth ballot, amid great
The resolutions Indorse the administra
tion of President McKHiley and reaffirm
the entire St. I/nits platform. The trusts
are denounced and the gold standard rec
ommended. Gov. Tanner s administration
Is approved, and the return of Snclby M.
Cullom to the United Stat** senate strong
ly recommended.
Cnllom Delegates Seated.
When the convention reassembled this
morning the committee on re lentials re
ported in favor of seating the majority of
the Cullom contesting delegates. The re
port was adopted without opi* cMtlun.
Filer Permanent ( halrman.
The committee on permanent organisa
tion reported for permanent "hairowin ex-
Oov. Joseph Flfer and he was elected by
acclamation. Flfer made an eloquent
speech « xtolling McKialey's admintetration
and appealing to the Illinois Republicans
to act in harmony.
The Resolutions.
Congressman Hopkins read the report of
the committee on resolution*. The resolu
tions affirm the principles of the national
platform of I#M6 and contrast "the present
happy and prosperous condition of the
American people." with their condition
under Democratic rule. The platform con
"Our foreign commerce under a TVmo
cratic administration was much crippled
by a repeal of the reciprocity section of
the McKlnley law and the substitution of
the free trade principle for the protec
tion given to American Industries and
labor under Republican legislation. This
has been rehabilitated under the present
Republican administration and a ready
market t» now found for the surplus pro
ductions of our farms and factories In
the foreign ports, and our eiport trade
is the largest known in our history.
The « nrreney Inn,
"We congratulate the people of this
country upon 'he enactment Into law of
the currency bill. which provides the gold
standard as the monetary unit of value.
Financial disturbances no longer disturb
the business conditions of our people and
all bift»lr.«-*s transactions have been
placed on a basis that Insures
protection to capital and encour
agement to the employment '>f 'abor.
Kesnlfs of the War.
"In obedience to the demands of hu
m/unity an! In accordance with the senti
ment of the pe ,>'e of this country. irre
spective of prdtU< aj 'arty, the present
Republican *dmlnl**rat!on put an en I to
misrule ?n the Wtmtern hemisphere. The
Apanlsh-American war was declared in
e - the n'wren I den-.i-n is of t.e
I* pie It w** nluc'ed under a Repub
lican administration, and the splendid
achieremen** »f y jr soldi 's ad sailors In
that war formed some of the brightest
in American history <*uba has
he*»n ma Je free from Spanish misrule and
a sUAIe government established there
The Philippine*.
"Puerto Re o and the Phi islands
have become possessions of the T'nited
states as Inevitable and ur.avsidgfei# is
sues of that war The hr mant achieve
ments of our cmy ar : navy In the Span
ish- American war. which ♦Wousrhf to us
♦ hese r» sdsessfons. have entailed upon the
Pe~ *Wican Pirty great ~»*pon*thtUttea.
which, we are happy to state have been
m.- r .n the true spirit of patriotism. and
•egislati n enacted respecting them w*i eh,
while it will improve the social, political
and material conditions of the of
♦ hose island* will not impose additional
burdens upon the people of the United
• W'e fully Indorse the action of con
gress rid the president. In the adminis
tration of the affairs In these islands and
all legislation respecting the same, and
w pledg>- our allegiance to the national
polk} relating to thtm as formulated
Senate Hold* \nother \lleaed Secret
Session (her What In
Any Secret.
WASHINGTON. M y 9-Again today
the senate discussed in secret session the
mysterious projectile with which the navy
department has been experimenting on
armor relate.
The publication In this morning's paper*
of the details of the secret session held
j yesterday, in the course of which Mr.
! Tillman, of South Carolina, laid before the
I senate information he had received at the
navy department concerning the armor
pi arcing projectile that had played such
| havoc with the best armor tested at the
, government proving grounds at In Han
Head, convinced many senators of the fu
i tillty of attempting by secret session to
' keep Information from the public.
However, while Mr. Tillman was ex
plaining to the senate today what he de
sired to accomplish by the secret session
yesterday, another 'secret" session was
moved, the senate preferring to hear the
South Carolina senator's explanation be
hind closed door*
After the galleries had been cleared Mr.
Tillman reiterated substantially the state
ment concerning the Indian Head tests
; of armor plate which he had made yes
terday. He pointed out the effectiveness
j of the projeitlle tipped with a point of
! soft steel against the armor tested, and
used that fact as .in argument uganst
» the payment by the government of what
: he termed monopolistic prices for armor,
lie dwelt upon the vulnerability of the
best-known armor, including the Krupp
armor, against the projectile, lie arraign
ed the navy department for making pub
lic yesterday the details of a test of ar
mor with the six-inch gun, in which one
of the soft-nosed projectile* pier* ed the
plate almost as if it were oak. declaring
his belief ths,t the test has been m«da
public for the effect It might have ttoon
the senate debate on the pending bill.
Chandler felt that the navy department
had not dealt frankly with the senate in
respect to the Information regarding the
Hoar discussed the matter briefly,
deprecating the evident inability of the
senate to keep its secrets, and criticising
the navy department for publishing infor
mation withheld from the senate.
After some brief discussion it was de
cided, inasmuch as the salient facts had
been published, that the armor plate mat
ter might as well be considered in open
In this connection it was pointed out
that the.re was really no secret about the
soft-nosed projectile, as the navy d*part
ment has been experimenting with the
projectile for years.
1-Ater in the i*.ay a communication was
submitted to the senate by lisle from the
bureau of ordnanre of the navy dttoart
ment, In which was desrribed minutely
the rffect of the projectile In question up
on various kinds of armor. It was shown
that the projectile, which Is a solid steel
shot—not a sheli- carrying no explosive
charge, would oierce tho beot of armor
when the conditions of the teats were per
fect in every instance, but only in such
Connecticut Repnhllcana Appror*
t (induct nf the Wnr nnil Itentflrm
at. lonia rintform.
HARTFORD, Conn . May t.-When the
Republican slate convention reaaeembled
today, the oontrov«r»jr over the pcatln*
of delegate* from Cornwall and Bethle
hem WM dtddid In favor <*( the Flyer
delegate# The report of the committee
on moludoßi WH4» tccefrted The reso
lution* rnifflrmp'l the declaration* of the
Pt. I / iila pi JUform, all pcomlae* of
It la understood, "1n relation to the gold
standard. currency reform ind the tariff
have bean atrlctly kept and made jatrt of
the law of the land by a Refmbl'can on
The people of CV>nne(tlcut are congrat
ulated on the conduct of the war. Aa to
Puerto Rico and the I*hlllpi4nea. the plat
form eipreaecd the belief that "It It the
high and aaored duty of the nation to ae
rure to the people of thoae l«J*nd* the
blmwlruKa <>f liberty, peace ani happta' > an '*
<m the aubject of trust* tha platform
"00 far aa thoae rreat oorpvtnaUona
atrtv* to taaaen the roat of jirMductlon,
without lowering: the »t«ndard "f ffajrg,
to the end that they may more suc<ena
fully enter and tommand the mnrkHa of
the world to the advantafE** of American
coneumera and waa* camera, they may
well be m-!ured HvK ue believe "Oflffraai
and th« icrfalaturra of the aeverai ataiea
tthould, witbout delay, enact such law* HI
may be neceeaery to protect ator.<tchr»;4*r*
against fraud, laborer* against InjuiM.ce
and coneumera agalnat e«t<»rtU>n."
Ifin'.-ourag«* rneot for the merchant ma: in*
la demanded.
The following dcl'fpate* at 1-trge were
el« •• 1: I-. B lll®ton. Hartford, C. K
Brook*. Anaonia, Rdwln Milner. It&Jn*-
Md; J Iteming forking. liitMMi
■ adorer Ml Klnlr) • V<ln>lltl•f rn lln II
and Imitm i llrlrmin l<> Vole
fur Him.
liAkTIMORK. Ml . TT»>- » The
llc*« •(*<• con*mil >n t day isected the
following delegmnea at i*4Ticl to like I'tiiia
d» j»hia con* e»t»ot, UniiMor K- Mc-
Omai, i "owrreaeman 8 K. MjM. e»-
Ma>or W. T. JJaiwtwr. «J:JI e*-< '<<tnptr«l
ler P. U The d*,e«*:e* wtie
lcuttructrd for MvKlnl#y.
The platform indoreea tbe admlnietrt
tkia of I'ifskm ivsnley and c«B
--d«nna I ruata.
Molrl • Irflt Kill* Hln»ir.
ST. L/JI IS May 11-Tht body of < 'ftartea
Morton, formerSy r.;#bt clerit of th« South
ern hotel, who ilaai-peared after r»a!*n
triij hi* position 'as' Friday nijtht. IU
found In a room «t the R-gent hotel today.
He had evident!}' ended hu life wah car
bolic «fld.
lien. BrasK «erl«»n»ly Hurt.
FOND DC I-At'. W.., May J-'..en. Kd
ward B. Bragg, commander of the farncHia
Iron hrixade. «u thrown from hi» horw
.day and hi* rtr- : leg «M i.r',*en in
two piacea. Gen. ItrajcK i» «* >eanM«id,
and his advanceal a*e rendeta the iniurtvi
ran- aaruiua.
ff illl
KB Mi.
This Constitutes the Bulk of
the Day's Work.
He Extolls the Splendid Heroism
of the Filipinos and Boers.
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SIOT'X FAM.B. May S.—Tha national
con van t lon of the People's party began
business at 2:SO o'clock today in tha bl*
tent wig-warn on top of the hill on tha
western aid* of the city of 81ou* Kail*.
There have been larjrer crowds In attend
itnce upon national convention* and poa
alhly there have questlona upon
which mora enthualaam haa been mani
fested. but there have l*een few similar
event* which have been marked by mora
evident sincerity of purpose or mora pro
nounced decorum of behavior. Tha big
tent was arrayed In full dress attire for
the reception and entertainment of Ita
guests, and the structure proved In every
way equal of the service required of It.
The Interior of tha tent was made
resplendent by a lavlah dtaplay of tha
national color*. The platform waa lib
erally decorated with the Htar* and
Btrlpea, and the upright* of thla struc
ture bore aloft excellent black and white
portraits of Washington, Jefferson. Lin
coln and liryan.
Xfroßtmndallnnß of fhe Hl« Trill.
The MommmodNtlonß for delegate*. for
distinguished guests, for the prfta and
for the ordinary visitors proved eicep
tlonally food, equal to those of moet con
ventions held In building of more per
j niRMHi! character. A floor was Laid over
the apace assigned to the delegate* snd
comfortable seat* were assigned to all
In at tendance. The acoustic properties
of the tent proved to be equal to thoee
o, moat halla of equal slse, and It la need
leaa to say that the llfrhtlng< and ventilat
ing facilities were fret class.
The weather waa Ideal In ail respects.
Five lleiMlred DaUgataa.
There a ere probably 500 delegates In
their aeats, and surrounding them waa
a fringe of alternatca and visitors num
bering 600 to Hrtf). Heats had bean pro
vided for a much larger number, but the
attendance did not appear meager, and It
may b* remsraed that what was lost In
attendance waa compensated for in en
Appleese Was Fr»qa*at.
From the srrlvsl of the Minnesota dele
gation bearing Hrynn and Towne ban
ners thsr« were nut bursts of spplause up
on every convenient opening and upon
the least provocation.
United Htates Senators Hutler, Allen
snd Heltfeld received liberal greeting,
while H**nator Pettlgrew was overwhelm
ed by the cordiality of the welcome »«•.
corded htm. There was also generous
applause when the name of Mr. Hryan
waa mentioned by the speukers of the
Many aentlments were cheered by the
echo. wn«l this *at notably the case with
(Jov. reference to the Hwrs and
, the Filipinos flood music was furniahed
by the band of the Fifty-first lowa regl
| ment.
Mur-Onf ha From the >or«b**eet.
«he audience was a representative
American gathering Presumably nine
tenths of the delegates and a far larger
percentage >f the visitors were from the
Northern Mississippi valley state*. This
i circumstance served to give the eonvsn
| lion a Western h ie, but at other eeo
tlons of t?v (Mutttry were also repre
i sented the West «a« not allowed to
monopolise the appearances In the com*
vfntlon hall. Few of the pti-tureaqu*
1 rharacters of the nt, I«uis <on vent ion
of were present, but there Were some
»»r i brimmed U ! s ttfrom Ttui
■ and the Southwest* There were also
• m a«lnnal "*» Maker*,** but even these
seem to have thinned out In the party.
All told, it was a well-dreased. good -
mannered and thoroughly behaved assert?*
blage of people. My no moans the least
xio' » ah■» ' >.»: *' t. m». i' of the *<*h«rlng
was the presence of a number of ladles.
O l »rado »*d the list In the number of
female*, three being preaaat from that
state They wer* given front seats.
Kar,ldaho and the I»i*tr. t of Colum
bia also sent lady delegates, who took
their places as If accustomed to par
ticipating In public affairs It was no
ticeable, too, that while the la4y dele
gate* were treated by the mer with def
erence due their sex, they were relieved
j as a matter of course, showing :hat Popu
t lists are a' us'omed to the presence of
ladtes In their political meeting*
ft h* s*g*«4 that fHou* Falls Is
ppAinf entirely iKiiial to *he demand of
| entertaining the 'invention There ;• aa
been no rreat crowding at the hotels, ow
{ in| to the fart that private reaidenccs
■ have been opened to viaitora, and In all
j other respects the welfare of stranger a is
, properly ooked after.
f be t onveutlon Opened.
It waa but a few minute* after 2 o lock
vlwn Chairman Butler, of the national
J committee. aiteaded by tfecrviaiy J- A.

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