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City RnKln*.r Tliomnon Th.re
Han Kern \o I>elay In th,- Matter
—Fact. nplnsc Collfrtfil for
t»« of the Corporation
City Engineer Thomson «ays there has
been no delay In the extension of the Ce
dar river water system, as Implied In the
resolutions passed by the Chamber of
Commerce on Wednesday. He says that
no one knew prior to the city election
whether the condemnation and purchase
of the necessary lands wonld bo author
Blu<-e that time as many members of the
engineering force as aro available have
been busy working on the required classi
fication and compiling of data for the cor
poration counsel's use. The latter can
make no move in the matter until he Is
furnished with the necessary Information.
The city engineering force is being worked
to Its highest limit, but owln« to the pres
ent rush will not have the data prepared
before tho end of next week.
The property in question numbers many
thousands of acres, and runs from the
city's property and the present point of
Intake, near Clifford's bridge, up to and
around Cedar lake. About 40 per cent, of
the land belong, to the Northern I'aciflc
railway, and the rest is In the hands of
private Individuals. About 30 per cent, of
the latter has never been patented, al
though occupied by squatters for a num
ber of years.
It will probably be late In the fall before
a judgment can be entered in court as a
result of legal proceedings Corporation
Counsel W. 13. Humphrey says that it will
take alnety days for him to bring the af
fair to an Issue after he is furnished with
a description of the lands and data by the
olty engineer Tho summonses must be
published for sixty days, and other mat
ters, such as the abstracting, will take
considerable time . ... _
"1 am glad to see so much Interest being
taken in the new water system." said City
Kiurincer Thomson yesterday, "but the
delay has only been apparent. e are
d °'v^hcn r fce 1 get our descriptions and
data." said THr. Humphrey, "from the en
gineer's office wo shall proceed immedi
ately to act in the matter."
Utl Men to Tome Out From n«w«o«
Thl« UriHon Itesi'li Hmttle—
Tlielr Story.
The mlffhty old Yukon, the miners' high
way ilurlnK winter to the Klondike g"ola
Acrid*, Is lrreaklng- uip. rt will. If It Is not
now, soon 1» fre® of Ice, whloh la *« rot
ten that the Northwest mounted pollen
lart Friday prohibited navigation on l4ike
li»nnett. .
News of the threatened breakup came
limt ilight from IJuii Harklns and K. H.
Clear, two City of SeaiU* pmwermer* from
lKvwn. They ara probably the liu"t men
to K«-t out tills seaaou over the lot Mr.
llarkln* ha» the distinction of being on«
of the very first men to coma out over
the Ire lust fail.
Twelve day* from f>aw>'
th® Urn. made t»y Moasra. Harklns and
cfaar They left L>awson April 22. and
WRlk.-d every foot of the way. They re
jwri that nearly aJI lh» rrwdhouaen ara
preparing to <4oae, that several oaitiu ex
peditions ware met on the trail, and Uwt
two mail pa.rti«a were met bjund in. Mr.
Clffu' eft i<l:
"Win river !* open from Thirty-Mile to
NUk 'me at earner Floreno* ft. waa to
Jiave left th« foot of ljiko Ltthare for
MmnsoH dnrlnjf t<te waek, and the Flora
waa to have gv>ttw\ away. They Iwul «om«
Jiaaaengere At Pawaon the trail la In
fair nondttloiv Water whirh waa on the.
I<* tiad disappeared The cutoff wa* bare
u.nd muddy. ljibftJir« waa good.
ixuwd twr. refill e*peditlon», one
ataeiwyn and one af Jlootejilkoo. IVoth
n Jf! In. "Hie mail peivple use 1 horse*
oeer the !>>ni!n!on cutoff. eanoea from
ff*>«ltr»hlkoo to Selkirk, and ilo* te»ms the
rlhiiUn'ler of the dlntanee.
"A Frenchman with a herd of cows
waa met between Cariboo and Wlilta
*"Hi« Cnniidian Daveh>i»ment Comiwiny
1» closing' lt» roodhousos on the outoff.
Th« at Ij*l»r«e and river
points will romaln open with ho new of
getting patronage from river travelers."
Porou|>iue District l'ro«prrom-Ri.
Peltier t'wiuplrtaa Her Hepatr*.
Hteamar City of Heal tie, Capt. Connell,
arrived lust midnight from Bkagway. She
had fifty JHISS* r\g»rs from Alaska and
British Yukon points. John F Maloney. a
leading lawyer of Juneau, was a passen
fter, ns was also Edward H Hanlev. Tho
*tter Is direct from the Porcupine mining
district, which, ho says, is beginning the
sen son's work on an extensive scale.
• Splendid showing* have been made on a
number of oroeks, Mr. Ifanlev said, "and
the camp. 1 think, will surprise everybody
this season New and apparently rich
And® are being made right along "
Cupt Connell reports thm the stesmer
f x *lslor. wkfeh got Into eoliialon with an
iceberg two week* ago made Uie neces
sary rei'talr* and continued her voyage
a. etward to I*ort Valdes
sp«i>rsl *eli«»iluled to leave
for the North.
Hl* or eight steam and *alling vessels
are *oh*duled t*» leave today ana tomor
row for tho Cape Nome gold fields Two
steamer* are the Robert Dollar and Cor
wln, both of which will sail tomorrow
Htcamer Plrtgo also expects to get away
tomorrow. Aha will run during the sea
son as »i local paggenger host between
Nome City and St Mi hael for the Be
attle itgamshlp CompHn>
Schooner Thomas K Ha>ard. of the
came line, will prebably sail today She
will take principally miners' supplies f,»r
Charles I.wne and merchandise for s O.
Simpson & Co*.® Nome store Th* lum
ber schooner Fullest, operated t»\ Fred
P. Meyers and John Campion, will put to
se;v tomorrow
leate* Mlth 1 Jo Ua«ka and Rrltlvh
isUuu faMvngtr*.
One hundred and twenty took
passage for Alaska and th- British-Yukon
on the Steamer Cottage city* Capt Wal
ls.*-'. which sailed hi»t night
The passau4 r er list tnclu Ud the H<>n M.
C Brown. appolntod Cnlt I
p-atae Ju4ga for th- district of Alaska
alls* K> w*na NTloftiole l*uv»s an Knstern
srtisf. H. M. 11 K*ai>berg manager »>f
the Klondike mines, owiu 1 > tie ilerry
ltove , of California, and U*n O. W Tur
ner Oen. Turner and Mi*. Turner are
paantnger* for Sitka, whet, ti c general
goes on l<_wal b i*ln*«is \r~r< i 1 Tracy is
fo'ng to Fennett, where be will take the
ftfsnttr <*t t v ,. Pacific C<'»*t nship
t^On»p« ns The Cottage City had TO) twns
of general c.vrg l -*
Heturna to Seattle Itather 1 l%au to
Sn u Fraaetaeo.
ThA steamship Humboldt, which was re
cently chartetv through har nmnajring
oWner. M Kahsh to th- \lask . Kx
nloratlon Company, will nuxke Imt ore
Nemo voyage She will then return to
th* Seattle-J >nn anal run. Sl»e w ill
cote.e direct from Nome Cltv t.> Seattle,
and not to San Prancisco
ll«r chart ore*--; sought to have bt-r re
tarn tv> San o. but Mr. Kaltsh
declined to consent to such an arrange
ment. *!h* will be turned over to her
th • *»-d will sail
Tor. Nome a day or two later. Her
"The marvelous cure of Mm. Rena J. Stout of
Consumption ha* Treated intenae excitement in
Cam mack. lod./ write® Marion Stuart, a leading
Oru«jrft«t of Muncw. Ind fee only weighed ninety
pound# when her 4octor in TodtOWß said *he must
•oon die Then she began to nae Dr. Kinf 's New
Ducorery, and gained thirty-seven pounds in weight,
and wa.« completely cured." it ba cured thousand*
of hopelesa case*. and 11 positively guaranteed to
euro all Throat, Cheat and Lon? dteea««. 50c aod
SI.OO Trial bottles free at
P. A Danforth, of La Grange, Oa.. suffered for
six months with a frightful running sore on Ida
Iff; but writei that Bu< id en * Arnica Salve wholly
cured it in fife days. For Ulcers, Wounds, l*iles,
it's the beat aalra in the world. Cure guaranteed.
Only flfc-. Hold by
charterers pay mora than SBOO per day for
the ship.
Takes Tweaty-Kight Nome Passen
gers and Ino Tons of Freight.
Schooner B«<whead Capt. William New
hall. sailed for Cape Nome last night with
twenty-fight passengers and 150 tons of
general cargo. She is operated by Wheeler
& Co., of this city. Her passengers are;
J. Carter Miller. Hterling Martin.
A. G. Johnson. A. G. Thelin.
J. W. Flaherty. F. H Hubert.
M A Hubert. F. H Parker.
P. H K If. Fred Ewicksr.
M. F. Oaner. John O'Connor.
M J. Burdett. J N Dobaon.
VV. S. Gibson. John Ackerman.
A. Dnnbar. H. Dunbar.
M. Palmqniat Andrew iSiraonson.
A. J. Doytoa. Andrew Hater.
Mat StUum. C. B. Christopher.
Teddy Itees. John Gillespie.
Hariy Grirten. 2. Lancaster.
Takes 2S Alawka Passengers and
5(M> Tons of t'srgo.
Stenmer I>irigo, Capt. George Roberfs,
sailed for Skagway last night with .tOO ton*
of general cargo nnd twenty-eight pass
enger* from Seattle, as follows:
William I*anberry. J a me* Kflßf,
Geo. Khrhardt. Mrs. Black.
Mrs. Ehrhardt. Ethel Black.
C F Aua Edna Black.
John Minora ' K. Anderson.
A i* Miners. N. Begotson.
D»»n O. Stephens. William Tutt.
Wm. Hockenbergtr, Geo. E. Derby.
F E Mallouf. W D Conner.
Frank K. Sk/igertand. J. H. Davis.
J. A. Brown F. A. Campbell.
Mr* n. C LundquUt. E. N. Lnndquist.
M. M ant ell J. Nelson.
Fred Brtihn. E. Erickson.
Somn Mn»n From Han Francisco.
The steamer Cleveland, under charter
to the Pacific Clipper line for the Cape
Nome run, will arrive next Sunday from
Han Frunclaco, from which port *he sailed
last Wednesday nlsrht. The Cleveland
Will fall for Nome May 15 and the steam
ship Nelson, of the same line, five days
latnr. The latter vessel will leave San
FrancUco next Sunday for Seattle.
Applicant* for Federal Position*
Will Try Meat Month. ,
Civil servlee examinations will be held
at the United States courthouse June 19
next for clerkships In the general land
office. The civil service commissioner In
the paat ha* experienced considerable
difficulty In filling land office position*
owing to the Insufficient number of eligi
ble*, and Is anxious to have a sufficient
number on the waiting list In rase of an
emergency. The examinations are open
to all citizen* of the United States.
An examination for Inspector of wool
ens In the quartermaater's department
will also be held on June 19. The main
retirement for the position 1* that ap
plicant should have a thorough knowl
edge of grades of wool and the manufac
ture of woolen goods.
On June 19 and So an examination will
be held for manual training teacher, the
first appointee to be stationed at Fort
Sbaw Indian school, nl a salary of
per year. Ellgibles residing In the dis
trict whore the vacancy exleta will be
given the preference. Third-class elec
trical draftsmen will he examined on
June 21 and 22. For this position appli
cants must be 2" years of age or over.
Any Information regarding theae ex
aminations may be obtained by applying
to F. I). Temple, secretary of the local
board of examiner*, at the Seattle post
MADM A REt llßn HI
Oreat Xorttarrn Doe* I'nat Time From
Spolcaa* to Seattle.
The Great Northern railway passenger
department is elated over a record run
made hy Its railroad train from Spokane to
Seattle, which arrived here Wednesday
night. The distance is ,".47 miles, for which
the time card allow* thirteen hours The
train due to leavo Spokane at Tlfc Wed
nesday morning was two hour* and fifty
minute* late In starting, owing to heavy
Olio of the new passenger engines wa»
attached at Spokane, and the train arriv
ed at the depot here on time, making the
run In ten hours and ten minutes which
Including stops. Is said to he the tiest
time ever made over a Western mountain
road by a train of equal slue
MIST l'\Y THK ra\il.TV.
| People Omit Farina Water Rent
ThronaU a Ml**nder*lanilin(.
The city water department I* usually
orowded on the 10th day of each month
with people waiting to pay their water
t.mes Yeaterday, however, very few ap
peared, although It was the last day for
The Impreseion seemed to have got
abroad th*t the ordinance recently pa**e 1
by the city council extending the time to
the Bth of the month is now In operation.
The fart is that the ordinance does not KD
into effect until June 1 next, and the pen
alty Is still In effect.
I® Wanted In Spokane.
i Officers of the sheriff"a office were yes
terday Informed by telegraph that the
sheriff of Spokane county is desirous <>f
• rprehendinc A Somerfeldt, who l«
said to he wanted for obtainlnir money
under fsl*e pretense*, and who is sup-
t .on his way to this city. When
I neput) Sheriff* Pauley and Wise l>oarded
j th« Northern Pa» iflc train arrlvlnfr here
yesterday afternoon it was asrertalned
that S«>merfe!dt had !>♦ «»n taken from the
train by the nherlfT *f Franklin county as
) it passed through Pasco.
Mn tup lloola <• Keorhrd,
The I'nlted State* poatofflce at Seattle
ha>j received a new lot of the stamp 1... >ks
p»*' t.ntly by the department. They
received the first Installment several
weeks .ijfo. t>ut the* went *«► rapidly that
I nne were to be had for some time N w
' the ; 'stijffl e is supplied t > meet all de
mimts The book* are of three varieties.
I valued at 25 cents, to cents and 11.
Mats** llrrnk for I Iberty.
Jack Auliivan. wh-» U>und over by
in*n • '.mn W^kieadav to await rrtra-
Utit n fr m Mlchlran where i.. s
wanted on a charfr of forftr)', broke
awav fi»m »n )fR-f»r while he w.ui N ing
(*oi»veyert to the county )aM *nd ran ! wn
9*vn.| avenue south H was r»v-apture<i
j Grant street bridfe, whence he ha»l con
j to hide
*naar Uttiuery Cnmmlttff.
The Chamber of ha® appoint*
ed the following committee to investixate
the matter of establtshinK h sxiaar reftner>-
!n Seattle: J W Clt*e. E W Andrews.
A S Bur well. J A Moore J. S Gold
« »mtth Tho ma* Burke I A N'adeau
; James P Hoire. )r and \\ n Herr.
For Ladlm un« 1 nt le it»r n.
The eelrtahn#** exhibited in the building
] of smoking or Übr*r> tar* (or the use >.f
I men in hardly selfishness after all. it's
! merely a case of evolution, these products
j being so manv finger- pout a 1» a ling up io
I th'» atrlctlv modern, electric-lighted ob
•ervatlcn car. such a* has been placed in
service >n the Northern Pacific rallw.w
where every Oonvenience and comfort for
: both isdles and sentlemen is provided, i. ..
j writing and reading room, card and snick
ing rooms, bathroain, barber shop, toilet
I rooms, elc.
Dynamite Which Wai Being: Thaw
ed Oat oa a Stove I» the Came
of the CataMrephe hy Which
Two Sweden Lout Their Live*.
The City of Seattle, which arrived from
Lynn canal shortly before midnight last
night, brought details of a terrific explo
sion near Ketchikan a week ago. The
story was carried to Skagway by Customs
Inspector Fleming. He says that twenty
five sti ks of dynamite exploded while
being thawed In a stove near a cabin
Four men were in the cabin at the time,
and two of them were thrown completely
through the roof and dropped to the earth
outside. The most wonderful part of it is
that these two men made their extraordi
nary trip through the top of the houre and
back to «arth without a scratch.
The two other men who were in the
house were badly injured. It appears they
were thrown against the walls, or some
thing, and did not go through the roof or
walls. One man was badly cut and bruiMd
all over hi" bodv and so severely injured
he did not survive. However, he lived un
til taken to Ketchikan, where he was
given surgical attention by an experienced
doctor, but he was beyond recovery. He
suffered excruciating pain before passing
The fourth man was severely injured be
low the waist. His ear drums also suf
fered much, and it WHS several days be
fore he began to recover his hearing. Mr.
Fleming says it is a wonder that the
man's ear drums withstood the terrific
The names of the men were not ascer
tained by Mr. Fleming, but he says they
were all Swedes.
The place of the accident was near Dall
head, on Oravina Island, and sixteen miles
from Ketchikan. The men were working
in the mine.
Immediately after the accident two men
set out in a small boat for Ketchikan and
had the steamer Elmore return with them
to the scene of the accident and take the
two victims to Ketchikan.
Prlaoner In Connty Jail Saya He la
a Hlnrhirayman.
According to statements of the police,
the arrest of C. E. Calhoun Wednesday
night by Officers Byrnes and Hadeen on
the charge of holding up the Drum sa
loon with two others some time ago, was
one of the most notable made for a long
They believe that he did much of the
holdup work in Seattle, and that
he la the one who killed a
supposed criminal at Kent during
a fight Keen who was recently
convicted of highway robbery In the su
perior court, says that Calhoun was im
plicated in his case. James Ryan, who
was Calhoun's alleged partner in the
Drum robbery, pleaded guilty yesterday in
the superior court.
Freight Bill Swindle Popular.
Hurry Dyven, of Whatcom, was Intro
duced to the ancteivt swindle known as
tho fre:ght bill game at the White Star
dock Wednesday evenlnsr. He made a
loan of s!>s before he knew what hap
pened, and after thinking: it over a while
decided he had been swindled. He re
ported the matter to Capt. Sullivan at po
llen headquarter*. Dyven is staying at
the Queen City hotel.
ninck Diamond Ilrnnning,
Coroner Sparling received a letter yes
terday afternoon from Dr. D. M. Stone
giving details of the drowning reported
briefly yesterday morning in the l'ost
intelllgencer. The man's name was Ell
Kossa. He was out fishing on Lake No.
12, two miles from Diamond. Hi*
boat overturned and he was drowned.
He leaves a aon and a brother, who live
at Black Diamond.
Fonrtfrn-Yfar-Old Girl Whom H®
Waa Trylnic to Chastise Black*
Hl* Bye With Water Pitcher.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
OLTMHA. May 10 In OM of in® city
schools Wednesday there was a wtone of
considerable excitement for a time. Lay
Crantlall, principal otf the Westeide school,
was endeavoring to administer corpoul
punishment to Laura Werner, a ?!rl of 14.
He had slapped her twice on the shoulder
when, unnoticed by him, ah ? reached be
hind him and picked up a small crocks;/
water pitcher.
She is a heavy, strong: girl, and with VI
the force at her comnuud she struck the
principal over the left eye, Tien a rough*
ami-tumble tight appears t«N nave resulted,
us several times he was compelled to put
the girl on the floor before he could sub
due her. The result is that beside being
cut. Mr. Crandall has a blacked eye. Hi*
matter will be laid before the scnool board
for further action.
Result of Primaries Favor Malony
an a Delegate.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligent cr.
OLYMPIA. May 10.—In all the precincts
of Thurston county yesterday Democtatie
primaries were held The primaries in the
country districts were held luring the af
ternoon. and la Otjrmpii in 4 TuStittr in
the evening:. The county convention will
be held in this city on Saturday at 1
If there was any such thing ,\s opposi
tion to the election of Thomas Ma':> iy as
a delegate from Thurston county to the
*ta.:e convention it wa* net ijH*ucnt at
the primaries Mr Malony will undoubt
edly be chooen as one of this oounl> * del
Hook ( iHitrnct %o( let Miuir.
Special Dispatch to the Pom-Intelligencer.
OLYMPIA, May 10 - No award of 'he
school book contract has yet been made
by the state board of education, though
the board Is holding an extra session this
evening and endeavoring to reach a re
sult as soon as possible.
Two Speedy limit* Yrek. nn.l \eok
I'rum Prattle to Inciiniii.
ft ; lall th. 1» .s?';. .II tg« nrrP .
TA 'uM \ May i<» -The steamers Flyer
a? 1 Victorian ha l an exciting r.i, e fiom
Seattle to Taenia thL* afternoon. Tne
F<>er >n her * trip from Shuttle, came
'• :he VI orlan it ?he AJ-K1
point K bed >Yom there to Robinson's
point. a 45-mlnute run. it WJU nip and
!I,O T v' ' 1 ' They
w.-re .ut 4i t/> caueiryf the
p.w-nsvtv • T the U-i ks and c heer
each little spurt.
Thisi si ie ..f TlObinn n's ;».«:nt the fiver
calnetl »t l!ttle lead, which fhr main
taine*!. r>u'idln« Brown'* point four >r
Ave b-ngths ahi ad and docking flrwt T .js
t?. the first wln several yeans between
The Fly.-'is r ,ot drHng quite ht r v »est. as
I*.se will »..*>n go Quartermaster
dry dock.
tppulHlurnt of Knreit Hunger..
Special Dispatch to the l'oat-lntelllyencer
TACOMA May 10.—D. B »h. Ue ( Vnlted
Stat.s fore*t miperlniendfnt. has received
instructions fr m the department at
Washington reiisrdlnit the quallflo*tlon»
or men he named 'or appointment as
forest to patrol the fores! reserves
In this state. While It !« left li*retion
arV with the superintendent to name s;:ch
men as he thinks proper, vet the susses
• ions of the department show A strong
turn toward civil service practices.
ftesttlr-Tsmm* Kleeirftr Kon.l.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelllaencer.
TACOMA. May 10 Judge Henr> Hu.-ey,
seneral m-inager of the Seattle-Tncoma
ele'trtc railway, which 1* projected be
tween the two cities, has returned home
, from Washington, where h« secured a
right-of-way for the road through the
Puyallup Indian reservation. Three ap
praisers will he at once appointed by the
secretary* of the interior to determine how
much shall be paid the Indians whose land
is up for right-of-way.
Pierce Conntr Pemorriiti
inng Candidates.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
TACOMA. May in.-Democrats are al
ready making up tickets for the county
election next fail, and candidates are dili
gently making fence? ready for the earlier
party primaries. A. U. Mills, who held
the office of sheriff for two terms. wi!l re
tire from politics on account qf his
contracting Imslness. which will demand
his entire time. Of the several candi
dates for the office of sheriff. Ben Davis
chief outside deputy under Mills, seems to
have the lead of all others, and It is said
will secure the nomination by acclama
The three superior court judges will also
be renominated, if they care to run. though
it is said JtldflTß Wilkeson ha
vantageous business connection offered
him to return to the practice at the end
of his term. Frank Spinning, of Puyallup.
is looked upon as the most likely man for
the nomination for clerk of the cour*
Steve Judson, who has held the nfTtce of
treasurer for two terms, will retire, and
John Hartman. at present a member of
the city council. It is said, can have the
nomination for treasurer if he wants it.
ffoskfnir & Son. of Wilkeson, Aantffrn
for Tlielp Creditor*.
Special Dispatch to the Podt-Intelllgeneer.
TACOMA. May 10.—Hosklng & Son? deal
ers in general merchandise at Wilkeson,
have made an as.®ijfnment to Col. Albert K.
Joab, of this city, for the benefit of all their
creditors. The firm is composed of William
H. Hosklng and Marvin H. Hosking, father
and «on. The creditors number about twen
ty-five firms, of which two-thirds are lo
cated in Seattle and Tacoma. and most of
the others in Portland and San Francisco.
An Inventory made today by Col Joab
and Newton Brehrn ftfiows the assets to
slightly exceed SI,OOO. The liabilities ;*re a
little over $2,500. Col. Joab has given a
$2,000 bond, and will wind up the Imsiness
as speedily as pcaslble.
School Tfnclipm Selected.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
TACOMA, May 10.—The school board has
selected teachers for the ensuing year, re
taining R. S. Bingham as city school su
perintendent at a salary of S2.(XW>. Other
salaries are practically the same as the
present sale. The board recommended the
opening of the manual training depart
ment, which has been closed for several
Come to Seattle.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Tntelllgence.r.
TACOMA. Mtov 10.—J H. Bunch, tariff
man and chief clerk In the general agerv
of the Northern Pacific railway here, left
today for Seattle, where he will have
dharge of the claims* department of the
Pacific Coast Corn-pany. Mis place was
taken by R. E. Chase, of St. Paul.
Prof. Hllla Ketnrned to Nebraska.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
TACOMA. May 10.—Prof. Rowland P.
Hills, charged with bigamy, was today
taken back to Blalt*. Neb., where he will
stand trial at the September term of court.
For the past thirty days the courts here
have been engaged in hearing habeas cor
pus and other proceedings connected with*
the case.
rondrmnrd rilah»»-«>f-Wny.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
TAOOMA, May 10. The Jury In the onsen
brought hy the Tacoma l-7astern railway
to condemn right-of-way for the extension
of their line today brought In verdicts ag
gregating about J4OO for the various par
ties through whose lands It Is sought to
extend the road.
To Sell Steamer llnttle nelle.
Speelal Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer,
TACOMA. May 10.—A decree was entered
In the United States court today for the
sale of the steamer Hnttle Bell, at Aber
deen. by United Ptates Deputy Marshal
r>av!s»on. May 18. to satisfy a Judgment
against her In the case of Roger Heed.
State VnlTtralty and Agricultural
Cnllrfff to Content In Field Krenti
and Annnal Debate.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer.
PULLMAN, May 10.—The track and de
bating trams of the University of Wash
ington arrived here over the O. It. At
N. at 3p. m. today. They were met at
the depot by the Washington Agricultural
College band and about 2»0 students and
cltliens. when» college yells were given
for some moments after the train pulled
in. The two days' intercollegiate field
meet between the University of Washing
ton, University of Idaho and Washing
ton agricultural college begins tomorrow
Tomorrow evening, in the college chapel,
the second annual Intercollegiate debat**
tflll be held. The question Is: "lte
solved, That combinations of capital in
restraint of trade should be so restricted
by national laws as to promote competi
tion." The Washington agricultural col
lege, consisting of F. F. Nalder, L. L.
Totten and R Oordlner. will take the af
firmative, while the University of Wash
ington will defend the negative thrbugh
Its representatives, Messrs. Willet,
Wright and Luube.
Plttuhnrff, At Hhlrago, 4.
PITTftM HU, May 10 Everett'a carele«a work at
flrat ba«e todar >n*t the cam* for Chicaftx Attend
anre, 2.500. 8«-ore;
R H. K
Pitt -»burg 5 11 3
Chioago 4 9 1
Batteriea Tannehifl and Zlmmet, Taylor and
Chan e I'mpire Swart wood.
Standing of the (lab*.
Club* Won. Ixwt. Per f\
Philadelphia II 5
Oin«nnnati • « WO
Brooklyn 9 T W
Ht l*mi« * * '*»
Pltuburg * * .«71
ndM.l * 10 444
New York « 9 400
Bostoa J M .313
At Oe*«Mand <V»**land 11. \lil«auk«e. •
At buffalo Buffalo. V(<nneai«»iia, 1
At Indianap*tiMhaeapubf, 19, Chicaio, 7.
At Detroit Detroit, J. Kanaaa Pity. 2
Mnnding of the ( luha,
Clut» • Won Lowt, Per <'
Milwaukee 12 5 'H
IndiarapolU 10 S 46?
Chicago 9 K 5."9
Cfcrrrlar.d ? T 500
Buffalo T «
Kan*a« City 9 11 121
kllnneajx4la ■ 12 «oo
Detroit 5 19 J»
llnnilreda of Milra
Of stone ballasted or clean graveled track
for the Northern Pa* iflcs North
Limited to tun over The absence of du«*
will make that observation car a thirty of
beauty and a Joy forever.
KMSXALD rings. Mrthitont.
William H. Finck, Jeweler. Sit Second
Slussish Blood
The blood should not creep lazily
through the vein*. Tt should run swiftly,
carrying life and health to ever)' organ
Indigestion, constipation, dyspepsia g n <!
nervousness, invariably accompany poor
circulation Purify and Invigorate the
blood with Hostetter .« Stomach BitWN
and these Ureases will disappear The
Bitters also prevent* irudarUt fever an i
ague, and cures all ailments of the stom
ach See that a Private Revenue Stamp
covers the neck of the bottle.
It ln>igorates ||OSTEITER'S
Strengthens tl STOMACH
and Cures BITTERS
Morphine, I.audanum. Yon She. Cocaine
and other drug habits cured by a remark
able remedy recently Introduced in this
city called
Habltlne is an lnvigorator. a powerful
vitallzer, a tissue builder. But it goes
further than this. It exercises a specific
action upon the* drug habit so that persons
using Habitine soon lose all desire for
opiates and can stop their use without
suffering any pain, nervousness, sfeeples*-
ness. etc. A short course of Habiting
creates a new feeling of vigor, vital en
And buoyancy that is wonderful. The ap
petite becomes almost ravenous, a rapid
gain in flesh and strength, and it is then
that the drug habit becomes positively
The thousands of persons who have
taken Habitine, both In the Cast and on
this Coast, and always with this same ef
fect. enables us to treat ail cases of the
drug habit without any payment whatso
ever until a |>erfect cure Is effected and all
desire for the drug completely removed.
Those afflicted with the dreadful habit of
drug addiction should consult the doctors
of the Habitine Sanitarium, either person
ally or by letter, without delay.
Hours 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.; Sundays 2 to 4
p m.
221 Columbia Street. Seattle, Wash.
| MUSIC.-..
4" If you are going: north, do not
T forget that In the winter time trie
4> days are only three hours long, mm
X you will want something to while
X away the lonisr evenings. NothinK
4* will take the place of a Mandolin
T or Oultar for such a purpose.
T t|UO.lM> will buy a complete outfit,
+ including an instrument (guaran-
T teed), a case and extra quantity ot
A •strings.
y 003 Second Avenue,
T Seattle, Wash.
< >K wrs] X >M
! Ytfur dealer will attach <)'B till! ran Heels
| to the shoes you are now wearing for 50c— J
! the same as fur the floor heels that won't
la*t. half AS long when you encounter iub
• l for
sample pair to ()'Hullivan Rubber Ooc,
Lowell, Mans. "Say Golf Heels if you mean '
it- Price in the *HUie. Hay Golf Boles and
make remittance 75c."
Ii I f/m 111 HHI I ■ mJm *ll gl i
Your eye* will he stronger If you <►
tnaf total propirl) in youth ib 4 ([
middle <t£e. You need glasses, nol 4 [
necessarily because you in jttQW+
In* older, hut because your def ec-
Ice 1 (|
our business t.» '"!1 y«»u »-ie kind r
you nee i. Thlii can only be d<Ker« i [
minid by a udootlllo exAmbuUon, <:
vrhloh I" given free hy our eye <[
specialist, i |
lutu f th< 1 i< mio (hnftiiimio J ►
SCHtI HARD OPIH 41 CO., 1211 24 Av* Seattle < [
|Ofek (Near Btone, San- <
ny . \
< t it MALI IN M.
1 W I KS, I
* SO «IRI U*«llt)\
2 IW* Main str-I'itone or p
ov °" n
ooomiows'CfMfifßr assocution
san feancihi o, <'Al.ipok\i a
II tk* d*r»wd »i« a member OF ANT OR
r,AM/ VTi"V haviu« a rofficer and
for the »*ti«e aad «r»n «-me* u ti Tt*
lor mew "f*'« ->1 ths faiailv f toe|i dneeaaed
'.htJif.i. K I'LIBTC HKH A*«perii»W<W.
Abbey s
Effervescent Salt
n ;.1 K ill .Iru<£isu at 25c , JCac. wd
#I.OO p«r Bottle.
»•»•••• ••• ••• • • • **rt iH|
We have marked down »ix lots of Decorated Semi-Porcelain so as to clear
quickly for incoming goods. This may sound very stereotyped, but the savingi
are very new and real. For instances
Semi-Porcelain Cups and Saucer*, with") r[T AC CIV JC /"EMYr
a'whft/groundf decora,lons ' ,n vlolet on J Ml Ul MA, 4) ll'li
Olympta patterns: a tiny spray of maidenhair fern and roses; brick
color on white ground; prices run thusly:
12-Inch Platters, 2So S-lnrh Bakers. He.
• 'overed Vegetable Pishes, 4£c. I'le I'lates. set of six for 2T>e.
Oravy Boats. !!<<-. Oat Meal Dishes, 4(>c for a set of six
You can readily see that n decorated pie plate couldn't t>e made to
for two cents! All the other Items are Just as cheap; there are bo baits,
Fine thin blown Tumblers that are considered a pood sixty cents' worth
here for '
39 Cents Per Dozen.
s9Tf"r ed Cry " tal olnss Tllmb,fr "' worth 25 Cents Per Dozen
A bargain fare enough to crowd the housefurnlshlnr store to the limit
If your memory is good, you will recall the sale of Sample Scarfs held laK
March, and you will remember it still better if you were lucky enough to get om
of the foreign pieces. More from the same source ready today—the contacts
of a New York show room. Jabots, Stocks, Vests, Strings, Imperials, Four -in
Hands, Aacots and the finest Parisian Lace effects.
We bought them so that we can afford to sell them at Just a trifle ovsr
the actual cost of making. i
Too many prices to tell you in detail and too many styles to write about
Of course, the early comers get best choosing.
Six different styles of Cut Steel and Beaded Collars go on sale today it a
most pitiful pricej worth $7.00, $5.00 and $4.00
. All Marked $1.50.
The multi-colored sefluln and the flashing steel bends are of the most
aristocratic order. The loss is tha Importers'. Seven dollar collars for one
fifty will make lively selling.
1419 to 14Z9 Second Ave. 115 and 117 Pike Street
Was Run Down,
Sleepless, Nervous, a
Tired, Listless Feeling; Cured by
Dr. Miles' Nervine.
The nerves of the human body act as me»- . "I, trouble! for thirty v.*i ■gth
weakness of tho heart nnd narvai, Hu
senders to convey to the brain impressions ot palpitation im.l fluttering >f the heart
outward effects, and to convey from the brain »P»'> »ll*ln«at exertion and wna ««i»r*Ulf
' run down, wwk and nervou*. I fottO'l
to the muscles and orpins nerve force or vital that Dr. Mllea' Nervine w<* the only
power. Without this vital power the heart, -a:istit>d | would not be alive today but
stomach, lungs, bowels, and all organs of the for lih una. My sun und daughter
. ~ ' . both taken Dr. Mllea' Nervine with best
body would be unable to perform their func- "MRS. MARY KaaSM
Hons and life would cease When these mess en- "l/ondon Mtlla, Ilia."
gers become deranged or the supply of nerve
force Is depleted, tbe best remedy to restore /nlmoat loot my reawin. I'wo doclori wi1t
...... . .... . '... ' i'd cm mo. but neither vu ab> 10 do M
them to their normal condition is Dr. Miles liny gn■ Imy huahanri bought « batds
Restorative Nervine. It creates a good appetite. rvll "' ' ; "j '"JJJ
" rr It to me. It hel|H'd mo light iitonf tail
gives refreshing sleep, and cures that tired feci- when 1 had taken ««>veii Uottlee 1 «W
ing. It acts on the nervou. system, which con. ''""MUH CAROLINE Ht'HROKDER.
trols all the processes of the body, toning it up "Metropolta, 111*.''
into sound and vigorous action. It overcomes ~r" M "**' I* aotil at all tr*q staeaeia
a po»ili.i> uearantae. Writ* tor Ire. aMItW
the excessive wasting and puts back the lost flesh. bwkletto l>*. MM Is Ml KlUt tU . I IMMN,!*
• • • • • • • •=4"!
♦ tNftlNiS; PIIHtPS. J
Corner Washington Street and Railroad Avenut. I
M <v cy.
| Summer Needfuls.
I.etnoti Hquec/.crn, Ice Shaver*. Ice Picks, Mlllt Shake Ma*
| chines. Soda <ila»«e», Soda Holders*, etc. A larjte variety, «hele«
; 1 sale and retail.
; | Motel, Restaurant an i Bar Supplies a .Spec I a ty.
II M. SELLER aCO. c nil&»»r
1 TIIIRIV TJOLIAIIS IMI'l/t* L'ftnuuc 111 . r C i'
z iori-t.-'.io*r.|.r.> ruKiica ruAI c9| n
♦ Call or write for Kulcs o! Contest. ] [
♦ B«Uil DtiU ri U Umcra SupplM-%. | j Mrret. Se«ftta> J |
DRa LIiKENS, the Old Reliable Specialist*'
ul.Ut,b i in hi', utoi t. r -a., ~ 4a*
FLA' .kUI—CRoWiNi;L» with -S Y J AUd of unparalleled luuta -tM t>
, far»r a tf land*—in* people a a pecla.lat. Ha na. cur.d tnouaenJa •"
ft cur * you- Ati Chronic. Nnv«u«, *ou Ckln Bi/W '
tufa, UUat. VarUo .:., Hup turt, I'll., (Joltra. Cancer cured arttP**
««t:.n« or detention from a ueHieaa. OoDauilatlon tit a. Curaa Itf
f*®HT n anteed. If you cannot <.ll. WHITE. Perfect lyatem of home treat-
n Rien: for out of-toa>n pa lao ta Hour, t a mto ( o m Ruodaft
\ J# to ti a. ni- Klin. * Roa. nber e Hlock, e» rirat Av.nue, Saastl*
An t*id and \S~ ell Tried K«m<'tr. Mr Winj.l iw » <}ood #•■>>king »# prymb\* »»«Dr. bf prciN'Wl 'S
Htolhinc Hyrup 1*• b»»*ci u««d frw of*r Fifty Y«axa 'r <*>• c*. wUn iUUOI'A'M CXTKACT
bj Miltiorui <i Mfithem for their UMrtn BKEK t*
with VIMCCM. it the - hlld, aud
•ofteiu the Gum#, *U*:n *ll peir «e* U'md A HAUI'LV. J Ali H*rr»» paMpaid on retell * m
<Y.lir. fcnd the hett retn?<l/ for IHtnbot. Hold <-et«U. or « 2ojnce }mr for 50 rentt.
I . In »«♦" pa" "Wt AMMOt'av* (.OWIM, ir.ICA6O.
«t 'or Mm. Viialni Hooihma h»np. -ud ta. no A k ~ Arl + , K „„., lf fv ,f
Ct^er \ lieef Kstrait ait.l Tau»t-f» 1» 4.1 OtA
Tnrut>-a«e tenia a llott.e. j euj brKi l _ b„ u4t ., BKATTLE, WASH.

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