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TOT,. XXXIX.. NO. 46.
Irs. Potfs' Sad Irons, Alarm Clocks,
assr^Wk 1 h " ndle and 1
Kitchen Saws, "
* *«■•■ v 7 Washing iachlnos,
Family Scalos, Only the beat makes; each R. 50 to
hanriy ami accurate; each $1.25 to „
- . ac j ... >*P wHtl
■•at and Food Chappar i«. e k m ..«.
> ka« all the Infect appliance" and ■••■wHIHWIIIS,
4«* excellent work, two slice; Each ?V. to S3c.
f aach ItJB and *I.OO.
Carving Knives, Faafkar Dustara,
|„ tit,;, ranffin* from Kc to Tsc. ***** ""Ttmcnt; each 30c to sl.
IfpAu# (I||U AM A v,K,t to our storo will su rarest
98118 l nrllll OUTTerS, so many useful and labor av-
If ,. ... •.. tpr I*} ft contrivance*, at lowest prices
S and 3 knife, each 11 and Sl.— ». obtainable In Seattle.
[COOPER & LEVY and Washington St.
laidispeflMbfe In the Sick Room —A
Perfect Device for Contort.
▼hile meeting every requirement for aerving
meala to an invalid In an attractive manner, the
tabic la a great convenience lor many other pur
poae*. It ia not only useful in the library, litting
room, attady, aewlng room, but it la a valuable
addition to the office
Stewart & Holmes Drug Co.,
[ 627 Firat Ave., Foot of Cherry St.
W. ha™ .iimt th» pvt ,i»k looking tip ill (XM« and Knda in each and rirr] department,
■ad find that we hare accumulated many duitn, ln»y December.
SHk and Dim 6oods Department.
XOTKI.TY HII.KH aiiltahle fur .hlrt 3» inch and Winch 4'OI.OKKI> WIKSM
MM, and trlniiiiliiK. all dealralde OtHIDH. iv plaida, other, mlllnm
•ml IMa prndnctlnu; valuta and homaapiim. Hold all arav.i at 9fc
ll# anil II*); atMxnal to etaa», __ _. and ». Hurclal to
TO Ctß dw 35
„ . . » inch and Minch roLUKKO IiItESH
DRAI't.RT SII.KM. n incha. wide. dark • MKtIM. I'iaida. rtenpn. Mlmim. and
ami medium cnlnra. rich pattern,, al- Homwiwna, juat rlitht (or arhuul drcaam
war* SIOO, M«'lal t<» duw, __ . Our Isadora at »• and Mr.
,atd ...... will Hpecial. to clr>v> 19 CtS
DnmUc mid liaea Departments.
riESTKn W*API-IK CLOTH, all dark. 25 plira HONKYCUMR TUWKUNQ' a
rich lolora. X diiTanmt at ilea. mir Wc «.««! ahanrbent The nana] nuaJilT wild
(Tidr Iperlal. to _ at • l ie. rtiwial. .
r|.M. ,ard 7t f|| ~rd 31 Ct
FUNNCLR-mm. dark and liaht u*ea: *. TOWKI.H. all pure linen. buck
it.' mill nida ; i'*a« full piccm, the lit attack, atar ll*."*, ovtrm Inwrv; UIM
and ll v kln<i Special. _. . diweti U> rtaUinier; prwent value Ha
iwd, nIII jr., ». . a* Ct« each. Stwcial wild** thcr laat.
Clinic. or wr ATA'UIARII tAUCOKK, PAt'iriC CURTAIN mtAPKHY. all rwrw
J*? »*• "•" rk " tb, fit-nigna; lar,» aaaoiim.nl, wU .veri mtmv
Iwal Hath: alwara a, .Id ai !c ,t » aoKtel
Hi-clai, ttunite,. >«M 5 CfS Tf CtS
Center Bargain TaMes. Underwear and Hosiery.
*r» afam hmimiin# the Mtn i# att>w MKN a NATI'KAI. n.unto HHIHTS
tk.il Thrj oat.tn U BAI'I'KH» ANU IIHAU ICItH. heafr and warm; ua
HIIIMT UAInTs ual .filing price 7S. Special. ■
KAttji'KM. ri.ANNKLrrns mkimt '*ch 49 els
are maikfrt tmt lw4o»» ragitUr pfic««, OR AY HLACK MAHf HUSK,
sum r*ill> httif what ask In Impeitad. Hfrm«dovf dy*. alwajn » and
l«rt», IKV. ?•», 91 I®, . Xt fiair b|mi ial. par __
u « w MM i-"' *3 cte
K;' V '""" , "™ 1 " 1
lace Curtains, Baalta.
We ha*#- uh» many, aud ha»» ■»«'!• d»*p . Pa*at»lHr popular author* fl*a
eut. ta iwliica at.«* 1,1 <*<**>
i . nan t .v.per, Veruc,
21 l*»r« WHITE ANI> K«'HI . wold rrg" toanun MncauU.v aini ifthent. Tba wri h
| tori) nl . sprt'ial l*'* w " SDi McmUa>
pair 49 Ct# • fa® Ct®
M M l_ ....]... ...... I*l ... Hnndrw* al t'HOKK BOOKS b y .tandard
* !*«** '• '• ' view ■ u tit Or*; cloth INMIIMI mtd w <*! »l»»ar
af!«t» valuft «K |«ir. np«*ial - i.j, trust - pn«r, 3k aial »• -
I fx - 1 pair JVCII t'T a ff* ttojrt, <>vi!y . Wi els
[ AH M*r <'htuUu«i« Qooda sre t««t itt»«i>|varlii« Wlul IWau*# ai« sr.|<l at hut
[ ana-tiait «h»t Utrf «rr W> still h«v. * t« w ft «l*o n.mia IMl< IVtosa !Vx>k«.
I Ib|> *ad Tha U"» tismcwraw IM»-a Uno ot»)ael.
I *n»«» Praaattta wa < attti<lt<l llixvlaj l« thr i » au> -utuf raatonoi m folium: Tt»a
[ PoH to Mi« J A Uwi'h WS> N<*rmaii »t».»i ti. krt v » . '!«« >»lk nfciri i Mtw AM>i«
UiMocrtiat f 'krX \i». ami ih« SHk t.» MM ft NoraoU*. 1214'» Ftret
I awiu. ti« krt N.. .1 «*:
[ \tili our Mtlltnn.f an<l Art IK-|artoH-n<. « tnt fl w rla*si*>r.
Something New! Something Novel! i|
atOTHING tike it ha* ever been writ, nothing like it h«s ever been of- ''
• » It'td in thin city. Is it worth your *»hnc to at leut give im a call? )'
We think mi ami hrlieve you will thnk to if you will drop tn and tec uj at /
•nee. By thit plan we give abiolulc protection againit iKkneit, lots of
; ta'ary, etc.. a> far a> the payments on the Piano it concerned. for the 3>
I kolkUys only ! J
1415 SECOND AVENIt. Two Doort Below the Bon Ma cht ;I
CllAsi. li. 1 lOLOOHB,
■ Witcles, Diimonds. le*en>.s>«verwtfe Nfl\elties.Optkii uood.v Uaes <nd Lm&reiUv
FRISCH BROS.. 720 First Av.
ItHitiOUß, D. D. S. Rooms 1. 2, 3, 0l>mpl«. Bulldinfl.
» »--* ■ . v **■>.£ had thr a4*IBNTIFI« VI.IA <*. «
f > « PHOPKHLY FITTED. U. CLAY OpUvisu. Til tecgi.. Auaus.
Mirquis of Dufferin and Ava Is Chairman of the finance
corporation the failure ol Which Sent
Many ol the Strongest British
Firms to the Wall.
T-T ONDON". Dee. 2!>.—The Lor.dnn and Olobe Finance Cnrporntl in, T.tm
' It* d, has sn.-!» nded payment. When the brokers y. sterd'iy d >ll v
' \ ered stork purchnsed on account of the London ml and i k d
' "*V for payment, they received checks which were dishonored This was
followed today bv the failure on the stock exchange of twelve firm-, iir fol
lows: Haggard, Hale Plxlev, Oarle & Driver, Douglas, Jr., & Co, Corn
foot Brothers, F. A. Cohen, Bluck
ey & Buckingham, (iunn A Aubrey,
Richards and Sloper, Baker &
Smith, F. C. Watts & Co., Flower
* Co. and F Boully A Co.
The first-named l» a big firm with
Important connections. It is feared
a number of smaller Jobbers will
be affected.
While the difficulties of the firms
closely connected with the London
and Globe division were largely
discounted, the repeated fall of the
hammer this morning caused a
great sensation. It Is feared the
full list of failures Is not yet
Almost the whole Interest, on the
stock exchange today centered in
the West Australian market, the
condition of which sympathetically
affected the others. All the Sharon
of the and Globe group
toppled, especially Lake Views and
Le Hoi, No. 2. The shares of th->
latter were yesterday quoted at 23,
but today they are unsalable a f 4.
The London and Globe Is also
heavily Involved In the British Co- THE MARQUIS OF DUFFERIN AND AVA.
lumbian market. The situation Is
not yet cleared up, as the rumors of arrangements to assist the Lon
don and Globe are not credited in w.»ll Informed circles. There is the great
est indignation against Mr. Whltaker Wright, who Is the fountainhead of the
conoerf, and others of the London and Globe group. There has been some
what of a recovery in Lake Views since last evening.
The chairman of the London and Globe Finance Corporation, Umited, la
tho Marquis of DufTerln ami Ava, the former governor general of Canada,
and British ambassador at Paris*. The failure of th»> concern of which he Is
the head adds one more »orr< w to the cilia! ng chapter of his life, for he Is
today preparing to start for South Africa, in company with I*ady DuflTerln.
In consenuence of the serious condition of his sick son, L#ord Frederick
Temple Blackwood, lieutenant In the Ninth Lancers, who was wounded Mon
day. at Glenfonteln. It Is scarcely a year ago since Lord Dufferiit lost his
eldest son, the Karl of Ava, who died at Ladysmlth. He Is now encom
passed by family grief, to which are added these serious financial troubles.
Lord Dufferln's fellow directors are Whltaker Wright, who Is well
known In connection with many companies; Lieut. Gen. the lion. Somerset
<lough Calthorpe, who has been colonel in chief of the Fifth Drag >on
Guards since 1892. and Lord Pelham (*linton. master of the queen's house
hold, and a son of the former Duke of Newcastle. Lord Dufferin holds 5.U00
shares of the London and Globe and 30,000 British-Americas.
The failure* today involve member# of the stock exchange,
and are e.jualty divided anionic Jobbers and brokers. Jt is generally regard
ed In tile mining market as being the blackest day since the Baring smash,
which was disastrous to all departments. Today's orisi*. however, did not
extend to the other markets, lb >ugh a number of them closed depressed.
Americans wore Incidentally affected, owing to some of the firms which
failed being interested In American securities.
The I/ondon and Olobe Is said to be largely interested in the Baker Street-
Waterloo electric railroad, and the trouble is partially attributed to the money
it has tied up tn that road.
lltll.V H BPOHTKD.
Glory of the and Amrrlrt
llrvrd to Hmr Met Wilt Mishap*
nutl Krlrndu <>» < *pt«l»* ■"<»
(rem* \rr <irmU> Bifr«Ueit
SAN' FRANCISCO. r>p<' 2" The *lilp
Eclli»>e K'»t in from Tacoroa after n l a »K
run d 1 twenty-two day* For elghtwm
ilivf" she ti»il a suivwl'in of #outh-: .'Uth
**!<•« Off C«l>e Blanco sh
from stPOi to »tern, inrt « portion of I n
bulwark* km • arrlwl away.
Th* -hip H<-rltn »»-■< n'y Hating
h.n from Taeomu. and h<>r captain »!>••>
iv porta a »mscea«lon Of aotitheaat
Instil',* flftiHTl
Th* whoolMT lJPtia S«»' tw»-nt> -four
day* frtim San Bl«». for Oraya harhnr. put
Id to larni O. Johnsun. mate.
The achdoner Mary TIMwoU left the Co*
qulllo river twenty-two da>* a«'). am', rtn
Into th. **le a» aocm i* she stot outalA#.
Three times she got up as far as
. inn City, an 1 each time wai driven t»iu k
t<» Blanco. Once she was on her .im
ends, but the wind blew away the Jib
and foresail, and she righted. Oil bags
were used forward and aft. as the waves
were coming froSH ail <lir tion* The oil
prevented the ~oaw from breaking aboard,
and thai saved the vessel.
The Olory of the Beta left h« re oj> De
rt>ml>i<r 4. and U.e America »n Decerning
?. both bound for Cow t. B. ♦ *-. in bal
last The storms that detained the south -
bound tVec shoruld have seat them north
in from live to six days. *o far nettte#
vessel ha* been hean? from. Th* friends
of both Cap*. Hart and Cap* H vrdmg
are very much exercised over this f tct.
as the Chilean bark Temuc. h•* arrived
st Fort Townsend partially
and with her deekload gone, an 1 reports
a vesatl bottom aide up off
shore The chances are, however, that
the <ilor» of the Sea* and the America
*.* re driven wn pas: the straits' «f
Juan de Fuca and are now beating th-ir
*ny back
Today reinsurance - n the overdue ship
Rath down took . jump from per ont
to SO i>er cent, Bbe is out eighty-six da> *
from Yokohama, for Portland, Or.
Another vessel was ad«?ed to the ov*r*
due list this morning Thl* Is tbe Ath
bara. a strip bound from VearWUttle. \
is alia, for Panama. She Is n>w nut Mil
days, and Is quoted at 15 t»er < -at.
The only other ship «»n the list, the Cas-
Hongkong. Hov.nd for British Columb a.
She U quoted at l& \*BT oetit.
II«'H « y "won *i«rm,
heaviest sm.*-tot m that has raged In fhis
£>wxilou ot New Mevxico for years has been
£ (AUGHT 111 PRAIRIE Flitf. •
W # K'HITA. Knn., Dor. 21V J
Ootlieb St«< k* r and bin *
entire family. moving •
• from HtUlwater. Oklahoma. to •
J Kogers Mills coftntv. won- caught •
p while asleep In their wagon in a #
p prairie fire last night. A seven- #
• V-en-month old baby w;ih roasted m
• to death, and a l> y will flit A •
• •
J and no hop< ire entertained of •
0 saving th»» tfi<»ther < life. J
• In their ro,< 1 condition and #
• with th»- -da lit irf the*; hotH'-s burn- •
• ed out, they reach* d a dugout •
J owned by I•« unis Carr n :'»•* •
• ralrie fire J
• «
• hour, p
In progress for "the laat twenty-four hours
In the Sandia mountains, east of this iltv.
Tho thermometer has (tone several dr
grees below the freezing point, something
unpfweddented In Albuquerque.
\\ RK< K MiK THROW \ I P.
lie in Iniltr* of the \»%I u I Sforiit Iti
the tlrltlvh < linnurl,
LoNi»»N I»» quantities of
The Oreat West -r» Railroad rumpany's
terford. whKh last night wa& repertrd
tairty-two hours latf.
axhor. at the Portland breakwater, where
twenty-two men got ashore, leaving* rtve
men on the wreck, have Wen landei. The
and ft* he s'eoLK'd oti her deck thM «H ■»
heeled over ana sank. The captain was
driven ashors at Cornwall. The crew,
*foratt in I'lurlilit,
I , HNftAt>)l.A. Fla Dee 1"J A st»>rm of
Kloo4lke sank and a aiaaii svh toner foun
dered No lives are r. js>rted lost.
Drlira llaek lo Utons.
LONDON. T>ec. 2».-THe British ship
King lid ward, Tap Kh *d. from Ant
werp. s. for Han Kmn«l* -o hi.w
ar,choral In the T> w W with a man wash
drtven back fr«";m b> heavy
lto«iiei» \% ttuhed tnkure.
HOIiVHKAI>. iVf. 2S —The bodies of
twenty members of the re* cf th* jEhrlt-
Stack and biokt, have kt\.& washed
i. m os
in n
Abductors Threaten to Kid-
nap Another Child.
Warn Mr. Cudahy That Pursuit
by Police Must Cease.
Bold Action of the Criminal. That
May I.pad to Tfcelr Apprehrnnloii
—Mr. Cudahy Tarn, the I'onnnunt-
rntlon Oyer to the Oninhn Chief
of Police—Will >o« Withdraw the
*U.V<MIO Revard-Deaprmte llnt-
tle llrtirren C'owhoya and Cttl-
irna In an Arfaona Town—l.en.ler
of Former Hl.lillrd With Ilaok.hot
OMAHA, Dec. 29. E. A. Cudahy, the
millionaire packer, has received a second
communication from the men who kid
naped his Hon. This time, as formerly,
the letter contains a threat, and says in
substance that unless he withdraws his
offer of S26.«AW reward for the arrest and
conviction of each of the three bandits,
they will kidnap another of his children.
The letter refers to the failure of the
police to pet anything like a tangible
clue as to the identity of the kidnaper*,
scoffs at the idea of Pat Crowe being one
of them, and mentions the ease with
which the "first job was pulled off." and
concludes by saying that if Mr. Cudahy
is as wise as he showed himself in the
first Instance, he will comply with the
request, and withdraw the reward at
This letter is written with pen and ink.
on the same kind of yellow paper as the
first and evidently by the same person.
It was found by a servant of the Cudahy
household, early on the morning of
Thursday, December 27. Someone ealle<l
up the house by telephone, and asked If
Mr. Cudahy was in. The servant an
swered that he was not.
"Well," came the voice over the tele
phone, "you can go out in the front yard
and you'll find a letter there, near the
gate. It's addressed to Mr. Cudahy. See
that it is delivered to him personally, and
to no one else."
The servant went out at once and
found a letter. It was in a plain wihite
envelope and was addressed:
• •
j "Mr. E. A. CndHhy. Fenlor. P»r-
J son a I and Private.''
Mr. Cudahy, who w.js then nt hi* pn< k-
In* house In South Omaha, was nummon
eii homo at once. No one wan permitted
to net! the Icuer at Aral, except Mr. and
Mr*. Cudahy.
Mr Ctidahy's Intention at the time una
to keep It* contents to himself, as the
bandits had requested, but later he
thought better of it, as he believe* that
In the hands of the police it would prove
a valuable clue, so thla afternoon he took
Chief Donahue Into hi* confidence. They
held a Consultation at the chief s ofllce.
Which lasted nearly three hours. The
chief was seen afterward, but refused to
dlactone the nature of the subject dl»-
Mr. Cudahy says he ha* not withdrawn
th# reward nor will he do so. The rrward
offered stands aa originally announced.
Lender In a Holdup In trlinna la
Killed With l.ead b»r Two
WBRKK. Arl*., Dec. J9.—M silver Creek,
a camp on the line of the 4outb«restern
railway, about twenty-" lgbt Mll-a below
Htkbee, a shootltiK occurred We-lne»day In
wrilch Tess Johnson, better known us Kol
lv. wit- -Hot twelve times by Clint Mlt'h
til and f«oulp Senete.
Johnson had attempted to hold up Mdch
eil'a saloon, and had shot the ixartender,
John Roberta, twice through the hip*
when Mit* hell and Senete appeared with
Wine heaters and a double-barreled shot
gun, loaded with buckshot, and took up
th** tight. Johnson feli at th* first v»i
--|. y fired, his friends on the outride n»ught
cover, and a general light took pia« e.
Mitchell and Henete surreeded In holding
the cowboys at bay until rwinforctment*
arrived, alien the cowboy* left. Two >f
the cowboys on th# outside were Wounded
but win not brought to Itlsbee. Hob-
Kfts was brought Into Iliabet' - n a Utter
and lies in a precarious condition at a
V !,. u-. nir. U-T ■ f -W- ■* hit . • n
- . n g< !•>« *ht direction of Silver Cre. k.
and more trouble is expected from them
Justl.e of the Peace Williams. ac*,«.iin,»a
rtfed by eight deputy sheriffs, left "a r1 y
thla morning for the scene of the shoot-
Three \V iiMieM Held I p. a Utile t«lrl
l.lrl Ma II reii ted «»*ft \n«tl»er
Mnrnril With Vitriol.
KANSAS CI TV, Dec. Three
nhom if dying fri»in injuria* nwpkwl, a
n the Kan**** clliaa f »r the past few
At noon today a white nmm enticed
Kdith ('Hminwii. the B»year->4d laughter
h me U the *surt rottows. *rd re«ior>. rrxiK
xo prevent iwqulry boiflx made. J tie girl,
half uflconsclouw. w*u* found by a fisher •
nan In a desiUtf place near the rtver
mid taken to <he city ph>sb inn's ofttce.
a description of her *a»»a.lia«t- A vr»fun
teor isjsse searchedJthe hottt>ms thorough
)y ai» tbe a.ftcttbßA h "deteri3*i|V*d io !jw*h
the man if ii cf»utd l*t ftam*!. At nl|h;-
fail h4* hud ?»<W. beet? The gifl
*j. V ; a suburb ft Kansas City,
K ir*- s wowtin rind in 'nark threw car*
l >iic*a id in 14-year-old K ean >: ftare -i
: ah*»» ! No for the
C#oUnued on Two.
Sensational Attack Hade by British General (olville Up
the conduct of the War in South Africa, aod
the Mistakes Made hy lords
Roberts aod Kitchener.
LONDON. Dec. SJ.—MaJ. Oen sir Henry Colvllle, whose resignation has
been demanded by the war office, but who refuse.! to resign. and rams
to Kngland frem Gibraltar, arriving nt Plymouth today, to demand a
trial ' y court-martial to establish the responsibility for the yeomanry
disaster at IJndlev last May. has made a counter strike at the war office In
a three-thousand Word statement which he has given to the press Me says
he has come home to demand a free
Inquiry, and does, not Intend lob'
made a scapegoat for sake of the
staff lie avers that the U:ndlev
disaster could never have happened
had he been Informed of Kob
en's' intention. The primary cause
of the surrender, he says, was the
insufficient information Riven by
the headquarters staff to Col
Spagge and himself, and he de
clines to accept the blame. He lays
out the facts and blames others.
Geo. i Colvllle and his influential
friends. In and out of the army, are
thus beginning a campaign against
the new secretary of state for war,
William St. John Drodertck, Lord
Roberts and Kitchener. It Is
expected to be fought out with some
ferocity In parliament.
rciu II rnn«KU After he returned from South Af
liCN. Miuicntu, r)(>a (jen. Colvllle nay* he fully nc-
Who It cha'ged with detective <ener«Hhlp qualnted the war office with tM<>
Kv l'..n rnlvi If fact#. After some llmi he was In
oy uen. UOIVI if. formed by <le» Sir lively n Wood.
the adjutant general, that I-ord r.»nJiln*nr, then secretary of state for war,
had directed him to say that <len. I,ord Wolseley, the commander-in-chief,
approved of Oen. Colvllle'* resuming hi* Gibraltar command. He learned
unofficially t{>at an army board of Ave of the highest officer* of the war
office had considered hla statement*, and Hoberts' dispatch on the
subject. His reappointment was the result of the Inquiry. T<r hi* Intense
surprise. Aljt. Oen. Wood, on December 21, notified him that William St.
John Brodertck, the newly-appointed secretary of state for war. held him
responsible for the los* of the yeomanry, and ordered hint to quit his com
mand Immediately and hand over his resignation.
(Jen Oolvllle going Into ofTlclal details, says he wan ordered to concen
trate his division at Hellbron on May ». »™l names the disposition of
the other divisions, which extended across the Orange Kree State. ll» «*-
slimed that Lard Roberts Intended to advance, sweeping all before him. Ill*
orders wi re absolute, and he harl to carry them out Hence he could not go
to the relief of the MO yeomanry without risking success of grand headquar
ters He said he considered It his duty to go on, even If he were sure It
would entail the lons of the yeomanry. Reside, he had only food enough for
two days. He pushed on. and the yeomanry surrendered. I»rd Roberts broke
op Gen. Colvllle's division and explained his dissatisfaction.
"On my pointing out that I had obeyed his orders to the letter," declared
Oen Colvllle. "lie said his orih-rs were only Intended as a guide."
(Jen. Colvllle alludes to some of the yeomanry being millionaires, and
quotes txird Roberta as saying II was Jits duty to aecrlflee 1>I« force for the
"It will be rememh»r*d." Hen OrtvlUc say*, that the Mtrps dellt* num
bered CtOO. and my force nearly el«ht times that ntimher."
Oen. OolvHle recites two examples of what he considers Irfird Kitcheners
defective work ...
l4>rd Roberts has left Gibraltar for 1-ondon. and will arrive there at
about the same time as Gen. Colvlll*. who has recently I>een ordered from his
IK>st at Gibraltar. - ,
Ixindon Is all agog over this latest development In South African affairs
and a greater sensation Is expected
am w MiPi
minis oi run.
INPiilllU (•«« «T WIU. *IKI.D.
AiMrleil That Km»,ror Kn»(
Ha* Ordered Ihe lm»me<ll«le He
•-■pllatloa «l Horn V nra. 'lie
Fortaer «io»era«r of *hnii»l.
PHANIJHAT. IVr 21 ChliiPH.' P*l>«r»
! her- stale thut Ihe court ha* rtwt'la.l t.i
r"H-ept Ih. iondltu.ll* the pnwt-m. hut
nothing hnf yet BWS offlrtalljr *BII<»IUK« '1.
It «s*.-rte<l that thr- emperor ha* or
f ilc red the lm.ni-<iilnte Aet iipllaiion of llueii
Vuen f .rmerly *overo<rr of dh»M-l »ha
,J, previously <l<-Kra<lf.l and banlahad.
Her * |.|Mttn t ment nf a *ew llaiperor
(or I btaa Will Not He Hreois
WASHINGTON. I>e< 2>.- mon-hs
I ihe emprtii* d'.*H«rr deai«n«ted th«
iaung *nn of i'flnte Tuan m» th.' IIIIMM
j. .r of KwtiriK HBU Althoutii the T.AM'R
given in Ihe ** that if th
n#w etnperoi diflfer* froro thai i>»tricd ' f
I the empne* dow*«er n»» time *t<>. t»a>
may f<e "no «nd the aame. «« IMPERIAL
j r unci refer to the dyn»*tj and c!wi
on appointment to the tbrone, THA' "f
K«»nC H»u heln« different ?r«tn th' nam
be bore before he nMviida} the ihronft.
Himuld she ' bau#e »xri < onflrmed. It aouiil
' 4oubtl«M be r, '<»r'ie<l h)r the power* ««
! a hl<h-)ui>M net, and Mt not itkeSy t«
! *)""" 11 ii n'mwifllr- of •flf»tr» »u<-b
prOi»<lur« b> tn- erapr-*** do»»««r
' would be an offeree acalnet China a< well
; &t (he power*. Cnder Ib< %n«- [ lent *yaten'
|of f*h!ni the «tnp»ror able to rsama M*
i oucceaaor. at tltn<» rolna ■>ut«!ile of tha
tmperlal fumily aIUMHWh iu«l*r the pre?-
i <ril (1/naaty H h«i* !»en tha eu*tom to de».
I innate the aon *nd h. Ir a* the nrretmnr,
I or. In the abaer. e of a *on. to nelect a
I member of the Imperial fatnliy
Kwan* H»U I* the nephaw of the former
J emperor, who had no MII*. and de-ipnatei
I til. eouthfal nephew to aureeed hiro. Hu!
In the r-enl dtoturt*d .ondHlon. .f Ihe
i empire the ancient uaa«e* apjiesr ' . have
K«-en lo»t *l«ht of. and In Hepteinber. !*»•
the empreaa dowager eieeuted a >-ou;>
d'etat, and look the rein* of noirrnmeilt
| tn her own hand*, practically diapiaeins
the emperor. the empret* dowager
| nainej the young aon of I'rlnr.- Tuan aa
I th< »uece**>jr to the throne, and now. ae
.urdlnf to the pre** the em
i pre** dowager ha* dlsplaf-ed the f-mptror
with a new »ucn»»r
The previou* *r-1* tjf the empretv* dow-
I if. r have not been *u< h a* would permit
1 Intervention by ih« power*, although tha
tmperor baj made appeal* lo Great Brit-
aln and othur countries tn uphold his an
etent jirerogatlves. Hut. with the powers
operating In t'hltva, ft :» not likely that
they will j»ermit a further ekfrclae of the
empress dowager's particularly
If It takes the obnoxious fhrm of see-kin*
to confer power on a a>n of ITtnce Tuan,
the chbf conspirator In the Moirr dis
turbances, Itasldee the RfMdflc demand*
made by fhe f»ower* on Chins, It In well
known that the governments and ihelr
ministers to Peking have lot pome tlnu*
been considering the wisdom of overcom
ing the Influence of the empress dow*
agar by <*«cludtng her from all farther
participation In the governmental affair H
of China. . is
Hellete* Imperial * oart Will VleHI
t«» %ll Demands Ms4t hf
PICK I NO. i»ec. » Kir Robert llart. di
rector «»f imt-erial f*mrtt»m« cue
ito ma, frean—t|y »«♦«» Prince Chlux Ho
Prim- t*blng expeef* a degnlte r**4
pJv from th* ■ ourt to th» Joint note of
tho powers not buforc Jtnuttre t. Hs b -..
ilev« * that the note will be acrafJltHl In Its
*f>tlr*t> within a short Urn* The <*hi.
ne*e will iw»n*ribly mak«~ h faW futile ot#-
jectlmg, though he think* both rllti#'
« hlng and Id Hunt? <'ha£»g WUI sdvl.m
««»mpllin''v with the note It stands.
It Is doubtful now thfUxtf 1.l Hunt
1 4 "hang will t»»» »ttile to attend t)w tTM sMttf
, of th<" dlnlsmsts The SMCTI* <*f old ag'fi
1 are bfconlni more orcmoitn< «-.d. sod to
■ lower portion of Ms body I*
| }>aralva<-d. Though It le o(flol|J|y an-
I n M«n< »'d each doy that Kurl U> r n»tl *
| tion I* improved, It la » fact tba- >« b«*s
' ro.it spoonfed ont of door* slru« he »'.'t
f?rst taken 111 His friend* say thav t»«
love he will not cnttttdetely r*e■over, and
think another commissioner mast be up
Th« r*ft«*al of I>r. Murtitii v*a? H'bwart
♦•ostein. IV Oerman minister In China, t<i
return the hultd.nr.* and grounds belong'
ing to the Peking Club, lent a* b«rra«k*
: f'»r tb«- 'lnmtn fttifl&et, «aos<es «*!%*»
' flidiifin »t the Anotfeer bulM*
| Ing has been wfed for the uo« f the ma
: ,-tnes. Ttv minister ■ < r!*-n
proprietary rlgtkt* of the club, bflftf .»# t v e
bulidtngM ad>oln th*- t>rma/> If-KaC.on be
i think# It may tn necoeaafy to keep »b»m
for » j' audld* *niarv cu nt In tha futuro
; of th* legatioo, giving In r*< hang*- f r
I the premises another ns<MM< of ground
! Tb* eliib \mm mrttfted f»t Mumm vo»
K< hwart«'fi ->n that I* » r M dem* »d
• a month rental* beginning with Sin*
J vcinlar
llHarn of ike < nmrdk • rsneaUe to
lt« Mid tfomr Proved n Mrll
llsint Krenl.
I'ARiH. I>h:. 23 A brilliant *pacsi»''':a
wn« trresentcd a? th" Theatre franca
| tofitght f*n f h« reiaro of th" ''omedle
FVan'-aliM* to lt« *dd borne, whlrh has b <• i
rebuilt on scientific methods *ln<* It w«.i
gutted b> fir# March The r» < aslori
« w«« • el' brtted by a K<tU performance?
; and it U doubtful If >be blstorV play*
he■.«»«* ' ver be-d ® a more dl«* Ir*g«*isli* d
gathering of reprnaatrialKe Yt* w , iitn« , n.
Thr hi* t of ei»t.« and Mm< l/»OMt <»
(-ut <!<r d the irtmlpal l*os, while kt : >#c
j r,i fju tgl«rip made a special trip from
i to attend the function, engaging
! the ba.gaore formerly to hia.

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