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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, December 31, 1900, Image 1

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XXXIX.. NO 47.
Ilflt VIHE6AR, i Italian Prunes,
EAbsolutely f -
IT pare, French Prunes,
(hat ls Pound 7e
KR town from JK<- to sflc
Evaporated Peaches,
price tixUy- pound 10c
E;: '■> . E«Porat.dP..r,,
HPJ; tl 50 Pound toe
■Mier Sausage, Evaporated Plums,
■putty, pound »c || Pound itc
prated Ipricofs, I London Layer Raisins,
Kfe •»* 1 Pound, 12c; SV-pound bo* .......12 V,
k; On t tton will t» clow»d «!1 day tomorrow. Jinu»ry L
k/tnr f\ O I n/V «04-IO« Rrst Ave., Bet. rwtor
lOPER & LEVY -est*
New Year's Sweets:
lowaey's Chocolates,
Hurler's Candy.
JT Eltgint c P*clutgts Fruits and
I fAj•FbW Weights.
$ *****
(Nft & Holmes Drut (o., F ** ».
|pin«nt* have bean brought to the front, an«l marked at price* which
■ke thing* lively at t'v Leader today.
ICorsat* In fancy and blak. 1 lot Children's and MliraW Jackets.
■MI 75c grade, wtiila they laat. tailor riuul. of heavy tvmcl> rioth,
m they were bargain* at KW. pi MI and
|l*ulley Belt n«tp« balance of U.ty, choice today, ns
Mx line of high rla»* «■>* l*. t lot Drea* rtklr « :ili leslraMe ma
(up to tl t» each; choke to lerial* and latest sty!** * rth up to
I en: y t>c. Wi«: 'tut ire today, only H 25.
P •••••• • ••••••,
High-Cut Shoes*
for Women. I
Ont of th« mo*t «t»r»etlvt. «tron(, Mat
tanking >ho«< la be worn w It the rainy,
day %k rt that w( km* of at th« prtct. U
on* of lh« 20 tt>kt* of f
Kasp Kit lut dry and art (omfortabk.
uhi( htlinn, awL whU« h«avy, art taiy an -
r~ j - DM Imi
Jir»l (tewr, (orncr Columbia. #
M thaa* wti arr but ibfhtly iamapi: the ibutur of thr few pucn tha _
fu«U will otvn notM.«. You wl I ft>.ibly itnd fxn;thmf tn
fha Sot to hr ialtmi aj to you. A
■ • r..R- l-'I.AIN I'lNNi R . *lt 1..-i nvD ' HI N" v .. fr.ra! 0
IW j - it wottk
[li b!2.00 HUH) 4
pu»- iiO *
H> or.LLt.K of CU, vniiiM»sr •
Liethini New! Something Movel! i|
cik m* P4iam pu> io«t PU«io.v
■VTHING i>k< rt hit cv«r brcn »c«n, nothing ..Ike t Hat «vtr b««n at- >
r *»fd m thu itv U t »«f\ your whtK tS at !ca>l n>\t u» * call T J
■lm so «nd btiifvt yuu v>JI ihnk hi if you v. ,11 drop tn uvi h< u» at >
Bv thi» p.ai »t %\t «b>uuU pfoUtiioi iji n>l wtknfw. lou o! >
%«., *» iar ai tfw r a< nwrU> jn ilx Puno a lon.r.n.d For thf >
only! ?
I UIS SECOiNO ANtNlt, Two Do..irt tht Bon Ma'tht.
|k > 11 A- >• M«»l.t -t >\l i? yflt.
Dwitftctx k*tlr>. sa»ef*«e Otitni. ua4v <:W
L_ IKIMM BROS., 720 Hlsl 4>.
ktaotß. D. D. vS. Rooms 1. ?. X Olympic BuiMln;.
t»K>N Kt:u -Cil" \ in:.
HHg. _
LA \ r .y. > : v, « L » w * i •« * .x
v,;rb :
i4Rt*trm4 Rt ■<4 -4-- Tb«j f* "d »*- 7 - h *• *^aa^>^.T
i tftav -a-'B I'M 'MI *V«* !}i liMlr'li.ULU V
Kin as
Boers Capture British Outpost
and Two Hundred Men.
Little Progress Made Against the
Cape Colony Invaders.
Report a Wide Riinfe of
HOT Activity. Bat Except In the
Captarr of the l'o«t at Helvetia
on Thrjr nre Held in
(Dfrk-Mid to Be Well applied
With Rifles and Ammunition—
Comniamiori Uniting Coming of
DeWet, Who llaa *ot *et
Been Able to Break Throagh
LONDON, De<\ 31.—The war office haa
received the foHowliair dispatch from Lord
"Gen. I.!?tleton report# that the outpoat
at Helvetia was* captured y*»t*»rday m'-rn
-InK by the Boors. About fifty were
kilted and w and W prlaonera cap
tured Col. Klt«-h*ner report! that he Is
following with a small force in the trai k
of the enemv, Helvetia being reoccuploti
by Reeves who hrui been reinforced from
Belfast. Helvetia whji a very ttron* prml
tioii on the Marhadodorp-Ljfdanburfl rail
way. and »hi held by a >letaxhment of
the Liverpool Am aakini for
further information."
Lord Kitchener's Latest Report *o«
a I heerlna One, hut Preas Falfcea
LONDON, Dec. 31.—While Lord Kltrh
ener sends bad new* for England In th«
closing (Jay of the sear, the pre** con
tinue* to taka a sorprls'ngly hopeful view
of i grave situation and of reTelationa
of an enormously wido fteid of Boer ac
tivity, (ienera 1 DeWet la still at large.
Klmherley la Isolate*). Tba Boers are in
fore* enough to h£.va cac ired a string
position at Hatv.tla. In tha Lydanhurg
dutrltt. wtjila. vu.KiU* ip-m Lotd Kitch
ener'* very Meant diapatfh, no pr"gr»«*
: a b*>ing n.-idr agaln-t fv- 80.-r Invaders
in <'ai» Colon* According to further tel
egrams reielved yesterday, Zenwt I* prao
tl -aHy besieged, hut has provisions suf-
ft ;«nt f-r five m«»nth* The it
Ott'iahoop haa b«K»n withdrawn to Laiffht*
' A diapotch from Corooeon, dated Ttf.
tordoy. rtporta that the ftoera wh » ho\e
been ffireotenlng trat point ww,® drum
off ond or* heln* puroued.
"it la evkfent. * aoyo a belofted rn<*s*o*e
from Km* 1 ! *dorp. dated December 2#.
•that the lioer c»mmNnrl«t« *ln the di
rection of the \hi« <»*burir, l« well sup
plied. and that until the rountry between
here iftd the MafiMttri ia properly
cltf-ored of B' >er» they will continue to c <n
cer.trat* th-r«*, the ground h**ng particu
larly adapted to their method* of war
The Boert admit that tn their floht wl?h
Oea. Clemeata at Nooltgedacht they lost
130 men.
Would W rlromi- ( vlontnl Troop*.
It la un<s' -5 'hat " • r<l Ivi". *h»-ner
annoC a«k the o.»i«-*nieo offtdalljr to oe -1
tr «>i*k myi a ib;rb«in dioporch dauol
December 2>, "but he deeireo it to be
known in ANt"aim and Canada, t hmi. A »e
--traJUi « a--! < *• » * trrivin* u *»fa.l
will be eligible for enl:atrrient
in the regular cotie. which la proceeding
to Johannesburg five month* WfTki."
To !*>rd Kitchener* oovert
odmioelon that no procreoo la being made
ogalnat thr. >fkvaakrtk of Cope Colony a
.•rreepondent at Krug*r»dorp, wiring Sat
urday, itpoft* aa totloong;
• Two fr«**h cocttmaßMtoee are entering
the colobi jl>m baa alraody near
Knoapdaar. and the *rrt*al of atv»ther to
momentarily rtiet'tel In the
4|vtrW' Th» K*w»ra are to have two
or three hor*e«« ee-~h. though In bod cot>-
dit ion Tfcoy Us 1 * n« run* or teem*. but
are well %lth Lee -Me? ford rtrte*
and MRBunHlon. < pturod Boer* aay
that th* Intention of th» oe - onrmor.do. » la
to roajti ate Hit and wait until lien. DoWet
app*aro on the eceaie "
%ltoaiio« to I opt (oloay.
N -. . • * I. «~d>- n \sreo
tlv.u the Vaiol Ibitch «b >w no InclinatUn
to ris#. but ut fse contrary. appear to be
tir*4 v»f the war and dcrtroua of pee o
\i i \ r* * ipp : -jr the Itoera with
fo- \ and are wt inn to five tnf. rm*Uv>a
to th* British regarding Boer mov»-a&nta.
Petaiio of the l lT* s ilogalod a.Tair ahow
h , ah • ■ M■ \ -« r- tmu «tm rvg
th n a o*- I f.»rre >f *** f 'be
oa.« n> tinf toward tne ramp
»- ■re :h" Br?t:-»h tra»*?.--rt til InafOii
f ft • *-mai British madia a
pl-j',"hy otartd until rrlnr »rrtniint< »rrl>e<S
tilth artillery, and. after a a*vera ft«ht.
r N w*; >« - T - as«<-d The Brtt oh
ilhtfc'.iMf nine killed and «t
*■ ;nd* I a 1 The Hen a;« »A; 4
to bail* bod tlr.rtj'eno kUlod,
l.nr»l H, ' wJriwg from IVMcrm
la ■ mw-h hvi<# In tike alt*
wotv>n m Okja* the eeuKern force
'.He 44 to ba,*<; trnfce® .p
in at X troc-ht aisnJ to be
m s at-' it rai t'Uy to the evi
de a *.i f.! ?:,« f- r fr'm th# north.
■ The aaa* r»-j> rt otatee tfcot w«ot*m
Th«"»mey* roft are io dooe pundit
"French •-.** occupied Venreredorp.
n«o»Qt« thin be la on
the * to Huatefiburg. The okaetero tine
«4« W on up P4Q ond a troin waa
hold' thu loormnf >n the fttan&ortoot
'Mlojn. * KnoJi o o.surnn ajvl B- ; ► brriraio
a re boi*iinjr fvWej fr*. m bre^kti^s
\\ ill latrnd Horilal low
LONDON. Dec. St \ wamnl naa t**n
kwtted osaiaet IX Tewojuor, ». member «f
! v.' laU» Bcbrelrver «nd .Vr ia ua-
C«AU3U«d *s p««* T«»
"Pretoria. Dec 3"V 7 p m
a Hopeful View
Fund May Be Raised to Enable Company to Accept
Contract at Figures Reduced to Within Limit
Allowed by Law—Award to Local Ship
builders Now Conceded.
CHE people of Seattle must decide .whether or not a battleship is to he built on Puget
sound. Moran Brothers Company by scaling their bid $116,000 brought it down
below the offers of their competitors.* Their bid of $3,837,900 is the lowest of the
four that will be considered in awarding the contracts for the construction of the three
sheathed batt:eships.
All of these bids are, however, above the limit of cost fixed by congress and before the
contracts can be let it will be necessary for the three successful bidders to scale their fig
ures. The Eastern concerns must cut down to $3,600,000. The Pacific coast biddersnre
allowed a margin of 4 per cent, because of the expense of hauling freight across the conti
nent, This margin gives the Morans an advantage over their competitors of $144,000, but
their present bid must be cut to $3,744,000 before they can receive the work.
The contract for the great battleship is there to be had for the asking, but before it
can be secured a second reduction, this time of substantially SIOO,OOO, must be made in
the bid. Moran Brothers Company have reduced to their limit. The original bid was fig
ured on a close basis. It has already been cut $116,000.
Moran Brothers Company ask no bonus. They feel that they cannot attempt the con
tract at the further reduction necessary. It is not desired, however, to abandon so impor
tant a proposition without submitting it to the people of Seattle. If they decide that the
immediate public benefits to be derived from the work in the shape of a pay roll of $60,000
a month and the general benefits from the advertising the city will receive are worth
SIOO,OOO to the city at large and that sum is offered, the contract will be accepted and
the work will be done.
The raising of the battleship fund is not to be by cash contributions. The money is
to be pledged in the shape of subfldy notes, without interest, payable when the ship is
A special meeting of the Chamber of Commerce is to be held at 11 o'clock this morning
to submit the proposition to the business men of the city.
THE contract for the construction of
one of the new sheathed battle
ships is now within the reach of
fcJeatile. The naval board of con
sanaoUe* will ■nHwawmM* *ba* Monui
Bros. Oomvtmy racelta «n« of the
contracts, provided thftr bid be scaled
down to within the limit of coal. That
this recommendation will be approved by
Secretary on Wednesday there Is
♦•very reason to believe.
The original bid of M >ran Bros
Company 11900 a single battleship was
£1363,1*10. but they werw allowed to pub
stitute for this fMr.SflO, the bid origin
ally made, upon cattdltkm of their receiv
ing two battleship*. This reduction make*
their bid the lowest of the four that will
be considered in awarding the contracts
for th« three sheathed battleships. The
four bids, as they now stand on the books
of the navy department, are:
Moran Bros. Company 1
liath Iron Works UM1.410
Newport News
All the bidders are above the limit of
cost fixed by congress, but the disposition
of the board of naval construction Is that
the three contracts be awarded to
Morans. the Hath Iron Works and the
Newport News Company. If th*y will
seal# their bi«ls down to within the limit
Tht» act authorising the onsiructfontof
the battleships pla* »s* this limit at »,«**».-
*4l but provide* thai one of the battle*
ships ohail be buiil on the Pacific coast,
si 1 wij 4 '.be \\«teerm bidders a differen-
at the S*4ITK SHJPBTUIFCBG F«M VIKH a Ectdcavoruc to Sk«« tkc
Centrist io» uw Cooctractwo oi a tor the 4
UMITRF SU:» N*vy. *
CO the Members of the Cham- J
Her at Commerce: •
• A special meeting of the See
e attic Chamber of Commerce Is «
J called for 11 a m., Monday, J
• Dec. .11 The purpose of this •
• meeting Is to start the work of «
2 raising a fund to *e>cure the J
• construction of a battleship In e
e Seattle A full attendance Is •
• desired, as immediate action *
J Is necessary. •
. J. W. CUSE, President. •
ttaj of 4 per cent, of the coat In the <>•»-
petition with the £*atern concern.. ThU
dlfferenttaj h«» been coMiruwi to
limit uih)ii the* cost of the PactAe-
Initlt si Q.7HM The a*cr*-
!*rv »f > r.l ! I- • t ynt ru.'-\ ir< n
I hi. but rto doubt, ar» entertained
tkjt to hut .uitaining thi. contention.
Th* two »ucre**fu! K»«t*rn bidder* will
scale their ftfurw to the
limit. To racafve a contract It will t>e
newMty tor thv Moran# to k«*p within
« per %*t*t, of the figure they ®et. To
<Jo thU it wi<l t>« n#e****nr to r«diMl th#lr
present bki about tUto.iM)
In rh« opinion of Hobtrt Monm, wh4
rctuftMK) yesterday from Wwhin#ton,
h# *>t* <r«-.mf»*ny At tb#
of the bids. it will b# ifr*c**a*nr
to rafuav to nik# thia miu«rtlo« unl***
tna propla of Srattlr re-r 1 thry hnva *uf
fkrtent intarrat in tha maltar to lUwd
pnrt <vf the l<wa that will naraanarlljr bo
iiu> 01 ao»i: m.i ri:*
,4 Our >rl*l»*l Md of 13,3*3,5W wo* fig
ured upon * clot* baaia," *aJd Mr. Mor»n
>MUr<iUy. W'h-u »hr bbia wara «>prn**«t
St wan found that this figure wua wall
th«> other *>ntlmuta*. Ka.th Iron
W(vrli», Newport NVwa and '>impi bad.
tiowavrr, omitted «*uulpm<-uta to tha
amount of UC?.4«*». Tfeay warn parmltt*»d
to correct thrir bid*, and wa wr* groat
ad an ♦MjuaJ prtvlir*a t took advanta**
of tha opt»ortunity, and in plnea of tha
>'r!|rtr>«i *ut*tftut*d a ids of
*». tha prira orUrtnaiiy mad*, upon con
dition that «# ba glvrn turo bafUaabtp
contracts Thia rodurtlon of $»:««#» wa*
a<*c*ptad by tha aaeratnry, and anjr
award* now m«4t wilt bo upon lonatdaru*
tkm of <>ur bid at th« lifuro
**!%♦ rut of f116.W9 wan mu< h mora than
wna fuattftrd by tha «mn«jßt of our bid.
but w»» wrrr wftttnjr to mall# a r«*a*m>
; abla to #r< ura th* < on*tru* tk»«
| of a batt)*>«htp. whtrh a# f«*»t vovht ho
j rot only a big thfrt* for tb* tfutura of «ur
, bu*inoa*. but alao for t?>at of littlla.
Tim aorond a«aJ»«ir <»f MM!ll* merr than
j f« faal war ranted to aaauminjr W«
; would hnva a brary bairtiim to b«mr In
j tb* »hap* of <arga i-urvha»«a of n*w ma
j PHwrf), and it wUI b*> tntptmaibla for via
j to «tan 4 thfta rwd»ctlo«L
"W« fr#d that thl* t# a matter t« wbtedl
tha pa*<»ta of bmvm « crotfcl Hilar*
out. and 'hat it would not ta fair <*n our
i part to * ban. ton tha effort tn wrure a bnt»
| Uaablp without *tvir« tham an rapport u«
J mty M tajia ao«w«» nrtloci in th# mm tar*
RriKrifi TO %r.mi.»s.
"Tlw* ara many r*aar»n# why tlba pa«s>-
pfc* of t hta rlty fcav* a daap ftnnnrfeai In*
trraat lo .havtr* a bmt».»«hip bulSt hara.
| Cm* of U*a • f tb»*aa hi tha !rn«ws
i dta.tr banaUt thn* mould W tha town.
Tha work thia *hlf will
tai "■■** ta Mnjfko about i» mrn.
«ti| m»«a a y«j '►f «n*a f*ar>
a «M»ntb Of *b* prt«*a - i f
tba abip mm w*.« thnn I? : will i>a
paid out ta Aaattia In tha *fea>pa <-f w*<[««
Kvary buafwaaa In Haa-U.i* *bm«M rata^va
* <M»nfi4i fcasuifltt from thia craat »*p*n
; 4Hwf»
"n>a futura
S raiva from fbi* ranirart w-tu ba a*#"*
Our a »f tb«* f?>ntfVt
w?U rswrao t!*a a frfnt all***
» imtMißi lMwd>Mnp In fte-ttia 4# a pottn
l tnary ta »*arfin« wag% yfp#»a tli*
: ®hip ara «tll a*jpafr>4 »>ora tb«a IS&*> ! «i tl
; Iwijrln* naar Umlk and mayfelna<r» In tba
j . f tb# * •-- v\ :t w.ri b»» fr *««nrr * *
, Wy fv'ly *n worth «•? ma
rbinary to •n* - »>r '.* • • <r
ao tanra * Tnia
b*»<ar»-«fv ®tV' '"■tft aad tav **• for unfio*
j nr ptaxt? ta *r,tif ■» *f<w t.ih#
| iarrai'»'«Nfl in iK* 1 hh> j
mcicN ro* oTHt w
"Tina of t&ia wU#
gsva tu asa* of tbr \*r£+#i and >wr»t
P«M abipyarst# fti tfca Wf*n «-u«-h
a plnni «♦ raw*' - o*,. • in a ; .s 'tjror , tl«voa
to —eiw w'os-ii. if* M Wa a? 3 «ntnr I *
mmpatttSon t# wwrt otnar bntfl«aHil*ni.
*«ar|ra mparrbaijt; rblpa or «»> d •#
■"■f «• -*'k '-n (pur ,# aa "V%> wi 1 rn •uf
«Ur* «f t\ta bi«fnanr. nod in ruffe *drt*-
♦fconal tha pa#j;-la of MMnttia niil
ba iNmrfltaid
"Wa nppra ?nt» tb* tarj^-rtaiva **•'•
*farur *w« bnit&MHp <arr tf*«rt, fcou» «fcMH *1
ta within o«r rria-rft. W# ara not abia.
*;o uj»4af\aJk# ta *t-a>a4 tb* rnwra
loan t.fcnt nw b* »n*»taln*d. Wa Ni'-t.
• Har<<o»*» d«i.btad to tip
' to of S**attJr. ff tb#y ViMM *
; *bip bufit \h*f MUM be winrr.# t#
1 aaaMrn irnrt of tJba profit# tbay wflJ raui<»a
i from ru mcmidnMflnn., w# Jinva :*iraau4y
1 dmppmi brk>w a»4
i :•-* • 1 '- -■
I £WU«J. 4 ev " *%}*■ *
Chinese Plenipotentiaries to
Sue for Peace,
Kwsisr Hsn D««im the Court to
iieturn to Peking.
LI Hans Chaac aa« rkl«i
nirprlird at ibr Marly la>f«rl«l
Arlloa-Tfc»T lr» laitr*rt*4 u
Amrrr Fally la Ikf fca« I a.
drarnr lo Herat* ikr »MI T»ra«
PoaalHle, rartlcalarlr •• l.l«U
--lai laakr of i.aartla mmd krmr
!*«•«•—Pow»r« Be»inl«l *a« la
Dealrar I'trtc o«rlala rlrtwi.
PF.KINO. Dor. »~Th» ChlstH
tentlart« h*v* Im unexp—tedljr orttrti
to *i*n the preliminary joint not* and
haw notified the foreign m»or» to that
Farflia Kavaya
PARIS, !>•«" J9.~The Ha*a» a*eney ha*
rertved th* f iiktwln* dWpatfh frv«n Fa
kir* :
Pt \re Chin* »n<i U Him* Chan* ha*«
to til* for*t|a wvnyi an
Imperial edl<rt In which the emperor de
clari** that China accept* the J»lnt nnte
and aulhiirl*** Prtnce Chin* and U Hun*
Chan* to a*k for a su*p«n*ton of hoatUl
Priix'e Chin* and U Hun* Chan* ar
ror.liri* to another dlnpatch to th« Hava*
«*enry. Mjr that Kmprrwr Kt*n* Hw
ha* ripr***od a .Wire that tha ernirt
t»h«>uld return to Pekin* at tha and ol
Mr. W«,
the Kmirf A^tmer
that th* <*htn#*« pl*nti*n*»tta*rt*« h»d «I**-
ft irrt to *!«« th# )otat not* i* * •mtt** of
»Mtl«?Actten ti> oUti t»U few*, •• *t
lag a JitpcMiitloix on th* jtift of C*M»
nr«p to •oqulis#e# in th« 4#-
fft «h«Ll »H».W
b* U|>nr» At «»c« An<l th« pr«R«nt
ur.MtlsfK'tAry cmilltttHi of iffftM formt*
Th* pwprror, H w««
would instruct htw A**nt* to obtain th*
IjMt j wiN'' On# <tf th# prtwH w *'
obtoctfofui fiM to h*v* h#*** m*d« by th*
Chin*## to th# ioc*tt< n of *nv «?•«** t num
b«rr of U'**Uo« in F*klr»t l« tb*l
th#oo iruartl* voofat b# * mm-**** to th#
•slutmm »>f th* no*
A* h«« <<v '-••n In tlim th»-
l>«tchM. lh» fnltwl nt«t»« <I<MM Ml
th* *»».>!iit» of »h« T»*m
h«rt». but ih»lr •fiamitnliin*. #o H«n ron«*
■oeHM to »h» CWikm fnpltiil "< » r<,r»i»n
frjTT* w.uM wt t>» i>r*v«nt»H Tl» *•-
BUind of th« pn»»r» In «h« hr>w«v«*.
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U'N-- -N - fiat XL - WW-tw (4 Tna
ft.ijK rya- n**i, i>r H -atttvo
"Tha ha»a * »»>1

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