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Published every mortitwK, f\lcm4*rsai.
Mpt*d,) iai dtUwml to nb«r(u>r> >ar*h«i in
lb* city, at 29 eenta w week, (-ajaM* to tLt
Oaraiar: single eeplea 10 cents.
Par aaaaan. lU.oe la advaaea.
rtiii oM «ad pmialarjonul of W«*tom
ln*t >n, with the larfwt circulation of as J hj-r
to tk> Territory, U published erery H»!nrJ»y
morolog. Terme Three Dollar* per It
acta.la advisee: etbennaa.S4.ee.
Sunday, July 11, 1880.
There are not many communities in
which the people are not willing to en
dare the annoyance of smoke and cin
dna for the aake of the benefits to lie
derived frem having manufacturing
establishments in their midst. Hot
there ia • conservative little village in
I'wtfsylvania.named Jersey Shore, from
which a large aawmill ia likely to be
driven because little sparks of soot are
thrown from the furnace, which find
their way Into the houses in the vicinity" 1
of the mill, and are eery annoying to
the occupant* at tiatts. The mill is
owned by Wood * Childs, is admirably
lecated on the banks of the oanal.aa the
log* come from Lock Haven without
any loekage. It employe about 85
bands and is by all odds the meat use
ful establishment at Jersey Shore. The {
firm have shewn a disposition to humor
the fastidious taetes ef the people of the
little borough and raised their chimpey
this spring to the bight of 100 feet, but
this did not avail, end one pArty lias
already oommenoed a suit for damages
The mill firm bat tried several weya to
avert the evil and propose to try several
more, and if not successful will ahake
off the dust from their machinery as a
testimony egainst the peouliar commu
nity aad remove elsewhere. Neighbor
ing towns are hopeful that Jersey Shore
will maintsiu its apparent antipathy to
the big aawmill, which will persist in
making finoke and cinders. When
Wood & Childs think tbey eao no long*
er endure tbie petty opposition, tbey
may look this way for a new looation,
•ad may rist a sen red that different
treatment may be expected frem onr
It ia the privilege of every duly
qualified elector to vote tomorrow for
ja*t whom be pleases, snd that it will
plsase bim to vote for the right men in
every case we earnestly pray. Tbere
should be no bnlldosing, no intimida
tion, no deception, no tricks This,
however, would be an ideal election,
and for this, in the year 1880, we a»«
hardly justified in hoping. l'rioks
with election tickets ars no more honor
sbls than tricks with eards, and their
practise by so many is a thing to be
depkved. A warm and spirited con
test we rejoice in, but one of political
cheaaoigsn and fraud we despise. Let
the paople ou this oooasion put the seal
of tkair disapproval en all trioky, bad
practises, and on future occasions wu
will have fewer of them put forward.
A aU*n oalatnaraa ia building at
New York for the Hudson river paa
aengar traffic. A catamaran ia a two
bulled veael. The hulls of this craft
are of iron, 5% feet in diameter, and
id feet ia length. Her diaplacement
will be only 73 tons, while her horse
power «|ll he 478, a wonderful die*
proportionment oom pared with that ol
other steamers. She will have aooom
todatieaa lor 400 paaeengvrs, aad the
idea of her builder ia that aha will
■ljtfcp the hnpreaedaated steamboat
tine of 28 Bailee an hour. If she does,
*B4 if she hp a anees— as a carrier, a
reveletttW In river ateamboatiag will
quickly ejmus.
Thai (he Cbineee army is prepared to
meet the Bnaaian ia abaurd. The whole
force of that country oooaiats of 000,000
M»a«. Most of theae <OO.OOO are only
arrne-l with heavy old eabree, pikee and
even bows and arrows. The Palaoe
Quard at Pekln of 17,000 men are par
tially armed with muskefs subset loag
wbioh one ewldier muat hold while an
other shoota.
Tba Uaitad fftatee ia not the oaty
eoeatry adyanciag in Lit
tle Denmark, which we* auppoaed t»t>«
full af yople a hundred years nga t baa
gaiand wl.Boo during thfe peat decade.
The latest ennmeratloa gtvastbal di
miaativa Klagdom apepalatkw of 1,.
880,884 souls. * *
The political faaeral af Chief Thnns*
dike will eoonr tomorrow. The tolling
«i thcbella haa already begun. The
pell bearers will number three fourths
the reters of the eity.
AUXA CITT. June 30, 1880.
Eaitua IxTßLUaaxcaa:
In compliance with the request of a
number of miners I herewith send yon
a brief statement af facte regarding the
route late the miass haowa aa the Se
attle loate. A number of minera have
paassd hers within the laat few dayn
whf laid ma that U|ey hei engeged
passage ea the eteamars at Brattle that
ware advertised to go to the head of
aavigation, but, inatead of doing so.
had fit them eff at or aear the month
ef Sank river, which is 38 mites below
the haad af navigation, aad there they
were unable to get Indiana to bring
I*# («»•
lediaas) wul not rue their caaoas a
this sta«e of water, ead it will he aw
bettor vr the arxt thiae aaenths. te
thay ware eompelled u leave their pro
visions and come on foot over a misera
Lie trail, with part of toe way DO trail
at all When they arrived b«re tbey
wore in no very good humor, and de
sired me to write t?. r w many bad
things regarding those who deceived
tbem, which 1 refrain troia doing. how
Ti»e facts (.f the case arc these: this
piace is the head m steamboat naviga
tion f.-r at !ea«t «igbt months ot tne
tear, ai. 1 1 d ul>t nut there Will be river
e'eiintr* built that will Come here ail
c,f i..« year, •itb pern«ps the exception
of ooeortwo mouths during the winter.
'1 ho steamer Chehalia, C-ipt. firem an,
has made one ttip to this place, ami tlie
cap toid uie tuat be could coiu« here
wi h siiety and would do • > whenever
il would pay. The steae»«-r Xeiiie came
as it tusi a few in i lea of this pia>e with
the *<.-i>ial Capt Greet* at lbs w heel, who
said could couie the ie-t of the way,
as he wa* then ov«>r the worst part Tne
ateanier Josephine, Captain Smith, ha*
come here four times and is now mak
ing wtekly trips between fieatfcle and
title piace, where there is a good traa.il
to u 'odelS s, which is within 10 miles
of ilnby Creek, and the trail ia last be
iag pdi'iel to completion between o<x>d
ell's and the mime. When completed,
it will reduce the distance between the
heart of navigation and the mines to 25
mile* pi trail, which will be a route
that the moeb talked <*l Sort Hope
roate aaa aevet compete with,
standing tbey have already brought
peck animals ia that way.
In co"etaai<»n. I would advise miners
and all others coming to try th';ir luck
up this way, whila engaging thoir pas
sage to stipulate ia the egreetn nt to be
landed at Aiuia city, where they can
get their goeds packed on animals to
Uuodell's, otherwise they Will be liable
to be left at Sauk river, where they wtU
have to leave their goods and come on
foot. 15. E Coy.
County of King.' ~ {
1,8. L. Crawford, uu uatUdepoae and
my th»t tbeatfiJavit published ia last
evening"* Pout by B A. Therodike,
ktating that I had demanded of him
SIOO for the services of the INTELLI
GENCES iu assisting til hi* election in
1879, is talsa from beginning to cm);
tb»k I n«v*<r at any time aikfd kua far
a tingle cent for supporting him on that
occasion, Dor dul I ever expect a dollar
from biui; that 1 new at any vime bad
any conversation w,HU the said-8.-A.
Thorndike lu which SIOO or soy other
•am was spoken of as consideration of
the services of the ISTKLUUKNCEB, or
any other paper: that when confronted
me personally, in regard to the
statement that he b:id authorized his
supporters to make concerning the §IOO,
be heuimed and hawed, and Hew
into a rage, and thrcateeed to mtko it
hot for me for oppobing bis rc-elcctioa;
that 1 believe ho made the aforesaid
afli lavit knowing it to be a lie from
tirat to la6t, for the purpose ot break
ing down the wight of truthtul state
ments published about bim and hi*
official career of late; and that iu doing
tbis he has at l<att added nmral per
jury to hi* many previous misdeeds.
Subscribed ami swo-n to Imfore uio
thia 10ib day of July, A. I). 1860.
Notary i'uhlic.
As we are all more or few interested
in tbu future o' the Skagit mines, any
information Croat there commands our
attention. and we give credit according
to our estimate of its merits I have
just had the pleasure of a call front
Henry J Kennaston, who li ft thia place
in Mof ibar last to prospect those
minee. The news he brings is refresh
ing, a« tit hae spout the winter tbore.
baa been over the trail bet weld Qoo
deM'e aad Ruby Cr.ceh niaeteen timet,
and with one of bit partners, Fredrick
Gwatkins, hat bmU a house !BjJii feet,
bnilt a subetaatiel bridge for pacVtm
inula over the Skagit ninety feet above
high water, and fprtj now, and also
made a good trail four .miles long, twa
each way from the bridge.
After working tour years in the
mines ef California. Mr E came here
ia 1868, aad ainae then has passed one
year in the Frasar, ou« in, Cariboo, two
in the John Day mti>es, and sue ia
C'asaiar. The balance of the time he
has spent in the employ of th« differ
ent mill companies a»d logging cam pa
«u the Sound, where te has inade
many iricuds, fll of will vouch
for tba aincerity of hia statements and
be glad to hear from Henry. For
pluck, energy and perae veran- e, aa a
prospector be ia exoelled by nour, and
he Bound are i«>jor-!
ing tbenilmva m allowing any por
tioa oUtho come via British
Colombo; that There was a traiu of
thirteaa loaded aaimala in from there
oa the 30th, and that beef will arrive
Bixteaa miles from Good til's, Ruby
Creak entera the Bkaglt. From the
right bank, nine miles up. Ruby forks.
The right fork ia called Uraoite and the
left Caayon. About the prospect he
says, (as I remarked that some of the
papery were reporting it a bilk) "if it
is a bilk, we are all badly sokl; for 1
never faw a crick prospect betttr than
Ruby. Granite and Canyon I know
but tittle about; their prospects are of
! eaaieer gold and liable toWap,*ted.
No one has gone to the bed rock, but
many have sunk preepeet holes through
from three to eight feet of dirt that
will pay welt. The Nip and Tuck was
the aoly claim that tuocoeded In gat
ting in a dam, and they took f jrty
ounoee from a hole 8 feet deep and 14
feat long. Below this «t a»k of paying
earth, sand and decomposed granite ia
encountered, and what is I* lew that
rWhsiaa to be found out That there
will be a large amount of gold taken
from that onoattji ha has no doubt,
even if there is noUung oa the bed,
rock. The we* tbet is about the same'
there as hero, they liavathe aame winds
and like atom*. The last winter's
aaowbe cooMdcrs aa exesptional one.
same as h< re, and tbit.ks tbey can
count on eight months of the year for
work Tnere was ouly a week
last winter severe enough to interfere
with mining. 1 bat other paying creeks
will be f jund is more then likely.
On bia way down he talked with a
miner that in to represent from
Hope, who b*d seen an Indian with S9O
dollars in dust tnat r-S'-m >lei Baby
gold. Fr a consideration agreed upou
Ae promised tu show where be got it.
They surmUtd that itcauie from one of
the tr:bi."u ies to tlie Sk-igit above
liuby Creek.
Air Knina»!on etne down ?o recruit,
being pretty well worked and starved
nut Fur a time be »as on rat her short
allowance, and nay* it ia the h»rde«t of
hfs mining experience. Iq two weeks
expect* t<> re'nru and prepare for
WO'k D. h Ox KA
Last Yeau's Record sot Good
This Yeab —The Pott takas as to task
f<u inconsistency, and the grouud of its
complaint is that we supported Thorn
dike in 1879 and oppose bigi in 1&80.
Mr Tbnrndike was nut Chef of Police
last year, but inste-td was a candidate
tor the piece th- uomiug year. As a
consequence, be wan on bia good be
havior. Tbere was nothing be could do
to ingratiate biuiself with the people
tbst be did not do, and we tbeu frankly
alraitted, and admit again now, that
be did muiiy things well. We favored
bis election and did what we oonld to
assist it. Once elected, tbeugh, he Was
a different man, and baa been different
frutn tbat day to this. Be has been
qmto ii'di-pendent of tbo people who
elected bim, and cared not whether be
served tliem or whether it was an ineffi
cient stick ot a deputy. He had the
office for a yeir, end it w*a his to pun
ißh thoM whom be disliked, and favor
others who would perhaps tickle his
palm. One whom he didn't like was
the unfortunate, helpless bootblack,
Jimmy, who, in the way of two ar
rests represents the year's vigilanoe of
tlie doagbty chief, %s ahown upon the
record of the city. Looking at itln this
way, these two arrestseost Che taxp.\y
erss(ioo apiece. The taxpayers dau't like
this record, and ameng the number we
don't either. The cflice might well
have been al) >lisbod * year ago, and all
but Thomdike would have been better
off if Lad. We d >u't go back on eoy
tbiftg we liavii said in ibtf past en ibia
sore. It is not the ofd record of
we object to, but tbe one of 1879-* 80. the
one for the making of which be re
ceived SI2OO for not one dollar's worth
of real service. He has now been
tried, and found wanting, and the peo
ple have their minds made up to Uy
him on tbe shelf aud try another man.
If there is any inconsistency iu getting
in the right when one baa been in the
wrong, we will choose to be inconsist
ent, aud will leave the other course to
the erratic organ of Mr Tbnrndike.
CONVALESCENT. —Mr Booth's little
sou, who was badly hurt by a fall, ou
Friday, remained nuconscious all day
yeeterday, when he came to himself
an 1 seemed quite surprised to learn
what had happened to him. His
physicians think he will be up aud
around in a few days.
That L P Smith is a very popular
man where he ia best known was
evidenced in the Uepupliouu primary
of two weeks ago. Of 100 votes then
and there cast, in bit Ward, he got 99,
»r every single vote bnt one He is
almost equally popular with Democrats,
and of a possible 170 votes there we
i will be disappointed if ne does not re
• reive 15U tomorrow.
ogtt two soldiers—Bur Waabburu and
—— iiboit—deserted from the garrison
at Port Townsend. Oa their way to
Port Ludlow tbey cnt the telegraph
wire, and at that port took the steamer
fur Port Unable. The wises ware-
Hied and the officers at- the Various
towns on the Bound were notified.
Sheriff Wyckoff deputised Jamea Wool
ery to go in pursuit of them. He took
tii« steamer for Madison, and from
tiw|« he walked to ffc*t Gamble, arm
ing Jnit efter the deserters had been
arrested by the deputy aberiff of Kitaap
county. Bus Wash hum is veil known
about Olympia, where he apant bis
boyhood days.
Every vote for Marshal, cass tomor
row, that is n<)t for J H MuGrav. will
bfe a vote thrown away.
wAsuuareji vwturaai*
PORT towsasan, inly Iff—Cbpt.
llaiuford, cf the schooner laabel, re
ports the buk Henry fiack at Ouoa,
laska the Jbre part of last mooth, dis
charging cargo. Revenue cutter Cor
win was receiving coal from her and,
would be ready to lease &>f the Arctic
Ocean IU a few day*.
The hull and cargo ot the ftrandrd
ship Eldorado are advertised t»t sale a*
Juplic auction is this city aa Monday,
Ul* 12*.
Three men, who reeanUy deserted
from Fort Townseud were arrested yes
terday while on tbeir .way np the
twa at Port Gamble and the
other at Bart Ladle w. 1
Oliie Jansen, the seaman who waa
kicked in the neck by the mate of the
bark Daeid Hihdly, a tew days si nee,
died of bis wounds at the Marine Hos
pital last nighL
Brig T W Lucas, for Utsalady, and
schooner Alii a, from Honolulu for Port
tilakely, sailed from here yesterday.
A ahipand a bark peate4 np the Bonad
w|:h a fair wind this afternoon—prob
ably the Dashing War a and Ureat
uureaaiA. ,
SAM FRAMCISCO, July 9.—Bail*d—
ship Alaska for SeattU, end ship Dash
ing Wave for Taceam. '
SMk ItttlW.
Uodonbtedly with cbildiM, attributed
tn it a«MiOMd by VuMt.
BRoww'i Tuwroex Ooxrm, or
Worm Lnmgw, tlthoogb tfttotoal fa
dmtrojiaf viru, CM do so pouible
injury to ib« boat d*lio»t« AitfTbu
▼•luble ooabiualioo ka bwn snoow
fully °** d by pbyaititM, «d to
M abaototoiy aw fa OTiiiliM
wnM, BO bwtful - IT T»M«r
fly* MBit•|ws.
■rtwi'i BoiwhtU PtnaNt.
Ia tbe most effective Pain Dastrojer in
the world. Will Most surely quicken
the blood whether taken internally or
applied externally, and therby more
certainly RELIEVE PAIK, whether chron
ic or acnte, than any other pain allevi
ator, and it is warranted double tbe
strength of any similar preparation.
It care.i pain ic the Si£e, Back or Bow
els, Sore Thioat, Rheumatism, Tooth
ache, and ALL AT it K*, and is The Great
lieliecer of Pain. "BROWN'S HOUSEHOLD
PASACRA" should be ia every family.
A teaspooufcl of the Panacea in a tum
bler of hot water [sweetener!, if pre
ferred,] taken at bedtime, will BREAK
UP A COLD. 25 oeuts a bottle.
Is » medicine that will do the most
good in tbe sborteet possible time and
least expense. N. T. Cody A Co.,
druggist* and apothecaries, are now
introducing into the market a list of
non-secret medicines (the formula for
the preparation of which is pnblishttf
on the Wrapper.) which are designed
especially for diseases peculiar to this
climite. Our preparation of tar and
wild cherry is bett«r fur coughs and
colds than Gar man strop or any other
medicine. Our Samparilfa for the
blood; our extract A# Bnchu for the
kidneys; oar Troches for broaehitir:
our Soothing Hyrup for children: ecr
Loaenges for worms; our Or>ndit:on
Powder for cattle and hoi sea; oar es
sence of Papain for dyspepsia, and oar
various toilet preparations are the best
ia use. *
liy all means avoid any and all •<>-
called cough syrupi, for tbey are fill
ing more graves with poor mortals
who used these nostrums, than all the
wars ever done. Regulate jour bowels
with Pfuuder'a Oregon Blood Purifier
and your cough will leave you without
any further trouble. Tour Druggist
has it or will gat it for you. "The
Original." Insist upon having it.
Hare yon any excuse for suffer.ng
with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint ?
Is there any reason wha you should go
on from day to day complaining with
Sonr Stomach, Sick Headache,
Habitual Costivenass, Palpitation 'of
tbe Heart, Heartburn, Waterbmsh,
Gnawing and Burning Pains at the pit
of the Htorascb, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tougue, and disagreeable taste in' tbe
mouth, ooming up of food after e*ting.
Low Spirits, &c. No ! It is positively
your own fault if yon do. Go tp your
Druggist and" get a Bottle of
Yonr cure is certain, but if yon doabt
this, get a Sample Bottle for 10 cents
and try it. Two doses will relieve you.
Her Friesds Astonished at she Won.
4ertal Change In Her.
ROCHESTER, N. Y., Aug. 15, '79. I
H. H. WARNER & Co.:—This is to
certify that I WHS attacked with a kid
tiey disease about four years ago.
whieb brought me very low for about
six months. I then grew tatter, but
in February la*t the old disease re
turned in a more serious form than be
fore. I employed four different physi
cians at different times, none of wham
Beamed to do me much good. Tbey all
said my disease would terminate in
Origin's Disease, aud none of them
gave me any encouragement that I
could recover. My uncle tben told
me about your Safe Kidney and Liver
Cure, and at his urgent solicitation I
procured a bottle and oommenced tak
itig it about the Bth «f the present
month; I am now taking my second
bnttle, and feel that I am almost well.
My. improvement oommenced as seon
as I commenced using your remedy,
and has been constant ever stuoe. and I
expect to be as well as I ever was in a
few days more. My friends, as wall
as tuyself, are wondering at the change
wbioh be* been yrooght jn me, and
soma of them wonder that I aus «tiU
alive. Gratefully your,
. , Mjaa. £IOU BK«TN,
... i ' t • ' *1
8888. yoa will klwtri And at the
Concordia H«ll, on Mill street, not
only the bett of home made, bat alio
tbe excellent Humboldt Lager Beer.
Also imported bter in quart or pint
bottles. Boiled ham and alt kfnai bt
cold luaehee to ordar.
Ctelaa* HUN vaumia Tm 9mm.
ALKXAWDRIA BAY. N. T.. Ang. 1879.
H H. WABNBR & Co.: A abort time
ago I was almost • skeleton from a
chronic kidney disease (d. long stand
log, and waa anticipating aneedy death,
three of the bett pbjslewoe ia Ko»tb«
!m'Vwa3>< &XP fit*
oommenred taking your Safe Kidney
and Liver Cure. j»nd ia two week* it
has completely restored my health and
to 130 pound*, and it WM still lessen
aor yisraaisysr
in ten days tiaie. I am aatoaiehed at
mj rapid care, end eo'tte ethers.
*'' • • *T J * > r s
• • Oram, Jul J loth, iaao.
Pubs. Ixtkluoisccr :
Ufom Mafcns thu • taario* g-mi ataqp wtu
»■« d<rw* taoomv mrnSKj) »i*M, JaiT jith
Tb«y can fee bou«ht chw r . Mm* mat tka Wtt
fJtM* ■!■! y
Tbk mtaomr mm or ©ieist.
kJ Jlr 1 ® fryWlnn, MwtMtarto
m kad; ilwi tea* n| Ml vartMv of lower
A l»i» iMw *■■!— 4"* —-rna
T*MJ; fcM Wl I>i llghthU iWlMh.'
t MMI Mi
SMB. - ,»** v «« f* . *' « * mi
~2.1T MttMiunMH I
* !• OMMNWftMfc
V .
r;»r | • . /
& Co.'s
xm «
Still Takes the Lead.
Has larje sad well flaished rooms and flrsLcla**
board at moderate rata*.
The Finest View of any House in
the City.
Families will fln<l it to their advantage io stop
at tbe Parker House.
Regular trips to Occidental Square made er-ry
two hoars by the Morris passenger hack.
Capt. Parker,
-LX era] election for all City Officers of the City
•f Seattle, hereinafter named, will be held on
Monday, the 13th day of Jul jr. 1880.
The Oftoersto be elected are:
One Mayor.
One Marshal.
Two Ooaaeilmen for the First Ward.
Three Oouncllmen for the Seooad Ward.
Two ConacUmea fer the Third Ward.
The placea designated for holding said slection
aad the oikcara appointed to conduct the earn*
Shall be aa foilowa. to-wit:
Election shall be Iteld on Washington 8 rest
ae .r Oeaiaeerelal HE est.
Inspector— O. L Batch.
Judgee— John Eeenan a»d H. O. Thornton.
Clerk*—E. i. Turner and Frank Plumnier.
be held la the Oouncil Chamber
en OotumWa Street.
Inspector—D V.Kyda.
Jadgas —W. W. Barter and O. C. Bhor»y.
Clerks—Andrew Blorah and Henry Miller.
Election shall be held la a building belonging
akhaniel Rartlett.
By order of the Ooancil.
Dated Jane 29th." ISBO.
mmt* the City of Seattle.
■a attempt to start a shop la Seattle to d<Mtll
SMteof tobwkea well a* wasuiHhia*.BUoSßs
npsfetnc betw wagons, parasols and umbrellas,
sharpening scissors, >c.,' Sc., for which he guar
antees aatiefaettoa at rates cheaper than It eea be
done at any other shop la towa-e»y one-half lose.
Bbop on Commercial street, opposite the Map fac
**£•. . * *B. SMITH
Seattle, July Kb. ISBO. Atf
•A Iptiir ui KHVetnal Care.
i»rry Davia'a Pain-Killsr '
HM itoo4 the teat of Tory Tun' trld.
flotn BT Jtu. vßuaotrra
| *
Tyiortoku mm error THAT TH* AS.
* » M ewta* ow«r asa>o*«s*n»
aasgyAfta a^oa^&a
iSST 11 st CkuaWr!
anawiala ifcwWa. e» wfcieS tit all y—i fact
tsf tlmnlfii kf MKkaiMtutot najr
appl j fwr aorrartio* o t the Mot*.
MM inly sta. 1800.
a. a 08B0HVR
Clark af *Ud CUtjr of «M UI.
I kankjr ÜBMM* afitli n » ITMU
pa»4*B» OWiMata for Xanlul mt tk*
m. a. TBOB * onuL
■aattli. Jaljr». 1* e. Jjria4M
" on, YES! ~
2J®a»« SBWS,ia
•Anitfm«id ItU? Olimi
3Sm The Skagit gold fields do not create
wfIHKJ > &WjJMh al# tho excitement a disorder*!
Bladder or painful Kidneys produce
Y%\ In every so affected person.
V V 7 mation of the Bladder you have if *«,.
cannot retain Urine. Your Kidney
ePffcflg' if affected, will show It by havlngnain
in the back. Excesses or Indiscfe.
tlons «i n either sex-will always pro
duce, more or less, the above diseases. Wipe them out.
FIER, that valuable remedy Not Discovered but made
upon Scientific Principle*, Good Sense, and adapted te thloelimato.
Your Orusfitt hts Hor will «ot it lor yon. "Tho Oriftaai." ImM 1900 h*>l«| |i
The Finest Stock on Puget Sound of
Hardware, Cutlery,
Tools and Implements of All Klndi
Faints, Oils ana Qlass,
Foreign and Domestic
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
Agents for
Fish Km. &Co.'s Celebrated Wagte,
Aggregate Capital $33,000,000
Crawford Sc Harrington,
• • ijfHM**
X 216, of the City of Beattl«, entitled "An Or
dinance to provide for the levying aud collecting
ol • special us for the grading end Improvement
of Front street," which grading and improvement
wag done Hurler Ordinance No. 113 and the amend- I
uieuiH thereto in now In n»y haude for oolleetioa. !
Now, therefore, notice ia hereby given that all |
taxes set forth in aaia tax roll are due and pay*- I
ble c-n or before the
If tb DAI OF JI'LV, 18MO,
And that all Mali taxes Ml mM en or prior to
eaid IMb day of inly, MM. wtffbe 4aM&
qoent, and the City Attorney is inatrooted to pr -
ceed to collect such lelinqoent taxes by action.
ZZ '
Seattle &Belltown
OccMealal Square, Seattle, art toe Mpte! mat
the Barrel Factory, in BeMtowa
Making regular taripeevery hour VIII atari tarn
• t the Square at a o'clock a.m.
Inau T*i> Ttckxt. .. uh Ota.
Tic* Ticuxa *on 91.00
•»dtf ' DAVE RBORMS.
Dealers in nil
k>« quality.
& son.^Bp
>w- *»»W9-A.l , V-W •
t r , - -
SulllYan'a Block, Prone St. SMttl*
Particular attendee jivro u Impairing
Watches. Clocks, and Jewelry,
am au woax «giuiiin>,
Seiarial aad ethar «ealo Mad. la atdan
SeetiU, AnrU T. Iff* «p^ lf
• °*
king county.
Eoltovtogfbat pnrty poHHca nngbt not to tnSa
the nfloenlaabln. and owing I
fealty to no party, nntrammeled wj nennnnl or J
pice to oAcn, I hereby o#ar myaulf san
Candidate for the Qf&oe of Sheriff
or Sing County, and rscpaotfiDi aaUeil yonr
Je T. JordSn.
I * * fl
The copartnership heretofore existing hetwasa
' Leu Fooks and Leu To Bm. in tki kailaire w
I Had on under the naaae of Tong To Cheng, hss
boen diseotosd. Urn To fen relbw tim lbs
bualneae; la* Feoke remaining and paying *R
<Utog and collecting nil moneys dne Tong 1e
Lea FookeA Brother
• \ f ' * » r * , . M
. .1 * ■-. § \ ■' 1
, Crocort. Butchers, ul Dealers
id Off Gvodv* prugtt CM*
» I" * i 1 Rfi c «J •«? *
Itweaim OMoe m Wachinfte*
Stroot, laatHa, w. T.
,U?! JV V *• ; J nW'
i ' 'FOR hate '"
! _
Tbe residence property afMr. and
ano cnltivnkbm. Tbkty
potatoes, eabbngo, Ae.
Im m toife rrenlarsefQilUlP l
■ '' ■ 'ill
hoot paying water
kw* TtttopJSrt.
'• * -
***** Garner Booaad and OH*» MMH§
Th» New Sow# ,«
B Sewing Machine.
Prieee witkin tbo reach of all. I»W«**S"
cbeop for aeeh. Onl 1 encty and hnh a NPf®!'
I have alao a gid of
Boots and 8hoe«»
T*t t k *« ~t*t4 & '-iM
M. MoAndfoaMr .
IHM flw-lnnUfiill in—**_
gssl UflpKpMnVki l **! l "

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