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Seattle daily post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, W.T. [Wash.]) 1881-1888, August 12, 1886, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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a m.
-oney to Loan in nim
1 «f»300to»5000, onlm
city and Farm
at 0 per cent
I ofDß.DOWHfllOaca
w mmm bmkebs,
-s'r '
ffrfinir tod Oommisslos Mer
country PRODUCE
CkwdMwia Ukasal «d
I ~ BUT T, TR»
a Snowflake Flour
political MHiilttMC wferiMMA
I la aaaSbrt to aura the »»-
HI-, ft® H)«4 10 tf*
NrrlterM OooTontloo, and lo
th J 'mrmiam «S
*head»f\ifi*'ri«a w7n?y,tM
ton wnw,ill I
trla.be bald la tta imnl p<«-
irtw. M*a>i 1,1 I o'afeak >
bTafa^ wafW ««^U^ |
I 1 1M Dkwal....J
H. t Dawacaiak.. ....a
1.. J Oanaah ...I
■ 1 T»a a*a••■... aaaaa a!
I t Sgaak.
■ 4 STalie Bine. «
Til rim VMS, II; Sanaa
iM Ward, 11; foarth *mS, 11.
aetefeaattie wtU babe* at the
JMOtfkaldlaf citr alacMan. in ike wren!
% m k Maddosks. ctatanaa.
,iV>pi«.SMa>«a Buiataij. jj n*m
fell for a Republican Con
ft a»Dtjr are i*qa«ted to JoU in aeod
MBrttak a. m„ for the parpoae of ap-
IJWM 4*l< galaa to the Terrttortal Coa
"Mto to b« Bald at Taooma, September
a.Mdte Ilutnc: convention a, and alao
** t3m f finrtrr * nomin*ting twidldstes
&<*» eoaat) afflcaa an ! membera of th*
Wwara. sM to attend to aaj other
apsa Oat aa; ooeie ap,
6 a reowamr n>i»! that prfanariaa ba
«l a «aek prartaot oa Setordar, Au«.
W » to»o'ahk'A p. m.
r«t> ream tattoo la Bade oa
MamtHloaa rate for Adtataftt-OeMrsl.
**»«H»«saisl asd ConHaarv-Om
MS* Oa liaahan of ISM, OM deSasaM
f*> voua aad ma additional
sapofw mat facUoa ot too roNsaad
• *»» aaw precinct formed after tfcia
a* Pan bo eatttled to aao delegate-
SMllscteat la eaUtlad to dttacatas aa
jgfcjiit irard. »
eerd* .»••»••»••••••••*•• U
•*»* >• 0000 1
'"■> ,«>>»««»» a a»»«»» 1
«*;» Central Commitum.
=**** 0»U KINNKAR. Übalnnaa.
*<- r>«BI Md Ooiombia atrwth
<MadM * <iM *
, * ,, » 0«n Am rtaUMM
W. 4. MORS*, Prop
Krssjiwis; "•• m>
Celebrated Collars and Cuff*, and
Wilson Bra. Shirts, at
Special brand of Black Silks. WILL HOT CUT OK CHAABS
warranted pun dye and wear guaranteed, * I NttNTI
per verd. Said In Seattle only bi
W. P. BOYD & CO.
Anre Saltfafß, If yards for 91, extra feed Tiiae, at
W. P. BOYD & CO.'S.
•Ilk and Woolen Draoe Oooda. Tholr seed value and attrae
tlvenees will be inn en examination at
W. P. BOYD & CO.'S.
The celebrated Downs Corset, boat value to be found In this
oeuntry, and warranted to fit well, eold only at
W. P. BOYD & CO.'S.
•vine sol* aawiti tor tho ganulM Foster KM Clovot tho groat
iiraeoot attonding tho Mlo of thom onabloo us
to Warrant ovory pair.
nwiiwfr mWMliris»aals««r wfeteh mm omljr be f»a»*
lattnyhtt MMk tffuqr m< «uyl* Mcttwi. »ar TmaMj OnO 1
piete Uae. Uelndiac sumy Mvstttas la Umtmrr. Lasss.
QISTSS. Reobtasa, Wmmm. —at
W. p. BOYD 4fc CO/S.
Honest Dealing, Truthful Representation
W. P. BOYD & CO..
Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing a Specialty.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
AaMwrtaraM»w«reaM«.Ki»»lclt*BMh.MdßnM*asbtor* Hies. Pianoe.
YatarLwr Rteok. Trent etreet. Saettie. W. T. P.O bnW telTdw
!»1 ()-!»1 'J Commercial street.
Compare Mr prices and examine our Om4*. They will
eoavisce the moat sheptieal buyer that our* is
the eheapeat store la Seattle to trade.
B—atlfmi QUm SO§ K yk»omi forwHi T> - 5222
ftiMdacmtbr OmMMßitd Tuabte* WMrif M omtm> J
t>w M<?«« aj»?»aßt attrlru> Vwhita wmt Hj IMto mm jjiwMjaja
~,I T Jwwlwwi onr mm t» tfc» cWr l» —w a«a»k»Mrtaa. Bmm
-52 R. -u» .hiuJi Art FWeataia j oat opeaad. Stetaat and etaM
1«WM»1 1.. amitA a»d Bofc«»l«a fIUBMII, —W ■>!■<■> ■■< »
Mflr^g?m> L Ggr
dJSrtb.'U* o£ *_ .ST" 1 """' ml * *
HOtll Otmrntnld M(Mt ui*4* Brunawteh
Seattta. WMh. T*r.
R. B—-Ta anrlra Aas 14 !• 0«M Ummm Baxtac La**a. in|iT at
ft »aart. tmimtr*. i _ «n'
iuomm or
iii •
t» Oamatlse—Tßdea'a Hstoe
Mawicm. Ass IL—A du»pateb
fne Qtvu Bay says tkat tbs are M
am raetwt tbroogkeot >fca oooda «f
Bat an, BsMiss aad Depwt. Tks ro-
Stostoea famUtes* in tke fbaih af
WoodnTa «M mill oan baraad aoA
Tka Claeaaa family of In and their
line by retting into a oatL Hsporte
Cms laeay aad AapUsa, ia Bbaeaao
Oooatjr, aUk tkat tka ftra ia wry bad,
n«e fMUka oan burned oat aad thsir
stops lbs mill aaa* Aa^d-
Kstbaaa. Oooato Oeeatr, last lnbeiid
tn«a. Tka psspla la tka baraad Mil
aaa terrified by tka roarina of lbs flams*,
okiab aaa be bMird too miiaa away.
Big ftaamise a out of daaser, kat Little
SawnU families wan berasd oat la tba
tooa of Daeaaaik. Bartypad of^aU
Iks r»-.■ i#:, -i Hi; psekad tbesr
tksre ww s aaeanl exodaa Is Oreen
Bsysadtbs MaattsoM. Tke atrsams
are itytaK op aad eattle are dyiaa of
safsMboa. xbeir bodies saa bsfonci4
ae the roadi at iatarrals. Twain milaa
from Groea Bay, ia tbs tsoa of Hao
boidt, lbs fire b raciac Rarssly.
Mm flsaaas. Tbs psopis ia the tbisst
soad towns alsap oat of does* ready for
say sansfgrasy. A lares 1 jsd of pro
rWaaa ess sail to tbs eofersc- from
Oassa Bar today, aad thaw sootriba-
Mavinn, A as. 11.—Though tbs
forests ia the northers tier of soaatle*
ia tbte State an still sbAass aad are
likely to remain on Are until iai s
qaecob Mm dames, tba dancer to vd-
MiN And iowzu« Is otw oalsss ksaTy
gaiee abeold sweep down oe them.
ersmetioc sis rsportsd. It M bslisnd
that aaany baakwoodamen aad their
familiaa, remote from aatttementa, ana
not poaaibly have eaoaped. The fatality
to live etoek baa been terrible. Han
d rede of oharred bxlieeaf aattte lie ia
It ia animated that ia Calumet.
Clark. Marathon aad a few adjaeant
eaaaUaa. 800 familiaa are rendered
hoaaelea* aad deetitnto, and will enffer
anieaa immediate relief ia aaat them.
Many other people had narrow eaaapa*
from death, ha vine hidden to well* or
■ubmerged tbemeelvee np to their neoka
in atraama, with wet blankeU covering
their haa da. aatil the Ore paaaed. la
aoaoa pteaee the Are awoopt'd down ao
auddeulv apoa the people that they
barely had time to aaak thia method of
eafety. Ia otb«r place* the roar of the
flamea waa heard for miiea,and the ter
ror etrioken p' ople fled before the
flamee to aalgbborteg village* aad
The leaa aaaaot even be ea i taa tod.
Hundred* of bomea, dozene of aawmilt*
aad lumber eamoa, and million* of feet
of timber are in aahee. Aaree apoa
aoraa of ripealac crate were laid waala.
Toniaht'a advieee are that the Area
are abatiaa ooaaiderably by ranaiaa
Into the alearteaa an 1 beoatue the wiad
baa died oat. However, feara are eater
tained of their repetition, (bonld high
wtnda prevail aaain before rain appears.
Along the Valley DivMoa ef the Ghiea
ao« Milwaukee i 84. Paal railroad heavy
raiae today extlnaoiahad all flamee. aav
ina the largeat sran berry marahaa in
that aeotioa. Today eaffooaUaa aloada
of aaaoka from the burning faraata were
berae by the north wiada aa far aoath
aa Milwaakae. Oa the lake near Greea
bay, Btargoaa bay aad tvea further
aoath. thadooda are aa deaee that the
aaa ia obaaared aad veeaela experieaae
extreme diSoulty in navigating, it be
te* impoartbte to aaa ahead at mid-day.
Vhe lattoaal Aaeoetottoa ef Amerteaa
Borroa, Aug. 11.— The aaaaal Coo
veation ef UM National Aaaoeiation of
Amonoaa Banker* bagaa thia morning.
Preeidaat Cage delivered the ofeniag
addreaa. ia whiah be treated of the
aeade ef greater aafegaarda agaiaat
forgery, aad dwelt apoa the diaaetroaa
result wfakeh would follow the aalimited
ootaage of *ilver. He alao apoke ef the
great aaed of aaaa who would be able
to briag into popalar view the true tela
tioni of labor oapiUi.
The Secretary reported that the pree
*at membership of the Aaaoeiation waa
1486, UM tearaeaa being greater ia the
Baaihead Waat.
Tba President than >«ad a oommnni
oation from ex Secretary of the Treea
ary Hagb MeCnllooh, ia whioh he adro
oatoe tba tnapanaioc of Mirer eoinace
for mi period, the dtaoonuia
anoe of tba iaen* »f aotaa aadar $&, and
tba reeoinage of part of tba dollara now
ia Iba Traaearr into fraotional pieoee.
George 8. 0o», of Mow York, waa
than announced to toad a pater, bat
tntorpoeed that than waa a geottemaa
preaent who waa competent to eptak
open tba gn*Het qawtioa before tba
world, natneiy, tba ealae of aUeer aa
*ainn*j. Thta gaatl—aa. be arid,
knew more oa thia aabjeot than any
other ata ia tba ooaatry. Ba *ag
gooted that Bortoo, of Ohio, ba oallod
**¥Sm Preoideot than introdaood Mr.
Barton. Among other thine* bo aald
that tba oononnent restoration of oil
ear to ita former prestige waa a ary
to tba pna*re*ti»n of ow degree of
meUixatiow. Moreover, thia oonatry
waa paaaliarly Ittod to aeooaiptieh tba
raatoraUoa of ntvar. Bo eppealed to
MM eoaomoa tana* of tba Oon vent too aa
would «ol tm nlnt aa aqul raloe
with go ld. jort m a ulvmu eadoraa
- «4 r«w oiwcabaeka an aqaal raloa
with gold. BotwitbrtaaOac tbal roM
w at a nwaainm of to ownU oa tb»
taoiodtnc wnaMntd ud ImmW
pawn at Eaiope ud Amrioa. Mold,
bt i—>it plM* attaar u mini
|*l with (aid. Hortoo tbaa of**] a
Mfwliln MMi raaotatfaw an.txxino* hi*
mrans Mw rtewa, and t.lirnwd lb*
UMiiNtki is Hwart mt tha Mrtt
tioa. Ba cava bia axpartaaoa Madaia
an to tba UiwiHiil MoaeUry Ow>-
fmni to Phk.
Iniwota (lad.), Aa«. U.-1W
Pi ■uaralia gtoto mat tb»
aJpptod appnmag tba adaaia
aanuaa of Pi nafiial Otowatoad iki da
£22. £^^££*2?^
Kawotatioaa vrra aarriAi toatettac Utal
laxaMoa Car ouirr porpaaM tbaa HUM
rwwae-M far tba axpaaaaa of tba gaaap.
roast vaa labbary. aoprowtae tba aattaa
af tba Daaaoaratte a ooaa of Ba>raiaa
talma ta daaiartac a forfartwa at mil
rrW(i bai i»d oDttteadutt ttet Um
ba Teatod u> itaM. Tba Mb aaaala
toea faada aa faltoaa: .. . ...
" *lLld' a MMf
_ faba 0. Brtwajwa^aatatoWad^
*£££?SlrtKS!aTT!ta »!c£
fwab; Haaritary at gtoto ». W, Mayar
Aadjtoc.ja._ A. Mme; TUMHII,
Kn?®,''AsalJsJawb a «row
isL£tt SSSS «w2?S!"
■s. Tbs a-Owetn had bsaa pahaed
for jmh aad ha kullk wss eo-
H«» Teat, An. IL—Tks Mb ysekt
Tmamlla, MI kie loJ« OoekTi
mft Atiaata. ia now owned by tbs Oan
kdrintl dfwiMiw laetiwi tub
■ea trko mmj be foosd wttkia A*
"tkfM ak Kant" ad Mm Canadian
Hid. The formal tranafer of ike boat
to tks Oaaadisa Oowratd took plase
1 ■liibt. Tka Tin will will Bail to
day tor Halifax.
Haw TOOK, Aas. IL—Thna daa«kter«
of Heaury Wymaa. a ftakanoaa of hi
Boakaway, a«ad IA 10 aad 8, want batk-
eif. ridM
tka ohildrae «ot oat kayoad kar depth
aad tka* tka than aaa* to kar aaiat
-s»jwboMmeZsi ZZSZ
■aaiKeas si llaacy*
Mabct, As«. 11.-A kontaas rweyS
swr tka towa today. dotaK immea-e
damaga. Tka wind ateipped Ttoas. up
rootsd trees aad Isrstsd booses. Pes
ViiDMM, Aug. IL—Aetiag Bee
retary P&lrobild reeeivod « repo.t from
Special Agent! Jermore, M TMM, An
not, to toe effect that IMS* number* of
Chinamen are continually flooding the
United IttM MB the Mexioaa tin*, ia
vwlatioa of the tew. Coatoaaa lama
ion tara them back aad do all they en
to enforce the law*. bat, he my. with
little Thi* M mainly due to
UM fast of to* teadoqaaey of (lb* force
to watoh UM frontier. The matter via
referred to Jadga MeC ie, SoUottor of
the Treaeory, for aa op'uioo aa to
whether lha ia* afford* aayreaaedy. la
hie opinion, Judge MoCue qaetea from
UM tew hearing oa lha queMion, aad
*ajt that be aaa aaa no mora effeetaal
•a* of preventing UM emoggltng of
Chinaman thaa through epeoial aaatoaaa
office™ along the barker for preventing
the antranaa of UM obnoxioaa eraatoree,
aad eeeandly, ia aaaaiag UM ratora af
thaae already within oarbord-rstotha
ooontry from wbaaoe they aame. The
provision* for a taa aad irapriaoccnent
fat the violation of the restriction aot,
daa< not. ia Judge MeOae'a opinion,
•aaa to be praatioal ia affect. It kaapa
in the country the very paraona wham
the tew propoaea to exalud*. Ha *ag
gaata aa UM violation of tew ooaara
through the *onUgnoo* tatiltoij of a
friendly nation, that the attention of
the Secretary of SUM be sailed to UM
WiaßiaoToa, Aug. 11.-The follow lag
ia a ayoopeu of the aaadry deoiaiona
rendered by the Treaeory Department
tethaeaatoaa eaeea, during the peat
weak: Rrnudv or other Hpiritaooe li
qoora ia balk aan only be imported ia
oeeke, with a oapaaity of 14 oallona or
wrenter Wioea, brandy aad other apir
itoona liqnora in bottlea mart be ia
paekaaeeof not lam thaa one doaan
bottle* aaah; malt aad fermented liqnova
to aaj partonlar aised paakagaa.
Shooka for tomato era tea are doable un
der the previaioa in lha Treaeory la
atrnotion No. SB for paekiac a bos for
tbooka of wood aot apeeifieaily eaamer
ated or provided for. Bitnmiaoaa aoal
for aaa oa the Caited Hta tea revenue
veeaela ia aot entitled to a drawbaok bat
may be parehaaed la bond at a priae
whiah doaa aot iaelada datiaa.
•talk et Minuter Hopbine
WaaHtaoroa, Ang. 11.—A eabie aaaa
aaga from Sierra Leone, to Agent Le
man, of thia aity, aaaoaueea the death
of Kev. Moaaa A. Hopkina, Minister
Baaidact aad Ooaeal General from the
Daitod Statea to Liberia. No partiea
lare are givea.
WaaataoToa, Aag. U. -The Piaaldeait
to lay appoiated Cbarlee A. Ward to be
Oolleotor of Oaetoaaa for the Diatriet of
Miehigaa, rite Waa. Hartxuff. aaapaad
ed. O. F. B. Karle, of Kanaaa, to be Be
eetver of Fablie Money* at Halinaa,
Kanaaa, ria H. B. Oaaaiagham, aaa-
Vunmiwi, Ai|. 11.—Contrast* aia
aow being made at ths Troaoary De
partmont for foal, light and miooel
laneon* mppiie* for all pobiic build
ing*. for whioh there ia an available ap
propriation of 160.000. Tba general
rata baa been adopted to award the oon
traot ta eaoh eta* to the lowtat raapos
aibta bidd-r for U< work, a* reoom
miM by the Ooatodiaa of Baildinga.
9e Mate Cmtmllm tor Bow fwk.
Naw Ton, Aac. 11.-The Bepnbil
oan State Gommittaa today decided not
to bold aay State Contention tbia year.
far Iflllft Ifgltalii.
WianoKnoa, Aag. 11.-The Pootoaa
tar Omvil ba§ hmd aa oiiar
lac that baraaftar an aialki for M asiaa
baaant by rail, aiwlm the bordar at
£1 Paac, Tasaa.
Ifparti af fiifimfi BaHlff Ikli
Secretary Lunar baa inatrnatod tba
Governor* of tba Tarritoriaa to expedite
aa snob aa poenbie the p reparation of
their anneal report*, with a view to
bavins thorn Mbmittod earlier than
Tba Poatmaator General baa appoint
ed tba fotlowiaa PoatoOao Inopaoten:
K. B. Threikeid. Lot kaffttaa, UaL; B.
R. Monroe, Oakland; T. T. Beam*,
Jacksonville, Ogn.; A. B. Hr&aoh, Den
Tki Prwdnt today ipyoiMd W».
O. Lanaford to ba taanotala Jaaliaa of
tbe SaptesM Ooart of Waabiactoa Ter
ritory, «Im 8. C. Wingaid laf—< d,
cad O Vu Uorababa to ba United
9totoa & Money for Um Bootbara Dia
triot of lllmot* nm 4. C. Gjaaotly
laationa Ml waar.
A lowlili IMH MM.
Nrw Tom, kit*. 11.-Mow ay oa aaU
aaataaad today from «k to 6, aad ra
tOtCMM to 6 < * uml iptfr^Uaa
M 11
par ML, fnw (tiek pate* it nam
raptdiy. ud obiady by aw biddar. to
40 par awL lamadiataiy »lumnfa
aema eara oSated ei * ear aaefc, el wltiab
Malta ailllal alaaad
WM* ■aila.
Winutrmr (OL). Aog. U.-AI Wood
buy | mil day. Bab art Drakaly, aatad
Ul iaw *rt aad httlad toawtto. agad
!y!'wb» Jail***
!Crw Tan, Aug. 2L-DetoaK X Mm
Tart A m .
la. Taraaory."* fatowaatbar, »aa£to
A abdd'a baart to Uto law
tfjaa eal*er*B aatoa bba a barytotba
a rtao aaranaiw
CsMat aaa vW ka tka aabjasi for
mSSTto mmmSSZ
A rood deal kaa bsaa aaid daring
tka laat (aw dan nnewarnlai tka <W
fiaiiliaa ssedatoa of Bi Paso la mm
at a seddse attack by tba Mawui.
Tbare a so oaoee for aiarm.
port Ulheflra abaaoe. ™Om thetab^
fiohticß aaatorlal. aad aaaddtaSatew!
aiaiiraaaay HMO waa, oho ooold katd
JUm Fmsacmoo, Asa IL—Tke oAesrs
Toanmo, Aog IL -• lalsUlcsoss
wm bfoogtit ben this aflemooct from
hjtlUi>hii>My Ibe Matiwe had
srsUy orrdiiwd. r9P "" IW °
rwwumti as twb cam so aanoo.
On oa Mraea. Aa*. 11.-Public aeo-
Mexioe oartately ahoald he aMa to eat
tie tka aaaa in diapate, even if toey
have to reeart to friendly arbttra
tioo. It if oertaio that the Stale of Ohi
huabua haa aa aood a right to her
paoalter aade aa Prnaoe, from whiah
ooontry took kw ®xs.ai pit*
It ia aa* likely that the Catted Hta tea,
tawwrfj Jtaflar affair with Fraace,
to* releeaa of her ait cena. The Baited
Statee'view af thia aaaa wUI not be the
view of Kurepeaa aoontrtaa."
uwtw'i eoinuaß mat aarruaan.
Dnaaa (H. M.), Aag. 11.-General
Mile* arrived her* this eveatag, aad in
aa interview he Mated that there waa
not a word ef troth ia the report of
Ueparted withQoreraorTama,oTS-"
nora, at ft o'clock thia moraine aad haa
Moonded arrangement* by which the
Meartoaa troop*will aid onrtroopa to
the pursuit ef the ladteaa. Ha atatoa
that the Mexioaa aathoritiea ia Honor*
arete g^rmpathywtth^oar gov-
Bxteaatve Mhleattoa*.
Lorooa, UJ-A aenaation waa
day to ooaacotioa with toe affaire of the
Britieh Medieal aad Oeoeral Aaaaranae
Aaaoelattoa. The he iring of a petition
for wiading ap the buainee* ef the Aaeo
oiaUoa ia ia progreaa. aad during the
ooarea of the proaaadliig* the Judge
■toted that the failure of the eoaeera
waa dae to dafalaatowa whiah woald
exaeed £SOU,OOU. He deoiared thai every
effort will be aaada to aaearth aad
pusieh the mtaereaata who had aaaaad
the rata ef the AaaooteUos.
BaLgaar, Aag. IL—The aity ia qaiet
aad the wooaded are improving. A
petition, whiah haa reoeived anaaaroaa
aigntlnrea, haa baea preeeated to the
Mayor daaaaadiag the appointment of a
to iaveetigato and re-
port apoa the eaaaea of the dioorder*
whiah hav* oeoarred here atoaa J aaa.
Bnanuk, Ang. 11. MeUhewe.
rfri—ci Beor«Ury, hM bus ri nUci>j<l to
Eiat Birmingham
To HMMt the (Mrkm.
Dmn, km- It—The Dimum
Patriotic Colon will toad a depotetion
of I,'tyaiiM orator* If tba Untied SUM
udOrndt to addra** pabiio meeting*
throachont both eoontrie* ta th« tntor
eot of the ItU npp.w«M to Bon*
Bote. The onion will low* u aoon
m Parliament adjoaraa ia the taU, aad
amoac them will be Major E. J. Baan
lT»o, M. P„ for North Armagh, aad
Mr. BaawU.
Tba Board of Oaorditna baa adapted
retofotion* doocaneing Ira looal land
iorda for tba ertetton of Iflr-dt fa*
ilioa. Tba aotion of tba landlord*, tba
reeotaiioo* aay, ta aaartbad to ortanined
altaaapto to oroat* diaordera and ortaaa
knowt'tUSt it b Impoenbio'for'lhe
teoaata to pay raak rente Tba Board
aafca tba Oowm«I to taka Uc mediate
oognissaoe of the aaMon. ia
ofthapeoSe^lnSand.'" 8 ' ummbm *
Baa Fuacaeo, Ang. 11. Adrtoaa
were taaatead ia thi* otty today af tba
ta tba Snath Boa, Jaw IMb. Tba bark
eatina waa boand from Port QatoOle
The Kttoap bad a eargo of taaber worth
•wool Neither *htp nor oargo waa bi
rnred. She waa owned by Pope A Tal
bot, of thio atty.
Porr Omu, Aa«. 11-Takn^Ua
fUITIOM hlrt todty KBBOffiM
Iba tobritaaMUwbiurbaato^Utw^
from bam April IMb laatbar ladaa to
Malboaaa, Aialraito. Oapuao Kobta
ana tafasmto fiwati Aaabland, Saw
ZaaUad. Tba Kitaap waa bwiU t»y tba
P&aa* Mill Oaanan; at tbair yard at
Part ladlow ta Ba ifaaa toaaaca
I m 6M, aad bar art toaaaoa MA 9ba
wm a aaod aarrtar aad a Cart aaolar, bad
bad sal witb aa laMiac ay to tba
hi Patau—■>. Aa*. iL—Tba iaaal
K»diiM» *****
tatoa to tba Kart to u; ttaal it
abaoaaa araoTto* railroad
SaHrt^aMart!"'""rtia^S' r
awaarrt /«2-
aSTto aaUe? aamaSy? Uksft*F«
■M. J oka Hyde aa4 BA A. ONtaete.
m» i>»d
W »»t MM tka etebid
wsaskt. Tbssoiai earadbe I*
(NHtaM wliw
ipeSS tewdSirt>wi U> * r **°" *obMk
diamwoa aU tM duia ol ate^
ynaa Ooan'haw U iartaa > wl
Bi«bt with k(. HaWhortnr, editor of tke
Mwyidk dint by tba
Saa Fkuoaa Aa«. IL Arriwd
WsrtaotiDS Onfßth. from Pert Tsoa-
IJ* towel kit* bvfctoCiM
& As*.'"ll.*— SaOed—
TATOOOL, tat. 10.—A ik TWO boric*
Sr. Loci*, AU7 4.—Mr. R. F.
Biveas, a citizen oT the United States
and an owner of extenaive mi on is
Mexico, Uiitke city. Mr. Biven*
rids the greater part at hi* time in
City of Mexico, where ha attend*
to his business interest*, and aar»
that hi* estimate of the difficulty be
twaen that Governtneat and the
Called State* orer the Catting affair
i* baaed upon facta, la aa interview
last ereoiar he is reported to have
said: "The people of Mexico are
not much excited orer the affair.
They appreciate that it amount* to
nothing and can lead to nothing seri
ous, and they treat it with contempt
If the Texan* were aa sensible aa the
Mexican*. the matter would hare
been entirely dropped before this.
Those rampant Texaaa who are
howling for war are the scam of the
Ke. They seem to be jasi spoil
>r a fight, but they are the kind
who run away at the first smell of
gunpowder. The best American citi
zens in Mexico and Texas condemn
the agitation. A* I was coming up,
I stopped at several piacea, and T did
not find one intelligent American
who does not think Catting ought to
hare at least five years in the peni
tentiary. Why, this man Catting is
wen known as a low-Uved fellow who
has been in trouble before. He runs
his paper at El Paso, Texaa. He
bad some trouble with a Mexican at
Paso del Norte, a Mexican town Just
across the river from EI Paso, and
after it was over he invented a vile
slander against his enemy, which was
published, I believe, at Paso del
Norte. At least, if it was not printed
there. Cutting cast it abroad there,
which, under the Mexican law,
amounts to about the same thing.
Catting was arrested and taken be
fore a magistrate. He was allowed
to free himself by making a written
retraction of the libel, and he re
turned to El Paso There be printed
the libel in his paper la a good deal
worse form than before, in Spanish,
and took his paper* over to Paso del
Norte himself, and sold them. Of
coarse he was again arrested, and
that is how he cornea to be la Jail
now. He is smart enengh to see that
being made a martyr he can become
notorious and make money oat of kia
notoriety. He has bees offered re
lease on straw bail, bat he draws
himself up with assumed patriotic
dignity and says: 'Mo; lau in the
hands of my country, and she will
care for me. "
lkxmcroh. —lt baa been the im
preaaion for aome time hack that
Eileaaburgfc would be made the end
ot the dWuioa aad have the uaual
division headquarter!' buildings and
shop*. aad bow the matter U settled
A Portland architect has had the da
signing of the building*, and they
are aald to be plain, oommodlooa aad
substantial. Contractor* are now
figuring oa the work. The ahopa
will be <3x166 feet, aad the round
house, fire (tail*. 38x70 feet. The
station aad division offlcee will ha a
building 30x130 feet, a portion of
which is two Mode*. The master
mechanic's office aad store is a build
tag 84x60 (eel, two None* high.
There will be aiao a car ahop, about
36x140 feet; a aaad boa**, water tank
aad an improved derrick coal houae,
38x340 feet. The latter la a noveltj
aad eaabiea the locomotives to be
speedily coaled —Yakima Signal
Oaniu Piom-Ilt MAa|
•bMro™ T ta*Ba*raiMMo torf 8 "* °' ""
teal raaM soald b* wttiad aaott. Tb*
mvnM raa* osUMtPMN aid* <rf lb*
«e«e, #»• milat iwrtb of U>* ("pf>ar
(Ma Swti**. Ttwe tl (MM to fa*
mH m* »4 bMk Im oaarty ikw
eriKt . fwiln tram th» mww a t>«U*
•Nik »f BUek Outw; tfea it «•-
wtol abort tkr*» fo«rth* of ft «ir*!e,
eontea baak oa to Ik* Ma 9 IM twr
baao* tk* rttui Dmm north to to*
BfctUaa/oe. vtMM Mi. Hood will htn
Mfcaild ■ boMw hlg*J>rid«. to
TM iMpvnbMH* d tk* Mi ti
MfMadbM ioen>i»«ilUmpej^ojUl
sav lif " " rr " 1 "
Tha Ctoeiamli Kvptrrr f**all* a
Smm Da*t» jtoctoad la «m
laltiifullli ii 11 w | irki'r T~ ti ~r
[ wand aa Mm m* *(•*«*-
TOL. X—NO. 10*.
TheOpmiifAfivmßt for
the Preeeratiea.
ED bnitlta - •LRFTBIJ
Ana. IV—lm to fnn>w
tnalito »«n»ia« to Btoto iatrodweed
ayeafcar .«"**»»
Shad to"\staSito^*
Ito other enmiiua wcadj be ( M tba
aeeßt^ abooid be adeq oM with to «tom.
of 1 n M*
U^o^wuo a
OM of Ma ilifaailaala nt aathorixed
by to law. UOCM to «M BO* p»T|
a* lb. pUoe of the ■ ■ Ull n rill.
«*»« l ti ~** ay u»»*bTh<y«y
MMMaTattonjb pSStodarfetat
aar. js?*l ituL. l^
of theaffortaof aartaia of to WH4-
aato to baae thete bopeeof aoqaittal cm
to feet tot Ibey tm wt prMcat u
toHayiearkrt wbea UM btMßb .«
«M »« B «MMpifMf to BOMIBit-V'lTlll
iw4hw Mot** i*.
xirWna tlxm flrat'to
Wd & sTperttnifl la"to
to tod to prtoiplei of im.
lotion. Tk»*, auJ Um tpeabar,
wm to MM followed B j CUM,.
Ftadtac BO loophole f«r aaeape bo tan
ed to witaew Mud too to rnmA of
proper «(ulv Walker VM IMMM
wm i OUIH af nyUm Na to
MMhonoe when be referred to Hpiea'
ajinh < Orand .a. OB Waahiae
toa'a birthday. S«,d h«. "Sptaa eo»
paiad himaelf toOoaoMWMhia«taii. H
Ha wM. "I'bara will ba a iwto
tioa to IMS, wbea to atgb t haw awn
meat into ill all max. George Waah
infftoß M a NTotatMß. If ho had tot
tend, ba would ha»e baaa paoltod.
if I ahoald fail. I will" ba twaitoi
Ibare an SOOO revocationirt* ia Obtaa
go. TbayankaowabyaaaaberaadMl
by MSW, aad aayoae aaa j«n by appll
eatioo." Walker (baa read aoma of
to tortionay of to wttaaaa. Wilkinaoa.
who awon Spiee told bias thai a rwto
UOB woaid oooor oa to firat of May or
aboat that tuna. " Doaa aot thia,"
aakod to Speaker, "look Ito a aoa
•ptraoy ?" Walker devoted ansa MM
to as editorial artiele ia to AMrm
wbiab atoaad with tba worda, '•Tba ao
rtal war baa aoma; wboenr m aot with
aa. ia aaoioet aa." "Doaa thta look tike
a oonnpiracy " aaked tba apaakar. Tba
editor of the jtiar* waa Parana*, oaaof
tba defendaata. Walker dwait at aana
Waa Hpiee' apaeab toto MeOor
atnkera, daring tba lirogreea a<
wbiab a law number of tba aodiaaaa
broke away atol i .me i tba rial (a wbiab
eereral paraaoa wan killad t*Ml woaad
ad. "Tbaa," aald to apaatot, "»pNa
oaaaa b iak to to irtohr Zeft«»; oflaa,
baiiarlaa that ba had 8800 saw ooaaarta
at bia bank, aad WToto aa adltorial •»
taiaiac to wonb, 'Had toy baa* pro
ridad with r-ni waatwsa aad aaaaa
djsamite, aot oaa crf to aaudana
weald ban aaeaoad.'"
Attbia potot Walker read to
tato tSf oat
to vtMaw of to !•! -Ki:...'iod
"Doaa not tbia look ilk • a oooaplraa? to ,
mardar to poliea ?" aaid to ipaaket.
that tba ao-aallad raaatia* waa
to meat aa tba Uaytaarkat, to nvy
ptaea rlntonatod to reporter WUktooa
" to reTolattoaf
Walker waa aMU apaakißg wbaa to
eeart adjoarsad.
H Wall mm.
Saw Tom. Am IL-Uetted Mat**
Oowaoaeat bonik ««n doll tat not
qaatahiy towsr. Olooil A **MMt*
imin of Um Tmm PmHo, umonl
today that tto»y wjold r*a*ire no nor*
■took* aad voaM return Umi ilmdi
Atportttd idoa (he prMcoteiioß of
tlfteatea. Th* propoosd>***• of addl-
Uoeai (took. praottaally leartna tto
ooatrai of the property la Um tiih ot
(b* bonds of Mm ooapMiy aad to* !o
•ohm tonight m» down 3 par *Mt» Th*
prise* for Um R*a*ral U«mm»
what heaTj mI Mmi are la Um »
jorlty. Tan Peeifte n* MMU}
weak M aeeount of th* propoeed t*i«*
of ♦f.oou.sxw -A****—»«r Th*
ri, Ku*h A Tcxm w*f* eaeh X *od
Tnu Paatflo KP M Ml. A ouMtM
lo« hoar U>* pri*** hold btnlr tfm. la
Um afMraooa, h**rm, thay RWIDWD
N n 4l| 11,. 1 ma f k An . ■h M 1 ikA ftuiiAA
had n*sr*pr**d ih* «ttn 1)4. Th* aaat
k*t ataaed near Um Imml Scare* r*a*h
*I Th* Iml proa— *h*M daattaa*
for *m*i *T*F7TO NUT aa Um rnmtn Mat.
Ohealaud. Gaiaataa, OtaataaaM 4k I*
dlsa*pnlM beta* down I*. Mi Dm Iha
>a»dO<i**r«d« Goal aaeh 1 pea *aat. Bad
m nut IM.
InTen, Am. 11 .-U. *.»•«. INVi
*% l»H. *h\ Ulk; l*i
Ammin PMM*.
mS] ItorteoaVia, U6, Im*«wimi.
l»H. D*a»*f A Kto Omk 31'4;*a»-
M A Trn, «t)ii Lak* MOM, ft**!
IxxumrOu t .NmtUK MS; IMM
N»w T<xk Oaomi, 110K: ONM lUui
w»j ud N»rm»H—. tMHti Omn
TimmMMHI, BS; (Mm Im
inm »»■—!. 22; Fmum Mail, MKI
Pimm, «. Haak Wand. 1»; law*
Ptofe StH .L'sMad IMM KuwM.im^;
lbs WmIMIUIM. «H.
KM. MV 4*. PMO, T«SM I*«-
At tb* Har%l InrtUallaa r*natly Prof.
D«««f MbitMlMt to tb* Am im* mM
osyußM. 1.4 t jmr tb* froteM* im
■ toataw katora tb* Ftmm at Wataaw
IP MaaU qllitllll. T* MMIHW'
•mnlmil SS axyvMi in** MM toiid
Um Koyal bMttatiaaAspaada
M altowtM *"1 , '»4 'HiTMi to u»aad
lata apjjttai wbm tb< mmorm-
will imMi to^pMNll

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