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Seattle daily post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, W.T. [Wash.]) 1881-1888, August 13, 1886, Image 1

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money to Loan In sums
Of S3OO to ß6ooo, on lm
pHTftd City and Farm
, propartfaa, at © par cant
utd Oommiwiwt Mer
net IT, TRY IT.
Snowflake Flour
A —* *ii HIM at tk> rriiilj Irrmiitii
IM «f pat politic HMliUou who w
a*» »«* a* ta uifgrt la mm lk« m.
'k. iMOflaaad a pan andacoa
mat tenlattratten af attain. an w»*i
IM. tetopim. In nna.Hina at >•-
•alardar. inm I«. um,
«I rejo t p m . to Rlact iiliWn Vs tto
jMaKietu- W«hW OmwUm, u4 la
iMMeti lack ettor baainaaa aa w imtomHj
M«a It.
nobMtaai rapramatati'm *lll to oae del
HM> Mr each praeltet aad a* addlttoatl
IMP'* Mr aaafe m> T'Wa. ot fraction ef
Kwtforttohauler tka t>«iaa«a*lo ttefeet
aAt Mai aeoaral »leetloa. hiinaaaaatli
iM | rtao»rt« ba baM la Ukf kmil p<»-
ana aa Haiardai. A«aa<i t. al * o'aljak p.
a.lad ta ikttjr ward* al At hear af I
tp. a. lM»la a ill h aWM aa
...............I Blatk Diamond t
Dnwaialah., J
SSSwla. 2 Oeaeaia.
Kia Baj * Baataatefc. *
Ba*Mw.. t uaeiatle..., |
Meaif. • Juaaltau *
•Mm. T Hqaak t
•towila. * Walie Bl*«r I
totta U, tta: tuwt Wirt, 11; lanad
*«*.U, Third Ward, U; Ftmrt* Wart, U.
tte ••cttoaa ta <<ealUe vUI ka baM at tto
ltoM<( holding oit» alretMnt la tto reran 1
mr*K M B Ma MKWAS. Cbwrvaa.
>»aa «. Baanaa Becrelary. JtMJw
Cull for a Republican Con
A <*»<«) 1* reqoeeied to Jat a la read
Star the parpoee at *»
to the I'errltorta! Vom
it Tacoma. feptemtor
Caareatiaaa, aad alao
lotninallog candidate
■a aad mam hen of Um
D ittaad to aaj other
ad that primartaa to
b« oa Saturday. Aug.
I prMlaeta at f o'clock
atj parelacU (tw 6
link p m.
-wetauoa la made aa
> t<y Aduttaat-OMwral,
tad ConMliaanOaa'
of IRM. oa* delegate
a aid aa a addltk oal
■ aettoa of tea falaaaad
I»« praelaet formed altar UUa
Jl to auttled to oae d-l-*ata.
■mataM la eaUlled ta aa
It* |
.nl ♦ • «
tartfc war* |
BP* i
i 1
'••KU»ti l .ioat|H«<ai< ..eea 1
>.» aa t*< e•*a a* » eaaa MM a a aeea • « 1
*** Bw »<>t»aM»a «».•••• ll
e • •
J""?* Cl unlr Cvatnl ComßiittM.
ud ColuaM* MiwUk
VPLRS""** to inform oy»
oomim Ifea fcnti III! U
mt **nrr «tK 11<MMI1WT«
JP »—B«rtT Ot «—nl» llm«—t.
*»•»**»» Ot«r» Hoa«. riwMUM*
* • A. MOKfUt. ITup '
i^ss&i gar?
THB ARCADK, w. P. BOTD *OO.. raopßonnm
Celebrated Collars and Cuffs, and
Wilson Bros. Shirts, at
Spoeiai brand of ataek Silks. WILL MOT OUT OS OIUSI<
warranted p«ir* Of* ind wMr cuamntMd, • I SS to *1 78
par vard. Sold In Swtta only by
W. P. BOYD & CO.
Amre SalUags, 10 yards far 91, extra Raad raise, at
W. P. BOYD & co:s.
Slik ana Wooion Daw Goods. Thoir good rafua ana attrso
tlvonooo will bo soon on examination at
! W. P. BOYD & CO.'S.
Tho eotobratod Downs Corsot. boat valuo to bo found In this
country and warranted to fit wo4l, sold only at
W. P. BOYD & CO.'S.
aolng aolo agonts for tho genuine Foster Kid Giovea tho groat
suoooos attending tho sals of them onablos us
ta warrant every pair.
W. P. BOYD & CO.
la a MaptM HMk of Fancy aad Staple Notioao. Far Faatr Gooda af
erory d.a.riptleaaadoaaraeter wa would tnrtta yaar atlaatin to a mm
>lata ttaa. iaaladias maay norettlee la Baalary, laartw itkk, Laeaa.
Olevoa, Kneh'.nsa. Faaa, ate, at
W. p. BOYD&_CO.»S.
Honest Dealing, Truthful Representation
W. P. BOYD & CO.,
Fine Watoh and J owe try Repairing a Specialty.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Aftmer tar Staiaway ft floaa. Kntaich ft Baeh. aad Kraast Oabiar ft Broa. Plaaaa.
Yerfer-Ua" Rick rwnt Ur-et. «t»attle. W T. P. 0 box S4T tetTdw
i> l o-VJ I' 4 Commercial atreet.
aaaawaaaMaMMa •
Compare ear price* aad examine oar Goods. They will
coa▼ lace the moat skeptical buyer that ovra Is
the cheapest store la Seattle to trade.
c -»rg^attrgastrf 5Br^" TT 4 ' t , ~*
" irtT a. aad Norrittea tor aaw ylrrf *r"
dSpL^SSSi^rtMtiS^lStS^aL Brhta la. olia-ia. aaw aad ta
pobost. aw
JS" "**~ oo
tIMII Ownmaralal ftiMt. und*» Brunewfek N«M,
S**ttl* WMK. T*r.
|[ N.R-To 'tfTiv«>«4 t U. Mi Rtafc M* Bw— tmmm- ol *** L,t * "
flftw IRK uIW iT«
hJ' .*jW for (i>« »«»«* I*'* I ™* * •"** **
was a Moray oaa. The Oommittoe ee
aeraniiitai nrmnintinn reported Hon
B.M. Wyaae. of Tarrant Oona y. tot
pann.aeet Chairman, and Wa. Lam
brt, af Trari. Coast*. I« HmMm;.
Tb« report of the Committee sn Or.
daatiala «m ttaa adopted, afar a
■harp debate, (a whteh lha hraW
Alltanae sad EAighta of labor ane
eeeded to aw lira their dategilioai from
( aafc County.
Tha Committee cm Flatfena aad Baa
olotioae reported a platform wtueh. af-
Ik h fifiting disooistos bstvtwß tfat
fne graaa at d leeae land aleeaante, »u
adopted. The platfor > opho. ; J. lha
aHmiaulMlutn tk. n ; i
Bain 118 WIfMIUU Ol MM » iCTIUrUV, HUN
ptedaee thai tha expeaditare. ahatt ha
oenftaad «itkl( tha mwM, fawn aa
aaaaodmeal to tha JodiMsry arttete of
tha State OuaaUtaUoo, farora tha teat
■ystem of edaoatioc far vhtta aad eot
"tad ohildron separately, hat by State
aad aa* National aid, fivura in
ternal iaproreoaenta aad tha da
reiopmeat ot manufaatnr
isterfarenoa with corporate property;
prolan. aaaiart tha aoqaiaittoo of rail
way ptopart? by tarmm eompaaito; op
paaM tha oooaeiidattoa of oompetine or
parallel linaa af railroad; farora tha
of a naiapidi'iinlu nianh.nlna'
Itea l««; eUnoonoM tha oooTtal labor
■yatetn; dMlaraa that mataban of the
party aiay hara what timi they ahaaaa
oa looal optioa witboat farfaitiac their
rtehte ta he known aa Oeaoarate; aad
laatty. daolarw it to ha tha doty ot tha
Oovaraaant to protest tha hambiert
American 01 tiara a«aitat lha onlawfal
acts af aay or all aatieoa.
Tbe balloting for Ooaamor raaaltad
la tha aeieotioa of Oenaral L. 0. Kaaa,
The Cootoo ton than toek a repeat un
Boaxoa, Aor. 12. —Notwitbatandtng
tha axtmn. beat Hortiealtaral Hall
waa well Sliea with delegatee when lha
aaoood day'a aeeaion of the annual eon
reation of tbe Natteoal Amoeiation of
Amarteaa Hanker, waa sailed to order.
Murray of Mew York waa alerted Preai
Jodge Newell, of If aeeacbaeette, read
• paper OB the Mad of • uniform back
raptor law, and iimeatad a bill vhiota
would prondo thai aalaried aapervisory
aßmi be appointed aadar the Govern
taent to mpemae all bankrnptov sas-s.
A eosomnntaation van read (row
0. 8. Treaeorer Jordan, wbiob showed
that the number of silver dollars no load
to Jace 80,1886. was $233.733,288, and
t e eeiimated value of eih idurv diver,
♦30,000.000, a total of ; 808,733.286. The
raise of the silver is the standard dol
lar* at today's Utmost 10th) pries, Is
71 SI, while tba eobeidiary silver is
veined at 66 61, exstasirs of abrasion.
The preseat valje of the silvsr oomage
is therefore t 'WXIJVi.
The Executive Council submitted the
following report:
Wassail The American Bankers' At
soetatios smbcaosa in Ma measbmahip
men of every political party, as wall as
thaas who acknowledge no party obliga
tions, it baa in all ita conveutioae o*re
fully avoided all mere party and politi
oal qaeetione. Bspreseating, as It dees,
the b isiBBSS pablte as wall aa the eas
terners and stockholders of tba banks,
it s«ain empbatioally givee warning of
tba tßiKbjiuy dtiflN to the wholf
eoantry in the oontiaaed coinage of sil
ver d-llare under the sat of 1878. While
we folly recognise that both gold and
silver are reqalrod aa the mooey of the
land, wa believe that neither should be
aainad at sooh a rata that tba other shall
be driven ont of general aae. We ftps
dints the idea ao often maintained that
the banks and banker* oppuae the aon
tinaed coinage of stiver dollars on ao
oonnt of et If-Interest, bat on the oon
irary, we aaaert that wa have
aa epeeiai iotaraat la oaa kind
of aoia mora tku another ao
long aa eaoia discharges Ito legitimate
parpooe aa money, Wa believe that all
persona banns limited means, and par
uealarly earaara of wagee. will moat
lar itely enter when tte threatened evils
•hall oome. We. therefore, asrneatly
appeal t all boards of trade, ebamber*
jf oemmeroe, and aivtl and politieal aa
soaMtiaa* at wary kind, to maka per
eisteat eflv rta to aeeore the repeal of the
law or the aaayaaatoa of the ooinage of
snob stiver dollars."
Tba iep«wt waa ooantmonaiy adapted.
An additional rreolatkio waa adopted
raaftrmlag the reeolaUona adopted by
the Convention laet year, and farther
providing that it toe itrongiy urged Uwt
the coinage of Mlver be aotpaadsd and
that oootinned efforts be made to se
oare aa iaieraational aalform basil of
yalne between aold and «ilvar.
Tba Ooaventien than ad jocraed »ae
the Ferert ftrea.
Hnwunn, Am- IS.—Tba fowatfiree
in Northern Wieeonetn are dyiag oat,
tba material on wbteh to feed hiylu
Imams eihausted. rba yieinity of
Urean Bay ia alone subject to dans**,
bat only In tba event of high wmd«.
There ta mneb suffering in tba devas
tated region, and tba hamslkai people
an steeping on the grwand with scarcely
any ooveriag. Many people barely aa
eapad with their lives and are wander
lag aroand whh iaeaOoieol elothiag
Habile msetlags are baing wiled In »u
--lona parte of the Mate to provide la
Mediate relief for tba aaferars la tie
way of brand and alething.
Maanruxa. (lean.). Aag. li-Bebt.
L. Taylor *a* nominated aa tba Deaao
anile eandidate fee Ootenor upon the
fifth ballot.
Cenenie Appelated.
WaaanoToa, Aag. U.—The Preel lent
this afternoon appointed L»wM O Bsed
to be CaMed States Oooeol at Bartoadoea
and Otto E Uetner at Santiago de Oaba.
The reeaipta of tbe O Jvaru.ami «l aee
Jaly let have been nearly StOOIMK» in
aaaaaa ef the receipts dorian tbe eaaaa
parted laet year. Tba iaifttni waa
aboat ■S.OOO.OW fro. adtnitad
a boat SI,*UO.OOO from internal reveaae.
These liiia are eMd JadMaM ee
AH tbe Kieeative Dip utm sals wara
intui ted et the Okhtaol aictlag t»
££ed af iaettaTud
accepted the asalaf Attorney General
Wianom, let 13 —The Oommta
stenar Umiril of the Laad Q*» tnday
approved •JTiadCIJSSd'S
JSfc J9OO of the^Pargo,
Board ef Bevtew af thsUiaiial
uiadO®ee baa aaamtned aad dmpeaad
ef ever 14 000 eaasa.
Te ray Che
s? m j#tE2T uST^T^D^; 1
w»l wW ato rnaaiol
Tho P^deaTkMLyZm«u ordat
ifr-land oOm at Bodi#, Cai.,
Bfc lotrc*. in. 11-l*» SU(AB
•nrft normpauil**! it Bwwilhy
t«» a»ys: la u «Mta« today,
<J*nml Iwiio Martiaex, liwMM aI
toe JTaads, a reeoiatMsary organ pab-
Htt*dhefe,a*<d torn hi —ah ilimtii
faction ia Mum, npnlMly ia Nun
Laos aad too ether border MUM.ud
the mmt «i Imib ana* agataat
Diaa, aa every day hn Oowim
grew* aon tapopaiar amoag toe aw-
N, aad at aa *ariy da? that* atast ba a
aew rtfimt ia Mcxiao. Privat* advias*
frosaoptb* ooootry state that lbs rrro
raioa. Tbe dispatoh alao an that a
proaeiaant lawyer from to* City of M*x
■aa ia ia Bra .nsy Us to Near* toe **•
tradition at Mtmatt la view of toa
attitade of the Uaitad Statee to toa flat
ting affair, Martiaaa expr*T*ee tbeopin
ion that ba may aaacaed.
Snvsaroa (OoL), Aag. t*.—George
OeUins, a well known minor. waa kiiiad
in Hambotit lode, aaar Chattanooga,
this afternoon. Haaad DsnaisCTLaary
war* developing toa property far tbe
ownara aad asiia werkiag to toa drift
toa ddaa and roof eavad ia. ornafctag
CoUias to death. O'Leary aaeapad aa
injured and waa removed.
Woaoaaraa (MOM.), Aa*. 15L—Haa
lan roved three miles tofc a torn aa
Like Qoiaaagmead today,in 19 minotaa,
SMMdt beating aU hit prnioai
Baltread fiiahdaeir Johaeea.
Ctuat, *og. 12.—General Joseph K.
Johnaoa, Government Railroad Ooaa
n Meaner, arrived here tola oioraing
aad will remain antil Saturday even
tag. wh*ah*wUl start oat *a a general
inepeetioQ toar of the Daion and Oea
teal Paoifla linaa. Today ha want
through he Union Paeifto ahops. To
morrow ha will examine affair* at to*
Onion Paol&o haadqaarttr*.
Boaroa, Ann. IS.—Tbe aahaoaw Ari
•oaa earned in toe barber toolghi,
aad four of toa flea men oompoeiag
to* arew were dr waed.
Ike Mm af Beany.
Hxw Yoaa, A eg, lA—The hank* and
tract aompaniee atot* that they arc loan
tag ait their aaeaey at 6 per eant. It ia
itated today that the 110,000 borrowed
at aaU at 40 par aaat waa not tah*a by
to* borrower. He simply paid that rate
for on* day and did not sail for to*
' A Chlaeee Harder.
Bama (Wyo.), Aug. 11—A murder
of the meat horrible aharantor waa dfe
coverad here by the Sheriff. Two Ohi
namen are obarged with murdering a
Obiaee* woman and obopping her re
main* into piaoe*, wbiob on being
weighed were found to he ea*h of a ear
responding weight to tbe other. The
Oeleetiale were taken by toe*Bberiff to
Qreea Birer aad held for trial. The
mnrderera are aaid to hare been Jealous
or the attentions wbiah a white man
era* paying to to* woman.
M«l« ««< rifn rieatf 1M Catttjr.
N«W YOBK, A OR. 11. Squire Had
PI > mi appeared thU morning to enter a
plea on Ue Indictments fcmnd iftiiiM
them for miademeanor on M>od»y taut
" -» * '•u.:.
by the Orud hrf. Tbia fwatlitj wu
a far} TN ild AFF-ur when oooiidurnd ID
ooooeotion wita lbs wild ttoitemaM
•blob attended their appeararoe before
the MOW b*r two days no. Jade*
Oowao prt tided. Both pleaded not
guilty, with the reeer ration that they
aigbt interanother pi«a laUr, if
they daaired.
•rakt*! TeMnu
Bu.i Liu Aug 12.—Draka'* VeUru
Zoaavaa, of fcUmbeib, New Jtntj, ar
i»od hers (ad ijr and bad a but blowoot
at Ibe UU UL L SIM r«ot>ption traiibt
al Walkar'a Op«» Moat*, Thoy IMT*
Mill. ■. loao mow for Manitoa, Oot
ortdo. .
■avail Jaac aM Her l/Ultvn
Boa tom, A a#. IS.—lt is understood
that tbe Somsrville patios hare inform*
ti*n of the unspieioa* death of at Isaat
alamo person* direoily ar indireotly re
latad to Mrs. Sarah Jane Bobinsoo, who
to wider arrant. They vara all in Hired
■a a benefit organisation, and tba money
la moat oaaaa fall lata thi*
But kali.
CnoAoa, AM. U. Cbioajro 11, Si.
Daraorr, log. IS. Kansas City %
.Detroit 6.
PnuDtLrau, Ann. 13. Waahlag
too 1. Philadelphia ».
Baa Faaacnoo, Aag. IL—Edwin Oar
kin, oommiaaun merehant, filed a peti
tion In ineolvooev today. HM liabill
tlaa aggregate $38,000; aaaeta nominal.
Tba pnaeipal creditors are the oity and
ooaaty of Han Praoataoo oa a 910,000
judgment against bias aa MM of the
boademra of Depoty Sheriff Barry, who
defaulted during Nanan's adminietra
tion ; tba Stiian & Loan Society $lO,-
000, and tba Baa Franoiaoo Haying*
Union SIO,OBO.
TIM •.■.«!. Kleet lee.
Paaruan, Aag IS.—Tba rtoekboldera
of tba Oregon BUlway and Navigation
Company this afternoon at tbe aaaaal
manting pOftpOOtd |||(M J SIM )OU|,
eieeted tbe foltowiag diraeton: BUiah
Smith, John H. Hall, Christ nob ec Mey
er and Colgate Hon,of New York; Wa.
Endloott, Jt. of Boat on; Chaa. U Col
by, of Milwaukee. <nd O. H. Lewie, Hen
ry Failing, W. S. Ladd, C 11. Preeeott,
0. A. Dotph. H. W. Corhett and D. P.
Thompson, of Portland. Tba only
changes from last year's board are Col
gate Hoyt, vtee Brayton lees. and D. P.
Thompson, of Portland,viae W.M.Ladd.
Baa Faaiwaaoo. Aag. IS.—A dtapatah
waa reeeieed today at the MerehaaM'
Dakota, wkieh sailed from thi* port aa
JneSth,h a total loea at Hakodate,
Japan. No additional partlealara ware
reeeiead. Tbe owner ef tbe waal it
Captain A. Andereoa. Tba Dakota naa
rained at $St ouo, aad waa partly h
A rai bjr the aentbera rnrthe.
Tbe Soatbern Panifis Compaay base
mads a rate of $3& to New Oriaaoe,
wbteh tes7 SO ehaaper than the rate of
the other overland reads to Si. LoaM.
ThM baa n»l mneb feeling aa the
part of tba other reads, who have asked
tbe Hoathera Pamtetninarmi the rate
to eqael thai made ty them he M. LoaM.
It M believed tfaM amy open aa other
gsaeral war of ratea.
Aa felt 4:ld
The Setter Street Bailroed Oempeny
baa raised the wagsa W all Ma eon
daetora and grtpamea frem $3 a day to
***" The Maehawar Caea.
•qteM* uji« iaJiw4wJ d>
w'te'iillHat. Tb» Jade*. >• »••
ilnlil * <■■■ > la iwm( itadt
Tfcr Aigwacat tar tke De-
TW Ofcewef tta Law toe M
Cwcaao. Aag. 12. —At toe opeatog of
Btottt ANhnqt Waikeeoooapsei see
ton. In etoaiag h**aid: " fh* law
rioiatad appeal! to yoa.- Tea etaad. hr
toa fl rat ttea ia toe toetery of toil eoaa
try.betweeanutoudlw betweea
eyeteni J>T <oroe and ooatutatiooal law
Do aet forget toe weight of y*ar re
epocgihtlitT. the awfal magaitad* af it.
Ua edtoaa, JaattoeTha* b*ea*Mtaeke!L
Itoail it etaad ereat? Qeatleaaea. that
tmm with yaau The potts* hare
don* their daty. They gave toear
S 4 T.rT..'^
eponeibiiity. Dma of to* poiiesaen
law s*aU he iriwaStit httSraaf
tyrdom aaarohy waa hariad foreeor."
Walker waa foUowed by H«maaail
ZoWer, wha BB*opiH to* rmiitiln af
to* day.
Oeioaao, Aag. IJ.—ZeMor aeeaaed
hi* addreae to the afternoon. There
waa^a p*jfo-p:<t>l« dMwawJi^ttajtoa
took - nanrWihyi niafl tn t«-
■*—* v IV IW
preae opoa toe jdry that toa aaiie to
arm* referred to by toe State, oaly to
tended la agatfy that if to* empioyar*
protMted their iataraeta by reoooree to
arm*, to* war king mem had to* right to
protoot tatamlree ia toe «*>* maaner.
"The aootal reroiotioo tfaatßpiea refer
red to," aaid the apeakar. "ia not a
revolatioa to ha eaddanly nmiwimiaatad
by foree, bat that *aeial reetoetioa
whloh m in*ritable. The etghffhoar
movMoent waa part af tha g*naral plan
crf toe rerotattem, and no one bad
waa in deflanoe of law and order."
"Orgaatxe aad am yuanair**" Zwaler
explained to tooufy. "Stand by yoar
naioa. In onion there is atrength, aad
■he time will ooom whan year Mreogth
wttl right year wrong*. Arm yoareeirea,
org an ix* aad etaad together aad yoa
will get reoogyiUoo, wluoh wiU *om* to
yoa to no other way. What alternative
waa there wb*a toe employers aaid,' We
wiU aee foree,' and the paper* ad to
*at*d toe'oee of hand grenadea opoa
to* refaatery wage workers? This ia
why they were adri**d to keep th*ir
powd r dry."
Zii*l*r beliulsd to* attempt to tara
the Arbntir Ztilimg offlee into aa ar
asaai. " l'ha reporter who testiAed for
too Swale," be aiud, " had beea openly
shown a oeople of shell*, a bit af fase
and a few fulminating oapa aad a
ooapls of dynamite sartrwhies, and
when b* r*tarn*d with two d«rt**lir**
to* exbtbittoa wa* again made, ana
Panoa* took pain* to expiaia toe maa
ner of asiag the aruoiea. A* to to*
paekageof ovmiuin foand ia toe Ar
ieittr ZtitMMf offia* by the State, toe de
fease had proved that ao sash peoksge
was there prior to toe 6th of May, and
it afterward transpired that it bad been
foand ob another floor of toe botldiag."
Zeieier matataiaed that a oooapuaoy
implied s-oreoy, and thor* had bean no
taorooy aboat too defeadaata, or r*
warding lb* apeeiman bomb*. fOM aad
oap* found in Bpiee' offlee. The
spsakar awatad a email ■*a*attoa when,
ia toanderiag to es, he potated ta tbe
seat* at to* d*f*ndants, and aaid: '• If
tha Haymarkot riot t* to* result of *
oonaptraoy, toao Qnaoel. the State's
attorney, M the flrst aaa who ahoold
bo plated there. Next, Mayor Harrt
son aad ts* aotooritte* of
Ohioago, who h«re allowed these thing*
to go on, shon'd ba tried en toe only
ebarge whiob ha* a possible bold apoa
to* d*f*adaal*. If to* Stela's attor
aey. geatlemea of too jery, ia not gailty
of oensptraey, than yoa mart *oqait
Ihox iiffuad tuM ol ttuit •bsrgs."
Z islar aaid toaight t at bs weald
flaish his tposeh to aboat aa hoar to
morrow morning. He will be followed
hy lagh&m for toe Hist*.
raaaoaa' aisoM Kaca.
Wauxauu, (Wi*.). Aug. lv.—lt ha*
joat laaked oat that A. K Pareoaa, toe
AnarebMt, aasde Waakaaha hi* hiding
Ida** from too ton* b* loft to* Kay
market massacre until h* r*tnrn*d to
Ohlosg* to appear in aoart. While her*
be lived with Daniel Horan, a pomp
(UhUw #ffKl a rtooftttiSßd iMdn in Mm
•omwmtHio* of toman & Hmdhtm,
who preaobee ia Barlow's Hall. H i ran
said to aa ieterviewer that Pareooe gave
hi* nam* a* A. ft. Jaskaoo. H* wa*
retio*nt and did not talk a great deal.
H* wm a mild, kmd haarted man and
wonld not hart a *riek*t.
AaU-Jrwteh ■ioi*.
Loroon, Aag. IS.—AaU Jewish riot*
has* occurred ia to* prevtao* of Kief,
Russia. Tbs boas** of ssaay Jsws
srere wr*oh*d.
Vtctertaa tor the rnnndtnn Artillery
The Canadian artillerymen today
Lomo*. Aag. 11.—A haaqart was
gieen by the. Lord JUyor this reenuML
fiD'l t#.
Sir J. P. Carea, Canadian Miniater of
Defense, who r»«i««u Je.l to tbe toast,
"The Army aad Nary," referred, amid
loud otiociri. to lb* OmUit imHlimi
wSLr,, wbOfjaa^lMwtily
present am the raealt of the eieotioaa.
He esprimirl ttia pleaanre at Lord Bono
etgn poliey that tat the
were yenriy (bowing a deal re for penen,
whieb woaid be maintained if the raters
ware raided by their peoplea* will. He
rageaihed that there Mid remained a
aabieM for naiafal meditation. -Eeary
ds> s news, be said, "iwminds as that
Iretand Mart inhabited by a eonoordant
aad bomngenioaa people. It k m
early to enter into details, bat M ti tba
dnty of tbe nwrial la deeete Ms
whole eaergiea to freeing the Iwyai peo
ple ef Ireland from the eonatiainM ea
ereteed oa them, whether ia the form ef
riot or la the asore daa—iaa, iaeidiena
aad Mtatiee farm of eatrage and t»-
timtdatun. While admitting the great
whtah we so greet ttow prertoaa goeere
b^ Swra^a'good'
%IM qsMiiM wi neb tat «MM U»
penea of Ireland. lObaaraj The qaae
that meet of thaMMia tewt if ■»
MMatMßaeM iSuSL^idami
ss.arjff-*rs36r rs
kw thai —i M n iaii wiMiaanteally
admit thai Ihla b Kaclaad 1 * flaal d»-
abtea.afßMa wttfc wneb it i- oardait
te law. la in Instead that eoctat order.
«>om timimu I,
Drav, has. IS.-White U.sotiea af
■ke tewaa in the teaiaitr of Kiiiooiiui
aa«a aaoM*d la heepiac peaoa at a fair
la Uiat town jwteerdar. a body of aw
MMfead «id-K*m o»>aaty for arm.
rhay were aaeeawfal ta thatr aaaia*.
aad made away with h.r*e aaaabera of
nan* laaiaitlau riSea. They alaa
atad a ftutay of aiamaaiiiaa.
Tte Mirer <w»rt.a
*euco. Aae- e^wr
beifc Fba ■wminn haa txM aad.
tkat Kanau dollar, he axyorted di
taatly laOhina. ThaOhamb*r of Oom
lairaa a telrias aa aeliee part ia the
c«aml dat ami jo af the qamiiai.
Brurtar, 4as> UL—'-iwaya of idten
Mil eaaUoae to hue aboat. it to aull
aeoeman to rotate the traopa. Inapae
tar Bettf wiU roaain fat o.»a> of
tha nnnatahatery until after tha Oatho
lie faaHrat aa tha }&h teat.
**e ttllee lalaadi Salhmtd la.
Loaoas, iaitu it-Ba»aod haa
prpiajaimid a prwaatorate om the Si
ite. taiaada tn the tteath FaeiSa Oeaaa.
Dnu, Aas- li—The VmUmt Irtind
•aye: "SaHabory. ia Mi ipeeeh at tha
Lard Mayer'• baaqaet in Loadoa teal
aifht, proataiaMd war VmUrmta. Th
bardtaof twenty yean of
aaya tha oSttaf rrtUmd J'vm roeeHa
aaianamid to ami tyranny. War let
it be, ta the aama of Ood.
tha WeM Seanett tall.
Lomoaa.Aac.lt.-Tha argamaate ia
tka o«aa of the appeal of Jaotae Gordon
Beaaett from tha award, aaainel him
of 916,00018 (hear of Cyrus W. FMd
for hbat, were eoaotad'd today. Jad«
ment was neat-red, aad pmtduut tte pro
Dma, Aqr. U.—The /rut Timet,
Oonaerrau.., atatae that to te roltabiy
iafortaed that Lord Baadolpb Oborohtil
«• awtaoed in draftiaa • Mil iateatotod
to aolaa the Irtoh qaeatioa. The afe.to
too of Ihemeaaaro to already dooa. The
paper aay.: "It proridaa for aaieanal
looal eeif Rororamrat throoßhoot Great
Britain hod Ireland, giving Inland.
Hhaiaad, Hnotland aad Wale* ooatrol
aaeh of ia .wa immadtete aCain, laar
las the aoprome power a< the Imperial
Parliameat undiminished." The bill to
•Joacnhed m a mf tmrt vciiob or out ikt
door to imperial federation. The toll
taxi of tha bill, the paper aaya, wiU not
be completed before next February. It
haa bMB «u omitted to tha Margate of
Italtobary, the karqoto of Uamnxton
aad etheca, aad to broad aoongh to al
tofy alt moderate Irtohman.
ViasMi, Aug. 11 Th« Hangarian
towa of allien baa beea JMIIUMI I> v
Ira. Tbe property baraed laetndta«M
boaaaa. aaveral ohurohee, a nunnery and
• Mbool. The 1M >1 $2)0,01X1.
Iraa Werka I'laeed.
Leasoa, Aag. 18.—Tba Kinneraley
boa Work* at Kidegrove, eounty of
MtnfforJ, hay* been oioa d oa aoooant
of tha depression ia tha iron trade. One
thooaaad workmen are Idle.
Tha Ityil ttmt.
Tha Qasea will pro*.at tha royal
apaaehto tba Ooaooilor Mialaton at
Oaborna aa Tueedaj.
Under UM above title, ia tha August
Cinturp, Obarleo O. Lalaoi wrllaa of
Charlotte Oooper, one of the otdeat aad
•oat fatnooa af tha Bomanlae
"t fty or atxty yeara ago tba ftlpeiee
ia Kagland ware a maob mora raautrka
bia raoe than tbay are at praaaat. fhe
railway bad not aome to break ap their
babita, there were baodrpda of lonely
olaoaa ia dell aad diagle wbera they
ooold batoh tba tan or pitob the tent;
their blood had beea llUle mixed with
that of tba Giorgio, or Oentile; they (poke
their language with greater panty tbaa
at praaaat, aad atill kept their old nbar
aoterletiee aaehaaged. If they bad tba
faalte of Araba, they had aiao many of
their good qoalitiea. If they Mole bereee
aad foraged oa fanaera; if their woeeea
told fort an ea. lied, and eometimee cheat
ad a ntaa eat o! all hla ready money by
preteadiag to tad a treat are In hie eel
iar, oa tha other head they were ex
tremely grateful aad booeat to thoea
who befriended than, aad muiifagted
ia aiaay ways a rough maaliaaaa wbiah
partially redeemed their petty eteea
They were all. aa are aaay of their aont
at preeeot, indomitable roegfa rider*, of
the botes, boraey, aad to a maa boxen;
aothat maay of them were dietnu-nebed
ia the priae-rtag, the laM of theae
JemMaga. Al thie time there prevailed
among the KagUah Romany a •troag.
■ataal faith, a tribal boaeaty. whlah
wag limited, bat aU the Mnwar for
that, area a* the arm* ot a maa grow
•Imager white loeea the aaa of hia
lega. Tbay were a people of powerfot
frame*, paedoaa aad traditloaal priaet
pin, iMr ml shikifMt iooq
from tha hardahipa of noeeadia life;
tha fimaiadar itloitrated aaleotian by
•a faring aad tha aamval af the SMaat
- With aaohaharaaterietio* there eoald
aot fall amoag tha gipaiaa maay eUik
lag taalanie* of warm friaaddtip. la
taaae kree, aad tha fidelity whieh eodnre*
ma till death Tbia waa kaown af
them wbea little aha waa known bemad
their moat appareat aad repaid.«trait*.
Walter Seeu ladalgad la ao romaatie
Uoeaa* wbea he deplatid Uayraddm
Mangrabtn aa derated to (joaatln Oar
ward. Keen M urmeat the itjoideal of
a tboaghtfol gift < r any Utile aet of
with a gratitnda oal if all proportion
to la vatae, and go the rodbda of all
the Soaaaay la the Catted .Stale*. Aad
therefore, fall la tore with
faith whlah at the praaaat day are really
beeomlag mytbieal. The gtpey la thin,
a* ia everything etaa, ha* beea a eoalia
aattoa of the middle agea, or of the re
"tfcMb • pawriiT im ioaptiwd. man
MM half * Minn Mt, bt J«k Owjp•»,
Ib* Kmacaps I torn, m Vmktmg Gip
«*, la »*irl of known tribe. Ukmih
*m Okwlott* LM, ud M »M aboM ldau
tbM Lotto. Um ivykt mJniMt, tod
by Ito lum of kM Immlj, lb*
HHtwi bow in S»» York IB tto pan—*
man at hto toator. Mm EM* luato
Tba fuMof kw Mum mil mtmrm
•moaa bar paopto, ui Mm • few day i
1(9, M I write. 1 wm Mikuu <* Ob*/
totto to Mm m«a of bar km »'»r
PtutoMpbu. I m aafcod tf 1 MNt
ib« Hiafc—., (hM to, Tba B»nufol
©be." M
Sa> f»»r-n — Aiu it—la kMUh*
rinTibyTm" ""' 1 ax?
MMk'MMr bafal r«wd trip UakrU
UM Mart «*ra t*«-
|iiMib>in wb» Mttod tmm bM* IMItJ
Im ftoito*d >u mw m.
fw* it Ink*.
Tiu *w br*.
!MMaPwHb in't'i'wi ii<
■mm. I'M toM ittyi »r.u
lOJL. X—SO. 103.
The War Prelim Ktatat
the Xexiwu.
Aa Appeal t;raat»d m CaMtaß WltkMt
the Aa*toc~T*e revllac at City
W Mn-Tki iMrfw Tims
W» i Mm Cam.
St. loci*. Am. u.—Tim (dIMk
totarretm*.- *eo .aal at the feeliat is
d<ffer*at put* at H»*im m<iitrdio« ths
Cmiwk *l*if l« i- w<r«p&«d trwm l*
rwto to lk> irkh fimnmrt;
IrttMM end euaner* *rriTK« is King
UnAi. MexiM, torn rin ifc- eappoei
»wn ife«t the tnolwinut party in
N ritrn Mmw era ib fi oraming
(tmnte with the Dated State* ft M
reported OB cood eatborne Ihet Ow»rtJ
Ot* «ko ha* tNMtif depredated in
the eternity at SaOrmee. hne utered to
join hudi with the P deral
■MM and <>leaa oat Um lutM.
Oonnami liepauhet fram Vioto
ria, the etpiui of tttlkaWtr Tmu
i*. mrnd m Htm Leredo, are to
tM afeat Mat Um town to m«t tniM
m lb* & F' uk> uvd K wi« Fm aom
pawUrn Pobftte ot»maa m to Um
jantftw at Moodntr* to tfietded,
•onto eUimaff thai hn aote war* Jaeti
•akfe ut othan eoodemning htob The
Qo—TBOC of TMtBBltoM M Mid to t>Bt«
werlrd UMt if ka warn la Um p earn JB
of tb« G >TMsar of ChUuaehaa. bo mw
■ooW gm Cuitiae op. Bud the people
of hm Slate appear to uphold Ida in
hto OptUl.'O
trom Uuum now* oomee that the
pee* peat of wu with Um Oattod Ntatoa
M halted with delight, aa want Ib that
motion wtoh to aid tn wip*B« obi Um
reßMMbraaoo at tfcalr defeats at Palo
Alto, Monterey and Boeaa Vieta. Their
inborn antipathy aad laleaee hat* tot
the ttrtog w eraefm oat daily, aa* to
ehown by than waiting aad ennoylac
treatnal of loKMtM who utwaa
fortaaate aa to b* Ueia* la UMto mtdM.
ThaOaeareor of OvhahaiUa mama ta
ha am umwuiw thBB aithar the
Qoearnort of Tamaaltpae a* of Ntm
Leoo. and to aaid lo he in faror at penaa
myh«i tory BMMHU^Me
A private telegram from Saltiilo tut
that a t> u ida of tafnntry arnrnl IB
thai aity thM morning. nHf foiore
dvetinatioa to nat knows.
gtookmen arriving from Mexieo Mlt
that the aew« of the troabie with the
DIMBMN baa joal reaohad UM M
a>ote region* in UM interior, oaoatng
mtl axoitoaant Md rnaktag Ik danger
oaa far Hook bi;m to «ut In IM
midat. Important la Naevo Laredo are
ooamer»%odio*t aider* far geoda la
ooa tempi at OB of troaMa, a* they at*
eonftdeat that Catling w«U MW ba
|tna op. Tbe p unsl eaapeae* M par
aljzing to boat nam on the border.
OVRIM'I oui anna
El Pi*i. a<»«. n.—Cutting *u amis
taken frtim hi* prteoo aad dragged be
t«r« J adge Oatlaaada'a ooan. Ha waa
ai.rely told that ih* appeal taken labia
ea*a by tba lawver woo had been ap
pointed for bin, woeld ba triad by UM
Supreme Ooart of tba Mate of Ohl
bu .baa ia a faw diy* aad ho waa aeked
if ha datirrd to b«ve an attorney la
take eara of hi 4 tntereate before thai
oourt. Ha replied, ha ba baa elwaya
done before, that b» did aat reeagalae
lb* joriadiaUoa of nay Chibaabaa eoart
and that ha Ml bit aaae entirely la tba
hnud* of tha Aioerkv.n Government.
Ma waa lh«reopon taken back to prtion.
i'ha t hifaaibo •• aulbo. UIM sootiuae to
tgacta entirely tba dlpl •matt* eataagla
mepta malting from Mia earn.
a* rue HEX tutu ourtit. .
Cm or Mcuoo, Ami 1-'.-Cutting'*
aaaa hi betng dteeuated in tba PIMI
aad among (ba lawyer*. whom it ia er
eete beaanae of tba important qoeatloaa
rataad, but there ia ao beat la tha du»-
otnaiou. Tba belter atawm of tha pea
pie hope Ihit tba two goveramaat* will
nettle tba Bill", ettbsr by a (aotoal
%sd friendly adjustment or tbroaiia aa
<-qaally I i.odiv arbitriiioe. Aa inter
eetiag quratton la pr«i"i by a
learned iaeyer bar*, woo aaka. "If
Catting ba guilty of UM «a both atdea
of the near, why oannot UM Appellate
Ooart of Otsibasho* I «*ta tba judg
ment far the ertuie on tba ttutoaa had
aot oa tha Aaerisan aide, tboe relieving
the MM of ita intern klr iiutl abaraeterf"
T"e raetgnation of Oeaerel Jaekeoa,
United Htotee MiaMer, ia mid to ba
poattire, and geseral reriat Hexufeeaed
by reatdeot Amerieaaa. The Minuter
baa won tba warm approval of all alaaan
by bia dignified aad pradeel eoarae.
tax acroara ui agroMiTao.
Br. Lucca, Aug. It—A dlaptieb fram
Mew Ltrvdo, Mrx., atya that the report
•eat oat from there weeral day* ago,
atating tmt foar hundred frmh Hell
oes troop* bad arrived there and that
aa artillery aompaay bad planted gaa«
goat to bear oa fort Melatoah on the
TOM fide of the river, waa talae. The
dttpntoh atatee that no troop* have ar
rived there withia the moath, thai there
are oaly teo band red eoMiera there aad
that there baa aot beea a aaaaoa ef nay
JuMlpHoo at New Uuedo la laree yaara.
THI viaw or Tan UMMTIMt
Losaoa, Am. IS -Tha Ttmu, apa <k-
IDC at tba Catting mm, aaar: "Ibo
ebiaf dlOoalty la KM »»T or • aattla
of the matter IMa ta Oolt.o* 1 * ap
paal to tba ucfjp iwrioaa of tha Toa
aaa and UM doura of tba dormant *atd
«ra oa both «id«» of tba f matter far aa
ontbreak, whiab woald raaatt ia tha raa-
IdMit'Dim.tTMaxioo oaahavaao wm*
far a aoiliaton witb bia poworfol neigh
bar, aad ha aiaai ba watiawar* tbal
aidea of the frontier wbo aaa aiaoaortaf
for war. Mexiau baa baen aarprtaiaa*
wweaWe ta daaliaa with Oattiac,
anaatdinaa the pnwooatioa ha aa*e,
%{ u aith b«4f«tefy £»••
bw a Uttle toaezaotta*, the aatloa of
Two Croatia* Waaartara Lwra Baa
Baa htiom Am- li.— Kaaeath
MotU; aad Oaoaua, who waro rooeott*
tioipinycd in ih* oAm of the North
Bntaan * MsrowHtc taaaranae Ooaa
paay, ba*e d.»4yp-»rad. (>a the M
loataot both wan diaaaiaawi from tha
)ffli»e i dar aoaaowfcat peeaiiar atraaa
ataoaaa Moth 808, U M ataiod, owed
icoeev to ovarr Aaa ia tbo offlse at tba
una of tu. If departure. N <»hiar ia
kaoaw of the extent of aa* of tbetr da
teaeoatM. It la aow atatod that btHb
aoaa waro Is «M*4 to a Bomber at
at nora. and farther, that MfiK»r baa
lahea $K o«l d ta traat for tha Buobaß
Leagao. H»u*r arrwd to M»U 01 If
two rant k« froaa ViaMrta. It la ae
iia rod t&at they baaa a«ao t» Portland.
■obraaha Mlton oa aalt Water.
Baa ftucaro, Aae ML —Ovaaral
Uoword tmUf i >«o»i at tba diapoaai of
too S I>ruk4 fna Aaaooiatton. bow
r miina bora, tbe atoaaa yaaht Oaaaoat
MsPaoraoo. wbwb ooa**r*d tha ruaur
•-.ontota atwM tba bar, toaehlaa at
diteraat vwloK aad gowg a abort dia-
eat tatatboaoaaa. On taa ia<ara
■ho mttttrnrr ttrutm at Aiaatr** waa *ta
iv d. atao K.v,* Fwa«, wWa Oaaoral
r a —. ~ a -I ——-I W. .4 t faaa aneaaaan ffeiasA aA^a
t(l>* CI F*' *' ' * * Ca© EM"W*u ffv awl aarw
praaa aad thatr wiaaa.
Ttw MMM Colloar.
Foot Towaaaao. Aa*. U-Bfaha»
Harna aad taa of tba Unfw.
tmm (iaaaitlM wara takoafot
adrtw* y*^^i^rsiartoalt-rffliM* i"oaj yoraita.
SSaWMtSiaafiSSSr todaSaJabi

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