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Seattle daily post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, W.T. [Wash.]) 1881-1888, January 30, 1887, Image 7

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M * »——»*<
~JLa> AC gadal pwe.
*!ZZrk H«*per ia euli %Mai«oa«
A toitk'a wbarf.
G«* wiU rt>a oa tka
J*J rvate for a few daya.
Eastere n^arrh^le«
"fM *** .ig*
khJ » OKaipto yeatenay for
*?•* Odd FaUow addWy
filed ia tka Aadttort
f»e*bt for Big Skookata
' __Mnnnir J oa kar trip a* tka
day. #
*?. (taataer Fiaatwood broatrbt 36
"LTTfroai ap Braad yaatarday,
gfJiUd »t»k 10.
.ll»ra»e«in«of tka Lvtt-tf Bi
JUSw *til be beld at Udd Felloera
Sjji ■. Febrnary I*.
•Lriaanar Idabo broocbt IC4 bead
fre<a CoopavUto Jar a
flrat hut erenimc
eT-haooet w - B * be * •••
JTSTirtStateoß 4 Paat'a n#for
"STriil bare qatak diapatob
kroaskt anotbar iMtel
8< b f 00 *
Poka«lu»id4M(ry yeatorday for a
'wfcftar, "be ia aaaewad to
M- F. Cborab ikta morn
adraaead tbiakar aod aa ale
kaa boatkt a tot
_B ir nH" street, ne >r OolamMa, oa
•JEwtUaooa begin tka araotlon of
tot tlawlf and family.
TteMvtw *aik *UI be tba la«t oae
J tt* ItU ead aioter term of tbe pob
i%ooii of Mb eity. Tbe aprtatt
M*UI b*ia oo M Mtday, Fi braary 7.
a»elar mma bad ooepel wrrtea at
Mea'e <H>n.t M o Ahwatettoa
ULwron Front aad Hpr>n« atreate,
St lfmm at 4 o'aloaa.. Good ma»k
md siEg-M
rw tuacctr Mtokigaa. pblo« ka
JZIVt"" aod Fort H.akrly, makaa
»'«««• " VeaUr'. wbarf
■ishterberth at Harrinptoa A Smltb'a
Suf Uoeeopted by tba Beeper,
far Dr. Taylor, a regular gradaate
atteokwy. law and medieisa, will gire
;MtrM(a on tba "Miod Core" la
of tba M. P. Chorea
Jnorioe (Monday) a»»n«w at 7«X
j i Pwi will oomtseoee. In Marek,
aiiMm—'of thr-» floe r«eia*a i
ZmbhWaeoraor Fifth andCMam
nami, one for tbe ooeopaaey af
aad family aod tka other two
Id fgrt
0m ftaillj »■ tbia oily ooaMtta of i
m cartel* tad tbree children, named
tomtma, tea father and mother both
h... jatf and damb, bat tk» tkree
gnUne m M brtgbt and talkative aa
m rosßgtten la Ibe town.
L Mvte Irey bee eleared &U let* aor
rn af jaoee and Kiflbib etreeta, pre
atntory to botlilin« a dwelling for tbe
Mtuiutosr of btaewn family and one or
* attornta toUt. Boilding will k<«ti>
Mim aa tee weather will permit.
Otttod Stated Froeecatlog At tome?
V|uu,ud hn late aiHietent, Mr. 0.11
lUafecd. will g> to Oiympit ••naeJtae
MM ib» wedM "bo e Mr. Haadford
*Ha»ketke arga neat a pan tbe ap-
IMlaf tba L>o« smogglln*
Tba "*<teer in the H'.ratt* la report
Eataeo nuderated. Tbo harbor
remain In P .rt Towneend aod i
ig-l,» are now waltwg for toga.
Ouatia Gere of tbe Tyee wat heard to
Mtrt tbeetber day tbat be bad as* of
tote to tow to aea.
OafMta W. it Billard will ban! tbe
Ztpkjr oat M toon aa the vaotbor will
|aiaut,asd a'kt aoma repaira to btr
apptr tart*. M»r bottom M to B ««i
aaadtlWia, kaiing beco thoroughly ra
pured, or ia f*ot rnplaaod by % near
beMom, ualjr t turn month* ago
Ha aiaa baa yet be»n foand to the
M »bo atola A. L Pen&old'a abaok
a Ike Firat Nuunal Bank from tbe
ntfteee of H. O. Hallaabaak oa Taea-
Ajoigbt. Payment oa tua abaok baa
tea atopped at tbe b»ak, ao that tbe
•Mao pteoe of paper won't do the thief
■art good.
ft. JtotM Eraser, of Chisago. ia here
tmnigaitag the lomMr situation with
Im to shipping focal Boand tambsr
a nalbeasiera point* in Kansas and
■■Mri. if be oaa gat lumber at ad
nsfegeeo* ralea, and freight at ail rea
BMble. ha will go quite extensively
tM Ibe lamber shipping bunions.
Tum are bslog paid to C»ty and
o*6lj Treasurer* qaite freely, chiefly,
inner, by small propeity owner*. The
hi generally del** to tbe last
mi before delinquency. One ef Ibe
It mm tarprlted Ibe Ooooty I re eorer
toemlofi in laat week, a mouth ahead
4 tine, and palling down #llOO for bis
0*M8« W. Lookwoad. of Oeoll ooooty,
Ittylsad, i* la tewa viaiUng hie
bwr-ie-kw. Harry Morton, Manager
* tMttaatilc IrUpbeno Company. Mr.
Wkaeiti t* a targe peaob grower ta bia
•Mr* State, Bad M making a trip
tmgh tbe Wnt for pleaeote. Prom
iMtlt be will go to Han Franetseo, Baa
(m, Lou Angeles aod prot»«bly Ban
ng*j tbep baek to tbe land of tbe
IMb. oilier and eenvaguauk • aek.
U the Its; auwlltig of Bteilaooom
U it* No. i, A. FAA. M„ the follow
at ofljer* ware elected to oorvs dartag
btaaealng year: W. H, Ltoaard, W,
Lltate Vttrgoa, f. W.j Wat. Hedge*,
£«llraD. Ltgat. Seo ; T. H. Boetlon,
tbt; f. MaGrtwry, Tyler. Ibie taakee
te 4 fib tine thai Mr. L a iard ha*
(lasted Worthy Maater of this
A Chltforai* friend of Mr. W. A.
Bttbmjk »eal btat Ibe other day a
IK grown tarintala, at well aa toe
•wrt aeet, woieb it a tnoti I ingeno
«*T eoa*trooted aflatr. The tteet I*
JketH ihre* inob >* long, and oaa I Bob
biKoiftor. atade of hard elay. It baa
H* «* epeatog and th »t le ia the top
Hbedaatag ba* a ltd which when
®*«*4 laoiter* tbe " boon ' both air
t»4 ealar tight, the awot of Ihe tar
•yh n lined with a yeilowteu down.
Maa Ibe whole te a eery o wafertable
***** Itttl* boa**. Mr. Haabroaak to
proad ef hi* preesata, aad tafcea
More in ibowtag tbem to hie f rtenda.
TO BB Lot.—Mr. O. M.
tleoeral Manager of Ibe Paget
Oeaetroeikw Company, is oon-
Jjtag arrangement* to make ooatraata
? ~ *nd th* ptiing for a doable
** road from Hill strati along lb*
•nr fnatt w Bmith'a Cove, for the Be
*». Lak* Hhore A Eastern Railway;
!"• »* ballding of a wharf at the
Th* contract* for tbe ptlee. aad
n«*i Eg „f mi! be let dnr
"* «»iios week. The engineering
the flaid are poshing tbetr
•7*ahead a* rapidly aa tbe weather
and ae aota as the work of
Jl~*r th* hn* t* oorogirted, oontraota
*** f«r grading, sron uetrg and
t 1 *ntire r.r*t fort* mile see
eT_A U Bea'ry, Cutef Engineer on
••ad, who ha* b ea mthtng a teeoo
""**"• »* thrmygti th* 6n<M]oalmia Pass.
hoow loaiorn.w, Mr. B,k-r,
I(2™** 'row I'hioaao, arrt»od oore
—" **" aiU aooept a poattton on the
5? Sft,'. 11 Hi* falter, a
M Chiaag.i ctpitaliat, ta a
-a«to»# m oAcupaay.
Kinm-o.mil U
■ »ho » b<irg htid f«>r lb# mar
« 1 m». llibcbj Oot«a«B, ay
* Wiiv! °* 40 • r, '« c bin
HtoJ' y* *f 44«<u wryi «M
GT*ti s?*. *Wu»fOI «vf IW MM
%ii «• trt>m«*US( th«
SSr7L-*'*i • ,aU hMrie* Uw te-
MIUM-* .ppiii*-
*» A »•»*»*--foiled Bsmm
b r *ltotwy Oceewl
f"' " * *B«K0T«, M*«r« It •
Unw u4 tfe* Military,
,*• «* M» iowu dmmti
,: *«•»« hwna« rtb.Uk. I
wimltutily ifc—ff*. j a| j H
Hill groend oat the as*sl grte*.
abargeot Steeling r-J tarns
man mo« 1 Uqi Aiic*. Jo* Mrf
tke «Urn, bet altar aa —-—%ff-n
ke «m ketd in tke mm af faos to ap
witkaw hadi w f needs tk» Indian
*?* ?* *P been! wHk Jailor F«nkw.
Feed Brm, Mm fellow BMttoMd
•• knviag «M» an
trr m a Proot dim*
•eat and nldk to as Indian, aaase op
ta kte tar*. II .!«u«i kavuag stoien
th.lndian lariated «a it,
«haa MMtevtekanikit Brows
***> fcl ® tk* eoat it
pfied: • I know be te tbe mi, kae*nee
*ke took my watok and a
dollar lot tbe amrt." Eseryt .log went
jr,**"'* goilt, u<tt«*rideed
' la default be «m mm
" *"• ladte£ "**
Dartag (ha af teraoon f<mi mea, ar
wated fs» vagrancy, ansae an More his
' **** Byaa triad la
beg off Whew ashed where wee the
Uwateaajba bad done say work ba S
piled: "la tbe T acorn a -haw gang."
Ha did not gste«, bat wee seat ap with
iha bslsass af tke boya.
[Begalar aorraepiud«UM tar-lmui-
A boot 1M o'etoek yeeterday morning
9re waa dieoorered ia a email, aaoaea
pied fraaee dwelling koona oa Yakima
areea* Aa alarm waa girra, and tbe
Fnat Ward Mtaa Cbmpaay raapoaded to
tke eaU, and ftoalty eaoeeeded la extin
goiablng tke Semen. Knimeled leee.
aboat |6OO.
Marrtage lleeaeea wan granted tbta
week to Jokn Helarotd aad Anate Bab
ler, Beery Brook aad Okrietiaa Altord.
aad I. W. Tomliatoa aad Kliaabetb Do
B. E. Ketaay. who baa been la Taoo
ma for tome time paet, left yeeterday
for Heatile.
Baal eatato tiaaefere, Hatarday, were
aa feilowa.
i P. Stewart aad wife to L. 8. and i.
L. Jtff.ry. lot 5 ia block 11, ia Stewart's
Addition to tke t«we of Poyaliopita»
Ndp. K. B to J. P. Stewart W £ree
Inaee 38. tp. JO n.. r. t E ; $360.
T. B. Wallace, Jr., to Job a S. Baker.
8 antes ta sewttoo 5, tewneaip SO nortb
raaee,Beaef, |tooo
E. B. Mastioh, Jr., a'minietrater e»
tote of Wm. E, Aekersee, to
W. B. Kalley, 1 aore In ssetien 31, town
ship 31 north range, > east, flfiO.
B. W. Courier returned home Friday
from Olvmpta.
Mim Bowes, of Ontario, ta expected
be re to teetar* in the Metbodiet Oinrek
ta Old Tewo a«s< Batnrday evening.
There will be two Eastern mails in
this evening, as yeeterday'* mail did
notreoek ns.
J. Howard Bibb, who baa been with
the engineering party at work on tke
Oe'Mjtde Division, ia spending a fsw
divs at his borne in this eity.
Police ooort yesterd »j: Two dranks.
Job* Erlly and *lax Henry, fined $3
aod coetr. Con mated
T. P. Spits, »f San Franeiseo, Is at
tbe Taaoota. T. B. Minor, of Moont
Pteaaant, lowa, ia at tbe Central.
Hatarday tbe weather waa warm and
tionaiderable bridge timber ia baing
shipped from the T tooma mill to Djn
ver, Colorado.
€■(«(■ tWTHM.
There will (a divine aertlee at Trinity
<"b«rob, turning and f*en:n«. Lead
ing votaeo at the even aoag wall be thuaa
of Mr. B bart Stavena, Miaa Htevtoa
aod Mra Dr. Grease.
Dr. T. » Taylor will praaob at tbe
M. P. Chttrch tbil m mlng <>< "T»a Bei
• ntifi t Evident** of Fa-ore Life." All,
tap oially donbters, are Invited to be
Heandtoatian Lutheran Ckoreb, oa
rhird street, between Ploa aad Ptka
atroata—Ditine aertiaaa at 11 a. m. and
7 p. m . noadootad by He*. O. A. Aadar
Everybody weloor a.
Kirsl Baptt*t Ohoreb-Preaebina by
the pastor; He*. D. t. Pisrse. Hohj'ot
at 11a. m , "Abraham M a Snooee»fol
Pioneer;" areolae aobjaoi. "Will yoo
aek the Master iaP' Vonag people'*
mealing at 6 p. m.
Lake Tnion Bobool at 3:30 p. m.
Jaokaon Street Misaton at 8 p. a.
ACDMD) or KOBOBBT.—Friday areata*
Mr. bnlllraa. Superintendent of ibe
delegation of Pinkerton'n deieotiee
feroe operating in tb>« notion, arreated
a y iaog man at Ibe O widenlal Hotel,
who regisiersd under the name of
"Gsorgs Perker, Ohioego." Wher
Satlivan tamed bia man e»er te Bhartff
HaOraw, be told that offlnr that Par
ker an* eared eiaetly the daaoriptloa of
a titan who recently eommitied forterr
in New York, and sot away with $lB.
000, and that be waa son&dsnt that Par
karwaa the mm be waa looking for
When arrested. Parkar bad fZ>3 in
greenback* and anme silver on bit per
•oa. The aoenaed H a good looking
fellow, aad with a foil beard, aod ap
parently a boat 90 ream of age. A re
porter of tbe PosT-lirrßiAioß»osß
.tailed at Ibe jtil yesterday te interview
tbe aoea«ed, bal be refneed to make
any statement farther than be eras not
guilty. He bad employed aa attorney,
aad did sot wlah to moke an* *tate<aeni
exssp* ia bia pnoeaee. Sullivan ha*
teteerapbed In tbe Governor of New
York for a requisition, eo that be oaa
• >nvsy hi* prtaiecr East.
PUOWTLT D»a*o«p.— A large lot of
gaeda wbteh arrived by the eMaaoahip
OSo. W. Elder were mora or las* dan
aged by being etored too aien to aoal
oil. Aotoog tbeaa wbon good* were
damaged waa oar aalarprteiag Proai
etreot merabaat. Cbeeier Cieary. Tea
tardar afternoon a reporter sailed apoa
Mr. Oleary to *ecertain what atepa be
intended to take ta raeoear damage* for
bia Inaa. When aaked the qaeatton, Mr
CAtary replied "I bad a larwe abtpnoat
of r«.le on the Elder, wbieb I boagbl
before Ibe adeaaae ia gooda. bat anfor
innately Ibe* beeame damaged ia traa
Bit, Bern# eligbtly damaged a»d ««*
not damped at all. lat oaee laid tbe
matt< r bof«re Ibe P«ei#e Oaast Hteam
•hip Onnpany. and they made me the
proper allowance. I da sol wist to
beep thee* g< ode ia -took, aad a* Mo*
day will aoowteoea Hearing tbem of at
fifty nat* oe tbe dollar, wttboat r»
*ar*e. The damaged *took oonaieta of
dram geoda, *ilks. fiaanol*. lad»*>
eloiba, table lioea, napkiaa, apraada
table ooeera. laae eartaia*. aerim-.
bo*t»ry. underwetr. araabaa aad towel
tnc*. blanket*, biaak aa bneraa. eoraeta.
laaea aad *m>«rosdart*a- Tb*«e g-wd*
will all be mark*d aad ready far tbe
pablie oa Moeday morning.
CIRTBO «t*Taa Casaa-ln rpeaktng
of Ibe approaching term of tbe Distrtat
Cuart. Mr. Maaday. Antstaal Tailed
Btatae Proaceating Attorney, aaid: "All
the Tailed Btam oaan at t**ne are t<
be poshed lo trial at tbe February term.
There are atlteon sott* pending agaieM
pereoo* charted wHh anlawfnllr ont
ting timber oa reeornitsent land, aad
salts oa band* growing oat «• *oob
mini and ntne saae* cf the notation ■ f
oar iwveaae town. these, then
an foarteoa peraoa* In the Tnited
Mate* penitentiary, awaiting trial. Bono
of ttsee wilt protanty ptoad gallty. while
attars may not bo iodteted at aU. From
prwaeal tsdisoltona It toots sa Itongb
lb* Tailed Btatea balnea* woald oesopy
alaroat, tf not it* entw term."
Cw kb Momo.-A ft* d*T« *mm Mt.
& U<6* MM>d UN Ml* •' • fcMfc
ropl bm« iW* J* <•» PraaotaM, u<
bMght *1 * *n*t ManftM * lam lot «#
IM rawl m «U »iammmtm
Ml ikM ■■<)& wfctafc ha MiMtlJ (Mm
Ibc *••"» M«ek. Ha m*i IM» km tm
Um o*l-b Rata R'iw, it Mb*
I HI »«ld ii 10 a.ala 9 afcaa«.ag*a«Bt
fM teow# «fcwh MM MtrnMlly* »
M»M. Umn of MM Mil
Mbud MU ih*ie*ettwwA»
*S" "*2"? V" mm '' **" i
vtifeia tkt NMh a* •*.
"aSTtanrsS* hto
fcerk aStoteiwi2?Ttaedi£i
lumber at thw mUI for «*- Fraacteeo,
and ieexpecded to carry TOOjOMfm*.
Tke item inyosterdaya Foar Utilu
ononi that Mr. Oao, W. D iana aoiM
soon atart the Port Dineovery -Bill waa
I* . •« akoold Have reed tbe Port
T.»wnoead mill, wk>ah will begin opera
tmen to about an weeks.
Ike Idaho H da* from t!«*kv
Mr. Fraak Ctepp, af Doageneea, oatre
kS!S 's™ "J*"** ******* "■ »ka
S**- J" wMI retain borne tomorrow
oa the D.stmteh.
J. 0. Gr ffl-.bs. af Griftths. Bridges *
Stetson. mimd from Seattle oa tba
Eld»r Friday
Geerga W. BeH<ae. Dated State*
'"Pa tor of Batten, and William J.
**»—'■ la»paa*or, botk of SaatUa,
Mr. J Baattta ia racia
towd at tka Cawtral.
Wbaa tka Iwrk Tanpter arrirea frota
Sao Fraaataao aka will raaatea 1000 toaa
of Ml fraa tka Btoa iaakto aad pro-
OMd to 9. aula aod floi-b toadio*. Tka
Btaa Jaakat wHI proaaad to Saa F ai
MSB for NBAin.
CsyUtnTa Ovmo of SeaUlo and J.
Binaaiia of Maw WaMatuatar want to
V tetoria yaaterda* on tka Starr.
Oar Balnea af Baa Fraoouoo puwd
daws tka Soaod ysaterda?.
Tfcomaa Coirert, tka eOaiatit mill
wnabt tbat bail! tka Willaaaatte MiUa,
arrirad froaa Han Fraaaiaao yaatoiday,
and ta aiMOtiog a laerativr pofltten in
tka Port btaeover; II ilia.
D. E Brown pawail down tka Sooad
Friday alßkt froaa Smttla to Viatorm.
Mr. Brown ia General Western Paweo
«er Agent for tka Otaadian Paeifle
Uailroad, with beadqaartera at Vietorte.
* Pbha. onatoma offatal. retnrned
i™» Fort Moody yaaterdny, n nmU
op Hoosd.
Tka G«ot«a W. eider left at 4a. m.
featerdny. after loadia* oooatdarabie
fretfikt. with two cabia and tea atoara<a
■auai W Uil BSTATK.
Tke following is a rssome of tke
imcaeotiooa in real eetow daring tke
part week aa recorded ta tke A editor's
office. Corrected by Okas. F. Wkittkasy:
Tbe Northern Paciflo Ktilroad Com
pany to the 00-op »ratire Colonisation
and Improvemeot Aaaooiatioa of Dalot b,
Mtoneaoto, N W. V of BW. * of wo. 38,
tp »N.,r.6E.| $l4O.
; Jim CNdM, of Kit»ap ooonty, to
Oubntia Oldfleld, of MOM plao lota
1, 2, 7 and 8 m Mock 11 of Msroer'a ad
dition : also lot •to bloak 103 of D. T.
Deaay• additioa; alao iota 9 and 12 in
bloak 39in A. A. Daoaj'a aixth addition;
oooaideratioa, $5 ioa I teaad affection.
L. I. Fr» liar and btwband to Henrj A.
Moan, of Oraooa, (raot No. 110 la Wcat
Senttie, somatome 5 aoraa; $450
L. J. Ffuw and boatload to Patar W.
Saadbom. of Oregon, traot No. 11l io
Weal Haottia. eent'uniDg 5 aorta; $450.
Chariot M Anderaoa. of Walla Walla,
to Jolia A. Oarritoo, lot 2of block 4 in
Btuke'a a»oood addition: SIOO.
Philip Fay to Jerome Uatlta, W W of
NE. M aad EJ* af NW. %of a»& 28,
tp. »N, r. 6 E., ooniaioing HO aoraa;
Cbarita Waters to L. D. W. Sboltoa,
iota 4 and 6 in gomerville, near the Seat
(la raoa trtaak ; S4OO.
T. A. Jowm aad U. A. ioa« a to A. Me-
Laaa. lot 7 la block S la Bell A Dennj'a
addition ; SIBBO.
George T. Ford to li*rg«ret D. Peaae,
lot 12 in block 18 of A. A. Denote third
addition ; S2IBO.
Lather H. Oriffltba to F. B. F trier,
of Fremont, Nebraaka, lot 9 ia block 1
of Ltw'a aaooad addition ; SIOO.
Artbor A. D nav atd wife to B bert
O. Caldw li, lota 2 aod 8 ia blook 47 of
A. A. Daony'a plat of Baattk; SIBOO.
Arthur A Deuoy aod wife to L. G.
B iren, of Cherry Valley, NK % of HE
Vi of eeo. 7, nod ibe B■,of fc * and
toe NW of 8W % of no. 8. IP. 26 N, r.
7 E, oontaintag ISO MM; SIOOO
Herman Sobone and wife to Margaret
Jan* Allen, lot 6 of blork O. is W. N.
B-ll'i Fifth Addition; |I3SO.
B**aie J. L"»l* and hnabtnd to H«nry
A. Wabat*r, lot 5 ta block 7 of Tarry'a
Fifth Addition; sßfto.
C. L. Hibbard and wife to J R An
drew* lot 10, blaok 11. Jarat Ball'* 1H
addition to Ihmttle. S4OO.
A. A. Denny and wife to Qaorge T.
Ford, tot 11 bloek 18. k. k. Denny'a art
ditloa to Beat tie; also lot 11, blook 29.
Bell A Denny'a addition, and lot 4,
bloak Q. A A. Deany'a Hddmon, sl.
D. T. Denny and wlfa to Angnat
Hehooe acd wtf», tola 4 6, 6, blook 60,
D. r. Drnoy'l Park addition, SU'TS.
W. T. Dearborn to W. It. McDonald,
lot 19. blook IS of MoAlaer'a 2d addition,
Lnoy E. and O. W. Harris to Mary A.
Poet, lots 1 and 4 blook A, C. D. Bonn's
addition. SSOOO.
Charles *etsr» to Wiibar F. Dear
born. tots B aad O, in Hemerrtlle; S6OO.
George B. Kittangar to i. F. Kennedy,
of York. Nebraska, lot S. blook 11. Ladd
addition; $75
George B Kitttnger lo J. 0. Pinter,
lot 1. bleak 11, Ladd additioa; $75.
Watson Allen at nx to Jarty W. Bor*t,
the northweet of the aorta Hof tbe
aootbwest V notion V. to a nab tp 24
north, range 8 ea*t; $9400.
Watson Alloa et ax to Jerry W. Borst,
lot*4, Sand S.north ef Ibe soatboest
sa. seotion 94. townanio :*4 north, range
7 saat, 174 76 aaras; $790.
A. I, Baah and wife to Mary P. T.
Soyd-r. 101.70 earn la eeetioa 90, town
ahip 94, range 8 east, sl'4C«.
Geo. W. Britain to Kltsals'-b Teaoh
■an, north half of lot It, bio k 10, Cjr*
addttMct. $97.
Et ■forth Teaehman to I. H. Page,
norih half «f lot 19, blook 10, Core ad
ditioa. S3SO.
M ii>
inru gtsriiisit.
ntmt. n* 29rn
BKEF-Wheieaale, 8 eeots; retail. 10
to 99 sett l*.
MV I TON—Wholesale, 8 eat*; retail,
• te 15 eanta.
PtiRK-Whoieaaie, 8 ants; retail, 8
lo 12V| eanta.
PO UTOES- Wbokwale, $92 50 per
ton; retail, $1.25 per nek e* $95 per ton.
OA ItS— W bolpeale, S9O; retail. $92
Wboiesnie, $4.76; retail, $5
par "arret
H AT-Wheleaaie, sls 50; retail, sl6
to S9O per ion.
HOP.a-O ewere held oat for 23 to 28
son's par pound
WHEAr-Wholesale. S9O; retaU. $36
M p|l
EGGB—Who e*ale, 26 Male; retail, 30
""bcfrKH-Retail. 46 to 80 eeots per
''"klOKKNS—WMaaal*, $5; retail. $6
p A PI*LES - Wholesale.» tn 90 aaots;
retail. 40 to K> oenle per bar
CABBAGE—Wholesale. 1X sssts; re
tail. 2 aenia per ponnd. *
ONlONß—Wbalsnii*. $1 80 to |S pn
cental: retail. ?S t* * oe*U pw poaad
LOGB-Mdlaaen gt*> $£ la #6 50 pn
thooa>ad feet.
IRON—Foaadars pty SJ4 to s»> par
ton for pig iron.
mmn. Jan. #w
OATB-Men sale* qaeaod a. $1 48 pn
sen tat. sbinan paying $1 4t«.G 47.
OS IONS—■ Market tmprwytag. Deaton
pa* $1 19 on aeatal.
BCr IBR Whnlanl*. California
eh am. 9»H to 9»H eeots: ptokied la
barrel*. 19 lo 90 et »n pn ponnd.
RGt»-W hetonaK 99 own pw dense.
POIAIOBB—Prian firm bat bnei
F»i-- Sm —JIM* milt 1* lb*
(W4m »•*«•*. • afeaiM Wl af
ImraTrf -*—*— —■ —*r f* —' "■*»
MQ MM Of »«MM K*»nfc. nmn>•»
MrMk at $3>TjL kl~\ «»a**» lit* Mi
•uf IBCI mmmn «u.i m
di»eraat prtaaipti fna tka aaoal pre
ewilpiMiei grrea by aaM daaa
sot dry apa ooagb aad leave tka dto
eaae atifl m toe ayatem, bat, ep tke eoa
kaah SaatoTaSd toweatkS
mm QiaJte tter itnnMninm viU am
iilaoe. A total wiu'aaaviaae yea of
theaafaata. bia poettmdy aaid by all
dtMßriete aad caaeral dealera ta tte
land. Price 75 eta. large kottiea. dw
Tka L'kanl League will meet at Odi
FeUowa' ball taia aeewiae, .bare tse
Pause Manorial Oration will be de
livered ty a dtettngaieked vuator from
Haa Friamao >. AU memben of tka
I Uane are r- qoraced to be peueeut at
6JO o'Moak; L»agoe opraa at 730. A'l
1 an tavttod.
Tke " CEMTEMJSBr la tka meet pop
nlar kid to for Ave
are far betow the prtoe of °My otom
etaadard maker, aad for St aad dars
btbty are tutexsalied. Tke above are ra
tail pneee(the gtove ie not eotd at wboto
<ale) at MOB WABACREB BBOb'. daU
Lad lea wWiia« beaaufolly fitting aor
mte wblek give «aaa and aomfort to tka
wearer, aaa ha accommodated by leav
order* and inaaaaremeoii at^Maa.
Seoood atraat oppoette M E Choroh. da 2
D. B. Jadktaa. tke Seeea street pko
teitrapker, baa eafiatoatly rwoovered ba
health to attend to linidiieie again, aad
will be glad to ase k a frsenda at kia gal
lery. Tbe aaoal good qoaitty of work
gaarantead. jaTlm
Tka Waatera Qoaen Savon is maaa
faotnred only by tke Seattle Soap Co.
Mo batter aoap made, try it. •
Mas. Maoaa, draeemaker. ta agent for
tke celebrated McDowell Garment
Drafting Machine, tbe Bates healtt
wsiet*, iki pitiil t okki>K i&d
Um WiUiiiofoQ tw»ltb omrtit dt3
Try tbe Wee'era Queen Severn. It la
a thoroughly good aoap. Ask yoar gro
oer for it •
M. d K. Gomrraza, sole agents af tbr
oelebrated J F. Cotter wht>k~y n-+
Gathers no Moss!
latereat U a qnlckaaa< beware ef it.
We guarantee you the 1 weet prieea,
hone it weights aad prompt delivery,
either city er country.
We claim the largeM aad beat
•elected etock of
Staple and Fancy Oroeariee
on the Bound,
All the latent Breakfait delioaclee.
anaoeaand Keliehee,
Ib> ported Preeatree aad Ratalna,
fancy Bieculta aad Cakreour •peoUltiee.
Coffees and Teas
To soil the mast fastidious palate.
C* rain and Feed
il le west market rates.
Grass, Clover,
Vegetable and
Garden Seeds
of ev«7 description at Eastern price*
Head tar price Hat. oalr toe glad
to oull one to roa.
715 Front street,
Seattle, W. T.
f. 0. ksi 449. TeUpfcoae 29
Oil Stock.
Jut HeceiTei ail 7ir Sale,
«•»* **#; »> pmmU. I
rwn old; kaut -froe> th, *ro««d a»
• rrwnUa.
Oaa atatefced erar tana tsam. P»; •
One leiae-Wefc lisskt ksr»a. 93H; •
Taarsaidi <rat*kt I9S: &n«dri«li>*
Abo«* all aaasd. rstiaMe aad la seed
Om nwsaia ■are; tiaaiaeld; saaar;
Thmt yah* ot l»«1wr n—- M «nr»
T»*« amratag qmte Im r»r»;ijy.J^9B»
d«. Macs caailNiit to be
Am °— «*■■»
ptte*rv OM»W*ri. BMMMKrn*.
Note tie claies i onr Prices for Is weet
Full weight, brown lB for *1
" M " 16 « 1
Heavy " " ij w j
Extra heavy « 10 « 1
36 inch soft finish Hero .. , 18 j*rds for 91
36 inch Londsdale. 15 *» 1
36 inch Fruit of the loom 12 • " 1
36 inch Pride of the Weet. 1..*..........!.... 8 «" l 1
5-i Luoonia, best quality 8 fop $1
6-4 « «« «« ... 7 - i
J* 4 " " " - r.:: 171.8 c per yard
M "" " « «
G1 il U it
104 « m «« : 25c. „ „
5*4 W 7 yards for tl
6-4 " " 17 I.Bc. per yard
7-4 " 44 «, « •
M " " 12c. «* "
9-4 " " 24c. « «
10-4 «« " 26c. '« «
Unbleached Muslins and Sheetings in endless quantities and at prices that defy competition.
CALICOEB, best qualities American.

500 pieces, 25 yards for |l, worth 6 l-2c- 350 pieces, full standard, 20 yards for 91, worth 7 l-2c
Everything in this department to be sold without reserve. Must make room for our immense stock
now being purchased in the East
Seduced to sc. per yard. Better quality, 16 yards for sl. Best quality Amcwkeag, 12 yards for $1
These goods cost wholesale 10c. when bought regular.
Immense come down in prices.
38 inch Cashmere, 20c. per ysrd. 38 inch blaok Cashmere, all wool, 37 12c. per yard. 42 inch
black Cashmere, all wool, 50i\ 44 inch black Cashmere, all wool, heavy quality, 62 l-2c.
46 inch black Cashmere, fine value 75c.
These goods are all marked dewn from 25c. to 40c. a yar'. See our 4c. and 10c. Dress Goods,
the talk of the town.
16 inch Velvets, all colors 91 00 per yard, worth tl 50
16 inch Plush, " " 100 " " 175
19 inch Plush, «' " 150 " « 225
•19 inch Velvet, •« - 125 » 200
Bargains in Nations and Fancy Goods, such as have never before been sees in Seattle. Hosiery
and Underwear 25 per cent, less than manufacturers' prices.
Remnants. Remnants.
Every departme tin the house represents in this great sale of nmouk ficmuod of table
I'nens, with from one to one and three quarter yards, T iren away; won't cost TOO a cent, Two jardi
of table linen for 20c.; 2 1-2 yards for 25c.; 3 yards for 30c. Everything in thia department sold 4q
per cent, lesa than regular prices. CRA&HEH AND TOWELS —Short lengths of Crash no
price; give them away. s>yard remnants, 16 inch brown crash, for 25c.; 5-yard remnant*, 16 inch
white crash, lor 35c.: 5-yard remnants, 18 inch white crash, tor 40c.; can't be bought anywhere for
twice the money. Bemnants Calicoes, Ginghams, Muslins, Sheetings and all domestic goods, 25c. on
the dollar. Odd lots, odds and ends in towels, as Ijw as 50c, a dosen, full sise. Full , 1M Tuikish
towels, all linen, for 91 * doaen.
Remnants Drees Goods —Panic prices in these goods. Hemnants Velvets, 50c. % yard. Kem
°anta Pluahea, 65c., worth 11. Examine theae remnants before purchasing your dresses, as some o
them contain enongh material for a full si Bed dress.
Twenty five per cent, off in Cloak department. We will for the next thirty days offer our entire
,to kof Ladies', Misses' and Children's Cloaks and Wraps at a redaction of 25 per cent. Don't (ail
to see these garments before purchasing.
Remember, everything not here advertised will be sold equally as cheap. Spare don't permit
to give a more deUifed pri e list. But every article im the store will be treate/the nun,
our entire stock is sold to mtke room for our new goods now being bought in the leading Eastern Wad
European market*.
SO per «s»aa«~ 30
Great Clearing Sale of Men's, Youthe', Boys' and Chlkfrena' Clothing.
300 Men's Overcoat*. reduced from 112 to $8
100 * ~ " 15 to 10
150 *' " —* " 17 to 12
M> " " 20 to 15
SO extra fine, imported g00d5..... « 28 to 20
1 lot of men's suits must go for |7 50, former pries 11
1 jot •* ** "* " •••• lO 00 " '* J4
Hat • « * M 12 50 " « 17
1 lot * " " ** 16 00 « " 22
1 lot " " " "* —.20 00 - "26
1 lot " H " " 22 00 - "28
1 lot of the finest crepe suit* made, reduced to. 26 00 former pries 32
Boys' and Children'a Clothing will be sold at thia aale only regardless of coat.
1000 Genu' all wool scarlet shirt* 85 cent*, former pries f 1 50
500 - moleskin overehirt* .60 csats, «• M 100
200 " blue overshirt*, lace treat 50 sent*, - ' 100
200 aait* merino underwear. 71 cent* per suit " « 150
400 •* H " - »1 50 " « - - 200
Corner of Commercial and Waahlngtoa artreet**, Seattle
M3Bcag ' uaiaK?^
1 English Stallions
SWySrsj £-&zx
ssSisr ."je® »«»«S8
Tfc® CS .▼ eiand WAUIO* Ymt
hurt; im! if
ttmMk ta Norfolk Krslwws. I*BwtZtl
s gS B -*£asr?u£:
im»*U Box ra. to,, w lrY
Honey to loan on improv>
ed farms in King, Skagit,
Snohomish, Island and
Whatcom counties at 9 per
••"ton »«« Brekw*, Ssatti*:
Psst Opo« bo* 700. tossw
waounuui AXD UTAH. DUUM IS
Beef, Pork« Mutton, Lamb
and Veal,
OoßMnataMNHetM. M*
acraa AKD ExramoM or
Purs, Hides, Wool, Grain and
Washington products.
Timt mi, *—m«. w. T. i*i w
KCH I. VUUT, Pwprletef.
fantoa aaa*aat»«d P. Q. to at. rntmr
iKatabUaW 1> 1171)
sna LOCATION" or niirsbry
Inirton Territory. tut* alt kiada
of craaalwaaa Piasta and Balba
Ajnata—Alex. HUnpaaa and Jobs K.
Nibbe, aad aa atbera.
Send (of a circular.
oc7w OTW. I.AWTOW, Proa.
rtottaaaf Uteparaoa, whoTrtn Uw Sth da*
2sn'sS^ T J&vS
tactoa, la laid oonnty.
ooantr o t King, aa. In Ito tootota
Omrt at mM Kiel
b Ito »NIIR of UM MM of Joaapt DAG.
!b 419 Ortor M akow MM »ky diMriW-
Uoa •feonld «at to auto.
On sm. llnf sad «HD« tb« peMtfos tor dtorl
tottoa Matokf Otoa i-natti. m« atnlaMra
tarof Itoaatatoof Joaapk OHIO, tumid,
wtilac funk, w»| otaar ikla*. ttol
'to aa.UlaM»Wia mom M • (nf«r nnadiWca la
to dsaad, iad (tot a parti. a to tor imltm af
itoaaMjtoaia ranaJaMoto analljr MHMaI
H la BOW or Mrad bj> tii# "coßrthafa ttol all
awaato/mliiiiil la Ito Htto «f (to aaM
fattearaSSlhabaw Onit,alltomSinaa
■tonef. la Ito ailj to SaatUa, la aaM Kta«
Marfar. Ito S«'k Smr t IM*
raafj, 1«BT.
Al II attack Uk tbda sod ttota «a to*
eaaaa. Ifaaj> toay kara. why a toaraa of Oaal
distribute* atoaM « to aiato harala aa.
forlutf la (to prapar of Ito aaM patotoa.
Aad It la fatltor aatorad itonaaapjr af tMa
•to totoiw aaaaa to paMlto«i< at iaaat bar
taaaaaalaa aaaka Mm Ito aM Mia to af
Fatoaarjr, iwt, la Ito nunij Waan.r toa»-
laiMiiaaana. in k*r aawapapar ptiatod
II a f |iM.kil in until . aiuaij^
PaMteapaa Oaart Uda tttk tor af tm
mm, um. WM v wool.,
JadbaafttoProtataOoartaf Eiaf aaaa*>.T.
isiss srSiX^
al kawMtoMw to toaw eaaaa matto to
as.- MM f»M*to Oaar* aa Ito Sbtk fir af Mm
•arj, tan. la ito maMar af ito aw at
Joaapk ftagnna, daman*,
b towlia iyy vksraof I kaaa toaaaato aat
3kato and «/Haad (to aaM af ato
Paaaa-a Oaort IkfcMlk da; M
toaaary, IMI.
ww. a. WOOD,
aflla» eaaaly. la WaaMa«toa
Motlce of Final Proof.
V. a Urn* Orrir a »* T.,
toai p-aof fctfsra tto Mto, ar la Ma ak-
MjaajMator* OMR, al kM
h-JS* y-j-jg. tm i/ m ,Mfc
tor af Man*, A D. WW, mSaaMto
Mpflitokalto MM. far tto •« If af WW K
•f aarltaa tl, tmtolp ts aaatk, na«a « aaal
HaMwtaaaliMMa JamllMto,
bka bka HIIM ill ato
Maaitora. an af ftoattla. W. T.
Mn i. (HMuitita,
jav t» * H<wjrt af tt>a Laad OMa
Notice of Filial Prcaf.
B. I, UnOmn at Onam, f,
___ toft It, UM.
,JtTill SS*» '■ *■
UW# k»a Siad HMicr af tatoatoa to auto
•oat faaaf toton Ito CMtk M toa IXatrM
•>-» >. at kia attoa, M toattb W. 9. aa
Ma «tk daj at t. A. t. Ito!
* hto>toa D IS* mil! «M Ito tto
!j W > ■ <|.«M to kofIBK at M»
Itaa <, laVMtoa M aank. naw» • aaat.

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