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Seattle daily post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, W.T. [Wash.]) 1881-1888, February 10, 1887, Image 4

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tMimiT n««
bofpwucc to arrivo la A* ooooOf from
Dm Urns. Tfcoj «o to Kortfc Kiw aad
Tbo rtntM bwr «a Om»'« Bute
bM rttfVOd *• Md «Ma
attoM oa tk< MdMr Nm« »«
pot*noo'§ foist. T»t rtmnat Im
swim «ta ted work to do vim Ac
MMM Bp thl» My.
Tbo Mmr potud to a bird Wat
Asm mm io tar aortkM IkK tet oa
ItKrbf tWO MM M tit* WMlfe.lt
teMb MM Noctk Cot,.
ta MiiU, «V> m O*M froM Bar
CM T .M ?: . tbo faltea yMf»
botkn of u; kind hi tbo MM.
B. A. ltrabora. o( llvaoo, triU Imn m
tbo «MMOT idobo kMorrow few AJMfca.
vitb • fwt of loobiac for a «wy
ate. If to to mumfil to teeariaa tto
ricfat lomum to trill iaw*diateiyto-
Cialtoaraetiaaof a to— aaaaaryaapa.
inn Ha ti(«M to m«n to tto
Haov tocaa faDlaa at Ibie pUae Moo
dayaigbtaad aoottgaad vitb ttfal ia.
ten-apt ooe dartac Taaaday. WadaM
day Itora twabool ax taabealof
ob tto crowd. Ttoritfwttoa*!
for mad aloac tto toy, tto aoow norm
extenda ail vrer tto oeaaty.
Keacn, Wtiliaa 4. Oarattor* of thia
pUa-, a B. Aliee aad Aleiaader Ma
Laaa of fori Oeafer, tan pwatoaad
tto flebioc wilt Vaatura, ovaed by
Ito dam aM tobiac aiMafMy at Morta.
for SIOBO, aad will it tor a» vitb aa
otbor fWOO for a eraiaa to tlwta aad
Bab ring Haul boot for far Mate.
Mr. Aiiea viß aot aeooa>»aay tto
dittos, tot tto ottor tve will taka oaa
mom vto tan aa taWreet vitb ttoa
at tree, aad ttoa arieat a aa-M area.
Ttoy ennleiiUle Mlltac about April
lat. aad If lb« Vantara doa't omm
bona loaded down to ttomarda vitb
fnra it will to baoaaee it lea poor »eo
David Cola and brottar of Portland
sasoe over to Ilwaeo an Monday, and
from there oat oo tta beaoh to Looaia'.
Abort half way oat tbey espied *a ob
ject en tta rand whietrttay took tor a
far Mai. Tta animal was alive wtan
ttay pat II into ttair awn, bat *ooo
after and. Gpoo tbeirreturn to Ilwaoe
tta following a»T tta priM tarned oat
to ta a «aa otter. tta skin from which m
probably worth ftOO. Tta animal mast
tare bean (tat by tta otter ban tare
aertb of tare, and being In • talpicM
eoodltioa drifted dee a where it wm
feand Otariaa Boreh *Misd it • feer
bourn before, tat tboaghtitwM a dog.
'~OysttmlU Journal.
"■mm ommi.
All of tta mill* oaths Harbor are dial
down, on twoaat of the severe wraltar.
i. 8. Hay*, who was arrsnd tot fall
•a a eharge of raising a osrtiflcste of
deposit, arrived hoses last week fross
CNtarlia, Kaae**, where ta wm tried
A little girl of Ben Keelereon had tta
Miafortane to break tar Isg while at
play last ttunday. Or. Bosh wm called,
who Ml tta injured member, aad tta
little cofferer is doing M well M poMi
Tta Moatsenno cannery has shot
down, aad tbe craw will leave oo the
Mils*. Tbe winter peek was very light,
only about 900 cases, on asooaat of tta
•oatinuoa* blab water, which prevented
successful fishiag. Mr. Hotomoa is sat
isflsd that tta fish ars here, if tta water
wm not too high to eatoh them.anrt will
try agkia nest winter. He will return
la Jaaa to prepare for the fall ran.
On Hetardv, u ctosmer Argo
WM roundingOow Fatal, between Aber
deen and Hoqulam, Oapt. llergmsn dis
covered that she WM linking, and im
mediately tarned her towards shore. He
succeeded In reaching tta mad Bit*
Whlcn Uue the Shors, when tbe steamer
settled hi the bottom, ad the crew
climbed apoe a hate tnsg. patiently
awaiting rescae, which cpeedlly arrived.
Tbe eaaen of the accident is supposed
to lie in the fact that the b-.it aras beav -
lly loaded with brick, which bad b*eu
plied en the fore and aft decks, causing
a strain which admitted tbe water. Tbe
load bu been removed from tbe sunken
Steamer, and she will be raissd as soon
as tbe weather will permit.-JfeetsMHo
Mr. i. H V mWlukl* baa bean grant
ad a patent oyon a device for aa*iatin,r
In under cutting taw log*. which bide
fair to be of grant value to logger*.
Tha nob miner Vega, which loaded at
(be Weather wax mill, aatled Fridav
morning. Wedneeday morning the
crew refused to work in the atorm, and
Oapt. Brickbolm waa compelled to tod
balp elaewbere. Two of tbe orew da
aartad toe veeeel at tbl* plaoe. The
Vega waa loaded with 900,000, feet ef
aprnee. consigned to 8. E. Hlade & Co..
M Franoiaoo.— Ah*r<it*» Htr*U.
wamuX oown.
PallmM ia jubilant. It to generally
believed that tbe line of road through
tbta oily to Anally adopted by the a Jk P.
K U General Carry and J edge Uoogb
too, of Spokane Fall*, were la town on
beetneaa concerning tbe right of way.
from Sunday evening till Wedneeday
• morning, when they toft for Cotton and
The atrong breeae of toat Saturday
night removed tbe reatdanee of Norman
Patterson. ta the aouth end, free* tot
fonadaliua, wbiob narrowly eaoapod
being completely turned aver. Tha
frightened aoaupaata ntked oat; fortu
nately no damage waa dona them. A
atrong prop no* rapport* tbe leaning
btUkUng, wbioh will be lifted to it* place
aad made more aaaara.-<W« Com
t*uma oowrrr.
The largaat ahipment of Kcelya coal
rat made paaaad down the read Mon
day. It lunaland of » earloada.
Laat w*»k a railroad eeotkon band
named Baohaaaa. while working a
band oar between Paeoo aad Wallala,
made a miaelap aad fell, the ear paaa
lag over him, iveulung la the bnakiag
of three rlba aad one of tbe baaaa of
Daring tha wow blockade at tha
front, laat week, a moot frightful aaai
deal waa narrowly averted. Engiaeer
Davta bad ebarge of *now plow No. 213,
beblad wbioh wen two heavy loeocao
Uvea. While huekiag the anow from a
long treetle. 90 feet high, tbe engine*
jumped the track and bat for tbe Bar
raw guard rail woald have pitched over
iato the canyon beneath The oall waa
• vary atoae one.— Taktmm s^
urniun vr u ti-iaurtai.
Atbletee and men wbo take ordiaary
oat-door eierciee, each aa walktag. ran
ning. btoyoto ruling, jemptag, awtm
mlag. team*, eta, an ohaa the eabjewte
of aoate troablea. Ihe esperteaoe of aa
ax abamptun walker wiU be at latere-1
to all who an nfflmtad. Bead the fol
lowing letter:
No. X.H Kier Niggraaarn Sraacr, I
Naw Yoaa. April S, is*
Namerooe •tateiurat* relative to the
merile of different flatter* having bean
brought to my attention. I take thie op
portanity to etate tbat I have need All
ooak'e Poron* PUetere for over JO yean
aad prefer them to any other kind. I
woald fnrth*ra>»n etate th\t I waa vary
toafc with aatarvh at the kidney*, aad
atutbate my noovery entinly to All
anak"* Potea* Plaster*
dw Haaav Baooaa.
as it* Ta WH >utntv
Edward tihepherd. of Harrtabang, 111.
raja; "Having reoetved eo mac& benefit
from Eleotrie Bitten. I feel it my daty
to tot anSonng humanity know it. Haee
had a running «we oa my l*« for eight
year*, my doeton to d me 1 woald have
to bare tha bone torape>d or tog aas pa
la ted 1 aaed, tnataad. three bottle* of
Electric Bitten aad *e*va bole Back
leu'* Arelna Salve, and my tog to now
eoaod and walL"
Tbt" CKK TKMKMr m tb* aoal pop
alar kid ah*a la Anurias f l.*£ far flta
frattoea. »i 90 far tub! baHaaa Thar
art far batov tbt anaa of aar otbar
standard nakar, aad far ttt aad Jar*
btttty art nmxaaOad. Tbt abat* are a
tail praat ilbt stora it oat aotd at wbota
taical #CH W JUUCHKtt BBUtf. daU
Otm oo In—ii' (miatad gftmm.—
Irw «kaa» nrMihM mw *»,-
I *y
Of7S r l »S , »»rtwMi,
Twm ilw tieww s»4 tiw 4e*;
-/Vooi D*mp+tr Mkti mam, M «-
JVMm r»r Ftbrmmy.
AMwy m Mid to tan •»*
••J—, tbo PII.II: ■ «»U tfco oaJy
R*w Tort MM
J*, m ES*Jt3£f* l-4 **""
U B. Im«M toe Maria dad m m-
H> taeal wiik HinsM PaUaar.
Mao. P»«i viU ait* for Oaf. lUpte
m oast M*r at Cereal Oaf toa
VwietOaae.oa latryiac laart « di
raraa fna tor rirttlw baabaad, and
. ,„i. » wilt
Olara Matria ia aboat to haaa tto
ataoa. 8to f toa oajytoy
vUtoai tiy MkM^
Ed via Booth aad Lawraewe Barrett
viLi make aa axlaadad Marrian loa* la
•attor aaxt vtotar. Ttoy will baaa aaa
of tto atroaaaat aecapaaiM aear mm <m
Braaeoa Hovard'a a-v pta«, "Mat by
Ctoaaa," praaaatad to Mat H<4»a Dao
rtay at tto Lftaa rbeater. Mav York,
ia a. a . aad viii to ttortly witMfawa.
It vill aoat Maa Daartay *12.000.
it i»**id thrt £ D Pri**, «m Km
kia's manager, i* trying M(M> *• «M
from hi* wif* t* crdsr to marry Mm*
HiWlilitt taMoot, wh«M debat il tta
Cattforaia will to loo* remembered.
Sydney Koseafeid declares hi* inteo
tioa of snaking a eomie opera libretto
oat of Fiank Htoektoe's oovel, -Ita
Lady awl tta Twer.- Boeeofeid je a
cynie. with • gradge agaiact tta vtat*
The New York managers are tea
meocing to take off ttair bate to tta
Lycenm Theater msaagsment ta ae
kaowlsdgement of tta aaeeeM of tta
iedies'kigb-tat reform, wbieb ta*
proved a masses In that theater.
Briann Howtrd's new pUy, "Mel by
Ohaaea," ie tta most innate aad
paerile drivel that ta* ever been kaook
ed together aad called a pUy. My«
Oriakle jew* at H ineoatineatly. aad
other antta* j>in la a hearty deoaucl
Tta widow of M. V. Liagtam ta*
to live permanently in Idaho.
WbU* traveling with a company ah* was
seaa aad admired by Fnaeis Otoavsa of
Kingston, Idaho, who aitimately protfar
ed tar marriaga, which wm aeoepMd.
Tta groom is wealthy.
Margaret Ooae, a fair actress. bat
bettor knoWD as a sister at Kit* Ola*
too than for aav dramatic ability eta
hums', will sail tor England oa tta
23d Instant, in company with Nellie
Liagard. Hue ts ou her way to Italy
for tta parpoee of stadyiag mane.
Lawrence Barrett ta* arranged to
prodace Uienxie: or, tta Lack of tta
Trlbane*," In New York before tta end
of the seaaon. It i* hi* intention to
make it, spectacularly, the finest per
formaaee ever gtvea a legitimate drama,
200 people being used in tae predaction.
Miss Oraee Htwtborne, who visited
Heat tic two yeari ago. ha* m«d« a gena
ine hit in London as "Casatt!e," and tta
pr*M of that city praiM her la tbe high
est terms, (the w>ll appear In "Tbeo
dora" at tta O ympic and great prepa
ratioes are tatag mad* for it* pro
A late Bj*ton letter saya : "A hat or
a bonnet on a lady's head is an sxcep
tion at tbe Boston Theater oo these
opera nights. And the idea Is spread
ing. At least a third of the ladiss at
Ita Hollis Street rhsa'er on one night
I was ibere were bareheaded. I never
before witnececd »> complete a social
A New York letter aaya: " Tbe foot
light* never flokered bef m a queerer
looking objrat than wae Mr. Harry
Miarr, when be appeared on tbe atage
of bto People'* Cheater, New York, lM
Thursday evening, made op aa a wild
and feroeioa* *nv«ge. He abeolntelv
nfnaed to riak hie oorna In mooaatooe,
and ioai'ted on wearing patent leather
OUbert k. Sulllvan'e new opera, "Bod
dyOo*e,"to hardly a aneoeaa. It Alto
tbe bonne, to be eara, b«t will not make
• long ran. eo tbe newepapera *ayon the
other aide of tbe water. Tbe general
onmpiaml to that both eoapener and
Ithrettiet have worked over too many of
their old Ideas. and tbe opera contain*
no qualat oeooette like "The Mikado,"
aad pungent line* like " Pinafore" and
"Tbe Pirate*."
A Jtaal murder* on the *ta** an not
entirely improbable, at l*aat eo thonght
an Italian aotnea, wbo waa engaged is
London to piay Deed-meas to Salviai'*
Othello. After tbe Aral rehcanat tbe
poor Deedetaoaa waa btook and blae.
la view of tbto fast, (he demanded aa
laareaae of nalary, aad inaiMod that a
daaamy should be need ia tbe emotbar
ing ant, aa aoatlary, bowevat high,
oonid oompeaaale bar tf Oihello amoth
ered Deedeaaoaa. eo realtotiaally aa Hal
vial woald ta all probability do at tha
play, judging by hi* loreeaaa* at tbe re
Daring a performance la the Olympic
[heater. Chicago, oa a recent evening,
a olerk named John Campbell foaad
blmaelt behind a woman with a Qatnea
►-otough hat. He could aaa nothing
bat hat. aad after the pUr had been
running for a time be exploded with
rage, aad aelaiag the ofteoaira aareea
jammed it ever the woman'* eye*l At
that her eaonrt apraag up aad a Agbt
eaaaed. Campbell wea arreted aad
Aaed wbioh he laid be woald aat
have begrudged if he aonld have had
" another anipe at thai bat." The
womaa waa not Aaed.
At the opera at Berlin tha dlnetan
have adopted a very eeoetbla rata, which
forbid* aa art tot to interrupt a eoaae
during a representation by acknowtedg
lag Ibaapplaoa* of the aodienae. In
deed tbia rely might be adopted ia tbta
coaatry. aat oaly aa regard* tha operatic,
bat tbaatrteal repneeaialioaa ia goaeral.
Then aaaa»t be anything aton Ibeard
than to ace Ophtoia come bank from her
watery grave to acknowledge tbe ptaa
dita of an audience, or Jaltet making a
graoafal bow to the front of tha boon*
wbile ia tbe tomb of all the Oapatota
It M tbto kiad of thing thai daetroy*
Ihe perfection of draaMtie repree- nva
twat nameiT. the acenta ilium aa. It to
a caetom ai■>'•*! aa bad a* ik* Aowvr
nuinanoe and the ill advtaed ataqua of
the pud u*ber.
Tn* Siaaa tn> Sratrna.—Maay of
oar reader* an poamMy unaware that
the Stan aad Stripe* of tha Called
State* ate of Kogliah origin. The Ei*t
and Weet J auction Hallway Oampary
( Eagiaad have pahlubirl a novel gitAe,
lliaetrated by phouiwraptM. under the
Utto of "Sh«k*pa*** Ooantry and toe
Aaaaatral Home at tha WaMingtona."
whuh *t<n*Aa of Selgravw a* "the an
aeatratbome of the Waahtogtod family,
froaa whom apraag tha naowwnl 'Fath
er ,<f hi* Coaatry.' George Waahtngtaa.
ft rat rr»a»d*nt of Ihe Catted Stataa.
aad from whoee coat at arm*, (till to be
aeaa ia the village, tbe tmenoan ban
■or—tbe famon* 'Stan aad Strtpaa'—
took Ite orwta, * * * lira about
I6w BliM to Uw «wtl«W at Mottoa
' HlOtj, a t «a tilth 4 TtSn « *• Mt
hud U'W ef lit road Mm *■ K*o
Nn. * * • latt MU ilt \h* tv:W»,
aboat two Mi back tram
tbt Mad. » At tHMtt BUM bat
mibl by Utnaw Waaba«taa abaal
Ha yaac IMBk ailii Marias mm ibt ifu
drataj of ib* om eorab. bit MM of
MM, tba 'Mart wl fenpaa. naeribtd
•a a *mM. »h» ba na. a nwa,
abota Jferwiaf Xna.
Mri« C>a* •> Hte l*M» MM
M» te MMttetedat la—»
u a *o»«
onvad from 'STwHsgr Mftd bo
usifx* tar Md m tki lamul W iki
; An^iStS
for"tM*"mSthSm at
Irony HaiiM. L&Cunm.
| DJi.Coujm, Bocrtajry. _
)T-1r« To* vtU toWhw mj "V*
«taa Ma i lute" That u a ■»■
laM. ViMtodftttuw.
fu pooota Imag M Ma north aad of
tM Htanri Mr* beta try is* to mMWto
i w mat IM Vaabon paatoOat; Mt it
baikM tar fro* aataafaatorf. Wr>,
IM paoyta living ae QurteraaMh
Harbor ban MM tryuc to 4a tM
•at. It too Ma sot MM a *Mfa>.
FIMIIJF it da«Md M tM ENIAM M tba
noat af aa itaiai
to 4a too Mtk «iik 100 litUa. 80 a
aoabioad (Sort «M aa4a to aatabitab a
parcaaaat laadiu at what ia lion to
ttaMvgatoaa af IM Biaai aa Tr—p
Harbar, bat aAoa a»nfcM of aa BHMI
rMtaoMM artaatad oa IM a— rta ol
Tata labial and aaarfy aidttf
tod adjaaMt to tM taw partial
• t tM aaMiaaaM, and Mil 1
-- -• M *■
«S) tram At imit tkmt af M*wy«
Maod It h«* bMa long sooowted tb*i
it la tlx tw« fotet for • acoeral ludiu.
ketoc Am M paawd mptm *7 QvmrrH
Howard. In. Baofetd awl Hir. EllU.
it u goayuilitetf Hh (m Mart
u4 patMM exeeileat facilities for
««4 Hd tiMh ttlw. Ik* people
oa QartifMHi'i Hutar bmUH
desired a landing oa lb at, body of «M«.
tat alas! oar fondest ton km ptt
istad, for Um preaent, at )«»«!.
W* tare give* op oh aalflsb er indi
•tdul intonate—whichever mum it
mtffot ta celled by—for tta general and
imp* tta! intereat of tta whole. For
doM sol tta Good Book eay "tteek net
year owa bot your neighbor'* wealth?"
Nearly eat off from communication
M we ire at praeeat, from tta oak*
world, oar proapeote norm were ae good
M today for • eowvemsßt aad eabetia
ttal eoaoeettoa with toaatm and tta
main land. AlUkooph not being quite
able to meater tta satorpriM Anan"tally,
we are eare that we tave enough Rood
frieod* oa tta main laad, whoee inter
eat* are oonneatod with ear*, whi will
lead a* a helping haod to aake ttaen
terpriM a eaeoe«e. Vaataa now expert*
M well a* import*. Otiiee want oar
trade, and we weat ttam to have it. Ae
soon a* ita leading 1* an sstablistad
raiaiM we will ta able to stohange
eommodittee with them. We have a
great deal of faith in aad love for this,
oar laland home, and know of no
other place whteh ie more emtabie
for faailM* who deeire to live in
quiet and peaee. There an ao fero
cious eaimilt aad no poisonous rep
tile*, not even tbe "wo-m of tta stilt"
roe re are tbrve eobool districts aad
two sobool hoaees, two ehoraOee and a
proapeot for a third. We do nt think
we are rata or exaggerating wlien we
My that there la no better location for
frail ramus on the Bouad, aaobored ae
we are oat here so quietly ta the lea.
Vas boo baa, we think, at prea at a
population rising three hundred, nine
ty-nine per oant being temperate and
indnetrioai. People, of wbom no
ooatity in tta United State* ae. d be
schemed. The area of tbe uland ha*
often been given, bat for the benefit of
new oomeni, we will stale It again:
Length. 12 milee; average width,
mile*; area about 18,000 aorea, exelu
eive of Maary's island. The Govern
ment land on tta island it nearly all
taken; bat there i* pleaty of goed laod
that can ta bought it a reasonable
figure. There la oo railroad land tare.
A cordial invitation ia extended to
qatot, Ik* lovmg and law abiding peo
pic wbo an looking for botnea. Oood
■oil. beat of water. delightful climate,
and with good shipping faeilitie*, no
ptoaaaater or mora ootveoient location
ooald be deeired.
Tbe flret enow of tbe aeaaon worth
noting fell on tbe id inatanl to tbe
d*pth of foor Inobea, whl h covered op
9j w era in bloom in torn* of oar gar
den*, and boebele of bucklebarriee on
tbe boebra are of Co area frozen. We do
sot moors mac , however, fee *n week*
more will very likely And them in bloom
again. Bat for fear of taking op too
■Mb apaoe I wiU *top abort.
A. W. i ODD.
atmr «i*fiTUM.
Hturn.*. Feb. a feature of tbe
leoal market* today waa the aoaoaßoe
menl of a alight advance in the valuea
of lumber. In IMBS. daring tbe ••boom."
lege werw cold for 96 *ud $6 , r >o ner
thoanand feet, and rongh lamber
brought from sl3 to |1& per thooaand
feet. Log* afterward declined aad for
■on tban three yean tbe price of roagb
marahantable lumbrr ha* ratod at f»
pat thoaaand. K-oeotly the price of
lon advanced to tbe o>d prise of $6 to
96 SO per thoaeand and now a (light ad
vaaoe to aaoonaaed in the retail pricer.
Qaotatwoe an aa follow*: Bou?h com
men. |lO per M . Flooring, il3,tf 18 per
M„ accotaing to itM and quality;
dreaeed lamber. ratio, f 13(317,
drieild dear o-dar. 930: door jamb*,
policy ety lee. eta . 930 per M ; picketa, *
oeate each; laiba. 93 P« thoaaand;
ahioglee, 93 par thooeaud.
OATS— oppltoa aoaroe and dealer*
wiU coon have to ahip from Oregon and
California. Jobbing at 9& pn ton aad
retail at from 91 aOQ3 per eantaJ.
HOPS—Buyer* ofleriog SO centa.
POTATOES- Wbotaaato prtoea quoted
at t2Siat37J»; retail, 91 SO per bandred.
HAY—Jobbing at 917 per ton and re
tail at 91 par bandred weight or 930 par
WHEAT-Wbotoaato, 9» par toa; ra
tail. tl 75 per cental.
nous Oruabed or whole. whotoa\to.
9 par ton; retail. 91 SO per cental.
OIL OAKS MEAL—Wbotoaato, 930
par ton: retail. 3 aaata par poood.
BEEF - Advaaoing. Wbolaaala. »
aenle: retail, 10 to 30 aeat* per pound.
Ml TTON—Whelaaato. • oeate; retail,
< to 15 eanta par p«ond.
POBK-Wbolaaale. 7 aaata; mail «
to lj\ centa per pound.
FLOCK-Wbotoaato, retaU.fi
par banal.
Bl r TEB - Retail front IS to casta
par roll of two pound*.
KUOS-Wbotoaato. 375; retail, 40
Whotoaala, 95; rattfl,
APPLES-Wbolaaala, 35 to6o e lata,
aad retail for 40 cent* to 91.
CABBAGE- Wbokaato, IX neat*;
retail. 2 centa per pooad.
ONlONS—Wbnloaale, $1 JO to 93 par
cental ; retail. 3\ tn 3 eecte per pound.
COAL-Keratl ft per toa at backer*
WOOD - Ketail. oord wood, f3M
•love wood. blook«. ft; Move wood,
•put. 93 per cord, delivered
IBON—Pounden pay fM to 930 par
toa for ptg iroa.
SEED—Clover, from li to S2 centa
per pound; timothy. to T eanta. red
top, 11 cent*: orchard graaa, 18 centa;
alfalfa. If* aeat*; pamaial miltot. SB
cecta pet foiftd.
>mun<« tuKa uin.
rtM B*«tl IWn 1a Om aottd fat Caw,
ttiMM. Bam, tlocM. thM k'Ma, Fa
in Ma, latter. Cbamal tUmfeOkit
bWM Oantf itod *il tikis Kraptkaa.
u4 paatiaaty «m Piht or w r>)
nqun>l It it (otniMtd to fta rar
faet ntufteuoiL of MWf ufandad
ftim S mbm par bos. for mi* bj A.
B. Bt*w**r it
a utntni nn iu »irui
l.ubtt mj tMrortrilf «kw IMt
bMU; «tUt pt»»*rrd ofcaJk. bat item
vfeaat HBataioH bate ibt ha* at
S. X. Graph*. ]
Haaator Miil|Pt M pest. Bartoc outj
a praMatfcaa at Irtla vataaaad ba pay
oL^«Va' V^ k bra?MM
tolf a onti>aa.
tot ia ia aodanwar of dyiae vMhby.
a aitiinaaire. Ha ia aortk aknat #3OO, ■
ant aad yat to Una ia a eeaM aaaaaat
aai atyk*.
titaatar 8a baa ant milltuaaire ataa
to aaai la Wialiriwa. bat «bm hia
failure atwaraaM ba aaprial toabaaa
tot al Mro
' Haaator Pack mUm aboat *IMOO*
yaar oat of km lav pnatlee, aad ia aaid
to ova a hula property ■ llabima Ha
"taateT 7SL fly- + f Sooth
Oarotma ovaa a little property ta Oo
lnmhta, bat to ia abbeni la baa vary
"toaatawWita of MaryiaZd*Uiad off
bia eatery aa Oireail Jtadaa before to
aster ito Innate rail en a to Beta bet
Unit mi id, n. funnn
arrrr bad aay toafc aaeoaft totpaak of,
aad K*m oa bia aatery. Ba tefteaarota
and open baaded ta a faait.
Senator Riddtebarger baa bia eaiary,
a little property aad exae arvepapsr
iat uTMIa. aad toaaaea aathiac. Ue a
etlied aaa of Ito aoat free toadad «aaa
ia WaabtacM.
Senator Siaiebary ia <r»mfort*bly fix
ei.evaiac a sreat deal af Oatavan tend
tbat baa baaa ia Mm family for ow a
baadred yoara. Ha preperty ia vortb
•boat SIOO,OOO.
krwi| who Btj be ciMnd m
"tatenbly vail off " are Saoatsn Mar
aay, Kaoaa. JoaM of Florida, Harrta,
George, OolqalU, Otto, Call, Bator.
Blair. BUabbara aad Baeia.
Senator Morrill bu • fine old home
at~ad ia VeraxMt. » IrtUa mtmtj »
baoJMcood iaoMMiraa bit p»of—ion
«od hll Mlu?. He ItTM 100 well to
■» aajtbing, sod «ata into atoak apao
sUttoo (Mia ia wbiaij Ttn
tons ha ia aud to ba teourkabij fort*
D A. Bradford, wboieaale paper dealer
ot Gbttuoon, Tana., writes that be
w senooaly afflicted with • severe eoid
that settled oa hie long*; had triad JUS ay
remeciie* without benefit. Being in
duced to try Dr. King 1 * New Diaoovery
for Canaamption, did ao and IU en
tirely eared by ass of a few bottles.
Sine* whtoh time be baa need it ia hia
family for ail Goagb* and Col da with
beet results. This ia the expertenee of
tboosvnds whoee Uvea Ave been saved
by thia Wood erf ol Discovery. Trial
bottle* free at A. B. Stewart'* Drug
Store. dw
AM UWUT at MTUi ri
For Oil*. Malta. PUIa and aU kinds of
bitter, naaseoo* Liver Med koines and
Cathartics is the very agreeable liquid
frail remedy. Syrup of Figs. Its advan
tages are rodent— it ia more easily
taken, mora aeesptable to the stomaeb.
more pleasantly effective and mort
truly beneficial te the system than any
otber remtdy. Beoommended by lead
ing physicians and for sale ie SO eeot
and f 1 bottles by A. B. SIXWABT. dw
Man. Wmunr's HOKIOO Hravr, for
«hMbw tMtktas. ia tba pMMriptta
one of the best femal- noraea and phy
■iciacs in the Caitad States, and has
been used for forty years with never
failing soocees by millions of uotbsra
for tbsir children. Daring the prooeen
of te< thing its value is inoeleolable. it
raltsvda the ohild from pain, cores dya
eatery and diarrboa, griping in the
bowels and wind ooiic. By giving health
te the ehild it rests the aether. Priof
'te. a bottle. ap3ldwly
Delicate persons, and all whose sys
tems have become debilitated, should
bear in mind tbat Simmoas Liver Regu
lator is not a drastic, purging medicine,
does not weaken or deplete the system
as otter pargatives do, bat acts Really.
It will invigorate like a glass of wine,
bat i* no intoxicating beverage to lead
to intemperance; will promote digestion,
dissipate headache, aod generally tone
ap the system.
Hon. Alex. H. Stephens, of Oa., says:
" Simmons Liver Begulator is mild and
saite me better than more active reme
Absolutely Pure.
Thta powder merer rarka. A ntrral
of p irfty. strength »i vholMamoMaa
VannMaM thaa the ordinary ktada
ui cannot be aotd ia ooaapetitian with
'.he nvUtitode ef law teat *hort weight,
a! am or phaephate powder*. Sold oolj
ta eana. Rotai. Baits-* Powmi Co.
tOS Wall "treat. Saw To»v. »->«*-
Faultless Faiilj Medicine.
"I hKW aaad Siutona Unr *a«a.
•»!«• for Ulj ;«an, suJ* It
■T <*:j F»»Uj NMkIM Mv aalh
*• *a wtj p»rCi! to ft.
It to » •*/». (m 4 ud rvltaMa MAI.
eta* far «*> dtoor>« of Um • jvtm.
uad If B«-d <■ UM sa a our nt
nmtwiKuui t<AMn»
•»M * N ■; FHMFE, »*d ak*u CM
mw * E. Owralk. Sa. faMeM. T» "
uwtrs KEEPING siaaois LIVER
I »u*» f « >4 <l«»m L!**r S«rii»i" tk*
M fatly —«I m I
tut m* kin -t»tm tund tt m lniu»
ira, Caue. Dumm. lukoh, ut
foanl II kg icllav* BMIUHti Altar ru.
tr » i MUD Mil in. a, a rut to —d, I
ut> >»«•• I nintln:, t art** M Iki t<-
(ku of IM tf |ll' «kt.
ovu a, anuEs.
I*n«y» «f Macao, te,
Ha* •» Z Mat m (Rtl 1 wr»p»or.
I. H ZCiUN ft CO., Ma RrapiMm.
raid. »i rauAKLPSXA, FA-
Bert iiTtstaeat in tk* eitj
with a tlcw to tprtilitkn.
They are within oar-eighth
of a mile of the proposed site
of the 8., L. S 4 B. Railroad
wharrea, bankers, rollinc
nilU aad smeltiag works.
Call aad see the plat.
Cotaer at rrtart aad Xadtua aCaeea. la
Foniure ecera. Jalt 3m
Red and White Clever
Timothy. Blue Crass.
GrßH*. Garden
Vegetable Heedo,
TIS tr al etru'i Mia
919 Freat ct.. next ta B.xter k Co.
fel 1»
X maautectnrar. Price* knrerthan Sao
■ ranciaoo. Country order* •oiicittd
•rj»"a Opera Black, roam* and 10. ocJt
Per cent.
In three years will be made
on lots in
Ladd's Addition
At $75 per lot.
We*havo alsoa tew cbotoe bargains in
bo laes* and residence property on Front,
Seccn«. Third and Pika street*, and in
and around Belltown.
James St. opp. Ore'd ratal Hotel.
Real Estate
i side or outside of the city limit* ef
-eattl>—land from ene acre ap wards, or
residence oroperty, improved or unim
proved, also business lota, or a good In
vestment generally- -we will give you a
setter bit gain than any firm la town.
We keep a conveyance and take pleas
are ia showing P'operty.
Office with C K- Bowman, opposite Yee
ler-!.e try building, Front meet,
P. a box ISB. nog
Cor. Front and Colombia streets,
reka Restaurant and Bakery we will
ooaduot the business ia Irm-olsss styls.
Oysrors ia every style, and meals served
to craer at all hourm.
Regular meals S cent*. Board at most
-e&aoa&ble rates.
A full line of I tfk Bread. Cakes and
Cenfectienery always on hand.
D . fc K. M. MUNRO,
te» Formerly of Seattle Keetauraat.
A desirable Farm on
Lake Waahlnarton, con
taining ICO acrea; 60
acrea cleared; two large
Orchards; excellent
Buildlnga ; two Houses
and three Barna ; Farm
ing Implements; 10 head
Cattle ; two Horeee. Ap
ply to j «S6 I m
Dry Seeds, *
Beet* aad Sfeeaa.
■ate, Tranks, ete.
■aafca° We pay £>!«>■! pdast* o *"*
Fue Calf Boots ait Shoes
aim Ladlee" aad Misses' Shorn la a£
he Latest aad moot ■ay llafc oat, aad at
Motaßla. wo«C aad etoUt-oorarad
It jaakotaaad Oottaa, Rita Otoraaaßd
|»"sTJi'.k raaaMta tar Ftfik AI!
feradaa at aooda, trmm Ute ct Itjltt tc
boat ardand b* lahwafth pranpUj
pied. Mm'ißto.Tlwllt Jl3
fW rutin £Ur rimaaAmaM Jri ml v
BJUBMAI weaxxcss, tost or mas
-8000. ■a<»traiof(^a*aaa.dtaaoar arari laaai.
» am« <• « MiftowtalM rMOMTATQ*-
UMA. ML. UKSISTt /sr/cuttr-'t w
»a Of I Tnnf*r riOtTA TVtXHtA. firm*.
•tomlci m-4 .IMrwt/f
--«/« bisri*SAM Tfrr iltl io— V Jfa».
ID9CgUl^K*i' : g
niTRKKA sb a:k: *: mm
vaL VrKHMMOI. Prafr
■ OnMrTUrtMiCWMMBata.
Sb ofsS'iewv" 41 * r "* 4 *"* *" u
tfO« w«ic» «iu «■■< M

Dealer in ,
Stoves, Range*
Most compete l>ne of Heating Stoves on the
OoßMMrci<l Btreat, Seattle*. myl
Washington Iron Works Co.,
Foundry, Machine and Boiler Shops,
lor. Second, Jackson and Third sts., Seattle
jr. M. FRxarg. «up*t.
» 0
The New Grocery Store
la Opera Bonn Block, having proved a now the proprietor,
Will entente his stock of
Groceries, Feed, Provisions, etc.
WIU kc»f> the beat ta the market aadeall a* lowa* theloweet. Gooda delivered
free in theater-
Gives his personal attention to orders. Or
ders from abroad delivered free on board
cars or steamers.
Free delivery in the city.
Store on Mill street.
Have now on band the largest and beat selected stock erer brought
to Puget Sound.
Groceries, Provisions, Hardware
Iron, Steel, Cordage and Ship Chandlery, Floor, Feed, Hay and
Grain, Boots and Shoes, Crockery and Glassware, Paints
and Oils, and all kinds •!
Staple and Fancy Groceries;
Agents for Fish Bros. A Co's celebrated Wagon, and the Impe
rial, Northern Queen and London Insurance Company; Capital,
*36,000,000. HARRINGTON A SMITH.
Commercial street, Seattle. W T. mT B
Shipping and Commission Merchant!
aao Mims u au. Kurua or
Produce, Hay, Grain, Floor Feed, Beans and Meals
HatAeld A Uarton an aria •gnats t™«
SoUahand Cyrus Walker. Urdmtqr mail and
(WHoe aad Warehonae oa YadVi Wharf. "*•
9UOB Heating for pnbUc aad private building*. Wa hare the moat niianiln
pipe catting and threading machinery north of Ban Francisco. oomplete
Mill tiwet. ooraer Hatlrnad areaaa. P. a twx i» oouei*.
s. k wiwannT.
AlereltaiAt Vniior,
S&vttwlf fy thm tyWi Prlww to s*rit *hm tliwa ***
* or
Slxlp Obandlery,
Olotblns, Dry Goods,
Fancy Gkxxla,
Boot» and Slioos,
Hat« and Oapa, etc.
Wm also aatt. both WHOIUILI aad RrraiL.
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Window Curtains, House Fur
nishirut Goods, Shelf Hardware, Mechanics'
Tools, Ship Chandlery, etc., etc.
W a earttiaily tarlta like trad* of Taoitary »• ««»• ■ a eatt
Will l M y» Seattla for r».
coma Mondays, Wadn«»
<*•»• * Friday at >a.i^
»*•* Tiaa.
Wijrrm nm cAWh.
UmTic-M £**
*—• -——-
Idmn Hmhll t... . __
Airirtu TMa* au_. I »»
Uaia Tmm mi ——«_»■
*t otrmate
.K, ■» —. mm
°»>t Wwitrtn w«k fw— «
Win Imii Cuote M Seedei ~n
tt«i X 1 o'clock.
wut taclade Sew WatatHtaraiota
aa dfcc ftaaa rtTQf to char ft— fc».
fo& sNOHomsa ran,
IfeSfctfLw. IJtan,
Canjria* Uh Catta* 9t«taa aw*. MB
feata Seattle tar Unsafe Jltkekat
I.e. Uwr.. *j..i
Carrying the U. S. Malt.
Timn Innli ifiriTii
at 1 efeiocfc |l ■.. and daaitla ii H ».■
s cioct, Jar SMtthw(SL«
renin in njn mm wn
MBXIC«-N*TMlkw I*, Wm.
IT u«<ll,
qtEBN or the rAciric-a**.
*«. *>•« 10 M< M, «MT
CPOMAW»9iTpifc __
oitaatNaaatano. New Wwtate-
Mr. Tafcv MOa. an* «a olte
m fallow:
UCKRN OP TBI >ArirK- !»•*.
I*, DM. t, IT mm 4 SI.
JKBXICO - H*T«akw M, >■«—•
b.r 1* aad U.
For (ratcbt or ttnit apply I#
« B IPUCU. *■•»*
«w C. It P. 8. Oa.» Ooaaa Uon* <m*m
Ju Montimj. Will wily ud
brain* Tu»4»j. Tkoradaj' M<lw«—t
Port Blakily ail Saatfa.
xML H JK.' JK IK. J&k* -J®
▼■i'li la tkia Mm toan 8m
fUaniaotaarr wSS"
«Ml m,. kMd or Port OrrteOjlff;
■*- i
a. uririat at Marts »bo«i » }- *
SET:, trCS&Z
KOI win Mti M «kna* MlM*a

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