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Seattle daily post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, W.T. [Wash.]) 1881-1888, February 16, 1887, Image 3

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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<wtto IHfid Oitnon to a* Hm «fek
9te Hi Nftfl if i iiw® ®ot<§»
SZHwitt to <m ••■•■II of
o< ZLu a Immm H. Woetety, "* «**
Seid of ytotofdey. tolllwi
P.L, bo«io»». end Ctpttii Herbert
>• te»po*n*t»y to lw, " j "*
£f„l 4 Poei't wberf. to* ito»Hi4
~~-j im - r -i ib* fooed i oiec, toll
j - bottom to Ml aa.
tf trrtece Iw"—' **d «« tawed
JjT ib* Asditw'i oOee yeetordey to
M,d L. Terry Md Mm Jennie B.
sSrUtflf HentU#. Md to Obwto.
fen* & to**
j KM eoenty.
> jftlrmir jaet don from BdM
-* that tbe Fr»* rmw H
§olsvl %rns ttMrt Im
flwtolldl? MM IWI Milled to Ml
-4> lb* riw, to front of Hew
VMueiafter, to pat ewny foe n«M>
*Ti e a>««tioc ef tbe veetrymeg of
Triatty Cboreto on to* Mtrtxi.y ol(At,
I M MM to employ pecmen»«tiy
L|aMM>iitodN *t the more
iT Md eviataa nerrieee I* Trinity
Ssweb. *W *!'"> b«i one of the
*r«*eit MfiiM eote* to the o*j.
Tbe Be/ Awoetotioa of Tenon* held
niilliw oa Monday * rente*, for tbe
Lnn of dt»ui»iot KM app.toto-eot
rjji Jndae for that diet riot, and to
artdt tbe oraonintton of tbemeanben
'Tttoberthe'e Tbe metier «f e Ter
ifeortol Ber AMeotstioo tree dmomd.
CkM. Boreett, laperieteodeot of tbe
Prune ooel mleee wee to Seettle
nuerdey, end left on tbe Fleetwood for
wflooed. He Hetee tb«t tbe entpnt
7 bu awe t< from Ave tboonnd to til
mi —* too* per meetb. wktob to
pMbx food im ft mine of imII pre-
TWdoobie-ended *lde wheel MM
M Alkl, bnilt to ton oo tbe Hoobo
■M and nmi, aod e»Md
H flipun MoUall. while taking water
M CMeiedy Mm etber day, filled Hi
Zfj »fe*ee«tl-d «be tnrned op «de
fen tod eill I* damaged omaiderably
br tbe accident.
Th* »t*emer t. f. Monroe, wbieh u
rind from Bnohomi»b yeeterday,
tmocht down * URN* HM ef PMMHII.
taoac «*>»<» tm Frank MoGnire and
kv party of «iiu»n raen wbo bare been
la the employ of the PoMal T.U»r*ph
OOMUT lnßnoboml*b eooatry. Tbe
M TILL bo km mid of kid die-
Mr. 0. P. MOM MM that owine to
MOM barine** arrangement* be will not
taaUa UIM away on bla Eaatern toar
kefor> Aegnit. Hie mborb .n mid«M
b oearlcf completion. Tbe reoent cold
.eeetber latarfered eomewbat with the
llilV-r bat tbe Mate of the trouble
tail bead removed aad tbe hooae will
na be read; for ooeapaney.
Tbe tat Tree towed tbe ablp Ivanhoe
Mo port lut evening. It waa at Bret
Mewed to pot a tbonaand tone of ooal
Mo the Ivanboe oat of tbe Bine Jacket,
bat tbie plan baa bean changed aa there
btreat demand for Buefe Diamond
Mai la Baa Franeieoo, and nana to be
bad. The Iranboe will be tiveo qaiok
tiapateb, aad tbe HJoe Jacket will bare
la wail for tbe armai of another veaeel
t» relieve bar.
K. A. Gardner, Insneetor of Ooetocaa,
Ntaraed from hla trip to Mew Verk on
Oanday night, hit eyeaigbt having bean
Mtored. Be waa aoeompanied by bu
eoano W. P. Oardner, who will proba
bly remain oo the boond. Mr. Gardner
Mate* that einoe be left tbe Stood be
ha* eip*Ti*ne»d all kinda of weather,
Mtediag tbe wont, aad be la pretty
evil at Med to get beok.
10. Owen and wife, of Uneoln. Me
kraka, are In Seattle. Mra. Owen iaa
dm of Mr. M. D. Ballard of tbi* all*.
Br. Oven haa been for year* tbe Bank
Knamer of tbe dlatriet in wbieb be
Mvid, and wae removed by Ibe Demo
mile Admlnletration wbea tt came
Mo power. Mr. Owen may bee*iu» in
tmated in thU eity and drolde to re
nain here. At any rate, be and hi* wife
will apead eevaral montbe vietttng with
tbe family of Mr. Ballard.
Mr. Char lee Jorgenson. of Beaton,
writes to ootnpUlc of the obstruction of
Bleak river it hta place by the masting
mint tbe ooaaty bridge there of a
law boon of loa*. completely damming
•p the river and rendering navigation
imposs'bts. Mr. Jorgeosoa it noeb as
MMx l (bat the Oounty Commissioner*
4a aot bestir tbsmsslvss la tba matter,
tar not only, ba allegee, to tba safstv of
tba bridge Imperilled, bat tba eooaty
road thrsstens to ba ssnously ao
troaohed a poo by the rurplui water*.
it a special west on of the Board of
Oosity Commissioners, bald aome weeke
age, the eontraet for tba oare, eoetody
tad medlaal attend noe opon Iba coon
ty poor waa let ta Dr.O H. Merrick, tba
compensation being leea than SIOOO per
Mar for hie eervlcee. Krceetly the
Beard eallad for bida for barying tba
wwty poor and far looking after tba
Dsvamieh river bridge. Tssterday Dr.
Mirriok submitted a proposition to tba
Beard that If they would extend hie
mutreot for keeping the pear for three
lean. Instead af oar year, that ka would
kary the poor and keep tba bridge free
ef expeaae to tba oounly. Tba Board
seasiJured tbs propositoa aad eon
stated that It would be to tba beat ta
tenet of the eooaty to accept It, aad ao
determined. The contract waa entered
tato by wbieh Dr. Merrlek will take
•are of tba oooaty poor ap to February
i lew.
Tba steamer Addia anma over from
Port Mad icon yesterday for a load of
Nppllee. Tba appearance of this old
•aft brings back to mind tba tlesa
•ken Newcastle coal was I snsportad
Serves L\ke Washington, tbs portage,
Uks Uatoa, and then km the Seattle
Osal aad Transportation Company's
•safffrom Lake Union Into Seattle br
•ay of Pike street. The Kenton aad
wliet mines transported tbeir coal
Jew* the river to Tester's wharf oa
ksrgsa, where il was elevated late bank
«i aad afterwarde loaded Soto vsseele
'<* thipment to Ban Frsnciroo. Far
Ike parpoae of tewing ooal barge* tba
"earner Addle was bailt, and sba was
•id for that pur oee up to tbe time
Mm the Senilis aad Walla Walla Bail
••ad was completed to Wewaaatlc. She
*Ma*acd "Addis" after tie daaghter
*IM. Kmithere, Esq., of Beaton,
f Ike estimable etfeof Justice H L.
, wsrae, af that plane.
ual mtm
Ike felloatng deeds were Bled ia the
Atditor's effiee yeeterday for record t
J- A. Denny to EHtabetb A. Mtooy.
feet in the unplatted portion of
<ksD>aay el im on Madt««n streer. sl.
••toonC. Hooire to Dtniel H. OU
?**• I«t S, ssc SI. tp 'JS, r S e. containing
■*>»erss oa Smith's Cove, $t 1.980.
Oilman to Fraaklta M. Jou«e,
*** sss3t.ipas.rSe. eontaiatag » 90
*«m« on Smith's Cove, sll »».
"sty A. Webster to itaaiel O'Leery,
?* Vw • a and ae<uof s w and
J* U sad l» of ses s*. tp SS, r 7 a.
"MMasrea, SS,OOO
The following property holders have
"™**"d to the etly. Katlread avowee,
gmgtvsa to the Hoaitla, Like Ssore 1
r*"*ra lUilroad CVimpaay right of
T" *od ecroas their property
J? 1 * Keeae. H H Dearbora. Wm.
"•joy. Richard Holt oka. Chaa Craig.
J** 8. H. PsaseJMary A. Oai
'assss Doegaa. J. W. Vanßreek
«<• Oo«T»icT« —MI. W.O. tUapaoa,
«<b»» aoaaty, bu wtmd tola * »nt
with Imm Pimm to for
r* i'"J® 00 pood* of t>of» oT lb*
?i 14 H °»* w por ponod
»• W5 Wb-nd into 1 tiaiUi
25y.* <> •j'fc *'• Pnw to farvMfc bra*
toaad* of bop* •( to* orao of IMT
* OMIU par poaad. Tb«* coo
"•« AM (or n«ord to lb*
°«*J iWnot-i > Af«.
SS Tf? T «W» p«t*. *»™
Zy** l * *•* *••»*. lb*
te to* world to nw (ao
0. Ouun.
MvtxUy maina. T*hrn*n tw, be*
txwdtiiMgiui M tb» ai Um
f«rmtU op.»ia« of OrueHjepittl. w4
teK perfMtad to Bikl it • wtfa-to iftto
OUPwHtoM kwbwuppmm «■ fat-
a»d Mra. o*^o
- H " s " f
TaMO CMMBittM —■ HwdifiiM J U.
'• *• IWlaotrbt, Oiftwi, Rnefc,
■m lliitn'iwiSwii, "nw
bbd Marrioo; I* Mr*. Hatfey'a, romer
gpjw ud foorta. or to Mrs.
Mwlisesaod r«aik direct*.
twhsto mm bo m Lovmw
*H*sfofd - i or of u; ot tbe Mnw
, ftywton at CM dotiar wk, *tu
toslode the satire mmtWmnu wilt
will oarry mm from
Third «tr*et to the top of Msdieon
Htreol BUI M ■ odoralej>rieoa.
U yard* for SI, BlwM MmUi; 18
yardt (or |l, QmM Flannel; IS yurdi
for sl, LoncdaJo; 19 yards for sl. Ex
tra Bltasbed Mostin: 5 4 Unela, ;
10 4. Me.; KM PrqooJ B laibij 2bo ;
otbar vidtbi to proportion.
bU Cnasrma Cuuii
T. M. Aleord. of Kant, to to lit* Oily.
Samson Rosenblatt, of Saa Ifnato
eo,ie to tbe eity.
Miss Btleuth *ad Mia. MsOaaMs, of
Taeoma, are to the Oily.
t. L MeMillin and W. F. Ha-eb, ot
Twnn, are to the eity.
Eldrid#e Moree,lhe ex joornaliei tram
Boabomieb, is to Ibe eity.
t. Bensvanoer. Sol. Blamaner, W. A.
Avery. bad W. L. Bolter, of Portland
are ai tbe Arlington.
H. P. J ask son and wife of Snohomish,
Ms at tbe Oeeideotal. They arrived by
the Monroe yesterday.
John MeLane, O. Mtaaolay, 4. Frank,
E. I. Doyle, Wa D Boebe, aad M. B.
Aaeaetloe, of Han Fraooiaoo, are at tbe
0. P. Baton, of Coapevllle, P. Ora
bam, of Port Gamble, A. L Wake, of
Port Tewnaeod. F. W. Youg. of Ban
Fraooiaoo. and Clint Ooine, af Drain,
Oregon, are at tbe Arlington.
Chaa. M. Halloa amrtd bare from
Olympia laat eight. He report* tbe
performance of Mikado by tbe IM.
John'* Moaioal Society Moaday evening,
a grand eeeeaae; every eeat in tbe
booee waa eoid.
F. P. Fernell of tkpak. Geo. Braekatt
of Bdmnoda. Tamlio Blweil and D. M.
Colman of Nnobomiab, W. H McAloon
of Olympia, D. D. OolUna of Vaabon.
Geo. Oox and Niek Harly mi Maryavilla,
are at tbe OeetdantaL
W. B B*brae of New York. D. B.
Balnea of Aarora. Indiana, B Nnttal of
Viotoria, Cbaa. Maul ton of Blooming
tn, Illlnoia, W. F. Toyman of Illinois,
and W. E. Shield* of Boeeberg, Oregon,
are at the Oeeideatal.
8. Deniete and wife of Olvmpia, John
Jontl of Han ton, A. Brear of Port Gam
ble, B. T. Berry of Montana, A. 0.
Pickering of Booqaalmie. J. Badland
of Portland, and 8. Daniel* aad wife
of Olympia, are at tbe Mew England.
B. Green, of White B'ver, C. D. Kim
ball, of Meant Vernoe. t. D. Hai.beck,
of Olympia, Wm. Gilmore, of Ed icon,
I. Mendereon, H. II King and M. Olaon
of Uooaaer, 8. L. hmitb of Beat. I
Martin of Staawood. Warna J. Gordon
of Vaabon leland, F. Baekine and eoa
of Cedar Biver, and 0. Boa* of 3*n
Joan, I. B w,»eter aad Mra. Willi*
and aon ef Viotoria, are at tbe Brona
MW*. to OIOM the lto« 37-lonb SNT;
SooMti Soiling, regaUr 36a. qaality.
Onmi Ouiii.
Bunu, Fab. IS —ls the aua of M.
E Kenworthr ve. 8. L. Collie, tba mo
-IMB to aat atlda default *u granted.
J d. Brull«u «t 1 Bffwii»r et al,
oaofirontloo of aala or real eclats.
la tba css« of J aha Oaboro n Jane
Oebern for divorce, tba dafandaat m
glvsu tan days la wblab to piaad.
lbs Orend Jury ob tba part of tba
Territory returned true bill* against
Ed. Kally and Joaeph Bulger, for rob
Also, against Edwin Bargeon, for
adulter jr.
Also, against John Douovsn and J as.
Fi'soatriok, for robbery, aad against J.
0. Eraser, for burvlary. a
Joh a 0. Me I, mb and J*ae Osbora
were indieted for living fa fpea and ao
torioua adoltary.
John Weleb pleaded guilty to the
oharge s# patty lareeay, aad was sen
tenced to oaa montb'a imprisonment
and ie pay a Boe of SIOO.
la Iba aasa of tba T err It or» vs. James
Murphy, iadiotsd for grand larueoy, tba
defendant pleaded guilty to petit lar
eeny, aad waa saatsaasd to oaa moatb's
impusoameot in tba eooaty jail and la
pay a Baa of |IQ
The Grand Jury returned a true bill
against As nee Waal for keeping a house
of ill fane. Defendant arraigned aad
given until tnsnorrow to pieid.
Pslriek Horns, a native of Ireland.
was admitted to oitu•oabtp.
In lbs ease of tba United Hta tec vs L
W. Pbeltn, indieted fer image ling, on
four coanis. tba jury earns la al 4
o'sioek. after having bean oat about six
b iura, aad rwtaroed a verdict of not
guilty on tbe Brat, eeoond and third
eeaaia. feat guilty on tba fourth count.
Bpectal Drivee In Dross Ooods this
wash Cxnrrn Cluii.
rsmt taaitsusiiiu' raa
Ssatti x. Fab. lA.—Dr. 1.8. M Smart
pat ia a bid for furaisbtag medieal aad
eurgieal attoadaaoe oa prisoners ia tbs
coaaty Jail at S4B per annum. Tbsre
betag ao other btds tba coatract waa
awarded to him.
Bids for bury lag dsiinssd coanty
poor ware received as follows: W. T.
hllman. fi SR: O. C. Sborey * 00., fT 40;
I. M. Hovt, 84.40.
Dr. O. H Merrlek, Seporiatondeat af
lbs Oounty Poor Farm, hiving i ffered
to bury such itoossssd poor for nothing,
was awarded the ooalrasC for tba term
of three years from data.
Bide oflerteg eervioss aa tscder of
Dewamtab B ver bridge were rssaivsd
as follows: Jacob Jaliea. per aaaam,
EH T. Morae, $900; Loreato BeJs.
L. N. Hprattua, SSC3; Freak
Mr*, r. H. liackett offered aervtoea
for oaa of grouoda aad baitdlagv ad
j. taiag the bridge.
H. H. Miller offered $330 per moath
and services, except at tiasa af heavy
fresbet.f >r see ef grouadsaad hai.Jinge
Dr. t\H Memch offered to attend the
»ndge free ef ex pines to the oounty.
for ese af the grounds. Tbe bid of Dr.
Merrick wsa accepted aad tbe contrast
awarded to htm for tbs term of three
y era.
Contract of Dr. 0. H Msrriak for ear*
aad remedy of the oouaty poor was al
ter dsd for three years.
Veacbers were preseated by Dr.O. H.
Memofc. Bapertateadeet of the poor
f»ra». foe •spaadttano la ftttiaa apUM
pi Mr, u4 Mtw'ri. ta tfc* Mat aI tX
SCO ud mtrul nt ordand d?tai to
kM Uf* for that aainaa*.
Tb« tM«M of 8. U B®ith, fe>p*r
floor of K-wd Diatriot No. SD. for SIOO.
wd Oh**.. Pukw, of DMftol No. 30 tor
fits. m«o »pvr«»*d. . . _
Ibo Mortu Ronantaora far I#T
•>n «w«*io<: J.H. Nob?, tar D»
ir m Ji.> 13; C r%nf.«oo, for DattM
N > 19 i*d Juha W. Dm;, for Dto
Hn. Uar* ud Mr* OtlMt >nwt
*d too Ma ait of to* Uta Bated 80
«•>; far m trbMb •* «B«ti
tX.ft.tM <* Bww»» W>Wfri Jaek
•to; pwfMt 6M>a* Onm Cum.
tohSm y
** *« mvamjMmm, the aST fa to
Mmtotereetian Ufe Tae*Oty qSUtI
UUtet. ImtiaMkwi •tra'iiruUd
«*• '^." ebt "**' ** !" y i p, *r* ft M 10
S&Sft&ftS WawrOfc^'The
aSd* * rata iZnMiMMIn
Tie H«Au • ia •
*" "fa{ »H i«li»i BOed fc* •« to*
«•» *>* barmd the etd eompwy it
L'ght aad *atar
ne beard tbM Pope-Oex with tba fringe
H*4 Moored • fraaeftiee far the Mm
<*aata* Ompu;, he Jimped ap aad
dowa ia kia r flee a* fbiladeiphta, ba
wl wroartt ■» with iadicaation. Bat
the hyphenated aad frtnged Pope-Oox
did mm know or did not o*r» fat tbu,
aad weal eteadiiy to work to pat ap
polee and otbe<wiae prepare u> gita the
«*» man > HcM. Bat. alee' tike the !*»«
Svtmmg Telegraph of tbu oily, it waa a
Rood tbins bat waa luekia* vbaa tba
reaoaaat jingle of We aoia of tba ration
»u demanded. Tbere Um Taooma
Light and Water Oompacy vaa etroo*
lba hypheaated ooeapeay bad arranetd
with tba An ertean EleotrioaJ Company
of Haw Tort for a powerful dynamo
eapabieof bleotrifyiag »a iaflntte nam
bar of large are licbta. The amace
ment waa thai tba eompany would pay
part aaab aad a part (took. A
rnmor, poeeibiy of eoeh tnfliog nature
a* to iodtoale the length of tba fringe
m Mr. Popa-Cos'a troaaan, aoeme to
have taken tba Eastern biinard aad
reaabed tba aara of the elaatneal oom
pany ia New York. At aay rate, tba
Marobaate' dynamo waa aot aaat ae
promptly aa waa eipwed. aad wbile
lb. | Pete Oos waa lapertnteading tba
ereeuoo of polte h-re, Mr. Hoemer
* son un MA*
Of Mr. Wright, of Philadelphia, Mop
ped ova* to Nov York and Mated that
be bad naaar for tbe porahaao of I bat
■am dynamo. It ta now ea rouU to Ta
coma, billed to tbe Taaoma Light and
Water Company. In tbe meantime Mr.
Pope Cos berried Beat nearly a month
ago to porebaae another dynamo. He
wat to be here in twenty daya from tbe
time of bia departure. For twenty daya
he waa not beard of at all. Yteierdey
a telegram reached £ N. Oaimette,
President of tbe Merobant*' Oempaay,
ooming from Montreal, aaying that be
(Pope Cox) had been erowed in on tbe
Oanodian Paoißs daring tbe interim
and that be would be aa ewift aa pow
aible in the boeioew in band That it
the attention between tbe two oom
paniee. Mow aa to the City Ooanoil.
Tbe rae>ma Light and Water Coo piny
hare been prepared to light a large part
of the oily for HUM time aad yet men
and women oonttnoe to fall off the ap
lifted eidewalka and into innumerable
ditches with th»ir aeooatomed ragalaritv
beeaeae of the darkneea. Tbe Ooanoil
paeeed an ordinanee providing for IC3
ineandeeeent lighta from the Taeoma
Light aad Water Company, aad a com
mittee waa appointed to looate them.
Two week* pamod aad when tbe Oean
oil met again tbe oommiltee waa not
ready to report.
"Moat tbia oily go two week* mora ia
darkoeaa beoaoa* the o >mmuue hat not
altecded to In boaiaeai?' enqured Mr.
Lillia, oa« of the Ooaneil. ai the la»t
meettoi; and an MTUtgemeiit «u made
tor "
the temporary tighlin# of tba oitf,
b din* tha report of tbia committee.
Thin VM refund oa tba 6tb of tbia
month to tba Joint Comuiittcea on Fir*
Wnter ud Btreetn nod Public
Properly Mr. Htnu u oburnu of
UM joiot aaumiUee. Tbe e»ree«e in
aoli«bt<d (till. Tfce Detrepapere h»re
been trying for Itcbt, nod the Ltdgtr
bu bees r*lt«iooity tgnnriiui Mr. 11 ton*
rreeotlj ud be it mad. Wbea takrd
tod*y wb? th* street* vera anlightcd,
be nylMi "DIBI the newspaper*.
When we are ready to light tba entire
city we will report, and aot till then."
Now there era a whole lot of little
things that might be j>inad together
into a pretty abain of circumstantial
tvidsso* if Ihia ease wera la aonrt. Id
tba Bret plane, the ordlaaaae providing
for the hundred liable first atipnlatad
that they eboaid ba " are" Itgbta- That
word waa etrioken oat and " inoeadee
eent" inearted. The Taootna Light and
Water Company, einoe tba recent pur
ebaee of tba Merobaute' dynamo, oan
enpply both. Tba Ma rah lala'eoa tains
platee fnrniebing only the larger. Thte,
together with the peraietent delay, look!
a* though somebody waa waiting on the
Merchants' Oompaav to net oat of tba
eaowdrift. Don'l It f
to DSMouaa sii aoMmoit.
4 long Use ago, when what ta now
Old Towa, or tba Fin! Ward of Taao
ma. was the prlaotpal eettlsmeat bere,
another little eettleaeDt waa platted,
oat southward of tba new tewn. ne r
the prairie, which 1a now ie the aarket
acdar tbe name of Bird's addition. H
seeass that the streets of tbla addition
all raa oonirariwtae la tboee of Taoo
ma. wblab bare reached oat to It. It Is
aow propnaed to extend O aad ether
parallel straits through tbis addition.
If it la done the streets of Byrd's addi
tion will be chiefly la tba middle of tbe
bioeke, aad tba lots and bleaks will be
la tba middle of the streets. It la
deemed advisable, however, to preserve
tbe Unas of tba alreets of Taaoass, even
to tbe otter demolition af Byrd's hddl
tioa aa originally laid oat. Tba proa
peet la oreating great uasaaiasm soath
of tewn.
booh raa raa aaiLwer.
Tbs members of tba Oity Oouacil
rolled over ta Old Town tbta moruins
for tbs purpoos of vis wing tbs property
tbraagb which certain streets proposal
ta be opened will raa. Tbe frat ehiae
recently graatad to Nelson Baaaett cov
er* certain streets extending to Old
Towa. Old Town Is reached at prsesnt
vary readily, bet it appears that tbs
road by wblab it is done is for a larjs
part of tba way merely a Wail through
private pwipMly. tbe street or read
never having bass nwelsrly opened.
Accordtngfto tba snap. Tsaoaaa arcane
tba OldTowe tborongbfare, «tops at
North Tenth street, aad for half a mile
farther aad uatil it nearly raankss the
Old Towa, it Is raaaiag tbraagb private
pr petty. It is proposed by tba coma 11
tee to opea Taaoasa »venae to Stew
street, aad Stow etre t to Seventh, aad
g ventb street to McCarvar street,
wbtob trill give tbe street railway a pas
sags way to tba ally wbarf. A member
of tba tossmittee statse. after a visit to
tbs ptaos with a view of so in« tba own
er* of tbe property and sieauag an
aaitsahls anaagamrat with them, that
tba saly eooras to
'Tred Master, reaenliy engaged in tba
frrm tbe eoeetor aad eat o« tba grant
toe af his left foot.
aonn or m ear.
Night before Last Saaford Ail red. a
big. taay brute, aad Bt saje« fog tbs
health, aad auattaaad bts abwss aattl
a young ssaawbo was ptasM, aoatd r»
Wre. He sipsntslatid with Allnd
ibillim to* latter Mwi farwoo
MdM* WUwaiMd *M (Mac
Ifwi brtof b»wh. n ibt* *IW
gd fctoaito fce to toe taint of bi«lta«
* *Sa /tSbj^TpCs
Cgefc.? f. B>a£o Ldi^riSTr £S2H
Ths (JhTataa IWaMiali. Onpuj
hero to the mv'iSm! ,tad °
A very latanatiaa aaaa. vbieh ha*
>— >— *'■» Drones be t last, vili
oorae ap for bsartoc before/edge Lav-
SMMMB ai flColrtth'te
topto, from ttaeia a Drxtar. defrbdint,
■hiobthe pUiatUf statu kditliaa
wty to M levari tbec batocgi^tT^
'Jii'aieTtSr tb!nsatof
MKtbMab sr sf * rtT tg«oMtad eloae tbe
tab ofr tbe above eaa to banes Ibe aaie
•* mid property property efeotod.
fl JS, 22 men Heart DnasSUk.
Cram Ouas.
rtwnui nwi
SeftoUr Oorreepoodeooe Pan-bra
The bark Hamteei, Captain Bapmai
rrteed Monday night frees Has Pedn
>d «aa loved lod.y by toe to* Teooa
; Tao°™», ibsrs to load a ittarn oarg
Tbe bark Ota*o paessd down yestoi
ly from Btabaly to for
[Rsgalar Oorrsepoodsooe Poer-lima,-
The bark Hamoeet. Captain Boa man,
arrteed Monday nfcihl frees Has Pedro,
aadvaa tottod tod.y by tbs toe Itoa.
to Taooosa, thsrs to load n rotors aario
of lumber.
The bark Otaco passsd down jwter
day from Biafcsty to Kuitu for a
oer«o ef ooaj for 8u Frenoitoo.
The bark Bmm, Captain Oaw,
■uled from 8u Fraaoiaro Feb.Bth tot
The etoimshtp Atki I* expected to
arrive today from San Fraaeneo, and
to take aboard hay aad saerehaadise for
the Treadwell miaea, Alaaka. i. F. Lot
trail, formerly of tbe itsaeiship Mexico,
goes u parser.
ipTy? * *****
Tb* Tyee eame/ewa from Pert Oua
Me yeeterday morning and loved tbe
•hip Ivanhoe to Seattle.
The «hip Alaska will be doe next Mon-
Brnnh btrk OoMmmmTmlml
'rom Liverpool Dot. 6th fee Victoria, in
The ship Spartan sailed from Sen
Fraaoiaco on the Bth indent for Seattle
to load a return e«rgo of eoal.
TbefnewlY elested oooaty oOeert will
assame their duties on Maroh lat.
Joseph Danes of V otorU. Bichard
Nuttall, a prominent oapitalist of Vie
toria, U. Baah, Shipping Oemmissioaer.
{ohm htetman, formerly Parser on the
Berth PeaiAc and Olympian, and now
Territorial agent for thefeataal Inner
MM Oompaoy ef Pertltad. Oregoc,
A. MePbereon, the Tietoria ropreeeata
tirs for the same sotnpany. Dr. I. M.
Hall, a prominent physioiaa of Vi-toris,
b * k " wii * SS roais to
Portland, Oaptain George, the veuran
pilot of Pa** Soand, aad D. B. Brown,
General Western Passenger Agent for
the Canadian Paeiflo Bailroad, were all
passragsrs ap tbe Boaad on the North
Paeifte testerd <y.
Messrs. W. HL Wblttlesy. H. & Wo d
sad Ohartes Kthis, retarned from Heat
tic tod my.
The hose eart for the Port Towaaaad
Firs Deportment has arrived from Ban
PranoMoo on the Maxioo, aad gladdeae
the hearts ef the firemen. Tbeaartwas
parehawd threaeh J. H. Winslow, aad
isof solid stroetars, oaptbleof carrying
400 feet of boas.
The Mexieo brought twenty-live tons
of general merehandiss oonsigned to
Bnrkett A Eiaenbies.
Osptain Oeor*- E. D«Luo *wl to
Dleoorsry yesterday, eo the Sasoeee, to
•ee whet progerss te being made In the
losdtas of the ehip K eight of M.
A meeting is sailed to dieeoee the Cai
▼ereMy question. Several prominent
speakers will be in attendeeee.
Be*. D. T. Oaiuhu, of the Firet
Preebyterien Ohnroh, will go to Seattle
nest Monday and aruei the Bey. Mr.
Strange, of Seattle, daring the weofc in
holding eerrtoe*. Key. Oernahan will
retarn daring the letter pan of tho
John Lindley, who died in Chimeenm
Valley, Sanday night, hee resided In
this ooanty eioee 1868, Ming one of the
eldest settlers on the Bo and. Of late
years deeeaeed bad poor health. He
leaves a family of grewn op ooildrso In
moderate eiroamstaooee.
fl—A lot of Large White Sprwds.
Cnern Ouanr.

Grand Masquerade
Undor the susplots of the Se
attle Turn-Verein,
Saturday. Fab. I9lfc, 1887.
c MutTTBK or uuxeuiim :
A. W. Piper. L. Betels. llaxCMesa
Heary Lohse, Vttne Hchmid.
ucimof COMMUTES:
Octeßaake. TreAOmek, T. AE'hoay.
Adam Ortfc. ▼. B. Smith. F.W.Waitbef.
A« Vahlbjech, O.MieheL A. Weiff.
Dumnn comrrra:
ASK. Mehihon. ». BsHit. D. RohUe
TUTEM Mimen-VA lUtterhef.
E. B—LS«H tesiß. Joha LEEK. TV [Vesr.
A. ochmldt. K. DetweUer.
Untie by Prat Vancha'e eatire sMkee
tern, epeatas with the Oraad March PN
<r>eeiy at t o clock.
Back pe-eea.ea eeistse— ft Sft
apOCtOIOTO- * ■«»'»"»" "« etteet.wese tv
QoMllomoH 30 costs oxum tor
Dancing alter nnmaahing.
Saa rmaeteca. will he ea irtHWse at
Taraer aadar the —USI I WAS TT A.
the baU.
j agtMeattty Iteettlethe
Four Elegant Prises
WFFL ha awarded to thehsst lull
art r-assi sans;
M Mltßf.
Tw&B thought and hoped last week would have done it, but it
. a * * lo ** O"* ■«* grand Herculean effort to eioee oar Ottmm Skis, a long pull and
* tre ° B * h< * Blher ** more.
emember, bat two weeks moro to pick op nuggets. Come ud see sad believe.
An §BOOO purchase ol entirely new sad freah Dry Goods to be opened up sad sold W*
®a the dollar of their regular value.
. awrju w CAiiiooaak
*» pieces, narked down to 4 cuts. regular price 7 1-2 oenU
** " " " " * esat. ~ - " 8 1-2 cents
" " " "** «—■ " -10 cents
100 ptoces apren eheck 6* eeats regular price 9 cents
" " " ®i « « 12J cents
100 " nice new dress ginghams 7| cents « « m Mats
* : f • ; «»-.«. - - isi—
« 10 . « IJ — „
ETlMwekcr, these prices will «dy last tw« weeks.
Our entire new stock to arrive March Ist amounting to over £IOO,OOO. Two weeks
aiore jubilee in the Domestic Department. Sheetings, Muslins sad Canton Flannels lower than ever
4-4 soft finish Hero, bleached 18 wj, for 11
4-4 " " Londsdale " 15 -
4-4 " «• Cabot « 77L7. .7.7... ...14 44
4-4 " " Fruit of the Loom . 12 « 1
44 " M Wamsutta 10 «
♦« «i of '.7.7.. 8 « 1
■H mHimroHfc
f * 8 yards for 91
® 4 " cents per yard
? -4 " M 171 M M 1
8-4 " «« go << « «
®"4 " ,„2j <« « «
10-4 " ...24 '* ** «
Pequot bleached sheetings g cents more on the same width
Unreached sheetings, same goods cents less on the «me width
DXUfaM OOOXMB TiinpawrMiawp
200 piwes new dress fcerge, 42 inches wide, all colors, to be opened up Moadaj morning and
sold at 50c. a yard, regular value 87Jc.
42 in h black Cashmere 45 cents regular price 75 cents
A new line of beautiful Twilled Dress Qeods, in all shades (stripes and plaids included) bes
r*!ue in the United States at 37 l-2e. to bs sold for 25c. in this sal?
Plashes and Velvets for the neit fourteen days 25 per cent, lees than manufacturers' prices.
16 inch Velvet for 50 cento per yard regular price 86c
18 inch Velvet for 91 00 per yard << JJ ggi
18 inch Plash for 91 00 ** ** „ u „ j
20 iach Plash for 175 M u M «, gSO
HOSIERY AND UftDKBWEAR, Prices thai aireamarvel*
See our new Corsets for 25 cents w M
• - « « «50 cents « « 90 cents
" « « 91 25
All sises Merino Vests sad Fants. 50 oenU
Children's full finithsd Hose, all colors, 12 1-2 cents
1 adies' full finished Hose, all colors, 20 cents u u 35
S mch Ortoull d..ig., K> w.b «*, „ ~2 !
- JBC ILM roiderv for - 1-2 cents everywhere 10 oents I,
Men's, Youths', Boys' and Children's
Clothing still eontinnes.
This is the third week of the great sale started
January 17th. We were not quite ready,
but each day puts us in better shape.
This morning all the Departments of our House, like the
divisions of an army, are marching into the line of battle.
Having a definite purpose before us, we keep working on at it
day by day to put before you the Goods that we believe the
NEW PRICES will lead you to take. We can tell by our sales
that the new prices are noticed. This is our dependence-the
Price, the Quality, the Assortment.,
Perhaps the most singular redactions we hare made in tins department is in Men's, Bojs* and
Children's Orerooats and Suits. To be sore the varieties were rery gnat, and large at our sales have
been, some had to be kept in the background. Now that all we had in the wholesale department
have come into the retail, it would seem as if then were enough to commence the r-n all over
over ag in. Indeed, from the crowds of people in the department the last two weeks, v»u woald
suppose the season was Just starting.
Scan the list clooelj, come with it, hunt up the garments, try them on, and stop yourself from
buying them if jou can. If you can match them anywhere at the price, come back and the
money paid. You'll be welcome to it. Study the prices, and let your friends know of them.
Mea's reversible overcoats M 00, former price ST M
lea's chinchilla overcoats, eat loag * SO, former price II M
Men's chinchilla overcoats, eat mediant 10 SO, former price IS 00
Men's Melton overcoats, eat medlam II 00, former price IT SO
MOB'S heaver caster dlagoaal overcoats It 00, former price 38 00
Men's salts - ST and S», real value sll aad sl4
Men's all wool cheviot salts sl* SO, former prlee IS
Mca'i all wool, silk mlxtares .. IS 00, former price Vt
Men's Sne dlagoaal and corkscrew salts ... IS 00, former prlee 3S
Men's Saeat crepe salts**-****.****'***"...•••*•»•••• 30 00, fcenior price S3
Boys* and Children'! Salts Half Price.
11M Great Clearance Sale of Cleats' FaraLshlag Onii, Hata, Hats, Mala,
Corner of Commercial and Waahlngton streets, Seattle
# i
Will Imi* Seattle for T«*
coma Mondays, Wednes
day A Fridays at • a. m.
•LYanc nua mvwatim co/»
*• « I IA H.
-• f Trtlaiwi art iwml,
wurm run
teg. ***»■*.*• —• n• m
aititi u 1 pa
UtnSattlt it. I , »
Artr« u at— J Z
Uit» Tinwm .....430 a m
Aittm a* (Xrmpu tl | p B
«*fce bat on trip * wrak traa Peutla *•
T ""»W, RC., via Srmiakmoo aa4 tba
Win lon Fwttia aa Matter laaia
tu*» at 1 g'ckx*.
WIU taciaje New WaataUnater m mm
M tkermws rtTor la olaar fro- iotv
F. Monro*
SSXSI u £^tX"*Skiil£!
Lo wsll MMI Saakoatah. Moa
"y- Wwtnwtoy Mrf ntdar. m r *.«.
"g»N •>»—■» <Um
VW fnmght or MMH apply QB board
Carrying the U.S. Mall.
Tmmi, ktUliAPwiTwrwd Into
SSSS-s iShtS
jagifcjgaursjs vs
fOTUJi AO PIBET Ul ! » lion
m Hps!
■ UIC»-N*tNltor 11, tM.
IT wt'lli
qcmn or TH« ririno-i**.
It. Mac I# ■>« 14, tmt
Qiitn or TUB PAeinc-R»T.
I*, DM. I, IT u< SI,
■axico - XtTwktr •«,
ktr !• ulM>
«wo. > p*a.*o»!ToS^&j^ST mm
roil tmc urraii skaoit.
Port Blakely ail Suttti.
captain mnTi
tmf illlb. ud I p. m. Mi mm M
Tmmkt la tiUi U— I—t» tam Wimfmt
M&tk nA r k
* . 'lhwm,
tw mIM total] «g
ton feu
®0« a» j»nt« »»>—

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