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Seattle daily post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, W.T. [Wash.]) 1881-1888, March 17, 1887, Image 3

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Jtmt mi— * *-*»•
Wootery >• inaiaei
kit borne by mekatm. .
TW tw Tr- wee *■ port rm^tdrnj.
ukl * fael,» Uma^*
iMfel |6m isoreiM foe OlyMpta.
l. Fumy L*ke a
iJii eoal »o CMympU yesterday.
Ed. Lindstey aad G. F. »w* M>
troa °» ***** o t
u> UUo Brethar. •» *77*^l*?*
••rL berie* Py*.* • *—*
UtiaMi in thtir shop.
Th« berkeotine AmMta learee today
Port BlakelT. to • «W *
[tab® for Hoaotoln, H. I.
ii mob u the Mtlhtr ponslli, H It
„<Wstood that a«ood deal_arf baildiac
oommenee til orer lb« city,
oaiu a !«»• Kaetarn letter Mil er
rrrad l<u* awht, bat oo Eeatera papera.
Tbe aseal Oalif<>r»ia tnail wm«d.
TV *t«*ni*htp Welle Willi Ibis trip
**«■ eboat fifty tow* ef eerap Iron »o
gu Freeeieeo, for the rolliD* mill*.
A now load of ».a*o book tu
LnngH froa the MsAIIW* brtohyard
intn"H * for (MbvibMhiv Bm. A 00.
Th» eteamer OHy Of Q-iiney will take
Materfal for the
of DuW Btom, of Moaat
Mr B M. Steward, an old ei Oonaty
Ooauuawoer, died of beaiorrfeaca of
tb' laag* at bia bocae. three mi eaaboye
Htitoc, Toeeday eeeaino.
ptiaa far the Seattle, Lake Shore &
gMUra Hallway eoatinoe to ardea, aad
inria* w"l #)nnaeaoe in earneat ia a
or two, tbe weather permintaa.
Br. Fateraoa, of Baa Praatkio. k
■aabluhioc a ahipyard a* P-rt Madi
m »od eipeete to oomßenee work
rifbi aw»y. A sebooaar will probably
be atarted in a few daya.
Tk« fteamer Owaoade is loading 15,000
pole* at Graham'* plue iw lk» Ih
nIA. to be takea op lb« river to Mo-
UagaU't piese. wbere 20 uw of hops
u, to be planted this spring.
Hoe that tbe steamer for Byron Bar
lee aod bit associated la to be ballt at
TMuma, in.tead of Seattle, the eetim its
*( its eoet baa been lacreaeed from $lB,
000 to (25.000. We gueas that la eorreet.
The Tjee yesterday towed tbe bark
Hop*. Osptaln Penbaliow, to Utaalady,
tad nailed here for eoal. and will tow
tka skip Drtreit. Captain MsAliep, to
aae Might, eoal laden for the Bay Oity.
A two hundred- yard fo t raae wai
sude last evening, for S3O a s de, be
lease Mr Hmitb, of Victoria, and An
tbeoy Le Hraahe, of tbie eity. Tbe
rue will be ran on tbs Jaokson street
bndgs at 8 o'clock M&tnrday afternoon.
1 homes Keogb, repraeentiog Alt B.
K>Ut. of Han rraneiaoo, is in Heattle
sraio, after en afcaraee ef several yea re.
Hs n[iree«ee blmaelf as greatly ear
prised at the growth of tbe place since
lm last visit, lie goes to Port Biakely
pilchard O'Oosaor, of White Kivsr,
tost hi* wifs to Vistoria a few day*
anas to andnrgo a sargioal operation.
Yesterday he telegraphed to Hh»nff
Coobrane that hi* wife waa dying and
tsked him to notry bis brother-la law.
Jams* Hharksy, of the fast.
(Matins St. Upsry, waiter at tbe
Hraunrick restaurant, was arrested a
f«w evenings since for resisting an offl
oar. and was tried bsfors a Jury in Jos
tles Soderherg's Coart yeeterday The
j*ry feand him guilty and aasesssd his
to* at 110, and ooste, smoa ling la all
V.ierday m inting a fellow nsmed
Barrett ordtred breakfast at the Queen
Chop Uuoae, and after sating his fill re
lated to pay tbe damai.ee Wben tbe
■alter iniiaied on bis liquidating he be
aaoie belligerent and snoertook to break
up the furniture. He was srrssted. and
slier an eiaminauon was fined S4.V
Mr. J. F T. Mitchell leaves netl Hon
day fer Tansonver, B C., where he goss
lo build a tow beat for tits mill som
pany, Messrs. Kyis A Leamy. Tbs boat
■ill be HO feel In leuglh aad of tbs aams
model a* the tag Qa«ea City. Mr.
Mitchell will take from Mere about ten
men and will ptobabty finteb tbs work
Ib nlusty days.
Ibis I* Bt. Patrish'* Day. Th re will
will be no sslebration here farther than
tbe "wearlati of tbe graen" by tbe
patriotic cos* of the Koierald Isle and
tbe ball to be givsa by the Fenstbtss la
Hi* evealog. aad tbe seiebratlon by
Washlngteu Branch of tbs Irish Ns
lion 11 Laagne, at Its rooms, eommene
ing at 7At p. m.
I asl Saturday Captain Ale* Peterson
k well known rsaident of Island oonaty.
bad a very narrow eaoaps from drown
ing near ('tealady. He left Braaa' log
dug samp ta a small boat aad tbs
k**vy sea prevailing at tbe time caused
Ike boat to sapsise midway batween the
oamp sad I'tsalady. Us managed to
kold on lo tbe boat till rsssaed by Mr.
(harlss MsOlaia, after bsiug la tbs
■*tsr two boars.
Tbe Eltaa Anderaon laat evening,
while between Port Madieao and He
utla. broke her eroeabead. Tbe I'm tod
Mate* ma ll and |IUH< (H« were traua
tarred to tbe Ulty ef VJataoy, whlob
learner ooutlnoed the op Hoond trip.
Repair* to the Audereon will be made
m «>in aa p •eeible. In tbe meantime
U» tilth will ran lo Pott 1 owneend
to<l back aud tbe Qutaey between 8*
•itie aod Tacoua.
Wheu called a poo yeeterdav for aewe
*!>ooeruing Ibe Seattle, Lake Nbore &
K utero, Chief Krwineer Hearry oaid:
"Iher* i* notaing aew farther than what
run have already publiabed. The oda
uaotora are all goiug ahead with their
Muiraoia. and it look* aa thoagh they
uleoded lo complete them en time
Tka teoomotivee, iroa, ata., have been
"dared, and everything la working aa
amxiihly aa eoald be deaired."
Tuaday night a boat 1 o'clock, Hi*
Sort* E. Ward, late orgaalal at Ibe Kirat
ti*t Oborch, while attending tbe
*»Bt* of ber yoaager mater Mabel,
ftinleo away, dropping the lamp aba
*w holding, which exploded, burning
faoe and arm* very aeeerely, and
felling the carpet ou Are. Mr*. Ward
«*»e to the rreoae j iat lo time to check
the tWroe*. whiob weald eoon have been
•*' ud ouoirul. Mia* Ward waa aome
Mter a hen laat heatd from, bat i* eef
(*nu« e>u*iderebiv aad will not be able
le he .mi again for aeveral day*.
i'< eaidarabl* complaint i* again beard
We fact that property ownera. who
real e»ute for aale, are getting
ikair Idea* aa well aa their price* up to>>
k *k Ibe way to boild op a otty aad
■**• proieriv valuable la to give every
">*iy who comae aloog a chance to gel
• 'wittiold and at onee to became a part
"* partwl of tbe oommoolty. Every
®aa who oomea to loveet and la driven
by high price*. d>«e tbe city lira
Par>t4* damage, aa be never ha* a good
lo my f ar (b» ouy, hot coatlaoally
it a Mack eye to everyone he bear*
H*at of owning here. The oely t»o*
~,w* wto eaA'Orage all Mriuifer• tu
®'**t. and make theiu anob term* that
®tll *ee it to tueir advantage to do
'he man. for inatanoa, who baa
°to baodrad towa lota will make BKire
by tolling fitly of them to 4«<»a
*" »tiler*. »bo will improve item, at
, fate*, and holding the other fifty
the Oaiarai enbanoeoieat whiah will
JJV" rn ina iroprevemaat of thoee
hetolla. (hare m room enoogh
for all wh > «aot to oaae. and
r*"" nothing which toed* •• mo oh to
lb * growth of a city aa the peony
*«** and r>oad fuolito lulmv praettoed
" »nd own. ra wbe bold their property
•' thai woaid be mveetora are
if.?" %W * T ' r,w n " ul • bo hera
'*'<*» nog are a rraaocable cbaoce
k>mething on tbe oaliay ef
or he WUI sot pat it ia. It
' y for la.iee who awn prep
•il_T"' »»" *boold bave the beet
o* the etty at heart V> aotiei
r" the inereaaed vtloa of tbe land
>o tbe foiarc. aod baae their
*h» aaiieipated adv uieemeni
lba beet policy ta lo give
_ ,'**** )<«< reeeieed eeearal large
u-T?**' »•» n'loc r*>de lite
lw _ c "°7 •' , «b we harp marked ail of
" ' l»ear» their reoeiTtoK «ea>ral
, ,r »a« oaeh pardtaerrt of dry
'wn rood. UumtCuui.
M. I. Van Vliat, of Sea Fraaaieee, k
11 the otty.
Mr. J. E. Bel yea. of Part Had look, ia
to the aity.
Mr E B. Briaao la aoaftaad to hi*
hioa by ateknew*.
Maorto* MOCiehan retaaaed ha Ta
lk. Boye T. V Baaa ia wow fratcht
aierk aa the North Paeifia.
Mr. ferdteaad ToUaa arrtwad tnm
ha FraaMaou laat adenine.
M. E M. MePbeMrfdaa, trar.Ha*
fraitkt *4t«ot tat the Otaiiiaa Ptak.
ia ia the aity.
Mr. Booth, repreeeatinc thaOoodyaar
Hobber Oxafaoy of t*a Praaeiaoo, waa
ia the otty yeatarday.
O-neral MsMl<4ee, Terrlteetal Traaa
a at, a'mad in iioHttie laat arenia« from
the UnpMai. Ha ia a gaaat of bia aoa
Mr. K. K. Blatkwi.i, who tat aose
tiMa |MHt haa Uied the poaltioa of freiirtt
elerk cm the North Paeifia, baa been
tr vreferred to the panankip of the
Knaa Uayward.
i JfoM Alexaadee, of Viatoria, k. E.
H> fimas. of Boohoaiah. D. k. CrmndaJl.
of B»u Praaoieoo, EM MePbilirtd«e.
of Taaom%, O Hey*, af Uraya Harbor,
0. Bstyes, af Part Htdloah. art at the
C. F. Comaiaae aad wife, of Waliale.
Jaißta Sharkey aad wife, af White
Hirer, J. D. Wiaalow, of Bnohoskh,
Albert Wilaoa, wife and two aeaa, of
lowa, I. C. Rhea, of Bodnawiah Gooaty,
low t, Thoaaea Foraa. af Portiaad, are
ti the New Kngtaad.
A. H Wiatrode of Port Towaaaad, T
T. O'Brien of Neaaiaae, John Boiaa,
Win. Traeey of Whatoos. 4. H. K.
Ward of Mew York, E. Meyer of Berlin,
E. Bodcera, Jfoha Eady and atatera,Oeo
E boaahtoa md wife, W. A. BtartaHaky
of Portland, an at tbe Broaawiok
T. L Btehssond, TM. Ksogb, J. ▼.
Obowa. L B. E d ward*, L. *W Via*.
M Mar sue, Fsrdiaaad Toklaa el flu
Pranoiaoo, P. Oibbooa and wife of Kea
lon, L J Weatherwax #f Aberdeen,
Chad. G. Korto* aod wife of St. Paal.
'. B. Phrlps aod wife of Chicago, Mws
Maad Longfellow of PortUod, W. O.
La* ot Hiebanod. Va., Mr* M. Malta,
of Portland, are at the Occidental.
M aalta underwear. A special par
obase baa arrived. Tbs prices an isas
than cost of malarial.
mbl6 Cnaaraa Clbabi.
Lean ing that Gsorga W. H-tson bad
ratarned front a bn«inees trip to Baa
Prancieoo, a reporter of tbe Powr-Ia
tiixiouch sailed apon bim yesterday
to obtain anything of interest be might
hive to Impart for tbs readers of this
Joarnal- Mr. ttotoon had not ret re
moved bis sity slot h«* and pat on bis
working "dads," bat be woe foand m
tbe mill, o'ivered with sawdnat from
heed to too*. Ae soon as the reporter
eoold net bte attention be called him to
one side and made his errand known.
"All right." said Mr. 8 let eon. "eek
yoar quest ions, end I wilt tnawer them."
Beporter—First tell me a boat yoar
reported I ease of the Whatcom saw mill.
Mr. Hletson—Yoa may say that tbs
Stetson 1 Post Mill Company has
leased the Wbsteom saw mill for s
period ef three years, and took ebarge
of It en Thursday of tbia week. Tsrme
of laaae private. I shall ge down 1 tie re
as soon ss I een get away and pat the
mill in running order, hat we will not
etart it op until good weather. Log*
are so high now it den't pay to ran any
risk in I ming them by towage.
"Why did yoa leaee that mill?" asked
the reporter.
Mr. Stetson -Shortly after we intro
duced oar lamber in tbs California mar
ket* erdere commeaoed oomteg in at
eorb s rate that I foand we oosld not
fill them wltb oor Seattle mill, and as
we were ne : quite reedy to inereaee the
capacity of oar mill we ooncladed to
leaee for three year*, and to tbe mean
time we can enlarge and increase the
oaeacity of oar Heattle mill jast ae we
eee fit. We bsve orders ahead now from
Ban Pranoi*oo. 1. 4 Angeles and Han
Beporter Do yoa contemplate an*
immediate ohanges in yoar Seattle mill?
Mr. Stetson *es; Ws have just received
a band saw and appliances to taks tbs
place of oar d< obis areolars. Thtsb nd
saw, and tbe maehiusry whioh g e* with
It, were baitl fur as, and when in posi
tion will cost Bbool $7,000. After we
bad ordered thi* new maoblnery 1 bad
eoae doable about It working in thi*
timber, as the eiprrlmsol bad never
been tried on the rloand; *o while in
California this trip 1 went op into tbe
Sierra Nevada moantain . wbere one of
theee mill* i* ia *accsMfnt operation,
aad after Investigating the worhings
of the band saw there, 1 oonoladed it
was Ibe proper thing, and that we bad
mad* no mistake la ordering oris to
taks tbs place of oar doable circulars.
We oao sot jost as macb lumber with
lbs band a* as with tbe circulars, and
of a mailt better qaality, bemdto the
•anag sf sawdast The toes by saw
dset in a large mill ie something enor
moo*. Wby. between the bark, sap and
sawda*!, under lb- present eyetem of
maaofeoioring lumber, Uwre M not
mash left, Re-ide* the l»e* of tbe tim
ber wbiab le converted into »awda*t by
ibe circular*, we have the queetion ef
diapoeing of thi* eawdoai to contend
with, wbieh threaten* at ao dtatanl day
to be a very annoying and npeaaive
qoeetlon to be *ol*ed. It baa already
proved *o at eoaae of tbe larger tmlla.
R-porter—Haw »<XI de iuo eipeot to
have tour band *aw ia eperattonr
Mr. tttetooo- We are at worh aapaok
ing it. and getting the vartooa piece*
where tbey belong at preeent, aad will
•bat tbe mill down aad pat it to p«i
tioa aa eooa aa we get tbe bark li>iu ■-
bto load-d. I hope to bave it ronning
In three weeka. 1 hi* band wee menu
Motored for a* by L >odwo. Barry 4
Ofton of Philadelphia, wbe warrant it
to give perfect eattefeetioo. Mr. Prtdell
here ia Ibe reprearnlaiivc of the Arm.
He oame oat with tbe mill, and will
rapertntend patting it io poeitlon and
ataadiog it ap. If It oom-e up to tbe
guarantee af tbe Arm of eoara. we will
be pleased Tbe band eaw ia a*ve«
inobe* wide, and everything e>»oueoied
with it baa the appearance of bring
•trung and well boilt.
Thanking Mr »totoon for the Info*
mattoa the reporter withdrew.
The fotknriug deed* were Aled in tbe
Auditor** office for record y*e«erday:
Nieh ila* H Br vn to Wm Brackett.
lota 2,3 and 4. block 12. Orowa addition,
J. H. Haalhae to K atory L. Klmbeel.
lot 6. bloek ». Heary L. Vralar * Art*.
t'barlee Harmon to Fanaie Bean, lot
9, M ok 61, Arthor A. lVnaj'a addlttoa,
Jamea MeNaaght to J.J McOtlvra,
blocha aad Xi Mettiivia'e tooood ad
dltloa; $lO. „ ,
William Bracket! to M P. Joeea, lota
'2.3 aad (. block 12, Crowa addition;
|w» _
J oho C. Hraaligan to J oho H Kia
tiear, lot* 7 and K bloek 12. hetra S- A.
Bell'* Aril addiuoo:
L. U Bhort and haaband to K M.
Kiaaear. '•% of aorth H of lot S, block
11, Njfth Seattle. s."*).
Joba H Rianear lo R. M Kmnear,
lota 2 and A. hteah i. CmMtoeh addiuoo.
l>r J M Sligh, lately ef Michigan,
baa decided to locate ta ReaMto. -d
will ooeopy offijae in Yeater •Wall, over
lawman Jl Hanferd'* *lere, aboot Aprd
let. or a* eooo a* oompletod lo the
■»olta>« o®<*» !• ®
Ke an boiiduK am tWambto m. 17 $
Saiat Patrtak'a Dm wiU be eeM>reied
ihtl oimr bj III* Cl#org* W»stlifc'ldO
Of Ifcr Itwh *
their n*a«l ptaae af tba libara
berof ' •iut»»r«e rooaM (Tealar iw
building at ?i)p-«a AU«aMikari of
it Laagae aad the« fneyde are <wrd
fee a' li«MM?r:n'^rST
•Mi. fotee»M|oMa owtiM *mU
rtewe at jlm day km uieoitelated t
PMeaaal •» btuwa OSty Attorney
OmtoM aad I. P. Jiilm, the Ui
tw at whoa* wu reported yeaterdey aa
eayia* that OaooU hmaaif waa the
■■—l by whiob that Mable»t>Me weed
"nilliat" west Ma the at* ebarer.
Oarrell eaid to the f«T-I*muMi
cm repreaaotetire yeeaeedey morniae
"Too oaa eay far *ne that when John P.
Jadaoa *aid that I iaaiated aa that word
mux ia, to bed mUIm koewtwliad,
that ward coiac in when it ia, aad I
proteated acainat it. I laid theM that
U woald hin exactly the efeot tt haa
had. It prmata oar troproTia® any of
the oa'eMe and Urnly settled Mreet*.
raajduuM. Welhawa praeaioal deaaoa
atrattoa on both O etreea and Yakima
aeenor. Tbom aireata between Sixth
and I walfth are well settled aad
aotrajD aa nmorci
Provided a umarly api< petition ia
all that ta un iaaary—bot it that waa
daaa it yeaia befare that lom
Baxth ataaat, aad free* Twelfth to
Twenty aaTeath, aoa Id ha improred.
Yakieaa aeenae ia tm pneiaely the aaaae
ahapa. The tioabia ia that the iargeet
owner of aity property ia the Taaoaaa
Land Company, whiob knrtarajMaat,
be aaid ha waa willing to aien for the
eompany for the improTement of
atieata, bat that H woald net answer
that word raaident ia ia the way, aad it
ia not my work bat a blander of John
P. Jadaeo'e. "Aa tot iadaea teUiag tae
that it waa wraoc and all th»t, yon aan
ja*t aay that I never apok* to him npon
the tabjart ia aay way. I hare atwavs
held thai that kaa obetroetioa. Not
only thai, bat I barealwaya baea afraid
of thia oonatitatioeal qaeotion, aad I
veal to General Sprague before be left
for California, bad told bus that if ibie
matter west to ooart tbe oity won Id be
beaten, and it Woald be
For tbe wbote city. Ido not want to
eee werk etoppad here. I de not sympa
thise with the Ooanetlsasw tat tbsir talk
of givißs op the fight. I havs my bone
bare, ■! beat inlereete are centered
bare, and I behave in fighting again at it
■till, bat the fact la I bare bad a baap
to oarry nnoe my eleatioo to this office.
I bare always straggled to avoid law
•Wherein is tbe language of the aha/
tor peonliar above that of all other
charters as mentiooed by Judge Hojtf
Inquired tbe reporter.
"It is very oeumon is lbs provisions
for «treat improvements to reqiirs
petitions to be signed by a majority of
tbe resident owners, bnt oor charter re
qsiree tbe signataree of the resident
owners of mors I ban half tbs property.
There's tbe rob "
" Ibe faot is," ooutinaed Mr. Carroll,
"ths old charter was ths best after all.
Tbe re was a howl that street
meats eonld not be collected under the
old charter. After I was elected to tbe
office of City Attorney I looked op some
old claim* sgainst property owner* that
had beeo decided ss worthless. I said
they were good aod was authorized lo
hegui a lest ease. I did. and won. and
havs gone on and oallected half s doz--o
of tbess claims under tbe old charter.
There was no need of a new charter—
an amendne t that authorised tbe city
to go ahead aad *ell property for street
assessments Instead of being compelled
to bring suit, as was required by that
charter, was all that wss nsae-sary, bat
we have got s new eharter new tbat
allows a* lo do that when tbe work is
dons bnt prevents a* from doing tbe
inn wii.axa uium.
Annie Walker—broaghl into wide no
toriety of late by tbs death of Mollis
Fllppen at ter place— is dying. It ia
thought tbs abosk of tbe resent tragedy
hss hastened her end. They say tbat
Aonie Walker was greatly attached to
Motile Fllppen. wbo was always kind to
bsr. Melite Fllppen took fire wblls at
tending to Annie Walker, and lbs sick
waman, daring tbe exoitement, tried to
get oat ef bed to bar sssistanes bnt was
unable. Had •be done «o, the? **T abe
woald undoubtedly ktn btu borued to
d"*tb «l»i. When it win announced
thai Motile tu dead, Annie refnad to
beliave It a mil they lifted ber ap and
oarrled bat to the aide of the ooffio
wbere »begaz~d at the dead faee aa long
m tbey eoald bold ber. Agsle before
tbe barial »be aahed to be oarried to tbe
aide af tbe ooffla, and the rrqoeat waa
granted. Through it all, bo«e»er, the
did sot abad a tear. It waa not notioad
tbat the edeet waa aenon* until jeater
day morning, when tbe wotaan became
And at V *'olock waa nnoonaoiona. She
baa not atnae nor ia aba expected to
rally. Annie Lynn* waa atmad at the
age of 16 to Junea Walker, a 19 year
old bay in London, ber birthplace, tire
bad at the age af 14 traveled over tbe
United Mtatee aa attendant to a wealthy
Kaglteb fawiil' Shortly after tbe birtb
of her Arat eh lid aha waa rngaged to
nora* tbe infaal eon af Lord Hatoaian
and Lady Oowington. Bbe aarred after
ward* fa tbe name oapaaltT in tbe f»m
ll* of Hqatre Amee, owe of the weallhi
eat DM aad ml whom It waa eatd tbat
be and bla wife were tbe bond *oa> eel
o *aple ia all London.
Annie Walker and ber fcoiband oame
to tba United Mlatra fifteen year* ago.
Ha waa a piaa'erer. U* waa token aiek
•hortly after tbelr arrival and waa oon
lined la bed for year* wtib a luatbaome
dtoraae. Ed Kennedy wba civea U>i*
bimory, toy* ba believaa be died, bat al
any rale Annie left Provldet.ee, K I ,
where tbey bad lived, and went to Man
Eraaeiaeo and " <peoed a hooae." Ed.
•ay* " abe did wail" far a I 'D* time, aa
money waa plenty. A boot aeven year*
ago abe went to Portland, where Ai
met him and be baa been with ber ever
•inee. witb aume brief interladee.
Another laformant oootiooaa Ibe
atory: Annie Walker earn* ee aear
marriiog K4 Keunedy aa to ereaa the
Willamette aad enter the ah <p of an
Kaat I'ortiand Jaatice. be til apea hav
tag tbe knot lied, bal there
Stud (be weoldn't no J w«ol b\ok boar.
I be; bare not lired a life of uuHer
mpM bltaa bum th»n Aoaie ha.
mad* throe will*. eoottoaea tbie infor
mul, nod H to reported that the laet
Imtm Kaooedr "at. bat bequeathe »
• wardrobe. bo«*»fiHiwi«. •*«-. »aloed at
SMX to M'kllM F.ippeu-doabtleea with
lb* vmv tb*l (be wool J «mad A nolo
la beataewa. Jill U» wt »l b« pro
rtny. the bowte ia whieb abe live* oat)
street with three lota, and another hooae
aod two Ma an Yaktat aeeoa*. to
getker with raloabla peraoaal property
ta bomi and J*w»ly aba brqoeatbe to
bar a.>o. aow aboat S yeara of age. lhi«
IMM will t< aatd to ta Ilk* tba eoa-tt
aaat ba foaod Aieerttewaaot* were
ioaerted ia tba Has Krandeeo paper*
for | moo lb to to efleat. Tke aaotbf r
I.ft bin m l*TO»«dao«a, oat tba poet
_ L H, r 0 f that etty. who waa wuttea to,
aata ba rtarted wmi eoaie year* **o A
will waa aoma time ago that
eoaatad Kmeedy in for a >m» ahuv. bat
k fM, a peraooai difflooiiy ia wbiob Auoi.
i« Mid ta ba*a gotten tba wont at it. an
£££*ol •« •*•«» by -biah .he
paid bun a aam of mea,ay. he granted a
wrtttaM r-l— — troa all ebiigattoaa aad
tbn parted foravat. He want to fwt
land aad waa. tea daye later. engaged in
.pending Iba woney, when ba mMnJ
a latter calling bim bark. Bba eoaldn t
•at along wilkoat bna A later will waa
mad*, however, with the prortatooa
above, wLMh wee looked ia a large aafa
«be kept la tba boo *. bal It la reported
tkal it w aot there, tba tra b of tba
report will, of eoaraa. ebertly ba knowa.
atrma ****
Sou* tiaea ago a man koowa aa Doe
Fetee waa eeaptuyed ae baruoder for
Harry Morgan. Tbare Heed ta room.
otm the aaiooa. one i. B. Cooper aud
hie wife. Ai Mme weal oe Mr* Ooopar
j,,ni,riri —* a fuudaeaa fa* fatae. aad
after «f ,-ettae a raawval a< tbatr booaa
botd *»oda to imm ffea
barred bat baabaad eat aad adwiMaa
Partle'aad Mra.
tanl' Jitrtifto
aadhptaatad a Mow Pfeya*
haeSlniweF Mil aatil he ant Mo the
hallway Magna Mo Dtm. Monaoe ud
MM ia aa alMMpi ta ata» the bay
white Oaopar hawarad the faeaof haa
the OM autod a*air. Late* ia the after
aooa Peine broacht *oit ajtamM Oaoper
aad the latter waa arree»*d aad wttl be
tin* a h**ilna today.
right af, aad it appeare that a rinai
more la aew on foot to have M located
ban ia aptte af the fallen of Beloeer
A Co. MOOD after it ni leaned that
tie lover ud hie aceociatee tMld tot
great the work* for wbioh they eeera
aa it were—danat the eovee ef whieb,
it appeara, aoaaiderable estbeaiaaoa wee
iofoaed late WhUe thie
■Mr aT tohMM?H?ieS«f <l^
toMratTthaeaaeivee. /.ML Boekiee ia
■aid to btie headed the eabeeriptwc
iiet with eeverai tbnaoenrt, W. B. Blaek
veil to btn followed aait, and io a abort
tine SSEsOC3 waa anbeartbed. Mr.
Book ley waa diapetehed aaet of the
oaoootaiaa to aaahre the era. Mr Beefc
iay ia atiil abeeot, aw) oatil bia retain
it eeaaot be leaned hew csatter* atand.
Although it haa been known fee eotae
time that a more wae oa foot to oon
atroet the eaaeiter with hone eaprtal.
the aaveral menbere of the eradicate
hare been eoocpiooooa for their alienee
oa the natter, aad it waa oalr today
that anythingdrtaileooald be leaned.
"The aezt tiaae aay newe ia |itaa oat
aboat the anelter j<ra may be eare there
ia aomethise mora ia it thaa triad," aatd
aa iataraated part; today.
A eaah Mora as undersell any ndil
Mora. AD; prioee they map quote yon
will find tbem shea par at Oamu
Cuiai'a. mhlS
r**T nwsiu* itm.
Tba ship IroqooM, Captain Nicholas,
3025 too*, baa been cbutared in San
Francisoo by tbe Benton Ooal Company
to load a return cargo af aeal at Ta
Tba sbip Bin tram, Oaptain Wood si da.
1590 tone, baa been chartered by J >hn
Hoaenfeld of San Fraaoieoo to load eoal
from Naaaimo to r tba Bay City.
Tba abip Oriental, Oaptain Blater. 1656
toaa, am red last Baturday la Ban Fran
eiaeu from T too ma, eoal laden.
Tba barkeatine Betriever, Captain
Cray, tailed from Nan Fraaoieoo Fri
day to load a return oarge of lumber at
Port Madiaoa.
Tba bark Heeper. Captain Bvd*r,
<564 tone, lumber laden from Port Madi
aon, arrived en the 12ib instant In Ban
Tbe Norwegian ship India arrived
Taeeday evening and anchored in tbe
Tbe bark Nortkwe*t, Captain Ma
tuire, aailed last Friday freaa Ban
Franoieoo for Port Madiaon, to load
lam bar for tbe eity.
A three masted schooner paaeed np
tb« Boond yesterday moraing nader
Tbe steamer Empire, Oaptain Bo tier,
arrived last Thnraday in Bin Franoisoo
with HOO toaa of eoal from Departure
Tbe bark Antoinette tailed Taeeday,
lumber loaded for Hongkong.
Tbe ebip Qlory of tbe Beaa clear,
Taeeday from Ban Franoisoo for Raoai
mo, to load eoal aa return oargo.
Captain Tibballa returned from a visit
up Bound yesterday.
A man named Hawkins, aa employe
in tbe Montana 1 beater, was fined one
dollar and aeata for aaeeulting a granger
r need*j night.
Allen Weir, editor of tbe Arttu, is
expeoted to return today from tha Bay
Tbe Home Salooa waa attached by
the Whertlf in liea of a debt today.
G. W MeNamee, A. Brfferirg, C. B.
MoUenry. Captain Bkilleit and B. Wood
boaae came down yeaterday from np tta
Bound oa tbe Anderaon.
TUB Hunci.-Meeting Captain Oil
more oa the street, »be other day, a re
porter asked him when he txpeeted to
get bin steamer oat. The CapMia re
plied: "That is • qa-stion I eannot
answer. She ia on Mr. Allen'* way*,
and repair* were progressing favorably,
tbeo Ibe ahip oarpeoter* straek be
oaase Mr. Allen employed a firat elaa*
workman who did not belong to tbe
soeiety. When the trouble earn* np the
eu told them he had a wife and fam
ily to rapport, and oaeded the work,
and that he waa perfectly willing to
join the aoeiety. He aent in hi* nam*
*ad waa blaek balled, or rafnaad admit
at on te the eoetety, and besaose Mr. Al
len. who 1* a eery bataane man. refoaed
to diesbargs him, all handa atraek, and
that ia the way the matter standa. I
am sorry I did not take the (teener te
Mao Kranoteeo and have bar fitted op. I
hare ma somplstnta ia regard to the
boiler or masbins work, hat thia atrike
M oeeaaioniag me great aanoyaae* and
delay, and make it impoaaible for aae
to mak* any fstors arrangement*, a* I
sen not tall when the repair* oa the
boil will he eompleted."
HEART ma Boaoraa. A reporter
•ailed at John 8. Anderson'* Enterprise
Planing Mill, on Went afreet, between
Madison and tipring streeu. yeeterdsy
afternoon, ioet in tteaa te witaeaa lit
fi ret work done by the new hand aaw
mill, joat plaoed in that eetabtiehmrat.
rttie mil! wIU oot a timber twentv inehea
squire np into any desired tbieknssa.
ID speakiag of thia mill Mr. Anderson
said: "It will be eery nsrfal in the
msnnfaetnrs of boxee. I san take an
meh plank and split it into flee planks,
eaeb of whioh will be one eighth ef an
inch in thickness. That ia tbe saw will
mi fire planks twenty tnebss wide ont
of a one ineh board of that width, and
only waste three eighths in sawdast,"*
The Knterpriae mill is now m good
shape, well Hocked with toeU ard ma
ehinery. and Mr. Anderson statss that
he will oommenss rustling for orders in
a few days.
lawn OowTswnon.—ln parsaaaasflof
instructions from Hon. John Fitsgerald,
President of the Irish National Laagae.
Oa plain W. D. OToote. Delegate for
Waahuwtoa lerntory, will eaU a Tar
ritortal Ceareauoa, to be ootafoaed of
delegates from all tbe braaefa Lssgnss
and prominent friende of home rale for
|setnn><. to be held at Hsauts at an early
date. Ibe efcjset of the CeneeatKm
wilt be the promotion of the interests of
tbe enose of home rnle.
H»D Hcit -U a* lb* Part
Blakalj Bill, known u Old MM Ed
auod*. mot oiU a *ar, i*iofal aoat
dut itMerda? aiornin#. He got oat
at hia haada oaa*ki is the «Ut> afcaia.
and n •itraeuaa it, tare all Ua flaak
fraaa ibo pais ol «toa haad Mo boaaa
on bntn. Mr. Edatoada aaiaa ta
Maattt* on tba Mtabwaa to &»»• kin
wooed* trwilj droaaad.
Norntsaa P*cnr*r UIUTD TLTOA-
Mr. 4. M Haoklot. tnMul ttapona
toadant of Mo Kofttwi PaoiAa. vfco
•M i> «w «>T Toatardai, naaamd a
HlMttß (M Hoioaa that Ota road
waa aUar. oaat aad aoat. t*roa«fc. T»o
tra'O* loft Hatoaa tm Porttaad. tha flrat
at 10:10 a. m. and tka aMoad aa koar
tatai. Tta Bnt had 1» murtnu aad
«twt alai i»awß««ta. aad tfca imal
aoartv aa —mj Tkoy will MM M
oaaaal tnm Waitula to Part I—d. aad
arrtrokoraTkaradaj ntaht
Spring Opening!
Monday limit, Hard It, Iff.
First and Only Complete Sale
Opening tf Sew Spring Tricots,
Opening of New Spring Serges,
Opening of New Spring French Cashmere,
Oneaing of New Spring Combination Suiting
(Thirty-five different stjlen.)
Opening of New Spring Combination Debege
Opening of New Spring Lawns,
Opening of New Spring Crinkles,
Opening of New Spring Ginghams,
Opening of New Spring Seersuckers,
Opening of New Spring French Lawns,
Opening of New Spring Checked Nainsooks,
Opening of New Spring Laces,
Opening of New Spring Trimmings,
Opening of New Spring Patterns Torchon and
Medices Laces.
Opening of New Spring Jerseys,
Opening of New Spring Millinery,
Opening of Men's Union Plaid Suits,
Opening of Men's New Cheviot Suits,
Opening of Men's Fancy, all wool Plaid
Opening of Men's all wool Diagonal Suits,
Opening of Youths' Nobby Plaid Suits,
Opening of Children's Jersey Suits,
Opening of Children's Corduroy Suits,
Opening of Children's Cheviot Suits.
We will give a Detailed Price List in a few days.
We do not advertise anything we do not keep in stock.
Co™..- of OommeroUU and W«u.kln«to» S..K
The Best Route,
Mantra*!. Toroato. Ottawa
Halifax. Pwtlaad. B**
Saw York. Cklaw St-FMI.
All Potato bat aad SotthaaM.
Finest Dining and Sleeping Car
Me in the World!
•ttaoked toall Staapar*
StW from PorTllloadj"'m«Mraa!l!'' ' T '
rrra of t'hargo:
Ooanaooa employe* apl«»d«d 1 , "' , 5 r
•qvtvowaa. thrrw IM—»d *Uaa at
mp or i h M*J rail track. ballarted
alone Hi entire l»a*th AM
In advanJ#.
BapM Truilt! LawMt »»'«■ I
D. & Bbowk. DUtrtct Pwm« aad
PralgM lit Port Moody.
The Innw; from Um PaeiOa tatfca At
lantic br tkla new tr»aa mttiwMl Mjttti
aawof anlatairaptod macalitaaaoa Craaa
Mart to liM. HhiWh lakaa. i*jar» I
2sa rr Jsvr«ras
*» 1U WUIIN laillfl
W* <ul UT», biiauaU* mi aa*abl* Mt
Ib m> *outy i* tb* r niud (mm* aad Aw
ill. to Mil a pabrat artui* o* ml ma*. Ml
nllnnt km arUal* bavtaa *larg* ml*, fay-
I>( *r.r 1W par Ml troll. barta* a* «■*•-
titles. «»d OB wbtob tb* H«t to tiilnlil to
Ik* nilnln ml* by a d*ad tl»— f*r wt *ad
mr' «>nti ki hi mn (M ■. ffMil
It to u ar<tala tbat ma to aoM to mlj
*w*ar H miftii not to bin—ry to Mk *a
'■tomtniiuro" »» —or* —*d n»m
A OM. bat wr BAN aona!od«l to taak* * It
•tow, sot oaly amt—m>di**a t» tb* aMm***
an timallcw.bt la iu aaiafcHl» to a»y «p1
ll>tl will baadl* II witt Mp. W iMk
m at work ar* raaklac fmaa (1M to $M a
makr oar odbr to a'l who ar* »at of tnpkf-
MT Aay «ni tbat will |tn HI TA«HM a
thirty data' Dial and fall to alaar M I«wHN
to tkia !lm«, utn iu knaa, ma nton
all (ooda •■•old to sa ud w* wtM rafeod at
n*a*y paid for tl>*m. Aay *c*at or aiaim
*«*ot who would ilk* toe or mora **wlm and
wart thma itrMfk a«b-*aaotafnr r>tM«r da«
>ad (all to oM at toad tIM taan iu to
rum mb roturn *ll nnaold ud H Ifc*
iuoti*y tock. Nootb*r«mploy*r of iMkntl
darrd lo makr tuck otna, ao» WoaM w* If w*
did Ml know tl>*t w* b*»» *f*ou bow mabtof
m*i* than dooMr ik< uaoaal Wf ivarutom
■nd hot iwo ml** * day would (IT* > pndl ■
•m tISS • m Blh, ud ttuu "B* of owr a*aat*
tvok Mghtna •nl*r» 1* ua* day. Oar !•*■* da.
•erlptiT* clrrulan *iplaln «a? otor and
lb*** w* wi*l> to Mri to Wiu«ai MM of am.
pkiymant wko will a*nd aa thraa oa* raaU
lamp* fx p>*taffr Bud at m» aad iw*
the adaacy ID UHM for tb* btwm.ud go to vail
on tl.*tomii namad In oar «<lraofdlaary 10m.
W t would Ilk* lo bar* tb* addr*** of *ll tto
a«Bia. «*wln« nachlnr anlleltora and mryaa
torn la thoaoaatry.ud aat aay rmdar of IfcU
p«p*r wb.. Mb tb.a ..tor. to mad a* *4 aaaa
tb* nam* tad addra** of all tuab th*y too*.
Addrrt* at ooar.or too will I*** lb* torn *bao*a
T T*T offw*d to tbo** «at of amploTaMat ta
make nnaay. tmu Mastrraeroaiee tot,
dwlm 11* Smith fiald *l.. Hmbai *a
• glaai to auit.
WM. H. KINCK ft Oa.
Canmerolal itnA next la kallogx'l
drug »torn mh» Im
m*attf»rtß-«r. prlow r** w *~ 8u
KraMtam Country order* ■oHcfttd.
Htork nam and 10. aoM
Telepkoie Teleirafh Caipaiy
o*r. I»in4 n4 Ckany Ml, IMWII,
Ci Uactttaal work, wi™, IWk Butt
rlaa and Bmital malarial oTaH KUtda
hr S mat
Br. H»al*r'» R*m Tvalc
U oomiomA of pnr% atnel at Oafafy,
IM aad Iron, u4 la food tar Um bnta.
•treat th for iha mm, aad «crichoi Um
b'ood* Bcwacaof InlWMm. Takaaßtr
Um Hold bfaß
1 fortaifftot a eano»<l o t
To keop a supply con
stantly on hand

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