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Seattle daily post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, W.T. [Wash.]) 1881-1888, May 11, 1887, Image 3

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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»n«u» ru»EWiEE«.
, -—.HM •" tbe northern Pectfl'
n-ntt C met ill* MTiTtd la*
J!LJ fourday* from Portland, being
IS?<Uy* bar boand at Artona.
t zs^&
jJS'JSw'Tjwl by heenff Cjnhraao.
tow»d "**>-
.fttm" will h*r»«<»
. thu «eeninc and there will
iLgfrm to a large bouse preaent to
MorrMaa played to large hoaaaa
i leaweeh. and hi. rendition
5 a*roj* •* ll«pbiatept>eiee waa re-
into greet faeor.
U/&-* W** »° "7°* ""l
op from Holt Towneecd
2L#3*7*> the Norto P«oi§o in charge
JTiJpoty theriS. on bia way to Steila
*?Ttor renal trip to Wbatoom. tb«
Waahiacvjc met with btd
ran agtonnd oo two uoav*
U*i. tad it M feared the waa badly
"CdMaaol*** the ptoy
JJTd.t aad tbeetor-geen ahoold not
JTL, adnntage of tbe opportu
2b *f*d«d te «ee Lewia Morriaon is
jS«M*ortai work.
Tceeaarer Pontloa eattled
tk* Ooaoty Gomcaieeioaeri yeator
rr tt* and »b* Auditor al*o aom
~La umi' beak*, and fooad then to
SoMfeal exactly.
ttr rraak A. Pontine, Treeaanr of
CM taanty, bet j«at wot to the X«
SSTTwewrer, 115.156.91, being tbe
2to*at of Territorial taxea eollaotod
zL -he tai»*jer* of King County for
at year l*< -
day* ajo we clipped from a
Ttfniorta: txettnge en itea wblab en
i*an*<l tin orgenizttiea of e g.rl*'
LIL-yi dob at Cheney We bee*
ana* tb*t tb* report waa fel*a
-a j| itiowed la go nadeoiad. would
|S(t apon tbe fair Mm* of moat
vwtby ladiaa.
Tto Seattle. Lake Rbor* aad Eattern
todwayOoaipanT.o' rather tbe fagot
■Mad Oooatraeiiao Oompeny. bae
~,,*.l (be oootraet for tbe remeval of
luldtoc*, wereboa*ee. eta., elong Btil
—4 tT*oa*. to Mo*e* K*ez*r. It i*
whtft—il tbe eontraotor will enter
ifoa tbe dleebarg* of tbta work at
[sdsr tba direction of tbe vestry,
flkity Oboreb la sndergoisg aome im
■attest ehsngee. New and comfortable
Had an being placed in tbe building
md haodtome *tep« an being place 1 in
■sMea, laadins from tbe aidewalk to
Ssibsreb door. Tbe boilding ia to be
bMhiy palsied and made lunch more
•Mr Mi in la appearance.
We lean tbat Meters. Lewie and
trainee* for tbe aale of tbe
Httbaditt Epieoopal ('batch lot on
Ihmil t* —• hate beea offered (27.
000 for lb* prop rty, but tbey are bold
ht lor 130,800, wbieh tbey ooofldsnily
nrm te raeeive bef ire Ibe oloee of tbe
M>Dt aeaaon. Ibe J «bn Liary lot,
■MterrMM ibe from tiie ebaroh
Mid fur $27,00U recently.
When tbe mala idJuion to tbe Uuart
BoeM m ooaplsted, tbe Aieoeeor will
•m*pt oae of tbe new oifieea, and tbe
•Ma B>w oeeepied by the Aaaaeaor will
ktthrown iot<* tbe Aiditon office by
fea r»mo» »1 of the partition, wbiob now
Imde* tbea. Ybia will give tbe Aa
tuof oat third more roam, wbiob ia
(natly Deeded by tbe growing reqatre
■aoi* and ban are* of ibe offlja.
A. M. Brooke*, of Blaok D. uaoad. la
Is town.
L. P. Uow*. tbe tbei trlca' manager,
waa in lbs oity yeeterday.
Byreo Harlow aud wife of Taocma
an ragiatered at ibe Brnuawick.
Obu I'. Muteniu, % prominent reM
MtMiff4ol. of luoai, la in th« OUT.
t. 0. tMvtge. a commsroial traveler of
Fertlaad. is ragiatered at tbe Goal
Btrbert MaMlckeo, of Glymnla, i*
ywiiiDt bu brother Maarioe MaMioken,
if tbM city
Mr. i'llH Ktrk«, who ha» bren oa *
kaaiueaa tmil to Sad Franoiaoo, ia ai
|Hlil hone this evauliur. or tomorrow.
Mr. Dieksy.tbe famoai pilob r, writ**
Hal be will return lo ttoattle kmmeji
•Ml, khMM able toopen tbe baaa
tad (aaaon with tha K.«la.
J. B Harkln. formerly with J. K.
Oik /I Co., of P >rtlaad, baa ao*epted
ia* poaitioa of olerk at the Arlington
ftM Fred Ulobig, resigned.
M a Orin Mason, of E«*i Saginaw,
Mwtigiin. aeeum panted by her three
AUdren. ba* arrived in tbe etty. Mr
tb*oa ba* been here tor eeveral month*,
•ud ih< family will now make their
k*a>* in Saattle.
tx-Chief Joatiee Boger 8 Ureene Is
sow inOregi'U In a letter from Port
had. be Mated that after visiting hi*
M* K war, tn U.eg >n City, he woald go
l*Chebali> and *t» nd a few day* with
fitted*, after which he woalJ return to
William 0. Sbarpatein and bnd* an
WHager* >n ibe State of California
fat HortUnd. Mr. Mbarpeiein I* a proa
(trial anJ enttrpriaing attorney of Ta
ma. Ha w alto one af tbe moet ex
ptwooed taetiaian* of Ibe Territery.
Uriaa town connected for neveral year*
*t k th* < tllfornia N atonal liaard.
K. Moolroee, of Port Towasend. Wm.
Jukwin. of Newark. N. J.. I. T. Tw.joi
by. of Payallap. W. L Wjltmon. of
Vrantito . I. B Jones, of Black
Dtaaioiid. Dr. F. Ktllor. of Dillae, Tex
ta, Jaba itingar, of Philadelphia. John
fctkarda. of Sotamit Hill. Pa.. B O.
B*«t*. of Newcistlt, and B C. Port
•ty. of S.aagbter, are at the Arlington
John L Howard. Manager of the
untoe Improvement ( onipanv. left for
jja Krauonoo yesterday via Portland,
■r Unward ti(iected to remain in 9e
•W* aaotbar Jay. bat reoeived a preee
■(diapateh veeterday aud started im
■ediatetv He wa* snflfering with a
••ttv headache when be left, aad on
kaarding the North P»*ifit, went im
■tdlaUly to hi* room
J.Uaifcery. l>aui.»l Joaaa.O*«rge Bar
Ur " *nd (.Merge Harper. of San Fran
Job* Miuiertek uJ J»anw Msti
*tek. if Lyndeti; Jamee Boyle, of Bel
b*a«b: J W. isbrie >r. of Oaeme*; T.
• Be.ua, »f Scat noak F rentier. of
jlrtpHW <„ U.O l oncer, of I>»!!*»
J®**. C. W. Kfitfun. of Neukeaek
* 'Mwtoi) and J »uM Seolt, of Vie
tortt . rhoajM M. NaJ aud A.
■*. ef Su Franeieco. arc tt Ibi Niw
T- f Mm*, of White ttw; J H.
I***, of Oakland. fat ; C K. Uwok.
; of ftinluil; Mian 4dui<*
Mm (trio* M >ora. M:»» \-ltie
■•rweil. of -\«ti I'noBiBa; U:« L.aue
r.t i'aine, J. D. Mot
*J*: HUck A. G- William*.
W J. M.e*. of Stan
*••1; I. I>. liberie, K Kittle*. of
r '■ **■ H«*t. of Ol.aipu. F
of Sf* liitos. Coon, C,
J™' "' "tk Harbor. B. Barlow and
'• •' .eeouia, u»u lk« Hraaewi.-k
r^f* **' of Hodia, Cal. W
« J"" 4 "'** and » . *>. Hall of Walla
Urr.lt, \ F Mem* and
W Bro.u U,J J. l>«t,t** of
»r*nei«»\ J K. I'foogb Mil wife of
y?', V M ImtM of Wtaok l>»
*• U Sbaanoo of Vwi.iru. K.
. ' *°"'T Of Sooqoalcßle, 0. I*. M<*
Of Tvxmuv M W wren of Obi
M.-Lene of Sao Franeeee«v
*•»«>« »f *«• «rk. i H Si«
jT* ' C. B**e«* „ d H. O. Gneepbell
•» Portland J w. stirrer of Pfciladel
«o4 I, K 0 f N„we Ml*. are
** t "* bnaeb of tw*lee atrtac*. Head*
T*" far eaat. aold for eaeb. worth ft
n^W kttßeb i D "
« "Bderehirte and d'awtn al 38c
" bay for mab aod e an aford
®®"ip I. credit bo yen are
TII I,J '-* of joobera We aaa art!
j" H'rem for wb\t other b aaee
ToaL** * Boh«aaeu*.
HobscriptioMS Cost is at to
Cone in tor the Na
n&ims Sufferer*.
The Fund Now Amounts to
Nearly Two Thousand
»«k Diamond aad Otympta J eta the
Seed Werfc—The Hijea
"I,a, 8 o'atoahr Oonld anything be
mm eagjaatin of the awfal agony
that the daad miner* at Naaaiao mart
htee eoiered than thaaa word* marked
on owe of the Unban of the ill-fated
mine? Tbe aen thought of the aalama
aaprem* and tbe horrible daapair that
aatbey began to faai that death waa
aartatn ia anffiolant to nota the bardlet
heart to pity. Than la na doobt bal
that the laat thongku of thaaa Ma
wen for the wina aad ebildnn that
lhay ware tearing behind to fight Ufa**
battle alone. Oaald they have known
how generonaly the eotin soaat would
rtepood to the aall for aid to than aaaaa
wina aad ehildran their laat dreadful
bean would certainly ban bean made a
Uuie lea* terrible.
The people of Seattle have good rea
eoo to be prood of the part that they
ban takaa ia the relief movement.
Boob promptness tad liberality in to
wwtkj a Hon thews the lim epirit of
ohanty ud benevoleoo*. The ftw of
th Profit trail Mid last emlt( tbat
"put; Hrilit u>4 patty jealonaiea an
lust sight of and the paopU beoemt a
brotherhood of worker* in tbe feoe of
snob nalaanltiaa at tbe ooa which baa
overtaken our otter toira." Eaeb day
tba aabaoription* inereaee in aixeand
somber aad it reaUy seeai* aa though
oar aitiaaoa would oarer weary in wall
Tbe residents of Black Diamond have
returned tba reealt* of tbair generous
afforta. and we append a list of tba tub
Morgan Morgan* $ 25 00
McLaagblin Breokaeal 10 00
W. P. Morgan 5 00
it Abraham* 5 CO
Beea* Hayoock 6 00
Joba Preaeher 6 00
r B. Jonee 2 00
W. H. William* 2 00
D. T. Morgan ICO
Dr. w. M Beach 2 SO
E. *. Barneil 100
J. ¥eager 1 00
A. G Hitmen 1 00
L. Doau 1 00
John Kenaedy 1 CO
Harry l'bomaa 1 00
T. A. Dana 3 00
A. Medloa 1 00
I boe. J one* SO
Mr* Morgan 1 00
H. Haglaed 1 00
J.O Jooee 1 CO
P. Victoria 1 00
L. B. Abraham* SO
B. Morgan i 00
B. Tboma* 4 00
Mike Gallagher 100
D. B. Davia 2 50
F. F. Smart 2 00
H. Sohlotmaa 2 00
A. Tarn ball 2 60
James Morgan 2 00
i T. CLsary 2 00
P. L. Veetney 2 80
S D. Fraz*r 3 00
lb una* K. Joae* 3 00
D. A. Davis. 100
W. F. Tbomas 2 00
John B. Welkin* 2 80
K A. Mill* 2 00
A. Daaealf... 2 00
W. W. Davis 1 00
J. X Mills 1 SO
Pat Qaino 1 00
David Campbell 1 00
B. Hewitt 2 00
H. 1. Thomas SO
Jo'il Williams 1 00
John B. Williams SO
l'bomaa Spaigbt. 2 00
Bodg-r Beyle 1 00
W. T. Evan* 1 00
Bodger Jenkine 2 00
C. W. Cordray 2 SO
8. Bnwell 2 S0
P. Veetney 1 00
C. Hare* 2 00
8. Albert 1 SO
Leb Merx 6 00
A. Uinder 3 00
T. X. Davis 1 00
J.Ernst 2 50
J. Mauler 2 60
W.T. Jones 1 00
A. B. Mianer 1 00
F. Wegbampt 100
A. Biahop 1 00
E Joboeoa 28
W. H. Murray 2 SO
Jollos Klinter 2 00
David Lloyd 1 ®0
C Mediaa 2 08
J. A. Ballet J 00
D Weber 3 00
J. Letkin » 00
Janice Boyd 1 00
F. Franoon 1 00
dMrge S Moore 2 00
W. S. Moore 6 00
r. W. Mrlan 1 00
0. W Reynold* 1 00
J O.lmon J »
J. Kennty 1 00
Total 26
A telegram from Oljmpia announce*
thai M«y»r Cham ben ha* i**aed a call
for *ab>eriptl»a*. The people of (.Myo
pia will doobtleas reepood liberally.
The following oommaaieatioo is self
W* tbe ondenigaed. employee of tbe
San Francisco Store, contnbate the fol
lowing amoante te tbe relief of the
Haoaieto anffenn.
H. H. Whitney # J 00
L. ('. Ijevinaky } CO
W E Hadeaa 1 «
F. Leren J 00
O. W. VtnklD* 100
George BUncherd 50
Adam Seal . i ®
C. M. St. John >OB
Malt Newman 1 00
Vaeta Smith I
B Dtridaon 1 <*•
! l»»an Waldo W
Itelle Vooog J 00
Maa Randolph } 00
E » fcntth J 00
M. L. Isaac* } *
CKxirge Dagraf
1 oklas A Singermac » 00
Total »51 00
Dm I'm IrrnuanMn fanJ eoo
tiaoM u> nto» «iu> cralifTitut rap*4itT.
We «im balov a liM of additional «S
Vui't pr»Tt -oelv aek»owiadge«l HJ47
Mr J O Semrj *® '
J. 1 «*> I
•i»aFranoieeo StocaJt employee. 51 08 i
Oa«b } •»
t <k 1 081
Lod«e No 6. 1. O. O. T *«'
F. A Keeoe » ® 1
C. Ufa** J » |
Albert tIaMM J «»>
iVMk s *
F. W Waid J®
11. S. M flair* J » :
W K rfcomeU J»
J »»
K Ken»ar4 38 09
S*aitie H »*ar aod emploT** .. »®
; O X lf <e»k» 5 « ;
1 L Kkbatof S»;
H >«ard H M> 00 j
W H. Pampkref .. 5 CO,
i U H 3 *>!
Hecrr Mack £ £>
K H W »41e«fe S®
Jebn B»irle f »
H M 5 ®
F. B Rear»*» * »
tiaebroask 1 terry MJ 00
Mre. Loa Mtlaure J • j
Ur* 1. H Fraakua 5«l
Mn-W.T. Pwaton SOD
Tnaa, RAJ mood Jt Oo 10 00
Mn.J.lnM S SO
Shaw * Un> 5 00
Harry Howard 2 00
OwwO.wry'iCleti 10 eo
AbnmeA Brown 10 00
TW B.joo Benefit UJ 50
Wank Diamond 181 35
D. W 4 00
ML Fadyea 808
i- W- Unida 10 00
L H- Broylo* 2 5C
Taacbanof Denny Sehooi .... 3150
Total flß6o 25
It will be ootieed from lh> aboee bat
that tbe Bijea benefit it tbe Open
How* nt i pecuniary u wall aa aa
ArtiMtc mtM. All of tb* performer*
eoSnn'aeaad their aortiuaa. ao that the
•■tire run reoeiota ul a donation of
HO Minager Haotth. iee* >3O paid to
Mr. Frye fot the aae of tb* Open Hoaae.
van bended over to the relief fond.
tie.—Hew let flee button kid gioeea.
new tbadee and black Houefct for aaah,
•old for aaah. Cum Or «>»i.
Hiambii yon can And to oar milli
nery department atrlea and prieea not
to be fonnd to ao ezoiiwive millinery
eatnbUehment. Tbe new pattern* for
Moodev morning an Villa Normandy,
Aaito U Toar and 'our*. Pnoca jaat
one half. Tosua k tloraaux.
25 aanta bay* a Merino ahirt at tbe
Bt*a Oixrranio Hocsc. tOB Comccareisl
It I* (•Derail; knows tbat the Sporta
nui'a Aeaoeutioo of lb* Northwwt
will hold s Grand Shooting Tournament,
isdit the inplM of lb* Seattle bod
and Ota Olob, at tfce Olab pauda near
thi* My, on the 10th and Utb day* of
4 one, at whieb maay Tin ton and oon
teatanta from all porta of W»«fcicg»oc
Territory. Oregon and Britiab Colombia
will be proaast. Yeeterday afternoon •
wit toe appointed by the Olob wool
aroaad aiaons oar bnaiaeee people fa
•elicit eontribotiooa of prina to to
• a >a._A 1 - Ar .J ——*■ - ■»*
• offered on tbat occasion, and mat with
®' tignal soooess. Tbe following is * list
>m 0 f ti, e afternoon'! work of tbe oommit
lay tee:
•d Donort. Tabu.
« b Hardy A Hall, IL. 0. Smith
hammertoes d.b. shotgun 9lOO 00
1.1. Lair A Ce., pair bunting
ive baimorala 6 00
Cfaas. Von Dangen, 6 batb tickets 1 SO
,h " Low nan A Hanford Pub. Co.,
■mokera* meerschaum ret ... 6 00
00 Haabrenok A Terry, bottle of
00 oolooffDt 3 00
00 Oeo. N. Moore, photographs .. 8 80
CO Mr* M. D. Psase, pr. raspeoden 6 00
00 Chester Cleary, eaeb 6 00
00 Hie bard Pritebard. aaab 500
00 Q. Davtat A Co., raatio piotures 26 00
00 I. Harris, cardigan jaoket 500
CO 11. AK. Gottstein. oast of olaret 10 00
SO Latoar A Co., balf do*»n silk
00 handkerchiefs 7 SO
00 B. Aberntthv. embrei'd slippers 300
00 Olerieo* A Kora, eat (ISM per
-00 fame bottle and contents.... 2 SS
CO A. Hansen, silver oap 6 00
00 W. H. Pumphrey A Co., Web
-00 iter's Dictionary JO 00
00 A. B. Stewart, pooktt book ... 3 00
SO Cbas. Ooldstein. ailk bat 8 00
00 Treen, Baymond A Co., pair
00 hunting boots 800
CO LF. Smith A Son, water eooler 30 00
00 Simon A Hmitb, pair tboea 6 CO
SO M. Marpby, rosewood sane .... 1 SO
00 J. M. Lang ACo., bru*b Aoomb 2SO
00 J. West, fl.hing tackle 10 CO
00 U. Baxter A Co., pair elk boroa 2f> 00
50 B. K. Gilsoa, obeat tea 600
00 Nortbweeteru Cracker Co., box
00 aaeorted eakea 5 CO
SO J. W. JoDkB A Co., washing
00 machine 8 00
00 Seattle Soap Co., box aoap ISO
00 W. P.Stanley, pocket book .... 200
00 Ooldea Bole Bazaar, painting . 4 00
00 B. Merchant A Co., 251 be. e&ndy 8 00
00 H. Henbberg A Co., bat 4 00
00 H. Bjde. pair pant*. 12 00
00 WP. Boyd A Co.. drew shirt.. 360
00 M. S. MoClaln. photograph* ... 8 00
00 L. K. O. Smith, cigar bolder... 6 00
00 Chas. Naher, silver cop 8 00
80 Hibbard A Petkovits, Alaaka
00 aeal far cap 20 00
00 «
00 Tbii ia a cbanee tbat eeldooi cornea:
SO Today we give away at tbe Stab Cloth
-00 iho kac<tK 200 men's aoila at $5. #6,
SO SB. limit, look, bay and be tatisfltd
00 v itb tbe biggest bargains ever offered
00 to tbe people of Seattle.
Carpets and rage, 2000 rells of earyet
to selaot from at Philadelphia price*.
We boy ail oar carpets and rags from
tbe mauafsctann. Toilis A Sis us*-
15*.—SO piece* of doable feld. Mi
inches wide, aargea. bongbt for ea»b,
eold for oaab. at 16c per yard. Camta
The following deeda wera filed in the
Auditor'* office for reoord yeatarday;
Charlea Water* te Joeepb If. Pfahe.
lot 14. Soiuarvtlle: S3M.
lerrilory of Waatalogtaa lo Charlea
I. Jordan. lota I. J. 3 and 4. bleok 6H.
Kiley's addition; 13 32.
tlo Adaiaa te Marmora Devoe. lot 6,
see 10. tp 35, t S e; fS.
Yiotor Hatfo Smith el tl. to John Kel
locs, 10l 6, ae« 10, tp 25. r 3 a; S6O.
G. Morrla Haller to J. M. Pfabe,
bleok 4, Ladd'a anppleiaealal addition;
D. B. 1 "anion ta J ha U McOriw, lot
5, eec U. tp 25, r 4 a; #3O.
L. H. Griffith to Frank Fowler, ai*-
seventha of block* 1, 3, 5. 7, 9, 11,13, b,
17 and 19. iad lo«a 1. i. 3 9 and 5, block
'JO Dewey's addition: $15,000.
Frank Fowler lo Frank * pansier. iota
6 and 7. bloek :• PeweVe addition; s.sso
Frank Fowler to Mr«. Anna 11. Hoi
baner. lota 11 and 12. bloek 19, Dewey a
addition; $350.
Frank Fawler to Ward Van Poaen, lot
12. block 15, Paway'* addition; s3t».
Frank Fowler to Joaepb A. Elliott,
lots 7 and ft. bloak 16. Dewej'* addition;
Wm. Aah worth to Seattle. Lake Shore
A Eastern. rtgbl of way; (1.
H. H. Ikmrborn to John Nordwall, lot
9, bloek 6, McSaaght'a third addition;
$2». N
Silk*. bought for e»»b. *>ld for <•*«*>.
Prtoe tttm Cmm I'lwt.
Sew etoek of «PW wrap*. riglan*.
lkokft* aad jeraey* If oo 940 * ***'
goxl jereer f>r .Vie , ja«» « ««*» M _V'T
raereh ant oan ebow yot for |IJO. loa
ns Jt SlS<i*kM»*.
5 oecU boys » oap, 5 eeew bote * hat
at the Si** Cumno Horaa. 308 0»«»
Kin aiin &rnMin. Mr. Joha "I
! Uifbeil. a lt*» n>ao from PttwUi
D*v Jrflrrnon County. I'eoaiJlrani*. *
eotapanied by bit *ife and two child ret:
arrived bere y*«terday. Mr. MitakeU
and family »•*» t» railroad aoeidros
on tne N >rtbrra Taotfl- near B«eriiD«.
Dakota • f*« d*y* *ff° He »t» tbat
' the aind »a* btorr n« al tbe time aad
: thai tfeere were !»•> feet of «oo« M'»nv
tbe etde of tbe track at Ike time ef tbe
aecideat. I bere «*» *>■»• 10 or SO i»t
«aa*r« ta tbe fare vbea Ue» veot orer
Ike ecu basket act One «'»M man, Ibe
only eapt-»rt of bia a«*d parent*, who
bad formerly r*a>d*d m lb* Territory
! and »b« »V eo«nin« w««t alto bi»
nl kilted M>in«tit. Many were
in ared Mra. M.teMl eoMasned aa*
»*r* eoalc 'oand aad internal injart**
fr«n »bi*b lll* feared e»e will noi re
xiTt-r Toe little daogbtar jaajpod
tbroacb tb* ear wind.'* and eeeap*«i
sntnjarfd. Mr Mitobail aad bta littl*
ttm were tt--u> u jartd about lb* le«e
Mr. «* ea tbal be wae attract
90 to SoaMte from readme lb* rowr
lunuiuoh u. aad tbai b* otaea ban
to reaaaia. aad go u»u> boaiaea*
Kuii i K-w«sa»a® prwant free to
every por««a»r of a «*»y'* a *.<m
pte«« boat ball Mill eooatactav of bat.
, naU, oaf and bet.
We bay for oaah and «rii for aaJi
So we kead tor tow aaab pcieae m dry
; good*- Curaa Cuut
Mom at tb«N people who turn bad
kmlMrf Geonad** -Frnt." batw*
tow tad (ht'plMnfc of "ill m Mm
draaatoe work pat oa the board*. rot
thia MM we beiier* ■a HI theater
getnc (tofl) via njjM as being able
to see Goethe'e OMI ia eater ptiae pew
artat. Mr Lmi 'liomKi" Hetoaap
ported by M> escatiacit aampaay sad the
elaborate. HmiiTkti tbt
aaye jn nftn»» to Ufct ptaj. "It ni
tto wealth of eeeato effeata. red Are,
inapt, eke.. which characterized it* pro
doetloc to Baa Friacieeo. Mr. Mom
Mipbietcrhelra Ba littM (apple
dark, pieretng black
•yea, git ted with a fecial paver Ibat at
tiaaa ia poattireiy deenooiecal. ha
meat, if it M art too bard to ay it
almoat designed by aatare to repreeent
toe character. He evidently enjoys ha
rut. baa made a atady «f it, for hia
rendiuoa ef the tiaea wae admirable.
Hia daughter, MUM Koaabel Morrison,
•a HufMnU via eery good, her work
baiag paimrakiag and thoroughly artie
tta. (bowing the fraita of a oarefal
wage traiaiag. Her portraitare waa aa
awaat aa lDsoceet and aa lovable aa waa
Use fair bat anfortaoate women Hue
Carter, aa Martha, waa exaellent."
Hosiery bought for sash, eold for
eaab, prioa it. Otasra OLBIST.
Notice! Boye—With every boye' enit
Kusi £ KOUUBMO preeent. gratia, a
eompiete baeeball oatdt. consisting of
bail, bat, oap and belt.
Ladiee rammer Marino tod hum u>-
dwvwi M ate. cacti. boo eh t for cash;
credit bnyere cannot Mil cheap. Toklaji
4 mugi&MAN-
ctrm miiiMtiut rm*cu»-
hußu. Ms; y.—Tbe petition for •
road on Vaahoa Island, wbioh has been
under consideration for eotae time ru
The Ceanty Aaditor ih inatroated to
advarttae for bida far tbe eeoatrootioo
of aa addition 38 feet vide ac tbe sooth
aide of tbe Coort House, tbe fall length
at tbe building, to be divided into three
office*, one for the aae of the Promcat
lag Attorney. one for the Probate Jadg«,
and the other for aoae other ooanty of
Tbe Auditor wee eleo inetrmeted to
oall for bida for the oonstruetion of a
bridge with two approaobaa aeroaa tbe
Tolt rirer.
Also bida for the eenatraotien of a
draw bridge aereaa White Hirer at a
point near the Lwgaton plaoe.
Tbe following monthly allowance*
were ssade till Aogoat for persons not
on the farm who depend on the ooaaty
for aopport: Mra. Molina and family
sls; Mr*. Williamson and ebild. $10;
tbe Williamson ohildrea $10; James
Began sls; J. M. Johns sl9; Mary Flat
ter $7.50.
Tbe bill of tbe Seattle Uas Light
Company for $43 75 for ligbte in the
Ooort Heane, jail and Probate Jadge'e
offioe, wis allowed.
Dr. O. H. Merriak submitted bia re
port as to tbe •ondition of the Oeauiy
Farm, and tbe charges auder bu oare,
and submitted hie vouchers f»r eappliee
ap te May Ist, wbicb were examined,
and approved, and a warrant ordered
drawn in hi* faror for that amount.
le yard lawns. Raying for cash i«
good, bat baying far oe*h and celling
for cash, in faot, doing a striotiy cash
basinew leids tbem all. We oan an
drraell any ortdit store. Lawns, 1 oent
a yard. No doobl oar oompetitors wi 1
be foreed to cb&nge the price. Chmteb
Tbe Dagmar is a handsome fancy
straw bonnet in colors, faoed with silk
rrlvet inJ combined with various colors
of ribbons, Frenob flowers and orna
ments to be only at Tokuui <k
Parents should col fail to visit the
SUA Hovu tbn week. K uhf A Bosbh
biki show twenty two different styles of
boys' suits st $2, f3, #l. $5. Come to
oei bargtin feast.
PBSPiBINO FOB tbb Kstibiiwukkt.
—The Seattle Tarn Versin Sooiety is
beading ita united ene'gics to make its
eatertainment ob Saturday evening for
tbe benefit of the Nauaiuio widows and
orphans a grand saooesa. The articles
contributed by oar merchants will be
suctioned off at tbe el.»#e of tbe eon
oert by I>oo Mitobell. All the leading
amateur musicians of this oity will take
part in tbe oonoert. Mrs. Dr. Churchill
has volunteered to give some of her su •
v*rh piano selections, Mr E. Lobe will
be present witb his violin, Mr. Stevens
will sing ene or two solos, tbs Cilee Club
will be present had giv» home of their
choice songs, and the popular Arion Ho
siety. which m now merged into the
Turn Yerein, will also sing. There will
,be many other attractions in tbe mu-
sioal line. The programme is being ar
ranged and will he publish ml soon. The
athletic part of tbe exeroisea will be
frsagbt with 1 ate reel, and the ball to fol
low will be a grand affair. We are aa
sored that tbe Soaiety intends to donate
every dollar taken in on that occasion
to the widows and orphans' fund.
Wonderful bargains for oas weak
only m fine impo,.ed satteens. they are
obeap at tOo , we will sell them for six
days at 15e. Toilii A tinmuui.
Nobby disssars should not fail to see
the Stab Omninia Hoobb tailor made
suits; they compare with the bast mer
chaat taiior work. Cowie and inspect
oar beautiful spring (took.
I will have lots to say on the sash
system, it is one of my bobbies
CItBSTB* CutAßt.
Amotbbb Too ids ihb BOCIRA. ON
Tuesday Mr. A. l> Moore, representing
tbe Port Discovery Mill Cosapany, par
abased of tbe Portland Tugboat Com
pany. tbe powerful steam tug Pioneer,
for $26,000. Tbe tug Pioneer was
bought in Philadelphia in May. 1802.
she east there S34.OUJ, and with altera
tions and cast of tbe trip to Portland
represented an outlay of about fM.OOU.
She aent into service early in October,
1882 Mr. Moere will at onoe bring tbe
tog to tiie Sound and use bar in oonnec
tion with the mill towing logs and ve»-
Baby c«i* an 1 dr»«»s. Clbibt.
Just think of this- *1 buys a ane
movvb sbse Bt tbe Sran CtoTHOto
Hoc**, AJb Commereial street.
We desire to imprest on tbe Seattle
public thai we are headquarters for
men's and boss' suits. Men's -oils at
ft. ebeai' *t #;•. boys* suits at fl. eneap
ai £< Wa boy goods for caab and can
v.l .rj to sell go.)ds at what otb.r bouse*
pay for them. loblas A SntauoLUt.
We are auihortzad to sell far thirty
dat« SO lots in Lvld's addition, at from
|2io to (ID per lot, and tbiee blocks
in Wo.-xJI.%b4 addition at S3O per lot
We will tiao sell alternate twocks froot
ic« on Woodland Park and avrnoe for
par block, an oondxton that tbe
,>«rcbaaers clear and fesoe these, and
pi»nt a d u»le row of shade trees along
said avaane in front of said blacks.
Pure&aam wil ha at n >»ipeoas cianr
ins or framing this avenne. which is
90 f~et wide, over a mile lore and level
from end to and This will be the pee«-
neat and moat perfect drive ta tbe
Northwest or thtt eta rear be made ta
Seattle or vicinity.
Iters are only sit teen blocks -n this
evens', and we will aeil not to exeaed
euht of tteeo We earnestly believe
tkat more m ir.ev will be made in two
rears by lcreesut* IB Be of Ib-se bioet.
than any other inveMaaent of bk
amount in Any person who
will take the troable to l»k at this
property *iU bay a Mock. For further
tfiforsßattoo apt y to
Q. O. Pnnr 3l Co..
Seattle. W. T. aiytidwlaa
"itoh's am> ntshiith:
Biaoe the esptoaon at Xaaaimo there
ateJban of Order of
United Veckaa ia thia etty aa la the
808 bar at members of that Order who
bad fallen netuae to the dtaaeaer. Aa
thia WM a aarter whieh. ia a fiTanaiai
ssSastSL o^
Bone, of Nanaiao. inquiring far ta
theee kilted ia the disaatar. aad the
tdagraa fail intothe handaof Foreman
B. S. Smith, who aoawerad aa follewr
Nutnto, B. C., May 10.
T. B. Cam*, Pmt Mmttr: Eight
Workmen. INCLUDING William BOM,
killed. One badly iajartd-
B. 8. SMITH, Foreman.
Wonderful' WocdorfolWonderful!
The beat valoe in the United Statee.
Oar men'* aU wool oasdmere eoita at
(4. Oar boye* eatia at fI. It ia aaly
enah. ipot eaab. that aaa bay ebaap and
eaU aheap Tocua * Dtmnna.
Every aaa baa bia hobby. Mine ia
the eaab eyatem. It daaa aa food to
•aa the credit iwrea openly acknowledge
it to beet. "Tbey feai it CORD
Everybody Alarmed Oeeae and we
will pat yea metde of as elegant and
etyltoh new spring (Bit at a pnoe ao low
that it will snareyon at thesr** Curra
L*O Horn, 80H Ocaimeroial (treat.
TtiH rat*.
Under the pronmona of the famou*
areas earnings tax tow, the railroad* in
Washington Territory ere reqoind to
pay into the Territorial treasury semi
aaaaally to the eredit of the varioaa
ooanw** through whioh the roada nu,
e oertem per oentage ef thair groaa
earainga, in lien of all other tax®*, both
reel aad pereooal. Coder thie tow the
following roada hare joet paid in the
amoenta folio wing, to the eredit of Kins
Northern Paotfio $ 31 66
Gotambie A Facet S-niad H. H. 1,661 74
Paget Sound Shore Bead 3M 16
Total $1,837 M
It* eaey to aae who boy* for eaeb.
Pnee oar Jereeya. Ourru Cuuw.
Children's sailor ha la folly trimmed
with nioe silk ribbon aad any ooler for
2Se. Toklas A
Driree is towels end napkin a. Cljuxt.
Death or Uxa. Dodob.—Mre. M. K.
Oedee died at her heme in Laoonner,
oa Sanday, May »tb, from a dlaeaee
eontraeted by overwork, la endeavor
ing to pay eff a mortgage on the farm
left to her by bar husband. Mr*.
Dodge waa the eldest sister of Mre. F.
A. Pontine, of this city, Mrs. N. Croeby,
and Mr*. Clara Harmon, ef Olympie.
Hhe leave* two daughter*. Mre. F.
D'Aroy, of Laoooaer. aad Mis* Leila
Dodge. Her eiatere, Mr*. Pontio* and
Mrs. Cresby, were by bar side when she
paaeed away.
Table licene, towel* aod napkin*
bought tot oaah, told for eaah. Friee
tbem. CHBsraa Ouui.
Everything will be found jast ei ad
vartised; 76,000 yards of lawa at *).,
tbey oannut be boigbt in anv Mere on
tbe oo'i.t for lee* than 6e. We bay for
oaeb and oau sell for leea thaa long
•redit baying boasee pay for thera.
Toiui A tewnf.
Hergee bought for oaeh, sold for oaah,
prioe tbem. ('HBrrma < lubt.
Contici Lwi. Mr. D. B. Jackson
ha* let a oontraot to Moeea Keezer, of
thia eity, for the oonitrnotion ef foor
two story reaidenoas oa hi* Jaokson
street property. The foundations will
be of briok. and the material ia already
being baaled on the groand. This ia
the first of a aerie* of oontraota whieb
Mr. Jaokson expect* te let this aeaaoft
for the oonatrnotion of bailding* u.
thia eity,
Would you aave money ? If you would,
gone and see oar late auotieo purahaae
In men'* and boy'* auita. Our man'a
suit at |4 ia equal to any $» suit in tbe
Cnited State*. Oar boj's #1 suit ia
equal to any $3 suit in Seattle. Toklab
Laoe curtalus, bought for oaah, eld
for cash. Prioe tbem. ("hutu Cleabi.
AaaivAi. or tbb Cnaarca. The
•toamahip City of Chester arrived at an
early bear yesterday morning from San
Franoiseo. Hhe brought oabin pas
senger*. for porta aa follow*: Viotarto,
27; Port Towaaend, 6; Seattle, 25; Ta
ooaia, 7. Her freicbt list eoaeisted of
m toas, for porta aa follows: Viotoria,
21,1; Port Tawaseod. 10R ton*; Seattle,
271 ton*; Taooma, 118 tone.
100.-Job lot of Me. corsets, small
sizes, 10a. per pair. * imrn Cimi.
42 dor- man's all wool suits at %* each.
dot boy's all wool saita at $1 each.
It is only oaah buyers that em bay
obeap and sell cheap. Tonu A Bin-
Lawns, le. a yard, bought for cash,
sold for cash. Cbbbteb Cum.
Th» Mexico Floatbd. A special
dispaieh from Victoria, last evening to
this paper, says: The steamship Mexico
was floated an Sunday and towed to
Naaaimo, where aha was beached for
THI lillU TBI »•« IT.
And the old falks laugh when thev find
that the pleasant California liquid fruit
remedy. Syrup of Figa. is mure easily
taken and more beneficial in ita actios
than bitter, nauseous medicine*. It is a
most valuable family remedy to act on
tbe bowels, to oluanae the system, and
to dispel oilils, headaches and fevers.
Manufactured only by the California
Pig Syrup On . San Francisco, Cat. For
•ale by A. B. Sttwsbt.
About twenty years v> I discovered a BttU
sore '* mj cheek. and docsaes pena.«a»ewJ
tt 'anew. I ha»» trVd s »oaM of physSrUns,
bat wtthoal msbUf ear iiwean.et b«MSt
imrni ih. BimNf »■ twr. laljata
The tfcsy applied »ss like Or* to tk»
enre. cauala* tni i—» pata. I saw a ■sen taeei
ts the papars wtilnc «hai s. a. ». ha.l torn, fi*
other* similarly etSkted. I pr.«orwi «m at
ooce. B*t r- ! had wed the ■*.»! hossle Um
neighbor. could a<ale» tkat my i9r)rr was
brallax -p. *y laial htalth he.! heeo ba4
for two or tkr*» years I had a ba.*fctaa onash
tit t spit blood eoattcaaily. I kail s seme
pair, la n.y I r.an aner takln* •:» boitke <4
B,SI & ny »i i ask left tae aa 1 J «re» «~stee
than ! had be»a for several ,«ara *y «»es
has heated ->«erall bats !mi« spas atooat tbs
civ of a ia!f 11» aad 11 Is rapid); liiiw ■"
ta* I wesiid adeiee every eaa w !th raacar ts
c**r k S a a f sir trtaL
Xaa. 9AJICT J. «eCOKaroHET.
ashe arwe. Til liram Ge.. tad
m a, an
Mean se rare eaacres ay Sorrow «st tke iepe
rt ti»s tmss the hhwL Tr«as»se ss. «fc»d aat
DtasHa. auOssi free.
' «unt i. atlajtta. «a.
TOKLAS $200,000
Our great low.priced Boom to be continued.
$200,000 to select from.
Erery person who deals with the great, popular aid liberal honso of Tofelas
* Singcrman this week will nare illy per real, en every purchase-
We are the only house on the Sound that pays spot rash for every dollar
worth of goods we buy.
If you want to buy good goods cheap you must visit our stores.
c -a. :rTi=" hi
la a low estimate af the quantity «• reocired tkia apring. Evarj piaca p«rchaa*4 djr*».v
from the moat prominent tactariea. Theaa are facto that will cartoinly ineore trvry ajar
of carpets the largeat selection and lowest prioee. Call and be eanvinoad.
10#0 yards * ply Ingrala at por yard
120© - lngraid at i
1500 44 Z ply all wool lagraln at «•« u
2SOO " Tapostry M
" Tapestry, good quality Ji* „
»### " Tapestry, better quality M
4000 " Body Brussels II.M and $1.75
I inr niIHTI I lift We have received during tho last thirty 4*l*
LACE CURTAINS. K2Sr2^»" tc - uto "~
10 pieces colored Madras at It l-*c per yard, worth »0c
15 « plain and lancy Etamlne
5 " fcaah Curtain Madras *•
15 " Imported Madrs £l£ «
20 pairs Nottingham Nets, f*om If *• M
50 " Nottingham Nets, from to 99c
Spring Wraps and Jerseys,
We are showing the most complete assortment of Jerseys In America, elegant
styles of Cream, fancy and Ine Black Jerseys.
ti imported pattern Wrap*, elegantly 43 oilk and teoadod Wrapoat W 10 N «Mk
beJSTao two ftyloß alike, mamj of 10 do* lUAeeblaok and <*lorod Jo uXo black aad
- ,d,or J --J 1 "1
far-,, for »
Great May Day Sale of Dress Goods.
Will begin Monday morning, May 9. Everything will befeundjust
33 pieces splendid quality and wnx\ color*, Laos L*ono. at 3Uc. J 38 pieces *4 inch ancy a< ar
30 wldß, I 8 sis: *£Shs£t* vi«st 'oum£nSS\sSi
We wonld like to call your attention te our 5c Dresa Goods. They are worth 16c in the mill.
9 pto~ « inch Oral. 811k for|l SO | U plo£
Wash Fabrics »»u
... . lo DAT rard I 1 cut*»taeh new Madras Law**. 1» rich oalor* tad
2caaea7-BLawn* at ..... -leper yam * D ""°" affecta. worth 10c. for liHo.
Thaj cannot ha preduoed for To „ , ™ w " *"*
S caees full M inca Lawns for te I _______
CBETOHES sri case new MomieT* CRETONEB
1 case French Sattones, for this week, at 15c, worth 40c
BIBUUNS IN WHITE GOODS I case checked Nainsook at I I »e
Ladies' Summer Merino Underwear-May Sale Bargains.
at lie 3 caaea lad lea' superior Genie Testa, to four I aeok aad ne sleeve* Jawhm
AMoTH, : EE c o7i T >oVT^r>r w "^:^»rr-oBMm
$4 9 $4, s4* $4, $4, $4, $4 s4*
$4. Our great leader in Men's Suits for this week
$4. for $4 500 suits, all wool Cassimere Sacks
$4. and frocks, that are perfect in fit and make
$4. for $4. We defy any one to produce them
for $8 or $lO.
Boys' Clothing Display in North Window.
$1 si, Bi. si. si. st- si, 81. 81, 81.
12 dozen Boys' Suits at $1 each.
The making worth the money asked for them. They are equal
to any $3 suits in the United States. We ask of every mother
in Seattle to examine them. They may never have the chance
again to get such a bargain.
In this deiartment we will offer .pecial bargain* *o that ererr purchAaer of a n.w rait may treat
kta»«U to a new Hat. Itead the price.; they cannot be duplicated by 33 per cent. el»ewhare:
3sa .fa-Bansafta-siifisi
75 d«L d« d» MIU - tier fr*d«- -M MB Ml* fr»«.........
We retail tho rert fi„e.t Hat. for what «cln«ire hatter. j*y for them. We bay direct from the
manufacturer, and in *ery large loU, and we know the pnee u the loweet.
75 do*. Genu' white merino ShirU and Draw*, at 50c. a rait; cheap at »1.50. A bonania for
slim [ urte*. Good, to suit all taste*.
lo dou red flannel Shirt, at fl each; cheap at »1.50
5o do*, red flannel Drawers at 41 a pair; cheap at $l»o
Our assortment of Neckwear- well, alll we hare to say about it is, to see and yo« will parchaM.
Our price, we know will Meet with your approral, and a trial order is m<*t respectfully solicited.
Count rv order. aUo sol cted ; .ample. sent to any add re*, free of charge.
Rjm*md#r, all our Goods ar« BOUGHT FOR SPOT CA:sH. Merchants buying good* on long
oar.n«»t tbeoni dbtffcp-
Corner of Commercial and Wa-hlngton uIrMK Heittlf, W. T.

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