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She gnoxrillr Wig.
" "bKO VSLOW & HAWS, FublidLers.
.o v, rv,iw-
J 13
a a -tlrsd. . 3
IWever float tbat standard sheet,
tVbore breathes the foe but falls boiere un
Wilh Krof Jim's oil beacalh our f"et:
And Fret Join's banner streaming o'er u.
Knoxville, Tenn., June 17, 1868.
MM.' IAL NOTICE. 7V Win-. " "ii'li"'"' .fro"; t-j--
, ai-R v-'"- -r! n"1 '""' ! rl ul tlt 'ryiritt:- !
t.m, f srsic th'J Mre fc" J"1"'- '" W
t.'9tiriiUf-,rib . ""J ' '
-,wed ! J.i-cr trO. U ducn-timufd. Thit U a nit from v hkk
;hft uiU be a d'fiftvrt. Hitch t hc.ar and rrxtv yavr
Itankrut and Intolvrnl olic.
.V.Ike In l.srcly glvn to Deputy Maiahals, Cl.rk. aud
,.!! rs. llit !I " Notices tu Bankruptcy " and "Insolvency"
luuat be paid fur ta aJvaneai. Such Notices will not be pub
iiebed ber.-sfter noleasacccaipacl.d by tUeaah.
l it 4 4
Of Illinois.
Or Indiana.
J i,o ilrrl riuiubrr of ibe Tri-Wekklv Whio will
i . n emrly i July, immediately after the cloea of
r i - !'. bdl-l'im'KTtitK' Con vnnlion, in New York.
( time ii at hand when r11 who ,ivo tln ir cun
; ry rl."u!il IihmI torthcr aninet 1!jo D'-moi rrtlie-
ilei.i-I-.lif obir.-, fnUsly i-tylinjj them-u-lvec ('ns-:r-.
; To rescue tho country from the rhp of
:li-i v;I-Jotc-!! arrogar.t worker -f mi-
and iri!j)lHi t! balers if the I'niun wiii I"'
i.i'i of Ibi" n'1"' I'"ryr 'ool.ing io Ibi
nl-j to do0.') 'it tij".' wrk in November r."l
M irk uf th is pit). or v. ill L lo eipoM! Hi' JiUcti J't'1 "f
rc1j' nJ tb'tir mw HiooinlOT to b-I.-t;r uf
...1 by nrl'.i! in
'.ui.y, b!i
..ir t-ljc-t 1"
-!-.! Ill
l' pv
Miitrlt; .'! y ur. . jV. no
I'or sis miiiitli-, .... 1 50
(aY" 'I'll-' 'H'li uoi.-t ui-i'i'iijiHiiy or.b'!--, and
i. 'i v. ri'i! ifii v ill be iiiudo from llie.-o term.-.
.1 -it.-- 17. ltj'-tf. t'ul-lU'-rr.-, c.
TIic Coming (ontest.
'f tiiu t:itee now in I'nidn, w t-..in-od Kon
ti ky and MaryUnd v! o rtuinly iij,'in -,1 (irHUt
.-ion and Count i liciu we hl down as doubtful.
!1 tl.i) titlier ytslrs so claim Iir Orat.t n tnuttor
;v bo iimy brt noiniuittt) 1 at tbo New York 'ilhering
t o'a Uoiiiooraiio prostitutes, "VVbig riitsde? and
tl. ;'-jt;d rcleli. Of the Soutbrn btnteti that moy
b Kd n'aJ to votn, we c'.ai;a on-hlf for Grant,
O'tIhiu, tiitd oo-.tspqu.inlly wo claim the triuinptiunt
tiPi tin of Uie Republican tii't. The I' Uiucratic-lt..b.)l-Jai:-bin-Jibnii'0-Forn'6t-IiiLeiidf;o
uih lK.abl, and brag, but defeat, ovfrwbtitminx and
di'rncefil, awaits then, aud tho lundt rs foel it in
tbiir vcty bones. Sicxioa Lbiroa.
Grand Kcpnbllcan Rally In Knox
Oa tbe first Saturday after tbo -lib of July there
will bo a grand rnss meeting of tho Union party
of Knoi county at McCIoud' school bouse, nine
miles north of Knoxville. Tbo Union Leagues cf
Knox and Union are expected to tr.rn out en ;iai.
SpfCcbea will be made by Jud,;e L. V. II-uk, (Jen.
Jo. Cooper and J. 1$. Urownlow.
A Swirt Witness.
The ."-lalviiioiit cupied from the kttcr on
Kirby, ibat a Mr. Beach, City Marshall of
Chattanooga, had been a "rebel candidate'
Las drawn from that gentleman a letter
published in the Press and HeralJ, hich
copy at the request of the writer.
Chattanooga, June 11th, lfcti?4.
T. B. Kikby, K-q :
Dearir: I have read with surprise
the enclosed extract from the Knoxville
Whkj; I think it due not only to yon but
also to myself to ask you to publish the
following statement.
You never were a candidate for any office
on any ticket in Chattanooga. I have been
acquainted with you for over throe years
and during all that time have known yoa
to bo a straight out Conservative. Yon
never belonged to any Union League in
this city. And I xvill also bear testimony
that no IJadical in this city really believes
that you wero ever anything but a Demo
crat. If tbo expression. "Press ar.d Herald"
men, means to include the manager Mr.
Wm. J. Ramage, I would state that he, to
my knowledge, took Eides with the Johneon
Conservatives when the " Johnson party "
fin-t developed, and ha3 always fought us
Kince, and never belonged to the Union
League in Chattanooga Both yourself and
Mr. Ramage are courteous gentlemen.
The wr;tcr is the " Jiebel Beach " men
tioned. I would ttitte in mj- reply that I
j.m a Badical, Mat, a Union soldier, am by
birth a Pennsylvania!), and never voted the
Democratic ticket in my life. I have been
City Marbhyl of Chattanooga for two j ears
find never way known as a sympathizer
with Conservatism. I am really surprised
that Col. Brownlow would take me to be a
Kcbcl after exchanging opinions personally
with him as I have frequently done. I
would bo pleased to have the Whig correct
its statement M publish this letter.
J. S. BlACH.
We haw: hpciit but two days in Chatta
nooga in three years. If wo ever bad any
conversation with Mr. Beach, wo do not re
member it. Wo do not recall his features
by seeing or hearing Lis name. We have
no doubt we have been introduced to him
and conversed with him as ho states, but
we do not remember all of tho thousands
of fctrangers whom wo have casually met.
The gist and .substance of all we said in
the Wni'; (and it is this which offends
Kirby,) is : that ho has turned a complete
summeraPult in politics. On this point his
friend Beach comes to his rescue as follows :
I will alo bear testimony that no .Rad
ical in this city really believes that you
lit re r,r oiiyt,!iij bt a Democrat." This
is a rich "go.ik." It is far more domning
to Kirby, than anything his otcmks could
. .1.1 1
i say l ii mi. 11 true mat ne was a i ways
a CoiiMcrvativo it shows that for a Major's
s;ilary in a colored regiment he was acting
and professing that which was contrary to
his convictions.
By ''Democracy" be of course means j
Conversation as opposed to Radicalism.
Tho idoa of a Democrat or Conservative
commanding colored soldiers. We'll bet if
he were to express himself, that Col. Wm.
Ileiskell would hay " d n biich. De
It is-notorious that Democracy all over
tho land denounced tho enlistment of col
ored troop:).
We made no reference to Mr. Ramae.
but Mr. Ueacli is a " swia witness" and
Becms anxious to bolster up the whole es
tablishment. If he would create tho im
pression in Knoxville that ho is a Republi
can he would not volunteer to endorse as a
,; courteous gentleman," a follow who is re
garded with contempt by nil parties hero.
Conservative Editors.
I'lie editor of Conservative newepapen, 1:1; Lit do
i uretit dt al of barm, cf.pecitilly those in EhiA Tcn-
!:, did not the people understand them. They
are Fuch tinrcrupuloiu liars a to constantly remind
Ihn )jal people of ibe rebel editors of 1861. A
iUbt relxd ty tho namo of Slack edits tho Concer-
stit e organ nt Groeneville. He srvc that the rad
i.:il are ci eiyw lore buing defiled, and predicts
their utu r rnnihilation. 1 hie aino blucU edited a
reb.il p 'pr during the war, arid f wore " wo (mean
ing tbo Confodi'iftbTs"; aro every where whipping the
cowardly Yankees," while at the t,ame time tbo reb
el:! wore running like tbo devil and boiiiR bagged
by the wholesale at Donetaon and Vitksburg by
Gei. (irant As be now predicts the linnl overthrow
of radiuklitu), no he predicted a;,d prayed that all
the Union men of Oreeiio oui:'y who joined the
I riion army would be sl ot lik dogs.
Tbo relo! or Conservative prpers oi Cleveland
snd Alliens aro edited by tlia mwi o.eii lob Mc
Nelly and riam Ivin.- who rliled tbo CvHsm-atU'c
papers of thnt towa during the war. The course
'U,-uod by tbeitl than is familiar to the p.vple of
the nnrrow cotnivws iu which tbwr papers were then
and tiro ru w circubitod. Whilo the reVt'ls were
li.ing whipped in one baltla after another, they
ire publifbing " one man killed on our .ido and
two wounded." "Tour hundred Yankee killed
ud ortrt thouaud wounded." The peop!-i ho aw
the Knoxville litpiitrr, Athena Pi-it, and other rebel
papers, aro f:tini!iar witb the uiis..'rup.ihus lies whn h
weie instantly publii.l.od in rebel papers . So reek--!i?
were tliesa rebel editors that intellijer.l reln-lc,
-mi weie not entirely blinded by prejudice, wou'd
i t believe what they publhed. As to the Union
mi-mi of East Tcnnes.-eo, tbey do not kdiove any
Il.ing they mm in thee Conservas.ire shoe's.
Sliowlng their Hands.
The late Rebel-Conservative-WI;H-Maa a-Coii- j
xention lit Nashville, true to it rebel iniitiet. af-
tr a pretondod quarrel oter tho noiitiiiMlion. v j
rKiinlOil s a dolegate to their Nut otial Convention, j
for tho SlaU at large, N. H. l'urreft, t!n l'ott l'illow '
Hatcher ! Thus Ortu rul Iirrtst is to sleet a lein
tcralic candidate for the Trc-ideni y for 'f enntttJeo
ans to support. Forret will of course prefer Jefl".
laxiand Gen. liobi-il K. Lee. Federal o2i era
and fldiers will look well in tie ranks of this rebel
Dtiiu.H'ratic organisation I Aiid c l. rod vuters will
look well in Uie rank of lha rubci?. eonunanded by
loe Fort Fillow DjUher' Three cheers for the
White Man's party!
11. M. Ilward. or Bra l'ey, ..ppvl l!lt) .ppoint
menl of Forrel, an the worst of polirv, t Jculatad
to injury the party. John Baiter, of Ktl,.1 f4V0i-ed
tho appointment of Forrest. Tbi. w.vt prfoitly
natural. Bailor shouldered bit Kun and marched
bis cotnpaay on to Strawberry plain to aght the
LincolniU. ilore mnt'y, tba CiJm',i prejKd
to the Jeff. Davis goTernn.tn.t, tiirojpb Stoator
Jlayno. that if thry weu'.d give Liia abuut a b:ilf
uii!liii of money be would go N.rtu and boy the
Itaditj; L'jiioa papers cvr to tlo side oi" tin rcL-el-liou.
tsuch a yXnct oukt to o for 1 o.-rufct '
A. O. P. X- Y. Z. NicLoLuu it auotbe-r uu t..-
pui forward to lead the party l.- this Sinw. JJ i t' o -i!vh. fairly op.:- and tbo h yal poop.o swarm
look up hi tt in 16CJ m,d walk.d cut ..f c 5. j i.it.. ibe tonn fro.u tU work.Ux-p and plow, tkece
Senata ii.to tU rci::;.o ! Genuali Bu Urowa', ! l-"H'ei will slink is to their boles and bide their
.larr'.f, and other leading rUk, v,bo l.,jbt 1 '''
throughout the war, v.ro proUiiiie.-it both i,
"CalllnR.nby their Right Names."
In the Wnio irt week vo spoke of John Baxter
of thij city 3 Ccirin B itter. A fritnd bas aiked
ub what wo inoant by this. 'o iimply inteded to
mvo Bixtor his propor title
By co'irtcsy ho is C-tptaiu. Ho is erroneously
supposed by some to have been a Colonel in the
rebel army, and hence is sometimes called Colonel.
This id an oiror. He was never rogularly mustered
into the lebui soivico, but xvas for two days in com
mand of tho eotnpany of loafers and jay-hawkers
who loft Knoxviiio wilh the avowd purpose of bang
ing all the Union bridge burners whom they could
capture. Ibis i the only connection Baxter ever
had with any branch of the service-military. lie
wad never .4 militia oflicer. 11 0 never bad a t-lalT
appointment from any one wilh military rank or
authority. In liol ho applied to Jell'. Davis fortbe
commisi-ioii of Brigadier General, but Davis would
not tr.i'-L him. Ilia apiaations to acquire hih mil
itary rank and lame have been as great as wero
t!io?i i f Napoleon or Alexander, but he never got
IiImivo liiO iirr;'j!nf command of a company of
bush whither.
Captain is lue oiny iniiiiarr title xx hicL can bo
appropi is'i-'y appliod t-) Bailer.
Threatening the Life of Arneil.
Hiisini' r.ofiil!y called Hon. S. M. Arnoll home
to Columbia, and on Saturday ni,;ht last the Ku
KKiX Kbm. with pi-tols and ropo in hand, searche-i
I tiie train f-r him, twOHi-i.ij yrnge tn .e 8gainl him.
I Tliii i- to be the Deiii -ratic gime this summer
j sin -e the above xvas written, a Ku-Elux mob has
' a--a;'ed .Iu It Fielding Hurst, of West Teinosso,
1 ahile he tjVidlnj hi' Court.
' Fh iR Km roR.
l'ii-i tk'p-Jie
Their Old Came.
bead) of Knoxville, or a iarge ele
ment oi tb:s party, ure pursuing their old gatno ot
Ki.i'iiijiiiig to bully or browbeat their opponents,
xxith which liiev elite: od upi.n the canvass last iuiii
mer. 11 ow they lired cpn tb? colored men when
Frank Blair .- jioke h-rc, and ul other time attempt
ed to iuLiuiidate Kepublicans, is well known to the
jvple of this city aiid county, llow some of them,
by public jceibe and dufamalicn, attempted this
game, is fauii.iar to all. And how, as evincoi ia
T'eming's letter to the editor of this papur, praying
an abandonment cf tbo processions arranged for by
ec'u parly, they backed down, after tbo loyal peo
ple of the city ana uuaty became aroused and ex
asperated, is also waiter of record.
As a elas, the loafers, gambler, and builiw of
Knoxville are on Ibe Conservative aide, and to a
stranger val-ing the street, It would aeoni from
thir conwraaiiou aud blustering tbat all tbe peo
ple if tbe city, vi. lnity and coa'-ty wr vi U. Con
servative s'-do f tbe question. T'bey are lucre i
u.oictrativ via the strouca, for more of them are to
bo fv ucd hero tbau of tbt KaJical pi-t7. but afttir
t r.' 1 , . villi lUUV-. V'uXfUw'. & uiiuiui
fls i liiaua. I ri of Uc wrgnnualioL. r.-ily , "m """'I V n 1 "
l "up fUibitd their bandi and ebweJ lU'.r rcUl 1 '
and puip-oie. to all. ! It'-' vr:, ...:, o! Khode I-land to Wm. Sprag.b,
o.s- limn ail tbi they cj.ei.3j orjo-vd a a.,- U L i- Jc' 1'J lo lU l
Liu.:,..,,,-,,,., O.t ....... i.; 1 , . . , .V-lia -J bv lb.- U-ci.-ia.uieoI ll.a. ka.ianntivie
th:.ltliey ui:ghl vxai.tlo try their luck Bsin in li.e
..ay of rrcalisg a s;l;ti.t.rn ConfedwacX . WLal
do the .v,pk. think of thit ? Uve held ail the
time that tboy dill intruded another war, but xve
-bo ilA 'ii-c.l tbcta cj ,oon publicly ij admit lb-- 1
.arlliLg I1. But lt-t U.etn tell it all ouL A tna
cjr'.'.;,' of the Convention were I, r Vn7V,.:i for
I'reiiJtUit, and bit n-Ul re..-r.: i to- ;- m.. tl1B- ,.r
l orn t, a. it. us tU ru;:-. M) t.. point, sh'ow
vfcrt v.i ny xj'-t if il.. ' u of i p.-t into
"''' siMon Ki-nou
1 .
This 10 an t-.iidorfcinent of t-enator tpragues voie
in uv.-r "l" the cuviot. -r. if Andrew Jobnsor.. It
is a wlI; u.eiittd triluw to tlic boi.ct man wbodid
hi. duly, and voted accordu. U lL Lw ""J
L'-ce, regard'.e-s of the machinations of hi fltbiir-in-'.aw.
Clia-f J u.-lice Cba-e.
If K- f-, foliovxing ihc example cf l.sne. were to
! !, w his brair.s it. tho .,uet!oii i. a! what part of
.:- V.dv l.o Would d.ro. t lb.- 1. -' '
lie -tbI but? !h !U no!
"Lying as a Fine Art."
1 0 our Lul issue we stirred up tbo animals of the
dirty little copperhead paper in this place. We gave
special offense to an unprincipled, lying, cowardly
dog, by name T. B. Kirby.
In tin editorial we copied an extract of a loiter
from Chattanooga relative to Kirby. The scoun
drel alleges that no such letter was ever received by
us, but tbat we wrote the objectionable extract. On
this subject ho says :
We have cause to believe thai tun pretended ex
tract of a letter from Chattanooga was composed by
tbe junior editor of tbe Whir;, who knew that he
was guilty of a deliberate falsehood in writing it.
And we are confirmed iit ihi belief by Vie fact that
tee called upon Col. B.'ownlow for tiie author of the
letter and he refused to give it to us.
A moro infamous liar could not be found than be
who would write tbe .'wve. Kirby stopped us or
hailed us on tho stroei- and asked : "Who wrote that
letter from Chattanooga?" We replied, in sub
stance, tbat while tho xx nter did not re juest tbat his
name bo withheld, yet we would do so if he merely
w'uhed u to gratify bis curiosity. He insisted on
being informed of the authorship, whan we told
him emphatically and repeated it, if ha Jeuuuuicd
the name of tbe author with a view to getting any
satisfaction from him, we fell bound to give bis
c ame, and would then do to. He replied Ledid not
thus ask bis name.
He staled to ua lb it tbe statements of tbe writer
of the letter were false, but calling us familiarly
John, was very explicit in saying we had been im
puted upon, that tbe writer of the letter was a liar.
Tbe entire letter from which we extracted the
material portion is as follows :
Chattasooga, May 25, 1868.
Governor lirovrUoio :
Sir: This is to inform you tbat Dr. While read
in my bearing a copy of the Whio about that editor
of the rebel paper in your town, Mr. Kirby. He
was a Major in the 4itb colored regiment, and in
November of 1868 be was a member of our Union
League, and ran for Marshall on tbe Union ticket,
but "old out to Mr. Beach, the rebel candidate.
Your friend, P. W. Bmallzt.
Tbe senior editor novel aaw the above until it ap
pear 4J in print. We mention this lest the little
fellow may imagico that the senior editor bas xin
eidered him worthy of notice.
Tbe truth is, it is not the statements contained in
the letter about Beach or the Union League which
offends Kirby. It is the publication by us of his
having beon an officer of a colored regiment. This
sticks him. He dislikes to have the Conservatives
reminded of this, for he kuowg that it causes his
party to distrust bim and regard him with contempt.
We have not space to do him justice in one paper.
We will soon start a ti i-weekly, and then we will give
some chapters in Eirby's history which will prick
him more effectually than anything we have pub
lished. When h came here he evinced a little
modesty. Influenced by Fleming and others, he
has taken liberties which could not be excused in a
man accustomed to mingle with gentlemen, much
less his degraded self.
liebel Blasphemy and Rejoicings over
the Governor's Supposed Death.
Tbe little copperhead paper of Knoxville, edited
by John Mitchell Fleming and the ex-Major of a
colored regiment, bas repeatedly published blasphe
mous and scurrilous attacks on, and allusions to
the Governor in connection with hi? ill-health and
reported death.
A few weeks since, tbe Knoxville paper malic
iously published that be was dying. This
called forth such blasphemy from a portion of
tho Southern press 3 Brick Pomeroy writes on the
death of Lincoln. Tbe purpose of the Press and
Herald was to evoke just such blasphemy and black
guardism as wo have roferrei to, and then publish
the same. This il has done, with the blasphemous
rejoicings over tha supposed death of the Governor,
written by that corrupt, drunken Catholic priest,
A. J. Ilyan.
Since Fleming, who is, wheu sober, the chief edi
tor of this dirty little paper, and a leader in the
party, wants it known tbat certain people would
regard the death 01 as Brownlow a groat bless
ing, it may not bo amiss to prognosticate tba sensa
tion his demise would produce. We will not say
that any body would now rejoice at it, but there are
soveral hundred men who would not have regretted
his death in infancy had their "fore-sights been as
good .is their hind-sights." Of this numbor wa
might unmet lie poor x-rebul authorities of Emory
and Henry College, Va., to whom he is now indebt
ed for his board and tuition while receiving the ed
ucation which enables him to blackguard and slan
der bis betters. We might mention the names of
numerous rebel merchants to whom he is iudobtej
for the necessaries of life obtained before the war.
We migh give tbe names of almost every whisky
dealer in Knoxville and surrounding counties who
have cbargd "drinks" to him until their stationery
has been exhausted. And, finally, we might give
the names of a ho:-l of rebel client whose money,
placed in bis hands to pay costs against thorn in
treason cases in the Federal Courts, he has expend
ed. Tho receipts for the money in some of these
c tsas have been placed in tho hands of lawyers here
for collection. Money handed hini to save these poor
rebebthe trouble and expense of coming to Knoxville
when the case3 should be disposed of. In every in
stance of whioh wo have any knowledge, where the
cases have gone off the docket, tbe parties have been
compelled to pay tbe costs for which provision was
made with the money placed in Fleming's hands.
But for our aversion to being personal, we might
give tbe uixuies of tbe following ex-rebels of the un
fortunate cla of Fleming's clients referred to
abovo :
Jackson L. Cox, Knox county.
F. M. Gregg, Cocke county.
Royal Stokely, " "
Charles Stckely, "
David V. Stokely, " '
There are other matters to which we may refer in
a future issue of the Whig. Tbe class of persons
whom we bavo named are all of Fleming's party.
We don't know tbat any of them would publish,
were tbey editing a paper, blasphemous rejoicings
over the supposed death of a political opponent, but
we doubt not they feel that society would have been
no lofer had Fleming "shuffled off this mortal coil"
while in his svraddling clothes." Not as with
tboso who rejoice at the jihyslcal prostration of
Brownlow solely because of political animosity, but
because Fleming is a nuisance to society a libel
upon humanity.
We will notice in another column tbe little bench
leg dog connected wilh Fleming.
Scoundrels of Knoxville, who applaud the per
sonalities of the flllbv little tboet, behold your leader.
Look upon your a!t-nale delegate at large '.o tha
New York Convention.
Jchj. B. Browvlow,
Editor Knoxville Whig.
An Aristocrat Sent to the Penitentiary.
The conviction of Tbeopbilun C Callicett, the
Brooklyn collector of internal revenuo, for frauds
on the treasury, following so soon after tbe convic
tion of tho distiller, Devlin, in the same court, shews
an unusual aud wmniendable degree of vigilance
and energy in tbe prosecuting authorities of that
district, and one which thoir colleagues in other
parts of tha country yould do well to imitate. Mr.
Callicott is a maa well known in public and politi
cal life in New York, and previous to his revenue
frauds, bis character had been above suspicion. He
wa formerly speaker of the New York Assembly,
and ditpbarjjed the duties of the position in a man
nor which has never beun surpassed. He executed
wveral important commissions from the Treasury
Department in the Southern Stales, just after the
close of the war, and always with fidelity and cred
it. ut Co wbikky temptation was too strong for
him. Of b!s guilt thers, could be 110 doubt. It is
pity tb-i u.ore of tha scouudrels csnaot le caught
mid caged.
The senior editor of this paper onlj wriUs aucb
editorials as aie signed "Senior Lditor " the rat
arc froii ibe pen of the Junior. This information
i is River! because ta rebel paper auiiiute almost
j ery acticlo to the Senior not because the Senior
i ;v'.fc!."es to avoid responsibilities. Dof jet because he
does not iV.'.j endorse the politics of tbe paper, as
i well as iU general course. He approves tb tone,
I temper aud principles of tbe Wbio throughout.
! We b'lari a D'lemj.n wisely remark a few days
j t.nce . ' If tbo Jtepublicans 0 jtrnell's district were
feck dr.ough to take passcge this summer id V oab's
' a.-V the Lcd iie'r. them, tor tbey will never flai an
I Ararat to receive them from tho flood of populur
That Forgery.
So 1110 time ago, tho Copporboad paper of this
placo publishod what purported to be letters of 0110
S. F. Waldro, dated from Chicago, and presuming
to stale the objects and intentions of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. According to those letter;, the
purpose of this Church in its Southern work was to
bring about the amalgamation of the race), &c.,&c.
In our next isaue we will publish evidenc-i tint the
letlorg were forgeries.
Day or Small Things.
We hav 0 no epaco this week to pay cur rejects
to Honorable (?) J. Jay Buck, editor of tbe Metro
politan Journal, of Clarkeville, and Chancellor (?)
Noab. In our next issue wo expect to do so, thongh
we apologize to cur readers for consuming spa?o in
noticing such small potatoes.
Tbe Ltcbel-Denioeratic-Jaeobin Convention ap
pointed Emerson Ktherittge and George W. Jones
Electors for tbe SUte at large. Etheiidge cam
within 53,00o voto? of carrying the State la;t Au
gust. This time, he will lack about 75,000 of com
pleting the job. Jones will do belter. He is a
consistent rebel, who went South, and enlightened
the Richmond Congress with good Southern ad
vice 3 Senior Editoh.
The Democratic Party.
Thin rotten old party brought on the late bboly
and villainous war, and now proposes to re-organ-i;eaid
bring on another war. At tbo time the
rebellion was iuauguraled, every one of the eleven
seceded States had a Democratic Governor and a
Democratic Legislature. These carried their States
out, and wheeled into line under Jeff. Duvis. Now
they ask old Whigs and Union Democrats to go
with tham into another most infernal rebel crusade
against the peace and liberty of the country, under
the lead of such men as Forest and Elheridge. Men
who have been Union Whigs and Democrats all
their lives, are now invited to join this new rebel
Democratio party, to aid in putting such men as
Jeff. Davis, Gen. Forest, and renogade Etharidge in
office I Nay, more, they ask ex-Federal officers
and soldiers to go into this grey-back conspiracy
ngainst the Union I Will they do it? We shall
gee. Senior editor.
BttnK BixwN'i f rvcry description done
at the Winn Oftkv
Party and Principles.
Under this heading the Norwich (Conu.) Co urUrt
ene of our ablest exchangee, says :
We believe in tha republican party, advocate the
republican parly, and strive for the success of tbe
republican party, because we toiieve iu, advocate
and strive for tho iucoos3 of its essential principles.
These principles are radical, inasmuch as they are
thoroughly and truly d3iiiocratic ; aud to give them
influence and efficiency tbey must be tho centre and
life of a political organization. Hence, and hence
only the necessity for a party a republican party.
This party must submit to the difficulties and dan
gers which in the nature of things be3et and plague
all parties. It mut and will, from timo to time,
have men and measures foisted upon it and con
nected with it that are troublesome; but which in
no wise belong to its substantial character, or touch
its genuine vitality. Whilst it is overwhelmingly
dominant, soldiers of fortune, ambitious aspirants
for petty and high offices, speculators and intrigu
ers with i numerable axes to grind, idolatora of pet
and impracticable theories for reformingthe human
race generally, in the twinkling of an eye every
body and everything that hopes to use mighty ma
chinery for special or personal ends will flock to its
banner and insist upon being recognized in its ranks,
and be, very likely, among it nio-t vociferous agi
tators. Here is an evil ; but not an unprecedented evil;
not an evil peculiar to tba ascendancy of the popu
lar majority that has administered public affairs
for the past eight years. It ought not to disturb or
frighten those who road history aright or understand
bow the world gets on progressivaly in the long run.
Yet we have alarmists, ever anxious for the fate of
the republican party ; ever troubled lest it should
meet with some temporary or real discomfiture j
ever nervous ar.d feverish if anything is said or
done that may alienate, on sides issues, a few votes.
Tbtie innocent malcontents and croakers play into
the hands of the "opposition."
It is precious moonshine, the whole of this pro
phecy whether it coino from tbo lips of weak
friends or from those of porsiftent enemios.
F.Ve principles of the republican party are sure to
triumph, for ihey represent the principles of our free
institutions, the ideas of the ago, and the motive
force of advancing civilisation. Tbey are tba an
tagonists of caste systems and monopolies, of tbe
tyranny of the few over the many, t aristocratic
violations of inalienable human rtht3. In this
fact reside their inherent strength c..-i their unas
sailable life. Tbey are tlio rallying cries of a revo
lution the world over, aud revolution cannot go
backward. Why should faith in theaj waver? Wby
should they cease to be chorishad as immovable
convictions ? Especially why should there be any
distrust of their potency in crises that seem like
convulsions? Are we to learn no lessons from tbe
experience of tb9 past? In this country these
principles havo been already subject to tha severest
of ordeals, and tho heads, hearts and strong right
arms of the people rushed to thoir rescue. What
has been, will again be, wheu ever there u noed of
a manifestation of popular devotion to the cause of
equal justice, impartial laws and corjl;la'.iouaf lib
erty. Tbe party consecrated la the maintenance
and defence of thia cause cannot fail, unless human
nature is to prove false to its uobloal instincts and
refuse to accept tbe grandest opportunities.
Hon. S. 31. Arnell.
On the 6th instant tha Congressional Coiixoii.iou
of the Cth District nominated Mr. Arnell for re
election to Congress. This is a merited tribute to
as worthy a gentleman and unflinching Republican
as can be found in the State. Every loyal man in
East Tennessee will bo gratirlod to hear of Mr. Ar
oell's re-nomination. His nomination is equivalent
to an election. The Convention selected Mr. O. F.
Brown as District Elector. From what we know of
Mr. Brown, we consider this a good selection.
Flake's Budetiii, of Galveston, Texas, give an
account of throe men who waylaid and murdered
a maa by the name of Masters. Tbey were subse
quently captured and executed by the citizens. One
of the desperadoes gave his name B3 James F. Leo,
of Bradley county, Tennessee.
The manner in which Le met death is thus de
scribed by the Eidlctin'j
Loo cooly proposed climbing tbo troo and tying
the rope to hang himself. Tho ropo was fixed, he
remarked, "that's not right," and moved the knot
around to tho sid.x of his neck in true hangman's
style sprung from the limb himself, and thus cast
his guilty soul intothepresauceof God. Thetbanks
of the whole country are due the gallant band who
pursued and captured these infamous scoundrels.
Letter Ironi Blount County A Conner,
vatlve Lie Exposed.
Iu loyal old Blount county a man htil to apol
ogise to the Radicals for displaying a United Slates
flag in honor of the acquittal of the Preaiderl."
Prcn and Ucr&li.
Yes, but it was the radical rebels tbat required
tbe apology. A man who had been a Union soldier,
but is now a Conservative, did put his Cg out from
up ttairs over the door of a store houe occupied by
original rebels. The rebels Cuajplaiuod about it aud
desired tbe soldier to take ii down. The Conserva
tive insisted ou keeping it to the breeze. At this
the Radicals rejoiced, and feel that there is aouia
hope for a man who thinks in th sober laoocntj
more of the sUrs and stripes than he doo of tba
stars and bars. U.
Miry villa, Juno, 1?j3.
Celebration by the Colored People.
Pursuant to notice, a meeting was held at Dr.
J. B. Young's oiEee, Market Square, ou Thursday
evening, June th. Mr Allen Anderson wac called
to tbo Chair, and George W. L Vere appointed
After having revived to uhrv ibe waging aa- 1
niversary of American Independence on the 4la ,
day of July next, by a procoiaion and appropriate
exercises. The following eentlemen were appoint- 1
d a
Cuiiut- of Arrat4ti it. Henderson Alex
ander, Geo. W." Le Yens Wm. Howe!!, J. B. Yc-ung, .
David Scaggs Wm. Thomas, Alien Audc-rifon.
ManltaU f,r tru Dau. Jbn Dogan, Simon
Bradford, Jinen Mon, WwtJey Stewart. Albert
Scott, Groea Field", Wm. Nelson.
A procession will form in lbs cut and liivj up
a lir.e of march to Mulberry rmr?. where public
addresses will to made by M. J. K Gentle, Ktv.
Wm. Howell, Hsv. A. K. Aru!nn, Iv. Geo W.
Le Ycr- D.. J. B. Tour-.'
Colored citl.er.s r.f t.ijoir.u. loiiiii'.ci
ted to unite Attrx A s-i-rp'c v, r-..-('
Gro. W. Lk Ykki-, Vff'v
McSIInn County.
During ibe past week we made & visit to Athens,
tbo capita of the glorious old commonwealth of
McMinn. As we expected, McMinn is O. E. Her
loyal people those who were, with vory few ex
ceptions, loyal during the war aro unanimous and
enthuMa-tic for Grant and Colfax. Whatevor may
be the dispositien ia other quarters of the copper
head element, Ihey " roost low " in McMinn.
We were net a little amused at tho appcamnco of
old David Clcaguo. Ever since '63, he Las been
grieving himself to death becauoO of the' damage
done him by Forrest, in bis raid on Athens. Since
his return from the Nashville Convention, where
Forrest, wilh whip in han d, assigned the poor old
man his place in the harnsss, be has looked discon
solate. Nashville Branch Road
It is gratifying to know that the work upon this
importiint railroad ia satisfactorily progressing. In
a few days track-laying will be resumed and pushed
forward I London, forty-seven mile3 lrom crao
Orchard. Thi3 w ill leave a gap of only forty miles
to the Stale line, where a junction is to bo formed
with the Knoxville and Kentucky road. The Ten
nessee portion of the road is in coarse of construc
tion, and will be Unshed to the State Una before or
simultaneously with tbe completion, of the Knox
ville branch. Thus will Knoxville and East Ten
nessee have direct communication with Cinciar.ati
and Louisville. When this occurs great will bo
East Tennessee, Knoxville and the KnoXVIXLI
Weig. Then will Knoxville be a second New
York, aad the WHia it second New York Tribune.
. s
Hon. E. S. Sutler.
We are gratifled to announce that a bill has pars
ed relieving Hon. R. R.. Butler of the disabilities
under which he has labored. Judge Butler was
elected by the most loyal district in the State, and
there is but one district in the United State3 which
gives a larger Radical majority. He bas made
good fight for the Republican party, and deserves
to bo admitted to his seat.
The Work Goes Bravely on.
On Fridav, tho 12th, the House cf RepresenU-
livA.;- with wonderful unanimity, passed tho -'Om
nibus Eoconttruetion Bill," precisely as il was
passed by the Senate. The bill provides for the ad
misoion of North and 3outh Carolina, Georgia,
Florida, Alabama and Louibiana. An amendment
was offered to exclude Alabama and Florida, but
it was voted down. Thus it is shown that the charge
that tbe Radicals have been opposed to a rccon
structiou of tho Union is a lie. Those in Congress
who voted against restoring those States were Con
Small Material for Party Capital and Mar
tyrdom. The Nashville papers have published what origi
nally appeared in the dirty, lying Press and Her
ald, of this city, that the company of United States
troop? stationed here had ben removed because of
tho politic of tho officer in command, Lieutenant
Payne. This is simply a lio. Col. Hough, of Gen
Thomas' staff, told us, and told Kirby, of the Press
and Herald, that Payne's political opinions had no
thing whatever to do with his removal or his (Col
Hough's) investigation. The facts are that they
wero removed because of the lawlessness and bad
conduct of tho men. No discipline was enforced,
and of this Col. Hough was satisfied by investigation-
If wo were disposed, we could specify.
Roane County Convention.
la our last the proceedings of tha Roane County
Convention were crowded out for want of spaco.
The Convontion appointed delegates to tho Knox
villa itnd Nashvillo Conventions, and ratified the
Chicago nominations.
Isaac A. Clark Chairman, and W. B. Eeed
A fine speech was delivered by that storiicg old
patriot, Judge S. L. Childress, after which tho fol
lowing gentlemen were appointed a Committed on
Resolutions: W. S. Patton, S. L. Childress, John
Blair, Simeon Hassler and Michael Robeson. Tbe
committee retired, and after a short absence return
ed, and reported tbe following resolutions, which
were unanimously and enthusiastically adopted :
We the Union Republican men of Roane County,
having assembled together in convention for ibe
purpose of renewing our vows of fidelity to our
country and our country's cau;c to tbe great and
glorious principles of universal freedom and the
nghu of man embodied in tbe Declaration of In-
depeudonow, tnd wblcQ form llW foundation Upon
which are built tbe onduring doctrines aud tenets
of tbe groat Republican party, do hereby declaro,
lut. Tbat we give our hearty concurrence to tbe
declaration of principles put forth by our party in
convention assembled at Chicago, and accept the
sarao as the truo principles and tbe only cues
upon which the government can be administered
so as to secure a lasting peace, eecurity for the fu
ture and ibe just rights cf all.
2nd. That we hereby tender to the members of
the Republican National Convention our thank,
lor tbe wise and patriotic manner in which tbey
have discharged their dutien.
2d. That we warmly approve cf and ratify the
nominaiion of Gn. Uly3eg S. Grant for President,
and of tbe Hon. Schuyler Colfax for Vice President
of tbe United States, believing the nominations,
every way, ' eminently fit to bo made," in every re
spect worthy ot the party, commanding our admi
ration, our zealous, earnest and enthusiastic sup
port ; and we do heroby pledge ourselves to u:o all j
Honorable means to bring about tho triumphant
success of tha ticket.
4th. That wo express our entire approbation of,
and eomplolo satisfaction witb, tho wise, uniform
and consistent schema of Reconstruction so happily
6ih. That tbe wanton, shamole.-s and glaring
troachery of Joseph S. Fowler, our Senator in Con"
gresi, merits tbe scorn and contempt of every truo
Republican and honest man in the land, and will
most assuredly and effectually consign hira to tbe
shades of that political death, which ho seems so
eager and ambitious to reacn, and for which he is
now so eminently fitted and prepared.
Tbat while by tho treachery and infidelity of bas
tard Republicans we as a nation are inflicted with
the cursa of Andrew Johnson for nino months
longer; yet, relying upon the eternal justice of our
cause and tbe Divine favor with an abiding and
an all abounding faith, we ;'hopo to se tho Curse
removed," tbat after the 4ih of March naxt no
longer as in the past three years, will disloyalty,
treachery, and unblushing, shameless venalitv and
corruption bold high revel in the Executive "Mansion.
Confederate States." Every man, woman and
child knows that tbo war was commenced by the
South, that the South first beat up for troops, first
fired upon tbe Star of the West, and then upon
Fort Sumter, and all because " the people of the
tnited fciales eieelod Lincoln to tbe Presidency.
It is passing slrango that men of sense and char
acter ahould bare laaned their names aud influence
to bolster up such a batch of fal.ehooU. an are set
forth iu this call. T. 2tixon Van Dyke, the writer
of tha libel, was al Camp Chase for soma lime.
It is scarcely noeessary to add that tli a gentle
men who6olemn!y declared thtt the United Stales
began tbe late war, are now loud-mouthed Conser
vatives, and swear that the Radicals are the cause
of all our troubles. Of ourse they are opposed to
Grant and Co! fas :
or M'siiyy county.
Inasmuch as heretofore there has Aeen a differ
ence of opiaioa arr.ongthe citizens of McMinn
county upoi. the subject of the present war, waged
by the Lcil-a Mates uovernaieni. KajUai. buo j,Cj
ple of th; Government of the Confederate States,
superiiilce-i generully, if not universally, by n
difference of opinion as to the causes and cbjacta of
the war, but the undersigned, feeling that now there
should not to, and possibly is not, but one opinion
and determination among us, and that is, tbat the
whelp people of the Confederate butcs should re
sist at all ha-ards and to ihe last extremity, tha at
tempt now niiinifestod by tha United States Gov
ernment to subjugate tbe people of the Confederate
Stales ; and further believing that it is tha duty of
al! nicH, due as well to themselves as to each other
aad to the Goverameut, to make a pablic manifea
taticn of their foolings, so that privaw and public
confidence may be restored and established ia re
gard to the loyalty of all men : therefore, it is re
quested tbat the citizens of McMinn county meet
at tbe C-rt House ia Athens, oa the first Monday
in October, 1862, to consider the present condition
of the country, and to give ft public expression cf
their feeling and intentions in regard to tha same.
1 1 I
n . . I
mi uannrupicy.
District Court of the Cnit! S-ates fur Iba ILntsra.
of Teaneuee .
In tha mattor of James H. Canaicbad, Baokn
lutim District of TeooaM, at.:
22s E?!7? notice, it
loTiMticd out of th District Cnrrr??,0jCb.Mkr
for tha EMtorn District of TenDww- ,',S,EJ V
adjadi.d a bankrupt on hi. o. p-tition -Th'Jf
of .of aebt. aaJ tbe J.hTrry 01 " ' too pat
rupt. u. blm, or for hi. u.o, au th v,?' Bs4
ty Uttn, aro forbidden by law 1 nd tht , ay rop.rt)
d.tor. of i.l J Bankrupt, to pro their lbu taoww.
, " iii". D-l 1 .t . . - u " "
Bankruptcy, tj bt hel-Jcn at tl.o cGi-.o ai W, VTt'
B'oek." t,. str tot. ka ax-ill., ttnail Z'. !
;b, 7ti. -lay ef..luly. A. D.. a? loVcES4.0.?
a. JlcDANSEL, M-...!.
-mi I . S. M.r.hal for u.d i,?"
Assignees' or Trstee' Jfotice cf Ap"
In Bankruptcy.
aid Wm
trict, on tli
In tli Di trict Coutt of the CnitjJ EaUw
District of T-ina?ea
la tha BiatUr of Julius Och..
T. Nixon Van Djke,
Wm. H. Ballew,
Alx. Cieage,
M, F. Rice,
George A. Caldwell,
Sam. P. Ivins,
J. L. Bridges,
Eratus Rbwley,
John H 'yl,
A. McKddon,
Wm. Gorgo,
Wm. May fluid.
C. Staples,
Allen Boone,
Thomas A. Cleagj,
J. F. Benton,
J. W. Mann,
Wesley Gaston,
A Caldwell,
N. M. Croeetl,
J. A. Z-ftlot,
J. M. AiexaV'er,
Andrew MoPAtNla,
W. E. Coloman,
J. H. Reed,
J. W. Blackwell,
W. P. Carmack,
E. Brown,
S. W?. Reed,
W. U. Briaut,
A. A. Newman,
A. C. Robeson,
Q. A. Jordan,
J. B. Taylor,
F. M. George,
John Crawford,
C. Long,
T. Sullins,
P. L. Gamble,
C. L. King,
J. C. Calhoun,
Wm. U. Howard,
C. M. Keith,
Matt M. Lowry.
J. II. Rider,
J. C. Grant,
John Sweeney,
P. L. Bryan,
S. Uexter,
William Wcfct,
Martin Craylon,
C. Zimmerman,
H. L. Moore,
J arret Stow,
S. M. Roberts.
J. T. Lane,
S. Me.Kinney,
V. H. Stables,
R. M. Staples.
J. R. Neal,
C. L. Rice,
I. G. Barkadaie,
Tennison Lambert.
Thomas Overton,
Wm. D. Browder,
Cornelius Brown,
Hugh Crawford,
H. Wolf,
A. M. Brett,
J. C. Carlock.
J. T. Davis,
R. Cantrell,
C B. Newman.
Wm. Moore,
H. L. Moore,
John Hart,
Eli Dixon,
J. H. Hale,
A. W. Archer,
Charles Land,
John C. Rice,
T. Lawson,
Henry Matlock,
N. M. Grubb,
W. R. Long,
C. Blankinship,
Jas. M McMinn,
W. O. HortoD,
A. J. Nave,
W. L. La forty.
A.Swafford, "
J. R. Ware,
John Brando:;.
W. T. Revnolds.
D. W. M'ize,
Wm. Cooke,
G. M. McCulley,
S. H. Howell,
Gideon Cate,
J. W. McAffrey,
John Ross,
Charles Dickersoit,
J. S. Bridges,
L. R. Hurst,
Thos. E. Mayfleld,
Wm. uorsey,
l un leraifc'iieJ. U. 31. Aikia. br.by gtr,, notice .
appointment Ainoi; of tha utiu of Jaiia, ki
KnoxTill,., in tb? county of Kam, in uid dl.trit .j
was, to wit, on thn 29th day of April. A. p. jj.g" ,
baukruot upon th petition of hioiKli b ti. P-r'-.f M
of .aid District. '"""lt"-.rt
Dat.d at KnoXTilU, tbo 11th dT of J una, A D
;aDel7 8t H. M. AIKiy XtT
In naiikrnptcy,
District Ccart if tha United Utati-i for thj Eim
of loa&aasc. ,;
Iu tua liiattor of W. W. Baard, KLirj;'
EuaUrn 11. trict ot Tennon, .
L to. 9th day of Jon.. 1368, a warrant of Bis.,
aj ij.uari ont of tha Di.irict Court of tK r-i,. .
aid Diatrict, afalD-t th eatata of W. W. Beard of ? !"
Till, in tha coooty of Kaox, in aaid Diitr-et, ad.
a atninifi ou mi- - - - e- - u. ia. Lava.-,,
an dabtiand thdliry of any prop.ny toaui
him, or for his n., and lh trau.iar of aa. proparty b, V"
aro forbiJ1ii by law ; and that - mt. nj of ta. crk: ' l'a-
lukranl. to cro.t tceir ui-Dti and to ib.v.., J"
aaa. of hi. tat, will bo held al a court of B-D'.?,r'
. .. . . . . j c U.-OU . . . . "-"trait..,
. ........ U( . . . . w . - , ... - . . I . J n. .
ta do noidtii at ib. :i;c. nn, 4:4:3. d
Block." O-y itit, Knoxvillo, I-Boes., bofor, u,f '
liam Aikin, E.q., ons of tha B. S'.Uri in Eas'crsBU. f , "
DUtrlct, oa tha 3m day of July A. D. liSJ, tj
A.M. It. J1CIHJMI M ....
jUa 17-2.
and V. 8. aiarahal for ia!4 i
In Bankruptcy.
District Com. of tlio United States for th. tuu. a B.
of Tenatisco. -''! 1
Ij t'uo mattwr of Cbirlo. T. Laiai, Buirfi
Kiatora District of T.ss jssc,
t tba 9tb dy of Jan., 1S?3, a warrant of Bajk,,..
wai iwuod oat of tha District Court of tb. l aitej buin
tha St.iii Diatrict of Tonr,, aiio.t th. u-u
Chas. S. Lticham, of tbe couuty of Jlouroe, m ji,i-,f
adjodjed a Bankrupt on bi. own puui.B ; tbat iv.
paym.ot of any doot aad th deli..r) of aa? orua.S
to such Bankrupt, to him, or for hn ou, aad th tria,!,.
any proparty by hiaj, ara forbidd.n by law ; and t'ui , ' "
lng of tha cr.ditora of (aid Bankrupt, to prov. !hir,i,u IV'
to choo.oona or moro aa.ignem ;f rttatc,nl bh, j
Court of Bankruptcy, to ba holdsu at tha of! -. 0f WiiiIvJ,
Alkin, E.q., m Kinney's Block. Gay trut, Ssoniiu t,.
Detsoo, balors .aid Wm. Alkin, E.q., Rrgiati-r tu BantruaJ.
for said District, on th 11th day of Jul., A. p li6i ' ,
o'clock, A. SI B . AIcDASSEL. tloi? "
Juno l-2t aud L. 3. Marhal for laid D.r,',;
1 salo md by tba United 8tat D:trict Court for t!u
lantern District of TcnneaMM), oa tb.ccdaayof May lj
I will otr.r for sale to tba htgh-t biddor oa Moadar h3r.
day of Au(U.l, 1368, at tha Court botiw door u Hu'il'.dt,
said District, a certain tract of laud .Uaau near (Ud u ,'
acid District, containiz fifty acr... morior l.aa.aad btios."
iDg to th aatmo of DauuI BueU r, of biiirici. Bai-,'
Said laadawlll bo sold on a crwllt of six mom hi. fir-uL,
giriog ooto with approed aacurity, b.ariu ts..r.. f,
date, and a lion will to rcUiacd ou th. laud ami! tb. .
cbaao monry is fully FU- ALLIM S. Ttr;,
Jane 17-3t 'c.
M. P. Jarnirrir:,
ibos. N. Duckworth.
The meeting was hold, J. C. Carlock actiug as
Chairman, and Editor Iui::s as Secretary. The
following resolutions wero adoptod:
Eesohed, Th.it it is tha duty of all tbe citizens of
the slaveholding States to encourage the most de
termined and persevering resistance against the
tyrants and usurpers of the United States Govern
ment, and to uphold and sustain the government
of tbe Confederate btatcs by every means in thoir
power, in tbo present war.
Resolved, Tbat tha citiiem of McMina county
be requested to aQx their signatures to the pro
ceedings of this meoting as a.plodge to each other
and to tbe government ot their loyalty to the Con
federate States and as a means cf restoring private
and public conlidonca and fraternal feeling among
" I W WM
NoticeLost Land Warrant.
A smce Bounty Land Warrant No. 1JJJ7, for 13 1.711, ,
sued nudcr Act, :-(. timber, lS'c, iu tbe tauia of L.tt U i
dated Aug jm 6th, 1AM, aud a-nrto Wilson Uuitj.n, A:io:e
aTierriliu, Tnuwisve, has n.vtr beon rrculvrd by uid a'.u
Bey, as shown by hU aill iaTlt, uor by th. :d Len U.j
deceased: therefore, I, Lliabcth Lowla, widow of lha ua
Levi Lewis, bava Hied a caveat in tli. Laud OCc, at U.::j
of WaKhingion, and mado application for a r-lD. j -j,
tost Warrant In my nam-, aud do hereby mak. ds. p.u
Uon of the aamoiaccor-lius to I - w.
Jons 17-t.t ELIZABETH LfW:
0-!0rj AaJroi, Eit fiijud, ic.,T.. I. P.J.DitiatMa
A beiDg a non-r-sideot, a' itat: d in tb. kill: It I. orjcu.
that publu-ntioo b mido fjr '-ur succoo-iv wetka la
Knoxville WbijT, notifjin ; said dot". uJaat to a,paur &.f.n
lha Uhancery Conrt at KuoxtiIIo oa the t ij ; r J Visiij j(
July next, tlii-n aud thc-r. to niaka ailJQI:o to tU. bli!, or tCt
same will t. tako for c juf -."-.d iiWuin aud -l fjr h.a.1:,
ex parto. Juno 17-'t D. A. DEAi'HIC. C. 4 Jl.
W. Nci.on va. Caors W . Jlab-y tt a!.
Butcher's Lightning Fly-KiUer.
Chsap and destructive. Efary chect will illl a qcirt.
ion 1 oa pestersd witn nie.
Gi'e thrm tbe Sheet Lisrtxinc and rest iu peaca. A.k
for Dctchis's, and take no other.
Sold everywhere. .lunsli'-ltn
aud ihe happiness of true maeeuge.
Essats os Toraa Mia, on the Error., Abases and Dis
ease, vnicti o.strey tbe Alanly fow.rs and create ispedi
menu to HABRlAbE, with tars means of relief. Bent In
ei-ali-d letter envelopes free of charge. Address HOWARD
ASSOCIATION, Box P., Philadelphia, Pa. p mayO-Om
e . .
with my Patent Stencil Tools. I crecav saraDlrs
iroe. uewars 01 inirinsers. -Tiy cireninrs wm sxplalu. Ad
dress A. J. FULL AM, Springfield, Vermont. JanelO-Jt
-SJ a day guaranteed. Hale or feaials agents wanted In
eTor) town uoscriptive circulars rare. Address
apl 1-ora Jams 0. Band A Co., Bidd.ford, Y.a.
JI A It It I ED,
At tb.) re.ideuc. of tbe bride's mother, ou t!u l",Ui iu.taut,
by the Kt-T. Tbos. W. Unmes, Mr. BI'ENCKB Ml'NSON to
Mis. tVA BOi D, all of Jinoxrillc.
On the 10th insiant, at ilia r-stdeuou nf tha briuo's father,
ny c-jv. c. Kobcrts, ar. Ubsi c. UlKbT, of McMinn
county, to St las ht.Lli tmvABl'S, of Anderson county, Ton
"Tlien ri.y aitii., ihcu rail) ai i.
Witb th ioldier, and tailor, aud boaiuitt,
And we'll tight it out here on the old I Dion he
No odds if It Uki. us all Buaiinei."
Un:ted States Iateroal Eeveuae,
JiHOIviLLr, Juus l'Hb, 18c3.
I oa SATCUDAT. th. 27th instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M., at
the store of W. P. Wilson, Gay street, tho following property
forfeited to tbe United Btatee:
Ouo Copper Mill, property of Christian Cox, Union cocnty,
" " " " Albert Mitchell, " "
' " " Thomas Komi, Claiborne '
Two " " Black. ton. Williams, Claiborns
One li i -i vf WUUkj, the property of Jsnea JTrasler.
jcujl.'-iit J. T. ABEENATUY, Collector.
On motion of S L. Childress, Esltiiie Chair;iian i
of the meeting was instructed to appoint delegates ;
to the -Slate Republican Convention at Nashville,
and t-j tbo District Congressional Convention at
And thereupon the Chairman appointui the fol
lowing ;
Thouaa J. Mason. Wm. Huf5ne, John B!a,ir, C.
C. Wester, John A. Barnard, James C. Owing3,
Julius Aytes, James H. Johnson, and Capt. J-mcs
S. J. Burnett, Esq, W. C. Burnett. J. U. IVpo,
Samuel Biair, Liout. Wat Roberts, Simeon Hassler,
Capt. . Langley, J. C. Pope, A. H. Crandle, J. A.
J. Foute, and Dr. J. L. bbiptly.
Tbo appointments by the Chair being unani
mously confirmed by the convention,
It ui. moved and secondwd, that a cuj v of tue
proceedings of tbo convention be furuiebed to the
Eosi T?..it&itca;i, tbe Kl'oxville Whio, and
Nashville P.-cm i-d lliaz, wilh tho request lhat
tbey publish.
No othor buiint. being before tbo couvectiou, it
B. RirD, Sk-r:
I. A. Clai
Wa publisj from Hon. Newton A. Pttarou,
Judgii of the 8tb Circuit, a comrtucication on im
migraiioj. Jcdjje P. Tritoi foreib'y aid sc-ilbly
on all occasions.
Tte oH ett!ishe!
" torn Exchange Bug Manufactory "
Is pfpar.d to furnish GUA1N HACKS of any sue vr quality,
and at short notice. Also, COTTON and PAPEB FLO UB
SACK? neatly priatud to order. loforniatioc promptly for
ulah .-l u, on uj-piicatiou to A. J. SKKS,
Or, V. It. ASIEN A CO.,
Jouu l.'-:m 'i-j PaaaL Sraiir, K.w Tork City.
-A Gyisnast! - Axiatloo are hereby notlfed that an ex
tra meettug Is called for SATCKDAY. June !Otb, at lha To0
llli. ilticr cf hlii i-iiportance will be discns4. Krury
uetabr ii rr .-.ilm.l to appear. N. E1VLES.
juot K it
riiHE DEFENDANTS, 31. B. McMaeo:
and C. V. McMahou, b-ing t. on-r -.i l -nt. a. statei !: tit
bin; It u ordered tbat publication bo mad. for fdr tuccm
lvo W4vk in tho Kuoxville V big. notiiying mIJ Jof.."101 J
appear before tao ChaiCf-ry Court at Kuoavil-., e tba i1 '
Monday of July next, then and tin-re t niai. dsKoc.t',1
bill, or tho earn, will to lak-sa for confuted aa to tiJU .'
sot for hcariaj (x parte
June IMt L. A. DEALlil'-ICK, v. M
atargar.t 11 alien vs. A. A. iiuieu
X. L-uIng a Don-re.id.at ta sta.ed in th bill.
It 1. ordjiad that pnblK-ation bi made f . r four auceeettv-i
srooks in the Knovville Wb!, notifying said duf.ndaat lo ap
pear befor. tbe Chancry Court al liuoxiio on lha third
Monday of July next, tl en and ihore to mak. laf.n-. to t'-a
bill, or tb. saiuo will be takua 'or confea-d si ! set for haer
lng e.v parte. June l.'-n D. A. DEAl'L&ICK.C. 1 S.
Jana C. Looney vs. '. 11. Erie t ...
1 taicg anon-rea'diDt, as stated In the Ph.r!'i ratorn : It
Is ordered tbat publication b made for fot r snereulve wet
in tha Knoxvill. Waig, oot'.-lug said d.fo;aat l appwr
bsiora tbe Chancery Conn at KuoXvil!. on the U:.-J Monday
oi July next, tben and there to make d'.-ic to tli. bill, cr
the same will be tak.n for conle.std as to bin aid set fc -bearing
ex parta. Jjnelf st D. A. DE A DE (III K,0. A M.
Brownsville, Tennessee, AprL',
rtfoxa a. cstsiLi, AitoxHtr atvmxi are '.r;x?t
0N, and UJAPPLL, BHL'CE l.ND Mi l . liht vs. Saate.
The Conrt ia cf t-pluiou, whin on. or t-va partners if a
firm rsside In tbe State and tbo ottier is a i"n-rjsident, tbe
aon-resideace of tbe latter is not a gro-ind on whlcb an orig
inal attachment bill iu Cbancery will Its In favor of a cro-ll
tor of tbe firm against t Y pir t'lTl and tli . Hoots of th.
Wbetber upon a dim debt the creditor ma lia bis kii,
against tba noo-rrildenl partner and atta It bii iutoreet I--the
firm assets, aud bring la tbo resident partner ! a dtfead
ant, for tho purpose of ascertaining tbe luter -at of thv non
resident partner, need not now be dc:iwi.
Muob proceeding wonld involve an at.-ird aud p.ihaps ou
gatory result. The interest attached la such caw would be
tha. bars of tbe non-r.aiJunt attar'u j partner in th. part
nership efferls, after th. partner. h'p electa ar all paid, in
cluding tbo debt oarlnir io the attacbiss creditor Tben thu
attaching oreditor would bo entitled t. have Inward tbe pay-
mem oi uis uajisuii, aTtor It was alrndy pn!d tu tua saitie
ment of ibe parluershio aeconni. the rot iaerv istereel of th-
attached partner in the firm pi -i'.rui.-e.
IQe irame ol tucsa OUls is to attaca tbo Brut prop. riles eu
tli. zroaud of the doo roMdoo-, of am sf lii d. lu.s. The
Chancellor sustained tb. detunrrer of the defendants asl d!e
mitsed the bill, and wo alrm his decrees.
11. O. MMITU. Judge.
Brownsville, Ttanesseo, April, 1868.
th'j, a. colbwci.l, anoi.irr i.tsit.it nd airosrta.
t M
-TJc CATES of Stoek la ths East Tcnnesscs end Virginia
F-allroad Company wlli be furnieh.d witb Era Traosporta
t ol, lac:.:d:o,-tuelr families, to Green, rill and return, oa
ths Fourth of July. Ail other ptirsoos wbo wish to attend
ti:e c-leLrati- u at firMorr-lle on that day, can rurebaee
tickeu ai half price. Special cars and trams will lii pr
viiei for all atundhg tbe c.l.bratior-.
Knoxville 4. A. M At tir,nJvl!lo..H n. A. SI.
GreaneMlle i IS, P. J!., Kaoavllia .. eJ, t. M
ErUtoi 7 lo, A. M.. " Gra.nevLilo-.lo 11, A. M.
Grenjvi:l 1 1 , P. M., " Enstol S lo, P. M.
jiia. U-i!t i. B. HOXSIE, Supt.
I I.: tbi l-str: :t Cocrt of the UniUJ Eutu tor tL. Ejl,ju,
I Lietrlcl of l.aBessee.
I Ik tie. liiaiur of Paal M. Wllllaass, Backrcpt.
L astern Dl.trkt of T.onejat., as.
Mrs. C. S. Hamrton, widow of Hon. C. S. Ham
ilton, cf Marveviiia, Union county, Ohio, who, it
wiu be remembered, was killed last December
fcu insane son, died oa bat urday la;t. She was
woman of many excellent traits, but of 115 vre
was mought she was partiaiiy deranged. lt$ in
sane son wbo murdered bis father is in th 'ua:-lie
a .ylum at Ctiluxbai.
1 nil -r.ig-tl, T. S. Crn1, k. Lrfty tu notVa of hi.
e,-joi.ajea a. a.igoe si ir.e estate ot aol M. Williams,
tvw I '""-"' conry o, asm, la aaid District; and
- i - - - - - --. - - oi a.ora vy. a. u. ej, ad-
ItHtpsd Baakreot onoa ths r.tiL..,n ,.r a..i i v. .--: a.. .. -
I, D -strict Coum o?to!j Diatrfot. " ' "J
aeoxvlti,, tu jj,0 dj 0f Juo. A. D. lsoe.
-""':;t T. B. COKMCtV. AM.goa..
The McMinn Coanty JLiniregto. ;
Prom an cid Lie ot the Athens Pci, whose tr.ii- t
t n,8 e-lii.,r. Sam. P. Irir.s, sorved a tojr bt Cf.rr.p
Ct.s.e fr inui'.cg and abolting the murder cf a-att j
Tcnr.eifcr- Ui.ioniU, we take the follorm; aoant- ;
ft-U, irom w hich it will be seen that ro-jro than a !
bund rvl of the trulr Icta! flM ar.d ccr.---r.-t,:r.i '
I McMinn a. lowed theu.sCivei to certify
Jin'.us falseh-v.vl that '-ibe present war was
prcp'.e of the Ucit-j-I f-'ttte( (I vtrn-
nn i.t agin-t tl, p-p' ar tho Govcr'"" nt 't
C aasta taiix, iaa. w. jars , tat
09 Sycaracre 8t., Petersburg, Ya.
TTOX of I'i3 raer.haats aad planter, of East T-ons-
i ') turn
to tho ir
ir tcari-t as a favorable ou. for th win of the;r pro
H'e make cali advances on c.on. irnm.nta. render
prompt stiU., C rr"npondea-M solicited, aud pleasure i
! dues.
. u rr.id-
.. Ill .at
ll !' 3
a . . I - s cr a.al. o, icarkcl. etc.. etc .
1 r- 'iaiita and Bank, or 'iriuia ; E P. Ea.
icr. Ka'xvi;, Tenn.-s... ; J. .. H. Aader.on.
rin. ; IV. It. stiirm, tn-i.. Korer.viiie. Tena. '
' " Joriesti-ro , I. tin.
june lT.t ro
M1LLAK v.. J. W. MASON ND J. f.
Iu li-.i tue Llaintm brought her action in tbs Circuit
Conrt of Hen h raon county ou th. following obligation, vit :
11 100 Ou. On or before the 1 I'l da of October, .if htaea
buudr-d and sixty-two, we, or either cf n., promt to pay
Lluucau McMillan and K-.0-c-; l:.Millan, ai wile, el.vea
hundred dollar., ti.- la-t iiiiik.iI lr lOt-ir laud, bongbt bi
Jsese W. II aeon. Thu 3 rc..-m-r, 1S..
J. t . eHLRMlLL, (saL.j
Tbe deciarat.u.i i:.i.-'i ilntcf the ';tilvtica, aad av.ri
that tbe plainilff'a co-ol.ii a, Dnucan McMillan, was bur
hu.baud, and tbat he I dead, having died since tbe execu
tion of the lu'lrudtBt .ami on, leavtug bar as Uie widow sur
viving him. Ths ord.njri br-ch-a are aa.iue.1 -. tha decla.
ra'.loo, setting down among other thu gs abinb It ia uaoeces
sory tu notice as cauas of p i.l deinnrrsr. that as tba soli.
g.tica sued on wa et-csUd jointly lo Duncan McMillan
u'j ins wue m-ti-c-a n: 111111, sbo eoul-! net sue thereon
withoet jrovinx tho personal ropr-n. ntattva of her buabaad.
to. circuit Court saaiaioed tb. demurrer aad diamlaaee!
the suit, from wbica tUe plalntiH has prosecuted aa appeal in
error to this Court.
It is a w.il settled J.-,rln that in the marH.e of a fir.
eo, ber sol and absoiot. propurty in personal chattel, la
ponece-iioo vsats Instantly in bur uuaoaad. blows versus
crown, 1 uam. IC. Cut !! ba. a.vn ooen held that a wifu's
ante-nnptial ehoees la action, bur tnarrlnge : o f-lo
vested in tb. huaband. Iler ribt to bo d such cbosas agaiuat
ber hueban-i s r.-protfonia'.'. ae, by .urviv-,rabtp, ia iit,
guiahed wilhoot orijo p-iMtive a-1 of realccl .-n Into oosms
ion j V a basband in hH i-i -timi. H,- vj. Whlrtoo. W
lrg. iJte-i jo.
But Ibis oblige tioa ia tiwt au aa tv-nuptiai con tract or egrae
mnt. It was uku! I to the bua'oand aa-J wile d Jrug toV
ertar of the wife; and a ehown upon tie face of the obliga
tion, "for tua ll payment ollthoir land, looght by Jaasa W .
Masou," Ae. Th piainpr, a. Ua wii. ol l)uoau oteMiilau.
doceaaed, U shown by tha t-erru. f tu obligation lo tare a
baoaO-lal Interest In It ; end tb defendants uav treated b.r,
and h.r hua'oaod la hi lifetime, as thoir creditors, an-J et
preuly protui to pay ptcmpily to tiietu the amount of th.
obvatio j.
Bat it ia in.utod !-at notwithstanding t!ie ofcl.'gatioa ws
execn tod i part cooaid.raiion of ilia wi r-, muraat in tt laad
meblioBed in th noto, that tu. sal of the laud and execu
tion of tus oMIgation fjf t'j pare-iase njoncy was sue'a a
redaction of tb proceeds of th-r.l j into t:ie possession !
the hnsband, that tb right of actfou afur the aosoaad'.
death did not etrviva to ta wife.
Is tb ci. of Chester vs. Greu, j Kl- ji. C'. tho Court
while discossing a question somewhat aoalaiu. t l'i. civ.
under consideration ay . "If tb wife connote to lb .al
of th real wtate aad joins hr hn stand in a eccvejaoe I
it bade according to th. forn of law. ;:b30t aa nsder
standing or agreement tbat the proceeds ara to bs beld or
vested tor hr use, or tbat ih is to be reniasoraiaJ out of tt
.tat of her b.Jud. ail bjr ii.n.i in th ratal is gone,
?! the husband holds th coa.iJeratio-a f jT which it Was
sold is hUown absailat riht, di.uarged from" or claim of
h.r paramount so nla." Bat 'he rule i. etber-i-es when there
is any agreao.nt or alnUuj.3- !..; tea th husband aad
ths wife, tbat Ccxrnj.at'03 ibonll be dad to the w'.f, or
that the husband iboald b regarded as h.r debtor for th
proceed, of hr proration of tl laud sold and oenveyed by
tham. Ex part. Varbr 3Uiti, 1 -. aa Co:.
Ia this case, as we bare at- u, tb wife, a evIaWuced by the
fac of ta obligation itaulf, has an Interaart ia tb proceed of
tb oal which tb husband d.J not ia bis lif.uius atusspl by
suit r olherwlie to redn.e to Lis poateeaica, sail in such a
tali, we think It clear, npoo authority, tbe rijht of action
tecerM to tbs wife liter li.e death cf her baabaa 1.
la tbe cai of Copp-a v.. . . ., 2 I'eor WUliatae tj', npoo
obligation belag m.ilo ti,; a bii.l to a huaaa-l and w.fe da
ring covert ur-, oa tbi h -ia hand lr!n f. r.t. JJ uot turvir
t tb wife. The Lord tU;,tU!. irti iii.J Hi"", nod rrotv, for
rlrai ly, ' said be, "it d j- so r via I th. wif. aa ail uUitr ccre
i ace do, though il ' true in ih a., the h.b.j.l asay
d,.re to the wif.. s right U I!, an! brln the a-'tioB in tba
bond in hie own nam ouly, but lid each die?rerueat th
rihl to t,je bond la Lo'h the buabaud and Hi wife, and that!
Tb doct'ue, unt'T clrrnuiatari. -t a!:,i-nt eutirely similar
t. Ibe case mow ane.-r coa-lvtatlon. Is aonouaewd in tba
can v! Urnpt-r Jacaaa, l M.u.v-'. Sat aieo 1 Chilly's
Uradirv'.. pa?- i mar a:i I uot. i. Eiicutora of Shanaa-k-r
vs K!ro.nd'rf, le JdIio R-p. H; '1 il!rl-ld on Wills page
1 :;... It', sib sv. 5; alw, 1 M-ry on e-.alrecU m. : W,
and note C.
It rees't ih. i.-.'uii-, tli4t the circuit JaJge or real ia sas
Hi" d- piiirr.-r, tor wh iu ih jadgmeat met b revs-.
-d an i the rauae rrman l.J. with 1 a -e to plead over.
ef Ci i .

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