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Brownlow's weekly Whig. (Knoxville, Tenn.) 1861-1861, September 14, 1861, Image 2

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aatwrtfaa- Hwr.vis.fc, eiter&tlMr It. ltwl
It It at UfiplSBt to Bt, to hat tO tall Ott
our subscribers for pay meat throvgh tha pa
per, as it i to totm to b railed wpoa. Hut
the bliwka4e,lb war, Bad the pefullaf t
f rgency of the timet, JniUjVynWTift
demand it We detire la keep our paper an.
der way, and to eaaVW tit U l tbU,wTnt'
l eg our patroni la pay us far. iabyrpUQftt
and adverlijeotf at. . Wa art U- want
rueaey to pay tor tat very pupera tbty Jiava
revived, aal hAd 'heir advtrrtUetflenti paw
lisbed la.. Come, gentlemen, re fleet but for a
aonnt, that wa kava lakeren ta pat, iak
to bnj, paper to pay for, n4 aftthtrj bat
money will meet these pressing demattJ.
Our heretofore prosperous exchange pa.
pert, have either suspended, reduced aite, r
coraa to at oa aa itiferior paper. Wa'havt
hd to rtduce la site, but Va will resume onr
former dimensions, 5t' those who owe ut will
py ap at they ought to da. By tha way, the
P.anner cf Veer, or Nashville, putt forth tho
turning 'u: ;- " . '. 'V V.V Y'.' V.V
-It voakl U a rorvwae In rl " a"
a,r ftM tit at Saw miyn4 It t Htl4 f"r
nawrfrH toqwixH a4 tVoN BMrM aci '
-. ko ii cly aii rtrfJffkMW fr thSnU
that r M4 f int4 cm b!f W-U. . Tk .otkrr r
Ut. ViriaU B4M. Br't HnnHMurvr. fciptt an- '
rird. ArikMn cUptwl, WwlTN Wrbt0. M. tn4M
rr It, (0. i) Blt!Bu- CkrlrtuM A4fort. Uut
Inifi!lrrnor. TrM Bplwt- CaiIhiUo UrjrMb uj
i thm. ! wirn44 t BiobtB 41 tit Tt
nfthf Br"U .MMri Bptwt Bcor4r. Mfvlit
r-rHtoat. 5lmfhU. !ir Prima, mm Tsm Cknlfc
A iio tvs Nw Ortaui Tro Witama. Itilirlphl
AiirrVn lY(..rtrU. uni h iT olh or hlf
hru. TV Nw York tlrH. XiiWti. JUm. f.V,
Iut W vk Jourtml of Oflimwr Imv I'M.
Ta NV Ui Uwltet diH NT on BJfht, Kr
.v all lh ewnktry (Mff r 'jm uodf.' 1 fwrt, lb
i v p.r w.v U U (HkC yil r m Bif ken.'
Arrest of Joint B. Bromlow '
At tba tldtst'of oar ttrd tout b been ar
rested and keld t a priioarr, fortete rl daja
and nigbtt togetbtr, ia tbe Military Camp
near tbit eitr, aad at tk:t oeearrara bat been
trumpeted abroad, aod published In t.rloul
Sonttero p5perr,r cur 4'ac.Cf, ' wt?. will gUa
tbe whole case jut as it it. Wa aa la
mail office, ia aar yard, a conelderahla vari
ety of bookt, wbiih hare been accutnulitlnf
lor a quarter of a ceatai-y A Mr. firtd, t tep-
ped into lie office, where bt found oar too
reading. He. forth wiih asked (iwA( are yoa
rtadiog?" Our ton replied, "Tai larisnsa
Caisit cr tbb SorTu" by Helper. RetJ tbeo
insisted on borrowing the book, which
John IS. Lrowolow loaned to him to
peruse, opoa bit promise to retnra it toon.
Mr. Reed took tbe bock borne, and upon ei.
bibiticg it, was arrested, aod brought into
carapi at a pruoicr. 11 r. Head atated to tbe
authorities arresting bim, that be borrowed
tiie book of Jomx B. D tow slow, and tbere
upja he was arretted. He ttatid, aod lUted
(crrectly, that tbe book wat the property, of
Y. O. IScAdoo. Eq., of whom wa bad Ixn.
rowed it Tbe pritonert were, rery prcperlr,
at we think, turned over to the Coofederwta
Court, being held by J too a McMraBiva, &ad
cn Saturday, they were ducharged. Mr. Reed
tco'c tfie oatb of allegian'-e to the Confedr
rccy, and J. 15. Brownlow, vas dliuiissed
without any ceremony or ronditiont what
ever. It waa found, apoa iaqotry, that
W. U. lieeae, ltn a
paymaster ia tha
owned tbe - aauia
('oaft derate Army
work, and wat accascoial to lend I;
: ptrlicalar friends. Mr. McAdoo ia also a
-c-fsioniit. Ietide there being nothing: in
tbe tLiug-, and the promitftat tieressionists
owning what few copies of tba work are here,
the court could but discharge tha prisoners.
Wt bould not now allude to it, but for tbe
fact, tbt it will ba pablinhed far aad wide,
that oirj.f-niily art circulating incaadtary
OjcumcnU. Nay, smog-gling tbem tbroagb
the blockade by the box full J Aod aot aa
piper in ten that rirtuUU s tha alaader, will
L.tte the tBapoaniaity to correct iU
We own Jltjper't first book, written in favor
of Slat try gnd oj the Sovtk, and pablitbed af
ter Lis rttarn trom Califoi aui. Uaring tteUn
$ome atimty frtm Ka emplcyrr tn Jitrtk Crlit
be turned Abolitionist escaped to tba North
and tbere pVliba4 hi. 'IIrc)iOlalaCBtaIa,,'
a miscLevioei work, but nerertbleaa of abil
iiy. Uetirtag to rtad hlmtier kit changt aad
his thieving tiplatit in a tlcrt, we borrowed it.
It is a work, whieb, together With ita Author,
we have, ca mora occasions Uta oae, tbroegh
the columns of oar paper, denounced at s'aaw
mm. W regard Tom I'tipt a Ag of Reas
on at utjamout, bat on account of ita Ulaata
and ttyle, we bav perused it.
We own "VBcle Toa'a Cbiat' tbaiBt
production of Jlarritt Becker Siovt, bcr but
band, and btr brother Wy ' Vardjicttitr,
it is an iof-raoui coropouud of faisebood, aad
we bate so rtpretented It to If. 'public, 0B
more oecaa'tont tbaa one. Wa hart dlreotad
our family not to lend it to any one, at w
Lave oo da Ira to ga be Cora tba Cob fed ar at
auihoriti-a. , We alto own a copy of U
d.twitan lit UtiitJ Hi9tt, aad the DttUra
uou uj Jmtrict lhdtft4mei and aa tbey ra
both irwdiry djcuiKtnU, wt br SBirgtd
the memberi of par fatnily aot lo; Ua4 Uesa
out! Laa bat at lett, wa bare i4 fjurfun
ily, five C4piet ut tba Holy Sibla, tba aaciaat
Duok rf God, but aa tbty will bt found to ba
mceudiarf bookt, epon exaniljjatlaa, a kart
dircttod that aont f thtta ba loaned oati
That old-falblontd book callt apatt adl taea
to be tabjeet ta tba GereranieBt tlBdtr which
they lira, asd 4edaref that "hoiotttr r
Hat ca eXtv 1 i ru bn5,)
atttat tM itttTti d Mloa 1? " tltf',
aVaMdtiU-inailjbtV&U f.patS to ba
iUblt ia V Oarf ea of 'R;Uo tit JJP;
ttaaa wba Wtd to fa'rea tk paa of tba Itr4
gf-or to tba mardra of ChHit, who pr
tiBf J ta tbailffaat JtraiaUm buttopreutb j
..m ofa tfet. .rth!,. but tra
tkoot to cay ifott jtM P'f
aa ef tba teiay dltpBtcltt'oliif tbt ritft
1 - - .
AaBirtT t Baownow.Wa mi4 tba
folioalutf dUfatcbUttatgbi? "( . ,
roV fe rro4 IxUy fcy wrotr tf 0rM
Gtnollicoiref kaa orderaU bo arrett of
fa, bttt on Ut tuctrary, apoa learBinjr Ua
aathottjy f Mmtary men, that eerUln tntept
tatloaed tre, bad threatened id dem6lUh
our ciTica aad tiff clliag, he promptly ordered
all itroopt wltbia their linra ihroagh tbelr or
ficert, a&d dltpttebed at eany at two hundred
amVdlrodpi : ' guard onr property,
patrol tba tawa, aad data all liquor ehopa
liia coadaeilf spoken of lathe blgbeat termt
by fenUetoeB f itU clattai, tare only a ft
eiaftf eititftitt aad eiM, who desire tbe
trocptUtl0od Vera, to, laka, ap tlieif W
pWal f rrthy and eotBil wrry which
tbry bava A 4 fee krarii ta prompt, but rot
ihecfstfHdi farj to exeratc. Cnioa mea
aad ethera, feet, tkat ttndtr the coiacuod of
Gas. LUCorrBt, their rersoaaand property
will be protected front nob violence. And
in no tpinti of Better, we can tay gtbat he
acta wUh'digalty, promptneta Aui imparti-
Bitty.- - ". ' -
;- .I
WW-kej DrifikiBg in Knoxvillc
tfe disliltj to make any auggcttiont to tbe
kiUiUry aalkoriUta here, in regard to the in
1 a
tetBparwta tiaw af arde at tpiritt, lett we
ri-w-ft U tk tiVbt nf ViWnr tint tutUi a
riewea Ift tba Hgbt of a Oteiitor, but teeing a
complaiat agalast tbepoggeriet of KnoxviiU,
by tba editor ttS tba CbattBoopt Oatttle, who
haa recently beta bereoa a visit, we will ven
ture few retaarkt. Tba brtt thing the Mili
tary antborittet ciuld do for tbit town, and
for tba array stationed here, would betoclose
up, with abtoluta ordert, tbe namerous
bmtkinj koUt o If, called DojjeTu$. Not
a fight occurs, not an outbreak among the
troops, or instance of aaplcatant conduct to
wards citiaeoa or tbelr property, but it It
traceable to tba intemperate use of liquor.
Whiskey is tha taut artay of alt the ma
chinery of ungodliness id motion in Knostilie.
It ia only when men aro drank that they are
iost to at! sense of honor and shame. Tltoe
troops who blackguardand insult the iinu.U' S
of private boasea, only do to when in a ute
of intoxication. Those troops wbo'ide upon
tbe ride walkt and yell like savage1, nr.uli
not commit such aa outrage if they were o
her. And tbe private of a cavalry company,
who, galL'ptdoter Mr. FSrtnault't tittle daugh
ter, only five years old, wilboat even tnoking
back to see what injury ba had done, wonld
barer hare been guilty of the like, if Le bnd
Dot been drunk. A ma a it aot himself when
lie ia quite drook. . Wa again, say, let every
tiqtior hoote fn Kootvlle be closed, and made
to slay closed while to tuaay troopt are Lite, j
ia--. mill ArinV tn itrtti i
who win ari&t; to excest.
High Beats.
In view of the times, the war, and the tut.
pension of butintts, tenants are required to 1
pty too high rents in this city, Au t its sur
roundings, aad there should at once be , r
dactsoa. Tha laboring classes, tUpendt-nt
apontbeir dally labor for wont y totnt f tthoir
unavoidable expenses, cannot make cuu-b
to pay tbe biaru rents demandvd of thrm, thete
dull and trying Usnci. Tba impotsibiiiiy of !
roaklag collections tbe utter lbtps!lhiUty
af getting oewand additional atocka of gooiis,
forbid that merchants should be require! to
fay their former high rents. And all things ever figured in America, nnd hence bis ex
considered, men aeoting dwelling hiut ; ample and precept rosy be worthy of atlen
tbouldriOtba charged,' at heretofore two and j tioc ut ibis particular time, wbeu all is dull,
three hundred dollars for ordinary dwellings ' "-' much of buainesa is suspended. ' In a
Tbe owners af property should bate a meet- ,
ing. and "gra Bpoo w redact Ir.n io rent,
To eXWCi extravagant teats, And take the te l.
vantage of men's necessities, at ti is time, is
swiWiw ' under a pretense of renting out
probrrtyl; 4
: Jightiag ftxui Bloodxhed.
Wa teart from fc'ttage passenger from
AiherlUe to Green vine, 4n, JJonday, that a
difficulty occurred Bear Cedar Creek, ia Green
County, betweea some Confederate troupe
sUU'oned tbere, and a portion of a company
of Home Guards, in which oo of tic ton fed.
erne troops aaaved Je'yar, shut, and
tnstaaUy killed. Tke partleaUre could aot
bo bad by the passenger, further than there
was great cxclteoicijt and coBfusion. From
another suurse wa iearu that the diffieully
frew aat of aa order to arrest a man by tba
same f Vy; a ttrnata'cf a CnToti company
Wa haVt po lafoi-taatlon at to the merits of
this case,r wk is At falt, nd therefore we
restart o tna Bat wa kopa Union mta.
lnOreea,Bd every other county, will da-
titan', tbtutseivas' i . orMtrly x4tiet, and
atsunia , m attituda of hosUUty toward t
nytana. "t a!y bring tain upon j
awTtiiiciTea, auu cevsurv upeo tuore assorts- 1
ttd :Uh faemT. rabtl agaiast eitAtr, tha
edrlior wiUtary authoriUft it tnAdnett, aad
it (tAtpatUtof lotfoUty thai Wa tacHot and
?f EI iat touBtaanVerJ Wa hatra t I jute'4 to '
stfeja Vat0imqitl,ioi rrpeat It, inad
'faith; IhVt If aarll thtjb ptrtliUa rt UUea,
thayfwCI bfiaymlirapoo tbniryel aa4
rtlH-lf !. Vby B P''- V 'a"-?! r
tiQult tojr piMtf. vt nun ' 1
IbiTrrjiauUon of a lubmlnlonlil, af toward,
at tbat of rtcklttt fool !
' "pwt ad. to tha War Drpartmr at of
n a
f,rt lltftl fciid ttarka tiirrftnifrrd,
Jj ,tba lUjittlatioo timtU, ofta aaL
uic a should 1 trratrd at prisoner or war.
Tha' reporVttatfl tbt tbt capUrtd v
iVrti, . VWtPt.ftve Caoaoaa, on. . tboutaad
Und of AtAt, and trrva hnadrad aad
t Bftwa rrltoorrt: alto thrra VrJati, twv of
The prUontrt 19 hII befB couvryed to New
York aad tblrtrta woaadtd taen to AannK
n. 1 -
Tbe Ricbtuond tl'A, Ihua Ukrt off tbe
C'gnfederaU aatborUic, in a ttin of irany,
UBcqimled :
roar o.rfU
Tlirrvamnn to b a tttna on Iharart ft -arpnp-r
anil piiul to aWrrk Uittiaatra4 lLtt-f U1 cm
iotiUI. Ill Stii: tttih U) all BHiia. Tt trt Iim
rt-m takm. bmmj boanrMi utm urrtlfA,
vlt 111 1 Bf tfH irtaoaiB, a U(t amoaai f
pw l-r hit ia ca4itt. tli ttH Isiptar'aut part of
.arial f. pr.vaWrrtn ymrprn I la In aanl taf tba
, atft hm KUaftt titm tUat hi aw IMJm t ia
viMi-MatHi railu tiU it to itoatl taattor. JtwiMUa
.-ai.Oii mn tu r-cla Ihr Foit hattbat du hlHK. W bat
bi WM mtlh ill tVt f It Wn Uo U M fBi. f Tt.l. Iit
l i thm it a.mW liatMa prfa tlr aaie4 aa4 r.
plir l itU abttBUMt animuiitum. Umi w b la
knt milKi aald bnTe lrn tku of lb waruiug
KlH us l.jf trthra uir. But th. tratli ta,
dij'ai want t BoM Mitra. Tha n iiti-et la orting
that vfBtt-BipHblti fatiBiauhitt waa tv wflit l'Ktin
ItutM' arBaact to rHii hla aiffttirt t Rrtbrl
4.ustioiaW,. tbr mwt bar- a tlf Tbiit..a
awwlwra tat tat (a hutb nartr to tha Tan-
! ait ftppurtoaii? karr at'hra prM ah l aimla
ft.h,;u,,4i- fcwtriwiiiiit;pWu
I Kataiy af lata It waa M bat aot ty th Kerbu)nl
ittat Uiia waa But K'Ul tor aa Uaa l atvl UWI
t H-railttit tt It at Bwtra aa4 rtBf.rr4r4
a i maw i i a iwmT tratri w fiisami Uui.
Walton uwiua rrmst all Ummm ta U.I kwattcr. TIm- Ui
Ii aitaty l to I44IH. All a.imll that Dim rrAr. it
at. .rti r.. ..I i 1- . .. . i. ..11 I .v. ui -..
t nMtnm p. mineral a . viiiuim iw, mv nallfc
' mi j MKitrHtt aay a.rb-rr ih-iiut of
' U"'IX,'-" tU prHut4a. wlw at UwaKatcT
ur..rR.nt koww Wr taBMhBma en., tb.
! i- . aat tit a.irqi. u. p.n(-iitaj- ir
U a aUaUr -f ua).kno T any brt hU f, a ih part
uT btirnn Bar4yir riatH oiaa'tnl l!U tint Ait
niiaairatioa, Bt.Bw!' Tt wurd l iHtelarly rat cf
pl ia ibi f aajr irbr t-OaarrUon. 51 bv- tb ormt.
n tirn i f tli Brat milrvi atobtvnt lliara haabratyio
,lr tfi wufvt. It oKat to;UilrifpK rtvm U KiniUli
Uncttaa. ShrtttH tba ) twmify year. tt-tiMo! of
Mtialtis, auta f tbta vt tba sratiat tharavtv?. kv an
currtMl. atoJ jrt It ttiuiia t U rrn that aar 'tttaaa
U iaj a to Mum tr ibria. li.uii.liil iu iriat lt(U
iuht wiUt (m. t I. Samp h-r tbla that. Iut x r ma
li'iJlM rtlra BrT r i Aa tT rBliliftit iiffli ila lirlniC
liuixlrnta T aim frimi tit v'nu uf ilisaalr, b"W cut
tin j (hi to M-nne tr It 1 Tba l ie U aUnr J.
I Vyao lttatkr ran aw !. a umuy aten h
plia ia lb fit .f Niirih OanOiaa. ufmnrw will
wmp tb m. llavt-H t m th grvatvat al-uiflatn 4 aa
at mJ futlttUf llirrti I nniuiia fraUrn. -.V
l.iy liurU" Ntititii la la rfanper. l.rt nerj tra
patt cintlaa in nput Utaaxat iii.a'i3l .trfirt.!fir..
in lli iuit-ra tb Cmfwlrrvy, att I all will U) wll.
ten lti.iu,b Xrabrrit. Waatiinaton an.l Cbarlotnu
U utl Ur aatfllwl. A raa (if jmrf ft vurlr)'. a h-clian
t eailrv IrKapoanBiiUtj mf nalt from thi aUiitA.
t-4 ci'btlib iirv. If th pim tbiuk tbry a. art, a4
!! t(wrrlbat t fort lhai thtj aiv iif--in:bU-. abU
atr eonbl an tuaa tiTiT I.t u rrfis t nr imt
ut at In ail iu prt lr a Mlnit auJ lurli f r lianr. tt
minify tmr i lurn-a awl until rraUcar d. f.tl. It 1
lb.- nly r tt ,rrt alon Hjr nil litttua, U l a g' wO
j-b rM.4jiu llw -ffn4r at Fort ri itl.-ta.
Obseryaace of the Sabbath-
We Cnd the following Order in the Louis
ville Ihruociut, nuil jt is nothing more than
should be adopted in the armies North and
South ; and in ell Chmtun couutri s :
Hi4gitTtas Aaav ar Pjtc,
W trl..iMM, ?. j.t. 7, lkul
Oemeral Order, Xa. T.
Thf M-J 4 (t n.rnl ruiuuanillus tlfira an.l rsur(
tlaaat tta I fti t H ri. 1 1.Vu t. Iu. a l.ILj. p.m. , t
.r ti.. uu.ib ..u tb itaiiur b. r.minini. w a
o a holy taut. jt.i al.vulJ uJtattur lo lf
tis u-tjiD uvt of thCiat.a-.
I hhaa) la Caw cf a)ttark l' tha ny.t4'fnotlarr
xtni military h4nraMl7.1t maiiitaadMt tu ttu-luait-uug
oftl t-rt lba( all w.-k tball btui-itlii ta
luat t tli ; tflat lit knOKt'tawry aHaiut abnii li Utite
t-it ibat tH; llaat tk tura. aa tit a KWitl. 'bitll Iki p.r-
ii.ni.1 . .... r..lu 1 .. 1 . . . . . 1 . . .. ... . l . ... a
u.tin-tn .tirr tb. ruatviuary io.iiu; aua tui
i.ffl 'Mitu.l ait h llk a tttt'ir Influi Uie In in.ure tHr
ami't tbvurutu aflatit ita lltat Any. n itiy ral i
timvaauty ttt Bi-ti ut aaiinala. Stur Ibaa tbia. ib 4
. rviK f VafhiJt i.i$ t (lit- Utal ui MiJ auil lUiltr
t: 1-ara.urrd tluty.
(ft4) Ik B. MTUU.AX.
- H"iw-Uaeal Cuuitn.ttMluj.
f. Wilinaj, A IjuUBJ-Uaj.rai.
Stephen Gtrard'i Theory of Adrertii-
iStcplcu Girard, Uta of Philadelphia, was
one of the tnost succestfnl busineas zoea who
publtctttioB be made iu a Philadelphia paper,
ovtr his signature, he said :
" 1 '" eo..r4 ailrartiala liW-rlly aa4
t..i,. a., tu . .Ivu.a . i . . 1 1. .. ... a . .. 1.. a . .
I i"wm n p- yi w am ih vawiirw, u iirilf aa ut
i-ava. an t 1 it a Miaua it bji infariania tiilt. tnu, tu
HUttitiMiH tb tiulltat tittm, luaa :rti bauina:
UBiibt in tbiat atuttry tbaa -at i wll laM 1 ut" aa, Vy
hltti( Biy HiMtt. rf.tfa the (Hsiplia.lt boa aufJ iuai
aajiy Uwtt t wwtiiJ utkcrwta at l.n "
Stirring News from Keataeky !
The Ttuuessee troops nndeTGen. Pillow,
arc said to have taken possession of tba town
of lliektnan, situated In South Western Ken
tucky, and upon tha klitaissippi river. The
papers stale that both tba Governor of Tea.
aessoBaud the President of tha Confederate
States, condemn tbe move, aad declare it un
In a few days after this occurrenc, Gen.
Grant, of the Federal forces, commanding at
Cairo, took pottnatiaa of PAdacah with two
Uegiaieuu, at the oouth of tha Teanestee
River, in Houtb. Western Kentucky. These
teveral moveiatBts will result in a collision of
armaia that quarter . Gea. Qraut .istutd a
ProclatnatloB, wkkk cnncludet ia these
wards; ' ' - "-' : ' '
"Waetee tt U ..aa'liVat faa ar. .Ma to a.,! ,atr-
to'". aumaa taa tu tt? ta Oubiui aat
Z?!3Li" 9U4
. . . , .. .
, Attacks on J?r. a ZJcFerrla. "
A wrir in thaXsthviUa GJutt$t over tba
sir nature of Wtmtra ia very ahnitve of D .
4. 0. SlFVaiiii, tha Agi f Ua JlobftJii,
g liaJbte, in tfle I ttmsatr st m
t inf intU ittr men Ia5: ! oCT r, or,
t? ,fr f ordt afcoUrie to .pflnh.
ruBBaof IhtSamL, It tnmtiontd, Vf b
uflldea irboj'Jaaloi'Mi.fcat ba mast b a : bld to tt tin a Don rn6t thai
buttr ttttarun Wqotion tbt drrotSoa of Dr. ' their filbert thir trr b iheir ,)(
firlVrrlai W tba MBta t;f L Sr-nlb. .Tba? i Uotfrotaot iU Ld at jv ''J
Attatt bat rtctBtJ pablUbtd toma H-aa- bat bad htu to thru Aq nuf.M;tB2 Miti.
I..t Itl.rt. .1 ui't,,il if 't t.i.M.U ! llf national ' trx-Ial farl .1 ii
dcria UPtbllhrrabltfoacb la
The :?C;
EaatTeiaeuee Do!., .
In timet like the prestet.wkea Refolatiow
Is ia tbe AKeadaat and eor gotemtntsl ta'
Istonea U, ri yet, hot e4earely deviped
when Ike past affords at Bo satitfaaiary pre-
Cfdttala ftt aar wukLsaea a-ither far tha Mtt
9 , -"a -j iatn ihs4 Jfcr,
eat or tbe future, it betoroea at aa eitizeat la- epp0 d, uptil ppvtiti.a bn., f,it',v.'
teretted in our own welfare and tba welfare the wkked tt'beiwes of tu a..,, wi,o t
of or t hlldrea, to confer freely and fully lo- : to briag orb rg'.o up.m tbe hr.d. i' '
getbff in order that we taay U fuUtd ia aar u'n miV tut .u pr,it.nl nfl,i ihr f8lHTf
tours by a Ue.iar ftad entRhtened pa.t with Us at lat is euie.
policy. Ieeply itiiprcsscd with the women. that wet r$tlj. "
toutneas of Ike arisi tbroajrh'whkh we ale I Wfaea the ltern4tive in presenu i t ,f
p tiling, Invottlag at Udoaa, h deafest iu. j chooMog betaeea a X.nktrm r
tfre.tsof hs all, we ttavr thought it proper j U0trniunt, but ft we iwajj.ae wi.l fi.
to addresa a feat pUla aVtlf ord perieoce any difficulty in making drcisU,"
the beoida of Kaai Tenaeta. anos tha anb- Tl,- ..I ;n
I r
Jrcl indicated by tbe headta of tbit arUcle
aitia a spirit of dwtatioa, haweter, bntratb-
er of friendly vuntt.
On the tjtb day or Notesnber next tbe peo-
pie of Teanes.ee will bt- lled apoB to choe
BietuUrs t. tba Uatederata foagresa;
111 i-nr upimwH, uit iiiiiwi wilt war wt ntvic
viul htiKrUnce to 4 all than any Corgr"-
t 1 . - a a a a a
siouai aiecliwn wa bvr B4 lor nail A ten
turypasu A.id ktra-let at etpUia what
ninay may BatiuBtlmMnd. The election aa
the lliut of AuiutlaKtwas for-Mewbart vf
the iVV Conjtrtat aod thair term of
office will empire with -the I'rotUioaal Gor-
ennnent. The Members chosea neit Nutrera.
ber w ill tAkeihe:'reatiatheiVr,iafwrcrii-
gr. -, which coureaea a h Ibiit day of
February next. At that titne the Permanent
'-. :M u t - .. I . n. . .
vuuiHwvina wjji v laaaritru, nni't
President IrasWlted for six tears, aod tbe Gov-
ernmentol tbe Confederate States, thus ortrea-
.red, HI set out on its career tuber of sue-
tes or dt line -whether tbe one ortbe other,
hUa oiilr be now knwwn to Hint who bo'.ds
the destinies of nations in His hands.
It it well known, tor it has been demon,
s. rated by thelt three elections, that a large
majority of the people in each of tbe three
Uougrcssional Iislricfs m Ea Teanestee are, ! thrr evils upon us? Won!i joy, o4n g
and have been all tb while rioa toen They t iogyour dwelling in iil.iKrs hy tLe Ur.d
have loved tbe old Pnion with an ufeigr.ed 1 som incendiary, mU di.ic.t iu .r.i 5-.if-r
aCcctioo aud they tH love it. They have pa
triuticalJy oppoed Hecettion from its very
b rtli j here l'u:l and destructive, and the r
upit.ii-us of the doctrine and of the men wbo
hate promulgated it, remain unchanged. Dbt,
at lus been said in a b inter ine, tba events
of the past few weeks have well olgh con
vinctd ut that ofcf clerlshed old Union it
(.-oue. That graud old Goverament which
but a few months ago waa tba' pride of ut
all and which ranked highest among the
powerful nation of earth, ttesns now, through
the combined influtnee of the corrupt aad
imbei-il mea who control it, and the bad men
thut hate conspired to work its overthrow-, to
be incapable ol perpetuating itsown 1 xitcuct
In.'ttrtd of "patting down rebellion, the re
btllioiiJtNS rapidly widened sad dteptctd
from tie hour it commenced, lestesd of af-fa.r-l
1 ta jc Aid to loyal vitilens and States, It bat
Sii tier til the Revolution lo awniiow tip almost
lie last teitige cf loyslty, until . now' with
the exception of on or two small localities
iu the . seceded States, tbe people of these
Statu seem to btMcll nigh conSolMt?d in
;i toimuon cause. Cut lour slave States (Del
aa arc being but nominally slave) remain in
the I'nion. One of these. Missouri, is now
d -rolated with civil war, and It Is doublM
which of tho two State GoverurAeats there
will prevail. Two others, keytuiky aad
Marylaad, -asble and patriotic State? .--Are
at this hn trembling with the three of rev.
olution, w bi'e a besirgiag army of two bun
died thousand men niomtaUrily holds tba
Capitol of the Ntttioo in terror. TheUorern
ment, although tba fearful fart was egin aud
again thuudered into iu Cairs, teems uuiil
quite recently to have beu ioteailtde : af iia
n al danger, while tbe mea la power at Wath
iugton b.ive proven themttlves lacapable
either of cotuprebeuding the solemn repoi
aiilities of their trust, or of directing tha
policy of a great aatiow through a crisis like
the present. We repeat, that such evidences
a these bare painfully impressed at with tbe
fatt that we area divided people that hence
frith, tar a tine at least, we are t have two
i?jveronirats the one a SeutberB (toVeru
nif ut, the other alraoitexclusively a Xorlhera
Govtrnmrat, if not tatirely ao the oae
Ltuo-ho!df Government, ib other a JVre
tvd Governia-JnL It is a melancholy fact, bat
aevtrthetesa true. Would to Qod it were
otherwise; but empty wishes can avail noth
ing. Iadeed than combined etforta of every
Union man la TeaBrtee mold cot rhatga the
. . It e at, l.aa .7 t - ika, BHftatliilB I
I " " ' vr w"'7 - Vr,
arm of the Goverumea t, - which, " a
,aid, do aot bttieVa it bai tb. po
ii,cn, a o,vre
V$f 60W
i fnwm. ,
8 uh being thf ttata t( the vase, what it
our duty to aarvtdvrt, aar famiilea aad ar
children after utT "The ronduct of tfieUalon
1 aea btCit Ttnutssea bitbrtla l.t ktcu'lhn
. r jmtrtia. inri dihL;o i tWfr
in . tfrli'y fd b,atbainH. ti tha tfcffar!"
? f aiiUe'laarfaa L4
i tiM taljb ai It wM n'r.iini. tfcT
rt. ; H1 bebIcJo3ft'!attoth4;tiinrtiUi;f
' .r
1 ""I re.d actd Vcbad iat . " a "
; me,d b.m pLi-r,.
rutfti, Deo iLtj bebvia tt i-n t r..
by tbb era. ar-fca thr .
tpon the grarea of tbuus4i.is ,,: ,,r9 Alfc
iC4b,. tblr fathrrt, brtia
hv Arutrifan I. r .. i.i . .
. a.if-. li. . iK,.,..ki . . . ' .
I aw mil wmi iim plan in 11 , 1 i fit
' 9mu,g 9, VKH fti-U.n imlte.1 r
j Eau TrBaessee roald r.t i,, uitrx
j II era tbey were boru a a4 ha.. "th(
: familirt, aad ttre tbe tit t u Lv sj j
j -Bjf whether they prefer it otbr.-a.. (,r .J
il,e lta KWtjieM t.illia(;aiB,M ,
t )4tli'licln Oter liirir U rr .- rr.
a ciurc-a of one Covernmeft ,,.1
1 Abtt ,a mnoxltr i an im!. n
the asftBm'ion we have snsd Dr'nU
f (Jovcromti.t enn r..n reiLm ,
( State. we ainit tnbn.it lb tie 04irtntt
j of tB t,l9ferate Mtate, or rm,..va fr. a ;a
j iiroitA tthiftiateJy. This Ulng U slf.,
Uuty, nf our fc-est and fcigbt inrer..-.
VU ourselves f ail the power in arfcu-..
j to render onr situntioir tta sgreifif ,
j bla? Shall we go en and ; -nft r t,n-t -.'V.. ;
i . ... . ......
attempting lit ar enmpiii 0 aa ll-.pi'r
! Shall we destroy purrr;, lruse lt
i Imve destroyed our (.u e rr.wmi "
stand naietly v sui:n!v br rr
e. ?Le f:
i tnentbe wortt mm in our s.ris: wf.o
aided ia briogidg a I tbi Jitter u-cc u.
step in and enpy tt.e r.r.-.:r1 for b.
they baTebeen conpirir? .t.a.'l vp j f ti !
sucb Mien to foit tiitri.?iUf . 1. 'o p!.t.f if
power, ia ordtTtbMt they fr.y fi?u atili f .r-
yourself to be buried amJ tfe. r:r.. i-w,
forsooth, yon prvt'erred that cvtVur.z 7
other? WrnlJ you, when ! cos.2.?r4t.-n.
ha swept throujfi your village 'i i d.:rr t J
It, suffer yonrself and tumily t pr:..b ii: t.'.e
midst of winter, w bile your ft.riurr ct.liUri
are re-e-aUblisbirg ttmuKln j i. vc-tuiVf.atle
qaartera, i-ffjt-, indeed, you ttii,?.t inp.r
of ruiiierieg jonr family ftini'brftV i
they bad hi 1 hrf to Wen? Would ;r. '.!&
yonr enespy Las striken you sevtfiy.
yet another rod in bis bn8d that
again slrikr yoa t!:e more fiercely Ltr-y
interest of thecitism, etery int:rc: cf n;'
boHl repot.-ls, so .
From what has been mM, cur romi
reterence to tbe I'ongTeion.Ti !t 1 or;- ry
be readily .uierred. It i this : I.-t tke tc
ple ia eatb t'cngrttsioal ivin'ritt ia i''
Teanere a t. it.tfcattl'ey ei.-t a r.-safi Lj
wi!I properly represent the ?Vc!.rg cf 1 '
dilru 1 a mm iu ahc.e inttgrirv, j:irrvt
litrt, llberalify and corJ.-r:t;m the prop!
havw fall eobidenve a ' m-'ft wb b.ivir
proper sympathy with the RTent F.Jon'y
t:ie people wili leg'ulat for Turir r i
tiot lor their opprtssion. j.rhni'n t!''1 tf
f..a . ..1 ,, -irr:.-!j ait'uett
av'uaw a a aw a, u v twv tai t v - -----
j nUr.h tearrh. If we Bin?t !. utfier ti-e
i UJ
onfrdrrte Goert.aieBt, we Uia.t be Tfpr-
seuted. Let us therefore hav? the rijKt "
mi to repreteat us ic the Government cj
Cils. Let ut all act tfg'ther ia t-i analtfr
By doiag so we will acevtnpttrh niatb gvos
as tbe Sf quel will d o nt rate.
Wf apprehend thut some vf our fiiendl i3
nut readily approve oar ssggestiens. f
we beg all sath to reZeet ioa this m!'t
calmly and Ihoegbi'ully, and to ftB.:''
w briber, nnder all tl.e tirci mj"trct. if
lave hot tuvgeslrd the wit point. O-bcv.
agittn, may aot agree wih us iu our ep'n-ta
at to tbe now probable result tf tb wr.
Tbit it bat a matter of opinion. We nuj
BiliUkea, bat whether to, or Bt t, we bg "r
(Vieadt to War In wfnd that we art etw
Jee tothe CanfeJrrate GoVeraciett whettrr
it btf agreeable to wa cr Bot i and wsetl rr t
be of long duration or short, h i vurisu'1
aud aar duty to Bi.ke aarst Irrs as c ewrfs
ble oder it at poasib'e.' 'We ar? acting Y
gently and tafely hi doing ir.ti s-y tfcr ie'-'-Bboald
tha Cofcffdevate Goternment beBti-5
averthrowa, wa wlli have let nothiaj:. re
t:tiuly, ib kavlag bad a proper regard letpv
own iateresU and welf tte its tbe faeattiaie-
If tb thaagblt we have pi-eeattni be we
aBi v tu n w w - a
1 f WMidtvatUwr of var frieada, we trt
. . a
I af will -raWlf wf-WW w-w
I a. r ft at I I A aaataSkttaal SB k. aa a aw t h awl Bt 1 w tali tfMfffti"
a4 e w Te w. w swwfl as) , at BB at m ww wa w -
pie on tkf tubjett, w would stiet thai Uf
or at ruay at can ceuveaieBily, coaier w
getber la the tarioas touBtiea and dut'if
aad let at beat front tbeua at as early a y
jostilsU. . Let nut III raaUtr ba neflec-
. CuxstavATi'

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