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fe •* -* •**• • • ■* •• - • •*- - • p&amm. - ■ w ••%** •*••.» •*mm«tr
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[.Vj «s, cr rou r:i.) Portland {ftATSEj Monday, march \\ ipoj. [**>:* kk
Can? nomcraah tf f$a£0a*fyU3rttf. i
To change the name of Pefbereffort•tjk to
JE It find d r ricSen.iie and 11 >tJ^ ef
J Rcp^cfcntitive*, in General CYUm adem-'
fc.rd, an:i uv the authority of the fame. /Air
fyxm mnd after the c- this a it. the name of
J J t +L* O * y
t'fe town of Pcpperdbofaugh, rti the county oj
York, fhi'l ceajt ; tnd ibe fail town /hall here
eL*er be ended and k io:vn br the name of Sico —
cut by tbit nant (h i 7be entitled t > at! the r:»ht' and
fi+i e e>\ari !fubji El oaf. the duties and obd^it'iens,
t’ whut j it would have been entitid at\lfuljecitdl ij
the n rru had not been changed eu afotefnd.
I * lie Koufc of K.*(frtfciuatives Feb i$c$.
%bu br t 0.1M mg 6j* lire* fe+trai r adtng’ f> 'Tj / to be erj&: t.
H G CTI , Sj,. Lr.
In Smite. F*h a»,
f7>L hi'.! b<tx'.ig luJ tu i> ftverel n >.fi*gi tuf J10 b* emaA 4.
D VtD COBB P rklrmt.
*3, l8.>c:—By the Governor 4ppr< vcd.
A trnf Copy -At'cft.
^ J MIN Srtrtfary
r -1 --, -gj -fc.—— - 4..._ - ,. -
Petersburg. (Yir.) February a.
lining Outrage.—We do rot rec^lhrcY ev-r
to have heard of a m. r ■ ftagfam Ttolaticn of or
der and the repofe of fociety, than wac commit
ted in this town or JTi/fesday eve ting laft —
We have once or twice had to record inrtances
cf riotous behaviour on the par: of fome of our
inhabitants j but the pr-feot is of a narure fo
rxonftroufly heinous, fo abominably wicked, as
frarce to leave a piralld. It feenri twt men,
(brother J bv the name of Leath arief getting
a liit> intoxicated with Rrong drink, had fallLd
rut with the eiprtfi pur pole of committing vi
olence on the inhabitants. High Street was
cVofeu as the frene cf affiou ; and ererv
perfm pafhng that way, was affiulted without
t#e leaf! hefitarion .•—fevcral were purfued until
they obtained refuge in the h >u'*$ of their
friends, and even then they were not alwavs
f:fe, for in one or two in (Fauces the villains
Lad r!ic audacity to break into houfes, and at
tack the defenedefs families. We are inform
"ei that as many as fn$ teen received wounds,
f ffle dangerous, and others whofe lives are
defpaired of.— Among thofe who received fever
efi wounds^ arc Mr and Mrs. Fare, a Mr. i v
cn and major Dzb «ey Mrs F. had her
check laid edtirely open t?v the cut cf a knife,
ynd her hufbuid Was Rabbi I in 5 or 6 places-,
hi- recovery is hardiy deem d p-o >able.
No one can poffibly imagine the cbie£l of
Aefe daring aiTadi 1*, unlefs it was to gratify
rhsir defire {of murder, and to fatiate their
tTii*-R tor the blood of their fellow creafats.—
After lining for Line tjbie done all the mif
chief in their power, they were at length ap
prehended and committed to jail.—' )n YVed
refday they were examined before a called
Court, and remanded f >r further trial at the
diftri£l Crum, to be holden in Aoril — when
9 i
we trull th«*fe vi)e offenders M’il! receive a pun
ibaaent, which (hail not only be commonfu
ratc with the he in ufnefs cf their crime, but
rhit will deter others fi j:n the like ads Ln fu
| urf .
f>.ctr\f, March I.
IP his been a fubjeft of furprize and com
plaint among the candid part of our democrats,
lint the 11 Iikiepcnde.i Chronlel*’* has not pub
hfhed the arguments on h th tides of the q uef
rlon on the famous, or rather inf ,mpis motion
» j the Houfe of Representatives cf this Com
monwealth for difmiflin > the ed tors of the
Kew-Engiand Palladium as printers to the
flcneral Court.
It is true that the Chronicle, and other de
mocratic papers, h ire pnblifli -d the fpceches
favour of the motion hut have refufed thofe cf
rhe Federaliil#, containing evidence of the
Truth of the affiirtions in the Palladium, for
which aUertions, however true, the State Prin
ters were, if the motion had prevailed, to be
It mad be beezufe the editors of the Chroni
cle are afrai i to tch the who e I'U'h, and be
Caufe thev and their dire tors, beli've in this
/ F
detdtabie do&rh'C, “ the greater the f iuth the
greater the Llbri/’ fhnr they refufc to pub*
fiih ro the world the f; eeches of MefFs. Hal
bert, Bigelow, 1‘pha.Ti and ethers, in fovour of
rhe printers.
h.:th% iTiditty FfF I S?5*
THE rapid growth of the tow n of l *fh is
Bat furpaifod by any town in lie 1 blind of
M«:nr, excepting the capitol During ttie hit
fe'ifun 40 buddings were creeled, together with
a large and elegant Meeting Houte, and <R ope
Its navigation hr.i alfo proportionabT increa
fed. Since the ft t of November la»t. 7 (hips,
?3 Brigs, and 13 Schooners, h ve (ailed from
this port,on foreign voyages.—-Of which num
ber i Ship. 4 1‘rips, and one Schooner failed
December 16—*"o 2 Ihips. 1 brig, and 3 fch’s.
fiiied Dec. to—fiefidrs the above number,
the e are 6 fhipsout which filled nrerious«to the
irtfc qp iNovt ndrer.
w hi.vrro.v, w.4*cn i.
I fsavr jufT time to inform you that judgment
has this day been g'veti upon the articlcs of
impeachment againft judge Ch. fc —'The r< full
w as contrary t > my fe..r and in unifon with my
wu flits - He has been honourably ace f itted. -The
two ben tare from Vermont anu New York,
Mr. Gal hard from J^ouh Carolina, ard N* r.
Smith from Ohio, to their honour be it fipoken,
pronounced the Judge not guilty on every ar
ticle. On the fifth article the Senate unani
rnoufiy acquitted him *, and on the fix h, there
wrre only four againft him—On the Lift article,
which appeared to be the mofc trying, there
were nineteen who faid he was guilty a:id fifteen
who faid lie was not guilty, t inclofc you 2
lift of the Senators, with the tote of each, or.
every article— The Senate Chamber was filled
with fpectatorsj anxious to know' the event cf
the trial—I think they w'ere pleafed with it —
1 l^p fi'ence of Heaven pervaded the whole afi
ferrsb y during the taking the ay a and norr,—
which took about tw,» hours. The Vice Pic
ftdent put the queltiOn to each Senator in this
w'ay: What f.<v you Mr. AB. is Samuel Ch. fe
Lfij guilty cr not guilty cf the high crimes
and mifdrroeanour. as charged in t.‘;e articles
juft read f J he Senator fifing, with an audi
Die voice, find Not Guilty, or Guilty, as the
cafe was. The democrats appear to bedifpleaf
ed With the managers, for the awkward ap
pearance they made, when Contracted with the
Cotinfel o.1 the Judge—l’oor creatures, thev did
as weil as they eotftd, but bv no means as well
as I expected —I find the little, froward, pe
tulant mind of Randolph, is not capable of iii
veftignting a Great ioubjeB—deprive him of in
vective, and he i done—due wringing, twif
ting and grining of the creature, when clofing
the trial, was highly difgulting—The thing
tried to cry, when there DO nec^fli y for
it—A on will fee his Speech, a id you may theft
judge for vouFfelf—Rodney winced andean
ted for a Joftg tithe*--The ethers, as was bed
for them, faid little, excepting Campbell, and
you have probably heard of the figure he cut.
All the important bufiftcfi* is yet to be done,
and we have but two dayincluding Sunday, to
do i; in — This impeachment w ill cc ft the Uni
ted States twenty or thirty thoufijnd dollars —
fo much for the economy of Democrats.
Tribute to Commodore TREBLE.
Gen. J.;ckfor\ on Monday the 25th, Feb laid
the following refolmions before the fenate of
the United States, which were committed.
Refolved by the fenatc and heufe of repre
sentatives of the United States in c>>o»reL af
fembled, I hat congrefs are highly imprefT d
with the gallant and meritorious Ter vices of
Commodore TOWARD PREBLE: during
f r*
his command cf the fquadrotl of the United
States in the Mediterranean ; where abiTIty and
prudence, intr ptdiry and caution have bren
confpiouCy joined i 1 a 1 i's operations agiiirtf
the tyrant and barbftna »s of Tripoli, with whom
the United Stares are at war ; and whereby the
naval char after of the American nation and peo
ple,has in the infancy of their rational exigence
acquired a refpeft and rank among the nitrons
of the e »rth highly honorable and exalted.
Kefolvcd, I hat the thanks of congref? be
therefore, and they hereby are prefenred to the
f.iid Edwsrd Preble, as the moft durable monu
ment of the afLftion and gratitude of his cotin
try—and alio through hi n to all fne omcers,
petty officers, (cameo, and marines attached to
thr fouadron under his command from the oth
of July to the icth cf September 1804.
Kcfolved, That the president of the United
States be requefted to caufe a go! i medal to
be (truck emblematical of the attack* on the
town, b tteries and gunboats of Tripoli, by the
fquadron under commodore Preble’s command,
and ip i refent it to commodore Preble ih fuch
manner as in his opinion w ill be moft honorable
to him,and that the prefdent be further requeih
ed to caute gold medals of lefc value to
be ftruck with the word TRIPOLI on one
tide, irnd on the other the na*ne PREBLE, and
to prefent the fame to luch officers as may have
molt gallantly fignaliz:d ihemfelves in the dit
fereat attacks.
Refdved, That one rrrrmths pay be allowed,
rxclufi c cf the common allowance, to all pet
ry officer.', teamen, and marines of th fquadron
w ho fo glorioufty fupnorted the hosnr of the
1 American fiig under the orders of their gallant
.* nmandcr, within the period before metrian
: cd/
Refolred, That the prefident of the United
States b** alfo requefted to inform the parents
or neare t connexions of thofe gallant departed
heroes, c? pt Somers, and iieute^antsWadsworh
Decatur, wa d veil, and Iirael, that they will ev
er live in the recollection and affection of a
grateful country —an example to future g'rera
t.oos, and jui urni.ncnt to the luitaric page*
A bill had two readings in the Senate of the
United States granting the privilege of frpnkin^
letters to Aaron Bur, during life.
t • ■* '**
-- —-—————I-.
| , L.refl f on C-rcpr.
j LONrv.lM, I AN. 14
The G 7.::m of Saturday ni^ht contains an
Order in Council granting general reprifata and
letters of martjue agaiiift Spain. This bring
1 the ufual ftifui of declaring w ir, fome ot our
|c*>tetn 'orAries entertained an exrv* -Tatton that it
would be accompanied with a fpeci ication of
ad the rcafotu. 1 he order hi council contains
!cne t!iat b as good as terl (houfind .* it ft..tes,
(tha Spain has declared war aga nft us
1'he report Las l/cen in circulation fume rime
1 that fubfi.liary treaties w]rh Rutda and Svre
, den are in great forwartlyefsj and it is flateJ
that the fubfidies will amount to no Ids than
five millions per annum. 11 return Ruffii, it
is faid, flipulates to bring i «to the fieid an ar
my of tco ooo man, to be employed again ft
France it: any way effectual. Tire emperor of
Germany and the king of Pruftia lnve b*en in
vited on very advantageous terms to accede to
.the confederacy, but hitherto wi bout effect.
, jAVTMRY 15.
AT the opening of the Legifi itive body,
which took place on the 7th, a v ;r»ety of cere
monies were obferved applicable to the recent
change of the government. *\ be following
is the Speech of the Emperor on the occa
* »•
uon :
•* Gentlemen Deputies of the Department
to the Lcgiflative body. Gentlemen Fribunes
and Members of my council of ttate, I now ap
pear before you to prefide at the opening of
your >€fli *n. I he chara&er which I am anx
ious to imprefs on your labours, is at once the
moft atiguft, and the moft imperious. Princes,
Magiftrates, Soldiers, Citizens, we have alone
in our career one objecl —the interefts cf cur
country. If the throne on which Pr vidfnee and
the w ifties of ttic nation h ive placed me,be at ah
dear to my he-rt, it is only hecaufe it gives me
the power of protecting and prcfzrving the
moft f.icred intcrefts of the French people.—
without a lirong ana paternal (.government,
France would have ha J to dread the return of
all the mifcrics which it has f»rme*lv endured.
J .
I nbeci ity in the Supreme power is the ^reateft
calamity which can befall a nation. Soldier
or Firft vonful, 1 had only one irrtiment ,• as
Emperor, I rerain the fame —and that is » wilh
for the profperiry of the French people. I have
been fortunate enough to contribute to this ob
j:£t by my vickppies, to confolidate it by trea
ties, to ftem thy torrent of civil difcortl, and to
pave the y^iy-ipr the reftorxion of manners,
fociety, and religion. If 1 am not cut off by
death in the midft of my labours, I hope to be
able to leave to pofterity a recollection which
wiil cither fcrve for the example or the reproach
of my iu«ceiT>r$.
“ iYiy MihifEtr for the interior will lay be
fore you a view of the ftitc o' the Empire.—
The orator of my council of State will lay be
fore you the different objects on which v >ur de
1 fixations are t > be employed. I have giv*“»i
orders for preferring papers relative to the Min
ifters in rlic various departments. I congrat
ulate you on the prosperous rtate of oar finan
ces. Great as our expenfes are, they arc cov
ered by the receipts. \raft a; the preparations
j for the pttjfecution of the war in which we are
engaged have b:er., I IhiU deinaa l no new f.*,c
rihee of my people.
! It wmid have been f^eet to rr.c it fo !jI
eirm an rjock, tor look to the empi e of p ace
throughout the world ; but the political princi
ples of cur enemies,, and their recent conduct
toward Spa hi, fhow, fuffhiemly, with what
! difficulty this can be attained I have no with
farther to extend the territories of France. I
am only defirous of maintaining their inte^r'tv I
have ro with to excercife a domineering infti
ence over Europe, but lam not at all difpofed
to give up that which I have already acquired.
N® dates ibail be incorporated with the em
pire, but 1 Hull not faccilke my rights, or the
' ties which attach me to the dates wnich I have
“ In elevating me to a tlirone, nay people
have engaged to make e*ery effort which cir
cumtlances may require for the pref rrnion pf
their profperity and glory, as welt as mine. I
jam imprelfcd with the fulled confidence in the
national energy and the affccVion w tli which
; the people r gsrci me. t heir dcareft i:»tertlts
arc the objects of my contlant tolicitudje.
•« Gentlemen Deputies of the 1 Apartment
to the LegULtive Body, GenJcmen tribunes,
and Members of mv Council ci Stare, ycureon
'dutt during preceding .SciTons, the zeal which
you difp'ayed for the belt inter efts of your coun
try, are the belt fecurities for that afEitamre
which I require ofy:u and which I confidently
expect during the continuance of this bcG-m.”
London, 1 SP
To both Holies of Parliament, delivered Jan
uary 15, 1 Sc5.
My L rds and Qwtiemrnt
SINCE the end of the lad fefunn, the pre
’ pirutions of the enemy for the invafion of the
jRmgdom Live b^tsa epauaued jvko inceflant
' i — i. rnm.<mm»mm n wiwi ■■ ■ k ■ ■— ,» .,„
activity ; hrt no attempt has Iren mdc to car
ry their repeated menaces into effe£b
Fhe (kill and intrepidity of my navy, the re
fpeflab'c and formidable date of my arm? and
militia, the unabated 7.c*\ and improved dilrt
p inc of a numerous Volunteer force, and the
genera! ardor manifofled by cl! «LCt. of my
fubjefts, have indeed been fufBcirm ro corner
them trom f> prefu mptuouc and defperate an
enterprise. While thi* fpirit continues to ani
mate the Country, and i:s voluntary eietttonf
for its own defence fob fill* in thtir own vigor,
me need not fear the c onfeduences of the moft,
powerful tffhrts on the part of the enemy ) but
let us never forget that our fecurity has anfen
from the RefoSuMon with which we have met
and provided agiioft the dinger, end that it
can be prefeved only by Ready ptrkverencu
and Unremitting aclivlly.
The conduct of the Cosrt of Spain, rvide t—
lv under the predominant influence and con
troul of France, compelle 1 me to take prompt
and decinvc meafurcs to guard againtt the eft'eft
of hotlility I have at the fame time endeav
ored as long as it was pofilblc, to proven* the
neceflry of a rupture \ but in ronleqaence of
3 faiisfaftory explanation, my Minillei cjuitietl
Madrid, ami war has iinrr b* *ui declared by
Spain azairft this country
I have directed a copy of the Mamfcfto,
which I have caufed to be prepared on this oe
eafion to be laid before you, together with
fuch papers as are ncceflhry to explain the dif
cuifions which have ta^ !n place between me
and the Court of Madrid You will, I truft,
be convinced bv them, that my forbearance has
been carried to the utmofl extent which thein
rerefts of rrv dominions would admit \ and
while I lament the fitoatton of epain, involved
in Hoft Ihies contrair to its true imerefls, I
rely with confidence on your vi*or>Df (Import
in a conteft w hich can be atribtxted only to
the unfortunate nreva'ence of French counfels.
Fhe genera! conducl of the French Govern
ment on the continent has been marked by the
utmofl violence and outrage, and has (hewn 4
! v anton defiance of the rights of neutral terri
tones, ot the acknowledged privileges or accre
dited minifttrs, and of the cfthblill cd principles
j cf the law of Nations.
Notwithflandibg tbefe tranfaffions repugnant
to every frotiment of moderation and julhee, I
have recently received a communication from
the French government containing profellionj
of a pacific dlfpofaion. I have in confluence
r prelFd my earneit defire to embrace the firfl
| opportunity cf idtoiing tb« bi ddings cf peace
on fuCb grounds as may be confident with the
permanent fafety and ime ed of nr>y dominions ;
fcnr I an confident you will agree with me, that
I thofi: objects are clofc'v connected wbh the gen
eral fwcurity of burope ; I have therefore net
! tho’t it light to enter into any more particular
explanation without previous communication
with thefe powers on the continent, with whom
I am engaged in confidents! intercourse ami
connexion ; wi*h a view to that important ob
ject and especially with the Emperor cf RuXa,
*hc> has given the ftrongeft proofs cf the wife
and d gnified fenrimen: wirh which he is aittirta
! ted, and of the warm intertft he takes in the
! fgfety and independence cf Fufopc.
Gentlemen of the Hou/e of Commons,
I have dr fled t!*e cliirrates for the pub!:t
fcrvice to b; laid before you I Tegret the
| neceflby of additional burdens being impo
fed on cr/ people ; but I am fare you will hd
ftnfible how much their future fafety and hip
phiefs depend on the vigor of our exertions, ffn f
that in the inode of raitanj the fupp'.ies, vou
will! continue to (hew your anxiety for thefup*
port of public credit, for reftraining as much
aspofible the accumulation of the nanoral Ocbt.
l\lx Lords Aid (irrttiemsn,
(rt contidcTir.g the great efforts and ficrifices
which the t’.aturs of the cottteft requires, it i*>
a particu’ar f.twfa&ion to me to ofcferve f c
I many proofs of the internal wealth and prtjf
per ty of tne c mnry. It will, I am lure, be ycur
great ob;?& tx maintain and improve th~[c ad
vantages, and at the fome time to t'.kc all luch
mcafures, a^ by ennab’mg me to ptofreu*? the
war with rigor, my afford the belt profpect of
bringing i? to a (afe and honorable termination.
Tdrflengers, we believe, have been frr.t off to
Petcflburgb, Berlin, a >d Stockholm, with the
I information of the pacific over»ure from France,
and with copies of his majefty's fp-ech 5 and
rhe addreis of both houfes of Parliament. rl he
fpeech, and the intelligence thar k' th houfes
had urao:mot#fty agreed to a<Jdref» his majtftv
upon tt, were, us we Bated yetbrday, far \ otF
to fhiris immediately after the riling of the two
ti >nfes on I uefdiy ever* >g. In the difpatch
from M* Talleyrand, it is underlined that a
copy of Bonaparte** fpeech, upon opening the
legiiliture, wasincholcd.
It is ikk difficult to predial what the arfwer
to our communication re* the courts of Pct;rf
bnrgh and Berlin will be. Th.y w id advife
nt gocia.ioa. 1 at the anfwet cannot be expec*
ted to be received in lefs ihsn 1 jn> months. In
TUe m<nij it js extremely prob?Me that Co
| nspi’lc u*iIT either notice out amfwcr to him in
j.tigc Moraicur, cr t^anf ult us aether difpatch.

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