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fcitr^_ '
‘ ~ LiN£«f
Ox,- v.-uih- -tthetrirl ** *-/**' *f 4 TbM} Ctpf-vet i'«
,N>> Ytrk U f mt f utjimm *4 ttt 'r l“ vifim Th*tv0r4'
m ite look, for ir.c every day : bat I no cctnt.
N :’f o’er the d -rkly heaving main.
Her jet evr b: ght iu lorrow rove*,
And lti‘1 ibe feek*, but feekt in rain,
The fweurng fad of him (he loves,
A fail appear*—her heart bents high,
Aud from thelof-y terrace lee,
The f. jnal fbm’ring to the (ky,
\\ Lach i. ould have been my guide To th e.
The whtfp’ring breeze, enamour’d. p’»)S
\MUJft each perfum’d nd fiiken fold,
And hafi'ni*^ low, the fun • lafi u«,
liiumench tint, wit!, bril iant gold.
Alts’ in vnin—no anfw’rinf figh.
Proclaim* Abdulah’* glad return;
\et, at 'twerv Mecet’f tVrred il rice,
Stlli dull thou watch the lurge—and mcbrzt.
Retire, ff*y lore 1 the evening dew
\s ill damp thy treft*, a* they p!ay;
Retire! ami in thy dream* rev .car
Hi* :majr», who i* tar iiay
Amt. Ctttm* J CLAP-A.
Sottoe c'rf n- are very buN in firnilhing po
1‘tic;i aiefdotcs. No one has had a greater cir
cu ati n than the following the Englilh min
1 cr, l*. ^et, was yetderday with Count Cobent
2e , an ! erprcflcd n s aldondhmcnt that at the au
dience thar corning, in the cabinet of the Em
ptier, the Foreign Minifters had not been invi
ted, when the privy councell rs had enjoyed that
privilege. He complained bitterly lhe vice
counce lor repl ed, h it ir was not ufual,and that
he wis iurprihd that Mr P.i ;et was fo late in
Ins remarks, as ever (i ice he had been at Vien
na, this ceremony had been cor.flantly obterved.
Mr. Paget grew angery, (tamped with his foot,
and told Count Cobentzd, that if he did nO:
know his duty, it w\:3 time to learn it, and he
quitted, .the company in its. riy with all the ap
pearance of a ma’dman Ih;s conduct, which
w\*s in thTyrrefence of a great part • f tnc diplo
matic body, and the rnoft diltinguilhed mem
bers of die c urr, has thi> day been the fub
je£k of converfation throughout the City,which
exprefles aidonifhmem at the tore the ininifter
of t ngland has aifumed upon fuch a circum
On the i 2th of January, the Holy Father vif
ited the Hotel Dieu, at Paris M. de Preux,
firlt Phyfician, and a member of the legion of
Honour, addrefted him in the name of the fac
ulty of Phyfieians of the Hifpital, in the fo low
ing manner. Very Holy Father, your prefence
in this aHum, confecrated by religion to the
comfort of flittering humanity, gives birth to the
mold interefting recoilefti ns. We recall at this
moment the words of a holy martyr of the prim
itive Church, when (hewing an iramenfe num
ber oi pool perfons, that he had collected in a
holy place, “ See my treafures, fee the treafures of
the .hurch, it h.is no other treifnres ** Your con
d £d, your actions, very holy father, p ove that
the poor are aifo your treafures, and continually
the objects of your paternal regard. You will
p rm:t thole who cfrbrthemleivcs to your notice,
O have tor the common father of the faithful,
tout holy love .that Gncere and profound venera
tion nat your iupreme dignity com mands, much
than your virtues, and whi h infpire To pow
erfully chad particular mtereft that you exprefs
for the unhappy.
brom a London Paper.
Cafi Pon Bridge oi*r the Thames.
l he arch of this elegant il. ucture is the ffattef*
fegment ever built on a large fcale, being a feg
mefit of a circle of 2,5:2 feet diameter, the
chord or fpan 180, and the verfei fine or height
16 .‘eet ; it fprings fr»m abutments of ftone built
on pile*, and is 27 feet 2 inches in breadth * it
coniifts or 6 ribs, pUc^d 5 feet afender, kept in
their poittioa oy perforated crofs-birs, placed
horizontally at the top and bottom of ea h-pieefe,
quite acrofs the rid, e ; each of the nbs is com
p f:d of 39 ar^ -pieces, 4 feet 7 -4 inches >ong
at top, and 4 feet 63-8 inches at bottom 4 feet
deep, and 4 1-4 indies thick; they are calt hoi
low, for the pur pole of introducing dowels
4 1 3 inches wide, and 2 inches thick ; through
tilde doweis, and a fo t c arch pieces, arc cart
hoes, into whi h wedges are driven, which
bring the part> into rtofe contact and very con
fi lerably leffti the flioot or thralt of the arch
The fpondnls are filled up with circle*, which
dimin ih from the abir nent3 to the centre .•
the whole is c 'Vtrcd with plates one inch
thiek and 2 fee broad, on the ends of w hich
reft the oands on which the b lluftradc i* ?\2m
ced. The whole weight of iron is 270 tons,
cf which the cove ing ©lares weigh roo the
bridge was cart by the Walken of Kotherham,
on an improved plan, for the invention of which
h - majeily has h en fkacKiufly plcafedto grant I
h s royal let ten patent to Mr. I\ Wilfon,
£ ,r r' :e, under whofe di
r ti m Lie whole iron-work was thrown acrofs
r c nv:r I name.., and competed in lef^ than
fix mouths
! he firft day the bridge was opened for pub
lie life, the commimailers had the picafure of
f:e:ng »^o 1 at exen, 10 horfes, and a great
rumber nc people upon the bridge, at the fame
line, without producing the lent erfett upon
it , although the trotting of ahorfe make it vi
t rate. 1 lie k.ng and royal family, paiTcd over
in the full four coachc>, drawn by four horfes
brem the Conn citcut Cetsrant.
he rcTuit of Tdvlgs Chafe's trial, they attack *, l
;he vital pr.ncip'cs of the Conftitutim of the
general government; and a number of the rcem
bets of Cotlgref* united with them in this p lan
of diforganization, The tocfin of revolution has
been founded in the citv of VValhington and on
the floor c t Congrefs j ar. J the wiid hrt cf the
frevulutionarv fpirit is fpreiding abroad* '] he
jacobinical frenzy is reviving, and threatens to
proftrate all law and government.
i he leaders of the revo uticnift in Pennfylva
nia, hive eftablilhed a fociety, which they have
named “ 7,$e S.eirty of the bf inds of the people.”
It is a ne w edition of the old Jacobinic;, clubs,
and threatens to effectuate another infur rebl ion,
and to produce fcencs of moil dreadful confu
{•on and wretchednes :n that ft ate. There is
one article in the plan of c n<b<nation which
the revolutionifts in Pennfylvanla have publifh
ed, that plainly difeovers that their cbjeit, is to
fpread anarchy over u.e whole Union.—It is as
follows, from the Aurora of March 2y.
V Art. y. Ir ftiali be the duty of the cor
“ refponding committee, to cerrefpond with
11 the various meetings of the fociety, and with
“ all other focieties that thill be eitablifhed on
“ fimilar principles, in any other cf the Utied
«* States, and *o lav all conmunicat.ons which
u they fhall make and recieve, together with
“ fuch other bufinefs as they lhall from
•* time to timn think proder, before the foci
“ ety.,>
'I hey have taken no care to hide the cloven
foot; they have boldly avowed their dcfiKn$,
and given a fort of invitation to ail the difcon
ten ted and factious in the other States, to
co-operate v.ith them in the work of revolu
Next let us f*e in what manner Duane treats
the large and refpe&able body of democratic re
publicans in Pennfylvania, with Mr. D iUs at
their head, who are oppofed tea revoiu ion in
that date—This is his language :
“ — I hey will petition loudly for a reprive —
“ they will flir up ever)- intcrefl in their pow
“ er to procure their pardon they will writhe,
(t and twitf, and turn — they know they are on
4‘ the road to t^c feoff old, and mull meet their fate ,
41 that fate they will endeav.ur to procraft in ate—
“ Republicans, be not moved by their entrea
* They look'd at the tree, and they trav^rt’d the cart,
“ They handled the rope, but fetm d loth to depart.”
If men who fcruple not to ufe fuch merdet
ous language even toward fuch of their own po
i htical party as prefume to diflsnt from them in
a (ingle inftance, fhould change to arrive at pow
er, wuat cfeuld be expected, but fi.er.es of blood
and carnage fraiiar to thofe ;n France. It is
1 high time for confederate honeft men of all pol
itical parties, t link themfelvcs together in firm
j uni*n aguuift. the formidable hofl of defpera*
! docs, who are fating themfeives manly againfl
| law and government.
, 10 BE SOLD a. LET.
A ^ eligible ltand at Freeport, Union
d A. Wn-rf Lmdin* for carrying on the Lumber
sr.d Fifhing BuGutis ; fil iated in a goo harbor at the «n
traoce of Freeport i«v*r, mvi^able for largr at
any rime of tide, fcaid lan-rn^: is within ^wiotymitas
of PortRod and a c. mmodioiis pUcc to ht out f'ifher
mcn and making of Fifh. alio >ead n£ v an etterfive
back conn ry, w*il fu ox r^ed with allfktnbs of lumber,
and cord wood — — I he premilTcs eonfirt ct one i alf of
a 2 m Story Dwelt,** )Uuj, with about one acre of .at.d
with one quarter part of aid o harf and rtorc thereon
A r. fpedLib’c Trader is much wanted, and no doubt but
he wi l find it luenttre.
_ F(|rt,t"m; aPP!y to LEA VIS & HALE, Pet (land or
Parker & Warner cf Bcf.on.
Pnrthnf R-L Apri’ »8
rHE poffiffien of a F iRM, Lying in Mon
mouth m Kcnuebecic . ounty containing ou hun
v.ired and forty fevCu acres, wih 'i convenient dwellng.
noule and barn thtrcou tveli watert .‘-lor particulars
i uquire of in Brunfwick, of JOShPri Rv BERT'ON.
B urj-wid, a8 Mt. h IX J
Paving Stones wanted.
Wanted to purchafe too ton of
INg STONES, for the life of the town.
_ , . Applj to CP. ACS riARRES.
Portia* l, April 8
COjDMAN <JP O iV % */* ~
Xx 3* Union Row, hair for Soil,
l7 bales of INDIA GOODS, confiding
NAHS, SAL’NS, and other white cot'ors.
KINGA. dmo.—BLUE CLOTHS ot various
kinds.—e llINTZLS ot vari us kinds.- S-mt
b .Ies of aifortcd goods—all ot which are emitted
to aeteature and certificate.
30 Cafes OLIV E OIL, in prime order.
A quantity cf ROLL BRIMSTONE. &
German STEEL.
English k West-India GOODS,
.as ufurd.
Port'ml, April JJ.
iaVen by execution, and to be fold at Vendue,
the highvft bidder, on the 4th day of Mav
ncxt» at David Peafe’s Auction Room, in
Fore-ftrcet, Portland,
T3HE following Sti ARES in Portland Bank,
taken as the pioperty of Benjamin Gag?, oil
fail Port'aiU viz Nos 89i 899 9:0 901, and 9oi
—Siibjetfl tothe incumbrance ot the claims the faid tank
h it thereon. *
Salt at 2 c flaky P. M.
By order ot C\LEB GRaFcAVT, D ituiy Stern if
Tort and, Apr il 3d, 1805.
V/anted. Immediately
OXP or t*o journeymen, who are goad workmen, at
the li uft Cat f>f*t n aai Joij-ft h Buftne/t.—To whom
t,K h'ghcft wages will be give*. Inquire at the Ga*ctu
. ’ ' • *
THE Pvtnerfbip of > £ X K S if ZHIXLBf*
is thi» divdifTo vcd *7 mutual agreement : Al per
fon» having accounts open with laid iirrm, ire requeue
to fcttlt the lame with William J*kt, f' .
Portland, Apii! 7, »8c5*
T1IF public are refpeeWully informed that thePR^NT
ING CUblNE-lS will it* future be tranfaofcrd at the race
in Fiihftreet, occupied by the late i nn, by WJLHAM
7£XKS, jr Where all kind* of Prune* will be execut
ed neatly aud exped* ioufly, #
Jhf encouragement already receiver for pu. jo
mg the f OR 1 LAND MAGAZINE, advcrtijcd
p\ the abovefirm, is fu:h as ti warrant the under
taking— end as Jeon as arrangements can be n»adc9
the Jir/i number will be iJJ'ued,
April 5, iHot , , * . .. | ■
SOLD i< u\CisK.
-pHAT beautiful Uorsf, called the
X HOLD P ANGER, win A nd this ieafon at the
(UMc of AtiSANCVt MXiiun. near RaSm if Lsma/lar’t
it ore, at Ctrl am Carmat—at Two Do lam and Fifty Craft
the finale Ic p .and Five Do an for the »ctfo. ; and to
warrant a Fold, a price that may be agreed a pot* -Ra*
«ff 11 h full l> ceded tnglith Do fc. ten year* old this
ip'iftg and was fired by that noted Hod ca ed the
I r.tvti er, who sv»* imported by Dr. Craiggy r»f Cam
bridge, nor Holton. Travel ei was undoubtedly or.ft of
the belt Horfes that ever wu in Ncw-tngUnd Ranger 1
dam iva« a £nc 1 »r*r breed.tig mare, and her dam was an
1 imported o.arc *f a good fiae. R'tnger is a lar^c Horfc,
fixteen hands ln*H, and "til made hi* colour is a beau*
tifulhrcwn bsy, a c >;cur much e'tccmc by the heft
jud.es. -Ranker has proven himfelf f« be a very certa**
H- rlc and perhaps there is no bortr caa be tounJ in
this part rtf the country, to equal him tor .be-uiy ami
lire. Anvgenttcmeu dilp .fed to improve the breed of
the mo t uteful airmal in the wo d. m\y call and fee
him and then judge lor thcmfcMrca. Kroger's C\.lts coni
raO'.ly g.ow arge and hui.it*>cne ; and when tit for mar
ket command the highe 1, price— a * may he proved by
a uunber that have otcivfid in the vmrity of W >lfsho
r ugh, in New timipfliirc ; sre ire has been kept for
the moft part cT the time, for fevei. years p*ft. Any
gent'emen who may p eafe to bring their Marcs to the
Bild Ranker, fha.li have particular nttcntionv and the
fine ere th.uks of A AD *MS.
Ga lam Ctra/r, [/airSt J >. _i
. . 1 . . a* ’ \ f k
JUST received and readv for faie bv
A general afl!> tine t ot iEbDi which he hid from tb?
pertem ho railed them, and can ~»t dtp nded rn for
the fit ft quality, wbi-.h he dunk* will ta t uo oum lor
reaioaable cacnplai.it, «f the Seeds are ,p optriy mau
Hgtd A cata ogut of h.m may be had at his Store,
next door to the PoritmJ-Bank
A variety at good FRIflT TREES.
. for fair, a* above, wbteh cau be taken up, and replanted
| at a fhort notice
\\T. India Goods and Groceries as ufual,
and conUam attosauee from fun rife, till ico’clock and
the Lnihcft :av rs ante nded to with chceriulnefa.
Portland Al.itcb a6.
rT,rilS i* to give non e, to ail concern
* JL ed.th t '-lit Coparxnerfhip of Joseph Chen»rt
& Oy. as alfo the Couartm < thip f Che,ner a & Mitch
il: , arcdUT-i ved by mutual content -Ail perlon* hav
:ng demands igair.lt either firm, are requefteu to cxnihit
the f me to us he funcribers isr immediate fettiement
—And it is ef pc died t ofe who may be iade >ted wi i
aiiKv. inunediive piymcnt
N h. The BUTCHER If G &. r.A NNI’.sG bufin.f*
earned or as uteal at their hand rear Stroutwan r Meet
ing Houte, wiicr- cenltam aitendauee will be given and
s! if rs ackno led.cd
p Imi.u b 13, *gcj.
_____ E NT ION!
OLD SOLDI? RS, of the late Kevo
tionary army, who colifted for during the War
who lerved three ye rs under tb-»t .nlinment, (for this
State’s <^u*>ta) anil received an h norab t oifeha ge, arc
emitted to Two Hundred Acre-of L*«d, granted an-, lw
eated t»y this Commonwca rh and tbr e who with to
•ake the 1 nd, and comply * i:h th atfkgimti; g the fame,
arc rcqct(led to meet at the dree* btgoi T. v n (ft car
ledj in RcUon o the fiifl UtedoeTday in June text, at
ten o’cock, for the purpofe • f forming a comp an v, 'and
providing ways and mean foi fettling the fame Thofc
• who may e pr« vented fr m attending inperfen, ? y dif*
tance tr 1 difp tition, will write* o fen-i by their itp
rtfcntai v- who attends the next general court, from
w,.om they can receive th- brU inf rm,iioo. i he land
is good a d we 1 wooded, lying m the province of
, Maine fourteen mTes ro-n St A .drew*, anu three mfit#
I from a » r*mh of fit, J hr.’* River, aud now bear* the
1 uair.c of Mars iiill townllnp
PJtjH, jfbrit 9, tflrj.
A VALUABLL FARM in the town
/jL of Livermore, pieafently fituated in the Centre ot
iai-. 'own on he county road Ita-mg from Farmington,
'to Par land. Containing upward* f one hundred acre*
01 eieci cnt LanJ, Sc of whieh arcunder improvement
‘ and capab c of keeping thirty hca . ot horned cattsc,
fuifitrnr and winter ; with a Dw iug Joule, U rn, Store
and other out building, It s a good £tas0* for a trader,
bufin fr having been done the.c frr hs years lalt pa^tto
good advantage.
One Hundred acres of wild Land, bine
within halt a inite of a Tunable qua <ty to referve for wocu
and I ioiber.
A Farm, joining the aforefaid farm,
and within otic hundred roj* of * g-o. Send hm>fr
containing Cxtyor .eventy acres of Land, with a hculc
and Sara and under fufh. improvement a* to keep ten
ucad ol hotnd catt e fummer and winter.
A 1arm on one of the principle roads
re faid town of Livermore, and *i hiu one hundred rods
of a pod Saw mil and Cornu.il., and within a itw rods
cf a good Schoo houle; Lantaining fifty acne of I and
twenty or thirty of which arc under improvement, w*n
a hculc and barn thetcon.
A I r?cfc of wild Land laving in the
Eagerly part of faid town of Livermore.'joithne on the
-•own »t Fayette. aLd within twenty mil«. of Hall- we,I •
Containing upward* of two hundred acre* of excellent
Whoever wifhes to pur chafe all or any
of the above may have them at a fair price, wish pac
ing twen y uve pcr-ccnt down, and giving «o U Security
for the remainder. at a geuerou* Credit.® Lor iu.thcr
particular, app y to the faferiber.
t. titer mare, March ' I. ! So ?
OFFER to the Public tbe foilouinj
'-'scheme, for the THIRD CLAaS
Prizes ,
i prize of *00«
4r Ioco
6 5°*
£ 5
”* * j
77i 6 •«
U.COO Ticket, at jcM’ari—* uhj to a urdud*. n uf
ial per cent, on payment of pr>acs.
Ca itai PiizcidtfcrmiuaM* on the follow ing days.
firit drawn number a^AUiil ike Blank on tine
§!ih day, tv-x. uolUrii
do. «c*l»t ,otd
do. 15 ill, *000
do. acth, Sooo
do, xath. icoo
500 Tickets llnll be corfidered as ong
i tomple c day’, work and the fortunate Blank, 1 all lit tie*
ter mined at that rate of drawing, whether a greater rf
J l€{% number come out of the wheel, in one day — Ml pri*
Kt jo be paid at the expiration ot thirty day*, (except*
ioz the higheft) which will be paid within tasty days xf»
tci the d>awing i, comp cted—the drawing to ! * cum*
p eted wiitiiu 16 day? —-Piizc, not claimed within on?
year will be contidcrci a gene ouflygivtn to the bridge^
<tlj will n^r be paid after that time.
The Scheme is calculated at lefs than
two Blank, to a prize, and is compofcd of a great Bums
ber ol handfame r*rizc:—ihc chance is mu.h better had
in any la mer Lottery, compofcd of very high and very
low prize*. An early day will be appointed for crawirg
in 3o ton 1 be Manager, flatter chemitfvcs that tl.t
p .nctn.il ty observed in the lw* ioimer clalits will in*
- (are a ready iaie for 1 iclt'ts in this daft
} dickers will rife 10 Five dollars and fif*.
ty cents, twenty day* previous in drawing, and to/tx Jot*
Urt on ihc fourth day oi drawing,
_ ELIJAH HALL. I Mrn^n,.
J J- Tickets and quarters, in the above
Lattry, for Lie at THOMAS CLaRK'S, B'-ok ftote.
O' Amolkeag Tickets, for idle as above*
will rile to 5 dolls, jo cts and quarter, to 1 50, after thf
10 h mil—And South Had.cy to 7 jo,—(Quarters i,8j»4
! after the 25th.
1 Apnl 8, 1805.
btores to L*:t.
1 m * * *
HE two Stores now occupied by McfTri*
bivw*- in Fuh btreet, adjoining the Man f
lire ..nd Marine luluiancc Qdt*...-For terms .apply
at laid Oilier. Mini to, i£otf
Adminifl* aters & CommiJJionerj Noirets.
NOli^t ia hereby gi c , that the fablcriber has bedb
duly appointed adininiftrator of the eftate of
AS A HUFF, late of ftatk,
in the cauoty of i-inert a Sailmakcr, dcceafcd ; and hath
undertaken that trutt, by giving K>n<J as the law djreds?
A * perfous theitfore. h?Ting demands againft the eftat#
of faid deceafed,are drilled to exhibit the fame for fettle
ment and all indebted to the faid eftate, are requeued
to make immediate payment to the fubferiber at Arundel*
in the county of York ; or to Mr. NATHANIEL. CQE
F1N, my attorney, at faid Bath
' SETH BURNHAM, Adnfrjlrator.
A run III JVI trcb
I HE Subicriber hereby gives public
notice t« all concerned that he has b en du y ap
ptfnted an his taken up n Imr.ltll the trull of eiccutof
ol the Hit will and Xcftament of
late of Pro«pect, in the County of Hancock, gentleman*
decCife 1 bv giving bond as t e law dirc&s. He there
fore rt quells a l peifons who are indebted to the fa;d Je*
P’ fpeti, yfi-ch .8 18^5
1* tit tub endtr hereby g ves publ c n< tier to a con*
ctrn d that h ha'. he^n cuiy aypo nted an ha*
taken i.p >n himfe f the trufl of an admu iftratcr on he
eftate of LEMUEL BRYANT,
of Portland, in ai«i county, Merchant, dcceafcd, by git*
iug ond al the law dre&s He therdore reqvtAt ail
perfons who are ndebted to the faid dcct fed’» eftate*
to male immediate paymrut ; and thofc who have any
demands thereof, to exi.ibit the Erne to
Dated Mirth If.
ii E the fubfcnbeEs having been appointed by thV
' V Hnfi: Samuel Freeman, Efq Judge of Proba c td
examine the claims againft tie tft*re of LkteVFL BUT'
/f.YT, iatc of Portl nd. in the county of Cumberland*
dereafed give notice that «e will attend the Cud
hulii.e<* at the oihtc of El*wrzrr .liavo, A'jq in Filh*
t;reei P rtUnrl, the firft Monday i f April, ioft. and th%
firlt Mondays in the tlx fo’lowmg months, from two
o’dcck to live P. M.
f Bl Nl'ZER M\YO
{ HP iubferiber hereby give public notice to 1! con*
cefn d. that he has been duly appoiu ed, aoc. ha*
taken upon himleft the truft of A mimibatur on the cf*
t ate of
late « f Vewgloucefter, j o-joty of Cumberland, yeortiaft*
by grving bond as the law dire<5*3 He therefore requeft*
. ail per funs who arc indebted to thefaiu dcceafcd’* tllact*
'to make immediate payment ; and thefe who hrVt any
; demands thereon to exhibit the fame to the tubferibet
at the dwelling houlc of the dccrafcd in Ncwgloutifttb
_ , . william Parsons.
D.ltfCl, ^ *%i'$louctflcrn March
IHnluhlciibir hereby gives public notice to all con*
cernrd, that he has been duly appointed and hat
' taken upon hinitelf the trill* of admiOrator on the ctUtf
Mare of Brunfwick. in the county of Cumberland, Ship*
| ^right, deceafrd by giving bond as tht law directs ——*
: He htreb re requefts ait perfons who are indebted n*
faid dccealed’s tftaie. to make immediate payme< t ,r*
and tho:e who have any demands ihcr.on tt exhibit tht
Ib td. /V.*»/*A ?9 1805.
a HE lubicrmcr here by g:vcs public notice to
1 a l conEerncd tha* he has been du’v sppoirt*
ed, iad lake* upon liimfdf the truft of Admmiftrator*
on the eftatr of
iate of Cape Fhza'>c h, in the county of Cumberland?
yeoman dcceafed bv giving hond as tht law dire<5*s
e thertore requelU a-1 otrfons who arc indented tb
* 1 *M* |lEreale(i s efcate to make immediate payment %
and thofe who have any demands thereon to exhibit tbf
Dftcd Mttrcb 14, 18C5.
To be ftyld, ^
F«r.« Stand for 2 trader or bnckmaker, *
goodHOUsEtwo Aotic* hiL-h. nearly fmift.td »bot*
“ Y*™' P calautly fa.atcd wilh * pOMj batn.aod
(luJinufe, about il„ec acre* of |.2nd th £‘»0 brickyard*
Hid out on a wharf wh re veff< U of , hum red tons bur*
ha may W four fee, from the Brickkiln, and c
f "[** w*ntY ttft and upwards on it.c%vard, with a tu*1
w-;rr:f:om i* ab°v«- «o u,;?y both y«d*
dollar rr’ rbcrc biicltw; od can be b tght for
. 1 i0’1 the yard, within feur mile* of Bowdok*

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