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»•* • » ***• ■ ♦ • • .»•
(AU 3, fjf r»L. * ■ '
[JFjtclji Ao. 367)
*• ■•" — —.— ■ —~ ~ J.^ . .. i, . i_^.1.A1, 4:"'...*_
« «%
(C0KCLU0|L?> fftOlft out La!r )
, * . * > '* ' vf 1
^ /
. *
of a !etier from Commodore Prerle to the
Seer ti ary oj the Navy.
" * a 4 .1 ■ (
; i6th. No news of the frigates, and but fhort
a"!owancc of water in the fquidron. I fent
the Enterprise to Malta, with orders to the a
jp;ent thf*re, to hire tranfpons and fend ofF im
jnediatelr a fuppiy of frefh water, provifion,
pud other Rorcs which have become neceTary,
as fotne 6f the fquadron hive now been five
months within fight of this difmal coalt, with
out otice voting a friendly port i tutje veffclsj
as well as the gun boats, receive their fuppiy
of water and movifions from the Couflitution.
i 8th. As tne feafon i» fall approaching when
we may expect bad weather, and no news of the
frigates, I have determined to make an attack
as loon as the wind proves favourable.—At o,
P. M. I lent captains Decatur and Chauuccy
in two fmall boars to reconnoitre the harbour,
an 1 obferve the Jifpofition oi the enemy’s flotil
la at night ; they returned at midnight, ami re
ported that they were anchored in a line ab: eft,
from the Mole to the baflaw’s caftle, with their
heads to the eaftward, for the defence of the in
ner harbour.— At day lighc the wind R lifted hid
den ly from N.E. to ish N. VV. and brought a
heavy fca on fhore, which obliged us, for the
greater fafety, to weigh and Hand to fca.
2cth. We had gained an offing of nine or
fen leagues, (till blowing hard. We met with
the Ketch Intrepid, from Svracufe, with a car
cf frefh water, ilock, and vegetables for the
i • i *■
22d. Fell in with a fhip from Malta, wirh
water and live flock for the fquadron. 1 hefe
cargoes arrived very opportunely, as we have
for fume time pall been on ihort allowance o
water. I he wind having moderated, we Rood
in, and anchored with the fquadron 6 miles N.
L. by N. troni L ripoli j all the boats were enga
ged in difeharging the tranfports. The E*ucr
pp.ze arrived from Malta, but brought no intel
ligence of the long expected frigates.
24th. With a light breeze from the N. E.
we Hood in,with the fquadron prepare i for ac
tion, intending to attack the town $nd lhiping
In the night. At 8 in the evening anchored a
bouttwoand a half miles from the batteries.
At midnight it fell calm. I feat the bomb vef
fels under the protedliort of the gun boats to
bombard the town ; the boats of the fquadron
were employed in towing them in. At 2, A. j
T«i., the bombardment commeaced, and con- ‘
tinned until day light, but with what is j
uncertain. At 6 ail the boats joined us, and
were taken in tow by the fquadron, which was
under weigh, and (landing off. At 7 anchored
four miles north cf the town. The weather for
, ^ •
feveral days proved unfavourable (or approach
ing the fhore.
; T ’ ' i j. „ •
’ 28th. We were, favoured with a pleafant
breeze from the eadward. At 3, P. M. we
weighed ami (food in for Tripoli. At 5 anchor
ed the Conftiiution 2 miles in1, by E. from fort
Ewgliili, and l and an half fro n the bafhaw’s
caTtle* the light velTcls ordered to keep under
weigh. We were employed until 8 P. M. in
m ikmg arrangements for attacking jthe town ; a
number of ;he officers and many of the fcamen
cf the Conlntutiou. being attached tq the bombs,
gun and ltiip’s bpats, captain Cliaur.ey with fev
_1 _'r 1' ,T- t 1 ^ r . ,
ui .uu.i aijoui it»Liuv iurncn aim
marines volunteered their Icrvices on board the
Gonilitutiotj, Ail the boats in the fquadron
^vere officered and manned, and attached to the
feveral gun boats ; the two bomb vtll'els could
not be brought into ad ion, as one was leaky,
#md the mortar bed of the other had given way,
The John Adams, Scourge, transports, and
bombs, were anchored 7 miles to the northward
! of the town. Lieutenant commandant Dent, of
t he Scourge, came ort board the Conftitutiori,
1 and took charge of the gun deck ; lieut Izard
of the Scourge, alfo joined me. Lieut. Gor
don commands gunboat No. 5, and lieutenant
\ Laurence of the Enterprise, No. 2—thefe are
* the only changes. At half pall 1 A. M. the
i gunboats in two divifi ons, led by captains De
catur and Somers were ordered to advance,
and take their Italians clofc to the rocks, at the (
entrance of the harbour, wiihin'grapS flint dif
tance of the Bafhaw’s callle. The Syren, Ar
gus, Vixen, Nautilus. Enterprise, and boats of
the fouadVott accompanied them. At^, a.m.
the boats anchored with fprings on, within pif
| *ol ihot of the rocks, and commenced a brilk
iiring on the (hipping, town, batteries and iiafli
'fw’s palltlc, which was warmly returned, but
sot as. well dirc&ed ; the fhips boars remained
vitlitlie gt:n boats, to aflitt in boarding the
1 enemy’s flotilla, if it (hould venture out i while
I ti.c brigs and fchoor.ers kept under weigh ready
1 *r the fame fervice, or annoying the.eneniv as
<cccafion might prelent. At day i’.gnt, prefum
ing that the gunboats had nearly expended their
I ammunition, we weighed witu the Comlitution
I and Hood in for the harbour. Fort LngJiih,
the brthaws c title, crown and mole bitteries
kept up a heavy L:c mi ls as we advanced.
* * • * # * * I t
—— \t half part 5 I nude i!»e funal for the gun bo.tsto
retire from action ; nd t">r the brrg\ a^d fchoonera to
take them iu low-ytvc were then wtuiu two cab e'a length
of the rocks, and co;n '’diced a he<vv fire of round and
gr.ipC on thirteen of the enemy's gun boats and gallics,
w hich were in pct.y c.ofe action with our boats
We funk one of the enemy's foals, at i< e fame time'
two more difa led, ran on fltore to avoid finking ; the re
mainder 1mmtd>atcly tcrrca'cd. We continued running
»(i t util «e were within muLkclfhot Of the crown and
Mole hittercs, w hen wc brought too, and fired Upwaids
of jjo round fhot IxfiJe* grape an*l caniftcr mtothe town
Baihaw’s eadle and i attcncs We hicnced the cjftlc
^nd t-*Odf r lie batteries for fomc t.me At 1-4 pall fi,
the gun fc.-ats helm* all < ut < f (hoc auc in tow I hauled
off alter I av.no been three qu.rter* at an hour n dole
acti’ 11 1 he gun bo<u fn-cd upwards of 4 o roum lhot,
hefides grape and car. if ter with go. d <.fFc&. A large
i HU'i.aii galliot was fnj^Sc *n the mole ; a Spar.ilh (hip :
wliicO naJ entered with an ainbaif-dur front the grahd
fey.eg received coiifidcraolc damage The Ttipoliuc
g/fra* shd g%u hoses loft mil V men aud were much cut.
The bafliaw’t cattle aud town have fufTcred tujt much
as have their crown and niolc batteries Captain Deca
tur aud Somers conduced their divifiou of guu boats with
their ulua! firmnefs and addrefa; and were weft fupported
bv the officers and men attached tw them The bri^s
and fcuooucrt were alfo well conducted during the action
and iiicd a uunibernf (hot at the chtmv . bet. their gun*
are too light to do much execution. They fuffered con
fidcrabiy in their fails and rigging. The officer* uid cretv
of the Confiitution bellived well. I cannot in juftice to
capt Chaunccy omit noticing the very able alii.lance I
received from him on the quarter deck of the Conflitu
tints, during the whole cf the action The dam*3. e which
wc huve icvcivcd is principally above tJic hull; three
lower ffirouds. two fprtng (toys, two top nnO back (lays,
trutTes. chains and kit* of the main yard lhot away.
Our fails had lcveral caution <l.i>t through thein, and
were fctliucs eonficierth y cut by grape ; much of our
running rigging cut to pieces, one of our anchor (locks,
and our iar couid cabie fhot away, and a number of grape
lhot were flicking iu diffcicnt parts of the hail ; but not
a man hurt ! a boat ho onging t< the Johu Adams, with
a matter’* nute (Mr Crtightdn) and e*»-t men was
funk by a d u>»!e headed mot from the batteries while
in tod' cf the Nautiiu-, w! ich killed three men and had’y
wounded uiic who w.;U Mr CrcigU on, and the other
f.'ur were picked up by oue of our boats. -The only
damage our gun boats fuftaiticd wa in their rigging and
fails wl» ch were couttdcrably cut wills the enemy’s round
aiid grape ll.ot.
Av ii. A. M- we anchored with the fomdron five
miles N. E. by N trum Tripo i repaired the damage
rtceiv d iu the action.
ac;th and 30th preparing the bomb vefFcls forferviee ;
fuppiyiag the gun boats with ammunition, &c 31ft a
vefl’el arrived from Malta with provifimis nd (lores ;
brought 1*0 new-t »* Omtnodorc Barron, or th<^ frigates
We difeharged the v- Cel’s cargo and oidcrcd her to re
• 0 » •
September the id the bemb vefleb having been re
paired and ready forferviee, Lieutenants Dent and Rob
infjit, relumed command of then. Lieutenant .Mortis
>f the took command of No 3 ; and Lieutenant
Trip pc having nearly recovered from his wound-, return
t*l the command of No. 6 which lie fogal antiy conducted
the 3d Ultimo. Captain Chauuccy, with fcvcral youug
gentlemen, and fiity nun from the johu Adams volun
teered on hoard the Conflitution . _ .»t 3 ? M.
made the fipnal to weigh ; kept under fail all night. At
11, P. M a general figuai to prepare for baitie 1 a Span
iili pg acre in baliafl came out of Tripoli, with an am
baflaiior of the grand fcigr.ior on board, who had been
feat from Conflaotijiople to Tripo i to confirm the Balk
aw in hi* title; — tin* ceremony takes pl^ce m ail the
llarbary itgeucic* every 5 years The captain of this
▼clfcl intorimd us, that our iltot and (hells hid made
great havock. and deftrjuAion in the city and aiViong the
thipping, and that&Valk number of people had been
killed ;—-alfo informs us, that three of the boats which
were fenk by our ihot, iu the acliou of tiie 3J .and »8th
ult. had bccu got up, repaired and lined lor fer
vicc. * -*
3d. At 1, P. M. Tripoli bore S* S. W two and a
half miles didaot. wind E by N. At half pafl a the fig
uals were unde for the gun boats to call oil, advance and
attack the enemy’s gallics and guu boats which were all
under weigh in the calicrn part of the harbor, whither
they had for foine ti ne been working up agaiuft the
wind. This was certainly a judicious movement ol theirs
as it p eluded the polls l litv of our ' oars going down to
at<ack \c town, wi hotu leaving the enemy’s flotilla in |
the re. , and din&ly to windward I accordingly or
dered t e bomb veiled* to run down within tfroper dist
ance 0 be t wn, and bombard it, wliilc our gun boats
were to engage tur enemy * gailia* and uodt* to the wind
wjrd. At ha fpad a, f* '.l.our bombs hiving gained
tlie Hatton to winch Miey were ui'CCked, anchored and
commenced throwing lliel s into the ci*y At the fame
time our gun boats opened a britfc ft.e on the gi lies ^nd
wit' in point bl ink 'hot which was warm y -cturutd by
them and Fort Eagiifn, and by a new battery, a Itct t to
tlie weltward ; but as foon s our boats hid arrived
within good muct thot of their gallics and boats, they
gave way and retreated to th. thore within th rock* and
under cover of .uu'q try fr*>m Engliflt They were tol
1 lowtd bv our boats, and by the Syren, Argus; Vi*en.
N ’utilus 2u:l F n ci p* ire, as far a* the reefs would permit
them to go tvith*4>.- udcnce l he action was theu divi
ded- One diviGon of our boats with the bri.s and fchr.
attacked fott Engli h, whilfl the other was engaged wi h
t! c enemy’s gallic; and gun boats. 1 he Ba'lmw’s ca’ilc.
the M^ c.Crown, and Icvcral Batteries kept up a <*ou*
1 flan' fire ow our b mbvcfVeis w-hch woe wet coadudled,
and hrew £h-. 1$ brilkiy luto tht town -but from their
frua'iou, they were very much expofed and in gre-t
danger of being funk I accordingly ran within them
with the ConlUtction to draw otfrhe ciicrm's attention
and aniufc them whi«fc the bombardment was kept up.
We brought too wi bin grape, and fired eleven brea-j
fi Us into the lialhaw’s ealtic, tiwn and batteries in a
fitoatiou where more titan 70 guns could bear upon us
One of tiiei r batrcrics was fit need. The town, Cattle,
and other batteries enufidersMy damaged. Bv this, time
it was h .If p*fl 4 oVrlock. I hr wind was increafing and
inc iuiug rapidly to the northward 1 nude the fignal
for the boa s to retire from action *n«l for thed n >s and
r ^
Cell -oners to .take th-rm in nw.,and loon after hauled UF
with the ConfUttili.m tr» repair dam gc* Cor main top
fa I •'us t tal y dif-blcd l»v a tilth frost the batteries
which cut away the lea h rope an l lever al cl iUhs of the
fail Another iheii went through the fore top tail, and
one tin oul.Ii t lie ii *. AI our lai * con.uh rabl v cut—
' two tonmall back Days fh**t a vav, main fhect*, fore tacks
Iii't>,braces, bow lines and th - ruuu og rigging generally
very much cut but no dint in our ltu‘l. excepting a lew
grape. Our gun boat; wtr an hour and fifteen minutes
in a&ion. —They chub ed Icvera o' the en«m cs gallics
and boa t, au-i coulidera'i y damaged fort Eng'ifla. Moll
oi out bo-?* received damage i.. their rigging and fails.
The bomb vtlFct N'o t, cotnmandct! by h«ui. KnbithoiV
Maid tabled—every fi rood being fliot away^-thc bed »)t
the mortar rendered ufckU and the vcflel rear linking*
She was, however, towed off. About fifty (hells were
thrown i.ito the 1 wn, and «.jr i.oat> fired 400 rounds
bc£lt E->l>- u>i -H.O q.r. im ..u.
*T * . 4
csptain* Decatur and Somers, with their ufual gi lantry
fhe brigs and f bo.dcri wcre haudloTn.lv coaduAtd,
and fired many /hut with etfeck at fort Eoglito winch
they were near enough to reach with their carro.iades.
They fnfFered cnnfidcrably in their rigging, and the Ar
gil received a 31 p«>uf.d ll.oc m the hist: forward, which
cut off a bow.r cab e at it entered- Vv e kt pt under
wvigh until 11 P M. >vhea we anchored, Trip ii bearing
S S W. 3 leagues I aga-n with p nfure acknowledge
the fervices of an able an * active- officer in capt Clit m
ccy, fcTying on the quarter deck of the Confutation.
‘ t lun rTc, I made the figual for the fquv.lron to prepare
for M&ioti. The carpenters wt cfciit 0.1 boardthe bombs
to repair dama^-s and our bouts employed in fupp ying
tiu bombs aud gun hosts with ammunition, and to re
p are the expenditures
Defirousof annoying the enemy, by all the means in
try power, I directed to be put into execution a long
cootcmplited pian of ftndi g a fire fhlp or infernal in
to the harbour of Tnpcu, ia the night, for the pufpofe
of endeavoring to dchroy the enc ny’s shipping, and
lhatter the Balhiws Cafiie and town. Cap ail va'ltitr»pf
the Nautilus, having volun etrcd Lis fcrvices, had, for
feveral da)s bclore this period, been directing the pre
para *1011 of the ketch intrepid, aluflcd by lieutenants
Wadfwor.h and Iiratl About too barrels of powder Si
150 fixed fhetls ware app-rcutl -uilieioully hifp. fcd of
on board her. 'flic fuzes leading to the magazine wjicie
al the powder was Ucpofited, where caicu ated to burn
a quarter of an hour. September 4th, tht Intrepid lacing
prepared for the intended fervire Capt Somers andlieut.
Wadfworth made a choice of two of the faflcft rowing
boats iu the fquadrou, for Ur nging t.rein out -Iter reach
ing their detonation and firing tlie combudihle materials
which were to communicate with the fuies Capt Som
ers’ bon was manned with four feameu from the Nsu.il
u«, Lieut Wadsworth’s with fix from the- CooUituiioo.
Lieutenant llratl accompanied them. At S in the even
ing the lutripid wa* under fail, and (landing for the port
with a leading breeze Lorn the cifiwtrd. Tlie Argus,
Vixen aud Nau.ilus convoyed her as lar as the rock. On
entering the harbour, feveral tout were fired at her from
the batteries In a few iniuute* alter, when the h*d ap
parently nearly pained the intended place of detonation
toe luddcrdy t xj i »ded, without their having previoufly
fired a room fi! c I with fpliu'ers and other cotnbuftible ,
which were intended to create a blaze, in order to deter
the enemy from boid ug, whilfi the fire w.ucommunicat
ing to the fuzes, which led to the magazine. The cllccl
ol the «xp <*ion aw-d their batteries.luto profound fiicuce
with allomOuient. Not a gun was tired afterwards for
the night The fhrieks of the inhabitant* informed us
that town was thrown into the g'eated terror and con
firmation by the expjofion- of the magazine, and the
buifling and falling of shells in ail JiredliorH. The whole
tqnidroa wutcd with the utmolt anxiety to learn the late
ofi.the adventurer', from a i^nal picvionfly agreed on in
cafe ol fucref*, but wai*cd in vain \ nofigas of their fafe
ty were to beobferved —The Argus, Vixen,and Nautilus
hovcied rtfend the' entrance ot the port until funrife,
when they had a fair view of the whole harbour. N >t
a veftige of the ketch or boats was tp be fee a. One of
the enemy's larged gun-boats was m>l5 lg. and three others
were feen very much tha.rered and damaged, which the
enemy where hau ing on tixore. TVom thefe circumlfaocts
I am led io liclicvc, that ilxofc boats were detached from
the enemy’, tlotiMa to intercept the K^ch, *nd without
fufpcd'ug her to be a f.rc ibip, the m berat hsicJ iuil
Jciity boatded her, when the gallant Owners and the he
roes of bis party, obfervui* the other three boats iurround
them, and uq profpedl ci efcapc, determined at ones to
prefer death and the dcltruftion of the enemy, to captiv
ity and toturing fvivary, put a match to the train (tiding
directly to the magazine, which at once biew the who c
into the air, and tnni «aicd iheir eiilteacc. My conjc&
ure* relp ,liag this affair are founded on a refutation
which Capt Somers, Lieut. \Vadfworth, and li'rael had
formed, ucither to t»e taki.ii by the enemy, nor '*o luffer
him to get potTcifiou of the powder on board the Iitrep d.
They expeited to enter the harbour without difeovery,
but had declared, it they thou d be dif)pom:el, and the
enemy iLouiii board them before they reached the point
of dcftiottion, in fuel) force as to leave them no hopes of
afafe retreat they would put a match to the magazine, and
blow ihrmlclvcs and their enemies up together—dc terrain
cd, as there was no exchange of pnlunets, tit »t (he r coun
try (fum'd never pay raufom for them, nor the enemy re
ceive a tcpplv ot powder through their meant. I hc
aifappearanee of one of the enemy • beats, and (he Chat
tered condition of the thiee other*, confirm me in my opin
ion, hit they wete an advanced guard, detached trorn the
main body gt tot flotilla on difeoveriag the approach uf the
Intrepid, and that they attempted to bgard ncr, before Ibe
had reached her point of dett nation oiherwife the wh >lc
ot their ihipping muft have fulfered, and perhaps wou il
have !K-en totahy dcltroycd. That (lie wa, b ewix up be
fore ih- gamed her flatnm i» eertaiu, by which the fervice
ha> oil three very gallant officeta. C*pr Somers aud
Lieutenants Wadfworth and Ilracl were oinecrs of coufpic
uous bravery, fa tnts aud merit— ikey had uniformly dif
tmguifltccl ihcmfelves in the feverJ adliont—were beloved
aud lamented by die whole fq.iadron.
September $'l\ W* werec nploytdin fupplying the
. . 'll__._*. 1 _ hLm _ j__ _— . L. . _i
I ^Vll'UVin ** 1 Vl IV^ Ill'll^ * w. uuun
vcffj* tor another at-ack, but the wind lhifting to tin
N.N E- a htavy lvscll fitting on fhoie.aud other indications
of had weather deterrvtinaJ me for greater fafety to take
the guns, mortars lh>*t, and tliclhout of the fxv.ts into
the Conft'tution and John Adams, which was accordipglv
done. The weather cootinuiug to wear a threatening if
pert until the 7th, and our a<nmuuilio& beiug reduced
to a quantity n t more than fiitficient for three wfllh t
keep up the blockavie ; co intelUgeace of the ciperted r<
mforceineat ; and the feaf<>n ib far advanced as to render
a imprud'.ut to haatrJ the gunboats any Ion ear on th^
ft at ion ; 1 gave orders for the John Adams. Syren, Nau
filu', Emerpnae -od hcourge to take the bomba and gm
hoats in tow, and proceed to Syrstufe with them the At
gus and V.ieu to icisatu wuh the Coultitutiou, to keep up
the blockade. _
September thr loth.—-The United State* fh»p PreGdent
commodore U.*jrr<m, and Conllcllation, c^pt. Campbell,
hove in light and toon j lined company, when the c»m»
1 tnand of the tquadrou was furrendcred to rommodor.
Sarron with the ufua? ceremony. 1 continued in compatn
with the iquadron until the lath, when three Grange ilvp*
catne in fight (landing dirert f«* Tripoli Chafe was gis
cu aud two of item boarded and taken polTeftijn of b\
the Coiiftifutttin, the Preiideut in comp»*\y, a boot foui
Icavuen from Tripoli , hut not more han 0>e miles frtyn
the land*; while the Conftcllatiqn and Argu* were in chaf<
of the third The two boarded by the Conftitutton
were loaded wlth.abvn. t bitten thouf.md bufheUof wheat.
’Tripoli is ip a Gate ot ll.u v ti >nT mil there can be no
doubt hut tin fc cargoes were uuraut as a fup,» y and rch.l
to «mr oncini**
Couiia'<uiitg the fcaf'tt too far advanced, »’d the wea
ther too uncertain to hazard any further operations
a ainft Tiipoli at prtfcut,cammo 'ore Bat ra*determined
that the prices ihonid be lent n Maita unocr convoy of
the CtMifthuiivn i* tscing •cceffary that (he tliould g in
•to port to he rcc.iiiked a!»d refitted 1 notitieJ comsio
dure Barron that it wav my wi*h to return to the UuTevl
■^trttcv in the frigate John Adams capt Chaunccy ; thi«
icadiiy and in the hanJfomcft manner met his acquiel
cciicc — 1 dit l accordingly return in that ftiip
The lu vire n this quarter cauno tufTcr from »h.v ar
•ami my return wi I immediately pla c him iu tit. excer
e»te of the duties a t eued to that com.nffi u wHichhe
h«* ti gsllnitly carried, and hie coun,ry generously he*
(towed. 1 fhall fee I a pleaiure in leaving the ConUitution
under .lit command of tha. officer, wbofe enterpiiziug
and manly ro.duct I ba»< often witnefted, and w hole mer
it! eminently entitle him to lb handfome a coouuan i.
The othtr commanders me.it the h eft conimemla’isns
. their prompt obedient e to orders on all o cafions,
and tor the 2eal fprrit aaj judgement which hey dif.
' piaued in the ft vvral attacks on the tncrnw & flapping and
ba«tcries 13 well as for the genera1 good order and Jifci
pi ne at all times obfrrvcd 00 boaid their rcf:>c4ive vtf
fels The officers fef the fquadron have conducted them.
t feUc* n a moll gallant and htndfome manner; nd the
j conduct »f the dititrent (hip’s companies his merited nif
»uraicft approbation (jute I have had the houour to com*
; maud them.
It afford 1 me much fatisfa&ion to oHferve that arc have
neither had a duel nor cuurt martial in the fquidron fmcc
wc left-the United States
l moft fineprefy regret the lofs of our gaMant country,
men who have lacritied their •ires to the honour of the
, fervice, and th..t it h is not hcen in mv power c«m(iftrttc
with r.ic intcrett aed expe&atioo of one,country to lihe
j crate capt lixi.d ridge and the unfortunate officers and
1 crew of the PhiladtIphia. & adored, Sir, I have *nccf
fant’y endeavoured to effe ft tins detirablc o»-}eift. I have
j no doubt Inr my fucCcflor wi t be able to ctFc^ the.r re:
; leafs, and eftab ilh pearc on fuch terms as wilt tefleft the
j hfgheft honour on himfclf and his country.
t*cptcrTrl»cr 1 7, arrived Malta with the two detained
| Gr ek refF-U We txptri need vetj bid weather but
had the t.itisfa&.on to learn that the bomba and g«n bo*t$
| had arrived fife at Syraeufc the 51 li inft without acci
j dent. Each of the Tripofint gun Iw*at3 which we have
, raptured has two howtr*e*» abift, and a -hanliome cap
per gun iu her bow, whirh carries a ag pound (hot is
H \ feet long anei weight pound.
I feud you a p'au of the town a ,J barb >ur of Tripn't,
with the dif portion t>T *nr fqu*droi>, and the enemy's
j tills, at the time ot the fever*! attacks with funJry other
f papers
J have the honor to be with the bigheft refpedt,
Sir, Your mod obedient icrvant,
* a *p
United States (hip Conftiurion,
Malta Hai bout, Sept. i3, 1804.
ffomottrah!‘ Srtreta”y of tie UnittJ
Statu' zV<wv. Wafaiagto*.
In the year .1802 there were erecled in this
city, 338 brick buildings, ami i 29 frame do : in
in 1803, 283 brick do. and 102 frames; iu
18.04, 204 brick, and 69 frame. During this
period 6 buildings for public worihp have alio
! been ereded. In 1*783, there were6ooo houfcs*
! and 40,000 inhabitants; at the prefeut period
it is computed to contain 13,000 houfcs, and
$9,000 pCOplC, {A
* * \ * * • * • * . >**.
J » •' * -
A cafe occurred vetlerday before the circuit
court of a lingular nature, we. have rut yet ob
tained a precifc ftarerhent, but the outhne ap
pears to be to this effedi * Money hud been
drawn from the bank of Pennfylvania in the
name of the Marquis de.Cafa Yrujo, ainbailador
from Spain. I he ambafi'aJor difclairoed the
draft, and pronounced it a forgery. The prefi
der.t of ihe bank advifed fecrecy, and. judgeft
• that the forgery muft have originated with fome
1 perfon acquainted with the atfuirs of the Mar
quis. Secrecy was observed. , .Several weeks
j afterwards another check, purporting to be writ
ten oy the Marquis, was prelented and ftopt,
2nd the fulpicion fell upon M 0 n lie u r L,ubrura, the
feeretary of legation — who was./e//»2 hanv feizep
and committed to priibn, and there has remain
ed feveral months As to the guilt or inno
cence of this gentle nan know nothing fur
ther; but it feems he applied for a writ of Ha
beas C rpas, and was yefterday brought to the
federal circuit court, before Judges Wa/hlngtost
and Peters, and by himfelf or agent made li>me
complaint or protefl again ft his detention, as
contrary to the law of nations.
The court, however, did not confuler itfelf
pofltfled of authority to interfere, and he w«s
remanded to prifon.
ag—■— —
Boston, atriL 29.
The democrats, in November, compared their
then vote*>with the gubernatorial f ftrages in April
preceding; and founded their grounds of exi
■litation • n the djfere>iie. It is a bad rule vjhich
■willnot vxnk bJh ways.—In November lalt, the
Federal ticket had Z.5>777 votes in the Scat',
md no more —In Apr;ly it has already 34,000
and upwards -r and there are 30 towns, &c. to
be heard from, making an mere ale of federal
votes, in fix months, nearly 9,000.—Centinel
\' * . * *
Thefe truths ought to be repeated :—I.
Gov. STRONG, IS re-elc<fteu.—Therefore the
Executiveoi the>State muft continue Federal,
z. TVVEN 1Y-QNE Federal SENA TORS (at
♦eall) are elected ;—Therefore the Senate for
the enfuing year muft be Federal. Shall they
.be Supported ? Do the people of M*jp*ebv efts
Jetirc to rreferve theUMOd* Sz HAkMONY
> • *
which has fo happily prevai’ed in their pupic
Cou'icils? If thjy do,they will take efficient mea
furcs, to counteract the wicked plots of the def
prate caucus juntos to introduce Dif ord and Di
viJjjn into the Government, and to i«p* ede the
pubiie burmefs of the i\tte Ihe election of the
Governor and t* unite prove the Sz^ie to be Fed
eral ; and i» the Commonwealth of Alnjptebu
1 f its to be “ controu.ed” by the arts of a Minori
; ty f Justice Eq^ ality, the JpirU and letter of

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